1. Dr Squatch Deodorant Review (Hot Shed Sweat Test)
  2. Dr. Squatch Deodorant Review (After Using Them for 2 and a Half Months!)
  3. Dr. Squatch DEODORANT: Is It Any Good?
  4. I bought that soap from those YouTube ads
  5. Ranking All 9 DR. SQUATCH DEODORANTS Worst-to-Best!
  6. Dr. Squatch Deodorant Review
  7. Dr. Squatch Review | Aluminum-Free Deodorant Review | Pros & Cons after 3 Months | BEST SCENT!!!!!!!

Dr Squatch Deodorant Review (Hot Shed Sweat Test)

hey im dan and im checking out dr,squatch deodorant versus other brands,like men degree,and you might be asking yourself is this,worth the extra money you do pay for,because this is really a cadillac kind,of deodorant,and really comes down to things like,aluminum,parabens allergies and just whether or,not you want to be committed to having,a health-oriented natural product in,your body so were going to break into,those later in the video for you,i i knew you werent going to mention,propylene glycol because its way too,hard to say but im remembering it,because im staring at it on the screen,do i have to lets get to the review,so i think one of the first things worth,mentioning is parabens so,this has none of those and basically,what that is is an ingredient thats put,in,for a lot of things like degree and your,standard deodorants hey guys as far as,parabens and other chemicals mentioned,in this video it really depends on the,deodorant some have them,some dont it can be a little bit,confusing because sometimes they use,different names too,so at the end of this video there will,be a spreadsheet that you can check out,so therell be a video comparing eight,different deodorants,what chemicals are in them my brother,danas gonna put that video together for,you because it just really depends on,the deodorant so well have the top,eight brands,broken down in a spreadsheet for you and,basically a paraben,can be used to help the product to stick,together and to slide on,smoothly which is a benefit but the,detriment is that,it oftentimes has electric reactions,yeah so if youre somebody who your,armpits get red its probably from the,parabens that are being added to give it,that kind of viscous nature that this,has,uh but one of the concerns i have with,dr squatch if it doesnt have that is,like,how does it slide on like does it feel,weird so what were going to do at this,point,is were actually going to put dr,squatch on one of dans forearms,and then degree for men on the other,forearm and lets see how it looks,all right so putting them on then like,what do they feel like whats the,difference,yeah theyre actually a little different,the degree kind of slides on,as if its more oily the other one dr,squatch,feels i would say like a dry,substance moving across as if it was,like baby powder or something like that,it it leaves something you can still,tell is there,but it doesnt feel as oily going on,okay thats good because i think,sometimes with the,all-natural stuff i worry that its,gonna like be real gunky but i couldnt,really see either product leaving much,of a residue on your nose,i dont think you can see anything no,trace at all okay cool,uh why dont we while were doing this,do a little sniff test so,this one will probably smell familiar to,me because this is like you know,broke college kid deodorant and i never,got out of that,but yeah it smells like i dont know the,woods,i think its kind of you know not fair,in the commercials they say it smells,bad i dont think it smells bad,yeah it smells clean yeah i think it,smells like its kind of soaked,yeah okay and this for the record is the,alpine sage i put the plastic thing back,on the top,it does i think this one much more so,smells woodsy it has kind of a pine tree,kind of smell well it should i feel like,that actor they have in their,commercials you know hes like well if,youre gonna name it dr squatch you know,how far off can you go,i this feels weird like were gonna,drink scotch or something you know its,like,this is a 1948 bordello yeah were,joking that this is your date night,deodorant because its more expensive,yeah it just uh i will say it does smell,more natural though,say that smells clean under the,this could actually smell attractive to,somebody yeah i i,like this smell well thats just like a,clean house smells clean but this is,like,oh i like that yeah i would i would,prefer to wear this one personally,probably seen the ads where they talk,about the fact that this is aluminum,free,what does it actually mean well why,dont we actually zoom in,on the degree on the back side here and,youll see the number one ingredient for,that is,aluminum so what you can see on the,screen right here is an article that we,found from pennmedicine.org,and dan if you want to walk us through,this because one of the common,misconceptions,is that aluminum causes breast cancer,yeah and thats totally not the case,because,it has no direct connection with breast,tissue cancer or otherwise,but dr benjamin chan does highlight in,the study that our kidneys are needed to,clean out aluminum from our systems and,as a type 1 diabetic for example,my kidneys are already working harder,and if you have kidney issues as well,you have to filter that aluminum back,out of the blood so it is a foreign,substance in your system,so if you have heard somebody say that,this can help you with breast cancer,there is no research that supports that,but when it comes to bone disease or,dementia,that is a possibility,i know the difference between these two,items is that the standard,uh antiperspirants