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  2. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Nintendo Switch Review | Genius RPG Perfect For Nintendo Switch OLED!
  3. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Review
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  5. Disco Elysium The Final Cut Switch Review
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  7. Disco Elysium Review

Disco Elysium – Final Cut Nintendo Switch Review

hey everyone juan romero here from,switch watch with my review of disco,elusium were gonna look at the switch,version specifically its a game that,you may have heard of indeed already,played if you had a pc or another,console the original version of the game,released in 2019 to critical acclaim and,even better,was this final cut release which,featured full voice acting and extra,content was made available for ps4 ps5,max stadia along with a free update for,pc players earlier in 2021 now its,being made available for nintendo switch,xbox one series s and x which is great,news for all of us that own those,particular consoles now if youve,already played this wonderful game its,one of the best indie games i have,played in a long time what i wanted to,know is and hopefully this is probably,the same questions you have is the game,suitable for the nintendo switch has it,poured it over well especially playing,in portable mode my biggest questions,were does it have touch screen,availability is the text readable on,that small screen and whilst this is,narrated of course it is still rather,necessary to read the multiple dialogue,options so lets get into it for those,of you that are uninitiated to disco,illusion there are already many reviews,out there but let me give you a quick,overview and what i think and we can go,whether its worth your hard-earned cash,on the nintendo switch now here you play,as a cop who has lost his memory you,pretty quickly start to piece together,what you do for a living by asking,questions to the people in the closest,vicinity you end up investigating a,murder of a hanged man a little later in,river show a fictional place and youll,meet plenty of characters and get into,many conversations its here where the,game for me really shines think of a,really good complex visual novel its a,role-playing game as well that shines,with its brilliant and expertly crafted,dialogue it keeps you glued to your seat,everything is voice acted brilliantly in,this version,shits coming up strong throwing rocks, coming up strong,that sounds good,joyous and one of the mechanics i always,loved was debating things within,differing sections of your brain what,starts out as a seemingly simple case of,who murdered the hanging man turns into,a story full of twists turns and,complexity youll have the option to,also take chances roll the dice,literally here with the game giving you,chances of possible success so that you,can make an informed decision just by,giving you a simple percentage fail and,the option in the dialogue tree may,become locked and that line of,questioning may not be available anymore,or a certain action like punching an,annoying kid in the face should you wish,to do so you can get the game over,screen rather quickly if you make some,silly decisions the characters you meet,all serve to add meat to the bones of,the story each character given depth and,its through these conversations that,youll spend much of your time in the,game figuring out the best responses in,the dialogue tree but also figuring out,what type of detective you want to be,you will customize your character with,different skill items tools each serving,you for differing situations that youll,come across within the game and its,your job to figure out why you need,those yellow gloves or what you can use,that boom box for and what i loved was,being able to help certain people that,you meet along the way or even play them,against each other it almost feels like,you can do anything solve the main,murder mystery or take part in the side,quest its open world its up to you and,its this level of choice that keeps the,game so fresh even after i played it a,little while ago for the first time it,still feels different the second time,around even from the beginning theres,choice in what type of skills you want,to have do you want to be a sensitive,cop,but youre a little bit unstable a,thinker who is highly intelligent but,really bad,with people or a physical cop that uses,his body to get things done but,unfortunately is pretty dumb and there,is also the option to make your own and,depending on what type of character you,choose will influence how you start the,game too so bear that in mind so either,way youll have strengths and weaknesses,depending on the type of character that,you choose to be and for me the game was,already excellent and final cut with,fully voiced characters is just,absolutely insane and i appreciated it a,lot it brings the package together in a,way that feels totally complete im,finding fault with this package which is,really nitpicking i mean loading times,do take a good few seconds between each,area handheld mode the text may still be,a little bit small even though you have,an option for larger text theyve done,the best they can i think and its still,fine and lastly if you dont like,lengthy conversations with tons of,dialogue in games then this may not be,for you for those of you that like to,replay your games you can with this,because it plays out rather differently,depending on how you build your,character the gameplay all time will run,you about 30 hours thats how long it,took me to complete the first time,around so question for me is,is this a wonderful game translated well,to the nintendo switch has it been well,ported well its all good news its,excellent i like the fact that there is,a large text option so when playing in,handheld text is legible the visuals,have been handled superbly and what i,also like is the ability to use touch,screen if you want to this can be used,to maneuver your character to make,choices in the dialogue and to obviously,search the areas which is very handy i,enjoy a good story on my switch,especially late at night sitting up in,bed and this game with its pace is,perfect put on the headphones and get,lost in those mysteries that youve come,across and those deep conversations,price wise youre looking at 35 pound 99,39 for our friends,in the us and 39.99 in euros youll not,begrudge paying it because of the amount,thats work thats gone into making this,a fantastic experience what more could,you want its one of the best indies,ive played in 2019 its still one of,the best games ive played in 2021 on,the nintendo switch this port is well,done it has some nice extra features,like touch screen for me a perfect,portable game to get lost in the final,cut version is superb voice acting,sensational musical score beautiful and,atmospheric visuals great and the game,brings together a number of genres,combined in such a way that it feels,unique and special role play open world,exploration point-and-click visual novel,with an in-depth compelling and complex,story that will keep you playing till,the early hours all brought together,beautifully for an experience which is,truly exceptional a red gem and one i,believe should be experienced by anyone,over the age of 18. a 9.5 out of 10.,ladies and gentlemen if you enjoyed this,review hit that thumbs up if you havent,subscribed to the channel already help,us get to that hundred thousand,milestone click on the subscribe button,and bell notifications so you dont miss,another video im gonna put another,video up hopefully well see you over,there take care everybody,see you on the next one

