1. Dermatologist DOLLAR TREE SHOP WITH ME for SKIN CARE | Dr Dray
  3. DOLLAR TREE VINYL REVIEW! IS IT WORTH IT? | Testing It With Cricut Machine
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Dermatologist DOLLAR TREE SHOP WITH ME for SKIN CARE | Dr Dray

[Music],i dont know what you heard about me,oh looks like we got some new stuff,from bolero renee refresh revive,green bamboo tea tree condition tea tree,oil has been shown to actually be,helpful for dandruff,unfortunately people frequently become,allergic to it,banana and avocado oil i didnt know you,could oil a banana,didnt i see banana milk somewhere,recently that actually looks pretty good,believe it or not avocado oil is,frequently in conditioners comment below,and if youve used this,does it smell like banana,pink cactus and aloe,two times concentrated sounds like,laundry detergent,when it comes to body wash make sure you,dont use too much its always tempting,to like get a big blob i know i say this,a fair amount but,here where they just claim its two,times concentrated you definitely want,to be conservative in how much you use,because itll end up drying out your,skin,cactus flower extract aloe leaf extract,of course it has fragrance in it but im,not seeing methyl isothiazolinone which,is a win for the dollar tree they always,put that in stuff,um cool not too bad,i also have it in lavender and jasmine,and,vanilla honey,oh god gentle face exfoliation,clarify what is in a scented moisturizer,they want you to rub across your skin i,guess its probably got some,mechanical exfoliant in it,i say skip that oh look bolero has,a this is a vitamin c serum and more,with the quote-unquote gentle,face exfoliation just a different scent,yeah,silica beads i think its going to,provide some mechanical exfoliation not,the most precise way to exfoliate,and can cause irritation easily that,leads to more water loss out of the skin,more dryness,facial tang dollar tree has really upped,the skincare today i dont know,i just knew i was coming and they they,rolled all this out,my guess is now we have a facial,cleanser here,does this have mi in it it does not,i would say skip the facial mist this,kind of thing is nothing but perfume,and what do we have here oh weve got,some,hydrocolloid patches that are,heart-shaped,thats handy these are handy for people,who frequently pick their skin,but these are kind of small i dont know,im a fan of the mighty patch they stay,on really well,and our clandestine,under eye cream with hyaluronic acid and,vitamin e,this looks relatively benign shea butter,and sodium hyaluronate this actually,looks promising of course you dont need,a separate eye cream,you can just use your regular,moisturizer provided its fragrance free,which this is i mean most eye creams are,but im just saying that,this looks actually pretty promising i,know,what she recommending an eye cream im,not recommending it im saying theres,nothing wrong with it,cleansing facebook whoa dollar tree came,out with a cleansing balm okay get on,this,cleansing balms i am a fan of theyre,great for,breaking up the film of cosmetics and,water resistant sunscreen,a lot of them have fragrance in them but,this is going to be a wash off product,so less risky wow,aromatherapy shower fizzies,this looks like a recipe for sneeze,happy place bath bombs,body yogurt after shower cream coconut,and rose water,scented body moisturizer otherwise,seems okay i mean you know if youre,into scented body moisturizers,they are a dime a dozen what was our,most recent,target shop with me they were like 900,scented body moisturizers we have some,more so,the real question is does it smell good,and,they have the wipes up there christy,kendall jenna,i kind of like the way they are naming,these after people,oh we have it all to ourselves,whoa nouvelle i havent been here in,what,six weeks and its like a totally,different,inventory is it just me or does this,look like a dupe for that nivea mens,body moisturizer that we looked at at,target together,my recent target shop with me video,aside from the fragrance that actually,looks pretty promising its got petrol,i mean it it seems pretty pretty sure,ingredient lost,i imagine thats actually pretty good i,wonder what it smells like,you can easily develop an allergy or,irritation to fragrance in a leave on,product like a body moisturizer,brute deodorant see this is a deodorant,its just,putting perfume in your armpits it,doesnt actually do anything to reduce,body odor it just masks it,there isnt see a deodorant either is,nothing but perfume and a stick,or it may have some sort of,antimicrobial to it,to kind of reduce the burden of bacteria,on the skin that break down your sweat,whereas an antiperspirant actually will,reduce sweat and namely that has some,sort of aluminum,salt in it such as aluminum zirconium,inherent secrets shower fresh,its going great for antiperspirant,price wise these days i dont,i buy antiperspirant like once every,once or twice every couple of years,because i dont,i only use it for a few months a year i,know you guys are ready,is this the same girl who told us she,doesnt use body wash,yes thats me and i live i live in sweat,city,so what are these,im kind of tempted to get these because,i,had something rubbed up my allergies,around my eyes the other day,and they got itchy and i put like,some frozen peas on my face just to kind,of be a cool compress but i kind of like,these little donut ones,this is the first time ive been in,dollar tree where ive actually been,tempted to buy stuff,ooh nouveau hydration body wash speaking,of body wash,spa house is it just me or are they,really picked up in here too,im impressed you know theyre usually,very short staffed so,i must be working hard in here,this one unfortunately has a methyl,chloro isothiazolinone common,allergen problematic,slumber body lotion this looks like,its trying to emulate bath and body,works,lavender oil its got dmdm hydanto in it,which is a preservative thats more than,fine but,tresemme is quaking in its boots because,everybodys,insistent that the,preservative and tresemme is causing,their hair loss but,i doubt it i have a video on that by the,way heres another body wash,power stick intense moisture,smell like a pomegranate pomegranate,lemon verbena that is quite a,scent combo there does this one have mi,yeah it does,oh look a matching body wash for slumber,we can get down with uh,uh there it is lets see if we can find,an,mi free body wash here for those of you,guys who are,shopping the dt um,ultramax three in one body wash shampoo,conditioner,there it is hard to find,one without it zest,youre not clean you are not clean,i dont know what that questionable,brown stain was on the body wash but,were just gonna look away yeah,zest has mi in it,[Music],um,this is a