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  2. The Division 2 – The BETA Review
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The Division 2 BETA Review (First Impressions Review)

hi guys welcome back to channel now I have just got off an hour and a half,session of playing Division two beta, we live streamed it from the start,just before we really start and get into this because a lot of people watched at,the first minute minute two videos anyway if youre thinking of – and,youre a big fan – not by the hundred-pound Ultimate Edition just,dont do it alright thats all one thing you take,away from this video that is what you need to take away there will be some,fans who just want to get this game love it,you know why stick around f naught then by all means by the division to enjoy it,as much as you can but I strongly suggest you dont buy the park that gets,you free DLA access just to get a couple of patches for a couple of days and play,a broken game no I was quite looking forward to the division to the beta was,something that I was actually eager to play as well I quickly found while,playing on a PC either using keyboard and mouse was pretty crap so quickly,switched to a controller and quickly realized that game has been made for,controller no keyboard mouse good against walls and for nails we struggled,to get away from walls so to leap to the next wall thats what I phoned,personally anyway I didnt find it very keyboard and most friendly said we,switched to the mouse and it was better still not great when you go paint a wall,is 42 triangle vein walls a lot as a docking cover game and that is what as,and although thats a beat up people say well its an early version of the game,at the salient for 50 pounds to get beta access you expect it to be somewhat,polished in some way shape or form just because its a triple-a game doesnt,give the excuse look at things like apex legends or it should just come out free,to play pretty spotless other games like Im from a lot about problems in the,first demo second demo for me personally,had no issues at all thats just the adverts and trailers leading up to,Division two and what weve got a handle and no just dont really macho people in,the stream world rankings out the same a lot of people mentioned Whelan there is,so much superior to what this in killing enemies takes a full magazine,lets get em assessed quite the phone though as well thats where we know its,made for control up so theyre aiming towards the console market more than PC,personally my opinion thats what sold its a survival game but I just dont,really get where the survivor well and its going to come you can pack up,resources and general crap around the open world which feels empty know you if,you see the video you will fight this a lot and Ness it just feels empty,I think its hard to really put my finger on it didnt sit properly no,seeing this because people will get to people comment little sailors beta you,have to give her a chance you dont have been hoping that something for a while,and theyve been building up to it for a while its just not there its not,Tripoli its not what fifty pounds to get access to beer,nor 400 pounds to get access feed is a little 89 its something long that wins,its between nineteen hundred pounds but its just not worth that money unless,youre a die-hard fan who wants to play a scheme its not worth it honestly,dont do it the first couple days are saying well just put patches anyway,youll be the test dummy for many humilities know if your console and,youre gonna think in a bonus then yes Xbox one or PlayStation 4 make more,geared towards you because you use to that clunkiness,anyway keyboard and mouse this is not our PC master-race sketch comment,because Im a console play off from a rational moves over a PC and its just,no therefore in my opinion now you may faint definitely and like to,walk with the clunkiness by all means do that but its just something about it,just doesnt feel as if its a lot of fault but,for your mouse using eyes to get into your bike instead its just not been,marked open that way just feels really shit and all you can mark your keys but,the manner any game you clearly survival-based tab lets you enter your,inventory thats Kandahars,95% of survival games thats where youre going now as beta they can face a,lot of things but the prices that are asking for us just dont match up though,the die-hard finds us well see its great its fantastic,there was two diehard fans and over chat tonight watching us and they were,impressed at all I have a complete casual played whale line for a little,bit played some of the old Tom Clancy games the original division played a bit,over in console didnt really get into it because other games over the time,that was more into so Im not biased in the fact where Ive played once before,and heated up enjoyed some of the old Tom Clancys havent been really honest,but governesss Tripoli I just dont feel that its worth the money if you,said to me this is 25 pounds I thought yeah I can live with that but 50 pounds,80 pounds and 90 pounds just doesnt really match up at all Ill probably,wait a few if youre desperate to get this game I would hold on for a free,four weeks when it releases and get it for very polish freedom its not that,standard if youre a casual player two swings less you looking for a new,game dont run away in by it literally youre just way off for now the,meatballs at the water and on release itll be amazing the dota highly I dont,think it wont be from being completely honest I think it will be peace at the,war youre gonna get no no this video was just a run of the footage from the,actual stream that I sort of record in the background both you watch the stream,Oh youll find in the voids you see and the,complaints just as a casual player playing it just wasnt good at all its,just the e I just throw grenades constantly thats all the program eights,shreelane and just bombard with grenades just peeking behind walls constantly,its not really open as youd expect it that was cool maybe a,lot better dont get me wrong but survival games always have some of that,element we can play alone that is a big failure but survival games and the,pushing survival well I mean it seems to be the buzzword for games at the minute,youre not gonna get it honestly youre not gonna get it and,this is me talking as a casual clear so the diehards will love it and it doesnt,matter how bad it would come out anyway they will love it regardless the if,theyre into the franchise by all means have your opinion