1. Our Day using Disney Genie Plus | Is it worth the money? Honest Review of Genie + at Magic Kingdom
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Our Day using Disney Genie Plus | Is it worth the money? Honest Review of Genie + at Magic Kingdom

good morning today i am doing something,thats gonna shock a lot of people i,have never done at walt disney world,today i am using disney genie plus for,my very first time ever i have not since,this service premiered gosh what was it,like late 2021 its now july 2022 i have,not yet used the disney genie service so,this past year i did move here to,florida so ive been taking the parks at,a little bit more of a local pace like,you all know im always like oh if i,just come over for the evening or,something like im not gonna spend the,money for genie,but that being said youve also seen,that in my vlogs the parks have been,very crowded so i see where genie has,its appeal so that is the whole point of,this video today me and my friend bruce,were meeting here at magic kingdom and,we are going to see,how much we can get done with disney,genie plus and you know were going to,be 100 honest with you guys and tell you,is it worthwhile for you when you come,on your disney vacation is the money,worth it for what youre able to,accomplish thats what today is all,about im getting here right before park,open bruce just got inside im gonna go,meet up with him its gonna be a fun day,its gonna be like a full-on disney park,day its crazy too i have not been to,the park this early in a while ive,parked in zurg which is like the one,that they dont even run tramps to,because its literally so close im like,i have not been inserted in i dont,think ever,exciting little first today,[Music],okay magic kingdom lets go find bruce i,know hes somewhere here on main street,there we go there you go okay,all right so we have finally met up here,uh in the hub right in front of caseys,corner and we have a genie plus,reservation for peter pans flight at,11 40. its 11 40 i think so um but,were actually here today i dont know,if were gonna use it because were here,today to see how many times that we can,watch country bear jamboree in one day,right its exactly yeah so this is gonna,be an incredibly fun vlog im thinking,30 40 times today oh i think so,yeah that would be a lot like,maybe 20 times yeah yeah um no so that,was terrible um,but in addition to the genie plus,reservation uh at peter pans flight,were gonna see how many attractions we,can fit in today so exactly we are in,for today a long day but its gonna be a,lot of fun im excited like i said ive,never done genie plus before i know that,youve done it i have yeah but you think,usually its your wife who is the one,yeah elizabeth typically does it yeah,and we i typically do think theres a,lot of value to it you know disney says,that you can get two to three,attractions uh a day by using it um,however i i,find like three four five is a good,number thats awesome um and especially,you know this evening when kind of all,the big rides are taken uh you usually,can find some smaller rides to kind of,walk right on so i think that were,gonna get on a lot of rides today i,think and then even like you said like,right now were waiting for our 11 40,peter pans reservation and we can use,this time to go ride on the rides and,its basically like its holding our spa,in a line exactly and were able to you,know even though were not using a genie,reservation for other things were able,to use this time while were technically,in line with genie to go do other things,so we can get even more attractions,exactly were going to have fun while in,line but not really in line so yeah if,that doesnt confuse you um i dont know,but anyways yeah im up for a fun day i,think its going to be great it is like,9 20 in the morning so i think its time,to get going i think so lets go do it,lets go okay so where are we going,bruce were heading to fantasyland,heading to fantasyland a lot of wait,times are five minutes right now so i,think we can get in a couple rides,before uh genie plus contracts,and look at this i always love when you,get to walk under the castle its just,because you always have to hit it when,theres not a show going on on the stage,so i feel like its a rarity to get to,walk under here,it is i perform at 11 so oh there you go,yeah well ill perform and then well,go straight to peter pan perfect yeah so,i gotta make sure i get a good spot for,that were gonna watch yeah,okay its 9 36 in the morning and we are,going on our first attraction were,right now basically walking on to the,little mermaid one of my favorite rides,here,so this is one we dont have genie for,this one that were just doing the,standard wait time but like right now we,would have to if we wanted to be like,rioting peter pan and like guaranteeing,that we would do that today wed,probably be in like a 90 minute wait,time right now but right now we have,genies like saving that time spot for us,and were able to do things like this so,right now five minutes for a little,mermaid,[Music],nice,but anyway,thats so hard,do it okay this is our one take,the behind the scenes what we have to do,yeah so that,you fit in the frame,okay so we just wrote a little mermaid,it was great yes and we waited,eight minutes eight minutes yeah so,opposed to wait time was five minutes we,waited eight so its pretty accurate,pretty accurate id say so thats also,what we want to kind of talk about today,to really like give like our whole day,in magic kingdom like what are we able,to accomplish this is like guys coming,to disney in 2022 the value of genie,like figuring all that out if youre a,family coming on vacation walt disney,world youre going to spend one day at,the magic kingdom what can you get done,so far one attraction but were in new,fantasyland and uh were gonna hit the,barnstormer and dumbo so we should be,three for three here within the first,hour yeah thats pretty productive well,knock out this whole part of the park,and this is all like while were still,waiting at 11 40 well have our right,first lightning lane we did find out the,information,about lightning lane so the cast member,we confirmed once the park opened so,park officially open at nine oclock,today,you can then two hours after park,opening make your second lightning lane,reservation for the day or he said if,your lightning lane would be like sooner,like i grabbed peter pan when i booked,it this morning just so that we,i knew that one had peter pan because,thats a bigger one like coveted one to,get but if i would have grabbed one that,like we would have gotten knocked out at,lets say like 9 30.,after we would have ridden it,we then could have instantly made so,its either whatever comes first whether,it be,two hours after park opening you get to,start doing what they call stacking,where its like even though we havent,done peter pan yet we can make another,reservation,or the other thing that could happen is,if you,ride whatever that first ride of the day,is,already before two hours into the park,open,you can then put another