1. Dominos Has Gluten-Free Pizza???
  2. Little Caesars Gluten Free Pizza Review – Is It Good?!?
  3. A Taste of Dominos Gluten-Free Pizza
  4. I Tried A DIFFERENT Gluten Free PIZZA Everyday for A WEEK! ????
  5. Dominos Gluten Free Cheese and Tomato Pizza – Honest Review
  6. Relative Truths with Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza
  7. Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Review

Dominos Has Gluten-Free Pizza???

whats up yall its Claude you checking,me out again it mostly healthy food,reviews now today is Friday and Fridays,for me our cheat days dont judge me,its all drama working progress man,anyway I decided to go ahead and get,into a veggie pie again veggie pizza I,like veggie pizzas good for me the only,difference with this one is were gonna,hit a chain and stand what that means is,Im gonna actually hit a popular,restaurant its nationwide you guys can,get it into it also and why not I mean,if its good if its as good as my,favorite person in the whole world tells,me,me then this might be a banger were,gonna find out dominoes dominoes pizza,my mom Helen a mom shes watching the,video so I got to be cool she said to me,that um where she lives and she lives,out of state she would every once in a,while get this particular pizza from,dominos shed have it delivered no big,deal we all know how pizza delivery,works but I dont really have a lot of,time today so Im gonna go and pick it,up and I guess thatll give me a little,bit more of a gauge as far as how fresh,they really make it and you know is it,really worth it so Im gonna go and get,into it Im just gonna walk up in the,spot order when I order get it to go and,yall gonna see what happens in a minute,so Dominos you ready for me were gonna,find out right now,[Music],so I am on Barnum Avenue Bridgeport,Connecticut Im at my Dominos and I did,a carry-out,waited 15 min is nothing to you know,long to wait or what-have-you but the,take on it is that something that walked,in I was treated you know respectfully,definitely they walk right up to the,counter the gentleman you know I took my,order they were very polite they got,right to it it was a concise situation,Im feeling it its Dominos kind of,going a lot worse however it didnt so,for that you know I definitely commend,you guys now Im here two oclock in the,afternoon right before school lets out,for high schoolers in the area and I,figured I come over now before I got,busy so here we are this is the Pacific,veggie pizza this is a small and there,it is,well yeah thats it right there,mm-hmm anyway small little 10-inch pizza,feta cheese onion pineapple tomato basil,obviously mozzarella and the crust is,gluten-free I went with the gluten-free,crunchy crust it looks like it does,cause a little bit more than a regular,pie this one cost me about 16 dollars,you see the receipt and all we want to,know people trying to eat healthy or not,is it worth it you know I can get a,regular cheese for eight bucks or,whatever so for twice the money and from,what it looks like twice the toppings,onions this thing my cars gonna be,smelling for a while I need to go to a,car wash,is it worth it heres the heres the,slice and like I said I went and didnt,carry out mmm I um didnt want to wait,for them to deliver and then get home,and its a little cold so I figured Ill,do it myself here we are so heres the,gluten-free crust,all right what do we think I look good,its holding together smells good crust,is um its its baked nicely so lets,see what happens,[Music],all along maybe disclaimer this is,definitely not vegan cheese,[Music],you just wanna tries I belong a long,season and I always be around when I,need your song playing Oh melody theres,no one else does maybe we can,[Music],ever noticed out of my wits,[Music],to be as one the universe has known it,all along maybe this is where our story,started,maybe you was written in the stars,[Music],what,[Music],take me to your soul never John Hyde I,belong I belong to you be my guiding,star coz I need your lovin baby,[Music],let me down your song playing a melody,theres no one else maybe we do,chemistry you gave me,forever the universe,[Music],baby,in the stars really,you guys know what happens when I clap,my hands were gonna start interview,right now of course is hot and fresh it,just came off the oven um I wouldnt,have it any other way,delivery in my opinion really does a,pizza a disservice,is it a gourmet pizza no mm-hmm a,gourmet thats not it,well when you order from a chain youre,looking for good hot tasty fresh,ingredients,what up the whole gourmet snazzy does,you feel about it so Im not even gonna,sit there and call it or compare it to a,gourmet pizza I may have had in my life,because its not that and all fairness,though crust flaky buttery garlic,seasoned well seasoned really well and,its gluten-free so guess what I dont,feel guilty eating it the feta cheese,the parmesan the masseur l the feta,Im not a big feather fan man but this,one Pacific veggie pizza from old school,heads out there you know how ll used to,come out with his songs and his blah,blah blah and mama said knock you out I,want somebody to knock his pizza out she,said if you dont try this pizza well I,didnt raise you that way,get right kind of listen to mom dukes,right got it,mom I never doubted you I just wasnt,sure about them but then again your,taste is impeccable when it comes to,food and other things so thank you I,love you the most you know how I feel,about you I love you more than a hot,plate,service and dominos spot-on soon as Ive,walked them they had a little bit of a,line but they treated me really quickly,they get took care of me took my order,read it back to me no problems at all at,the order we were good my car smells,like food right now but Im good with,that,this pizza was really good from the,crust and thats why I gauge my peaches,on crust i gauging on the content that,the flavor the the freshness of the,ingredients and for a chain yah banging,let me give you all for a pizza four and,a half four and a half the only reason I,think I didnt go with a five on this,one truthfully because everything else,was hidden right it was hidden price,sixteen dollars for a small Inn Ive,done other videos where I paid more for,a small and I get it but um in my,opinion sixteen for a small top full of,veggies no meats a little bit much a,little pricey so thats why I kind of,went with the four and a half set of,five but in either case very respectable,pie Dominos you did your thing on this,one so yeah if you guys are in the area,of you got the Dominos in your area,check them out this one yeah its worth,it definitely work that and Im not,really big on Dominos Pizza so there,you go,real reviews and once again thanks for,checking me out John this is Claude Im,around youth soup of course Facebook,Twitter and its the gram Im all over,the place right now and again I want to,thank you guys for rockin with me and,for checking out my brand of membrane of,madness I appreciate yall Ill talk to,ya