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Nintendo Switch Review | Genius RPG Perfect For Nintendo Switch OLED!

welcome back to switch corner my name is,alex and today were going to be taking,a look at disco elysium the final cut on,the nintendo switch an award-winning rpg,was it worth the wait and should you be,partying with that cash well hit,subscribe if you love the switch as much,as we all do here join our growing,family and lets get started,its a story in the setup itself its,simplistic enough youll awaken what is,an unknown location with no recollection,of who you are and how you ended up here,quickly though the game establishes you,are a detective and youve got a bout of,alcohol infused amnesia and youve been,sent to this town to solve a murder case,that is a buddy hangs from a tree behind,the motel you are staying at now aiding,you in this question will be kim another,detective from a different precinct so,all that setup is simple the writing is,just incredible this is actually my,third time with the game now i played it,originally on the pc then i worked my,way through the ps5 build earlier in the,year now im finally onto the switch and,through every single playthrough that,story has not only been incredible but,the dialogue options and the scenarios,that ive encountered theyve played out,vastly different its just expertly,written and thats a good thing because,few games out there have the amount of,dialogue this one contains the story,though it just escalates from beginning,to end and while its a relatively small,a self-contained world the huge cast is,always unique and a pleasure to meet and,i could not get enough of the writing,thanks to its balance of knowing when to,take itself seriously and when to inject,some incredibly dark humour it is for,sure though an adult one only from the,amount of dialogue in exchanges but the,themes its not just murder but love sex,corruption political and then an,overarching sense that you can shape,your detective as you please with,multiple choices and systems as the game,puts it you can be a hero or an absolute,disaster of a human being and the story,reflects this freedom as well,its a gameplay on where to even begin,its an incredibly well realized but,complicated setup so im going to be,going over things at a very high level,the first thing i want to address,someone while this would perhaps,typically belong in visuals it,absolutely works in handheld which is,impressive given the amount of text and,then it has all the sizing options you,would ever hope for in the menus and,yeah i played handheld because it just,refreshed the whole experience for me,gameplay-wise so its an adventure rpg,youre out to solve that case you know,where the body is you know the you know,the hostel is kind of your central hub,and now the rest is going to be up to,you with very little guidance from the,game maybe occasionally it nudges you,along because your partner kim may tell,you something in the form of a case or,you may have some internal dialogue,first off though before any of this,gameplay gets started youre going to be,choosing your character build it comes,with three preset options or you can,customize as you please this,customization though i would suggest for,a second playthrough once you just get,kind of a feel for the mechanics this,though will balance your skills across,what is four different traits including,intellect psyche and physique now ive,tried all three of the preset builds and,i think the best thing with this game is,theres no weak option here rather its,learning to play into your characters,strengths whether that means swinging a,punch when the option arises or,outwitting someone with dialogue and,uncovering extra options these traits,then account for constant internal,dialogue that occurs with our detective,they can both be enlightening for our,progression and also hilarious in some,of the more confrontational moments this,here though isnt simply a case of make,your build and away you go with no,further adjustment as you talk to those,around this world as you solve steps in,the case take on quests youll be,earning what are called skill points,these skill points can go into whats,then known as the character sheet,showing its old-school almost board,game-esque design and each here contains,six options think options like visual,calculus which will allow you to,reconstruct crime scenes on the fly or,logic which kind of puts you as i guess,the king of conversation maybe talking,isnt your style though youd prefer,lets say hand eye coordination for that,gun a particular trait i always like to,focus on then is endurance it helps with,our detectives morale thats important,though because our detective essentially,has two health bars traditional health,and then morale now theres no real,action moments where its down to the,player control but accidents and,situations they can hurt you for sure an,early example a particularly,uncomfortable chair in a tense,conversation can take away a health bar,in conversations challenging you can,impact morale if you lose all the health,for that morale its game over so my big,suggestion here say frequently because,its going to happen a lot and often it,comes from nowhere the screen it will,simply fade to black and you might have,had lets say a heart attack if youre,lucky you just passed out and then the,game goes on all of these decisions,though this character building it goes,into what are called skill checks you,see a big element of disco eliasium is,skill checks in conversation and your,success is determined by a dice roll a,system that wont be for everyone but,the game lets you play at least smart by,giving you the odds of winning the role,theres a moment i dont want to spoil,the footage in fact is relatively early,in the game but theres a pistol and i,assigned a skill point as i add one,spare to eye and hand coordination i,still failed at the shot i was trying to,take but at least i had the option here,to improve my odds,the one element ive never really liked,though and its almost the final part to,character building its the clothing,sure some things items in particular,they make sense like a crowbar helps you,get into certain locked away areas,painkillers will restore health a bag,will let you pick up junk to sell but,the clothing itself it all plays a part,on your character so for example your,shoes theyre good for composure but bad,for stability because the heels you wear,are ridiculous it might sound trivial,but each skill check is described as a,type so composure skill tricks youre,going to be good the shoes are good,there in other moments so youre going,to be taking them off ive just always,found it to be an awkward cycle of,stripping down and putting clothes back,on and you know so on and with 12 item,slots its kind of a lot to remember so,youre constantly scrolling through,looking for what you need and what you,dont the final system is the thought,cabinet these are moments of internal,dialogue that lead to status effects,its essentially a skill tree where you,can assign thoughts and learn them over,time the game plays out on what is a,very slow moving 24 hour day so youll,be going to bed each night after 9 p.m,thats going to restore your health and,morale if you can afford the bill for,the hotel that is these reward you,though with everything from skill points,to buffers discord elizium is if you,didnt realize this already incredibly,complex in its systems but when they,come together they work to create,something that is unlike and i think,ive played in years its a game of,skill management dialogue and,exploration and the strength here is in,its confidence in its systems issues,wise though and we do have them ive,always loved the game but it has a few,glaring issues and some exclusive to the,switch first the games famous for,moments that kill you instantly with,little to no warning and if you didnt,save recently you can look forward to,replaying everything leading up to that,moment again sometimes you can even get,stuck in a loop where you just cant,afford damage to your morale

