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Doctor Sleep – Movie Review

foreign,sleep was written and directed by Mike,Flanagan and stars Ewan McGregor and,Rebecca Ferguson based off of Stephen,Kings book and it is also known as the,sequel to The Shining which just so,happens to be my favorite horror film of,all time so you know no expectations or,anything its just its just a movie you,know what I mean its just a [ __ ],movie onions,Ewan McGregor plays an adult version of,Danny Torrance now that hes older hes,got a drinking problem and hes trying,to get as far away from his past as,possible but that pass comes calling,again when he comes in contact with a,young girl who also can shine like he,can and while all of this is happening,Rebecca Fergusons character Rose the,hat and her team are searching for,people like Danny and this young girl,and they dont want to be friends they,want to kill them like I said in the,opening The Shining is a very important,film for me it is without a doubt my,favorite horror its my favorite Kubrick,and I didnt go into this film with,those types of expectations I think that,would probably be a bad idea I kept my,expectations moderate because Ive loved,the things that Mike Flanagan has done,in the past Ive been rooting for him,ever since Oculus when I saw Oculus it,[ __ ] blew me away and I felt like,nobody was really giving him due credit,and since then hes had Haunting of Hill,House and hush and he made a good sequel,to Ouija and Geralds Game which was,also a king adaptation and it only makes,sense that now he would get the chance,to do something like this which is also,a very daunting task because not only,does he have to adapt Kings work he,also has to please Kubrick fans because,even though king is not a big fan of,Kubricks film because of the changes it,made and didnt feel like it captured,the heart of his novel,you have to also recognize that most,people really like that movie and so,youre sort of trying to adapt to,peoples work its like youre a child,and your parents are like arguing and,youre like calm down everything is,going to be fine this movies gonna be,[ __ ] cool just shut the [ __ ] up,just shut up once again Flanagan is,excellent behind the camera and in the,editing room because he also edited the,film as usual this film flows,beautifully the shots Linger on screen,for just the right amount of time its,extremely unsettling hes really great,at just giving you the creeps and as he,proved with Hill house he is not,interested in what most people would,assume as a horror movie the way that he,directs his films dont come off like,the horror films that are usually more,popular nowadays the scare every few,minutes along with a loud jolt of Music,also known as a jump scare there are,some in this movie but they feel earned,even necessary to the plot and the,character no what Flanagan is interested,in a horror film is the way the,characters are dealing with said horror,the things that are implied the scariest,things are always whats implied and Dr,sleep is filled with very dire,implications for tons of characters,theres a lot that you dont see happen,on screen but your love left with this,image in your mind thats burrowing deep,in there making you feel increasingly,more Disturbed and thats what Flanagan,is so good at I loved Dr sleep I think,its a really really good horror movie,no its not as good as The Shining and,it was never going to be come on I mean,thats not even fair The Shining has had,Decades of time to become as iconic as,it is I saw this movie tonight I dont,think theres even a point in comparing,them because this film is also trying to,be something very different than that,and that it isnt always focused on what,you might call the haunted house scares,you and McGregor whos excellent in the,movie by the way is someone dealing with,a lot of pressure in his life obviously,his past is really [ __ ] up and hes,dealing with it mostly through alcohol,but hes also trying to recover from,that much like one of the characters in,Haunting of Hill House hes going to AAA,hes trying to get better and we learned,so much about how hes using his gift,and I love what they do with it I wont,ruin it for you but the way he decides,to use this gift he has of being able to,sort of understand peoples feelings,Talk inside their minds and have visions,and premonitions and connections across,long distances he uses it in such a way,that just feels so good and human it,really endears you to his character,Rebecca Ferguson is fantastic as Rose,the Hat one of the things that I love,about her character and the villainous,people that surround her is that these,are some of the most fleshed out,villains Ive seen in a film all year,perhaps in the past few years you get a,lot of screen time with them and you,completely understand where their heads,at you understand what they want their,goals why they need to do these horrible,things theyre doing and although you,dont condone what theyre doing it,makes sense but I think my favorite,performance in the movie is actually,given by young Kylie Curran Im not sure,if thats how you pronounce her name if,I said it wrong I apologize shes,magnificent this is maybe the best child,performing Ive seen all year she plays,this girl that he meets who also has,this ability but exponentially greater,than hes ever encountered this is a big,role and she has a ton of screen time,and I anticipated her being involved in,this movie I actually wanted this,character to come back on screen unlike,a lot of child performances youre kind,of like okay thats enough with the kids,get back to the adults please no she is,really good and she hits so many,different emotional beats because she,has to be super confident about what she,can do but she also has to be really,terrified when the movie wants you to be,you know fearful for her life she hits,all of them wonderfully I cant wait to,see her in more stuff and Im glad they,used the book title this is where a,movie studio might be inclined to say,Im excuse me could we please call