1. DJI Air 2S Long Term Review | After 6 Months Of Flights
  2. DJI Mavic Air 2S review: new sensor makes all the difference
  3. DJI Air 2S Long Term Review – After One Year Of Flying
  4. DJI Air 2S – ALL-IN-ONE Hands On Review!!!
  5. DJI Mavic Air 2S Range Test – How Far Will it Go? (Exploring Hidden Features)
  6. DJI Air 2S | 1-Inch Sensor + 5.4K + 10bit Color! Best Mavic Yet!?

DJI Air 2S Long Term Review | After 6 Months Of Flights

[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],oh,[Music],so the dji air 2s has been out for,approximately six months now and all the,footage that i just showed you at the,beginning of this video was filmed on,the air 2s in the early spring up until,about a week ago now im not a,particularly skilled pilot or a,cinematographer but when i look back at,the footage that i filmed this summer i,think its pretty good and thats,definitely not because of my skill as a,pilot but all due to the drone and the,tools that it offers the dji air 2s has,a pretty incredible camera and with all,the built-in tools for capturing content,it makes it easy to get nice dynamic,footage that looks really good now it,was about this time last year that i did,a long term review of the original mavic,air 2 and in that video i stated how it,quickly became one of my favorite drones,to fly but one of the things that i did,miss on it was the one-inch sensor from,the mavic 2 pro well earlier this spring,dji surprised us with a new version so,that took what was my favorite drone at,the time and just made it even better i,can clearly say without a doubt that the,air 2s has probably been one of my,favorite drones to fly of all time,thats comparing it to the autel evo 2,which i really like the phantom 4 pro,and even the mavic 2 pro theres a lot,of things i really like about it and,well kind of talk about that as we go,along here now the first thing that i,like that dji did this year with the,upgraded mavic air 2s is that we didnt,have to go out and buy all new,accessories if you owned the original,mavic air and you had extra batteries,custom cases all that stuff was,compatible you could use the mavic air 2,batteries with the air 2s if you,purchased a hard shell case for the,original mavic air 2 the dji air 2s fit,into those cases without any issue so it,was really nice that we didnt have to,go out and buy all that stuff again the,only thing you did have to upgrade is if,you had any specific filters that you,like to use of course because the camera,was different those old lenses and,filters would not fit but of all the new,features and capabilities of the air 2s,i think my favorite one is focus track,now if youre watching this because,youre new to drones and youre still,thinking about what drone to purchase,focus track is basically a tool that dj,has built into the fly app now focus,track doesnt work with the mini series,only the original air 2 and the air 2s,and basically its a combination of,three tools thats really easy to use,with focus track you can select an,object on your screen and select one of,the tools that you want to use theres,spotlight 2.0 point of interest 3.0 and,active track 4.0 now im not a person,who does a lot with active track however,it does come in handy when you want to,get some kind of dynamic shots around a,moving subject for example here in this,clip here im filming a tractor i have,the tractor selected and i could just,let the drone follow the tractor around,however with the focus track you can,actually move the control sticks the,tractor will still remain in focus and,you can fly around in any direction you,want while still locked onto that,tractor you can also initiate a point of,interest so even though the tractor is,moving the drone will still circle,around it and keep it in the center of,the screen but what i think i like most,about it is the spotlight feature again,if you pick a stationary subject you can,fly around it you can change your,altitude your speed you can fly closer,to the subject or farther away and its,going to keep it locked in the middle of,the screen that allows you to get some,really dynamic shots shots where youre,changing altitude and angle of the,camera now this is all stuff you could,do just on the control sticks and mind,you it is a good idea to learn to do,that stuff but if youre a brand new,pilot just learning you can get those,really interesting shots that take a,long time to learn if you look at this,example here this is using spotlight you,can see i had that lighthouse locked on,the screen and just by flying around in,different directions you can get some,really interesting shots shots arent,quite as boring as just flying over,something or flying beside something,and on top of that they introduced,master shots this year master shots is,very similar to quick shots except its,a lot more advanced all you do is select,your subject you hit start and the drone,is going to perform various moves itll,even make use of the fpv gimbal mode and,the zoom capabilities when its done you,have the raw video that you can go in,and chop up and edit yourself or you can,use one of their pre-made templates and,its going to do a little auto edit for,you and they actually turn out pretty,good ive actually shared quite a few on,social media so between the focus track,tools and master shots a complete,beginner can get up and film pretty,incredible content without a lot of,experience thats kind of the nice thing,about dji drones theyre easy to fly,theyre reliable they have a ton of,fail-safe features so no matter what,your skill level youre gonna capture,really nice content now as mentioned,this came out in the early spring so i,was able to fly in a wide variety of,weather here in canada our springs can,be all over the place but shortly after,this was launched we actually got a snap,of cold weather and we got some snow,again so i was able to test it out in,cold weather now one of the things they,did change with the air 2s over the,original air 2 the original mavic air 2,could operate all the way down to,negative 10 degrees the air 2s is only,rated at 0 degrees however i have flown,it in much colder weather and it,performed just fine as long as you keep,your batteries warm and keep the flight,short there should be no issue at all,but if you have to go below a few,degrees of what its rated as its going,to fly just fine another thing i would,like to mention how durable this drone,is i actually had a crash with it and,its actually the first drone ive,crashed in a very long time now no drone,pilot likes to admit when theyve,crashed the drone,and the crash that i did with it was,actually uh well it was my fault most,drone crashes