1. Dr.Fone can Recover Lost Data from your iPhone or Android Smartphone
  2. How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Phone (2021) Wondershare Dr.Fone Review & Tutorial
  3. How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password -Dr. Fone Unlock
  4. The Only Smartphone Toolbox Youll Ever Need- Dr.Fone Review!
  5. How to unlock your iPhone screen/Apple ID/iCloud when you forget password | iOS unlock 2022
  6. Free VS Paid Data Recovery Software – The Truth!
  7. WonderShare Dr. Fone App REVIEW!!!

Dr.Fone can Recover Lost Data from your iPhone or Android Smartphone

[Music],[Music],hey there sake here from sake chicken in,todays video I want to talk about,doctor phone doctor phone is basically a,complete toolkit to manage your,smartphone now doctor phone is the,worlds first data recovery software for,Android and iOS devices and although,this is its primary functionality to,recover lost or deleted data it has,additional functionality such as backup,and restore transfers and even routing,if desired in this video I want to take,a look at all the functionality of,doctor phone in case you need it I will,drop all the download links to Doctor,phone down in the description box below,it is available as a free trial download,with some free functionality you can use,right away for PC or Mac it is also,available as a free app on iOS and,Android I will drop links for that down,below as well now as you can see I have,installed doctor phone and its uh its,launched right now this is the main,screen of the actual product and you,will see that it has a bunch of,components its got one component here,that is famous for which is recovery so,if you accidentally delete a message a,photo a contact or anything like that,and if its unrecoverable using the,regular methods doctor phone will go,deep inside your phone and its gonna,attempt to recover it and it does have a,high success rate so basically what you,do is you connect your Android or your,iPhone to your desktop and you can just,come here and can click recover and its,gonna launch a separate screen its,gonna ask you to connect your smartphone,to your computer and then its gonna ask,you to actually pick what you want to,recover and what you dont want to,recover so lets give it a minute here I,just want you guys to see exactly how,this thing works,in case youve been looking to do some,kind of recovery on your smartphone,maybe you lost a photo maybe you lost a,text message but basically this is the,interface that youll be seeing as you,can see it says contacts gallery,messaging audio videos call history,whatsapp message,and attachments and various documents so,you click what you want and you click,Next and then its gonna walk you,through on how to recover lost data and,of course you can uncheck the things you,dont need maybe youre just trying to,recover a bunch of text messages that,were important to you you can do that as,well okay so thats the recovery portion,of doctor phone doctor phone also allows,you to transfer data between your phone,and your computer so if I click this,its going to bring up the other option,here its gonna say that the thing is,connected to my phone so I connect my,phone to my computer viu via a USB cable,and then from here I can transfer device,media to iTunes transfer itunes media to,device transfer device photos to PC I,can actually browse individually through,all these different settings I can go to,music and I can pick individual music,just to transfer to my computer I can,just tap this export button and then,its gonna ask me export to PC or export,to iTunes and you can do either one of,these guys ok,so thats absolutely fantastic easiest,way to transfer music from your phone to,your desktop same with videos same with,photos if I go to photos over here itll,bring up all the photos on my smart,phone I can individually select them all,or I can select all of them at the same,time for example if I want this one,photo I can just click this I can tap,export its gonna say export to PC you,just pick a folder it goes right in,there so thats the transferring option,on doctor phone you can transfer,anything that you want as you can see,music videos photos information app data,and you also have access to an explorer,if you want to explore your phone other,things you can do is you can switch data,from one phone to another so if I click,this guy here youll see that theres a,source phone and theres a destination,phone and I can flip them no problem so,I can make my Galaxy Note 8 my Android,smartphone a source phone and I can,connect an iPhone here and then I can,transfer all this data from my Android,smartphone to my,I phone okay all you do is click start,transfer after you pick everything and,its good to go you can do from Android,to Android Android to iOS iOS to Android,doesnt matter its a complete toolkit,now lets go back take a look at backup,and restore of course we all should have,a backup of our smart phone data so if,you do this again it connects to your,smart phone and it allows you to backup,the entire data on your smart phone you,can backup and restore so if you click,on backup again it gives you all the,options you have contacts call history,messages calendar audio video gallery,application data and then you can do,this also if you have a rooted phone and,then you can click backup doctor phone,also allows you to route your phone if,its actually available ok so you click,this and you follow instructions you can,permanently erase all the data from your,smart phone this one here is for iOS so,if you have any problem on your iOS,system lets say its frozen its not,responding this will allow you to repair,your iOS phone and then of course you,can also lets say you forgot your,password youre trying to get past the,unlock screen on your smart phone this,will allow you to its gonna at least,attempt to do it its gonna remove the,lock screen from your device so you can,login to your device in case you forgot,your password so as you can see this is,everything,doctor phone can do now doctor phone,also has a OS and Android apps that you,can go and download for free so what Im,going to do is Im going to drop all the,links down below to doctor phone you can,go check out the apps so thats,basically everything doctor phone is,capable of again all the links are down,below go ahead and download the apps for,free alright guys make sure to subscribe,to sake tech give this video a thumbs up,and of course if you have any questions,comments or concerns just drop them down,below and make sure to have a fantastic,day

