1. The Henleys Review the Dormeo Premium RV Short Mattress Topper
  2. Best Mattress Toppers 2022 (Which One Is Right For You?)
  3. Simba Lux Vs Dormeo Octaspring Memory Foam Mattress Comparison
  4. Review of Dormeo Octasmart Mattress Topper for Combo Sleepers With Back Pain
  5. Dont buy a Mattress Topper until you see This!
  6. Best Mattress Toppers Of 2022 – Our Top 8 Picks!
  7. Best Mattress Topper In 2023 – Top 10 Mattress Toppers Review

The Henleys Review the Dormeo Premium RV Short Mattress Topper

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Best Mattress Toppers 2022 (Which One Is Right For You?)

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Simba Lux Vs Dormeo Octaspring Memory Foam Mattress Comparison

so this is the octa spring its by a,company called dormio uh theyre about,the same price these two so the symbolux,and the uh dormio sirocco which is this,one around about with their sales and,their discounts that they give,around about a thousand pounds so,theyre not cheap this is a thats for a,king size,this one ive been sleeping on for two,weeks the lux version from simba and,this one only one night which was last,night,just to note when this one arrived or,when any of the symbol ones arrived they,arrive completely vacuum packs rolled up,so its a bit easier in terms of storage,if you dont need to put them on,straight away,this one comes completely already,expanded so it doesnt it does come in a,box but they take the box away,and it comes in a wrapping but its its,fully expanded already,both of them have a slight smell to them,but that goes pretty quickly so i,wouldnt worry too much about that,this one has no memory foam the octa,spring has their patented technology,which it has kind of theyre not metal,springs theyre foam memory foam springs,which are all the way through,and this one has a memory foam on the,top as well so really quite different in,the technologies that they use and i,just wanted to help and share,my feelings and views with these and,maybe it will help you with your,purchasing decision as well so currently,the pro has gone back from simba the lux,is here and this one were trialing out,so lets get into it,im going to keep this one as short and,sharp as i can for you uh you know i,dont want to be going on about these,forever and a day but theres a few main,things to think about so they both cant,they both feel very luxurious very,comfortable in terms of the feel of them,and the materials that they use,i think the simba certainly the lux has,a slightly better quality finish to it,this one has had a few its got a few or,arrived with a few little scuffs and,things and the threads coming out uh the,cotton threads which is no biggie uh you,know it doesnt stop you sleeping on it,it doesnt affect your sleeping but it,does make a difference when you when you,see them and youve got bits of cotton,hanging off of them or slight holes in,the side or things like in the fabric,itself dont know what it is maybe that,was in transport im not sure but,to the sleeping side,i think the memory foam one is slightly,warmer to sleep in so if you get hot in,the night although this is an octa,spring its supposed to be a very,breathable one there is no doubt in my,mind that the uh this element of it has,slightly more warmth to it so maybe,thats good for some people not good so,good for others but i think the symbol,wins on that one the other thing where,cymbal wins is it has these handles on,the side not only this side but it has,them on both sides on all sides,and that this uh octa spring one doesnt,have any at all so in terms of turning,it with your partner or on your own its,definitely a lot easier with the simba,one and theyre similar in weights,um but definitely one thing that i found,on the memory foam this is a this is,quite a biggie and i found this in the,first night or the next morning if,youre someone that likes to sit in bed,maybe with a cup of tea maybe reading,maybe on your phone,then i guess this is the same for any,memory foam mattress that this one,has,it dips in so where your main weight is,your it starts to dip in and you feel it,slightly dipping down which is nice its,comfortable in that respect but if,youre sitting up in the bed and ill,show you that in a minute it gets this,dip where your butt is,lets say,you were in bed,like this,reading your newspaper or on your phone,how about doing your thing your morning,thing well,after a while this just dips in and you,seem to sink further and further and,further and then it gets to a stop and,then after about five minutes it just,becomes,a little bit sore and uncomfortable,im really torn on these ones i dont,know quite which way its going to go,but the other thing to note with,the dormio is that it actually comes,with,a free pillow or it did when i bought it,so this is a,what do they call this this is a dormio,octa spring,its definitely a membrane quite firm i,dont know how you would sleep on this,because it will keep your head like this,i would imagine in the middle of night,but anyway its free so ill take that,thank you with all that said which one,did i end up going for well right now,for me we are three months on from what,you just saw a few seconds ago so,ive gone clearly with the octa spring,the sirocco version,and for me it was just more luxurious in,terms of comfort so i was i liked that,dropping feeling of memory foam,but it wasnt too hot for me as well at,the same time yep theres a few things i,didnt like it like about it like the,handles and not all around but again,thats not really a biggie its not,often youre turning it and as long as,you can slide it around your base its,not like youve got to lift it up,anywhere so the lux went back the,symbolox and the pro at back they were,both just a bit too firm for me this one,is more,soft to medium i would say but i i,prefer that yep i dont like the dipping,down when you when youre sitting there,like reading your on your phone or,reading a newspaper or watching tv or,whatever it might be but i kind of got,used to that a little bit so,i must say credit to simba they were,really good with swapping them out from,the pro to the lux and then doing a,refund after they got them both back and,ultimately they got no sale out of it,but the ultra spring for me has been,great and,it doesnt seem to have that dipping,down in either so after you know one,month two months three months theres,still no sign of that dipping like there,was on the simba uh,after just a few a few days or a few,weeks on that one so thats thats a,positive so i hope you like this video,if you did please like it and subscribe,it means a lot to the channel and it,helps with the algorithms and well see,you on the next video bye,see that,all right good chat,[Music],you

