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DJI Mini SE Camera Drone – Is it any good? The Review

[Music],hey everyone welcome to my channel well,this episodes all about the new dji,mini sc,a lot of you are pretty curious about it,so i have one and im going to show it,in this video and ill show you the,camera what it can do,what it cant do all the other good,stuff but before i show you all that,lets take a jump back in history dji,history,and see how we have arrived at the dji,mini se,all right here we go way back to the,year 2017. do you remember 2017,well in 2017 dji launched the spark,and it came in multiple colors it was a,really good drone back then,it even has more features in this drone,in 2017,than some of the newer drones have by,dji today im serious,this thing has obstacle avoidance active,track,gesture controls and it can fly with the,included controller which is a full,feature controller not like today where,you have,less than full feature controllers or,you can fly just with your cell phone so,that was a pretty cool option,back in the day but the spark suffered,from a 1080p,camera a short flight range because it,was very basic,wi-fi and a short flight time about 14,minutes so you need a lot of batteries,but the big nail in the coffin came,when countries started to introduce the,250 gram rule,any drone you know over 250 grams had to,follow all these regulations and rules,and this thing weighed 300 grams so,yeah it sort of went off the market but,in november of 2019,dji launched this one here called the,dji,mavic mini so it looked like a mavic and,its mini in size it didnt have a lot,of features it had a 2.7 k camera,had about a four kilometer range on a,really good day most days you werent,getting four kilometers youd be lucky,if you got one kilometer,it had quick shots but there were no,gesture controls like the spark,theres no obstacle avoidance like the,spark theres no,active track like the spark so some,people were upset about it but the fact,that it was under 250 grams,it sold like hotcakes the included,controller was very basic but it was,enough to get you by,and do everything you needed to do then,one year later dji released the mini 2,and everybody loves the mini 2. i love,the mini 2 and the mini 2,uh had some features from the mavic mini,so the mavic mini used a lithium ion,battery this,uses a light pole battery this one had a,2.7 k,camera this ones got a 4k camera this,one here,uses wi-fi enhanced wi-fi so you get,about four kilometers on a good day,this ones ocusync ocusync too it can go,a lot of kilometers like eight,kilometers on a really good day if you,fly this one behind buildings,you might lose the signal or if you fly,it in areas with interference you might,lose a signal,but if the same is done with this here,ocusync version,you probably wont lose the signal so,ocusync is better than enhanced wifi,they also change the body on the mini 2,compared to the mavic mini most people,cant tell the difference unless you own,both,also the mini 2 has a zoom control,whereas the mavic mini doesnt,and finally the mini 2 has a beautiful,controller since its got ocusync they,use the same controller thats on the,dji,air 2 and the air 2s as opposed to the,previous version right here which has a,controller that looks like that of the,spark so with that history lesson done,lets bring us to today so in july of,2021,dji released this baby here called the,dji,mini se do you see it this is the box it,comes in and inside that box they do,include a really nice hard case,this is probably something they should,have included with all their drones,because,this is extremely practical and a way,better than those goofy shoulder bags,they always include with drones i really,like this case so this would be,the dji mini se and i have not put a,sticker on it because i want to leave it,pretty plain because i cant tell the,difference between all the drones,anymore,the only way i can tell the difference,is looking on the arm to find where it,says,is it an se is it a mavic mini is it a,mini,2 because honestly theyre all the same,in style and shape and this is the,controller that comes with the sc a lot,of us thought that dji was going to,include,this controller with the sc and make it,maybe ocusync but,no they didnt now for a lot of you out,there youre probably wondering,is the dji sc with this controller you,know that looks like the mavic mini,is it just a mavic mini in a new case,and the answer is well let me show you,the mavic mini again this is the mavic,mini that came out in 2019,and the answer is you would be pretty,much,correct pretty much correct there,are differences and let me tell you the,differences right now,so when you think of the differences i,want you to think of it this way,dji sat around a table said you know,what uh,theres some markets where we cant sell,the mini 2 because its like too,expensive and,the mavic mini you know its just not,worth it to sell it in that country,so how about we make some deals with,some vendors,and sell the mini s e which is kind of,like the old,dji mavic mini but lets make a change,lets update it,so lets take the old mavic mini this,one here,and lets put it in the case of the mini,2.,so basically this old mavic mini has,been placed in the case of the mini 2,and lets use the motors from the mini 2,and some of the circuitry,and put it into this here dji,mini s e does that explain everything,well here let me,show you more specifically so the,differences are,the motors on the se are the exact same,motors at least to my eyes and,specifications,same motors as in the mini 2. youre,getting an se,with mini two motors vice the old mavic,mini,the motors because of that have the,newer props,so youll notice that if i pull over,here a mini two,put them side by side its the same,props same motors on,both and if i hold up the mini one you,probably cant see it i dont think i,have a close-up but anyways the motors,are different and the props are,different what does that mean to you,that means that you have more powerful,motors,and you have more efficient motors and,you have,a very quiet drone this drone the se,is much more quiet than the original,mavic midi its the same volume in,flight as the mini two another item,thats changed,are these silly little vent holes in the,front on the mavic mini the vent holes,up front here,those are stickers and on the mini sc,those are