1. Dowinx Gaming Chairs Review-Subtle, Classy, and Actually Comfortable
  2. DOWINX Gaming Chair Review | An awesome gaming chair
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Dowinx Gaming Chairs Review-Subtle, Classy, and Actually Comfortable

today i got my back and my crack parked,in a brand new downex gaming chair that,were gonna be assembling and reviewing,right here on this channel because,gaming chairs well theyre awesome they,add frames per second to your rig and,inches to your peen with faux carbon,fiber and red leather stitching so fine,the enzo ferrari would pop a chub full,reclining and lumbar pillows to help you,pass out between matches because war,zone is so boring price is so low and,saving so high you can talk even your,frugal wife into letting you buy one of,these chairs the chair was sent out for,an honest review thats exactly what,youre gonna get so if theres any cons,or areas of improvement or it feels like,im sitting on a colostomy bag you guys,are gonna hear all about it lets get it,the chair review not the colostomy bags,[Music],as much as i like this thing right now,theyre a lot more comfortable when,theyre not box shaped so lets do that,now you guys are more than welcome to,kick it with me while i assemble this,bad boy and watch american reunion i,know my key demographic is my age old,and gray but for you youngsters out,there,check out the american pie series not,the new series like band camp and book,of love but the original trilogy,absolute bangers,that is a lot better than what you,usually get with these gaming chairs let,me tell you sister full pictures a,little bit of color in there very,descriptive good fun english is the,primary language talking kind of loud so,you dont pick up the sound of the movie,which will be a dmca strike,nice this is great oh my god,all right so cosmetically i think this,is a very very good looking chair you,have that faux or fake carbon fiber look,with some red stitching in here which i,think looks really good i also do like,these padded armrests as a lot of chairs,in the mid to high end are still rocking,a hard rubber so thats kind of wonky,this does also have a foot rest which is,very nice because again a lot of chairs,dont have that awesome it also reclines,fully which is sweet demonstrate that,right now so you guys know im not,blowing hot air up your tucuses now i,have put on some weight here recently uh,a covid 19 i guess you could say,literally was about 19 20 pounds so,well see if this bad boy is stable and,planted enough to not have me tip back,and crack my head on camera okay she was,a little shaky at first i was a little,bit nervous but it would have made for,good content this is incredibly,comfortable the padding and not only the,back but also the crack is quite good i,have tested gaming chairs in the past,that have either good padding in the,crack or the back but when you have it,in the back and the crack,thats that is a treat get that mic a,little bit closer to my sock hole there,we go so right now this is without the,lumbar or neck pillow which hardly,anybody would actually sit in this chair,like that but it feels really good now i,have a relatively average frame i guess,you would say uh for a north american,male 511 about,usually about 175 pounds right now,around tipping the scales around 190 or,so rather broad shoulders from the,lacrosse days and whatnot but um overall,this hugs you in very nice if youve,ever sat inside of a sports car that has,bucket seats to hold you in when youre,in the corners uh thats exactly what,these gaming chairs are like in case you,get real hyped up when youre gaming and,start whipping around you dont hurt,yourself this isnt a big and tall chair,so it will kind of um it does have,rather aggressive bolstering i guess you,could say but it is comfortable,and the padding like i said is good and,the armrests feel,really good and when you recline they,actually tilt,they actually tilt with the chair,which is cool because sometimes if,theyre just mounted to the base and not,the back as well when you lean back your,arms are like still here but youre,leaning back its a funky design so,getting these pillows on is stupid,simple i have two brain cells and im,able to do it so theres two different,ways you can put on a neck pillow onto a,gaming chair and you can just squeeze,them over the top,like that and thats kind of going to,support the back of the crown of your,skull,or if you want it a little bit lower in,your neck region which i generally,prefer so my head is on the chair but my,neck is getting supported as well you,can go ahead and unbuckle the clasp here,just like youre undoing a bra should be,able to do it with one hand boys just,reach around and and then you put it,through these two holes right here which,which in the sports car which these,seats are designed after this would be,for the racing harnesses the four-point,racing harnesses or five-point maybe you,got some sparkos or some recaros my car,guys are nodding along right now like,this guy knows what hes talking about,give her the old one-two buckle my shoe,mm-hmm put this one up here actually,give her a little butter now this bad,boy here as you can see its got a,couple of straps what youre gonna do is,youre gonna unbuckle both of them and,you might be wondering kevin what is,that usb cable does it have built-in,power tools or something um its not a,jigsaw or a drill or anything like that,you still need to go to home depot for,that but um what it does is a massage,function now massage function chairs is,usually a total gimmick to be 110 honest,i have two other gaming chairs that have,it and i turned it on,maybe on easter sunday just to loosen up,the spine but generally youre not gonna,use it um yeah lets get this on here so,what you do is you just,put the buckle through the hole right,there through the rump or the tucus of,the chair,there we go yep and then youre gonna,buckle it with that gorgeous sweetheart,gorgeous also that cable that i showed,you earlier does disconnect if you,arent gonna be using that functionality,you can uh go ahead