1. DIVI scalp serum update! 30 day results *before and after*
  2. Review of Divi Scalp Serum
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  4. How I Grew My Hair Back Naturally! My Hair Loss Journey (Before and After)
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DIVI scalp serum update! 30 day results *before and after*

hey guys welcome back to my channel if,youre new here im crystal,and today were going to be doing a,follow-up,on the divi scalp serum okay so,this has had the first video the,original video i did on tv has had tons,of comments underneath,some people said it broke their scalp,out,not their scalp their head like their,forehead like their face like i i dont,know,um but one,person said that they stopped using it,as close to their face and the breakouts,stopped so that is a helpful bit of info,if you are one of those people that that,happened to,um but im here to talk about my results,with using,this,i think theres like the i think is,almost gone this bottle um,but,heres divi um if you did not watch the,first video i will pop it up here for,you guys so you can go check it out and,then come back to this one so you can,see the results and stuff okay now,lets start off with talking about how,much of an idiot i am because i did not,take a before picture,um particularly of like this area,because like this is my problem area,like right here um i didnt take a,before picture but i did go back and i,did find a photo where my hair is pulled,back,um,really,um sorry if you heard that my phone,vibrated um but i did find a picture,where my hair is pulled back from before,i started using divvy and i will insert,that photo with a photo i took this,morning while i was in the bathroom,after i got done washing my face so i,will pop up the before after here,ish somewhere,um,so,lets just go ahead and say like i dont,know if you can see i just got my roots,touched up so it is like super,like hard to tell now,my right side has always been my thinner,side this has always been my thicker,side but they were both still thin like,right here at my temples um,i have noticed the biggest difference,on my left side,um it is so much thicker i can tell just,by like running my fingers through it,that i have more hair like i dont know,if you can see it but i can definitely,tell a difference this side has like,ive seen new growth and all of that,stuff and i can tell a difference but it,is still thinner,but honestly that was my thinner side,before i even had kids or anything like,that,and thin to me isnt necessarily like,super thin to other people,if that makes sense,um,also used it a lot in this area i didnt,put it all over my entire head,i normally used it right at my temples,right in here i whatever ran down i,would like massage into this area um,right here at my ears and then i would,put it down like my part about like this,much like this area,and in the back of my head,and i will say when i was getting my,hair cut yesterday uh there were parts,where my hair was so much longer in,certain areas than others and i dont,know if if that is because of divvy,if it was helping my hair grow more in,certain spots and not in others because,obviously i wasnt applying it,everywhere i have no idea um,i will say i have enjoyed my results,using divi i like using it it smells,really nice and calming and clean i like,to use it on dry hair before i go to bed,you can use it in wet hair before you,blow dry but i prefer to use it in dry,hair thats just like what i,i like to do it dries so quickly it does,not leave your hair greasy oily,sticky anything like that it dries and,looks great,almost like ive used it when i had like,like dirty hair like you know i needed,to wash,and i needed to wash my hair but you,know kept putting it off and ive used,it like in areas,like around my part and you know around,my face,and it almost like it helped,combat,the oiliness,um not that it makes your hair dry but,you know what i mean like it almost made,it look cleaner than it actually was,so,i dont know if other people have,experienced that but i certainly have um,i mentioned in my first video that,um it had helped with like psoriasis on,my scalp,um psoriasis,eczema ive never actually been to a,doctor and had them say like this is,like,specifically what you have um but i know,for a fact that i have some situation,going on on the back of my head and its,ive had that for forever,my mom also suffers from psoriasis so,theres a good chance that it psoriasis,um,but,yeah so it is still helping with that it,does not help all the time like if its,going to be itchy and irritated,sometimes it should there is no helping,it,um but it has helped tremendously like,if it is really aggravating the crap out,of me i can put some divvy on it and rub,it in and it does kind of like soothe it,and calm it down,so that has been like a big relief um,not how its really intended to work,i dont think but,like i said if i have like psoriasis and,its really like flaring up and its,like itchy and aggravated and just angry,at me um i put,some of the divvy on it and rub it in,and it does like calm it and soothe it,and get it to like stop being so,irritated um because a lot of time mine,gets really,angry right before bed and im like,laying in bed and im just like,i just want to scratch it,so this really does help for that,situation,um i like the scent like i said its,really calming and spa-like,i like it its a really nice scent its,its not strong its really like subdued,but it is super super nice um,i really feel like it does for,revitalize and detoxify the scalp like,it claims to do,and um,nowhere on here does it say like,it helps you grow hair because it says,it aids against hair thinning,so obviously if your hair is thinner,its going to help protect and keep you,from getting even more thin,but ive seen so many reviews and so,many people online that have just had,the craziest before and after pictures,especially at you know women commonly,especially women that have had babies um,commonly have a problem with like this,area,but i will say,i will continue to purchase this and use,it,because,i have seen,i have seen,growth,i have seen a difference in,my hair,um and this has always been like you,know like,like it uh,brain fart,cant think of