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Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Review

you have no idea who this thing,is do you when i reviewed disco elysium,back in 2019 i gave it a score of 9.6,here was my verdict disco elysium is a,unique blend of noir detective fiction,traditional pen and paper rpgs and a,large helping of existentialist theory,its twisting plot cast of memorable,characters and sheer depth of choice,combined to create an experience that,begs to be savoured,a few minor gripes aside it hits on,almost every single one of the marks it,sets out to achieve,and left me yearning to spend more time,in its world,for more on the fundamentals of what,makes this game great make sure to check,out that original review,here ill talk about the changes and why,i think its even better in disco,disco-elysium the final cut,[Music],disco-elysium the final cut expands on,its original cast to include fully,voiced performances for every character,but none make more of an impact than the,24 different sections of your brain that,accompany you throughout the journey,to emphasize just how important they are,roughly half of the more than 1 million,words spoken in this sprawling rpg,belong to your characters innermost,thoughts,it is too large for a bullet to get too,small for a piece of furniture,youre looking for something heavy and,larger than your fist,voicing all two dozen of these cerebral,incarnations,is jazz musician lenvil brown who,masterfully breathes new life into zoms,tome of a script,his bass heavy calming yet authoritative,voice,guides you as much as it does educate,you on the world of revishol,the casting for this role was always,going to be crucial to the success of,the final cut but after hearing the,gravitas and depth brown brings to it,its hard to imagine disco elysium any,other way these,live pointy pointy-ed creatures appear,to be different types,of welcomes every person you meet in,martinet,is now fully voiced and it cant be,overstated how much of an improvement,this is over the original,the 2019 release did feature limited,voicing of some characters and the,inconsistent quality of these,performances was one of my few,criticisms of disco elysium when i,reviewed it back then,but i couldnt be happier with the,results this time around the dock,workers are pretty cocky,they think theyre police enough at,least here,on the coast i cant say about the rest,of the city a couple of the cast members,remain,most notably those playing larger roles,like kim kitsuragi and everett claire,while others that only had partially,voiced roles have been changed,these include kuno whose new performance,still carries the obnoxious essence of,the character but is nowhere near as,grating on the ears as it once was,kuno gives this info out on a need to,know basis,and you dont need to know practically,all of the newly added cast members hit,the mark as well they really add new,life into the world of disco elysium and,further reinforce the diversity that can,be found in the city with a globe full,of accents and languages being spoken,the influence of the am sandwich race,is waning the biggest compliment i can,pay to the vocal editions is that all of,the characters sounded exactly how i,imagined they would when i first played,it mirrored the joy i get from first,hearing an audio book or film,adaptation of one of my favorite novels,with the voices i once solely heard in,my head finally played back to me,he didnt respect the sea went out there,drunk like a skunk and sure enough one,day the boat was found floating,bloated corpse turned up two weeks later,the other most impactful addition in the,final cut are the political vision,quests,these four optional objectives are,mutually exclusive meaning youll only,get to see one of them per playthrough,they are tied to the political leanings,youve shown during the story and had,roughly 20 to 30 minutes of enjoyable,new detective work,while not directly affecting the outcome,of the main storyline they do a great,job of teaching you more about the world,and quirky characters of reversal one of,the main draws of disco elysium already,fight till theres no slaves below and,no,masters overhead the original release,included a lot of political theory and,many of the dialogue choices you made,influenced your characters leanings,from fascist to liberal and everything,in between,however there never felt like there was,any sort of payoff or closure to,whichever path you took,the final cut provides exactly what was,missing by adding these questlines late,into the story allowing you to fully,commit to a branch of ideological,thinking,in my playthrough of the final cut i,chose to embrace communism which,culminated in a bizarre bewildering,and ultimately enriching conversation,with two new characters i wouldnt have,met otherwise,rather show on its socio-political,history were always one of the key,strengths of disco elysium so naturally,i was more than happy to delve deeper,into that while simultaneously being,given more opportunities to build out my,protagonist and find his place in the,world,your attention detaches the voices of,the young men fade away,its a cool evening you notice,[Music],[Applause],disco elysium is still the unique blend,of noir detective fiction,traditional pen and paper rpgs with a,large helping of existentialist theory,that it always was but its now,even better than ever removing any of,the minor gripes i had with the original,by adding new quests,and a full cast of well-voiced,characters the final cut elevates disco,elysium from an already phenomenal rpg,to a true must-play masterpiece,[Applause],for more on disco elysium do check out,my original review if you havent,already

