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  2. Matte vs Glossy Displate Medium Metal Poster Unboxing and Review
  3. Are these worth the hype? | Displate Review
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  6. Displate Review | is it Worth the Money?
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Displate Review & Unboxing | Worth the Money?

whats up guys in this video im gonna,review a couple of displays that i,ordered and if you click the video you,most likely know already what this,plates are or what display the company,is and if not displayed as a company,based in poland that makes amazing metal,posters and there are thousands and,thousands of different pictures on that,page and its very overwhelming i,started scrolling and i bookmarked the,ones that i like over time i narrowed it,down and im gonna show you what i,ordered i just got this huge package,here and we have three different ones in,here im just gonna open that up in a,minute they are kind of on the pricier,side and with this video i want to check,out if theyre as good as i hope they,will be and if they are worth the money,and the one thing i absolutely loved,they have all kinds of pictures,displayed from anime from pop culture,from movies from music and what i dont,like going into these stores with all,the t-shirts is if i want for example a,anime t-shirt um its too much in your,face a lot of times like i dont want to,wear a big dragon ball z,uh character a super saiyan with big,dragon ball z on it i would like a more,subtle,art type of approach to that and i found,so many on there and absolutely loved it,as i said earlier theyre based in,poland im based in germany um so,shipping in the eu is absolutely no,problem i think they also ship worldwide,however i was still 19 euros to ship,from poland to germany and they came in,a ups package i think it took three,working days for mine to arrive so,fairly quick but enough said lets just,open these up i havent had a look as,you can see its still in the original,box and im gonna cut it open because i,wanted to capture my first reaction and,i hope its not gonna be disappointment,all right lets open up this package,says fragile,who says a small poster can start a big,collection i kind of hope not,because as i said theyre not that cheap,but yeah,all right here we are all right the,moment of truth this is definitely a,little bit of an unpacking,experience all right here we go the,first one,first impression is pretty good,nice,nothing seems to be damaged very nicely,packaged,second one,and the third one im gonna unpack them,from the plastic get some cleaning wipes,each mount system is on the back they,say on the box i could still be useful,recycle me or find me a new purpose,so theyre trying to be definitely,environmentally friendly and beggar and,theres a couple of stickers in there as,well,[Music],oh you can hear it wobble,come out there,all right,there we have him i have to say the,first impression is super nice im gonna,show you my,pictures this is the first one i think,this one i might have liked the most and,thats what im talking about its levi,from attack on titan but attack on titan,is not written on there and im a huge,anime nerd but i dont need everybody,who comes into my apartment to know that,although i want these slight hints so i,wanted something like this this feels a,little more grown up and i think if you,dont know about the show you just see,some moody picture with a guy standing,in front of the sunset and the colors,are very nice um as you can see here i,have two lights kind of indirect in,there and its glaring a little bit all,three of mine are the matte version,these come in two different types like,the matte version and then the glossy,version and then there are three,different sizes these are the large ones,theres one smaller one the medium this,ones large its uh 67 and a half,centimeters by 48 centimeters and the,medium version would be 45 times 32 so a,little bit smaller than that and then,for some motifs theres an extra large,which is just four of the medium ones,put together and in the end thats 90,times 64. but yeah i went with the large,one because i wanted not the medium ones,because i thought they are a little too,small and im pretty happy with this,size and im gonna see later what they,look like on the wall all three of mine,are large,and uh the matte version if you want the,glossy version it will probably reflect,way more than this its also an up,charge these are usually 79 euro per,piece however there are always discounts,speaking of discounts i got this sticker,thing in my package and theres a,discount,valid for 30 days im not going to use,that in 30 days so if anybody wants to,order something 30,discount first come first serve i guess,uh the second one i got is this one also,a large and matte thats obviously a,dragon ball one and i really really like,the colors i also like that its goku as,a kid and just the shadow i think its,not too bad good enough for my for my,man cave here for my streaming room,because it also the show means a lot to,me i grew up with it so got a little bit,of old-school anime there and then we,got a lot of new school anime with levi,over there and also,with this guy,three anime posters i feel like a huge,note right now this is not heaven this,is soma yukihira from food wars uh,freaking amazing anime about cooking i,also really like the colors i think the,colors with the dragonball one and that,one went awesome together um i had a,hard time matching the attack on titan,one maybe im gonna put that one in the,middle or,not have them all three together,something if you can hear,its proper metal its pretty heavy,actually and the build quality,seems very good like im not afraid to,play around with this thing so the first,impression is pretty good i think the,the prints came out very nice too the,colors are pretty poppin although,maybe not quite as much as they seem on,the page so i want to say,90,as strong as they might seen,on the page yeah usually 79 euros for,the large one 39 for the medium one