actually vent holes theyre,actually holes that go right into the,body to cool everything inside,which is the exact same as the mini 2.,another difference between the,sc and the old mavic mini would be the,arms the old mavic mini technology,was not that great so the arms have like,squishy rubber inside to keep them light,with the plastic and everything uh on,the new one since its using the same,body as the mini 2,its hard plastic all around im just,going to yank the batteries out of both,so the mini sc theres the battery and,this is the old,mavic mini battery you can see that the,mini se uses the exact same battery,as the mini 2 the modern mini 2 so,this is a lipo battery and the old one,is a lithium ion,battery much better to have a lipo,battery way more power,on the fly as you need it vice a,lithium-ion battery so the se,is much better for flying in the wind so,if you have a mavic,mini and then you buy yourself the sc uh,the batteries from the,mavic mini will not fit in the sc and,vice versa,but if you had a mini 2 and i dont know,why youd ever buy yourself an se if you,have a mini 2 but if you did,the batteries are interchangeable as,well as the charger is identical,and when it comes to the two remote,controllers i had to put stickers on,them because,i cannot tell one apart from the other,they are identical,so when you buy the sc you get the same,controller as you had with the mavic,mini now there are a few other slight,differences,between the sc and the old mavic mini,that make the sc better than the mavic,mini,it goes without saying that the sc is a,better drone than the old mavic mini,because its been updated,so ive observed a few things now one,thing i notic

DJI Mini SE Fly More Combo In-depth Review

[Music],foreign,[Music],dji mini se one of the most affordable,and compact drones from dji company,lets review this whats good guys my,name is alekney kitchen from russia with,love youre watching no limits on,channel,and i brought dji mini se to turkey to,my vacations,yeah im working on my vacations as well,and tested out this drone,right there so lets go lets start up,with the size and weight of this drone,its a tiny tiny little machine as you,can see,and this drone weighs only 249 grams,means that you dont have to register,this drone in most of the countries,and it comes in this box if you buy fly,more combo,this box contains or this bag contains,two more batteries also the special,charger for all three batteries and it,can work as a power bank as well,and also you get the remote control all,the extra propellers,extra sticks a little screwdriver even,and this whole case weighs a little bit,over one kilogram which is great for you,guys who are traveling a lot,and i really enjoyed using this drone in,my travel in turkey because,it took almost no space in my bag and,almost no extra weight as well so a big,thumbs up for this drone for,size and weight why do you even need a,screwdriver because,this drone has little screws right here,where the propellers are,and you adjust the strength and the,tightness,tightness how do you say tightness of,the,screws on the propellers and when i,bought it actually i took it,from a company that lent me for the,review of this drone,and i had to unscrew a little bit one of,the screws because it was,too tight so that is why you have a,screwdriver inside and now lets talk,about the,flying capabilities the activity of this,drone while its in the air,it holds the wind pretty straight,forward and,you know its pretty stable actually it,wasnt that windy like eight meters a,second wind but,it handled everything that was in turkey,pretty good,also the cinematic mode is very very,smooth and i was able to fly,uh you know through some small objects,like under the bridge,or through different you know sun,shields and all that stuff,and the sports mode is very fast and it,becomes like a little,you know stinging bee that flies around,and sounding like and the propellers,sound okay,its a little itchy and eerie but i can,say that its okay and if you fly like,up to 25 maybe 50 meters you cannot,almost hear this drone which is nice,the video quality yeah this drone has,only 2.7 k video up to 30 frames per,second i have a separate comparison of,this drone the mini sc with the mavic 2,pro which is 1 000,is more expensive and actually ive,asked my subscribers in instagram,which drone is which and only sixty,percent of my subscribers said that the,mavic 2 pro is a mavic 2 pro and,basically more expensive drone,that is why this picture quality is,pretty okay for your social media for,your,you know vacation trips for your family,stuff and even a little bit for some,commercial things if its not like a,you know michael bay movie its pretty,okay,you can have a look at the footage and,if you set the white balance correctly,you get,a very nice picture quality by the way,the picture quality in terms of stills,is okay,it has 12 megapixel sensor almost the,same size as we have in our smartphones,right now in the same resolution 12,megapixel is the most popular resolution,of the smartphone,and also the photos are okay kind of if,you were taking your iphone,to the air and taking a picture and,maybe like,iphone 8 or maybe iphone 10 i dont know,and yeah basically its okay for your,instagram for your facebook pictures,and uh for your family or archive,archive,archive as i said before there is no,picture profiles so you kind of,have baked in look in terms of video and,also you dont have raw,photos in here so its kind of more,towards amateurs,low light performance id say this drone,is good during the daylight but when it,comes to low light you better not,use it iso 100 is okay and on this shot,you can see that it has one over 50,shutter and iso 100 and its kind of,limits of this drone,you can up the iso up to 200 probably,but,further i wouldnt suggest of course,this drone has no,sensors or obstacle avoidance only on,the bottom we have some sensors for,landing,and also those sensors work when you fly,kind of across a little object too low,to the ground,and you can see that i was flying uh you,know above a bush and the drone did like,whoa,raised a little bit also it works when,youre landing you can put a hand like,so and the drone will define your hand,and land correctly be careful with,catching a drone with your hand guys,the real flight time is really good,i was using it on the beach and when i,came