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Divinity Original Sin 2 Review // Is It Worth It in 2022?!

Divinity original sent you will review,the first game of the series but is the,second one actually wanted to play and,buy right now so lets discuss that and,you know what as always Im not gonna be,wasting your time and Im going to be,giving you the answer right away without,ever even getting into details why,because yeah youll probably know why,but you just want to know the answer,right so the answer is this yes DaVinci,original scene 2 is absolutely worth it,to buy because this is one of the best,isometric RPGs that you can buy right,now at least from the modern ones and,with an extensive world and a freedom in,this world that you are given this game,is probably one of the best games period,but theres a big asterisk there because,this game will not be for everyone,especially and mainly for the younger,audiences so let me explain lets first,explain what DaVinci original scene 2,actually is as I said before this is the,second game in a Divinity original scene,series and it takes you to the world of,revolon and generalize is technically,not an isometric RPG because yeah you,are playing in a full 3d World but yeah,because you are mainly in an isometric,perspective yeah this is an isometric,garbage youre looking at the world in a,top-down View and your goal is basically,to live in this world yes again no,spoilers because yeah the game has,amazing story that you need to,experience yourself even from the very,beginning but how it plays so you can,actually divide the game into two parts,first is the exploration part where you,will explore around the world you see,the world around you you engage in,conversations you take on complete,quests you manage your inventory you,trade etc etc and the second part is the,combat but and in this case game has a,turn based combat just like the first,game the first but the exploration part,is in real time you are walking around,and while exploring and seeing the world,around you but as soon as you get into,combat the game game pauses and,transforms into the turn-based combat,and the games true appeal is in its,freedom and the way how he can actually,play this because unlike the majority of,the games that tells you that you can,play the game however you want here you,can actually play a game however you,want even in the beginning game has a,few pre-made characters for you I dont,remember exactly I think there are five,or six of them and you even have an,ability to create your own character and,when I say you can play the game however,you want you cant play a game however,you want because there are literally no,restrictions on how we can actually,complete different tasks in the game,want to play guns blazing and fight,everyone you can wanna solve the,situations with the simple diplomacy and,well dialogues you can wanna sneak,around and complete the game while not,being seen by anyone well you can you,can play the game with a party up to,four different individuals and all of,them are literally the main character in,the game because you can play and Main,with each and every one of them even,though we have one main character you,can play with every character in your,party and this plays a huge role because,every single character has their own,background and will be treated,differently by the people around you so,for example if youre gonna play with,the human character youre gonna be well,treated more or less well by humans and,not that well by elves but if youre,gonna play as a lizard for example with,a red Prince youre going to be treated,badly by practically everyone because,people dont trust lizards and the same,goes with an undead because yeah because,token with a pile of bones well its not,as trustworthy as you might think right,and this Freedom extends into the combat,as well because just like the first game,combat is pretty versatile because you,are not just using your abilities but,you also use the environment around you,for example if youll see a lets say a,poisoned Barrel oh you can actually,break this Barrel releasing the poison,and potentially harming your enemy or,even your allies and if youre gonna,throw a fireball on it this poison,Barrel will explode and will create fire,and if youre gonna brain on this fire,you will create a cloud of steam but,yeah and if your rate will create,puddles even hit it with electricity it,will amplify the effect of electricity,hitting everyone in this puddle things,like that makes the combat pretty,interesting and pretty fun and story,wise and the dialogue wise game is as,deep as you can even imagine because,this is as close to playing a book as,you can get there are a ton tons and,tons of different quests and dialogues,thankfully all of them are voice acted,and there are tons of different ways to,complete the quest as there are no,do-overs in this game if youre gonna,say something bad that will offend the,people that youre talking to well there,is there are no do-overs this person,will be offended and they might not even,talk to you anymore and if theyre,talking to this individual and,persuading this individual is the way to,complete the quest well you might need,to find another way to complete the,quest thankfully there are other ways to,do so as well plus each and every,character that youre gonna have in your,party will have their own unique,dialogue options which enhances the game,even more adding to well its massive,replayability and even though were,playing this game will not be easy,because the game is huge and massive,well you might want to do it because,yeah game has a lot of replayability,value but it all sounds like sunshine,and rainbows but because remember what I,said in the beginning yes this game,might not be for everyone because of one,very simple reason and this reason is,the exact same reason why the game is,great well and that is the complexity,game is very complex