it,shinier,shiniest,more shiny please anything with shining,is good The Shining,how about that the shinings,please its a small detail but I love,whenever a film uses a book title even,though the book title might not exactly,be as marketable as something else lets,talk about fan service because I have a,feeling that this will be a primary,complaint amongst people who dont like,this movie I cant say for sure but its,an easy complaint to say well you know,this movie relies on people who love The,Shining they go to the Overlook Hotel,and you get all these shot Recreations,theres an earlier scene where you and,McGregor is applying for a job and its,a similar office and shot set up as when,Jack Nicholson is accepting the job at,the Overlook Hotel and The Shining and,oh my God this movie Just relies on,people who like the 1980s shining it,doesnt do anything new and its just a,gigantic pile of fan service I can,understand that some people might be,concerned about that but heres what I,think about fan service I think theres,two different kinds the good and the bad,the bad fan service is what you would,expect to see in a movie that doesnt,really know what it is but its relying,on something else its not presenting a,good story its not presenting a good,character but it does have a lot of,nostalgia I see a lot of horror films,nowadays that are trying to be like the,80s horror films you might not like the,story and the characters but the,animatronics and all that blood was cool,and the music was awesome thats bad fan,service theres also good fan service in,movies if youre an anime fan you,probably thought I was talking about,something else if you know what Im,saying you know Im sorry if you love,The shrining and you love Kubrick youre,going to see all those things that,people are going to very easily pinpoint,as a problem because hey youre just,pleasing the Kubrick fan boys you saw,that in the trailer and you knew it was,going to be in the movie so Im going to,tell you that thats in the

Doctor Sleep – Movie Review

[Music],dr. sleep so dr. sleep is the sequel to,The Shining written and directed by Mike,Flanagan it starts Ewan McGregor Ewan,McGregor plays Dan as in Danny as in doc,as in the little kid riding his tricycle,through the hallways and the shining,guess hes him hes all grown up now now,theres another little girl she has,shine too and theres this cult out,there who feeds off of the life force,the energy the shine of people who have,that shining so bring on Stephen King,horror sequel also Stanley Kubrick when,youre watching it it does fundamentally,come across as a Stephen King story does,it come across as a Stanley Kubrick,story this movie does have Stanley,Kubrick isms to remind you that yeah,this is the sequel to a Stanley Kubrick,movie which is funny because its famous,if not a little infamous a Stephen King,did not like Stanley Kubricks,adaptation of The Shining which I,imagine made this a very difficult task,to take on adapt this Stephen King book,which is also a sequel to a Stanley,Kubrick movie that King wasnt really a,huge fan of which is also a sequel to a,Stanley Kubrick movie youre making a,Stanley Kubricks sequel sequel to a,movie,theres Stanley Kubrick fans and a lot,of film fans consider a modern horror,classic good luck,but hey think of it this way at least,youre not making a Star Wars movie,because thats where the drama truly,lies what a time its a weird time its,more Stephen King than Stanley Kubrick,but does have Kubrick isms in it to,remind you yes this is still part of,that world,that universe and it works you and,McGregor was great in this movie you,could tell he has a lot of damage from,his childhood trauma he still carries it,with him here hes like I keep your head,down dont let anyone know you have this,shine because other forces can hear you,the same character Arcas Rambo or Jason,Bourne or a lot of spy movies out there,that were just like right were gonna,lay low up cant anymore Rebecca,Ferguson its perfection I mean that in,every way possible I just kind of took,to calling Europe evils at 10 and 15,which is funny because her and her cult,her crew theyre the villains is a very,villainous they feed off of people and,caused a lot of pain and horror and fear,and thats kind of what they do but this,movie does a good job of giving you you,know their side of things is we see that,so much in horror movies out there its,like all the creepy thing its either,the cream,good thing under the batter in your,closets mentally racking your brain,glowing eyes in the dark oh its all,scary and their faceless nameless scary,things that are there to scare people,because theyre just evil right this,movies like yeah but whats their side,of it well theyre scared too they just,dont want to die I need to feed off of,your life force you know its,complicated I do you have to watch the,shining if youre gonna watch this movie,can you go into this movie being like,Ive never seen this shining for the,thrills on the supernatural horror,element with this cult coming after,people coming after kids it works fine,on its own but when it starts to bring,in the shining into it youre not gonna,be lost cuz youre gonna get what its,saying its just not gonna mean much to,you youre gonna be like I get it,why do I care why do I give a [ __ ] so I,do suggest having watched The Shining,before you watch dr. sleep or you know,what have a refresher I watched The,Shining last night before I watched dr.,sleep today having watched The Shining,and dr. sleep within a day of each other,theyre both about two and a half hours,long in run time its me a five hour,supernatural epic that really does work,well in tandem with each other,so dr. sleep stands on its own in its,horror element but also serves as a,proper sequel to Stanley Kubricks,Shining I felt that delve deeper into,the lore of the shining it actually has,its own message about how we live in a,less spiritual world these days and what,that means for that universe I had a,great time with it or if less spiritual,world isnt the right phrase right here,how to rephrase it we live in a more,technological and Kippur OH mindset as,opposed to the spiritual mindset of old,yeah there it is Ill say dr. sleeve was,definitely worth watching and worth,buying on blu-ray right so dr. sleep,have you seen it what do you think about,it or what about The Shining have you,seen The Shining what do you think of,the shiny whatever you think of either,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music]