How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Phone (2021) Wondershare Dr.Fone Review & Tutorial

this is full review for wondershare,doctor phone tool kit plus a tutorial on,how to recover deleted data from android,phone hey folks again from double,originals and today i will show you all,how to recover deleted data from android,phone and for this i will be using,wondershare doctor phone toolkit,which can easily fix the problems on,your mobile be it ios or android it can,recover data from ios android devices,has whatsapp transfer phone transfer,phone manager,screen unlock screen repair phone backup,and data eraser as well so it can be,said that it is complete solution for,your various ios and android smartphone,related issues it covers almost,everything you may require here you will,find full details about dr phone ios,toolkit and dr phone android toolkit and,today i will share with you all how to,recover data from android phone using,wondershare doctor phone toolkit lets,give it a try and click on try it free,once download completes click on it to,start with the installation process once,done click on start to launch,wondershare dr phone toolkit here we,have wondershare doctor phone toolkit,here it mentions all its functionality,we have options such as data recovery,phone manager whatsapp transfer password,manager screen unlock system repair,phone transfer phone backup data eraser,virtual location icloud and in last we,have mirror go it is your all-in-one,solution for problems related to your,smartphones and today i will show how we,can use doctor phone toolkit to recover,data from android phone here i have few,photos on my android phone which i will,delete and then try to recover it using,wondershare doctor phone toolkit once,files are deleted lets move back to,doctor phone toolkit and click on data,recovery here it opens doctor phone data,recovery here it asks to connect your,device to pc but before connecting we,should enable developer option by,following these steps and once done we,need to enable usb debugging,next connecting my android phone with pc,its connected now and here it mentions,connecting once connected here it,mentions,the types of files we can recover using,doctor phone toolkit we can recover,contacts messages call history whatsapp,messages and attachments photos audios,videos and documents,using this we can also request file from,sd card we can also recover data from,broken phone,and it can recover from whatsapp as well,now as we are going to record photos,lets click on recover phone data and,then select photos after that click on,next it starts getting device,information now here we are option to,scan for deleted file it will look for,deleted files only and will take less,time we can also scan for all files,which will scan for all the files lets,select scan for related files and then,click on next and here it mentions that,the program will root your device as,that allows more assets to recover,deleted data once data recovery is,completed device will revert back to,unroot status this route done by dr,phone toolkit will not void device,warranty so you can use it without any,fear also make sure your device has at,least 20 percent battery after that,click on next it starts analyzing device,and your device will restart many times,it will also take some time to complete,process,once done it will start looking for,deleted files and then it will come up,with the results here we have all four,photos which were deleted by me well,lets recover all of them and for that,select it all,next we have option to recover files to,your android phone or can also recover,to computer lets recover to computer,and for that click on it here we have,option to export required files to a,specific location,desktop is selected and i will recover,files on desktop for that click on,recover data recovery starts and once,done it opens a folder containing,recovered data,we can browse through to see our,required files here i have my photos,recovered successfully and all these are,required in original quality there is no,loss in data quality so this is how easy,and fast it is to recover data using,wondershare doctor phone toolkit you can,also use dr phone toolkit to do various,things,also if you want to try out wondershare,doctor phone toolkit you can check the,link in description and pin command now,lets about pricing for doctor phone,toolkit here we are on official website,and from here click on pricing here we,have different pricing plan for,wondershare doctor phone toolkit we can,also purchase doctor phone android,toolkit ios toolkit separately and not,just that you can also purchase,different doctor phone features,separately as per your requirement,doctor phone toolkit is also available,for mac users and for mac pricing click,on mac here we have pricing plans for,mac version of doctor phone toolkit and,its various features i just love what,wondershare dr phone toolkit offers its,your complete mobile solution i will,highly recommend you to try it out and,if you want to check the link in,description and pin comment this is what,i had in this video if you find this,video useful do hit like button also,dont forget to subscribe to wm,originals for more such videos you can,also join various giveaways from me and,win prizes for yourself i will also be,coming up with biggest giveaway from me,this week so stay tuned for the same,thanks for watching see you all in the,next video,[Applause]

