1. DoNotPay.com CEO Browder on World’s First Robot Lawyer
  2. The Robot Lawyer That Can Get You Out Of Parking Tickets
  3. Can DoNotPay get Robo Revenge on Autoplex Extended Services for Robocalls
  4. I used DoNotPay Robot Lawyer 175X this is what happened.
  5. DoNotPay App legit or scam?
  6. DoNotPay App Review
  7. Apps That Pay You: DoNotPay App Review

DoNotPay.com CEO Browder on World’s First Robot Lawyer

so ive gotten my fair share of parking,tickets that i think are totally unfair,how could you help me do not pay,empowers the little guy to,fight back so it finds a legal defense,in your ticket and,sends it off to the government and gets,your money back but it does a lot more,than that we fight,companies and the government across 200,areas of the law so lets take parking,tickets in particular whats your,success rate,around 65 percent you get 65 overturned,thats right but thats actually the,lowest success rate out of all of our,products so what are the other success,rates well a lot of the time its,100 successful because youre just,jumping through a hoop like cancelling a,gym membership where they make you,send a letter to a po box just to get,out of it now,you call yourself a robo lawyer but in,your terms of service you say youre not,a law firm,you dont have attorney-client,privileges are there actual lawyers,working on these issues or is it just,technology,we have lawyers who help us but its,fully automated but this stuff isnt,rocket science theres not a lawyer who,would get out of bed to help you with a,50,comcast refund so were um expanding the,legal system in an underserved way,so you just got backing by injuries and,horowitz clearly theres a bigger,opportunity than fighting,parking tickets on the website you,advertise you fight corporations beat,bureaucracy sue,anyone how can you make such big,promises below ten thousand dollars,um these big companies know that they,can get away with ripping people off,because,no one will fight back so technology is,perfect at doing that because these,disputes are very clear-cut,if you want to cancel your gym,membership you should just be able to do,that,and if they dont do it then they should,be harmed in small claims core,so where do you see most of the growth,coming from most of the growth is coming,from,the world is changing so much with,helping people claim government benefits,um these big corporations arent,treating people fairly,um landlord tenant disputes do not pay,is like an etf for the worlds problems,and unfortunately there are a lot of,problems at the moment,now one of your top features is how to,fake a phone number which might enable,you to get out of,verification or get around verification,on a platform like twitter,or google or even tinder,that those companies are doing those,things to maintain the authenticity,of the platform why shouldnt we think,thats a little shady,when you give up your phone number not,many people know this but youre also,giving up your privacy,there are data brokers who um you you,can ask for someones uh,or information just by giving the data,broker your phone number so a lot of,people they dont want to give out their,real phone number,um because they dont want the other,company knowing their name address,social security number,which can all be get uh or be taken from,the phone number,so does that mean you think these,companies are not using the right kind,of process to verify their own users,i think 10 its well-intentioned but 90,is to advertise all of the companies you,mentioned are advertising companies and,theyre targeting ads,and people want privacy and do not pay,helps people achieve that,what what about when they figure out,what youre doing like we just talked to,the match cfo yesterday about users,um faking their location to meet people,at the olympics which he said was fun,but you know they have all kinds of,stuff in place to prevent people,from doing that how do you stay one step,ahead of technology,were a lot more motivated were 14,people and,we love do not pay and so a big company,will never move as fast as we do,can you get robocalls done for good i,mean lets end those,there are a lot of our users who make a,lot of money by picking up the phone and,suing the robocallers,but hopefully that creates a strong,disincentive for,robocall us to call a lot of people