are it was just one of,those really dumb mistakes a split,second thing i was flying off the coast,there was a lighthouse off in the,distance and ive flown there many times,i was there in the early spring,mid-summer and late summer early fall,when i was there in the summertime there,was some extra birds that werent there,in the early spring some migratory birds,when i got back from flying at the,lighthouse which was about two and a,half kilometers off shore and ive seen,a few of these black birds swooping,around not a big deal and i was just,sitting there hovering but within,probably 10 seconds there was at least,50 maybe even upwards of 100 all,swooping in and around my drone i think,they were probably protecting their,nests all up and down the cliffs bird,strikes are always something you have to,be concerned about with a drone,obviously you dont want to hurt any,birds but they can also cause your drone,to crash at the time when i was hovering,i was still out over the water so my,first instinct was just to push the,stick forward get away from the birds,and get it over land in case it did,happen to fall i was in sport mode,probably about 20 feet away from the,coast i just hit full stick forward and,of course theres no obstacle avoidance,and it just went right into a tree,before i had a chance to stop it now,this thing hit a tree probably about 30,maybe 40 feet up and it fell down to the,ground right at my feet and for whatever,reasons the motors didnt stop this,thing was like flopping around all over,the place around my feet,and i ended up getting injured quite,badly i had quite a few gashes on my,legs as painful as it was my only,concern at the tim

DJI Mavic Air 2S review: new sensor makes all the difference

[Music],it hasnt even been a full year since,the mavic air 2 was released,but dji decided its time for an upgrade,today it is introducing a 999 dollar,mavic air 2s,a rare mid-cycle refresh that brings,some notable new features,to an already good drone and the biggest,upgrade,is in the camera the air 2 ss camera now,has a one inch sensor compared to the,half inch sensor that was found in its,predecessor,and it is capable of filming 4k footage,and 60 frames per second,and that sounds great on paper but,there are a lot more caveats than i,anticipated,so lets go through them,[Music],so when the original mavic air was,introduced back in 2018,it had a tiny sensor capable of shooting,12 megapixel photos,mediocre dynamic range and passable 4k,video and now this mavic air 2s has the,same size sensor as their flagship mavic,the mavic 2 pro,shoots equally good photos and its,actually better at video,in some aspects but better at least on,paper so heres what i mean by that okay,first things first the maximum video,resolution is 5.4 k,compared to the 4k on the mavic 2 pro,awesome,and the air 2ss 4k video actually has a,higher bitrate than the mavic 2 pro,check and the air 2 ss 4k video can,actually shoot at a higher frame rate,too,amazing so if you prioritize frames of,resolution youll be stoked to hear that,it can shoot 4k,at 60 frames per second with that one,inch sensor,except dont get too stoked just yet,because once you do switch to 4k60,there will be some cropping there,meaning this drone actually,isnt using its full one-inch sensor in,that mode,the video still looks fantastic but the,crop in this mode,is the sort of thing you will not see on,the spec sheet so,beware of that that also might explain,why this drone actually has a wider,focal length than the other mavics,in the lineup when using the full,one-inch sensor,the focal length is 22 millimeters,usually dji drones are either 24 or,28. i personally like the slightly wider,look but if you prefer tighter,composition you can use the built-in,digital zoom,or crop in the edit so when it comes to,zoom,uh theres some numbers to go through,1080p 60 lets you zoom in,six times 1080p 30 lets you zoom in,eight times,4k 60 up to three times 4k 30,up to four times and lastly there is no,digital zoom available when youre in,5.3k,understandable however heres where we,get to another caveat,none of these matters if youre filming,in dlog or hdr,because you actually cant use the,digital zoom while shooting,in any of those profiles unless youre,using the standard color profile,also you can use digital zoom at all,while taking photos,im not really sure why thats the case,i can easily see that changing in the,future,but as of right now its not enabled oh,theres also one more caveat between,color profiles,the maximum iso and the d-lock color,profile is 1600 compared to,3200 in the standard color profile again,not a deal breaker usually footage at,that high iso it doesnt look fantastic,but something you should be aware of too,so one big selling point of the air 2,was the ability to shoot 48 megapixel,photos through pixel binning and,all sorts of stuff you will not find,that option here but,id always choose sensor size over just,pure resolution numbers,and i think the mavic air 2s proved me,right here,the photos look phenomenal having a,wanted sensor and a smaller body than,the mavic 2 pro is,kind of a dream come true for me both,cameras take 20 megapixel photos,but there are also a few noticeable,differences between them,first theres the focal length that i,mentioned earlier but theres also the,dynamic range,which is better on the mavic 2 pro 14,stops of dynamic range compared to 12.4,on the new air 2s,so yeah you lose a little bit of,information to work with but,in practicality the difference is not,that super noticeable,photos look impressive at both low and,higher isos,however there is one more feature that,makes the mavic 2 pro,better at photos but especially for,video and i wasnt expecting to,find it on the mavic air 2s it was,wishful thinking,and im talking about adjustable,aperture so when youre filming video,you have to work within,a few set rules and parameters lock,shutter speed for one depending on,your frame rate meaning that the only,way you can adjust exposure,on the air 2s is by changing the iso,levels,or by adding nd filters having an option,to adjust exposure by adjusting aperture,mid-flight is the luxury that looks like,its reserved for the mavic 2 pro,at least for now,[Music],the air 2s does come with a new,automated flight mode called,smart shots so once you activate it the,drone takes a few minutes to capture,a couple of pre-programmed videos stuff,like,wide circular shots and tighter circular,shots dronies and,basically you get five to ten must-have,clips its a great option for less,experienced pilots who just want to get,something,quick and easy so there are some changes,to the hyperlapse mode you can no