to the beach and uh was starting to,fly a drone,i shot a little boat i shot the pyre i,flew under this fire i shot some you,know,sun how do you call those sun protecting,covered things i forgot the word write,down in the comment section below how do,you call those things that protect you,from the sun when youre,laying on the beach,and yeah after all that i did all the,smart modes,the intelligent flight modes like joni,rocket,uh circle and all that stuff took a,couple of pictures and i was flying all,over the beach and shot a hotel,as well and i had 25 percent,left so it means that if you have the,fly more combo with three,batteries that youll be able to shoot,throughout the whole,day and kind of on five or six locations,and have a lot of,footage after it which is great i really,enjoy,the flight time of this little baby also,because this drone is that compact,you almost always want to fly through,some little objects or under the bridge,or through the bushes and all that stuff,because its,that tiny and pretty stable in the air,in the cinematic mode,especially i was able to get some cool,shots i guess,and yeah if you want to kind of be,nervous a little bit when youre flying,a drone this is a great thing when you,fly through objects you have a droney a,rocket,kind of a spiral i forgot the name of it,i guess its spiral,and circle they are okay but the spiral,has some jerkiness in the footage as you,can see right now the rocket and the,droning,is okay and also you dont have,active track here but you can kind of a,fake an active track because you can,make it to fly a circle to the same side,that you are going,and for like 10 or 15 seconds it will be,looking like,its a active track i think it will be,especially good when youre using it,with some,faster objects like cars because i was,moving not that fast and it kind of,made a circle around me very fast but if,youre moving pretty fast like on a,motorcycle or car,it wont be able to kind of keep up with,you itll be looking like,active track more and now the most,interesting part which is the remote,control,and the strength of your remote signal,so the remote control is made out of,plastic,it kind of looks like dji mavics you,know without the screen,a little remote control,and it has detachable sticks which is,nice,also the home button the power button,and the photo button the record button,and the gimbal adjustment,wheel and this is it its very compact,and very lightweight which is,good for this little drone because the,whole,compactness of this kit is great for,instance the mavic,mini 2 has a bigger remote for better,signal but its,overall bulkier and its kind of you,know the same size,as an unfolded drone like this size,which is weird a little bit,and now the signal strength the signal,strength is really weak guys,500 meters is kind of the limit for this,drone,in my opinion in my case because it was,losing the video signal a lot it was,stuttering it was not comfortable to use,at all,and from time to time i was losing the,signal at all and only,you know go back return to home function,saved this drone from disappearing,somewhere in,the mediterranean sea also when youre,flying kind of a little closer,like 20 meters high and 100 meters away,from you,it can start having some problems with,the video signal,and all in all you have

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Review DJI Mini SE | Bahasa Indonesia

hai hai salam dari can do so Hari ini,kita mau nge-review DJ gini Evi,[Musik],hihihi,hehehe,[Musik],oke hari ini kau mau,nge-review DJ,mini-pci danitama wifi.ke settingannya,juga ada bedanya enggak di dalam ruangan,tapi kita outdoor karena sekalian ngecek,dgn ini jadi mesinnya dalamnya bahkan,remotenya untung temen sini nanti kita,Devi rambutnya itu adalah remote Dji,mini yang pertama tapi body luarnya ini,bagian luarnya kemudian motor dari,dinamo propeller nya itu semua punya DJ,ini dua Nah jadi memang secara harga Put,the JYJ ini harganya di tengah-tengah,enggak semula djs 15 S mymi1 tapi juga,enggak semahal DJ Mini 2 ini memang,kalau mau yang bacotnya menurut mungkin,bukan temen DJ Mini 2 itu kemahalan itu,ini bisa jadi solusinya nah kemudian,dari kamera ya Ini kameranya itu mirip,banget sama DJ imy 1 dan 2 dia skill ini,dan dia punya gimbal dan dia gimana,sudah triaxis jadi dia ndak atas-bawah,maju-mundur samping kanan-kiri juga bisa,nah ini juga pembeda ya buat Mini ini,dia atuh 2,2 berapakah jadi tutukey,sedangkan kalau yang Mini 2 itu sampai,volkey Jadi kalau temen-temen yang,nyarinya video yang forget tajem banget,itu bisa kami dua tapi kalau kita bikin,video full-hd dia cukup itu bisa pakai,yang ini karena sebanyak oxcello,kualitas juga iya Bagusan ini dua tapi,enggak terlalu jauh sama Mimi,S100 ngomongin masalah remote juga ya,remote ini adalah remote yang sama yang,digunakan di mini yang pertama DJ Mini,Pertama jadi dia masih menggunakan,Michael USB untuk charge-nya di sebelah,sini masih micro SD dan HPnya ini di,bawah sedangkan kalian Mini 2 itu dia,HPnya tempatnya di atas dan secara,koneksi channel apsela teknologi,koneksinya itu berbeda karena kalau yang,ini sih kirim sampai satu jadi dia,pakenya WiFi teman-teman pakai sinyal,WiFi untuk menghubungkan dari remote ini,ke dengannya sedangkan kalau yang Mini 2,itu dia pakai,Optimus Optimus atau out of 5 HD di,Disini di bawah sini aku lupa namanya,tapi itu teknologi yang lebih bagus jadi,dia bisa jarak jauh lebih sehat jauh,daripada yang ini gitu kalau Mini 2 itu,bisa sampai Abdul 10 km sedangkan kalau,ini up to 4 KM sebenarnya Tapi saya,enggak berani jawab sejauh itu ya paling,satu kilo itu maksimal enggak sampai 4,kilo tapi ya untuk kebutuhan teman-teman,yang apa ya yang ekstrim maksudnya gak,tuh jauh banget paling gak bisa dapat,Ariel foto sebenarnya sih teknologi ini,udah cukup dan makanya aku juga beli,yang ini Karena harganya,harganya lumayan jauh untuk yang kedua,jadi akhirnya beliau yay nah terus kita,ngomongin kontrol ya susah atau enggak,pakai DJ ini untuk yang awam sama sekali,soal Drone ini termasuk gampang karena,dia punya otomatis take off dan otomatis,landing ini nyoba fitur yang otomatis,take-off kita tinggal pencet ini atau,mencet ini tuh bisa kita bisa pencet ini,Susanti teko Ta saya satu tangan soal,itu doanya bdw,Tertinggal klik tahan,ia akan otomatis yaakov,dan dia akan di ketinggian 1,2 m seni,belum ngapa-ngapain Tuh dia udah bisa,stabil jadi enggak halus