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  3. Donatos/Red Robin Pizza Review: Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza
  4. Donatos Pizza Report !! Ellet, Ohio !!
  6. Donatos The Whole Works Pizza Review
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Dats Dat Pizza Review – Donatos Pizza (Madison, AL)

all day long,ronaldos i dont know how you do it bro,[Music],all right guys alright guys,hey whats up guys how you doing uh,listen were at donatos pizza lets see,where were at here were in madison,alabama im close to uh im close to,huntsville here guys uh lets see 8 000,madison boulevard in madison center its,next to the publix okay so listen uh,donatos uh evidently theyre a franchise,i didnt realize they were a franchise,when i do my reviews i dont go on a,yelp or anything else and look for,reviews whos got the best the worst im,in town i drive around i look for pizza,spots and uh so donatos evidently is uh,is a franchise type of deal well i,ordered a large pie its 18 in change,okay youre in a strip mall with public,so you got to charge 18 bucks all right,now theyre a large pie i can already,see it its a 14 inch i already know,now i got some inside information too,very nice people by the way inside at,this location but uh there is no uh,handmade hand-tossed dough at the,factory or wherever the central location,is theyre making the dough theyre,freezing the dough they send it here so,its not what im typically used to okay,were looking for some new york pizza,were looking for fresh hand tossed now,she did say that they do a fresh hand,tossed dough but they dont make it at,the location its made at the central,location okay so ive never eaten,dinadas before my life ever uh but here,in madison alabama uh louis cs gonna,check it out and see what it is so you,and i all of us together are gonna take,a look at this pie its a 14-inch pie,lets see what we got here its uh every,piece is important so theyre thinking,about us right so thats a good thing,lets see what its like you and i,together were gonna open this thing up,see im hungry as hell ah i mean uh,listen,thats what this pizza is thats,dinardos okay so its in uh,its in squares for the kids okay,heres what im gonna tell you without,even tasting it its not worth 18 and,change,this is this is this is little caesars,looking type of all day long okay,and i dont want to say,lets bleep that out,because it could be incredible i im,just telling you from what im looking,at im disappointed because im looking,for a new york pie and uh and in the,pictures i didnt see anything that was,that was uh like this you know on the,menu everything looked like it was ready,to go anyway,lets see what we got here if you can,focus in a little bit hows that crust,look,crust look all right,heres what the top of it looks like all,right you got a little bit of semolina,the cornmeal flour,come on bro come on bro,donatos is a six to eight dollar pizza,all day long,now,its thin crust,its thin crushed,nothing is homemade guys,nothings homemade on it if you could,see that sauce,if you could see it,if you could see how that sauce is,coming up there,the cheese is folded over its not,not homemade obviously its rolled out,of course they say its the best pizza,thats it,its not an 18 pizza its a six to eight,dollar pizza all day long,all day long,ronaldos i dont know how you do it bro,i dont know how you do it franchising,but thats how little caesars im doing,anyway,its donatos its uh,donatos were in madison alabama right,here donato score,its not going to be very hard donato,score for me,its a kids pizza its its a,its a 5.1 pizza all day long here at,donatos madison square,madison square were in the shopping,center where the public is just look up,donatos if you want this pizza dont,expect a lot from it its homemade but,its not homemade its uh its its fast,food pizza is what it is its not worth,875. it must have to be worth 875,because they got to pay the rent and im,just very disappointed what i could tell,as soon as i got this,its franchise pizza guys its a its a,5.1 all day long madison,alabama,donates,5.1 all day long and thats that,make sure you watch the next video,because this ones even better than this,one and they dont know how great this,one was but youre gonna love the next,one either way like i said subscribe,dont subscribe maybe subscribe listen,just subscribe well its not breaking,your chops you subscribe to everything,else subscribe hey im louie c take care,[Music],[Music],hey,[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],you


