1. DONT KNOCK TWICE (2016) Ending Explained
  2. Horror Review : Dont Knock Twice (2017)
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DONT KNOCK TWICE (2016) Ending Explained

[Music],hey everybody welcome to found flicks,you ever play that game ding-dong-ditch,when youre a kid go and wring someones,doorbell and run off yeah hilarious,right wrong because you just might ring,the doorbell of an enslaved witch,working for an ancient demon where the,joke is on you this time because youre,dead not so funny now huh thats the,subject of todays ending explained,dont knock twice where a mother,struggles to reconnect with her,estranged daughter becoming entangled,with a demonic witch that seems to be,attached to her this is one that I,honestly hadnt heard of until doing the,video but Ive had a lot of people,consistently asking it for quite some,time and I can safely say that of the,plethora of horror movies out there this,is one of them its biggest problem being,that it doesnt really stand out and,isnt anything we havent already seen,before however it still actually has,great atmosphere and camerawork along,with better than average performances,and a welcome and spooky as usual,performance from Javier Beaudette but it,feels almost like the directors studied,too hard at the school of James Wayne,the mastermind behind the conjuring,universe and the filmmaker did admit it,was an influence which can be felt in a,generally positive way throughout as is,extremely well-put-together production,wise and spook wise yet it doesnt do,more than what Wayne has already,accomplished falling in his shadow,without creating their own stamp on the,style that doesnt mean the movie,doesnt work as a whole because it,actually does they have studied well at,the heels of the conjuring series and,accomplished many scares and scenes of,suspense and some truly standout moments,that are genuinely frightening,I also admittedly cant see why people,might be confused by the ending on this,one because it does have a pretty huge,twist in its final minutes this,seemingly comes out of nowhere,especially if youre not obsessively,paying attention to every detail and,word out of every characters mouths like,I do but fret not dear viewer because,that is why Im here,and after this video everything will,make sense so lets check out dont,knock twice breaking down the story,everything about our demon and its rules,as well as explaining the big twist and,the ending our first scene gives us a,very good look at the strange,relationship between mother Jessica and,her teenage daughter Chloe just gave up,her daughter years ago due to drug abuse,and,several years sober and on a better,track is hoping to repair her,relationship with her daughter wanting,to get custody and have her live in her,ridiculously stately home with her new,husband Ben and here the two are seeing,each other for the first time since her,mom more or less abandoned her Jess lays,out her offer but Chloe is more than a,little upset over the relationship thus,far saying she needed her nine years ago,but she didnt want her then just,stammers to explain but cant find the,words Chloe making her feelings very,clear telling her mother – leave her,alone and never bother her again really,laying down the law there but it would,be difficult to just jump back into,being her daughter after their troubled,history so it is this broken,relationship that will have to be,repaired as we see throughout our story,somehow Jess has gone from junkie to,successful artist and sculptor in less,than a decade which is quite an,impressive feat seen working on a,sculpture in her studio with some random,lady Trina holding her baby acting as,models wrapping up their session Trina,asked Jess to hold her kid and she,places a strange symbol adorned necklace,around her,Trina assures her its beneficial a,Tallis whose magic will help her,daughter see the love in her heart okay,sure thanks for the magical thing lady I,totally believe and trust you because,wait who are you again,elsewhere Chloe is out with her buddy,Danny spotting some kids doing the,childhood prank over here called,dingdong ditch but apparently knocked,down ginger in the UK this gives Danny,an idea of the perfect place to up the,ante on the game taking her to the,remnants of a creepy old house now Ive,forgotten and developed over with a,highway right next door we come to,understand they used to come here and,play the game on a woman called Mary who,lived here and since her death the woman,has become a kind of spooky local legend,now considered to be a witch who had,been taking children in town although as,shes now dead there is no one to feed,her demon however its still trapped in,the house just waiting for someone to,knock one out to wake her and twice to,raise her from the dead if youre the,one who knocks then shell come looking,for you okay this demon thing uses doors,as kinds of gateways between dimensions,and its all about the doors and,knocking as we will soon come to see so,if you knew all that and if its even,just a silly local legend that doesnt,mean Im gonna go right up to the door,and knock on it twice in every,like some complete [ __ ] you know its,just asking for it and thats the case,here,so I dont have too much sympathy for,these two there are the ones that choose,to knock twice but oh guess what after,all that nothing seems to happen well,except for the spooky ghost lady briefly,glimpsed by Chloe looking down from the,upstairs window dont worry about that,probably but it doesnt