shampoo and conditioner,sulfate free,am i yeah the liquids,like the body washes and the shampoos,and conditioners those are,almost always going to have mi in them,whats this,arm and hammer talc free foot powder,talc is not the devil but its another,one of those,ambulance chaser ingredients as i call,them like by ambulance chaser you know,what i mean like,those lawsuits where its like have you,been injured by talc,this can be helpful in the uh shoes and,socks,for absorbing excess moisture that would,otherwise,be hospitable for dermatophytes,aka ringworm,oh look its my favorite ingredient,petrolatum,skin protectant for the lips,i always pick this up in here and show,it to the camera,in case you guys forget how cool it is,isnt she lovely oh,what is this did we talk about this the,last time i was in here the shea,solutions moisturizes and strengthens,can be used as a,cleanser its got mi in it,no no no no,olive oil styling gel this,looks like a,recipe for,breakage of the little baby hairs,traction alopecia you got to be careful,with stuff like this,um if you wear your hair and pull back,tight and you use a lot of this,does anybody as a side note does anybody,still use dippity-do thats what i used,to use in my ballet days anyways,um can dry out the hair a lot and,contribute to,traction alopecia a little breakage and,uh weakening of the hairs hair loss,along the,hairline argan oil for,lusty and lusty,we found a conditioner that does not,have mi in i


hey guys welcome back to my channel so i,have a dollar tree review for you today,i haul things throughout the week and,then i test them out sometimes more i,want to test them out more than once,because i want to give you,my honest opinion,not just kind of like first impressions,so that i can really help you save that,dollar 25.,everythings adding up and if i can help,you save your money at the dollar tree,that makes me so happy i know we get all,excited about new products but if,theyre not good we shouldnt be buying,them,we need to be,smart with our money and im here to,help you every week if you guys are not,subscribed consider subscribing and,joining my family i sure do appreciate,every single one of you our community,over here is amazing helpful kind,nice group of just our family and i,appreciate you guys so lets go ahead,and get right into this,review oh man were going to be saving,you some money today,please dont buy,and what i mean by just theres a lot of,please dont buy,in this video,so i did haul these this is their sage,and cedar scented crystal waters now,crystal waters is a hit or miss i do,like their bath crystals and then this,is the rose scented,bath,body wash,so you only get 8.5 ounces which is kind,of small compared to like if you just go,into the dollar tree so many different,options better options than this this,did not foam up it was just,it i didnt like it the scent wasnt,very good and when i hauled it i was,like i really dont have high hopes for,this and yes it just completely bombed,so if you see this pass over this this,is,trash really its,kaka we do not like this at all another,thing that i was like this is not very,good,dude,ive been hanging around my kids a lot,dude,um,this is so bad i look how much i use,that was just like one shower,i couldnt it just the scent was there,but there is a hundred percent better at,the dollar tree it didnt foam as much,as i wanted it it just i didnt like it,at all i didnt think it performed well,the scent was great the coconut one,was,the scent kind of smelled cheap this one,i was like okay it smells really good,but,i,know,deep cleansing formula i,i really dont think youre a deep,cleansing formula at all it didnt work,so i would say pass over this but with,any of my reviews you guys this is just,my opinion and how i get along with the,product so just because i say i dont,like it doesnt mean you know theres,others that wont so thats why i always,ask you guys to leave your comments down,in the comment section because we can,help each other out,so let me know if you agree if you,disagree i really love that because it,helps so many people out and i so far,these three products are just a no-go,oh gosh here we go some more is some,more bad news,this is the body raves this is for bath,and shower,its orange blossom scented and theyre,five bath steamers so basically you can,put them in the bath to add a wonderful,scent to your,body,um your bath and body and then you can,drop them in like the shower if you,wanted to,steamers and any it didnt even,i say this many times but this did not,want to be a bath steamer a bath,nothing i plopped it in and i use,theres five and all i used three and it,just didnt do anything it didnt color,the water it didnt even fizz i didnt,even really smell it,so this was like,this was a duds,so stay away from this this is what,the um,theyre just little,i had high hopes really i really did,its like this is definitely gonna work,theyre just little they almost look,like sugar cubes so i pass over those,they were,i was not impressed theres a lot of,bummers but,i do like the freeman cosmic metallic,peel off mask this thing definitely,dries so fast it says i think 10 to 15,minutes and honestly my face when i put,on my face it dried in about five,minutes super fast so i do love freeman,products i know its kind of hard there,we go i do love freeman products i think,theyre really great um i did peel off a,little bit of it it wasnt as bad as,like some peel-off mask where you feel,like youve just ripped your whole skin,off it didnt it wasnt as bad,but then i ended up washing it off,anyway but i love these i love this one,this one was good okay so then i did try,the peel off gel mask for men okay the,scent is really it smells really good it,smells like mens cologne smells super,good,i dont know if its like,a lisa thing or something but i put it,on and then it dried and then it just,kind of peeled off it like,it was like melting off my face after i,didnt get a,a pill so i was like,thats weird it,how do i explain when you rub it off or,when i tried to peel it just all of a,sudden like went in spirals and like,peeled off my face almost like if you,have a,old,you painted a wall or something and then,the paint kind of like peels off and,like,thats kind of what it did to my face so,i dont,so this was okay for me it might be just,a me thing because,i didnt it was just weird but i think,if i would just put it on let it dry and,then just wash it off it would do just,fine so if anything i think the cosmetic,metallic pillow mask is the best but let,me know if youve tried the freemans,pore cleansing peel off gel mask for men,did it do that to your,skin as well or did it perform like it,should thats the only thing it was just,kind of weird so like i said it could be,me but it felt okay it was just kind of,a weird like oh gosh ive got,paint peeling off my skin it was kind of,weird but,that is my review today you guys thank,you so much for taking out the time and,watching this video i sure do appreciate,each and every single one of you i hope,everybody has an amazing friday and a,wonderful weekend ahead and i,ill talk to you guys next time bye

