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Companies That Hire for Remote Document Review Jobs

document review specialists examine,documents typically in the context of,mortgage or legal proceedings,legal document reviewers evaluate and,examine documents relevant to pending,investigations and litigation,while mortgage document reviewers ensure,the accuracy and completeness of,mortgage documents compensation can vary,widely for document review jobs,depending on the level of education and,experience im deandra griffin with flex,jobs the number one job site define,remote work from home and flexible job,opportunities since 2007. in this video,we are highlighting five companies that,hire for remote document review jobs but,you can find a bigger list of 10,companies along with some recent job,titles in the blog post below,number one exp realty,exp realty is a cloud-operated brokerage,owned by its agents,a business model that allows the,companys agents to collaborate across,geographical divides at reduced,operating expenses,recent remote document review jobs,include,transaction settlement specialist and,contract compliance specialist,number two impact business group,impact business group is a professional,staffing and recruiting firm whose areas,of expertise include information,technology engineering accounting and,finance,recent remote document review jobs,include,document control specialist and change,order documentation specialist number,three integrion,a legal services company integrion,offers a variety of solutions including,business enablement contract lifecycle,management and litigation recent remote,document review jobs include attorney,document review,number four kelly kelly specializes in,placing workers in diverse industries,such as accounting and finance,administrative automotive engineering,information technology life sciences,call centers and much more recent remote,document review jobs include,quality assurance land and title records,specialist number five lexus lexisnexis,founded in 1973 and headquartered in new,york lexisnexis is a prominent provider,of legal research and content enabled,workflow solutions for a global,clientele recent remote document review,jobs include document review contract,analyst these jobs are just a small,sample of the diverse range of positions,that are posted on our hand screen job,board which features 30 000 remote and,flexible scheduled jobs as a flex jobs,member you have full access to our,postings and over 50 career categories,if you enjoyed learning about companies,that hire for remote document review,jobs please hit the like button and,subscribe to our channel to keep up with,the latest job search advice start,searching today to find a job that,supports both your career goals and your,scheduling needs flex jobs find a better,way to work

Why Lawyers Work In Document Review

we dont work in document review because,we want to write I know when I was a,document review its not that I said hey,dr. view thats what I loved my career,to be thats where I want to move,forward thats how I want to be known as,an attorney as a doctor Erie attorney,thats not it right so if you are a,document review or if you are you know,lucky to not being youve got a job,somewhere else dont think that the,attorneys who are working a document,review are doing it because they want to,because they may I mean okay Im not,gonna say none of them want to but Im,after being an industry talking in many,many dont want to write you dont go to,law school because you want to be a,doctor view attorney theres different,goals but life happens right,my father say word saying to me is life,is that thing that happens we sit around,planning it right so we had all these,planes in law school what were gonna do,were were gonna go and kind of lower,were gonna practice and type of lawyers,were gonna be in type of clients were,gonna have and then life happens and,maybe things happen in you know you,couldnt find a job after you didnt get,the grade you so it you you know,couldnt find the jobs depending on,where you graduate graduate it like I,when I did in 2010 the job market was,horrible right so you had to find a way,and for many of us dr. view was a,paycheck and at the end of the day when,you have a family when you have bills,when you have student loans you need a,paycheck so we chose document with you I,did write but if that is you and if,thats where you are dont be ashamed,dont feel like your doctor view you are,now how do I say this,youre less of an attorney cuz thats,how I felt right I felt like I wasnt a,real attorneys I was in document view I,would lie to people and when they acts,Im like oh no Im not in doctor view,Im in XY and Z or Id say something,else right because I was ashamed and,many of us I know what we do is we,decide to we put on what do you call,that we put like working at where have,our own firm as a solo and well put,that on our resume and not the doctor,view experience but I wanted to tell you,dont be ashamed dont feel like because,you,as a doctor we experienced you less of,an attorney youre not you did what you,have to do to meet your obligations so,if you need you have bills you have kids,you have things that need to be paid you,did what you have to do youre in dr.,view now doesnt mean thats where,youre going to be forever and you can,definitely change you definitely get and,move around and and what I recommend in,doing that because I was where you were,is immersing and getting in the training,and learning which need to learn so that,you can get out of document review but,the way to do that its really about,immersing in the topic finding something,immersing in it building yourself up so,that you have the skills you need,getting some hands-on experience some,hands-on training and using that to show,hiring managers that you are a great fit,for them right so thats just what I,want to let you know and Im saying this,because specifically to my doctorate,attorneys I was there I know how you,feel I know how the times embarrassing,you can be but I want you to let you,know that thats not gonna be your story,thats where you are now its not what,youre gonna be so for those who arent,in dr. interview I just hope and I ask,that you dont look down on those that,arent document review right because,again none of us really wanted this but,this is where we are all right so thats,where you are trust me you can move,forward if you arent dr. view Id love,to comment down below some of you I,might even work worked with before if,youre in New York or New Jersey let me,know what it is you know if youre in,dr. you some some ideas some thoughts,some you know fears that you have and,maybe we can see about possibly working,together so I can make the process of,coaching training whatever but yeah its,what Im here for you guys I look,forward to talking with you but comment,below and share with somebody you know,in document review and let them know,that theyre not alone all right talk to,you later

