1. Keith Eats Everything At Domino’s
  2. Aussies Try Each Others Dominos Orders
  3. First Time Eating Dominos Pizza (Food Review)
  4. Dominos vs. Pizza Hut Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS
  5. CHEF REVIEWS DOMINOS PIZZA! | WATCH THIS before your next Dominos Take Away Pizza! | 3-Min Review
  7. What is the Best Fast Food PIZZA?? (Tier list – Dominos, Papa Johns, Hungry Howies…)

Keith Eats Everything At Domino’s

– On December 9th, 1960, in Ypsilanti, Michigan,,Tom and James Monaghan purchased,a pizza parlor for only $1,500.,And that pizza place was called Dominicks.,It would then grow to three locations,before a pizza delivery guy said,,”Hey, why dont change the name to Dominos?”,And theyre like, “Great idea, bro.”,And now its all over the world.,They got lots and lots of places.,Yum, yum, yum.,Theyre everywhere.,They deliver over a million pizzas a day.,In 2009, they revamped everything on the menu.,Theyre like, hey, you know what?,This place sucks.,Lets make it better.,Did they?,Today well find out.,As always, Eat the Menu is brought to you,by Keiths not too hot sauces.,Look at em in all their glory.,But if youre looking for something hotter,,the time has come.,We have a hot version.,Its no longer not too hot.,Now its borderline too hot.,Its got ghost peppers in it.,Were gonna try it today.,Stick around as we eat the menu at Dominos.,Its gonna be (laughs) fun.,(upbeat rock music),Lets eat the menu,,starting with the twists and dips,,things I didnt know they had at all.,I like Dominos, you know, enough.,Its not my preference, Im a Pizza Hut boy myself.,But I do know that when we get to the pizzas,,that theyre known for the greasiest crust in the world.,You pick the pizza up and theres a full ring,of grease just where the crust was.,But lets get into it, Im excited.,Its gonna be a big day.,Were gonna start with the Parmesan bread twists,and the cheesy marinara dip.,Actually, lets just start first with the…,What are these?,The Parmesan bread twists.,The Parmesan bread twists, hard to say.,Look at these little breast cancer awareness ribbons.,They also like theres so much Parmesan gunk.,But lets try the Parmesan bread twists. (crunches),It has a good crisp exterior.,Very salty, very buttery, very heavy.,But youre probably drunk or high, right?,You want a big bomb of flavor, and this will get you there.,Its good, the crust itself is quite pleasing.,Wow.,Its kind of beautiful.,(Keith sniffing) (bouncy music),Oh. (laughs),This is basically pizza that you do yourself. (laughs),Cheesy marinara dip on the Parmesan bread twists.,It taste like lasagna.,Its pretty good.,Mm, (smacks lips) its salty.,Ah, I wish I was drunk right now.,I dont know if we should.,And also like I cant possibly get drunk fast enough.,So these are the garlic bread twists.,Theyre a little bit fatter.,Oh, they did untwist.,Thats cute.,Da da-da, da da-da. (crunches),Tastes like garlic bread.,Still, the crust and the bread itself is good.,Its got this sort of pan style crisp to it.,Look at that one, kinda looks like a thumb.,Like the top of a thumb that was severed.,It just sits nicely.,I think thats very cute.,Okay, lets try the five cheese dip.,Its warm and delicious.,Stop reading this lid and dig in already. (chuckles),Dont put text on it.,Whoa! (laughs),Its got what appears to be clarified butter,coming out of the top, or just straight oil.,I think one bite of this will give you,like high school acne for a week.,(Keith sighs),Thats too much.,The other ones pretty good.,Tastes like lasagna.,This ones too much.,And the bread themselves, quite nice.,I think they did a good job here.,I think they really fucked it up with this,,but everything else, I think they did a good job.,Joining me for some more Brie pizza bread items,is everyones favorite comedy man, Lewberger.,- Yeah! (Keith imitates trombone),Whoa.,(men imitating instruments),- I didnt put the products on the table yet,because I know that there must be,something coming from Alex.,- Thats right.,- Its time for everyones favorite segment.,Alex brought some cookies,to the all you can eat eating the menu time.,- This is so cute.,We got this from a fan on tour.,- Named Amity.,- And it was cool.,And now