1. DOT CARD REVIEW – Everything you need to know
  3. Ultimate Smart Business Card Comparison – OVOU, Linq, Popl, NOMAD, Tappy, Blue, Dot, V1CE
  4. DOT CARD REVIEW – craziest way to network?
  5. DOT business card – 8 Month Review Update
  6. Which NFC Smart Business Card is best for you? (Ovou vs. Dot vs. Linq vs. Taptok vs. Covve)
  7. Popl VS Dot VS Linq!! (In Depth Comparison) *WHICH IS BEST??*

DOT CARD REVIEW – Everything you need to know

whats up everybody welcome to the,channel and if youre new,welcome to the channel everyone my name,is diego and today were going to be,doing a video review,on the,duck car yeah i like that huh you like,this too,this cool wallet flips open with the,lever,thats for another video thanks so much,for watching and without any further ado,lets jump right into the video all,right everybody so these are dot,business cards,pretty much uh what they are is kind of,the future future of business cards,you know normally you would buy business,cards,in like bulk a bunch of little itty,bitty paper ones that have your name,number email address whatever you know,and,but the thing is that you know you buy i,dont even know how much they are but i,know that theyre not very cheap,especially when you buy a bunch of them,and you give them to somebody,you know more often than not though that,person is probably just gonna end up,throwing it away,or just dropping on the ground somewhere,nearby just because they were just being,nice to you,so this honestly eliminates,that issue because the purpose of this,is that you have one single card that,you,use for everybody let me let me explain,so what it is is essentially you take,this card,and you tap it just on the top of the,back,of your iphone and automatically a link,will pop up for,from safari and will direct you directly,to,your account your dot account which,essentially will have,all your social media your contact,information,whatever you put into it its all gonna,be there,so its super cool its super epic uh,very,very seamless and honestly the thing is,is that everybody has a smartphone these,days so basically this little guy is,super useful um just bust it out um you,feel super slick super smooth you know,busted it boom,there it is everybody has all uh all,your accounts,just so they can go and check out their,pages you know and,so yeah so im gonna show you right here,my,account so basically yeah i got my,youtube i got my insta my tick tock and,my twitter,uh probably add a couple other things,here and there,i actually had a little issue with,integrating my youtube channel because,there are times when you make a channel,and and someone else has the exact same,name so then it links it to that name,because its asking for the youtube,channel name but,emailed support and they actually told,me to take the,end part of the url code from your,youtube channel page,put that into the name section of the,youtube link,and then it is there which is why you,dont see my name right there,it just shows a very weird link i hope,that helps uh,for anybody whos gonna have struggle,with that again if you guys have any,like issues let me know i might be able,to help essentially its just an easy,way,to get more subscribers more followers,more likes all that jazz you know,you name it its super cool super,versatile,very easy okay,one card does it all it comes in a,couple different colors you know blue,green yellow and a couple others,it also comes actually have it pictured,right here,it comes with these uh you can actually,get these individually,you can either opt in for a card or,for one of these guys as you can see it,shows their selection of colors right,there i,think thats actually all of them right,there but uh it comes with a price of,twenty dollars for each,card or one of these little guys these,little guys have the exact same function,as the card the only difference is you,probably put this on your phone,and you just kind of stick your phone,next to another phone,the doc card you know you just whip it,out of your wallet,i think it looks more professional but,up to you,so with that being said super amazing,product uh,got it in the mail real fast actually,too it said it took like two three weeks,that actually got in my house like,literally in like five days,also for all you android users out there,youre not left out is the fact that the,backside has a qr code and this qr code,you can literally scan with any,smartphone camera now and it will,literally take you exactly to that same,link,i actually have one last thing to say um,i have a 10 off code,uh i love dot,if yall whoever wants this first come,first serve 10 percent off your dot card,save yourself a couple bucks really hope,you guys got some insight on this,i hope you guys enjoyed the video dont,forget to like comment and subscribe,leave a comment down below in the,comment section for any questions or,comments you may have also if you can,leave me,one of these that would be very very,appreciated,it always helps these videos get out to,other people,like yourself and if you want more,content like this dont forget to,subscribe,ill definitely be trying to do more uh,review videos for other products,here and there and have a good one,everybody


[Music],this video is not sponsored by dot or,anything i paid for it myself just,because i think its a great product so,uh,if you want to sponsor me my email,address is in the description below,um but yeah back it again with another,filler video because i still havent,edited the last video not even the last,videos from like two months ago i got a,package,john is from dot they basically make,these little cards so then you could,network better so then you could just,tap it on the back of someones uh phone,and itll just give you all the links so,you add your instagram your twitter,your youtube your your your little bio,whatever the so like if you go to,like a sneaker meet a car me or whatever,the you dont you dont just have,to put your,at on your car windshield or whatnot or,tell someone you instagram at you just,tap this onto their phone and then,theyll have all your details right,there thats just convenient so then you,could grow your following in your,influencer status also if youre an,influencer dont put your phone number,on