1. Kanye West – Donda 2 v2.22.22 REVIEW
  2. Donda 2: The Biggest Scam in Hip Hop
  4. Shawn Cee REACTS to Kanye West – DONDA 2
  5. DONDA 2 Album Review: What Happened??
  6. Donda 2 Still Isnt Finished
  7. Thoughts on Kanye West’s Donda 2 (Miami Version)

Kanye West – Donda 2 v2.22.22 REVIEW

hi everyone bring the knee back tano,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review of this new,project from yay donda to the,2222,live miami experience version obviously,this thing is intended to be some sort,of sequel to the project ea dropped last,year named after and in tribute to his,mother which underwent a very polarizing,and chaotic rollout with a series of,live listening parties performances with,a range of guests featured on the,projects tracks now over the course of,these multiple live events the material,on donda was sort of evolving before our,ears the release date was getting pushed,back again and,again and eventually we were given this,over 100 minute project that was despite,all of the chaos surrounding it one of,kanyes better records in a while yes it,was kind of a mess all over the place a,little out of control but still featured,some of the most uniquely stark,production of any yay project and some,breathtakingly beautiful moments as well,it even conveyed a stronger sense of,spirituality than yays last record did,jesus king so the album was released the,reviews came out it seemed like a moment,of closure even the drake beef that,coincided with the drop of the album was,brought to a finish but the story,continued with a deluxe version of this,record which wasnt too much longer but,completely obliterated,any semblance of flow in the original,track list and the donda saga could have,easily ended there but as we made it,through the holidays and the new year we,eventually got the announcement that,there would be a sequel to the album,attached to the ambitiously close,release date of 2 22 22. now knowing,kanyes history with release dates i,think even his most hardcore fans were,knowing,theres no way thats going to [ __ ],happen we were never going to get a,project as huge and as conceptual and is,fully realized even with his flaws as,donda in this amount of time so the 2 22,22 date came and it was met with a live,stream an experience a performance with,a range of guests featured on the record,just like with the original donda album,rollout but this time with cooler,staging and visuals and outfits but uh,way more technical issues which,completely derailed the show to the,point where it was kind of an,embarrassment for everyone involved but,honestly not as embarrassing as,everything that led up to the live show,day after day kanye posting on instagram,about his rocky relationship with now x,kim kardashian in a way if im being,frank here that was pretty manipulative,and borderline abusive with threats,toward pete davidson and sharing,personal texts publicly now despite a,sort of apology from yay for causing,this commotion and sharing kims texts,publicly the [ __ ] has not stopped he,just dropped a music video for the song,easy the track where he threatens to,kick pete davidsons ass which oddly,this track hasnt made it onto this,version of the album maybe because its,more finished than almost everything,else here i dont really know the,philosophy behind it honestly but its,its kind of absent from this current,cycle and in recent court news uh he is,also trying to make all the instagram,posts he has you know put up in relation,to all of this inadmissible in court his,lawyers have also said they want kims,citation of these instagram posts to be,met with proof that he posted them,despite there being literally a [ __ ],picture of him with a notepad a date on,it saying my account is not hacked im a,drama channel now,i am just a drama channel so this 2 22,22,live performance happened and for a,moment,seemingly there was no album no donda 2.,where was it what happened i also have,to say there was a bit of disinformation,at first about how and where this,project would be available to fans,because multiple publications accurately,reported out of the gate that this thing,would only be available on the stem,player which many fans rightfully so,given that its two hundred dollars uh,were not very happy about and when i,say the stem player im talking about,this little thing over here uh this bit,of uh technology that yay released last,year that had the original donda record,on it and you can kind of like pull the,tracks apart into stems and listen to,separate bits of them in isolation now,in response to this there was like some,pushback on,this narrative almost a correction to,the story saying oh no youre going to,be able to listen to this everywhere and,maybe down the road that will uh be the,case uh but as of right now as far as i,know as as of me shooting this video you,need this thing to hear donda two as it,currently stands which i think is a,little slimy given the current state of,the project which we will get into very,soon so like i said for a moment after,the live experience seemingly there was,no dawn to two but,very shortly yay made available several,tracks from the performance which you,could download onto the stem player and,just days later uh pretty much the rest,of the songs the material followed and,just as a general comment before i get,into the meat of the record uh,it sounds unfinished as hell i mean its,most likely going to be subject to,updates at some point in the near future,but i guess this is the price of,getting a yay project in on time with a,totally absurd uh release date attached,to it but again this thing doesnt sound,complete and that was already kind of,apparent from the live experience,performance multiple tracks from that,show were really short repetitive not,really filled out with too many details,very understructured and multiple verses,and vocal passages from yay felt,completely ad-libbed where hes just,vaguely flowing and vocalizing over the,beat with little to no lyrics to offer,which is a blessing and a curse because,yeah it does make these songs again,sound very unfinished but during the,moments where yay really has something,clear and focused to say hes often,forcing listeners to buy into the gaslit,fantasy that