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Half in the Bag: Doctor Sleep and Parasite

half in the bag roll out the dogs out,[Music],huh whats so interesting well I read,this entire book only to get to the end,and find out the ghosts arent real,guess I am a dummy,Mike since youre on with that book you,want to go see a movie sure Jay how,about we go see birds of prey yeah hmm,would you have any more interest in that,movie if they changed the title yeah how,about the sonic movie yeah would you,have any more interest in seeing the,sonic movie if they changed the graphics,yeah well how about cash no would you,have any more interest in seeing it if I,told you theyd improve the special,effects yeah well since theres no new,movies worth seen maybe we can talk,about a couple movies that came out,months ago one that nobody saw and one,that now everybodys going to pretend,that they already saw Oh Jay I saw,doctor sleep months before the Oscars,I mean parity when I was a kid there was,a place,dr. sleep is both an adaptation of the,Stephen King novel and a sequel to,Stanley Kubricks 1980 film The Shining,the Stephen King novel is also a sequel,to his other novel The Shining but the,shining book and The Shining movie are,very very different and somehow dr.,sleep is a sequel to both the book and,the movie hey remember that part in the,Kubrick movie where Shelley Duvall walks,past the room and a guy in a dog costume,is giving a [ __ ] to some dude what,was that about oh my gosh theres a,chapter in here about what to do if,youre stuck in a haunted hotel oh my,lord,with ghosts from all centuries there to,feast on your fear health hazards from,ghost hunting allergies dust and mold,does anything about asbestos about,vision and how he got haunted so hard,that he had to wear glasses got haunted,so hard by a demon that [ __ ] his,vision up he was definitely haunted by a,ghost so hard that it ruined his vision,Jay he was simpleton it wasnt a ghost,it was a demon oh yeah here to talk,about ghosts were here to talk about,the belated sequel to The Shining yes,nobody saw this movie in theaters it,came and went and flopped pretty hard it,was weird because you mentioned it and I,was like I wonder when dr. sleep comes,out and it had bout for four months yeah,and I was a lot of marketing behind it,and I think its already speaking of,title changes and how the birds of prey,movie theyre so desperate to get people,to see it that they changed no its,Harley Quinn now you know that name and,I think that was part of the thing is,this movie even though the trailers,tried to make it clear that this is a,sequel to The Shining I think most,people just see that title knowing dr.,sleep why yeah,its an unfortunate title I mean Im,title of the books yeah its its a its,a fine title but if youre trying to get,a theater going audience to see its not,even really a soft reboot but I think,theyre hoping for that kind of skull to,shining about the shining to know you,they would just call it The Shining,thats really with that or no shining,shining get rid of the duh its cleaner,but its I think a really interesting,movie we havent talked about it yet I,enjoyed it a lot I didnt think it was,amazing theres a dated quality to it,which I love Id say thats what I liked,about it it felt very old-fashioned it,felt very 90s,it didnt feel 70s no and thats,important to point out is that this is,not the shining this is not someone,trying to make a Kubrick movie right and,thats to the movies benefit because you,cant do that its doing its own thing,its an x-men movie its its a very,weird kind of different its not a very,scary horror movie although it has some,of the more scarier scenes Ive seen in,a movie or I should say disturbing yeah,scenes that Ive seen in a movie,recently but um yeah theres sort of,like a over emphasis on the the powers,and abilities of people with The Shining,so it really should have been called The,Shining,instead of dr. sleep but its funny too,because Ewan McGregors is leading it,the way they talked about the shining in,this sometimes it sounds like theyre,talking about the force yes and theres,theres that confrontation scene at the,end with him in the bad lady and hes,holding the axe yeah like a light saber,hes like are we ready to do this I had,the high ground wanted him to say I,betcha he said it like as an outtake on,set yeah and just laughs its locked in,the vault somewhere and they all had a,good laugh when I starts run yes you run,dear and then I will find you and you,will scream for years until you die the,dialogue is very confrontational like in,a in a science fiction a superhero kind,of way yeah because there is even like,mind tricks like Professor X would do,like way you dont realize where youre,standing yeah and everything changes,its a weird movie and I can see it did,you read the book I did read the book,okay I and thats yeah it weird is the,right word because its its just its a,adaptation of a book that is a sequel to,another Stephen King book,but its also a sequel to the Stanley,Kubrick shining film right even though,the shining film and the shiny book are,very different and somehow this manages,to be both and most importantly be a,sequel to a Kubrick movie and not fall,completely on its face yeah when I when,I first heard about the book I think,someone described it to me as like oh,the little kid from The Shining he grows,up and fights vampires which sounds like,the worst weirdest like ever and thats,kind of what it is but it mostly works,theyre humans theyre not supernatural,nope but they yeah they feed off of our,fears and