take long for an,evil force to come a-knockin at Dannys,door floating down the hallway entering,into his place and right over his head,startled awake by growling noises as the,door creeps open he sees a womans,reflection in the glass but no one is,there a knock on the door brings him to,check the peephole all shrouded in,darkness at the end of the hallway a,figure appears growling followed by an,eye appearing right at the peephole,calling his name and telling him its,coming then appearing inside telling him,to run but Danny just kind of stands,there flipping a light switch on and,seeing nothing out of place still,startled by a call from Chloe on his,laptop apologizing for waking him well,it is 3 oclock in the day a morning,lady most people are asleep now to be,fair Danny feels off but before he can,say more she leaves for just a moment,long enough for Danny to get lifted and,carried off by an invisible force,Chloes saying she thought she heard,something at the door and noticing that,Danny is nowhere to be found,the door out of his apartment still open,a black skinned figure appears growling,right in front of the camera still no,sign of Danny the next day the force,turns to Chloe,getting a surprise call from Danny,telling her to run just as shes about,to leave the faucet begins to dispense a,black liquid into the sink the room,suddenly cast in a red glow shadows,dancing on the walls as long-fingered,black hands begin to emerge from the,sink groaning screaming and banging on,the door for help some college RA or,whatever opens the door in the room is,back to normal though shes unsure of,what happened she just narrowly avoided,the same fate as Danny thanks to that,guy opening the door otherwise she too,would have been taken but the demon,isnt about to give up on her yet,and I guess being attacked by a,supernatural demon and the blood and the,sink and whatnot is enough for Chloe to,consider the idea of staying with her,mom for a while which must still be,difficult even if their house is so,freakin sweet so its not all bad just,admitting the past few years have been,amazing for them but lamenting the only,thing missing was her,daughter but theyre much-needed dealing,with past emotions well have to go on,the back burner as Chloe begins to,realize the demon has followed her here,and her mom has an encounter with the,spirit of the woman Mary following,anguished cries through the halls one,night where she finds Mary sobbing,clutching a knife apologizing in Polish,before slitting her throat horrifying,jets even more so when her face appears,on a woman as she falls to the ground,dying but it was all just a te

Horror Review : Dont Knock Twice (2017)

hi guys my name is Amara lets talk suit,yourself so today I want to talk to you,guys about a movie that I recently,watched called dont knock twice the,film came out in 2017 so many may know,of it,it is interesting but Im going to tell,you why you might like it and why you,might not like it because I feel like,Im really on the fence with this one so,the filming is a high production horror,movie that is actually a British film,which I love because I like when we have,a variety of newer films from different,places instead of just America I think,it keeps the things more fresh and gives,him more ideas and I think its just,good for the horror industry as a whole,this film is about a mother trying to,reconnect with her daughter who she has,kind of left behind in the past at the,start her daughter shuns her and wants,nothing to do with her well when she,suddenly gets mixed up with this tale of,work or a witch living in her,neighborhood she decides to run for help,to her mother so her mother together,have to figure out how to break the,curse Im sure you guys have realized,the film is called going knock twice,because it has me to do with the curse,one thing I really did like about this,film it has a lot to do with like,folklore and stuff not that any of its,publishers but a life that explained,everything to achieve so its not like,one of those films they just dont,explain why things are happening they,really spell it out for you,which I thought was a good thing another,thing I really like about the film is it,experimented a lot with different camera,angles and grungy scenes and like,wouldnt stop upside down kind of like,when I was talking about during hang-up,if you see my review on that they also,kind of experiment with a few different,filming techniques and I felt like just,film do that as well but it was also,really grungy and a really played with,lighting and I dont know I thought that,was really cool and one thing theyll,probably make or break your experience,with this film is the fact that the,entity is everywhere and I thought it,was really scary initially but some,things and some ways they take it some,experimental ways they in both the,entity in situations kind of made it a,little bit lame for me while other ones,completely scared the hell out of me I,would say that the monster in this one,is spoiler alert very much like mama,meets lights-out so if you are,and both those films which I actually am,I think that youll really like the,entity and I thought the entity was,really creepy in this film this,film is very unnerving in a way and I,would put that down to the fact theres,no safe place so the girl runs to a,mother to try and hide from this curse,and the curse follows her and you kind,of feel on the whole movie theres no,safe place to hide were in some songs,you feel like there might be a good,place