you have it.,- And now I have it.,- What have we got here, boys?,- Well, Ive got something very special for you today.,I and my partner. – Uh-huh.,- Jasper. – Yeah.,- We had a cinnamon roll bakeoff.,- Ill tell you visually, this ones doing it for me.,- Okay. – This one looks hot and sexy.,I love the nuts.,This one looks boring and bland, just saying.,Okay, lets try it. (jazzy music),I definitely still taste a little bit,of the flour on this on the outside.,This one, however, feels like,it cant have been cooked through.,Thats not cooked through. (Alex laughs),All right, the other one.,Sticky, nutty. – Very nutty.,- I like that. – Lots of nut flavor.,- Which do you like better?,- They both have their strong points.,What if I put em together?,- [Alex] (laughs) Oh, I dont know about that.,- Theyre better together,,because this one has more structure.,Its kind of nice and pillowy,,but this one has a lot of flavor,,but its a little too gushy.,I think these are best made together.,- Wow, well, Ill tell you,,I made the cinnamon roll,,and Jasper made the sticky bun,,the one with the nuts.,- So you provided the structure, and she brings the flavor.,- That is so beautiful. – Yeah.,- That is so sweet. – Thats nice.,- Wow. – Thats cute.,Lets jump into these breads. (jazzy music),Lets start with the smallest box, just because its small,,and good things come in small packages.,And these are the Parmesan bites.,- [All] The Parmesan bites.,- Ooh. – I think the crunch,on these is magnificent. – Wow.,- It almost tastes like theyre fried.,- Crust is very buttery, garlicy, and Im loving it.,- It sort of just tastes like,the crust on the Dominos pizza.,- But it tastes better. – Mm-hmm.,- Its really good. – Thats really good.,- This is a dipping sauce in here? (groans),- Oh, no. – This is lasagna.,I scraped it through.,Its good. – No.,- Do you like lasagna? – I do like lasagna.,- Then youre gonna love this.,- All right.,- I fucking love lasagna, lets go.,- Everyone loves a good lasagna.,- It doesnt look appealing.,(food crunching),- Its a good sauce.,But honestly the flavor on this is so good,,it doesnt need sauce. – I know.,The knobs, the little thumbs,,they look like kind of little thumbs over there.,- That sauce is actually delicious.,- I told you.,All right, lets get into this next one.,This is the stuffed cheesy bread with bacon jalapeno.,- Wow. – Oh my god.,- Oh, boy. – Look at that.,- Wow. – Look at, I love it.,What I like about fast food pizza chains,is their ability to get the real,caramelization color on their cheese pizza.,You know, its almost unnatural.,Its too much, but it is visually exciting.,Oh! (laughs) (paper crinkling),- Here, you wanna gimme that one?,Cause youre probably not gonna eat it.,- Cant eat it. – Probably not.,- Wow, this is a big old hunk of jalapeno.,You can see bacon right there.,- [Alex] Oh, boy.,- Cheesy bread with bacon jalapeno.,- Dominos makes really good cheesy bread.,I remember that from my childhood.,(suspenseful music) Adding bacon?,(Hughie laughs) Great idea.,- Its spicy, but I tell you what,,its not as delicious as the new,Keiths chicken sauce thats hot.,Were still gonna be having not as hot chicken sauce.,Dont worry, we just are adding the hot, hot chicken sauce.,- I was shaking in my boots.,- I bet you were.,- It was great for me, cause I love the heat.,- Yeah, you can. – It really brings out,the flavors in a lovely way.,- Im crying a little bit. (gentle music),Lets move into the just plain,stuffed cheesy bread to cool it down.,- You are crying.,- Im crying, but its okay.,- [Hughie] Youre so excited for the cheesy bread.,- (sniffs) I just so excited to be here.,This box just opens into a plate so fast.,Oh, the back. (laughs),I think its back looks like a sexy guy on the beach.,- [Alex] Yeah, thats some abs.,- Some sexy muscle builder.,- [Alex] Here, stand up, youre gonna give yourself abs.,- Im not putting this anywhere near my shirt.,Make it a little tell us how it is.,- Oh, I will. – I cant have,anymore hot right now.,(mumbles) The stuffed cheesy bread.,Its got a lot of cheese, look at all the cheese.,- It is a lot of cheese, but its really good.,If youre like stoned at like two in the morning,,and you just did a show.