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DOLLAR TREE VINYL REVIEW! IS IT WORTH IT? | Testing It With Cricut Machine

[Music],hey everyone welcome back to my channel,if youre new here welcome today ill be,sharing my thoughts on this dollar tree,vinyl ive been getting a lot of,requests if you want to find out if this,vinyl works make sure to stick around,and watch the entire video ive heard a,lot of mixed reviews so i wanted to try,it out myself as you can see i only,purchased a few rolls i didnt want to,create any unnecessary waste in case i,didnt like it but for now i just wanted,to get a couple to test it out each of,these packages contain a roll of 12,inches by 48 inches thats two feet of,vinyl which is actually not that bad,thats a pretty good size for a dollar,twenty five i picked up this hot pink,color this floral patterned vinyl a,purple glitter one and then they also,have these tiny ones i think they also,want it to create a dupe for the cricut,joy ones so well see how that works and,lastly i found the transfer tape to go,along with the vinyl i forgot to mention,this earlier but the package says that,they are permanent vinyl,this vinyl has a glossy finish which is,personally not my favorite but ill give,it a chance,this ones pretty i think this also has,a glossy finish,so glittery,right off the bat,theres some damaging there oh,okay i dont like that you can see how,badly that was rolled or packaged it,leaves a lot of creasing which im,pretty iffy about because it just dents,your vinyl thats a no-no but again its,1.25 what can you expect right lets,check this one see they did the exact,same thing its like an inch of waste,that they could have avoided by just,rolling it properly i mean its not too,noticeable on this one but the way they,rolled it i dont know okay now lets,check the transfer tape,yep same thing,oh that feels really thin wow the,texture of it reminds you of cellophane,super thin let me show you the,difference between the transfer tape,that i usually use this is a frisco,craft brand from amazon,and you see how it stays like that the,other one will not do that at all,not that it matters but like its just,me showing you the texture difference,like how thin it is okay so what im,going to do is im going to place all of,the same vinyls that i got onto the same,mat this is the regular glossy permanent,vinyl,next ill be placing the glitter,permanent vinyl down on the mat,and lastly the floral printed pattern,i didnt have any issues placing them,down on the mat so thats good theres,no bubbling on neither,today im using the cricut explorer 3,machine with the fine point blade,i am using the same design for all of,the three vinyls but i will be cutting,them individually to make sure im using,the correct settings for each,okay now this is the moment of truth,lets see how this vinyl works,for the glossy vinyl ill begin by using,the smart permanent vinyl setting thats,usually the setting i use for all,permanent vinyls,so there was no damaging on the vinyl,whenever it was cutting which is a good,sign but well have to do the weeding,test now,im leaving it on the matting crease it,doesnt work,no way,wow so that was our first try i gotta,say im impressed,i mean it did cut all the way through,okay that wasnt too bad i think,what it is the vinyl doesnt seem to be,super sticky although it is permanent,vinyl uh the vinyl does feel,super thin compared to like oracle 651,starcraft permanent vinyl its not as,sticky either,so far so good this vinyl actually we,did very easily i was not expecting that,to be honest but,im pretty happy it worked on the first,try im gonna go ahead and cut the other,two colors the floral and the glitter,vinyl and then im also going to be,testing the transfer tape from the,dollar tree by applying it onto these,they are some plastic containers that i,got from michaels for the purple vinyl,im setting the base material to glitter,vinyl and leaving the pressure at,default,now for the floral pattern im changing,the base material to printable vinyl,again im leaving the pressure on,default,also a little tip never pull the vinyl,away from the mat try to pull the mat,away from the vinyl thats going to,prevent any folding on the actual image,on all of the vinyls that ive tried so,far which was the glossy permanent vinyl,the floral printable vinyl and the,glitter vinyl there was no damaging,whenever cutting these images im not,sure if i used the correct settings on,accident or what but you know i didnt,do anything special i just try to set,the base material to the one that would,fit the best for each type of vinyl but,now,lets see if it actually cut all the way,through,oh,okay it did cut all the way through that,came off really easily,again the same thing happened to the,other vinyl that the tiny little dots,were not staying in place which might,mean the vinyl is not super tacky,then again see that one did not come off,im excited to see how the printable,vinyl goes,wow that came off,again,super easy,were having trouble with that tiny,piece on all of them,ive heard a lot of bad reviews on these,that they didnt weed easily and that,they did not cut all the way through,people were not having a good experience,but im having like a completely,different experience compared to theirs,but i do see that side that maybe they,were having trouble because of how thin,it is i mean the quality is not the,greatest because again its from the,dollar tree but so far im surprised not,gonna lie now im going to try this,transfer tape with the vinyl i wont be,surprised if it doesnt work because of,how thin it is,lets try it with this one first,before scraping the back im going to,see how that did,so part of it did transfer onto the,transfer tape now let me try and do what,i usually do i like to flip over the,image,and scrape the back,okay thats better,okay that did transfer,before applying anything to any surface,make sure you clean your surface im,just using a little mini alcohol pad,its going to get rid of any dust or any,dirt that it might have that could,prevent the vinyl from performing at its,highest and do the same to all of them,now its dry lets test it out,im really impressed theres like no,bubbling at all,its manageable but you really have to,scrape it on and make sure its really,sticking to your surface interesting im,going to reuse the same exact piece of,transfer tape,its a no for the glitter now