the word um it has like,cut down on my confidence when it comes,to my hair like to have this thinner i,mean you know a lot of women identify,themselves like with their hair,and how they fix their hair and and wear,their hair and what they can do with,their hair and how it looks,um,so it is very very heartbreaking when,you you know you have thinning hair and,stuff like that so,i highly recommend this if youve been,on the fence about trying it out,i,i approve i like it i,am here for it and,uh also not just ladies,i ive also seen several before and,afters of men,that used it so ladies if you have a,husband or significant other or brother,or dad or whatever,that,is a little bit like,insecure thats the word i was looking,for earlier a little bit insecure about,their thinning hair ive seen some,before and afters of some mens hair,that really you could see a crazy,difference so like its worth a try,so if youre a man or a woman and youre,losing your hair and what do you have to,lose to be honest other than like 50,bucks,try it out,see whats up if you sign up for,automatic shipments you do get a,discount it is much cheaper,um you can also buy the bundle of that,comes in a pack of three so youre good,for three months you dont have to worry,about it,um,so yeah thats really all i have to say,ive enjoyed it ive noticed a,difference,i think that its a great product it has,worked in so many different ways for me,and if you were waiting on this,particular video to decide whether or,not you wanted to pick it up i highly,suggest you do it bite the bullet grab,at least a bottle try it out for a month,or so,see,how it works for you and let me know in,the comments down below have you tried,it what are your results have you,noticed a difference what do you think,let me know im curious um to know other,peoples opinions not just mine because,like,things work differently for everybody,like the the women who have had,breakouts i didnt have those so i mean,i like as much info as possible so,definitely check the comments on this,video hopefully some people

Review of Divi Scalp Serum

[Music],hello and welcome back to my channel if,youre new here my names lexi i dont,exactly know what im doing but im,trying,and today i have been waiting on a,package to get here,happened to work out perfect that i,actually had plans today left my house,so i dont look like a gremlin but,i this is gonna be one that takes some,time for me to,finish because im going to be reviewing,a product,and its called divi hair serum or scalp,serum so,this first of all the packaging,like its,gorgeous and then just from the bottom,and theres the bottle,so this is created by,influencer danny austin i have been,following her for i dont even know how,long but shes based out of dallas and,she,started losing her hair,a while back and,she can create this product because she,wont help other people in the same,situation,so,i was like okay i have tried so many,products to help my hair because,some people know this some people dont,i actually pulled out my hair,a few years back um i worked in,consulting for an it healthcare company,still with the company no longer in,consulting,but,with my job i just,i had some really not so nice people to,me,and,i have a really bad habit when im,stressed i run my fingers through my,hair,and i dont do it gently i kind of tug,and i go backwards,so im very aware that i did it to,myself um someone once told me that i,they had self-induced alopecia i dont,know if thats a thing i dont know im,not diagnosing it i didnt wasnt so,worried that i sought out help for it,um i have tried different things,and biotin,and then that didnt really do much ive,tried collagen didnt really do much,um,prenatals they actually helped a good,amount that my hair is,sparsely there and i will show you guys,ill probably do it tonight before bed,but,my hair is starting to come back there,and its just,these little triangles which i know a,ton of people have,thinning hair there,but mine are bald spots my friend got,married back in november of 2019,and,when,we talked hair,i was strategically even taught she was,right there with me because she knew,what was going on with my hair,she,was like just tell them when youre,getting it done to cover those spots so,the hairstylists were great ive had,great hair stylists ever since,every time im getting my hair done for,normally a wedding,theyre really good about making sure,that those spots are covered and you,dont see them,but,unfortunately it just makes me super,self-conscious i love the look of a good,slick back ponytail,and ive got a product,um whats it called color wow or,something like that and its like a,powder almost like a eye shadow,that you put in that area and it helps,blend it out but,i dont know,i like it i think it works but i think,its very noticeable that theres a,product on my hair,so im really excited to try this out,and see,if i can get,some growth back the reviews on this,thing are amazing,i waited until i saw,like testimonials and,one i definitely trust,the person that created it because she,did go through all that,but you still never know so,im really excited and,my plan is to put this on every single,night,for,a month and then ill review it,um,it wasnt the cheapest bottle in the,world i think it was 48,but at the same time if it brings my,hair back,its worth it um but at the same time,its one bottle,if it doesnt work how i would like it,to,no biggie like,im not out,im not hurting for that so,first of all overview of the bottle,she hefty like,shes a hefty bottle,um but it smells,so good like when i pulled the package,out of my,mail locker,like the peppermint just hit your nose,and it smells so good,which i did check there was no leaking,its just a strong scent so,its kind of like a milky color,but its its definitely got strong,sense to it,i think on the packaging it says okay so,first of all its vegan cruelty free,made in the us,and dermatologist tested which is good,um,so to use shake well glad i read that,i was literally on the back of the,bottle still would never have done that,um apply a full dropper of serum daily,directly to dry to dry or,towel dried scalp,whenever wherever results are desired a,slight tingling sensation may occur good,to know,um this is just