this,so like if you tap it on to like a,strangers phone just like a series,channel theyre gonna end up having your,numbers so,yeah watch out other than that its,really self-explanatory they give you,all the instructions when you get the,product theres like a little card that,it comes with so all right so i ordered,a card and for black friday,um it added like a free little gift so i,could add like a little stub on the back,of my phone so i could just tap it onto,someones,someone elses phone if i want,[Music],thats it ooh thats tiny thats flat,yeah i got the flat version because i,dont want like a big ass stub so itll,just be like a little,a thin little piece on top of my case,instead of a 3d little all right so,i came with a card,dot networking experience has been,upgraded this card is,nice what is it made of photo i thought,it would be like metal or something that,would have been cooler but,its just a regular card how to activate,first tap the dot on the back of your,phone,all right lets try this i think thats,fine isnt it good,that looks so sleek bruh its a black on,black its like matte black on matte,black so it looks really nice,tap it right now yeah it still came up,dodge card link,swipe down click on it bam there i am,thats tough but i know exactly where to,put this hold on,all right so this is my card holder,where i keep all my stuff so i have a,debit card,which you guys cant see my key card and,my health insurance card so im just add,it to the list,oh yeah thats tough for the card ill,give it like a solid 8.5 out of 10 just,because,it does its job but i just wish it was,metal um even though you guys probably,would have had to,raise the price for it it doesnt really,feel that good since plastic you can,bend it easily it doesnt really feel,that,premium um but it does its job and its,really nice looking so its chilling,but um as for the little dot up here i,feel like it could have worked better,but i feel like since its flat it,doesnt hit the other phone as easy,so its like kind of harder to detect,from the other phone but other than that,its a really good product i dont know,about the price,of 20 bucks for that but i got it for,free all right so im finally done um,setting it up i think it works,all right so if i tap the card on the,back,yeah it popped up bam,and then you could see my profile which,is right there,and then if i do the card i mean the the,dot just tap it,it pops up click it ah if i click the,wrong thing,click it and then my profile shows up,thats tough oh as for the little dodge,on i put it on the top instead so like,when you,hit someones iphone this little dot,right here like where the camera is you,just want to tap it on there so then,itll detect it um,thats just what works for me better but,it honestly depends so like i used to,have it down here but when i put it up,here itll be more easier to just tap,the top of someones phone rather than,making them go down here thats just my,take on it for your links its kind of,annoying because you cant just drag,each link into its order you have to,like make sure you type it in the,correct,order that you want it to be in and if,you do it wrong you have to chalk it all,up and then restart and then for like,your your username at,you cant use the links you have to use,um your actual app so that was my first,mistake i didnt really read properly,just ask for the username instead of the,link so i had to delete all the links,and then put in the usernames you have,to put in the username,and not the link username not the link,username username and then the email,address so if i click my instagram,itll come up and then for youtube,itll come up because i have the custom,url for my um for my channel,and if you want to connect your youtube,channel you have to go into your youtube,channel,um customization settings and you have,to have your own youtube custom link,so then you could put your username or,else it wont work,and to have a custom link you have to,have 100 subs have your account like 30,days old or some and then,like a profile pic or something i dont,know search it up yeah overall for the,price i think its worth it yeah thats,all i got for todays video hope you,guys enjoyed make sure you guys like and,subscribe,[Music],also this video is not sponsored by dot,i paid it for my,myself

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Ultimate Smart Business Card Comparison – OVOU, Linq, Popl, NOMAD, Tappy, Blue, Dot, V1CE

business cards are really a creative way,to make yourself stand out,whether youre networking meeting,clients applying to a job it can set you,ahead of the competition,after all how many unique business card,designs are there out there to make you,look more sophisticated,but what if you could take that a step,further what if you could extend that,sophisticated experience to the web from,your card,well thats where smart business cards,come in,theres a ton of companies that are,doing this putting an nfc chip and a qr,code within a business card allowing you,to tap or scan it in order to get to a,website where you can host all of your,information whether that be just contact,info or whether you want to add your,social links files videos i mean really,its up to you well thats where the,smart business card comes in and theres,a ton of companies doing this claiming,to have the best business card ever and,well i bought all of them,from dot link blue popple tapi vice and,ovu all with their own take on what a,sophisticated business card really,should be and then how that experience,should translate to the web when you,scan the qr code or tap it with your,phone,were going through every single,business card rating them so that you,have a better understanding of which,ones for you and obviously were going,through a lot of details here so if you,want to jump to a specific part of the,video use the youtube chapters below to,jump to a specific business card or the,overall comparison that i have at the,end but of course if you do that youre,gonna miss out on all of the great,b-roll that comes like this,with all of these cards now available on,the market each with their own design,were starting with dot card so this is,a minimal and simple design with subtle,dot branding and a custom qr code on the,back,it