not difficult but,complex and and there is big difference,because between difficulty and,complexity lets say the souls like,games they are difficult theyre not,complex they are difficult because you,need to learn the patterns you need to,be prepared for battle and things like,that but here its complex because you,have a lot of mechanics playing all,together like were going to say with,the combat you have to be aware not just,what your characters can do but where,they stand what turn they will take in,battle and even all the elemental,factors in surroundings so you need to,be very aware of all of this and in the,regular exploration you need to be aware,of the all the things that you are,saying because yeah if you can just,press the button just to get to the,dialogue over with yeah you might not be,able to complete the quest at least,favorably so this complexity makes the,game well probably not appealing for,everyone especially for the people who,grew up on the Fortnight and even for,the people grew up on Skyrim I would say,because the amount of dialogue and the,amount of speeches the amount of combat,I need to go through is insane this is,probably this is this is probably the,most written game of them all because,yeah the amount of writing in this game,is well again insane and the comment,itself is not the icing on a cake as,well because the combat can actually,drag each and every battle can continue,for a few minutes not just a lot not a,few seconds you might be in a combat for,10 15 maybe even 20 minutes depending on,what youre fighting and you might need,to go through a lot of different commas,thankfully they are not overwhelming,amount of battles and thankfully its,its well more or less on a very tame,level but yeah if you like a lot of,combat yeah it will drag and continue,for a pretty long time especially on,higher difficulties and complexity,doesnt end even there because yet the,first thing that you will be doing in,this game is pretty complex and the,first thing is even choosing your own,character because the amount of things,the amount of characteristics that,defines your character what they can

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review

divinity original sin – isnt just an,improvement over its already impressive,predecessor its also one of the finest,RPGs of any type that weve seen in some,time youll find a few bugs lurking here,and there on occasion but beyond that,original sin – is the master work the,towers over many of its peers and the,strength of its character choice its,powerful storytelling and its rewarding,turn-based combat,[Music],the overarching tale itself is,fascinating centered as it is on a cast,of so-called sorcerers who are forced to,wear magic inhibiting collars to protect,the population around them over the,course of around 60 hours it tackles,themes of dispossession and the pursuit,of divinity all while allowing room for,romance and flashes of humor but much,like The Witcher 3 original sin 2,peppers the heros journey with,brilliant side quests that pack is great,a punch as the main story nor is it,exactly Orthodox and how it dishes out,quests much is in the first original sin,some of the best interactions happen if,you pick up the pet pal and chat with,the animals of the world but the true,wonder of original sin 2 lies in how,alive the world Larian studios has,crafted its as graphically beautiful as,any game of this perspective has ever,been for one and features a memorable,soundtrack youre on a big quest that,will affect the lives of everyone in the,world naturally but its people dont,really see you as some cosmic arbiter of,its fates and their lives dont always,revolve around you,for instance key NPCs affecting major,side story arcs can die before youve,had a chance to chat with them properly,thus keeping you from seeing what might,have been until the next playthrough few,modern games are brave enough to lock,out major content based on your,decisions and that gives those choices,are rare wait thank you my friend like,all the best RPGs freedom and,flexibility are key words here and,multiple solutions and outcomes exist,for almost everything you can chat your,way out of most situations or you can,fight your way through if thats what,your character would do you can avoid,some conflicts entirely by sneakily,teleporting party members or on,obstacles this kind of freedom can cause,friction in the co-op mode for up to,four players especially since just like,in real life your friends can run off,and do their own thing and profoundly,alter the way you intended a quest to go,it contributes to the feeling of living,in a real world with real people most,impressively your experience changes,based on which of the five races you,pick for your characters play as an elf,or bring one along and you can on limbs,to learn the backstory of the guy youre,chewing play as the undead and poisons,heal you rather than damage you but you,risk potential allies fleeing in fear if,you ever reveal your face you can make,custom characters using any common,of races and the plentiful starting,classes but its best to experience,original sin to story in the shoes of,the wonderfully written characters,created by Larian the degree of,character specific dialog options is,frankly astounding at times especially,considering that every single written,line of the story is voice-acted its,also impressive that each characters,story arcs sometimes conflicts with,another dont stand between a prince and,his principles that same flexibility,extends to combat original sin to is,unabashedly turn-based with each,characters moves limited by how you,spend their pool of action points but,the way it allows your weapons spells,and the environment to interact and play,off each other encourages constant,creative thinking want to teleport an,allied closer to you so you can douse,the flames burning them with a water,balloon thats a thing classes are,open-ended to