are just that they,help your body to not perspire naturally,and thats probably how it helps block,the odor where dr squatch is a deodorant,which simply helps,uh fight the odor that your body can,produce and again uh another thing to,consider uh with this penn medicine,article here is dr chan explains your,body does need to get rid of,cancer-causing toxins but thats not,done through sweating,so filtering toxins is done by your,kidneys and liver,uh which removes toxins from your body,by helping to produce urine or,feces so i think thats probably,something i was misconstrued on a little,bit is i thought that i have heard,things where if,you block your sweating thats bad for,you this article here is saying that,that doesnt matter as much because,thats really a kidney function,but the aluminum in the deodorant youre,holding that would be bad because thats,going to affect your kidneys,it does all right hey guys i just wanted,to interject really fast on a couple,ways to save money if you are interested,in getting dr squatch so in the,description of this video is an,affiliate link for dr squash what that,means is my brother dan will earn a,small commission if you use his link but,when you use his link,plus the promo code that is listed there,youll save money from the regular,pricing as well,but i also have another tip for you so i,just wanted to go through that when you,click that link itll take you to the,home page,on the home page you know if you go,through get started thats going to take,you through all their different products,which is fine if you do want to check,out the soaps and different things that,they offer,but if you want to go down to their,products for deodorant you go down here,so uh when you get that set up one of,the things i wanted to make mention of,that i noticed is it says free shipping,over forty dollars,uh what i would recommend is at least go,to twenty dollars because the promo code,we have is going to help you save,10 so what that looks like when you get,to checkout is here you can see i have,two deodorants for 24 and then you can,see the discount because the promo code,is applied for 2.40 cents off,but the interesting thing was is even,though i didnt hit that 40 threshold it,still says,free so its up to you guys like if you,want to try a bunch of different,products and just you know go for it you,can but for whatever reason that 40,threshold didnt matter it was still,free shipping if i selected standard,shipping,maybe its a promo theyre running right,now but something to consider for your,purchase so,thats a couple quick ways that you can,save on your purchase is through the,promo code using our link in the,description below,and also just take a look at the,shipping because there may be some sort,of promotion running where its still,free shipping even if youre under that,40,threshold so really up to you but just a,couple things i wanted to make you

Dr. Squatch Deodorant Review (After Using Them for 2 and a Half Months!)

[Music],hey whats up everybody this is natural,soulmate with another video guys in this,video if you were curious,about the deodorants by dr squatch,and look no further because in this,video im actually going to give you my,thoughts and opinions,after having been able to use the,deodorants for the past two and a half,months so lets get right into the video,all right guys so before we take that,deep dive and take the plunge,right lets just go over the basics,lets just go over the top lets do a,quick refresh if you havent watched my,previous videos,which i encourage you to always always,but lets just go over it once again,so this is what the bottom looks like,this is the fresh falls i,have not touched this one yet this one,has not been,used ive used the bay rome in the,alpine sage,i still have something ill find sage,and in fact actually i got it right here,you know just in case if anyones like,well i dont believe you,well there you go sucka uh if youre,curious lets start with like the very,simple stuff,if youre wondering about the dimensions,it stands at about approximately four,inches tall,and its right under two inches wide,right,so its not a very big bottle theres,not a whole lot there,um however it is a 2.65 ounces of,deodorant which is,pretty average pretty on par you see,something a little bit bigger a little,bit less,so its kind of standard there pretty,average size,um as you can tell it has like this,amber color bottle,but yeah so as a label as you can tell,the good stuff there,ingredients uh has a little bit of a,little,story in the bag as they always do with,their stuff,so but overall yeah thats what it looks,like so cool now that we kind of like,the bottle,lets lets lets get into it right,lets get into the review,all right my friends lets go ahead and,take a deeper dive into the deodorants,now,uh i just want to first and foremost,obviously say i know a lot of youve,been,asking me about this and so thank you,for your patient real quick on that so,i just wanted to get a good feel because,deodorant is a little bit different,and if i havent made it quite clear yet,i dont trust natural deodorants i have,a bad history with them,im always a little skeptical so i,wanted to put them to the fire and,really see if they worked or not um so,that being said the bar is kind of set a,little low here,so not trying to be mean or anything,like that but,for the most part my experience is,natural deodorants kind of,kind of suck but anyway whatever,um but i will i want to put this out,there,when im going to talk