a syrian war serum,working,um,best results occur after three months of,continuous use so,my hope is i can get a decent idea after,a month how this is working and then,if i want to keep going with it ill,keep going with it because,again,my little spots are so bad ive looked,at prenatal,or postpartum like shampoos,ive looked at all of it ive changed my,entire hair routine and when i say ive,changed my entire hair routine i mean,a few years back when it started,happening,and its not medication induced either,thats a question that ive been asked,by hairstylist,its not medication induced um,ive been on the same product same,medications for years before and after,they dont make a difference,as far as what i do to my hair,day to day i,try and put heat on it once a week if,that if i have to put it more i will,but thats only for like special,occasions if i needed to do like a quick,touch-up straighten,i only try and watch it once,maybe two times a week,um if i have plans on weekends that will,sometimes give me to do it,twice in a week but typically i try and,do once a week,also if you ever see on social media or,videos where my hair is always like this,its because its dirty and it just is,so easy to click back,and go um lets see what else have i,done,i completely switched all the products i,used so i,i think i was using tresemme i get i,know i know not the best product but i,switched to living proof and i use a,scalp,clarifier or whatever its its black,one of my friends stayed the night once,and she showered and she was like your,shampoo is black i just trusted it,i was like oops forgot to tell you that,and then another friend used it on a,bachelorette party she was like,i had questions i figured you use it,its gotta work im going with it but i,use that and then i use the living proof,um,both are the phd,like wine and i just used air,conditioner and then as far as dry,shampoo,living proof,i use their phd and i now have their,advanced care one,so its not an ad for living proof but,like,let me improve,i use all your products,so i use those and then as far as,what i put in my hair post shower i use,the hot toddy spray from dry bar i do,have a living proof one that ive used,for frizz but first isnt like my big,issue and i like the other because its,a leave-in conditioner but also,heat protectant and since i only put,heat on my hair like once a week,for good and honestly sometimes i dont,even put hair heat on it once a week,because,sometimes your girl does not leave this,apartment and if i am im going to try,to joe so i just clip it back and go,i am very aware that this is probably,going to make my hair greasy in those,two spots which of course are in the,front of the head so theyre going to be,uber noticeable,my plan is try and wash it only once to,twice a week if i have to add the second,one in i will,i dont want to go over that and if i,its really bad,hats,hats are going to be my saving grace,thankfully i do,have a gym hat because i feel like,thats the most,people see me,and then i dont look,completely disgusting at the gym,so,thats the plan,and im super excited so i will jump,back on tonight itll be two seconds for,you probably a few hours for me,and well put this in and ill show you,actually what my spots look like so,in the bathroom,these are,my spots so you can see like right here,and then right here,i have,little babies that have grown in this,side is,worse,like,hold on,like if i pull my hair back,can you see,just really really thick right here so,thats what we want to get rid of also,doesnt help that my hair is,half hair sprayed into place,and,really dirty so,its not giving you the best,representation but,here we go,i also realized that i said i was gonna,do this,like wash my hair only once or twice a,week but,um the holidays are coming up which,means,i

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Hair Loss Scams Targeting Women

I bet my beloved combs got to be Gifford,and were just getting hair loss scams,targeting you targeting women products,promising to take your hair from this,which is not bad oh yeah thats right,what does it mean to a woman Kathy would,have to have hair like it means a lot it,really does its a its a kit from the,time where little girls with our hair,brushes in the mirror you know its all,its a lot about our hair maybe a little,too much weve let our culture to find,us a little too much by our hair and,then when we start to lose it its its,it can be really really a devastating,thing and when you are in pain what,happens people prey on you sometimes,right their businesses are going after,the shame and the embarrassment that a,lot of women feel about thinning hair so,were gonna deal with that today because,there are ideas that work really well,and theyre not so good ideas okay so,coming over already think about women,being duped out of their hard-earned -,it makes me furious you know they used a,lot of celebrities faces and stuff for,all kinds of creams and things like that,theyve used you as well and when they,use our likenesses and to sell a product,and then and then dont even deliver the,product or the product doesnt deliver,what they say its just its infuriating,please check everybody but make sure,that these things are legitimate what,Mary Ann is a good example for us so,when did you start to notice that you,were losing your hair probably about 10,years ago okay so in first reaction was,shocked because I had really long thick,hair well the hair you still have is a,little bit thank you thank you so what,has been the but what are you trying to,try to revive tried many vitamins oils,coconut oil cocoa you need vitamins you,name it everything and everything that,says hair growth and nothing is nothing,has nothing into a position about there,yes no one has any answers Ive been to,quite a few so Im gonna throw some,ideas that today okay first of all talk,about the idea is that I dont want you,trying because theyre easy ones to,catch you want to they promise you,everything and nothing is gonna offer,you everything but their ideas when,cobbled together it can make the pieces,of the pie come together okay yes,right so come on up we gotta talk about,yes please Mike I know,so weve got top hair restoration,surgeon dr. Michael well felt here