off of our right and its,people with the shining its even,stronger well no but the shining is sort,of going away they say over generations,these people have been living for,hundreds of years but the shiny is not,as strong as it used to be yeah its,weird its like bringing this and this,is all in the original the original,Stephen King book of The Shining I mean,its called The Shining but in the,Kubrick movie everythings a lot more,vague as far as what the shining is and,whats reality and what isnt and this,movies a lot more its a lot more,mainstream its a lot more streamlined,as far as the story goes but its also,like we said very old fashioned in a lot,of ways its very slow,its very mannered its technically a,horror movie but its more of a drama,with supernatural elements which are,lights yeah yeah its oh its a bunch of,different things it felt like a very,long TV movie multi-part TV movie from,the 90s I think it probably would have,benefitted from being like a Netflix cuz,its Mike Flanagan yeah the haunting of,Hill House and I have read the book and,and this the movie feels like condensed,of course cuz its a movie adaptation,sure it tried to be as faithful as,possible but still some of the elements,felt rushed which has alleviated a bit I,did watch the directors cut and that,gives it a little more room to breathe,but yeah I think is a three four five,part series on Netflix yeah it probably,would have worked better and it probably,would have reached a wider audience so,what I got in that word of mouth the way,haunting of Hill House did do they go to,the the Overlook Hotel at the,of the book in the book no or thats,that it felt very movie thats thats,the big deviation is in the original,shining book the hotel burns down so in,the doctor sleep book they go to the,grounds where the hotel was okay thats,what the big confrontation is yeah the,more it relies on the Kubrick movie,thats like the weaker aspects of this,movie it seemed more fans service see,for lack of a better term yeah about,these ghosts exactly its sort of lady,from the bathtub and so yeah they needed,this year once I get it yeah exactly,like but when he first gets the Overlook,and hes walking around and like the,lights turn on is like oh this is good,this is perfect and I can understand the,temptation to want to cram in like,everything cuz theres so many iconic,shots and images from that Kubrick movie,the one thing that was very sore thumb,issue was when Rose is walking and she,

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Doctor Sleep Review

no no about magic I am I was called it,the shining tragedy of the Torrence,family is one of the most beloved horror,stories ever told,shining is one of Stephen Kings biggest,hits and Stanley Kubricks adaptation,has beguiled viewers for decades but,these two versions of the story have,always been seen as very different sides,of the same coin as Kubricks film,deviates majorly from Kings novel so,for a sequel how do you stay true to one,without betraying the other it turns out,the answer is to get haunting of hill,houses Mike Flanagan a great cast and,whole heap of cool psychic set pieces,and it just works,[Music],after prologue dealing with the direct,aftermath of the shining doctor sleep,picks up with an adult Dan Torrance,after years spent as an alcoholic,drifter using booze to dull both his,horrific memories and his powers Dan,becomes aware of a Burris stone a young,girl who shines even more powerfully,than him but hes not the only one to,notice her talent though the true not a,cult of quasi immortal hunters that feed,on people who shine pick up on avarice,power as well dr. sleep is one of the,scariest Stephen King adaptations in,years thanks in large part to the,formidable true not in contrast to the,Shinings villain which despite working,through Jack was really the Overlook,Hotel itself,dr. sleep benefits and stands apart by,having physical antagonists with more,concrete goals and methods for Dan and,Abra to battle the story which spans,decades and focuses on multiple,characters is a total departure from the,Shinings claustrophobic setting that,narrative breathing room gives dr. sleep,a lot of opportunities to do its own,thing and when its forging its own path,the movie rarely falters writer director,Mike Flanagans I for bringing,metaphysic ality to life on film has,long been one of his greatest assets and,it serves him well again here dr. sleep,doesnt quite approach the singular,sense of unreality in Kubricks film but,Flanagans methods of visually,communicating what the shining is and,how it can work through its various,hosts provide a source of constant,unease and danger the twists and turns,Flanagan Minds out of that power both,deepen our understanding of what it,means to shine and keep the film,interesting throughout its considerable,2 hours and 33 minutes its when dr.,sleep drifts away from the avocation of,the shining to straight-up recreation,that Flanagan starts to overplay his,hand,to be clear not all of doctor sleeps,shining love goes amiss scenes in which,shot composition edits and sound cues,are reused feel like rewarding nods to,Kubricks film even Karl Lumleys brief,appearance as dick Halloran ends up,being effective with Lumley giving us,just enough Scatman Crothers to make,this feel like the kindly Halloran we,know without feeling like a full-on,impersonation the Overlook Hotel also,has a part to play in the sequel and,again its a mixed bag the artistry of,these scenes is undeniable with the sets,painstakingly recreating Kubricks,overlook and often being similarly,photographed – but the scenes which take,place at the hotel suffer from some,egregious moments of incongruity like,when a character not present for the,Shinings events witnesses an iconic,scare from that film with the amusement,rather than horror doctor sleeps third,act does deserve credit for how it,reconciles Kings novel and Kubricks,film its clear throughout that Flanagan,has an equal respect for both versions,evident in his clever repurposing of,beats from King shining that Kubrick,changed,[Music],when its focusing on the new things it,brings to the table dr. sleep is,consistently terrifying visually,impressive and soulful in equal measure,though it may get a little heavy-handed,and totally confused in its reverence,for Stanley Kubricks shining in the,homestretch,the vast majority of the film succeeds,in using the Torrance familys pain to,tell a story of coming to terms with the,past no matter which version of The,Shining you prefer fans of both will be,finding things to enjoy about dr. sleep,forever and ever and ever and ever for,more reviews check out what we thought,up Terminator dark fate and zombie land,double tap and as always be sure to,follow and subscribe wherever you like,to watch IGN

