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its been a while since this drone has,been out on the market,and in todays video well talk about my,long-term impressions of the dji mini 2,pros and cons and whether you should buy,one in 2021,[Music],hey everyone this is mike welcome back,to another video if youre new here,hit the subscribe button join the squad,and i hope you have a great time on this,channel so the dji mini 2,one of these drones that you just cannot,neglect and why is that,well we have 4k video we have three axis,stabilization,we have ocusync transmission technology,with a great,range 30 minute flight time and,its sub 250 grams whats not to love,about it there are of course many things,that i do love about this drone and a,few that i dont really like and well,talk all about them in todays video,first lets start with the usability as,i think this is probably the biggest,strength of this drone,the fact that its so tiny and portable,means that you can,literally put it in the pocket of your,jacket,and put the remote in your other pocket,of your jacket and go fly thats all you,really need,besides your phone and youre good to go,you dont,even need to take out your backpack you,can just,take this and have a 30 minute flight,wherever you go,and its that simple normally when i,prepare to,go somewhere and shoot i carry my big,backpack full of gear full of,many things that i carry with me here,the only things i need,is just the drone the remote my phone,and occasionally some nd filters so,pretty much,thats everything i need for a flight,with this drone,how crazy is that i just love the fact,that its so portable,so usable pretty much anywhere you you,go you can take it with you,and it shouldnt be a problem so thats,something that i definitely appreciate,the usability factor is huge when it,comes to the dji mini 2. now lets take,a closer look at the camera because the,4k,quality is something that i definitely,enjoy,at the beginning i have to be honest i,didnt expect it to be that good,especially coming from a dji mavic mini,one the camera was not ideal so i was,expecting it to be just a slight upgrade,compared to that,well it was not the case the 4k quality,of the mini 2,is absolutely perfect for your daily,needs and uploading videos on youtube,and i think,many people will have trouble,identifying,this drone compared to lets say a,mavic air 2 or even the mavic 2 zoom for,example,you will have trouble identifying which,drone is which the camera is that good,of course if you are pixel peeping or,you are comparing two images,side by side you will see some,differences but thats not the point,the point is that the 4k quality is not,only good enough,i would say is just just as good as any,other,dji drone from the middle section of,their,lineup and im just fine with the,quality i wouldnt say its bad of,course i wouldnt use it at nighttime,for example,but when you have plenty of light the,quality is just great,when it comes to color grading you dont,have a flat color profile this,is a feature that has been reserved for,the bigger more expensive drones that,dji has to offer,however i still think its possible to,color grade this footage in a way that,you know lets you add your little,creative touch to it and makes it,look a little bit more cinematic so,personally i think,this is not an issue for most people,every time i record videos with the dji,mini 2 i,add my own lut for it and the results,are pretty good in my opinion so,i wouldnt say the lack of flat color,profile is a deal breaker for me,especially considering the price,to improve the video quality by,introducing some natural motion blur,i use nd filters from freewell these are,the ones that i usually use,and for the most part i either use the,nd16 or the nd32,depending on the light if youre not,sure how to use nd filters,its really simple but if you dont want,to deal with manual camera settings you,can still put lets just say an nd16,and leave the camera in auto that will,make sure that your,shutter speed is a little bit lower so,youll have less stuttering and more,natural,motion blur in your footage while still,having the automatic camera settings,uh applied to your footage so you dont,have to worry about it at all,i would have been really happy if dji,released nd filters,for the mini 2 and put them inside the,fly more combo for example,so you can have filters designed for the,mini 2 from dji,coming in the package itself that would,have been a little bit easier now you,have to go and buy them separately,and ill leave a link in the description,if you want to buy the free well once,before going any further with this video,i want to thank the sponsor of todays,video skillshare,skillshare is an online learning,community where millions come together,to take the next step,in their creative journey with thousands,of inspiring classes for creative and,curious,people on topics including illustration,design,photography video freelancing and more,its created specifically for learning,meaning there are no ads and theyre,always launching new premium classes,so you can stay focused and follow,wherever your creativity takes you,if youre into tech im sure youve,heard about mkbhd,and he happens to be one of my favorite,creators on this platform and he,recently released his own skillshare,class,and best belief i took that class,because he talks about his success on,youtube,how he made it his little secrets that,he wants to share with us,and its very interesting to hear from,the man itself and hear,somebody that is so successful share,some tips on how to improve on youtube,so this is just one of the thousand,classes that you can