1. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Movie Review
  2. Doctor Strange – Movie Review
  3. Half in the Bag: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
  4. Doctor Strange – Movie Review
  5. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Movie Review
  6. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness – Its A Bit Of A Mess
  7. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: An Unbridled Cataclysm

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Movie Review

[Music],doctor strange and the multiverse of,madness is directed by sam raimi one of,my personal heroes the imdb synopsis,reads dr steven strange casts a,forbidden spell that opens the doorway,to the multiverse including alternate,versions of himself whose threat to,humanity is too great for the combined,forces of strange wong and wanda,maximoff yeah thats not the movie i,dont know why that synopsis is what it,is its so [ __ ] misleading its,actually crazy uh but since this will be,a spoiler review i wont get too much,into that unless youve seen the film,already in which case you can watch a,spoiler review pretty soon that i will,also be posting you guys know how much,sam raimi has meant to me as a filmmaker,not just the spider-man films but the,evil dead films and hes also made some,really damn good films outside of,franchises like the very underrated the,gift dragged me to hell a simple plan,and i even liked the quick and the dead,and since the characters in his,spider-man films have referenced doctor,strange i couldnt wait to see what he,would do with a film of his own within,that franchise what i can definitely say,is that sam raimi has delivered,everything that i would want from a sam,raimi doctor strange movie in regards to,the visuals and the feel,i loved so much about the way this movie,looks and sounds theres amazing,sequences that only he can pull off it,does,achieve what very few movies within the,mcu achieve,and that it is singular it doesnt feel,as if it is,another mcu movie with a very gray steel,cool color palette,it looks like a sam raimi movie i also,loved elizabeth olsen as scarlet witch i,think this is the best shes ever been,in a marvel movie im not really,counting wanda vision because she had so,much time to shine in that show but as,for movies i think this is the best,shes ever been of course i like,benedict cumberbatch as strange but i,would say scarlet witch kind of,outshined him in the film i thought she,was just wonderful and theres,sprinklings of horror and gore,throughout this movie which i obviously,loved theres a great fight with this,octopus thing and its eye,ball does some cool stuff and i loved it,and i thought it was great and,theres a surprising amount of gore in,the film for a pg-13 movie and i would,say the the third act of the movie is,definitely my favorite its a horror,movie through and through theres,zombies and blood and living dead and,arms bursting out of walls and the,ground and its great thats everything,i wanted from a raimi superhero movie,and im very glad that he was given the,freedom to do that what sometimes bogs,the movie down though,are what i have come to realize may have,been forced reshoots,i dont want to be that guy that tells,you,some fact,because i wasnt there but it seems like,these reshoots near the second act,werent in the original draft thats all,i can really speculate about its very,easy to look at this film and say well,the script is messy if youre looking at,like the final product of the movie and,the story and the characters and the,dialogue and the tone,you can say that maybe but,im pretty sure the original draft,was probably nothing like,this film that youre seeing more than,likely after no way home and the extreme,success and speculation around who may,be in that movie and who may not be in,that movie the folks at marvel may have,said oh [ __ ] we should probably put some,more cool stuff,in doctor strange too because if we,dont people will be disappointed i,would very much like to know what the,original version of this movie was what,the original cut of it was if there was,an original cut before those reshoots i,know sam raimi has in interviews spoken,about being very satisfied with his,experience but theres a portion of the,movie for about 20 or 30 minutes that,does feel like a derailment of the story,theres a lot of really,cool things and easter eggs that,happened during those 30 minutes but,it kind of came and went and didnt,really feel like it had an impact but,the first and third acts of the movie,worked for me and there were portions of,the second act that i really enjoyed as,well which is why im overall,recommending the movie i just feel kind,of bad for raymie and that he has made a,second marvel movie in which a studio,has kind of,butted in,and i just dont,i dont get it,this is lee malone overall i really,enjoyed the movie and i had a good time,watching it there were just aspects of,things that felt,like two different movies were sort of,warring at each other very much like,spider-man 3. its a thing that,sometimes happens when a director whos,whos very visionary like raymie and,raymie wears his his heart on his sleeve,when he makes his movies his characters,are so,endearing and theyre so upfront about,their feelings and their emotions and,its actually rather adorable and i wish,more movies were like that,but sometimes when,the conveyor belt starts to come into,your film and the talking heads of the,studio who sit in a screening room and,scratch their heads