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Review of Dormeo Octasmart Mattress Topper for Combo Sleepers With Back Pain

so today i wanted to review for you,the dormio octa spring,topper,and just give you a look,at this topper,and how it works for combination sleep,side and back,sleepers you see im a side and back,sleeper and i have herniated disc in my,lower back really bad,sciatica and i have a,shoulder problem so when i sleep on my,side i need a nice soft surface but when,i land my back,if i dip it all in my middle it just,kills my back and um,im in pain the whole next day uh really,bad for my lower back my hips so this,dormayo topper has,zoned support in the hips,but still soft in the shoulder area,so you know were going to give it the,old look-see,and let you know that you have a chance,to know,what youre getting before youre buying,this topper because there isnt a lot,of information online about it,so i was originally coming from a very,firm mattress,and i needed something a little softer,for my shoulder,so i bought a beautyrest medium firm,silver edition,but it was just so soft in the middle,it was destroying my back destroying my,lower back,so i got a puffy,firm topper to try to firm it up,and that helped but it just was still,just wasnt cutting it for me so i went,for,a firm base a they use firm coils,theyre one of the only,bad companies that uses actual firm,coils in their firm beds,but it was i got the trelberg elite and,but it was just a little too firm,so ive tried a few different mattress,toppers,and i had tried the original dormeo from,2019 that doesnt have,the support in the hips and,with a hundred day sleep trial,and it was not working for me it was,hurting my lower back,so the company graciously,upgraded me for free to this topper so,im making this review of my own,volition um just to let you know,what a great topper this is from a great,company your mail,so here is the octa,spring,plus topper,i will tell you this,this company is a stand-up company,they stand by their warranty their,100-day sleep,guarantee,i had originally bought last years,model,which doesnt have the zoned,firmness you see here,you have a firm zone,where your hips are so your hips dont,sink and,me,suffering from sciatica and herniated,discs in my lower back,i am really sensitive to any dip,but i have a bad shoulder so i need,something soft for when i,turn on my side because i am a back and,a side sleeper,so this we have a firm zone for your,hips,so my lower back does not,stress all night,and you have a firm section where your,head is,but then right here where your shoulder,and your ribs are,its nice and soft it really works,perfectly for me,so when i originally bought their,original,topper without the zoning,i was not satisfied and i wanted to,return it,but since its pretty much impossible to,return,they upgraded me to this one,avoiding the hundred day guarantee,but providing me with something that,works for me,now lets see if we can get,inside here and show you,whats,[Music],i inside know if it will come out in the,video,but these are the octa coils,and you see you have a different color,where its soft the blue ones,and where its firmer you have a white,one,i dont know if thats really coming out,but,thats basically it this is the,the support layer here then you have,your,quality very thin memory foam layer here,and then your memory foam coils,if you can see those,in there see,theres the blue ones where they get,firmer,pretty nice topper i must admit when you,lay on it,so the test of any topper,is once you put the sheets on it and,this contains and you can see here,theres still looks like a little crease,maybe from where it was folded over in,the packaging,so ive been open for about three or,four hours so,im gonna let it sit for a while and,then,going to put the cheats on it and show,you what its like when i lay on it,so you can get a good idea you know when,i bought this,i like the idea for my specific problem,of having,the lower back and the shoulder pain and,being a,back and side sleeper and really i had,originally bought,a medium firm beauty rest and that was,too soft i tried a puffy firm,to firm it up which helped but it just,was a little too soft,for me and my lower back so i went with,a,firm serta,trelberg elite which is,a little too firm for,my shoulder and my ribs when i sleep on,my side,so this sounded like the perfect,solution,and so far when ive laid on this it has,um lived up to my expectations,we shall see how a full night,treats me though because a lot of times,they feel good for like,20 minutes an hour,but eventually you can press the foam so,much,that it doesnt really have the support,that you need,so we shall see,so when i bought this there werent,any videos that werent made by the,manufacturer on it so thats why i,decided to make this,video so if theres anybody else out,there like me,who really,has back problems and their sleep,surface is really important to them and,theyre trying to,come up with a solution and make a,decision you know there arent very many,places you can test one of these things,out so you kind of gotta,you know go online and get an idea from,videos,you know and unfortunately there arent,any you know customer made videos for,this so,i figured what the heck,here is,the topper,got it under a mattress protector,that tightens it up to the bed nice and,snug,firms it up a good bit too theres my,dog you can see,her laying on the bed she doesnt he,doesnt displace it too much which is,very,important for me because if uh,another person or my dog displaces the,bed,too much then it misaligns my back and i,have a hard time sleeping as you can see,i have lots of pillows,here that i like to use now i will,get on the bed,see if we can get so you can see here,not much,not much hip sinkage here at all,which is nice because if my hips,dip too much at all,then it really kills my lower back,so you can see there,got a big belly so um,i tend to put a lot of weight on a,topper here so this has that,extra support in this area which is,really holding up and filling in my,lower back here,just right now,lets see when i go turn over,to my shoulder here you see how much,softer it is,i get just the right amount of sinkage,here,its where im not feeling too much,pressure,on my shoulder,you know i would normally if im,sleeping take probably this pillow here,and put it,between my legs,and shaking my big belly here,and yeah its really comfortable,this topper is a keeper for me i do,believe,it is the best topper that ive,experienced for my,specific needs needing that,extra support in the hips but still,being,soft on the shoulders when i,so yeah the octa spring topper,seems to hold up,through the hip area and still be plenty,soft,on my shoulders so i would highly,recommend,this topper to anybody,who needs that extra support in the hips,but still,needs a little bit softer than firm,surface to sleep on,yeah really nice um didnt feel,really any pressure points maybe,one or two which for me is really,amazing,so yeah thats it the octa spring plus,topper,from dormeo highly recommended,for for combo,back sleepers with,lower back pain