and scrap that so,how you adjust the lumbar pillow is you,just lift her,up and down to get it centered in the,small of your back see this little cord,thats dangling right here i would uh,unzip the back there and tuck that it,and tuck that inside the pillow which,im gonna do right now because i dont,want this wire just kind of loosely,hanging out not only does it look silly,but if you bump into it with your back,or your elbow its not gonna feel too,great get in the hole sometimes you,gotta use your big boy voice with it,there we go,now i will say this pillow is actually,seems like its a little bit too wide,for how aggressively bolstered it is,meaning its too wide for how this chair,how narrow the chair is so,maybe itll break in a little bit,over to oh baby over time,oh youre good to me that that feels oh,this is a comfy ass chair im not just,saying that they sent it out for free i,mean this thing is its legit,comfortable i tell you if it feels like,im sitting on a bed of broken glass or,rusty nails but it doesnt feels good,little caveat to that it does cut in,pretty aggressively in the shoulders but,ive said this before in previous chair,reviews when you are,when you have your hands forward on a,keyboard and mouse or holding a,controller or,resting on your desk,youre fine but when you sit up when,youre just watching something at your,computer station or youre youve,already you know died and youre,watching your friends play or spectating,or something when youre up like this in,an erect or a homo erectus position,thats when your shoulders are gonna,bump into this chair here unless you got,some like little like you know,unless youre built like smeagle and you,dont really you got a slender for a,slendermans frame but for you you big,stallions out there your shoulders are,gonna bump into there if you got a,couple of deltoids looking like bowling,balls youre definitely gonna be bumping,into this bad boy but like i said,90 of the time youre sitting in one of,these gaming chairs youre probably,gaming or video editing youre doing,something where your hands are forward,not,up back like that back to the cosmetics,i

DOWINX Gaming Chair Review | An awesome gaming chair

[Music],hey there guys welcome back to another,video so today well be taking a look at,another gaming chair this here is the,downlight 6689 gaming chair that runs,for about 250 dollars but you can pick,it up for less with a 30 discount code,the visual appearance of this chair is,remarkable the material on it is smooth,and soft and it has prime retro leather,that they claim is more durable than pu,leather but only time will tell how good,this leather holds up,the unboxing experience is good all the,tools you will need are included in the,box and most of the screws are threaded,into their respective holes which makes,it a little simpler to put together you,just need to unscrew them and put the,corresponding parts together it also,comes with a little instruction booklet,on how to put it together and they,provided a qr code that will take you to,their how to build video if youre more,of a visual learner,this gaming chair is really comfortable,to sit on the seat cushion measures at,4.5 inches in thickness which is awesome,most chairs that ive used usually run,around 3 to 3.5 inches thick the chair,has plastic casters that do a good job,of rolling around on tile and going over,small gaps the base is also hard plastic,and this chair has a weight capacity of,up to 300 pounds and a recommended load,of 110 to 175 pounds and this will,accommodate people who are between five,three and six one,i am five six and weigh 170 pounds just,for reference,and for me this is a really comfortable,chair,so the backrest on this is pretty long,it almost covers my entire head which is,nice as i can lay my head against it,the backrest has metal frames running,horizontally and i wasnt able to feel,any of them while sitting on it or,pushing down on it with my hands on the,front part so that speaks of how well,padded this is,now on the back side i can feel them,this gaming chair comes with your,typical neck and back support pillow but,this has a really soft and almost memory,foam like feel to it,the neck pillow sits a little too low i,just have to keep lifting it up to my,neck and then just lay against it to,hold it there you can slide it over the,top if its too low for you but it will,fall off pretty easy,the lumbar support pillow is really,comfortable and you get a better high,adjustment on this,the lumbar support pillow also functions,as a massage pillow it uses a small,cylinder to distribute the vibration,throughout the pillow and it vibrates in,only one mode,there is no on or off switch it,automatically turns on when you connect,it to power and turns off when you,disconnect it,i honestly havent used this feature as,much as i dont find it to be that good,this will differ from person to person,you might love it or not use it at all,but its there in case you want to try,it,on the bottom right side of the chair,you will find the height adjustment,lever that also serves as a tilt lock,when you push it in,from the floor to the top of the seat it,measures at around 17 inches and at its,highest point and measures at around,20.25 inches so you get 3 inches in high,adjustment on the bottom of the chair,you will find the tension knob to adjust,how much rocking you want on this chair,and you get 15 degrees of reliable,motion if youve been following my other,gaming chair videos youll know that,this type of armor is my least favorite,because you really cant tailor it to,your specific needs its pretty much,fixed in one position,i would have been okay with this armors,if it wasnt for the aggressive curve,that it has,it has a steep curve so my elbows tend,to slide down when i rest them on it the,cushion on the armrest is fine it is,nicely padded all around and is really,comfortable since you can adjust the,height of the armrest you may not be,able to tuck in the chair underneath,your desk,i have an electric standing desk so for,me its not a problem i just have to,raise my desk so for