find on skillshare,the first 1000 of my subscribers who,click the link in the description,are going to get free trial for,skillshare premium so you can start,exploring your creativity today,now lets talk about the range a little,bit because my first impression of this,drone and especially the range was quite,bad i think i was close to an obstacle,that was,really making my signal go very very bad,because i was having tons of problems in,my very first flight,however after trying out the drone in a,couple of different environments i saw,there is nothing to worry about,as ocusing 2.0 has been rock solid ever,since,and i havent had any issues with my,signal successfully pushing the drone,more than four kilometers away during my,range test,and for my regular flying i never go,that far anyway so even,flying in urban areas has been very,successful experience for me so i,really havent had any issues ever since,that first,negative impression so all in all this,drone definitely steps up,very massively from the dji mini,one the original one which has been,pretty bad in terms of range,and now i definitely feel a lot more,comfortable pushing this drone a little,bit further away,even in urban areas and i can still rely,on the signal strength,of course one of the things that this,drone has been advertised for is the,improved wind resistance,and you can really notice that,especially if youre coming from the,original mini one,because here you have a lot more power,to battle the winds,and the stability during your flight,even,when there are super strong winds is,just great,dont get me wrong this drone is not a,complete powerhouse that will sustain,all sorts of winds but for the most part,it is a massive improvement compared to,the previous model another thing which i,quite like,is the improved design of the propellers,and because of that,the drone is also a lot more quiet which,is,always a positive thing for me and i do,enjoy it a hell of a lot more,when it comes to the battery life im,quite used to owning different mavics,and all of them,have a rough flight time of about 30,minutes give or take a few,and here its no different usually you,have,a guaranteed flight time of about 25,minutes depending on how much sport mode,youre using how much wind there is and,what you do with the drone itself,but in my tests for the most part 22 23,minutes is what i usually

Watch This Before You Buy The DJI Mini 2 Drone | Full Review

[Music],mavic mini 2,the drone of the year 2020 at least if,the drone can live up to the superior,specs that manufacturer dji announced,a miniature drone with a high resolution,fully stabilized 4k camera,and its range is supposed to dethrone,even most professional drones,and of course its supposed to record,super high resolution photos as well,and as if thats not enough its,supposed to be light enough to avoid,registration in most countries,is that at all possible and if so where,did manufacturer dji compromise,hey guys whats up its me again tom,from ptt toms tech time the show,with the three fastest tees in the world,now lets take a closer look all,together at the brand new mavic mini 2,from,manufacturer dji dont forget to leave a,thumbs up and of course dont forget to,subscribe because if you dont then,youre going to miss out on so much cool,upcoming tech content,and you cant blame it on me anymore i,want you dont forget to hit the,subscribe and the bell button right here,and right now,lets get this party going product link,can by the way also be found in the,description below in case you want to,check out the current pricing of the,brand new mavic mini 2 or you want to,purchase it or you dont click on the,product link,without further ado lets jump right,into the video and,[Music],boom,[Music],manufacturer dji upgrades its smallest,drone massively,though you cannot really see the changes,right away visually the new mavic mini 2,looks pretty much like its predecessor,only smaller details differ but not only,the looks stayed the,same also the weight did not change,luckily,if the drone had gained weight it would,have passed the magical 250 grams border,drones that weigh more than 250 grams,have to be registered in most places,its time consuming and annoying that is,why one of the central purchasing,arguments of the mavic mini 2,is its low weight of only 249 grams,the build quality does not set new,standards but it is high for such a,miniature drone model,nothing feels loose or too fragile all,visible cables are well protected,against natural wear,the ventilation openings prevent dirt,and moisture from entering the drones,body,so far i could not find any significant,weaknesses,the first disadvantage that comes to,mind is the material dji chose to build,the shell,because of the weight issue they could,not pick aluminum or carbon fiber,instead they used regular plastic still,the drone can take some bumps though its,sturdiness cannot be compared to its,bigger and tougher but also much,pricier brothers,lets talk upgrades which new features,and functions,are aboard the brand new mavic mini 2. i,remember this moment when dji the,manufacturer when they sent in,like a list with the specs and i looked,at it and i was like you guys got to be,kidding me,thats not for real you guys are trying,to fool me you cannot pack,the technology the flight technology the,camera technology of,like an advanced sounding drone into a,toy sized drone model,its impossible well hey they did it,the major highlight of the mavic mini 2,is its camera,big news are waiting simply one word,4k the super small and lightweight mavic,mini 2 is the first drone in its class,to offer fully stabilized 4k,recordings i mean