[Music],all right heather pizza review time,we are at,an ohio-based,uh national i believe its national all,around uh,some places,pizza place known as donatos pizza um,this specific location is in lima ohio,uh,interesting kind of vibe,uh but the cool thing about this is i,have been interacting with these guys on,twitter for a while and,full disclosure they gave me a review,code uh for this so,it was free,full disclosure thats not gonna change,how i review this pizza itll have no,effect appreciate it very generous of,you guys awesome but uh you know,unbiased review regardless so,they also recommended that i do uh and,it fits right in they said do the,pepperoni thats kind of what were,known for i think they said they do like,a hundred pepperonis on each pizza and,they cut it party style for the thin,crust thin crust is their main the bees,knees for them,so thats what im going for,uh thats what we did,um pretty cool looking box every piece,is important i agree its a nice quote,by the chairwoman,love it,uh lets see,recycle the box thats good advice,all right,lets see what we got here,oh its a good looking pie right there,lots of pepperonis uh nice and thin,crust,thin thin crust nicely cut um,smells fantastic,lots of pepperonis looks like they put a,some type of sprinkle it might be,oregano theres some wind,wind action going on,lets adjust here and this is a thin,pizza so this could be some pretty,entertaining,video uh and the question was what piece,are you gonna go for first,well,im going for the most interesting,looking piece which is this one,right here on the end,oh check that out check out that bake,its got some cornmeal,love it,looks really good and nice and thin,very good,got some racing action here,in lima ohio,okay,um sauce was really good on that,like really good,um,very robust tomatoey,flavor,the cheese is uh,cheese is a little bit on the thinner,side obviously,as you can see the sauce kind of pops,out a little bit more but the sauce is,the strong suit here,see what this pepperoni on its own is,all about,good pepperoni,a little bit smaller flats,very good excellent,um,one thing to know is that you could,probably eat this pizza if youre super,hungry like just,its not very filling,so good,but thats a downfall but then crest,pizza delicious,um,i like it also i think,if they dont have locations like,standalones near you,i believe they have a partnership with,red robin,youd have to look that up in some,locations so,you can you can probably get this exact,pizza,or something comparable to it,depending on where youre at,so,thats exciting appreciate the review,code guys,im giving this pizza,donatos big time pizza review,thin crust pepperoni,this,this is a 7-3,fantastic,i would buy this all the time,yeah if im feeling a thin crust,this is where im gonna go,check us out,were on socials ill post that here,we have other reviews you never know,where were gonna be,so follow us there and check out our,other reviews on our playlist thats the,review,thank you for watching check out the,merch in the link below,and subscribe for all the pizza hashtag,all the pizza

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Donatos/Red Robin Pizza Review: Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