that is great but from,the casual player its not that great at all as I said without of diehard fans,and it just wasnt in the mechanics of its really pure Ill be honest its,really bad obviously this is all a snapper allowed managed to play but I,cant see the rest of the game being much different if Im being totally,honest its the mechanics are embedded in the game this thats what its gonna,be so face it over the shoulder not really great Ive been honest it does,flick you access as well from left shoulder straight shoulder randomly,sometimes you will go buying a wall then you stop buying the wall we cant get,away from it sometimes it wont click to the wall its just just not all there,its a shame really because its a game that I was looking forward to another,one another triple-eight that turned out to be a bag of Spanos and its just,whens are gonna stop thats a question how many more games are gonna keep,coming out tracking consumers like me and you and to buying these games that,promise the world in just 11 nothing this whole scam or,of beta if you pur though its becoming like a cancer in the gaming and shit,minute Ive refunded the game straight away as soon as a Gulfstream first rate,doubles refund the game shriti a big stores refunds gone now this is an epic,you play Humble Bundle you can buy it a lot platform each can,get its team as far as Im aware Ive looked through this team you cant see,it epic you have to enter support if you,have already fun the game just build up mind you have 14 days intervals playtime,on epic thats why I bought an epic store so if it was pure because I,predic

The Division 2 – The BETA Review

[Music],hello wazzup everybody welcome to a,brand new Division two video my name is,das countin today Im gonna give you my,summary of the division 2 beta so by now,the bear has come and gone and I,personally sunk in a whopping 32 hours,and 22 minutes into this game of which,six and a half hours was at the end game,level so it is fair to say that I have,played plenty of this game and can,fairly summarize the experience however,if this was not clear enough already,this is specifically for the beta the,full game is not out until March 15th,for standard editions or four golden,above March 12 and of course I will,probably make a follow-up video to,compare how the game has improved from,the beta and maybe even a review on the,game as its whole however with all that,out of the way lets get into it,starting off with the general things,about the gameplay lets start off of,the setting of the game the game takes,place in Washington DC seven months,after the events of the first game and,the outbreak of the green poison in,those seven months nature has started to,reclaim DC providing with a very bright,and green lush environment a vastly,contrast and experience to the snowy,streets and dark underground tunnels of,New York City however this is not,necessarily a bad thing I personally,think the new environment is nice and,refreshing as Ive already said it,vastly contrasts with the original,setting providing you with a totally,different feeling when exploring the,ruined streets all while still giving,you that feeling of abandonment,and survival above all unfortunately,with this set in it comes a slight issue,the son in my opinion is just way too,bright in some situations providing you,with a very washed out look on your,screen or reducing your ability to see,to near enough nothing and on the,opposite side of the spectrum some of,the dark places are so dark you cant,even see those tiny obstacles that are,stopping you from moving forward,providing a very frustrating experience,however there is some situations where,the game just really excels as showing,off how beautiful this environment can,be and was the addition of a new full,mode you can truly capture that,beautiful screenshots with ease moving,on to the gunplay,I feel that the gunplay has vastly,improved from the division one however,it still feels very familiar which is,great in my opinion and along with the,overall improvements to the gun handling,and how it feels to shoot the weapon,that experience is enhanced even more by,improved and gun sounds which provides,you a great sound feedback when you pull,that trigger however that brings me on,to my number one issue about this beta,during the beta more provident lee,during the later days of the beta,existed an issue that really caught my,nerves and that was an issue that could,only be fixed by restoring your game,fully what would happen is randomly your,guy would act like he is shell-shocked,and lose the ability to hear most things,and even in some cases all audio would,just cut out this is something that,annoyed me but since it is a beta Im,willing to not let myself get too,hopefully annoyed about it however if it,still persists in the main game and they,already have confirmed that they know,about this issue I will then be lets,just say pissed and whilst were on the,topic of issues Im gonna get this one,out of the way during the first couple,days of the beta I almost guarantee your,experience if you did play was looking,at a screen all too familiar,screen is the Delta oh three error which,as far as I know means you lose,connection to the server this was an,expected issue however it happened,between every ten minutes and one hour,of gameplay which really disrupted the,flow and took you out of the game and,was really frustrating but as I said,they managed to improve this over the,days and by the end of the beta it was,near enough gone so if youve seen any,videos out there that were made with,footage of the first day of the beta and,they judged their opinions on the first,day of the beta I would disregard,anything they said about Delta oh three,error because it got fixed,however Id expect to see a few of them,on launch day due to server capacity,apart from them two pretty big bugs,there was a few other issues the worst,of all the bugs was the issue that,caused the game to crash this would,happen if you played an extended period,of time and would cause you game to go,onto a black screen and all of a sudden,load for a second and then all of a,sudden just like that its gone it would,crash completely bringing you to your,desktop or your dashboard depending on,what platform you were on this issue did,get improved as the days went on however,it still persisted at the end of the,beta so I hope by the time this comes to,launch this issue is completely fixed as,it would be annoying to crash after,playing every three or four hours some,smaller issues included