about how theyre,going to market the movie,get involved thats when things like,this happen but nevertheless youre,probably going to see it if you havent,already so go have a fun time with it,because it is an enjoyable movie and i,love seeing a director that does have a,singular vision get to operate in the,mcu also i think the number one best,thing about this movie for me is that i,i really hope it will be a gateway,horror film,for people who never would have watched,horror before because its not like,100 horror but theres so much of it,that is,and i could see a lot of kids being like,that was [ __ ] awesome,uh can i go home and watch,the exorcist and their moms like,probably not,its kind of its kind of [ __ ] up,but then when theyre older,the exorcist so guys i want to give you,some updates on shelby oaks we are,very deep into a lot of prep and,production is,right around the corner pretty soon,uh,very soon in fact and its exciting and,when it comes to the campaign it was,very successful but there have been many,people who missed out many people have,reached out and said that they wish they,could have donated or could have pledged,and while there are a lot of rewards,that are gone and theyre not gonna come,back theres still an opportunity to get,involved theres a backer only discord,with our first episode involving,pre-production and weve got a lot of,really great behind-the-scenes content,to share its the type of stuff that,ive been wanting to share with you guys,that ive been mentioning for probably,over a year now that i just wanted to,find a way to share the behind the,scenes of how a film is really made and,allow you to kind of be there on the,ground with us and on that backer only,discord you can experience that and,were going to still raise funds,throughout production for anyone who,wants to continue to donate or pledge,for our film and every single one of,those dollars is going to go onto the,screen so if youd like to you can go to,shelbyoaksmovie.com if youd like to,still back the film and current backers,can even upgrade if they want to there,and ill soon be sharing a cut down,version of that bts video here on the,channel but the full extended version is,going to be available for backers only,so please do check out that link in the,description below thank you guys so much,as always for watching look forward to,more videos very soon and if you like,this you can click right here and get,stuck manized,[Music],you

Doctor Strange – Movie Review

dr. strange is directed by scott,derrickson and stars Benedict,Cumberbatch as Stephen strange a very,successful but arrogant doctor who after,a debilitating car accident can no,longer use his hands this is life now,you know that really low and suck and,when Western medicine fails him he turns,to Eastern medicine and discovers this,Monastery of sorts in which he learns,about magic sorcery and many different,dimensions he never knew existed as well,as a mystical war that is raging and he,tries to find his place in between these,two warring things its my best way to,describe this movie I got to say I got,to give the writers of this movie major,props because Marvel has once again,introduced a very strange and obscure,comic book character into their MCU and,made it work I thought Thor and Asgard,was going to be hard I thought ant-man,was going to be weird one of the reasons,this character works so well is because,of Benedict Cumberbatch in fact it is,the biggest reason he really gives a lot,to this role he has the perfect level of,arrogance comedy wit and confusion,especially confusion but what I loved,about his character was how passionate,he was about bettering himself hes,someone who takes his intellect very,seriously arrogantly so but at the same,time hes also someone who just wants to,learn everything he can to get better at,whatever he wants to do its one of the,reasons why his character was such a,successful physician and its one of the,reasons he becomes such a successful,sorcerer because he wants to better,himself in every way he can and so that,aspect of the character I really latched,on to and really appreciate it what,really blew me away in this movie were,the visuals this was a very remarkable,3d experience I do actually recommend,that you see it in 3d normally thats,not something that I focus on but the 3d,definitely added something to these city,bending world moving sequences that,really made my jaw drop the action,sequences in this film are fantastic,save for one thing I dont necessarily,think Scott Derrickson handled some of,the hand-to-hand combat sequences as,effectively as he could have its not,shakey,there was just a level of intensity,missing from the more simple action,sequences that were given to the,incredible visual effects heavy,sequences which by the way I say visual,effects heavy but I never really looked,at something I was like man thats such,a computer image I dont buy any of this,for a second these are class-a visual,effects some of the best Ive ever seen,and yes it is going to draw comparisons,to Inception in the Matrix thats,inevitable but Doctor Strange as a comic,has been around for a while and this,aspect of that world has been in those,comics for a while but its clearly,drawing inspiration from inception,people jumping on walls and the gravity,defying elements its just that theres,a lot more of it in this film I love Chi,Weddell II Joe for as Mordo he was a lot,of fun Tilda Swinton was very good as,the ancient one I thought she was great,in the movie it would have