1. DiversyFund Review 2022
  2. How much did Diversy Fund paid me for $500| September 2020 Review | Passive Income| EP 48
  3. How much did Diversy Fund paid me for $500| October 2021 Review | Passive Income
  4. Fundrise vs DiversyFund
  5. DiversyFund vs Streitwise 2023: Which Property Investment Platform Is Best For You? ???? FUNDS S2•E33
  6. How To Grow Your Real Estate Empire | Diversyfund Review
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DiversyFund Review 2022

hello my name is orlando and today were,going to be doing the pros and cons of,diversity fund,a new fund for commercial real estate,pro number one,is that this app allows you to get into,commercial real estate deals that you,probably normally wouldnt be able to,get into,and we all know that getting into,commercial real estate deals is hard,only because of the price of entry and,also to,commercial deals are really hard to find,so pro number two is that diversity fund,does not charge a management fee what,does this mean for you,it means more money in your pocket you,wont have to worry about,them charging a management fee for,property management or anything,associated with those things they do not,charge a management fee so,you got to be happy about that more,money in your pocket,and more money that can go into your,dividend or your,return on investment pro number three is,that they accept,non-accredited investors this is really,good because,this segues into the next pro which is a,500,minimum investing what i was saying,about both of these pros and how they go,together is is that for individuals who,arent well,vested into real estate and dont have,the funds to do so by putting a big down,payment down this is,perfect theyre not telling you that you,have to have a million dollars in the,bank account to do this,and theyre not telling you that you,have to put down,a million dollars to get into these,commercial properties,they are allowing you to get in at the,low low price of 500,so lets talk about diversity funds cons,first is that your money is,trapped with them guys so if you are,trying to pull your money out or you,think that you will need this money in,any anytime in the near future this is,probably not for you,you will be locked into the fund until,the property sells,so who knows how long thats going to be,lets just say its two to three years,youll be locked in for two to three,years if its longer than that you will,be locked in until that when the,property sells,then you will be able to get your money,back and your investment con number two,is that you wont be,able to choose the commercial projects,that they have available diversity fund,will choose all of that for you,you wont be able to say i want this,retailer commercial property i want this,office building,you dont have a choice they will choose,for you and they will choose the,commercial property that,your money is allocated towards and then,the third con,is that all of your dividends from you,investing,into this real estate project will be,reinvested,into the project and once again you,wont be able to get,those funds until the property sells,who is this for this is for individuals,who want to,get in with low amount of money to put,down they dont need their money back,asap and individuals who are,non-accredited looking to diversify,their portfolio,so if you are looking to get into real,estate and get into,rental real estate i am going to be the,guy who gets you into your first rental,property,and i want you to check out this video,first to get you started

How much did Diversy Fund paid me for $500| September 2020 Review | Passive Income| EP 48

hi guys and welcome to,my youtube channel once again my name is,ahmed,and todays topic is going to be,diversity,fund uh this is an update,they ive made two other videos um if,you have not watched them,please do so those are more give you,broader,if youre not familiar with them i do,intensive review,about this company and what they are all,about so this is a basically an update,of september today is 9,15 20 20 so september 15 2020,and this update is gonna cover me on my,500,that i invested in how much did they,give me so,its been about two months so this is,about third month right now,um so this is a typical email from them,diversity fund amid congratulations your,monthly dividend has,been posted and automatically invested,on your behalf,to maximize potential earning this is,what you will get and they will,automatically,reimburse your earning thats because,you dont get to take out your money uh,youre good for about five years okay,so i am in the growth as a growth rate,investor you build,think well two ways okay one is the from,the monthly investment another,appreciation of the properties and then,they go down and out and sell it,okay so lets look at the account that,they paid me,and this is their typical login screen,you just go ahead and log in,your username and password and then here,it shows my current account balance 500,2035,and this is my dividend 2.35 for today,and ive been invested with them since,july 18 2020,okay so if you go down right here,2.35 cents so they just basically gave,me two dollar eight cents that 35,cent uh 27 cent well i got it last month,that was in august,14th so today they gave me 2.8 cents,that equivalent to,2.35 cents total so far for two months,so we can probably