Little Caesars Gluten Free Pizza Review – Is It Good?!?

Little Caesars is finally offering,gluten-free pizza I saw a commercial,yesterday on Hulu Im not sure if youve,seen the commercial but its out now,with a crispy caramelized cheesy eggs,order your pepperoni gluten-free pizza,for just 8.99 online Im also curious if,this is just based in Colorado where I,live which is sometimes regionally,focused on gluten-free or if its,everywhere so let me know if youve seen,the ad I used to love this pizza it was,a good cheap pizza that you could get,hot and ready its another option for,everyone so I decided to go today try,out the pizza so here it is we got the,gluten-free pizza driving home now,ah a lovely cheese pizza just for me so,theyre not hot and ready but they are,8.99 they come in cheese or pepperoni,just take a look at it here so heres,two we need two big pieces man as you,can see heres my hand over it so its,about the size of two hands not a huge,pizza just a personal size pizza so I am,gluten free and this is exciting for me,because I used to love the hot ready,pizzas Im ready pizza five dollars,ah,obviously the quality at Little Caesars,is probably not the highest considering,the price but were still just curious,what are they going to offer for an 8.99,Pizza it really only took them about,eight minutes to cook this whenever I,went in the store and I had to request,it without pepperoni theres a lot of,other toppings that you can get on of,course those cost more to do that the,look and quality actually isnt bad as,you can see they caramelize the edges so,has this nice crunchy taste its about,the right price if you think about it,were about to try it out let you know,how it tastes you know is it disgusting,foreign,it tastes very similar to The Little,Caesars Pizza I couldnt taste compare,them so Im curious what it tastes like,to someone that isnt gluten-free I,would have a reaction if I did so Im,not really sure but from what I can,remember 20 years ago this tastes very,similar to what I remember the pizza,being but yeah overall I would recommend,this pizza if youre gluten-free,definitely a great option taste texture,everythings there cant complain I came,home and put a little bit of hot sauce,on it just to give it some flavor but,you can get a few toppings there and,heres Olivers reaction so Oliver what,did you think of that pizza,the cheese on that pizza was very good,yeah I thought it was pretty good too it,is a pretty good pizza so he liked the,pizza although itd be a great pizza Im,not sure if its the best pizza its a,really good pizza though for this price,so thats really how Id recommend it is,if youre looking for a price conscious,option this is it or if youre just,looking to feed the family you now have,a gluten-free option for those that are,sensitive to gluten like myself this is,the best pizza in a cup ever this guy is,unbelievable they sell a deep dish style,for 8.99 thats much larger than this so,you do feel like youre getting gypped,but thats normal with a lot of the,gluten-free foods it just costs more for,the different flowers that they use,versus the regular wheat flour wanted to,bring this to your attention if you,werent aware so hopefully it is,available in your region again please,let me know if youve tried this if,youve seen the commercials while your,interaction has been just really curious,about that on the site here they have,all the nutrition info I should point,out that theres a gluten-free warning,that if you have problems with Celiac or,seriously have problems this may not be,the pizza for you so just note that,trying to get to 1000 subscribers so,please subscribe appreciate your,subscription well catch you in the next,video,[Music],foreign