allowing you to change,roles mid game if you want or need to,better yet the fun doesnt have to end,with the end of the story as divinity,original sin too comes with a game,master mode that lets you simulate the,GM driven experience of a tabletop,Dungeons dragon game using original sin,two rules its such an appealing package,that when the few bugs do appear such as,NPCs that refuse to talk until you,reload your save you might be convinced,youre doing something wrong and need to,lift a curse on them or something on the,bright side patches since launch day,have been frequent and effective,divinity original sin – may have been,designed in the spirit of decades-old,RPGs like Baldurs Gate – but that,legacy serves only as a foundation for,the expansive game Larian has built on,top of it few other RPGs allow such a,wide range of flexibility while also,supporting rewarding combat and a,powerful story this will be remembered,as one of the greats,for more of this years top scoring,games check out our reviews for Legend,of Zelda breath of the wild pyre and,persona 5

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition Review

[Music],when we first reviewed divinity original,sin 2 in 2017 we gave it a 9.6 for,amazing heres what we said then,divinity original sin 2 may have been,designed in the spirit of decades-old,RPGs like Baldurs Gate 2 but that,legacy serves only as a foundation for,the expansive game Larian is built on,top of it few other RPGs allow such a,wide range of flexibility while also,supporting rewarding combat and a,powerful story this will be remembered,as one of the greats,now divinity original sin – definitive,edition refines and retooled some,elements of the first game that didnt,quite stick as a free update for owners,of the original on PC and ushers that,excellent isometric experience onto,consoles for the first time and that,translation to counsel is skillfully,executed delivering one of the greatest,RPGs in recent memory with near lossless,quality,[Music],technically divinity original sin -,definitive edition is one of the most,beautiful looking isometric RPGs and,that hasnt changed,quality does depend on the power of your,box though with visuals popping on both,the Xbox one X and the ps4 Pro,especially in HDR while the standard,Xbox one and ps4 are no slouches either,there are noticeable dips in frame rate,in graphically intensive areas and all,consoles infrequently jerk when the big,fireworks go off mid-battle,but all things considered the Xbox one X,is consistently the shiniest best,performing console version of the number,of positive changes introduced in the,definitive edition by developer Larian,studios most will likely go unnoticed,unless youve invested dozens of hours,into the original things like fleshed,out character stories and interactions a,no-pressure story mode reworked and,brand new fights character pacing a new,comprehensive arena mode and more round,out this definitive edition and Im most,excited to see the largely rewritten,third act when I finally get back to it,but the make-it-or-break-it element of,the definitive edition on consoles is,jamming and entire keyboards worth of,features on to the limited buttons of a,controller,fortunately divinity original sin – on a,gamepad is impressively intuitive,through a series of radial and drop down,menus youre only ever a few button,presses away from doing whatever you,want while there are a few rough edges,you dont find on the PC Im still,surprised by just how seamless,traditionally complex mechanics like,dividing your party organizing your,inventory or managing your action bar,perform on Larenz controller layout with,the area search feature for easy looting,being one of my favorite considerations,however as expected cursor precision on,the controller isnt as spot-on as with,a mouse Larian has included settings to,cope like a tactical camera and,character highlights to help,differentiate friend from foe but I,still occasionally found myself,accidentally attacking the ground or,buffing an enemy instead of my character,but these one-off inconveniences are the,exception to the rule,divinity original sin – definitive,edition works brilliantly on a gamepad,that intuitive translation extends to,the two-player local and for player,online cooperative modes as well locally,the screen seamlessly split and rejoined,based on proximity and swapping,ownership of characters is a breeze and,though I spent over 100 hours playing,divinity 2s original release all by my,lonesome I can definitely see myself,easily making the transition to,rediscovering divinity original sin -,with good friends in a cooperative,setting finally the new arena is what an,armchair strategist like me has been,wanting divinity original sin – has one,of the best isometric RPG tactical,fighting systems possibly ever and its,a consistent joy to see what kind of,explosive or slice strategies you can,employ the arena mode supporting one to,four teams of one to four characters is,an endless pool of that fun as you craft,strategies from the sixteen playable,characters pulled from divinity lore,facing other players online or locally,or just testing my mettle against the AI,in increasingly hopeless odds is,something I still havent grown tired of,over a dozen matches later divinity,original sin – definitive edition is a,new way to play one of the absolute best,RPGs in years and whether youre diving,back in on PC or booting it up on the,console for the first time its,flexibility personality and charm make,for an amazing adventure for more on,divinity original sin – definitive,edition you can check out a full arena,match in 4k or our one on one lets play,with the developers right now and for,everything else keep it right here,[Music]

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Critique