Aussies Try Each Others Dominos Orders

today were trying each others dominos,orders and i am so,stoked i love pizza oh,okay i dont know what this box is,i dont even want to try this this,what a monstrosity of a pizza there is,so many good things on the menu what are,you doing this person,what is this,i like any kind of pizza like its my,number one food,pizza is like the best food that was,ever invented on this earth the first,thing i did,in this year was to order dominos,um at 10 in the morning after id had,three hours sleep when youve,had one too many the night before,dominos pizza just hits right,unbeatable i think at this point im,pretty much single-handedly keeping my,local,domino store afloat,[Music],thats a no no pineapple doesnt belong,on pizza,no no no no no hating pineapple and,pizza doesnt give you a personality i,hate pineapple and your salty salty,tears are only bringing out the flavor,profile of the pineapple even more,so get out of here with that get out of,here pineapple,lets feed me some pizza so my order is,a thin crust margarita pizza with a,cheesy garlic bread,and a pepsi nice and simple but,delicious,oh this is so exciting the thing with,pizza pizza cant be bad,so three two one ah,[Music],what the [ __ ] is this its a margarita,look at that its paper thin,its 20 21 people we have a sickness for,the thickness where is the deep pan,okay whats in this box ah,garlic bread but its got cheese on it,when it comes to the crust though this,is where this person,went severely wrong its just so flat,im going to give this order a 5 out of,10. i am going to rate it,a 6.5 out of 10,because its better than average but im,still a little bit disappointed,not angry just disappointed i definitely,order again,i tweak the size of the crust but surely,you cant lose points for that,so this is getting a turn,[Music],so for my order i get a cheeky little,beef and onion,and we put a little pineapple on the top,when it comes to crust you can just,remember this rhyme easy peasy,lemon squeezy make sure that that crust,is cheesy,its also going to have a garlic bread a,pepsi max,and were going to wrap it all up with a,little chalky lava cake because we,deserve it,i should preface this by saying that i,know that my order is grotesque,and that everybody is going to hate it,bono appetito losers,i have never seen a pizza like this,before,beef and pineapple what the [ __ ],theres pineapple on this pizza this is,not,theres a [ __ ] on a pineapple just,its not on not on look at the sadness,oozing out of this,wow the crust is full of,cheese who do you suspect i mean ryan,ryan this is like such this is ryan why,because of dessert,ryan orders big right so i know its him,i,hate pineapple,okay not bad,[Music],now pineapple definitely makes it worse,garlic bread what will this taste like,we all know what this tastes like oh,its very garlicky,salty sweet its a good combination,[Music],all right lets dive into this dessert,its oozing and gooey,oh wow thats really good this is a,really nice way to finish off the meal,this is actually really good order minus,the pineapple i think the,cheesy crust levels up this pizza so,much but it cant,mask the fact that theyve gone for a,dud flavor,oh yeah this is tough this is really,tough its getting a nine for me yeah,boy,no actually screw that its getting a,six,the pineapple [ __ ] it up im gonna go,six,because the only downside the pizza,theyve actually ordered quite a wide,variety of options from the dominos,menu,which helps me realize that theres so,much more to the menu that i ever,thought,and that actually makes me really happy,so for this reason,i want to score this person an 8 out of,10 because,your snack game is good garlic bread,its safe giraffes,okay so my order is a barbecue meat,lovers deep ham pizza,garlic bread on the side and then,because dominos,doesnt sell coke today were going,cokeless were going dry,were raw dogging life lets do it,lets have a look good pizza i reckon,look at that,meets lovers im going to say that to,meets lovers alex lovers,meats meats lovers meat lovers meat,lovers,but theres plural meats on the plural,of meat,is meat meat lovers,i think ive said meeps dialogue,you can blame my parents you really,think it works i realized i mean i,couldnt make slime the barbecue sauce,just makes this whole thing,ah this is classic garlic bread okay,so this persons going for a bit of a,retro vibe i feel,they like the flavors they grew up with,i know theres like people who marry,like the eiffel tower or out of it,objects i would marry garlic bread,it would grow moldy and i would grow,oldie very nice and soft,like a pillow like a hot,a pillow oh [ __ ] why do i use that word,of any words,i feel like this is the one that you,want to have when youre watching movies,or,having a sleepover because this is going,to fill you up,and its like the ultimate party food i,am going to give this one a rating of,nine out of ten you just needed that,drink thats all you had to do,i feel like theres better garlic bread,options on the menu like the garlic,scrolls,im going to give it a 7.5 out of 10.,ill give it an eight thats,thats pretty good a drink and youre,laughing my order is,barbecue chicken rasha bacon pizza i get,the classic crust because,classic is hands down the best for the,snack,weve got garlic scrolls because garlic,bread is so,19.99 and im over here living in,2099. lets see what we got this stuff,which looks like pumpkin to me but,i think its just um red chicken,do you taste as good as you look,i think its barbecue chicken and rasher,bacon yeah that makes a lot of sense,it is the sweet sweet offspring of those,two animals little curly boys,i dont know what these are its quite,garlicky but its good though this is,like actually quality,i dont know why it has like a bit of,taste in the middle,but not crazy about it this is a really,good order this is really really good,gonna have to go with ten if someone,gave me just that,it would get a ten and this is really,harsh but im gonna give the overall,rank,only because this is not garlic bread,this one is going to get a 9.95,out of 10 because theres no drink but,everything else about it is,perfection,[Music],yeah im ready i want to know yeah i,dont know who wins,[Music],are you serious ah finally i have been,waiting so long to win one of these,things,its about time that someone appreciated,my order let us know what you get from,dominos,let us know what you want us to try next,and make sure you like,and subscribe because new videos come,out every two weeks,you