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DOCUMENT REVIEW HELL: What Law Schools Dont Tell You. Going to Law School is Bad. Lawyer Jobs

[Music],its probably,about 10 or more years ago when the unc,chapel hill asian students association,asked me,to come and speak to them about being a,lawyer,so i was honored to go,i always like speaking with people and,young people in general,if they want to pick my brain about,legal careers,sure i dont think i was that negative,about the,legal profession with them but i did,start out by asking people how many of,you plan on going to law school,there was probably there were probably,at least 40 or 50,undergrad students at this event and,not a single one of them raised their,hands and said they planned on going to,law school,so that was kind of strange to then,continue speaking on about my career and,going to law school and everything,but in hindsight im relieved that none,of those,kids wanted to go to law school because,its,its not a guaranteed path,towards having a job much less a,prestigious,high-paying job much less having a,career,that you have studied hard for or,prepared for,within 10 years you know a lot of people,watch out of the profession and thats,the dirty secret of the legal profession,that nobody really talks about nobody,tells you that when youre pre-law in,college and all,gung-ho about going to law school to,save the world or something,but you know thats thats just the,reality,you know based on all these friends of,mine relatives,friends of friends family friends kids,you know,you look at a lot of people if you even,still keep in touch with people from law,school or,you know just by googling or linkedin or,facebook or something,you know eventually you figure out okay,it looks like this persons not,practicing law anymore,um you know ive heard of some people,who,seem to be pretty successful,you know having good legal careers but,um then,come to find out that the person was,suffering from severe depression,or having some problems with drugs or,alcohol,and just maybe depressed,and just quit the profession entirely,to try to do something else that didnt,wear them down as much,you also dont hear about document,review now thats something you should,ask,those people who come over and try to,market their law schools to you,you know what percentage of your,graduates wind up doing document review,you know what is document review i had,no idea what that was,you know when i was a pre-law or even,when i was in law school i had no idea,what,career progression really meant when,youre not in the top,five percent of the graduating class,with a prestigious federal clerkship,or a nice job as an associate in some,cushy,uh corporate law firm in new york city,waiting for you,so document review is basically,a dead-end job that some students who,graduate from law school,wind up taking just to pay the bills,i never had to do document review but i,do know people who did it,or continue to do it as a quote career,because they cant find anything else to,do,or maybe after a while they just dont,care anymore and document review is,kind of from what people have told me,theyve said its brainless,you know you basically its work that a,high school graduate should be able to,do if youre,if youre literate and you sit in a room,with a bunch of other people who have,graduated from law school,not all of them have passed a bar some,document reviews do,require that you have a bar license,others just,want somebody to be quote,like a live click monkey so youre,sitting there in this like,room in an office building in front of a,computer,the whole day maybe getting paid twenty,to thirty dollars an hour no benefits,and you just have to review tons and,tons of documents,that have been turned over most likely,in some sort of,huge litigation project so youre,basically,a contractor working for a company,that then um you know is,farming you out to these big law firms,that need,peons to review their documents,from litigation discovery and,they do keep close track of you from,someone i know who did do document,review for a couple of years,she said like it made her feel like,slitting her wrists every day,you know you get treated like a little,kid if they wanted to go to the bathroom,they would have to go up to somebody,whos like a monitor who wasnt even a,licensed attorney or anything,there was somebody that was there,monitoring the document review,people the whole day to make sure you,are working you know you got to keep,clicking that mouse,you know keep looking at all those,documents on that computer and keep,scrolling and see if this is privileged,or if this is,some responsive document something like,that um,so even if you had to go to a bathroom,you would have to check out with the,monitor,and then they would keep track of how,long you were out,because they didnt want people to be,sort of running their own,law practices on the side while doing,document review because,i guess some people would just run off,and go outside the building or,run into the bathroom to make phone,calls or do something if they were,sort of half-heartedly trying to do a,law practice on the side,this person also told me that she and,another,colleague at document review were,humiliated because they got singled out,for,somebody ratted on them saying that they,were spending too much time in the break,room,talking or or seem to be having too much,fun and werent spending enough time,working,so um it is humiliating because they,would have to go in through the back,door of some like fancy high-rise,building where,at the top of the building was the nice,law firm that was where the the real,attorneys were and the law partners were,but the document review people,who um had also you know sweated through,three years of law school taking a bar,exam many of them were licensed,attorneys that just couldnt find better,jobs,they had to go in through the back door,and be stuck in some like crappy,basement,and then every so often one of the real,attorneys that worked for the real law,firm,on the top floors would come down and,you know maybe,bark orders at them things like that so,its a very um,hierarchical type of profession where if,um,you dont get a good job right off the,bat right when you graduate from law,school you didnt get a,offer from some big law firm where you,had worked as a 2l,then your career career really isnt,going to go anywhere,its going to take a real big stroke of,luck before you can break out of that,mold,of just fighting for the scraps and,trying to work for,smaller law firms or get a lower paying,government job,even those are becoming very competitive,um,sometimes people go to law school,thinking that hey im going to save the,world,you know like when i was in law school,or even before law school you know i,i was kind of pre-med at first and then,kind of got,swept away by camp the campus activism,at uc berkeley,became an ethnic studies major and gave,up the pre-med,track um not that i would have been that,successful at it,at uc berkeley because it was so,freaking competitive to do well in,chemistry class,so um yeah so what am i trying to say so,basically,its its just theres no guarantee,you know getting a jd even from a top,tier school doesnt mean that youre,going to get any sort of great job when,you graduate,its kind of like like a pipe dream,that keeps people going because they,dont know any better,you know when i was still in law school,or in undergrad you know i,i was kind of proud of myself for,breaking the mold and,um wanting to go to law school you know,because that wasnt something that,lots of asian americans back then say,um 20 25 years ago were talking about,doing,but you know i kind of feel like,if youre anybody watching this you know,if you are,like the quote stereotypical asian,person or a stereotypical asian american,and i know,some people are going to get mad at me,but if youre good at math,and science then perhaps you really,should consider going into the medical,field okay you dont hear about people,getting their,md degrees and having no job after,they pass all of their licensing exams,you kno