longer,shoot,8k hyperlapse but you can shoot 4k or,lower,and theres an added layer of,stabilization in post,and i think it works okay its not super,smooth i still have to add some,stabilization,in post in after effects or premiere,also super quick side note,djis 1299 dollar flying more bundle,which,includes three batteries charging hub,also includes a set of four,nd filters 4 8 16 and 32.,ive never used dj nd filters but they,come in this,little case which im weirdly obsessed,with,its a bit plasticky on the outside but,sure it has this nice,rubberized texture on the inside and,once again,uh its incredibly thin,its a small seemingly irrelevant point,but i just had to mention because i,love it that much,[Music],and theres also a little change to the,hardware too theres an extra set of,sensors that sit right on top of the,drone that will help with obstacle,detection and avoidance,especially at higher speeds dji calls it,apas 4.0,its encouraging to see some extra,tension in that area but dji is nowhere,near,skydio when it comes to autonomous,flights its still,mostly a safety feature than something,you would rely on,you do need a manually activated to turn,on obstacle avoidance and you pick how,you want your drone to act,either itll break in front of an,obstacle or it will try to go around it,and in my testing the drone was a bit,more hesitant than i anticipated and it,would often choose to break,instead of avoiding an obstacle,[Music],i know ive been pointing a lot of those,things that you will not find at this,drawing network that will not work so,i will end on a bit more positive note,this is still,a fantastic drone that youll,undoubtedly be happy with if you decide,to get one,and if youre okay with those caveats,ive mentioned here,frankly most people will probably be,okay with those trade-offs,most people dont fly with apas some,people dont like 60 frames per second,some people love resolution but you just,need to be aware of them,bottom line this is still a very very,capable drone with a,very good camera on a smaller lighter,body than the flagship,mavic 2 pro and it is a very good,upgrade from the mavic air 2 from less,than a year ago,but its not a necessary upgrade for,most of you,thank you so much for watching we got,plenty of videos on the channel this,week so,if youre into cars you can go take a,look at the mercedes eqs that we spent,some time with,or if youre into smart watches oneplus,is making its own smart watches and we,have the review of that with dan seaford,bye thank you

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DJI Air 2S Long Term Review – After One Year Of Flying

good day folks sean here from air,photography in todays video im going,to be doing a one-year review of the dji,air 2s the air 2s was released one year,ago today on april 15th and quickly for,myself and many others it became my,go-to drone if we go back a year before,that they released the original air ii,and it was a pretty solid drone as well,i was flying it more than even my mavic,2 pro at the time for me it just had the,perfect blend of price performance and,portability the only thing i was missing,on it was the one-inch sensor from the,mavic 2 pro well then of course one year,later they introduced the air 2s and,with it they introduced a new one-inch,sensor which took an already incredible,drone and just made it even better on,top of that we got those new obstacle,avoidance sensors at the top which,allowed the drone to fly a little faster,while still retaining obstacle avoidance,now as were well into 2022 one question,i do get asked quite a bit about the r2s,is whether its still a good purchase,after all it is a year old is there,something new and better coming down the,pipe on top of that weve also had some,new drone releases the autel evo series,we have the mavic 3 pro and the dji mini,3 is just around the corner or perhaps,its already out by the time youre,watching this video but in my opinion,dollar for dollar this is still the best,drone on the market that you can buy of,course the mavic 3 does have a better,camera and some really nice specs but it,does come in at a little bit more than,double the cost so for most people,average drone hobbyist something like,the r2s is the perfect choice you get,all of djis flight characteristics,safety features and of course you get,that one-inch sensor now which produces,stunning aerial photos and videos on top,of that the transmission system on the,r2s is ocusync 3.0 or o3 as dji calls it,now and in reality its probably still,the best transmission system available,autel has come a long way with their,transmission system but definitely the,occusync works a little bit better just,get a good solid connection good range,and even if youre flying in a busy,wi-fi congested area such as an urban,center youre still going to maintain a,fairly decent feed now when people,message me or ask me what drone they,should buy its not always such an easy,cut and dry answer everybodys needs are,different for example if youre a person,who needs a drone thats under 250 grams,depending on the regulations in your,country obviously the mini 2 here or the,mini e3 the upcoming mini 3 would be,your best choice on top of that if you,just need a drone that is super light,and portable or you dont want to spend,a lot of money then again something like,the mini 2 is your better choice,on the other hand if image quality low,light performance and battery time is,your top priorities then something like,the mavic 3 here is maybe a better,choice for you but as mentioned it does,come in with a very hefty price but then,when we go back to the r2s it just sits,nicely in the middle its affordable for,most people it can produce stunning,images and videos the low light,performance on it is decent because it,does have a one inch sensor the only,difference is the flight time is not,quite as good as the mavic 3 mavic 3 is,rated for 46 minutes now youre not,going to get that in real world,situations the r2s is only rated for,approximately 30 minutes somewhere in,there but you can always compensate for,that by purchasing a few extra batteries,so for many people it really is the,perfect choice and as a bonus you dont,have to wait for 10 minutes to get a gps,lock now if youre brand new to drones,perhaps youre watching this video,because youre doing a little bit of,research on which drone to purchase im,going to go over what i really like,about the air 2s now of course ive,already talked about some of the,features why i like it but one of the,features that really drew me to this,drone was a set of tools called focus,track focus track was first introduced,on the original air 2 and