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How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password -Dr. Fone Unlock

it is entirely possible that youre,locked out of your phone and there could,be various reasons for it you know,youre just unable to bypass the lock,screen for example you dont remember,the pin that you had set up or that,youve forgotten the pattern or someone,else set it up for you and now you just,cant bypass it and naturally you go on,the internet and you start googling how,to bypass that well to save you all the,trouble just go to this website and Im,gonna leave the link in the description,below but doctor phone from wondershare,its basically that toolkit that would,tell you how to go about bypassing the,security lock screen on your phone in,some cases it can do so without any data,loss and there are some phones that are,supported to get started just make sure,you have a Windows machine and that you,connect your phone using the USB cable,obviously then youll need the software,from the doctor phone website again the,link will be in the description below,once you run the software theres an,unlock option that you choose and then,youre gonna be facing three options of,course Im gonna go with the Android,lockscreen and then Im going to choose,Samsung Android now the only reason it,is showing up is because I connected my,phone using the USB cable now if you,dont find your device in any of these,dropdowns,which is fine you can just choose I,cant find my device from the list above,and once you do that you could just go,ahead and press next assuming your phone,is still connected which it should be,and of course it should be in turned-on,mode whether its still locked is is all,right and you will see that these,software starts running a few processes,to identify your phone match it,verify the package file that is required,if at all to be able to unlock it now,depending upon the phone and the make,the software will then decide whether,there would be a requirement of,resetting and erasing all information or,if you can just unlock the phone without,doing that so as I said there are some,devices that are supported for that but,if its not supported youre gonna have,to erase it but at least the software,will tell you and guide you through that,process and you will save all the,trouble that you might have to face,otherwise and for the phone that I have,Im going to,to erase all data to bypass the lock,screen and maybe asked for some Google,Account information now here is,instructions that I need to follow and,your phone may or may not have a,physical home button so you can choose,and then go with instructions,accordingly so for me it seems like Im,gonna have to hard reset my phone using,the power button and the volume down,button and its called a forced reset,because you know when your phones locked,and if you try to restart using you know,the regular process or power it off it,wont let you do that because gonna ask,you for that password so what I do is as,the software suggests press the power,button and the volume down button and as,soon as the screen goes dark I just,switch my finger from the volume down,button to the volume up button there you,go and once I do that its gonna bring,me to this Im gonna see the Samsung,logo and once it happens I could just,let the keys go and I would get into the,recovery mode options just like that and,the next set of instructions would come,once you press next it tells you your,next moves so you basically have to go,and factory reset or wipe all data and,its giving you the entire sequence and,this is something that the software has,inherently provided as information,otherwise on Google you can have to,spend a lot of time doing that so pick,up your phone again use the volume,rocker to go up and down and then stop,at wipe data and factory reset and then,press the power button to select and,then yeah its just giving you some,disclaimers go ahead select yes and then,thats it its gonna run a couple of,processes real quick and it is just,format the entire hard disk so all your,data would be lost in this case and then,it says reboot system now and your phone,just it should at least turn on without,asking for any password but it would,just behave as an entirely new phone so,yeah Im just gonna skip to it and there,you go so its just pretty much how I,had purchased this entire thing all,right now there is a Black Friday deal,thats running onto this software from,wondershare which is talk to phone,so you know its 40% off across all,products so the link is going to be in,the description go ahead and check it,out for yourself theres also an offer,running which is you know you could get,your order for free theres a lot of,information on the website regarding,that so just go ahead and see if you,want to participate and you can get that,deal and 40% office across all their,products if youre running into any kind,of issue and you see a solution for it,over here now would be a good time to,buy it so thank you for watching guys,dont forget to subscribe and hit that,like button