has a matte finish which actually,feels really polished it feels really,sturdy im not really afraid that im,going to scratch this thing accidentally,or have a lot of wear and tear over the,next year,no custom branding here all you have is,the dot logo but at the end of the day,thats what your landing page is for,when you tap on the card so it really,doesnt matter anyway tapping on this,card we see a relatively simple landing,page offering both a profile photo and a,banner which is actually a nice touch,that a lot of them dont have it shows,your name company and title then we have,a section with all of our links which,you can reorder theres really not a lot,of customization in terms of reordering,the information that youre seeing on,the screen but you do get to change the,color of the page and the accent of the,links and around the profile photo which,is kind of a nice touch now in terms of,sharing this one because again thats,what all of this is about right you can,scan or tap the business card but you,also have a digital qr code so you could,altogether ditch the card if you wanted,to and just bring your phone with you so,this really is one of the simpler cards,that were going to be looking at today,but ranging from a price of 20 or 40 if,you want an actual custom card instead,of the dot branding it does enough and,theres also no membership fees attached,to this one so youre paying the,one-time price and thats all youre,paying which is nice piece of mind i,give this well-balanced card a three out,of five and actually i think we need a,better rating system than just standard,numbers for this ill give it three out,of five briefcase emojis,and by the way at the end of the video,im going to show you guys a comparison,breaking out all of the stats and all of,my ratings as to how i came to that,rating so be sure to stick around or use,the chapters below to see that,this is the ovu card and one that ive,previously reviewed on the channel twice,now the thing i like about ovu is that,right away from their website and from,their packaging and again here from the,design of the card you can tell that,youre getting a premium experience the,card is custom black with a matte finish,and a silver foil which is a really nice,accent and makes it very flashy,on the front you get your custom design,or simply just your name if you dont,choose the custom option on the back you,get the ovu logo and a qr code for those,without nfc chips built in to tap it,and the beauty here is also in the,details because you can see as you tilt,this card that theyve also got a nice,silver foil lining the sides of the card,which is a really cool touch to add it,feels premium with this matte finish but,like with any matte finish i have to,wonder if its going to stand the test,of time perhaps its going to get,scratches from being in a wallet all of,the time and taking it in and out,matte cards over time do usually have,wear and tear so it is something to keep,in mind now this card at the time of,making this video at least costs eighty,dollars for the one with your name on it,and then 150 dollars for the custom card,like i have here fair to say its a,little more expensive than the other,ones on the market so what are you,getting for that price point so tapping,on the card you can see you get this,custom card at the top which by the way,you can change to a collection of,different colors that meet your design,youre going for and you can upload a,photo which looks really sleek you can,also hit save contact to automatically,add a contact card within your phone,you get an exchange button which well,get to in a second an about section,adding up to 250 characters which i,would say is small but then when you see,how much info is actually displayed,below which leads to you not really,needing that long bio it all starts to,make sense social networks are here with,all of the pre-loaded icons and by the,way theres a ton of options to socials,that you can add,you dont really need anything else,unless youre looking for i dont know,myspace or something,rip myspace then we move on to the links,section so these allow you to upload,literally anything that you want to this,website you can set a custom thumbnail,so youre in full control of what thats,going to look like on the site and it,displays really nicely so say youre a,realtor and you want to share like a,feature sheet for a listing that you,were at or a resume if youre looking,for a new job or in my case i just use,my media kit you can tell theres going,to be a ton of options for how you use,these custom links and especially when,you get control over what that thumbnail,is then as you continue to scroll down,you have the option for a custom video,which you can embed as long as its on,vimeo or youtube you can add it here and,then you can add a description as well,that floats below it then you have your,contact info at the bottom like phone,email website location and overall a,really clean interface and in my opinion,it makes sense the way that theyve laid,it all out on the page you cant reorder,it but it makes sense that you would,have the about section then get into,where they can find you then it dives,slowly more and more into the details,until finally the contact info so that,makes a lot of sense to me so the,advanced features of ovu were the things,that stood out to me number one youve,got this exchange contact info button,when you hit it its going to send the,person an email with your contact info,and itll send you an email with theirs,youre going to get that by email or you,can log into the ovu dashboard and hit,connections and you have all of your,contacts listed in a really nice way so,this dives into being more like a crm,than just a standard business card then,if you scroll all the way down to the,bottom you get to these cool analytics,so you can see how many times your,profile has been viewed saved or,exchanged which is really just good,peace of mind,sharing your profile and this is one of,the coolest things so not only do you,get sure a digital qr code but youre,also getting a virtual background where,you can set whatever background you want,and then add a qr

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DOT CARD REVIEW – craziest way to network?