Dont buy a Mattress Topper until you see This!

Hey guys!,In this video, were going to look at the top five Mattress Toppers available on the,market today.,We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews.,Weve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices,possible.,If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check,the links in the description box below.,So, here are the top five Best Mattress toppers The fifth product on our list is the BedStory.,You deserve a full nights rest after each stressful day, and that will be possible with,the BedStory mattress topper.,There is no need to compromise your comfort or sleeping conditions as this mattress topper,combines the benefits of standard memory foam and gel memory foam to give you the best sleeping,experience.,The gel foam, which is used on the top of the mattress, transfers heat away when your,body comes in contact with it and improves air circulation so that you can comfortably,wake up refreshed and energized.,Once you lie on the bed, it conforms to your bodys shape and aligns your spine correctly,so that you will experience pressure and pain relief on all parts of your body that feel,tight or tense.,The best thing about the BedStory topper is that it evenly supports your body weight and,yet feels soft and comfy on your skin.,This mattress is encased in a hypoallergenic polyester cover with a zipper that you can,easily remove to wash.,Additionally, it is designed with anti-slip mesh so that it doesnt move around and anti-slip,elastic straps on the sides that hold this unit to your existing mattress.,Sleep safe and sleep worry-free because all the materials used in making this mattress,topper are free from harmful chemicals.,Its pros are: – It is CertiPUR-US certified,- It provides support and extra comfort for the body; and,- It keeps your body temperature neutral at night.,However, – Its straps are too short for thicker mattresses.,The BedStory mattress topper is ideal for side sleepers who want to wake up feeling,refreshed and energized every day.,Up next in fourth place is the Subrtex Household.,Having a peaceful and comfortable sleep is good, but waking up without the previous days,pains and stress is better, and this is possible with the Subrtex Household mattress topper.,It is a 4-inch gel-infused memory foam that you can attach to your existing mattress with,the included adjustable elastic straps for the best sleeping experience.,Each time you come home feeling tense on different parts of your body, consider this mattress,topper your indirect masseuse that will make the pains and pressure disappear after a few,days of use.,The memory foam itself is gel-infused and has a ventilated design that allows air to,flow optimally to reduce body heat and stabilize your body temperature throughout your time,of use, whether during the day or at night.,The bamboo fiber and Rayon casing used to cover this mattress feels cool on your skin,and wont cause unnecessary skin irritations or cause discomfort.,This cover is equipped with a zipper so that you can take it off anytime to wash it and,has an anti-slip mesh that prevents sliding even if you toss and turn a lot.,What about its durability?,Well, it comes with a 10-year warranty to guarantee your peace of mind.,Once you order and receive this package, ensure to lay it flatly in a well-ventilated area,for 48-72 hours until it reaches full expansion.,Its pros are: – It is CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX certified,- It is toxin-free and durable; and – It relieves pressure points.,However, the cons are, – Some customers complained that it is too,soft for their needs; and – It may not stay in place even with the elastic,straps.,The Subrtex Household is suitable for anyone who wants to sleep comfortably in warmer environments,without being drenched in sweat.,Still havent found a Mattress topper that meets your needs?,Well, keep watching because we have more lined up for you.,Meanwhile, if