1. I Bought a “Refurbished” Xbox 360 from DKOldies… for $145??
  2. Why You Shouldnt Buy From DKOldies: DEFENITIVE EDITION
  3. Is DKOldies.com Really TOO Expensive? – Gor Takes a Look
  4. I Bought a “Refurbished” PS3 Console from DKOldies… for $300??
  5. Is DKOldies a Scam?
  6. Retro Pokemon Unboxing from DK Oldies! Classic Pokemon Game Collection
  7. Window Shopping the Rare Games at DKOldies.com

I Bought a “Refurbished” Xbox 360 from DKOldies… for $145??

I bought this refurbished Xbox 360 from,DK oldies for 145 and in this video,well see if they actually refurbished,anything and if its worth the 145 price,point now I dont know much about this,360 uh all I know is its called a,standard player pack with 60 gigs it,looks like one of the original ones I,dont know if its like a Jasper or one,of the original ones without HDMI I have,no idea they didnt say so were gonna,see what we get all right so the big,reveal got some paper on top all right,taking out the paper and oh nice,okay so we got a power cord here and we,should have yeah so we have the power,brick Oh interesting so we have a black,power cord to go to the power brick uh I,guess it doesnt really matter random,bubble wrap we do have an official,controller it looks like which is,obviously a good thing to see Oh thats,oh thats not official dude thats a,third party,youre joking they sent me a third-party,controller I paid 145 for this okay all,right well take a closer look at that,in a second I also ordered Modern,Warfare 2 just because uh supposed to be,complete in box and indeed it is lets,take a look at this disc looks pretty,good cool so the game and disc are good,and then heres the console weve got,some more packaging and barely any,bubble wrap wow so heres a packing slip,included as you can see I got Modern,Warfare 2. also got a 360 standard 60,gig player pack white whatever that,means so I just wanted to jump in here,and talk a little bit more about the,whole player pack thing now when you,scroll through their website you can see,that all of their systems for the most,part are called player packs like player,pack white uh e four gigabyte player,pack player pack player pack system pack,console only black so that ones,actually not a player pack so Im not,really sure what it means that it seems,to indicate that it includes a,controller I dont know why they chose,player pack not really a big deal just,uh something interesting to point out,and then something else interesting,youll notice when you scroll through,their website every single product is,marked down all the time like as you can,see oh that ones not marked down but,everything else 199 to 129 249 to 174,309 to 224 and you know I dont know if,they were ever actually at these prices,but every single product is marked down,like all the time theres a couple,things here that clearly arent marked,down but uh in general most things are,marked down all the time now taking a,look at this console not too impressed,with the packing job I mean theres not,even any padding on this whole side of,the console a little bit sloppy but I,guess if it arrives in good condition I,cant complain all right so taking the,console out of the bubble wrap oh they,included a system and game startup thing,this looks pretty generic but uh lets,take a closer look at it yeah so its,definitely generic for pretty much all,systems,um yeah Ill just put that to the side,and heres the console lets go ahead,and take a closer look at it and see,exactly what they sent us,wow now the first thing you notice is,memory unit a is completely missing but,the cover is gone this is a good,condition system I paid 145 dollars for,it and that its gone wow I not a great,start so watch wanted to jump in here,again and talk about the whole condition,thing so first of all you can see the,condition is refurbished and then you,have two options you can select good,condition system or cosmetically flawed,now obviously I selected good because,that was 145 cosmetically flawed was a,little bit less but I selected good and,so I would expect that if I select good,that means that theres nothing wrong,nothing cosmetically flawed about my,system but the fact that the memory card,little slot is missing to me