1. I TRIED DOVES NEW REFILLABLE DEODORANT FOR A WEEK… Does it work??? // Sustainable Deodorant
  2. Doves NEW Deodorant can SAVE the WORLD!!!
  3. Dove Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit Deodorant For Women Sensitive 0% Aluminum 1.13 oz
  4. No Sweat ???? Dove Refillable Aluminum Free Deodorant Review
  5. Dove : Men+Care Ultimate, Refillable Deodorant (unboxing & review)
  6. Dove refillable deodorant review #review #beauty #dove
  7. Unboxing Dove Men+Care Refillable Deodorant Kit, Fresh Feel

I TRIED DOVES NEW REFILLABLE DEODORANT FOR A WEEK… Does it work??? // Sustainable Deodorant

[Music],dove just came out with a new,refillable deodorant so im going to,test it out see if it actually works,especially during workouts because,if this does work this is going to be a,huge step in the right direction for,dove this is what the dub refillable,deodorant container,looks like its this really hard,stainless steel,it has a nice like white matte look on,the top with a little,dove logo which is really cute but this,is a very,sturdy sturdy container and whats nice,about it,is that when you do put the lid on it,does click into place,im not worried about it you know coming,open,deodorant getting all mushed all over,the place in a gym bag or when im,traveling,i really like how well constructed this,container is im going to take you back,to when i did unbox this and show you,what comes with the starter set,so lets go check that out,so it does come in a paper box which is,great,the only thing that i didnt like about,this is that they did put that annoying,sticky glue that everyone hates in,packaging and they put it on,the case itself so i did have to like,scrub it off of the stainless steel,and i can still see marks i got it all,off,but i know exactly where the glue was on,the case so,that was a little bit annoying and it,wasnt necessary because the,box is really well put together its not,gonna open up and have the deodorant,fall out so,i think they could just cut that out,completely and they had tape on,the refill itself which wasnt really,necessary again everything is really,tucked into this box the case itself,does have a little bit of plastic,where the refills click on to the case,so ill show you how to load it and all,of that,and then the refill itself is packaged,in plastic it is made of 98,recycled plastic which is a big plus,[Music],installing the deodorant refills is a,super easy process,youre just gonna place the deodorant on,top so it looks like a teeth you twist,it 90 degrees so its all aligned and,how it should look and you wait till you,hear that clicking sound,and then youre good to go you have your,deodorant you just have to pop off that,refill,case and top that little plastic one and,then you replace it with the normal,white matte stainless steel case,and you have your deodorant and youre,good to go its a really easy process,not hard to figure out and they do have,the instructions inside of the box that,you do receive when you buy this,as of right now they offer three cents,so they do have the,cucumber green tea they have the coconut,and pink jasmine,and then they have the sensitive,hypoallergenic one,which just kind of has a nice fresh,clean scent,and that is the version that i got i,have really sensitive skin,so i wanted to try the sensitive version,they do not have a fragrance free option,so i know some people do like fragrance,for deodorant so that is something to,keep in mind,the sensitive hypoallergenic one it does,have fragrance inside of it,so that might be a pro or con depending,on what youre looking for and,the dove refillable deodorants are,completely aluminum free,theyre cruelty free and they are not,antiperspirants so i know a lot of,conventional deodorants on the market,are deodorants,and antiperspirants this allows you to,sweat which i personally like so thats,a plus for me but again,that might be a pro or a con for you,depending on what you are used to im,going to be trying out this deodorant,for a week im going to kind of have a,vlog style to show you if this works,when im not working out when i am,working out,because i really want this to work that,would be a huge huge plus,obviously lets go try it out and well,see,if it does the job,okay so today is day one is baking soda,free,my skin is