whats going on everyone,were back kyle here ariana here,and we are,committed to the pizza,[Music],what do we have today give us a quick 30,second background ready go donatos,pizza theyve been around for like,50-plus years mcdonalds owned them for,like four years somewhere in the middle,and then donatos bought them back and,then they partnered with red robin so,that they could sell pizza because red,robin was struggling and so they needed,some help to get more people in there in,their restaurants,with time to spare that was awesome,all right,well that,lets just go ahead and open the box we,did so yes as anna just explained they,are a red robin pizza i dont even know,what a red robins was all the dough is,made in ohio and then shipped out their,plan is to have over 200 red robins that,sell donatos pizza this year so its,like a new rollout ive got to say red,robin this is probably the saddest,chocolate milkshake that ive ever had,in my entire life,this its like cake cake batter,oh yeah thats just way better than mine,my god theyre both very,not anyway here we go,were not committed to milkshakes thats,for sure,whoa,this is a very,sad,looking pizza,its like little,slice slip slips this makes me want,little caesars in a bad way okay but the,little caesars deep dish was actually,really good,okay anyway go ahead and grab you a,sliver of self-pity sliver and its so,watch its just like the best pizza,weve ever had this is a 10.,yeah,cold cold,not as bad as it looks ill be honest,what am i crunching on uh i dont know i,didnt punch anything reminds me of,having sand in your pizza the sauce i,cant taste the cheese i cant i cant,taste anything except for these,pepperonis its actually quite tasty,tell me what is tasty please i like the,pepperonis why,because theyre crisp and they taste,like pepperonis,and were not committed to the,pepperonis um,there is something on the bottom of the,crust,its like what you would have in the,bottom of a like a kaiser roll i assume,its a seasoning but i dont taste oh,god,oh god,thats all over the,carpet i think its hot just rabbit,higher whoa,all right so hes got a blast in the,sauce i like the sauce its its its,mild no,no not mild really what are you eating i,have the coconut,were not eating get this piece over,here and just bite the sauce,thats like tangy,wow its got like a hard tang i dont,know what i was tasting before then,its tangy like like spaghetti oh tangy,i,so this is clearly like a freezer pizza,bananas you guys should buy,your pizza back from from from red,robins well theres partner with my,brother if i got if i got pizza from,mcdonalds this is what i would expect,it to be for less though,more mcdonalds,so this was a 15 pizza if this was two,dollars i feel better about it it was,like happy hour two bucks id be like,okay like happy hour focus is actually,drinking but this is just a little,something a nibble on on the side that,doesnt really like interfere with the,flavor of my beer so you dont get like,too drunk too fresh yeah yeah this would,be it this is a familiar taste of this,crust what is it,oh,its like um its another food like a,burnt pretzel or something those little,pretzels that come in the little like,dunking packs yeah like the dunkaroo,stuff strange okay,i would never scale this on like the,normal pizza scale this goes on the,freezer pizza scale yeah what do you,give it,its below average to me its getting,like a 3.5,yeah true,you get a two for me and im gonna be,honest,i feel bad about feeding this to my dog,here in five minutes,i mean well see if he even likes it,achilles is a really picky eater like,okay sure your pepperonis taste like,pepperonis i mean thats pretty hard to,screw up the fact that the pepperonis,are crisp,is nice nothing else is is good here,thats not like thats something they do,they run it through the oven its like a,self-crisping thing guys what is going,on here maybe perhaps looking at what,red robin is like a place where you go,and hes drinking this,thats,i think this is a great for the location,probably wouldnt order a milkshake,again,rough this is definitely some place you,take people you dont want thats all,that i have im done here thats it just,really messy okay everyone well there,you have it donatos,would you give them a three and change,3.5 and then two for me so i dont know,do the math on that best of luck to you,cannot recommend until next time,stay committed,wow huh im gonna be honest as soon as i,found out that they were red robin cake,and then figured out what red robin was,i was,thats about what i was expecting yeah i,think this about hit our expectations,agreed,agreed

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Donatos Pizza Report !! Ellet, Ohio !!

welcome back showtime pizza report i am,your host chris thank you so much for,tuning in today,im happy you are here im happy to be,here im in a great mood i just took one,of two trips to ocean city maryland,today,that is beautiful and yes i will be,doing pizza reviews from ocean city,maryland,in june today showtime pizza report hits,up donatos,and ellen ohio were gonna try this out,i dont think ive ever been to a,donatos,and its a big change so i mean im not,expecting a lot here this pizza is,pretty light,i mean compared to the little scissors i,had the other day,yeah wow lets see what we got here its,showtime,oh look at that its cut into squares,and that is a,game changer for me they will get extra,points for that,because meat squares just change,everything but you can see on this pizza,they are not generous with the cheese at,all,half this pizza look at this half the,slice here,doesnt even have cheese on it thats,crap,i hate that were gonna try it anyway,see what we got here,im going right through the middle piece,of this middle piece,not even no cheese on it geez,all right not expecting a lot here its,showtime well see what we got,whatever seasoning they got on this,[Music],they got a lot of it on here they must,be pretty proud of that,[Music],wow,this pizza sucks,how could a chain be so big and,successful and syrup this crap,its even cut into squares which is a,game changer for me,it didnt change much on this pizza now,like jane enos,i always try to end here,if you want crunchy crust donatos does,not have crunchy crust,lets beat this trash,he has a little caesars earlier in the,week,pretty good stuff you get three times,more of your value over there this pizza,i think was fifteen dollars,i had three pies and little caesars for,twenty dollars that were way,better than this,but anyway donatos and ellet donatos,all together,lets see something here half this pizza,doesnt even have cheese on it so youre,basically eating,a lot of over seasoned pepperoni,pizza not a lot of cheese,its basically not that good that mad,spicy too,[Music],i dont know what the record low is i,think its tonys up in lakewood,this pizza out rate of 5.2 donatos,thats gotta i think thats gotta be the,newest slow you know if ashley stewart,still watches these videos or not,just keep track of it every review i did,with the scores,i dont know if she still does or not so,actually if youre out there watching,this,let me know 5.2 is the lowest,there you go donatos sucks ellen ohio,thats the review