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First Time Eating Dominos Pizza (Food Review)

welcome back to another video everyone,so today were actually doing a food,review Im gonna be trying Dominos,Pizza for the first time ever believe it,or not Ive never had Dominos before,same goes for other popular pizza places,like Papa Johns never tried it before,are there any others and Ill tell you,why I have pizza every single week its,my favorite food and I have it from this,local place down the road,and let me tell you they make ten out of,ten pizzas Im not exaggerating the,pizzas that they make there are,perfection sometimes theyll be a little,underwhelming but I can usually expect a,10 out of 10 Pizza Ive been going there,for years now and I have no reason to go,anywhere else Ive had Pizza Hut a,handful of times when I was younger but,Ive really just been going to this,place for the longest time now but yeah,I just decided you know what lets see,what Dominos is all about lets open,this up and see what were dealing with,see what the presentations like oh you,cant see that lets get a view of this,I got the New Yorker theres ham bacon,pepperoni mushrooms are when I also got,stuffed crust have to get the stuffed,crust now I got the medium size which is,11 and a half inches and it came to 20,pounds which is if I didnt get the,stuffed crust then it would have been 17,and thats still quite expensive for,what Im used to in comparison to the,pizza that I get from down the road,theyre 12-inch,and it costs 10 pounds off the price of,this but hey maybe you paid for quality,maybe this is gonna completely blow the,other one out of the water and I guess,the cost makes sense because that place,is local Dominos is like a big you know,its the probably the biggest pizza,place ever yeah lets get into the taste,test because its gonna be stone cold if,I keep talking I sister get a better,view of that shall we I guess not first,bite from a Dominos Pizza ever,[Music],okay okay I can see why its 20 pounds,everything just melts in your mouth you,know theres not much chewing involved,lets go in for a buy of the stuffed,crust hmm you know what 20 pounds is,really expensive for a pizza especially,if you like it and you have it quite,often but this is delicious,oh look at the blend is going on on this,one you know weve got the mushrooms,weve got some bacon pepperoni ham,cheese evenly spread out just its all,blending really well some good blend is,going on here so how do I compare it,well Id still say that Peter was is 10,out of 10 Id say this is like 12 out of,10 but I feel like its more for special,occasions I would not go here every,single week just simply because its 20,pounds that 20 pounds on one pizza can,last me two weeks on two pizzas and,there they go,the line lets not forget that this is a,bit smaller than the one that I usually,get not by much though its only half an,inch she really cant tell the,difference in the size they do contact,us delivery now as well because of the,whole virus thing but the thing is it,was so awkward because he left it in the,porch he left it in the porch but my,door has like glass on it so you can see,through so as hes taking it out of the,bag putting it in the porch Im just,sort of on the other side with the door,shot you can sit over to me a few times,Im just there waiting kind of awkward,pizza is just the best food on the,planet theres no arguing there you know,its bad for you I get that its,unhealthy and having it every single,week like I do probably isnt the best,decision but [ __ ] it man you live one,life and Im gonna spend it enjoying,compete suckers in the time that I have,in this life I need to enjoy all the,pizza that I can I have a question,though what do you usually like on pizza,I usually like chicken and sweet corn,now a lot of people cringe at that,chicken and sweet corn yeah its nice,try it before you [ __ ] on,its the same thing with beans on toast,everyone hates it because they just,dont like the sound of it or how it how,it looks,try it and then hate on it if you dont,like it Im probably gonna save a bit,for my brother because I kind of feel,bad ordering a pizza hes upstairs so I,kind of feel bad ordering a pizza and,not giving him any but one thing was for,certain Im sure as hell not [ __ ],ordering two of them 40 quid no way mate,thankfully I can eat quite a lot of food,and never really put any weight on in,fact up and losing weight recently which,is not a good thing but the thing is I,eat like a pig I eat so much the I,struggle to put on weight but no,Dominos are getting away in my voice,and Ill definitely be going here not,often just because again 20 quid man but,I will be going here for special,occasions which is I dont know but I,think Ill leave three slices for my,brother these three Leah that was the,first Dominos Pizza that I have ever,had and it did not disappoint it did not,disappoint me at all lets just sanitize,the hands real quick got to be careful,these days again unfortunately it just,does not compare when it comes to price,you know I can get two 12-inch pizzas,for the price of one eleven and a half,inch and yeah you could say you pay more,for quality you pay more you get a,better pizza thats true but at the same,time the pizza that I usually get is,perfect anyway but you know it will be,ordering peeps from here in the odd time,I definitely recommend it to anyone,whos never tried it before although I,think Im the only person that has never,tried it before now I might do another,one of these in a few weeks where I,tried Papa Johns because that is,another incredibly popular pizza place,and I could do like a little comparison,which one is better Dominos Papa Johns,via that being said that is going to be,it for this video so I hope you all,enjoyed thank you for watching,definitely subscribe if youre new here,and Ill see you all in my next video,[Music]