too sensitive to handle,baking soda so im very,excited to try this day one lets try it,out,it does smell nice wow that glides on,like,butter its more of a solidified gel,version,if that makes sense man this goes on,like butter,i do like this case its got a little,bit of weight to it,lets test it out and see how it is i,will say it feels wet if you want,something that dries instantaneously,this is not it lets see how this does,todays day two i just woke up you know,not looking my best but thats okay,round two,well see what happens so far so good,it has like a fragrancy set very much,like a traditional deodorant so,lets put it on its very wet,when you apply it i think some people,will be fine with it,but i think some people are going to,feel like its too wet when they apply,it its definitely more like a gel,deodorant if youre used to that but,its not as,thick and slimy as a gel deodorant so,lets go on with our day,and we will see how this goes day two,hello friends today is day three i gotta,say this,just looks so luxurious,and fancy lets see how it does today,now when i say it glides like butter it,really does like it glides like melted,butter because i know cold butter,doesnt glide very easily gonna be,moving today which is good not,physically moving houses or anything,just like moving my body,anyways lets see what happens okay so,its 11 15 at night now,i still smell really fresh i smell fresh,i dont smell bad,it took a while for it to dry like right,now i dont,feel it but that is something to note it,is a little,moist i dont know i dont want to use,that word because i know a lot of people,hate that word but,its not gonna dry completely right when,you apply it so,that is something to note,[Music],hello friends today is day four im,gonna be completely honest i have not,been working out the past,few days so today im getting out on a,bike ride so,lets get some deodorant on i have not,been wearing it all day but im not,smelly so,thats good all right lets go for a,bike ride lets see how it holds up when,im sweating,[Music],[Music],okay i think today is day five it just,glides on,today is day six of wearing this i did,use this,yesterday and i was having a very,interesting conversation where i was,very nervous yesterday,and this worked i didnt smell bad i was,nervous and anxious and,a plus so lets do it again,gonna go on a bike ride again lets see,how this goes,[Music],okay today is a workout day so lets put,this on,and we will see how it does,i love how easily this applies like i,dont have to use,any pressure it just goes right on,okay lets go work out im gonna do an,easier obey workout,or a few days where i didnt record,using this and i was working out,but i wont say how it did youll see it,doesnt work does it not work during a,workout youll find out,okay theres a reason i dont show you,the majority of my workouts right now,because ive been,out of shape because of the past year uh,i have no smell right now,i do feel a little bit of the irritation,so i did want to talk a little bit about,the irritation i was getting because i,didnt really mention it throughout the,days as they went on,i wasnt getting irritation at first but,kind of over time i felt like,something was going on i didnt really,see a rash or anything but it felt like,it was,borderline itchy and then on this day it,was,very irritated so yeah thats a big,bummer because obviously i really wanted,these to work because its great to see,this refillable product but,it just didnt work for my skin but its,kind of unfortunate because this,is their sensitive hypoallergenic,version,so i thought that this would work but,unfortunately im still having,irritation which is,a huge bummer so it works for your bo,but if you have very sensitive skin,you might be experiencing a little bit,of irritation like me,before i get into the pros and the cons,i want to talk about the,price so the starter set starter kit,that comes with,this stainless steel deodorant container,and it comes with one,refill container not an extra one just,your first,deodorant that is going to cost 17.69,according to,the target.com price their refills do,come,in packs of two i dont think you can,order one refill at a time which im,okay with but that is something to note,the refills are 11.79 so that comes out,to about,5.