good morning welcome to our weekend,edition of the vlog,keatons normal gymnastics is on fridays,but we had missed a few because of,weather,and carson being born so we got a makeup,point for keaton at our gymnastics and,we are running late,krista and clayton are getting ready,upstairs with carson,i can hear keaton like running back and,forth but yesterday when i,did shift i had a huge balloon order so,i grabbed chriss car,and i took out the car seat so i gotta,hurry and put your car seat back in hi,girl are you ready for gymnastics,yeah ready im gonna do this right now,okay,i gotta run out and switch the car seats,real quick,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],okay we made it to gymnastics carson,didnt even cry the whole way here,theres your mask that doesnt fall off,while youre running around,oh thats cold i wear my las vegas mask,were totally in las vegas mode you guys,like if you want,to go to las vegas go right now its so,cheap,if we didnt have carson wed totally be,going im not even kidding,yeah i dont think id be able to stand,in her way this time,i keep looking at the weather and ours,is like even though its sunny out right,now its weird,but our weather is like cloudy cloudy,cloudy rain rain rain every day for the,whole week,go to las vegas complete opposite sun,blue sky do i want to take a newborn on,a baby,huh im tired do i want to take a,newborn,baby on a plane nope so thats the only,thing stopping us,anyway were here lets go to your,gymnastics,and youre gonna stay in the car with,baby boy yeah were im hungry,so hurry okay lets go girly yeah,[Music],so,[Music],okay gymnastics is over this was just a,makeup class by the way,with having carson and just being,pregnant oh you already told them,totally just like forgot that her,gymnastics opened back up,and she missed three classes i guess she,still has two more to make up,this is her first makeup one oh yeah and,then we were gonna do a different makeup,and then there was it snowed and there,was another,weather problem one time it was windy i,dont remember what happened,i dont think so i dont think they,cancelled gymnastics for the wind,was too hot or something no that was in,the summer remember that time i was,gonna got to my gymnastics because it,was too,because it was a little too small too,yeah the summer,yeah well we made that one up though,anyway gymnastics is over,i was kind of worried this is what chad,would suggest i dont know why,im not a big fan of red robin lately,but yeah these guys are so actually i,was,in gymnastics looking on my phone for,the best places around here to have,fried pickles,i know red robin has fried pickles so we,might get some of those today we havent,been there in a while,definitely not since they opened back up,to go eat inside,oh they have that pizza were only like,two minutes away,so were like super close literally one,minute away maybe might try their new,pizza,all right we got seated right away,carson was not happy,he is oh hes good now if i can keep the,bottle in his mouth,so you use the qr code for the menu,and you guys im going for it okay daddy,whats next,whats the brand of pizza they have its,called donatos,and apparently its like i think its,from ohio,it originated in ohio yeah and then our,server just said on the east coast its,really popular,i did it weve had it here for a while,at our location here at red robin ive,just been scared to,try it because it has provolone cheese,instead of mozzarella,and i honestly dont think ive ever had,provolone but if i would have known that,i probably would just think its,mozzarella i wouldnt know i wouldnt,know any different i have we just dont,know,yeah true so anyway i did it i,i got it i even got pepperoni i didnt,even get cheese i got pepperoni on it i,might take off some of the pepperoni,but im excited to try it well see if,its any good,im proud of you too for being brave i,know right because i always just get the,same thing here,although i got the same thing but kevin,you love it you