of course it,carried over to the air 2s and now on to,the mavic 3 as well but basically its a,set of three tools active track for,tracking point of interest and a feature,called spotlight now when it comes to,tracking im not a person who does a lot,of tracking theres not a lot of,activities i do where that would come in,handy but a lot of people do use it and,it is decent with year 2s you do have to,watch because it doesnt have side,sensors so in some situations you do,have to take precautions but point of,interest is a very useful tool with it,you can select a subject from there you,can then set which direction its going,to rotate and as it rotates around the,subject you can use the control sticks,to adjust the height and even the,distance its a really good tool and it,actually works quite well but my,favorite tool in focus track is,something called spotlight spotlight is,very similar you can select a subject on,the screen but from there you have full,flight control,so you would just fly the drone like you,normally would you can raise your,altitude you can fly backwards sideways,forward and the drone is going to do its,best to keep the subject front and,center and why i like it is that it,allows you to get some really,interesting shots,shots that are normally pretty hard to,replicate now of course these are things,that you can do on your own and it is a,good idea to practice that but if youre,just out doing some quick run and gun,shooting just allows you to get some,really interesting dynamic shots so it,is a great set of tools and very easy to,use so when you package everything,together tools like focus track of,course on top of that we have master,shots quick shots we can do panoramas,and hyper lapses there is a lot of,incredible tools built into this drone,to allow any pilot to capture some,pretty incredible content and then when,you combine that with all the built-in,safety features like return to home fail,safe return to home,obstacle avoidance it really is a great,choice for both beginners and even,experienced drone pilots now over the,past year i have flown the strong in,many different weather conditions i live,in canada so i spent a lot of time,flying in the cold so having a drone,that can perform in cold weather is very,important to me and this drone has not,disappointed in that aspect the drones,only rated to fly in temperatures of,zero degrees but personally myself i,have flown it in temperatures much,colder than that and the drone performed,just fine as long as you follow a few,simple rules like keeping your batteries,warm keeping your flight short youre,not going to run into really any,problems so all in all yes definitely in,2022 the air 2s is still a great choice,just due to the specs and performance of,this drone its gonna have a good amount,of longevity to it this drone will still,be relevant in years to come even as,they release new drones having a one,inch sensor the capabilities of this,drone you dont have to worry about it,being outdated anytime soon so yeah,folks that is my one year review of the,air 2s this drone has been absolutely,incredible its probably been the drone,that i have flown the most and even,though i do own the mavic 3 i still fly,quite regularly in fact im going out,tomorrow me and my wife are going on a,day trip and this is the drone im,bringing with me just for the fact that,it is a bit lighter than the mavic 3 and,its a little bit easier to carry around,all day so it definitely still has its,place in my drone arsenal hopefully you,enjoyed this video and got some value,out of it give it a thumbs up if you did,its always greatly appreciated dont,forget to subscribe to my channel so you,dont miss any of our upcoming videos,and well see in the next one,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

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DJI Air 2S – ALL-IN-ONE Hands On Review!!!

get down,[Music],whats going on guys its aldrin estacio,here with flightpath.com,now here i have the new dji air 2s,and ill be honest with you i was not,actually expecting this drone to even,come out,because i felt like the air 2 just like,just came out but,it actually came out exactly pretty much,a year ago and ive actually been flying,the air-2s for the past few weeks now,and,im actually super excited about this,one even though id probably say that,about all the drones,but mainly because if you guys do watch,the channel ill normally always talk,about,which drones i will always carry with me,and majority time im always carrying,the air too because of course when the,air 2 came out it is a nice,middle ground between something like the,mini 2 as far as the camera capabilities,and the mavic 2 pro it had that nice,middle ground with size,weight and quality as you can see here,were lined up in this way because,we are actually combining probably my,two favorite drones which is,the air 2 because of its capability in,size as well as,the mavic 2 pro because of its camera,sits right in the middle because we do,have,pretty much the same size of the air 2,but now we have a one inch sensor on,this drone and besides that one,inch camera sensor we do have this,sensor here up top a little bit,different,little new compared to the air tube we,dont have that on something like this,and we dont even have that on the mavic,2 pro as far as the top sensor goes,we have a sensor here at the very back,thats pointed straight up so,seeing that new sensor as well as a,camera,definitely a few different upgrades on,the air 2s that were going to talk,about,so lets go through that in this video,and if you guys are new to my channel my,name is aldrin estacio i do a lot of,drone tech,tips tutorials and product reviews right,here on this channel so if thats,something that interests you,please consider subscribing and also,hitting that bell to be notified when i,post new videos,and im gonna have a lot of information,in this video because were gonna talk,all about the air 2s,but of course if you guys want to skip,around im going to have time stamps,down below in the video description,feel free to skip around if youre just,looking for something in particular and,before we get into the full review of,the air 2s lets quickly go through some,of the highlights specifications,on this new drone and like i mentioned,the air 2s does have that new,one-inch sensor a lot bigger than the,half-inch sensor we had on the air 2 and,a nice bump from 4k,we now have 5.4 k video resolution as,well as,ocusyncer 03 video transmission we now,have 12.6 stops of dynamic range in,photo mode and when it comes to obstacle,avoidance we do have four directional,sensing on the air 2s when it