some janky,animations a I sometimes bug it out most,evidently when youre playing as a group,and you spread around the enemy they,tend to not know who to prioritize or,what to do in some situations I have,also heard of some invisible enemy,issues however I did not run into a,single occurrence of this myself and,there was an issue that was very rare,where players were able to get their,hands on a god damage,weapon however that one will definitely,be on the top of the list of priority,bugs to fix as it is a completely,game-breaking bug,if led into the final release of the,game and with that thats all the bad,bugs of the beta out of the way – lets,move on moving on from the general,things of this game brings us onto a,topic of one of my favorite things about,the division that being the loot along,with the previous archetypes of smgs,ARS pistols shotguns smgs and snipers,comes a brand new archetype of weapon,that being the rifle which provides you,something between a sniper rifle and AR,if you were a fan of the urban MDR in,the division 1 think a bunch of weapons,that work in similar ways included the,MDR itself and along with these,archetypes there is no shortage of,weapons that come along with them the,division 2 has a huge selection of,weapons on offer many are returning,weapons from the division 1 such as the,mp7 the FAL and of course the previously,mentioned urban MDR however there is,brand-new weapons such as the Setar 21,the lever action rifle and the SR 1,sniper rifle of course there is a bunch,more but I cannot think of them all off,the top of my head nor have I had the,chance to loot every single one and of,course I could go on ahead and break,down each one of these weapons one by,one but however this video is already,long enough and of course all this stuff,is subject to change so its better,waiting for the full release to start,doing weapon reviews moving off of,weapons we also have of course our armor,the armor system is in some ways similar,to the division 1 but in other ways,completely different or instance,armored still rules with our tributes,such as crit hit damage additional armor,health for weapon damage however what,has changed from the division one in the,division two is that starting with blue,a rarity items your armor can now rule,with a brand a brand this like a smaller,version of a gear set providing you,small bonuses to things like a are,damage SMG damage for a chance skill,power and so on equipment one piece of,this armor will give you the first bonus,two will give you the second and three,will give you the third however,something that is little-known right now,is that there is going to be gear sets,however the beta purposely did not have,access to these so we will have to wait,to the full game to take a look at that,but lets focus on how Brad sets were I,think they brought a nice new addition,to the new system of the division it,allowed you to start thinking about your,builder really early on and provides a,kind of gateway into forming proper,builds for new players on my main,character I tended

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The Division 2 Beta – My Final Thoughts & Impressions

[Music],hey guys Im back with a new video today,another on a depressed video from,theres a pressed and burned-out,youtuber you know maybe I should start,these videos different maybe I should,maybe I should bring more hype to my,voice maybe I said sounds like Im very,hyped about the game I just I just want,you to know that Im fine you know I,dont have depression but Im not burned,out I just I just want to have the,normal conversation without having to,scream into the mic if that makes any,sense,but yeah on a more serious note I have,one last video that I want to share,which is this one which is basically my,feedback video the good the bad and also,the things that really caught me by,surprise sort of the notes that I made,throughout playing and the things that I,would tell the developers if I were to,have a straight-up conversation with,them so yeah the intro of this video was,already a little bit too long because of,the excitement but yeah lets lets,start right away starting with the goods,the things that I really like about the,game which first up is the gunplay now,when I posted the gameplay that I,recorded at massive studios a few months,ago one of the first things that I,mentioned in that video is that I really,liked the way that the guns felt the way,that they sounds and just the feedback,that you get from them its a,combination of the of the sounds and the,visuals and also just the hip marker,swing Alliance shots I dont know it all,felt really good to use back then on,console and now on PC it also feels,really good aiming is 100% snappy at,least with the mouse and keyboard the,shots that you fire feel impactful due,to the lower time-to-kill both in the,early game PvE and in the PvP and I do,really feel that I want to use different,weapon classes now when I fight that,different ranges and I still stand by,the point that I think snipers and,shotguns shouldnt stagger players in,PvP and also that the force the,first-person scoping I think its still,super clunky especially with the lack of,a dedicated scope,sensitivity slider now I have seen a lot,of comments that said to me that well,what do you think happens in real life,when you get hit by a 50 caliber shot,Marco but yeah Im really care what,happens in real life were talking about,a game here and were talking about a,game where realism has been thrown out,of the window and left behind a long,long time ago where we have magical,healing clouds and where enemies take 20,bullets to the head anyway so I dont,really care about realism I just cared,to have a fun experience and I dont,think that the stagger on the shotguns,in the snipers is fun the developers did,say though that it will be removed for,the final game so thats why Im not,gonna go too much more into debts but,yeah the forced first-person scoping Im,still on a fan of it that still feels,very clunky and I ended up using the,cyber weapons without their scope just,because I didnt want to go into the,first-person now another thing that I,really liked about the game are dance,game character builds I already went in,depth about the character built into RPG,mechanics in a previous video but damn,just looking at it again at the love of,freddy characters i can see theres a,lot of options for a lot of variety and,its still such a small slice that we,got to see we still havent seen gear,set yet we still havent seen exotic,weapons yet so yeah