ngapa-ngapain,nggak megang apa-apa tuh dia bisa stabil,mendarat juga sama the kesini ya,Jadi kalau kita mendarat Sama pencet,yang ini perlu pencetnya yang ini,kemudian lem,dan selagi mendarat Kita masih bisa,ngontrol jadi misalnya mau agak maju,jadi biar nggak numpuk gitu ya bisa Hai,dan dia juga bisa set-up Compo in jadi,dia bisa balik kalau misalnya baterainya,habis atau sinyalnya sudah diluar,jangkauan Kemudian untuk kameranya,sendiri juga kita bisa atur jadi kita,bisa kebawahin bisa keatasin juga dengan,noob yang ada di samping kiri,dan ini juga ada fitur canggih dari,drone.dji ini jadi dia ada empat fitur,otomatis untuk merekam jadi bisa alat,kayak Kalau misal yang lihat video-video,di Vlog luar negeri ya yang naik keatas,situ ada empat model yang pertama itu,ada Joni jadi dia Cut kebawah kemudian,pelan-pelan naik ke atas tapi agak,serong ke belakang Gitu ya,Hi Ho,Hai,kemudian ada roket dia full naik ke atas,kemudian tepat ada di atas kita,kameranya,kemudian ada sirkel jadi dia,mengelilingi kita tapi dengan ketinggian,yang sama,hai hai,Hai vitamin E dan yang terakhir itu dahi,likes itu dia muterin kita tapi,lama-lama naik jadi kayak spiral gitu,dan betul ini cocok banget buat,temen-temen kalau misalnya lagi,traveling vlogging gitu ya mualang shoot,jarak jauh gitu ah itu sih keren banget,Ini pertama kalinya obat yang pertama,kali mainland jadi target masih sama,fitur-fitur yang kayak gini karena,kupikir Tadinya itu semuanya manual jadi,harus bener-bener juaghou banget itu,operasi ini untuk mundur naik turun gitu,kita bisa otomatis ternyata,nah Jadi kesimpulannya apa buat,temen-temen semua yang mau beli dijamin,easy yang pemula ataupun yang udah hobi,Den ini cocok banget sih buat,temen-temen karena ya Kalau bertemu,lebih yang seperti saya bilang ya kalau,itu gampang banget dipakainya dan dia,kecil gampang di bawa2 dibawa,kemana-mana ada bonus Statusnya juga,kalau beli yang selain elcombo dan untuk,saya yang pemula ini deket sebagai daun,pemula sertifikat saya recommended,sekali ini karena gampang banget,penggunaannya bisa di lipat lebih kecil,jadi kalau dulu seingatku dulu tuh kan,gede banget kan yang bawa itu harus,pakai tas gede atau ditaruh di ransel,kemudian baling-balingnya dilepas itu,sekarang dengan ini menurutku sih udah,apa ya bisa dimanfaatkan treatment satu,ini beneran lama buat semua golongan,jadi buat yang pemula mu anak-anakmu,dewasa itu bisa sama-sama menikmati main,Drone dengan DJ ini ini Kemudian untuk,keluhannya apa ya mungkin keluhannya Kak,jaraknya nggak terlalu jauh jadi waktu,itu nyoba sampai,berapa ya 300meter pakai Sumatera udah,sinyalnya agak susah tuh udah mulai,mati-mati jadi oke satu kilo enggak,berani kalau aku apa yang masih baru ya,aku pemula Aku nggak berani,jauh-jauh kalau takut nggak ada sinyal,Bagaimana Iya katanya ada bisa kembali,ah cuman ya saya masih belum pecahin,belum nanyo bakal masih takut eh,baterainya alhamdulillah bagus dia satu,kali pemakaian batu itu bisa 15-20 menit,klem yaitu bisa setengah jam tapi enggak,selama itu sih 20 menit lah palingan,tapi lumayan satu baterai dan kau tentu,yang telah Mungkin gitu akan dapat 2,baterai tambahan jadi flight nya bisa,titik 20 kali tiga atau berapa 60menit,satu jam bisa puas sudah bisa ngambil,ngambil video,Oke Dan mungkin mengingatkan juga,bertemu yang main Drone hati-hati ya,keselamatan safety nya karena tertutup,adalah tetap mainin glue bahaya karena,kalau kita bisa tablet ke jendela kena,orang ini bisa berbahaya sekali atau,mobil ke Jalan Raya Jadi kalau main,tolong bertanggung jawab hahaha Oke,kalau gitu sampai jumpa di video,berikutnya salam dari cahndeso cus,hai hai,[Musik],hai hai

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DJI Mini SE Beginners Guide | Preparing for Your First Flight

[Music],this is the dji mini se and if youre a,new or aspiring drone pilot this is a,great place to start,my name is ken bouvier and im a drone,flight instructor with uav coach,in this video well unbox this brand new,mini se,and well review some of its key,features so that you can get a better,understanding of what its all about,so lets get started,[Music],all right so we have our brand new dji,mini se,now this is the base package it comes,with a drone and a battery installed and,a controller,there is a fly more kit that comes with,an additional two batteries,and a charging hub but currently in the,united states its very difficult to,find the fly more kit,so what we recommend,is that in addition to the base package,you also purchase,a charging hub and at least one,additional battery,now,a note about the batteries,the battery that comes in the drone,is,the same as the dji mini 2 intelligent,flight battery,this drone will also hold,the older mini battery,but theres a substantial difference in,weight,the mini 2 battery weighs about 80 grams,the older mini battery,weighs about 100 grams thats important,because the weight of this drone,with this battery,is less than 249 grams which means you,dont have to register it with the faa,if you use the older mini battery,it exceeds 249 grams and now you do have,to register the drone with the faa,thats something to keep in mind,so,lets get on to whats inside the box,ive laid out everything here that comes,inside the box,first of all you have the drone which,will have stickers on here with various,instructions theres also a removable,battery that comes inside,you have the controller which has a,cable for iphone a lightning cable,you have a charging cable for the drone,its a usbc,you have a charging cable for the,controller which is a micro usb,you have two extra data cables for,replacing the lightning cable for,android and other devices,you have one extra set of propellers,with screws,theres an extra set of joysticks which,go on the controller,and you have a screwdriver for replacing,the propellers in addition you also have,some documentation here,but well recommend,using a the user guide which you can,download off the dji website and well,provide a link below and well start off,with the controller,so on the front of the controller here,you have two buttons you have a power,button and you have a return to home,button,the power button as with all dji,products you push once and then you push,and hold to turn it on and the same,thing to turn off,the return to home button,is while youre out flying you can push,this button and the drone will,automatically come back,this button also