[Music],[Music],[Music],i dont want to tell them guys welcome,back to mikeypolis its been a little,bit of time i want to say first off,thank you for everybody with your,patience on some of these videos its,been a couple weeks since ive uploaded,uh we have had a very sick puppy in her,well shes not a puppy shes,eight and a half almost eight and a half,but she was going through some pretty,serious health stuff she is on the mend,upward which is awesome so,keep fingers crossed that things,continue that way but um yeah so with,that in the start of some of the,holidays stuff has been a little bit,slower but i promise i got some really,fun stuff planned for you guys and,todays video is no different this isnt,a sponsored video by these guys but i,found this networking tool that i,thought you guys would find very,beneficial and its something that i,have just started to use and its been,so much fun to use,that i just wanted to share with,everybody so i did recently get a dot,black card,and you might ask what is this card,this literally can replace,a stack of business cards you just carry,this one thing around so it comes i,guess you literally set it up in about,i dont know it took me,four seconds,and then you can update your you can,update your essentially your dot profile,which you can put your instagram your,youtube channel links to your website,etc,so all you do im gonna show you on my,phone um,you can either go up,touch the back of somebodys phone or if,they have a little bit of an older phone,what you can do is theres a qr code on,the back,and so somebody just opens up their,camera that was weird,so,somebody just opens up their camera,somebody just opens up their camera,and that,sorry that was really fun,you just scan the qr code,and this pops up it says web,click on that page,and watch what it does,brings you right to my dot profile got a,link to my youtube channel so you can,click youtube,brings you,right to my youtube channel i also have,my instagram so you can just hit,instagram,brings you right to mikeypolis instagram,or i have my website so you click the,last one brings you right to,mikeypolis.com,so you can download a cons so then you,can just save my contact information,and you can upload a whole bunch of,stuff essentially like a linkedin,profile all that type all that you know,anywhere that somebody you want somebody,to find you,so you can be walking around whether,youre at an event something hey whats,your youtube channel boop also they pop,up they can click on it hit subscribe,hey whats your instagram boop,click right on my instagram,hit follow its that simple its a,really cool i think whats gonna be fun,is you can either have this,or you can have an entire stack of,business cards handed out business cards,but this for i think its like 20 bucks,essentially replaces that but heres a,crazy part so you got my phone i got a,samsung s20,so you literally walk up,say im introducing myself to myself oh,hey whats your name oh hey my names,mike what do you do oh i work in banking,what do you do im actually a youtuber,oh whats your youtube channel um here,let me show you do you have your phone,walk up touch it on the back of the,phone theres my dad profile,just like that you literally just touch,it to their phone and it pops up,so,big shout out dot i think this is going,to be a fun tool to use in the future,again not sponsored by them or or,anything or endorsed by them but,i just think its a cool product and,stuff that i generally try and share on,this channel is only stuff that im,going to genuinely use and if im not,going to use it im going to let you,know that in the video ill leave a link,in the description box below for if you,got want your own dot card,its 20 bucks i think its really cool,its going to be something thats going,to be really neat for getting people to,my youtube my instagram my website,its a fun way to do it thank you so,much for tuning in to todays video it,feels really really good to be back it,feels like im back in my element making,videos again even though this is a short,one and a little bit different it feels,good to be back some fun stuff on the,way to make sure you dont miss these,upcoming videos please be sure to hit,that red subscribe button and if you dig,the dot card if you like this idea or if,youve heard of it before hit that,thumbs up button comment down below if,its something you have had and if,youve had a good or bad experience id,love to hear it because this is new to,me but im excited to try it so with,that well catch you on the next video,bye,[Music],yeah,every day that they see me they like,whats up dude i tell them not much but,one thing you want to make sure you do,so like,like i said i have a samsung so to do it,its with a nfc so what you want to make,sure is when you,have your settings,make sure you have the nfc highlighted,otherwise it doesnt work,so i was trying it on my phone my wifes,own and it was being funny right away,but then i was reading a little bit,about it and its with the um nfc,transfer so make sure you have that on,and then it works really easy,um,yeah then it was seamless it was kind of,a pain because i could do the qr code,through the camera,but,until i made sure the nfc was on,uh,on here to transmit it it was being,kind of goofy but once i did that then,it just popped up right away

DOT business card – 8 Month Review Update