love their burgers here,and keaton she always gets the same,thing too right whatd you get,i i always get max and oranges thats,right,we havent been here in a while like you,said though yeah a long time,yeah we did do a takeout and it was not,very good,remember you came and picked it up right,maybe a month ago or so,yeah it was kind of a bummer and this,little baby hes still,chowing down on his bottle hes doing,good now,first time at red robin we have fried,pickles coming but chad of course,asked for the free french fries oh,a little chicken has to have free french,fries right well theyre not really,free were paying for them extra,all right this is what ive been wanting,theyre theyre pretty good here,theyre not as good as wheres the best,ones chad that weve had,yeah in las vegas and maybe thats just,because the first place,that i had ever tried them was at,margaritaville and thats our thing,yeah we go to margaritaville get fred,pickles and nachos,theyre fairly good here and a big,ranch and some campfire sauce might have,some left over we can take them home and,heat them back up in the airfryer,yeah so i think im like full already my,pizza hasnt even come,just with french fries and fried pickles,so chad and i decided,we have these many pickles left were,stopping,were not going to eat anymore were,going to take them home for later,because its like,2 oclock right now a little bit after,so were going to take the pickles home,for,snack tonight and then we have some more,special coming up,that were going to drive to that keaton,has been really wanting to go to,so stay tuned for that we got a huge,table of food here chads burger came,and fries he always gets the whiskey,river barbecue,burger has like yeah no tomato and,always it has fried onions on there,and peanut butter mac and cheese and,oranges,and here is the pizza im trying to,like see for a size reference its not,huge at all but i mean,plenty big for like a personal this is,just a small they have a small and a,large,and i just got the pepperoni and i like,it,i like this kind of pepperoni when its,super well done and crispy,enjoy your lunch katons already digging,it,okay were gonna give it a try so they,cut it in squares its a round pizza but,they cut it in squares,interesting this is my little bite,thats cut so,here we go were going to try this,thats really bad okay how exciting,i dont know about that so chad and i,are already saying,were not good food right now because,lets do that,our tastes are so screwy some things we,cant taste,some things just tastes different but i,can tell,this tastes really good that little,cheese flying around there,well good im glad you like it,yeah its really good nice,yeah its very thin yeah its that,famous thin,crust i think whole thin crust pizza is,a scam so they can save money,some but like me like it better well i,still think its a scam,enjoy your pizza i want a piece of,pepperoni maybe,okay but i wont pick it up,i dont touch chris food okay chads,turn im sharing,already sharing this carrot,i better be crispier,it looks crispy a little like sucked a,little doughy,hello,its good,i know i think its some of those things,where the more you eat it like the,better its gonna get the better flavor,wont stay,[Music],all right keaton has been asking,i dont know for a while she actually,asked if dunkin donuts was open the,other day and i was like,i dont think youve ever been to dunkin,donuts and she was like whats another,donut place,and i told her krispy kreme yeah,shes been very excited to go to krispy,kreme so were headed there now,theyre only open to order online,so um cant go inside and pick them out,but i just ordered,place the order and were going there,now to pick him up and the closest one,to us is,10 miles away in seattle so were headed,to seattle,probably wont see like downtown seattle,but were gonna be in seattle,you want krispy kreme,big thumbs up for her,okay so this street that were on in,seattle it is called aurora,and its not honestly its not the be