to hide like you know Nightmare on,Elm Street can stay away every place is,kind of unnerving and youre not really,sure whats going to happen around each,corner but in saying all of that the,film does have some original quite scary,parts but also as I said before it is a,little bit on the Leymah side sometimes,theres a couple of the characters that,I think the acting was completely off,and a couple of loose ends that they,kind of tie up that still dont really,make sense to me not because theyre not,spelt out they dont make sense to me,because the intentions of the people,dont seem correct with their characters,I feel like the character development,didnt really go as far as it needed to,go and you dont really feel connected,to any of the characters because to be,honest they seem all like so,what Im trying to say to you guys is,theres a few really cool parts about,this film but its also mixed in with,these cheesy I dont know just moments,or just dont hit the mark its over two,films kind of mixed together and that,kinda made me sad because everything,else in it is pretty good and one other,thing I really liked about it was the,music if you like insidious and you like,that kind of intense score and I dont,know like that build-up insidious music,you know I mean when the title comes up,for insidious that kind of music or even,kuan during I love that kind of feel and,I love that feel in your films and your,horror films so if you like that you,probably like this film or the links and,music and sound design of it where I,know people really dont like that so,once again this is a film that will help,you split I would say to film as a mix,of lights out and it also kind of,reminded me a little bit of drag me to,hell you guys have seen that film I,really like that film but it missed the,mark in so many ways Im going to give,it a personal score of five because Im,on the fence obviously Im going to give,it a scare score of seven because I,actually was quite terrified to start,but originality,sadly Im going to give full because,although the scary part,the storyline is not I wonder what you,guys thought about this film have you,seen dont knock twice let me know down,in the comments if you thought it was a,hit or a miss and what did you think,about the characters I hope you guys are,having a great day and Ill talk to you,very soon,stay Sookie bye

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Dont Knock Twice Review for Nintendo Switch – DONT BUY THIS GAME! | RGT 85

one of my favorite genres of games is,horror games I love horror games I love,Halloween time I love spooky stuff,spooky scary skeletons send shivers down,your spine sorry but yeah I love horror,games and stuff like that theres some,of my favorite horror movies of course,Im a huge fan of them especially the,old black and white ones,so whenever a horror game is coming out,I give it my full attention and dont,knock twice was recently announced for,the Nintendo switch,I actually spotlighted it in a video,about five upcoming switch games you,probably forgot about and I was really,excited for the game I followed the game,on Steam it got pretty positive reviews,on Steam watch some gameplay footage and,it looked really fun so when it was,coming to the Nintendo switch I was like,okay this is a no-brainer for me it,released at a discounted price of just,$10 and I picked it up and holy crap,well what happened here well what,happened here,[Music],so the story of dont knock twice is,kind of interesting its one of those,games sort of like gone home I know I,know I got a bunch of stuff about my,negative video about gone home years ago,but I stand by it the game sucks anyways,you have to sort of figure out the story,as you go along youre in this big house,that you eventually find out that this,is your house you play as a mother with,a daughter and you basically were like a,drug addict at one time and you lost,your daughter theres like lots of,references to it you can actually find,like a methadone,you know prescription label on the thing,and the story is kind of played out in,dialog in journals so you find these,journals around the house from you and,your daughter and you could sort of see,both sides of the coin and see you know,what happened with this relationship how,it got frayed and the daughter,essentially hates the mother so youre,living in this big house you recently,just got custody of your daughter back,and so the power goes out and your,daughter starts giving a crap via text,message blah blah blah you start,investigating whats going on and as,youre investigating the house you know,some creepy things start to happen you,know theres some weird things going on,you know birds hitting the window and,you know just lots of little weird,creepy things and then all of a sudden,you go into the basement and see some,very occult stuff a big pentagram and,you know candles lit and I was like yeah,this is cool I like this but theres a,problem thats been going on this whole,time but well talk about that in a,second were talking about the story and,you find out that basically this demonic,witch has been summoned and its,basically called dont knock twice and,it takes the kids if you knock twice,sort of like you know an old tale an old,wives tale like a Bloody Mary thing,thats actually come to fruition and,then eventually the which takes your,daughter you have to get your daughter,back and you know you have to kill the,witch so all of this sounds very cool on,paper I actually liked the story I liked,you