taylor,okay department of tax debt and,financial settlement services oh theres,new programs that can eliminate my debt,but it is possible my tax debt can now,be non-collectible i can call your,personal desk,this guy sounds like a sweetheart,thanks taylor,personal number,one eight three,three three one,two three two,four two,this is taylors personal number and he,can save you,from getting,any of your tax debt collected,he can save you from it,this guys like,this is i think this is the real deal,all right im gonna make a phone call,im gonna make a phone call be right,back with you,whats up yall welcome back to the,channel were starting todays video off,not in the studio but we are inside and,this is gonna be a two-parter today,were gonna um talk about something,called the dot card,and then were gonna be going to get a,tattoo,the dot card,is something i did a video on im gonna,link it up in the corner right now,youll see it there all right so to fill,you guys in if you didnt watch my first,video the dot card is essentially a,one-stop shop business card,so you upload to your dot profile it,takes,seconds to do you can link your email,your facebook your instagram your,website all that type of stuff when you,meet people whether youre at an event,youre out and about instead of giving,people a crusty old business card you,take a dot card,you touch it up to their phone,and,when it links to dot,you literally have your like for me i,have my youtube my website my instagram,all linked right here i have my own,little custom profile phone number,someone can save your contact,information straight from that as well,so then they can click on my youtube,channel they can hit youtube,visit the link and it brings you right,to the mikeypolis youtube,you then uh hit subscribe thats how it,works so,um yeah super slick so if you guys,didnt watch i do a more comprehensive,view in the video that i will put up in,the corner and i will also link in the,description box below but today is more,of a follow up eight months later type,of thing show you guys that it still,works amazing all right so i did a video,on the dot card on december 8th of 2021,and i linked it up in the corner and,over the last couple of months that,video actually has taken off a little,bit i get a lot of good reception to it,i actually get a lot of messages i get a,lot of comments theres a lot of,comments on the video a lot of people,have been checking out which is awesome,and i really appreciate but i do get a,lot of messages of people asking if its,still working for me if i have issues,with it that type of stuff,so i wanted to just do a bit of a,follow-up video today,on the dot card and,show you guys that mine at least still,uh is working i actually used it i went,to the outdoor show at the minneapolis,convention center i made some really,awesome contacts it was sweet i,literally got to talking with a few,different people and i just boop and all,sudden all my information popped up the,thing i want to remind people that when,you are doing it ive had people that,have messaged me and said its not,working for them,on an androids like i have the samsung,s20 on that you have to have the nfc,its called,so if we,pull our menu down,its this right here this little nfc,you have to have this not my face not my,face not my face,you gotta have this part enabled for it,to work um,and what that does is thats essentially,enables a qr code reader in your phone,but um yeah so ive had my card now,since last december the beginning of,last december,like i said i used it at a couple,different conventions i went to,and,so now were at september 1st,um you know not quite a year later,so eight months later and ive had,people that were saying or i had some of,the comments i got were saying after,like six seven months it wasnt working,for them but for me,look like this,im going to say i want to use doing dot,im going to bring up the dot app,and then my profile right there,easy as pie,still one of the slickest things i,actually have to update,um my instagram,uh i dont know i know ive talked about,it in one video but i had gotten my,facebook from 2006,and my instagram that happened to be,tied to my facebook um were both hacked,and,somebody had made a post that while i,wasnt even by my phone i got an alert,that said my account for a recent post,or my the post i just made was flagged,yada yada long story short i had to wait,30 days my account got deleted,permanently gone along with my instagram,i was just about to a thousand uh,followers on instagram and i had to,start all over of course i couldnt use,the same mikey.polis so now its mikey,underscore polis,but were trying to grow back up um i,just made a new one pretty recently,were up to a couple hundred followers,but um yeah were just about to a,thousand and it got erased its gone,uh facebook and instagram both have,zero support,their support system and support lines,are absolute garbage um i never got told,what the post was that was made i never,got to see the post i never nothing i,filed an appeal the first day,and,they said that they would get back to me,within 24 hours but because of the coven,19 pandemic they might not be able to,review my account at all,and it doesnt look like they did,because 30 days went by,it got deleted i tried to do one final,appeal i tried to almost appeal every,day and it was like oh you can only,submit the one,so then i tried to submit,at the end of the 30 days and it said ah,you waited too long to file an appeal,so your account is now deleted so its,gone so all my memories and pictures of,from 2006 are gone,um,and then yeah my almost i was just shy,of a thousand i had made some,some crazy momentum in like the three or,four months prior you guys have been,amazing checking my instagram out and,following along and liking my pictures,and commenting interacting so i really,really thank you guys for that um and,now that i gotta try to jump back up,again like i said were at like a couple,hundred right now but i gotta try and,grow it so im gonna link my instagram,down in the description box below if you,feel so inclined and you wanna follow me,on instagram you get kind of some of the,daily ins and outs of you know i post,once a week every friday on my videos,but,instagram you see a little bit more,daily stuff and um,eight months later my dot card,i still love it its super slick i,havent carried any business cards,around the only ones i do carry are