Doctor Sleep reviewed by Mark Kermode

Stephen King was famously dissatisfied,by Stanley Kubricks film of The Shining,although I have to say he is clearly,happier at least at the moment with with,the sequel on Twitter he said I know,its quoting the writer of a work thats,in the cinema obviously theres a,promotion but he says on this Mike,Fanning it is a talented director but,also an excellent storyteller this movie,is a good thing youll like it,if you like the shining but youll also,like it if you like Shawshank its,immersive which is an interesting,comment on it so essentially what this,does is it blends elements of Stephen,Kings novel and Kubricks film iconic,elements from Kubricks film and its,written directed by Mike Flanagan picks,up the story story of Danny Torrance,decades after hes an escape from you,know an axe-wielding father I dont,think thats any kind of plot spoiler at,the end of the shining is everyone knows,the shining ends as played by Ewan,McGregor hes a wreck hes struggling,with depression and addiction issues and,of course Dannys key thing was the,shining the ability to see things which,others could not see which is explained,to him for the first time when he,arrives at the Overlook Hotel of course,there are others out there in the world,who have the ability to shine,Dannys found where it finds work in a,in a hospice where his power to connect,with people who are with people,telepathically or at least you know,psycho kinetically is a comfort and,hence the doctor sleep thing and then he,meets Abra with Carly Karan who is 13,years old and has similar powers with,whom he is Teleca telepathically,connected and with whom he feels a,kinship his equipment your magic I dont,know about magic,I was called at the shining and yeah we,both shine its your parents know about,my shine they dont talk about it or if,I use it they look at me different when,I was a kid I didnt understand the,shining I called the Tony I thought he,was my imaginary friend I thought you,were my imaginary friend for a long time,how many of us are out there theres a,lot of people who have a little bit of,shine they dont even know it,I always seem to come home with flowers,when their wives are sad or they do well,in the school tested and study for but I,only met two or three people in my whole,life who knew they shined I love that,thing that for ages I thought you and my,imaginary friend,so shiners people who have the shining,are also it turns out being sought by a,sort of parasitical clan true not who,actually could have stepped out of one,of the Twilight films and again I dont,say that as a criticism because I like,the Twilight films led by Rick,Fergusons Rose the Hat who as you would,guess from the name wears a sinister hat,and some of these already tweeted in,saying you think its influenced by the,fields of Nephilim fields in em and she,was talking about that she was yelling,about the fact that there was there was,only ever one version of it because it,was so specifically described,so essentially Danny has to step back,into the fray in order to fend off this,gathering this gathering threat and its,the scene is set for a confrontation as,I said last week in the interview with,Rebecca Ferguson I dont think its,giving anything away to say that the,Overlook features as a character in the,third act of the film we know that,things thats where its going to lead,interesting thing about the film is this,I went into it with a great sense of,trepidation because people have such,high regard for the shining and its,become such a milestone of you know,modern cinema and people think that,muslin and modern horror many people,think its a scariest film they ever saw,which always surprised me because I,never found the shining scary,I think its atmospherically interesting,and I think that its sort of portrayal,of a family falling apart is you know,fascinating but I,ever thought it was a scary film I think,there are individual images in it such,as the the lift full of blood such as,you know what happens when you open the,door and you see whats behind the door,I think those images are creepy but I,never actually found the shining scary I,know other people do I dont in the case,of this it really isnt setting out to,be a scary film its it has the same,sense of damage childhood that is a,theme that runs throughout Stephen,Kings work Stephen Kings written a lot,about young people who have an ability,that they dont really understand and,that marks the met so for example you,think right back to Carrie when the,whole thing with scary is that shes,telekinetic and her mother therefore,thinks that shes cursed you know the,day that she brought the stones you,think back to firestarter which made a,terrible film with the phantom hair dry,but its actually a much better novel,its not a great novel but its an,interesting novel about the fact that,shes a there is pyrokinetic abilities,and that imperiled childhood and,repeated history theme is something,which runs throughout Stephen Kings,work I mean Stephen King always related,the shining back to the haunting of Hill,House the idea the haunting of Hill,House that that the central character,goes to a house which is meant to be,haunted and kind of discovers that she,is the haunting that haunts the house,that she was always there and she