those of you who,have a desk with a fixed height this,might be an issue,also the left armor is a little loose,and wobbles more than the right one i,made sure the screw was tight enough and,i even took it out and put it back in,but it still felt loose,on the right side of the chair you will,also find the small reclining handle and,this chair can recline down to 170,degrees this is great to catch a quick,nap in between your virtual class breaks,work gaming or when you want to watch a,movie and just relax,the chair also has a retractable foot,rest and if you play on controller you,can kick back and enjoy your game,ive been using this chair for almost,three weeks now and so far i have,enjoyed this comfort i have put a lot of,my working class and gaming hours for,those past three weeks on this chair,the comfort is great and the design,makes it look like a highly expensive,chair its been doing a good job and,besides the armrest thing its a solid,gaming chair,so overall this is a really really good,looking chair it is comfortable but it,is a little squeaky and the armrest,curve is a little too steep but if you,can work around that then this makes for,a great gaming chair,if you are interested in picking one up,the link will be below in the,description with the discount code,alright so that does it for todays,video thank you all for watching if you,have any questions let me know in the,comment section and ill get to it as,soon as possible,if you found the video helpful leave a,like and subscribe for more tech related,videos and i will talk to you on the,next one,[Music],you

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DOWINX Gaming Chair LS-666801 Grey Review | Budget Gaming Chair

[Music],hey there guys welcome back so this here,is the downwind gaming and office chair,for both gamers and officer,the design of the chair looks great i am,digging the color of this one it matches,my setup style with the gray and blue i,also like the all black one that one,looks really good,so this game ensures using a breathable,fabric and it has a soft feel almost,like a suede type feel i personally,would have gone with the leather variant,one over this one because its easier to,clean and after a couple of months im,sure i will get this stained,this chair was very simple to assemble,the screws are already inside the,corresponding spots which made it a,little faster to put it together,and it comes with a simple to follow,along instruction manual,and the tools that you will need are,just two allen wrenches,you can also refer to their how to build,video on youtube by scanning the qr code,on the booklet,this gaming chair has a good amount of,padding all around where its needed and,i really like the comfort of the seat,cushion it has a nice thick padding,measuring at about four inches in the,front and around three inches towards,the back and middle the recommended,weight capacity is 176 pounds and max,load is 297 pounds i am five six and,weigh in at 174 pounds for reference,you can adjust the height of this chair,from 16.5 inches up to 19.6 inches and,this is measured from the floor to the,top of the seat,if you have wide hips the sides of the,seat might dig into your sides and cause,some discomfort after sitting down for a,couple of hours,for me this has been really comfortable,and i use it with both the lumbar and,neck support pillow they are both high,adjustable but with the neck pillow you,have to keep it at its height by leaning,against it and i have to keep,readjusting it a lot because every time,i go forward the pillow just falls back,down so i have to keep putting it back,up,a simple fix is to clip it onto the top,portion of the chair and it stays there,securely,the lumber pillow is quite firm which,provides a good support to the lower,back and the neck pillow is more squishy,making it really comfortable to lay my,head against it,so the lumbar pillow can vibrate to,provide a gentle massage its nice that,they included this but its something,that i dont use because i dont really,find it to be very good but you might,find it soothing,so this uses a small motor that is,placed in the center of the pillow and,you can power it on with either your pc,or a power bank,theres only one mode and it has no,switch it powers on and off as soon as,you connect it and disconnect it from,power,so the previous gaming chair that i,reviewed from them had a fixed armrest,that i wasnt a fan of so they sent me,one with the armors that i do like,this one lets you adjust the height of,the armrest and this would have been,perfect if i could move it forward and,slide it side to side at this point i am,nitpicking but this armor is far better,than the previous one with the curved,design in my opinion the padding on this,is not too hard but its also not too,soft its just right this offers a firm,support to my arms and the armrest is,very sturdy it easily withstands my,weight when i readjust myself,like most gaming chairs you can recline,this down to 170 degrees for a quick nap,in between those sweaty gaming sessions,that you have,i dont really take it that low i,usually keep it at about this angle and,it works perfectly i can rest my eyes,for a few seconds here and there,it also has a retractable footrest that,makes reclining back even more enjoyable,the padding on this is nice and firm and,it feels comfortable,this is perfect for those who play on,controller and for kicking back and,enjoying your favorite show or movie,this also offers 15 degrees of allowable,motion so you can rock yourself to sleep,if you want you can decrease the,resistance with the knob underneath the,chair and this lets you rock back and,forth with great ease,so the base of the chair is hard plastic,and the casters are also plastic and the,wheels are quiet and roll smoothly,i have been using this chair for a,little over three weeks and so far it,has not squeaked it has been holding up,really well it has a solid build quality,i have been putting about 3 hours of,gaming and a total time of around 7,hours a day while editing and just,browsing the web,so far has been very comfortable and it,provides an enjoyable experience,so this has a slimmer design profile,compared to the previous chairs that,they sent me the backrest is 1.85 inches,slimmer and 0.22 inches shorter so its,a compact chair that can save you a,little bit of space in your room,so that brings us to the end of the,video overall this is a good gaming,chair that is comfortable and it looks,good if you want to pick this one up i,will leave a link to it in the,description,feel free to leave a like for the,youtube algorithm and subscribe for more,tech related videos and i will talk to,you on the next,[Music]