some,for real estate that i have to leave at,a property after i do a showing but,in terms of my mikey polish stuff,i just use my doc card so,eight month check in this things still,going strong i love it appreciate it so,now,we are going to head to austin and ill,pick you guys up at the mr ryan heath,heath studios and tattoo were going to,keep working on the sleeve going to get,that done,um,i actually did it before so my arm is,done right now but im not gonna show,you,because you gotta watch the video,but,so ill pick you guys up in austin and,lets get a little more tattoo work done,[Music],[Music],you hear that buzz in the background,thats sweet noise,you know what day it is,[Music],were back,were back over here with my boy ryan e,studios tattoo in austin were doing our,touching up some stuff doing some,shading and filling in how are we doing,today,were doing pretty good,nice rainy sunday here,ryan so graciously on his day off,touching the arm up were hanging out,catching up which is always the best,time,[Music],i know last time we talked you were,booked out,until pretty much this month august,september where are we at now,uh october november,perfect is the best stills just shooting,you a message on actually no its,emailing yeah yeah its emailing whats,the email address its just uh he,studios booking at gmail,but thats the only way to get in and,get an appointment,there you heard it first im gonna link,that email in the description box below,im also gonna put it on the screen,right now,so thats the way you get a hold of hi

Which NFC Smart Business Card is best for you? (Ovou vs. Dot vs. Linq vs. Taptok vs. Covve)

hello everyone welcome to my channel and,today im gonna be reviewing multiple,nfc business cards if you havent seen,my video over here check it out over,there i did a full sponsored video for,specifically ovu so the story behind,this is actually originally i reached,out to a lot of these nfc business card,companies because i was like oh this is,a pretty cool concept but what exactly,is the difference so i actually reached,out to a lot of them and asked for some,cards to be able to test out and see,what i think about them and ovu actually,did sponsor me for that video over there,but i wanted to do a full comparison,this video is not sponsored by any of,them so i wanted to actually get a full,level set,actual difference between all of them,because if you were thinking about,getting one to begin with but you didnt,know which one to go for this is the,video for you just to show you how it,works is actually you take the card you,tap it onto your nfc enabled card and,then you get like a actual like a link,like a pop-up notification to show okay,i want to look at it and then youll get,some kind of like contact or profile and,all of your links all in one place so,thats the beauty of it like in general,i prefer these because its first of all,eco-friendly you dont have to,constantly print a lot of paper and then,maybe these papers just get thrown away,second of all each time you change,something like either your job your,phone number your address or even your,name like youll have it all on your,digital profile you could change it all,at once instead of like reprinting this,whole thing out so this way this is good,for you as an individual if you either,are a small business freelancer content,creator or in general you just want to,promote yourself when you go networking,at like some kind of networking event or,career fair or something like that this,is a great option for you so personally,ive been such a huge fan of it and im,glad that im doing this video because i,got to explore all of them out and i,explored all of them so you dont have,to waste your money and try it all out,yourself so im going to be grading it,off of four criteria plus who,particularly is that card for the first,one is going to be on the card itself,the physical card that you get or if,its not a card you get a dot in which i,have some of them like that that stick,to whatever you want to stick it to and,also some of them are even a form of,bracelets so thats going to be number,one is the look or at least the physical,product second one is going to be the,interface of whatever profile that pops,up third one is going to be specifically,like how is the user experience,specifically and setting it up,either even just like doing your profile,or what are some tips that go into it,like some of them allow you to link and,unlink some of them dont and just in,general like that the fourth one,specifically is going to be your bang,for your buck so how much do they cost,compared to the benefits that come with,it and which one would you want to like,rate against them in the price scale so,the fifth one the last one is gonna be,like what specifically is that card for,because as i go through this video,youre gonna see that theres particular,characteristics of a particular card or,at least their interface that looks like,it makes more sense for one type of,person than it is the another im not,going to say which ones better or not,im basically objectively rating them,again all of these four factors as well,as who is this card specifically for the,companies that i have here is ovu the,original one that i was working with,then i also have dot and dot actually,sent over,the dot,button over here which is a sticker that,you can put on the back of your phone so,theres another way of that versatility,then i have link who is a bamboo card,this is just one option you can get like,a metal card you can get an actual like,regular plastic card i got the bamboo,one just because i try to see whats,different i also got the bracelet,because i thought this was also,different than the others then i have,tap talk which is these cards theyre,metal and this is just one of the,products as well as their button which,you can also put on the back of your,phone basically the same as the