thats crazy i just,cant find any words to describe this,better,it is absolutely stunning to have a,high-res 4k camera built into this,miniature drone model you get the,maximum video quality,from a miniature drone the 100 ambit per,second,slightly wide angled videos have an,overall crisp and sharp,look even in the corners the recordings,show only a minimal amount of distortion,you can easily enhance the videos look,by adding a tiny bit of digital,sharpness on the computer,from such a small drone you cannot,possibly expect more,the new 4k video feature is a fantastic,upgrade,it puts the mavic mini series into,another league than all its miniature,competitors available on the market,of course the mavic mini 2s camera can,not be compared to one of the more,professional,cameras that manufacturer dji also,offers,but it is the best miniature camera i,have seen so far,whats missing though is picture styles,and also you dont have a lot of,possibilities to manually set up the,camera,right now i am uploading original photo,and video files recorded with the mavic,mini 2. you should download these for,free right now from my website,toms techtime.com mavic mini 2 that way,you can really check out the video and,photo quality,of this brand new drone yourself you can,determine,whether you like the look whether the,recordings are crisp and clean enough or,not,maybe you can even start to color grade,them whatever you want to do all these,files are unedited uncut,ungraded uncompressed tomstacktime.com,mavic mini 2.,[Music],the mavic mini 2 can also take beautiful,photos,theyre crisp and clean and have a,decent resolution,you can record single images or take,high resolution panoramas or you can use,the self timer,the biggest news is that you can now,record raw photographs with the tiny,mavic mini 2.,thats great news for all the ambitious,photographers out there who want to,properly edit their files,[Music],but theres another major highlight the,controller and the transmission system,yeah the rc is rather big but it is,slightly clunky for a reason the mavic,mini 2 got an upgrade that must be,mentioned it has a maximum transmission,range of,up to 10 kilometers that equals more,than 6 miles,im not sure if the mavic mini 2 can,really fly out that far because its,simply forbidden to fly out of sight but,what i can say,is this you can fly out far and the,signal is incredibly reliable,there is no consumer drone on the market,with a stronger transmission system,the mavic mini 2s transmission system,even beats most professional drones,also the design of the new remote,control is convincing,okay a small flight telemetry display is,missing but everything else is well,thought through,all buttons are in the right places,the extendable antennas also function as,a smartphone clamp,below it dji hides the cables to connect,the remote to the smartphone,that way you will never forget or lose,the cable anymore,[Music],with an average flight time of,approximately 26 minutes the mavic mini,2 does a good job,but like all other drones it stays below,the half an hour mark,of course except on the box a few extra,minutes of flight to reach a full half,an hour would have been a really nice,upgrade,[Music],if you order the multiple charger,together with the drone,then you can charge your batteries via a,power bank outdoors that is a nice way,to get through a full day of flying and,filming easily,i love being able to recharge my,batteries on the go,though the mavic mini 2 is a super,lightweight drone its safety components,are best in class,it features a gps glonass and galileo,satellite module that allows the drone,to safely travel back to the home point,in case of a connection loss or other,problem,battery level is low the aircraft will,go to the home point in 10 seconds,also the battery sends a warning once it,reaches a certain level,way cooler though is that it also alerts,you once it detects that the drone has,to return to the home point because of,the distance,that is an incredibly helpful safety,tool the safety features of the mavic,mini 2 are far beyond most other,in-class drones,the flight characteristics of the drone,are pretty outstanding,keeping in mind its miniature size,operating the drone is intuitive,and straightforward and doesnt require,a lot of training,literally everyone can fly the drone,with ease whether a pro,or an absolute beginner its all,muffling,clouds today,fling,okay,understood,bam,[Music],thanks to the bottom sensors the drone,can nicely keep its position and doesnt,drift off,it hovers safely instead so safely that,one could actually put aside the remote,control and simply take a nap,the drone wouldnt fly away it would,hover in place,and then autoland once the battery level,turns low,also the mavic

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DJI Mini 2 Drone | Hands-on Review

