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Downton Abbey – Aristo-Trash | Renegade Cut

Weyland-Yutani from the Alien franchise.,RDA Corporation from Avatar.,Omni Consumer Products from Robocop.,Hollywood has a long history of portraying powerful corporate entities as caricatures,of real world corporations.,Hollywood takes the pulse of the nation and delivers to them an antagonist that they are,most likely to despise.,The film and television industry does not mind that some vestigial arm of capitalism,is portrayed badly.,Corporations can profit from anything – even anti-capitalism and other radical ideas.,Its called recuperation, the process by which capital intercepts socially and politically,radical ideas and images, commodifies them, and safely incorporates them back within mainstream,society – in this case, popular media.,Nevertheless, the portrayals of the rich are still worth exploring, as these portrayals,tell us a lot about the culture that created them.,Different from the antagonist being a faceless, nebulous corporation is the antagonist being,“the rich” as a class of people.,This is nothing new – see: 1989 film Society – but there has been an uptick in the rich,as a class of people being the antagonist, a rich family or a rich community.,Parasite is a fine example, but in terms of Hollywood films, there were a few released,only last year.,Ready or Not tells the story of a young bride who marries into a rich family only to discover,that the family has made a dark magical pact and believes that their wealth can only be,maintained by sacrificing her, the implication being that the rich do not become rich through,virtuous means and only maintain their wealth through more and more irresponsible and dangerous,methods over time.,Knives Out is the story of a rich, greedy and deeply flawed family whose patriarch has,recently passed and the fallout regarding the will.,A poor woman who took care of the old man who died is thrust into their lives more completely,and finds herself in great danger.,The culture of the United States and the ever-growing disparity between the rich and poor make the,frequency of the rich as antagonists acceptable or even welcome among the poor or even among,the suburban middle class.,Different cultures portray the rich differently, and media from the United Kingdom tends to,have a different outlook on rich families for somewhat obvious reasons.,The UK props up one of the wealthiest families in the world.,The Crown, produced by British production company Left Bank Pictures, has frequently,been described as propaganda for the royal family.,It was created by Peter Morgan, a British writer perhaps most famous for writing The,Queen, a movie about how the prime minister was wrong for doubting the royal family and,how the real victim of the tragic death of Princess Diana was actually Queen Elizabeth,II.,I hate this movie.,There are numerous other examples of this in the UK, a pattern of lifting up the wealthy,and powerful as our social betters.,I call this loose sub-genre of drama Aristo-Trash: media that portrays the concentration of wealth,as a public good.,There is no more famous example of this than the wildly popular British television series,and later movie: Downton Abbey.,The series takes place in the titular country estate and stars its residents, the aristocratic,Crawley family, and the servants who live there.,The series itself is largely conservative in its politics, portraying the family as,ultimately a force for good in Yorkshire and the fictionalized, idealized relationship,between the super rich and the poor as one of family and friendship.,The series was created by Julian Fellowes, a Conservative Party peer of the House of,Lords.,His full name and title is actually Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes,of West Stafford.,In addition to creating the series, he literally wrote every single episode.,There are fifty-two episodes of Downton Abbey, he has the sole writing credit on fifty, and,a co-writing credit on two.,He is also the sole writer of the motion picture released last year.,This was entirely his baby from front to back, the only voice of the entire run.,So, just in case there are any delusions about the political leanings of Downton Abbey, its,relationship with the aristocracy, its relationship with capital, its feelings toward the royal,family and monarchism, and its intended messages and propaganda, let those misconceptions be,washed away now.,Every single episode was written by an old Tory who literally must be addressed as Lord,Fellowes.,Downton Abbey and other aristo-trash put a human face on the rich for the purpose capitalist,apologetics and propaganda about how the rich are just like us and therefore would always,have our best interests at heart.,Downton Abbey is filled with examples of not only capitalism being an unassailable good,for society but the Crawleys in particular being essential and righteous.,They have flaws on a personal level, such as the squabbling among the sisters and the,normal bickering between husband and wife, but every time the topic of economics come,up, the Crawleys are shown as absolutely critical to the good of the town and the nation.,Income inequality is ignored and replaced with a paternalistic portrayal of the rich,taking care of the poor.,Downton Abbey takes place in the early 20th century, but its politics are written by the,British Conservative Party of the early 21st century.,There are reasons for everything the series chooses to display and everything the series,chooses to ignore.,According to The Equality Trust, the UK has a very high level of income inequality compared,to other developed countries.,Over the past five years, basically during the run of Downton Abbey, the top 20% of incomes,has increased by 4.7%.,The rich getting richer.,The poorest 20% have seen their income fall by 1.6%.,The poor getting poorer.,This is not the full extent of the difference between the richest and the rest of society,because the top 1% have significantly higher incomes than the rest of