Doves NEW Deodorant can SAVE the WORLD!!!

all right so check this out real quick,guys i came over to target to pick up,the deodorant and i ended up finding,this which ive never,never seen before,so dove came up with like a refillable,deodorant it comes with a stainless,steel steel,case,and youre able to add on these refills,seems kind of gimmicky though not sure,if it would be worth it but its 14.99,for the starter kit with the stainless,steel case,and the refills,im gonna go ahead and give it a try,[Music],im going to be using doves new product,for the first time so lets get right,into it,heres the stainless steel case that it,comes with zero percent aluminum,and the reason why they actually created,this is not to save you,money like i originally thought i,thought that okay well they want you to,buy these refills every ever so often,so maybe you get to save money however,this is why they made it buy ones refill,for life together lets help the planet,one refill,at a time so basically instead of you,having to,buy the regular deodorant with all the,plastic and throw it away,now you get to keep the stainless steel,case and all you need to buy is the,deodorant sticks,so this is the way it looks inside,and it does open neatly kind of shows,you right there at the instructions on,how to put the new deodorant sticks,and heres the case kind of has a matte,finish to it,and,as promised it is stainless steel,very nice theres a deodorant stick let,me see if i can open this with one hand,this is the way it looks,its got a,little cover on it so you can protect,the deodorant stick,and,heres the bottom part,also made out of stainless steel,really nice,now lets go ahead and try to figure out,how to actually place this thing on,there,again heres the instructions,[Music],and there you go,pretty easy,as for smell this smells really good,this is just one of their traditional,scents that theyve always had so,nothing new now apply,now lets get to work all right so i,went to work and then i also went to the,gym the deodorant is doing its job just,fine nothing really new to say about it,other than the fact that its just a,traditional dove deodorant now as for,the case the case is really really cool,and uh as mentioned before unfortunately,they didnt really make this to save you,and me money they just mainly made it in,order to save a little bit of plastic,out there and you know together we can,save the world and the whole nine yards,now as for the ladies i would say,deodorant should probably toss something,like this at them im not sure if they,already have but this would be a neat,item for them to carry around in their,purse because women stink too you know,now i personally will be going out of,the city this weekend so this is gonna,be a really cool thing to carry around,all right thats pretty much all i have,to say about doves new product i did,like it very much go ahead and throw me,a like if you received any decent,information today and also go ahead and,subscribe have a very nice day

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Dove Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit Deodorant For Women Sensitive 0% Aluminum 1.13 oz

hey hows it going so today were boxing,something kind of different so these are,the new dove,refillable,deodorant,has zero percent of aluminum,it uses glycerin and some other uh,formulated moisturizers for your skin,but it should keep you odor free up to,48 hours,so i have two,right here one is is cucumber and green,tea,and the other one is just sensitive,hypogenic,this one definitely has more of a smell,but well see when we open it all right,okay here it is,this is our slogan here by once refill,for life,lifetime guarantee because the bottom is,made out of,of a,durable stainless steel case,very nice right,okay heres back,custom,photos for each,cruelty free,every refill is kept fresh and,98 recycled plastic pack,all right so lets go ahead and unbox,this one here,okay i guess theres no plastic seal,they should seal them but,they dont,heres the ingredients list here,glycerol water,operand,sodium,all right here we go,oh,all right see,so heres the steps here,thank you for joining our deorin,revolution,so its basically a twist on to the base,squeeze the refill to release the lid,and lets