Donatos The Whole Works Pizza Review

today kevin and i are gonna be trying,the donatos pizza,this is the whole works it is loaded,with seven toppings,edge to edge toppings it says it was,10.98,at sams club but 1098 is for two,pizzas so in this box there are,literally,two pizzas so im going to take out one,and so the whole works it says,a famous crispy thin crust,uh heritage recipe uh,pepperoni and sausage red onions,portobello,mushrooms so im gonna,open it up,[Applause],uh yeah so well have to try to figure,out the rest of them,you have some onion and green pepper,mushrooms,cheese sauce cheese yeah,cheese and sauce so um what you do,is you preheat your oven preheat your,oven to 400 degrees,and then you remove the pizza from the,plastic wrap wrap keep your,um uh what do you call that more,cardboard,yeah cardboard keep your cardboard,because when you take it out of the oven,you can put it back on here to slice it,but it says youre gonna bake it for 12,to 17 minutes,were going to let it go for the entire,17 minutes because we like ours a little,bit crispy and then well be back,so this is the pizza after the full time,and,uh it got really really good and crispy,and crispy on the bottom too yeah its,um it says,famous crispy thin crust on the box,uh so yeah you can hear it as kevins,cutting it,the fifth of the pizza is 320 calories,i dont think thats bad at all um lets,see where these make oh,columbus ohio so its distributed by,james doe foods d-o-u-g-h,not d-o-e uh not jane doe,james doe foods in a division of,donatos pizza in columbus ohio,donatos.com,hey oh no i started in columbus thats,interesting okay,im gonna get a bite with everything,im not used to having uh mushrooms on a,frozen pizza,i love mushrooms,i like that now the center of that,wasnt super crispy it was a little,softer than i thought it was gonna be,yeah you really do taste those mushrooms,the outside though mm-hmm really crispy,i love that then i wish the whole thing,was as crunchy as the back all right,did you take a bite at the bottom no,its very very good,i like the flavor of the sausage the,pepperoni,[Music],me and the cheese theres plenty of,cheese on it,what anything with the the crispy on the,outside i like it,i agree its almost hard but i agree i,wish the,the middle the center had gotten that,crispy as well,but we left it in for the maximum amount,of time that they gave,and i think if you had left it anymore,that would have actually turned black,yeah the outside would have been burnt,yeah but,i do um like the flavors that it has,going on,the pep the sausage has a really good,sausage flavor the pepperoni,its a super spicy pepperoni but its,got a little seasoning there its good,um yeah my only complaint really is i,wish the center had gone a little bit,crisper but,i like the onion its not real watery in,the middle though,thats exactly what i was gonna say a,lot of times when,you get a frozen pizza that has uh,peppers or onions on it,its watery so watery that it turns me,off because its so soggy,it makes it soggy i dont like watery,bread i dont like damp bread,so this is not watery at all and i dont,know how they prevented that but they,did a good job or even,its not greasy either from the,pepperoni the sausage so yeah,that pepperoni did you what did you,think about the flavor its good its,not like i said its not super spicy,um its got a good flavor to it its got,a little spice but its not,like hot it just has a very very,basic meat flavor which is a little bit,of spice there,yeah i didnt get any spice at all,whatsoever kevin said,more like seasoning spice than like salt,and pepper spice no,yeah really i mean yeah like burn your,mouth not like any kind of spice at all,i would have actually liked it if they,put a little spice,a little bit of spice on it um but i do,think this is a nice pizza,its good its good and the sauce is,good i mean its its overall,its really good like i said my only,complaint is really about the center but,thats not even a complaint its just a,comment,right so is this my my favorite pizza,no its not but i do think its good and,i think for 10.98,i think youre youre getting yeah,youre going to because youre getting,two full pizzas yeah thats a good price,definitely worth trying out if youve,got a family,i mean thatll feed quite a few people,with two pizzas,yeah so i hope you enjoyed the video and,thanks for watching,[Music],you

Donatos Pizza Review (Zanesville, OH)

all right guys,another fire review were gonna start,taking care of all the,peach pies around here donatos,there we go right here on me see what we,got,oh damn that looks damn good,obviously it looks amazing right all,right lets just dig in one bite,yeah see we got on the corner piece,hanging by the edge a little bit of flop,there,dont look too crazy got the rectangle,slice,a little baby crunch to it,tastes pretty good i like flavor,good,some people might not but i like it,good,this is,we got pizza hut right across the street,huh now this is where,you get,some serious flop,i dont know bud all the flop,cheesy some taste not a lot of taste,im gonna give him like a,five three five three five three is what,im getting,its pretty good but,floppy i think could have been,a little longer but yeah like,gotcha you wanna check me check it out,all,hes having trouble getting the bar yeah,i mean its really hard to,even get a slice look at that hes,having a lot of trouble,dont even know where to start dude i,mean its just pulling right off,i mean the cheese is really good but as,you can see thats about all i got,i love the cheese but i dont know,just the way the cheese doesnt stay on,i cant get a piece,its tough lets see if i can get one,here,you gotta really support it from there,you know

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