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Dowinx 6689 Premium Massage Gaming Chair This Is CRAZY COMFY

hi this is mike from xbox reviews and,how to and on todays video well be,building a chair from,darlings keep watching to find out more,okay so in todays video well be taking,a look at a gaming chair from,darynx now its possibly a brand youve,not heard of its a relatively new brand,on the market,and theyve reached out to us and said,mike would you like to test out one of,our chairs,just pick a color and well simulate you,for review purposes,so ive looked and thought well its,just a a gaming chair gaming chair is a,gaming chair right,or possibly not in this particular,instance as well be finding out a,little bit later on this particular,chair has got something up its sleeve,which ive not seen in any other gaming,chair so far,so that is why were doing a review on,it so first of all lets go through what,you get actually in the box so you get,obviously all the equipment you get the,the seat back itself which is done in a,really nice,pu kind of leather with stitching on it,also the base is very well padded,again similar type of stitching on it so,that looks really really nice theres,options of different colors so,there is a black and red theres a white,brown etc etc so you can choose,whichever one suits you,also you got two really nicely padded,armrests which is a little bit different,these days,also you get some really nice casters on,the chair so it should aid,mobility and also you get a cushion on,the back,which is nothing new but this one,has a usb cable and theres a very good,reason for that this is actually a,massaging chair,so not only is it for gaming and for,being comfortable and from watching,movies all those kinds of things it does,have a full,180 degree recline so if you want to,hell you can even sleep on the thing but,if youre playing those long gaming,sessions or video editing sessions or,just on your pc for a long amount of,time and your backs getting a little,bit stiff because you havent moved,around a little bit,there isnt a chair on the planet which,will actually help out with that,but with the aid of a little bit of uh,massage,should improve things dramatically so,lets go through putting this thing,together and then well take it for a,test drive and see,what its actually like,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],so,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],so,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],so,[Music],[Applause],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay so youve seen how the chair goes,together and as you can see i am now,firmly sat in it and i gotta say this is,possibly one of the most comfortable,chairs ive sitting in,in pretty much as long as i can remember,it is,extremely comfortable so if youre,looking for a comforter in a chair,definitely this needs to be on your,shopping list so,this is the dynamics gaming chair the,6689 is the actual model number,im going to drill through some of the,specs ive made some notes on my screen,off,camera there just so i can refer to them,because some of its not very easy to,remember,im sure theres tons and tons of,questions that you guys and girls may,actually have,so starting with the seat cushion the,seat cushion is about four and a half,inches thick,its got that sort of memory foam type,feel to it it actually feels an awful,lot like,a motorcycle seat so if youve ever,ridden a motorcycle theyve normally got,extremely comfortable seats with that,really nice stretchy kind of,almost like faux leather material which,is kind of soft,comfortable and obviously if youre,riding a motorbike it needs to be pretty,comfortable for those long journeys,and this chair i think takes a lot of,that design,kind of uh ethos or that kind of,feel from a motorcycle so yeah if youre,into riding motorbikes you know what a,motorbike seat feels like a nice,comfortable one,then this is gonna feel very very,familiar the actual material theyre,using,the um the kind of normalized leather i,think they call it,its actually really nice and soft and,supple it doesnt have that kind of,plasticky feel that you get from some of,those other gaming chairs,where its kind of like a plastic,leather and they put some kind of,plastic coating on it,on top to protect it so it feels kind of,stiff and,doesnt really mold you very well,whereas this actually feels like a kind,of weird combination of,leather rubber and possibly lycra its a,really unusual feeling but it is,very very stretchy and it does kind of,comply with your body a lot so,if youre moving around sitting around,it just feels really really comfortable,even for longer durations,ive sat in this chair for a couple of,hours straight watching movies on amazon,prime etc,and normally i wouldnt do that i,normally have to get up and walk around,and,stretch my back or whatever but its,actually really really comfortable and,even for sitting down,longer gaming periods video editing that,sort of stuff,youre going to find this chair,extremely comfortable,so going back to some of the specs weve,got those plastic casters the casters,themselves actually,i looked at them first of all i thought,they had a bit skinny they didnt look,particularly strong,actually they work really well and even,going over kind of joins between rooms,like between laminate and carpet that,kind of thing or,bumps on uneven floors they actually,glide really really well so the casters,are really well