get going,so,heres the deorin,in a plastic was it 98,recycled heres the top,oh nice,as you can tell its all aluminum,i like it,and heres the base,um,just a little bit,scrapped here,a little wipe down,even the bottom is a little scratched,the back is a little bit scratched too,i wish they put some type of little,protective film on it so you could peel,off i mean,yeah look at that its like a little,scratched,okay well theres the base nice fully,aluminum in there,so,what we will do is,pop this top here,take that off well,i wont be leave that on,because maybe thatll prevent it from,slipping more,i think so lets go ahead and,try and leave that on and see what,happens,so we twist it on,pull it off there you go,so yeah,this ones good,and the smelling the cap,yeah so i think i would leave that paper,there i think it should be fine,uh so when you do put this on you do,have to kind of pay attention because if,not you can gouge the,deodorant putting it on taking it off,but just,bam there you go,hes on easy off,okay so there goes one,i gotta say,i love a,premium case and this is a very nice,premium case,look at that so its fully aluminum,okay,what they could do is maybe,tip this instead of all white to maybe,be kind of like the color of the,the box too so this would be kind of a,teal this could be kind of a green i,mean that had to be like super dark but,just you know like like a nice pastel,like that that would be nice but i could,understand having this clean white is,nice but you know,maybe should have stickers so you could,change the inside dove so if you know,more than one people putting their,dealer next to each other they will kind,of know whos whose,but lets go ahead and open this one,here which is the sensitive,uh earlier when i was smelling that i,wouldnt say this is like,cucumber green tea i was,i was trying to,see what the scent was it kind of,reminds me of that green soap bar um,what was that one called uh spring,and what is that one called,you know the one that everyone uses back,then the spring something what was that,one called um,sorry let me look it up uh spring,soap,soap bar,what was that called irish spring thats,what this smell kind of reminds me of,this irish spring so far,all right so now lets go ahead and open,this one,see this one,seems a lot better and no scratches,just to but not as bad as that one,okay,[Music],aluminum oh see this ones taped shut,huh i wonder this was like an open box,now that i think about it,i mean lets see,yeah its definitely not used but thats,just thats a little,strange huh look this one has tape,which makes sense right,i definitely dont really call it moving,removing tape off the other one so,okay,lets get that piece of tape off the,hand,do the same thing ill leave the paper,there,twist on oh okay so the paper got off,centered so,this one,no i want to try to leave it on,there we go,so this smells really good,kind of reminds me of um,a gap how,a lot of,like car air fresheners they use kind of,like that teal color,uh freshener they kind of call it,coastal,coastal flowers,type smell thats what this one reminds,me of right here,all right,so lets close that up,i mean i wish this part was a little bit,nicer but i mean i understand what what,it is its the twist on part so you you,have to have it there but,oh thats so nice what do yall think,i like having premium stuff to hold,and just when you have nice things to,hold its just,its nice,i guess the way my my philosophy is you,know spend the money so everything you,touch every single day,make sure it feels nice,so,this is what im starting using from now,on,i mean i have all these other ones that,you know the typical plastic ones,uh degree this is the jason one,it has so many different deodorants but,um,yeah im gonna just throw them all away,just start using this,that feels really good in the hands i,like this a lot,all right,again this is dough,their new refillable deodorant,again this is deodorant its not,anti-perspirant,all right but its a hundred percent,uh zero aluminum,free,it has a lot of glycol,where is it right here that they say,right here,its moisturizer moisturizers with,glycerin,for smooth skin so four for this is that,all right,like share subscribe,leave me a comment would you get one,ill see you on the next one