this is the part,about the game that Im personally most,looking forward to I mean just look at,this for example I can have the same,gear talents on both my chest and my,backpack which means we can possibly,stack six of the same type of talents,for something saying specialized builds,or look at this chest piece again with,three mod slots and then so many stats,on it looking at all the different,endgame characters that we got to use in,the beta,yeah I think the difference between two,players is going to be pretty,significant and this is again the part,that I like the most about the game so,far and that says a lot if you keep in,mind that just six months ago with the,e3 reveal the character built variety,was something that I was really worried,about this was it was basically my,biggest concern back then so seeing how,much this all has been improved yeah Im,really happy with its now something that,I was also very pleasantly surprised by,is how feature-rich some of the aspects,are of,the game this time around let me just,quickly talk about skirmish for example,you think skirmish is just a PvP game,modes right that you kind of just play,off to the side when you just want to do,some quick PvP oh yeah it is but also,look at all the stats that are being,tracked in skirmish in game your kills,your debts your assists your skill kills,you can see your damage all that stuff,all these things are being tracked so to,speak just for the site mode and this is,the type of stuff that I wished we had,in the division one because it just it,just screams that yeah they put a lot of,work in it and they really thought about,well what do players want from the game,outs it just shows they went above and,beyond to add more and more features on,top of everything to try and make the,game better you see it here but you also,see it everywhere else like also the the,smaller things for example,we dont have to restock anymore when we,go into a checkpoint into a dark zone,checkpoint there is a perk that you have,to unlock at the base of operations and,once you have that perk you can just go,into the dark zone checkpoint and then,go back out without having to go to a,restock box and you will still restock,all your armor plates and all your,grenades so its the little things its,the extra features that make this game,more complete in my opinion and just to,put it together because I really want to,try to keep the video under 20 minutes,this time,yeah the gunplay feels good the RPG,mechanics the character building seems,deep and rich and the game looks to be,feature rich and polished around most of,its corners at least thats the intent,but then you know its a beta and the,game definitely isnt perfect so now I,want to talk about what I didnt like,about the game what I think still needs,a lot of work because there is just so,much stuff that just you know doesnt,work properly yet and I know this isnt,opinion that not everybody shares I mean,some people do but not everybody but I,think that the character movement and,the abilities and the skills in general,it all feels very very sluggish as,opposed to the gunplay which was very,tight its actually such a stark,contrast you know when you aim down,sights its near instance and you shoot,its instant,the go play feels good its snappy but,then trying to play skills on the floor,it goes so slow throwing your skills in,the air its so slow and with the faster,time to kill especially in PvP it starts,to feel very sluggish I think we already,went over this with the division one,though because in Division one we,learned that having long animations for,things such as the skills isnt a great,thing just think about the healing delay,that everybody always talked about you,know when the division just came out you,pressed your first eight and then you,wouldnt get healed up until like a,second later after the animation now the,second isnt that long but still people,complained about it a lot and because,the time to kill is shorter it feels,like even longer it basically means that,you end up always pressing your skills,before a fight starts theres nothing,that you can really activate mid fight,so to speak and then after your skills,are deployed thats when you start,shooting so as I set them a previous,video when I talked about the PvP how,its kind of boring you crash your,skills you aim down sights and you shoot,at each other thats basically what it,comes down to thats the whole flow of,combat in this game and then of course,theres also the topic that The Seeker,mine is just way too strong it has the,Devore shot potential again bu

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The Division 2 Beta Review & Impressions- Enough For a Sequel?

biohazard warning entering contaminated,zone transmissions jammed proximity,cover Tolman backup activated system,rebooted whats going on my fellow,agents out there your dude sly here and,welcome back to another slide nation,game review now I just recently finished,my full anthem launch review and while,the end game will need a separate review,when all the updates drop in March you,should definitely check that out if,youre interested itll be here on,YouTube if you so wish to do so in this,video however were gonna be taking a,look at the division 2 beta now Im not,sure how many of you out there that are,left that actually remember this but the,division is the game that actually,lifted my channel up I covered it from,the last III announcement for the,division 1 all the way back and what was,it like 2014 something like that 2015,all the way up to its second year so I,have a plenty of experience with the,division its endgame weapon abilities,and so on the only reason I stopped,covering it is because of the,quote-unquote year 2 special report,where they say that they would no longer,have any sort of large story expanding,world expanding dlc so thats what I,officially called it now however I can,see why they did they put half of the,company back to work on the division 2,while the rest still working on Avatar,now Im actually still surprised they,managed to get this entire game that his,division 2 together in such a short,amount of time while working on another,game simultaneously and helping out Red,Storm Entertainment the other partner,studio working on the first division,game doing all that and making a full,game in such a short amount of time,pretty impressive guys but rushed games,usually are not well received I mean a,massive as it is definitely a hard,working studio without a doubt but you,can only do so much which is something,well