his family is being torn,away from him like on the opening track,true love where yay has a very sloppily,delivered verse where he goes as far as,to depict his kids,digging a tunnel from their moms house,to him because i guess over there its,such hell and they have to escape also,drops a line where he vocalizes being,unhappy that theyre wearing nike they,are your children,wearing clothes,can they just exist send some yeezys to,kids that cant afford shoes instead of,expecting us to,shed a tear over the sight of a brand,name that you personally have beef with,like sadly yay is not going to let us,move through this project without,subjecting us to the worst elements of,his egoism and a series of extreme,narrative manipulations that portray his,current situation as something that is,purely being forced upon him and is no,way connected to any of his behavior,which makes it tough to focus just,purely on the material the musical,material and art of this project because,its so deeply hindered by the chaos it,was born out of like the song broken,road which does feature a gorgeous chord,progression and a haunting chorus from,don toliver the lo-fi and simple rhythms,on the beat feel akin to many of the,more minimal and stark moments on the,original donda but yay offers merely a,single verse on this track and the whole,thing just kind of trails off before it,even hits two minutes get lost is a,pretty cool musical monologue from yay,that is a lot like those auto-tuned,rants that he used to go on with some,very strong melodic phrasing theres,something very eerie about the minimal,presentation to it especially with,some bars and lines sticking out such as,do i still cross your mind if not then,never mind but i still wanted more,development to this track either that or,reinforcement from the songs surrounding,it but thats not really here either is,everything while it does kind of,reinforce a greater narrative feels very,loosely connected and doesnt come,together in any sort of grand,presentation in the w

Donda 2: The Biggest Scam in Hip Hop

this video is brought to you by the,ridge wallet stay tuned to find out more,this is easily um one of the weakest,drops that kanye west has ever put out i,think its the worst can we just agree,that its the worst project if it stands,as it is because its hard to judge it,because its not really completed yet,you can give people an experience,once the,record is finished but until then dont,sell any merchandise dont tell people,to buy stem players for an album that,wont release on the day that you say it,will masking it as if youre doing,something revolutionary for artists when,you cant even commit to the schedule,that youve made and there are notable,features on the project from the likes,of jack harlow and future,migos kind of seems like the sort of,thing that you would want to finish want,to complete but uh what we ended up,getting was a very incomplete mess of an,album and if it just is kind of allowed,to sit there and stay completely as is i,think its going to go down as quite,possibly one of the bigger blemishes on,kanye wests discography to have this,blatantly unfinished album just sitting,there not done untouched and,pretty much profited off of despite it,being released in the very shoddy state,that it was if theres anything that can,derail an artists career its losing,the respect from their fan base whether,its an ill-timed comment a petty public,beef or testing their audiences,patience by failing to deliver on,promises there are many ways that an,artist can destroy their legacy but in,the case of kanye west hes proven,himself to be nearly indestructible in,the eyes of his fans no matter what,absurd comments he makes any instance,where he lets the petty side of his,personality out or scraps entire,projects his million strong audience is,always willing to give him the benefit,of the doubt on the grounds that its,the pitfalls of being a genius or at,least that was the case until the,ill-fated donda 2 experiment after the,emergence of donda which was subject to,its own stunted rollout kanyes stock,was higher than its been since he was,born again among his most accomplished,projects in recent years fans were happy,to sing his praises about the extent of,both his musical vision and the ability,he had to deliver on but soon his,widespread goodwill and renewed focus on,his career which was emphasized by the,release of his netflix series genius,began to disperse by his smear campaign,against his ex-wifes new boyfriend pete,davidson but given that some of his,finest work has come from times of,strife and aggravation such as 808 in,heartbreak and my beautiful dark twisted,fantasy the news that hed be dropping,an album in the midst of it all was a,fascinating prospect set to be dropped,on,22-22 due to its astrological,significance the hype for the record was,only compounded when it was revealed,that an album which had the likelihood,of being as petty as hed ever produced,would be overseen by none other than the,king of toxicity future coupled with,endless pictures of yay in the studio,with collaborators ranging from travis,scott to the game to young lean scarface,and dream pop outfit beach house it,appeared that this time around yay was,pulling out all the stops and had every,intention on improving on what he,started with donda and more importantly,he remained adamant that the record,would deliver on time but just when it,seemed like all was going well yay opted,to throw his listeners a gigantic,curveball which would forever change the,complexion of the record donda 2 will,only be available on my own platform the,stem player not on apple amazon spotify,or youtube he proclaimed todays artists,just get 12 percent of the money the,industry makes its time to free music,from its oppressive system its time to,take control and build our own go to,stemplayer.com now to order as was,evident yays intention was to maximize,his own profits and that of his,collaborators and in all fairness it was,in keeping with much of his rhetoric,from recent years im not putting no,more music out till im done with my,contract with sony and universal on god,in jesus name come and get me he wrote,during a lengthy twitter rant in which,he campaigned for his masters