would,indicate its cosmetically flawed that,thats just me though I dont know I,mean let me know down below if you think,differently but since I did not select,cosmetically flawed I would think that,there would not be any cosmetic flaws,with the system but I will say other,than that missing piece right there the,front looks really good I dont see many,scratches or scuffs or anything top,looks pretty good as well about as good,as you can get on a 360 thats used and,here on the back this is a 2007 its not,even a Jasper wow,it at least has an HDMI port let me take,a look at this power port and see which,motherboard it is now taking a look at,this power port it appears to be a,zephyr motherboard which is one of the,worst ones uh its one of the original,ones not quite original but still from,back in the day when most the consoles,red rings so so yeah long term this,thing will probably get ready to death,one day not ideal and I think its a,little bit sketchy they didnt even tell,me what motherboard I would get when I,bought it now moving on from that fact,it does appear its been open before,because I see some I definitely see some,wear and tear in that hole right there,so it appears its been opened even got,this like DK audience warranty sticker I,guess and then if you open up the front,plate lets see what we see now face,plate off looking at this warranty seal,right here it appears to be tampered,with but its not actually broken but I,would still assume this has been taken,apart since its been refurbished you,know I would assume they clean out dust,and replace thermal paste and all that,good stuff but well of course take a,look at that later now lets go ahead,and plug this stuff in and see if it,works but actually first I forgot they,sent me this third party controller,lets take a look at this now you can,tell the triggers feel really cheap its,actually a really good knockoff because,it looks so similar the only difference,is theres no X on this button here,everything else looks just about the,same thats amazing I cant believe I,paid 145 dollars for this and it doesnt,include an oem 360 controller I guess to,be fair they didnt say theyd include,an oem they just set a compatible,controller but the picture shows an oem,and you would think for 145 youd be,getting an oem so thats thats a bit,sad but lets go ahead and plug this in,now so I have everything plugged in now,and I probably should have mentioned it,earlier but if you dont know DK always,is an online like Retro Game Store,basically and theyre known for pretty,high prices like this is Id say more,than double market value for a 2007 Xbox,360 145 probably sell on eBay for 65,maybe and then a couple other things I,noticed as well this uh this is really,nitpicky but this power cord is shorter,than the original one so I had to grab,my original one plug it into the power,brick so that I could actually reach my,outlet and then also I dont think an,HDMI cable is included maybe I missed it,but I didnt see it in the Box um,whatever I guess lets go ahead and turn,this console on all right its booting,up Ill just show you guys so you can,see that it indeed is booting up all,right so it is factory reset lets go,ahead and see if we can sync this,controller up all right so were on the,Metro dashboard which is not surprising,lets go ahead and see what the actual,uh dashboard number is so were on,2.0.16537.0 not sure if thats the,latest or not but Ill throw it up on,the screen if it is now lets go ahead,and see if this disk drive opens thats,the first test will it get stuck or will,it not well try it well try it a few,times and see if it gets stuck because,thats a pretty common issue with Xbox,360s this old so far so good has not,gotten stuck lets go ahead and try it,in the upright position make sure it,doesnt get stuck all right so we are,good there lets go ahead and plug in a,game Ill just use obviously Call of,Duty since I bought that from them see,if it works see if it boots up lets go,ahead and put it in and try it and then,I also need to test uh the hard drive,size make sure it actually is 60 so 51.1,free so it is it is about 60. were just,going to start up a split screen match,with myself and everythings loaded up,just