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No Sweat ???? Dove Refillable Aluminum Free Deodorant Review

[Music],hello and welcome back to another chloe,reviews it has been a while and i,havent found anything out there that,im like okay i just need to review but,today i have and its something really,silly and its something i got on a whim,just to test it out and um somebody,suggested that i do a review on it so,here it is it is the dove refillable,deodorant with the new stainless steel,case,so,its supposed to be better for the,environment,and,i dont know,but yeah,lets try it out,try it out,lets unbox it and lets see,what its all about first,lets,read what the box says we have the,refillable deodorant stainless steel,case,plus one refill,and its a really nice box of course,its all,cardboard or paper so you can recycle it,and,the,actual deodorant itself claims to be,zero percent aluminum so if you are,into that,then there you go zero percent aluminum,and i got the cucumber green tea because,thats more my,speed my style,but,i know that they have at least two other,ones so this is what they have this is,the flavors that they have they have,cucumber and green tea which i have they,have the coconut and pink jasmine,and they also have,a,[Music],well it looks like thats it to be,honest,it doesnt look like they have like a,scent,less one,wait which one is this,oh and then they have one for sensitive,skin so,there you are with that,okay so it claims to be 48 hour odor,protection,i dont know about all that,you know what i will put that to the,test,yeah lets do that lets see um i might,stink tomorrow and if it fails im just,going to be like no girl this is in it,but um,we will definitely come back at the end,and,definitely do a 24 hour,wear test,for sure,so,the starter kit that i have it comes,with a case a refill,and it looks like thats it and it also,comes with a lifetime guarantee,i dont know what it says buy once,refill for life lets read that fine,print,it says lifetime guarantee applies to,stainless steel case only,refills excluded and is valid for as,long as the product is actively,distributed to retailers for more,details see terms and conditions at,www.dove.com,refill or call this number,um,im not going to do all that so,the starter kit is 18,retail,and the refills are about 10,each so,i dont know if thats comparable to,your regular deodorant mine is a little,bit cheaper than that,so,well see if were getting a little bit,of value for it,so on the back,it says our first refillable deodorant,in a stainless steel case highly durable,designed to last,every deodorant refill is kept fresh in,a 98 recycled plastic pack made with,plastic that has had a life before,our caring zero percent aluminum,deodorant formula,48 hour protection with 1 4 moisture and,no alcohol kind to your skin,and it also claims to be cruelty free,so yeah,thats the dove so lets open it up and,see what we have in here this is going,to be my first time seeing it with you,so,lets do it,okay,so,just pull this little tab here,its pretty simple,open it up,this is how it came,ah doesnt that look cute,the presentation is you know,always a thing for me and this one gets,like you know eight out of ten you know,its a little cheap but,its deodorant so im not sweating it,thank you for joining our deodorant,revolution we could not do this without,you duh because im the consumer,and to start using your deodorant just,follow these easy steps,one open the refill and place it into,the base,so lets do that,this is the refill,right here it comes in this little,plastic case,they probably could have did better done,something else instead of plastic but,im here for it so far,and you just pop that open it has a,little lot number right there,so you know,oh and i just smell it as soon as i open,it,it smells so fresh this is exactly what,i wanted cucumbers,i could huff this all day but im not,open the refill and place it into the,base,here is our base,it looks like,theres a little bit of plastic right,here,im not sure if i need to take that off,or not it just says place it into the,base,and so thats what im gonna do,so,were going to place it here,twist 90 degrees,until it clicks,done that now remove the cover and start,using your new deodorant ah,beautiful,ballistimo,all right and always remember to close,the case keeping your deodorant fresh,and ready to use every day,nice and then it also comes with a,little cover,so this is how you close oh this feels,so good,oh my god this feels really good its,steel and it feels soft to the touch,like oh my god,nice i love that little touch,so,thats what it looks like closed you,hear a little click and you know its,closed,so,what were really here for is the wear,test so,lets try it out,im gonna roll up my sleeves,im not wearing any deodorant right now,which is a crime but for the purpose of,this video its,perfectly fine,i have a fresh right armpit right here,and its ready to go so im just gonna,glide it on and get a feel for what it,feels like,okay,yeah,okay,yeah,its definitely,way,more wet than i thought it would be its,not dry i mean i guess they did say its,like moisturizing so,you wouldnt expect it to be dry,but i kind of was expecting something a,little bit more,not as wet so it feels good it,definitely smells good,i can smell it from right here with my,arm down so i did put a generous amount,on just,because thats what i do,naturally every day anyway so i put my,natural amount on and,im gonna go outside and wear this the,whole day,and do a little yoga i have a couple of,showings later so thats great and im,gonna be outside and its hot well the,weather here is kind of overcast but,its still kind of sunny like see this,light is like perfect,um and its like,70 to 80 so its gonna range like that,throughout the day,its gonna be a hell of a day so wish me,luck,bye eight hours later,so i am back,lets just say,that it didnt work out so well,um as far as the deodorant goes,yeah the deodorant didnt last i had to,reapply at least well it was only one,time i had to reapply once and,it just it just wasnt working for me i,didnt feel dry under my arms at all,throughout the whole day it just felt,way,and its just kind of,weird its just a weird feeling,but yeah as far as 24 hours no no maam,not for me,i dont even im not even that active,or anything,but and i dont even,really sweat that much i dont know,what to think about that the good thing,is that there is no residue from,the deodorant so i didnt get any,residue on my clothes you know how,sometimes where you have like a little,white residue or,sometimes even if you like wear white,like itll show through and it might be,a little yellow or something,yeah that didnt happen i dont have any,residue on my clothes so thank god so it,is,safe for clothes i guess at least but,its wet like its so wet i cant even i,didnt feel dry throughout the whole day,and the point of deodorant is so that,you feel,dry so that you are dry,whoever likes this product isnt going,to go out and buy,plenty of plastic deodorant,or anything like that so,thats a plus for whoever likes it but,its just way too wet for me i dont,think im going to be able to use it,im going to stick to my old,dry stuff which is a dove,deodorant by the way i dont know why,they just didnt use the same formula,but yeah like i said this is definitely,not approved by me i will not be using,this at all like at all it was a great,attempt i do like the idea of saving the,environment and not putting so much,plastic,um into the environment through our,plastic containers that house our,deodorants,but,and i do like the packaging i really do,i like the feel i like the idea its,just,the deodorant is such a mess i cant,even,i really i just cant even,i mean i actually,will use it until its done because im,not trying to be wasteful but i guess,ill just use,this,with in combination with a stick,probably put this on first and then put,the stick on i mean i dont want to just,throw this away i dont want it to be a,complete law so,those are my thoughts for now they could,change,but if you have anything else that yo