The Robot Lawyer That Can Get You Out Of Parking Tickets

artificial intelligence is starting to,find its first real-world applications,the latest is a robot lawyer that,overturns parking tickets a hundred and,ninety thousand of them at last count,the product was designed not by a tech,giant but by a college kid now one of,the most heavily recruited engineers in,America,Ravi samaya went to meet him where,outside the room of Josh Browder whos,19 years old and studying computer,science at Stanford University were,going to go in and find out why is one,of the most in-demand coders in Silicon,Valley we have to be kind of quiet,because his roommates still sleeping,despite his modest workspace josh has,received offers for money jobs and help,from virtually every bold-faced name in,the tech industry he has so far refused,nearly all of them talk me through the,process a bit so you just you came home,you got a parking ticket and you just,thought I cant do this anymore,well it turned out to be too many,parking tickets to count but and roughly,like what more than a dozen and so I,looked online at all these like dodgy,laws to find out exactly how to get out,of my tickets,I even measured one of the parking bays,and found out I was legally too small,and it was it was such a great feeling,when I got out of that to here soon,everyone I knew was asking for help and,I thought I cant help everyone,individually but I should create like a,website its more than just a website it,uses artificial intelligence and a huge,body of legal documentation to generate,the perfect appeal by asking you just a,handful of questions and all for free,it has huge potential for expansion,which has not gone unnoticed in,hyper-competitive Silicon Valley pop,tech companies tech entrepreneurs,wanting to buy the website but other,than Im actually offering I cant get,into the specifics at and are we talking,thousands hundreds of thousands millions,and I think the top offer has been quite,high but I dont really like to talk,about it you know would you be tempted,to expand and become a full-service like,robot law firm I mean thats why Im,trying to do for now,he remains obsessed with parking tickets,which particularly and genuinely make,him angry,its its a true disgrace this guy paid,legitimately for parking and then got a,$71 fine its just a pure question of,making money off motorists turn right,onto Polk Street then turn right onto,Chestnut Street your hit rates like 60%,so far yes and so San Francisco is,pulling in 130 million in parking ticket,and citation revenue yes so you got to,cut off a big chunk of that revenue does,that worry you at all in the short term,it might cut off the revenue but I,hopefully in the longer term it will,mean that the government raises the,revenue how they should raise the,revenue via taxes its really stressful,I mean Im not the best at understanding,when theyre like three signs saying,different things and so out of necessity,I like the hat to become knowledge born,how to fight these tickets,getting closer its a gradual approach I,think its good Josh Tilly has personal,frustrations with parking but the,consensus is that artificial,intelligence is likely to hit the law,first it is as Josh points out just an,operating code for life and computers a,gooda code his robot lawyers have,expanded to include getting compensation,for delayed flights and will also soon,turned voice-activated to help Arabic,speaking refugees claim asylum in,Britain josh has vast ambitions but for,now he plans to roll out the parking,ticket spot in cities across America,including San Francisco and then I think,lets get out of the car

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Can DoNotPay get Robo Revenge on Autoplex Extended Services for Robocalls

how you doing scottie bear back with,another video this video on,can the do not pay app,really track down and get robo revenge i,have been dealing with,this scam company trying to sell me out,of warranty,contact me about a half dozen times,after talking to him a few times and,tracking them down,and then calling them and them abusing,me telling them im gonna sue their,asses off,uh were so uh were gonna see what,happens were gonna see what happens,were gonna,use the robo revenge and find out if,this really works,so what were gonna get started here uh,lets file demand letter,to maximize your compensation when you,scan calls you receive you will need a,yes uh when did you,register for do not call all right lets,take a peek here,uh that would be april 11th so were,gonna,put that there april 11th,there we go,uh let me ask a few more questions and,collected that you collected from the,scammer wont take more than four,minutes,do you know any of the details uh please,use,scammer credit was the number he,contacted you,all right so uh,four um,six four seven oh,four three nine,uh call,from this number okay so this you know,company,is spoofed a bunch of numbers uh so,were gonna go,with one um lets see,okay,how many times how many times they,contact you from,this number okay again you know this is,weird because,you know the do not pay here i mean,these companies routinely spoof the,numbers that theyre calling from,and you know uh so you know this,you know it should be how many times,they contact you from this number,and how many times have they contacted,you so were going to go ahead and go,with that,do you have any screenshots or call logs,from yes,okay we are going to upload the document,here,i have the screenshot,see what happens,okay,new one should be additional one maybe,do you have any other screenshots upload,no,what is the name of the company that,contacted you all right,all right,do you have a physical address i do,here we go,i believe that would be it,so i guess it wants that so well go,with that,uh do they have a unit number or sweet,number,lets take a peek um,doesnt appear they have one,all right no,uh do you no name person contacted you,no you have their email address,no,uh,oh lets see uh,uh,oops all right,trying to sell me vehicle protection,all right well go with that,based on what you told me you might be,eligible for two thousand dollars we,recommend,how much you want competency uh i want,two thousand dollars,would you like to do this,what would you like to do with this,appeal,i sent it myself is that my only option,youre all set do you have any,additional concerns or questions,yes uh,all right i guess its doing,uh youre all set do you have any,additional concerns or questions no not,currently,all right so were gonna find out here,uh,again im not exactly sure what is next,um but uh uh maybe im gonna,i guess i probably gotta mail the demand,letter im im,im not sure but uh other than that,uh well see what happens