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Dominos vs. Pizza Hut Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

who Dominos Pizza Hut is better lets,talk about that,[Music],good good mythical morning its late,youre tired maybe you got a case of,that midnight munchies but who you gonna,call that midnight czar maybe youre a,Dominos diehard but you could go for,Pizza Hut which is exactly what youtuber,amazingphil did and tweeted about it he,said cheating on Dominos with pizza Hut,mmm-hmm and then the Pizza Hut tweet,person was like oh famous youtuber,tweeted about us this is my chance a bit,of respond with something dope,he said hope youre enjoying it got some,big crust energy right there Wow,Dominos feeling completely threatened,chimed in,sounds like a momentary lapse please,dont do it again,and it seems like Dominos intimidation,tactics work because Phil went on a,tweet about them in 2013 2014 and 2016,what happened in 2015 Twitter words now,but which piece of chain is the most,tweet worthy today we take the two pizza,places at the top of the financial and,cultural fast food chain and decide,definitively which deserves to be,totally dominant its time for food,feuds,Dominos vs. pizza hut were gonna taste,signature menu items from each,restaurant head-to-head and rate them,one to ten in the end the winner will be,crowned the ultimate pizza chain a,preeminent perfection in our opinion and,they will win a chance to sponsor a GMM,episode let us pizza first were,comparing their thin crust options and,were going to be eating pepperoni,because we are grown men and we dont,eat cheese pizza anymore hey hey hi Im,Dominos Dirk and Ill be the one,preparing testing for quality and,delivering your pizza which you can you,can see me doing on the Pizza Tracker,app I also do a lot of other things on,the feats of tracker app that you cant,see anyways enjoy your crispy thin crust,pepperoni pizza okay alright alright hey,hey hey Dirk I like her relational,tension has theres history theres,history hey there,well,hi Pizza patty who ordered uh we did,pizza fan and crispy pepper I cant uh,that was us,yeah patty um,Pattys got a lot of piercings no I,didnt they they put it in squares,whats it called when they cut it in,squares is that Sicilian is Kilian and,if they cut it with scissors thats,Roman yeah,take it in single hmm okay so this is,considered crunchy thin crust theres,not a lot of crunch though well theres,a little bit of age on it because of it,getting here so were not gonna hold,that against him man doesnt taste bad,its just not that its not the kind of,I typically dont order this thing for,us I feel like Im not getting my,moneys worth which in this case is,$14.99 or 1449 oh this is super close,does the fact that is cutting a triangle,do anything for you,it makes that first bite more fun Wow,IIIi dont think Im a big fan of the of,the thin crust so Im gonna be rating,both of these a little bit lower Im,gonna give this a 6 I gotta go with the,six as well because I wanted to say,seven but that seems a little too good,and five seems not good enough six Im,gonna this is six as well Im gonna give,it a seven because I prefer the,pointyness,okay now were gonna check out at these,peace of places our one-trick ponies or,able to fly like multiple trick ponies,with wings chicken wings wings hi these,are hot wings their wings with hot sauce,and theyre hot theyre their fire your,hot wing hey jerk oh I made you a mix CD,oh its mostly Evanescence in Bloodhound,Gang you know each other all right,youre some dead spicy chickens yeah Wow,so Pizza Hut delivers theirs in some,sort of a globe,yeah wingstreet bringing the globe hey I,dont know if thats good though because,I think that this makes them crispy er,you know start over here yeah you,started the Dominos now Im more of a,well whats it whats it called when you,get that not the not the drumette,a flat a flat Ive had these wings,theyre definitely not nearly as good as,like a wing stop like a real wing place,mm-hmm what we gotta get the job done,you know the job of getting chicken into,your mouth my main issue is that theyre,soggy theyre tasty,theyve got a really good taste but well,theyre not fried there theyre like,baits yeah theyre in there wrapped in,foil and delivered so theres no way,that theyre not gonna be like SOG out,but you know unless just to keep these,decent I almost have a I mean okay how,much theyre bigger well theyre,slightly bigger oh wow thats a good,play does is that theyre buffalo flavor,yeah thats tangy man mm-hmm,these are way better theyre not as hot,there was have a sweet and sour chicken,thing going on but yeah whatever they,liked about it I almost want to call,them hot wings but theyre and theyre,also fried I mean they look fried they,taste fried are they fried they are yeah,I mean these are baked were right about,that I believe that pizza oven baked,kind of a situation yes okay Wow,so lets start by ranking by rating the,dominoes which are $7.99 I think this is,like Im comparing them to all chicken,wings and on a scale of one to,ten chicken wings as a four I agree Im,given that a four um these are these are,a bit surprising Im trying to figure,out are they hot but its not as hot as,those theyre a little spicy not