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Disco Elysium – 6 ways to get the most out of 2019s best RPG

skill checks failure and dressing like a,disco super cop heres how to get the,most out of 20 19s best RPG disco,Elysium is a classically designed C RPG,in which you control an amnesiac,detective recovering from the worst,hangover in the history of human,existence but its also much more than,that its a thoughtful unusual adventure,through a richly detailed alternate,universe and one that allows you to be,whatever kind of cop you desire from,shuffling hobo cop who apologizes all,the time to spin kicking shamrocks,superstone and while theres no clicky,combat or raw tests of skill it can be,difficult to get to grips with not least,because youre not just solving a crime,but piecing together the shattered human,psyche of a drunk detective who argues,with inanimate objects and cant even,find both shoes and thats where this,list will help its a largely spoiler,free examination of disco Elysium,systems with recommendations about the,best way to approach it and thats,enough backstory,lets detect here are 6 ways to get the,most out of 29 teens best RPG right now,I know that youre worried dont be,worried everythings going to be alright,firstly and perhaps most importantly you,need to pay disco Elysium differently,the cooler you try to act the more,likely it is youll die a crushing,embarrassing death you can even die,taking your own tie off a sieve so with,that in mind try embracing the games,oddities be weird make unusual choices,and as Ill talk about later on dont be,afraid to fail I wouldnt be so sure,about that,all of the tests in Disco Elysium are,randomized dice rolls based on your,character traits the entire game is,built around testing your characters,abilities from mental and physical,traits such as volition or physicality,to more esoteric ones like Inland Empire,which measures the inventiveness of your,imagination and the power of your,internal monologues when you first start,out its worth scanning these abilities,and picking the ones that reflect what,kind of detective you want to be if,youre planning on being a merciless,brute put points into physical,instrument and half light if you want to,be a disco version of Poirot put points,into empathy and perception my detective,excelled at Inland Empire which meant I,spent a significant time in game,examining my dreams and talking to my,time yes my literal necktie its that,kind of game just remember that whatever,you choose the experience of playing the,game will mold and change your character,as you find ways to overcome new,problems and discover what kind of,person you are at some point,disco Elysium will reflect on your,progress and suggest who your hero might,be but dont worry too much about making,the correct choice this is one of the,most densely written games that ever,made and theres no way youll be able,to see everything in a single place more,than this your lead is one of the most,malleable characters in gaming you can,be anything from a self-loathing,communist art cop to a self-appointed,disco celebrity so just see where the,game takes you hello hello let me know,if I can help you with anything,to get the most out of disco elysium,youre going to need to take your time,its a dense game packed with,characterful smartly written text youll,find it easier and more rewarding if you,slow down and read as much as you can,like an elderly shopper paying for their,groceries with loose change its not in,a hurry to go anywhere youll spend the,first 30 minutes of the game getting,dressed for instance itll probably take,you a few hours to find both of your,shoes and good luck getting your murder,victim down from the hanging tree on the,first in-game day so the point here is,that you cant and shouldnt rush things,this is partially the pistil game,rewards you for taking your time you get,XP from exploring interesting,conversational avenues with NPCs ask,questions and dont be afraid to act,strangely sometimes this can take you to,some