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I used DoNotPay Robot Lawyer 175X this is what happened.

how you doing sky bear back with another,video this video about would you let a,robot lawyer defend you,uh interesting article uh i,am also,uh i dont know about a critic maybe a,bit of a skeptic however the uh some of,the services that do not pay,uh have been helpful as you can see,right here my task this is my porthole,in the do not pay app ive unsubscribed,from spam email ive small claims demand,letter uh premium demand letter,uh previous uh here send faxes,uh,file,warranty claim,it does provide,some uh helpful things,now,im about to read this article,and talk about,my experiences and how i feel about this,because i i believe its very reasonable,to think lawyers or robot ones will be,the future because in most cases,uh you know the outcome is pretty uh,predictable right,so uh could your next lawyer be a robot,it sounds,far-fetched but artificial intelligence,ai software systems computer programs,that can update you,up can update and think by themselves,are increasingly being used by the legal,community,um,the first thing id like to comment on,that is ai software systems honestly i,dont think theres a lot of ai involved,there is vast legal information online,good bad uh how to organize it and,weaponize it for your,help,uh for issues and stuff like that is,where i feel like the do not pay app,excels you can put some basic,information in there bang them having,these problems,and uh the do not pay,can do things like you know premium,chargeback but,the thing that,i believe is an issue here is like if he,goes,you know charged back instantly,its not instantly you can still pick up,a phone and uh you know to your bank and,be like hey hey and thats what i feel,like most people do is they pick up hey,hey you know i got this fraudulent,charge and and whatnot and,um,you know i want it removed and uh i want,to dispute it or whatnot and,most of that comes out,is very predictable uh the thing that,the do not pay,as good as like i said here i kind of,uh chopped out some of the personal,details here but it,you know gives it a a little more,and from my experience,you know from all the tasks that it does,is,that part is good if you click on the,chargeback it preps up the document you,can download the file and then maybe,look on the internet and send it to the,appropriate place uh because honestly,this isnt that instant,um however i believe that even banks,will come on board this type of stuff to,have robot lawyers reviewing the,information because when i go to chase,to you know file that charge back i get,somebody in overseas or whatnot which is,totally fine but even like i experienced,is you know theyre not experienced with,the,you know american,system and you know they dont put maybe,the right chargeback codes and different,things like this and,of course robot lawyers receiving this,stuff can,scan it quickly and then respond,but,this is you know really my first,complaint here,and as we roll roll back to this article,here,uh do not play now claims to have a,hundred and fifty thousand paying,subscribers while,uh it has its critics me,me,it is very helpful a lawyer you try to,go get a lawyer on the phone you may,even have,legitimate legal issues that you need,help with however,you know its cost prohibitive and the,the fact of the matter is is you contact,these companies and they know it,oh yeah youre gonna take me court okay,yeah see you later bub,and thats really it,there needs to be more,uh follow through with these type of,situations and thats what the robot,lawyer ive feel like is lacking okay we,got the premium charge back oh we didnt,win oh got you,lets file the small claims court,lets file you know oh were going under,as it boasts here,you know are not both but is it quote,quotes here pursuant to visa chargeback,code 13.1 im politely requesting to,dispute this charge,okay,the next follow-up need means that this,charge has not been removed from my,account do i need to take legal action i,am a robot lawyer ready to take legal,action in behalf on behalf of my client,thats the teeth that this robot lawyer,is lacking at this point,so uh,you know overall theres another,interesting point down here that uh,again,uh,he points out that even b before chrome,chrome virus reading on camera my,favorite thing to do brazil had a court,backlog of more than 100 million court,cases,this could be helpful but do they need,uh lawyers i mean,and theres no chance of human judges,and lawyers uh,for the caseload size,its interesting stuff because honestly,i think the california are sorry the,united states legal systems may end up,with this type of uh you know,freeze in the legal system,its interesting also from going through,the,uh small claims court the court is,working uh and uh you know via email and,many of the things like the do not pay,app um,you know kind of boasts,this is becoming more of a digital world,and we may rely on uh these type of,tools and,uh robots to help us file more uh legal,situations uh it is impressive it is an,impressive service however i will say it,only in my opinion it only really lives,up to about,uh you know 75 80 percent of the hype,however it does it is good at you know,initiating and helping with documents uh,for some uh you know legal issues that,uh you know people are experiencing,anyway i hope you enjoyed that video,have a wonderful very early,5 44 am sunday morning