lets try,a new piece lets see if thats what it,is,this transfer tape definitely has a very,low tack i like using medium tack,because you can reuse it multiple times,and it will still be sticky even for,like a layering project you can just,keep on using it for this one its not,that great look how bad thats lifting i,wouldnt recommend it to be honest,yeah no but its not going to work with,the glitter vinyl this is a transfer,tape i usually use let me show you how,tackiness really makes the difference a,medium tack will make it a lot easier,because its not going to be too sticky,where the vinyl wont get stuck onto the,transfer tape that it wont lift off of,it or it wont lift it at all like we,just saw,it came off like butter thats how its,supposed to be for glitter vinyl since,the other one didnt work im just going,to go ahead and apply this with the,frisco craft,perfect it came off very easily and,theres no bubbling im using the dollar,tree transfer tape again to see how it,performs with the printable vinyl,transfer tape not the best but it didnt,work it did do its job,no bubbling thats a pretty big deal,okay now lets try the mini roll which,im sure it wont be a lot different,from the other rolls but im still going,to try it out with the creepy joy,okay i just noticed something this one,feels a lot thinner than the other rolls,im not sure if its the vinyl or the,paper backing on this one but its a lot,thinner compared to the bigger rolls,maybe theyll cut different maybe,theyll cut worse maybe theyll cut,better i dont know,honestly i dont understand the point of,these tiny ones because youre only,getting 4.5 inches by 48 inches which is,a lot less material than the bigger,r

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so we are here at the dollar tree its,been a while its no longer one dollar i,think its like mostly three five,dollars i see some dollar 25s here in,the cat toys but we are here to check,out the skin care if you are new here,welcome,my name is andrea im a dermatologist i,love coming in stores and chatting with,you guys about skincare products if that,is of interest to you then definitely,subscribe hit the thumbs up lets see,what they have here jelly belly jelly,belly,sparkling water very cherry,all right,i have never actually been in this,particular dollar tree,so,we are looking for,the skincare,crafts,aha,bath and accessories section,soap dish anyone,here we go we have some liquid hand,soaps,by nouvelle what is a sesame street baby,lotion hey baby,moisturizing baby skin a lot of baby,skin marketing here in the us its just,kind of that marketing sometimes its,formulated to be a gentler,but,this honestly doesnt look any different,based on the ingredients compared to any,of the other lotions theyre going to,have here at the dollar tree i point,this out pretty much every dollar tree,video but a lot of their skin care,products uses preservative methyl chloro,isothiazolinone pause this video and say,that five times fast,um or not uh a lot of people develop,allergies to that particular particular,preservative,but anyways you have this,baby lotion,fragrance can be irritating for anybody,but for babies especially and some,people have skin issues with red dyes,not everyone but,ew what is this,arm and hammer ultramax,three in one body wash shampoo,conditioner cool water i kind of like,these multi,use products i know im in the minority,there but i just like the idea of having,one product for,multiple functions again with the methyl,chloro isothiazolino,lets make it like a wrap that way we,can all remember it,the diabetics hydrating lotion is back,in stock this is a great product i would,actually choose this over the baby one,for a baby because like,unlike the baby one this one doesnt,have methyl isothiazolinone or fragrance,its got petrolatum i dont remember if,the baby one did but thats good for,reducing water loss from the skin,dmdm hydantoin you can develop an,allergy to that but its much less,likely,so yeah this is a good one a dollar 25,with inflation this used to be a dollar,when i first started doing these videos,this used to be a dollar and is it just,me has the bottle gotten smaller i feel,like it used to be a lot bigger,whats an after shower whipped body,cream smells like watermelon,after shower is a good time to put on,body lotions moisturizers creams,when the skin is just ever so slightly,damp bolero,its like a dollar tree brand,this one does not appear to have that,preservative and methyl isothione,but it does have fragrance which can be,irritating but i wonder how this,compares to like a bath and body works,scent let me know white rain,i used to use their,um,do they make shampoo or im thinking of,im thinking of v05 i think ive used,white rain before,but,there it is methyl isothione i promise,this videos and just me,walking around pointing out the methyl,isothione containing products,oh my gosh a green apple unicorn scented,hand soap i know this is what you guys,came here for,thats cute,the thing about hand soaps is like,it really a lot of it boils down to just,having a hand soap and then the amount,of time that you spend actually,lathering that is more important than,the hand soap itself and a lot of hand,soaps like dial for example,um that are antimicrobial,it doesnt end up offering you any,better,hand hygiene than a non-antimicrobial,soap you just kind of add the risk of,bacterial resistance like a lot of these,hand soaps used to have triclosan in,them i believe dial did and they have,since removed that from the dial,dial products because its just,unnecessary,antimicrobials in the,in the,in the world,this is new from,from dermacell these dermacell,moisturizers are actually pretty good,these lotions if i remember correctly,um,this one,has borage seed oil thats very nice,emollient,i dont know what the aloe fresh scent,is going to be does it actually have,like aloe leaf juice aloe,in it or,is it just aloe scented,it does have aloe leaf juice,hydrating humectant ooh is this new val,new,intensive care body lotion,[Music],the one-handed flip around,ew this looks good aside from the,fragrance which again can be irritating,it has urea and lactic acid its really,good for dry skin urea is naturally,present in your skin,and it is hydrating it is part of your,skins natural moisturizing factor but,when you put it on the skin it kind of,helps boost up the natural moisturizing,factors in your skin so your barrier can,be more functional,reducing dry skin and it also softens,and gently exfoliates built up dry skin,so its great if youve got,its great if youve got,discolored elbow like dark,dry elbows knees,keratosis pylaris rough and bumpy skin,its a great ingredient,it can sting a little bit,but otherwise,two thumbs up what is oil of life thats,like trying to