dot one,and then i have kovi so all of these are,different we have five different,companies here just to list it again,over here we have ovu dot link tap talk,and kovi so all of these options are,gonna be the ones im working on today,so the way im going to be going over is,im going to go over each individual,company and then im going to go over,these aspects for each individual,company so the first one is ovu i,personally really like the look its,very sleek and shiny like its got that,gloss over it is plastic its definitely,going to be a little bit more malleable,but personally i like plastic and to,tell you the reason why is like,and im im going to talk about this a,little bit more in the tap talk one but,this one tap talk is a metal card its,heavy okay if you have a lot of cards,and you want to keep a slim profile for,your wallet its actually kind of better,for me in my opinion to have it lighter,because if you have a lot of metal cards,and i do have two,metal credit cards your wallet will get,heavy and i personally prefer a plastic,one especially a well-made plastic one,there is a qr code in the back over here,so all of them technically except for,some of the dot ones that go on the back,of it there is a qr code on the back of,it so visually i like this,so the actual profile itself let me show,you my profile over here lets say over,here im gonna tap it there we go and,then youre going to see the profile it,in my opinion is pretty clean you can,get a lot of information in a very,digestible way you get the buns of all,the social networks and i the personal,thing that i have about the social,network is like i cant put some kind of,text on it if i wanted to say like this,is my podcast and i would probably want,to show my spotify and my apple podcast,to a lot of people they may not even,recognize what that logo means but if i,want people to look on it thats what i,could do but it allows me to do links so,you can see this i could put text on,there i could even put a thumbnail on,there so i personally really like it i,can even embed a video and then theres,also my contact information there,so thats like what i like about the ovu,interface like its pretty clean it,allows me to do a lot of different,things and then when it comes to the,actual onboarding process it was really,easy like i would say each of the,individual ones if you want to check out,the video over here i went through the,entire onboarding process of like,actually linking up the card and doing,my profile it was so easy i would say,like a few things were a little bit hard,like ordering some of the links or some,of the social media so if you want it in,a particular order you have to do it in,a very specific way but otherwise i,would say this is very easy price wise,this was 79.99,and it isnt metal but like i said i,prefer to be plastic and it is very,premium material like its very shiny,and sleek and simple i like it for 79.99,though could be a little bit on the,pricey side ovus allows you to customize,it the 79.99 includes the customization,you could put an actual name on it you,could put a logo,you can put a lot on it is what im,going to say is included in the 79.99 i,will say though when it comes to a card,and were going to talk about the other,mediums that we have here,i personally,dont like a card i always have my like,wallet that has like it just takes the,cards out like that so i would like it,for this reason but for some people and,this is where im going to go about like,who is it for they only have cards at,this moment of the recording they may,expand to other types of products but at,this point they only have cards so if,you want an actual card i would say,theyre really good when it com

Popl VS Dot VS Linq!! (In Depth Comparison) *WHICH IS BEST??*

what is going on youtube check out brand,new youtube video for you guys and as,you guys ready for the title in todays,youtube video were going to be doing a,comparison between popple dot and link,ive been requesting this video many,times in my comments and im finally,making this video for you guys so we,have the public card in this package the,doc card in this package and then the,link card in this package so right off,the bat i can tell you guys that the dot,packaging does look a little bit better,on the pop-up package it tells you to,pop on everything it kind of sparks your,curiosity a little bit when you see pop,all over the packaging on the link,packaging we have no branding no nothing,on it on the front there is the link,logo on the shipping label but on the,packaging itself theres no brandings so,lets go ahead and get the purple,packaging open here,so the purple card came out to twenty,dollars and three cents to my address so,here we have the popple card in its,packaging,pretty cool,and we open it up we have the qr code to,go to their app to download it or you,can visit pupple.com,and we have the purple card here itself,so lets go ahead and open up the other,packages,and then we can have a side-by-side,comparison the doc cardo was actually a,little bit more expensive it came out to,24.70,to my address,like i said it may vary depending on,your address but,dot was more expensive than popple so,this is the dot card,dot dot card black tap to connect in,seconds activate activate now scan for,setup pull this out this does not look,too black it looks more like a dark gray,than a black if you go ahead and compare,it to the purple card you can see this,actually looks pretty,pretty black and this one looks like a,dark gray,already not looking too good for dot,lets go ahead and open up the link,packaging here,here we have the link card in the matte,black go ahead and open up the link,packaging,so link and pop up both have really,really nice packaging its going to open,it up,and then here we have the link card to,activate hold your phone over a link,card but looking at them side by side i,would say