the top 20%.,Since 1980, the share of income earned by the top 1% in the UK has generally has rising,,peaking at 13% in 2015.,This is almost double the corresponding figure for Belgium at 7%, Scandinavian nations like,Sweden and Norway at 8% each, Australia at 9% and so forth.,This is only the UK, though.,Its worse in the US, as most things are.,And as for the whole world, the top 1% earn 20% of the total income.,Capitalists and their cheerleaders claim that the rich simply have what they “deserve”,and the poor simply have what they “deserve” and that the playing field is the same for,all.,But we know thats not true, as a great deal of wealth is inherited, and even if the rich,“deserve” their wealth, that is of small comfort to people struggling to make ends,meet, struggling to find shelter, struggling to find work, struggling to find healthcare,,struggling to live.,Furthermore, income inequality has other negative effects on society, even though people dying,really should be enough of a persuasive argument.,Income inequality is a threat to democracy because it allows the super rich to have more,say in the government than anyone else.,In Downton Abbey, the Crawleys are seen hob-knobbing with royalty and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.,This is portrayed positively and a great honor instead of what it is: the combined efforts,of the rich and powerful to consolidate their positions through a marriage of capitalism,and the state.,Angus Deaton, a British economist and Nobel Prize winner, once said of this: “The political,equality that is required by democracy is always under threat from economic inequality,,and the more extreme the economic inequality, the greater the threat to democracy.,If democracy is compromised, there is a direct loss of well-being because people have good,reason to value their ability to participate in political life, and the loss of that ability,is instrumental in threatening other harm.,The very wealthy have little need for state-provided educat

Downton Abbey: A New Era – Review!

downton abbey is finally spilling the,tea on the crawley family and i have my,review right now,[Music],hello everybody and welcome to my review,of downton abbey a new era which is the,second downton abbey film if youre not,familiar with downton abbey you may know,it by the name that your less,sophisticated friends call it downtown,abbey or as i like to call it boomer,avengers downton abbey is directed by,simon curtis making his first,contribution to the saga and it is,written by julian fellowes the long-time,writer of the series as well as the,writer of the previous downton abbey,film in 2019. believe it or not its,been over a decade since downton abbey,debuted on television and even more than,the last movie a new era drops you right,into the middle of the lives of the,crawley family their family and extended,family and the lives of downton servants,and their families if youre looking for,hand-holding the best that youre going,to get is a brief recap video of what,happened in the last film which preceded,the movie at the amc early access,screening that i saw on tuesday night,hopefully its in front of your,screening too because i found it to be,very useful if youve never seen downton,abbey im going to tell you right now,you are going to have,no idea what the hell is going on,because this is very much about the,intricate character relationships that,have been built over seasons and now two,movies its great news for fans of,downton abbey that want to see all these,different payoffs between these,different characters and learn what the,next chapter of the story is going to be,but its bad news for anybody who might,get dragged along to see this movie and,doesnt really care about anything,thats happening luckily i am a downton,fan so im very much interested in the,past of the dowager countess and what,anna bates and mr bates are doing and,all the delightful crossness of mr,carson but this is not the movie that,you want to go to if you want to dabble,into downton abbey and see if you enjoy,it downton abbey a new era centers,around a secret involving family,matriarch violet crawley the dowager,countess played delightfully by maggie,smith the crawlies are shocked to find,that a frenchman has willed violet a,villa in the south of france alluding to,a short but magical time they spent,together decades ago this development,sends most of the family to france,including hugh bonnevilles robert,crawley the earl of grantham who fears,that his mothers possible dalliance in,the past may also call his lineage into,question at downton abbey eldest,daughter mary crawley played by michelle,dockery stays behind to supervise the,filming of a movie at downton featuring,matinee stars guy dexter played by,dominic west and mirna dalgish played by,laura haddock in a turn of events more,than a little reminiscent of singing in,the rain the movies production is put,at risk with the advent of the talking,motion picture one of the reasons that i,think downton abbey works so well in so,many different countries is that it,gives a veneer of class it makes you,feel posh and important to indulge in,what i think is very much a guilty,pleasure because downton abbey at its,core is very much like a soap opera and,this movie has a seasons worth of,developments in just two hours there are,weddings and vacations forbidden love,possible infidelity health scares family,drama and so much more in less capable,hands downton abbey might have felt like,cheap melodrama but with julian fellowes,once again writing the screenplay it,feels more like high art there is a,reason why julian fellows won an emmy,for writing this show and an oscar for,writing its unofficial test pilot,gosford park as always a lot of the,credit also has to go to the cast of the,film hugh bonneville delicately plays,lord grantham a man who sees his era,passing with a mix of acceptance,annoyance sadness and pride that his,daughter mary is ushering his family,into a new age michelle dockery is,always a pleasure to watch as lady mary,who tries not to