and even,urinated on a grammy im not gonna watch,my people be enslaved he said as a part,of his ongoing war against the,traditional practices of the industry,im putting my life on the line for my,people the music industry and the nba,are modern day slave ships im the new,moses use the government money and buy,land we have to evolve taking a defiant,stand against historical injustices this,is a stance that his stance would,undoubtedly endorse however the only,problem is that rather than emphatically,waving a middle finger to the music,industry by delivering a classic that,was not only essential but out of their,grasp the only people whod end up being,penalized were his fans as a testament,to his long-standing power to bend his,audience to his will yay reportedly made,seven figures in just 24 hours from stem,players and detailed it all via,instagram stem player full transparency,we sold,6217 units since 22 hours february 17,2022 which grows to 1.3 mil thats,faster than ive sold any t-shirt god,has a plane new frontier anyone that is,supporting our revolution is changing,the game for all artists we no longer,have to bow to people who dont even,truly care about music i feel like im,back at sobs performing jesus walks i,walked away from apple right after,having the most number ones in apple,history after purportedly turning down a,100 million dollar apple deal yay had,set the stage for a brand new era in,which complete self-ownership for,artists was closer than ever with,everything working in his favor all that,was left was for him to deliver on an,equitable trade-off between himself and,the fans that had bought the stem player,and as is now customary tickets for the,stadium-sized listening party however,even at this stage he didnt fully,explain how the listening experience,would be in any way enhanced by the stem,player and in hindsight this should have,immediately set off alarm bells but when,the inaugural down to 2 performance,turned out to be a disastrous affair,which featured him padding out the set,with previously released music from,donda as well as navigating a minefield,worth of sound issues that left fans,completely deflated and yay so aggrieved,that he even threw his mic to the floor,and stormed off feeling more,anti-climactic than perhaps anything,hes ever released fans were unsurprised,when the performance didnt lead to the,release of the album as for the fallout,from the performance yay acknowledged,the mishaps and once again wrapped its,shortcomings up in the notion of,striving towards his own non-traditional,outcome for the event in every aspect of,todays society things evolve so watch,the way you carry your cash cards and,other essentials around be any different,thankfully the rich is here to,revolutionize the 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god where the blessings i aint,delivering heavenly messages just for,the hell of it,dont try to test me,i keep it clean,but it can get messy,i told the god everyday,thats my bestie,they playing soccer in my backyard i,think i seem messy and this money could,never neglect me i pray that my family,would never resent me and she fell in,love with me soon as she met me we both,got a batman my back is more heavy we,had to stop cotton is getting too petty,youre not a real snapper you cant,overstep me just sit back and listen and,watch how you bless me and wait till im,falling and pull up and catch me your,check is too small you cant pull up and,check me nah nah i get a fancy,you feeling waiting to pull up and give,me might do something wild if i feel,like you press me,nah i get them fast see,you feel awaited gonna pull up and give,me my do something wild if i feel like,you press me,on a broken road,[Music],[Music],what does it mean to find,[Music],[Music],i still get,[Music],i still get,[Music],[Music],lost remember,memories,[Music],[Music],[Music],well i would like to see,i still think,[Music],when do you,is,[Music],if nothing never mind,[Music],[Music],me awesome,[Music],[Applause],me,[Applause],[Music],uh,[Music],me,[Music],me,[Applause],[Music],[Music],um,um,uh,[Music],they know something,some things dont matter dont sign me,you aint done,[Music],face when you find out,i am the best you hit the top i am the,best you hit the top wait till they find,out,aint not a threat send them a text put,them on time,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you out that 1000 house and dropped your,name on my new album,your life interchange right now,your life interchange right now but take,me,lord take me,lord take me where you wanna take me too,much trauma laid live your life in a,change right now,[Music],[Music],life in a change right now,valencia for all your friends,for the argument,your life been a change,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],lord take me where you wanna take me too,much,[Music],[Music],pops home i aint getting frisked,i put your security at risk,pops home i aint getting frisked,i put your security at risk,i put the security at risk,okay we gonna make this an event,yall gonna need security for this,i put your security your wrist,i walk in the crib no getting frisked,butt naked in the kitchen cooking grits,tell your mama come give me a kiss,security gonna need security for this,i aint getting frisked,i put your security at risk,i aint getting frisked,dont put the security at risk,never take the family picture off the,bridge,never stand between a man and his kids,you aint got enough security for this,you aint got enough security for this,i put your security at risk,i make your security,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],feeling sorry,when i get home colored palace looking,pantone about to turn into a phantom,cameras off get the flipping lights she,happy with the other guy had an argument,the other night i aint even get to,apologize while im in the meters,looking disguised imma show face till i,get tired dont care about it their size,looking at you through a fish eye im,never nicer to meters im tired im,tired im tired,[Music],recipes to my man,[Music],better piece for the 10.,everything that we planned hunt yo,big you did it you did it like a jaguar,potty trained hourglass hot body game,came chopping down with the water now no,im saying im telling you pushing beep,beep belly,drowning with a felony see the jealousy,the struggle made me a better me why you,talking is you paying me let me get any,coat of candy if she gonna have a baby,on the planet and the plan b calling me,into the nannies im the head of the,family,my mama had to cry for this mind gang,had to slide for this mr p had to die,for this doing time through the wild for,this fresh at the bricks to a brick,were stepping outside,[Music],[Music],get the money never,[Music],[Music],[Music],and the black double limbs no new,friends noble with my twists,remember we kicked that 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Shawn Cee REACTS to Kanye West – DONDA 2