hey jake with b h today i am upstate in,the very cold and very windy hudson,valley,to try out the new dji mavic mini 2,otherwise known as the dji,mini 2. lots of cool new features in,this model we have 4k video up to 30,frames per second,a couple of new photo modes and a couple,of new quick shot modes plus,it still weighs only 249 grams still the,same size and weight as the original,fits in the palm of my hand so check it,out,okay so i just want to go through all,the new modes in the app together lets,go through them one by one and talk,about whats,new first lets start with photo you,still have 12 megapixel photos,you can do a single or you can do a time,shot moving now to the video recording,you now have 4k,resolution recording capabilities in the,mini 2.,lets take a look at the options here,you have 4k 24 frames per second,25 frames per second and 30 frames per,second,you also have the original 2.7 k,resolution you can do,24 25 and 30 frames per second in the,2.7 k resolution,if you want some slow motion you can,drop down to 1080p,and you can record up to 60 frames per,second in that 1080p resolution,for some nice slow motion,dji mini 2 also features quick shot,modes youre gonna have the droney,the helix,the rocket,the circle,and the boomerang,so if you want to capture the vista the,large landscape that youre,looking at the best bet is to use the,panorama modes and the dji mini 2.,you have three options you have the,sphere panorama,the 180 degree panorama and the wide,angle panorama,dji does offer a fantastic kit its the,fly more combo can actually have it,right here and its great you get the,convenient carry case that securely fits,the drone,and the new controller you also get,three batteries,along with a triple charger so you can,charge all three batteries,simultaneously,over the usbc cable which is included in,the kit you also get,replacement props for the drone as well,as replacement thumbsticks for the,controller,you also get the new controller with the,dji mini 2 now a lot of you may,recognize this from the dji mavic air 2,its the same controller just carried,over,the antennas are built in on the inside,much more convenient and ergonomic,design for hand holding much easier and,smoother to mount your smartphone into,place right here,it also boasts the new ocusync 2.0 image,transmission technology,the dji mini 2 inherits the reliable,ocusync 2.0 video transmission,and improves the technology even further,featuring 2.4,5.8 gigahertz auto switching to cut,through interference,dji has optimized algorithms and,protocols to cut interference and signal,fading more than ever,now having said that its always,important to maintain visual line of,sight of your drone whenever youre,flying and always follow local rules and,[Music],regulations,all right so now i want to talk to you,about quick transfer transferring your,shots to your smartphone quickly and,easily using the dji fly app when the,remote control is connected to the,mobile phone and the drone you can go to,the drone album in the dji fly app,and tap the quick transfer icon to,switch the drone to wi-fi bluetooth,image transmission mode,the quick transfer function allows you,to directly transfer the photos and,videos taken by the drone to a mobile,device over wi-fi and bluetooth,this is a high-speed download and sync,operation with a maximum download speed,of 20 megabits a second,the image quality of the downloaded,photos will be optimized by default,make sure to tap that magic wand to view,and save the original photo,you can then directly open the editor,from the album interface and edit videos,the rich built-in templates will help,you create high quality videos easily,the dji fly editor also supports precise,editing such as background music,and transition effects,the dji mini 2 is the quintessential,first time flying a drone,why dont i see if i like it kind of,consumer drone technology,the app is very easy to use and i want,to talk about the landing and taking off,so within the app itself there is a,takeoff button so you can press that,hold it down itll take off safely,when youre ready to land make sure you,hit the landing button hold that down,and itll,take itself all the way down and land,automatically once you press that button,just a nice easy feature to have just,speaks to how,convenient and easy the mini 2 is for,those first time drone flyers,all right thats going to do it for the,new dji mini 2,a perfect entry level drone i think if,youre new to drones youre looking to,get your first drone this is a great,place to start,something you cant capture with this,thing you have 4k video capture,12 megapixel photos smart capture modes,for cool cinematic shots,and some cool panorama modes to really,capture the landscape,on top of that its incredibly,lightweight only 249 grams as i said,it fits in the palm of my hand you fold,up these propellers and its the size of,a smartphone,its in the back of your pocket or in,the convenient carry case that you get,with the dji fly more combo but i want,to know your thoughts let me know in the,comments below,this is jake with band h just keep,rolling guys

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DJI MINI 2 | My experience | Review

hey and welcome to this channel my name,is John torp and today Im gonna talk,about the DJI Mini 2 and my experience,so far with it,so I bought the DJI Mini 2 drone just a,couple of weeks before the DJI Mini 3,Pro came out on the market the question,is do I like my DJI Mini 2 after the DJI,Mini 3 Pro came out I will say yes and I,will also say no so heres my first yes,[Music],so the first yes is the image quality I,do not mind the image quality on the,Drone I think it takes great pictures,and do take the photos and films that I,do need with,a drone I can film 4K up to 30 frames,per second,2.7 K up to 60 frames per second and,1080p 60 grams per second so I rarely or,never go down to 1080p I of course film,in 2.7 K when Im gonna go with 60,frames per second what I think is weird,is that they dont have the 120 frames,per second in 1080P other than that I,think its great when it comes to image,quality,my second yes for the Drone is the,weight of the Drone it is so light and,its so easy to carry with you it is,only 249 grams and you can fold it like,this,pretty nice to bring on vacation and,wherever you are put in the backpack in,your jacket when youre out walking I,like that a lot about this drone 249,grams takes it underneath the weight,level of 250 