tread on tradition too,much while also pushing for progress a,subplot about lady marys marriage is,one of the films few narrative dead,ends but the fact that the movie gives,her a lot more to do than worry about,her absent husband doesnt make it seem,like her character is a waste in this,movie jim carter is always good for a,laugh as mr carson the former downton,butler whos once again brought out of,retirement to accompany the family to,france carsons strict adherence to the,stuffy old british ways of doing things,is a great contrast to the light and,airy atmosphere of the south of france,and then theres maggie smith the ninja,assassin of downton abbey who can take a,30 second scene and turn it into the,highlight of a two-hour movie it seems,the public only want films that talk i,should have thought the best thing about,films is that you cant hear them be,even better if you couldnt see them,either as the aging dowager countess,maggie smith seems to be somewhat,limited by her own real world health but,that doesnt stop her from delivering,her trademark razor-sharp dialogue with,equal parts wit and venom the dowager,countesss desire to secure her own,legacy and her familys lies at the,heart of this film and the movie levels,up every time shes on screen the cast,of downton abbey is so sprawling that,would probably take the length of a,feature film to talk about all of them,but here are a few highlights of the,returning regulars elizabeth mcgovern,leslie nicholl and penelope wilton make,the most of their spotlight kevin,doyles mr mosley butler turned,schoolteacher is prominently featured as,he roams downton in awe of the film,production thats happening there and,robert james collier gets a lot of,screen time as thomas barrow the downton,butler and head of house who crosses,paths with dominic wests guy dexter in,some unexpected ways west and laura,haddock as the newest faces in the cast,bring a sense of theatricality to their,roles as silent film stars and haddock,gets several opportunities to both ham,it up and dig deeper into what could,have been a one-dimensional diva,character downton abbey a new era is,openly playing to the established fan,base and i suspect that to many of them,this is their version of an mcu type,event the tuesday screening that i went,to was pretty full i think that mara and,i were probably the youngest there by 10,to 20 years but i knew that i was in the,theater with a bunch of downton abbey,fans when the theater gasped in surprise,after somebody breaks a vase it was like,somebody was shot that just goes to show,you how much the audience who loves,downton abbey is invested in this show,they care about the furnishings of,downton abbey and the characters even,more so yes downton abbey is a,high-class soap opera and unashamed of,it but you can also tell that everybody,behind and in front of the camera really,cares about these characters i mean,theyve spent over a decade telling this,story and this movie does have a lot of,heart and packs a real emotional punch,the acting is excellent across the board,the laughs are there the film looks,beautiful i really doubt the downton,fans are going to be disappointed but,this isnt a movie thats likely to win,over new fans not that i really think,its trying to is this movie gonna make,300 million dollars i dont think so but,as a downton devotee myself i would be,perfectly happy if they could put out,movies every two to three years that,would justify putting a new chapter out,to take downton abbey past the 1930s,into the 1940s to the brink of world war,ii maybe this could be the boyhood of,english soap operas so that 20 or 30,years from now we could have second or,third generations that are going to the,theater to enjoy the continuing,adventures of the crawley family so that,is a recommendation from me on downton,abbey new era with the caveat that if,you dont know anything about downton,abbey you should probably just go back,and start

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Downton Abbey: A New Era On The Graham Norton Show!

the the harry potter bit of your life,which kind of changed your life but then,downton comes along,[Applause],is that one of those things where you,thought you were famous until you were,in downton,no i,i didnt i didnt think that at all it,didnt its only since downton that,people,seem to know,you know who whos who stopped me and,asked me but its only since downton and,thats thats television for you yes,its common its television,but funnily enough i was i was in,waitrose in storings in my face,and a little boy was at the um checkout,with his mother and he kept looking at,me,and,i thought what am i going to do about,anyone,kept looking at me and looking at me,and i said,can i help you and he said,its all right itll come to me in a,minute,[Music],[Laughter],the people coming up to you now like,because apparently americans are very,well american you know theyre not shy,americans,no well no no but i dont go anywhere,really where they can get at me,its its usually in museums and art,galleries and things so that limits,things,i keep away from that and and harrods i,dont go now,so are you in a way sort of glad that,downtons over oh,yeah no i really am,because honestly she was about by the,time she must have been 110,so i couldnt go on and on,i,couldnt it just didnt make sense,i know alex i know you youre a big,dancing fan i am i i shouted it a lot,you havent seen it i do yeah we watch,it and we shouted it because im not in,it,have you ever watched dancing,[Laughter],ive got the box set,now,we hear and i dont know because youre,you you know you run in rich circles,exotic circles and have we had a good,authority that the the actual queen,watches downton abbey because we hear,that shes a fan,youre not supposed to talk about what,okay,no,im i was told that she did but then i,have been told by another gentleman who,works in those establishments,that she likes mid-summer murder,okay,i didnt take it back,they might just clap for 45 minutes its,good,uh youre very very welcome and youve,all just come from the