one so its,either when two hours goes by,hey hopefully all the time i hope youre,writing this down right,talk to a vacation planner,right guys this is why you need a,vacation planner this is all way too,much so its either when two hours goes,by yeah or,the first yeah whatever comes first your,first attraction or two hours after park,open whichever comes first ever comes,first,lets go lets go get the next one okay,barnstormer is only five minutes lets,see how long this one is if the weight,is accurate okay im in line right now,for barnes armor and i didnt realize,that from this queue you can see like,such a close perspective of the tron,construction okay here we go we gotta,look for bruce hes gonna film me from,the ground level,and thats what just about i want to say,a little over five minutes,[Music],[Music],okay so to say that weve done,everything in the circus were now gonna,ride,dumbo,are you so excited for dumbo oh i cant,wait,this is a classic,and uh its intense so,um im bracing myself im ready you need,a i conquered dumbo t-shirt yeah i know,we should make sure yeah,okay ride number one,were ready up and away we gotta take it,up,lets


came out of time but im trying to hit the time  now it just says something went wrong were having  ,trouble processing requests disney do you want  my money or not yes yes im sorry i will get  ,your money i promise you ill get it to you next  week i had to get a new annual pass im sorry what,okay yeah one minute man so today is the launch  of genie plus if you dont know what Genie plus  ,is its this new service a new app through Walt  Disney World to make sure you have a better more  ,efficient vacation they announced this years  ago its kind of replacing the old my disney  ,experience app and replacing the old fast pass  system but its paid you have to pay for it  ,every single day you visit so the initial fee  is gonna be 15 just to kind of get the base bare  ,bones app theres kind of like a free version that  helps you plan your day but then to get like the  ,fast passes and return times for the rides its  15 so that kind of gets you like into the gate  ,and you kind of get like most of the rides  you can make return times for but then like  ,the busier rides like rise to resistance or space  mountain or seven doors mine train you have to pay  ,per ride per person and its between seven and  fifteen dollars and those prices vary throughout  ,the day and throughout the season so guys were  gonna document it all im gonna give you like  ,a brutally honest review about everything how i  feel about the new genie plus system were gonna  ,be going to magic kingdom because thats kind of  like the park that most people go to during their  ,vacation so were gonna see how the app operates  there were gonna show you all the different  ,features what it was like for me as an annual pass  holder versus somebody visiting once in their life  ,to disney using the app so that its time to  go to magic kingdom i got this hat specifically  ,for this video oh im not liking the shapes  that they chose for uh genies nose and mouth  ,yeah okay lets go okay so were uh were heading  in theres still no tram theyre just like sitting  ,off in a parking lot over there its like a  tram graveyard i dont know why theyre not back  ,it just doesnt make sense to me okay were about  halfway to the monorail ive never seen this sign  ,before it says walk time to the transportation  and ticket center from this point five minutes  ,ive never seen the sign okay well well be  there eventually theyve added a bunch of banners  ,for the 50th anniversary the worlds most magical  celebration now this is my first time like  ,actually celebrating the 50th anniversary i  made a magic kingdom or any of disney parks  ,and probably like over a month so i havent  seen any new stuff im excited to see it all  ,and see the new genie plus were hoping on the  monorail right now again youre going inside  ,so you get a mask up now they added new overlays  to the monitor but its only like the front part  ,at disneyland its like the entire monorail this  is just like a little portion uh they added these  ,topiaries actually really like these they have  one for mickey hes got a little bow tie then they  ,have a 50th cake and then minnie i do like the  front they did a good job repainting everything  ,the worlds most magical celebration and then  the uh flowers was a giant hidden mickey all  ,right now when it comes to gdp plus i didnt like  do research i wanted to come in kind of as like a  ,standard guest to try to figure it out when you  get to the park theyre no longer the mickey  ,pumpkins theyre like these metallic cinderellas  carriage all right we made it in they have a  ,new map of walt disney world 50. this is magical  coming in and having the dapper dance thing to you,yeah so theyve replaced every single mickey  pumpkin with the cinderella carriage pumpkin  ,its nice and elegant but i kind of miss that kind  of tacky mickey pumpkin i do want to say magic  ,kingdom looks incredible theyve like repainted  everything with the decorations i love main street  ,right now they polished walt and mickey the castle  looks incredible i do love the new paint job all  ,right now they have all these new gold statues  now im gonna make a video where im gonna go to  ,all four parks in a day were gonna find all 50  statues in one day im loving this stitch hes  ,just chilling on the purple wall holding the 50th  medallion okay it is time to get this genie plus  ,okay now i know nothing about whats about to  happen so uh lets figure this out together  ,okay hello welcome kevin yes kermit is my  man all right where do we uh get started with  ,disney genie okay first thing lets get started  a whole new way to make the most of your day  ,share which attractions are okay well do uh start  now granting your wish okay were here select park  ,day its just me top picks okay so i want you to  kind of plan your day right okay so i picked my  ,attractions that i like to do and now im going  to pick dining but im not going to eat oh lets  ,lets do cosmic i dont want to do a sit down  right now well do pinocchios okay so now lets  ,do capture your moment im not going to do that  because thats expensive unavailable experiences  ,okay i will do continue okay now wants me to  uh personalize your day even more so pick what  ,i like okay i like villains i like star wars i  like character meet and greets uh i like live  ,entertainment i like the seasonal offerings  and whats new dining entrance casual dining  ,okay so now i think uh genie is gonna plan our  day for us its pretty easy so pretty much every  ,single ride here at magic kingdom has theres like  two different tiers for uh genie plus theres like  ,genie plus which is kind of like standard  fast pass and then theres uh theres like  ,lightning lane which is an up charge you just pay  to ride once but you can only do two of them a  ,day and cant pay twice to reride the same ride  so right now at magic kingdom theres two rides  ,that you have to pay for space