so,half the price you also have options for,frames i opted out for that because i,noticed the picture,uh shrinks down a little bit and then,you have frame around it which is also,an up charge if you get the glossy,version for the large one its not 79,euros anymore it will become 96 euros so,17 euro up charge for the glossy version,and another 36 euro up charge for,a frame you have two of these,leaflets they go on the wall and then,you have two magnets with each one on,top of that and you just magnetically,put them on the wall lets do that and,were starting with the leaf what,concerns me a little bit is it says this,leaf and the magnet are not intended to,work on structured or poor quality walls,this is not poor quality but its a,little bit structured so i hope its,good enough also youre supposed to use,one magnet for the medium sized and two,for the large size thats why it came,with two its not a spare im gonna see,if it works with one as well so here we,go,just like that,one use only,its not that complicated push out the,air bubbles whatever all right and then,next step you get the little magnet,and press hard for five seconds,so yeah and the whole point of this,protective leaf is,that it protects the wall basically that,you can peel it off without damaging the,wall if you want to remove it and then,of course because the magnet has to be,stronger it just goes on the leaf,and it comes off with it so thats the,point of these,and i think thats supposed to be it so,moment of truth,[Music],yep,need a second one for the big one all,right thats the second one now it,should stay,there we go,very easy very beautiful i hope it,doesnt come off i mean i guess long,term we will see if something happens,but i had to use two magnets as you just,saw and that changes things a little bit,because i asked myself what happens if i,want to put this somewhere else i need,more of these and you can buy actually,spare packs and a pack of three is 12,euros so four euro for one theres also,a pack of nine which is 23 euros which,makes it a little bit cheaper but i,thought i only need one of those so like,four euros if you consider the three,pack for one but i need two of those so,its six euros also its packages of,three and nine which are odd numbers and,i need two so

Matte vs Glossy Displate Medium Metal Poster Unboxing and Review

whats up guys welcome back to a brand,new video today ive got an exciting,unboxing for you guys today we have a,brand new unboxing from display man i,ordered some medium sized displays like,two weeks ago and its finally arrived,and im so excited to do this we have a,whole bunch of different stuff so we,have a bit of glossy a bit of matte all,mediums its just gonna be sick because,we gotta experience brand new disc today,and i know you guys love display posters,so i picked like some of my favorite,designs that i saw on the website im,excited to just open these and talk,about that you know what its just gonna,be sick so im excited so lets just,delve right in unbox these and ill show,you how sick these designs are alright,so lets unbox these bad boys up,im very excited for this,one so,as we unbox it,you all know the usual case,because ive unboxed like four of these,we all know,that it says,who says a small poster cant start a,big collection because ive got like,six to ten now of displays,but this is sick love it its all,sustainable products as well,i love it you plant a tree every time,you buy a display as well so,its all just positives all around,thats the box on the back display,collect your passion lets go and,we open it up,i love it,so as we open it up,we have the disc plates here,we have a couple of gift codes,we have display collector passion,oh my god,these brand new stickers look awesome,wow,holy,smokes bro look at these stickers these,are brand new i did not expect that to,come out of this display unboxing,guys,that is amazing oh my gosh we have,an asteroid an astronaut riding a,unicorn,we have,an intergalactic,ice cream cone,mountainous,thing,we have,what even is that,its like an octopus,in ibiza,sipping like a mojito,with like a hat,bro,and you guys can have that discount code,if you if you can see it,you guys can have it its all right,we have this as always,absolutely,amazing talking about the artists,the display club unfortunately its not,available in australia which makes me,very sad because i would love to join,the display club,but,lets have a look at this so yes 100,recyclable,plant trees every purchase,sustainable production,man,this box can be useful recycle it or,find a new purpose,this is a display designed to express,your unique,ex interests,credit,for collections built with passion,guys its a 10 out of 10. i do love the,display family all right lets have a,look at these posters,guys,this poster,is mad,look at that absolute,beauty,of a design,i believe,i believe this is by benny productions,whos a youtuber and he is just mad hes,so good,hes so so talented,so thats the first display,the second display that we have today,is a,do not disturb sign,because,gaming is at work,oh my gosh guys this is going to be,outside my door so,now people will know,that i might work gaming or making a,video because ill have this on and i,can take it off when im not working,and put it back on when i am working so,i cannot be disturbed in the house,while im making videos,and the third one,but not last,we have,a mountainscape,so this one has a glossy finish so we,get to see the matte and the glossy,finish the glossy finish with a proper,photo to see what its really like i,chose like something really colorful for,this,something really really amazing just to,see the quality of it,and its looking like absolute quality,three displays today,we have three,man this is so sick all right so where,do we start we start with the benny,productions one i reckon thats a great,place to start this has got a matte,finish,all right,you guys know what it is,lets go,this is what the display poster looks,like its got a beautiful matte finish,oh my gosh qr code on the back sign so,you know its legit,this,is