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A Taste of Dominos Gluten-Free Pizza

hello Im James Norton for China comm,supertaster and today Im going to give,you a quick taste test of Dominos,gluten free pizza largely made from rice,and potato flour Ill be honest I was,charmed by the YouTube based video,advertising for this pizza which was,shortened to the point at a clear,helpful disclaimer about how gluten-free,it really was 20 parts per million which,is pretty good although its made in the,kitchen where glutens flying around and,sort of how the pizzas made a quick but,really important aside if you followed,me over the years you know I have a,complicated relationship with Dominos,Pizza a lot of the bad blood between me,and Domino stems back to an incident in,the mid-2000s Id helped a friend after,her wedding kind of thoth off a lot of,heavy equipment you know but just chairs,and stuff like that so me and our my,friends were just starving it was late,at night were at the hotel we couldnt,find anything nearby that was still open,so I said oh lets order dominoes,thatll be fine the resulting late night,pizza was so bad so bad that I took one,bite,even though as hungry as a bear active,one bite Anna and my hunger went away in,a way it actually really worked super,well I didnt need a lot of greasy pizza,I just had that one bite and said you,know Im no longer hungry and Im going,to bed and thats how Dominos wound up,to the bottom of my pizza chart let me,give you a quick walk through this thing,so here you see you see Domino is,essentially done on pizza hell and then,a few years later Don was went on this,big brilliant commercially successful we,screwed up we were making terrible pizza,now are making good pizza campaign I,tasted as a skeptic and I really came,away as a believer you know albeit,wanted to just believe the dow knows,that move from inedible to edible for,what thats worth and now the last year,or so my limited exposure to Dominos,has been fairly negative I think theyre,kind of backsliding from their,come-to-jesus moment but Im curious,about the gluten-free thing the,gluten-free was $12 with some pepperoni,on a regular pizza was nine dollars so,youre paying a little bit more for,Boonton free but thats to be expected,lets give it a,I really like that its um its got some,of the lightness and Chris penis of a,rice cake but I mean you still have the,cheese and the meat I mean theres no,doubt that youre eating pizza but,theres this really crispy crunchiness,to the crust thats actually kind of,delightful I mean its like a its like,a cracker crust except its got a little,more depth from the rice flour and if I,had to order from Dominos once more and,I would go I would go gluten-free this,stuffs tasty poor China comes,supertaster Im James Norton please,subscribe to the channel check me out,tomorrow Ill be back with more great,food

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I Tried A DIFFERENT Gluten Free PIZZA Everyday for A WEEK! ????