mountain or seven  doors mine train im doing this for you guys to  ,see how this works lets do um well do seven  doors mine train its im literally paying ten  ,dollars to go ride seven doors mine train were  gonna purchase that uh wait less on your purchase  ,okay what time do we wanna ride seven doors  mine train all right closest time is um choose  ,your preferred time well do 2 45 thats my only  option right or oh or you can do three four five  ,six seven pm okay well do lets do 3 15 so i  can do some stuff all right well do continue im  ,really about to pay ten dollars for this i dont  like paying ten dollars per ride that makes me  ,feel really bad and almost like disgusted that  im paying that on top of my park ticket so uh  ,lets do it continue seven doors mine train uh  would you like to allow disney to use oh god now  ,i gotta go to my email oh i didnt realize this  theres tax on top of these things so im paying  ,ten dollars plus tax oh my god okay is that it  pretty easy i im pleasantly surprised with how  ,easily this experience has been kind of planning  my day and purchasing the ride that i want to do  ,surprising its trying to process my order but  its um frozen i dont i dont know its not  ,processing my order what is going on okay so  now lets uh lets book our first parts of the  ,caribbean um it shows the current wait times and  it shows where we can do our genie plus lightning  ,lane lets do pirates for uh 225. i think it went  through and processed my card not letting me use  ,my credit card i put in everything correct  but um so how am i supposed to pay for this  ,i thought it was great to ever set everything  up but now i cant even pay for the service  ,why so how am i supposed to pay for this its  having problems like processing my stuff i know  ,some people are going to say oh its his first day  just give it some time theyve been planning this  ,for years and it doesnt work opening day im  not gonna give disney any slack for this this  ,should be working flawlessly i dont know what to  do right now ive tr

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Disney Genie, Genie Plus and Lightning Explained

theres genie,genie plus,and lightning lane,all different,but kind of the same,or who can tell were gonna sort it all,out next on fresh-baked,remember fast pass,simpler times right,then there was max pass and that caused,a bit of confusion on its own but still,for the most part pretty straightforward,same as fastpass just on your phone,now theres genie,and then genie plus,oh in lightning lane whats the,difference lets find out and in the,process were also going to try to,display some of the anger and resentment,were hearing around the whole thing as,some of it is a little bit misdirected,but i did say some not all of it some,well start with jeannie genie is free,genie is not fastpass or lightning lane,genie plus is lightning lane aka fast,pass,genie,is the tip board and the my day features,the tip board is a list of all the,attractions and dining,and as you scroll through the list,youll see standby wait times or you,know when you can make a mobile order,and an opportunity to book a lightning,lane via genie plus for those rides that,have it but were going to get to that,in a bit,click on any attraction in genie and,youll see its familiar description as,weve always seen it as its always,appeared in the traditional disneyland,app but youll also see a new feature,the forecasted weight its a bar graph,showing when an attraction historically,hits its highest and lowest wait times,oddly it doesnt show you the actual,wait time just the bars,ill keep this short,dont bother with this it is useless not,at all helpful the graphs give very,little insight,but getting back to the tip board the,actual scrollable list is probably the,the one really useful feature of genie,again,were not talking about genie plus or,lightning lane were just talking about,genie,anyway that scrollable list is an,improvement on the disneyland app as it,combines both the wait times for a given,attraction and,the option to book a lightning lane and,by the way putting mobile order in the,same app right next to each other is,also a huge improvement this view is,very useful because it gives us a chance,to compare the wait time for standby,versus the return time for lightning,lane this helps you make an informed,decision about whether or not to book it,for example if the lightning lane return,time is in 30 minutes but the standby,wait time is just 15 minutes then,theres really no reason to use,lightning lane here at least not at this,point might as well just go ahead and do,standby because youre not really saving,much time and you could save more time,later if you write it again later,again lets set aside lightning lane for,the moment and continued looking at,genie,free genie,lets look next at my day,short version is that its awful and a,complete waste of time just like the bar,graphs not at all useful,please do feel free to skip to the next,section if that is enough for you if not,heres a little bit of why its awful,its purpose,is to help you plan your day to create,your best disney day,tell jeannie what you prefer,and jeannie will make personalized,recommendations,great premise but the reality is that,genie will literally do the opposite of,what would generally be considered the,correct thing to do,genies propensity for bad advice,already in a short two week time,is well documented we were sent to mr,toads at rope drop,others to the bakery tour in dca of all,places at rope drop,now some have commented that of course,you shouldnt be letting disney plan,your day not entirely anyway and of,course theyre right but the thing is is,disneys really proud of this feature,and they lead with this in their,promotional video they really do want or,think we want genie to do this for us,disney is selling genie free genie as an,achievement in technology that will,change the way we visit the parks it,its pretty comical,yeah no,yeah once an hour,it doesnt even know if youve just been,on one of the rides in your itinerary,you have to remove them yourself or wait,for that hourly refresh,but at the risk of really going off,lets move on to what genie plus is to,put it plainly genie pluses is max pass,with a couple of exceptions max pass was,for all fast pass attractions,everything gd plus is for all lightning,lane aka fastpass,except for rise of the resistance,radiator springs racers and web slingers,it also only lets you use lightning lane,once per attraction,there were no such limits with max pass,or old fast pass in the before times,by the way what is lightning lane well,lightning lane is exactly fast pass if,you know what fastpass was,you know what lightning lane is they,simply changed the name nothing else,about it was changed genie is the free,service that gives you the tip board and,the my day feature,lightning lane is fast pass,genie plus is the ability to digitally,reserve a lightning lane attraction aka,max pass and thats pretty much as plain,as we can make it,were not fans of genie its pretty