[ __ ] dropped 200 for this bro,[ __ ] went to a live show for this bro,[ __ ] what do you be saying,what is wrong with kanye what are you,talking about bro,ive never listened to this before,i just downloaded it,uh legally by the way,i appreciate this,i figured i should listen to this before,before it becomes another one of those,yandy situations,this album is not coming out its not,getting completed,you know i waited,about,its been about two months almost,a month and a half a little bit longer a,little bit less a little bit less than a,month and a half,and uh,you know i feel like,its on streaming services ive never,seen down to two on streaming services,ever,i dont know what youre talking about,i dont know what youre telling my guy,im not streaming it i mean im not im,not its not on streaming services i,downloaded it and then i put it on my,itunes,play it on stem player,yall feel do yall feel taken advantage,of for buying that bum ass thin player,saying that he was going to release it,on the day and then it still never got,finished and its still not finished to,this day,did he scam did he scam the fans,all i know for a fact was that xxx is,going to be on this on this album,and,i never i never listened to it i just,dont want to be left out this is going,to be a yandi part 2 for me if i dont,listen to this right now and even if it,ends up releasing its gonna be sloppy i,already knew you know,oh my thoughts on that,i still get lost,[Music],bro can we not go without the cleats,[Music],[ __ ] dropped 200 for this bro,[ __ ] went to a live show for this bro,but a new sight to see what to do,and it sounded like a bunch of wave,files that were downloaded and then,uploaded again and converted to mp3s and,then downloaded again,[Music],i think tracks like this are okay if you,have like some type of,like narrative or some type of artistic,direction that the other tracks are also,going in as well but i dont know for,sure too easy could be something similar,to that im not gonna [ __ ] on it yet but,if i come back to the end of this and,this is the only track thats really,like this,i dont know bro,its not like this the first time hes,experimented or tried this sound either,its not like its not like new for,kanye but its a little strange given,the context of this,but im not surprised given how,unfinished the other stuff sounds so far,[Music],sound like some background like,you remember those documentaries that,used to explain to you how the world was,built how how the world and how the,earth formed sounds like background,music for one of those documentaries and,thats not a shitty comment its,actually its actually nice,[Music],theres actually just no rapping,no rapping at all,i like i like musically whats going on,here though,[Music],why does it stop like that is there,something wrong with my sound,no you cant be on my mama album,i aint getting press security,hold on hold on,no you cant be on my mama album thats,hard,i put your security at risk,pops home i aint getting frisked,[Music],tell your mama come give me a kiss,purity for this,im really waiting for the drive i aint,getting frisked,never stand between a man and his kids,yall aint got enough security for this,i make your security acquit,like we dont get paid enough for this,why did yall just lie,why did you just lie like that yall,just said that [ __ ] was fire kanye for,this track is nuts im not gonna lie,this track is insane,and not in a good way its its alarming,it should sound like,uh uh a fire truck trying to be in its,happy place,like this is crazy,all this because,bro,who was standing is are you saying that,pete is standing in the way of of you,and your kids right now thats what he,was trying to say that trace,what,nah this that that track is crazy,we did it okay baby keem amigos oh my,god finally not nicer to meet us feeling,sorry for my mama survivors getting,really good,getting in the end zone were here we,cant deny that were here,were here,see the jealousy the struggle made me a,better me if i [ __ ] dont have the,baby im the plan lady in the plan b,calling me into the nannies,[Music],[Music],with my twins,thank god im alive and rich no lie i,survived the trench okay okay okay,i like that i like that only because of,migos though i dont know where the [ __ ],hes getting these drums bro these drums,are just like,off-brand shits at best,and the [ __ ] up part about these,tracks about the aspects of them that i,do like,that song with grammy award-winning,artist baby why did you describe him,like that,why did you describe him like that what,the [ __ ],get off his dick anyway,um,the thing about that wait that had oh no,it didnt okay,the thing about this track that was like,great is that the aspects that make it,great i would have i could have found on,any other amigo song,but here is just not as good only,because these drums just do not hit,whatsoever like these are some of the,worst drums i think ive ever heard,like the impact is just not there at all,but migos like i said as a as a you know,as a as a conglomerate,as a group,ima hate louie bags,oh my god why is this [ __ ] everywhere,bro we gonna see he might be great he,might be good he might be good,pablo with travis scott in future who,they waiting,[Music],why do yall think i hate travis scott,on god seriously,ive never given anyone that indication,i dont hate this man he just overrated,his [ __ ] but i dont hate i dont have,travis scott ive never hated travis,scott stop,[Music],he just sounds so awkward on this song,bro,its like watching your uncle dance,[Music],why