say that on average i,should be making 2.35,now if you do the little bit of math,uh wheres my calculator,lets do this so they paid me,208 2.08,and if you were to divide this by 500,thats what i was,invested and then this is the money,and then if you were to times this by,100,theyre really paying me like,0.416 so,i guess at this point is better than,saving count but,you know i um i,i dont necessarily hate them neither i,mean i wish there was a better return,but this is,fine technically because i just wanted,something,hands off experience and easy to use,platform and this,actually helps them the majority of my,money should actually come in when they,actually,sell their portfolio because im,invested in those so,they theres another way of making money,so you know the short,term and long term so im in it for the,long term,all right and uh yeah thats uh pretty,much it,you just put in the account you open an,account and you put your money and every,month they give you a little bit of,money so,on 500 um i have made 2.35,so far all right guys i hope you liked,it and uh,if you have any question please let me,know um,as always please subscribe like or,comment i would like you to subscribe,and comments easily thank you

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How much did Diversy Fund paid me for $500| October 2021 Review | Passive Income

hello guys and welcome to,this episode um im gonna name it,something close to,one year return or,along this i dont know uh but anyway,the agenda for today uh if youve been,following my channel i mean i have done,extensive uh documentation of,fundrise and,diversity fund,and wanting to do a comparison which one,is better which one is not how are they,paying and so forth,so,now its been officially one year,and i finally have both of the data,from fundrise and,diversity fund so lets get in,okay so as you all know i have put a,thousand bucks,in my diversity fund,if we can look at the transaction in my,portfolio and,i have put in twice,uh 500 each,one is october 2020,another one is in,july of 2020 last year,and right now,is october 2021,so its kind of perfect uh more or less,time,to do,one year comparison,because i can basically combine this,whole thousand dollar with my fundrise,portfolio that ive been invested since,2017 okay,lets get in,so,i took the liberty,of,basically creating,excess sheet and just a very simple math,where what i have done is that i have,taken,this,22.53,dividend that they have paid me this,since october,and then divided against my,500,and see how that return is,so lets get here,so heres fundrise,heres my july one right,they have only paid me 20,july 2020,to july 21 they have only paid me 21.52,cents i put initially,500 then the return came out to be,four point three zero four percent,the one that october one is bit better,than october 2020 to october 2021,is 4.46,if we combine both of these right both,of these um distribution that they have,paid me even though i cant really take,it out but,any time,dividend is paid is assumed that,you know its kind of the investors,money so thats what im going off of i,cant really take the,appreciation because,until they sell it and give me the money,i really theres no way to kind of,calculate anything,so here combine is 52.77,and thousand dollar that puts me to,5.27 percent,year to date okay,and then well im going to show you my,fundrise and then im going to explain,to you the fundraise is a bit different,heres my fundrise,showed me that it shows me that i,have a,core member right i put in about close,to 1000 bucks,this appreciation thing really throws me,off i dont know why they do that but,okay advisory fees is fine they want to,show you they want to be transparent or,really like,how you can take out the money every,quarter and stuff right,overall fundraise is a bit more um i,would say,intuitive lets put it that way,anyway,so what i have done here is if i go,under the,transaction since i put in thousand,dollar and two different time i started,with 500 and then i put in again at 450,dollars sometime,so i counted all of these and just,basically divide into two,so,because they dont give you monthly,right they dont separate which one are,they paying just like unlike um,fundraise theyre really separating,which portfolio i guess they create a,separate portfolio at that point of time,so you can youll have a little bit more,breakdown in here they combine it into,one so you gotta really divide by two,because i really,more like i spend it 950 dollars but,lets just round it to,why the hell,since ive been invested in,2017 and,my dividend already actually covered by,the time i got to that point okay,so well,do that same comparison,so technically fundraise has paid has,better return,in october 2020 of this month they are,coming out to be 5.5,82 percent,uh july one if we do the same comparison,right,its 5.006,overall 5.294,so,i would say both of them are very,close competition because,if youre getting 5.2 and 5.77,its not that much of a difference the,only difference is um how about at this,point is that,option for redemption and the,portfolio um,if you really like uh read,privately rate theyre really good,because then your money is,not closely tied as to stock market,right youre gently in,uh,more like a partner in these deals,so,you know for me im okay,achieving getting this kind of