premiere of your,film monuments man yeah yeah yeah thats,why were drinking champagne we have,just celebrated right yes yeah in fact,now why is yours not in a champagne,do you want people to think im just a,man of the people uh simple white wine,from me oh i just like drinking more,than anyone else at one time,lets get started,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],wow you dont do this at home dont do,that this ale is crazy,in your place there you must have lots,of great memorabilia from downtown do,you have a tiara or a lace doily or,anything you know i dont i dont have,anything and actually i was wondering if,you know i had anything obviously,because you asked if we did and,and uh i was cooking last night and im,thinking surely ive got something ive,got something that i took from set and,then i looked down and my my wooden,spoon that i was using it says mrs,patmores kitchen on it,and i dont i have no clue where i got,it it was like it was given to me by,someone or it was,it was maybe a gift from someone on set,but thats the only thing that i own,which dont lie this has been,disappointing,we were hoping for a lot more here,like a saddle or you know something,something much better,but is it all kind of down to the,downtown thing was georgia fan of,downtown because its in 220 territories,i didnt know there were 220 territories,now what does that mean territories is,different to nations yes it must be i,dont think there are 20 countries but,territories how many countries are there,how many somebody google it now uh,did you guys watch dante did you know,what danton was now im starting to,think like texas is its own territory,theyre like word territory im gonna,shoot you if you come down,sorry did you watch downton before no my,wife is an addict and by addict i mean,like a crack addict,and,its like a problem we were supposed to,start the show together,and i came to bed one night and she said,ive just watched six of them,and she was like ill,ill tell you ill tell you,what happened,because she wanted to see the seventh,and she didnt want to go back to the,first,you know and so shes done the whole,thing and and im and im on my own so i,will watch downton abbey because i love,you but uh im gonna have to find time,somehow to do that raising four kids,have you ever seen it bill,thompson abbey no,i never have but im just slow i have a,lot of uh like im really slow cleaning,up my room and getting dressed and,everything so i miss these shows but i,really look forward to getting like a,serious flu or something like,that maybe ill get the entire set and,watch the whole thing because he seems,like the greatest guy,he seems like a great guy its a very,its a very good show you know what its,one of those weird things its too,convincing like im sort of on the,fringes of this industry i meet actors,on the show but when i see the downtown,cast on a red carpet and theres its,the servants i always think oh isnt,that lovely,look at that look its mrs packmore she,borrowed a dress,oh did they give him the morning off did,they get there,was he there going wheres my kedgeree,but you have a love hate thing dont you,with it no i love it and i watch it all,the time but a bit like a relationship,with crack you know i hate it too,well you know its killing you,let me let me ask you is he like the,grand hes the lord of the lord but what,you need to know bill is lord grantham,and i think this is fair is always wrong,well there you go there you go right,there,yeah thats uh he is though isnt he you,must get annoyed,when you know when your name comes out,of a dogs ass in the titles you know,you know youre in for a bad ride,no because lady simple no you killed her,blood on your hands no i didnt kill,someone no i didnt sorry i did timeout,[Music],dr clarkson okay yeah up to then dont,tell me i havent seen the show,up to that point on the show we call him,doctor death on set because every,decision he makes was terrible yes so,there is some sense in in my character,calling in some outside advice it,happens to be possibly the wrong one and,you know she wants out of her contract,so she dies,wow if youre if youre watching in one,of the 220 territories that hasnt got,to that point in the story yet um hey,maybe she gets better,but i i wouldnt join the matthew,crawley fan club either,i wouldnt invest in that,im going to repeat excuse me,[Music],i know,i know but i said only i was allowed to,wear sort of deep red,i know well well youre sacked,beautifully dark nice deal seamless no,one will notice,thanks for sending the memo to everybody,but me well yeah that is all doesnt it,yeah its weird ive never seen this,color and now i see it on three men at,once,just,have a go at mat night,and now from the sublime to the,ridiculous uh because uh you bonneville,what was it hugh barnville no no no no,you was a lovely man ebola zombie man,but i just want to refer back to a,television appearance that you,bonneville made a couple of weeks ago uh,he was on a program called top gear its,very oh i love that,he was on top getter,driving thats the greatest show now,from top gear no we dont have a clip,but we do have a bizarre his appearance,caused quite the reaction uh here he is,on top of you now a lot of people were,focused on the jumper,a lot of the other bugs in the jumper,but more even more people were concerned,why,why are you wearing lipstick on top,well im intrigued i im here to say,that i was not wearing lipstick come on,it was,cold because they on top of here they,say bring two sets of clothes youre,gonna be boiling hot in the car,and youre gonna be freezing cold in the,studio and i thought boiling hot in the,car its a cold day in wherever we are,february its not going to be like that,at all i was roasting because youre,exerting so much so adrenaline and a,sweat because youre in a well,well just right now your lips are,turning a different color,[Music],uh then youre in the studio this,aircraft hangar where apparently l

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Downton Abbey Cast REVEALS Why Other Actors Left The Show..