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Document Review Advice

hello im matthew porter i work for bcl,legal and im based in our london office,today im going to talk about document,review in london,london is home to,virtually all of the worlds largest law,firms and is the litigation hub of the,world and so its not surprising that,many of the worlds biggest litigation,cases take place in our capital when a,firm wins a large deal,its often the case that they were,required to,recruit high numbers of interim lawyers,who will come in to undertake due,diligence projects and e-discovery,projects,and so which firms take on,document review laws,well virtually,all of the city practices so u.s firms,magic circle firms silver circle firms,as well as some of the boutique,practices and some of the other smaller,commercial practices,projects vary in size greatly,sometimes only one or two lawyers are,required often there could be sizable,teams required for each project,ive witnessed as many as 50 on one,project,the duration of projects also varies,often,a team of lawyers and paralegals is only,required perhaps for a couple of weeks,other projects have been known to run on,for 18 months,or even for two,years so who are the suitable candidates,for document review projects,well we seek to register,qualified lawyers,from any jurisdiction whove got a,litigation background,we also look to recruit paralegals who,have had six months or more litigation,experience due to the cross-border,nature of many of these deals,we often,need to recruit lawyers who have got,languages skills,and so we we will seek candidates who,have got,language proficiency,from around the world,the projects that we we feel,candidates get paid on an hourly basis,typically for qualified projects,lawyers will get paid,between 25 to 45 pounds per hour,and for paralegal projects typically,rates will vary between 11 pounds an,hour and 20 pounds an hour,most firms also offer overtime rates,which can be usually time and a half or,double time for hours worked after a,standard working week and also for any,hours that you may have to work at,weekends,the registration process,if you would like to be considered for,document review projects,would be that we would have a,face-to-face interview at our office and,ask you to fill out a registration form,wed also require uh to see your,eligibility to work in the uk and we,would seek two references at,registration point for uk qualified,lawyers we would also,want to see your practicing certificate,projects can be very fast-paced,and its its not uncommon that we will,get an instruction and the following day,the firm will need maybe 15 or 20,lawyers and so we ask that candidates,are available and,ready to start new assignments as soon,as we get the call from our clients,a document review can be a really great,way for foreign qualified lawyers to,break into the london markets it can,also be a really great way,for for lawyers to be well paid,for doing work which isnt necessarily,taxing but can be very financially,rewarding,myself and my colleague raj have had,some 10 years experience of recruiting,for these projects weve managed some of,the biggest projects that have been in,the city over the last couple of years,and we are currently instructed by,numerous firms that are seeking document,review lawyers and paralegals so if,youd like to find out more about how we,can work with you then please get in,touch our contact details are on our,website,you