whats up guys todays video is a super,exciting one,i am going to be eating a different,gluten-free pizza,every day for an entire week i am very,curious to know,which pizza joint has the best,gluten-free pizza so,we are currently outside of domino,we are going to also be going to pizza,hut papa johns,jets pizza and then we have a few others,on the list as well im gonna be,reviewing,crust quality taste price,were gonna be covering it all and then,i think im also going to do a tear list,at the end of this video so im gonna go,inside and get this pizza,i really hope you guys enjoy this video,and if you do,make sure you drop a big thumbs up oh my,gosh im so excited so,online it was 16.57 roughly around there,but whenever i went inside i only paid,13.33 so i dont know how we got such a,good discount,inside ive never tried dominos,gluten-free pizza before,[Music],oh my god im so excited im gonna try,and get all the same toppings on all,pizzas,that way its like a fair review you,know so lets give this a try,just right off the bat from what i can,tell it is a,crusty crusty it is a crispy crust,this is the pizza slice bottom,is very well toasted it looks really,good it looks like its gonna taste,pretty solid so,lets give it a try,hey thats pretty good really good,very flavorful actually really crispy,[Music],it is actually so crunchy the thing with,gluten-free,pizza that ive noticed that i dont,like is sometimes the gluten-free crust,is very gluey this is really flat,crisp pizza crust,this is good all right you guys so that,was dominos i am going to,wait to rate them like i said were,going to create a tier list at the end,of this video and that is when im going,to rate them,i can see dominoes being a front runner,in this like little competition because,that was super good i really liked the,crust of that pizza,i will see you guys tomorrow i think,were gonna do pizza hut or papa johns,all right we just got our pizza and oh,snap it smells so freaking good,like it smells a lot better than,dominos i will say maybe its just the,pepperonis also i had to get a pepperoni,pizza because,at papa johns you have to pay a dollar,per topping we also got some garlic,sauce,gotta have my garlic sauce yes girl,[Music],okay immediate thoughts dominos was,better,[Music],you can tell it is a totally different,crust,compared to dominos i dont know if you,can tell but it is,very brown the pizza crust at dominos,was a very white white flower looking,pizza crust,you can definitely tell this is made out,of ancient,grains or grains whatever you want to,call it,flavor is good texture is good its a,lot less crispy than dominos dominos,was a crispier,crust,i would not believe that this is,gluten-free pizza it does not taste like,gluten-free pizza,nice i like how crispy the dominos,pizza crust was,but i really like the flavor and texture,of this one as well,this one just tastes like such normal,pizza like it does not taste,not taste gluten-free,oh man okay so i just ate half the pizza,and to be honest i am still hungry,these pizzas are definitely more of just,like a personal pizza i dont think you,could,uh get it and share it with somebody,else because yall are gonna be hungry,afterwards are you guys so that was,tuesdays pizza pizza number two,and i will see you guys back here,tomorrow im back i just wanted to point,out,i actually finished the entire pizza so,definitely,dominos pizza was a lot more filling,we are outside of hungry howies that is,where we are getting our pizza today,so im about to head inside grab our,pizza,ive never had hungry howies before so,im really excited to,give it a try so i will check in with,you guys soon,guys we secured our pizza and they have,a,super cool looking box their pizza looks,super interesting,pizza it honestly looks so so,so good the crust is really interesting,it has,a i dont know ive never seen this kind,of crust before so,im very excited just by looking at the,pizza,it is a lot thicker than the other,pizzas that weve tried i do