[Music],Larian studios divinity original sin,seems to strike a winning formula its,turn-based combat system gave players,lots of tools to play around with while,feeling deep enough to be tactically,engaging the level of interactivity of,the world was something rarely seen in,an RPG and the addition of coop did a,lot to broaden the games appeal,divinity original sin – set to build on,this foundation a conscious effort was,made to remedy the first game,shortcomings particularly the weak,narrative as well as to up the overall,level of presentation its added new,races new abilities new skills new,status effects community feedback was,taking on board both from the first game,and from original sin twos early access,release and so divinity original sin 2,seemed like the perfect sequel and many,reviews suggest that it was they,received them 93 on Metacritic GameSpot,gave it a 10 out of 10 and PC gamer,named at their game of the year its,Universal critical acclaim was matched,by very strong sales with 1 million,copies being sold within two months a,feat most si RPGs can only dream of,but divinity original sin to success put,it beyond the realm of other si RPGs it,wasnt just the game for old-school RPG,fans it didnt have to rely on pandering,to nostalgia or standing on the,shoulders of previous classics like,Planescape torment or fallout it was a,true mainstream success that would be,played and enjoyed by people who had,never touched an isometric RPG before in,their lives and thats great,Larian have truly made a name for,themselves and divinity original sin 2,is a good game just like divinity,original sin 1 was still its not the,perfect sequel because despite many,improvements,it also has worse combats in the first,game and makes a few other important,missteps but whats perhaps most,interesting about original sin 2 is that,many of the mistakes it does make are a,direct result of trying to address the,criticisms of the first,game each misstep was made with good,intent so lets start at what is likely,the most obvious example of this ARMA,orangy can be frustrating and many,players dont like seeing their,abilities miss an enemy as a result of a,saving throw not going their way if that,enemy is a boss and if thats saving,Frodo can turn the tide of the battle,this is a real problem as it diminishes,the feeling of skill people want to win,because of their strategy not because of,their luck and this could happen in,original sin 1 in addition to this some,criticized the first game as being,overly reliant on crowd control as well,as expressing frustration at being crowd,controlled by the enemy so regularly,sometimes before they even had a chance,to control their characters in combats,so along comes original sin 2 and the,addition of armor which creates two,additional sets of hit points 1 depleted,by physical damage the other by magic,damage that have to be removed before,that character can be affected by most,negative statuses and so this replaced,the need for saving throws no longer,with players have to suffer from a bad,roll of the dice from their skills being,resisted or be able to rely on crowd,control to lock down the battlefield so,easily on paper it seemed like a great,change but it had a number of other,consequences firstly it greatly,diminishes one of the most fun parts of,original sin 1 environmental effects and,the mayhem that came with them before,the right combination of effects could,completely change how the fight plays,out electrified puddles could lock down,multiple opponents combining fire and,poison could result in large amounts of,damage and areas of ice or oil could,provide a vital safety barrier to,protect your vulnerable party members,now a lot of the CC effects from,environmental hazards are resisted by,armor and so it can be completely,ignored walking for a field of fire,mightve meant certain death before but,now it only does damage to your magic,armor which can often be shrugged off,things like elemental arrows and,grenades felt incredibly useful in,original sin 1 as they could be used as,combo pieces but now setting up the,right combination of effects is almost,always less effective than spending your,action points on pure damage,environmental effects for one of the,real selling points are original sin 1,and while they still exist they just,dont matter very much anymore this is,really obvious when you look at my,straps which are now pretty much,completely neutered seriously almost,every single trap in the game can just,be ran across and ignored and while this,could have been easily fixed by just,increasing the damage traps do it wasnt,which makes traps a complete joke,theres also the addition of cursed,effects which make controlling the,environment even more difficult as the,only way to effectively get rid of them,is using the skill bless which costs one,action points plus one source points,plus one memory slots and is therefore,rarely worth its high cost and if that,alone wasnt enough to make,environmental effects feel unimportant,Larian have also added several new,mobility skills both for you and your,enemies meaning most characters can just,jump around the battlefields whenever,they want to anyway getting cloak and,dagger or phoenix dive on your marksman,in original sin one took serious,investment into their respective skill,sets but they can be acquired far easier,in original sin – anyway well come back,to skills later but for now lets get,back to the effects of armor just as in,original sin one where crowd control was,king now high damage has taken its place,because bursting down characters armor,is what allows you to CC them this may,not sound like a bad change but in,original sin 1 there was always lots of,ways to CC enemies and different enemies,had different resistances to encourage,you to not just rely on the same methods,over and over in comparison when your,objective is to do as much damage as,possible its usually pretty easy to,work out what is objectively the best,way to do this and when youve done,enough damage to break the enemy shield,youll probably rely on the same few