comes down,to flight time we have 31 minutes of,flight time and as far as weight we have,595 grams as well as all the intelligent,flight modes have been updated and also,theres a new one called master shots,which well go through now first things,first when youre looking at getting the,air 2s what do you get in the combo how,much is it now for the standard,999 combo you get the drone you get the,remote control you get the charger as,well as a couple other,extra propellers extra sticks some of,the basic stuff youre gonna need of,course to get this thing up and running,but just like all the other dji drones,they always have something called the,fly,more combo which is normally one i would,always recommend mainly because you get,this you get a couple extra batteries,you get the battery hub for charging as,well as you get some,nd filters and also when you get the,flimer combo you get a nice bag it,already actually comes in,the bag ready to go so you get a bag a,couple extra batteries a hub,as well as nd filters so normally fly,more combo is just the way to go because,everythings already,packed in here and you have a lot of,extra batteries something youre going,to normally always want to buy,anyways once you get your drone i have a,full unboxing video if you guys want to,see that one itll be listed above as,well as down below in the video,description now when it comes to weight,of the,air 2s i was actually pleasantly,surprised at one they didnt have to,change too much of the body but the,weight,its only 25 grams more than the air too,now of course,that weight is going to be that camera,system as well as the new sensors here,at the very top but the fact that this,is 595 grams,we have 570 grams on the air,too the mini 2 is about 240 grams 241,and the mavic 2 pro is 907 grams so as,much as i love the,mavic 2 pro that weight sometimes can be,a factor when youre trying to travel,light,or pack everything into a bag now,depending where youre located here in,the u.s,if you have something over 250 grams,youre going to need to register your,drone,with the faa and thats why this mini 2,still,is a huge deal because it sits under,that 250 gram mark i know theres,definitely a lot of places that have,those,really strict restrictions on weights of,drones so,this things sitting under that 250 gram,threshold definitely still probably the,most,popular drone because of those reasons,you dont actually have to register,your drone or the mini 2 and mini one,with the faa of course you still have to,abide by all the standard,you know flight rules and all of the,other safety precautions that you would,with any of the drones now when it comes,down to size this is what i was,actually really excited to see is that,even though they added two new sensors,to the top,as well as a one inch camera we still,have pretty much,the same form factor and the same size,as the,air 2. and as far as exact dimensions go,between these two,the air 2s is only a few millimeters,longer than the air 2 but almost all the,cases that ive been using,they could still be used in the case,its a little snug,so if you do have a foam set it is able,to fit in most foam sets as long as that,foam set,has a little bit of give in it or if you,recently got my bag right here for the,air,2 just letting you guys know that the,air 2s,actually fits in there just as fine now,when comparing the size of the,air 2s compared to the mini of course,the mini is just,just super small this thing is such a,tiny and powerful drone,just nice that its the same size as the,air 2,but when it comes down to the mavic 2,pro you can definitely see,a big size difference here as well as,weight that,does feel a lot heftier compared to the,air 2s,now when it comes down to flight time,the air 2 is actually the king of these,four right here so the air 2 can get 34,minutes or rated for 34 minutes of,flight time,when it comes down to the mini 2 were,at 31 minutes,as well as the air 2s also 31 minutes,and then also the mavic 2 pro rated for,31 minutes now because the air,2s uses the exact same battery as,the air 2 so that extra weight is of,course taking,away from some of that flight time on,the air 2s,and yes when i say theyre the exact,same batteries spec wise theyre exactly,the same,and they are also interchangeable so if,you have an air 2,it works with the air 2s so here is the,air 2,s you can take that out pop that into,the air too,everything works the same the hub works,the same the chargers work the same,from the air 2 to the air 2s now it,comes out to video quality and video,comparison of course thats reason why,you want to bump up,your camera specs you want to go up to,something like a one inch sensor,a lot bigger sensor than we have here,which is a half inch sensor,and as the mini 2 and the mini one you,have the one over 2.3 inch,sensor that was always the biggest,advantage of the mavic 2 pro the,hasselblad,color science technology as well as a,one inch sensor,still makes this thing probably still,the best,camera thats on the market as far as,the size go now theres a difference as,far as the camera on the air 2s you do,not have a variable aperture like you do,on the mavic 2 pro so youre not able to,change your aperture,from 2.

DJI Mavic Air 2S Range Test – How Far Will it Go? (Exploring Hidden Features)

hey guys thanks for tuning in check it,out it is the mavic air 2s,so finally getting around to the range,test im out here on maui,and as you can see were doing kind of a,sunset flight again normally like to do,these sunset flights,there is the sun its going to be,sitting right around kind of the west,maui mountains and lanai over there,lanais in the background and maybe,well take a peek with the drone but,today we just want to see as far as we,can go that way towards kind of molokini,just flying over like pasture land,nobodys in danger,of anything so um really just want to,see how far,the air 2s can go so were going to put,it up in the air,go as far as we can and so lets get,started and see how,long and far this thing can fly,lets do it,[Music],okay guys so for this test really just,im gonna,kind of start this thing up in my hand,here i forgot my,launch pad here and didnt want to,really launch on the blanket,so remember if you missed the,excuse me the uh initial flight test i,did one of the launches in my hand and,it worked really well,so im going to do that again today im,not even going to open the propellers,im just going to basically,launch just like this im also recording,my screen here,so you guys can see whats up on my,android screen and just really get the,gist of how the connection is now,remember this has the latest,occu sync what are we at like 3.0 