been nice to,see that character portrayed by someone,who was actually the ethnicity of the,character in the comic but Im not gonna,sit here and complain about it because,she was really good in the movie and my,boy Mads Mikkelsen oh my god I love him,he was so good in this movie his,character could have been given a little,more though I would have appreciated a,little more depth behind him another,thing I really appreciated about this,movie is that it does feel very,different from the other films in the,MCU certain elements of the third act,its extremely different from the way,most of these big superhero extravaganza,visual effects beam in the sky people,blow up everything movies now I love,superheroes I love comic books I love,comic book movies but it was just nice,to see one that fits into the world that,has the similar warm color tones and,tongue-in-cheek humor and visual effects,and amazing action sequences but it was,nice to see one that genuinely felt of,its own world as for negatives I feel,that the first act is a little bit,clunky and setting up the character and,getting to the place where he eventually,meets the ancient one the second she,touches his forehead from that moment on,I was just I was in I was locked into,the movie it was a really fun ride but,getting to that felt a little blocky,just a little bit the pacing could have,been a lot better theres some humor,also that doesnt always work I would,say its about 70/30 for me in regards,to humor and jokes that hit and it does,kind of rush through some of his,training aspects,and you feel like there should be a,little bit more there are comparisons to,be made to Batman Begins because Bruce,Wayne in that movie travels to this,faraway land and learns all these,mystical magical things and in this one,its a lot more literal in regards to,the magic but in Batman Begins it was,just pasted better and you felt that,world building and this movie it kind of,wants to get to dr. strange getting his,red cape the levitation cloak and,everything being really cool and awesome,and its cool to see everything happen,and youre excited that its getting to,that point but I do feel like his,training was rushed just a little bit,the movie also suffers from a lot of,exposition now thats one of the biggest,flaws I would say of this movie is the,need to explain so much to us because,its such a weird different world from,the other MCU films that there are many,scenes in which our hero is standing,there listening to people explaining,things to him and were going to need,some of that and I wouldnt say that it,wasnt interesting I would say that it,was mostly always fun and compelling to,watch and learn about this world it just,does get really bogged down in,exposition sometimes as for visual,effects in this movie everything was,mind-blowing ly great except for one,visual effects character that I was just,kind of like thats a cartoon I dont,believe that thats real also I really,liked Rachel McAdams in this movie she,plays the love interest of sorts of,Stephen strange they have some,off-and-on,together but I liked how he had to keep,going back to her at certain points for,help it added a lot of humor to the,movie that mostly worked very well in,the end Doctor Strange has incredible,visual effects a very cool hero a very,fun backstory that does get bogged down,in a lot of exposition mostly working,humor and a character that I cant wait,to see more of its not one of the best,in the MCU I wouldnt say its more than,worst its not as good as civil war or,Deadpool this year but I had a lot of,fun with this movie and I love Benedict,Cumberbatch as this character and Im,excited to see him and other films Im,gonna give Doctor Strange a B+ guys,thank you so much as always for watching,I look forward to hearing about what you,guys thought of Doctor Strange guys,thank you once again and if you like,this you can click right here and get,stuck mine eyes,[Music],you,[Music]

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Half in the Bag: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

half in the bag,[Music],all right back up running oh good,so hows your nft going uh surprisingly,well actually oh considering that i,dont know what an nft is but its got a,bunch of bids,top hat monkey is officially up for sale,its for sale on about 150 or so,different types of cryptocurrency is,that good i still dont know what,cryptocurrency is again jay this is my,first crack at this okay okay oh oh,oh my god i got a bid,a pretty sizable bid oh someone wants to,buy my top hat monkey nft for,175,million crypto bucks,some guy named elon musk,i i dont know who that is i dont know,who it is either but hes not often john,not elton john oh hes,elon musk is offering me 175,million or billion,crypto bucks oh for my top hat monkey,nft,should i take the offer i dont want you,to get taken advantage of mike uh,hes saying the offer is only valid for,another 30 seconds oh my god oh my god,and i dont know how long this keyboard,is gonna work for,i the enter button still works okay,um okay,well,oh i cant type words without the,letters,i can i can hit enter j,oh,crypto bucks just tanked in the stock,market theyre worth nothing now oh,well thank god for my netflix stock,every night,i dream the same dream,dr strange in the multiverse of madness,is the 28th marvel movie in 14 years in,addition to that theres been five tv,shows made for disney plus in the last,two years hey did you know that the,james bond franchise has been around for,almost 60 years and theres