done,despite the fact they look a little bit,on the small side also,weight wise now weight is going to be,something which some of you are going to,be interested in so this is rated up to,300 pounds so thats around about 22,stone here in the uk,so even if youre a slightly larger,fellow so im in and around the sort of,14 stone mark,sadly at the moment so yeah 22 stone is,those are some pretty big guys and girls,so yeah if youre in that sort of weight,limit,then its going to be absolutely fine,height wise is another thing which you,may be interested in so height wise,again everyones slightly different with,the length of your legs etc proportions,but,realistically if youre anywhere between,kind of five foot three,and probably about six foot two this is,going to be absolutely fine for you,the actual seat base itself has got,quite a deep bass to it so if your,top part of your legs is a little bit,longer then its going to find it very,very comfortable,so yeah between round about five foot,three so i guess that covers most people,to be honest with you and up to six foot,two which is again,pretty pretty large the metal frame,itself is all,really good some people complained that,you could kind of you could feel it from,behind but,i guess really its not one of those,things that i would go looking for it,certainly feels very sturdy very strong,and sort of lateral and side-based,movements and all that very very good,now one thing i did notice from other,peoples reviews of this particular,chair,is the fact that they complained about,it creaking now actually i did,come across that after my first,installation after about a week or so i,noticed there was a definite creak to it,but now,as you can see theres,virtually no noise to it at all now what,i found was necessary is after,uh the first installation when,everything starts bedding in a little,bit,remove the plastic covers off the side,and just really tighten up those bolts,and nuts,with the allen keys or maybe just get a,separate one with a little bit more,torque on it if you talk up those nuts,really tight then it becomes,completely different chair all the,creaks and i even said to kath a few,times i was,messing around with it and adjusting


hey guys nick here and this is an,unboxing and review of the dow inks 6689,gaming chair,and this thing typically retails for,around 220 bucks,now dowings was cool enough to send this,my way but theyre not paying me so,please note that this is a no-shill zone,and youll be getting my full honest,opinion after using this chair daily for,about two months,so lets get this thing built and get on,with the review,so everything comes shipped in one box,and assembly is more or less,straightforward,each piece is in its own little bag and,all in it probably took me around 35,minutes to build,and theres a great video from the,company on youtube in case youre more,of a visual learner all the screws you,need are already in the holes that they,need to be in so that makes things a,little easier and pretty basic stuff,here if youve ever built a chair you,start with the wheels and sort of work,your way up,now something different here is that,this chair also has an included foot,rest so that means an extra step or two,to install but aside from that,everything came together pretty quickly,once its assembled you can see the,chair looks really slick,it comes in a few different colors and,while it has that racing chair aesthetic,the design doesnt really scream gaming,chair with its almost tufted like,appearance,ill leave product links to all the,color variants down below but you can,see dowing sent me this merlot color,which i thought id hate but after a,while i kind of like it everything is,made of this hand sewn synthetic leather,and overall everything feels great both,to the touch and to the tush,so lets start from the top like i said,this chair has that familiar racing,chair design with the head and shoulders,good shampoo the head and shoulder is,much higher than your traditional office,chair and this wing back design should,provide better support for those long,days in front of the computer or your,favorite gaming console towards the,headrest you have these two openings for,you to loop and secure the optional head,pillow and taking a look inside of that,you can see its made of the super,squishy foam for some nice head and neck,support,as we move down you can see the shoulder,support wings really hug your body which,i mean im 57 a buck 40 pounds so if,youre on the larger side you might not,find the wings as comfortable but for my,build its been great and almost feels,as if youre being cradled while you,game,the idea here is that the chair makes,several points of contact with your body,sharing pressure and reducing fatigue on,any one specific area the chair also,says it can support up to 350 pounds so,essentially two and a half knees moving,down to the armrests i really like that,theyre sort of in the middle when it,comes to being squishy and firm,and youll see they move with you if you,decide to recline the chair thanks to,their design,and speaking of recline this chair goes,back to pretty much 180 degrees flat so,if you want to take a quick snooze,during work or gaming hours then this is,a great feature to have,the lumbar support pillow is a nice,addition as well and it goes through the,same openings as the head and loops,underneath with a strap keeping it,secure while also allowing you to adjust,it at any time vertically the lumbar,support also has this vibration massage,function complete with usb motor so you,just need to plug this into the wall or,a battery pack and the lumbar pillow,will vibrate to keep the blood from,clotting during those epic long gaming,sessions important to note here theres,no on off switch so it will power on,when plugged in and power off only when,you unplug it so dont plan on keeping,this chair plugged into a wall outlet,the entire time unlike some other gaming,chairs now ive used this feature only a,few times for testing purposes and i,mean it is what it is a shaking,vibrating back pillow,i wouldnt pick up this chair