get to here shortly anyway guys,enough of the intro lets get down to it,the division 2 is taking a page from the,Bungie playbook the first division took,so many years to create and even though,its absolutely gorgeous the background,systems just were not up to todays,standard and the more you add on top of,that and change the more bugs that start,to build up and you know show their ugly,faces and just like in engineering and,construction if youre off by these,smallest amount and building the,foundation once you get to the end,everything is out of line and gaming is,the,same way so they needed to create a new,platform that could propel the series,into the future and facilitate all of,these changes along the way but it would,also be a perfect time to recreate all,the subsystems from the ground up,massive has learned so much over the,past few years from the first division,all the DLCs the bugs that feedback the,test environments community task forces,reddit etc so putting all of that,knowledge into a new environment just,makes sense but not only that technology,has changed as well so while at first I,was mad for massive seemingly dumping,the division entirely into the laps of,red storm it was in fact a good move but,as with all MMO open-world type of games,there are plenty of opportunities for,new bugs to pop up and to get things,wrong within new systems its easy to,forget that as polished as the division,2 is its only in its beta stage the,launch of the game along with the day,one patch will fix a ton of issues,especially audio related UI character,models environmental objects and much,much more there is a preview of some of,the major fixes up on the division,website if you wish to check it out but,going forward lets start by breaking,down the different areas within this new,game so first up moving into DC itself,its actually quite impressive you know,I love how Ubisoft companies use real,world locations within games I mean they,actually take the time to model them,correctly and recreate as faithfully as,possible like from carpets to lighting,paintings I mean hell even doorknobs I,mean some of the details are astonishing,Assassins Creed origins and Odyssey,pretty much perfected it to such a,degree that teachers are using it in,classrooms as a way to tour ancient,Egypt in Greece its a pretty awesome,move and I think thats worthy of,attention,one thing I personally think massive,will never be able to redo though is the,feeling of New York City unless of,course we go back there at some point,and its just you know recreated the,skyscrapers shadows sewers especially,the blizzard-like conditions where at,times of breathtaking I mean Ive never,seen trash rendered or so beautifully,the back alleys of New York were some of,my favorite areas and without recreating,that area its gonna be hard to kind of,you know recapture the aura of New York,so thats one thing Im definitely going,to miss DC however has its own type of,vibe you know its way more spread out,and at times almost a jungle like,instead of snowstorms,Blizzards were now dealing with summer,rains shorts and thunder skyscrapers are,now replaced by huge sprawling buildings,held up by marble pillars the,destructive areas around DC are just as,awesome as the first game and the,military encampments slash blockades are,much more fortified and much larger than,that of the first game obviously due to,the seat of government but unfortunately,most of these camps are non-functional,and are in ruin only to be used as like,some kind of level design art moving on,to weapons and capabilities guys or,abilities I should say not a lot has,changed in the weapons Department,assault rifles and SMGs are pretty much,the exact same besides a few accuracy,issues however the biggest changes can,be seen in snipers or marksmans rifles,the m1 a-and SVD used to be two of my,favorite long-range weapons to use but,now they seem to shoot way slower and,have way more recoil than those in,Division one good news is that SMGs,definitely seem more viable than they,used to be LMG is also pretty fantastic,so far my favorite weapon is a new,assault rifle added in called the Setar,21 its a bullpup fast firing AR and it,absolutely shreds it has a feel between,like an m4 and an mp7 there is a huge,list of SMGs and AR so there is,something out there for everyone now one,thing I was excited to see it was that,the vector could actually be used again,Im not sure how it was towards the end,of division 1 with all the changes that,was implemented but when I left the,vector was absolutely useless I mean,even in the division 2 alpha I got to,try that out and the vector was terrible,like they were almost scared of it,somehow now though it is pretty good,definitely needs a magnum crease though,weapons overall guys feel fine they feel,just like the first game with the,exception of Mark mens rifles like I,just said abilities though is where,youre gonna see most of the differences,and you can tell abilities will play a,huge part in the division to the turret,is an absolute beast in the beta and,even though a lot of the other abilities,were locked I can tell theyre gonna be,a huge part in PvE and an essential part,in the endgame now as far as unlocking,your abilities thats slightly different,this time around instead of your base of,operations playing a much bigger role,like it is in the first game massive now,leans in to acquiring shade tech and,earning ability points whether or not,this will change it launched Im not,really sure but it doesnt feel as,connected like it did in the first game,you know in Division one it felt like,the more powerful your base of,operations became the more powerful you,were in return and had pretty good,synergy but if this system stays like it,is its actually kind of lame guys,unlocking abilities doesnt have as much,satisfaction as it used to and instead,of character perks unlocking with your,level they now unlock by finding shade,tech I would rather like to have seen it,split half in half it just feels like,its a bit thrown together instead of,smartly tying it into the campaign now,the biggest difference

Steel Division 2 is HUGE! – Beta Gameplay & Review