personally popple looks better,because its just a nice popple just,right in the middle damn simple keeping,it simple on the back of both cars we,can see that we have a qr code we have,popples logo up here once again we have,links logo right here and i also forgot,to mention that the link card does cost,24.89 so again more expensive than the,purple card thats also downside to link,and a pro for purple its a lot more,affordable and cheaper in the long run,alright so lets go ahead and set up our,puppet here so here i have the popo app,i have everything all set up if you do,need to download it make sure to scan,the qr code here or go to pop-up code,forward slash app download it and,customize your whole profile and then,get ready to share information so once,you go ahead and download your pop-up,app and then you set up your profile get,everything all customized to your liking,all you have to do now is go through the,three dots in the bottom right,and then click activate a pop-up device,youre gonna pick which product you,would like to activate as you guys can,see they have the regular puffles a band,cards key chains pop-up excels nomad,case handle and any moth so you do have,a variety of different options to choose,from with popple and then also the popo,and the card and pupple xl have the,option to customize so thats also,pretty cool the purple card comes out,customized to 36.11 so thats pretty,affordable for a custom card with your,brand and publish technology embedded,into it so we have a purple card were,going to do is were going to take our,card tap the button below to begin,activation your card will be activated,for hula mendoza that is my profile all,right lets begin the activation,tap the pop-up to the back of the phone,and just like that successfully,activated your card bam this card is now,activated to my profile so whenever i,pop this card to somebodys phone my,profile will pop up onto their phone so,lets go ahead and try it out here i,have an iphone 12 were going to go,ahead and tap the pop-up to the back of,the phone click on the notification that,pops up with the nfc reader,and then lets see if it pops up and,look at that,my information all right there that i,chose to share my youtube my instagram,if you want to buy a popple email venmo,so lets go ahead and click on youtube,and lets see if it takes it to my,youtube bam look at that take it,straight to my youtube if you guys,havent subscribed make sure to drop the,sub down below it really helps out the,channel a lot and then if they want to,buy a popple just click on the problem,and they take them to the link that i,have shared if you guys would like to,pick one of these up make sure to use my,code hulu mendoza to get 20 off of your,purple product at checkout they want to,email me then im only paypal me so this,is what people will see when you pop,your puppet to them if they would like,to connect with me all they have to do,is connect with me and then my,information pops up here that i have,shows to share with you connect with me,and they can even share their,information back with me so they can say,john,and then email just make up the email,for now bam bam bam drop title bam bam,notes,just random stuff just i can show you,guys how this actually works connect,then click connect here and its,successfully connected with cooling,medosa so that was a quick overview,about what people will see when i pop my,product to their phone and then also,another cool feature is the lead capture,so now if i turn this on and then,somebody taps my pop-up product to their,phone and here in this case we have an,android bam quick and easy just pops up,really really quickly automatically,itll pop up the lead capture page here,so they can automatically just type in,the information and then send it to me,thats what the weed captured so thats,a pretty cool feature about pop-up all,right so well go ahead and turn this,off for now and then with pop-up you,also get the ability of direct on so,what direct on does is if you go ahead,and just toggle it on itll just send,that first the top link or app or,whatever you have at the top of your,page to the person so say you dont want,to share your whole entire profile all,you have to do is turn that direct on,move whichever app you want to share to,the top go ahead and tap your proper,product to the back of the persons,phone,and it will take him directly to which,app or link you put at the top with the,direct on so it wont show your complete,profile thats a pretty cool thing say,if somebody says oh whats your youtube,bam you could just share your youtube,literally in an instant and then with,papa we also have here the connections,page like i did on the iphone here i,went ahead and just typed in my stuff so,then here now i can find whatever the,person that connected with me chose to,share with me so i could see john the,email the number the job title the date,and the note that they left so i could,edit the connection save your contacts,or do whatever i would like with that,and then also a really really cool and,unique feature about powerful is the,ability to scan a business card so say,somebody gives you a business card and,you want to save the information to your,phone so if we go ahead and click the,business card scanner at the top go,ahead and position the business card,into the frame,take that picture and just wait for papa,to do its magic and then watch what,happens,so now we can see that i went ahead and,automatically put that information from,the business card to my page here so now,the name human mendoza yup bam the notes,card detail next year wash into your,detailing vacuum and then look what the,business card says,make sure youre washing to your,detailing carpet cleaning and vacuuming,this is unique and really one-of-a-kind,and really another plus for popple so,were gonna go ahead

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