if you love period pieces historical,fiction and juicy tv drama meet downton,abbey bridgetons older sister the tv,show is a cult favorite and for many,actors their first big break on tv who,doesnt want to put on their poshest,accent and act for itv but not everyone,can be an iconic character who stays for,the entire run of the show here are,seven stars who left downton abbey and,why first up jessica brown finley,jessica played lady sybil crawley edith,and marys beloved sister on the show,the youngest daughter of the earl and,countess of grantham she is kind,idealistic and lovable very dedicated to,doing good in the world shes married to,tom branson but unfortunately passes,away in season three after giving birth,to their daughter leading to jessica,brown finleys exit from the show she,was the first leading cast member to,leave downton abbey and apparently her,exit was planned right at the beginning,as soon as she was cast she made it,clear that she will leave after three,years understandably so as a young actor,does not want to be limited to a,character and wants to have a variety of,characters and a diverse career about,her leaving she said i didnt want to,fall in my comfort zone too much next ed,spielers ed spielers also known as the,terrifying stephen bonnet on outlander,played jimmy kent who worked as a,footman for downton abbey he starred in,series three four and five of downton,before his character was fired from the,house somewhat of a player the character,is selfish arrogant and rude as seen in,his advances on ivy and mrs hughes the,details of his exit were never made,public but apparently he left the show,for another role in a big-budget british,tv drama although spielers chose not to,return for the movie because of other,commitments he says that downton abbey,was an amazing gig for him hes been,cast in prominent roles after his,departure from the show along with alice,in wonderland through the looking glass,starring johnny depp and helena bonham,carter now we have amy newton amy newton,played the character of ethel parks on,downton abbey the poor housemate who was,really struggling during her time on the,show she had an affair with a soldier,convalescing at downton during series 2,leaving her pregnant and fired tragedies,you never want to happen side by side,she struggles to raise her son and has,to turn to prostitution to make ends,meet but eventually gets a clean slate,as she begins working as a housemaid,near her son who is raised by his,wealthy grandparents amy newton,originally left the show after series 2,but returned for another series as the,writers felt they werent quite done,with her she was excited to return to,the show to see what was in store for,ethel and finally left the show for good,after series 3 when the story for her,character reached its conclusion another,on the list is rose leslie rose leslie,acted as gwen harding on the show a,former housemaid in the crawley house,and a main character in the show for,series one an ambitious woman she always,wanted more from her life than the path,her parents chose for her a long life in,domestic service she believed she could,have a better life and do something,meaningful which is why she took a,typing and shorthand correspondence,course in her free time which obviously,there wasnt a lot of as a mate driven,and hopeful for a better future rose,leslie left the series when her,character arc was complete with gwen,happily out of domestic service and,working as a typist leslie herself was,very happy about the place the writers,left gwen in and even returned for,season six in which gwen is married and,thriving we love an underdog rising,above and taking control chefs kiss,downton abbey up next matt milney matt,milney had his big break in the 2011,film war horse and went on to be cast as,alfred nugent in the third series of,downton sarah obriens nephew on the,show his character was a shy unconfident,footmen at downton abbey he was a major,character until the end of the fourth,series when he was written out to enroll,for training to be a chef milne hasnt,taken any major tv or film work since,leaving the show in 2013 but he has,acted in several stage plays he starred,alongside michael prayed and colin,buchanan in jb priestlys dangerous,corner and the acclaimed margaret,thatcher queen of soho and now dan,stevens fans were heartbroken when,matthew crawley played by dan stevens,died in a car accident after the birth,of his son humble and practical the,lawyer was a fan favorite even though he,wasnt much loved in downton so his,death came as an unpleasant surprise he,died in the christmas special of season,three definitely putting a damper on,everyones celebrations but why did,stevens actually leave the show similar,to jessica brown finley stevens left the,show looking for new opportunities it,was a desire for freedom which led him,to leave the show he says that as an,actor he does not view success in terms,of money but through the range of,interesting roles he can play he has,definitely gone on to get some starring,in the guest and beauty and the beast at,present matthew crawley fans can catch,him in the new star series gaslid and,now thomas howes thomas house played the,character of william mason the sweet boy,next door who worked as a footman for,downton however we dont get enough time,with this lovable character as hes,killed off when most of the men of the,house go to fight in world war one,marking house exit from the show in,season two we dont know about you but,our heart broke for daisy williams wife,as their love story was one of the most,special ones on the show however house,left the show as he was afraid to be,typecast for future roles since leaving,the show house has starred in anna,caronina and to walk invisible the,bronte sisters now in other news downton,abbeys michelle dockery makes musical,debut with co-star michael fox we barely,recognized lady mary crowley in michelle,dockery as she and her co-star michael,fox made a career-changing musical debut,on the 6th of june the two have formed a,folk duo and performed their first live,show in an intimate gig at london,attended by the likes of dermont