have,red pepper flakes so the actual pizza,itself just the pizza with no toppings,was nine dollars,we added pepperoni ill try to get,pepperoni the rest of the video which we,paid a dollar,and 49 cents for and then i tipped 15,so without the tip it was 11 22 and then,with the tip,it was 12.79 so that is how much we paid,for the pizza,i think out of all the pizzas this one,might look the best just because it,looks the most like normal pizza,and it is a very thick crust but usually,when it has a thick crust like i said,the,the crust turns out gooey but lets give,it a try,okay so my initial thoughts i definitely,think this pizza tastes the most like,pizza,i know i said that about the papa johns,but i think,this one actually tastes way more like,pizza,the flavor is not nearly as good as the,others,i dont know though wow,that is some good ass pizza though,i might have to rank this one higher,than dominos because,it is a really thick pizza the papa,johns pizza,you guys i literally ate that all in one,sitting,this one,i dont think i could theres sauce,i feel like the other pizzas have been,saltier this one is not nearly as salty,so far if you want pizza that is,gluten-free that is most similar to,normal pizza hungry highways is the way,to go it has the same texture and,consistency,as regular pizza there are so many,different kinds of pizza but like your,classic,pizza this is where its at also pizza,hut,guys i dont even want to talk about,pizza hut i have called every single,freaking pizza hut,in my town any freaking pizza hut that,is near me i called them,none of them carry the gluten-free pizza,crust so i dont know if pizza hut is,going to be in this video i dont want,to like spoil it for you guys but,that was hungry howies im going to go,home,and enjoy another slice or two with,ranch and im also going to use,my crushed red pepper but that was,amazing,tomorrow is thursday im super excited i,think were going to go to,im not going to tell you but i will see,you tomorrow,hi guys it is now thursday and you know,the drill,another day another pizza so we are at,marcus pizza today,and im very excited i have tried their,pizza before,back in this was like a long time ago,when they first came to chapel hill,north carolina and at the time i was not,gluten free yet so i just had their,regular pizza,im not sure how popular marcos pizza,is or how like common they are so if you,have a marcos pizza near you please let,me know in the comments,and yes,we secured our pizza oh my gosh,i am so excited and they also have a,really cool looking box,it has this really cool like little part,right here where it says the italian way,i did notice just when i was looking at,the,pizza pizza this pizza,i can tell is very very greasy i think,this is the most greasiest pizza that,weve had its also very very thin,the crust is kind of similar to,dominos from what i can tell but this,is a much bigger pizza,we paid extra for the pepperoni so total,it was 13.34,okay so here is a close-up of the pizza,like i said very thin crust,lets give it a try cheers,[Music],[Music],not a fan of the texture,the flavor of their sauce is good i do,like the flavor of the sauce and their,cheese,is really good but definitely not as,impressed with this pizza,as i was with the last three that weve,tried im not a fan of the crust,to me this crust tastes like gluten-free,crust,think about stale crust thats what it,tastes like,the most important thing is the crust,you guys when it comes to gluten free,the crust is everything at least were,finding out which ones are good so i,will see you guys,back here tomorrow holy crap weve made,it to day number five,am i sick of pizza yet um kinda,i dont know to be honest i kinda am,because i have ate all the leftover,pizza whether i had it the next day,the next day for lunch which i actually,had the leftover,marcos pizza from last night for lunch,today,it was a lot better left over so i,actually heated it up in the microwave,fresh out the microwave hot and