Why You Shouldnt Buy From DKOldies: DEFENITIVE EDITION

in this video i plan to compile all my,points against purchasing from dk oldies,and,put them into one video one definitive,video,against dk oldies now this may be the,definitive video against dk always,however comma that doesnt mean im,going to stop making dk-led videos,because i like views now obviously the,first point against dk oldies is going,to be the pricing of items as you can,see here we have a pokemon pikachu,yellow gameboy game for 134,that is just the cartridge itself here i,have my copy of pokemon yellow that i,purchased for 50 flight thats a little,bit higher than its going for right now,but at the time i bought it it was going,for around 55. i bought it at a local,game store if you head on over to price,charting a loose copy,goes for around an average of 42.97,so that means if i come over here to,ebay and i sort by recently sold i will,get a bunch of the recently sold,listings like this one 39,70 bucks,59.99 this one literally comes with a,picture of it already taken apart it,shows the authentic board and its even,got a new battery in it so a lot of,people say that this copy that i bought,or at least on pic talks a lot of people,were saying that this copy that i bought,is going to corrupt soon no the store,that i bought this from,revitalizes the batteries as then they,put new batteries in here they resolder,the batteries into the cartridge the,next thing i want to talk about are the,sales on dk oldies so if i come here to,the gamecube indico player pack which is,now discontinued um we have that it is,149.99,but its marked down from,299.99 the 299.99 price was never,available on dk oldies its only ever,been,184 dollars now why is this a problem,well this is a common tactic used by,retailers to bait consumers into,thinking that theyre getting a good,price on an item when in reality it went,on sale as a sale not only is it bad,practice its just malicious intent not,necessarily a scam but it definitely is,a very bad business practice that no one,should encourage or try to defend you,can kind of see this even further when,you go to games and consoles that are,being sold like right here we have demon,souls for 33.99,right thats about uh 13ish dollars over,what i would be willing to pay i spent,20 on this copy today right it says its,33.99 but if i click on it the price is,immediately going to go up to 34.99 and,its going to say that it ranges from,29.99 to 34.99 the reason that is is,because theres different,grades in which you can buy it right,like the game case and cover only is the,33.99 price the price that it defaults,you to is going to be the most expensive,price,so although that its not baiting you,into a price that doesnt exist its,still,kind of weird that it defaults to the,lowest price when youre previewing and,when when you click on the listing it,defaults you to the highest price also,i find it highly unlikely,that there are no game only copies of,demon souls,coming back to the msrp thing uh if some,of the,are just wrong what msrp means is market,suggested retail price which basically,means what the retailers are suggested,they price the item out it says,minecraft xbox 360 edition was retailed,at 34.99 which is,categorically false it retailed at 19.99,even including inflation,since 2012 2013,1999 is only 25,so wish dollars now in 2022. so the msrp,of 34.99 is just a straight up lie,again another malicious,attempt to get you to buy something that,is already overpriced i also get a lot,of people saying that oh well they give,free shipping its not,free shipping,if youre paying a premium right its,like when logan paul did that merch,during covid it was free merch but it,wasnt really free because you had to,pay like 14 shipping now on the other,side of the coin theres a lot of people,that agree with me about how old dk,oldies is overpriced and they have a,bunch of uh malicious,practices and people wonder how they can,get away with it and its simply,because they have an amazing pr team,like their online presence,gains them so many sales like the idea,of recording someones,shipment and sending it out and giving,them a free keychain that that is,marketing gold that will get you so many,sales and it has gotten dk oldies so,many sales and it will continue to get,them so many sales because theres,gullible consumers that are willing to,pay these outrageous prices one because,they dont know that theres other,avenues to acquire retro games and two,because they get a chance to being,recorded also another thing is they,appeal,mainly to younger demographics and,younger demographics,are kind of stupid theyre not going to,know how to get a bargain when i get,hate comments on my videos its mostly,like incoherent babbling from people,that i assume to be,from the ages of like 9 to 13. its very,rarely that i get a like coherently,constructed sentence saying why im,wrong the coherent constructed sentences,are from older people,now i want to answer two questions that,i get a lot the first one is do i have a,store and if so how do i access it no i,do not have a store i am not a seller,the only way i actually sell is through,facebook marketplace which is i only do,local sales so no youre not going to be,able to buy from me unless you live,within like 40 miles in my life within,me and the second thing is,where can i buy,retro video games and stuff the first,place i would always recommend checking,is retro game stores in your local area,because you want to support your local,businesses but before you go blindly,buying from retro game stores locally,you have to use websites like price,charting to make sure theyre not going,way above market value because i can,understand that ebay sellers are,different from a brick and mortar store,a brick and mortar store has overhead,that it needs to fund thats okay,going 5 10 sometimes even 15 over what,price charting says,i would say is okay and justifiable,whats not okay and justifiable is three,times the amount that something is going,for and some people still have the,audacity to say that dk oldies is a,small business thats a lot of overhead,for a small business like on price,charting demon souls is like 11,i pay 20 for this im okay with that,because im supporting a local business,and its not,too overpriced also my local stores,arent going to try and lie to me second,place i would look is ebay,you just got to be careful with ebay,make sure that its insured when you buy,it if possible pay with paypal because,paypal has a money back thing if you get,scammed facebook marketplace is also,really great because you can meet up,locally and test items in the flush and,then third is makari makaris really,good too i found some great deals on,there makari is mostly filled with uh,wine moms that are selling their kids uh,like game closets from years past,theres also goodwill ive heard a lot,of people getting good deals from,goodwill but ive never found anything,at a goodwill uh maybe my local goodwill,just sucks i also live in a pretty,highly concentrated,gamer area so theres a lot of,competition when it comes to finding,retro games but if you live in like, ohio and you have a goodwill,there might be some good deals there i,dont know i will say that pay by the,weight goodwills are worse than the just,regular like shelf goodwills when it,comes to video games but you might still,be able to find things that pay by the,way at goodwill but thats been my,complete definitive edition of why you,shouldnt buy from dk oldies and giving,you alternatives to dk always if you,like this video and you found it helpful,subscribe to the channel and like the,video share with a friend if theyre a,dk only stan and i will see you again,later talking more about dk all these,prizes and short form content probably,thank you for over a thousand,subscribers,and continuing to grow who knows maybe,by the end of like the month well hit,like,2 000 subscribers its been crazy,joseph signing out goodbye