oleary,dockery and fox met on the sets of,downton abbey as lady mary and andrew,parker and soon discovered their mutual,love of music they began singing,together in between takes connecting,immediately on voice and guitar they,made their partnership official six,years later with their first record deal,and debut ep the walking silence the,pair is very excited about this new,adventure and will be juggling their,music around their acting commitments,dressed casually in black jeans a,sleeveless top and a white jacket,dockery looked fabulous and in her,element as she performed at the omira,london we dont know about you but what,wouldnt we give for a music episode on,downton will there be another sequel to,the downton movies downton abbey a new,era was released earlier this year and,fans loved it the beloved characters,returned on the big screen and gave us,exactly what we needed juicy drama,broadening the scope of the sagas world,ever since its release weve all been,wondering the same thing is there a,possibility of a downton 3 coming to our,screens anytime soon even though there,are no definitive plans for a sequel,julian fellowes says that there could be,one if the audience reacts well to a new,era if audiences want more and the cast,wants to do more then im sure well,find a way of delivering more he,recently told sky news a new era has,definitely left some loose ends to tie,up what with the crawley family,welcoming new members and a new baby how,badly do you want another installation,of the downton movies tell us in the,comments lastly downton abbeys laura,carmichael secretly welcomed a baby boy,with boyfriend michael c fox laura,carmichael who plays the unlucky in love,lady edith grantham on the itv drama,secretly welcomed baby luca with her,boyfriend michael c 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Downton Abbey Movie Review

no mage develops new nanny even its 1927,William Lawton folk polish the fine,china Don your best fascinator and put,the kettle on because the glamorous,world of Downton Abbey has finally come,to theaters giving the sixth season,British series a lavish send-off that,should leave Downton fans satiated its,1927 and the Crawley family are hosting,the most prestigious of guests King,George the fifth and his wife Queen Mary,which provides a provocative backdrop,for both Downton servants and,aristocracy as they scramble to prepare,for the royal visit series creator and,screenwriter Julian Fellowes moved from,the small screen to the big screen apart,from its total runtime doesnt try to,drastically change Downtons,tried-and-true formula directed by,Downton alum Michael Engler the movie,feels like a two-hour episode which,isnt a bad thing since the show already,had a cinematic aesthetic complete with,long sweeping views of the gorgeous,Downton grounds and impressive tracking,shots following the servants through the,bustling downstairs corridors,accompanied by longtime Downton composer,John lund whose melodious Tunes evoke a,feeling of grandeur thats appropriate,for a film about royalty this Downton,adventure is a fitting continuation of,its TV origins one of Downtons most,compelling aspects has always been the,upstairs Downstairs dynamic established,by fellows in the TV series which gives,equal way to every character story no,matter how low or high they may rank in,society in terms of the servants Thomas,barrows arc is the most endearing and,suspenseful most of the staff is either,content or paired up with someone they,love while barrows sexual orientation,doesnt allow him to freely express,himself during this period in history,Robert James Collier gives a stirring,performance as his character is also,forced to give up his head butler duties,after Lady Mary replaces him with the,retired Charles Carson who she believes,can properly prepare the house in time,for the King and queens arrival the,comedic side of Downton kicks into full,gear once the members of the royal,household arrive watching the Downton,staff try to outshine the Royal servants,provide some hilarious moments,downstairs but also upstairs when their,squabbles spill into the view of the,people theyre serving upstairs Maggie,Smiths portrayal of violet Crawley once,again steals the show the two-time Oscar,winner is the Tyrion Lannister of,Downton as,Fellowes has always given her all the,best lines shes just as sassy and,clever as she was in the show but also a,bit more vulnerable this time around,especially when shes confiding in her,granddaughter Mary about the future,stability of Downton Abbey dont be,surprised if you see Smiths name up for,a nomination or to this award season,down Abbey also knows how to deliver on,the glitz and glamour with enough,dazzling displays of opulence and,pageantry to satisfy any monarchist,anglers adept work behind the camera,presents upstairs life in a calm and,quiet fashion without any quick camera,movements while life downstairs is,chaotic with plenty of noise frenzy and,excitement Downton Abbeys journey to,the big screen serves as a fitting end,to one of TVs most iconic families if,this is indeed the end you have enough,cliches to get you through the visit if,not Ill come to you towards the finale,of the film fellows the script focuses,too much on fanservice by making sure,everyones story gets the fitting and it,deserves which results in a longer run,time then is needed but if youre a fan,of Downton then you can rest assured,that every character from mr. moles Lee,to Lady Edith gets their moment to shine,the Downton Abbey film is definitely,made for longtime viewers so if youre a,Down newbie be sure to binge all six,seasons before stepping out with the,Crawleys at the theater for more movie,reviews check out what we thought of,Jojo rabbit and knives out and as always,be sure to follow and subscribe wherever,you like to watch IGN

Downton Abbey reviewed by Mark Kermode