hes,gonna teach us how to spot the scams and,identify the ones that actually are,problematic and make some ideas that,might ones worse lets start with hair,loss products to avoid and first week,anything that says is gonna unblock your,file cuz have you ever heard that,Maryann were gonna unblock you know,thats a my agent I havent yeah Kathys,point there pictures of people say hey,this is best now about maybe one today,Ive been promoting these products let,me know I have nothing to do with any of,these things and these I dont think,will they work I decide to get a start,so there are products are out on the,market that do claim that they unblock,your follicles that people have buildup,of sebum and they may clear up the sebum,to allow your hair to grow out that you,really have to be much more careful so,were just a little high tech demo here,so a normal hair just bring one eye if,you dont mind you get the hair coming,out there its beautiful its elegant and,then you see how their sebum here,blocking these ones yes Dario yeah but,youre not pushing that hard are you,know the remarkable thing is growing,hairs coming out of follicles are,essentially unstoppable so these things,I dont think I worth the money that we,spend on them and they often charge you,a fair amount exactly what so the real,cause of hair loss so the most common,cause of hair loss is genetics or we,refer to as androgenetic alopecia so,your hair follicles may be,pre-programmed over your lifetime to die,at some point so what I tell patients is,to look at their parents look at their,mother and their father and that will,give a good sense of where they are and,what their hair loss pattern may be,alright so one last idea here this is a,this is not really a scam in here but,its a proceed with caution,its called red light therapy so collab,see Kathy mm-hmm let me help you with,this yes hes a cool little thing so I,was actually introduced to this concept,to me by a friend lets just see Im,curious if it really works or not yeah,you feel anything growing in there I see,them not yet darn attractive how does,this thing work and was i given the,right advice to try it yeah so it may,work for some patients it does work so,its low level light therapy and what,happens is that theres light diodes and,your hair follicles may absorb some of,that light and it increases the,metabolism of the cells in your hair,follicle and may allow your hair growth,cycle to increase and allow your hair to,grow longer and a little bit thicker as,well so this its its on the cusp were,not sure about this right yeah so its,not one of the FDA approved treatments,its da cleared for safety but its not,necessarily approved for efficacy so,yeah but some patients have some so,usually its about six minutes a day,every day and you can use it at home,yeah but you have to be careful theyre,expensive and you know before you make,that investment you want to ensure,youre buying something that may help,you yeah yes you bought one no I just,think Ive seen them online right on I,have okay if its of course the blue,goes with your eyes yeah keep that try,that yeah a lot of these things you have,trial and error yeah again if its safe,and its not too expensive in this case,its free give it a shot and when we,come back a look at what some is Im,really excited about the hair loss,treatments actually do working putting a,revolutionary experimental treatment,that made this womans hair go from this,to this,[Music],the latest news on the case of the,missing girls on the bridge you know at,least three people that know what,happened that day,what investigators now know its rare to,get audio like this listen carefully,[Applause],thats coming up on Tuesday,Jack gonna get retired back,investigating hair loss scan targeting,women because by age 50 over half of you,could experience thinning hair and,youre looking for a fix,yeah and this doesnt mean full-blown,balding but more you know a subtle,thinning like your part gets a little,wider or you notice some patches on your,scalp its very upsetting your upsetting,I was just talking to experts get ready,for the show,right how many more I would guess more,than half of all the women who are,suffering could get some benefit if you,pay attention to these solutions were,about to discuss great lets get to the,most most important principle is you got,to understand how these things work so,the first idea its a big breakthrough,is called DHT you heard of that yes,because we rehearsed this morning yes,thats why she heard of it shes such a,good student yes Jesus,so DHT causes hair loss why testosterone,the male hormone yall know about right,its in women – and its testosterone,gets converted to DHT just a cousin of,the same dieppe testosterone and that,DHT binds to receptors in your scalp,follicles now these scalp buckles are,robust beautiful things when theyre,bound to overwhelmed by DHT they shrivel,up when the follicles shriveled its,impossible them to get healthy hair out,so theyre little itty bitty fuzzy hair,falls out and youre left with nothing,they give up they give up they throw a,towel in right we dont want no that DHT,issues really really critical top hair,restoration surgeons active microphones,back there are a lot of products out,there who are cashing in on the fact,that we know DHT this cousin of,testosterone poisons your hair follicles,how do you know if your get in the real,deal Im hearing about blocking it and,transferring it and all these other,chemical things that may not be real,right so there there are a lot of,products out there that are claiming,they block DHT so you really have to b

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How I Grew My Hair Back Naturally! My Hair Loss Journey (Before and After)