Get Paid $25 Per Hour to Review Documents (No Experience!) | Non-Phone Part-Time Job Hiring Now!

hello everyone and welcome to another,video i hope that you are enjoying your,week this far today i have an awesome,opportunity where you can work from home,remotely this is a non-phone work from,home job that allows you to build up,income from home all in your very own,comfort while kind of having flexibility,in your schedule and working an,authentic work from home job so,i want to take the time to encourage,those of you who are not subscribed to,make sure that you do subscribe because,here on this channel you receive so much,content and information all for free,three to four opportunities each and,every day where you can get a step,closer to working from home without,having to speak to customers over the,phone and you get legitimate listings,straight from its source so here we are,at the source of bright horizons website,and bright horizons is looking for an,essay reviewer this is a remote,part-time opportunity so you can work,this job you know in addition to what,you may already have or if you cannot,devote full-time hours this is perfect,for you,this is also perfect for those of you,who are in school and you are students,looking for a part-time gig maybe to,brush up on some skills or utilize the,skills that you already have this is,great for everyone so lets just jump,into it bright horizons college has been,assisting families in achieving their,education goals for more than 20 years,our childs care educational advising,and tuition assistance services help,working families thrive we are,intentional about diversity and,inclusion,embracing the individuality of each,student family member and employee,with a strong mission com commitment to,excellence and focus on ethical guidance,we work with tens of thousands of,families who receive our services for,free through their employer sponsored,benefit we have a clear vision about,bright horizons to be the place where a,diverse talented mix of people can come,together and do their best work,our essay reviewers provide detailed,evaluations and constructive feedback of,application essays in an ethical way to,help prospective students highlight,their message and find their voice so,this is a remote job they are based in,camden new jersey however like i,mentioned this is a remote job,so heres what you will bring to this,role,so each and every day you will provide,feedback on essays submitted by,corporate clients manage your time,productively review and complete your,weekly goals working autonomously but,deferring to management for complex,situations and track all work in the,online client portal,so here is what they hope you bring to,this role,it is required that you have a,bachelors degree so,like i mentioned if you are in school,currently pursuing then this could be as,well um something that you can qualify,for as well,but yeah they do mention a bachelors,degree i want to highlight that for you,they also want you to be comfortable,with navigating and adapting to new,software and strong editing and writing,skills,now i just want to backtrack on the,bachelors degree it doesnt specify,which type of bachelors degree that you,must have so,even if you dont have a bachelors,degree in english im sure that they are,still accepting you because they dont,say which bachelors degree that theyre,looking for they just want you to have a,bachelors degree,all right this position is part-time the,salary is 25 per hour so this is an,awesome awesome well-paying opportunity,that you can just kind of add as a side,gig maybe a side hustle you may want to,build up some money for,maybe to pay off some debt,purchase some some books for your next,semester in school or anything like that,guys this is an awesome opportunity so,guys go ahead and check out my,description down below where you will,find everything that you need in order,to apply for this position this is an,awesome opportunity a non-phone work,from home job you can set your own,schedule and you can work with high,paying hourly pay,and yeah youre youre basically doing,easy work from home if you have a strong,grip on the english language and you,love reading then this is great for you,so guys take advantage of the link down,below i wish you all the best i am,excited to see if you are going to apply,to this opportunity and how much you,like it so comment down below how much,you enjoy this type of opportunity if,you are looking for part-time gigs,over full-time gigs this season let me,know down below,but thank you guys for watching this,video please give it a big thumbs up if,you enjoyed it also share this,opportunity with someone who,is in need of a work from home job maybe,someone is just sitting a little long on,that couch in need of a work from home,job or a job period,send this over to them because this,could help them build up the resume and,the income in order to,attract better opportunities as well so,make sure that you are subscribed,because i share three to four,opportunities every day where you can,get employed by a work from home job and,many of my jobs dont require that you,spend time talking to customers over the,phone so you are bound to find at least,one thing that will stick and that you,will,essentially be interviewed and start,working at their job so thank you guys,for watching this video and i will see,you in the next one