would you do why would you do that,it was already bad and you made it worse,what what the [ __ ] whats that,and i dont even notice i got scammed on,the last song because i didnt even,really hear baby baby keem one even on,the track like that,we got 10 seconds of keynes,oh wait never mind,its still only 30 seconds i still feel,like its a scam but see this is why,sometimes you can listen to the track,again,and then you come away with a whole,different opinion you know what i mean,all right now chad,here we go bro [ __ ] just on dick i i,literally went and took the effort to go,back and listen again as opposed to just,calling me trash now dont get me wrong,the song itself aint even that bad now,pablo is ass security is ass flowers is,ass too easy not that bad but still ass,get lost,what was this one again,oh yeah no i dont know i dont know why,the [ __ ] i just like,just just stopped,now louie bags with jack carlo,right,hold on,louie,this might be good,i know yall joking about that bowling,ball gift but i know some of you sick,ass and [ __ ] got it saved bro i know,some of you sick ass [ __ ] got a,bookmark saved looping it,dont dont act like you not because i,know you are,im gonna let me say it,that is a sick [ __ ] hook,like,you couldnt have found a better way to,to honor him,doing business it wont be no business,couldnt even if i wanted to,bro the song was good why did you do,[ __ ] this [ __ ] is clipping bro like,what the [ __ ],this probably made my ears bleed,okay,and thats [ __ ] up too check because,this [ __ ] this instrumental is like,my favorite one off the off the album so,far,between this one i do like get lost in,terms of like well no i dont i cant,even lie security and this one have the,most interesting like,all right bro,why are you ruining it,im my little cousins favorite cousin i,gave him all my number and my phone,aint stop buzzing through the parties,showed love kept it all respected they,got the drop on my life its all over,hold on,hold on let me go back why he writing,why he flowing,what the [ __ ],i know drake was sounding amazing on the,song but,dont dont listen leave him alone leave,him alone he didnt even mean it he,didnt he didnt even mean to do it,this is great well its not great but,its like very listenable see my,standard for jack harlow was already,down here,so anything above mid,he already you know what i mean,like hes kendrick to me right now one,day ill b

DONDA 2 Album Review: What Happened??

should i review donda 2 no its not out,yet but its available to purchase it,costs 200 bucks i feel like its fair,game to talk about something and,critique it if its on the market right,this video is sponsored by curiosity,stream with nebula the only place where,you can catch bonus videos breaking down,the production behind the scenes editing,writing and filming of volksguides,videos versus 1479 for the whole year,so its been a month since donda 2,dropped and its supposed to be the,center of kanyes new era of music,releases as hes going to be working on,music as its out hes going to be,updating it after it releases hes going,to have complete control over these,albums its not a label taking a cut,its just going to be him selling the,album directly to the consumer which is,a pretty big deal and this stem player,and donda 2 is supposed to mark that new,era but kanye has only updated the,project once with one new verse on one,song so despite all those big promises,its been 30 days since donna 2 was,released and its still just as,unfinished as it was on day one so it,kind of feels like the window for kanye,to make a meaningful impact with this,project let alone finish it is closing,pretty quickly so the opening moment,from donda 2 is actually one of the most,beautiful from any recent kanye album to,hear a fresh verse from x again at this,point it feels like hes been gone for,so long but besides that the way kanye,contrasts the fact that xs son gekun,will never meet his dad with the way he,wants to hold on to his kids and stay in,their lives and spend time with them is,an amazing track to open the record with,its full of meaning kanyes writing is,minimal and perfect as he talks about,missing his kids and wanting more time,with them while xs haunting vocals are,interspersed throughout the song with,that saint pablo esque instrumental even,though it feels kind of unfinished it,gives off a raw feeling of kanye,watching his life from the outside from,a more reserved introspective point of,view than were used to lately and,instantly became one of my favorite,kanye songs from the life pablo era on i,was instantly excited for whatever was,going to come next if true love was at,all indicative of what the rest of donda,2 would sound like i was expecting an,introspective record full of raw,melancholy reflections on kanyes family,situation with yet more amazing features,from some of my favorite artists just,like on dondo one and i was similarly,excited when i heard don toliver,introduced the second track broken road,with a solemn introspective chorus in,front of another saint pablo esque,synthbeat but it only took 30 seconds,before kanye jumped in with one of the,worst bars ive ever heard from him baby,im free like a homeless person look you,can argue yeah uh its not morally bad,its not offensive im not saying it is,but that bar sounds stupid and kanye has,always been known for corny yet clever,bars but this song feels ruined by the,tone of these lyrics hes rapping,like bbls and barkins that wasnt me,use tyler durden and no matter how much,you got you cant own this person i,think its clearly meant to be a,commentary on capitalism and his new,life without kim but it sounds lazy,these are bad bars especially because,kanyes tone doesnt match don tolivers,singing at all the third song get lost,is a spoken word track without,instrumental accompaniment lyrically,its not nearly as ridiculous as broken,road because instead of goofy bars kanye,actually addresses his feelings about,kim and their relationship and how much,he misses her in a more respectful way,than he has before that being said in,his current state it just clearly isnt,done it sounds like a demo and as the,album goes on i think thats how a lot,of these tracks end up feeling flowers,is