be a knockoff for oil,overlay,all right does this have methyl,isothional yeah it does whereas oil of,olay i believe does not dont quote me,on that,speaking of my boo there is vo5 this,shampoo,chefs kiss,long-lasting fragrance avoid if you are,allergic to a fragrance and,oh it does have methyl isothiolone in it,so,yeah i would say mi can really be a,problem its often in shampoos looks,like we have a vegan body wash here in,the,dollar tree the dollar 25 tree,oh no this ones vegan as well i just,didnt see that,well there you have it bikini shave gel,the bikini area theyre touting this is,for sensitive skin definitely if youre,going to be shaving the bikini area you,do want to use some kind of a skin,lubricant whether it be a shave cream or,this,shave gel because it just helps reduce,ingrown hairs uh you can also just use,hair conditioner actually works pretty,well oh i knew why rain hand shampoo and,conditioner you could use,you could use their conditioner look at,this its got a hydrolyzed rice protein,thats good thats good in a conditioner,it helps um,with strengthening the hair,although youre not gonna necessarily,care about that if youre using it as a,as a shaving,[Music],barrier,twin double,i wonder if these are any good,if you are allergic to nickel beware a,lot of these uh razors have nickel in,them you can cause,that can cause razor burn you know,contribute to worsening of razor burn,all sorts of problems wherever youre,using it uh they do make nickel free,razors i dont know that they have them,here at the formerly dollar dollar tree,um but what i was going to tell you guys,is when it comes to shaving dont press,too hard i think people make that,mistake most commonly actually under the,armpit like a lot of people are just,shaving their armpits wrong um because,if you,when you shave your armpits,rather than do this see that makes the,skin really tight kind of,loosen up a little bit and shave in the,direction of hair growth thatll reduce,thatll reduce the chances that you get,razor burn from shoulder and armpits so,just near is this dollar tree like,really really spacious you guys we have,some extra care hand sanitizer here,sassy chic blender sponge make sure you,uh,replace those regularly they can become,a,with,little microbes and things that,aggravate acne if you get sunburned on,your face,stay away from the facial brushes it can,aggravate the skin barrier oh what is,this is this the retinol cream we talked,about before now that was a serum one,time i was in,there was a retinol serum this is global,beauty care,man i just love dollar tree like if you,just if you just stare at a shelf,eventually like 10 or 12 products that,you werent even noticing its like its,like a wheres waldo in here who,remembers wheres waldo thats what it,feels like whenever i shop in a dollar,tree like im just staring at a shelf,and it looks like theres nothing there,but if i look very very carefully,eventually like,an anti-aging

Testing Out Dollar Tree Frozen Food | Does The Taste Exceed The Price ?

[Music],hey guys,its me melissa and welcome back to my,channel today we have something a little,bit different,i guess its kind of like a dollar tree,haul i really wanted the thumbnail of me,in the dollar tree in front of the,freezer stuff but i was alone,so i had no choice so i figured,you know what its a dollar its in the,freezer department it looks good,is it good i mean only pay a dollar for,a meal,thats pretty decent so i picked up five,things none of these are brands that i,knew,now like they had like michelinas meals,in there which you can get at like,publix,and walmart and all those places but i,made sure i picked things that ive,never seen the brand before and i think,that are maybe just exclusively at the,dollar tree,i got five things i plan this year to be,doing more,dollar tree hauls whether it be like,taste testings or just like things that,i get,so if you guys enjoy this video and you,like it and you want to see it become,kind of like a series or multiple things,i test out,let me know and in the comments so weve,got five things to try today,so i got it was the brand eat asian,style,beef and broccoli beef and broccoli is,my chinese go-to,and the fact that it came with like lo,mein instead of rice,is my absolute favorite because usually,i have to pay two dollars more,to get the low maine instead of getting,the rice so thats pretty nice,i dont know how im going to cook all,this stuff but were going to cook it,all up at the same time,and then taste them all out taste them,all out,taste test them and then i picked this,up,a fat bites barbecue rib sandwich,boneless pork patty,is it like a mcrib 15 grams of protein,and obviously none of these are gonna be,like healthy but if youre in a bind,a dollar i mean some people are on a,budget and a dollar for a meal will be,a lot more cost effective than picking,up 14 things to make a big elaborate,meal,or if you live alone why make a big,elaborate meal,all right next thing i got is by,creations by supreme traditions,combinations sausage and pepper,microwavable pizza,now im not sure if all these are just,the microwave,but if anything says the oven i might be,working like the oven and,the thing and then well come back up,here and eat them all ready in three,minutes in the microwave,not bad then i picked up the,main street kitchen white cheddar,macaroni and cheese with bacon,also 15 grams of protein pretty good,now these all this with one serving yeah,one serving,whole thing inside so were gonna test,that out,and then for our final item were gonna,test out today,and whatevers left over i wont let,anybody go to waste unless its,disgusting ill be eating it for dinner,this is the snaps snack appetizers,loaded,potato sticks im not gonna lie it was,hard for me because i said myself lets,test this out lets just do five i mean,how many things can i,possibly eat and like i said i dont,like things to waste,so i dont make it at all so ill be how,many can i possibly get but there was a,lot of different other options,that i wanted to test out so if you do,enjoy this we can definitely for sure do,this again,so im gonna go downstairs and cook all,this,and then well get to all right we are,all finished,this is the time when you wish you had,like four microwaves,i ended up microwaving everything except,for the potato sticks i put them in the,air fryer,because the only one that said to go in,the oven that could go in the oven was,the pizza,but by the time the oven heated up and,all that stuff and it said it cooked,like 20 minutes i was like,lets just microwave it it said you,could microwave it so its microwave it,all right so now the first one were,gonna try is the eat asian this what,its supposed to look like,this is what it looks like definitely,does not look as