DoNotPay App legit or scam?

how you doing scotty bear back with,another video this,video is about again,the do not pay app,has charged me again now uh,i get fired up about uh these type,of videos uh,you know the main reason is is this is,man these are the things,that we are literally fighting about,right,these scams that uh,pretend that theyre there to help you,and uh you know did this company,actually raise,12 million dollars to help consumers,fight the system,during lockdown the do not,pay app is the system it is,the scam it is whats,taking money from your account and not,delivering anything,i use the app i demonstrated the app i,am now being charged for a third month,actually,even after talking to josh himself,on twitter and you know i i thought to,myself ah,scott youre being silly this is only,three dollars,but the thing that that really killed me,is this is,at the end of the app when when you when,you finally,unsubscribe or try to unsubscribe or,or when uh you know youve deleted your,account or whatever,uh it says rest assure,that you will not be charged again,let me tell you its not spotify that,has overcharged,me and not refunded my money its not,um you know actually ive had fairly,decent luck and i do not,sign up for a lot of these auto pay,situations because of this problem,right here is all youre dealing is with,an idiot,the only the only thing that do not pay,bots are doing is extracting money out,of your account,and actually you know its crazy its,crazy because this company doesnt,have good reviews it has lots of bad,reviews,okay robot lawyer startup do not pay,raises 12 million dollars really,they need to they need to raise uh or,they need to hire a programmer,to fix their piece of garbage actually,im going to report them to,apple robot lawyers can be sued for up,to three thousand dollars,how about the app maker what can we sue,him for,this app can help you quickly file,unemployment actually it,claims down here this this app here will,help uh help your unemployment go faster,im gonna miss that uh i dont wanna,misquote anybody,but uh this this do not pay app only has,bad,reviews and you know its shameful this,is not,this is not the next million dollar,startup this is,nothing but a money pit of uh,or actually a cash grab of its customers,three dollar fees for a month,shameful anyway i hope you enjoyed this,video do not,do not give your debit card information,to do not pay off