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The Only Smartphone Toolbox Youll Ever Need- Dr.Fone Review!

so with everyone of us using our,smartphones in 2088,there are tons of things that you can do,to it including recovering loss data as,well as you know unlocking your phones,lock screen if you forgot the password,the blue tape transfer your data to an,iOS or an Android from your existing,phone and doing all of this requires the,use of a lot of softwares,and a lot of research and knowledge but,what I will pretend you that you will do,all of this in just one is software what,you guys are not here today we are,talking about the only toolbox youll,ever need for your Android or your iOS,device here in 2018 to do all of the,things I just mentioned and more with,one thing with that being said as always,okay guys so the software that Ive been,teasing around about being the only,smart phone toolbox is none other than,doctor phone by wondershare now you guys,know about one – a theyve been,supporting this channel for a very long,time and when they launched their new,update in the doctor phone software that,they provide they added a whole lot new,features which I thought that I should,make a video about because literally if,you have this software on your computer,or on your Mac wherever whatever you use,this is going to be the only thing you,need to solve probably every hiccup that,you are going to encounter in the near,future on using a smart phone so all the,way from recovering deleted data to,transferring data across platforms so if,youre using iOS and you want to switch,to an Android you can transfer the data,we can repair the iOS system issues you,can permanently erase a factory data,reset devices if your phone is not,working and you cant find any way to,reset it you can do it through the,software you can route your Android,device you can remove your phones,lockscreen,if youve forgotten it through a simple,step you can backup and restore,different switches and you can also,switch data that is copy data from one,phone to the other now the first thing,is go to the first link in the,description and,the platform that you are using so if,theyre using windows hit on free,download windows and if youre using iOS,you dont feel download iOS once youre,done youll be greeted by this screen,once you install these software up now,over here you can see that are a wide,variety of options that we have now the,first thing Ive already made a video on,how you can recover data for your forms,will not be talking about that today,today we can talk about transferring,data from our phone and computer you,simply click on that and all you have to,do is to connect your device to your,computer using a USB cable and any cable,that you use you can transfer music,videos photos information apps as well,as Explorer now I would really love to,demonstrate this to you guys so I would,just plug in my phone right now let me,just do that so plugged in my phone and,when I do that its so samsung galaxy s,9 and now you can see whatever I have to,do is go to build number tap it seven,times and ensure my USB debugging is,turned on in developer options so I go,all the way to developer options and,turn on USB debugging and there we go so,that is done once that is done its,gonna allow ask this phone its already,showing it on my phone right now so I,just hit on OK and there we go you,already connected your Galaxy your,device and its going to install its own,drivers and once that is done your phone,will be connected to your computer and,then you can transfer whatever data that,you want either music videos photos,information or any file that you just,want to transfer manually through your,phone now you can also do this by just,plugging it into your you know computer,there is no rocket science involved but,this is this application just makes it,so much easier by categorizing the,different types of files and you can,also transfer if youre using an iOS you,can transfer the device video to iTunes,you can transfer the itunes media to,device you can add music,music and all of that good stuff can,also repair your iOS system not using an,IRS I wont be able to show this to you,guys,you can also permanently delete your,data from your phone and in case you,dont want all of them you can also,download the separate parts of it if you,just want to say the backup and restore,tool you can hit on download and just,keep that and only the tools which you,require you can also unlock your phone,screen again root access if you want to,its a one-click process now you dont,have to do anything else with most,smartphones and all in all its just an,application that makes life using a,smart phone so much more easier so if,youre looking for something that is,gonna make your process much easier or,if you come across some difficult,situation such as you have lost your,data and you want to recover your data,from your phone and you can select your,phones brand over here you can recover,your data from your SD card from a,broken phone and even from a normal,working phone and all in all I just,think that having an application like,this is always necessary as a backup,because you never know what the hell can,turn up tomorrow with your phone and,yeah thats pretty much it its a super,intuitive you know software that I,really really use and that is why I am,talking to you guys about this I,generally dont accept sponsorships,about softwares or things that I have,never used but since I believe in,wondershare and what they do there for,this video is should be a living example,of that and well that is a pretty much,it guys if you guys liked the video you,guys know what to do leave a like,subscribe to the channel be sure to,check out dr. phone will be the first,link in the description below with that,they said this is under signing out if,you guys liked the video leave a like,and I will see you guys in my next one,have a great day peace out,you,[Music]