absolutely amazing i love the artwork,what i love about it is just the scenery,you got the sky you got the blues youve,got the mountainous range youve got so,many shadows then you got that contrast,with the blues in the background,and youve got the moon in the,background with a bunch of colors and oh,my gosh,theres so much detail even here with,the smoke as well you can see the smoke,wow its so beautiful,this is also,a matte finish,high definition,display,lets go,so,this is gonna go on my door this is,absolutely fantastic,i love it so much i love just like the,detail of how simple it is i needed a do,not disturb sign and this is,perfect for what i was looking for so we,got,the neon,oh it sort of comes up,the neon riding comes up because its,got like the metal,oh man its so sick,awesome i love the shine on it too with,the writing and then youve got the,brick wall in the background the,luminescence of the writing too its,just fantastic just a great poster,overall i love it,now lets have a look at this display,this is our glossy,disc plate,lets have a look,were gonna do another,comparison between matte and gloss,in this display unboxing too,this is the glossy finish as you can see,its glossy it has that shine coming off,of it,and it just feels so nice with the,glossy it feels so much smoother than,the matte finish,it just feels like a real photo you know,how,photos have the glossy finish or just,like the normal paper finish,this just feels a lot nicer because it,has that glossy finish with the photo,and it just looks astounding,i love it thats that glossy finish as,you can see with the shadow,man such cool feature,is glossy worth it i think its worth it,if you get like photos like this,because it just looks so much better,it just has that cool sort of finish,thats the best way i can describe it,its like the photography thing that i,was just talking about just then like,real high quality prints its just the,finish the feel and the finish is just,amazing what i love about this is just,like the mountains,and the boat and the reflection its got,that true contrast in the reflections,its so sick and it it just brings me,out of like this bedroom that im stuck,in in the four walls it brings me out to,a mysterious place ive never been,before in europe and im just traveling,there so i just thought id get this,poster to sort of bring some good vibes,into the studio,yeah so its absolutely amazing i love,it,so what would you rather guys would you,rather matte or glossy finish let me,know in terms of the cost glossy is,definitely a lot more expensive,something like 20,more expensive its fantastic,nonetheless,i feel like the mat is also great,because it feels authentic,to the display feel because display is,like metal,photos and metal posters right its,actually interesting because like when,you look up close its interesting you,just see like the image the high,contrast and everything like that and,then youve got like this these shadows,and stuff yeah you see like the light,and the darkness and,all the different colors,looks awesome awesome lets put these,guys up lets go alright so this is our,first spot that were putting our,display poster up were putting it right,here the back of the room so when youre,watching my videos youre gonna see this,the back as we normally do weve got to,wipe down the wall ive already wiped,down the wall were gonna put the,protective leaf on and kind of put it,anywhere you like you can put it,down as a triangle square put it down,anyway its always a challenge to put,these up best way to do is do like,halfway,and then you can sort of,work it from there were going to do it,differently this time were going to do,it so like a,in a different way but i like it and,then you press it down for like a couple,of seconds like one two three four five,and its there pretty much lets go,you just go like that,just make sure its there perfectly,there we go boom its there perfect now,one,two three four five and thats it now,its on and we can,put our display any way we like it,and now its perfectly on there,thats absolutely awesome thats gonna,be,chefs kiss beautiful on the back of my,wall the next location that were doing,is on the back of this door its gonna,be interesting because,we

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Are these worth the hype? | Displate Review

So maybe youve been like me and youre decorating or remodeling a room,and you need to put things on the wall.,And since we live in a world where our devices can basically hear,our thoughts, you start seeing ads for all different kinds of things.,And one of those things are displays.,So before we go any further, lets answer this question.,What is a display?,Its a one of a kind metal poster designed to capture your unique passions,like movies, nature maps or food.,These unique license artworks are 21st century canvases that are 30 magnet,mounted and durable enough to withstand a lifetime of intense staring.,Now that you know what a display it is, is time to hear my take on them,,and then you can decide for yourself if you think its worth it.,Hey, whats up, yall?,My name is. Really?,And I just decided to go for an order, a metal poster from display.,Like most things, I checked out the website,,I did some research, I read some of the reviews,,even the bad ones, like this one that just said, just get a regular poster.,They are overpriced.,I got one and put it on my wall.,And it was a horrible mounting way.,Within the first week, the sticky part got ruined,and the metal poster came down and ruined my wall.,Horrible product. Not worth getting.,That review was concerning,since I planned on putting this first one above my TV, but all the good reviews,outweighed the bad.,So I decided to commit,and I ended up ordering a metal print of one of my Grail sneakers.,The AirMax 1930,Real quick, heres my exact order.,Theres three different sizes medium, large or extra-Large.,I went with a large,because I thought it would have been the right size for my room,and how I wanted to set everything up.,Also, from my understanding, I think