so over the past few days Ive been,playing the steel division to beta and I,wanted to share my thoughts on it and,maybe see if its something that you,were interested in so just to cover our,bases this game comes out on May 2nd and,in the run-up to launch,eugen systems the developers are running,interstitial betas to gather feedback,for anyone whos pre-ordered so if you,pre-ordered and you you can play it now,during the beta phases for a few days,each week so whats the game all about,well steel division 2 is a world war 2,RTS game from the makers of the war game,series theyre using that engine that,was developed for the game ruse about,ten years ago I think as some of you,might remember its known for its scale,being able to zoom all the way out and,have a high-level view of whats going,on on a sort of aerial photo map and,then zoom all the way down into the,individual soldier if you want its,freely impressive just from a technical,standpoint and its really detailed,considering the scale so steel Division,2 is the sequel to steel division,Normandy 44 Normandy 44 focused on the,Western Front and historical divisions,that took place there with US Canada,Brits France and other countries,specific divisions steel division 2,focuses on the Eastern Front notably,around Operation Bagration which was a,huge Soviet offensive in the summer of,1944 that ultimately pushed the Germans,back so while steel division 2 does just,focus on Germany versus Soviets if you,own the first game youll get to use 8,of the divisions from Normandy 44 and if,you didnt own the first game you can,get this in a DLC pack called the back,to war pack on launch day if you want,now personally I feel like its a bit of,a shame that this is being separated at,all it might have been nice just to have,everything carry over to game 2 or if,everything which is added to game 1 is a,big expansion DLC but here we are,nevertheless so the game itself has a,big single-player component this time,around we havent really seen anything,from it which to me is a bit of a worry,I mean theres only a month to go we,havent seen a major component of the,game but from the description of it and,a few little gifts weve seen it does,sound really amazing theres a tactical,campaign map thats turn-based you can,build up your battalions and assault,forces and move them around the map with,complete freedom you then choose what,towns you want to capture and fight,other battalions and armies,you encounter them you can even auto,resolve battles or fight them out its,basically Total War World War two,essentially which I mean sounds really,cool but again we dont know much about,it and not sure how you actually build,your forces or what you do in terms of,economy and stuff like that but the,developers described it as being highly,replayable so hopefully it is as dynamic,and interesting as a total war campaign,so lets focus on what we do know and,thats the battles themselves skirmish,and multiplayer so in this recent round,of beta we had four divisions to play,with on three maps and I believe in the,full game theres going to be 18,divisions and 25 maps so quite a lot to,learn and just for some context it took,me about three days of playing just to,really learn the intricacies of one,division Im still getting into grips of,while Im coming up against now,essentially this game is deeply rooted,in historical accuracy and theres a ton,of depth when it comes to just choosing,your division its actually really,intimidating when youre first doing it,because of the overwhelming amount of,information given to you so you can,choose a division and go with a premade,deck if you want to make things easier,or you can customize the division to,change it a bit now divisions are preset,for the types of units they have and for,their strengths and weaknesses now for,instance the fifth Panzer Division has a,big focus on tanks you can still bring,infantry but you wont be able to field,as much and the cost of adding more and,more infantry will get greater as youre,sort of going against the grain and of,course the patterns of division will,also have unique tank capabilities,compared to say an infantry division so,you want to play to its strengths now if,people want and they like this game I,might do a guide of getting started,choosing your divisions customizing them,a bit Im only myself just getting over,that hump of learning it but Ive got a,few of my own ones now and Ive been,winning with them lately so Im feeling,pretty good about them as I said it is,pretty intimidating at first anyway is,there huge there is a pretty huge,learning curve if youre not already,very knowledgeable about the history of,these units and the tanks especially so,if we get a decent amount of support and,you know interest for it in the comments,then Ill do it before we get into the,actual moment-to-moment combat I just,want to explain the phases very quickly,now in a typical game phases progress,from A to B to C and then each one lasts,about 10 minutes during the a phase you,can only bring in a phase units and,youll have a set income amount during,that phase that takes every,minute when B phase kicks in your income,changes to your B phase amount and you,can bring both a and B units in then,when the C phase occurs the same happens,and you can get a a B and C units your,unit pools are limited and you will run,out eventually its not like Company of,Heroes where you can just keep fielding,things as long as the game is going,theres much more realistic and your,division is limited and you can know,your limits for instance I had just four,AAA guns in one of my custom divisions,and when they got destroyed my anti-air,was gone forever so its much more,punishing in that regard but it is kind,of a risk reward when building your,division of where you want to place your,strengths unlike steel division Normandy,44 at this time you have much more,freedom with the Dec building system and,you can set phases of the units for when,they come in so the trade-off is usually,numbers here if you want to bring in,Tiger tanks at phase a then you could,only bring in two but if you wanted to,ring them in a phase C instead you could,bring in eight but obviously during a,game it takes 20 minutes to get to that,phase so its obviously a trade-off its,pretty interesting so when in battle you,have the first initial deployment face,you lay out your troops you tell them,where do you want them to move and then,the battle begins and they go there when,troops first arrive in battle theyre,usually in transport vehicles and when,they get to the frontline you can unload,them this is probably the only,unrealistic thing in the entire game,which is that transport vehicles just,disappear now Im totally fine with this,I just thought it should be mentioned in,case anyone was wondering why that,happens I think certain German divisions,or mechanized divisions keep their,transports for later and you can just,hop back