How to unlock your iPhone screen/Apple ID/iCloud when you forget password | iOS unlock 2022

hi,do you have an iphone,any iphone,have you ever forgot your passcode,or maybe your icloud,that must be frustrating but dont worry,chill out today im going to share with,you how to unlock it by using this app,from wonderser is wonderser dr phone,screen unlock ios hi this is lycol i,make review and tutorial on this channel,dont forget to hit the like button and,leave a comment,where are you guys from alright without,further ado lets jump into it for this,tutorial im going to use this doctor,phone screen unlock ios from wonderser,if you want to download the app you can,click the link on the description down,below so the app is available for mac os,and windows if you guys using windows pc,you can click this link but because im,using mac os by the way im using mac,mini m1 so i just click this button try,it free for mac os so its quite fast,its only 973,lets install it,okay open,and then you just have to click install,its downloading i think the size is not,very big because you can see,this quite fast,all right a pop-up comes out im going,to upgrade now while waiting this,download lets go to the website and see,what dr phone can do so dr phone can do,remove screen passcode fast id and touch,id this must be very useful for you i,know forgot a screen passcode is very,unpleasant so i hope after you follow,this tutorial you can unlock your phone,right away and then it can bypass the,icloud activation lock and apple id no,technical knowledge required,heres the example four digit passcode,six digit passcode touch id face,recognition screen time passcode now im,going to try to unlock my iphone this is,iphone 7 plus,i click this menu,wow its a complete package not only,unlocking your ios you can also unlock,your android but for now im going to,try to unlock this iphone so i click,this menu,and then we just have to follow this,guide im going to use my iphone,original couple it is usb type a to,lightning alright first step turn off,your iphone and connect it to computer,im going to turn off the iphone,im connecting the usb to the mac mini,connect the cable and then step 2 press,and hold volume down and power button at,the same time,pressing,apple logo,and then the screen from dr phone,changes to this,device model iphone 7 plus,system,all right lets just click the start,button,its downloading the firmware,5.57 gigabyte disclaimer alert if you,want to remove the passcode from the,phone that you forgot the passcode,you will lose all of the data in the,phone why because it is for security,reason please imagine if your phone is,stolen,and the one who stole your phone can,open your phone without any passcode,what if they can crack it without losing,the data,all of your data is,i dont know so dont forget your,passcode if you forget your passcode you,will lose all of your data,removing the lock screen will erase all,your data keep your device connected,during the unlocking process type the,000 in the confirmation block to,continue 1 2 3 4 six and then unlock,the process took about less than 10,minutes so please wait,apple logo is appear on the screen,lock screen has been removed completely,so it is successful lets try to,see the phone the phone is rebooting but,like the first time you buy the iphone,so the phone is already up and running,as you can see now your phone is just,like a brand new iphone,we have to choose the language,and then choose the region,hello quick start guide setup manually,and then continue,it may take a few minutes to activate,your phone we just have to wait iphone,lock to owner if you still remember the,icloud you just have to log in right now,but if you forgot your icloud we can,continue to this unlock apple id im,going to choose this remove active lock,get started,please jailbreak your device jailbreak,is progressing by pressing icloud id,unfortunately if you forgot your icloud,you have to jailbreak your phone and,jailbreak make your phone losing,capability to use cellular data now i,can still use cellular data because im,not forgetting my icloud if you forget,it its done you have to jailbreak your,phone im going to log into my icloud,account,and then next,data backup privacy continue,touch id lets just set up letter,dont use create a passcode i just want,to make a simple passcode,easily use anyway if your previous data,is backed up to icloud you can restore,from icloud backup then login again,two factor authentication,heres the code,now we have to choose the backup,unfortunately,let us backup for this phone is 26,september so we dont have any option we,just have to choose this,and then,continue,i dont use keychain,dont share restoring from icloud,[Music],now we just have to log in with our new,passcode,continue agree,agree,letter,standard,now you already log into your iphone and,its downloading each app that you have,before,congratulations alright guys i think,thats it for todays video thank you,for watching and see you guys on the,next one bye bye,[Music],foreign