the extra large is,just for mediums that make up the single poster.,And I didnt want to deal with that.,I chose the matte finish over the glass finish,because I wanted it to be as non reflective as possible.,Last but not least, I chose no frame. I just didnt want one.,Thats just my decision.,With all of the things selected, that price came to a sub,total of $114 and 54 since after taxes and shipping.,I unfortunately did not use a discount code,and after I placed the order the recurring thought popped into my head.,Ah, display. Its really worth it.,My initial thought is I like it as advertised,is a metal poster and measures the same size as the website.,And if youre curious, heres,what the inside of the box looks like and heres what came in the box.,As far as shipping goes.,It took six days to arrive,and it should have taken five, but its coming through FedEx and FedEx,was being FedEx, and so there was a delay in yeah.,Sorry for your FedEx employee.,Anyway, I cant really give you an accurate opinion,on choosing a matte finish or a glass finish,because I only ordered one and this one was matte,Maybe Ill get a glass one in the future and compare the two.,But for now, this is all I got.,So this is what youre going to see.,I will just assume that the matte finish wouldnt be as reflective,as the glass finish because ones matte and ones gloss.,One cool thing is, is that there is a QR code on the back.,Theyll take you to a page that shows extra details about your display,,like the color palette,,the name of the artist and even the day that it was printed.,So if you want to access these details in the future,,you either save that code that you had to type in,or you just saved the website or something like that.,As far as setup goes,,outside of moving the TV, it was very simple,,just like the website says and the instructions say, first,you have to just clean the area with the cleaning wipe, let it dry.,Then you have to put the protective leaf paper on.,Once thats on, you peel the foil off the back of the magnets,,you stick the magnet in the middle of the protective leaf,,and then you just hang up your display.,Now, they do have a disclaimer on the website,that states that even though they are designed to always hold tight,,external factors like earthquakes, unusual humidity levels or surprise,Kaiju attacks could cause them to fall tornadoes, children.,Maybe,I dont you also notice that if you want to like move your display,after you put up on the wall is a very difficult process,because you have to remove the leaf paper or the protective leaf,,but then you cant just take that off and put it on another wall,and you have to order another pack from their website.,There are only $13 for a pack of three.,So with tax and shipping, Ill just say 20 to $30, but if you have about,eight or nine or ten displays, then that price can add up very quickly.,Even though they do have a pack of nine.,Now, for most people that might seem annoying, that might seem tedious,,it might seem like theyre just trying to take your money,,but hopefully whenever you put it up there, its going to stay there.,Or if you just moved, hopefully youre staying put for a while.,For now, Im good with mine because I do like it where it is,and I plan on getting more to fill up this entire wall above the TV.,I personally would say that theyre worth the money for what you get.,Some people might disagree, but thats just my opinion.,Besides, according to their website,,every display that you purchase plants a tree,and theyre always just running some kind of discount on their website.,At the end of the day, this is just my opinion.,Like I just said, if anything does happen, Ill let you know down in the comments,below, whenever that is, six months, a year from now,,whatever Im not sponsoring, I dont have any kind of affiliate links.,But if you do decide to get well, let me know.,I just want to share my experience, in my opinion with you.,In the meantime, dont forget the thumbs up, Bill.,I hope you and fam are doing well by

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Are Displate Metal Posters Worth Buying | Displate Review 2022

welcome back to a brand new video today,im so excited because today were going,to be talking about display,posters,are they worth buying and a long term,review on display posters so lets dive,right in are they worth buying for the,quality i would say so the matte finish,has a nice finish to it the glossy,finish has the glossy finish as you can,see theres reflections right here in,terms of the quality the print looks,great up close,thats how it looks up close,thats the matte finish i think the,matte finish,was probably the best finish out of all,of them,all together i really prefer the matte,finish right here you can see that there,is some damage right here thats from it,falling off the walls so theyre not,amazing at,protection this one a couple of days ago,fell off the wall and it properly,scratched it,like had a really good dent probably,more than the other poster thats from,the actual,post zone itself and the marking from,the paint that i chipped off the wall,but there is good news because you can,buy replacement packs so you could buy a,pack of six or a pack of nine,replacement magnets i think it was,because i tried to move the display,posters,and then what i ended up doing if i can,remember is i took the protective leaf,off the wall and then i just stuck it on,a new wall,so thats a mistake so i dont recommend,doing that and in terms of other display,poses i recently bought this limited,edition display poster and its a lot,better quality,than the normal display posters with the,matte finish it does have a glossy,finish but its just more quality,because it has,like a better feel and overall its,better quality,as you can see it says limited edition,and whats cool about these limited,edition,posters is it has this certificate of,authenticity for like reselling and,basically you can get more money because,youre reselling after its been sold,out on the actual store so i would say,limited edition