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Is DKOldies.com Really TOO Expensive? – Gor Takes a Look

hey whats up everyone and welcome to,another video and im doing something,that ive been wanting to do for a,little while actually uh i am here to,take a look at the website dk oldies,which im sure a lot of people,especially all my video game guys out,there uh know what dk oldies is ive,watched,various videos from dk oldies on their,youtube channel they do uh a lot of just,random videos their their store their,retro game store um,and uh they just show off like how what,they they ship out to people and and,what people ordered and stuff its a,its a fun youtube channel and i,actually really really like,uh watching them but they are known to,be quite expensive with their games now,ive never been on the website ive only,watched ive had,their videos recommended to me for last,couple weeks so i just started watching,them ive heard of them i just never,really started watching them until the,last couple weeks but uh yeah so i i,wanted to do a video where i actually,take a look and see if it is uh,as expensive as they say,im sure they are but most retro game,shops especially around where i live are,way above what theyre actually worth i,get it you need to make your money you,know keep the lights on its not free to,to have a you know employees and a place,to,work you know but uh,lets see how expensive im okay with,like,even 20 to 30 above what they normally,go for especially if youre getting a,nice clean copy i will pay,at least fifty percent extra if i really,want an extra like a nice clean copy of,something but uh yeah anyway lets get,to it this actually be kind of fun,because ive never been on this site,before and i get to see what they got so,uh um,now,yeah i dont even know where to start,lets just scroll down i guess uh okay,all right so they have oh this these are,oh these are the these are the deals all,right um,and i dont i dont want to [ __ ] on dk,oldies at all okay like im probably,going to say damn this is too expensive,or whatnot im probably going to say,that but again i like the youtube,channel,this is non-malicious video i just,wanted to take a look myself uh so all,right retro deal so uh look google got,4.8 thats pretty good anyway um,you can see that right yeah okay um all,right so fan favorite wii sports bundle,you get wii sports one and resort,uh im not the bet best like i i i buy,and sell stuff too i dont have a,business at all but i i know what stuff,is worth most of the time um,but uh just in case i do forget whats,worth what and stuff and i do want to,see i will uh go to price charting but,uh not the biggest when it comes to,knowing exactly how much,consoles are worth but im pretty sure a,wii you can get a pretty decent wii for,around 100 bucks so this is probably a,little too expensive but you do get two,nunchucks two controllers it looks like,let me click on it actually,uh you get free shipping so thats nice,uh,oh,oh oh thats kind of cool so you can add,uh oh its 25 bucks extra okay yeah i,guess why even have this selection if,you get something free um,i thought it was just like oh,okay there you go yeah yeah okay im,sorry i thought i thought i missed the,price i thought all right never mind,me being dumb uh so you get,uh,yeah 120 day warranty which is really,good thats a really good warranty damn,thats four months thats actually,really nice oh heres more all right,lets actually just go down all right,n64s i know you can get a pretty damn,good one uh maybe not with two,controllers and pokemon snap or stadium,definitely not but yeah i feel like you,can get a decent one online for like,around 100 bucks too maybe a little bit,less you can get a good deal um,other places i have a place near me that,sells n64s themselves without anything,besides one controller and,uh the chords obviously for like 150. so,you get stadium and snap and an extra,controller,thats not terrible especially since im,assuming dk oldies,does a really good job of refurbish uh,refurbishing yeah for refurbishing uh,refurbishing,stuff so uh ooh,thats a little expensive 259. i feel,like thats,thats a little too much and the sumo,world is like what a 30 game unless its,one up recently it might have but uh,uh i mean i love that again its one of,my favorite games ever but uh you get an,extra controller obviously the chords,and im assuming it will be refurbished,but i have refurbished,i think all their things are going to be,refurbished,two of it oh you dont even get wait,what you dont even get original,controllers,you get,oh,um all right,i all right again im not the best all,right you know what lets not even go to,price charting i want to go to ebay real,quick,here let me uh get wait oh i just,screwed this up hold on,wait wheres my thing going,is this it,no but whatever well just keep it there,uh all right so i guess,yes console,cant find my freaking,okay it looks like people are selling it,for round,i feel i feel like i always see her go,right here with a game as long as that,works thats a pretty damn good deal,actually ill say like i feel like i,always see snes,for,like around a hundred bucks again a lot,of these consoles old ones if you you,can find good ones but again refurbished,ones will go for a little bit more i get,that so all right well well uh,well lay off let me get let me see,where the hell am i,i have too many of these things here it,is all right there you go there you go,um,all right well well well,well forgive that one okay you know,what i i want to kind of explore more of,the site besides the bundles uh heres,ryan i really like these shipping videos,by the way i really enjoy them ill just,like put on the playlist and just like,chill out,um its really fun uh all right uh okay,this is this one oh is there more retro,deals or is that,oh no here we go,thats,player pack discount okay thats not,about you get a player pack and the,console,uh is this called player pack this is,this controller i used to have this,controller as a kid,uh,jumper pack uh power cord okay,all right cool control deck um,all right some of these prices are okay,this is on sale though uh,i dont feel like its about 30 dollar,game okay,okay thats not bad all right these,prices arent terrible but these are,also on sale uh,im just not even gonna like comment on,the console ones uh anymore so,thats out of stock though uh i wonder,how much they were selling for i wonder,if it would say,it does okay 200,all right not gonna comment on them,anymore,like i said not doing it,not doing it again theyre refurbished i,get it i get it i get it theyre nice,how much are they selling this ps3 for,okay all right its not backwards,compatible one but,all right you know what let im just,gonna take a look at uh,i guess we should just go down the list,all right i wanna skip a nintendo lets,go to nintendo 64.,because i know,uh,wait what go back whats that,collectors corner what is this,oh thats kind of cool you could buy,some empty game boxes thats cool wait,what oh okay they dont have pictures,thats weird oh they only wait what,everything else is outside they only,have one thing in stock or,i guess i have one best selling its an,order from joseph oh hey two of the,videos,yeah,uh i had it on uh,pause i guess it just auto played oh you,know i think i clicked something on my,mouse make a play i was just watching,them i was like yeah let me make the,video actually,um,i was right yeah thats a cameo from,ryan shout out,uh okay so i do have rogue squadron,actually so,i dont know if,just the box is worth that its just a,box too thats it and theres no,pictures too which kind of sucks all,right so thats cool that they do that,but they dont have,anything in stock i mean all right im,in best selling though im not even,thinking like,oh my god this is best selling then a,lot of those would be out of stock,obviously so lets see lets go to jump,no i think everythings out of stock,they only have one box,damn all right that sucks thats a cool,idea i like that uh all right lets go,back to,oh actually we can just do it right,there,lets do

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I Bought a “Refurbished” PS3 Console from DKOldies… for $300??