about the owners,is based on my experience,what i uh kind of went through with them,after using them,first and foremost lets just talk about,the snaps first and foremost the alpine,sage at first kind of smell weird,i dont know its just one of those,things i guess when you unpackage it it,kind of hits you a little differently,but after using it,it definitely grew on me and i actually,really like the smell its actually very,pleasant clean,fresh smell um the,bay rum i absolutely hate that smell,it smells like pink bubble gum and i,absolutely hate it straight up,not gonna lie to you didnt like the,smell um im a grown man,and i cannot be having a deal to smell,like paint bubblegum you know what i,mean,so i dont know who in the doctors,watch which one of you squatchers,said that was a great idea oh that,smells so manly no,no we gotta talk about that we gotta do,something about that because i,absolutely,hate the bay rum the soap is amazing,do you order it no we gotta fix that man,it really smells like paint bubble gum,but im not down for that dude,im too growing up with that and but on,the flip side the fresh falls,is literally one of the best smelling,deodorants ive ever ive ever smelled,im being dead serious it smells amazing,absolutely incredible smelling now,in terms of duration like how,how long i found each stick to actually,um,last for not not uh not talking about,application wise im talking about like,duration like how many days right,um i found that each,one and im still using alpine stage but,i found that so far,i would say comfortable like around like,a month and a half give or take,a little bit more a little bit less,depending how you use it but i noticed,and i still probably got enough to last,me about maybe another week here,so thats actually gonna put me a little,bit right over a month and a half,actually,uh because ive been using them like at,the end of since the end of november,right so that plus me,yeah about a month and a half or were,midway through february,and i even have to touch the deodorant,so so the durations on point you can uh,theyll last you a good while,um now in terms of duration applicable,when you actually put it on,this is probably where i was like most,impressed with because my experience,with deodorants at this point has not,been too impressive man a lot of times i,uh you use them like two hours later,dude like you get off the couch the,wrong way too quickly,its over you smell your bo and it,almost like magnifies it at times,not cool um but here man i have to admit,man,i work indoors though you know um,just gonna put that out there it it i,felt very confident i didnt have to,worry about it it did last me six hours,like that four to five to six yeah,definitely five to six definitely,beyond um now ill say this though,im a bartender im a servant a,bartender um,ill put it i will say this though,i it will not last you all day like if i,have to work a double,im coming put some more because at some,point,you will start sweating through it like,you will start having to be your bo will,start breaking through,you will start smelling yourselves like,okay time to,you know reload or reapply it if you,will that being said though for my guys,and my,or my my women or whoever if you are,working outdoors i dont know dude,im being straight up honest with you i,havent had a chance to test it like out,in the field plus this winter,i dont know im very very skeptical,im gonna hold back on that one because,i used to work out in the field,um i used to work on boats that was a,carpenter,i know no stranger working outdoors,im im very intrigued to know if it,would,how effective would be how long it will,last you outdoors and,be quite frank i dont think it would,last you very long,i dont know you might get a good solid,four hours,thats just a guess man im just being,honest with you i dont know,really dont man um im skeptical,but well see well see maybe i will,probably do some kind of follow-up to,see how it does in the summer,or maybe you guys can let me know in the,comments below for sure i,definitely appreciate that because we,thats we got to know that but,just heads up keep that in mind for my,guys who work outdoors now in terms of,moisture absorbing,no it i know in the bottle it like itll,make it cleanse like it absorbs moisture,thats bologna that is baloney um,i for the last ever not one,single time i have used it in the past,two and a half months,have i ever not you know basically had,moisture on the mooring pins where it,was applied at no,it was definitely noticeably and im not,and i dont sweat a lot,never know my life you know so,but it is noticeably like your boys,wearing an undershirt you know and,it its moist dude like its its wet,like its youll sweat,like through even though it says it,absorbs the moisture no,it does not now one time i went oh wow,okay no it dont does it nope nope nope,now heres theres the deal though to be,fair like for me,im cool with that like i rather i dont,mind sweating a lot like i dont really,care as long as i dont stink dude,like if i dont if i dont stink im,cool with it whatever,cool you know what i mean im fine ill,ill,ill make do with that ill just put on,the shirt on and lets go you know but,as long as i dont stink,i ill tolerate you know what i mean but,its just something to point out and,some of you need to be aware of,right now in terms of ingredients uh i,will post ingredients on the screen i,will let you,t

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Dr. Squatch DEODORANT: Is It Any Good?