Free VS Paid Data Recovery Software – The Truth!

you know i was never quite happy with,the services we have as consumers for,data recovery data recovery is essential,when you delete something even from your,recycle bin its still there in your,hard drive or ssd but its in a format,that you cant directly access so you,need some recovery software to get it,back i had this really bad experience in,2019 when i accidentally formatted one,of my friends hard drive it was a two,terabyte hard drive almost full of data,i was trying to install linux and i,accidentally hit the erase everything,and install button im an idiot i know,so i had to invest in one of the data,recovery tools i had to purchase the,full version and spend weeks trying to,recover data we got some of it but some,video files were corrupt some images,were corrupt even after getting a pro,great thing it didnt work well and in,fact something happened very recently,just this last friday i accidentally,deleted an important document that i,spent around two hours working on it and,when i was done editing one of my videos,i usually send all of the clips to the,recycle bin and clear it out and its,only on monday today i realized that oh,i deleted the file accidentally on,friday so yeah i had to open up the old,recovery software that i had which i,bought in 2019 its called the eases,data recovery wizard or something so i,tried using that and tried to recover,the data it did bring back several,gigabytes when it was scanning,but for some reason it did not bring up,the right excel sheet or the right,document that i was looking for there,were two documents um i couldnt find,them for some reason it went on for,hours and hours scanning several,gigabytes but i couldnt find the data,that i wanted and even something that,potentially seemed like the document i,needed i couldnt recover it properly,now thats only partly the recovery,softwares fault its just,its a mess you know the way operating,systems handle recovered data and the,way in which applications deal with it,especially if its a document and god,forbid if its a video oh bro you are in,for a nightmare if its a video,thankfully i didnt delete an important,video because its almost gone only a,professional data recovery service can,help me at that point like thats what,gets me what is the key difference,between a pro data recovery service and,a pro software that we can use i think,the biggest problem is that we are,running it on the same drive from where,we are trying to collect the data you,know the chances of it getting,overwritten is exponentially more,obviously in a professional service they,connect to your drive remotely or they,get the drive on site and connect it to,a separate system with its own drives,and own operating system separate from,this one and then they try to recover,the data they essentially create a copy,and give you a new drive thats how it,works as per my knowledge and the,chances of getting most of the data out,is much higher in that case i think but,consumers like us we usually have just,one system and even though there are,dedicated services that are happy to,bill you several hundred dollars a year,they dont work well funnily enough i,was frustrated with eases and i was just,about to give up when i found another,software from wondershare its called,wondershare recover it and its a free,software that allows you to at least,recover up to 100 mb of data that was,perfect for me i only was looking for a,couple of megabytes and within a few,seconds it found the data that i was,looking for this 79 dollar paid software,from eases could not do something that,this free trial version could do well at,least the easiest data recovery doesnt,have a recurring subscription like the,wondershare recovery does its an yearly,subscription that you have to renew and,heres a pro tip if you uninstall the,free version you will immediately be,given a discount for the first year like,it will go down from 69,noise down to something like 42 or 48,dollars i guess thats great you