CC,abilities because some are much easier,to use than others for example whenever,I remove an enemys physical armor I use,either battering ram battle stomp or a,knock down arrow because knock down is,better than other types of CC I could,use [ __ ] blind or atrophy but these,dont always reliably stop enemies from,attacking you and magic is similar I,relied on the same few ways of sleeping,and charming my opponents because thats,what worked best with my setup in,original sin 1 Id often use stuns and,freezes as well but in original sin 2,you have to remove an enemys magic,armor and then kill or shock an enemy,twice the CC them so unless your main,source of magic damage does these,effects anyway theyre just not worth,using you probably had a different setup,to me and so relied on different tactics,but my point is whatever worked for you,you probably work just as well across,most fights because fights play out too,similarly now you can usually just use,the same combination of skills the,maximize damage and then use the same,few CC abilities an original sin one,experimentation was more rewarding and,different fights with more often require,different strategies,there were times in each game where Id,lose a fight and try again in original,sin 1 Id often try something completely,different and that would often work and,things would play out in ways I wouldnt,expect in original sin – I just do 95%,of things similarly except try to,squeeze out a little bit more DPS,usually for using things like adrenaline,or time warp because experimentation is,just not as rewarding when all that,matters is doing enough damage to break,armor and the only big choice that most,fights presents is deciding which,opponents to focus down first,in contrast original sin 1 often felt,like this great interplay between chaos,and control manipulating the environment,could be very effective but thin

D:OS2 – Review After 100%

whats going on everybody mortum here,this time bringing you my review after,100,for divinity original sin 2. a couple of,things to get out of the way,divinity original sin 2 is hands down my,favorite game of all time so,i just kind of want to make people aware,of that bias,going into this my entire channel is,roughly dedicated to divinity i cover,pretty much all crpgs really and then a,few,other rpgs as i get interested in them,realistically i do tons of divinity lore,i have a story series for every single,divinity game that is in existence,it occurred to me that i had never,actually reviewed,divinity original sin 2 and i like to do,reviews after 100,because a i feel it lends more,authenticity to what i do,and also sets me apart from other,reviewers on youtube,i put up a poll on my community page,asked if people would be interested it,was a pretty resounding yes for the most,part so,here we are now with that out of the way,lets jump into it,what is divinity original sin 2 well if,you havent heard,it is a turn-based crpg style game,isometric might not be the exact word i,mean its mostly isometric but you can,move the camera around its pretty,its pretty free as far as cameras go,though it does kind of tend to stick to,that,isometric type view unlike a lot of,crpgs though,there is no like world map system youre,actually a 3d character in a 3d space,moving it around it in a crpg style,fashion which is unique in the genre and,i think people really responded to it so,i,decided to mention it here simply,because i could not think of any better,place to put this in the video,i just want to start this off by saying,that terms like,canon and lore are a little loose in the,divinity series,not to the extent of say a series like,zelda,where the lore in canon seems to change,with every game they make,but the original divinity game was,published in i believe it was 2002 if my,memory serves,and they had no intentions of like,getting to make another one,so because of that over time a lot of,this lore has changed,and fluctuated and without a doubt,original sin 2,is clearly where they spent the most,time on the world building,and actually tried to flesh things out,but because of that it has actually,created some holes,in the lore here and there so as much as,i hate to say it realistically,there are like some not so lore friendly,things here and there and i just want to,mention them im not going to go into,like detail about what they are but my,point is,is if youre an avid divinity fan who,cares about that kind of thing,there are plot holes ive acknowledged,that many times over but i just wanted,to fit it in somewhere in this review so,i figured right here was a good place to,do it but that said with what is,presented to you,hands down original sin 2 does it the,best of all the games,but some key things i want to mention in,that regard though,for instance almost all of the lore we,have about elves,is implemented in this game prior to,this game we actually knew precious,little about the elves,there was actually only one game and i,believe it was divinity two,that even referenced something similar,to an ancestor tree,and it was just an elf that had happened,to turn into a tree it didnt even like,flesh it out that was the whole plot,point this is the only game that,mentions the ritualistic cannibalism,that elves engage in in this game,jumping in from there when you fire up,your game of divinity original sin 2,youre going to be met with the,difficulty selector,pretty much has your standard stuff you,know story mode,classic which is like normal and then,tactician mode,tactician is the hardest difficulty but,its actually broken up into,two separate modes regular tactician and,honor mode honor mode is your iron man,challenge you get one save file,the game will auto save every single,time one of your party members goes down,and if your entire party gets wiped out,it deletes your save,and once we choose our difficulty were,going to hit character creation,which one of my first big videos on this,channel was