now by,now,so anyway um just going to wait till it,launches here gonna click go fly,and there we go were already booted up,and ready to go,as you can see we got 99 power i am,gonna be recording in 4k guys,i know some of you say dont record its,going to use up some battery power,but im going to do it as you can see i,have all my sensors off on the left,real quick just while its getting some,gps satellites let me get up here,and show you guys in the settings you,see i have all the sensors off,so the whole bypass thing is off max,distance were gonna do no,limit so we can get way the heck out,there,and lets start recording and just,launch right off,of the screen here so hold it on my arm,were going to kind of do just a touch,the screen launch here,take off and get way right out there,asap,and here we go so gaining some altitude,and just were in normal mode remember,guys so,its going to be a normal mode really,not,trying to fly over any houses whatsoever,and were going to probably go up,just stay right in line here for a,second until we get over,right in between these houses and stuff,and then im going to turn a little bit,to go to,mullikini so just flying over really,vacant land im going to be right at,like 300 feet,no need to really go any higher than,that thats usually the height,between two and 300 is usually what i do,my range tests in,that way its kind of out of any,wireless you see im just kind of flying,over pasture land right here so,nobodys in danger look how dry this is,guys,so incredibly dry and right as im,getting past all these things,were gonna go right towards that little,island there you see it there in the,distance,just turning a little bit there so,thats in the center so im full stick,forward in normal mode,and were going 33 miles per hour,and the reason i like to do these,evening range tests guys is because,it usually gets really calm up here,thats kind of the whole idea behind it,so as you can see the gimbal here um,really doing well,look how incredibly dry it is guys,this is summer in hawaii and look at,this,look how great this camera is you know,theres like a,valley there where when it floods youre,gonna see,you know a bunch of um water gushing in,there only when it floods otherwise,these,valleys are always dry going to be,flying right over the tip of the,hawaiian homes over there in kula,so lets pick our camera back up maybe,when were doing a return to home well,turn towards the sunset but,just a fantastic day here on maui so,ill have my screen up so you can see,this were already at 84,boy that dropped pretty quick huh so for,this test im probably just gonna go,um im going to say like 50,because remember the other last couple,of drones i tried to do this,test in i went down to lets bring up,our map here,i went down to um,there we go whoa,i went down to like 45 lets go mixed,satellite and street names whered our,drone go,i want to see the drone boom so im just,clicking you see what im doing,for some reason its not tracking the,drone you see that thats kind of weird,huh,and im also trying to look at my,compass,and when i turn it off i can kind of,move the controller around a little bit,but um i got to keep touching the drone,so,i dont know i think its like every,time they release a new drone they have,to like do these updates right,for everything to work correctly so i,just zoomed out a little bit im just,pinching the screen and you can kind of,see,im definitely not seeing any compass on,this screen,interesting im just,accidentally touching the screen and,putting a point,in there anyway we really want to make,sure were keeping track of,the video again moving the gimbal up and,down a little bit,just right over the edge of that,subdivision so,im gonna turn maybe a little bit this,way,to um the right just so were not going,over any houses and stuff you know,interesting now it seems to be tracking,the drone okay now its tracking that,look at that,so if i turn to the right just a little,bit,there we go we want to miss all those,houses we dont want to go over them,go back there,and interesting how you see the map to,the bottom left,oh its kind of behind the drone i dont,really like that,i want to track the drone there and then,well go out,okay anyway not any kind of um theres a,sunset there you can see it im gonna,turn back towards molokini that was just,a really brief,deviation,and really interesting how were behind,the drone with the map,anyway heres the quality of the picture,where are we at ill have the mileage,pop up,were already at um,14 000 feet holy crap were almost at,like three miles,so what ill have is ill have the,ill have the info popping up,um you know as were going out ill have,each mile,reached were at 64 percent here,still have great gimbal of it ability,there,lets see if i touch on the north arrow,hmm,that didnt really do a whole lot cant,even see the drone in the map there,see if i touch on that down there oh,there we go okay see the bottom right,there,i just touched on it and,lets see here moving the controller,around nothings really happening on my,screen,lets touch that again,i want to be able to have the compass,going so i know where,i am according to the drone low battery,look at this,i just canceled it guys okay,so i dont know i cant get really the,compass to work too great,to know like where my orientation is to,the craft so were just going to do this,so were at 57 were going to come back,at 50 percent,but um guys were at 18 000 feet and,were recording remember in,4k so im just hitting that little,north button trying to get more my,orientation,to the the craft a little better,remember in the old one,it showed you exactly there we go okay,theres a tiny little home and theres a,tiny little blue triangle above the h,in that window there ill just leave it,there,um 54 so were going to be turning,around pretty pretty soon guys were at,twenty thousand feet so were like four,miles,just about what is a mile five thousand,[Music],two hundred eighty seven feet per mile,so anyway uh no problem with the latest,occusync look at this,im pulling the gimbal down a little bit,no problem whatsoever 51 percent,21 000 okay 50 so we should be four,miles now okay,i am going to turn around now so im,gonna press,return to home hold it in on the screen,and lets let this thing do its thing so,we went down to 49 percent,i am pretty confident that this thing,will come back,with 49 now 48.,guys look how far we went out there oh,my gosh,so as usual a little bit of a nail biter,um,im hoping i have a little bit of,wind to my back but as you can see its,coming back,slower than i went out,its

DJI Air 2S | 1-Inch Sensor + 5.4K + 10bit Color! Best Mavic Yet!?