know,money reduced for no reason and i think,it is worth spending on it if you,recover a lot of stuff around your house,or around at your store somewhere wonder,share recovery does work quite a bit,well compared to eases so i think its,worth considering but heres my gripe,with that as well like some of the data,that it got was not directly accessible,i had to play around with the file,systems like change the extensions chain,the handlers and then finally i got it,working so its not a one click,experience like the way they advertise,so you still have to play around with it,a bit to get the data back and even at,that it wasnt the full data i only got,half of it for some reason so i still,ended up working for another hour to get,back the data that i lost i had to,recreate it yeah the recovery software,that i paid for did not help me out that,sucks so heres what im trying to say,like consumer grade data recovery,software are never really that reliable,so i guess its pretty much up to us,then to make sure that we dont delete,stuff accidentally you know try not to,hit shift delete as much and just hit,delete and of course review the contents,of your recycle bin before you clear,them like i clear them pretty much every,day i have this weird thing where i need,to have the recycle bin empty like i,dont know i like it empty for some,reason so i need to control that,behavior because its stupid and i lost,a lot of data and one hour of my time,today and secondly you can do best,practices you can use the technology you,have like we have cloud services,nowadays enable auto save on all of your,documents all you have to do is connect,your onedrive account and it will,automatically save you dont have to,click the save button you dont have to,do anything you can just close it,whenever you like and you can pick it,back up whenever you like because its,saved in one drive and if you dont like,onedrive for some reason you can use,google right google has its own document,suite it has google docs google sheets,use them they are really good do not use,the old school methods of keeping the,data in your drive i learned my lesson,the hard way i mean i was using google,sheets and stuff but for some reason i,decided to do one thing offline well,that went balls up so keep wonder share,recover it as a last option it can,recover data pretty reliably under 100,mb for free and dont do what i did,dont spend money on these professional,tools because they are not reliable they,do work for some cases but they dont,always reliably work as i said so they,may not be worth your money and if you,have lost a lot of data like i did back,in 2019 consider employing a,professional data recovery service,because they can do a lot better job i,can still remember the weeks that my,friend and i spend recovering data from,our own drives going through image by,image video by video making sure that,everything is fine and trying to fix the,corrupted stuff yeah this event reminded,me of the trauma of recovering data like,if you are a professional data recovery,person,and lets say worst case it did go wrong,it wouldnt hurt to have a 250 gb ssd,with windows installed on it so that you,can have the recovery software in this,so if your main drive goes you know,corrupt or if you lose data there you,can remove that drive put this drive,into your pc boot into it and use the,recovery software here to recover your,drive which is now offline now im not a,professional i dont know if itll help,or not but i think having the drive that,youre trying to recover,not be the same boot drive it may help a,little bit at least it will reduce the,number of rewrites that you may do by,accidentally deleting stuff when you are,trying to recover things thats one of,the mistakes i did like when it was,still recovering files i was deleting,the stuff that i dont need so it was,actually overwriting stuff so that may,have caused a problem there so check out,wondershare recover it keep it,downloaded in case you need it for ab

WonderShare Dr. Fone App REVIEW!!!