this is your first time visiting our channel, be sure to subscribe and hit,the bell icon to receive notifications of our next videos.,The third product on our list is Sleep Innovations.,When it comes to enjoying an excellent nights rest, your luxury and comfort shouldnt be,compromised.,This product from Sleep Innovations is a durable topper that will make an excellent investment.,As a plush and comfortable unit, when you sleep on this mattress topper and youll wake,up feeling like a brand new person.,Every area of tension, pain, stress, and muscle cramp will become a thing of the past with,consistent use of this product.,Apart from conforming to the shape of your body to give you the needed support, the Sleep,Innovations 4-inch mattress topper ensures that your body maintains a steady temperature,at night without any discomfort caused by heat.,This is made possible by the dual-layer of 2-inch cooling gel memory foam.,You dont even need to wait for hours before you can use it.,Once you open the box, attach it to your existing mattress and hop on right away.,You will enjoy this topper no matter what your favorite sleeping position is.,After using it for a few days, you can remove the quilted pillow-top cover to quickly wash,and machine dry it.,No matter how much you wash this cover, it will always fit the mattress and not lose,its shape.,Finally, this topper comes with a 10-year warranty and is CertiPUR-US certified.,Its pros are: – It provides pressure-relieving support,- This high-quality topper allows you to enjoy a deep sleep; and,- It is easy and convenient to set up.,However, – It is not 100% memory foam.,The Sleep Innovations 4-inch mattress topper is perfect for anyone who wants a perfect,night rest with no compromise.,The second product on our list is the ViscoSoft Select.,Comfort and support are the keywords when looking to buy any mattress topper, and the,ViscoSoft Select does not fall short of these.,As a gel-infused memory foam mattress topper, it allows optimal airflow so that your body,does not overheat at night.,Youll sleep so well you may not even hear your alarm go off in the morning.,The moment you lie on it, you will notice that it conforms to your body shape and aligns,your spine, especially if you are a side-sleeper.,Doing this helps to reduce pressure points and relieve pains from different parts of,your body.,Additionally, the way this mattress conforms to your body shape allows you to assume a,natural sleeping position and helps to evenly distribute heat from your body for maximum,sleep comfort.,Buying this durable mattress topper will save you some money because you wont need to change,your mattress as regularly, therefore prolonging its lifespan.,The fact that it is designed to have a medium firmness means its soft enough to give you,a secure, cozy feeling without allowing you to sink too far into it when you lay down.,Furthermore, this memory foam topper doesnt come alone.,It is accompanied by a soft, removable, machine-washable bamboo rayon cover with slip-resistant mesh,and four adjustable elastic straps to secure it to your existing mattress.,Whether you sleep with a partner or pet, you will be able to rest as you are supposed to,without any disturbances from their movements.,Its pros are: – This slip-resistant, soft mattress cover,has a 60-night sleep trial and a 3-year warranty – It is neither too hard nor too soft And,- There is a reduction of heat transfer with this topper.,However, * The odor that comes with the package may,last for a while, even after washing The ViscoSoft Select mattress topper is perfect,for back and side sleepers looking for a cooler sleeping surface.,Before we reveal number one, be sure to check out the description below for the newest deals,on each of these items.,And, be sure to subscribe if you want to stay up to date on the best products on the market.,Finally, our top Mattress topper is the Tempur-Pedic Supreme.,A good nights rest and waking up feeling refreshed and