so I bought this refurbished PS3 from,Decay oldies and in this video were,gonna see if they actually refurbished,anything and if its worth the 300 price,point all right so heres the Box they,sent me lets go ahead and open it up,all right so open it up from the side,weve got some paper in here weve also,got my order details so heres my order,slip and I bought two complete and box,games one game only and then of course,the PS3 Slim 120 gigabyte complete in,box so were gonna see if its actually,complete in box and see what kind of,condition its in its supposedly,refurbished so were gonna open it up,and everything and see if they,refurbished anything but heres how its,looking in there wrapped up in bubble,wrap well take that out see how it,looks all right heres two of our games,and maybe the maybe the disc only is in,one of these cases but well well take,a look in a second so packaging wasnt,anything special but it was good enough,to get here in good condition so far we,got our two games were going to look at,these actually so Uncharted three,supposed to be in very good condition it,from the outside it is weve got our,manual got our game and were gonna,check and see were gonna condition the,disc is in looks really nice its good,to see them we got Call of Duty Black,Ops which should have there we go we got,our disc only game we also have our,complete and box game with our manual,our disc this looks pretty good and then,well take a look at the Disco in the,game as well alright so yeah that one,looks pretty good as well cool so the,games are good well test them out of,course and here is our complete inbox,120 gigabyte PS3 now if you dont know,who DK Audis is theyre an online Retro,Gaming website where you can buy uh,basically retro video games pretty large,inventory of stuff now theyre known for,having really high prices uh just for,reference I paid about 300 bucks for,this Im talking about that PS triple,and I actually sold a console on my,website almost just like this for about,150 a couple months ago yeah so their,prices are pretty high if you compare,them to like eBay and stuff but lets go,ahead and take a look at what they sent,us here so this ones supposed to be,complete in box,and so far each side of the Box looks,good great games for PS3 you got,Infamous Madden NFL 10 Tekken 6 mag,Uncharted 2 some good stuff there now,lets go ahead and see whats inside up,here weve got a little bit of tape to,hold it shut to be honest Im not a huge,fan of when shipping tape is put on,these things because,um it kind of you know just creates some,more tape on these outer boxes so,looking down inside of here I see a few,things hard to tell exactly whats in,there so lets go ahead and turn it on,its side and see whats in here and Im,curious if its actually you know fully,complete unboxed because you can buy,consoles with a bunch of stuff in the,box but not quite complete so were,gonna see if we have like all the,manuals and controller and all that,stuff if I can get anything out lets,see its kind of stuck in there honestly,all right so I finally got the Dualshock,3 out and oh its doesnt look the best,lets take a closer look in a second,weve got some manuals we got whatever,that is blue we got a manual for the,Bluetooth headset I dont know if,theres actually a Bluetooth headset in,here and then down this sucker right,here weve got cords,More chords and oh oh hold on thats,weird we have like uh is this an old no,thats not the same this looks like a,PS2 maybe theres a random trigger just,sitting in the box thats weird theres,our console and then one more thing in,here we have our Netflix streaming,little pamphlet there um it does appear,that all the cardboards in there now,lets take a look and see what exactly,was included so actually the first thing,we should do here is look at whats,supposed to be included so we should,have the system the Dualshock 3 AC power,cable AV cable USB cable printed,materials and yeah so that should be it,now lets take a look and see if thats,whats included all right so heres our,printed materials got our quick start,guide all that good stuff actually still,sealed thats good to see weve got this,little Netflix thing here we have a mini,USB charging cable here and its like,the thinnest cord Ive ever seen in my,life but as long as it works thats fun,weve got our power cable here which Im,being nitpicky here but I think its a,bit sloppy to not have a rubber band or,zip tie around this just kind of tossed,in there not a big deal though obviously,Bluetooth headset manual not sure why,that made it in there and then we have,our AV cable so I dont think the PS3,and 360 consoles came with HDMI cables,even though you can use HDMI cables,obviously and then heres a controller,and its actually a bit dirtier than I,was expecting so let me zoom in and show,you guys all right so heres the,controller and looking closely it,actually looks pretty dirty and I its,hard to tell if its dirt or like,cardboard does my theory is that maybe,in shipping it was rubbing against the,cardboard and got a bunch of cardboard,dust like ingrained in these thumbsticks,but the thumbsticks are like almost,brownish because of the cardboard like,threads ingrained into it and then uh,looking around the controller it looks,kind of like Dusty from the cardboard,Im assuming its from the cardboard,might just be Dust In general look into,the sides we actually have some some,gamer juice in the sides which is some,dirt now Im being nitpicky here because,this costs so much and its not in quite,as good a condition as I would expect it,to be honestly so moving on to the,console now we do still have it wrapped,which is good to see and then lets take,a look at this thing so first of all uh,like I said its supposedly refurbished,um now refurbish is a weird word because,usually when you refurbished stuff you,open it up and clean out the insides now,clearly this thing has not been opened,up because you still have your warranty,seals so,um Im okay with it not being opened up,if its still got the seal and its,working but Im not quite sure it should,be called refurbished now just looking,closely at this console looks good on,the top no scratches at all,looking at the side got a few like,smudges and stuff but nothing crazy and,then the same thing looking at this side,got some smudges and stuff but nothing,too crazy and then here on the bottom,looks good as well no scratches at all,and then look at the back it looks good,as well and you can see our model number,Cech 2001a and then last thing to look,at is down here on the top slash front,weve got a little glossy spot right,here which looks like its got,fingerprints and dirt on it and stuff,theres actually some dirt ingrained in,here which to be honest like if its,refurbished I thought that would have,been cleaned out again being nitpicky,but Im being nitpicky because of how,expensive this console was so let me let,me just zoom in a bit more yeah so,looking at it you got dirt ingrained all,the way around those cracks there and,also in the disc slot right there so I,thought that would have been cleaned out,considering how much it cost but you,know not a not a huge deal so now lets,move on to the true test which is if,this thing works so lets go ahead and,plug it in and see what it does sore,booted up into the console now and,unfortunately I lost some of my,recordings so Im going to show you some,stuff I did so first of all I boot it up,and I scroll down to uh system settings,and then go to system information itll,show us our software version so when I,boot it up around 4.82 which is pretty,recent but I updated to 4.89 we also,have 111 gigs of free space which which,sounds accurate because we should have,120 on this and and theres always a,little bit taken up in the console so,111 sounds about right and Im going to,try to connect to the Internet so I,already well connected to the internet,were going to see if it actually works,though make sure were not like b

Is DKOldies a Scam?