much,a gateway to genie plus gd plus though,is absolutely useful,now its not for everyone mind you some,have no need for it guess who go often,and arent really trying to ride every,single ride,im one of those but it is useful for,guests who dont visit often and who are,trying to save some time genie plus does,make your day more efficient,use it five or six times at 30 minutes a,pop in terms of savings of time and,youve saved two or three hours at the,end of the day,thats absolutely useful,it gives you more time to do more stuff,or it gets you out of the park quicker,than you were would have been originally,now ive seen many comments where its,being suggested that genie plus is just,a money grab by disney and maybe it is,but in defense of genie plus,so is max pass,if youre okay then with max pass you,should be okay now with genie plus with,the exception of course of those three,rides we mentioned earlier that are not,included in genie plus and the limits of,one use per ride,rise of resistance rated springs racers,and web slingers have to be paid for,separately from genie plus anywhere from,seven dollars to twenty dollars,depending on demand depending on the,season time of day that sort of thing,rise for example is typically at or near,twenty dollars,now that might seem like another cash,grab on disneys part trying to hit both,with the 20 for genie plus then another,20 for rise of resistance but even that,isnt,not as bad as it sounds thats because,you dont have to buy genie plus to go,on rise or radiator springs you can buy,those lightning lane passes without,also buying genie plus you dont have to,buy genie plus to ride rise of the,resistance,if ryze is seven bucks,and thats the only ride you want to,jump the line on,then thats all you pay seven dollars,and then you do standby for the rest of,the park this is very useful for guests,who are perfectly fine waiting a standby,for you know big thunder and space,mountain or the matterhorn but they,dont want to wait 90 minutes for rise,of the resistance,but,if you want to jump the line on,everything at disneyland including rise,then yeah itll thatll be 40 or more,now weve mentioned lightning lane a few,times,lightning lane is fast pass its exactly,fastpass,when you pay your twenty dollars for,genie plus,youre paying for the right to book a,lightning lane for those attractions,for twenty dollars you can book,lightning lane reservations for space,mountain star tours,buzz lightyear autopia,matterhorn,small world,roger rabbit,big thunder,haunted mansion,smugglers run,splash mountain and indiana jones,adventure,genie plus also works at dca for the,same twenty dollars one price for both,those attractions include soaring around,the world,grizzly river run,goofy sky school,mission breakout,incredi coaster,monsters inc and toy story midway mania,you do not have to pay for each of these,separately these are all included every,ride i just mentioned is included in the,20 price of genie plus,its the attractions i didnt mention,that are paid separately again rise of,the resistance,raid

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Disneyland Genie+! Lightning Lane Ride Testing on a Busy Day! Our Tips & Tricks-Worth the Purchase?

all right little monorail ride in,welcome back to best life and beyond,everybody,we are uh were back at disneyland today,were gonna try genie plus on the,weekend we figured not just the weekend,but we figured a good time to do this,would be on a,somewhat busy saturday night yeah we,waited purposely until about three or,four oclock in the afternoon when the,wait times are pretty much at their,highest point right were going to,purchase the genie,and see what we can accomplish yeah of,course were going to come back,as usual and try to do it without the,genie of course you can have a direct,comparison contrast and compare and,right now it looks like you know youve,got like 55 minutes for matterhorn you,got like 60 minutes for haunted mansion,those are kind of the times were,looking at,uh,so itll be a good test to see,how this works in the context of,you know being a crowded saturday,semi-crowded i should say we pulled over,under the monorail tracks here,so that we could uh,make the purchase,okay so it says get started with the,genie,so well hit start now,[Music],okay it says select a park,were at disneyland,katie and spencer,now its asking my top picks,lets see what are our top picks lets,say big thunder,on a um holiday,small world and,matterhorn id say those for our top,picks okay,our interest is,im not gonna pick park interests,we dont need disability or,accessibility,were entering full strength magic,mode genie plus is twenty dollars per,guest,so itll be forty dollars for us,um it says after entering,park youll be able to book the next as,well the lightning lane okay,so this is not the a la cartes,this is just lightning lane genie plus,right exactly okay,goodbye forty dollars what used to be,free,all right so we have it today,now this would be cool because,if once we get our um,what are they called magic bands well,be able to use magic bands for now we,must use our phone,okay so what do we want to book first it,says our top experience that would be,fastest for us right now,would be small world holiday,lets do it so lets hit select,experience,okay it says 410 to 510 and it is 409,right now so we can go on it literally,right now right now,and the wait time currently i believe is,50,5 0 minutes if youre in standby is that,correct yeah,so overall i can already tell you weve,done this in florida when it first,launched i would say and again,im only going off of florida but i can,already tell you my prediction,my prediction will be that it is a good,thing,but i think,i think its only going to be good if,you really know that thats what your,goal is is to get on a lot of,attractions right and youre not here,super frequently and you know whatever,but its your money you do with it what,you want if you want to spend 20 and get,on a lot of rides for the day go you,sure but theres also the uh scenario if,you show up at four oclock like we did,you get on some rides that dont have,extreme wait times you go get something,to eat you go hang out you go people,watch you walk around watch it parade,watch a parade see some entertainment,and then as the night progresses the,wait times start to drop and youre able,to get on those rides like we did the,other night for my birthday we were able,to do four rides,in less than an hour so twice in a row,right all attractions that right now are,45 to 50 minutes long so,it really depends on like katie said,your approach are you trying to get on a,lot of rides right now thats why you,came,then you know and if youre not here a,lot sure it makes a lot of sense so,were going to test it out were going,to uh kind of,check the the standby times as well and,compare and uh well see how it goes the,thing im curious about is are we going,to be able to ride something twice in a,row so say i wanted to book small world,holiday again could i i dont think you,can in the original design i i was