appetizing,as this but almost all of the even the,michelinas meals,never look exactly like it does right,here,i left paco downstairs at rob hopefully,he stays there i dont think he realized,that i was gonna be eating but i thought,that wasnt being like,awful trying to eat with paco in here,all right,smells good this is actually the first,thing i cooked and its still hot see,all that stuffs coming off,its all right i didnt get any beef in,that,let me get the one of the like four,pieces of beef,thats in there i mean its okay if,youre in a bind,but i wouldnt like be drawn to it but,for a dollar,a full meal i guess,or an appetizer for some ill take one,more bite,weve got a lot to test out,i mean for a dollar its not that bad,but,thats just deep um next were gonna try,out,the bacon mac and cheese,i left the thing on so it would stay,warm ooh steaming,how to not make a big mess so here it is,theres the picture,similar theres my other pork,right here mix it around a little bit,its still seaming too this is the,second thing i cooked,thats good actually one of my favorite,mickelinas meals,is the mac and cheese with ham in it,this is very similar to it,[Music],totally worth a dollar theres actually,tons of pieces,of bacon in here like tons of pieces of,bacon,so for sure giving this right here,thumbs up kind of thumb down on the on,the other one but,thumbs up for that one all right,next we got the pizza,this right here supposedly like this i,microwaved it so it looks like this,and when i was younger i always get,those tortinos,pieces that are kind of like the same,size and microwave them and that would,roll them,up because theyre all like floppy and,eat it like that,this one i think id be more like you,know an adult and kind of into pieces,how much are those totino ones are they,a dollar,i just said i tried to find things that,didnt have brands that i knew,see its fine to me,obviously would have been way better if,it would have been in the oven,but pretty good hmm,cant wait another one,wait a little bit you have two more to,go im going to eat one more piece of,the pizza,because it is pretty good and then well,move on to the potato thing,and the mcrib in case you didnt believe,me,i did eat it so now i put these both on,the same,plate well start out with these little,potato,cheesy potato snacks sticks real baked,potato cheddar cheese sour cream,flavored,with bacon and crispy golden cotton,coating,suppose like this here we go right here,they started leaking out a little bit in,the air fryer,plus i forgot to spray the airfryer you,know whats like you,you get ready for trying to do a bunch,of things at once you forget one thing,so i forgot to spray as they were,sticking a little bit,i put these a little bit earlier so,theyre not exactly hot,not bad ive seen like dipping in the,ketchup,or whatever you dip like your fries in,i really taste a whole lot of cheese,its not that bad i mean imagine if you,were having like,a quick little party,you could find a bunch of like little,like appetizer things like this in there,and put them out for your party its,like a stock like you want oh my gosh,people are coming over real quick let me,go grab something and im a low on cash,you know this one kind of oozed a little,more,im not bacon,this ones better than the other one i,think the other one a lot of the cheese,got out,im not at all,all right got myself a little drink too,and now for the last one the,mcrib or the barbecue pork sandwich,supposed to like this doesnt really,look as glittery,with barbecue sauce but to be expected,thats what well say on the inside it,doesnt look that appetizing,i dont think ive ever had a mcrib i,dont think i have,but people get very excited for those,big ribs,i mean its not bad it definitely hit,the barbecue,it sounds like the barbecue is even,soaked through like everything,microwaving always make bread a little,weird,i mean i would eat this would i run to,this,no but when i eat it,i mean im gonna eat it,id expect this to be like a super long,video,but,do something different i want to try out,like i was saying its just something,different i wanted to try,out this boots literally been sitting in,my freezer,for about a month because any time im,gonna film someth

Uh Oh…Dollar Tree Sells GROUND BEEF!! – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit

hey everybody welcome back to the Wolfe,pit with another episode of what are we,eating Ive recently tried chefs,requested bacon-wrapped chopped beef,steaks which I very appropriately,renamed water burgers due to the 30% of,solution added into the four meat slurry,concoctions these not only look terrific,the texture was also horrific with no,flavor even more recently I tried chefs,requested bacon-wrapped chopped chicken,fillets which were equally atrocious and,again very appropriately renamed chicken,water burgers due to the 20% solution,added by now you think someone like me,with an Einstein like intelligence would,have learned their lesson and passed,over anything made by chefs request,right well you be wrong like Ive,mentioned before Im a glutton for,punishment and Ill give these companies,and their products a second and in this,case a third try for you two people so,you dont have to so today is the chance,for chefs requested to either redeem,themselves or to be forbidden from being,them enough or on my channel again I,picked up a pack of chefs requested 8,ounce beef patty mix during a recent,trip to the Dollar Tree otherwise known,as my own personal adult playground,which is where I go to search for the,highest quality processed foods to try,for you the people so you dont have to,basically this is ground beef they say,you can use your favorite beef recipe,like tacos chili beef patties meatloaf,and skillet dinners at a dollar for an 8,ounce package of ground beef sounds like,a decent deal which means a pound of,ground beef would be $2 a pound which is,a great price because 100 percent ground,beef is usually around three to four,dollars a pound but if you get it on,sale you can get it even cheaper but,thats for a hundred percent ground beef,this isnt a hundred percent ground beef,its beef and water the packaging,doesnt say how much water was added but,Im gonna guess its gonna be a good,amount and the thing with a hundred,percent ground beef is theres no added,water so youre paying for the beef and,only the beef this is just another,example of why I do these videos,for you the people to show you that,these bargain foods from the Dollar Tree,and other discount stores are no bargain,these are not the only foods that people,in a very tight budget can afford I,explain that a lot in more detail in,other videos theres two servings per,package each serving has 260 calories 22,grams of total fat 9 grams of saturated,fat 1.5 grams