displays,are definitely worth the money because,you can resell it for a profit,and they also look pretty sick they are,more expensive but overall they feel,amazing if i was to show you the matte,finish,youll see an instant difference you can,see the quality difference straight away,its night and day basically its got a,glossy finish but,whats different,is this one has like,parts that are actually coming out and,you can feel,that its coming out and whats cool,about the limited edition posters is,there are some that are glow-in-the-dark,too so and you can get cool special,effects of them,and this ones in series like theyve,got the witcher series yeah i do,recommend it especially for your,collection if youre into witcher or,youre into star wars or something like,that its perfect,for that sort of collection and another,thing that ive always loved about this,plate is theyve always planted trees,with every single purchase so if you,order multiple disc plates it will plant,multiple trees,so if you order three you plant three,trees great for the environment overall,i really recommend display because of,that,and it helps the whole world and it,helps the economy,so overall its a plus so the mounting,process has always been super easy to do,so all you need to do is put the,protective leaf on the wall and then you,put the magnet on top you press it down,for like five seconds and its done so i,recommend just getting like a corner,starting with that and then just peeling,it almost,three quarters of the way and then going,to town just putting it on the wall then,and just making sure theres no like air,bubbles or anything and it should be,good to go really,so if you do it wrong you can literally,just,take it off and just give it another go,its probably better that way,lets do that,there we go,add a bit of pressure,take out all the air bubbles,and itll be perfectly on the wall,yeah and then you basically just press,down for like five seconds and its done,basically,and then with the magnets you literally,just do the same thing so you pop it,right away it says stick the magnet here,right in the middle,and its basically done so we just press,down for five seconds one two three four,five,and its basically done from there,and then we can put our disc plates on,we can put them sideways,if youve got like a landscape one,instead of a,portrait one,and the great thing about is you can,kind of just fit it anywhere,with that,you see how it just sort of,can go anywhere with it and for taking,display posters off walls all you need,to do is to apply some heat and,basically you could just use one of,these,a hair dryer something like that,just applying some heat for about 10,seconds max so it should be able to come,off,and it should be able to come off now,pretty easily there we go,and it doesnt do anything to mark the,wall or anything its come off really,safely hasnt marked any of the,wallpaper,even without heat ive managed to just,take it off without it affecting the,wallpaper at all,but overall i do recommend properly,putting some heat on and then it comes,off really easily and also with each,display that you buy you get some pretty,cool stickers with them and you get a,discount code with every purchase,basically the normal size displays come,with these sort of posters you got like,a cat spaceman and a whale and then,extra large comes with like a tiger a,sloth and some monkey thing and as you,can see in the back here ive got an,extra large poster so i want to talk,about what size is right for you so,usually i would probably go with the,medium sized display it doesnt take too,much room and you can put multiple sort,of all together the large is great if,you want a certain figure in the center,of your display piece like lets say,youve got a batman gaming room or,something like an anime style gaming,room and you want like a center figure i,would say thats when you want to get,like a large display poster most,probably youre just gonna want a,medium-sized poster with just a matte,finish with that do i recommend borders,i think you can probably get away with,just the poster without them,they are just there to sort of add a bit,of extra color and a bit of extra,texture,on the sides like i said before they,dont really protect the disc plate that,well as you can see but overall still,pretty great it depends its honestly,just depending on you what you want,because you can get different colored,borders and all that stuff so in terms,of the delivery times the disc plates,have always come within five days ive,always been super happy,with displayed for that and they have,great delivery times and postage i wish,i could be able to join the display club,but unfortunately its not even,available in australia yet hopefully,display will make their display club,available in australia soon so i can,make my own posters i can get limited,edition display posters a bit earlier,than normal hopefully it will be,available in australia soon but for now,i wont be able to do anything like that,because its only available in the uk,usa and other,european countries the only other thing,that i want to talk about disc plates is,the borders so on the edges they,actually come up a little bit and thats,probably because the way it is mounted,like on the back of it as you can see it,folds across,they dont fully,have a flat surface so the xl posters,from up close dont connect up properly,but from far away you can see that looks,absolutely fine but thats why i,recommend probably just getting the,normal size display posters with matte,finish then you can just sort of you can,do like tokyo you can do paris,london sydney posters or something like,that so overall i would say that display,posters are fantastic you get a,planetary when you buy one they come in,a good time theyve got lots of great,features and i think that display,posters are great for anybody who wants,to start a collection to showcase their,passion and interest in gaming,anime,travel its great for like bedrooms its,great for studio spaces overall i think,theyre great colle

Displate Review Update!