acts as a flight pause,button so as the drone is coming back,you can push that and itll stop right,where its at and hover,down below here you have,the arms for your mobile device that,fits in here,that is the display to,look at look through the camera,as well as some additional controls,other than the controller,the data cables that i mentioned earlier,the iphone its the lightning cable,you can see that cable comes up to here,this plugs in and out thats a micro usb,slot,this is also where you charge the,controller,so with this controller you cant charge,it and use it at the same time,because its the same port down below,here is the joysticks i mentioned,theres an extra pair well this is the,primary pair,you take those out and you basically,just screw them in here,like so,and thats how you use the controller,when youre done you take them out and,put them back in these slots that way it,keeps these from getting damaged and,makes it easier to carry the controller,so if i come up to the top here,or the front of the controller,theres a wheel here,this is what controls the camera on the,drone you move the,camera up move the camera down,theres also a couple of buttons here,this is for video,if youre in video mode you push that,and youll start to record video,this is the,camera button or the photo button,and the same thing here if youre in the,photo mode you push this button and,youll take a photo,now if youre in photo mode and you want,to switch to video,you click the video button that puts you,in video mode you click it again and,that will start recording video same,thing with the camera,if youre in video mode and you click,this button itll put you in photo mode,click again you take the picture,across here youve got the antennas,this is how the controller communicates,with the drone,now a couple of key points with the,antennas,first of all you dont want to ever have,them crossed like this,it can cause communication problems with,the drone,you want to have them,vertical basically or,theres kind of a,roughly 45 degree detent,now the antennas are intended,to have this flat surface face the drone,so depending on how you hold the,controller you may want to put them,you know depends on which way you want,to go,so the drone as you can see it comes,folded up the arms are folded when you,get this drone,in the package youll have a bunch of,stickers on here i took them off already,theyre stickers around the the,propellers to just kind of keep them,stable while shipping and things like,that theres other stickers that have,little notes,now as i mentioned it comes folded,theres two stickers here,that tell you about unfolding the arms,theres a number one and number two,number one says unfold this the forward,arm,first and then,unfold,the rear arm down and back second,now,the reason for that,is because if you do the rear arm first,you cant,open the front arm so its just a,quick step you can leave these stickers,on they wont hurt anything,or you can take them off if you leave,them on its just a good reminder,so ill go ahead and unfold all of these,and this is how your drone will look,when youre flying basically like this,so come around to the front of the drone,this is where the camera is,you can see theres a theres a cover on,it this is a camera cover to protect the,lens and the camera as well as the,gimbal,now before every flight,you will want to take this off it,basically just clips here you have a,handle there,and then theres two clips at the top,that clip in there so that keeps the,camera,still keeps the you know everything,protected and the gimbal from bouncing,all over while youre traveling,to put it back on its a little bit more,difficult but you just kind of hook,those hooks under there,and then snap it in there,generally not too hard,so coming down you see theres four,lights here theyre not lit at the,moment those are indicator lights for,power,this is the power button again to turn,the drone on its the same as the,controller you push once,and then you push and hold that turns,the the drone on,puts power to it,these are just some air vents,back here you have some sensors theres,a camera in the middle and then two,infrared sensors this is for the,downward vision system,that allows you to fly indoors and and,allows to,make precision landings for return to,home and things like that,back here theres also a this is a an,indicator light its a flashing led,in the manual in the user guide youll,see theres various colors and various,patterns to indicate different status of,the drone now just kind of flip around,and come to the very back here,you have a,usb,c port for charging,so,on this the battery stays in it and you,can charge right from here,everything is fully charged so we can,finish getting set up,so what you can see here,the four,led lights are on,solid,which indicates that the controller is,completely charged,so we can unplug that one,and well just tuck that away,and if i turn the drone over you see the,same thing all four lights are,solid so both of them are fully charged,the controller accommodates both iphone,and android devices,so i have an android phone so im going,to replace this lightning cable,with,the usb usbc cable,and plug that in,then plug in my,android phone,so the way,this works,i generally will plug in the phone first,before sliding it into

DJI Mini SE Review | Best Budget Drone – EVER

[Music],what is up you guys welcome to another,video today i want to talk to you guys,about a new drone from dji,well kind of new its been out,internationally uh for a few months now,i think but just here in the us where,im based out of the dji,hang on,the dji mini se,was recently released and ive been,having a ton of fun with this drone and,uh ive been really impressed with it,yes there are way better drones out,there than this,but the kicker for this drone that just,blows me away is that this drone is only,300 here in the united states 300,my first drone that i bought way back,when might have been 300 but it wasnt,nearly as good as this one and the fact,is is that this drone is so teeny tiny,can you believe that look at this little,guy,look at it,this,and whats crazy is the fact that it,flies really stable and really solid in,the air i thought that this little guy,would be hard to control,but it actually flies really smooth and,really responsive,and uh ive learned to trust it so,past few videos on my channel