know all the little creepy things,involved in it all the occult things but,theres one major problem with dont,knock twice and thats the performance,of the game what the hell happened here,Ive seen how the game runs on low-end,pcs it runs fine,why is the framerate so atrocious I,honestly thought that it was just my,switch because sometimes like switches,get this little weird thing where frame,rates just,so I turned it off I paused it I turned,it back on and it seemed to be a little,bit better but it just ended up,happening again youre like its a game,where you have to look around a lot and,be very aware of your surroundings and,when the framerate is so choppy it,really is nauseating and its really not,a very pleasant experience that youre,dealing with here and theres lots of,low-res textures too once again the,Nintendo switch might not be you know a,high-end PC but it can more than handle,a game like this and its just ashamed,to see how bad of a port job happened,with dont knock twice I really was just,blown away with just how choppy,everything was and the more you play the,game the more prevalent it becomes the,more annoying it becomes you know little,things like little you know like the,bird hitting the window like I mentioned,half the time I missed it because it was,sort of delayed and then he just heared,the thump and then like one time I,actually happened to see it because I,was just looking directly at the window,it is just the frame rate I dont,understand it like I dont understand,how this got through testing and they,said okay you know this frame rates good,enough just get the game out there,obviously they wanted to get it out,there before Halloween it is a scary,game but really its scary how bad the,performances and it really hinders the,game because like I said there are,plenty of sequences that you know,involve something happening in real time,that its just so choppy you end up,missing it or its like the jump scare,is gone because of its choppiness its,really ridiculous,and I actually got to a point in the,game where you finally get a weapon,because there is a combat system you do,battle against the witch after she takes,your daughter and whatnot and so I had a,little axe and it says if the axe can,chop off door handle so Im like okay,cool if theres a locked door in the,house I can use the axe chop off the,door handle and proceed about my way so,I chopped off the door handle and I got,stuck in this little room and Im like,huh what do I do here so I accidentally,dropped the axe you could pick up items,drop items etc etc and then the axe,disappeared and I was like okay I guess,I dont need it anymore so Im wandering,around this kitchen area in this little,crevice in the outside of the kitchen,and I cannot advance any further and,theres little musical cues of like you,know itll play music or therell be a,sound effect in an area that you have to,go towards next which I actually like I,think thats,pretty genius as a tip system where you,know its sort of like an interactive,tip its like oh I hear something over,here I need to go over there and so I,realized where I needed to go but I,couldnt proceed any further so for,probably a half hour I wandered around,this kitchen trying to find something,trying to see if I was missing something,and eventually I just turned the game,off and I looked up a video of someone,else playing it and it turns out you,need the ax to break down a part of the,wall but my ax disappeared and its,weird because theres also a lever in,that room and the lever when you use it,to stop a steam pipe it breaks off and I,also drop that in there but I was able,to find that I was able to pick it up I,searched and searched and searched the,ax just disappeared and it was at that,point that I realized you know this,games really getting on my nerves I,played it a little bit more I proceeded,into the game but just the sluggish,framerate just took me out of the game,and its a shame because honestly I,think if you know they did a patch for,this game and they fixed the framerate I,think it would be a fun game like its I,hear its pretty short I did not finish,the game because honestly just the,framerate took me out of it and it,really you know just made me not want to,play it anymore but I hear its not a,very long game and I hear that its very,fun you know if you look at the Steam,reviews theyre all mostly positive its,just a shame that the switch version is,just so buggy and so crippled in terms,of framerate and its obvious that they,probably rushed just to get this out,before Halloween and I understand that,but at the same time I just cannot,recommend this game and I wanted to love,it you know even the worst horror games,I still find some enjoyment out of them,and I did find a little bit of enjoyment,out of this but its just so riddled,with little issues that just pile and,pile and pile and when you add in the,framerate issue its just not a fun,experience dont knock

Review: Dont Knock Twice (Switch) – Defunct Games