looks like i got another comment on my,display video lets see what it says,what size,are the disc plates in this video,,[Applause],[Music],hey collectors welcome back to weeb and,gamer unboxing todays video we will be,actually doing an update on the disc,plate unboxing that we did back in may,of 2020 that is our highest watch video,that we have and you guys had tons of,questions and a lot of a lot of comments,on there that i want to go over today,so thats where were going to start i,want to hit up all the most asked,questions that way you guys know you,know the quality of the disc plates if,we still like the disc plates in general,and this is not a sponsored video now,saying that i would love this to be a,sponsored video from display they,actually have a influencer program so if,you sign up for their influencer program,which i will i will send them an email,and see,if they will agree to it because our,first video did so well,but that actually gets you a link for,your channel and you basically can post,that in your description and then you,guys can get a discount anytime you,click that link and then i get a little,bit of a break from your purchase,if you do click the link so thatd be,really cool i will ill try im going to,reach out to them i would id love to,see display reach back out to me because,we do really like their product and and,thats why were doing a second video in,general but so check the description,below if it just shows the display,website just as a website cool,you know they they didnt get back to me,if it actually does show you know on,there i will actually put an affiliate,link or whatever im supposed to put,that i need to put in my description,below but enough about that lets go,ahead and get into these comments,so the first question i want to go over,and i am so sorry i did not mention it,in my first review video was basically,what are the size of disc plates shown,all four that were ordered for me were,the medium-sized disc plates with the,matte finish and that was on my of,course my first review video,second most asked question do they fall,off easily or have they fallen off your,walls yet no they have not fallen off,and we have actually put up seven more,in the house,about a month after the ones we ordered,in the original video back in may so i,will remove the one i showed in the,first video to show you that the magnet,has not moved i pulled down pretty hard,on the magnets themselves in these,videos and they do not budge now if you,guys are really concerned about them,falling because you have them hanging,above something expensive you could,always just drill a hole in the magnet,and hang it more like a traditional,picture frame,and this will take us to the next,question,can the magnets be removed easily and,are they reusable the magnets can be,removed easily they give you the,leaflets so it is easy to remove and so,the sticky from the magnet wont damage,your wall now saying that lisa,accidentally threw the pamphlet away,when she got hers that have the,protectively sticker inside so we just,stuck the magnet to the wall directly,and im pretty sure if we ever remove,these specific ones the paint might come,off the wall now for trying to reuse,them i would not recommend that you,reuse them i would jump on displays,website and order a new leaf and magnet,also there is different quality in paint,out there so if your wall has cheap ass,paint it might even come off with the,leaflet if you try and remove them it,all has to do with density,okay as for the last question i wanted,to cover,are the displays in my last video matte,or glossy so in our first display video,they were matte of course and because,this question was asked i went ahead and,ordered a large print in glossy and lisa,ordered another medium print and matte i,as well was pretty interested in seeing,the differences so lets check them out,and see what they look like side by side,so unfortunately it is a lot harder to,tell the difference in the matte and,glossy prints when watching it in video,but now that i own both types i can say,the glossy are more vibrant and do cast,a little bit more reflection if you have,really bright lights i had to adjust my,lights for this shoot a few times,because they kept reflecting off the,glossy print from the demon slayer disc,plate so in conclusion i like both and,my only real suggestion is if youre,going for a theme on a wall and ordering,more than one disc plate make them all,matte or all glossy because they really,do look different and if you have,extremely bright lights in your room you,might want to stick to the regular matte,disc plates but i will say the colors do,pop on the glossy disc plates,but hey if you did not catch our first,display video where we did our first,review and unboxing i will post it in,the description below and have the link,just to the left if you are still,watching and that is it for this video,so as always we will see you on the next,one,also sorry it took me so long to get,this out peace,[Music]

Displate Review | is it Worth the Money?