just for,that feature but again same goes for the,foot rest these are two nice to haves,not necessarily must-haves the seat,cushion is about four and a half inches,thick with high density foam and ive,sat in this chair for long work days and,sometimes even longer gaming sessions,and have had no issues when it comes to,comfort something i cant save for the,ikea chair ive been using for the,majority of the pandemic i really like,the tufted seat design which makes it,stand out from other gaming chairs on,the market,and while i cant speak for the,longevity of what dow inks calls their,carbon fiber synthetic leather that,theyre using i will say that after two,solid months of daily use everything has,held up well and there are no signs of,wear and tear again the comfort level,here is night and day compared to what,ive been using and combining this chair,with my standing desk its really,improved my comfort and energy level,throughout the day moving along the,height adjustment mechanism works as you,expect and this chair goes from 17,inches to 20 inches in height you also,get a tension knob to control the amount,of rocking you want and i always crank,that to the maximum rocking level which,for this chair is around 15 degrees you,also get that recline control on the,right side and again this chair pretty,much goes all the way back flat to 170,degrees after you get over that initial,fear that youll be falling on your,eyeball reclining its super comfortable,once you put your trust in that solid,alloy build of the frame,now i do wish the recline lever was a,bit smoother right now its almost like,a stick shift which is fitting for the,race car design but you have to sort of,pull up on the lever move the chair,where you want it to go and then lock it,back down with a push,which doesnt always work the instant,you want it to finishing up the chair,also has a built-in foot rest and the,mechanism to slide that in and out works,really well,youll see you just kind of grab it from,underneath and flip it out and when,youre done you just flip it back,this is something i didnt think id use,and i certainly dont use it all the,time while im at my desk but its been,great to have when kicking back and,playing some switch games or even,reclining all the way back and listening,to some tunes so that brings us down to,the base and the caster wheels run,really smoothly on my basement floor an,early life hack i learned was to replace,your office chair wheels with,rollerblade wheels to improve gliding,but you dont really need to do that,here,the chair slides along without any issue,providing a very smooth experience which,you can see compared to the other two,chairs i have around the house this one,flies,look when buying an office chair there,are only a few things i really look for,and the first one is being comfort,the second being the look and third,being the quality,[Music],and this chair checks off all those,boxes for me and has a few more tricks,up its sleeve with that vibrating lumbar,support and foot rest,its a night and day difference in terms,of comfort compared to my previous daily,chair from ikea which after using it for,a year and a half in quarantine started,actually giving me some excruciating,pain in my heart so far this chair has,caused me zero issues and its so,comfortable that i can easily go hours,without needing to hit the stand button,on my standing desk,which is probably not a good thing in,retrospect but it just speaks to the,comfort of that padded seat cushion,now i did see some others complaining,about the chair squeaking but i havent,really had an issue with that quite yet,and ill crank up the volume now so you,can hear for yourself,the main noise you hear is going to be,coming from the pillow and the lumbar,support rubbing against the back of the,chair,which really isnt an issue and if it is,for you then you can obviously remove,both,so thats about it all in all i really,like this chair and you can find it on,sale often or paired with some coupon,codes so ill leave the latest pricing,information down below let me know what,you think

Cheap VS Expensive Gaming Chair + Full Review

so anderseet and doings sent me these,two gaming chairs,can you tell the difference between a,550 gaming chair and a 250 gaming champ,thats the question were answering,today,so emma doesnt know what these chairs,feel like she has not he has forbade me,from sitting in it for like a month,okay here are the rules you cannot touch,the chairs with your hands because,youll know which one it is because the,handles are pretty obvious okay so what,im going to do is move you this way a,bit if you pull the chair out from,underneath me im going to kill you no,dont worry im going to pull the chair,from under you,okay hold on,are you ready,yeah im ready okay go ahead and sit,down,dont pull it out from underneath no i,promise im not thats not gonna be fun,i just wanna dont put your elbows down,because youll feel the arms okay go,ahead and sit down i dont know how to,sit its just sit its right there,[Laughter],okay so let me make a video for sound,effects let me take this out okay go,ahead and sit down for real okay dont,touch anything with your elbows how do,you feel in this chain the head thing is,a bit tall so its kind of uncomfortable,okay what if i moved it down uh yeah,its fine its a bit upright for me its,just like very 90 degrees oh because i,look after my back,okay now stand up dont touch any arms,stand up im just hold on im just,getting a feel for it,im doing the swivel test,bubbles nice its smooth,okay,okay okay stand up shift to your right,okay go ahead and sit down is it right,underneath its right there you sure yes,babe its right there,oh wait this ones goes further back oh,it has a little bit more like give to it,but its a little bit more firm the the,seat itself yeah uh i feel like this one,makes me slouch more yeah its not,nearly as soft as the other one okay the,other one is the more expensive one am i,supposed to guess so yeah youre sitting,in the cheaper one or the more youre,sitting in the cheaper one okay well you,can take