Best Mattress Toppers Of 2022 – Our Top 8 Picks!

hey there folks its amelia from,sleepopolis and today were going to be,going over the best mattress toppers of,the year now i am a certified sleep,science coach and i test out new sleep,products every single week here at,sleepopolis so i am ready to give you,guys everything you need to know i have,personally tested every single one of,these mattress toppers so were gonna go,over why they made this list and who,theyre gonna be best for but before we,get started make sure youre subscribed,to our channel so you never miss a video,from us and after this video be sure to,head over to sleepopolis.com weve got,some exclusive coupons on there that can,help you save a little bit of money on,these mattress toppers you can click the,link in the description to get over,there all right lets get,started first up is our editors pick,for the best mattress topper the saatva,mattress topper this topper actually,comes in three different variations,graphite latex and memory foam but well,be specifically looking at the graphite,topper this topper is made with a,breathable organic cotton cover three,inches of memory foam infused with,graphite for cooling and straps to,secure the topper to your mattress the,foam allows you to sink in for some,serious pressure relief while the,graphite infusions keep you from,overheating as the graphite draws heat,away from the body plus the cotton cover,is super soft i think this topper is a,great choice in particular for back and,side sleepers to get some cozy foam,contouring,next on our list is the birch plush,organic mattress topper which is our,best organic mattress topper this topper,is made with an organic cotton cover a,layer of wool and talalay latex the,cotton cover is soft and breathable,while the wool layer acts as both a fire,retardant layer and adds a bit of,plushness the talalay latex makes up the,fill of the topper providing a bouncy,and responsive yet comfortable feel its,perforated so air can flow within the,latex and latex also maintains a,naturally cool temperature so this is a,great choice for hot sleepers i found,the birch topper to work best for back,and stomach sleepers as it has a firmer,feel and of course shoppers who are,eco-conscious will appreciate all the,natural and organic materials used in,this topper,okay next on my list is the helix plush,mattress topper which is my pick as the,best mattress topper for stomach,sleepers,now personally i find it difficult to,find a great mattress topper for stomach,sleepers as most of them are designed to,make your mattress softer and stomach,sleepers usually want a pretty firm,surface to keep their hips elevated,this topper provides a thin layer of,comfort almost like a mini pillow top,its outer cover is bamboo blend fabric,which is great for temperature,regulation and its filled with,polyester fiber fill the topper uses,baffle box stitching to ensure that the,filling stays evenly distributed and,also gives the topper that plush pillow,top feel the topper also has a skirt to,securely attach it to your mattress,now this is a great topper for stomach,sleepers because it adds that touch of,softness and plushness without severely,making your mattress softer so you can,maintain a firm feel while still being a,little more comfy,[Music],now on to my next pick which is the,temper topper supreme the best mattress,topper for side sleepers this topper,from tempur-pedic has that classic,tempur-pedic feel thick slow-moving foam,that takes time to sink into but once,you do you get the ultimate pressure,relief this topper is made with a soft,washable cover and three inches of,tempur-material foam tempur-pedics,proprietary memory foam its a great,pick for side sleepers because the foam,really allows you to sink in deeply for,pressure relief thats great for,relieving pressure on the hips and,shoulders which is key for side sleepers,when i tested this topper out i also,thought it felt super high quality like,most of tempur-pedics products so i,think you can feel secure in your,purchase that this topper will last a,long time and tempur-pedic backs that up,with a 10-year warranty,now lets go on to my next pick for the,best budget mattress topper the brooklyn,bedding gel swirl memory foam topper,this topper is made with a gel infused,memory foam in either a two inch or,three inch thickness the gel promotes a,temperature neutral sleep experience by,drawing heat away from the body while,the memory foam provides that cushioned,and contouring feel i found this topper,to be quite comfortable for sleeping on,both my back and side for back sleepers,itll provide that extra softness and,filling in around the lumbar region to,relieve back pain whereas side sleepers,can ensure theyre getting pressure,relief in all the right spots this is a,fairly simple topper it doesnt have,straps or a cover but it comes at a,budget friendly price so if low price is,a high priority for you definitely,consider this gel swirl topper from,embedding,[Music],now on to the puffy mattress topper our,pick for the best memory foam mattress,topper,puffy is all about cozy foam in both,their mattresses and this topper now,this topper is actually available in,both a soft and a firm version so youve,got some choices about what kind of feel,you want i tested the soft version and,found it super comfortable and pressure,relieving with a classic memory foam,feel this topper is made with a washable,cover made from a blend of bamboo,viscose and polyester and it has memory,foam fill,the cover has a skirt that attaches the,topper to your mattress like a fitted,sheet so no worries about it shifting,around on the surface of your bed,another perk puffy offers a lifetime,warranty with this topper,all right now on to the layla memory,foam topper my pick for the best,mattress topper for back sleepers,i love this topper for back sleepers,because it has a cozy pressure relieving,feel but it still provides support the,layla mattress topper has a soft cover,made with a blend of polyester viscose,and lycra the cover has elastic straps,that secure it to the mattress the fill,of the topper is two inches of,copper-infused memory foam the copper,makes the foam antimicrobial and,provides a cooling effect copper gel,beads pull heat away from the body,creating a temperature neutral sleep,experience back sleepers will likely,enjoy how this topper makes your bed,feel softer without making you feel,completely enveloped in foam,all right and now for our final pick of,this roundup the avocado organic latex,topper the best cooling mattress topper,latex is not only an organic material,but naturally cool so if you sleep hot,latex is a material you should gravitate,towards this topper has an organic,cotton cover which is a very breathable,material and uses a layer of wool as a,natural fire barrier the wool is also,thermoregulating and moisture wicking,making this topper sleep cool and,comfortable this topper is available in,a firm or soft version so you have,options as to how you can change up the,feel of your mattress additionally these,toppers are handmade in california so,they are a super high quality product,[Music],well folks that is it for todays video,i hope you found this roundup helpful,and if youre gonna be trying out one of,these toppers let me know in the,comments section or if you have any,questions you can feel free to drop,those in the comments as well we love to,hear from you now if you want to learn,more about any one of these toppers,individually you can check out my,individual reviews of them either here,on our youtube channel or over at,sleepopolis.com or if none of these,toppers really float your boat weve,reviewed even more that you can check,out well thanks for joining me and ill,see you next time bye,[Music],you