return,simply because,i dont think i can i mean i can,definitely get more,for my return,but i do not want to take a risk right,its all about risk and how much work,im willing to do,so at five point and i have to i dont,have to do anything and,theyre appreciating you know theyre,managing that money its fine um,at this point i would say if i had,more money i would probably put in,fundrise simply because,one rise,seems to have,better ui,compared to this,fun uh diversity fund,one of the thing i really like about,fundraise because they give you that,quarterly or monthly weekly sometimes,you say email,and theyll update you whats going on,with fundraising,not so much i feel like im invested in,um,like a black box more or less even,though if you can go to their website,and you can look at it and they dont,they its not that many you know um,things that im i just invested in i,feel like so,whereas fundraisers lack more um however,i would not discourage either one of,them i would say try both,portfolio if you are,[Music],looking into it um,because fundrise actually also has uh,this ten dollar now i believe that you,get if you have 10 you can invest in,so,i would invest in both of these uh,platform theyre very solid platform i,like it im gonna be invested in both of,these i would probably put more money in,maybe,no more than ten thousand dollar on,either one of them after that i think,its uh putting,too much risk of put,having that much money into one account,now if i had millions of dollars right,im just like you guys i work i,invest in my money,in maybe hundreds of dollars not in even,thousands dollars so,for some,people out there like they where theyre,dealing with thousands or millions of,dollars right they have youtube ad or,whatever other,corporations selling you that,uh yes uh,their course and theyre just taking,your money,so that kind of you know i dont do that,so you know i dont have that kind of,money so im just sharing my experience,i want to thank you,for following if you made it this long,if you can please like the video and,subscribe and if you can share it tell,your friend,i would appreciate it believe it or not,i actually find it very,enjoyful,making these videos so i would say this,is my certainly has a new hobby,i dont know if i ever know make money,but uh i was besides that i,definitely i want to keep this,free and open kind of,platform is,in the future maybe another two three,years before ill,start to monetize i dont know something,like that,until then enjoy the free stuff thank,you

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Fundrise vs DiversyFund

whats going on everyone in this video,were going to be comparing,two different real estate crowdfunding,platforms number one is going to be,diversity fund and number two is going,to be fundrise,now i think its important before we,jump into those comparisons,lets actually talk about real estate,and crowdfunding,so a lot of you watching this video have,probably at some point thought about,uh wanting to invest in real estate,right i mean its great diversification,for your portfolio,um you know especially if youre only,investing in stocks and bonds it,provides a really nice balance to your,overall portfolio strategy,now the biggest barrier typically is,real estate is extremely intensive,in terms of to invest in right if youre,gonna go out and try to buy a property,it requires a lot right it requires a,lot of capital right for the down,payment,and then its also it requires very,heavy operations right youre gonna have,to figure out,the lending side youre gonna have to,figure out the acquisition side,youre gonna have to figure out the,lease and tenant management side uh,construction and contractor manager,inside right,its a full-on business and for a lot of,people,they dont want to take that on right,they want the exposure of real estate,but they dont necessarily want to start,a brand new business,and investing in real estate and i can,tell you for this from experience,because,im one of my businesses investing as,real estate and it is,a full full-time job right it requires a,lot of effort,so enter crowdfunding into the scene,right so,crowdfunding not a novel con not a some,novel concept right i mean,its been around for a while basically,you pool a bunch of investors money,together and it could be in a little,in small sums and you use that to invest,in,companies initiatives projects,non-profits right,its pretty widely used so in the real,estate space though it is a little bit,newer and it basically allows,investors to pull their money together,right you know again each investor can,put in,just a small sum but when they pool a,lot of investors,small sums obviously becomes significant,and then you can base,and then that money can be used to,invest in residential,and commercial real estate traditionally,this kind of investing has been,lim has been more limited right you,could either do it through,investing in reits um you know which are,essentially corporations that you buy,um shares in um you know that they and,they go buy,real estate but you know they their,portfolios can have also a mix of,non-real estate assets,and were not going to talk too much,about reads but traditionally though,that was your other avenue,um or if you were an accredited investor,you could invest,in you know maybe local operators,projects