your hit your,facing off ha ha,i knew it,how easy was it to tell the difference,well that ones way more plush what do,you mean by plush like its like softer,the the cushions softer yeah like this,my butt would probably start hurting,after a while mine doesnt hurt after a,while sitting in that but i have a very,bony butt yeah you do,and the other thing though is with the,lumbar for the back thing its like a,separate cushion for that with this you,just turn this and it pushes your back,you didnt do that for me well im sorry,but youre still special,[Laughter],im just saying that theres because,that doesnt have a lumbar on it yeah,this is just you can tell this is just,more basic,that feels like it fit me better like it,just,took into consideration like an actual,person sitting in it the seat is like,longer so my feet are hanging down well,you can change that i know but its just,a longer seat so like its deeper so it,kind of just makes it feel less,comfortable like you see it like you i,cant change that my knees arent even,going to the edge but the nice thing is,is you can,i do like you do have this one so thats,thats where it does come in handy you,can just with with this chair you cant,do that you can only sit back like this,if you want to yeah i do like this,function but can it do this,you can actually lie flat on this oh,okay to the dentist yeah i would be,terrified to do that yeah this one and,the armrests are like really high it,just doesnt fit my like someone else,might not complain about these,yeah those dont do that yeah its a,nice thing yeah i just feel like adjust,this one is kind of just like a one size,fits all which is not true one size,doesnt fit all right i mean the foot,rest is probably the only thing that,sets that apart that is a benefit to,this one i mean this ones fine you can,just feel the premium in this one though,yeah okay especially with like just how,how much like even just looking at the,seat this ones like softer,this is magnetic yeah that was way,softer than this one yeah it is actually,a nice pillow you can use it for more,than just a chair yeah if youve enjoyed,the video so far consider leaving a like,thatd be appreciated theres a lot of,work that we put into these videos and,just take a look at the script its over,eight pages long and its just to make,sure that i get all the info correct and,i dont forget anything,so you know support would be greatly,appreciated dont forget to subscribe,while youre down there as well,a real quick disclaimer i,was sent these chairs i didnt pay for,them dolinks and andersee sent them to,me for free and that means that i can,review these without any buyers so im,gonna run them through their paces but,you know is it actually worth it and do,you get what was advertised and do they,just feel good and are they worth the,price this is my favorite chair and the,seat makes really good chairs but if you,really want to know why keep watching,the video lets start with the underseat,gaming chair to be more specific this is,the 2022 kaizer 3 gaming chair its,supposed to be a professional and,premium series now i would hope that,anderson has put a lot of thought into,this because it is a 550 gaming chair,and i can definitely tell you that that,is the case i can feel the premium,quality of this chair it feels very nice,to sit in and its a larger chair than,my previous chair which well talk more,about that in a second here we go i uh i,dont know how im going to open this,you can clearly tell that this is a,gaming charm anders hed sent this to me,for free oh boy,this things a big boy its heavy im,gonna set this aside geez theres a lot,of parts here why is this lumber bar,cushion heavy is there something in it,are they trying to smuggle something,weve got some smugglers there this is,high quality cushion i like this this is,heavy but it feels good its like a,almost memory foam but not really oh,this is just all the screws and stuff,the wheels this is a thick manual bro,this is thick with two cs oh thats got,pictures and everything i like the,directions because i dont read now,there are different specs for this chair,because there are different sizes just,to quickly highlight some of the options,from the large size it has a seat depth,of 19.6 inches which is 49.7 centimeters,the back seat is 33.4 inches or 84.8,centimeters and the xl size is very,similar but the seat depth is 22.4,inches or 56.8 centimeters the xl is,also slightly wider but the nice thing,is if you click on each size on the,website you can see the person size,recommendations here one thing i found,unique about the anti-seed gaming chair,during assembly is that a lot of the,accessories or aesthetic pieces of the,chair are magnetic which makes assembly,very easy and pretty fun the armrests,are also magnetic so in theory if you,have different colors you can swap those,out which is a nice option in addition,the head pillow is magnetic which i,found pretty cool when i first,discovered it and so far i think its,one of the unique features of the andes,gaming chain and probably my favorite,one too from start to finish this chair,took about 15 minutes to put together,they also provide all the tools and,screws necessary to put this thing,together so annas seats got your back,quite literally actually do you know who,else has got your back visuals by,impulse has your back whether you want,overlays alerts or templates for your,live streams and videos i use a lot of,their free assets but also premium stuff,too like the one over here and itll let,you know that you get five percent off,your order if you use my link down in,the description try some of their free,stuff out its really worth your time,when youre ready use the link down,below in the description and you can get,five percent off your order when you get,premium assets from their webs and they,start as low as five bucks which is,really amazing especially for the,quality that you get you can get really,awesome stream overlays like transitions,from their transition maker you

Foxxy Reviews: Dowinx Gaming Chair – Model 6689 (Worth $300? Or Junk?)