today were checking out the mavic air,2s im going to go ahead and just call,this review because the firmware,should be pretty close to being final,this is completely unsponsored,it flies like an air but it has that one,in sensor that you get from,the pro i believe this is the fly more,kit inside of here we get a,bag this is cool right here some dji,nd filters 4 8 16 and 32 so what is that,two,three four and five stops of nd i,believe you could also additionally get,uh,64 to 512 i believe so thatll give you,all the way up to higher neutral,densities for the really sunny days,lets take a look inside the bag here,and we have our aircraft,it looks exactly like the air looking at,the two they look very similar i think,the main obvious difference is,the size of the camera of course but we,also have sensors right here,up top so thats interesting no sensors,on the side,like the two pro does but if we take a,look,right there ooh one inch sensor the only,downside,about this one inch sensor is that there,is no aperture control the fly markets,gonna give you batteries and,these batteries last so long now that if,you have three of them,youll probably be able to fly for an,hour and a half anyways the security,guard came here five minutes ago and,said we cant film here but uh thats,nice of them to give us five minutes at,least to just get this segment in but,we gotta move and look we have secret,service coming in to kick us out right,now,they have guns i think so we should,probably go,[Music],so so far so good as expected the,aircraft flies really good,because the mavic air 2 was a really,solid aircraft i love flying that thing,and i also love that with the more,modern drones you dont have to do that,compass calibration,nearly as much you know this whole thing,where it says like calibrate you have to,go,oh you look like an idiot as a matter of,fact ill be testing this out for the,next month and,this is how many times ive had to do,the compass calibration,hopefully thats a zero now in this,firmware we have 5.4k,up to 30 frames per second 4k up to 60,frames per second,and hd up to 120 frames per second for,that super slow-mo and in all these,resolutions as soon as you go past 30,frames per second,there is a crop so here we are at 4k 24,so now we go to 48 frames per second and,you can see,the amount of crop were getting so now,im going to go ahead and bump up the,resolution to 5.4 k,and im curious to see how much i can,crop into this shot,and see how much of the resolution still,holds up but heres how it looks,at 5.4 k maximized,resolution i do have to be careful,flying sideways though on the left here,there is,a safety assistant mode which is going,to turn off sideways flying so now i,cant really,go side to side so this is going to be a,little bit safer,whoa its kind of like an airplane now,it leans its almost like an fpv drone,thats interesting okay but i guess this,is going to be a little bit safer,because,its not going to let you go side to,side where there are no sensors not what,i was expecting out of this setting but,okay and just turns so it feels more,like flying an fpv drone or a,little plane but how is this 5.4k,resolution though i bet it looks,pretty good one downside of 5.4k is that,you cant use,any sort of active track mode so let me,go ahead and go back down to,4k and now we have dylan selected so now,all i do is just,fly the aircraft around and the active,track is going to frame dylan for me,which makes it,super convenient make sure its not,going to hit anything but,in terms of the composition it takes,care of all that for me so i,love that and i love that to interactive,track mode you dont have to dig into,the settings you now just go ahead and,just highlight dylan,and its tracking and i could also,reframe his composition so i could go,ahead,put him on the bottom right if i want to,or top right and im just going to go,ahead and just use the active track to,follow him down,now oh actually its gonna lose him,there yeah so its definitely gonna lose,him through that but,it looks pretty cool up there we should,go up there huh okay so lets go ahead,and try out master shots,okay so it recognizes that were three,different people,okay ive got dylan selected estimated,flight time,three minutes whoa okay its just kind,of doing its thing i dont really know,what its doing just yet interesting,its zooming,as its flying i dont know what its,doing but its cool,it seems like what its doing is just,getting all the different angles,i dont know im kind of excited the,shots that its getting actually seem,pretty cool,[Music],all right lets see if i can active,track myself here all right were gonna,go active track trace so,im just gonna let the drone do its,thing while we go ride,lets uh see how good this thing is yeah,i mean it seems like as long as theres,no major obstacles,in the way youre good and for the most,part at least in this trace mode,its just gonna trail behind me so i,just have to be kind of cautious to try,not to,set it up for failure all right were,going uh 20 miles per hour right now,and its having no problems staying up,with me,im a little bit worried about this wall,right here but so far so good,theres no obstacles nearby so we can,comfortably just let it go do its thing,dude this is dope the only issue here is,the lack of dynamic range but thats,because im in the,standard color profile but theres also,an hlg and,a d log which is going to give you more,dynamic range egi says the d log in here,is going to give us 12.6 stops of,dynamic range,in 10-bit d-log 4-2-0,so thats pretty awesome a lot of power,in this camera a lot of flexibility,if youre trying to edit i also thought,that it was pretty cool that it,automatically switches,to 10-bit when you switch into hlg,or d-log which makes sense because those,are the color profiles that youre going,to be grading so you want,as much color information as possible,now we also have the option to go,between h264 and h.265,and usually h.265 you go with if youre,trying to save on file size,or trying to get more information but,dji actually says the ht65 does both,smaller file sizes,and more information so if youre trying,to get the best image quality out of,this drone,then thats what they would recommend an,h264 is really only an option for the,standard color profile once you go into,hlg,or d-log you go automatically to h.265.,its a little crazy trying to fly this,drone and ride this thing at the same,time,but its actually pretty decent oh,heres a test can we use the zoom while,were using active drive oh we can,look at that this is 1x zoom im gonna,go ahead,see if i get a little bit tighter in,this is uh 3x and 4x,look at that check it out look how,zoomed in we are looking,at that yeah kind of crazy huh i also,got it paired with the dji smart,controller with the built-in monitor,this is something that i was pretty,hesitant to get for a pretty long time,because its pretty expensive,but actually every time you guys buy,something using my link down below,for anything dji they actually give me a,little bit of store credit so i saved up,enough,bought this thing and i am so glad i,have this thing its awesome you dont,have to pull out your phone,do that whole shuffling game of trying,to get your phone in there without it,pressing the volume buttons or powering,up,you got to plug it in its kind of a,mess so this is super nice and also this,air 2s,has ocusync 3.0 so now we went from 10,kilometers to 12 kilometers,and it also has four antennas instead of,two they told me the extra two antennas,are back here,in the rear arms and whats cool about,this smart controller is that it has,two wheels so of course the left one is,for our camera tilt,but we also have the right one now for,the,digital zoom and im at 4k and im able,to go to,4.3 x zoom and again digital zooms tend,to not be,that great usually maybe something like,this this is a 2x zoom,this looks pretty cool and if you dont,have the smart controller you can still,zoom but yo