Best Mattress Topper In 2023 – Top 10 Mattress Toppers Review

if youre looking for the best mattress,topper heres a list you must see we,made this list based on our personal,preference and sorted it based on the,features prices quality durability and,reputation of the manufacturers and,customer feedback also weve included,options for every type of customer so,lets get started,[Music],at the first position of our list we,have sleep innovations four inch dual,layer topper after many hours of testing,we determined that the sleep innovations,dual layer mattress topper is one of the,best choices for most people this unique,topper is actually made up of two layers,it has a two inch gel memory foam layer,as well as a 2 inch pillow topper that,has a built in skirt similar to a,mattress pad not only does this design,ensure the topper stays in place on your,bed but our testers absolutely loved how,the two layers felt the topper provided,the perfect amount of cushioning without,being too fluffy and the top layer makes,it more comfortable than a standard,memory foam topper this mattress topper,is easy to set up but the gel memory,foam does have a sticky feel luckily the,top layer covers the foam so you dont,have to deal with the unpleasant texture,one downside that we noticed with this,mattress topper is that the cooling,effects of the gel memory foam are,lessened due to the polyester filled,pillow topper it wasnt the warmest,mattress topper we tested but the,surface temperature did increase several,degrees when someone laid on it for five,minutes in addition to being extremely,comfortable this mattress topper is made,in the usa and is certi pur us certified,meaning its phone meets standards for,content emissions and durability its,also backed by an impressive 10 year,warranty,moving on to the next at number two with,lucid 3-inch gel memory foam mattress,topper for a more budget-friendly option,the lucid memory foam mattress hopper,provides a firm yet comfortable surface,to sleep on its made from an open cell,gel memory foam that allows air to pass,through and our testers liked that it,felt airy and breathable though it did,feel slightly tacky to the touch the,topper has a more firm texture than,other options we tested making it a good,choice for side sleepers or anyone who,needs a more supportive mattress surface,this mattress top or dead have an odor,after unboxing so we gave it the,recommended 48 hour off-gassing period,before testing it it was the perfect,size or testing mattress while we were,able to see lumps when objects were,placed underneath the topper our testers,didnt feel any discomfort when lying,down we tested the 3-inch version of,this mattress topper but it also comes,in a 2-inch foam layer as well the,material is 30 pur us certified and the,manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty,the number 3 position is held by,viscosoft active cooling memory foam,mattress topper memory foam is a popular,material for mattress toppers thanks to,its comfortable yet supportive feel of,all the memory foam products we tested,the viscose soft mattress topper was our,favorite it has a thick and cushy,texture thats comfortable and,supportive and our testers noted they,werent able to feel any lumps when hard,objects were placed underneath the,topper this makes it a top choice for,anyone with a lumpy mattress because,its memory foam this topper did require,a 48 hour off-gassing period setup was,also slightly more complex since you,have to put a cover which is made from,cooling fabric onto the memory foam by,hand memory foam is notorious for,retaining quite a bit of heat but thanks,to its breathable cover and,copper-infused foam this topper actually,stayed cooler than many other options we,tested it also prevented any motion,transfer making it a top choice for,anyone whos bothered by their partners,movements during the night it was a,little bit large for the bed this topper,is available with either a black or,white cover and its materials are both,american made and certipu are us,certified the