revealing places in the same breath,however you should be aware that time in,Disco Elysium is relative it doesnt,pass when youre wandering around,investigating but it does when youre,having conversations if you need to pass,the time to level up a new thought for,instance something Ill talk about in,just a bit,try having a few conversations to move,things along you can also sit on benches,or read a book if you want to quickly,windfall of the clock there are a few,caveats to this some quests have time,limits so pay attention to the time of,day and prioritize to them,dont start chatting to everyone for,example if you have a dead body that,needs refrigerating some tasks can only,be done on certain days these will have,a clock next to their name on the,journal screen and remember the disco,Elysium is a logical game with linear,time if you want to steal a dead mans,boots for instance you need to do so,before you send him to the morgue he,monster and finally remember that some,things can only be done when your,partner Kim is asleep wait until he goes,to bed or is off on another assignment,and then get busy collecting illicit,drugs having salacious conversations,about your past indiscretions or just,have a bath to wash off all the corpse,juice much better one of the brilliant,and unusual elements of discs of Elysium,is that its perfectly okay and,sometimes even desirable to fail youll,often find yourself in situations where,the odds are stacked against you or,youre facing an obstacle,you just cant circumvent my advice to,you here is to embrace failure and see,where it takes you its all part of the,unique journey the game offers the,results can be amazing things like,excruciating attempts at seduction,making up a preposterous fake name when,you cant remember your own and the most,flamboyant attempt at sneaking away to,use the term very loosely in all of,gaming youll miss these bits if,everything goes right to get the most,out of the game however its worth being,mindful of what type of check it is that,youre attempting there are two types of,roll Whites checks can be reached at if,you fail you can try again if you put,more points into the relevant skill and,sometimes world events will open these,back up red checks however cannot be,retried remember that your clothes all,have modifiers that affect certain,skills and you could change your outfits,to optimize your chances of success try,to collect as much gear as possible and,wear a well-rounded outfit with a blend,of useful modifiers even if it makes you,look like youve been kicked through a,70s charity shop you can back out of,most conversations change your getup and,go back to attempt a skill check you can,also increase your chances of success by,using drugs and booze these boost your,stance but at a cost to your health,which is precisely how you got into this,mess in the first place with all this in,mind Id encourage you not to save scope,of course if you want to play the game,as a flawless spin kicking super cop who,can best any opponent Im not going to,stop you but disco Elysium is,and its most rewarding and nourishing,when you go down paths no other game can,take you and occasionally that means,getting things wrong really really wrong,[Music],there is a lot of information to pass in,Cisco Elysium it can sometimes be,slightly overwhelming and just as your,partner Kim writes everything down in,his little notebook you too can make use,of the games interface your journal,keeps track of all your ongoing quests,and includes hints about what to do and,who to speak to if you find yourself at,a dead-end check here first likewise the,map has a tab listing all the white,checks that are outstanding and,highlights the ones youre in a position,to retry again if you get stuck try,solving some of these to progress these,checks should also influence how you,choose to level up the challenges in,Disco Elysium arent constant you wont,be getting into random encounters every,five minutes because of this its better,to stockpile your skill points and use,them to