that you,may have seen,uh have actually been featuring this,drone all the footage that ive been,able to capture with it and i probably,pushed it to its limits i was filming,this right on the edge of a storm it,started getting kind of windy,it started to even rain a little bit,which,i wouldnt recommend uh doing especially,if you want to keep your drone around,but it totally it it did great,and,there was one moment that it lost,rc signal,but,it did just like it was supposed to do,it lost rc signal it said returning to,home in 1098 and i said yes please,and it started to fly back and it,regained signal and then i was able to,pick it up cancel the return to home and,continue flying with that said this,little guy i truly believe is the,perfect beginner drone for anyone out,there whos wanting to learn how to fly,a drone and not make a huge investment,of,even 500,or a thousand dollars or up,that can be really intimidating,especially if you have genuine interest,in wanting to learn drone video and,photography,but this is a perfect little gadget to,uh to introduce yourself and to see if,its worth your time as you can tell,ive actually had a lot of fun with this,little guy i didnt think that i would,uh,but this is a pretty cool little drone,lets get into some key specs and,features so the dji mini se weighs in at,249 grams,some of you may be wondering why does,that matter its pretty light yes it,does matter but why they even put 249,grams on the side of the drone because,in many countries that means that you,dont have to jump through,as many hoops or red tape just to fly,your drone it flies under quote unquote,the the weight limit for a lot of,regulations so that makes it easy for,anyone to pick it up and start enjoying,flying a drone,its got a 30 minute max air time,its got up to a four kilometer,transmission signal,this is flying off of wi-fi and that is,thats probably why i lost signal when i,did whereas my other drone that flies,off of occusync,wouldnt have lost signal but i was in,the mountains and there was trees and,different things around and wifi just,isnt quite as strong but if youre in a,wide open area with not a lot of,interferences,then this thing can have up to four,kilometers of distance so as far as the,camera specs go it can shoot in 2.7 k at,30 frames per second as well as 25 and,24 frames per second and then you can,shoot in 1080 up to 60 frames per second,so you can get a little bit of slow,motion,uh when shooting 1080 at,60. 2.7 k does great and in some of my,past videos i actually upscaled that to,4k and it held up pretty good it looked,pretty,it looked fine you can shoot in auto,mode or in what they call pro mode which,is more of a manual mode which allows,you to control your iso and your shutter,speed,or you can use auto and you can also use,auto exposure lock in both video and,photo and as far as photos go you can,shoot 12 megapixel photos but you cannot,shoot raw images everything is going to,be jpeg its got a handful of,pre-programmed quick shots built into it,and so instead of needing to manually,fly some of these maneuvers you can just,push a button and the drone will pretty,much,do everything for you to make a cool,clip for you like the droney the rocket,circle and helix which i plan hopefully,to share with you guys in some future,videos how to utilize those you still,have cine smooth sport and normal modes,to fly in so if you want some smooth,cinematic looking footage put it in cine,smooth and it flies at a nice slow,smooth consistent pace,so overall i truly believe that this is,the perfect drone for anyone whos,looking to get into aerial photography,and videography to learn on oh and by,the way this whole video is not,sponsored in any way i bought this,myself i wanted to see what this guy was,all about and share with you guys my,experiences and so far its been a good,experience with the dji mini se,so if you are interested in learning,more about this drone i will have links,in the description below to djis,website,as well as some more videos coming out,soon on how to get professional looking,footage out of a budget drone like the,dji mini se and some getting started,guides and stuff like that so make sure,to subscribe to the channel if youre,interested in seeing more content like,that thank you guys for watching,and i will see you guys in another video,[Music],you

DJI Mini SE Review | The Gateway Drone

this is the new dji mini se and as you,can see holding it in my hand here this,is really really small its also,incredibly light around about the same,size as my smartphone its around about,the same sort of weight as well as 249,grams which is important because it puts,it in the safest weight class for drones,and while obviously you still have to,obey the regulations and the laws and,you should always be safe with drones it,does put it under some slightly,different regulations and that makes it,one of the most accessible drones that,dji have made accessible to people who,maybe want to get into using drones,during photography drone videography but,havent yet taken the plunge and another,big thing which i think is incredibly,important to talk about with something,like this is actually the price well,get into the spec in a minute but this,is coming in,really quite affordable its about 269,pounds therell be a link down in the,description so you can go check the,proper price,but that makes it much more affordable,and again just so much more accessible,to anyone whos looking to get into,drone photography drone videography but,without such a huge expense it means you,can just get going with it and really,see if its for you to really see the,results that youre going to be able to,get now ive had this for a little while,ive been checking it out ive been,flying it around doing some various,things with it ive got to say,its one of the easier drones ive ever,set up so you know ive used drones,before ive used dji drones before all,kinds of different ones actually but,this one straight out of the box you,know to set it up its very very easy,the stickers actually on the drone to,kind of direct you with what you want to,be doing actually downloading the app,was probably the hardest part for me,ive got an android phone so i actually,downloaded it from the dji website,instead of from the play store but if,you have an apple phone i think its,actually on the app store so its super,easy but