whats up guys Greg with pizzle stacked,Im back again with another video so,this is Lulu my new bud and as you can,see shes a very free spirit so weve,had a lot on our plate trying to,introduce her to kamila shes never,really even been in my office because,this is like mine and Camillas,playground oh my god you okay okay,so today I was introducing her to,Camilla and Camilla swatted at her but,this is Lulu and I thought you guys,should be properly introduced,today I just got home from work its a,little hot out and Ive just got a,delivery in maybe two days ago of this,dis plate now the reason I wanted to,make a video for this I know its really,not tech related and whatnot but I,wanted to make a video for it because I,see they are sponsoring a lot of YouTube,channels I wanted to take a look at the,product with you guys and we can take a,good look at it with the g-h 5 here and,we can see if its worth your,hard-earned money guys yeah so shes,just happy to be here what were gonna,do is Ive got the displayed right here,Ive got two of them it does look like,it was shipped well protected but it is,tearing at the bottom there so what,were gonna do is unbox this bad Larry,take a quick look at it so you guys can,check it out and see what it looks like,on the wall Ive got one of Goku and I,believe one of them venom and they look,pretty badass guys so Im pretty excited,to check this out like I said guys if,this is your first time here hit that,subscribe button followed by the,notification bill so youll be notified,next time I drop a video a very,nice-looking box here so lets just turn,it like so and open it up and see right,inside the box here weve got this and,weve got some really cool stickers okay,thats awesome,and as you can see this is home and this,is gonna be tough because the light is,overhead and its just picking up the,glare but I did actually get the matte,one okay thats the magnet and the,cleaning product and very nice packaging,so it says protective leaf one use only,press hard at least five-second okay so,yeah were going to peel off a corner,put it on and then peel the rest off,after you wiped and clean it and it says,peel off the foil from the magnet and,press hard okay this one doesnt look as,high-quality as I would like thats been,Amrit there obviously but when I saw,this online I believe the photo was a,little bit more high quality but it is,from a comic book but you can tell,because it was printed so large its not,of the best quality and that might be,because its matte or it might be just,the way it is but as you can see weve,got a Super Saiyan Goku or Vegeta Im,honestly Im not the hugest fan of,Dragonball Z but I do love when they go,Super Saiyan so here we go heres what,it looks like matte much better I think,we dont have that plastic reflecting,light very nice the quality like I said,its not terrible but its not as good,as it looked on lieing obviously you can,see like little blotches and the,resolution looking at it from a ways,away,it looks awesome I like it Im happy,with it I really love this one just,because its on the black and you can,just see you can just see the energy,surrounding his body I really like that,one Im pretty excited to put these up,on the wall and Ill get you guys a,better shot of that after as for first,impressions of the quality its good I,do like how it has a little bit of extra,metal around here and it does have,master production signature each plate,is manufactured individually by the,displayed team using handcrafted,techniques to give it an absolute unique,character and unmatched quality a,display is an original decorative piece,and a collectors delight my main issue,with this is I think even like the,displayed logo its just not like I know,its printed and everything but its not,as high-quality as I expected especially,with the price of these things and you,do feel like a texture on it its really,cool like you can feel a texture around,the hair they must have,a really cool printing process but as,you can see theres a little bit of a,fingerprint but it wipes right off you,know the quality I would say Id give,this maybe an 8 out of 10 if 10 out of,10 is what exactly what I expected but,hey maybe Im complaining,who knows lets get these things hung up,and lets see what they look like,and open up the instruction is real,quick weve got an assembly guide this,sticker is going to protect your wall,and Ive got the light directly pointed,there so we will be able to see that,pretty well and Ive got the 2.8,aperture lens on there if youre curious,so it says if necessary to clean the,wall so were gonna do that stick the,leaf peel the upper part of the back,panel leaf onto the wall and tear away,and then were gonna peel off the foil,magnet and onto the protective leaf okay,so were gonna do is clean the wall and,then well have to wait 10 minutes okay,so heres the area this dont just you,really only need to wipe around the area,but I know these walls fairly dirty,after cleaning there really isnt much,on the paper so thats good the walls,nice and clean my problem usually is if,something tells me to wait 10 minutes I,cant I think were gonna stick the,first one right here that way when the,cameras back looking at my office will,be able to see fairly well weve got two,magnets and weve got two protective,Leafs,therefore this is gonna go right in the,middle of the poster I am thinking this,will look pretty dope right there we,guys think right about right there huh,do you think so this is the Super Saiyan,one I havent watched Dragonball Z in a,long time but I always loved when they,go super saiyan you know love it love it,love it love it,so thats go jito or Vegeta or Goku who,really knows because its black so I,dont know so I have cleaned and what,youre gonna do right here and it says,peel off the upper part of the back leaf,stick it onto the wall and tear away so,we are going to take apart from the top,right here Im gonna take it starting,right here and were going to start,peeling that off Ill put that there,were going to do is peel it away like,this to reduce as many air bubbles as,possible and were just gonna peel it,down slowly okay and if you did it,perfectly