im 37 years old and i started losing my hair  when i was 17. and this is not a topic that is  ,easy for me to talk about but im going to share  with you today how i not only stopped my hair loss  ,but reversed it and grew back my hair and  im gonna show you my before and afters  ,i did all of this naturally without any  surgery without any medical intervention and  ,i do believe that this video today is going to  help a lot of people who might be experiencing  ,hair loss hi guys my name is ashley salvatore  welcome back to my channel if youre new here  ,hit that subscribe button and be sure to check  out my instagram where i am active every single  ,day with motivation inspiration and just to help  you live your best life todays topic is one that  ,i struggled with for years to share this because  its one of those things that is really hard  ,for a female for women to start losing their hair  now a little bit of a background my grandmother  ,lost most of her hair she wore like a cap thing  for like 40 years genetically um my hair started  ,falling out and getting very thin from the time i  was about 17 is really when i started noticing it  ,my mom told me that my grandmother felt really  bad that she basically gave me this gene  ,and you know whatever the reason for this you  know its not diet related for me in my case  ,it may be for you if it is for you diet related  then you may want to try some other things you  ,need to kind of work on that specific scenario or  situation if you have sudden hair loss that might  ,be a little bit different but i do actually think  that these methods that im going to talk about  ,today that help me grow my hair back would really  help anyone with any sort of hair loss scenario  ,but i do recommend that you talk to your doctor  and consult a physician before you do anything  ,regarding your health or hair or anything like  that okay so lets get into this i started  ,losing my hair very young age and it continually  progressively got worse and worse and then i had  ,kids and then it got worse and worse and worse  and ill show you my before photo right here of  ,at my worst and that was just a couple years ago  i decided to take it into my own hands i was i  ,didnt want to lose at all you know what i mean  i didnt want to lose all my hair so i did some  ,research i started doing some research and i came  across some things and the very first thing that i  ,decided to try was red light therapy you may have  heard of red light therapy its very very popular  ,its all over the place i actually even just got  like a sauna blanket for red light therapy to help  ,with like cellulite and um to help induce a sweat  and sort of that sort of thing infrared sauna i  ,have one of those but separately for hair my first  introduction to red light therapy was with this  ,cap just let you guys know i dont sponsor  any of the brands that im talking about today  ,i dont even earn a commission from anything if  you purchase any of these products it doesnt  ,impact me in any way this is literally just the  strategy that i was using and everything that im  ,saying is just completely my own experience  opinion and that sort of thing i do love  ,these products theyve changed my life theyve  changed the game for my hair which leads to more  ,confidence which has led to success in my business  too because without that i lacked confidence to  ,be able to put myself on camera to be able to  put myself forward to be doing things like this  ,creating videos which has built and grown my  business so theres a huge ripple that this whole  ,thing has basically led to within my life but  getting back to the topic very first thing that  ,i decided to try it was a huge investment i had  to take a huge leap of faith that this would work  ,without knowing that it would actually work i just  had to believe that it would so i invested in this  ,cap now what this cap is it has all of these  lasers i got the most expensive one that has  ,the most lasers i believe its about 275 red light  lasers okay what i really liked about this cap was  ,that you only have to wear it for six minutes  a day and so with my routine what i did was i  ,would take a shower every morning and then i would  blow dry my hair and then i would put this cap on  ,and its got the little button you push the button  the red lights turn on and it goes for six minutes  ,and while this thing is going i do my makeup  okay so this has been my my in my routine and  ,i really havent talked about it on this channel  or in my vlogs or in my what i even date things  ,because i wasnt sure if this was going to work  and so ive kind of kept this part of it kind of  ,secret um also its embarrassing like it just is  like hair loss for whatever reason is embarrassing  ,its like an embarrassing topic its really  actually hard for me to actually create this  ,video i just know by me sharing whats working for  me and whats helped me its gonna help a lot a  ,lot of people i just know it and so im gonna put  that aside and im gonna share it with you guys  ,um with hopes that whatever i share with you today  is gonna impact your life so um six minutes a day  ,and uh off the top of my head i dont know how  long ive used this so far but i know its been  ,years so its been a couple years i will put  the exact date right here when i can go back  ,and i can actually look up when i started this how  long its been okay since ive started using this  ,cap ive been religious with it i have not missed  maybe i missed a day here or there but every day  ,i do it and its its no problem its not painful  it doesnt theres no issues the biggest thing is  ,time and also money okay so like i said  is expensive this is how much mine cost  ,they do have other options that have less lights  i but i dont have experience with those i know  ,there are other products as well there are like  light brushes you can use i dont know how well  ,those work i wanted something this was almost like  my last ditch effort to try to reverse this myself  ,before i looked into things like hair transplant  surgery and different things like that because  ,i was desperate like i just dont want to lose  all my hair i just dont i was really impressed  ,with the results that i got from this now i  added on top of this an extra layer okay so  ,with the routine of this they do sell like  different lotions and stuff that you can put  ,on your hair and ive tried them but the problem  is you put it on your scalp and it makes your hair  ,gunky uh different texture you know what im  talking about when you put product in your  ,hair its just its not the same especially  hair loss products ive tried them all over  ,the years you know well i cant really say that  because i havent