otherwise,it kind of guides you through everything,you need to do to actually set up and,use the drone and then actually using it,with the remote control which ive got,here,is very very easy youve got the,different cables to plug in either,android phone or an iphone or whatever,it might be,and set it up and get ready to go now of,course dji have videos on how you can do,this as well and of course theres an,instruction booklet that comes with it,but like i say it is very very easy and,straightforward to get going and i think,for me,that appears to be the central message,with this drone its just ease of use,accessibility this is definitely or at,least it feels like,a kind of obviously an entry-level drone,but it feels like a gateway drone for,people who have yet to try out drones,who wanted to get into it but dont want,to spend you know 500 pounds upwards,they want to spend,you know,more like 269 pounds which is which is a,much more reasonable kind of amount of,money to spend if you dont know whether,its going to be for you its also,a reasonable amount of money to spend if,you are unsure if youre going to use it,for example in a way that,might result in the drone crashing into,lets say the sea or trees ill give you,an example i have a friend who is,looking to get a drone to film himself,in his boat and,it would be much much better to lose 269,pound drone rather than a 900 pound,drone into the water if something were,to go wrong out at sea so i think with,all that in mind it becomes a gateway,drone to allow you to really try that,out to see how it goes to see how you,feel about it to get those results and,then maybe look to expand your drone,kind of repertoire your drone arsenal,now lets get into a little bit of the,spec of this drone so of course youve,got a 12 megapixel camera here so you,can get some nice photos absolutely from,up there in the sky 2.7 k quad hd at 30,frames a second so you can get some nice,high resolution video i think thats,really nice to have above full hd,available to you and of course your full,hd at up to 60 frames a second as well,so you can slow that down for a bit of,slow motion if you want to do that that,might give you a nice cinematic look to,your footage which is really really nice,of course this is all stabilized footage,with the gimbal and the camera on the,front of the drone here so its always,going to be very nice and smooth and,ive got to say one thing i was,concerned about was because the size and,the weight of the drone how is it going,to handle,wind obviously i dont tend to fly,drones when it is particularly windy,because theres a lot of reasons not to,do it its not always a particularly,sensible thing to do but,you know how is it going to handle gusts,of wind ive got to say actually i was,really impressed by how well this was,able to stabilize itself in a bit of,wind now youve got up to 30 minutes as,a maximum flight time thats really,silly under perfect conditions,but even with a bit of wind i was,getting decent flight time with this,drone and i was really impressed with,how it was able to handle that,considering,how light it actually is now of course,youve got all of the nice things that,come with having a dji drone the dji,drones are fantastic in terms of quality,of life things in terms of ui the actual,ui that actually then appears on your,phone as the screen is really good i,really like the way its able to fly,back to base ive always loved that with,dji drones and absolutely youve got all,of that here so in terms of safety,you really cant go wrong with something,like this of course its not going to,give you quite as nice footage as you,might get from something like you know,the mavic 2 zoom or the mavic 2 pro,those are beautiful drones that give you,beautiful footage but i dont think that,this is trying to compete with those,this is a very different kind of product,so to kind of review it based on the,fact that the footage isnt as nice as,those would be,a little bit counterproductive i think i,i really do think that this offers you,such a great gateway option and such a,great accessible option as a drone and,that really is what it feels like the,whole time ive been using it it just,feels like a very easy to use,and decent option for anyone looking to,get into using drones without maybe such,a big cost outlay now of course theres,links to the dji mini se down in the,description so you can check it out for,yourself all of the spec everything you,might want to know dont forget to like,and subscribe as well if you enjoyed the,video because theres new content coming,all the time i will of course see you in,the next video but until then as always,thanks for watching,[Music],you

DJI Mini SE – Full Review | Ultimate Budget Drone Of 2021 | DansTube.TV

hello beautiful internet family dan here,from dancetube.tv and today ive got my,full review,of the mini se from dji now this drone,is,basically a rebranded mavic mini ive,released a few other videos on the mini,se so check those out on the channel as,well but this drone itself was released,like just over a month ago now at the,time of me filming this video and it,really is just a mavic mini slightly,rebranded its got you know very very,minut changes basically its got,different batteries its got the,batteries of the mini 2 same charging,hub as the mini 2 and its also got the,same wind resistance as the mini 2 as,well but besides that its literally,just a mavic mini,in the body of the mini 2. you know it,doesnt have the 4k camera it doesnt,have the changed controller or the,improved range or anything like that but,it does have the body of the mini 2 so,you get these grilles at the front here,that allow for more airflow youve also,got stronger arms compared to the,original mavic mini and like i mentioned,its got that improved wind resistance,as well so thats the biggest thing that,i have definitely noticed with the mini,se the wind resistance is a must have,compared to the original mavic mini,[Music],the mini se controller is identical to,the mavic mini controller theres no,difference there its still got the four,kilometer range it doesnt have the,improved range like in the mini 2 model,its literally the same controller no,difference at all i didnt notice any,changes when it came to the controller,itself and the range i was getting out,of it i did notice though that with my,original mavic mini as you let go of