therell be no air bubbles at,all and it says press around to remove,air bubbles so were doing that,okay pressing around its not the,stickiest in the world but there are no,air bubbles so I think were pretty good,and were gonna take one of the magnets,and this is not intended to work on,structured or poor quality walls and it,says peel off the foil from the magnet,and place the magnet and press for at,least five seconds okay so this is the,foil were gonna take it off and were,going to stick the magnet right here,okay and were gonna hold it for five,seconds one two three four five okay,thats on there no air bubbles nice and,stuck looking pretty good and it says,medium displays youre going to need one,leaf and one magnet for large youre,gonna always use two Leafs and two,magnets see a little bit different than,she usually is cuz shes a little upset,because the new Kittys been here but,overall shes still the same good girl,mmm she lets me clean her and take good,care of her huh love you,okay and look at that works perfectly we,guys think and as you can see its,looking pretty fly looking pretty fly,and you can actually move it to any part,that you actually want and itll stick,and to me it looks very secure okay very,secure I am more of a big kind of guy so,I kind of would like a bigger one but,for what it is I think its pretty darn,cool to refresh your memory this is the,second one venom okay maybe the issue,that we had it ripped off this one seems,to be fine so when it says let dry you,definitely,want to let it dry Im gonna give that a,minute to dry,unfortunately my dumb ass kind of,screwed that up so its gonna kind up,hopefully itll stick now Im gonna give,it a couple minutes these things are,very cool just like with anything you,want to follow the instructions I got a,little ove

Displate Medium and Large Metal Poster Unboxing & Review | Matte vs Gloss comparison

whats up guys welcome back to a brand,new video today im gonna be unboxing,some display posters for you guys im,purchasing these posters from display,because im interested to see,how they turn out when you buy them and,to show you guys,what they are like too im also,bombarded on my facebook wall,by these advertisements from display,so its fair to say that theyre in,demand,and everybody wants to try these out so,im excited to see how they turn out,so on display you can get anything from,marvel,to comic book stuff you can get space,sci-fi anime anything you want really,i ended up going for a lincoln park,poster and large,a gorillas poster in small with a,border,and then a benny productions poster,so the package for their posters,has finally arrived i am super excited,it came a day early which is super,impressive,i cant wait to show you guys all the,different,sizes of their like just got a paper cut,keep moving on,oh this is cool,pretty cool artwork here,this is cool so as you can see it says,recycle or find,me a new purpose so 100 recyclable,materials,its sustainable and you got trees,planted for every single purchase which,is really really cool,this is awesome lets have a look at,this,so thats the first poster,this is the two sizes of everything,ive got one with a frame without a,[Music],frame,[Music],cool i got a frame for this to see what,the frame is like and the frame is,really good quality here,this is the benny productions poster,got two different finishes so this one,has the glossy finish,so there is a there is quite a,difference in terms of,the finish as you can see glossy finish,it just feels a bit nicer in terms of,the quality,very good quality up close there are a,few different sort of markings on the,print,but from far away youre not going to be,able to see too much,this thing is huge man,the artwork turned out super well,in terms of the quality here all the,colors,everything okay so im gonna put this,poster up here thats the goal thats,the plan,the instructions say clean the wall and,wait 10 minutes,then stick the leaf on then stick the,magnet on,then hang on the poster and smell the,alcohol,of this okay so i made an executive,decision,to put two posters up on this wall im,gonna have it like this,its gonna look sick i dont know how,people do this so smoothly on the,internet,that was the least graceful way of doing,this,ever i feel like a better way to do it,would kind of be like,half and half i guess but im gonna,start like that,and sort of yeah thats actually how you,do it,i figured it out so,kind of do it like this makes sense now,take that off and then stick that on,i guess the good thing about it is you,can kind of mix and match and and,i guess you could take it off and then,put on here,thats actually a really cool system,im going to put that there so now,thats level,we can get this one put that on,this is the outcome of the posters how,they look on the wall i got the spirit,level up to make sure theyre,pretty level it was actually pretty easy,to put these on like the magnets were,very good,and easy to use it took a bit of getting,used to with the sticker,but once i got used to it it sort of,made sense yeah i just used a spear,leveler to level these out and,the outcome is fantastic im going to,put on the large,artwork on now to show you how im going,to do this one,so overall it was super easy to figure,out how to put these on the wall the,instructions were super clear,everything came together really easily,with the large poster,no different from doing a small poster,the only difference is you gotta do two,stickers and two magnets,thats it so everything looks together,see the glossy finish doesnt show as,much as,what i thought it would definitely would,reflect in the sun,very nice quality,thats with the board thats how that,looks,thats another one with the glossy,finish,very cool all right guys thank you so,much for watching todays video on the,display,unboxing you know it was a super cool,experience they came a day early,planted a tree and just had a really,cool time,unboxing these posters so,hope you enjoyed todays video and ill,see you guys again soon,hey its your friendly neighborhood,spidey man and im here,to ask you to like this video and,subscribe

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