another track that commentates on kim,and petes relationship it flip-flops,between emotional guilt-tripping towards,kim and these kind of declarations of,true love at the same time to the point,where the whole thing just feels kind of,weird kind of like a kanye instagram,post and song form and the production is,just all over the place its not really,that memorable or interesting security,is another song that takes shots at pete,just kind of vaguely threatening pete,davidson and anyone that comes between,him and his kids as if pete ever said he,wanted to do that and look im gonna,admit the fact that kanye kind of,centered this entire album around this,one moment in his personal life is kind,of weird and doesnt really make it feel,like an album for months ive been,giving kanye a lot of slack in my head,with all of his instagram outbursts and,everything i made a bunch of jokes about,it but i never really thought it was,that big of a deal because kanye has,always used controversy to promote new,projects even when it gets into his,personal life and reputation and i,really thought a lot of the people who,were attacking him online were being,extremely condescending but to find out,that a large part of donda 2 was just,full of emotionally unstable vague,threats and rambling about hurting pete,davidson i kind of feel like i was wrong,and the people on twitter were right as,as much as it pains me to say that,ultimately these tracks on donda 2 dont,feel like album material the half-baked,production and mixing kanyes really low,effort vocals and creepy songwriting,aside but a huge portion of donda 2 is,so limited in scope to the point where,no one is going to care about the,subject matter of these songs in one two,or even three months if donda 2 ever,hits a widespread release by that point,anyway this stuff is going to be,irrelevant but judging by the fact that,its only been updated once in the month,its been available it feels like thats,probably never going to happen anyway,speaking of which that update was only,to add another verse to we did it with,baby keem amigos which in itself was,already a pretty boring song that sounds,like its backed by a migos type beat,off youtube and doesnt have an overall,structure to keep you listening in the,same way pablo with future and travis,sounds more like a throwaway leak from,2017 than anything else with a,one-dimensional trap beat and poor,pacing throughout the track and id say,the same about louis bags with jack,harlow a song whose mixing is overly,loud to the point where its completely,distracting and ruins jacks verse at,the same time as kanyes verse is a mix,of rambling about the legacy of virgil,abloh and mumbled nonsense that adds up,to absolutely nothing like its a demo,track in the same way selfish has a,feature from x again but kanyes versus,interspersed throughout are just flat,and full of lame references like some,kanye ad-lib generator instead of the,pretty decent quality introspective and,religious uplifting songwriting were,used to from donda one honestly the,first half of donda two is so bad i,didnt even really feel like listening,to tracks like happy sci-fi lord lift me,up and keep it burning when i finally,got around to them and even when i did,finally slog through these songs there,was hardly anything interesting to be,found at all donda 2 isnt a,well-conceived concept thats a little,rough around the edges and needs some,improvements its a half-baked marketing,idea thats not just poorly conceived,but poorly executed too at this point i,cant even find it in myself to say yeah,donda 2 is full of moments of brilliance,but needs work because i dont think any,amount of refinement or editing or work,would make this a good album because so,many of the songs are just empty shells,and the overall subject matter of this,project just doesnt go anywhere,meaningful at all i honestly feel,extremely disappointed by donda too but,at the same time im not surprised its,one thing to release an album before,its finished and work on it in real,time but its another thing to make,millions of dollars off selling physical,copies of not just an unfinished album,but an album that feels so unfinished,that the

Donda 2 Still Isnt Finished

hey hey hey everyone anthony fantiano,here the internets busiest music nerd i,hope you are doing well i wanted to come,through here with a bit of a reminder,that um,back in february now its been a few,months since then we saw the release of,kanye wests sequel album donda ii,and um im just kind of sitting here,wondering and and waiting,and thinking is this really it for donda,i mean it seemed like for a moment,especially given kanyes past album,cycles that were kind of chaotic,that uh there would be some sort of,progression to this release a series of,alterations additions something,especially since our access and,our experience the hardcore fans anyway,for this record has been through you,know the stem player website and,platform where in order to hear or,download or you know pull apart the,various songs on this record you need,that you need that dawn to stem player,which uh again given that kanye west is,totally in control of that platform um,updating or changing or bringing,something,uh to the fold for this record would be,pr pretty pretty easy if you wanted to,do something with it and there are,notable features on the project from the,likes of jack harlow and,future,migos kind of seems like the sort of,thing that you would,want to finish want to complete but uh,what we ended up getting was a very,incomplete mess of an album and if it,just is kind of allowed to sit there and,stay,completely as is i think its gonna go,down as quite possibly one of the bigger,blemishes on kanye wests discography to,have this blatantly unfinished album,just sitting there not done untouched,released to the public and uh pretty,much profited off of uh despite it being,released in the very shoddy state that,it was,and i guess im just kind of again,coming through as a reminder that uh,its been months,donda two is still not really done to,act like this is a finished project i,think would be a a disservice to kanyes,other,very much higher quality and very much,finished projects honestly i have no,idea what kanye is thinking