directly,again with crowdfunding coming uh you,know with a lot of these platforms,coming out the last five,eight ten years um thats kind of,changed the game and allow your average,everyday investor to take small amounts,of money,and invest it into commercial real,estate,so now with that background lets,actually get into the comparison,of diversity fund versus fundrise and,were going to start by number one,overall strut strategy and investment,philosophy so lets start with diversity,fund,so the way diversity fund works is if,you invest some money,youre basically getting a share of uh,their investment trust,which directly buys and manages,multi-value-add multi-family now a lot,so,one one key difference i will point out,a lot of crowdfunding platforms kind of,act as,brokers right where they essentially,pull the money um,from investors and then they connect,them with local developers,operators syndicators whatever right and,then they and then they essentially,and they broker that uh you know they,broker that exchange diversity fund is,different because,they are the operators right so youre,essentially going right to the operator,right to,you know right to the guy or the company,thats investing in the real estate and,diversify has a very very narrow and,niche focus right they,only focus on value-add multi-family if,you actually,look at their portfolio online youll,see that they own,everything from student housing,complexes to much larger,multi-family complexes like 150 and 200,units and up,and those are obviously quite,significant so their strategy again,pretty straightforward if you look at,value-added multi-family,they will buy a property um you know,that is cash flowing,um then their their goal will be to make,some sort of improvements whether,through construction better management,whatever it may be and essentially,increase the cash flows,and also increase the value of the,property hence creating,appreciation in value so theyve,actually got three criteria that they,look for,in their acquisitions number one they,look at the local economics and they,have to believe that theres,uh potential growth in the local economy,right because real estate,is very is obviously very impacted by,the local,supply and demand economics of the,market right its not,you know one of the biggest things ive,learned is youre not actually investing,only into the real estate are you,actually investing into the local,economy,so its key to understand how is the,local economy doing,has there been population growth has,there been job growth have there been,any major,industry shifts that have maybe moved,corporations into that local economy,right,because all those things are gonna,factor the amount of people living there,the demand for housing the demand for,apartments um and obviously that will,impact,rental prices and values etc right so,thats the first fact that they look at,the second factor they look at is again,their value at right theyre not,opportunistic,they dont buy super distress so for,them on acquisition the property,has to be already cash flowing right so,theyre not going in,into these much higher risk projects,where for example the,maybe the complex is maybe only 40 or 50,percent leased out,or is in complete disrepair right no,they look for something thats already,cash flowing,but factor number three its got to have,some sort of value-add component right,so,theres got to be something they can do,um you know maybe its renovate the,units,maybe theyre going to build out better,amenities to attract,better tenants uh maybe theyre just,going to manage the property better,and cut down expenses right but theres,got to be some sort of value add,for diversity fund so that again they,can make those improvements,and increase the rents now if youre not,familiar in commercial real estate,the reason why you obviously want to,increase the rents is not only to get,better cash flows during the duration of,the hold period,but in commercial real estate values are,actually a function,of um you know of your gross rents minus,your gross expenses or call the net,operating income,right so basically by increasing the,cash flows,through these renovations diversity fund,can actually increase the value of the,asset,and again create value appreciation uh,which can be passed down,to the investors now well talk about,this more another in the next part,but because of the strategy right,because its a very capital intensive,strategy,and it will take time right i mean,stabilizing multi-family buildings,um especially 200 unit complexes can,take,years right i dont you know i,personally buy,three to six unit complexes uh where i,live and i can tell you i,and i do the same strategy and i can,tell even with three to six units,it can take one or two years to,stabilize buildings so,the point is its a long-term play so if,youre going to be investing in,diversity fund youve got to have a more,of a long-term outlook,because you wont be getting cash,distributions and you wont,really see the effect of that investment,for a number of years until the building,is fully stabilized and sold,so now lets talk about number two,fundrise right,and compared to diversity funds so,fundrise is a little bit is a different,model than

DiversyFund vs Streitwise 2023: Which Property Investment Platform Is Best For You? ???? FUNDS S2•E33