there are a lot of people who think that,a Nintendo console the last place you,would go to find a scary game but the,truth is that I played many of my,favorite horror themed titles on the,old-school NES Super Nintendo and,GameCube from Castlevania to Resident,Evil to eternal darkness sanitys,Requiem those virtual ghouls and ghosts,have always been good about haunting,every system Nintendo puts out perhaps,thats why it wasnt all that surprised,to see Wales interactive port their,brand-new horror game dont knock twice,to the switch the result should delight,gamers desperate for a few genuine fries,but the only thing I found scary was the,crummy performance and the poorly,executed puzzles loosely based on the,2016 movie of the same name,dont knock twice told the story of a,guilt-ridden mother whos doing,everything in her power to reconnect,with her estranged daughter and make,everything right again unfortunately,what happened to this family is the kind,of broken you cant repair and we see it,all play out and what amounts to a,first-person roller coaster ride through,a haunted house dont not twice the kind,of game where you spend most your time,simply wandering around the mansion,looking for news clippings to read and,items to interact with this is one of,those bite-sized horror games that is,more about the story and atmosphere than,the fast paced game playing puzzle,solving in fact the few puzzles we,stumble into can usually be solved by,looking around the room or using a,hatchet to open a door once we get,beyond the spooky sounds and ominous,knocking the game ends up becoming a,fairly straightforward scavenger hunt,there are five items we need to combine,in order to solve the mystery and bring,this family together,of course that means well have to visit,pretty much every inch of the mansion,usually with little more than a candle,in hand what I like about dont not,twice is that its set in the present,day now that may not sound like a big,deal but theres so many of these horror,games that are set in the past or never,involve modern technology thats not the,case here is were costly getting text,messages from the freaked-out daughter,and most the rooms have either lapped,opera television the truth is I wish,they would have done more with this,aspect of the game too often the text,messages are used to simply guide the,player when they probably could have,been used to generate real terror and,anxiety this feeling that they couldve,done more with the material isnt just,isolated to the modern-day setting but,pretty much sums up the entire game,Ive already complained the puzzles are,only half-baked but it bears repeating,and its most complicated the game will,want you to turn on the hot water in,order to figure out a password theres a,way the developers could have turned,this into a fun brain teaser but instead,they toss a picture next to the sink,that spells out exactly what you need to,do and again thats one of the more,involved puzzles usually theres just a,lever II after Pole when it comes right,down to it I can live with some poorly,constructed puzzles and scares that,dont always land what I cant live with,is the awful framerate found in the,switch port from the moment the game,starts up until the very end it always,felt like half of the frames of,animation were missing this will not,only give you a pounding headache but,also make simple things like picking up,items and opening up doors a lot harder,than they should be,and its not just the framerate but also,parts of the background that will,sputter in and out of existence theres,a general lack of polish to the switch,version of dont not twice for what its,worth the games performance improves,dramatically when you undock the system,and play it in handheld mode dont knock,twice looks great and the animation is,smooth when playing on the small screen,which gives me hope that Wales,Interactive will be able to fix the game,when playing on the TV Im not sure how,the other versions perform but I cant,imagine theres frame is what I played,switch owners may get a kick out of,having a scary game just in time for,Halloween but dont knock twice as a,mess the premise is sound that the,gameplay is boring the puzzles take no,thought and the whole thing is brought,down by some atrocious framerate issues,there are a few genuine scares to be,found and dont knock twice but they,dont make up for a complete lack of,polish hey thanks for watching our,review so heres the question of the day,what is your favorite horror themed game,on a Nintendo console look it doesnt,have to be scary so feel free to include,something like ghosts and goblins demons,crest what do you think let me know in,the comments below,in other news Im gearing up to review,hand of fate to judge and more Im also,prepping a new episode of the,shoot-em-up show so I strongly,recommend you click that subscribe,button and support what were doing here,until damn,you

Dont Knock Twice (2017) REVIEW

snowy day outside today so I figured Id,take the time to catch up on some of the,reviews Ive been slacking on starting,with one of the ones that I was actually,anticipating pretty highly spoiler alert,was good painful sensation is a which is,linked in that to communication dont,knock twice the film directed by Kara,dog James and it stars Katee Sackhoff,and Lucy Boynton and I told the story of,and of a mother whos trying to reunite,with her estranged daughter and her,strange daughter happens to be being,stalked by a supernatural force that,comes after people who knock on his door,like I said this is I had pretty high,hopes for this one based on the trailers,it looked like old it looked it could be,really cool the visual was great it,looked like to be really creepy and just,fun and it wasnt it was a chore to get,through it wasnt overtly terrible it,had some good things going for it albeit,very few and the good the bad far,outweighs the good overall it was just,really kind of a mess its weirdly paced,its moderately decently acted I guess,and its just got its got a