will,always be there which is an idea that we,see completely replicated in the shining,like it the success of which has pretty,much allowed dr. sleep to exist this,isnt something which sets out to,function primarily as an exercise in,fear its much more a kind of episodic,psychological journey with an interest,in that kind of outsider kids thing and,what happens when people grow up after,outside the nurse or traumatic events,what happens with the past when its,moved forward into the future and,suddenly youre an adult but youre,still having to deal with all the stuff,that you were dealing with when you were,a kid as I said but there is an odd,comparison here with Twilight which Im,sure that many fans of the film may not,appreciate but I dont mean it as a as a,bad comparison at all because I think,that it has some similar shared ideas,because I think the Twilight,about much more than that then its,detractors would allow and because there,are sections of the film that quote very,cheekily,from Kubricks iconic images there are,many times at which the film sets itself,up to be knocked down by by invoking its,comparison with it with a much loved,predecessor what I would say about dr.,sleep is this I think its actually,pretty good,I went in thinking that it might well be,pretty bad because its you know the,standard question is its a sequel to,The Shining where youre gonna go I mean,look what happened when you did a sequel,to The Exorcist youve got Exorcist 2,The Heretic the stupidest film ever made,by anyone ever it isnt something that I,would think of as primarily a horror,film I think of it much more in that,kind of Stephen King thing about as I,said episodic psychological journey I,think its made by somebody who has a,good deal of respect for the original,film but also a good deal of respect for,the original text and if youre a,Kubrick fan you may well if youre found,Kubricks The Shining you may well,really take against it but if youre a,fan of Stephen King I think you will,feel much more sympathetic towards it,and I thought it was much better than I,had expected

Doctor Sleep Angry Movie Review

I dont even think thats right hat yeah,youre welcome,we just got back from dr. sleep which is,a Stephen King novel that came out in,2013 well follow up to the amazing The,Shining the book and the Stanley Kubrick,film shortly after the book and dr.,sleep sort of serves as you know of a,sequel of bits to The Shining and what,could I say its starring uh you and,McGregor,cant ever say his for his name only,McGregor and the lady with the hat and,[Laughter],yeah I actually really really enjoyed,this one I thought it was amazing,interesting fascinating well shot well,acted and I love the universe that,theyve created and expanded obviously,Stephen Kings universe expanded the,lore of the shining and what it is to,shine and I think it was well done and I,think you should go out and see it if,youre fascinated with the shining or,Stephen King because the one thing that,I can say about the movie that it gets,up thats the highest honor is it really,does feel like Im reading a book it,feels like a book concept filmed,correctly on screen its not without,some issues but I really think you,should go out and see this one I enjoyed,it and I did – I did you guys follow up,and just looking into Dannys life after,the shining after all that that happened,going through his traumatic events and I,could see how what led him through his,path I was like me and it was pretty,deep and I really enjoyed this film,though yeah so you liked it,lets go okay what time yes those in a,second well Im a big shining fan like I,love the original film I read the book I,saw the miniseries that it on Fox when,we were kids those were really those are,good I read dr. sleep when I came out,and this was a movie I was excited for,and I eat it didnt really disappoint,there was a couple little things but I,really liked it and I think its a,blessing theres some go on and see this,one guys if youre a fan of Stephen King,and the shining but heres a great honor,that I think the film achieves its a,sequel but its its own thing all the,way up until the little last little bit,I gotta say it did its own thing its a,different kind of thing than Stanley,Kubricks film and its successful and I,dont I cant think of another example,of like sort of a film franchise you,know a sequel that does it better than,the original but does it completely,differently I wouldnt call this a,horror like I would call the original,shining this is more what would you call,this a super kind of hero ish thriller,investigation discovery exploration of,the this other kind of power or,something so and can you think of one,thats been done well where you take an,original concept like so for example,what we just got through dark fate which,to say that I like this one cuz they,actually stick it stayed close to the,Lord it didnt [ __ ] all over it and,thats a good thing it didnt destroy,the Lord,in fact it paid respect to the floor it,probably did too much and like The,Greatest Hits kind of thing towards the,end but well get to that but what Im,saying is in t1 t2,was basically t1 just amped up on action,this one is is something different in my,opinion than that I mean youre not you,know sort of dropping into insanity,youre not isolated in hotel and theres,a lot less horror elements its not,scary,if youre going in this film expecting,to be scared youre gonna be,disappointed but it pleases in almost,every single way so great performances,great concept executed very well pays,respect to the original and its its own,thing do you need any more reason to go,out and see it no go out and see it,right we should give it a rating right,now but lets go ahead and talk about,what kind of didnt work or what held,the film back because as I was watching,I was like Im gonna give this thing a 9,this is gonna be a 9 and then towards,the end I I was feeling a little bit of,strain in in the length but that didnt,bother me the length but its lengthy,but Im satisfied and Im gratified that,Im