so this was a conversation i wanted to,have for a long time but now,today i want to talk about diversifying,versus streetwise,which is better for you dont go,[Music],anywhere,[Music],welcome back folks to another edition of,the awesome sweetie kiwi show how are,you today i hope you are doing fantastic,im doing marvelous if you ever,ask me if you are doing as superb as i,am go grab a cup of coffee rt,or vodka lets roll in todays,conversation i want to compare and,contrast,diversify and streetwise those are those,two are,very prominent rates and what are rates,rates are real estate,investment trust and publicly traded,rates were created back in the 60s 1960s,and congress actually back then they,recognized that um,it was important to allow all investors,big and small,to invest in large-scale diversified,portfolios,of income producing real estate the,whole idea,was to actually allow a new stream of,investors,in this in this in this niche,market and so reits actually,historically have delivered,competitive very competitive total,returns consisting of high,steady dividend income and long-term,capital appreciation,and today what weve seen here is that,managed investment portfolios,typically have a real estate component,so owning shares of a publicly traded,rate,provide it actually provides a,stock-like option,for many investors to add commercial,real estate to their portfolios,so if youre investing in diversa fund,or streetwise,your ultimate strategy your ultimate,goal here is to diversify your portfolio,right,and one thing you have to be aware of,that rates,so you have a public rates and private,rates so,publicly traded rates are kind of uh,open but the private rates dont trade,on,the national stock exchanges okay im,referring to the new york stock exchange,or the,the nasdaq and so those are you see,those on platforms,such as diversified and streetwise all,right there is,a wide constellation of real estate,companies from which to choose really,not every company offers the same type,of investments,and uh one thing i want to say here this,is what i really want to pay i want you,to pay attention to todays show because,even though rates are a simple and,accessible way to invest in real estates,without becoming a landlord,or even investing thousands of dollars,at once you really want to do some due,diligence you really want to do some,research,understand that the uh the platform and,the company behind the rates,is financially strong because the last,thing you want is the the last thing you,want to happen to you is,your money actually disappearing and,weve had instances where,people investors lost money because of,uh,you know crowdfunded real estate,investment when horry,so first let me talk to you about,diversify lets just get into the,nitty-gritty here,diversify diversifying really with,diversifying what youre really doing is,you are investing in multi-family,properties,all right so diversifying is a fairly,new company to join the ranks of,other regulation a plus rate platforms,and theyre actually they started about,five years ago they started in 2016,and they were headquartered in,california san diego to be more precise,and they actually they are a real estate,crowdfunding platform that specializes,in just,one asset class multi-family property so,if thats your uh your goal,if thats what youre interested in you,want to head to diversify,and in terms of uh we gave them high,mark in terms of commission fees,theyre theyre reasonable customer,service they can still work on that they,still,need to improve that uh the platform is,very easy to use,we have tested it its fantastic in,terms of diversification they still need,to work on that because,even though the asset class were,talking about here is multi-family,properties,they still need to work on diversifying,the the portfolio in terms of geography,in terms of investment horizon,and so on and so forth and uh they,havent been doing a lot of deals lately,and they do a lot of due diligence so we,love that we love the fact that they are,very,thorough in terms of their uh due,diligence and when acquiring properties,diversify looks for multi-family,properties that fit three specific,criteria so,pay attention to this trifecta they want,the properties to be located in a metro,area that is growing economically so,they want to pay attention to,market growth they want to,invest in a property thats already cash,flowing so they want to have a stable,income producer,and they want to a good candidate for,value add investment strategy so theyre,looking for a strategic,improvement that will increase cash flow,making the property more,valuable and one thing we we kind of,like with uh,we love with the diversity fund is that,and i want to show you this,on the screen right now you can see the,diversifun features,okay so you have account fees no,platform fees,minimum investment is 500 thats pretty,pretty reasonable,you gotta commit for five years there is,no accreditation required,and it really depends the offering types,depends so you have everything from debt,equity preferred equity direct ownership,the property type ive said it before,and they actually even,allow foreign investors so thats pretty,cool and,they serve right now texas and,california this is why i was saying,earlier in terms of diversification,geography wise you kind of have a little,um a little