Dominos Gluten Free Cheese and Tomato Pizza – Honest Review

hi guys hows it going Amy here Ive got,another honest with you to pretty much,do and thats how you pretty much have,to do it I mean a what I do because I,want to do it because I enjoy doing them,and Im just going to show you basically,as youve seen in the title description,I am reviewing Dominos gluten-free,pizza now theyre one of the few crates,of pizza places but I say it protic but,with the celiac UK website credited,means they offer the good free option,for the free option being Pizza has,gluten free crust theres people who,dont know you know glutens glutens in,all sorts of basicly and well thats,very likely and put a beat on that diet,however its thrown over time so,everyone overtime,Im going to be reviewing gluten-free,and margherita pizza now so yeah I,tweeted toy its saying oh Im gonna,take the plunge and Im gonna try it and,they were just like well hope you,tweeted back Tom no she cant said well,hope you enjoy it thanks you know um I,need my fix from your every now and,again joking,rubbing the Hansons anticipation dont,was growling Im really hungry right now,I dont really have much to eat today,but right ok so first of all all very,different Ive had pizzahut gluten-free,pizza before and it was like a rectangle,I think youll find a picture on my,Instagram Im actually not speaking,about I actually am going like put links,to all my social media in my video,description very soon and its just,finding the time and the motivation to,do it really alright so upon first,glance it does look like a normal piece,and then trucks the gala can have it Im,not really a big dick person I dont,like as it is but yeah Ive got that and,Ive got my sides here as well barbecue,dip and honey and mustard do go for the,barbecue in a bit I dont know but Im,not really a big pharma bite the other,dips so yeah anyway as I was trying to,say first glance its like a normal,pizza right Ive got sweet corn and,chicken strips if you notice if you live,in UK and order from dominos and youre,wondering whether to get it because,obviously you might have see there,well they do list the options like the,lists the vegetarian options and the,bulletin options like this like term,obviously a vegetarian theres like a,big fee in the green and gluten its in,blue and theres a G so that is really,hard they probably should not Ive got,my side so dont make any besides a,gluten-free but well I dont have done I,dont really have Dominos that often so,yeah maybe maybe one thing thats just a,kind of an idea at first glance is,really cut into slices I mean guys I,would have appreciated I mean I know I,wouldnt sorry Ill just like get piece,of slicer I know that Im blue Ive,gotta have gluten-free pizza mmm theres,no ditch we call now just came off these,are those like slice and a shirt but oh,my gosh could have been sliced and diced,I mean I know it was all this whole,thing about presentation dont mind,outfit Im sorry okay so,what was like me to say yeah so the main,thing is Im gonna give it a try now,Ive had Ive got an idea of what to,anticipate Darnell youve got a tough,piece of hot okay Im not even kidding,gluten-free pizza that I have from job,novels which is margarita just my career,so the toppings are not gonna really,count here contributed to was it be nice,it was the nicest pizza Ive ever had I,took it home with me I finished it it,was absolutely massive its like a big,massive rent rectangle so again you can,try it on Instagram but yeah so Im,gonna try it now,I know whats when I kinda know what so,its bad so lets go ahead just think,about okay so those tasty,hmm no about actually um those thing you,notice its my thing but you know you,know Im not really across kind of this,and so thats absolutely fine with me,so you dont well in that respect its,just taking them a taste and see,hmm this isnt nice actually,yeah its okay satchel knows,okay maybe Pizza Hut was a little bit,nicer but maybe its because it wasnt,slice I dont I dont know – Shari,why did you sweep off following up yeah,that yeah just gonna say that is pretty,decent pizza you did good dumb no hmm,its like with all gluten-free products,um they taste the same but theres a,little bit less flavor so I think yeah I,think I gave I gave the piece Id say I,said to myself pizza hot gluten-free,pizza 8 out 10 and this Im sorry,pizzas probably triumph over that but,to be fair Id give that 7.5 I give out,something point 5 but then again,obviously points reduced because well it,was not slice it also another thing I,should mention the gluten-free pieces,you can actually only get them and small,you cant get an impersonal medium or,large so look for the option because it,wasnt very obvious what youve got when,you want a gluten free pizza crust,youve got a golden smile and youve got,a flipped Red Cross men usually the,course men heres the crust options,because I didnt actually realize this,at first I was looking for a while,trying to find it I know some time back,just out of pure interest and then,suddenly I was just in the mood for,gluten-free pizza cuz I just remembered,about the peaceful when I thought it was,nice lets see how Jeff knows compares,so you dont know she can to fight but,Im not saying youve disappointed me,but,it was just just ice and ice but you,know you know what thats absolutely,fine you know presentation and yeah you,dont you dont get you dont walk it,you dont know kids Ill tweet you very,shortly and expressed by mmm join us on,camera in between Ill meet you guys,later,and give you the thumbs up if its okay,I mean there were like three bites but,yeah now Im gonna watch Archer my ps4,the the new Archer yeah as good,combination pizza,ah yeah I also have a you know same cook,there or here as well I dont really,have cook very often but I always get,cozy row so yeah that was the honest,review of the gluten-free Dominos Pizza,cheese and tomato cuz shes in,tomorrows a classic and I dont see you,all later,but Nippon Nippon knee yeah no do you,know what Maya marvel told me not to do,accents thats the last time I do it