Overpricing and destroying the market Seen their ad on Facebook,I ordered a NES for 160 Terrible prices,If your homepage is anything like mine, you’ve no-doubt come across this overly enthusiastic,guy packing retro video games to ship for a company called “DKOldies” with the unique,sell in each video being the free gift he would put in the box to ship, a nice touch,,for sure At first, I found this guy here, “Joey”,,to be quite endearing and almost enigmatic, But after a while, I started seeing the page,get some flack in the comments section, mainly to do with their prices,Today, I wanna shine some light on what’s going on outside of the stellar TikToks and,Shorts that you see from their channel,.Being from the UK, you have a few options for retro video games: retro stores, ebay,or CeX. or you know you could, and dont tell the police i told you this, emula- oh okay,sorry you caught me, cyber police I shrugged it off as that’s usually the,premium you pay for smaller retro games businesses but then, I saw this video, huh,I did a bit of digging and noticed a pretty big bulge hanging down there in the 1-star,section on their trustpilot page Other review sites only showed one or two,negative reviews, which I think is quite standard in business, so I won’t be slating the company,for that Now it seems to have gone from overly-priced,games, to being called a scam and accusing the company of just outright selling broken,,defective and damaged products Now, I can’t verify any of these claims,as fact, nor could I reach out to any of these people.,But I did think it was worthy of note.,For reviews that had a bit more substance, I consulted everybody’s favourite and definitely,not a-painful-experience-of-a-website twi- REDDIT,And, it’s all just reviews stating the games were overpriced, you had the odd person there,happy with their purchase, which was very quickly and, kinda harshly met with the smack,hammer downvote, but at least no one slating the company for scamming their customers or,selling defective items.,This was the most substance I could find and it seemed pretty fair, a lot of their games,are quite overpriced, but at the end of the day you can’t really fault a business for,selling products at that price, when they do appear to be selling,I won’t bore you by reading it so you can pause to watch or click the link to the post,in the description if you wanna interact with it.,So, given all of this, are DKOldies a scam?,No, it seems.,And that’s good.,It’s a family company that’s been in the running for 14+ years according to their website,where I found that this Joey guy isn’t actually their founder, I’m not sure if I were the,only one that thought that at first glance.,But, if you really wanna buy retro games, the only advice I can give is that eBay isn’t,the cesspit everyone thinks it is.,I’ve been using it for a long time now for a lot of items and I just pay through PayPal,now to ensure my buyer’s protection, although I’ve only really had to use that once.,I managed to get a £5 N64 expansion pak from there nearly 15 years ago and it worked dead,fine.,My two gamecube controllers both came from there.,And i’ve bought a wad of games from that website.,There’s always one alternative though.,You can always boot up dolphin and emulate the fU-