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I bought that soap from those YouTube ads

I get super frustrated.,They pull the bait and switch on you and say,,”Well, its not actually free shipping.”,Leaks black ooze.,Its so confusing.,Its soap. Its just soap!,Im gonna make my own sasquatch soap right now.,We need oats. We got oats.,This is looking like a really good soap.,This is a bar of soap from a brand called Dr. Squatch,,and today were gonna review it,,but Ill also tell you why acquiring,this brick of saponified oil was one of the most,comically annoying ordering procedures,Ive had in quite some time.,Lets get undone,(upbeat music),♪ Gerald Undone ♪,♪ Hes crazy ♪,- Whats happening, everybody?,Im Gerald Undone, and I have the high ground.,So lately Ive been taking a closer look,at the brands that frequently show up,as YouTube sponsors, with an emphasis on the products,that I personally have never tried,,which is what brought me to Dr. Squatch.,Ive seen a bunch of ads for their soaps,,often with funny integrations on YouTube videos,,but Ive never actually tried any of them,,so I figured Id jump on their website,and order one for myself and as a Canadian,,apparently that was mistake number one.,For clarity and disclosure,,this video is in no way sponsored by Dr. Squatch.,Ive never had any financial dealings with them,outside of purchasing their products at retail price,for the purpose of this review.,This video does have an actual sponsor though,,and thats Nebula and their partner Curiosity Stream,,and I urge you to listen to my pitch for them,at the end of this video, because theres,a ridiculously good value proposition,I wanna tell you about, but for now,,lets get back to the review,,starting with the Dr. Squatch website.,Now youll notice right along the top here,on the Canadian version, it says,”free shipping on all orders over $75+.”,Thats important, because Im gonna,complain about that a lot.,So they offer a lot of products other than soap,,which I didnt know until I actually came to the website.,And so originally I was gonna order a bundle,of a bunch of different products to try,and test them all out.,I was gonna get something like one of these ones here,,I think this one, the Suave bundle. Check out these prices.,This is the discounted rate.,So like the Suave for example, is apparently,$100 worth of products down to $76,,and I chose that one because,the free shipping notification said $75+,,so then, all right, well, get this package,and Ill do free shipping.,So that didnt work, and Ill get to that,in just one second here, but first I wanted to tell you,about this soap saver, because I,,so its under a category called shower boosters.,This is what just starts to get,kind of ridiculous with the branding.,Now, when you go into shower boosters,,youve got so many products that are ridiculously priced,for what they claim to be.,The soap saver is the one that comes in all the combos.,They make it seem like you need this,in order to use the soap.,Extend your soaps life with this handmade cedar block,that reduces soap scum.,20 bucks.,Its 20 bucks for a little,piece of wood that you put your soap on,so it doesnt melt away faster.,And you wanna get that, I guess,because the soap is expensive,and you dont wanna lose your soap in two showers,,so you better get the soap saver.,We also got the soap gripper for $11,,for a Squatch-like grip on your bar.,Come on, its a rubbery band or something,you put around the soap so you dont drop it.,A travel bag.,If you hit the road with your soap,and our brand new canvas travel bag.,$13 for just a little satchel for your soap.,I do have to say though, theres something,about this logo, this mascot, this pipe-smoking Sasquatch,in the smoking jacket that kind of creeps me out.,I dont know what it is,,but his expression makes me uncomfortable,and it doesnt make me feel confident,.,this is just personally me,,in purchasing from a brand with this logo.,Theres something about it that just makes me feel uneasy.,I get theyre trying to be fun with it,,but I feel like Im buying something,from a Simpsons character.,So just, it feels weird to me.,Anyway, getting back to the problem at hand.,At the top you can see,”free shipping on all orders over $75.”,And if I were to walk you through my issue,,lets see if I can just do a mock order here,at 123 Fake Street, Nowhere, Ontario, V2.,That seems like a real postal code.,So it calculates the shipping, sending it to Canada.,Even though I put in a fake address,,theres something else for you too.,And it says priority mail $20, shipping $20.,Thats not free.,Last time I checked, $20 is not free,,and so the total now with all this in taxes,comes to 105.88 for a combo of smelly shower products,,which is way too much, in my opinion,,to be spending on this.,So of course, I pressed this little button down here,and started myself a chat with the support team,to see what was going on.,They said shipping to Canada,is done primarily through Canada Post,and an international processing fee,is included in the shipping line item.,The issue is that we place this information,in the shipping section.,I think the issue is that you have a banner,,When you go to the Canadian website,,that says “free shipping over $75.”,Anyway, one of the other suggestions that they offered,which is what Im talking about here was,,well, you can just go buy it on Amazon.,Not only is there way fewer items on the Amazon,,they only have the soaps from what I could see,,but they were like twice as much money.,I think the soaps were listed for $16 each instead of $9.,But I know what youre thinking.,The $9 plus the $20 complaint I made.,Well, whos gonna buy just one bar of soap,if it costs $20 to ship?,Youre probably thinking theres bulk discounts,with the soap, right?,Oh, theres bulk discounts, all right.,Let me show you how good the bulk discounts are.,By the way, I just, I hate so much about this.,Crypto Cleanse is one of the new scents or whatever.,Stop trying to cash in on everything.,Theres some Star Wars advertisement at the top,,and now Crypto Cleanse, look at this nonsense.,Limited edition Crypto Cleanse plus NFT sweepstakes.,Go in on a verified clean and you could $500.,Its so confusing.,Its soap. Its just soap!,So lets have a look at the bulk discounts here.,So yeah, one bar of soap, $9 each,but if youre gonna pay 20 shipping,and you should get more than one, right?,But if you get two bars, theyre $9 each.,But if you get three bars, theyre $9 each.,So I guess thats the best deal.,B-b-b-b-but, if you subscribe, you save $1 a bar.,Thats how they get you.,You gotta get on that soap subscription.,What are we talking about?,This is soap, this is soap.,You need a soap subscription so you can save $1 a bar,make sure that you get that NFT sweepstakes,Crypto Cleanse soap, limited edition subscription,,$500, Squatch, NFT, what are we talking about?,Its soap, my God.,And then you do all this and then,they forget what free shipping means,but dont worry, your DDP on your FCC with your DDD,,down with you know me.,Anyway, enough maniacal ranting.,Why dont we actually unbox one of these soaps,and take a look at it.,Lets do the Pine Tar.,Its smaller than I expected for an $18 bar of soap,because heres my hand for scale, not even in the shot.,So it comes in a cardboard box.,This is a funny one, though.,if you wanted, I could make a comment like,,I like that theyre using recyclable materials,,except for when I ordered from Amazon,,each one of these soaps was in an individual plastic bag,inside of another inside of another piece of baggage,inside another, so theres plastic used,in the shipping anyway,,probably to stop the smells from cross-contaminating,,because these things are strong, very strong smelling.,Even from here, theyre kinda making,my eyes water a little bit.,On the side here, theyve got instructions,in case youre new to soap.,It says lather it up, scrub yourself and rinse and repeat.,So, you know, they got all the bases covered there.,So when we open it up, we can see a little bit of staining,on the box here, which su

Ranking All 9 DR. SQUATCH DEODORANTS Worst-to-Best!