Relative Truths with Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza

[Applause],Dominos gluten-free hostage got some,genuine imitation bad apples gluten-free,pizza divides the nation provides,families gluten,yum-yum-yum so Dominos gluten-free,pizza had my eye on this little number,for a while not that I abhor gluten but,hey you know I got a little wheat belly,sometimes but this was $9.99 so I got it,was a it was a coupon coupon so cheese I,just went ahead and got a cheese pizza,extra cheese I added a little provolone,and roasted red peppers so trying to get,a good figures out,look at that juicy boy so normally I,like dominoes I normally get their thin,crust enjoy its crispy I like to cracker,like formation of it also get the,Brooklyn style a little thicker I dont,like too thick of a pie not a big bread,guy not a big bread guy so normally with,gluten-free crust what I find is,terrible,and theyre terrible in every way,theyre either cardboard or theyre,gluey but not in a good way gluey,theyre just nasty or theyre crumbly,actually theres not very glue let me,think that back there more crumbly or,theyre just like a brick you know and I,like crunchy like crispy,I dont like nasty so lets get into,this bad boy lets not make this too,long so,I mean feels cheap its got a good,weight to it you know the bottom of it,does have some coloration excellent,coloration cook decently you know I,smell the cheese a provolone,smell the red peppers I got the regular,red sauce,I normally get the white sauce but they,said that wasnt gluten-free so keep it,with a gluten-free theme so Im go ahead,and take a bite and well see what this,cafeteria looking Pizza tastes like,[Music],okay,its good except for the crust so its,actually not bad but yeah it has the,flaw that a lot of these crust Abbas,its in kind of was missing gluten that,binding gluten its missing that which,really is the end of the day who gives a,crap if this was all if this is all we,had ever heard of if there was no gluten,naturally in flour then we would have no,problem with this its just everythings,kind of relative right so relatively,speaking is not great on its own in a,world where other pizza doesnt exist a,okay great,honestly Id be fine eating this for the,rest of my life,thats my every meal but if this were,the only pizza I could have fine,whatever is cheese and bread who gives a,crap,cheese bread and tomato sauce I dont,even like tomato sauce really not a big,fan of cheese honestly bread not really,either so I dont really like any of,this on a day-to-day basis,but its kind of good its that fat from,the cheese sweetness from the sauce,Im getting some crunch action whats,that crunch youre coming from that,crunching coming from her I think okay,so one thing this crust does have going,for it is at least that on that bottom,layer that bottom layer crisps up and,crunches up right you dont always get,that with the gluten-free crust so that,bottom layer does crisp up and that,inner layer is kind of I dont think I,have the auto zoom turned on but theres,like a little inner layer thats more of,your classic gluten-free BS sort of,consistency my hands are glistening with,grease Im coughing up chunks of paper,like gluten free particles a dog staring,at me here you go Belle get you a little,bit of this there you go,pretty good yeah yeah its a three mouth,liquor she licked them out three times,after tasting it so thats good,three out of five licks right yeah Bella,gives it three out of five licks I give,it two and a half out of five beards,actually no for if I rate this this is,three three beards out of five I read,this because its not nasty I dont mind,it,bonus feature time oh my god theres,some grease action here this is gonna,require dead trees,sorry trees if you had a die for wiping,my greasy mouth bonus feature dessert so,I figure if Im calling Dominos up this,so this was blue theyre gluten-free,pizza this was the coupon just to,reiterate $9.99 for the coupon glued,three beats of three toppings small I,dont know if they have different,gluten-free crust sizes a lot of places,dont but this was I felt I was like I,dont want to just call these jamokes,over here I dont want to call the good,people of Dominos over here for one,little nine dollar pizza so through in,somebodys check a lot crunch lava all,right no these are good they have a nice,gooey chocolat Center its like a,brownie,to some burp action going like a little,looks like a cupcake but its a brownie,consistency and articulated sugar whats,this called what kind of sugar this is,called particular sugar no hes not its,called something else but yeah thats,Im just wondering Im gonna come when I,bite it want to get in here oh oh so,gooey oh my goodness,oh sweet oh goodness,this is trouble air people this is a,good time Oh eat it while its warm,people oh oh my god my mouth is glued,shut,Pizza gooey brownies yummy times,sayonara,[Applause]

Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Review

hi everybody ive got,im good,ive got celiac disease,yeah ive got celiac disease,im being silly about it but i do,and,if theres going to be somebody,commenting are you joking or are you,being serious i am being serious,and,i really had not even heard of celiac,disease until,last few weeks,and what that means is i have to go on a,gluten-free,diet,so my food reviews are going to be,changing,im sure theres,i think i think i can still hopefully,make semi-entertaining food reviews,with a touch of humor in them,but theres going to be certain foods,that ill be avoiding,and,im gonna im having an appointment to,see a dietitian,excuse me i just had a gluten-free pizza,and theres a review at the end of this,video for it,and when i was first told by my doctor,today on my brother bobs birthday,when i was first told i actually,was okay with it it wasnt like a big,shock or anything because,in the recent past id heard i might,have that disease,i just found out today that its for,sure,but you know,through the day its been kind of uh,i dont know,on my mind i guess,and,i just know its going to be a big,lifestyle change for me but im happy,too,because ive had low iron,issues for years and i guess that is the,reason for it and ive also always had a,bloated stomach ill show you no i wont,show you ive always uh,you know im in fairly good shape,especially for being 58 years old but,ive always had,a bloated stomach,and,always feeling,bloated and i guess that is because of,the the gluten thats,that ive been eating,and,so hopefully ill get rid of my,uh,stomach,ill get rid of my stomach no i i need,my stomach ill get rid of the bulge,ill get no im not getting rid of the,bulge,no,ive had a bit of wine,i think in the long run its going to be,good and maybe,once i get to know,about having a gluten-free diet i can,help others because thats what im here,to do to entertain and,possibly help,other people,and i certainly dont know,anything at all really about having a,gluten-free diet but im going to learn,and i thank everybody on facebook for,all the very kind,messages to me,and,i mean the diagnosis could have been,much much worse so,all in all i am okay,with having the disease,so uh thank you and here is the review,for dominoes gluten-free pizza,so uh here is the uh,pizza i ordered from dominos because uh,i had heard that they make gluten-free,crust,and they do,but when i went to order they only make,the crust in small,so already,you know theres,things and that are,going to be different in my life,and i dont understand that really but,uh,ill definitely check around to the,different pizza places and,i i dont know i dont understand why,they could only make it in small,and,as i might have said earlier because im,recording this before i record the intro,i dont know,very much,about the disease yet,you know its get im going to make some,some mistakes and all that obviously and,i didnt know what to order for toppings,i think the toppings are gluten free but,you dont i dont know,and she she did say uh,that they cant guarantee that it hasnt,the toppings i guess havent come into,contact with gluten,and she also even asked about,if i wanted the pizza cut because i,guess you know the knife they use,cuts other,pizzas,and i said it was fine,so i got pepperoni ham,uh,green peppers,green olives and mushrooms,and,regular as i drop it on the floor,see theres still going to be comedy,so there it is,and,its very thin,ive never had a gluten-free crust,before,but i guess ill get used to it,i hope i dont cry,i dont mind it at all,now luckily,im not a that i even said it recently,in the in a video,that im not a big bread like when i did,the uh subway,uh video i said im not a big bread,person,and i guess thats a blessing because,this crust,is very thin,its,dry i guess,and its fine by me,i like that i like the the cheese and,all the toppings more than,the breading anyway,if i look at if i look a tad depressed,its because im depressed,but this pizza is cheering me up a,little bit,this is ver very good pizza i dont,think ive had dominos pizza in,quite a while,this is a really really really really,really,really good pizza im kind of impressed,with them,i would give this pizza 10 out of 10.,i give this wine on an 11 out of 10.,i might have more than one drink tonight,thank you for watching,bye

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