my,understanding was that you could only do,a lightning lane one time,under the paid umbrella well were gonna,find out were gonna find out try to,book it again once we get off right,because ive heard,ive heard people saying that they could,do it a couple times im like that is,not what i heard in the original design,but lets give it a try all right lets,do it on our way over to uh small world,and were just taking a look at the,matterhorn q,its wrapping,almost down to the original queue down,here,and its saying 50 minutes 5-0,that looks to be fairly close to that,but i dont really know but it looks to,be an extensive,weight for matterhorn right now all,right approaching small world holiday,with our lightning lane and its,pre-parade time you can see everybody,queued up,over here in the small world uh,pavilion parade route,one thing where im really happy were,getting magic bands because,the signal is not good at disneyland and,every time we have to pull open our app,and get our passes out and sometimes the,app just doesnt want to load it doesnt,work thats the one problem with genie,plus so far is the bandwidth of the,internet here yeah i would say take a,screenshot of your passes,because its going to be not fun yeah so,heres the old standby right now says 45,minutes for small world,oh wow yeah thats a good thats about a,40 minute wait really you think so yeah,its its all doing all the the,backflips back there what do you call it,the,switchbacks switchbacks,yeah that thats duty what do you think,do you think its 45 buddy it says its,about 35 to 40. i dont think its,exactly 45. okay,wow this totally gives me max pass by i,know oh the trains coming through i,love this,thats the best,there she is,holiday five coming through,you can see the standby line all the way,back to the gate to the parade gate,katie thinks thats about 35. so its,semi-closed 35 maybe 40. yeah maybe,it just depends well you have to,have to add in the fact that,all of us in the lightning lane are,stopping that flow,yeah im not sure what the ratio is its,like 20 lightning lanes per i feel like,they take an average a little bit um i,see that theyre giving people those,little time card past things oh red card,to judge yeah so its its like i said,its hard to say youre never going to,get this exact time you know where they,say its 45,and it is exactly 45.,you know because again how many look at,theres nobody showing up for lightning,lane at this exact moment so theyre,floating yeah we started this at 417,when we walked into this line so im,going to see what time it is when we get,to the actual boat when we sit in the,boat yeah,the last bit of light of the day,being captured by the gold spires,if its a small world,how do you feel about getting the first,ride of the day here to be honest with,you i think its well deserved oh boy,im just kidding,im actually really happy about it i,think its really nice,because we did a lot for your birthday,and it was a lot of the rides you wanted,to go on and the whole time i kept,walking past small world like do we want,to book our next thing since were,already in the queue oh youre right,good idea,so thats something we learned at walt,disney world was once you pass through,and weve you know,got our lightning lane we can book,another one so whats new here roger,rabbit lets try for roger since its,right here telling us that,big thunder is 4 35 readily available,so that would be a good option,hana mansion holiday 6 30.,matterhorn is 5 30. autopia is 4 45,astro blasters is 4 30. so it seems like,we should choose something around 4 40,roger,4 40.,you want to book that since its uh,well be off right away close proximity,come on if you guys want to take reports,all right stepping on 4 21.,four minutes that was very lightning-ish,whats the word,its kind of a whirlwind how quick it is,like you kind of just chew stuff and go,go go like it is it is fast you kind of,forget that when we had max pass it was,just we did this all the time i wish,that they would allow us,to buy this and put it on our annual,pass or our magic key,yeah i really wish we could pay the,extras to have that

Disney Genie + Is it Worth It? | Real World TEST

what is going on everyone and welcome,back to hollywood studios today is the,official release of disney genie,plus,disney genie whatever theyre calling it,the very first opening day but we,decided this morning that we were going,to go ahead and participate and check it,out test it out and see how it works for,all of you out there while uh maybe to,help you better plan your next vacation,its super early in the morning,i just had a monster i skipped my coffee,so my words are gonna be jumbled,but uh this is the crowd behind us its,waiting to get in that are non-park or,non-resort guests theyre allowing,resort guests on the right or the,left-hand side over here so we gotta,wait here for a few minutes were gonna,head on inside and see what disney genie,is all about so if youre wondering why,uh resort guests are on one side and uh,non-resort guests are on the other side,so resort guests right now,are able to get into the park 30 minutes,early starting at 8 30,um which hollywood studios today opens,up at nine oclock so they can get at 8,30. enjoy some of the interactions,before uh the regular guests get in,whether those are single day ticket,holders or annual pass holders that are,not staying on property,which is a great benefit for resort,guests,and we just have to kind of hang out and,wait the second benefit lets talk a,little bit about disney genie plus,is that you get an early,access to disney genie for purchasing,those one-time use,lightning lane attractions this would be,rise of the resistance space mountain,seven dwarfs mine train,i didnt see what was at epcot but im,guessing its probably frozen um,animal kingdom is probably flight of,passage so,another benefit now what we did see this,morning we have not been able to book,rise of the resistance yet,but for today it looks like for a single,use,uh entrance whatever were going to call,it here lightning lane plus single use,entrance for rise of resistance theres,only 15 per person to ride it so not a,bad price but that could change uh as,you know as the holidays and weekends,and things like that go on so,today is a tuesday its a weekday,probably going to be cheaper than its,going to be on the weekend so,lets head on in so weve got a few,minutes here lets talk a little bit,about what disney genie actually is its,a brand new system that is all about,helping you the guests have a much,better experience when youre here at a,disney park its supposed to help you,plan,all kinds of things from your dining,reservations to,your interest in park attractions and,work together to make sure that youre,waiting in line the least amount of time,and having the most amount of fun and,the best part about this is that you can,actually find it right in the my disney,experience app so you dont have to,download anything extra or go anywhere,else its all built right in there,for you a whole new way to make the most,of your day disney genie