Dove : Men+Care Ultimate, Refillable Deodorant (unboxing & review)

hello back again to do another unboxing,and review today were going to be,looking at a personal hygiene product,coming from the company dove namely,their kind of sub brand men plus care,which is obviously focused towards the,guys and this seems to be yet another,tier on that because theres an ultimate,thrown here on the bottom so,okay,so what is this particular item its a,refillable deodorant so these little,deodorant,cartridges or whatever are refillable so,you get new ones when you need them and,the case you reuse and youre going to,want to reuse it and keep it because,its made of stainless steel and it does,look pretty classy they havent even,opened it up but so far it looks good so,apparently if you want to have something,that looks a little more classy than,something like this i guess this is,where you head,all right so lets go ahead and talk,about pricing right up front because,some people want to know right away how,much am i looking at all right as far as,cost,so,at the time of me purchasing this,this whole kit which is like the starter,kit it comes with one of the deodorant,cartridges and then of course the case,that is 15,and you can obviously get refill part,packages and in a refill package youll,get two of the cartridges,and that is ten dollars so apparently,this little guy here is five and the,case is ten if you do the math right,okay there are two different,scents theres the blue one which i have,here which is apparently clean touch and,then theres also a green one i dont,recall what the scent for the green is,okay so lets go ahead and take a look,around the packaging and see what it had,all right so here we have the front of,the box,kind of what we already talked about,so,48 hour protection so you can skip a day,i think thats another brand have that,as part of their slogan so effective you,could skip a day so i think thats kind,of what theyre going with that,and then zero percent aluminum,all right side of the box,qr code there,some more info icons,all right if youre concerned about,cruelty to animals ill make you happy,there,and then there you go talking whats,that and on the back,all right and then just the bottom,yeah just,yep okay hell in the top,all right,all right so overall impressions of the,packaging,its actually pretty good,so first of all what i like is start off,by the shape of the box,its kind of the slim uh tall,kind of neat um packaging which i think,works well with the item theyre selling,because after all this is kind of,supposed to look kind of upscale and,neat and kind of clean so that goes with,it next lets talk about the color this,gray i like it but its also become part,of dove men plus cares,yeah theyre their color their brand so,this silver is kind of shared among a,lot of different of their items but it,works well here especially since were,selling something that is stainless,steel so you can see it all kind of,works together well gray with silver,excellent and also i do like the color,they use they kind of keep it focused on,the item so you could have done all,kinds of blue splashes all over but they,kind of keep it just limited to here and,what theyre trying to highlight here,the zero percent aluminum so,kind of keep it sparing the color for,where its important i think they did a,good job there the information on the,box is good and uh,one of the box the way it opens is kind,of neat if you didnt notice it kind of,you open it here and i assume this whole,lid flips up again uh a little more,stylish than just having open the end,and shaking it out right,and then uh what other thing oh yeah i,noticed it does have this these little,fourth here,and of course this is you know when you,fold the box and then you know it helps,keep the box together they did flatten,these out,which would have made it look a little,bit neater but i dont think it detracts,too much so ill let that slide so,overall i like the packaging all right,so lets get to the unboxing here,open it up,all right so,we have some,lets zoom in on that,thats all laid out in the bed of this,box we have the item broken down to its,component parts,theres the lid,with the dove logo being reflective cool,then the deodorant cartridge which seems,to have like a little protective,capsule,well look at that in a bit and then of,course the base,which is all reflective,okay well go take these out all right,so i got out the components theyre all,held in place by a cardboard spacer,which you saw anyway here they are out,of the packaging,the both the lid,and the base there i did the super,advanced technique of seeing if theyre,metal by holding them up to my cheek and,yes theyre both cold so thats a good,sign,all right now this on the lid,lets talk about it this here,theres some kind of coating over the,metal,it is very smooth on the outside,but you can feel there is like i said,there is something laid over the metal,but it is very smooth and then on the,inside,its the same color but it is way more,grippy,on the inside,so,like im trying to show you that i cant,even slide my finger on the inside by,just doing that but here no problem so,all right now move in again yeah the,logo is reflective okay,so now lets move to the,actual deodorant cartridge,you can see theyve encased it in this,nifty little capsule so,and it has a little lid to pry it open,or lip to pry it open so cool on there,and then here is the base,you can see the locking interface there,and of course,the metal on the side which is nice,and i will go ahead and put it all,together and give you a weight,of the whole thing and ill just put,that right there,okay,all right so lets open up the actual,deodorant part,okay,looks like i might even be able to keep,this gold container it comes in but,all right so we have i dont know is,that like a lot code probably,all right lets go ahead and get it out,there we go,all right so i just grabbed these things,here and with my fingernails and pulled,it out all right yeah yeah yeah should,have followed the directions but it,worked well anyway but yeah you use the,um,if you read this you dont take off the,lid you first put it on to the base and,then take off the lid so using the bases,of your hold point,so but anyways it still worked almost,cleanly but i did um,get a little gouge on there,but you know what that works out well,because now you can kind of see what it,looks like let me zoom in,so there you are,kind of gives you anything well take a,little bit of it off,there we go,so yeah,all right,all right so lets go ahead and give it,the smell test,okay so,it has a kind of a high pitch smell,and yeah i know you might say high,pitches for sound but you get the idea,what i mean by that is uh,when you smell it its not a deep smell,like a kind of a smoky musk its more of,a,citrusy kind of um it gives you a tingle,in your nose when you smell it,its not trying to be like pine tree or,anything like that this is definitely a,more,synthetic smell,and i would say it smells a lot like,kind of like a cologne like something,like kenneth cole or something all right,so there it is put together,okay and then as far as closing it,it does snap into place,makes it secure and just to give you a,size perspective ill put this other,more normal deodorant container next to,it,there you go,all right ive had the chance now to,test this product i did it on two,separate occasions one day right after,the other,and im going to tell you how i ran the,test so to start off with i need to be,clean right so i went ahead and bathed,using this private here this is doves,sensitive skin hypoallergenic body wash,the reason i chose this um particular,body wash is because i,it doesnt have really any scent hence,the whole hypoallergenic right okay so,without all the dyes and perfumes and,whatnot there will be no order to,interfere with the scent or fragrance,coming from what were testing which of,course that,all right so now after that um the next,day so yes i showered at night um went,out and i had to really put this thro