all right so im gonna give each,deodorant a sniff test and let you know,how it smells and how it smells compared,to the soap then im going to apply the,deodorant and let you know how it,performs how long does descent linger,and how long does it protect me from,body odor and i will try to use these,while doing certain activities to see,how well they perform under different,conditions and after ive tried all nine,deodorants i will rank them from worst,the best,so first up im going to start with one,of my favorite squash bars cool fresh,aloe and shout out to youtube channel,little mac jtv because i actually want,this cool fresh aloe deodorant from a,giveaway on his channel he does a lot of,soap reviews and giveaways so if youre,interested in that you should subscribe,to his channel ill leave a link in the,description,all right,that is not a very good start,yeah you can see that its already,smashed up,it smells pretty good it may not be,quite as strong as the soap but,it has a nice scent for a deodorant i,think if you like the cool fresh aloe,bar i think youll like the deodorant as,well,all right im going to go ahead and,apply it and then ill be back in a day,or two and let you know how it performed,so i did some work outdoors in the heat,and cool fresh aloe held up pretty well,14 hours later i went to bed and i did,not have any body odor but when i woke,up five six hours later i did so i would,say this holds up for 16 to 20 hours,before it starts to give body odor and,thats when you worked outside if i had,not done any work outside then it,probably would have fought and lasted,longer but overall this did seem to work,pretty well,all right next up is wood barrel bourbon,i actually used this yesterday yeah it,smells very similar to the soap i would,say the soap smells better but this,smells pretty good i applied this early,in the day and i did do some work,outside it wasnt in the sun but it was,in the humidity and the deodorant held,up well i washed it off at night and,when i was in the shower i still did not,detect any body odor and that had been,after probably around 10 to 12 hours and,it would have lasted longer had i not,washed it off in the shower so i say,wood barrel bourbon works really well so,if you like the soap then go ahead and,try the deodorant,all right so next up is pine tar lets,see how it smells in comparison to the,soap,ah this one is,smashed up too,yeah this basically smells like the soap,and this one is smashed up too but i,should still be able to use it okay so,ill go ahead and apply it and ill let,you know how it does,all right so its been just over 20,hours that i applied the pine tar and,i still dont detect any body odor and,that includes me being outside in the,heat in humidity earlier in the day and,tonight i had to start vacuuming for,hours so you can see that im sweating,because i just had a flea outbreak from,my cats and i had to spend like the last,three or four hours vacuuming my floors,so ive been up all night doing that so,i applied this about 20 hours ago and,i dont detect any body odor and as you,can clearly see i am sweating a good bit,right now,i dont really smell the pine tar scent,but thats okay its blocking the odor,and thats the job of a good deodorant,so regardless of which scent of the dr,squatch deodorants you may or may not,like the most important thing is that it,does its job and it blocks odor well all,right its the next morning after i,finished vacuuming last night i had to,take a shower and i washed off the,remaining pine tar deodorant when i,washed it off i had had it on for about,21 hours and still no body odor so not,sure how long exactly it would have,lasted had i not washed it off in the,shower so this pine tar seems to last,for a really long time,and next up we have fresh falls let me,go ahead and give it the sniff test real,quick,all right and this one hasnt melted at,all,yeah it smells very similar to the soap,its just a tad different the soap,smells a little better,i think because of the added ingredients,they use in the deodorant i think that,the soaps smell a little better,but this one smells pretty much the same,as the soap,yeah id say this one probably smells,the closest to the soap of the other,deodorant so far,yeah this one smells really close to the,soap and thats really good so im going,to go ahead and apply this and ill be,back later and let you know how it,performs,alright so its been about 20 hours now,and,no body odor detected now the fresh fall,scent has faded id say it started,fading probably somewhere after about,six to eight hours after applying this,one the scent lingered stronger than the,other deodorant so far for me id say,even 3-4 hours after i applied it i,could still smell the scent lingering so,far the other deodorants i used i,havent really smelled the scent,lingering that much now i have not,showered since i first applied this,because i didnt want to wash it off but,i still dont have any body odor and i,went to bed and i slept about six hours,and i recently just got up and i still,dont have any body odor so this one,works really well,all right next up bay rum,go ahead and give it the sniff test,now this is funny because little mac jtv,said that this one smells different than,the soap he says that it actually smells,like juicy fruit that could be a good,thing,juicy fruit has such a good flavor it,just fades so fast when youre chewing,it fades away after about a minute,but hey,that bin is