service will,transform your top interest into a fun,flexible visit in three easy steps share,which attractions entertainment and,dining experiences are most important to,you with disney genie sit back as disney,genie considers every possibility and,conjures up the ultimate itinerary to,save you time,and if you need to adjust your plans,its no problem at all you can swap out,disney genies recommendations on the,fly the biggest part of disney genie is,lightning lane,save time in line with lightning lane,options you can choose from two ways to,purchase and book arrival windows for,our new lightning lane entrances each,option offers a different set of,experiences and these options can also,be,combined,so that answers the question that taylor,and i had earlier which was can we have,a,single,use entrance this would be riser,resistance with a regular lightning lane,attraction and i believe that that is,the case so individual lighting lane,attractions are going to be things like,mickey minnies runaway railway riser,resistance here at hollywood studios,and basically you dont have to purchase,the disney genie service which is like,the lightning lane um you can actually,just purchase these attractions,individually uh which i mentioned,earlier i think is about 15 for rise of,resistance today per person,could be different for other attractions,could be different on different days,uh,so this is available to all guests for,purchase without using the disney genie,plus service which i just mentioned,available for some of the most highly,demanded attractions not included with,disney genie plus like i just mentioned,before and you can choose a time to,arrive,at up to two,up to two select attractions per day,total booked one at a time now heres a,catch this says choose a time to arrive,that is not the case,at least from our,experience so far you do not get to,choose a window,youre going to be able to basically,pick the soonest available time that is,left so right now im just looking at,rides the resistance,uh,it is sitting right around about 6 30,it might even be later than that now and,its not even nine oclock yet so right,right now rise of the resistance the,window starts at 6 50 p.m um and its,not even nine oclock yet so uh that,means that resort guests are getting the,ability to pick all of those times up,before us because were not staying on,property so just to recap that real,quick choose a time to arrive at up to,two select attractions per day and you,can only book these two attractions um,one at a time so,if magic kingdom is open late were,assuming that if you can get riser,resistance at 650 you should be able to,go over to magic kingdom and book seven,doors for something later like 9 oclock,10 oclock if its available,to you,later in the day,but basically once you kind of do this,whole thing,you set up the my disney experience app,its gonna take you through the,application to pick things that are of,interest to you for your day so um you,do need to have a park pass reservation,already made for disney genie to really,start customizing your experience for,the day so make sure that you have that,done and its going to ask you what type,of entertainment are you looking for,what type of dining experiences are you,looking for,what,other interests is like attractions are,you interested in and after all of that,oh this is this is really starting to,fill up in here,it is going to start to kind of,calculate and create an itinerary for,you to wait the least amount of time in,line and have the best experience so,were going to try that out and see how,it goes,the park has just officially opened and,presumably everybody right now is making,their way to rise of the resistance,theyre making their way to riser,resistance,i want you to show them theyre theyre,flying along on their scooters you cant,see them now,but everybodys making their way to rise,of the resistance more than likely,and were going to kind of start making,our way around now i did notice that,once it officially opened up,we were actually able to select between,three different hours for rise of the,resistance,which was six seven and eight oclock,i dont know yet if were restricted to,that,because were not resort guests or if it,is uh just whats left for the day so,there was a slight glitch it said it was,available at 11 30 and i clicked on it,and then it bounced back to like six,oclock so kind of something were going,to continue to explore for the rest of,the day just to see,but were going to start kind of walking,around and just checking out the,lightning lanes see if theyre being,utilized a lot and uh i dont know just,checking it out getting a feel for it,so it looks like the majority of,everybody as you can see is really,heading into rise of resistance because,it is still open for standby,and while you can purchase lightning,lane for what it appears to be about 15,per person today,um my guess is a lot of these people are,just gonna go wait in line,so i think were coming up to like,one of the things i think is really,really unfortunate right now,and this

Genie Plus Explained and UPDATED – Disney World

foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],Aloha guys welcome back to my channel,mermaid Nina here well its been a,minute we havent talked about Genie,Plus in a bit so were gonna do another,fully explained but yet updated Genie,plus video and you guys might be asking,me why well as you probably know I have,many many many,Genie plus videos out there and many of,them have kind of gone viral so thank,you very much guys for being fans of,those videos but since I put out that,original video you know the one with the,straws if you know what Im talking,about Disney has kind of updated and,changed and adjusted Genie plus a few,times since that video and because now,that weve been using Genie Plus for a,while I wanted to do a more updated kind,of streamline but yet fully explained,video regarding Genie Plus at this time,and of course I am talking the end of,2022 we do not know what 2023 is going,to bring in terms of Genie plus we dont,know what Iger is going to do in terms,of Genie plus is he going to get rid of,the entire system is he gonna change and,adjust the system we dont know but,until then until we know more this is,going to be like I said a fully updated,and explained video on Genie plus the,What the how the tips and tricks all,combined in this one video however if,this video is still kind of like,confusing you then you should probably,go back to my original video which I,have fully explained the entire process,this is like I said a more updated,because some of the things in that older,video are just not true today so maybe,watching both will be key but lets get,into it shall we so the first question,is,um what is Genie plus Nina I mean what,is Genie plus so for those of you who,remember fast passes yep those are long,and gone Genie plus is now the new and,updated,fast pass not really its the only way,you can skip the line at Disney so just,like fast passes was a pass you would,physically get on your phone 60 days