as,spicy as these but I actually like the,flavor profile better and I like the,fact that its a classic classically,fried chicken wing mm-hmm now its not,nearly as good as like wing stuff,so Im gonna give it a seven cool seven,Im in a total agreement and was also a,thing in the seven well okay Ill have,another one in celebration of our,agreement Im getting ready for the big,money the hand-tossed and ER pizza we,all know and love,then about Purdy with classic supreme,toppings right uh-huh yeah hand tall,spraying pizza pepperoni Italian sausage,green peppers mushrooms onions,mozzarella cheese did you write that on,your palm uh-huh cuz I cant remember I,freaked did you listen to the mix CD,yeah it was like our hot sauce it was,hot fire oh my god theyre bringing,people together today this is our Pizza,Hut hand tossed supreme pizza,it has pepperoni green bell peppers,sausage onions your breath can smell,really bad after this okay now may I,point out the size of the sausage youve,touched the sausage on your own piece,and Ill grab my own is the toppings are,are bigger Im not even Im completely,forgetting which place is from I dont I,cant even see the box I can only see,the pizza I mean that is a big hunk of,sausage Im satisfied with this pizza,sauce is my favorite topping so I really,like that theres like no it does mean,theres more to it yeah but theres only,two one to two pieces of sausage on,these piece because the sausage pieces,are so big thats it thats a good point,now for this one which is Pizza Hut Im,just gonna say theres five pieces of,sausage six pieces of sausage is only,$18 50,more for the for the dominoes you just,at 1850 more its only 50 cent more,thats what I meant yeah so I dont,think the price is really nope,interpreting factor heres the thing,well as cross-contaminated the sausage I,know Im harping on the sausage here and,again well theres not another sausage,to eat on that piece this sausage tastes,better so much better yeah like if I,just I just eat the saucer myself from,the pizza if you taste like a breakfast,sausage okay this is like an Italian,this is whats happening in my mind see,if you agree with this the flavors on,the whatever this one is Dominos mm-hmm,are better the form factor on this pizza,yes its better like the crust seems,like it would taste better the sausage,is more spread out but the flavor is,more bland and I got to go with taste if,Im gonna Im gonna choose taste over,texture I should taste the back crust,too before we make a final decision,pitas got better crust cuz its about,the form factor hmm,but it just tastes better I like the,dominos crust tastes better yeah it,tastes better but this kind of feels,better Im gonna give the Dominos Pizza,an 8,were on the same train today my friend,because Im gonna give it an 8 as well,Im disappointed in this experience I,mean its really l

CHEF REVIEWS DOMINOS PIZZA! | WATCH THIS before your next Dominos Take Away Pizza! | 3-Min Review

welcome to the taste test channel and in,todays impartial three minute review,ill be unboxing and tasting a dominos,pizza which is in fact my first takeaway,pizza in 20 years ill be sharing my,thoughts on its unique tastes and smells,comparing nutritional stats and,discovering where it ranks on our taste,test channel one to five star ratings so,lets jump straight in in order to best,judge the pizza flavor itself ive,picked a cheese and tomato version its,in a medium size and on a thin and,crispy base so well open up the box,so i have to say this looks,pretty gross flat oily and uninspiring,completely burnt on one side and im,smelling nothing but grease and oil but,it might prove different in the tasting,so well have to see but first a quick,look at nutritional content we all know,pizza isnt the healthiest of foods but,theres astonishingly huge differences,depending on which you choose take these,six popular brands for instance you,might be surprised to learn that per,hundred grams this dominos pizza has,the most energy fat sugar and salt of,all six plus almost twice as much,saturated fat making it the least,healthy pizza gram for gram on every,indices but lets move on to the tasting,so theres a burnt crispy edge with a,strange textured base like an overcooked,pita bread but with airy flaky layers,like a water biscuit and not a very nice,flavor its very salty as if theyve,used salt for flavour instead of,reducing the tomatoes its also,exceptionally greasy im not tasting,cheese at all just oil and that has the,aftertaste overall i know millions of,people eat these daily and each to their,own but im afraid to say based on this,i cant see what the appeal is and i,really dont feel like ive been missing,anything especially given it costs up to,five times as much as a store-bought,pizza,so our taste test channel star rating,for this dominos pizza is,one star and as always taste is,subjective and this is purely my point,of view but i hope its provided some,useful insights but before you go a few,quick and surprising stats worth bearing,in mind if youre a takeaway fan now,mcdonalds have often had a bad rap of,criticism for selling high-energy junk,food somewhat unfairly i think for some,reason however take-away pizza chains,seem to have slipped through the net,entirely possibly because they claim a,portion should be just three slices of,pizza but lets face it most people eat,a whole one or at least a half so lets,just take a second to compare then a,large big mac meal with large fries and,diet coke versus a dominos medium-sized,stuffed crust pepperoni passion pizza,with no sides at all so these are the,calories or kilojoules youd consume,[Music],and this is the fat,[Music],and as for salt this is the maximum,daily recommended salt or sodium intake,for adults in the u.s or uk this is how,much you consume from the mcdonalds,meal and this is how much youd ingest,from the dominos one and thats with no,sides so food for thought perhaps,so thats our three minute mini review,but how are these other pizzas rank in,taste when compared to dominoes find out,in our full-length ultimate pizza taste,test via this link or click the,thumbnail on the end screen of this,video or simply search the taste test,channel on youtube so i hope youve,enjoyed watching this video and if you,have dont forget to subscribe to ensure,you dont miss out on any of our regular,taste tests,meanwhile thanks for watching and,ciao,you