DoNotPay App Review

how you doing Scotty bear back with,another video this you know about that,do not pay app an app that I actually,like a lot thats why I wanted to make a,video however I its confusing and I,have had nothing but problems with it,actually multiple charges what it claims,to dispute and you know I want to do,things with this app particularly a,couple of them and now go over them and,again theyre just dead ends actually if,I was the app owner I would have maybe,lawyers standing by with the leads to,intervene in some of this stuff because,some of the stuff is pretty lucrative,including to go after Robo callers that,is pretty easy money and thats why Im,using this out because of the,coronavirus and all the scammers it,seems like a perfect opportunity to bite,back at the scammers and be able to pick,their pocket youll see hero touches on,a few things again it actually managed,and touch on more one of them should be,Corona relief for employment benefits,unemployment benefits that should help,you file unemployment benefits related,to the corona virus because it is uh it,does seem to have some of that but it,needs to really touch that that niche,the other one is the Robo revenge you,know it allows you to make cards but I,need a card like standing by and it says,its only only useful for five minutes,i without making the video go super long,I wont go into some of that but I do,want to look at more of the services and,you know it so definitely worth the,three dollars a month I will say that,however relationship protection thats,interesting landlord protection is also,interesting I had to leave a place,because there was prostitution,and crack dealing going on and but it,remains 500 the guy who literally kept,my deposit is just complete dirtbag the,other that was in,well that was in Seattle the other one,is where is excuse me sorry Im a mom,where is the online health she does,splinter in that sense thats small,potatoes,Robo prevention I want to go where its,he price-gouging protection okay this is,the one I wanted this is the one that,was particularly interesting too because,these companies abuse your your data so,badly okay this data breach right here,suit okay lets suit I could generate,demand layer fines how much are you owed,I dont know dont I dont know I dont,even type I dont know nothing this is,okay so it length no I dont know how,much Im owed youre the one that told,me I can sue I want to sue him,lets lets take him to court -,seriously,lets uh Ill follow the online the,online small claims Im not doing,data breach same thing I want to sue,someone cant generate demand later,please how much are you alright no again,no no no typing completely dead in right,there price gouging protections lets,see the evil merchants how are they evil,fake hard what would they be price,gouging about lets hear that skip,waiting on hold seat I gotta tell you,this one right here for Nevada,unemployment possible cans floor I just,want my pizza,uh you know this one needs to call,unemployment and continually wring them, because Im actually,having this problem here,so anyway yeah I mean I got to tell you,this is arresting I mean because you,know many of the things that this app is,touting like ticket disputes you get,this and it should have the city,should have a thing where you can bang,click on a button tell your side of the,story take pictures upload upload your,dispute which I parking tickets being,taken like you should be able to do this,with the city right here whats your,side okay you have no case this is what,youre kicked out pay from your phone,make payments from your phone it should,be all like this but no this is a three,dollar app that you have to go through,to pay parking tickets so and I think,that this is the reason why the maker of,the app made the app is to dispute stuff,like this anyway I hope you enjoyed this,video I dont know like Id like to see,more done with to do not pay out and,more legal you know less dead ends and,more legal solutions Im prepared to,take people to court I just one of those,things where Im not really like you,know how to prep many of the paper,documents I know its not tough but I,could use some help anyway thanks for,watching