uh,dark spot there if you will and uh,they allow 10 30 one exchange and the,pre-vetted and pre-funded,so thats pretty cool and uh one thing,you have to also know is that,you cant choose if youre if youre an,investor you cant pick and choose,its pre-funded the investment are not,liquid so five years,performance wise theyre doing pretty,fine you have some kind of passive,investing,and there are no monthly or quarterly,investor payouts,one thing i want you to really clarify,here is how does the whole thing work,how does the whole diversifund work,so anyone really can set up an account,on diversifyings platform,so once you set up an account you can,link your brokerage,or bank account and invest immediately,into the platforms,public non-listed rates with a minimum,of 500,all right and all the investments have,already been underwritten using sec,guidelines,and they are consequently pre-packaged,into a diversified portfolio of,commercial,real estate and if you happen to be an,accredited investor,diversifun also offers the opportunity,to invest in the diversifying platform,itself,before you know they actually uh have,their ipo,so you got to have a minimum minimum,investment amount of,25 grand what are the pros and cons here,the pros and cons of diversify so,pros low minimum 500 its open to,non-accredited investors,investment are pre-funded owned by a,diversifund,no platform fees and its completely,passive thats fantastic,what are the cons here its not,geographically diverse ive already said,that,only one investment so you have the,multi-family properties,there there are no quarterly,distributions provided to investors,and its not a liquid investment so you,got to have cash on the side you cant,just,depend on your diversifund um,yield your diversifund dividends or your,diversity fund income,to live you got to have extra cash,elsewhere so in a nutshell here,the diversifun growth rates its an sec,regulated real estate investment trust,that focuses on long-term,capital appreciation from renovating and,repositioning,multi-family properties so when you,really uh,the thing that happened here is that,when you invest in the,the diversifying growth rates you,actually become a co-owner of an,investment comprised,of multiple family multi-family,properties that are purchased,renovated and rented and as an investor,you actually benefit in two ways so,number one you,you have the compounding interest from,the platforms dividend reinvestment,plan the trip and number two you,benefit from the overall growth from the,value appreciation,of the properties when they are sold so,this is the kind of,something

How To Grow Your Real Estate Empire | Diversyfund Review

was good well though this [ __ ] boy,DeVaughn back again with another video,and today were talking about,diversified fund and what is it should,you even invest your hard-earned money,so lets go now to the to the greatest,okay real quick make sure to subscribe,to the channel and hit that like button,okay we talked about making more money,saving more money and build a better you,and business so without further ado,lets talk diversified fund what is it,why you should invest and know that good,stuff okay so remember this is just my,opinion and Im in no way giving you,advice on investments or anything like,that Im just telling you what I would,do and what you know Im saying a lot of,other people have done with their money,nowadays but Im not here to give you,any financial advice this is as you,tamen only you get a edutainment okay so,with all I say lets get it to put all,that out the way lets get into the,diversify fund review okay so first of,all I dont even know if Im saying it,correctly is di ve r sy fun so the verse,side fund I think thats how you,correctly say so basically its a,crowdfunded REIT okay if you dont know,what a REIT is as real estate income,trust okay basically Im sorry real,estate investment trust basically what,it is its like its a group of real,estate companies that band together,basically in one stock and you invest in,them and they spread the income across,different real estate investment,vehicles now this we they focus on,growth investing okay theyre just not,investing for you know lets say,any type of dividends and things like,that theyre talking about growing your,income thats how you can make more,money and make more money as time goes,on okay so thats basically what the,Versailles Fund is about now lets go,over what I do like about the Versailles,fund and what I dont like okay,basically I do like they are not a,middleman platform okay,the properties that are available for,investment are actually investments the,Versailles fund have already allocated,money for the project like they already,have skin in the game if you must say,okay so you dont have any middleman,fees to pay when you invest and youre,dealing directly with the company youre,not dealing with you know a side company,has taken your money and invested into,this other company thats invested and,to properties okay so youre not you,know youre not dealing with any,middleman which is awesome okay your,investment will be managed by the,Versailles fund and your return will,come under their ownership alone okay,this is truly an easy way to diversify,your investments all right the only bad,thing which I only really considered,that much of a bad thing but the