brand offers a five year,warranty on the product and the cover,can be machine washed for easy,maintenance,next at number 4 we have tufton needle,mattress topper if you typically find,memory foam to be too warm the tuft in a,needle mattress topper is made from an,open cell phone that doesnt retain as,much heat while its only two inches,thick our testers loved how it felt,noting that it wasnt too thick or too,thin further we were barely able to,detect hard objects placed under the,topper so it would be a good choice if,youre hoping to remedy a lumpy or,uncomfortable mattress this mattress,topper did have a strong odor after,unboxing so it will likely require an,off-gassing period even though the brand,doesnt recommend one the cover has,silicone beading on the bottom to help,keep the topper in place on your bed and,wed recommend enlisting a partner to,help set it up one of the great things,about this topper is that it offers,several certifications including certi,pur us and ul green guard gold which,verifies the topper gives off low,emissions to support healthy indoor,environments tough tan needle offers a,100 night sleep trial with hassle-free,returns and the product is backed by a,three-year warranty,the number five position is held by vis,khassoft or inch activity cooling memory,foam matte tree ss topper forget tossing,and turning from night sweats or,mattresses that seem to retain too much,body heat viscosofts active cooling,memory foam mattress topper offers 4,inches of very important temperature and,pressure point relief this supportive,mattress topper is all about keeping you,cool and comfortable the unique drift,cooling cover helps moderate heat and,deflects moisture while the copper,infused memory foam also works to,transfers heat from the body to keep you,cool another two inch layer of,ventilated memory foam increases,breathability and provides contouring,support in addition to cooling copper is,also preferred for its antimicrobial,properties the design itself is also,extremely motion isolating essentially,minimizing any potential disruptions to,your sleep the cover is washable and the,topper utilizes a breathable mesh,anti-slip backing and elastic straps,that conveniently connect it to the bed,some have noted that theyve struggled,with the straps on already thick,mattresses or that the band snapped,the number six position is dominated by,plush beds extra firm natural latex,topper if youre on a bed that lost its,support or on a mission to make a soft,bed well firm plush beds extra firm,natural latex topper comes out top for,offering one of the firmest most,supportive latex toppers on the market,reaching a seven on the firma scale,while the name does sound like an,oxymoron coming from plush beds the,company actually makes a variety of,latex stoppers in differing depths and,firmness levels to suit your sleep,preferences plushbeds all-natural,talalay latex topper offers superior,support and pressure point relief for,increased comfort through the night the,extra firm is recommended for those who,enjoy very firm surfaces stomach or back,sleepers and those over two hundred,fiftils beyond being able to choose from,four different firmness levels you can,also choose between two and three inches,depths the former which adds a,supportive layer while still allowing,you to slightly feel your mattress,underneath and the ladder for additional,cushion and insulation from your,existing mattress the latex also has an,open cell airflow design that offers,heat distribution to keep you cool also,isolates motion from your partner,plushbeds notes that its extra firm,design may not be as forgiving to your,shoulders hips and knees but provides,excellent support if any of those areas,are problem areas for you we suggest,trying the medium firm topper to not,create any further potential pain points,for an additional cost you can also add,on an organic cotton cover latex is not,washable so it could be useful to have,the extra cover to protect it,moving on to the ne

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