well never in my,mildly illustrious hobby of creating,youtube videos would i ever have thought,id be reviewing a,gaming chair,but then again i never thought id be a,florist either but i am so thats,kind of weird,anyway,i was contacted by a company,to review a gaming chair free of charge,and i thought it was a scam at first but,obviously it wasnt because,here it is,strangely enough,so yeah the company goes by the name of,dowings or,doings,winx club,probably not that one,anyway the model of chair they sent me,was their classic series 6689,which turns out to be their most,expensive option at just being under,300.,like most companies that produce chairs,like these they come in multiple,different color options as well as just,different chairs in general with varying,price points,sending me their most expensive unit was,a shock to be honest with you but having,said that i need to point out something,that is very very very important while i,highly appreciate them even sending me a,chair to review in the first place,im in no way sponsored by doings,um,they didnt really ask me to do anything,other than to review the chair and,thats what im going to do for you,today give you all my honest unbiased,opinion im not gonna sugarcoat anything,im not gonna lie,to make the company look better or,praise them up and down just because,they sent me something free of charge,which again thank you very much for,doing but at the end of the day i hate,watching people that review stuff that,was given to them free and its just,like a basically like a fake review im,not going to do that for you that just,defeats the purpose and i hate that so,im not going to be a hypocrite with,that its just not my thing,okay so this color choice that they sent,me is what is known as wine a burgundy,color with black stitching all around,then i flat out love this not only,because its the same color as the first,car i ever bought,a 2004 grand prix gtp which,man do i miss dearly but also i love,this color due to it having i guess you,could say a sophisticated look to it,like when i look at this chair i dont,think that the person who owns this has,enough rgb lighting in their room to be,seen from the moon no not at all this,chair looks much more professional than,that more,mature is the word im really looking,for the chair only took me about 30,minutes to build once i had everything,separated from the box and laid out they,give you a blister pack of bolts washers,and tools to help you assemble the chair,but honestly if you use your own drill,or ratchet with the correct bits you,could really build this thing in like 10,minutes easily now,generally speaking a lot of these gaming,chairs theyre nowhere near as,comfortable of that of like a really,good quality office chair even a decent,one to be honest with you,this has been an ongoing debate or even,a discussion for many years now and and,thats all well and good and problem is,its true but the thing is is,those good quality office chairs cost,usually significantly more than that of,like a gaming chair ive seen some by,the company steel case cost anywhere,from like 600,to,almost thirteen or fourteen hundred,bucks and you know no offense to anyone,but i would,much rather staple my nut sack to my,thigh,and watch rise of the skywalker for a,year straight then spend that kind of,money on a chair,thats just me though,that being said the doings here is,infinitely more comfortable than the,extremely popular gt racing chair and,its more comfortable than a vast,majority of gaming chairs ive sat in,but we have to keep something in mind,here ive had that gt racing chair for,years now i have no real way of knowing,if this dewinx will be as comfortable,today compared to six months from now or,longer i hope so but time will tell with,that this model is upholstered with what,they call prime carbon fiber leather and,they claim its made to be more durable,than regular pu leather which for those,who dont know pu leather is,polyurethane leather a material that i,avoid at all cost because honestly its, 90 percent of the time it doesnt,hold up well it feels really strange to,the touch,it sticks to your skin badly and it gets,damaged very easily,they also go on to say that this,improved upholstery greatly exceeds the,industry standard for flexing and,abrasion resistance all while retaining,its signature plush feel,the whole prime carbon fiber thing well,thats more than likely just a buzzword,because you know carbon fiber is cool,and exciting but only like a third of,people even know what carbon fiber is,now if you dont like leather doings i,believe their 66 68 model is upholstered,with a fabric material of some type so,theres that,the armrests are different compared to,most other gaming chairs ive sat in im,used to the ones like this that you know,you can adjust up and down independently,the doings arm rest are,not adjustable theyre connected to both,the seat and the backrest they do,technically move when you adjust the,backrest but like i said you cant make,them go up and down to your liking,although the benefit of these particular,armrests are that they are padded and,very comfortable even after long periods,of time,this model does come with a foot rest,and you know ill be straight up with,you all,i dont personally ever see myself using,the thing because it really doesnt make,any sense to me i dont lay down when i,play games or edit or even use the,computer in general and if i want to lay,down to rest well thats what my couch,or my bed is for in fact i dont know,one person who would use this feature on,even somewhat of a semi-regular basis,it doesnt really help that the foot,rest is nowhere near long enough look,guys im only 5 10 and it doesnt even,reach the heels of my feet even as a,slightly temporary disabled person whos,supposed to really be elevating my feet,this whole footrest thing seems utterly,pointless and very impractical at least,to me,like with most of these gaming chairs it,has both a lumbar and head pillow you,dont have to use these if you dont,want them you can just you know take,them off or not put them on in the first,place truthfully the head pillow serves,no real purpose for me since i rarely,ever lean back in my chairs plus even if,i were to lean back and you know hear me,out here it would rest in the most,uncomfortable position possible i guess,its more comfortable if i were to sit,forward basically slouching in my chair,but why would i ever do something like,that on a realistic occasion i mean,think about it does this look normal to,you,unless youre a kid or maybe danny,devito this head pillow serves no real,purpose other than to,look cool or something i dont know,another feature i dont really,understand is the lumbar pillow youll,notice has a usb cord sticking out of it,now why is that well thats because the,makers of this chair chucked a vibrator,inside the cushion to massage your lower,back,this to me is more of a novelty feature,than anything its like one of those,things that people use a couple times,and then never again almost reminding me,of like those massaging car seat cover,things that i see,oh god like every single garage sale in,the history of man,lets talk about the build quality now,and you know,its really hard to review a chair when,it comes to the build quality because i,dont really have any way of knowing how,long this is actually going to hold up,in a realistic scenario on the surface,the chair looks really well made though,leather looks nice the stitching is,totally fine i i have no idea if the,leather will start to crack or peel or,whatever else yes of course treating the,material with some sort of conditioner,probably will prolong the life of the,material,that being said when you really look at,the chair in detail,you may notice some questionable build,quality things that are going on like,the staple thats sticking out here that,doesnt make me feel real good about it,and this stupid cheap plastic cover that,all these gaming chai

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