Disco Elysium The Final Cut Switch Review

[Music],foreign,to another episode of video game reviews,today were going to be talking about,disco Elysium the final cut on Nintendo,switch okay so first of all if youve,heard any of the hype about this game,believe it this game is incredible,at the time of this recording it has a,97 percent Metacritic score and I would,say it deserves it however before I go,on as you can tell is going to be,largely a very positive review from me,however I do want to acknowledge uh that,this game will absolutely not be for,everybody so with that said,um lets get into it so what is this,game and to that all I can really say is,imagine a cross between a,point-and-click adventure and a BioWare,game so it mostly consists of making,interesting choices and having what are,often rather long conversations the,graphics are all right uh theyre okay,they kind of have their own style which,is cool uh but what what really kind of,impacts that aspect of the game is the,fact that the performance on switch is,pretty rough and you know as Ive said,many times on my videos and also in in,some of the comments I dont care that,much about performance or frame rates or,more technical aspects like that most of,the time but it can get a little choppy,here but fortunately the rest of the,game is so good that I I could not care,less about the performance issues,okay so where disco Elysium really,shines and uh really what its all about,is its writing and dialogue and voice,acting you know which which like I said,is a good thing because thats thats,what constitutes the bulk of the game,so just just a quick uh brief synopsis,on on kind of the scenario that youre,stepping into here you play as an,amnesiac cop,and youre on a murder investigation but,of course youre also trying to,understand who you are and your own past,at the same time which people hear the,word amnesiac and they immediately think,cliche but it is so well done here,its very very well done trust me or or,dont whatever but its fantastic,so anyways you spend your time Gathering,uh Clues from the locals and an,interviewing suspects and the characters,uh the way the characters all of the,characters in this game are written,theyre,um theyre complex theyre nuanced,theyre believable as people that exist,in this world,um its its wonderful,although probably my favorite,conversations in the game and what,really sets it apart for me,are the conversations that you have that,you have to navigate that take place in,the main characters own head so he,seems to have some sort of a fragmented,personality disorder in which different,aspects of his mind have different,viewpoints and different different,voices you know or or different,perspectives so for example his logical,thinking might suddenly have an argument,with his limbic system or his impulsive,side or his empathic side,Etc you know and you are making choices,and navigating those conversations,within you in within your own head as,well you know and sometimes those will,pop up like maybe before you fall asleep,in the game just as youre dozing off,youll get the mental chatter that many,of us experience uh to to some degree or,another,um or or sometimes the main character,will just drift off into these internal,dialogues in the middle of a,conversation with someone else which I,personally find that to be fairly true,to life to my experience of Life anyways,so its just a Ive never seen a game do,that before and certainly not to this,extent so that was just very very,interesting to me and and very well,executed and this is an amazing game to,play while,relaxing in the evening as there,actually is no combat,or really any frustrating puzzles in my,opinion theres a little bit of,exploration but mostly the game is a,long series of interesting choices and,conversations it was a very Zen,experience for me at no point was I,wondering you know when is this gonna be,over when when are they gonna wrap it up,here,um I just enjoyed the ride from start to,finish and the ending,there are a few different endings but,the ending could potentially seem a,little lackluster but I really wasnt,attached to any particular outcome this,one this game is is really more about,the journey I feel like there are so,many potential ways to play the game,that it almost forces you to just be,okay with whatever choices you make if,that makes sense which is a great thing,for me because I I dont want to get OCD,and this game I feel like theres so,many different ways you could play this,game that you you cant be OCD like you,cant I feel like you cant even try to,see and do absolutely everything you,just choose what you choose and you have,to be okay with it which is cool so Ive,heard some people say that the game,takes about 20 hours to finish and that,sounds like a speed run to me my first,playthrough took me over 45 hours to,finish and I loved every minute of it,the final point that I want to emphasize,is the audio the music is good but the,voice acting is probably a 9 or 10,out of 10 in my opinion this game,retails for about forty dollars and is,worth every penny again in my opinion,this is one of the best games on the,switch and an absolute must own uh you,know unless the premise sounds just,unbelievably boring to you you know if,you dont like BioWare games if you,dont like,uh story storytelling dialogue that sort,of thing then this may not be your game,but if anything that Ive said sounds,like it would appeal to you at all just,buy it just buy the game,I will also add that to my aging eyes uh,even with glasses on its better to play,this in docked mode rather than handheld,but I would say that about the vast,majority of games you know and then also,I will say to that point that theres,not really a lot of reading that you,would have to do because everything is,voice acted so even though theres a lot,of dialogue you just kind of need to be,able to read what your choices are and,that for me at least was manageable,enough even in handheld mode but Im old,and I I prefer the big screen anyways I,think that pretty much does it thanks,for watching please click like subscribe,and the little notification Bell thing,and Ill see you guys next time whenever,that may be bye-bye the moon in light,hurts your eyes its hazy the shards,face outward whatever broke this window,came from the inside,fine web of scarring covers the back of,your right hand but none of it is recent,more likely a projectile than a held,object there are no fragments on the,floor from pulling a tool back in after,impact