good while it lasts,oh this one melted a little bit here,you can stick these in the fridge if,they get like this and you can also say,this and you can actually peel,the deodorant off of here and use it,so although this is annoying you can,still use it and its really not that,big of a deal i think its probably,mostly because of the summer heat,probably in the colder months it wont,do this but like i said if you stick it,in the fridge itll get more solid and,ive even heard some people saying that,they like to keep their deodorant in the,fridge i guess probably mostly during,the summer months because you probably,dont need to do that during the winter,but anyways lets go ahead and give this,a sniff test,yeah,this does smell kind of like juicy fruit,yeah smells a lot like juicy fruit,actually so little mac jtv was right,yeah this doesnt really smell like the,bay rum soap it really does smell like,juicy fruit it smells good i like it,but of course the big test is how well,it works so im going to go ahead and,apply it and ill be back in a day or,two and let you know,okay and on another quick note i just,applied the bay rum deodorant and after,applying it now it really just smells,like the the bay rum soap it doesnt,really smell like juicy fruit nearly as,much as it did,and on another note some people have,said that the dr squats deodorant will,leave streaks on their clothes and i,wanted to bring up a couple tips that,some people left in a soap group to help,prevent that someone said if you only do,three swipes per armpit that it wont,stain your shirt now im not sure how,accurate or true that is i personally,have not had any of the deodorant stain,my shirt but ive heard enough people,complaining that it did also another tip,someone said was just apply the,deodorant but dont put a shirt on for,about 20 minutes afterwards so that,wont help if youre in a hurry to leave,the house after you apply it but if you,have time and you leave your shirt off,for about 20 minutes then they said it,will help like i said im not sure how,accurate those tips are but if youre,having a problem with the dr squatch,deodorant staining your shirt then you,can try them and see if it helps,okay so a couple hours after applying,the bay rum the scent goes back to juicy,fruit so the scent fluctuates when you,use this but whether it smells like the,bay rum soap or juicy fruit gum it,smells good after a few hours the scent,fades and you dont smell it nearly as,much i would say that the scent is,really good but,it may be a bit w

Dr. Squatch Deodorant Review

all right fellas today were looking at,the dr,squatch deodorant,whats good yall steve from the dapper,aristocrat where we friday,we give you tips on how to look good,stand out and get those compliments,if youre into that make sure you hit,that subscribe button and dont forget,to hit that notification bell,so you dont miss any new content now,the difference between,dr squashs deodorant and the other,deodorants that we typically use on an,everyday basis,is that their deodorant doesnt have all,the harsh chemicals that you see,in other deodorants hey man i hope,thats not the deodorant that gives them,yellow pit stains,now this is not like an antiperspirant,deodorant which includes,aluminum this is more of a deodorant,that has more,natural products in it one of the main,features of this deodorant is that it,includes the,odor squatching system which includes,charcoal powder which serves as an odor,blocker,probiotics which prevents the growth of,bacteria,that causes the odor and arrowroot,powder,which serves as an absorbent for,moisture,it also includes shea butter and hot,joba,come on bruh its jojoba which provides,moisture now this deodorant comes as,three different scents,alpine sage bay rum and fresh falls,now the fresh fall scent is the first,one that i tried out,they say this smells like a fresh forest,waterfall,fresh forest waterfall bro you gotta let,me smell that one,but to me its more of a fresh scent,with a hint of citrus,i think this scent is not only great for,guys but,women can use it as well so if you have,a significant other and she forgets her,deodorant,then she could use this uh bruh i aint,doing that,i could at least order her one overall i,do like this,it smells very good my favorite stick is,the bay rum,bay rum it smells just like the bar soap,but if you havent smelled,the bay rum bar soap this bay rum,deodorant has a spicy smell,but also a citrus smell so when you,smell it it reminds you,of christmas but it also gives you the,feel of being in jamaica hey bro let me,get a whiff of that because i can use a,trip to jamaica,out of order three this is my favorite,this is the second one that i tried and,at first i thought,the fresh falls the other one was gonna,be my favorite one but,after using this this is by far my,number one favorite,is alpine sage,[Music],this isnt my favorite one bro you crazy,this smell good when i first smelt it it,gave me the,feel of the pine tar bar soap if you,guys ever tried,it but at the same time they also have,a bar soap called alpine sage which i,think,used to be the nautical stage but then,they changed the name to his alpine sage,im not 100,sure but thats what i think the notes,of this,particular deodorant is patchouli sage,and cypress and i think the scent that,you get the most of,is the sage when you smell it it kind of,smells,like you just walked into a room full of,angels,it kind of gave me the feeling