more like a bloody popping on that is,super thin hello everyone and welcome,back to food review club and more,specifically my garden now you know,times get hard when were having to,order these guys I went on dusty I went,on food hub Im not a big Dominos lover,however theres an ease and simplicity,to it that just works a lockdown the,marketing lockdown the app 45 minutes,after Mordor it turned up this one is,now Im gonna do something special for,you thats pretty me love the windows,really picked up in the garden now,apologies for not having a mic um I want,to do something special for you guys in,the comments now tag someone that you,want to share a takeaway with and this,week Im gonna buy you one maybe Ill,pick three or four of your tag your,friends in the comments right Im gonna,buy you guys a take away this week,Dominos fish and chips your local kebab,race whatever is 50 pound max spend all,do it for a few of you get in the,comments tag a loved one a family member,family friend you know your granddad,whoever do it right first things first,the pizza a swim round the wind so here,we have it as a weird-looking pizza,this is the thin crust cheese pizza what,I normally go for if I have promised,around here there isnt many pizzas that,deliver Mersenne the kebab style pizza,thick greasy doughy horrible get out my,face,Dominos is a polarizing place full of,evil people loving but those in the game,Oh see this is the thin crust more like,a bloody pop it on that is super thin,that you could Shh,excuse me you could shave with that,okay lets dive in give it a score not a,lot going on this guys to be fit skull,genuine not because Im sending my windy,garden that out in the open but look,great guys that doesnt even have any,crunch to it no its okay look you see,that it hasnt that crunch on a thin,question,yeah Dominos Im not really unsure,about guys okay recite cover some,chicken means hair pretty awful as well,to be fair,obviously we normally like to uncover,the independence so thats Dominos its,gonna be an artificial score theyre a,big change but dont want to do it but,needs must and you know what things are,big topic for conversation around UK,its Dominos good or bad first things,first,wings pretty small Franks in there that,source is lovely Franks redhot original,okay in pepper sauce Im a man who likes,his wings and patron without the sauce,tell me size-wise not great pretty bland,no lot going on there to almost be fair,Dominos has to be expected very,uninspiring you win on an ease factor,and a bass about it,standard the pizza Ive just say there,was Paul Im sorry to say it guys I,wanna give this a score of,4.6 dominoes youve got a 4.6 if youre,watching this guys dont do what I just,did,go them if you are lucky enough to live,locally to an amazing little pizza joint,support them put the money back into,your community right thats the score,end tag you mate if youve got this if,youve come this far into the video,congratulations,nice to still see you here tag a friend,tag a family remember the comments below,tell me much you love them and I will,contact you this week probably tomorrow,to be fair and buy you a takeaway and,thats a review

What is the Best Fast Food PIZZA?? (Tier list – Dominos, Papa Johns, Hungry Howies…)

today were going to be comparing eight,different well-known pizza franchises,head to head to make the ultimate fast,food pizza tearless that includes,dominoes pizza hut little caesars papa,johns california pizza kitchen costco,hungry howies and round table all right,first up the one company that doesnt,deliver good old costco pizza here we go,its looking a little burnt,gotta be as fair as possible i saw your,comments last time theres a lot of,people talking about i should have eaten,it fresh in the drive-through and stuff,and all that so,but here we go all about the taste,im not gonna say anything were gonna,move on to the pepperoni,okay this is an easy answer for me maybe,im partial because i grew up eating a,lot of costco pizza thats going,straight into a tear like i didnt even,need to really think about it the only,thing i would say about costco pizza is,the dough itself,is very bready,okay so here is how were doing this we,are going to order two different pizzas,from each of the eight different pizza,restaurants one large cheese pizza as a,control group and then one specialty,pizza which is gonna be whatever pops up,on their website first on the front page,like their featured pizza alrighty lets,order some pizza,all right the peaches have been ordered,they are on their way and i just saved a,ton of money thanks to the sponge of,this weeks video honey if you want to,try out honey for free and save some,money go to joinhoney.com,honey is the number one online shopping,tool that not only saves you money but,makes online shopping super easy honey,works in the background and searches the,internet for coupon code discounts and,lower prices and then applies these,codes to your cart at checkout like take,for example we just ordered two pizzas a,fairly normal order nothing too crazy,but we save over 10,on our order thanks to honey like,seriously all it took was just one click,and fun fact honey had coupons available,for over 90 of the restaurants that we,are ordering from today aside from pizza,though honey works on practically,anything and everything you want to buy,online and honey is even available on,iphone