only,bad thing I can see is is that theres a,minimum of $500 to invest so if you,dont have $500 set aside for investment,then this might not be for you okay most,people are willing to risk that amount,when first getting started and honestly,I wouldnt tell you to risk that much,were first getting started even less,you are well off or writing okay unless,youre hearing like 100k 200k a year,already but if youre not if youre,struggling check the check,month-to-month you dont want to take,$500 of your saved up coins to invest in,something that you dont know if youre,gonna get it returned and you dont even,know how soon youre gonna get that,return so you kind of want to wait on,diverse side fund if you dont have this,type of income ready and available to,invest so if youre scared to lose your,money,might want to look at other investments,okay otherwise you might want to take a,look out of the Versailles fund if you,have the money the link is in the,description below if you if youre,really interested in getting involved,but I have a solution for you if youre,looking to start doing this type of,thing like it investing in real estate,investing these type of companies or,doing these type of platforms and you,want to do this but you dont know how,okay you dont know how to get out of,the rat race you dont know how to stop,living paycheck-to-paycheck okay I wanna,introduce you introduce to you the above,the other system okay if its the first,time youre watching one of my videos,and youve never heard of the wealth,builder system or if you never heard me,speak about the wealth builder system,basically its a way that I teach how,you can make a hundred to one hundred,fifty dollars from your phone okay,directly from your phone by helping,people okay and I want to give you this,information so all you got to do is,click the link below put your,information and watch a couple videos,and learn how its done and then go from,there okay its very simple very easy,doesnt cost your almond and lady to get,involved okay honestly cost you less,than a dinner date – ah okay so with all,that being said click that link below,again put your information in alright,and get started today,thanks well builders this [ __ ] boy,DeVaughn signing off for the verse side,fund review okay if youre willing to,put up five hundred dollars Im ready to,invest in real estate and really grow,your income this is for you,but if youre not ready then take heed,to my advice and check out the wealth,builder system komm du Manoir brothers,make more save more build more,[Music],you,its too much builders baby

5 Years Ago, I Invested $1K With Fundrise. Can I Get My Money Back Now? (2022 Review)

Hey guys, hows it going?,Its Seth Williams here from retipster.com.,In this video Im going to do my annual  review on my Fundrise investment.,Fundrise is a real estate crowdfunding platform  that allows investors like you and me to invest,relatively small amounts of money into not just  one piece of real estate, but a pool of real estate.,And we can do this through what they call eREITs.,And Fundrise is able to make a return on this money by taking it,,and either lending it out to developers who would develop properties.,And then they collect loan payments with interest from them,,or Fundrise can go out and buy up properties and improve them.,And then they earn a return by leasing out the property and earning rent revenue,,and also when they eventually resell that property.,So something unique about Fundrise that,is a little bit different from other real estate  crowdfunding platforms is that with Fundrise,you dont have to be an accredited investor in order to get involved.,And the reason its kind of problematic for a lot of people to be accredited investors,is that an accredited investor needs to have a million-dollar net worth,not including their personal residents, or they need to have an annual income of,at least $200,000 individually for the past two years or over $300,000 per year,for the past two years with their spouse.,You can also become a credited investor if you meet certain professional qualifications.,But even that for the most part is going to keep most average people,out of the accredited investor classification.,Its helpful to have something like Fundrise that,makes it open and available to more normal people.,So why do I make these annual review videos every year?,Well, back when I first did this in 2017,,I didnt really expect much feedback or comments  or likes or views or anything on that video,,but it kind of blew up. And I was really  surprised by it because real estate crowdfunding,is not my primary thing by any stretch.,I just thought it was kind of an interesting thing to get involved with,just to test out one of these sites and see what happened.,And so I did another review video the  following year, and then the year after that,,and every single year, people love it and want to  hear more and post all kinds of great questions,and comments. And so I just thought, hey, lets  keep this thing going. And every single year,,Ill try to address and answer as many of those  questions and comments as I can.,And actually, more importantly, this is a pretty big year because back when I first put my money in,the understanding was that I wouldnt be  able to get my principle and investment,back for about five years. And guess