where you get a lot of,restrictions after you pass 250 grams,this one you dont feel like you are,doing something illegal when youre,driving or flying it thats,the one thing I like the most about it,what is also sweet about the DJI Mini 2,is that you got this little propeller,lock that you can have around,like this,you do not get that in the mini three,and thats weird that I didnt do but,thats a plus on the mini two actually,the third yes on the DJ Mini 2 is the,battery life I think it is great battery,you put it back here and just lock it,like that they say on dji.com that will,last 31 minutes,and I think that it is pretty close to,that the Drone starts uh giving you an,alert when it when it is at 20 left of,the battery Ive seen that maybe one or,two times over the past three months,that I had a drone I did get the,combo pack where you get this little,charging Hub and youre gonna have three,batteries in and you can charge it you,can also charge other things with this,little Hub which is sweet when youre,out traveling and you need to charge,your phone or something like that its,really rare that I go and take out the,second battery to continue flying my,drone because I always get what I need,Within,15 to 20 minutes,[Music],my opinion it is a great drone for basic,drone flying its a great beginner drone,to start learning how to fly and I think,its nice for the price and does its job,for easy Film Production like Vlogs or,YouTube content stuff like that,now lets talk about what I do miss on,the DJI mini 2.,[Music],the first thing I do miss on this drone,is the cine-like function or whatever on,color grading it gives you a little bit,more dynamic range when youre gonna,color grade the pictures so yes the,image quality is good but I do miss that,if youre gonna do some movies that,matters a little bit more than just,YouTube and vlogs thats uh something I,do miss on this camera oh,drone,and the second note that I do not like,totally with the mini 2 is the,signal of the Drone I have experienced a,couple of times that it is going out of,reach,and not as far as dji.com and DJI itself,says about the signal range I live in,Norway we have a lot of mountains and,stuff like that so,yes maybe the mountains are disturbing a,little bit but I think it could be a,little bit better on the signal as,a issue so far but has been a couple of,times where Ive experienced that but if,it is flat and a large area with no,obstacles in the way then it is not a,big issue so did test out how far it,could fly before the RC starts to,noticing bad signal and it came a little,bit bad around 750 meters,but it got back to full signal but after,a thousand meters it started to go down,on the signal uh,I didnt want to fly longer away but,only thing I had in the way from the RC,and the Drone was some trees,um,its really rarely that I fly longer,than a thousand meters so the only issue,is with the signal is when theres,obstacles big obstacles or mountains and,stuff like that in the way which kind of,sucks but like I said it has not been a,big issue yet and the third note is the,sensors of the Drone this drone only,have the sensors right there underneath,the Drone,the Mini 3 has sensor hair as well in,the front,and the for example DJI mavic Air 2 has,sensors in the back and whatever,everywhere that makes it less scary to,fly it because you kind of want to get,the close-up pictures on trees and stuff,like that and it makes it a little bit,more risky to fly around with it without,sensors for alerting me of obstacles in,the way but,its also a nice thing because then you,can get close to the things but it is a,little bit risky but fun at the same,time when there is a little excitement,when you fly,so the four know that I have about this,drone is the biggest no I have on the,Drone which I hate a lot that it doesnt,have which I actually thought it had,when I bought it and that is tracking,when youre doing blogs and travel,movies and whatever you want to be able,to track yourself as youre walking for,example a mountain hike or something,like that or youre just walking on,around the water,you want to be able to track yourself,without having to fly it and it just,follows you thats something that Mini 3,has,and that made me kind of upset when I,realized it this one didnt happen,oh,the fifth note about the DJI Mini 2 is,of course the remote control,the DJI Mini 3 Pro came out with a,remote control with the screen on the RC,I wish I had that on the mini 2 as well,thats obviously a silly thing but it is,a hassle to take out the phone plug it,in the remote control and then put the,phone on airplane mode so no one will,call you while youre flying which is,not okay that just makes it way more,harder to actually take off the Drone,and fly it thats why I wish I had a,built-in screen and a remote control,maybe you can buy it on the side I dont,know if you know about it leave me a,comment below,okay thats it thats my opinion and my,experience so far with the DJI Mini 2. I,hope you like this content if you do,please subscribe that would be amazing,and,I see you in the next video,[Music]