Lessons Learned In Document Review

so I remember it was 2010 was 2012 and,there was this guy I was talking to and,he had been in document review for I,think at that time like 15 years I wanna,say and some outrageous time he said you,know he first got in document review it,was great he got in it was great you,know it was you know time the pay was,even was better hes begging know not,what full-time associates make because,they can really good money I think was,that like 7080 an hour you know time and,a half car service all the time food,everything right but what he didnt,realize was oh way he didnt do was as,the industry changed and things became,different and it became more attorneys,and doctor view pay went down and down,he never adapted he just kept on where,he was he just stayed where he was at,right because I was comfortable friend,and because of that it was a position,now that hes been doctor you for 15,years and this all his resume had to,show and now he was making the 30 an,hour all right from the 80 an hour to 30,but hed become comfortable he just and,I think he also became at point I think,it was and now I dont want to it may be,some kind of fare to write scared to do,something that was different than what,hed always done and from that story a,lesson I learned was things are going to,change Iran you the legal industry is,going to change and if you dont change,with it youre going to let me left,behind,and right now blockchain is changing the,way things are done right you may not,feel it right now you may not see it but,theres companies out there actively,working right this second of ways to,remove attorneys from the mix right and,not necessarily all attorneys are,definitely technologically illiterate,attorneys the ones who dont know,anything about blockchain or blockchain,illiterate moving them out of the mix,right whereas the ones who learn about,blockchain in and able to adapt and,understand it and crypto currencies,theyre gonna be the ones that gonna be,in demand right so what you dont want,to do is have the world be shifting,under your feet and not adapt to it,thats something that I think its very,very important,and that people need to be aware of,right you have to be able to adapt right,you have to be able to understand okay,well as these things are happening as,these things are changing how can I make,myself continually marklar I can make,myself continually in demand if you,dont and you end up just staying where,you are and not really adapting to the,different changes and the legal industry,youd be like this guy who was in dr. 15,years and had no way out Id hate that,for that to be you blockchain is,changing its changing the way we move,them money is changing so much you need,to be on the forefront of that right you,need to immerse and jump into the sealy,and make sure you know right thats,thats what we do what our CLE immerse,you in it right at our bundage so you,get all your credits but youre able to,learn everything you need to learn all,right so that thats what we highly,suggest so you can guys and go you can,click the link down down below it will,have a name for you to go check it in,and check it out there is a special,going on so again we recommend you you,know doing that sooner than later but,yeah its something I definitely think,you should you should work on you know,dont be dont become too comfortable,all right thanks guys talk to you soon

What is a Document Review

what is a document review the practice,of reviewing documents to determine,their relevancy for trial is known as,document review commonly referred to in,practice a stock review one of the,essential elements of trial under the,common law system is the ability for,each party to search for and review the,relevant documents each other holds,parties gain access to these documents,through the evidentiary process of,discovery and lawyers for each side then,engaged a document review to ascertain,how useful any given document is to the,case lawyers also sometimes engage in,document review of a clients documents,when the client usually a business is,anticipating a lawsuit or investigation,document review is generally considered,a rather menial legal task and typically,involves no more than marking a document,is relevant or not relevant and moving,on the earliest document reviews,consisted of lawyers typically new,associates sifting through boxes of,printed paper the advent of computer,technology made printouts all but,obsolete to the document review process,most documents today are surrendered in,electronic format and are reviewed on,computer screens this has made the,review process easier in some respects,but it is also meant that many more,documents are now implicated typically,everything stored on corporate servers,must be surrendered during discovery,from official memos to mundane personal,emails most of the time document review,is attendant to ongoing litigation law,firms conduct document reviews pursuant,to discovery law for clients and were,either suing or being sued discovery can,also be done strategically without a,trial however a company that is planning,to sue another may want to do an,internal doc review to understand its,own liabilities similarly a company that,is expecting being sued or is expecting,a federal investigation may conduct and,self prescribed review in order to begin,piecing together an appropriate defense,document reviewing all jurisdictions,must be handled by licensed attorneys,although the task is little more than,scanning for content it is an essential,piece of building a legal case and as,such it must be handled by competent,professionals there is no rule,that the attorneys doing the doc review,services must be permanently associated,with the firm in charge,however law firms who regularly handled,big corporate cases can be swallowed by,doc review when millions of documents,must be reviewed the process can take,months and attorneys who might otherwise,be able to work substantively on the,case will be tied down sorting out,relevancy questions one way some firms,have tried to remedy this is by either,retaining legal outsourcing services for,their document reviews or hiring,contract based attorneys to do the work,for much less than an associate attorney,a salary an attorney who does only doc,review is often known as a document,review attorney this attorney is not,practicing law in any meaningful sense,and he does not participate in the case,beyond screening documents in marking,the ones that might be relevant he does,not interact with clients or contribute,anything original to the process some,firms have document review departments,of permanent lawyers whose sole job is,doc review but more often these lawyers,are hired on a part-time contract basis,if not outsourced entirely when the doc,review is done so usually are their jobs

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