ton of,problems I really I cant really stress,that enough so Im just going to kind of,dive right into everything um first off,I mean what I liked about this movie the,acting is all right I mean it was,definitely not great but I mean Katee,Sackhoff fine Lucy Boyntons fine she,has very nice eyelashes also I mean have,you ever test in this movie and hes,just a really great creature actor with,his really long lanky body he was often,of the crooked man in the con during -,he was awesome as a creepy witch thing,in this he looks hes just got a great,body movement and he really has a just,an imposing silhouette I think thats,really cool and that adds to a certain,creepiness that this movie has this,movie has a lot of cool ideas but it,doesnt know what to do with them and,thats a really huge problem,that nothing in this movie is really,explored or explained or anything its a,whole lot of things happen and people,act as though theyre mine early,inconvenience by them and then theres,just youre on to the next scene and,its really just strange a lot of this,movie just feels very convenient things,just happen for the sake of plot,convenience characters show up for no,reason from simply to further the plot,along things happen just for the sake of,pushing the plot forward and really none,of it feels earned or makes sense and,its really just disappointing in that,regard because youre just sitting there,watching and just thinking I dont you,cant get invested in any of it because,none of it feels earned or deserve in,any way this is a very dark show too and,I dont mean in terms of subject matter,I mean its very poorly lit the entire,film is so dark and so gray and on top,of that its just badly lit so I feel as,though I could have been watching a,black screen for about 70% of this movie,it felt like I might it might as well,have been watching a black screen for,70% of the film because I couldnt tell,what was going on for a lot of it,so the pacing in this movie is just,completely [ __ ] ludicrous like I sit,within 15 minutes youre already into,the thick of things which I mean usually,its a good thing but because of the,fact that its so breakneck you have no,time to develop characters you have no,time to develop the rules of this,universe you have no time to explore the,motivations of anything thats happening,so it just all feels very flat and,forced and nothing really feels earned,at all,who are these wires people knocking on,the door who cares who are they I dont,[ __ ] know I think that really is the,biggest thing excites the pacing it just,feels so wrong because every eight,things are happening at such a weird,pace that everything feels sort of just,jumbled and out of order and flat and,thats the best word I can use to,describe this movie is flat it doesnt,give you reasons to care about anything,thats going on on screen everything,like you dont have any motivation for,these characters you dont have any,different real development for these,characters path of the mothers an,ex-addict who gave up her child and now,she wants to reconnect with their cool,thats great if you explore,like what the two of them were going to,but oh the girl is just kind of bit like,moderately you know mentally damaged but,she never really acts like it she just,sort of says to her mom get away from me,a few times its just like its really I,dont know its really bland and Im,super disappointed because this movie I,wanted I really would had high hopes in,this movie and Im really upset to see,how not good it is her has theres no,directing style in this movie theres a,bunch of really just like mish-mosh,techniques of like that are totally,conflicting and theres no significance,to any of them theres no consistency,with any of them so youll have it all,being directed crazy standards for a,horror movie then itll go to like sort,of a James Wan esque file then itll go,to something like Ricky Bays jr. where,its filling a conversation directly,looking into the camera and its just,its theres no reason for any of that,and theres no consistency throughout so,it just feels really awkward everything,in this movie like I said just feels,very convenient everything happened to,the sake of Procter means and theres no,real actual organic reasoning behind any,of it its just oh well we need to,reveal this okay lets just have this,boxes of evidence lying around its,really like its just not well put,together at all um I mean just overall,its really disappointing I wanted so,badly to like this movie but its not a,well-put-together film in the slightest,its actually pretty boring at times and,its just uneven and flat and really,poorly paced and if you want maybe watch,it once but dont watch twice Im going,to absolutely say that dont knock twice,is poor its flat its uneven its,boring and its just really poorly,written and poorly directed and I just,dont really know what else to say about,it Im really bummed out because I hope,this movie would be good,as always guys thank you so much for,watching and if you liked me and the,others wherever the [ __ ] they are you,can click down there and subscribe and,like and comment and tell me what you,thought of dont knock twice if you saw,it,and if you did see it Im sorry,[Music]