Dove refillable deodorant review #review #beauty #dove

hey everyone it is Talia and I believe,this is going to be on my beauty Channel,tally Beauty,um Im doing a review obviously on the,dove uh deodorant refills and just like,the refillable deodorant in general,I have just a disclaimer I have a bunch,of other channels I have a booktube,channel I have a paranormal Channel I,have,like a review for movies and TV shows,Ill post them all down in the,description box below if you dont just,like Beauty content I have I know its,like seven or eight channels but I like,to separate them as much as possible,because not everybody likes the same,content I dont think theres an issue,with having multiple channels but yeah,anyways lets get into it so,a few months ago I tried the refillable,deodorant and I had been looking so I,tried the native deodorant and I got the,Rose and lilac I believe scented and I,loved it but after a while it kind of,wore really strangely on me and on my,main Channel,my like drama Channel I think I did post,a review on,um talking about those products but I,think I just I dont know if I took them,down or whatever,but I really like the native like the,scent of it but it didnt last so I,actually repurchased,the refills and I usually hadnt been,doing that Ive just been buying the,actual refills themselves like the,can with the refills which is the,opposite effect of what its supposed to,have youre supposed to justify the,refills but,I cant open it,um but I really wanted to talk about,this one because I was so excited so,this one is I think by far my favorite,set the cucumber and green tea scent it,is so good it comes like this now if you,dont read the directions like me you,wont know that when you have to refill,the bottom of the refill thats aluminum,all you have to do is twist it,and then put the new one on and you,twist it based on these little grooves,right here,my boyfriend asleep so I dont have the,bottom of the refill but,it looks like this,the packaging looks like that so you,just twist this gray part and then you,put this one on top when your refill,ends I have used this for,off and on a few months and I would say,this is by far my favorite deodorant,that Ive ever had Im not even kidding,Ive been so iffy with deodorant for the,past two years maybe finding the a good,one just because my pH balance has,changed so much that I havent found one,that Ive really liked,if you havent tried it please go try it,and dont be like me and buy the whole,container again just by the deodorant,refills it works and its amazing I,already have one in they come in a pack,of two its a pack of two are cheaper,than the actual container itself so it,saves,on um like you know product use and it,says to be used with our refillable,refillable stainless steel case but this,is not including the pack obviously its,cruelty free absolutely amazing 10 out,of 10 go try if you havent already this,is my favorite scent it smells so fresh,and throughout the day the scent doesnt,change I have thats one of my issues,with other deodorants like I tried the,Sol de Janeiro deodorant which I loved,this scent of but after about six or,five hours it started to smell a little,different and I hate having to reapply,deodorant throughout the day but with,the dub deodorant refills,I never have to I can go a full day of,work and then you know sometimes I,shower at night and then Ill you know,do it then and then touch up in the,morning a little bit but I hate having,to reapply during the day and this is by,far right now the best deodorant that,doesnt have that so or doesnt make you,do that so go try this outfit if you,havent its going to be a game changer,for anybody that constantly uses,deodorant like me but anyways that is,the end of the review I will post the,other channels that I have down in the,description box below and Ill see you,in the next one bye everyone