I hadnt seen the TV show because you,know I theres very little TV that I,watch because I spend much more time,watching movies although obviously I,have seen Gosford Park and there is that,strange connection that it starts things,start life is Gosford Park and Downton,was kind of conceived as possibly a,spinoff then it became a sort of,standalone thing which becomes a series,and anything now it comes back to the,screening the key difference is that you,know Gosford Park has got this darkness,and this you know undercurrent and,seething stuff and and Downton doesnt,you said it is a movie that does exactly,what you expect it to do the phrase,argues it does exactly what it says on,the tin and from the opening you know,from the sweeping shots of the of the,mansion to the sort of you know the the,chippy exchanges over cups of tea and,drinks to the you know the the lavish,lawns that we see the car driving up it,is exactly now having never seen the,series I knew who everyone was I knew,what everyones place and it was Ive,you know it was it was like relaxing,into a familiar armchair that I had,never sat in before so there it there is,something to be said for you know the,construction of characters that you just,know yeah I know who that is I know who,that is I know where that fits in so,there is a plot nominally which is that,there is a royal visit is going to,happen and this is going to set the cat,among the pigeons you know the the staff,are going to have to decide you know who,is actually going to serve the Royals,and this is a rivalry going on theyre,bringing in you know old old staff and,coming in rivalries the new staff there,is a theres a subplot theres subplots,running around everywhere like packs of,cookies theres a subplot,about inheritance thats going to cross,the class Mandy there is as you said in,the background of all this a kind of,acknowledgment that there has been some,upheaval in the world which is I think,the line is that that somebody says you,know did a general strike affect you,until the end the King says that in,Matthew Smith says well my my maid is a,communist and shes been a bit uppity or,something thats it,there is also a kind of there is a,subplot that is so throw away that,action its a it looks like its going,to be a sort of thriller so theres a,kind of subterfuge thing going on is,there going to be any resistance the,king is this a politically dangerous you,know or actually dangerous in any way,whatsoever and there is a plot which,the surfaces halfway through and then,literally gets thrown out of the window,because actually what we want to do is,get back into the house and get back,into all the sort of the conversations,and stuff so I thought there was nothing,about it that was in any way surprising,but thats kind of what youre going to,get from Downton Abbey I thought the,fact that there were so many points in,which characters actually said do you,think we can carry on do you think we,can carry on doing this and the answer,is well yes because its you know,because its the thing isnt it and you,know I know the world is changing but,this is the heart of the community so,there is there is a lot of that sort of,stuff there is as you mentioned in that,interview the kind of the the gay,subplot which also does have characters,during that thing thats saying out loud,do you think this this will always be,the case do you think this will ever,change in a way thats kind of very very,on the nose but and also feels very much,like sort of episodic TV writing but,its kind of fun because its its its,reassuringly familiar even if youve,never seen the program which I havent,Maggie Smith is terrific and every time,Maggie Smith opens her mouth to say,something with a ring okay well thats,you know thats terrific um I I there,are moments in it when I just found,myself thinking I mean this is it is,really you know there was a joke for,ages and ages that they were going to,call for weddings and a funeral the,original title for it was tofs on heat,and there is a moment in we werent,Downton Abbey when you thinking this is,basically just Tufts on the run isnt it,but it is a big television production,put on the screen in a grand house that,does exactly what you think its going,to do in exactly the way you think its,going to do it with nothing that will,ruffle the feathers or frighten the,horses and the track record of TV shows,becoming good movies is not great no and,as he said in that interview you know it,could have gone holiday on the buses,they could have sent them off to France,or or into space down to an underwater

What “Downton Abbey” Got Wrong (A Menswear Experts Review)

Welcome back to the Gentlemans Gazette. In todays video, well be taking a trip to Yorkshire, England,starting in 1912 as we take a closer look at our beloved series Downton Abbey and,the mens costumes. And we analyze if theyre historically accurate or not.,♪ The Gentlemens Gazette theme song plays ♪,In case you live under a rock, Downton Abbey is the fictional Yorkshire estate from which the,show takes its name. The show follows the lives of the Crawley family headed by Lord Grantham, the,seventh Earl of Grantham. The show mainly takes place inside Downton Abbey, which is, in fact,,the Highclere Castle. If they were modern family, perhaps theyd be wearing slippers hoodies and,sweatpants. But, back then, clothes were a lot more formal. Depending on the event, the people who are,visiting, and the time of day, people might have changed clothes multiple times in a single day.,As menswear enthusiasts, were treated with morning wear, evening wear, hunting wear,,regular day wear, and all sorts of details that are just wonderful and rarely seen on TV these days,anymore. The costumes of Downton Abbey were so popular that they themselves toured the world. Designer,Anna Robbins said that historical accuracy was extremely important to her, so the costumes could,withstand scrutiny on screen as well as in real life. She also said that Downton Abbey was head,and shoulders above other shows and the efforts she went to to ensure everything was as accurate as,it could be. She also mentioned that she tried her best to get true period pieces from Paris, London,,and elsewhere. But, I think she referred more to the womenswear. The gentleman in the,show mostly wore bespoke items because they felt they couldnt really get the items in the right,size for the people they had on set. Ive watched