Retro Pokemon Unboxing from DK Oldies! Classic Pokemon Game Collection

hey man welcome to gamestop how can i,help you,hey yeah i just needed to trade in some,stuff,cool cool yeah uh just bring it over,here lets see uh lets see what you got,to trade in,yeah i just i just brought in my 64 just,really really need some cash right now,so cool cool okay lets uh just grab,this,yeah man uh lets see,i think i can give you like 20 bucks 20,bucks like thats it,yeah thats best offer right now oh my,god power-up reward members,do get extra on trade-in though do you,want to sign up for that,no no they cant be real theres no way,welcome back to the channel pokemaniacs,unfortunately,that was not a nightmare that was real,life many years ago but,today were getting into some really,cool stuff,i made a purchase from dkoldies.com and,uh im super stoked on this so hopefully,you love retro consoles you love,uh just old pokemon stuff because thats,what were getting into today but if,this is the first time youre joining me,i am pokemaniac steven and here we love,pokemon,so we do tons of pokemon card openings,we do pokemon news recaps,and we do pokemon unboxings just like,today so if you love pokemon,make sure you are subscribed catch all,of the videos and if you like this video,make sure to hit that like button so,kicking it off i actually had two orders,from them,theres a bit of a review for dk oldies,but also,just want to showcase some cool stuff if,you want to check out dk oldies,i will leave a referral link down in the,description so you can check them out,yourself,so first up weve got this nintendo 64.,so this was like i sold this thing a,long time ago im super,super disappointed that i did its time,to get my collection back so i got this,from dk oldies uh admittedly they say on,their website that everything is like,cleaned and prepped i dont think it is,uh honestly i so i actually,cleaned this up beforehand but you can,kind of see,theres like a little bit of grime on,the feet there,and uh honestly there was like a hair,like hairs were coming off of this,and so i wanted to clean it up a little,bit like but for the most part,this thing came in fantastic condition,um theres some like,minor scuffings you can kind of see with,the uh,with the glare there but honestly,nothing too crazy,like thankfully im sure theres some,pretty beat up systems out there,but thankfully this one looks pretty,good so additionally with this i,actually bought a bundle with this set,so with that came a controller this one,is literally how it came out of the,packaging theres uh just a little bit,of dirtiness to it so im probably gonna,wash my hands after all this but,i opted to get the upgraded bundle so,this way these were the original,n64 controllers uh i didnt want the uh,the new the new version yeah you can see,like a little bit of dirt there next to,the z button,so a little bit unfortunate uh i it bugs,me a little bit,that they claim that they clean these,things but like,i dont know just like spray it off like,and then just let it dry like,like theres just like a little bit,there lets see,yeah thats just grossness so joystick,feels great like,i dont know if that helps but buttons,like all feels just like it did back in,the day so,uh definitely im stoked im stoked to,get it going,like this is good i did get a second,controller with it though,uh and this one is a little bit more,beat up so you can kind of see,lets see if we can get the glare on,there uh like its a little bit chewed,up there,just in that little crevice which thats,kind of weird,um there on the side a little bit more,scuffed up,just wanted to show like its not all,perfect its not all like,unicorns and rainbows you know so like,there we got like,i dont know maybe someone chucked their,controller im not sure so,its not like terrible but i mean like,as a collector,youre probably gonna want something a,little bit better but maybe this could,be good for like your kids or something,i dont know if you do get one of these,definitely needs a little bit of love,but we could probably we can get it we,can probably get it back they do have a,return policy though so if you dont,like anything,you can ship it back to them so its,pretty straightforward comes with,uh with every package on there probably,well be looking at maybe returning this,also comes with like a ton of bubble,wrap so like i always love to see that,uh just it was really safe it did not,come with the original uh ac adapter and,cables though,so you do get these uh after-market ones,but i mean,theres the cables its probably for the,better that uh,we didnt we dont get uh the oem parts,i know i remember the 64 is the only,console ever in my life that uh the ac,unit,burnt out even if i still have my own,system i would,still have like a third party one anyway,so like i dont know,but this is what it comes with uh the,bundle super cool,and the like coup de gras of the bundle,i picked up some games so here we go,first one,the classic itself pokemon stadium it is,im actually really stoked that nobody,wrote their name on it because,you cant really get rid of that this,came,in pretty dang good condition honestly,like,theres some stuff like ill probably,have to clean up a little bit,but overall like the quality of the,cartridge,pretty good like i expected there to be,a lot more wear and tear on the front,and its looking pretty good so im,super stoked for this,uh i need to plug it in here in just a,little bit and see,does it even work additionally uh you,know with pokemon snap like that right,there theres like that little divot,that kind of bugs me a little bit but i,mean pokemon snap,definitely some hype around that right,now so like kind of i had to jump on it,and so im like,not too salty it does look pretty good,like overall its just when you get it,right there in the light,like when the lights not on there looks,awesome,you can kind of like i guess you can,kind of see it but its just there you,go see now its gone,backside also looks fantastic like,pretty close to new like,thats just the number 41. so,overall pretty pleased with the,cartridges on the console,the uh controllers obviously a little,bit more wear and tear on those happen,so,can be kind of hitting this and before i,get into the next box,i do want to shout out to uh cjs gaming,channel,be sure to check her out she does tons,of cool retro gaming stuff shes like,the best game boy collection so be sure,to check her out,shes just starting her journey on,youtube and like fantastic content so if,you love pokemon nintendo,retro consoles go check her out tell her,i sent you ill be sure to throw a link,up here than the little pop-out thing,ill get a link to her channel up there,for you and,down in the description if thats easier,for you but now were getting into this,box,all right checking the packing slip here,seems like one of them is in,the actual system so,trying to re-collect my whole collection,from,when i was younger that i unfortunately,sold off,so everything came in some nice bubble,wrap weve got,this red game boy pocket so this,is where it all started for me with the,at least the pokemon games,and uh its just so cool and,im hesitant to flip it around because,here we go okay usually this is where,most of the wear and tear is,just like a little bit of a bubble there,but thats where a screw is i believe,this looks really good and as you can,tell,im so happy uh,my version of pokemon red had a lot of,wear and tear,just on the top so it was kind of faded,because i dont know i have large hands,and apparently i couldnt ever precisely,get that,so lets take a look oh so good,theres just like a couple little little,blemishes on there but a little bit,dirty im gonna have to,im gonna have to learn how to like,clean stickers but,this thing is awesome so good,good yeah a little bit of love,but thats okay like i think i honestly,i feel like i upgraded here but,it is on like i mean i had to pay for it,but thats okay so,theres pokemon red im sure you can,guess what the other,parts of this opening are so we also got,