of trans fat 65 milligrams,of cholesterol 450 milligrams of sodium,one gram of carbohydrates no fiber no,sugars and 13 grams of protein so lets,get the packages open and see what,awaits us we had absolutely not even a,drop of oil in the house so I added a,little bit of butter to the pan to add,some fat whether we needed it or not,butter makes everything better,then we gave it a quick swirl around the,pan until it was melted,the first pack of the chefs request of,ground beef was stalled and the first,thing that came out of the bag appeared,to be a brain hemorrhage and then,finally the meat and then the second,pack of ground beef which was still,partially frozen and if that didnt look,bad enough for you the odor made up for,it the smell coming off to me was very,unpleasant the second package wasnt,fully thawed but youll see in a second,it fall very quickly just like an ice,cube would if you put it into a hot,skillet my point is theres a lot of,water in these just looking at all,eating out the visual the ground beef of,the skillet was very reminiscent of the,pork brains video now do I have your,attention the more we broke up the meat,the more water came out it was at this,point I realized I should have weighed,the meat before and after to say exactly,how much meat yield we got from one,pound the chefs requested ground beef I,always think of good ideas after the,fact,you would think with it being a good,amount of added water it would break up,pretty easily but it didnt it was,actually a little bit stubborn and tough,as I continued to break it up water,continued to pour out I added a little,bit of salt and pepper now I know youre,thinking I should have drained the water,and a little bit of fat but I wanted to,see how much was water and how much was,fat so I wanted to let all the water,evaporate well the water is evaporating,let me tell you what Im gonna do with,the me Im gonna remove half and try it,on its own and then Im gonna mix the,other half with some sloppy joe mix come,on down money show me the money I like,both sloppy joe and Mammoths mix which,one do you like,after all the water evaporated Im not,sure about you guys but that definitely,doesnt look like a pound of meat to me,I just went ahead and left a little bit,of fat in the pan then I removed half,and set it aside,next I pointed in roughly a quarter of,the can of sloppy joe mix then I enjoy,the rest of the sloppy joe mix with,liver and fava beans I let it simmer,down for a few minutes until it thickens,Eisley and it looked like a normal,sloppy joe so here it is all plated up a,sloppy joe sandwich and a bowl of the,chefs requested ground beef that we,seasoned with salt and pepper I tried,the ground beef first and looking at it,up close doesnt look very promising and,it certainly has me a bit concerned but,Ill never succumb or opt out of an,opportunity to try highly processed crap,foods for you the people so you dont,have to I was very skeptical before I,even slid it into my Yap and it only,took two choose to shoot this right out,of my mouth and into the trash can,faster than a politicians promise on,Election Day the texture and flavor were,unexplainably disgusting it had an old,musty dry bones smell strange flavor and,really firm grizzly texture I literally,had to take a paper towel and wipe the,film of the flavor off my tongue when I,say dry bones smell its the same way of,bone smells that you gave your dog a,week ago and find it out in the yard or,behind the couch so what if I do smell,my dogs bone dont you and I really,thought about and should have stopped at,this point but the show had to go on,next it was time for a musty bone smell,and sloppy joe sandwich but first I,wanted to try the sloppy joe mix on its,own even with the sauce it doesnt look,that great and you can see the big,crumbles that wouldnt break up even,with the sloppy joe sauce on it it was,bad it just tasted like sloppy joe,flavor old me and smelt like an old,musty bone and I certainly did not,ingest it this fight was also spit in,the trashcan like you guys already know,Im a glutton for punishment but its,for a good cause you the people so,rather than quitting and thrown in the,towel I went ahead and took a bite of,the sloppy joe sandwich for the hell of,it,and it lasted three chews and it was,also catapulted out of my mouth and into,the trash can so heres my final,thoughts on chefs request at half pound,beef patty skillet mix this is not food,Ive had a lot of bad highly processed,food since doing these what are we,eating videos and the three different,chefs requested products Ive tried,were simply not edible or even what I,would consider food and its not even,something I would feed my dog I dont,really know this because Im not in the,slaughterhouses or processing plants,where chefs requested products are made,but Id be willing to bet my left foot,this meat is from old or sick or both,old and sick animals this companys food,is absolutely disgusting and to be frank,it really pisses me off they start with,probably the lowest quality meats you,can find add as much water as theyre,legally allowed and then they pass this, off his food in discount stores to,people who really need food but dont,have a lot of money and are on a very,tight budget and they make people think,this crap is food please please fleas,even if you dont like my videos you,dont like me or you dont like my,channel in general please trust me,at least this one time even if you dont,ever trust me again but avoid the three,chefs requested products


hey guys welcome back and happy Friday,if you guys are watching this on a,Friday we made it to the weekend oh my,gosh can you believe its almost,Halloween I cannot believe it well today,is the day my friends where I come to,you and I share with you guys my review,on Dollar Tree items there wasnt a lot,of things to review this week but there,certainly there was some things so lets,jump right into this Dollar Tree review,I hauled all three of these new personal,care they are supposed to be for hair,and body mist Im not a big body Miss,girl Im more of a perfume girl and like,a whipped body type butter after I get,out of the shower I did try it on the,hair I want to tell you guys theres,this Citrus love the sweet Breeze and,the summer Vibes out of all three of,them they all smell pretty good but I do,have my favorite and its the sweet,Breeze this is what youre looking for,okay so I did put it on my hair but I,didnt know it definitely makes your,hair smell good the last I dont know,the scent I dont know if it lasts on my,hair because then Im like I start,putting,hair spray or texturizing spray and it,kind of just,I dont smell it anymore and then I got,to think and you know what I am a girl,who loves,sprays like linen sprays I love linen,sprays