actually about divinity,original sin 2 actually uses a unique,system that they made themselves,and as you play the game you quickly,find out that this system is,exploitable but with like finger quotes,because what divinity original sent to,does very well,is reactivity and larian seems to have,spent,an ungodly amount of time realizing,every which way somebody might work,their way around a situation,and more often than not the game will,react to it or have something prepared,for it,so i use exploitable in finger quotes,because the game seems to expect you to,like,actually choose these things or at least,prepared for it at the very least,and in some cases it just flat out,rewards it but the actual,system itself is very flexible i feel,like you can definitely make the,character,that you want to make with the skills,available you can make various types of,mages all sorts of stuff i have a ton of,build videos up on the channel for,instance i wont go too deep into it and,you know i literally have a video about,character creation thats like 30,minutes long,but suffice to say pretty big fan i feel,like you can make the character that you,want to make to role play as,and while it is a unique system so,theres no like standard crpg drama of,like having to go read something to,figure it out because you know its a,unique system theres nothing to read,you just have to figure it out now the,nice thing about divinity original sin 2,and the later definitive edition that,they made,in the original game after you leave act,1 you get access to a magic mirror that,allows you to respect for free anytime,you want in addition to that definitive,edition,actually added a tutorial to the game,that did a better job of explaining it,than the quick prologue you go through,to larians credit they have at least,tried to hit that knowledge gap that,people tend to run into when they pick,up this game for the first time,another thing about character creation,ive always really enjoyed is that,the races have important distinct,bonuses like,there are trade-offs for your decisions,if you want to play an elf you get,access to their cannibalism thing i,mentioned earlier,elves when they taste sentient flesh,absorb memories from that flesh and that,they can relive them and find things out,that way,but if you go with another character,that you know isnt an elf theyre not,going to have that,races also dictate how the world tends,to respond to you,for instance lizards who come from the,lizard empire,arent treated well by other people,because,most people find them suspicious now,lastly i want to mention character,creation wise is that we have our tag,system the tag system allows you to pick,a background,basically you choose two tags and that,is like a scholar,noble things like that and you can kind,of define your background while,simultaneously leaving it open to role,play,so you might choose noble and scholar,but thats thats such a broad term that,you can still define your backstory,within those concepts which i am a big,fan of,and lastly that brings us to origin,characters for character creation,the origin characters are the six,pre-made playable characters related to,the main story,you can play as one of them or have them,as companions,they are available even if you dont,choose to play as one because,they effectively serve as your,companions if you didnt choose to play,as one,and regardless if you choose one you can,still then recruit the other ones if you,so choose,up to a party of four now truthfully,these origin stories are some of the,best writing in the game,several of them are just incredible,stories losa is always a fan favorite,personally i love sabiles story i fans,was really good,i enjoyed the red princes but its,probably my least favorite of all of,them,but my point being all of these stories,are very well told,and you get a lot of unique dialogue if,you choose to play as one of these,characters as 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Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Review (2020)

[Music],2020 will see some massively anticipated,games released from cyberpunk 2077 – The,Last of Us part 2 it should be another,exciting year for gamers however I want,to focus on a lesser-known RPG thuds I,discovered some time ago I came across,this game about a year ago and Ive been,fascinated with it ever since,indeed I believe this is one of my,favorite games of all time if not the,favorite divinity original sin – was,always a game that Id overlooked on the,steam store or if I got an advertisement,for on YouTube I skipped it straight,away I did this because the game didnt,seem like it would appeal to me it was,turn-based and in my mind what RPG could,possibly compare to the likes of The,Witcher 3 then in 2019 roughly around,February I was bored out of my mind,browsing through this theme store I,bought divinity – because it was an,offer and for no other reason but Jesus,Christ am I glad that I made that,purchase the face youve seen before in,black and glass soul sickness incarnate,the rotten flesh of the worlds most,shameful desires an all-knowing,affliction this is the god kings pallid,envoi unfortunately divinity too is an,underrepresented game in the media on,YouTube searching for the game will show,you that it receives lesser attention,compared to other big RPGs equally one,of the reasons I originally didnt play,the game was because the youtubers I,watched simply didnt play either in,this video my aim is to convince the me,of the past to play divinity – I want to,explain to that boy who thought The,Witcher 3 was the absolute pinnacle of,the RPG genre that divinity 2 is at,least its equal if not better I hope,that a few of you who are perhaps in the,same position confident that divinity 2,isnt the game for them will be,influenced by this video,[Music],the story is the most important aspect,of any RPG the best games have a,powerful one one that wrenches your,emotions one that