this video is sponsored by adorama,thats been a little bit over a year,almost 13 months now since ive been,flying the dji air 2s and if you guys,watched my end of year video i did as,far as drone of the year for 2021 this,was the drone the dji air 2s is for me,was a drone of the year of 2021 its one,of my thoughts now that were,approaching the mid-year theres been a,few other drones that have hit the,market we also have the mavic 3 you have,some of the ones from autel you have the,autel light plus lots of light as well,as a nano is this still the drone to get,in 2022 and to cut to the chase the,answer still is yes just like it was in,my 2021 video but i will talk about some,of those few reasons why youre gonna,want to pick up this drone still even,after a year and before we jump into,those few reasons a quick word from,todays sponsor adorama if those arent,familiar with adorama adorama is one of,the largest most reputable online retail,stores that specializes in all of your,camera gear all of your lenses lighting,equipment musical instruments and these,right here drones from all the major,brands i just got back from nab 2022 and,adorama already has all the latest gear,on their site if its not ready for,shipping its ready for pre-order such,as the new 24 to 72.8 g master version 2,lens as well as the new aputure 600c pro,which they did announce at nab day 2.,now the one i do like about adoramas,website is that they do have a used,section so even if youre looking at new,camera gear or even drones like this,this is a dji air 2s they do have a few,used units so if you want to save a,little bit more money off of retail make,sure you check out that use section on,adoramas website ill leave all links,to the gear we talked about in this,video so if you guys are looking for,some of the best deals online make sure,you check out those links below from,adorama and now lets get back to the,list on the air 2s the first reason,well talk about of why youll still,want to pick up the air 2s even a year,later after release is this right here,the camera and the sensor on the air 2s,that one inch sensor is something that,they carried over from this guy right,here the dji mavic 2. now one difference,on the mavic 2 pro it is an adjustable,aperture you dont have an adjustable,aperture on the air 2s it is a fixed 2.8,but i think that one inch sensor on,these drones right here kind of like,that sweet spot for most flyers out,there that want that balance between,both camera quality and size of drone,and if you have been flying for a little,bit and you do have the mavic 2 pro im,sure you guys can all attest that this,thing is a workhorse drone more likely,you might not have even upgraded or,updated to the air 2s,if you had this one of the reasons why,you might want to is because the xps is,a little bit more compact a little bit,lighter but this drone right here with,that one inch sensor i think we have,that sweet spot as far as drones cameras,and size with that one in sensor on,these platforms next thing well talk,about is transmission and if you guys,know me transmission is probably my most,important thing when youre out there,flying and the great thing about the air,2s it is using 03 or ocusync 3,technology which is djis latest,transmission the one thats great about,it is that not only can you fly with the,standard rcn1 remote control if you do,have the smart controller even the,original one or if you have the rc pro,right here you are able to use these,remote controls with this drone next,reason well talk about why this is,still one of the best drones to get even,in april 2022 is what you get for the,size now even though i have the dji,mavic 3 sometimes when i want to get up,and go and i want to stay as light as,possible but still have high quality i,will use this drone right here the air,2s even on my most recent snow trip when,i went to breckenridge i brought the air,2s because of its size over the mavic 3.,i tried to pack my backpack or my,backpack where im carrying my gear as,light as possible and even though the,size might not seem that big of a,difference it definitely is when youre,packing a lot of gear in your bag next,is the price we are in that thousand,dollar 999 range which i think for what,you get in this drone definitely i think,is a very very competitive price like i,mentioned with the mavic 2 pro when that,release we were still in that 1500 1700,range and then of course when you jump,over to the mavic 3 youre pushing to,2500 and up depending if you have the,cine version and with the dji mini 2,coming in around that 450 500 range with,a couple batteries this thing right here,like i said its right there in the,middle so if you are not just a hobbyist,but you want to use your drone in more,of a commercial setting and you want to,have a little bit higher require a lot,higher quality than something like the,mini 2 thats the reason why i think the,air 2s still has a place in 2022. now if,youre flying in a place that you need,to stay under that 250 grand mark of,course thats something that the air 2s,cant do youre going to want to jump,over to something like the dji mini 2.,now while 250 grams does have its place,theres also some limitations to it that,was the reason why i brought the air 2s,with me on my trip i was going to be,outdoors i was going to be at elevation,and breckenridge and also theres going,to be snow winds and you dont want,something too light out there because it,could easily be thrown around and i,didnt want to go too big because it,wouldnt fit in some of my bags i was,bringing thats where this comes in it,fits right in the middle it can,definitely handle stronger winds because,of the motors its a little bit heavier,of a platform out there and also when it,comes to elevation too the air 2s,definitely will handle a lot better than,something like the mini 2. next feature,im talking about is focus track which,is those three features we have the,active track which is like the follow me,function you have spotlight as well as,point of interest and of course we have,obstacle avoidance on the air 2s so if,youre a solo content creator like,myself and youre out there and you want,to be able to track yourself you want to,track a subject thats where focus track,really comes into play and something,like the air 2s does have that function,and as far as optical avoidance you do,have the dual fronts you have the back,you have the bottom so if you do need,obstacle avoidance or you want to be,able to have that especially if youre,doing something like some of the active,track or focus track modes you do have,that on the air 2s as far as longevity,goes it does remind me of the mavic 2,pro like i said if you had the mavic 2,pro,this thing even up to now is probably,still a very very good drone to use for,all purpose the one thing that the air,2s does have a little bit of an,advantage of is that size of drone and,weight so if you want to get something,that has similar quality as the mavic 2,pro similar features but you have a lot,more of compact drone i definitely think,if you own the air 2s itll probably,satisfy majority of your needs out there,now of course if youve been flying long,enough and you have specific needs like,say for instance you need higher,resolution or you do a lot of,photography and prints like i do i would,like larger cameras or i like larger,cameras for my prints then those,specific types of needs is when youre,going to want to look at other options,out there but for majority of stuff that,i use it for the air2s can definitely,satisfy all those needs i think the only,thing that would replace this is,whatever the next version is because of,the fact that i still like the size and,the quality of it whatever the next,version of this of course is probably,going to be that next one that youre,going to want to have and probably will,satisfy you again for the next few years,all these drones right here can easily,be used in a professional setting,depending

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