Disco Elysium (Switch) Review

[Music],i honestly dont have much experience,with tabletop rpgs i ran a campaign one,time that still hasnt finished and this,goes doubly for the video games that,have been heavily built on their,foundations even without that experience,its kind of hard not to have noticed,the heaping piles of praise that were,being thrown on disco elysium back when,it first released in 2019 and even,harder not to be incredibly curious why,disco elysium is an isometric rpg with a,focus on narrative and interactions,rather than combat which is a concept,that could easily have been boring,however the game is well worth all the,praise it received back in the day,though its debut on switch has a few,problem areas you may need to look out,for if you decide to make it your,platform of choice disco elysiums story,begins with you waking up naked and,feeling a severe hangover from the night,before,at least,you think its a hangover you dont,actually remember what you did last,night,in fact you dont remember,anything not your name not your job nor,where you are,you are suffering from complete and,total amnesia as you slowly pull,yourself together and get dressed you,quickly learn that youre not just some,dude with amnesia youre actually a,police detective with amnesia you learn,that you are in the city of revishal,specifically the rundown district of,martinez assigned to investigate a,murder alongside your partner from,another jurisdiction lieutenant kim,kitsuragi what follows is a rabbit hole,of a case centered around a dock workers,strike and the potentially criminal,schemes forming on both sides of the,issue not only do you have to do your,job and solve the murder case you also,have to figure out who you are and,eventually choose a side in this growing,conflict that could potentially engulf,martinez in an all-out war the,environments of martinez are lovely,painting the picture of a place that is,almost entirely populated by people who,are down in their luck and coping with,that existence in whatever way they can,some are like kuno a speed addicted kid,with a dirty mouth and a hobby of,throwing rocks at corpses while others,are like ever claire the leader of the,local dock workers union who is playing,everybody around him for his own profit,as i stated before disco elysium has a,heavy emphasis on interaction as opposed,to combat with a majority of your stats,being related to perceiving your,surroundings or being able to talk to,the people of martinez in specific ways,there are some physical stats such as,physical instrument which is your,ability to break things open or punch,peoples lights out but most of the time,youll find yourself talking to people,to get what you want whether that be,through the means of intimidation or,pure persuasion as you make your way,through the narrative each stat will,talk to you telling you things related,to their purpose or sometimes trying to,goad you into indulging them,specifically a good example of this is,electrochemistry which represents your,knowledge of and tolerance for ingesting,drugs and alcohol it will pretty,constantly tell you that you should,absolutely drink that entire bottle of,vodka because of this every character in,the game is memorable and every,interaction has the potential to lead to,progression these interactions are,incredibly well written whether they are,asking important questions about how you,perceive the world around you or are,simply people looking on in horror at,your very obvious mental decline one of,my favorite interactions was to tell,every new person i met i am the law,which made kim repeatedly in an,increasingly annoyed tone implore me to,not keep saying this but i will never,stop in the end thats what i think is,the most interesting thing in disco,elysium ive never felt so much like i,got to choose exactly what kind of,person i was and feeling encouraged to,lean as hard into it as i could for,instance i started the game with the,physical build basically a big meat head,whos good at breaking things but as the,game went on i built that personality up,more essentially becoming a dumb boy,with a heart of bronze who also just,sort of enjoys being a massive weirdo,this is,not even close to being your only option,and the wealth of opportunities to make,your own mark on the world is genuinely,fun sadly though disco elysiums move to,the switch is not flawless the controls,still feel very much like a game made,for a mouse and keyboard with gamepad,controls sort of tacked on movement is,on the left analog stick which always,feels slightly clumsy and you can cycle,and select what you want to look at in a,given scene using the right analog stick,which itself could sometimes feel,inconsistent none of it feels bad,overall but it does feel at least a,little bit compromised walking between,areas will often dump you into an overly,long loading screen which is especially,frustrating when walking between several,smaller zones where each loading time is,just as long as the big zones there are,also areas such as out by the harbor,where it is always snowing where the,game will start to drop frames as well,as cause the audio to stutter this one,was rare but highly noticeable anytime,it happened lastly and most,unfortunately disco elysium on switch,seems to be prone to crashes i,experienced three of these myself over,the course of my time with the game all,of them happening during the previously,mentioned long loading screens between,areas all these problems together make,it difficult to suggest the switch be,your platform of choice and i very much,hope to see these issues patched out at,a later date overall disco elysium is,one of those games i feel like were,still going to be talking about 10 years,from now technical issues aside the,writing and world building present in,this game lift it high above a lot of,the other entries in the genre this is,further helped by the fantastic voice,acting and narration that was also,recently added to all other versions of,the game the voice that narrates,everything and also plays your different,stats is really satisfying to listen to,keeping me around to hear it all even,though i could personally read way,faster than he could talk if you enjoy,games that lean heavily into their dice,rolling foundations you should,absolutely put your time into disco,elysium you will not regret it with its,myriad of technical difficulties on the,switch however it may be a good idea to,look elsewhere unless portability is,your main concern,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign

Disco Elysium Review

like all good detective stories what up,his simple at first become so much more,than that in disco Elysium and here it,gets so so much weird or too it takes,the age-old mechanics of tabletop RPGs,like Dungeons & Dragons and twist them,in strange ways around a macabre tale of,violence poverty and a society on the,brink of collapse through sharply,written dialogue and an expertly crafted,world uses some unique game mechanics,such as debating against 24 different,sections of your own brain,to create an experience that will stay,with me for a long time and somehow it,manages to make all of this fun and,surprisingly often funny,[Applause],[Music],the premise of disco Elysium is,straightforward a body has been,discovered hanged from a looming tree in,the backyard of a hostel and its up to,you to work out how it got there over,the course of the 30 hour story,everything that surrounds this core,mystery is far from simple however not,least being that you kick things off,with an almighty dose of hangover,induced amnesia you cant even remember,your name let alone that youre a cop on,a murder case the first decision you,have to make when booting up disco,Elysium is what kind of detective you,wish to be intelligent sensitive or,bruiser each determines the base thats,an offer an interesting way to play for,example open if the intelligent build,allows you to instantly decipher that,you have woken up in the city of,reversal as your high encyclopedia skill,feeds you that knowledge begin with the,sensitive option however and youll have,no idea where you are and well have to,piece together that same information,if that isnt varied enough for you you,can build your own detective from the,ground up instead your character sheet,is made up of four distinct pillars,intellect psyche physique and motox each,of these consists of six wonderfully,strange skills which bring their own,bonuses want to command respectful,member of the public spend some,authority,how about intimidate a witness beefed up,your physical instrument total these,skills arent just passive ways of sends,you down different paths each one is a,distinct voice in your detectives head,represented in the dialogue window,during conversations there as much,in-game tips as there are a way to get,your progress the option of all this,skill management is that disco Elysium,plays like no other video game Ive ever,seen its closest analogue is perhaps the,upstanding divinity original sin – if,you replaced all of its turn-based,combat with early error LucasArts,point-and-click scenarios puzzle solving,comes hand in hand with skill checks,which are interactions based on a,combination of a dice roll in your stats,the higher your number for the requisite,skill the higher the percentage you have,of rolling successfully this mechanic is,used to resolve everything from,conversation options to jumps across,ledges and even violence there is no,combat in Disco Elysium not in the,traditional sense anyway throwing a,punch is a matter of willing your,detector to do so and the consequences,are usually verbal or rather than,physical your choice of dialogue is,often crucial to solving problems not,only when interacting with others but if,the many voices occupying your MA,its a truly fun way of dealing of,exciting sequences and a welcome breath,of fresh air compared to more,action-oriented RPGs other than,increasing your skills you can also,spend points in your fork cabinet a,unique mechanic that turns abstract,concepts like communism memories of,favorite flavors or just mistakenly,thinking youre a rock star into a kind,of mental inventory it plays beautifully,into the theme that half of the battle,in disco Elysium takes place in your own,mind by internalizing a fault unlocked,along your travels you can earn a,variety of rewards attached to it these,vary from stat boosts to XP boosts and,unique traits its a wonderfully odd,system not least because each time you,complete a fault and you stunningly,grotesque illustrative painting filled,your screen society seems a concept long,since forgotten in the city of rebus all,the once-proud capitol of the world you,wake up it Martin a the district way you,spent most of your time is an,impoverished hub of anger in discontent,but its a captivating place to be its,a beautifully realized depiction of a,firmly ugly place you instantly get a,sense of the world youll spend upwards,of 30 hours trawling through snow falls,softly onto abandoned vehicles crumbling,neglected architecture haunts the,streets and broken statues commemorating,a long fabled war serve as a reminder of,what happened here,the density of the games well can,sometimes feel overwhelming with maps,dominated by icons and large areas of,land beckoning to be explored this is,never the case of disco Elysium theres,lots to do but it encourages you to take,your time and absorb all the information,you would be impaired at your own pace,whether you choose to take what you find,at face value is for you to decide,youre a detective after all core to,this is disco Elysium severe each cast,of characters and the way their stories,intertwine with both your own and that,of the world they inhabit each new face,is accompanied by a gorgeously painted,portrait that looks as if its been,stroked onto a canvas by a hopped-up,Francis Bacon chief among the,connections youll forge is with your,partner in crime fighting leftenant Kim,kits are Argy kits Iraqis dry humor and,analytic mind is brought to life,brilliant in his voice acting and,provides a reassuring tone during tense,moments the same cant be said for all,the cast in Disco Elysium however its a,real hodgepodge in terms of voice,performance at times regardless of,delivery the dialogue itself is,meticulously written its bitingly funny,at,times deeming into the darkness of your,situation while also not being afraid to,let you know when youve made a stupid,mistake characters will swing from,revolutionary prose calling for the fall,of the bourgeoisie into calf caress,psychoanalytic ramblings disco Elysium,is as much an exercising detective,fantasy as it is an evaluation of your,own socio-political leanings there are,two main plot lines to the story of,disco Elysium the murder case you have,been sent to rubbish alter soul and a,more personal journey as you attempt to,piece together your past and find out,who you really are theres little else I,can say about the plot without spoiling,too much of the mystery by urge you to,discover the tale for yourself over the,course of its 30 hours I couldnt stop,reading the thing I picked up learning,more about the world I was in and the,people that was suffering in it if this,seems all a bit much for you though,theres always the option to just give,up just 15 minutes in I received my,first game over screen after having a,meltdown and giving in to the murmurings,of my ancient reptilian brain yes disco,Elysium is definitely weird and by no,means a feel-good experience but its a,highly smart one I cant wait to relive,[Music],Disko Elysium is a unique blend of noir,detective fiction traditional,pen-and-paper RPGs and a large helping,of s essentialist theory its twisting,clopped,cast of memorable characters and sheer,depth of choice combined to create an,experience that begs to be savored a few,minor gripes aside it hits on almost,every single one of the marks it sets,out to achieve and left me earning to,spend more time in its world for a good,look at disco Elysium check out the,first 26 minutes of the game,[Music]

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