so theres really no reason to,not join honey its a free download it,can help you save money while shopping,online so if you want to save some money,effortlessly go to joinhoney.com,sony to download honey for free to your,computer or iphone today again that is,joinhoney.com link will be as always in,the description box below,[Music],oh,i just ordered that,pizza time yo dude okay all right man,dominos who slogan should be we can,deliver faster than you can deliver an,ad read,[Applause],oh my god and before i could take my,first bite we already have papa johns,has arrived okay but first up domino oh,and also plus they delivered it with,like this thing on the bottom which ive,never seen before but thats so good,because then the pizza isnt sitting on,the floor ill keep this into,consideration dominos is cheese pizza,okay right off the top its not giving,me like amazing pizza smell its not,giving me like that oh my god dude so,many pizzas are coming again dominoes,there we go,cheese pizza and then their specialty,pizza which we actually spun the wheel,before ordering we span a wheel because,they didnt have any featured stuff on,their website so we went with one of,their specialty pizzas and we just,spanned a wheel and we got,the pepperoni lovers or whatever they,call it the the powerful pepperoni,all right here we go okay so no cheese,pull off the top im not wasnt,expecting cheese pulp honestly its not,thin crust for sure this is like what,youd expect from you know fast food,pizza place here we go might be a little,hot,i dont know if its the cheese they use,the cheese blend or like more cheese,flavor the sausage flavor is good the,dough itself is cooked actually pretty,well and then for their specialty pizza,weve got keep forgetting the name were,just gonna call it the powerful,pepperoni there we go,this one is better than this one and i,know why like i said two little cheese,it tastes like marinara sauce on some,bread with a little bit of cheese this,added the flavor if you need it at the,kick the spice the extra saltiness this,one was better dominoes overall,first to the door and you know the good,service and stuff with the little box,im gonna give dominos a b that might,change that might change im filming b,dominos pizza youre a bee,oh my god all right look at all this,pizza that we got but next up were,going to go with,papa dollars ive had over 40 pizzas,again another pizza restaurant that,doesnt have a featured pizza right now,but we went with,[Music],this is the epic stuffed crust one,topping pizza well that is the specialty,pizza and this should be the large,cheese,pizza right here we go no cheese pool i,dont i i dont expect to get cheese,pools in any of these pizzas today same,thickness um here we go papa johns oh,were getting deep into the pizza all,these peaches are actually significantly,different which is totally,interesting thats a heavy boy while the,crust is super super thick the actual,pizza itself is actually looks more like,a thin crust all right here we go epic,stuff crush,its kind of gross but look at that,cross section i want to say thats a,little even undercooked not to be gross,but that is not the cheese yeah ill,pull into the cheese that is the cheese,its a little more brittle the hard part,is this is the best part of the pizzas,huh,all right all right so papa johns dude,all right okay it had like the opposite,problem as dominos definitely that,saltiness the cheese was more in your,face more flavorful and stuff the sauce,is like sweet its a very sweet marinara,sauce i i dont like it im im not a,fan of the flavor and if memory serves,me right this is gonna be the same,situation with pizza hut i think well,find out papa johns i think is gonna go,into a seat here yes,i wouldnt i wouldnt order that again,all right so little caesars here we go,all right so on your right weve got a,standard cheese pizza and then on your,left my right weve got the uh batman,calizoni its called the calzone,okay so first up slice of cheese cross,section this ones looking like its got,a little less substance to it than,dominoes and papa johns all right here,we go little caesars,all right were gonna move on to the,batman calzone we have our first cheese,full,epic,hey,thats not how bad and thats what those,are supposed to look like papa john we,got the specialty pizza for variety i,gotta be partial to the control group,which is the cheese this was,the worst pizza so far this was nothing,special whatsoever this though the,specialty pizza was good oh,i know im going bias into this one,should i get some crowd participation,for this tier list,im torn its between b and c too just,let me know let me know what you think,about the calzone oh my god its so good,thats pretty good little caesars is,coming up with an upset were going,beats here that feels wrong that feels,wrong,because this alone id say d tier thats,my gut feeling little caesars beat,round table,off the bat this ones looking,distinctly different this looks like a,pizza that i know this was their,stuffed crust with crispy mini pepperoni,oh interesting okay so were getting,more than one stuffed crust today and,also bonus points this is the first,pizza that came with tables alright well,first up here we go standard cheese the,control group im just looking at some,of this cross section and im not liking,it im worried it looks very just like,bready i dont think thats what pizzas,cross-section should look like normally,wheres the sauce theres like no sauce,on this oh no all right and then,this one is the stuffed crust mini,pepperoni which also let me just say,that structurally the way that popping,down to their stuffed crust this looks,like they just made a giant pizza and,folded it over a couple times,oh my gosh,i need sauce theres like no sauce on,these pizzas just it tastes like a,cheesy bread round table

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