the,controller inputs it would trail it,would kind of keep moving and the mini,se doesnt have that issue at all so for,me thats a major win for the mini se,and on top of that as well it has that,improved wind resistance that matches,the mini 2s wind resistance so that is,a major tick on top of that its also,slightly cheaper than the original mavic,mini so its already got a few things,over the mavic mini and its cheaper so,i guess that kind of answers that,question if youre in the market for a,mini drone the mini se is significantly,better than the mavic mini just due to,the fact that its cheaper and it has,improved body design it also has,improved like wind resistance and its,just overall why would you not buy,something thats slightly better and,cheaper,so yeah that answers that question,[Music],when i originally started making videos,on the mini se just over a month ago now,it wasnt actually available to the rest,of the world it was only available in,like select countries which was odd to,me seeing as its like i said just,before cheaper and better than the,original mavic mini i was surprised its,a whole rebranded drone that would sell,really well to new people getting into,the drone space but for whatever reason,it just didnt have any sort of,marketing budget it didnt even really,get promoted by dji at all but recently,its become available to a few other,countries including the us which is,obviously a large target for dji so,thats really exciting so i will,actually have a link in the description,below to check out the mini se on amazon,if you want to check that out i also,have a link to check it out on the d1,store as well so check that out if,youre in australia theyre a fantastic,company so i think overall its like,that answers that question you know if,youre brand new into the drone space,and you want to get a drone the mini se,is your go-to drone 100,no questions in my mind this is the,perfect budget drone of 2021. one of the,biggest calling cards for the mini drone,series is the fact that its under 250,grams and that means that a lot of,people in different countries can use,this drone without having to worry about,the scrutiny of drone laws and,regulations now still fly your drone,safely and carefully but this is kind of,technically classed as a toy drone,because its under that 250 gram mark,this is 249 grams so that doesnt change,compared to you know other larger drones,that are on the market this is the same,as the mini 2 and the mavic mini its,under 250 grams and thats why this has,so much appeal to people all over the,world thats why its like the best,portable,mini drone on the market like thats one,of its biggest calling cards its also,got a 30 minute flight time which is,insane so if you buy the fly more combo,youre easily getting over an hour of,flight time i would say an hour and a,half but thats just unrealistic youre,not getting 30 minutes per battery you,may be getting 25 minutes per battery,but at least youre getting over an hour,of flight time with the fly more combo,its a great deal extremely capable and,that 2.7 k camera is actually,great you know like most people are,going to be wrapped with it theyre,going to be extremely happy with what,they can get out of the mini se and also,the mavic mini if youve originally got,the mavic mini theres no need to,upgrade to the mini se at all you might,as well get the mini 2 or something,better again but if youve got the,original mavic mini its still,everything you need in a mini drone its,more so if people are looking to get a,new drone and theyve never owned a,drone the mini se is definitely the one,to go for the charging hub you get with,the mini se is the same as the mini 2,its a great charging hub the batteries,are great i actually prefer the design,the improved kind of design of the mini,2 batteries and the mini se batteries,the charging hub itself is also a lot,nicer it just kind of matches the theme,its just got a nice gray design across,the board its not like the black,charging hub for the mavic mini and then,a grey drone its like everythings grey,everything follows that theme and the,improved batteries here are a nice bonus,its definitely another reason why id,recommend the mini se over the mavic,mini if you dont have a drone moving on,to the video and photo quality these are,probably the more important aspects of a,drone or a camera the fact that it can,capture nice video and capture nice,photos one of the more important things,and i would say that you know the mavic,mini and the mini se dont differ,significantly a few people have,commented in my comparison saying that,the mini se is slightly better than the,mavic mini they believe that like the,post processing is better its slightly,sharper the image like actually pops the,colors pop a bit more im still a little,indifferent to it its definitely pretty,much the exact same to me it might be,slightly better like slightly better in,the mini sc compared to the mavic mini,but i mean you can check that editing,program and create whatever you want,anyway so kind of what its,producing out of the box is pretty much,the exact same as the mavic mini but the,mini se you know it does capture amazing,video and photos ill pop up some photos,right now actually the 12 megapixel,photos are great theyre extremely,usable theyre great no one would notice,any different like when ive shown,people photos from the mini sc theyre,like thats really impressive that looks,great like what was that captured on and,i show them the drone and theyre like,what on that tiny little thing like,theyre blown away so to the average,person 12 megapixel photos are fantastic,and 2.7 k video which youll see popping,up as well is great as well like 2.7 k,is phenomenal for most people in the,market right now for a drone and what i,mean by that is that a lot of people,care about 4k they think they need 4k,its this thing that this anomaly they,have to have it but its not really the,case for most users like when you ask,yourself what am i going to be using,this footage for its probably just,youtube social media sharing with,friends and family like they dont care,that the video is 4k if its 2.7 k its,still going to look crispy its going to,look great its going to be something,that you can share with people and,theyre going to go wow thats awesome,footage looks great theyre not

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