and I was like you know lets go,ahead and try this on our Linens because,you get 6.1 fluid ounces for a dollar 25,thats not a bad price for a linen spray,and so I sprayed it on my pillows and oh,my gosh you guys that last the scent,lasts a very long time on your linen,spray so I always kind of think outside,the box and if youre someone who is,just like oh my gosh I cant stand all,those smells because you have your your,products in your hair some of it smells,and then you put your lotion on or your,perfume on and you just might be,smelling just all different kinds of,things people like oh my gosh you can be,that one person in the store thats just,like oh my gosh its too much,I would suggest linen sprays because,this works really really good and for,the price point I think its great I put,the Summer Breeze on my bedding,and my pillows and it was probably about,a half an hour and I went back and my,pillows still smell good so I think this,would be really good especially if you,have kids in sports you can spray down,all their stinky stuff their backpacks,their shoes what have you boys bedrooms,teenage bedrooms I mean all the things,dog rooms dog beds I would highly,recommend this for all different kinds,of things for all different kinds of,things I think this would be perfect for,that for the hair and body mist Im not,a fan but around the house bedding,pillows oh my gosh everything highly,recommend this this was really good and,I will definitely get my use out of it,while I repurchase and probably not,because I love other room sprays but if,you buy it and youre like oh my gosh I,would love a room spray and were kind,of on a budget were pinching pennies,right things are adding up super fast I,would suggest using these,for linen sprays let me know if youve,tried it on linen what do you think and,if you tried it on your body and your,hair let everybody know your opinion,because like I said I do this you know,this is just my personal opinion how I,get along with the products but just,because I say something doesnt mean,its like solid its just my opinion so,I love when you guys give feedback and,it helps everybody else out so we can,either you know save that money to save,that dollar 25 or go ahead and grab it,but I would suggest that okay this is,kind of a funny story,the glow-in-the-dark little hair bands,these are really good I love these,especially when you do your hair and a,ponytail doesnt leave that like crease,in your hair theyre just easy you can,also theyre easy you can put them on,your wrist Ive had people put like keys,on them too so theres very,all different kinds of things this is,what youre looking for and they say,they glow in the dark and they come in,different colors they come in the purple,they come in like your basic green I,think they come in blue and maybe pink,so I knew it glue in the dark and I had,it in my hair and I put it down by I,think it was on our coffee bar,and it was dark and my husbands like,what is that and like what are you,talking about hes kind of not hes not,freaking out but hes like there is,something,glowing in our room what is that and I,started chuckling because I was like oh,its the man and I was he was like,thats bright Im like it is bright it,was just it I had it was so funny I,think its one of those moments you had,to be there but he was just like what is,going in a room because shes like,because I mean not every day I use,glow-in-the-dark products you know so I,thought it was super funny Ill go ahead,and insert a clip so you can see for,your seat yourself as you guys can see,it definitely glows it just takes a,little bit of light if you want it to,Glow really really bright I would,suggest put a flashlight on it or put it,by a window or something these would be,perfect for trick-or-treating even if,you dont put them in your hair you can,have your kids wear them which is really,good you can also put it in the trick or,treat bucket itll illuminate that,bucket and help the kids see because I,dont know about you guys but Im a mama,four and when they were little little,trying to get the candy into the bucket,was so hard and they would the candy,would fall it was always a hot mess for,us so when I started putting a light in,the bucket it just like it was so easy,it let the kids see a little bit it,illuminated the bucket,its perfect I highly suggest doing,something like that but these work and,this would be so much fun for Halloween,but not only Halloween if you dont,celebrate Halloween or youre not all,about that for Christmas because what do,you do at night you go see Christmas,lights and all these fun little glow in,the things would be perfect for seeing,Christmas parades and all different,kinds of stuff so I highly suggest these,they definitely do work okay another,thing that I really love that I wanted,to share with you I finally got,batteries,and this is the LED projector light,theyve had them in the past I have,reviewed them in the past they take,batteries so it takes two double triple,a triple a double A,double a triple a double a Triple H two,triple A batteries and it really works,its so easy these are perfect to put in,a coffee bar or your kids room all you,have to do is put the batteries in and,then you just,if itll you cant really see it right,there but Im gonna go ahead and insert,a clip for you so you can see exactly,what it looks like you can put it as,small you can make it as big as you want,I think these are super cute would be so,cute for Christmas morning I mean all,the fun things that Christmas brings I,think the kids will get a really good,kick out of it and I love it gives that,great Ambiance maybe when youre,watching a Christmas movie or something,and for a dollar 25 its well worth your,dollar and I wanted to share with you,again that it definitely does work they,have Halloween ones as well they have,other ones besides this one but Im just,that classic Santa girl so I grabbed,that okay another thing that I wanted to,share with you this is so pretty now,this is was a dollar 25 every time I see,this I think I got this from the target,dollar spot because something like this,would cost you about three to five,dollars these lights are so big Im,loving that the Dollar Tree is really,kind of stepping outside of their normal,box and kind of you know trying their,best I think they could do a little bit,better on some things but theyre,theyre getting there and so I mean,these are huge you guys these look like,they came from Target so I wanted to,share with you they do take batteries I,have the rechargeable ones I highly,suggest these These are good stocking,stuffers too if you have older kids,rechargeable batteries is always a like,big thing on my list every year because

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