tried them all but you know  ,we know im talking about like the  rogaine for women all of those things  ,and they definitely make your hair doesnt  it doesnt style well i found on the internet  ,this which i was really excited about and im  bringing it to you guys today because it works  ,because i i think it was about one year into  the cap that i decided to add on these shampoos  ,and this lotion and so if you cant afford the  cap i strongly recommend you go out and you get  ,at least this system okay its going to blow  your mind you guys the results that you get  ,when you do this consistently but i do believe  the cap is accelerating it for me the results  ,that im getting with this so heres how it  comes first well talk about this like solution  ,all right so it comes like this and the  little guy is kind of sliding around here  ,i have this delivered monthly okay and its  called vegamore grow if you can see that there  ,okay they have a couple different kinds i started  with the lower efficiency one its pink this one  ,has um additional properties in here there is  cbd in this one and this one is supposed to  ,get the best results and so i for the majority  of the time ive been using t

I tried The Ordinary Serum for Hair Density for 4 months & THIS HAPPENED! | Before and after results

مرحبًا ، فيديو اليوم يدور حول كثافة مصل الشعر العادي متعدد الببتيد الذي حصلت عليه ،,سنراجع اليوم المصل العادي متعدد الببتيد لكثافة الشعر الذي كنت أستخدمه,خلال الأشهر الخمسة الماضية تقريبًا. يوضح لك كيفية استخدامه,، ما هي المكونات التي يحتوي عليها هذا المنتج ، وأعتقد أنه إذا كان يعمل أم لا ، فسأعرض لك أيضًا صوري,قبل وبعد ، لذلك إذا كنت قد استمتعت بهذا الفيديو ، فلا تنسى الإعجاب به ودعنا نبدأ إذا,كنت قد فعلت لقد سمعت عن المصل العادي متعدد الببتيد لكثافة الشعر ، هذا علاج لفروة الرأس,مصمم لدعم صحة الشعر بحيث يبدو شعرك أكثر كثافة وصحة,بشكل عام كما ترون أن هذا هو إلى حد كبير مصل تناسق الماء يتكون من زيت الخروع الببتيدات,والكافيين ، مصل الشعر هذا عبارة عن قاعدة مطرية مما يعني أنه أكثر فعالية ويتم,امتصاصه في الجلد من حيث كيفية استخدام مصل الشعر هذا في الجزء الخلفي من المنتج ، توصي,تعليمات المنتج بوضع بضع قطرات أو حسب الحاجة مرة واحدة يوميًا بشكل مثالي في وقت النوم لتنظيف فروة الرأس الجافة وبعد,ذلك ستقوم بتدليك فروة رأسك جيدًا وهذا ليس من المفترض أن تغسل الشعر,أو فروة الرأس بعد التطبيق لأن هذا علاج حي ، لقد فوجئت بالفعل,بالاتساق في هذا المنتج لأن هذا يشبه أخف شيء يمكنك تطبيقه,على فروة رأسك حتى لو كان شخص مثلي لديه فروة رأس دهنية وهذا أيضًا يصيب قشرة الرأس بسهولة,لم أكن أواجه مشكلة في استخدام هذا المنتج في حالتي ، أستخدم مصل الشعر هذا في اثنين طرق مختلفة,خلال الأسبوع ، لذا فإن الطريقة الأولى هي تمامًا كما يوصي المنتج في وقت النوم ، لذا قبل أن أذهب,إلى الفراش ، أقوم بتطبيق نصف مضخة من المصل العادي متعدد الببتيد في جميع أنحاء فروة رأسي مع التركيز دائمًا,على معابد خط الشعر والفراق الأوسط ثم الجزء الخلفي من رأسي ثم أقوم,بتدليك لمدة خمس دقائق وهذا كل شيء ولكن يجب أن أقول إنه على الرغم من أن الاتساق,ليس لزجًا أو دهنيًا على الإطلاق إذا قمت بتطبيقه على فروة رأس تكون قذرة قليلاً أشعر بأنني,أثقل قليلاً في تجربتي في غضون أيام من تطبيق هذا ، بدأت أرى آثارًا صغيرة من,المصل على جذوري مما يجعله منطقيًا للغاية لأنني أغسل شعري مرة واحدة فقط في الأسبوع ، لذلك إذا كنت,تغسل شعرك أكثر مما أفعل لا أعتقد أن هذا قد يؤثر عليك أو قد يكون هذا هو حالتك,بعد تطبيق المصل ، سأقوم بتطبيق زيت شعري على النمل,ثم سأستخدم فرشاة من الخيزران مثل هذه الفرشاة أو الفرشاة ذات الشعر الخشن لتوزيع الزيوت فقط,في جميع أنحاء فروة رأسي بما في ذلك أنك تعرف هذا ومن ثم الطريقة الأخرى التي أستخدم بها,مصل الشعر هذا هي بعد أن أغسل شعري وهي الطريقة التي أظهرتها أكثر على هذه القناة,وهي الطريقة المفضلة لاستخدامها سأغسل شعري كالمعتاد وبعد ذلك سأنتظر,20 دقيقة حتى يبلل شعري وفروة رأسي حتى لا يقطر الماء قبل التطبيق,وبعد ذلك سأستخدم مضخة كاملة من المصل العادي متعدد الببتيد وسأوزعه بالكامل على,فروة رأسي ، أركز دائمًا على المناطق الرقيقة مثل المعابد وخط الشعر والفراق والجزء الخلفي,من رأسي وبعد ذلك سوف تدليك فروة رأسي بلطف جدا لأن الشعر هو الرطب في لحظة، وكنت,لا تريد أن تذهب من الصعب عليه لذلك أنا سوف لا مجرد تدليك لطيف للقليلا وهذا هو,أنا أحب استخدام هذا المنتج مباشرة بعد أن أغسل شعري,لأن فروة رأسي تشبه الأنظف ، وعلى الرغم من أنها قد لا تكون جافة حيث,يشير المنتج إلى أن فروة رأسي تبدو وكأنها تمتص هذا المنتج بشكل أفضل وبمجرد أن يجف شعري,لا أمتلك شعرًا دهنيًا أنت تعرف مثل الجذور الدهنية أو أي شيء مثل لا ، إنها خفيفة الوزن للغاية ،,ولن أكذب ، كنت أشك في هذا المنتج في الأسابيع الأولى ، عليك على الأقل أن تمنحه,شهرين من التوافق التام مع هذا المنتج لمعرفة ما إذا كان يعمل من أجل أنت أو لا,أستخدمه لمدة ثلاثة أشهر لم أجد أي تغيير ، لكنني كنت مثلك تمامًا تعرف ما,لدي منتج ، سأنتهي منه ، وبعد ذلك إذا لم ينجح ، فلن يعمل,بعد الأشهر الثلاثة ، حيث بدأت أرى اختلافًا طفيفًا,لديّ كثافة منخفضة جدًا الشعر ، نعم ، أنا في الجانب المنخفض ، كان المظهر الأدنى دائمًا هو حالتي ،,وهذا هو ما جعلني والدتي بخير ، أردت دائمًا أن أفعل مثل أنماط شفاه الملابس وأن أفعل المزيد من الأشياء,على شعري ، لكنني لم أتمكن من فعل ذلك أبدًا لأنني لن أفعل ذلك لديك ما يكفي من الشعر,للاحتفاظ بشفة الساعة ثم بدأت في استخدام هذا المنتج وتمكنت من,وضع شعري على حافة الساعة وهو شيء لم أتمكن من القيام به ربما يعتقد,الناس أن الشعر الناعم سيفهم شعري القصة التي كانت بالنسبة لي تغييرا كبيرا مختلفة كبير,جعلني أشعر بالسعادة لذلك مثل ذلك جعلني أشعر هذا كان يفعل شيء جيد لشعري,الشيء الآخر هو أنني بدأت ألاحظ أن بلدي الشعر طفل هم سميكة وانت تعرف في الماضي عندما,كنت انظر إلى شعر طفلي ، يبدو الأمر كما لو أن الهواء الرقيق جدًا قد يأخذهم بعيدًا عني ، لقد رأيتهم,يختلفون كثيرًا عن هذا النوع من شعر الأطفال عما تراه هنا وهو,رقيق جدًا والآن ينمو هكذا ترى كيف يتم سد الفجوات في صدغى,لفترة طويلة أعتقد أنني يجب أن أضع المصل أكثر قليلاً ليس كما هو الحال,الآن ، سأريكم صوري قبل وبعد ،,على الرغم من أنني تقدمت بطلب في هذا المجال ، فلا يزال بإمكانك رؤية أن لدي فجوة هنا,دائمًا لدي هذه الفجوة و كنت آمل أن يساعد هذا ولكن قد يستغرق الأمر وقتًا أطول,أو ربما لن يفعل أي شيء هذا هو الجزء الوحيد الذي كنت مثله تمامًا ، إنه أمر محزن جدًا,هل أوصي بهذا المنتج نعم تمامًا لا أعتقد أن هذا يوقف تساقط الشعر أعتقد أن هذا,أكثر ملاءمة لشخص يعاني من بعض ترقق الشعر في مناطق معينة على سبيل المثال مثل,المعابد أو ربما لنقل على الجزء الخلفي من رأسك أو لشخص أجرى,الكثير من العلاج لشعره وقد تعرض للتلف الشعر الذي يخرجه الشعر الآن,كأنه رقيق وضعيف للغاية ، يجب عليك بالتأكيد تجربة ذلك ، هل ترى أن هذا المنتج,مفيد للغاية لتحويل شعر طفلك إلى خيوط أكثر كثافة وأكمل كما لو أنه يغذي,بصيلات الشعر هذه ويجعلها تنمو تلك الشعيرات الموجودة هناك بالفعل أقوى وأكثر سمكًا ،,هذا ما أعتقد أن هذا المنتج يفعله أو أنا آسف لأنني كنت أفقده للتو ، هذا ما رأيته حتى الآن,بناءً على تجربتي سعيد جدًا بنتائجي حتى الآن ، ونعم حقًا آمل أن,يكون الكل تجربة المراجعة ، كل ما قلته لك عن هذا المنتج يساعدك بطريقة أو,بأخرى ، وإذا كنت تستمتع بهذا الفيديو ، فلا تنس مشاركة بعض الحب معي من خلال الاشتراك في هذه,القناة هنا ، شكرًا جزيلاً لك على المشاهدة وأنا آمل أن أراك في الفيديو التالي,لم تكن القهوة جيدة في ذلك