[موسيقى],كنت أطير “DJI mini 2”,لمدة عام واحد الآن ،,وسأشارك معك أربعة أشياء مهمة,لا يتحدث عنها معظم مستخدمي YouTube,[موسيقى],هذا مورغان فريمان,صديق رائد المقرب,وإذا كنت تبحث عن دروس تعليمية عن الطائرات بدون طيار,ونصائح وأدوات التصوير,انت في المكان الصحيح,أتذكر قال رائد ذات مرة,التي تحلق في “DJI Mini 2”,ببطارية واحدة فقط,أكثر من كاف,هذا صحيح أنك سمعته,لا تحتاج حقًا إلى المزيد من التحرير والسرد,إذا كنت تخطط لطلقاتك,تم التخطيط لهذا الفيديو,استغرق الأمر مني 10 دقائق فقط لالتقاط تلك اللقطات,وهي عبارة عن نصف بطارية من “DJI mini 2”.,لذا فإن ما أفعله قبل التصوير هو,أحاول البحث في المكان الذي سأطلق النار فيه,أحاول رؤية محيطي,أحاول معرفة ما إذا كانت هناك جبال ، إذا كان هناك تداخل,إذا كانت هناك مبانٍ ، حيث ستكون الشمس,حتى أتمكن من التخطيط لطلقاتي مسبقًا,هذا يوفر الكثير من الوقت عندما يتعلق الأمر بالتصوير بالطائرة بدون طيار,وإذا قمت بذلك بشكل صحيح ، فلن تحتاج حقًا إلى أكثر من بطارية واحدة,إذا كنت تعاني من نقص في المال ولديك ميزانية وتريد التوفير,استمر وقم بذلك,لا تشعر بالسوء حيال عدم الحصول على المزيد من التحرير والسرد,هذا لن يغير أي شيء من التجربة,التي ستحصل عليها من “DJI Mini 2”.,أوصي بتوفير أموالك والحصول على حزمة بطارية واحدة,وبعد ذلك يمكنك استخدام هذه الأموال للحصول على الفلاتر,والتي ستساعدك في الحصول على لقطات رائعة حقًا,أعتقد أن بطاريتين ستكونان أكثر من كافية,حتى تتمكن لاحقًا من الحصول على بطارية إضافية ، وأنت على ما يرام,[موسيقى],حسنًا ، لذا فإن “DJI mini 2” هي طائرة بدون طيار صغيرة جدًا,وهذا يجعلها عرضة للخطر,لأنه يبدو كهدف سهل للطيور,لهذا السبب في كل مرة أطير فيها هذا الشيء,أنا متوتر بشأن الطيور التي تهاجمها,خاصة إذا كنت تعيش في شرق آسيا مثلي,لدينا الكثير من الطيور هنا,طريقة بسيطة للنجاة من هجوم الطيور,لوضع الطائرة بدون طيار في الوضع الرياضي,وتحلق لأعلى بأسرع ما يمكن,الطيور لحقيقة لا يمكن أن تطير صعودا,يمكنهم فقط الصعود في دوائر,لذا فإن القيام بهذه الخدعة سيمنحك ميزة لتطير بطائرتك بدون طيار في مكان آمن,وهبطت عليه,ثق بي هذه الحيلة تعمل دائمًا معي,وأشعر أنه ليس مشهورًا بدرجة كافية,لهذا السبب أردت التحدث عنها ووضعها هناك,بعد يومين,لذلك ذهبت لتعديل اللقطات ولكن تبين أنها محببة بعض الشيء,هذا ليس بسببي هذا لأنه إذا كان الطقس سيئًا للغاية,كان هناك الكثير من الغبار الناعم ،,انظر إلى هذه الصورة التي نشرها صديقي أمس,الغبار الناعم كان مجنونًا ، ولهذا السبب تبدو اللقطات ضبابية بعض الشيء,لكن نعم انتظرت لمدة يومين حتى يتحسن الطقس,لكنها لا تتحسن,في الوقت الحالي ، مثل المطر والثلج في جميع أنحاء البلاد,علينا تصوير اللقطات على أي حال,[موسيقى],قبل عام قبل أن أشتري “DJI mini 2”,كان لدي “مافيك ميني 1”,وسقطته في هذا النهر,تحاول الذهاب تحت الجسر,سأخبرك لماذا,حسنًا ، لذا كان من السهل جدًا تحليق “مافيك ميني 1″,ويمنحك الثقة للطيران تحت الجسور,أو الذهاب من خلال الأشياء,”DJI Mini 2” أسهل في الطيران,يمنحك تلك الثقة بأنك لن تحطمها أبدًا,لذلك عليك أن تكون حذرا من ذلك,لا فكرة عن سبب اغلاق الصوت,لكن القصة قصيرة,كنت أحاول أن أطير الطائرة بدون طيار تحت الجسر,وكانت هناك شرائح أعشاب بحرية وخيوط صيد الهندباء تحت الجسر,لم أستطع رؤيتهم من بعيد,وبالتأكيد لم تكن مرئية من كاميرا الطائرات بدون طيار,توقفت المحركات وفقدت الطائرة بدون طيار في النهر إلى الأبد,لذلك ما يمكن أن نتعلمه من القصة هو أن تكون واثقًا,لكن لا تكن واثقًا جدًا من استخدام “DJI Mini 2”.,إذا كنت تطير عبر أشياء مثل الثقوب والأشجار أو الجسور,اقترب أولاً ، ألق نظرة,إذا كان هناك أي شيء لا يمكنك رؤيته من بعيد أو من خلال كاميرا الطائرات بدون طيار,تأكد من أنها آمنة ونظيفة بالنسبة لك للقيام بهذه الضربة الخادعة,ثم افعلها,هذه الطائرة بدون طيار ستجعلك تشعر بأنك لا تقهر,لكن ثق بي يحدث عندما لا تتوقعه,هل يجب أن نسير بهذه الطريقة أم,هل يجب ان نذهب الى هناك؟,الجحيم لا ، أنا ذاهب على هذا النحو,انا اتقدم بالسن,تخمين عمري في التعليقات أدناه,واذا كنت تعرف عمري,لا تتخلى عنها,حقيبة الكاميرا ثقيلة جدا,حسنًا ، “DJI mini” هي طائرة بدون طيار للمبتدئين,والكثير من الناس يشترون هذه الطائرة بدون طيار,لتصعيد لعبة الفيديو الخاصة بهم,يصبح أي شيء لقطة من السماء,أجمل 10 مرات و 10 مرات أكثر إلهامًا,فهمت ذلك,لكنني ارتكبت خطأ كبيرا وهو,عندما أبدأ في إدخال لقطات الطائرات بدون طيار في مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بي,بدأت أحب مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بي وبدأت أفكر في أن مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بي رائعة جدًا,وهذا قتل إبداعي,حاول استخدام dji mini كأداة مجانية,شيء يضيف إلى مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بك,ولكن ليس شيئًا يصبح مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بك,لذلك إذا كنت تقوم بعمل فيديو,ركز أكثر على الحصول على لقطات لطيفة,بالكاميرا أو بهاتفك,من شأنها أن تنقل مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بك إلى المستوى التالي لأن,سيصاب الناس بالملل بعد مقطع فيديو واحد أو مقطعين,مشاهدة لقطات الطائرات بدون طيار مرارا وتكرارا,لذا فإن ما يمكنك فعله هو التركيز أكثر على صياغة القصة,وجعل لقطات الطائرة بدون طيار تلك تنبض بالحياة,يتحدث عن الإبداع,هذا الفيديو هنا,سأوضح لك بالضبط كيف أستخدم “DJI Mini 2”,لإعادة إنشاء فيديو تيك توك سريع الانتشار

DJI Mini 2 Review Philippines | Some of the Things You Need to Know Before Buying

take off,okay so today we are going to review the,mavic mini 2.,we are setting up our studio right now,here are process,depth of field but im gonna do nothing,see you in a bit,[Music],whats up everyone this is ryan and,today,we got our very first drone and this is,the mavic,mini 2. so lets get to the end up to,the unboxing,what is up guys this is ryan again and,um,this is my very first drone actually,here is the box,here how it looks like im going to open,it up,it comes with a bag inside,its a nylon finish lets open it up,first we have the uh drone itself,so here is the drone as you can see in,that yeah actually,were going to do a comparison with the,cell phone,this is a xiaomi 90 pro,and this is the drone look how small it,is,so going back but i push on propeller,guard im not sure if you can see it,thats the propeller guard at the punk,propeller guarding,flip flop blades inside,lets take off the propeller guard and,here is the drone itself,gotta shine gimbal guard if we take this,off,bottom part side top,back front this has actually a 4k camera,im not sure if you can see it,it has a three axis image or three axis,stabilization,in the gimbal yeah three axis uh tilt,roll pan um camera yeah i 12 megapixel,it has a one and a half cmos sensor we,have an,electronic shutter speed from one is to,8 000,seconds as a video resolution we have it,can shoot 4k,and 24 frames 25 frames and 30 frames,per