what? We are now at that five-year milestone.,Yeah.,So I havent gotten into my account yet,  but Im about to, and Im going to go in there,and see if I can get that money back and what  that process looks like and how difficult it is.,And if I cant yet, how much longer do I have to wait?,So I know thats a big objection or maybe not objection,,but just a drawback that a lot of people have with,this kind of investment is just tying up your  principle for five years. Thats a long time,to not be able to get it back or to not be able  to get it back without some kind of penalty.,Fundrise actually does allow you to  request it back early if you want,,but depending on your account level,,there could be a 1% penalty if you try to get this money back early.,And thats actually a one new thing  Ive noticed with Fundrise this past year,is that they created this new starter plan that  allows you to invest as little as $10.,And one of the benefits of this starter plan is that,the money goes into what they call an interval fund.,And if your money is in this interval fund, then you can actually get it back,prior to the five years without a penalty.,And one interesting thing back when I first started doing this was I told,Fundrise to automatically reinvest my dividends.,And one thing I didnt realize I was saying back when I told them to do that,,is that every single time it reinvests one of those dividends,,I cant get that dividend back for five years.,So say if I reinvest them at the first quarter or the fifth quarter or the 20th quarter,,that five year timeline for that single dividend payment,starts then, not back when I first put the original thousand dollars in.,So even though I can get my initial thousand dollars back,,all those dividends are going to be timed out for five years into the future,which in hindsight, I kind of wish  I hadnt done that, but you live and learn.,So, like I said, every time I post one of  these videos, theres a lot of really good,questions and comments that come in on those  videos throughout the year.,So Im going to try to take time to answer each one of those questions,,to the extent that I can and the extent that I actually know the answer.,And also, I just want to be abundantly clear. I say this every single year when I do this,,dont take this video as my endorsement or recommendation or suggestion,that you should be investing your money  with Fundrise. This is not financial advice.,Im just showing you my real world results from investing with the platform.,Im not saying Fundrise is the best returns youre ever going to get.,In fact, I know its not, theres a lot of other things I could be doing with my money,that would make a whole lot more than what Fundrise is making.,But I think what Fundrise brings to the table  is first of all, it is probably the most passive,income Ive ever seen. Like I literally spend  zero minutes per year,thinking about my Fundrise investment, or putting any of my time or effort into it.,The only time I spend on this investment is when Im doing this review every single year.,So this really is passive income.,Again, if I hadnt had my dividends reinvested, it would be income,,but I havent seen a penny of it because Ive been  putting those dividends back in again and again,,every time I get them. And Fundrise also offers a  really convenient way to get involved,investing in real estate. Even if you have no time to put into it whatsoever.,Its really not hard at all.,As long as you have at least $10 to invest  with the starter plan, youre a US citizen,or permanent resident currently residing  in the US and youre 18 years old or older.,If you can check those boxes, you can get involved.,And Ill also say REtipster does have an affiliate relationship with Fundrise,and you can see our affiliate link beneath this video.,We earn a very, very small commission  if anybody clicks through that link,and signs up for an account and starts investing,,but that should not by any means be misconstrued as a recommendation,or suggestion for you to invest with Fundrise.,And also keep in mind, Fundrise is not a risk-free investment.,Its like anything where its possible that you can lose money in it.,Fundrise has a very good track record of going up and up and up because the market has,been going up and up and up since Ive had my  money in there, but it doesnt mean thats going to,keep happening forever.,And it has a lot to do with the people who manage the money through Fundrise.,So just keep that in mind. Only invest the  amount that you are willing to risk.,And, yeah, I would say that about pretty much any investment and this one is no different.,So with that all out of the way,,Im going to jump into the website right now and show you how things are looking,and I hope you enjoy it.,Okay. So here we go.,Heres my dashboard. And right away, when you log in here,,you can just see some basic information about how things are going. We can sort of see the entire,timeline of where this investment has gone since  I first put my thousand dollars in back in 2017.,And its steadily gone up. Theres no  dips or anything like that.,Its just slowly gone up and up and up. And this  thing over here where it shows the return.,So it seems like this looks a little bit different  every year when I get in here and look

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