assuming,that he can just like you know release,the second album in tribute to his,mother,and not really have it done or complete,but in a weird way this is kind of,indicative of,again yet another kanye album cycle,where the album drops theres a lot of,fanfare theres a lot of excitement and,typically after the fact there is like,kanye coming through with a lot of big,talk in terms of all the other projects,hes working on or wants to drop and,typically those projects we dont end up,seeing they dont really end up seeing,the light of day at least in terms of a,professional release like in the case of,yandi uh they get kind of scrapped and,then maybe there are some leaks that end,up hitting the internet and fans are,able to kind of cobble all of that,together into sort of an album this time,around we got as formal a release as i,suppose,we were going to get given that this,thing didnt end up hitting streaming,services and kanye kind of kept it,exclusive to a platform that required,you to essentially,throw down on a 200 buy-in for the stem,player to listen to the damn thing but,yeah i guess instead of risking another,yandi,kanye decided to work on this record and,as he was at a similar point of it being,unfinished but together enough to where,it could maybe kind of be presented,possibly to people,decided to just,sort of put it out himself in a way,where he was most likely to uh get some,cash off of it as opposed to just kind,of letting that thing uh seep out onto,the internet in some way shape or form,when i originally did my review of the,project there was still kind of hope,that this will eventually be like,built upon you know and given the way,that kanye has put it out um there is,still like very much a chance to do that,because hes in control the platform and,its all digital and so on and so forth,but,really at this point like you know also,with like the new kendrick album having,just dropped and kanye kind of just like,uh falling more and more out of the,limelight until the next time it is that,he wants to promote something im im,feeling like the donda chapters kind of,closed as of right now the record came,out,we had the sequel that is completely,unfinished and looks like its just not,gonna be finished in fact like you know,that track off the new future record uh,you know its pretty much a song from,this,album and was just kind of like a more,finished more complete version and it,sounds good on that no future album for,sure but you know that just kind of,seems like further proof that kanye is,kind of just passing off the tracks on,this record to the people who are,featured on them,just kind of use on their stuff as,opposed to you know actually kind of,keeping it core to,whatever the heck this release is or was,supposed to be i think uh you know,releasing this non-album in the way that,he did was kind of uh,an obnoxious mistake that i hope music,fans dont forget or dont let go of you,know i know theres kind of a tendency,with each kanye west album cycle to,completely forget the past and erase all,of it from your memory and just act like,you know a past time where fans have,been given the short end of the stick or,kanye was acting erratically or in a,very uncaring or callous way all of,thats just like kind of water under the,bridge as long as we get a new album and,im kind of hoping that this time around,like people,actually really truly remember this and,how subpar,it was for kanye and ridiculous and sort,of self-centered i mean a little more,self-centered than usual i mean kanyes,self-centeredness is obviously that of,legend,but in this case we have it actually,impacting the quality of his work in a,severe way i mean if he does actually,come around and finish the damn thing,i will take all this back i will eat my,words but as of right now as far as,getting this album done done,and presenting us an actual record,thats worth listening to and worth like,you know the 200 ticket that some people,are charged to get in on it i dont know,everything seems kind of quiet on the,western front no pun intended so yeah,those are my thoughts let me know your,thoughts down in the comments uh happy,that this album is being left this way,unhappy um,and uh how are you doing hows your mom,thats good to hear over here next to my,head is another video that you can check,out hit that up or the link to subscribe,to the channel anthony fantano,kanye west down to two,forever

Thoughts on Kanye West’s Donda 2 (Miami Version)

theres a lot of questions around this,donda 2 release because people were,asking how was this going to be,officially released because we went to,the miami show on tuesday and we didnt,get any word of new material and then,yesterday we ended up getting four new,songs and then if you fast forward to,today we ended up getting a whole track,list and what it seemed to be a,completed track list which is apparently,called the miami version so lu and i,just did our first uh our first listing,on it i mean we gave it our first,thoughts we ended up doing it with our,whole community on our patreon plan at,our live album reaction and if you guys,want to see our first reaction to don,the two the miami version the link is in,the description and also on the pinned,comments so you guys are able to access,that and it was interesting because it,was the first time in a while where i,went into a kanye album and by the way,we dont know if this is going to be the,final version hopefully its not in my,opinion where i felt disappointed and i,think thats where i want to start this,off is,if youre going to have people pay for a,250 stem player the material should be,finished in my opinion youve marketed,that the final album will be released on,that stem player and if this is the,final album it does not feel like it so,how do you take this as a kanye west fan,and are you satisfied with your first,experience with the album listen im one,of those kanye west fans that truly,believes that he has one of the best,discographies of all time any genre but,if this is the finished product or if,anything is similar to what we heard off,of this new drop im really [ __ ] not,impressed with it and let us know in the,comments how you guys feel about it,because going through this i was in,disbelief