Window Shopping the Rare Games at DKOldies.com

how are you feeling you got John Riggs,here as you can tell by my voice I am,sit I feel fine thats the funny thing,uh but my voice is shot,um Im just congested I dont know its,that time of year I guess but its not,going to prevent us from having some fun,online since I shouldnt be leaving the,house I shouldnt be going to any,conventions right now you can still do,some window shopping online Ive done,this a few times with other video game,websites across the internet and today,Im going to check out DK oldies DK,oldies been around for a long long time,uh theres um I I hear both sides of the,spectrum with DK oldies some people say,the prices are too high some people say,you know you know they test all their,stuff they clean all their stuff youre,getting that service as part of,everything you know what Im gonna,Reserve all judgment I personally never,ordered anything from him in the past I,have heard of them uh but lets just,lets just poke around DK oldies website,here dkoldies.com and see what kind of,things we can find I say its window,shopping I may end up buying something,well see we will see but let me take a,let me take a sip of my uh my Jamba,Juice here this is my my orange sea,booster they used to call this a cold,Buster and that was like my little treat,to myself every time I got sick see if,they still had OJs cereal with 10,orange juice Id be okay but here we go,I recognize this guy I see him and I see,DK all these uh shorts come up in my,short speed pretty regularly 120 day,warranty nobody can beat that all right,well see 100 authentic products and,free domestic shipping of orders over,ten dollars and most games youre gonna,find are gonna be if youre buying them,online theyre probably gonna be about,10 bucks anyway so with the free,shipping not bad but then as he said,with other people and what theyve said,you know I wonder if,I know well find well find out well,well look at some prizes here lets see,what we got here got the Wii Sports,bundle pack there we go a couple of Wii,remotes couple of uh,nunchucks there you got a Wii and a,couple of games that would that,typically go for that price Im not sure,maybe do I see things like this like the,GameCube pack like the 64 pack there are,so many video game stores that are,having trouble keeping things like the,Nintendo 64 in stock uh especially with,controllers and especially with Mario,Kart 64 because you know they have that,disposable income now they want to go,back to the days of you know the four,player couch Co-op and Mario Kart 64 one,of the best for that the fan favorite is,the Nintendo with the zapper two,controllers,you got to have your own CRT TV if,youre playing duck hunt of course uh,Mario one two and three for two 69.99,again Im Im not Im I dont really,keep up with console prices so much so,Im not sure if thats good or not,thats its a little high for me but you,know if somebody needs it I mean and,again guaranteed working for 120 days,has got that warranty so not bad,uh lets see what happens when I just,click on Nintendo does it show up with,everything or do I have to use one of,the drop downs okay it shows up with,everything,or it shows up with what youre oh no it,does show up with everything,good Lord,nineteen thousand six hundred and forty,four results,thats a whole lot of Nintendo those is,Mario 3 Mario 3 for only 16.99 thats a,good deal thats a good price golden eye,for 34.99 now Ive noticed that it has a,price and then its scratched out okay,so its not every time because theres,Pikachu uh yellow or the Pokemon Yellow,Pokemon but the more I see like when,its like oh its this price but its,not this price anymore its scratched,out in this other price what I see that,for literally everything they dont care,what the price was they want to know,what the price is,and seeing that its on sale its not on,come on,now 34.99 for Legend of Zelda to me,thats a good deal I see I see it at,conventions all the time for 40 bucks,and it sells for 40 bucks at conventions,yeah it was smash going for 100 bucks,now on GameCube you know what lets do,this were gonna do this here,um I kind of want to go system by System,I can see things better that way,so lets go never mind whats best,selling actually that that 35 Zelda,thats not a bad deal at all,um best-selling give me the price high,to low what kind of rare games you got,here well you have a little Samson oh no,they dont anymore,two thousand dollars for Bonk my,goodness,Zombie Nation,1199 I had that game I sold it for like,100 bucks but this is like six years ago,I remember at one time I had two copies,of powerblade too Im wondering because,it says sold out but it still is you,click on it I wonder okay so you can be,notified and thats why they have that,option so if youre really looking for,one and you know these guys and you,trust them,youre like please let me know when one,comes back in stock I will look out for,it Flintstones too surprised that,dinosaur Peak is sold out,youre telling me I have one game that,they dont have I have one game they,dont have thats not bad they have 19,000 games I dont have but you know okay,so they got some good ones here princess,tomato sold out Im happy about that I,mean somebody grabbed it now this is,nice because it shows you exactly what,youre getting I have a feeling that,these box Arts youre getting just the,loose game I have a feeling about that,but when you see this it actually shows,the box of the game the manual the map I,would hope thats the case okay and,since I just saw like you know like like,heres a loose case well now I dont,know gonna go I think goes for about,three hundred dollars,but if I click on it there are they have,three copies of it I can I can purchase,three of them,uh cosmetically flawed cartridge it is a,good condition cartridge okay so you got,your choice here,cosmetically flawed cartridge so yeah,its,lets show I wish it would show the game,like like its like show me the actual,cartridge Im getting you know Jetsons,shows me the card,assuming thats the cart youre getting,theres three of them well again theres,three of them too so,so I mean it sells a lot of games here,and then its also okay weve got to,unlicensed stuff too all the way down to,oh we got the I got the got the,multi-card Ting and Tetris not bad all,right so lets um lets go that back to,the very end,replacement screws,no thats actually kind of interesting,thats not bad the fact that you can get,dust if you like all your games and dust,covers if you need a replacement screw,because one of them popped out,um if you need the uh MLB manual,thats kind of a fun idea these little,cardboard things,all right,so a lot of them are sold Ill cut the,Funko land sleeves,oh how great,well thats fun I like that okay and,they also do have manuals just loose,which is kind of fun to have because,sometimes you you already have the cart,but you want to add it with the manual,and everything oh fun okay I know its,well I wish you could separate it I wish,you could say like just show me the,games only oh and you can also uh,categorize by price,like lets say you know like I want to,spend,10 to 20 bucks what kind of 10 to 20,games you got for me,and I got some games that are going for,about 10 to 20 bucks and these probably,Im here to tell you getting two,for 20 bucks,I mean I dont know what it goes for but,to me to me its worth it I guess,sometimes you can tell search for silent,service,7.99 when I see it,it goes for 3.99 thats dude,Ive seen this go for like 7.99 at some,stores so I mean I guess it goes for,6.99 here typically,right now its on sale for 3.99 yeah so,far when it comes to I mean and again,you know so many of my favorite games,are these kind of Cheaper games anyway,it just depends on what youre looking,for you know elevator action for 20.,thats about what I see it go for,conventions boulder dash one of my,favorites 11.99 they have some good,deals here I might have to grab a few,games theres a few games I got rid of,that I wouldnt mind having b

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