in,advance and then you would go to the,park and you got to skip the line,remember all of that,Genie plus is similar you dont get the,pass in advance but you do still get it,on your phone and it does allow you to,skip the line in fact that same line,that same fast pass line that you used,to use youre using that exact line,again except now its called the,lightning Lane thats right but thats,what Genie plus is Genie plus is a paid,for version,kind of like fast passes at Disney world,as a way that you can skip the line you,guys with me and in case you want to,know it does work for most rides,attractions and experiences but of,course you want to see the list because,they are always changing they are always,actually adding things to the list I,usually pop up the list but you can also,check them online when youre in the app,so,you can skip the lines for like I said,most of the rides meet and greet with,characters and even parade spots and,even shows so similar to fast passes,this is your skip the line situation,makes sense but some of the key things,that you need to know about Genie plus,are indeed the rules because,unfortunately when they came out with,this system,they kind of made it a little,complicated it is not black and white it,is not cut and dry it its got some,issues Im just gonna be honest so,knowing the rules knowing how and when,to do Genie plus is really going to be,key during your vacation so first the,rules first rule,you can only use it once per ride AKA no,double dipping if you love The Haunted,Mansion you cannot Genie plus the Han,and Mansion twice in a single day thats,what I mean by using it once per ride,how do you get the pass will you start,by getting passes at 7 00 a.m this is,for all guests not just Disney Resort,guests all people going to the Disney,theme park that day you can start,actually getting your passes at 7 00 a.m,does that make sense it doesnt matter,where you are you could be in your,pajamas in your hotel room you could be,a local in Orlando you could be in line,at the theme park if it opens that early,but it doesnt matter physically where,you are but you can start getting them,at 7am,now for those of you who are going to,ask next well how do I get the second,pass right you will actually then get,the second pass,two hours,after,official Park opening,so if youre going during early morning,hours its not two hours after that time,its not two hours after rope drop its,two hours after official Park opening so,hopefully this makes sense you get your,first pass at seven,and if you havent written it yet and if,you havent done anything you can,actually get your second pass two hours,after Park opening thus making two,passes here if you guys get where Im,going with this so if park opens at nine,you would get that second pass at 11.,does this make sense were actually,going to get into this a little bit,later but this is key stuff this is the,rules you can physically get on the app,try to get your first pass at 7 A.M if,you dont ride that pass if you havent,used that pass if that passes for later,in the day then two hours after Park,opening usually around 11 oclock you,can do the process again and go on the,app and get that second pass does this,make sense Im hoping it does again,were going to dig a Little Deeper but,just so you know thats part of the,rules,next thing that is key here is your pass,that you get on the app is going to be,for the next available time this is not,you like oh yeah I want to write Jungle,Cruise at noon you know because we have,lunch at 11 and that will be perfect no,you do not get to arrange it it is the,next available time so this is key when,you arrange your Park day knowing that,you dont want to kind of be that human,ping pong ball you dont want to be,jungle cruise and then Space Mountain,and then splash mountain and then,Pirates you dont want to be skipping,and jumping everywhere itll wear you,out unless youre an expert unless you,go all the time but if you have kiddos,most likely youre not going to want to,do that so kind of knowing that youre,doing the next available time,you kind of need to know that in your,mindset does that make sense also Disney,really only wants you to have one pass,at a time,unless you are stacking which we are,going to get into which was in my,previous videos right but thats you,waiting that two hours so if you gotta,pass at seven and then you got another,pass at 11 and you still havent ridden,it yet two hours after 11 you can then,get another pass two hours after that,you could then get another pass so you,can keep stacking these passes to,physically ride later,hopefully this makes sense so if you are,someone whos like I want to sleep in I,want to have breakfast at my Resort I,want to go golfing I mean I dont know,what youre not actually going to hit,the park till say I dont know dinner,time you could technically do this you,could start off seven oclock past,number one what would it be 11 oclock,past number two you still havent ridden,anything two hours after 11 is what one,oclock one oclock get another pass two,hours after one oclock is three oclock,you could then stack have stacked four,passes for you to ride as soon as you,get to the park at four oclock dinner,time whatever it is so every two hours,you can keep doing that if you havent,ridden anything yet,those are kind of the rules again were,going to dig a little deeper and also,again if this is too confusing check out,the other video because I take it very,slowly so,Disney claims youre gonna get roughly,two or three rides per day at Disney,using Genie Plus,Nina says you can get a lot more if you,do it properly this is going to require,a little bit of concentration a little,bit of organization and a little bit of,research but dont worry because I have,all the videos for you to help you plan,your game of attack that is Attack on,Genie plus right so lets keep going the,next word youre going to find out about,especially if youre on this app is,going to be individual,lightning Lane now this is different,from the lightni

EVERYTHING We Learned Using Disney Worlds NEW Pay-Per-Ride System, Genie+