been 27,movies in that time dont know why that,popped into my head anyway well mike we,ventured out back to the,the beautiful,majestic magical movie theater we got,the full theatrical experience our first,time back since uh ghostbusters,afterlife its true and its exactly the,same as its always been i think my,least favorite phrase in the english,language is only in theaters,well you know i thought i was okay with,skipping the batman because its three,hours i watched that clip of the joker,i didnt understand what anyone was,saying that deleted seat or theyre just,mumbling the whole time i was like well,i deleted those so theres a prop,propaganda that was a con that was to,see if theres interest in another joker,yeah and i was like two minutes oh i,watched that and it was four hours later,im like what are they talking about i,cant understand anyone i cant see,anyone,no ones in focus i cant see the batman,i dont i cant i dont understand what,the batman is saying i dont know what,this guys saying its like in front of,the lens they put uh uh mr magoos,glasses and just shot the movie through,that,well they were it was artistically done,to disguise the jokers appearance i get,that i get that im not just stupid im,not stupid,but um well i thought going to see,doctor strange for you would be a nice,kind of,uh reprieve,from uh star trek picard but then,god damn it that old bag bones patrick,stewart showed up in this movie oh its,from trauma,drama get away from me,get away,no no um its funny you mentioned that,because,i went back and i watched and this will,be a three-part review i suppose i went,back and i watched,spider-man far from home and,no way home,in preparation for this one yes because,i know that no way home sort of deals,not really with the multiverse i dont,even know what that is the multiverses,uses just a gimmick,a gimmick to have have weird characters,show up and things happen uh but after,watching nine hours of star trek picard,uh i [ __ ] loved far from home okay it,was the most refreshing far from home,not no way home uh both okay i but i,loved far from home much better no way,home is good,dont get me wrong uh far from home i,was like oh my gosh hes going on a,field trip with all of his friends its,a little adventure martin stars there jb,smoove i mean like,and oh but here comes you know theyre,saying theres like a story and things,its not like and it was like it was,light-hearted and it felt like a uh,like a richard donner superman kind of,like when they go to um they go to the,niagara falls you know and,superman superman and just just floating,down the river to the uh you know it and,and all the quips and the jokes and yes,it doesnt take itself seriously but and,and you know like the the third act,twist with uh what i was like oh,mysterio you know hes in this up and,then i had this clever plot with the,little holograms and and i was like,it made sense to me,it was entertaining it had a beginning a,middle and end and i really enjoyed both,films the second uh the third one was a,little darker,i yeah i also watch no way home in,preparation for this because its,multiverse related i hadnt seen that,one before because i didnt really care,but,i love you guys,thank you,um it was the the worlds longest super,bowl commercial thats what it felt like,to me you know when they do those like,expensive commercials where they bring,back,like uh like bill murray and he,recreates groundhog day,youre like im watching bill murray im,not watching that character id rather,not talk about this no i dont mean to,are you teasing me no no no no no hes,not teasing you its just that i i wish,i could tell you but its like i dont,do it like i dont,like i dont do breathing like breathing,just happens whoa thats how i felt with,uh uh toby mcguire in this movie i guess,so i the highlight of the movie was,andrew garfield he was funny in it and,and like those guys like they were,talking about the the super villains,they fought and the jokes and,that scene felt to be like an snl skit,they just left it all in all the,rambling uh improv yes the humor seemed,to be a little too self-referential and,kind of unrealistic but i i prefer that,version of spider-man like the andrew,garfield spider-mans were just like,bad and not really fun,the sam raimi spider-mans of course are,great,um and when they showed up in this it,was just like uh it got a little bogged,down and,at the end,well i was gonna say what scaffolding,well call it scaffolding scaffolding,actions just like spiderman three yeah,um which i wanted to mention that like i,watched snowy home i thought it was okay,uh kind of forgettable um,but after watching the new doctor,strange i liked it a lot more because,the climax of that movie is yeah just on,a construction site,its not a cacophony of noise,um which i was very disappointed that,this movie turns into the classic,third act,action movie,endless headache inducing noise fest i,think a lot of that has to do with the,script uh the spider-man movies were,written by,chris mckenna and eric summers wrote a,lot of comedy stuff,uh and this was written by,a name i didnt recognize he did write,for rick and morty so another comedy guy,well thats thats odd because there was,wasnt a lot of comedy in it it took,itself very seriously and and thats,okay for this because,i probably wouldnt want too much like,like,you know what are you,multiverse blah blah blah blah,it wouldnt fit in this type of movie it,works in spider-man because hes just a,kid hes like 16 years old and he,doesnt