of,something that maybe hippies would wear,bruh hippies can be angels something,that you would smell and like a,herbal shot like a candle or something,like that i actually wore it today,after smelling it i i really didnt like,it i kind of regretted that i used it,over time i just got used to it and the,smell isnt really that bad its,actually pretty decent but,its just not my favorite type of scent,but if youre a guy,and you like the alpine sage bar soap or,pine tar this is probably that you,should select now my overall opinion of,this deodorant is that,i really liked it a lot i like the way,that it goes on to my,skin very smoothly as far as,its longevity it lasts for a very long,time,first time wearing it was in the morning,around 6 30,usually when i go to work i want my,t-shirt i want my button-up shirt,a sweater and then i wear my work lab,jacket thats about,four layers and even wearing those four,layers every day,even by by the time i got home at 9 30 i,still smell pretty fresh,so the longevity of this deodorant is,very good so if you get home around 9 30,you can always take a shower freshen up,reapply another coat of deodorant,but be honest with you you really dont,have to do that because i didnt do it,and i still smelled fresh until the next,day when i took my shower,some problems that ive had with,deodorants in the past is that when i,apply it by the time i get to the night,time,my armpits itch i hate that feeling but,with this i havent experienced that at,all so its very comfortable,and it doesnt leave you with that itchy,feel under your armpits,as far as the cost one stick of,deodorant is about 12,but i chose to get three sticks so it,cost me about thirty four dollars,you get a subscription its a dollar off,so its about 33,so subscriptions are available where you,would get it quarterly and you would get,bill quarterly and its about 33,but this is gonna last me about probably,two months because im probably not,going to use this alpine,sage to be honest with you ill probably,give it to jojo and he can use it,bruh not after touching your pits so,overall i would recommend this product,from dr squash,they make great soaps but their,deodorants are great as well,if you guys are interested in picking up,deodorant,ill leave a link in the description,below along with a,discount code to give you 20 off your,first purchase,also if youre not familiar with their,soap ill leave a link in the,description below,or you can check out the video where i,did a review on the soap and also,did another video where i suggested my,top,five favorite bars let me know what you,guys think in the comment section below,shout out to all my dappercrafts out,there always remember to be a gentleman,stay dapper and ill see you guys next,[Music],video,you

Dr. Squatch Review | Aluminum-Free Deodorant Review | Pros & Cons after 3 Months | BEST SCENT!!!!!!!

whats up youtube welcome back to my,channel so im back with another review,of the dr squash deodorant so if you,didnt catch my,first review uh i really put this,deodorant to the test,i worked out with it got really sweaty,let the sweat marinade for a couple of,hours,uh and then did a sniff test so if you,want to see the results of that,definitely check out that video and then,come right back to this one,um but,i want to get right into it so and im,gonna start with,the pros because there are some pros and,cons to this deodorant as they are with,pretty much any of them all right but,im a big fan of aluminum free deodorant,so i want to keep this positive,so starting there performance wise it,works,all right uh you know and thats the,main thing you dont get body odor with,it,as long as you are showering and,uh applying the deodorant each day,you know then it works you know so i did,not,once in the last three to four months of,wearing this deodorant,uh get musty one time,so that is the most important part and,it definitely works okay uh,scent wise now thats good and bad,because the,fresh falls for sure smells great i,actually uh do have a subscription now,uh with dr squatch and it is,primarily for this uh sense of deodorant,so the fresh floss for sure,is im a big fan of uh and if,you know i went over this in the last,video but i purchased a bundle of the,soap and deodorants,and it already comes predetermined what,scents youre gonna get,so you dont really get to choose there,uh but included in there were also was,also the,baby rum and the alpine sage,and you know um i guess were getting,into,some of the cons here but uh the,these two scents im not a big fan of,ill start with the alpine sage which,initially,you know when you smell it just on its,own,it actually smells pretty good smells a,little bit like uh,maybe a cologne uh,and i like it you know but when you,actually apply it up under your arms,uh it smells a bit funny,you know um and this is each time i wore,it,and its funny because in the beginning,uh i didnt notice it,but one night you know after i took a,shower,put the deodorant on i was laying in a,bed my wife came in and said do you,smell,sausage im like no its like,what what smells like sausage in here,and im like i dont know i just took a,shower so im good,like who smells like sausage it was this,you know i dont know if its its,probably the sage because sage is a,spice thats used in sausage right,so i dont know maybe you know everybody,wont think that but that was definitely,what,me and my wife start to smell as i,continue to wear this,and