second,it can shoot 2.7 k 24,25 30 frames per second and full hd,uh 24 25 30 48,48 50 frames and saw 60 frames per,second,for a still photography it can shoot,jpeg plus raw at the same time,it has also an auto exposure bracketing,input modification on three images at,the same time,first image overexposed second image,normal exposure the third image in,underexposed particular processing,now it has a couple of quick shots mode,um,it has droney helix rocket circle and,boomerang im not sure what that that is,but you can search it,in other videos um im not sure if im,going to review it because i dont have,much time to review this drone actually,for this sense um it has a max,of transmission this distance,unobstructed free of interference for at,least 10 kilometers,quick disclosure the distance yeah it,really depends on the environment like,lets say for example according this is,according to the ui,website um it has a strong interference,on urban landscapes like,nasa so it has a lot of interference,like,um masel sites metal parts you,might enter for instance,this is three kilometers now medium,interference,interference a suburban landscape up to,six kilometers,low interference lets say you know,something field or whatever,the maximum kilometers or distance that,you can actually fly this drone is up to,10 kilometers,so the thing that support nung usb,and to support channel usbc lightning,micro usb,okay so here is the,controller you have some buttons right,here,and you can open it up like this this,actually serves as the antenna for your,uh mavic mini controller that was,meredith strong wires hello,i think the cell phone it has this uh,joystick,so this battery actually has other two,batteries inside of it,battery compartment just pop it open,there is a battery,here is the battery im not sure if you,can see it the battery has 2,250 milliampere,dji in the charger so again,actually so you can uh charge,your devices using this charging,port now dji it also has a battery,indicator,you can press it right here its a power,button,and then it will indicate battery,so there are a couple of things now,thats an open,we also have a charger from dji,connector now remote to the phone,it has a couple of spare propellers,for changing,joystick and then a screwdriver,now the drill itself its really really,light actually miss,my big controller compared to drone,according to dji,249 grams full young drone at all 249,grams,thats together with the battery inside,now so,register or you dont have to have a,license on flying this drone,license kebab above 250 grams,for commercial use but this is only for,obviously so,its best now you can check laws about,flying drones here in the philippines,uh you can search probably to google,your caap thats civil,uh aviation authority of the philippines,for flying drones so we are going to,play a couple of clips nang dji mini 2,and lets see,young video resolution,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],and thats it for todays video if you,really appreciate this video please hit,the like button,and dont forget to subscribe to my,channel if you have any questions just,post it down below,um,about this drone comment it down below,and again this is ryan see you on my,next,video peace

DJI Mini 2 – Everything You Need to Know

[Music],so dj,has definitely listened to their,customers for the past year now since,the dji mavic 1 was released we now have,the new,mini 2 or dji mini 2 and for this price,range and what you get,this one definitely does not disappoint,and when i got the mini,2 i was like we finally have completed,the,holy trinity of ocusync with the mini 2,because if you didnt know the mini 1,was on wi-fi,transmission now we have a much more,reliable transmission system,with occusync 2.0 which is now on the,mini 2 but of course,came from drones like this the mavic 2,pro and the zoom,all the way down to here the mavic air 2,which came out earlier this year,also has ocusync 2.0 technology and now,we have,the mini 2 with that same transmission,system,and if you guys are new to my channel my,name is aldrin estacio i do a lot of,drone tech,tips tutorials and product reviews right,here on this channel so if thats,something that interests you,please consider subscribing and also,hitting that bell to be notified when i,post new videos,now dji did improve all those features,from the mini one that,people really expected to be on this one,so of course well talk about those,features as well as a bunch of other,smaller enhancements that they,did on the mini 2 that might not really,make headlines but,definitely i could see a difference from,the mini one to the mini 2. so to find,this for the past couple weeks lets go,through all those features theres,definitely a lot of information i want,to try to pack,in this video so if you do want to jump,around a little bit i have everything,listed down below,with time stamps if you just want to see,certain areas of the video,feel free to use those time stamps down,below in the video description now here,we have the new dji mini 2 right next to,the dji,mavic air 2 and the big boy right here,the mavic,2 pro now im gonna have a full,comparison video of these three right,here the mini the air 2,and the mavic 2 pro so make sure you,guys check out that link down below in,the video description once i post that,up there ill go into a lot more detail,in that video but just at a very high,level when you talk about something like,the mini,then the air 2 and then the mario 2 pro,youre talking about a smaller camera,sensor on this one right here,a little bit larger one on the air 2 and,then you have the larger,one in sensor on the mavic 2 