Divi Hair Serum Review (Jan 2022) – Is This A Genuine Product? Check It Out! | Scam Inspecter

hey everyone hope youre all doing well,so do you want to know about db hair,serum review so we are going to update,you with this unbiased review in this,video so please stay connected with us,so guys if you wish to buy this product,then please to watch this video,and if youve already experienced any,front over this product or if youve not,received the product or got a damaged,product then please to watch this video,till the end to find out how to get your,money back also people from canada and,the united states are very curious to,know about this product so next well,discuss about the full details of this,product so make sure to watch it till,the end so first of all well talk about,the product type then well talk about,the features and lastly well discuss,about the legitimacy factors so make,sure to watch the full video to find it,out,so first of all well talk about the,product type so lets begin,so this is the product and after,checking this product out we have found,out that this product is a scalp serum,it is a hair serum and the cost is 48,and the full name is db scalp serum,next well talk about the features of,this product,so it has to mention that this hair,serum is meant for hair growth it,nourishes your hair it moisturizes,strengthens and lengthens your hair,and it is a lightweight serum which is,infused with a blend of multiple amino,acids and peptides to detox follicle,buildup it also supports thicker hair,now the key ingredients that has been,used in the serum are copper tripeptide,one then tea tree oil rosemary leaf,extract caffeine eucalyptus oil,peppermint oil green tea leaf extract,menthol,so these are all the key ingredients,that has been used and if we want to,check the all ingredients you can check,it out out here,next guys well talk about the alleged,messy factors of this product but before,going further it is requested from you,all to like share and subscribe to our,channel,so first of all about the availability,of this product we have checked and this,product is available in this particular,website only,and if you want to know about the,release date we couldnt find the exact,release date but it seems like this,product is quite new they have checked,in some places,and if you want to know about the social,media presence this product does have,social media presence,it is there on facebook instagram also,on youtube,also on instagram it has over 59 000,followers so this is a very good sign,next guys if you want to know about this,websites dominate and the trust core we,have checked and this website was first,registered on 5th of may 2021 which,means this website is quite new,and the true score of this site is only,eight percent,which is also a good sign so now well,talk about the most important point that,are the reviews of this product so we,have found some reviews on facebook with,a five out of five rating and the,reviews are positive also there are many,article based review as well which is,also positive and there are some,evaluation as well on this product,so you can check that out,but there are no reviews on other,reviewing website we have checked so in,the conclusion of the db hair serum,review this product might be a later,product it seems like this product is,not very old and it is not available,over different general website as well,but it has got a strong social media,presence and it has got many good,reviews as well and their website is,also very old and the trust core is very,good so it might be a legit product,but we also recommend you to make a,right decision after exploring well,so if this review is helpful for you,then please to comment your thoughts,about this video we are always active in,answering your comments so thats all,for todays video also do not forget to,like share and subscribe and have a nice,day

My first impression thoughts about divi scalp serum created by Dani Austin

hey there guys welcome back to my,channel and today,well okay,hold on,let me explain what im going to be,talking about today im going to be,talking about a product that i was i,fully intended on,um trying out for at least a month,before i did any videos about it i was,gonna completely test it out and then i,was gonna talk about it,but i decided that i was going to go,ahead and put this video out,first and then a couple of months from,now i will do an updated video and i,will talk about,ill talk about like,the product more in depth as far as,results and stuff like that,but,after using it the few times that ive,already used it i just wanted to go,ahead and talk about it in case there,were any people out there,that,were wanting to get it but didnt really,want to shell out,the money,um without having a little bit more,like,information i guess,so today were going to be talking about,divi,um it is a scalp serum and if you dont,know what divi is if youve never heard,of it then you probably dont follow,danny austin on instagram but this is a,company that she has started and it is a,scalp serum that she worked on for a,very very long time,so,im pretty sure she probably has,highlights and stuff like that about,divi so i will link her instagram down,below so you can check her out for,yourself to get like the information the,most wealth of information from the,person who created this herself,this is her instagram page ill plop it,up right here for you guys she is such a,precious human,she seems like she genuinely has such a,good heart,and i just really enjoy following her,and uh yeah so if you like to follow,other moms if you like to follow beauty,accounts fashion accounts stuff like,that on instagram definitely go check,her out if you havent already which i,find