makes you care about,the characters within it so real is it,not one that fall its fancifulness is,set in a realistic world where there is,no by Navi between right and wrong,divinity 2 has all of this Im not going,to spoil anything important in this,video but there will be some minor,spoilers forthcoming as I explain the,premise of the game the moral complexity,of divinity 2 is made apparent to you,almost straight away you are a sorcerer,in the divinity universe this is,different from simply being a mage,sorcerers use a special form of magic,called source to cast especially,powerful spells but this source magic,attracts vicious beings called void,woken who slaughter innocents in their,wake the order of Magisters thus capture,and detain any sorcerers they find on,the mainland they take them to an island,off the coast called fort joy initially,the main quest revolves around trying to,escape the island guarded by these,Magisters but its a difficult position,on the one hand youre essentially an,innocent person whos being imprisoned,on the other your imprisonment is,genuinely helping to safeguard the,majority of the people on the mainland,because through no fault of your own,theres the chance that your magic will,summon these vicious void woken of,course this is but a snippet of the,moral complexity of divinity I cant,talk about this further without spoiling,the game but let me put it this way,there was hardly a single moment in the,game where I fully felt like I was doing,what was good or voids in almost every,situation I could fathom seeing things,from my adversarys perspective even,when it came to the main antagonist,leading on from this much of the power,behind divinity to comes from the,meaningful choices available to the,player given the morally complex,universe these choices are hard some of,the games endings are better than,others but none of them are perfect your,choices will almost always have some,sort of negative effect throughout the,game again I cant really go into some,of these choices without spoiling the,plot but the power of divinity story,also comes from this characterization,the party system means that you can,choose three other NPCs to follow you,there are six to choose from and they,arent just bland NPCs rather theyre,like fully fleshed out people like in,most RPGs there is a main quest but for,each of your partys characters there,was a dedicated quest line almost as,long as the main one as the master of,the party youre not just changing these,characters skill points rather through,their individual quests youre helping,them to develop as people and to an,extent you shape that the depth of the,party system is really what is unique,about divinity – I know plenty of other,games with similar systems but in none,of them are the party members,characterized in such depth in games,like Skyrim and The Witcher 3 youre,essentially a lone wolf you encounter,others along your journey but you do,things alone in Skyrim you can have,followers but out of all of them,Savannah is probably the most fleshed,out and she pales in comparison to how,developed the followers are in divinity,- in divinity every step of the way,youre accompanied by up to three other,people and this has the ultimate effect,of making you incredibly attached to,them as I mentioned before what is,powerful about divinity 2 is that it,makes you care,[Music],the turn-based combat system is what,puts most people off divinity – and as I,mentioned before its what convinced me,not to buy this game for about two years,but in reality its one of the games,biggest strengths combat in divinity is,like taking your mind to the gym you are,forced to think about every move you,make I used to think that turn-based,combat was just boring it was for nerds,who loved adding up attack damage and,meticulously planning their offensive,but Ive never been so wrong,divinity – makes the combat challenging,but also smooth and graphically pleasing,enough to stop it being tedious so what,I would say to anyone on the fence about,buying divinity is to just give it a go,trust me when I say that once youve,tried the combat system despite all your,prior convictions you will love it the,setting of divinity is also amazing its,one of high fantasy its a world of,elves lizards and dwarves its a younger,universe so theres less flaw admittedly,compared to say Skyrim or The Witcher,but the law that is there is fantastic,and theres more than enough to get your,hands on,like in Skyrim or the witch I found,myself picking up books and reading them,talking to characters I didnt need to,talk to all for the sake of increasing,my knowledge of this world and the,knowledge itself is complex the books,talk about interesting things the law,takes a while to get your head around,especially the concept of being what is,called God woken which youll come,across in the game music is always,critical to a successful RPG as well,hands down Jeremy Soule is the best,video game composer out there and,divinity too does not surpass Skyrim or,Oblivion or morrowind,in terms of its soundtrack but it,certainly comes close you only have to,look at my Spotify wrapped as proof of,this borislav Slav of the composer for,the game is my second most listened to,artist after Jeremy saw I know theres a,bit of a sad thing to admit but its,true divinity 2 has a smaller soundtrack,Id say but each song is near-perfect,and it captures the ethos of the game,especially the main theme I just,absolutely love it finally you might,have noticed that this game is called,divinity – indeed there was a previous,game that came out a few years ago and,there were a few more games preceding,that however divinity – although,building upon the first game is in a way,standalone you can just pick it up start,playing you dont need to have played,the first game I didnt play the first,game and I understood absolutely,everything anyway I hope that Ive,convinced you to give divinity to ago at,the end of the day if you buy it and you,dont like it just leave on the game but,I think its absolutely amazing,and I think