the entire show with my wife – actually several times -,and from our impression, it seems like its mostly bespoke, but there are also some period costumes,in the show. Overall, the show had four different costume designers and they worked along,Alastair Bruce, who was the historical advisor from 2010 to 2012. Frankly, unlike most American productions,,Downton Abbey is a lot more meticulous in details, but of course, they dont get everything right.,Again, its impossible to catch every detail. But, they really tried their best. The biggest issue,they had in regards to menswear were the fabrics. Modern fabrics are finished differently. Theyre,typically lighter, and they dont drape as well as the original old fabrics. As a consequence, some of,the suits and outfits look far too modern for the trained eye. And while they might be vintage,,theyre just not accurate for the time theyre portraying in the series. Overall, I have to say,they did a splendid job in making you feel like youre in that period of time. Of course, there,were a few gaffes along the way. For example, you see the occasional TV aerial on an old building.,Of course, they didnt have TV then. So, without further ado, lets first look at some important,male characters of the show, and what they wore, what was accurate and what was not, and then, lets,switch over to specific items, such as morning wear or evening wear or headwear, and discuss,what they got right and what they got wrong. Of course, we start with Lord Grantham, Robert Crawley,,the seventh Earl of Grantham. As an aristocrat from a long line of earls, you would expect him,to be well-versed in anything relating to social etiquette and a proper wardrobe. In fact, he had,a valet, who would help him get dressed and make sure that his outward appearance is always stellar.,At the time, your wealth wasnt displayed by the amount of bling, jewelry, or fur you had.,Instead, your rank in society was defined by your title, by your estate, and by the amount of staff,you had. Also, your understanding of the social and sporting etiquette was an important indicator of,wealth. Because of this, Lord Granthams outfits are not flashy at all, but are much rather conservative.,A man of his stature would display his wealth through the quality of his garments and the fabric,,through the precise fit and the appropriateness of the clothing for the different events and,times of day. When we first see his lordship in season one, set in 1912, we see him from behind,and, generally, people wouldnt think about it, but at the Gentlemans Gazette, we pay great,attention to detail. In fact, the look from the back gives us the first hint at a historic inaccuracy.,If we take a closer look at the shoulder seam, it has a rather modern shoulder seam that is,straight and more on top of the shoulder. Whereas, back then in 1912, the shoulder seam,would have moved much further back so you could never see it from the front. Interestingly, this,mistake was not made on these servants uniforms. So, either they used original uniforms or they,used a vintage pattern. Now, in this shot you can actually see Lord Grantham wearing a lounge suit.,Now, how the term “lounge” and “suit” go together today in a world where the suit is considered to be a,formal garment, you can learn in our video “History of the Suit” here. During that time, the lounge suit,had already become the number one garment for everyday casual or non-formal wear among men.,Overall, though, you can see some wrinkles here that are a good indicator that this was not a,vintage suit. And an older suit would have just draped much more beautifully. On close inspection,,we can also see some details. For example, you have a slightly slanted buttonhole and the cord,to the lapel is not straight but angled. This is sometimes also known as the Knize lapel,after the famous Viennese tailor Knize. Moreover, the size and shape, as well as the pattern of the,silk tie, are very accurate to the period. Squares and diamonds worn into silk were very popular. And,he used a four-in-hand knot and you can learn here how to tie that. The ties held together by a tie stick pin,,which, again, was popular at the time and it was bold enough to stand out from the background, but,not overly extravagant. Unlike today, his shirt collar was stiff, starched, and detachable. And,thats what men wore during that time period. Its worth noting, though, that in certain scenes theres,something off with the shirt. Either the neckband on the shirt is too tall or the collar is too,large, but the fit isnt 100% right. Honestly, this is an issue of fit, not something thats historically,inaccurate. If you pay close attention, you can also observe this on Butler Carson. Interestingly,,Lord Grantham often wears a crisp, clean white shirt. And while you may not think much about it,,back then, it was a status of wealth. Why? Because only the wealthy could afford to always have a,newly-laundered, clean, starched white shirt. Compare these shirts to the ones from Mr. Bates. He wears,striped shirts, which were more popular with a working middle class because they showed dirt,less than a pure white shirt. Of course, thats also where the terminology “white collar” and “blue collar”,came from. The most obvious inaccuracy is probably the more modern cut of the shoulder. First, theres,too much padding and second, theyre too roped to be period-accurate. Frankly, its so much attention,to detail that hardly anyone would notice. So, I can understand why they only try to get it so accurate,and then, just move on and get the show filmed. The proportions of the suit are certainly okay.,Theyre high-waisted pants with a flat front, which was important because, at the time, they,did not have pleats yet. To learn more about pleated pants and should you wear them today,,check out this video here. If you look at the waistcoat, its probably a little bit long for,the time and, probably, he would also left the bottom waistcoat button undone as that was the,style introduced by Edward VII. To learn more about it, check out the in-depth post on our website h

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