this one is one that you know i,probably,i know i used it down to the end i just,didnt want to waste my money but,definitely not one i would get again the,baby rum,is one its it like it doesnt stink,but it doesnt really smell good i dont,really,care to smell like rum um it just smells,sweet,and it doesnt really have a a,a real scent when you apply it like i,mean it smells exactly,uh like on you it smells exactly how it,does when you just sniff the deodorant,itself,so you know its not really that great,um but so out of the three,the fresh falls was really the only one,that i would,purchase again only one that i have,purchased again uh theres a lot of,sense for dr squash so,plenty to choose from but you know i,know uh probably most people are gonna,be looking to save a little bit money,since,you know this deodorant is on a pricier,side so you want to buy the bundles,but the bundles come predetermined with,the sense that youre going to get so,thats something that,you know could be a little bit different,if you could choose which sense you got,in the bundle that would make it a lot,better so,it makes it a little hard to make it a,little hard for me to,to commit to it um especially as,there are other um,aluminum free deodorants becoming you,know available now like more companies,are making it and,there there are more options out there,so definitely uh,its kind of alluring you know,attempting to want to try something else,but ive had a really good experience,with it performance wise,and the sense uh fresh falls is the one,but i do have a,another one that i that i recently tried,when i reordered the fresh falls,and it is the,birchwood breeze so the virtual breeze,smells really good like i mean,i dont know which one is my favorite,between the two,but you know as long as i have a,subscription i will be getting this as,well,and i order usually you know three or,four,but this smells great like my wife,absolutely,loves this uh she really doesnt know,which one she likes more i think shes,leaning more towards the birchwood,breeze,but i mean,these two get them out of there its all,about the virtual breeze and the fresh,falls those two smell great,uh it works great so you know,two thumbs up on performance and scent,um with these two,i cant speak for all of the line,because i havent tried tried all of the,different scents from uh,dr squatch but these two i am absolutely,like you know sold on these are really,good,now for the other thing that i believe,is a big deal when it comes to,uh or the other things i believe is a,big deal when it comes to,choosing aluminum free owner does it,over time,irritate your underarms and for me that,is a no,uh it has not irritated my underarms uh,long term,which is something ive experienced,using pretty much every other aluminum,free deodorant,um after three or four months i havent,ive had,no irritation now i did let my wife try,to virtual breeze just to see,because she wants to wear aluminum free,deodorant but you know every other one,that shes tried as well,um has irritated her underarms and she,wore this,for maybe four days and then she said,she had some itching,ive been asking her to try it one more,time just to see,uh if it continued but she hasnt done,it yet,but i ill say for me ive i havent had,any irritation and that is a big deal,because i know a lot of people they get,irritation and,itching the redness and its its just,not fun its very uncomfortable,to deal with that um throughout the day,so thats that and then the other thing,and this is the final thing ive noticed,that my shirts have gotten,the hard white deodorant,stains so its not turning you know,the the yellow or whatever from the,sweat,but i am getting this,type of effects with the deodorant and,that is not cool,so this is the this is the only like,i feel like downer like true con for,uh this deodorant you know besides the,the scents that dont smell that great,but this one you know i mean you see,that,lets see the other arm um,yeah and this was a newer shirt that i,got,like right as i started using,the deodorant so um,definitely that happening to the sleeves,is not a good look,uh and ive washed this shirt a couple,of times,and its still you know the armpits,still look the same,so im wondering if maybe i need to,apply less deodorant thats something,im gonna try,and and maybe let you guys know later uh,over time if the underarms still look,the same so its almost kind of like im,swapping out the,the yellow or or the kind of the pit,stains from the sweat and the aluminum,uh for i dont know i guess thats just,the deodorant rubbing off,uh and kind of caking up on the shirt,which,you know neither one looks good um,so yeah thats that the only other thing,i could say is,if youre used to an antiperspirant um,with the aluminum,where you you really dont sweat a ton,youre gonna sweat more up under your,underarms with this deodorant,and you know fortunately for me i work,from home,uh you know i get to wear pretty much,whatever clothing i want so,if you are somebody that works in the,office you have to wear you know,business casual clothing,that i dont know that may be more be a,bit more challenging for you,overall im still high on the dr squatch,uh deodorant um if youre wondering i,did not reorder,uh the soap i do not have a subscription,with the soap i think the soap smells,great,uh but i dont think it made that big of,a difference,uh in ter

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