bro i mean the mixing was,awful which fine its an incomplete,version i guess i can get past that but,the production on a lot of the trap,beats kind of felt generic but you did,have some highlights where you had songs,like sci-fi where you had more of an of,an orchestral piece i would say you had,sinister strings and there are,highlights within the production but,where this album or at least this,version of the album really falls flat,is kanyes performances and i never,thought that he would be totally,outshined in all of these songs and,thats what the narrative ended up being,i mean look at songs like broken road,where dont oliver absolutely carries as,he floats over that hook look at songs,like true love or selfish where the only,salvageable part is,the hooks by xxx tentacion so,i was just shocked by the end of this,that this is something that he put out,that this is a kanye west project thats,kind of what um really shook me up but,how did you feel about his performances,very mediocre i have to say that like,looking at this track list right now,because we were able to look through the,soundcloud one and these are the,official files for the stem player,theres very few performances where i,was actually impressed with like the,only one i would say is probably true,love that first verse and even at that,it wasnt that great it definitely,wouldnt be top tier on the first,version and i have a whole issue too,with the whole donda 2 remake because,its the first sequel in his career and,i understand you know theres artists,that try to capture hype on you know a,new album and you know do you see the,first installment did so well it was a,major w for the whole fan base everyone,loved donda you know everyone was a big,fan of the first installment we were,but,to to take that album title put a two in,front of it and take a bunch of tracks,and just throw them on a track list and,have a playlist feel to it to me feels,super uninspiring and listen maybe were,not the only ones here let us know for,tripping or you know what type of stuff,that we havent listened to on this,album that you guys found good with it,but even our community on patreon said,that they didnt [ __ ] with it so listen,to this for the don the 2v2 version the,miami one 70 of our of our people in the,stream voted for bad nineteen percent,mid seven percent good to great and then,after that two percent the perfect slash,amazing so do you think that theres,starting to be a shift right now on how,people are looking at this new kanye,west material because conor said it best,in the in the stream today he was like,how does kanye like allow for this,material to be released especially,someone that has had such tight quality,control over his whole career hes,delayed albums because they dont sound,right to him hes taken his time hes,crafted masterpieces so where does this,come out of especially when youre,charging people so much for that [ __ ],stem please its a [ __ ] train wreck,im not gonna lie this whole release is,um really subpar i think that if this is,what ends up being released itll be the,worst connie album i think its gonna,get completely panned if you look at his,delivery when hes mumbling its just,awful and,honestly for the first time ever you,know he has a song which is um where,hes kind of rapping about burning down,the house i think he should burn this,album i dont think this album has a,place in his catalogue and,its just its mind-boggling to look at,his writing on this project because,theres a lot of emptiness here im not,getting that same emotion and purpose,that i got on the first donda album im,not getting that same spirituality or,soul and rhythm from kanye west either,which has been prominent on all of his,projects so,this definitely sounds rushed and when,he first announced this album that was a,concern i was gonna have was like,hes releasing six months later how good,is this really gonna sound then,sadly theres not many standouts but,shout out to a lot of the features,because they did do their thing,including x including jack harlow on,louis bags i really loved his verse and,how,introspective his writing was on that,but its just crazy that at this point,kanye west did a better job curating,than performing on his own album and,listen,obviously kanye west is a good curator,but hes always given us,meaningful moments and this project,feels like its lacking a lot of that so,and this is if its the final version,listen we might end up because we didnt,want to put out an official review,because,we dont know if this is going to be the,final version but based on what was,delivered on the stem player and,apparently,according to the whole marketing of the,stem player this was going to be the,album experience if this is what the,album experience is like then im sorry,this is not up to par and another big,narrative for me within this track list,is,okay you look at true love xxxtentacion,outperforms kanye broken road dawn,oliver has a much better part we did it,baby kim amigos have much longer run,time on the song by the way and outshine,him on that as well,pablo,that gets a bit repetitive for me but,even at that travis scott had the best,part on that louis bags jack carlo,killed that happy future killed it,sean leon did his thing on sci-fi so,hes putting out songs,and it almost feels as if the features,have way more of an impact on the,project than he does and i have a,problem with that because what i love,kanye west for is that heart and soul,that he bleeds into each and every,single one of his albums it inspires me,it allows me to keep moving on with my,life that catalog you know sits with me,for ever and ive been bumping his,projects forever hes one of my favorite,artists to even cover on this podcast i,love doing material on him because his,projects are so dense theyre so,detailed and the music quality is fired,but how is soulja boy carrying on a song,why is soulja boy on a kanye album in,2022 i get it the memes are funny i get,it people [ __ ] with the whole thing of,all soulja boy didnt make it and you,know him getting on whatever sort of,radio station or podcast and getting mad,about him not making the album i get all,that thats amusing its fu

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