in them and move somewhere else,which is pretty cool but its seriously,micro intensive to do that so the main,game mode in steel division 2 sees you,fighting for map control points theres,a huge dynamic border that moves and,shifts around based on the weight of the,units pushing on it so if you push a,large offensive of troops in a direction,the border will bulge in that direction,until resistance is met and it starts to,push back then whoever holds more,capture points starts a ticking timer to,win the game now if theyre pushed back,the timer resets to zero and a stalemate,occurs but as I said before divisions,are limited eventually youre going to,thin out somewhere,this means battles can last a fairly,lengthy time usually about 20 to 30,minutes from my experience but sometimes,it can go as long as 40 or more,if both sides are particularly defensive,in nature game settings can be adjusted,however to increase income rates and,change phase time so you could have,longer or shorter games if you wished,now this is sligh

The Division 2 Beta: Honest Impressions From an Admitted Skeptic

the division to private beta happened,over this past weekend and somehow,someway I got a code so I was able to,hop in and play a bit emphasis on a bit,now to start things off I want to say,that I was not a big fan of the original,division to me the division always felt,like a game that I had been playing for,the past five years or so I loved looter,shooters and spent plenty of time in,Destiny 1 & 2 but the division never had,the same draw for me personally I was,hoping this would change with the,division 2 sadly it doesnt look like it,will but thats not to say that this is,in any way a bad game the division 2 has,a lot going on and for fans of this game,type I think itll be enjoyable for,starters I like DC a lot better than New,York both locations are incredibly,detailed and look amazing but New York,gets somewhat stale to me since Ive,spent many gaming hours exploiting it,streets through other titles DC fills,fresh sure I have explored it before in,games but with the detail and nature,filled spin that the division 2 puts on,it it feels fresh there are even animals,running throughout the streets there,still is quite a bit of running down,streets and alleys and more streets but,the world still had me captivated seeing,the rundown monuments and national,buildings the cover system still feels,great and extremely tactical battlefield,areas always have plenty of cover around,so you wont often find yourself,standing on the open unless of course,you want to skills have also made a,return and like I said I hadnt played,the division 1 except the beta in the,first couple of hours of the main story,but the skills were feeling very similar,I used the secret drone ability which,was useful in combat when I was pinned,down and also the throwable turret that,I could order who to shoot but it would,get destroyed rather quickly,I didnt play enough to really unlock,more skills or level up the ones I had,but from the sliver I saw they felt,pretty generic to me then of course you,have your obvious setup of the two,bigger weapons accompanied by your,pistol and a grenade to round out your,loadout,my biggest issue with the gameplay loop,of the original division is that,ultimately enemies are way too spongy,for a military tactical shooter themed,game I get that its that type of level,tiered gameplay but that concept works,better on a destiny or hell even an,anthem style game big alien bosses makes,sense when they have a health bar that,you can sit and roast on for a while but,when a riot gear guy takes over 50,magazines to kill it gets a bit,ridiculous and that is a personal issue,of course many division players dont,mind at all and Im sure that the issue,wont affect everybody but for me its a,big turn away and makes the gameplay,fill well boring for me the division 2,feels like it could have been an,expansion for the original division and,just expanded on that game and world,Ubisoft having the divisions and Ghost,Recon wildlands doesnt account for a,lot of variety and new gameplay,something that in 2019 I am looking for,in games as I dont have time to try,everything out over the division 2 beta,I found myself much more inclined to hop,on apex legends than run through the,streets of DC and while I did play Id,wish the gameplay loop had a fun factor,like anthems demo for me but sadly it,just wasnt there and after getting,kicked multiple times I really just,didnt want to contribute any more time,to the beta as it felt like more work,than fun division fans will probably,find a lot of fun with the division 2 as,all the details about what is included,and the ingame stuff seems to be a heavy,focus but coming from the point of view,from somebody who was very skeptical of,the gameplay it feels like much more the,same and like an experience that doesnt,have too much variety,besides hide behind cover and shoot some,baddies but what are your thoughts on,the beta did you get a chance to hop in,over the weekend and if so what did you,think let us know down below and be sure,to check back with Cod connected on,release to get the full review for the,division 2,[Music],[Music]

The Division 2 Beta: Is It Worth Playing? (Beta Review)

So were back with another Snapshot of something a little bit different to the norm,as the open beta for Division 2 is happening next weekend I thought we’d take a look at what was playable in the previous beta test,and ask Is It Worth Playing?,And if you do like this video and this Snapshot series typically looking at non-FPS titles,then do say something in the comments – perhaps even drop a thumb and a sub too, it helps me make videos just like this one!,So I played a BUNCH of The Division on release. Before gear sets, when Bullet King farming was actually a thing,when u could use the shield to glitch into and farm non-started Incursions I was there.,It was honestly great – the location of New York during the holiday period was utterly fresh for a looter-shooter game,it was also BEAUTIFULLY made. I played the open beta of Division 1 and it was fun enough for me to get the full game.,Aaand then there were the problems – I feel like some things weren’t managed well at all,players were punished for over-crafting in an odd way,and then things got nerfed to re-balance them,Of course sections of the playerbase – me being in one of them – didn’t like the changes,it was all we had ever known afterall, and my love started to dip and I stopped playing,I never did return in a meaningful way – it seems