Apps That Pay You: DoNotPay App Review

hey guys its Joey from tech tips more,and staying back with another app that,pays you this one pays you for actually,literally doing nothing so its one of,the best ones yet its called do not pay,so yeah lets get into it,so as I said today Im back with another,app that pays you money right here on,your phone so as you know this is a,series that I do on my channel lots,people really like these kind of videos,so I figured I might as well do another,one because I found this new app thats,super cool its one of the best ones yet,and Im sure you guys are going to like,it so yeah its called do not pay its,right here and most of the apps that I,have done on this channel mostly consist,of downloading games playing them for a,while you get points and then you can,redeem them for gift cards or whatever,this one is completely passive and what,I mean by that is once you download the,app and get something set up you do,literally nothing and it has the,potential to make you hundreds even,thousands of dollars so its actually,extremely ridiculous its pretty crazy,its an awesome service created by some,tech startup guys its theyve received,lots of funding and all that stuff so,its very trustworthy and Ill get,started here so as you can see here it,says dude its called do not pay so,youre gonna search that up and itll,pop up right away by Joshua Browder and,basically what it is is its the theres,some there slogan here it says is the,home of the worlds first robot lawyer,you can fight corporations and basically,yeah its like a robot lawyer kind of,thing so once youre done with the app,youre taking it here its gonna ask you,to enter a couple basic things about,like who you are your age and all that,stuff and and you can see here you takes,you into their very gorgeously laid out,app and there are a bunch of categories,down here so government paperwork,traffic disputes I am owed money,whatever and basically what you can do,is this company will if you are treated,unfairly by a corporation they will,draft a lawsuit completely autonomously,without you having to do anything,towards that corporation and attempt to,get you a very significant fund so its,super cool for example one of their,popular ones here is Robo revenge cash,owed on a legal Robo call so I did this,on my phone just a little while ago and,basically you just input your phone,number and they register you on the Do,Not Call Registry and if youre like me,you get all these phone calls all the,time from these random,companies trying to get you to buy into,their scams and all these different,things the fake all these different,companies that just try and get you to,try and scam you out of a couple bucks,so basically what this will do is once,you register on this if any company has,the as the balls to call you when youre,on this registry it will automatically,um automatically create a three thousand,dollar lawsuit to that company under,your name so its so cool honestly like,what a world we live in where this is,possible now but pretty much it just if,youre more likely to not get the calls,now that youre on that Do Not Call,Registry but even if one company just,says I dont care Im gonna call you,anyways you have now put them at,significant financial risk and you have,the opportunity to gain a ton of money,from it so thats thats just one of the,many examples – theres a you can get,reimbursed for a poor in-flight Wi-Fi,experience increase your paycheck if,youre in the military you can do this,option if you have a traffic dispute you,put in like if you get a ticket you can,put in their refund it instantly bang,its like its so awesome honestly its,kind of a no-brainer to download this,app and the overall interface is just so,simple like you just say government,paperwork it pops up with a guy like a a,iChat kind of thing and so they tell you,what you need to do they make they can,make appointments complete paperwork,whatever what do you need help with you,pick one of the options below bang your,back into it they respond instantly with,another response corresponding to which,you chose its just a gorgeously laid,out an app that can really help them,take down some of these big corporations,that China manipulate their users so the,app is completely available to anyone of,any age in any country I believe dont,quote me on that but Im pretty sure Im,in Canada and I got a fine and I know,the companys base or the US so I assume,its available anywhere and the app is,three dollars a month but the way they,structure it is its gonna super cool,they dont charge you a single dime,until you have earned money from their,company so if you dont earn anything,and the apps completely free for you,if you eventually earn like three grand,or something they take a $3 a month fee,its really not that big of a deal,because if youre breaking in that much,cash then youll take that where youll,give that three dollar fee to anyone so,yeah its super cool how they structure,that and also in the app they have a,rewards balance things so you get a,thousand points just for staying on the,app just for having it every month I,think yeah it says here every month and,additionally if you refer someone you,get points so Im going to put my link,in the description please use that we,each get 2,000 points so its really a,no-brainer use my code but in the,description and then you can use these,points to book a flight here book a,hotel I get lounge access or various,different options here so thats just,another one of their many features they,have that can benefit you and help earn,you some free money on the side its,really a no-brainer as itll help you,stay safer online and also make some,cash if some companies decide to ignore,their restrictions and just sacrifice,your well-being in exchange for their,gains so its really a no-brainer its,called do not pay Ill put the link in,the description as usual and or you can,just search it up its literally called,do not pay first result on the search,engine yeah its an awesome company Im,really happy that I found this app I and,Im recommend all you guys to download,it yeah so this has been Joey from tech,tips and more and make more videos like,this in the future so make sure to,comment down below if you want to see,more of these and yeah so thanks for,watching guys

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