that hard to believe because so,many people follow her um but lets talk,about the scalp serum so,um as soon as she said that she was,gonna release this i got excited and,she has suffered from hair loss she has,suffered from hair thinning and she has,been self-conscious she took to wearing,wigs because of it,so if anyones going to make a product,for,hair health and scalp health,and,um,to help hair regrowth i feel like she,could be she should be very trusted um,so i bought it as soon as it went live i,signed up for text alerts and i was,outside walking the dog and bloop it,popped up and i was like oh gotta buy,this i literally got on my phone and,bought it from my phone right there,um super quick and easy,right now i do believe they are,currently out of stock sold out but she,is working really hard to get them back,in stock she had a little mini restock,um one night i do believe and i thought,about buying another one um but i was,like no im gonna let people that didnt,get a chance to get it the first time,get one of these um so,here is the product heres the bottle i,love the green color,to speak on the packaging the packaging,is really really,nice i paid 46 dollars for this i do not,remember what it is i know i got a,discount for signing up let me look up,um,exactly how much this is,without any,i paid 46.02,um thats with taxes and all of that and,it would have been,53.36 um i got 15 off so,this is going to cost you about,well just round it up to 55 bucks or,you can get a pack that has three,bottles in it to last you three months,which obviously that one is going to be,a lot more expensive but i think a lot,of people um,trying this out for the first time are,going to go for just a single bottle,just to test it out for a month and just,see what they think um so this isnt,a cheap product,okay,this is a pricier product um 55,its not exactly you know just like,chomp change especially for a lot of,people um so that is another reason,really,right now,um its a nice day today so like lots of,motorcycles and people driving around so,sorry if you heard that but thats,another reason why i wanted to talk,about this because,55 is,an investment for a lot of people and i,know,i enjoy seeing reviews and hearing what,people think about products before i,just like drop the money on them so,anyways packaging is really really nice,its really sturdy,it came,really quickly the shipping was super,fast,um,everything was nice nothing had spilled,everything was great in the,mail now i cant get the bottle out ive,had this out ive used it for over a,week now um,all right so it comes in this so its,nice and protected its nice and safe in,the mail,and this is the bottle minus sashas dog,hair that doesnt come with your bottle,but if you want some sasha dog hair i,can pack some up and mail it to you,because i have enough in my house like i,just go brush parts of the carpet and i,can get you some dog hair so,anyways,here is the bottle itself,let me tell you what this claims to do,it says it revitalize,revitalizes and detoxifies your scalp it,aids against hair thinning it nourishes,your hair follicles it detoxifies,product buildup and that is one thing,that ive already said in other videos,like when you use a lot of dry shampoo,hairspray um,hair gel mousse hair products in general,whatever hair products it might be,your scalp gets build up and your hair,has trouble growing when your scalp has,built up gunk,its hard for your hair to grow okay,its just obviously that makes sense,like,if you have a bunch of little holes and,you want things to go through the holes,but you have stuff stuck in all the,holes its going to be hard for you to,get all the stuff,through same with your scalp same with,hair so,anyways you guys now already know how i,feel about dry shampoo and products like,that i try not to use them,i would rather have dirty gross looking,hair,than use dry shampoo or,just prepare ahead and wash my hair um,i try not to use those kind of products,im not even big on hair spray unless,its a special occasion and i need my,hair to stay other than that i dont,like using a lot of products on my hair,um,and i do have fairly healthy hair,especially for someone that goes and,gets their hair bleached every six to,eight weeks and toned and all that stuff,and ive been doing this,for,my hair has been blonde for i think over,two years now,like and my hair is good um i dont have,a lot of breakage and stuff like that i,have pretty healthy hair and that is,because i try my best to take care of it,you only get one head you gotta be,thankful for it and you gotta you gotta,show it love um,so im just gonna read you the back of,the box,um,just so you can get some more info this,is a lightweight scalp serum especially,if you dont follow her and you never,had heard of this,anyways lightweights lightweight scalp,serum its infused with a powerful blend,of amino acids and peptides to detox,follicle buildup support thicker hair,and aid overall scalp health when your,scalp is healthy,when your scalp is happy,your hair can be too,when your scalps healthy your hair can,be healthy happy as well i cant talk,today anyways to use this youre going,to shake the bottle well before you use,it youre going to apply a full dropper,of serum daily directly to dry or towel,dried,scalp,wherever results are desired a slight,tingling sensation may occur this is,just the serum working its magic good,things take time best results occur,after three months of continuous use and,then it obviously has a list of the,ingredients which the ingredients,are,nice ive looked through them theres,things like rosemary leaf extract,peppermint,eucalyptus oil,glycerin absorbent caffeine,absorbic acid,tea tree leaf oil and just different,like the versions of it and stuff or,you can look at the ingredients you can,get online and look at that this is,vegan cruelty free made in the usa and,dermatologist tested,this is,not something that she just you know,decided she wanted to make in a month,later rolled this product out i really,feel like this is something that came,from her heart,um that came from a need,something that she needed and then she,saw where,other women also have insecurities about,hair loss o

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