Unboxing Dove Men+Care Refillable Deodorant Kit, Fresh Feel

hey hows it going so today you are,unboxing,dove,men care ultimate,uh 48 hour protection,uh this the fresh feel,deodorant uh this their,refillable deodorant uh i know youve,seen me open the womens uh previously,so now this one is for mens,which is inside youll get the steel,case you get the 100 uh zero percent,aluminum deodorant refill 48 hour odor,protection long lasting,fragrance and has a stainless steel base,all right,triple action moisturizer,so i checked online they still dont,offer a a um,deodorant and anti uh antiperspirant,variety,thats the one i need um,because you know i sweat but it also,smells,so i want to get rid of the sweat but,they dont really offer that yet so,im just gonna get this until they do,so lets go ahead and get this,unboxed,all right,okay,out of the box,youll get this,beautiful,aluminum case,this is more of a,i guess a medium gray,uh womens is more of a white pearl,more of a white white and this is a very,nice satisfying gray it looks like this,has kind of a,fitment issue here it feels like i got,creased a little bit,okay and you also get the base,i just want the last one had some,engravement grieving on this but i guess,not,and heres your deodorant,so to install it you just pop the top,and ive seen people,say you actually do remove this so im,go ahead and try to remove it this time,now actually im going to leave it,i think itll leave less residue issues,on this,so,so all you have to do is line it up,do a quick twist,lock into place,and thats it,easy breezy,to me this smells almost like irish,spring soap,which i love that soap,yeah smells good,see there it goes deodorant,give you a nice close look here,of course then tip over,case in,there you go,um every once in a while i would just,get a like an old toothbrush you know i,would just clean the inside um you know,after you use this sometimes sometimes,you stick it in kind of crooked and you,know itll smear stuff on those sides so,i just kind of clean it up every once in,a while,yeah it does smell like irish irish,spring soap,all right,thats it,a very nice satisfying deodorant stick,uh,the best part is that this is a,sustainable uh refillable,its just you buy once and just refill,the inside for rest your life i mean,this is a stainless steel,uh cap and base so,its just gonna last forever its a good,thing for the environment right,so what do you think,so this one comes with the fresh feel,which is this one and also comes with a,clean touch,uh,scent,uh i could i wasnt able to get that one,so ill try to get that one soon i bet,you that one smells good i love the that,bluer scent smells,um but you know this one smells good too,but i just yeah id love that blue scent,smell that usually when you see that,that tealish blue color thats one smell,that they always use i love that smell,[Laughter],all right,ill keep this short again this is the,dove dough,uh,men plus care ultimate,deodorant system 48 hours of odor,protection and this is the feel a fresh,feel scent,all right,ill leave it there

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