this week disney launched the brand new,disney genie part itinerary builder part,fastpass replacement part new big part,of your disney world budget so what is,this new pay-to-play system how does it,work and should you buy your way out to,the front of the line weve got all the,details coming up right now on dfb guide,[Music],hey everybody its aj for disney food,blog the biggest technological advance,since magic bands has arrived in disney,world and its coming to disneyland and,we tested out every single aspect of the,new disney genie for better or worse,paid skip the line features are here but,alongside that is a totally free new,planning tool thats going to change how,you visit the parks whether youre,welcoming the disney genie with open,arms or completely rejecting the idea of,paying for a single ride on space,mountain weve got the details tips,tricks and full is it worth it breakdown,lets get into it,so what is disney genie its basically a,new version of fastpass that you pay for,plus a whole free itinerary building ai,system like if tony stark created jarvis,but it was just for planning your disney,vacation and then you also had to cough,up 15 to ride rise of the resistance,without a two-hour wait not into the,avengers metaphor basically disneys,created a super high-tech planning,algorithm thats gonna monitor real-time,weights at rides and restaurants and,offer up suggestions that are,personalized to you your travel party,and whats going on in the park that day,to help plan out every moment of your,day in the parks disney genie is,available to everyone and will organize,all of your plans from dining,reservations to any upgraded skip the,line options that you choose to pay for,its the my disney experience app plus,plus plus and its all inside that app,no need to download anything else first,things first yes there is a free part of,disney genie that anyone in the parks,can use second disney genie plus a paid,upgrade of 15 per day per person in walt,disney world is your way to skip the,standby line for shorter wait times at,over 40 rides across the four parks,third disney genie plus doesnt include,every ride there are several premium,individual attraction selections aka,fancy rides that are part of a paper,ride system confused yet lets break it,down,were going to start with free disney,genie disney genie is a free planning,service built into the my disney,experience app and disneyland app you,will tell disney genie what you want to,ride what types of things you like etc,and disney genie is going to create a,personalized flexible itinerary for you,plans will continuously update to help,you get the most out of your day and,essentially genie is designed to help,you plan your day and optimize your,plans and its available to everybody in,addition to those personalized,itineraries youll find in the my genie,plans in the app youll also have access,to the tip board within my disney,experience this is going to give you the,latest info on wait times mobile order,pickup times and walk up waitlist,availability at restaurants all in one,place youll be able to pin your top,picks so the things youre most,interested in show at the top of your,tip board making it easy to prioritize,those,now theres disney genie plus this is a,paid fast pass like service it costs 15,per day per person at disney world and,20 per day per ticket at disneyland with,tax that comes to 15.98 not a huge,difference but something to keep in mind,as those hidden costs can add up over,the week especially for a larger family,this lets you use lightning lanes the,new name for fastpass queues at most,rides in the parks you will select the,next available time to use the lightning,lane for whatever ride you want and when,your time arrives you can visit the ride,and use the lightning lane skipping the,standby line once youre done with that,ride you can make another genie plus,lightning lane selection one ride at a,time throughout the day starting at 7am,in disney world and once youre in the,park in disneyland a major change from,fastpass is that you can only ride each,ride once with disney genie plus,no riding the barnstormer back to back,to back using the lightning lane for,those little kids the attraction list,can change but for now most rides and,shows that previously had fastpass are,on the list that includes over 40,attractions in disney world and over 15,in disneyland you can see the full list,over at disney foodblog.com,okay lets move on to the fancy rides,not every ride is included in genie plus,those fancy rides the really popular,ones that have super long weights on the,reg,those will be paid per ride this,includes seven dwarfs mine train space,mountain remys ratatouille adventure,frozen ever after rise of the resistance,mickey and minnies runaway railway and,expedition everest over there in disney,world in disneyland they include rise of,the resistance radiator springs racers,and web slingers a spider-man adventure,now let me clarify something really,quickly here do you have to buy a ride,on these rides no you can always use the,standby line you never have to pay extra,to ride these rides the only thing,youre paying extra for is to skip the,standby line okay moving on you can only,pick two of these fancy rides per day it,cant be the same ride twice,pricing for these individual premium,rides is gonna vary but on the first day,we got to use it a tuesday in october,expedition everest was seven dollars,seven dwarfs mine train was ten remys,ratatouille adventure was nine and rise,of the resistance was 15. prices may go,up a bit on the weekends or on the,holidays but the max charge for these,pay-per-ride rides is going to be 15 at,least for now,you can book these at 9 00 a.m but if,youre staying at a disney resort hotel,or a good neighbor hotel that has these,privileges you can get a jump on things,and book at 7am you can buy disney genie,plus and add on these pay-per-ride rides,or you can just do the pay-per-ride,rides or you can skip it all together,and use the standby lines for everything,and just use the free disney genie,itineraries lots of options,now before we get into the thick of this,lets go over the terminology you need,to know my disney experience app thats,the planning app you will 100 need for,your disney world vacation if youve,been to disney world in the past decade,youve encountered this app disney genie,exists within that app disney genie the,free itinerary building and planning,tool disney genie plus is the paid,access to lightning lanes at over 40,rides and shows in disney world,individual attraction selections or,fancy rides the paper ride lightning,lane access to some of the most popular,rides that are not automatically,included in disney genie plus lightning,lanes are the new name for fastpass,queues and what youll use to bypass the,standby lines if you pay for disney,genie plus or individual attraction,selections and return time back to our,fastpass vocabulary this is the one hour,window in which you get to use the,lightning lane for a specific ride or,show once youve booked it,okay lets start answering questions,weve had the chance to use disney genie,and its paid counterparts in the parks,in real time we had about,seven reporters out there doing all,kinds of different things basically,trying to get the gist of everything,disney genie plus can do so its time to,answer your top questions and get down,to the nitty gritty how do i buy disney,genie plus and or individual attraction,selections disney genie plus can be,purchased in advance of your trip but,youll need to buy it for the full,length of your trip if you buy it ahead,of time if you only want to use it for,one day or every other day youll have,to buy it on the day of you can purchase,a single day of disney genie plus,starting at midnight but you wont be,able to make your first ride selections,until the morning annual pass holders,will only be able to purchase single day,disney genie plus as it is tied to the,ticket

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