still in this world it feels like,two books put together honestly but it,never exhausts me on the length so I,wasnt really going to dock it for that,but once it reaches the third act it,goes from being its own thing to sort of,paying respect to the original when okay,I dont know if this is a spoiler should,I say the setting dont okay so it but,it pays too much respect to the original,in the third act sort of like playing,like a highlight reel and when were,going when were doing highlight reels,that doesnt have the same impact that,it had in the original and and I think,they basically tripped on their shoelace,just a tiny bit just to stumble did it,did anybody see that and the end this,movie had huge pacing problems and I,this was a movie that Im sitting there,and Im going god damn this movie is,long but I didnt check my watch thats,something that doing movies too long and,Im like when is this over Im sitting,there going like wow they are taking,their time with this stuff and I really,appreciated it and then in the last ten,minutes there should have been 30,minutes and then like nope 10 minutes,over there,there was mean I I hate to say but like,this deep its a Stephen King ending and,it wasnt that the ending itself wasnt,satisfying because the ending was yeah,but it so I did like the ending I like,on paper I like the way that it ended I,dont like the way that they spent,ruthian if youre going to set half time,they sit there and they drive and youre,eating up the scenery and then they go,to on these lists other little things,and theyre nothings happening youre,just watching them drive you cut out,10-15 minutes of that from the beginning,and then really give me the good stuff,at the end of the movie this movie would,have been a nine I think yeah but they,didnt and so they took their time until,I didnt want that I didnt want that,and then it had to rush the reason in,that that that third act,Joe you agree with that no I 100% agree,with that um whenever we got out I was,like how long was that movie cuz its,pretty long anybody look it up somebody,look it up yeah and I wanted to see more,the third act oh yeah but I think Abra,Im gonna call a bra cause it was like a,magic Jojo her name is Abra yeah Im,saying oh the actress oh yeah usually,child actors have an issue and in fact,there is another child in this film that,gives a great performance a horrifying,performance there are I think maybe two,scenes in this film that kind of didnt,scare me it horrified me I hated,watching it its shocking its sort of a,little you know its its this films,most shocking moment and that child,actor did did a great job as well so,great performance is all around well,filmed I love the synth undertones and,track that they had at the beginning and,towards again and the owner and then,they had this pulsing heart to beat,throughout the whole film which really,sort of set the tone and gave it its own,otherworldly kind of feeling and gave,greater context of the images that you,were seeing how long its tuned of hours,okay what its how what is the exact,minute count two and half hours plus one,minute,Oh,two hours 31 minutes Im curious cuz,rise of the Skywalkers two hours in 35,minutes and Im like this was satisfying,length they got a lot of story crammed,in there except for youre right the way,they paced it they took a little bit too,much time in maybe the second act on,different things when if you expanded,the location and the sequence the,basically the climax of the film in a,more satisfying way and kept a lot more,stuff there than we could have gotten,that 9 out of 10 but were arguing,semantics at this point you right go,ahead use those notes when youre,writing and all of a sudden you realize,that youre too close to the border,seasons nobody really small thats what,this movie felt like youre like yes Im,gonna do my best cursive I want to tell,you some Ill tell you in the spoilers,but just realize if youre curious if,theres any payoffs from The Shining,varies hears angry give us your final,rating guys well we alread

Doctor Sleep (2019) – Movie Review

and give anything for a great horror,film this year give my god damn soul for,just classic horror film,hi Lloyd,[Music],so dr. sleep tells the story of Danny,Torrance teaming up with a young,powerful girl to battle a cult that,preys off of the shining to seek,immortality well here we have the latest,Stephen King adaptation as well as a,sequel to the beloved horror classic,Stanley Kubricks The Shining now let me,go ahead and just set the stage for Who,I am as a fan of The Shining as a fan of,you know walking into dr. sleep Who am I,Im a guy who has not read either of the,novels I have not read The Shining I,have not read dr. sleep I really do love,Stanley Kubricks version of the shine,and I notice that King has a lot of,problems with it but it is one of the,most celebrated and loved horror films,of all time so subjectivity right there,doctors sleep Ill be honest I remember,I actually worked at Target whenever,this book came out and the cover always,interested me but Im not a really a big,reader and I had not read the book I,know that it was going to be a direct,follow-up to the book and the movie is,very different so I just never really,got around to checking it out and I,actually walked into this movie damn,near blind because the the trailer,seemed to be focusing more on you know,obviously some of the characters you get,to see some of where this movie is going,but it really tends to lean on the,nostalgia of Stanley Kubricks film to,draw you into the movie plot wise I,really had no idea what the story was,gonna be is it just gonna be focused on,the Overlook Hotel its gonna be,something completely different who is,this character with this magician hat,walking around I had no clue and this,without a doubt is one of my biggest,surprises of 2019 and a serious,contender for my favorite film of 2019,dr. sleep was awesome coming from,somebody that has felt 20-19 to be a,very mediocre disappointing year as far,as horror I know that might trigger some,people