hey guys its open to you open the hood,welcome back to my channel so today Im,here that the product review and this,product is from a company called,wondershare and the product is called,doctor phone now doctor phone is this,amazing innovative app that listen if,you have an iphone or android it doesnt,matter you definitely need this app you,guys it is so very much important and it,will help you tremendously,so basically doctor phone is the worlds,first one providing iowas data recovery,and Android data recovery which has,already helped a lot of people doctor,fall and it comes with toolkits to help,everyday phone issues that you may have,and theres a wide variety of things,that it can help you with that I know,theres at least one or two things that,you may also be like yeah I definitely,need help with that or if I would needed,help with this in the past so when you,go into the toolkit youll see that,there is a wide variety of different,things that it can help you with in,regards to your phone fixing your phone,so first of all first thing that it has,it transfer option and basically this is,an option to transfer data between your,iOS or Android or computer devices for,me personally as youtuber Im always,transferring files and data and videos,through my phone and my Mac and so,sometimes its so difficult and so,tedious to get that connection going but,when you have apps like this it really,makes it so much easier guys trust me,another thing that it has is a repair,option so if you click on the repair,option it will give you a bunch of,different issues that may need to be,repaired and a lot of these issues are,things that you know were all Google,you know be like hey Google my phone,you know wont turn on or something like,that or its glitching or something and,Google will give us a trillion number,one answers and most of the time it does,even help so with doctor phone though it,helps you and it kind of makes that,whole figuring out process so much more,easier and so much more seamless so you,could continue to enjoy your phone,another option that they have is an,erase option where if you want to just,erase data from your phone or whatever,device you can do that with this app,they make it so easy just press of a,button simple theres also a switch,option which I think is really really,cool if you want to copy data from one,phone to the other you can easily do,that as well which is another really,interesting feature and of course they,have the backup and restore option which,pretty straightforward allows you to,backup or restore things on your phone,and in this day and age a lot of us live,or that we put our lives on our phones,so something got hurt but happens to it,it restarts or it gets damaged and we,need a new phone at least you know with,this app it allows you the options to,backup and restore all of the data on,your phone so God forbid anything,happens that information will be stored,and then you can also do that with,applications as well I know for me in,the past when I have had to restart my,entire phone and reset my phone rather,kind of lose all your apps and its so,tedious to go through everything,download it back and just try to go,through that headache and then when you,get the app is downloading you have to,figure out well man whats my password,to this and you have to sign in so all,of these things look lets cut the BS,and just get doctor phone because,theyll help you basically backup and,store information from whats that,WeChat kik I mean a wide variety of,different apps so its very effective,for that as well and one of the last,tools in the kit that I find to be super,innovative a,and unlocking options so if you for some,reason you cant remember your code to,your iPhone or your iPad this will I,just app will help you to just get rid,of your lockscreen and help you figure,that out I mean all of these tools,really help with dealing with the,headaches but we phone you just have to,go through so why go through those,headaches and just get doctor phone and,let them help you okay they have experts,who are readily available to help you,with any issue that you may have with,your phone and so its definitely worth,getting also really important to note,that this is not just some random weird,sleazy app or something like that no,they have gotten many alkaloids many,awards for the services that they have,provided people they have a bunch of,testimonies on their website that you,guys can check out and see they have,great ratings theyve really received,just a bunch of notoriety for the work,that theyve been doing for phone users,so definitely this is an app that you,guys can trust and theyre also in a,hundred and ninety five different,countries so this isnt just an American,app or whatever or Canadian or UK no,like 195 countries it covers so most,likely ninety-nine percent chance that,it will be in your location in your area,okay so you dont have to worry about,that either for me personally it just,makes me feel better to know that this,app is Im not the only person using,this app theres millions of millions of,other people using this app who put,their trust in this app and theyve,gotten really really great reviews and,theyve given they pretty much show,themselves with the great results that,they have and how seamless and easy it,is to use this application because I,dont know about you but Im not a tech,wizard I dont know too much about tech,so its very just very comforting to,know that there is an app that can,really take care of all that for you so,just to demonstrate a little bit I,basically wanted to try something simple,with this app just to see if it works,and what I wanted to do was I wanted to,back up my whatsapp messages its so,important for me personally to back that,up because god forbid anything happens I,accidentally delete the app I want to,make sure that those messages are safe,and sound and that they will be there,forever okay and so basically all I did,was I downloaded the application on my,phone and on my Mac I connected both of,them together and basically it just made,it really simple honestly it gave me the,option instead of right there it,restores social apps I clicked on that I,put that I wanted to be whatsapp it only,took a few minutes and then it gave me,this beautiful screen that said,multiplies iPhone is connected and its,backing up your whatsapp data and it,said backup successful and thats it,very simple very very seamless you guys,so definitely check this app out theirs,will not regret it let me know how you,guys have dealt with this app and if,its worked for you Ill put all the,informations to where you can get this,app and download it in the description,box below and Ill see you guys in my,next video

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