pro i know,the difference between these three,besides just the camera is that you,dont have any obstacle avoidance on,the smaller mini you do have obstacle,avoidance on the air 2,and the mavic 2 pro as well as things,like active track you dont also have,things like that where you,can have the drone follow you you dont,have those on something,this small on the mini but you will have,them on the larger ones right here,and like i said im going to go through,a little bit more detail in a separate,video but i just want to give you guys,kind of a high level of what some of the,main differences are,with these three drones now just at the,mini 1 the mini 2,is 249 grams another big feature like i,mentioned earlier that occusync,2 transmission system definitely a big,upgrade over the wi-fi that they,previously had,we also now have a wind resistance of,level five and when it comes to video,resolution we now have,up to 4k 24 25 and 30 frames a second,and we have a new added feature with,zoom if you wanted to zoom in a little,bit in 4k,you can at a two times zoom also on,video we do have those five,quick shot modes so much that we have on,some of the other drones and in photo,mode yes we do now have,jpeg and raw and theres actually a few,different panoramic modes on,the mini 2. now as far as what you get,in the box it really depends of course,on which,package you go with dji normally always,has these two separate packages normally,ones,pretty basic one where you normally have,this right here which is the,remote control you have of course your,drone right here and you have all the,accessories like,extra propellers the tools and stuff,that youre gonna need to make any,replacement on the propellers but,whenever they come out with these,right here which is normally the fly,more combo this is probably the one i,normally would always recommend,mainly because the fact that you get,extra batteries you get two extra,batteries you get three total,you get a battery hub so if you go out,flying and you fly,three batteries straight you just put,all the batteries in the hub and youre,able to charge those up one by one,you also get this right here which is a,bag if you buy the basic kit you dont,get a bag so youre not able to,transport anything in youre probably,gonna have to buy,another bag anyways and you also get,this right here which is a propeller,holder which keeps your propellers nice,and snug in here,while you put it in the bag you dont,get this little strap,on the basic kit i talked a little bit,about this earlier and thats ocusync 2,technology and for me thats probably,the biggest reason why the mini 2 is,such a big upgrade because for those,that dont know,the mini 1 used wi-fi technology which,was also really really good youre able,to get up to four kilometers,in range from your remote control you,will see a difference though from the,wi-fi transmission on the mini one which,might be a little bit weaker,in those high traffic areas versus,something like this which is the ocusync,2 technology on the mini 2. when i know,i go out flying im probably anywhere,between that seven to 1500 foot range if,anything,ill let me fly from a specific area all,the way out to possibly the beach or,around a specific type of landmark but,getting it out there you know,two three four miles is probably,something i pretty much would never,really do,but on a couple times on my flights when,i was testing out the mavic mini,ii i did take it out a little bit,further than i normally would which is,normally like i said about a thousand,two thousand feet,i took this thing out to three four five,thousand feet away,didnt have any issue and pretty much,what i would expect from,ocusync 2 technology very similar to how,when i would fly my mavic air 2,or my mavic 2 pro there wouldnt really,be any issues as far as that reception,from your remote control,to your drone so even though its rated,for 10 kilometers or six miles and know,that,you fight after half a mile or a mile or,probably even two miles as long as you,have,a direct line of sight from your remote,control to your drone you shouldnt have,any problems with,reception back to your device another,new enhancement on the mini 2 that i,really like that probably,most might not talk about too much,mainly because the fact that its just,something that you kind of might,overlook,and the startup is actually a lot,quieter and,the propellers or the propeller noise,seems to be actually quieter on the mini,2 than it does on the mini one,take off,now just like the mavic mini one the,mavic mini,2 is also 249 grams now why is that such,a big deal well if you are in the us and,a lot of other countries as well,anything over 250 grams youre gonna,need to register your drone,with the faa now im here in the u.s,where we do have that regulation where,youre supposed to register your drone,if it is 250 grams and,up now there is a lot of places and it,depends on which country youre from,where youre flying in theres always,different regulations in those areas so,youre always going to want to check,with your local authority to see exactly,what you need to do depending on what,drone you have if you need to register,or not in your area now even though you,might not have to register it that,doesnt mean you dont have to abide by,the standard faa rules as far as,pretty much all the common sense stuff,dont fly over 400 feet while these here,in the u.s not over 400 feet,and of course dont fly it around crowds,around too many people at night,a lot of those you know basic stuff that,if youre a drone pilot you should be,pretty familiar with,but at least

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