because people love midsummer,people love us to be honest with you the,only horror film that has delivered for,me personally is childs play which is a,movie that a lot of people did not like,so thats the kind of year it has been,for me as far as horror I also like,haunt quite a bit but even that one,doesnt really have its fans this to me,without a doubt like by a landslide is,the best horror film that we have gotten,all year,and one of the best films I mean this,dr. sleep goddamnit,let me get into the good what is the,positives of dr. sleep because there is,so much first and foremost I just got to,praise this story because this is a,great follow-up to the shining now,obviously this is directly following the,book of Stephen King and there are some,things that have been altered in its,adaptation to the screen to also follow,the movie but predominantly this is a,story that is following the themes and,following the story and the characters,that was probably fleshed out more and,more prominent in the novel so most of,the meat of this film is following,Stephen Kings novel when you think,about that concept on paper sequel to,The Shining I get a headache just trying,to think of where the hell you would,even go with that what just bring,somebody else to the hotel which in the,book is impossible because the [ __ ],thing blew up but where do you go would,you follow the ghost is it a prequel I,mean how do you follow up the shining,with more story doctor sleep and Stephen,King found this brilliant way to latch,into some of the heart and the concepts,of the shining like literally The,Shining the actual power the Danny,Torrance and dick Halloran and in this,movie a lot more people tend to have and,take that concept into a completely,different type of story this is not a,haunted house movie this is not focusing,on the dead or focusing on the,temptations of evil in this evil place,this is more a classic story of good,versus evil this is taking somebody who,is a very has a very troubled past,thats a very complicated character and,throwing him into a situation where he,now has this little girl who is,basically the embodiment of innocence,and is more powerful and he has ever,seen and ever been who is being hunted,by like the Manson family in The Shining,basically its this little cult and its,always reminded me of near dark like,theyre just like these rebels that go,in through towns and do whatever the,[ __ ] they want and they just live life,it with immortality Ill get more into,them but you have this ultimate evil of,this group of people that are just,trying to snuff the shining out of the,world and use it for their own benefit,for immortality and Danny Torrance has,to face his own demons face his own you,know past regarding his father and the,the thing at the Overlook Hotel,everything that happened with that and,where his life is gone and placed,himself into the situation and use his,powers his experiences everything that,he has learned over the years to try to,win this ultimate battle of good versus,evil and that is just a very different,spin on what was originally just kind of,a haunted house kind of fixation on,alcoholism and madness and,claustrophobia and you know cabin fever,and everything like that all the themes,from The Shining made that movie and,that book so rich thematically and so,iconic and just a landmark film and a,book that people till this day still,celebrate but doctors sleep while on,paper might seem like just a losing,battle trying to follow that up does a,brilliant job of just taking that,concept taking those themes and taking,these characters and just giving us,something completely different which you,rarely ever get with a sequel most,sequels is lets take that concept and,make it bigger or explore it a little,bit more or do the exact same thing but,maybe a higher budget,no doctor sleep totally totally,different world and huge props to the,director Mike Flanagan oh this is a,director that Ive had my eye on hes,kind of quietly been building a name for,himself in the horror community you know,he came out with oculus which to me was,the first film that I saw which I liked,quite a bit ending didnt a hundred,percent work for me but really liked,that film in the direction that he took,for it,hush was a very good film he did,Geralds game a couple of years ago,which got a lot of praise which was very,good hed just did the haunting of Hill,House hes been doing these you know,kind of under the radar movies that,horror fans have been praising maybe the,general public have just been kind of,getting nibbles up but this is a guy,that has that classic approached horror,where its not about jump scares,its not about jolts its not about loud,noises startling you in your seat and,just doing the wash rinse repeat formula,that we see every single year in these,lower budget horror films like a lot of,Blum House films and he just takes that,classic approach of building dread and,good cinematography and focusing the,camera and you know doing good,storylines and trying to do this slow,build of tension the slow build of dread,and you know focus on things that are,actually genuinely terrifying things,that embodied the horror films that we,all grew up with and that we still,celebrate not that there arent great,horror films nowadays but they are a,little bit more few and far between than,some of the more classic air stuff and,this guy takes that classic error,approach so I love his this form of just,filmmaking but beyond that what a,daunting task this movie must have been,you have to adapt a Stephen King novel,you have to follow one of the most,celebrated horror films of all time,and somehow make a movie out of all of,that where you have Stephen King who,hates Stanley Kubricks The Shining and,you have to take his novel do something,that is going to not necessarily appease,him like he was in charge of it but do,something that is respectful to Stephen,King thats going to embody his book and,translate his book very faithfully to,th

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