[Music],[Music],[Music],whats this a first-person horror game,made in Wales and based on a movie,tie-in what could possibly go wrong here,dont knock twice as a first-person,horror experience that is loosely based,on the 2016 film of the same name yeah,its the one with Katee Sackhoff in it,yeah that one its fully playable in VR,for the PlayStation 4 and non VR for the,ps4 and Xbox one obviously no VR on Xbox,sorry not sorry the basic plot sees you,roaming freely around a manor house as a,guilt winner mother although we didnt,realize that for a while as the game,didnt really let us know you are trying,to save your lost daughter by uncovering,the truth behind a demonic witch but,unless you read and scrutinize over,every piece of paper you find,then the narrative can quickly get lost,its what youd expect from this kind of,experience the story isnt really going,to score any points here as it only,serves as a courage to push you through,this horror house for an hour yes an,hour its not very long the gameplay on,offer here is pretty much what youve,seen in every other first-person horror,except its not been done very well,lets start with the item handling you,can pick up all these lovely objects and,observe them but this fundamental task,is flawed by stodgy controls that use,the same button to drop items as well as,look at others for example holding an,axe want to open the door or look at,another object well unless you are,perfectly looking at the object then you,will drop your weapon although this may,be due to the game being developed for,mainly VR play it still should have been,corrected for non VR players this,handling error is frustrating not to,mention how silly it looks when you do,successfully pick something up without,dropping your weapon yep Im now holding,a candlestick and axe and this object,floating right in front of me how many,hands does this mother have okay so,maybe that is a minor point and it,probably would be moot have we not found,a gamebreaking glitch during our,playthrough in fear we have ducked next,to this wall only to discover that the,candlestick had been pushed around in,our hand so its now at this weird,angle things got even funnier though,when we checked our mobile phone and it,was now impossible to read that was game,reset number one as well as being,irritating it was a total immersion,breaker were supposed to be scared not,laughing at how the mother is holding,her nineties phone cack-handed I wont,even go into the reason why were being,forced to use candlelight when the phone,were holding probably has a pretty,decent flashlight function so basically,you roam around the manor on a very set,path of doors that mysteriously open in,the right order to get you through the,experience why arent we calling it a,game notice that one did you well this,is basically a glorified horror house,remember layers of fear well its like,that but shorter and could do with a bit,more polish so there are some little,puzzles but nothing to brain taxing and,all of the solutions are conveniently,put in your path so what about the,enemies the threat combat the developers,website clearly states and I quote here,you can combine environment items to,fight or escape the terror,Im going to break that down for you and,tell you the truth you dont combine,anything you pick up an axe and use it,on some door handles or burn some bushes,with a flamethrower which by the way is,a candle strapped to an aerosol can so,they combined it for you the developers,did you just use it like you would,anything else thats not the user,combining in my book yes that was an air,quotation now you can use these items to,fight or escape the terror and what is,the terror drumroll please,highly scripted jump scares and sound,effects they get triggered when you walk,by way theres no tactical way of using,items to escape anything theres no,enemy that stalks you and by the time,you get to the end youll be more scared,of the price you paid to download this,game than anything else within it there,are some upsides and believe it or not,some replay value the achievements or,trophies are super easy to get but will,require a couple of playthroughs,thankfully you can speedrun this in less,time than it takes to watch the 2016,movie so that shouldnt be a problem,there are Russian dolls to smash and,hidden achievements that require you to,shoot some hoops and feed crows great,fantastic thanks after a couple of runs,youll have that platinum trophy and the,game is done the graphics let it down a,little too it doesnt look like anything,special,theres no stylish traits nor does it,push any boundaries but they are at,least acceptable and do the job of,looking like a horror game the one thing,I will say it does well is the sound,theres good depth to the atmosphere,along with the spooky sounds and music,it adds a lot of tension your first time,through also the jump scares will at,least get a reaction out of you when you,dont know whats coming but when its,all said and done you could very much do,without this title cluttering up your,hard drive and the fact that the website,states this is a full-length intuitive,horror game is frankly ripping you off,to your face its bare face lying so,this gives dont not twice a three out,of ten ouch glitchy bad narrative lousy,scripted horror cliches looks like every,horror game youve ever played game,breaking bugs including one at the end,of the game that forced a second console,reset and to top it off no Katee,Sackhoff wait you got me in the video,thanks for watching its been fun its,been a real blast if you want to watch,some more stuff why dont you check out,the stuff over here so we handle he puts,on the other side of the screen its,its cool you should use,come out you know good,[Music]

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