a lot of issues were fixed, but I never owned the DLCs and the group of people I played with had drifted away too.,I’ve never stopped loving that initial first hit of The Division though. ,Through the hackers and the griefers it felt like the wild west but in a familiar setting and for some reason that resonated with me in a powerful way.,So Division 2 closed beta invite arrived – was a ready to love again?,So if you’re looking at the footage now you’re probably thinking “well that look a lot like the first Division”,and ok yea, well, you’re right.,There’s nothing ground-breakingly different to this sequel – it’s still a cover-based looter-shooter set in a lawless city,That said, if your main complaint about the first game was the phrase “bullet sponge” then things have changed somewhat.,Yes some people didn’t like the spongeyness of some enemies – or just all enemies if your damage wasn’t high enough,It’s perhaps ok in a fantasy setting with monsters and magic, but in a familiar urban setting it harder to swallow. ,Just why are you needing to shoot that guy 5 times with a sniper rifle to kill him?,So although I wouldn’t say that the concept of bullet-spongieness has been removed from this sequel,I would say that at least when those enemies are there they have some sort of visual queue tied to their armour.,You’ll see people in vests or lumbering mountain-like men wearing full armoured suits.,That satisfying chewing through trash mobs is present – but that spongeiness is present in more boss-like enemies and they’re more tied to the real world visually.,I had thought that the change of setting might undermine The Division 2 as well,as someone outside of the US, New York always seemed iconic in it’s entirety.,The spirit and locations of the place is backdrop to so many films and TV shows that it almost feels like somewhere you already know.,Division 2 has moved to Washington DC – and although there are clearly utterly iconic buildings and locations I’m not sure if I know in my head what a ‘normal’ block of that city might look like,would the game still feel special when you weren’t in one of those famous areas?,I needn’t have worried though – Division 1, a cold snow-swept winter world has been replaced with Washington DC in the summer. ,That cold blue palette has been replaced with a warm and altogether more organic feel to the environment. It’s honestly really beautiful at times too.,One thing that actually reminded me of Tom Clancy’s Wildlands was the cutscenes – and not in a particular good way.,Your silent protagonist mutely nods reacts to all manner of cheesy dialogue lines. There’s all together too much of the Division Agent Super-Soldier,and wow the bad guys better lookout – there’s a new sheriff in town. which is meant to be some kind of power fantasy, I get,but ends up feeling patronising bordering on insulting to me – though I’d acknowledge I might be particualy prickly about that tone in general!,Not that the original game really was some masterwork of narrative, but these cutscenes when they happen feel like something throwaway.,Better is the sense of story and progression you get my unlocking and expanding Settlements. These are safe-areas in the world which serve as a hub for more more and different missions.,Help out the people living there and expand that settlement out – it helps sell the idea of helping people rather than just running around shooting at everything that moves.,I’d say it’s partially successful, it’s nice to see things improve but I didn’t feel particularly connected to the Settlement to really appreciate what changed. ,It does ripple on to your main progression through – people can be sent back from these settlements to work in your main Base Of Operations, so that does help things feel more tied together.,The map and area in the beta certainly felt more “alive” than my experience with the first game.,Sure you might see some random mobs in Now York, but Division 2 feels like there’s so much more going on. Just running in any odd direction might end you up in some large confrontation.,The main storyline missions were very Division 1 as well – go to a building, get the thing, protect the thing, some guys are attacking, oh there’s a big guy – you know the score.,It didn’t feel like a big step forward over my experiences in Division 1, but in many ways I never really had a problem with that in the original either. ,I certainly enjoyed playing through the missions available in the beta with friends – I didn’t get bored.,Well ok – there was one mission where, I think, the random we got match-made with was a couple of levels higher – which is ok, it’s meant to boost everyone up to the same level so we can all contribute,but for some reason the rest of us just seemed to do hardly any damage – it’s taking magazines and magazines to kill even the trash mobs.,We reset a bunch of times and I think it maybe took us around 30-40 minutes for an encounter that should have taken maybe 5 or 10.,It was the only time I was frustrated with the game – though looking back it did somewhat feel like a problem with that auto-scaling rather than the intended gameplay.,On the tech side there were certainly issues during the Closed Beta Weekend – I believe the first day was worse, in fact on hearing about it I skipped it altogether.,The 2nd day was apparently a bunch better – there was a small patch deployed and I didn’t have too many problems apart from trying to join a friend’s game or inside the pvp Dark Zone.,Performance was ‘ok’. As I’ve said before, my system is on the old side but it did struggle to maintain 60fps in some of the open areas, inside was a lot better.,Actually setting the game to 85% render-scale helped a lot with frame consistency and in-the-main was difficult to spot the upscaling,(and I’d consider myself relatively sensitive to the artefacts that process normally creates),There wasn’t an nvidia driver update for the test either so grated things could improve over time in this regard.,I mentioned the Dark Zone briefly there – and truth be told I didn’t spend much time in there during the closed beta weekend. ,There were some ‘unlock the Dark Zone’ style missions and then a brief look at the PvP before realising that the servers were having real problems.,My friends and I were seeing each other stuck in the main doorway and not moving around the map ,also when things did seem better we almost immediately got wiped by some other players who seemed to just be going Rogue for no p

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