Why Divinity Original Sin 2 is So Good // REVIEW

i dont think video games should try to,be other things so when people said to,me that divinity original sin 2 is like,d d kind of bristle there are things,that tabletop rpgs do that video games,cant and vice versa but after playing,it i do love it and i think i understand,the comparison there are of course,surface similarities and theme and,mechanics but really davini evokes the,feeling of dnd by making you an active,collaborator in the experience,youll mostly be doing a lot of dnd type,stuff talking to weird people and,animals discovering stuff in the open,world and engaging in turn-based,strategic scrapping now ordinarily id,outline the basic plot but just like in,a game of d d the larger plot is just,not that important the smaller moments,mysteries and general tone is what,really matters here for example there is,an awful lot of nasty stuff going river,slavery war genocide all sorts but it,never feels like,set dressing instead the game,meaningfully considers those themes,making them tangible rather than,philosophical by funneling them through,specific characters often characters in,your party forcing you to reckon with,those themes yourself this is why i,recommend using the pre-built characters,they already feel like theyre woven,into the world which immediately,enhances the fact that the decisions you,make in action and dialogue do have a,significant impact on the plot and those,characters seeing those choices ripple,out in future moments for good and bad,is gratifying but even more impressive,often the initial questions you started,with are good standalone moral conjures,worthy of thought regardless of their,mechanical function the little boy,beside her looks at you he picks his,nose,unfortunately as well it never really,gets bogged down in the potential,graveness of it larry and his mastered,are sort of silly but serious tone that,can bounce between tragedy and comedy,without feeling incoherent now ive,started with the serious stuff here,because i think its particularly,impressive but most of the time divinity,is just kind of goofy like just behind,the computer screen theres an,impossibly quick weird dungeon master,with a playful and self-satisfied grin,placid across their face for instance,there is this side quest that revolves,entirely around two chickens called pipa,and big marge it may be one of my,all-time favorite video game quests,purely for the charming ridiculousness,of it all tell that to big marge if you,dare,and it isnt alone divinity is packed,with funny dialogue notes descriptions,names an entire fantasy sitcom scenario,it is the reason exploration is so fun,here the things you discover im not,just your average fantasy drivel theres,always a sprinkling of charm on top,theyre absurd surprising and genuinely,intriguing whether that be negotiating a,bridge crossing between two random,trolls discovering a cave filled with,deadly puzzles this is not quite the,safest place ive ever been or pursuing,the steps towards the main quest but,its absolutely at its best when it,gives you an open space and a bunch of,lego blocks that could lock together in,a ton of different ways to fill that,space it just kind of likes to play the,lego blocks in this case are the,character abilities i wont go too,deeply into this specifically but,suffice to say every party has enough,tools in their bag of tricks to make,most problems a choice you can choose to,sneak lock pick talk or smash away,through most of the games problems,depending on how you expect or what,suits the situation best but the route,you decide to go down does matter,deciding to kill everyone in a pub just,to get at one dude will probably hurt,you in the long run ive made a severe,and continuous,lapse in my judgment a nice balance of,freedom and consequences dont get me,wrong though massacring all the patrons,of the pub would be fun combat is,probably where the freedom shines the,brightest even the most basic of,character that just sort of slaps things,with a big sword has a ton of abilities,and situational choices theres like a,multi-leveled pyramid of strategic,considerations,the first layer of this is positioning,certain characters are better closer are,further away from the enemies and,environment and elevation force you to,manage this on a pretty constant basis,the next layer is enemy priority you,cant focus one enemy at a time in this,game because physical damage only,damages physical armor and magic damage,only damages magic armor and your party,should probably do both the next layer,is standalone ability effects like,knocking an enemy down or turning them,into a chicken the final layer is,interactive abilities that affect one,another like poison clouds exploding,onto contact with fire or water,amplifying electric damage and theres a,bunch of layers ive had to skip in,there all of this results in a brilliant,combat system that is very tactical and,challenging but is also really,responsive to your creativity divinity,original sin 2 is a good game in its own,right but i played it with my partner,over like an 18 month period during a,really time in the world when i,couldnt muster the energy to dm a,campaign the ridiculous laughs,squabbling challenges and captivating,world of escape the game provided was,almost as good as getting around a table,with my friends and at the end of the,day it was really just what we needed at,that time and that is why its so good,[Music],hello thank you for watching my very,silly video but,i had a question for you all ive been,working my way through the dishonored,games and im thinking about making one,big video on the entire series instead,of individual videos reviewing each one,i just want to know if any of you had,any thoughts so let me know oh well

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