understand,adulthood you know yeah um and so yeah,well those are like theyre like teen,comedies basically yeah and thats kind,of spider-mans gimmick is that hes,quippy and and sarcastic and,all that but,the comedy in this comes from,goofy [ __ ] being played straight the,third act of this movie i noticed in our,theater there was more than once people,were laughing at the movie,and i was thinking to myself sam raimis,back baby,to protect our world,oh god yeah so you wanted to watch this,because its directed by sam raymond,which i understand um and there were,some little sam raimi,uh hallmarks that that shone through,the murky noise,it was,pretty much what i expected which was a,sam raimi hired gun to make an mcu movie,thats basically what it is its a,little weirder,i mean the third act is like,gothic monster,magic nonsense,which is a little bit different well no,well thats where he comes through is,you know youve got on well a spoiler,alert,spoiler alert dr,strange spoiler aler

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Doctor Strange – Movie Review

[Music],dr. strange,so dr. strange is the newest movie in,the Marvel Cinematic Universe designer,phase 3 now shits crazy it stars,Benedict Cumberbatchs dr. Stephen,strange had a point the internet was,like hey you know who should play Doctor,Strange the batch of gum Burkle we got,our wish dr. strange is a neurosurgeon,hes super talented hes arrogant hes,cocky because we love our arrogant cocky,doctors I cant stress that enough this,movie is pretty much Greg House learns,magic he even sounds like him I dont,believe in chakras or energy or the,power of belief I believe in that,patient because one rainy night dr.,strange wrecks his car his hands are,crushed hes a neurosurgeon he needs his,hands now his hands kind of shake so in,a quest to find a way to stop the,shaking of the hands he comes across,these monks who were pretty much like,hey we teach magic if you want to learn,they stop the shaking of the hands happy,half dr. strange this doesnt really,enjoy the movie because dr. strange,really is an origin story and I love,that I love seeing the origin of this is,a pretty crazy character its a,neurosurgeon who busts up his hands and,hey guess what he becomes a sorcerer,what I love is that he didnt want to be,a sorcerer the shitstorm thats coming,after him he didnt ask for it he didnt,go looking for hes not like okay yeah,lets protect the universe Tom Mads,Mikkelsen is evil sorcerers starting to,do some bad stuff thats going to damage,existence as we know it or at least our,realm of existence as we know it so now,hes just reaction is what he does but,it really is a great path seeing him,grow and learn and seeing him shed away,the layers of his arrogance is when this,movie starts acting like theres no way,this guy is going to be humble enough to,learn magic and if he does learn magic I,dont want him learning magic hes,probably gonna do some dick stuff but I,should go along the path its great to,see him humble himself and ultimately,pretty much play out Tony Starks origin,story just with magic and monks arrogant,guy learns the error of his ways and,becomes a hero I mean come on thankfully,its pretty much Thor also its pretty,much anyone but Captain America because,he was always awesome and always had,heart and kind of moved Thors hammer,slightly and Benedict Cumberbatch was,great as Stephen strange he really was,there was a lot more humor in this movie,than I thought there would be Im not,used to Benedict Cumberbatch being that,funny,I was actually,mostly pleasantly surprised by the humor,its always good when a moment of humor,comes in a way that youre like Oh,didnt expect that work for the moment,an arrogant guy with no humor is just a,dick but there were moments in this,movie where something good happens,something cool happens youre like ooh,let it resonate let it sizzle let a,humor happen youre like I humor kind of,compromises that moment most of the time,the humor hits a couple of times the,humor does compromise I just would have,rather had an epic moment than a,humorous moment and there was one scene,of time – I was like one moment he is,having trouble making a portal and then,the next moment he is just the master of,portal youre like I die imagine youve,been at this for a while now have you,been doing this for years I mean in,Batman Begins I had no problem buying,the fact that he was training for a few,years I do not actually know how long,Doctor Strange was actually training in,magic after assume it was years I dont,think hed be this good after a matter,of months Mads Mikkelsen was good in the,role that he was in I wish we had seen,him more man I saw more of the villain,there coffin out baddies and our good,guys have to stop the baddies thats,pretty much what it is hes not the most,useless villain youve ever seen in the,Marvel Cinematic Universe not at all,hes not like Zemo and Civil War where,youre like I dont think you had to be,there at all really for civil war to,happen like clearly needs to be in this,movie to push the plot forward to make,it happen theres actually more about,that Ill talk in my spoiler video but,cant talk about it here no spoiler she,would tell Ejiofor I hope I say his name,right I feel like Ive been,mispronouncing it all these years but I,should learn to pronounce it correctly,because the dudes a great actor and he,does add to this movie even Rachel,McAdams was good as a love interest,generally love interests or in movies,like this because like well you need to,humanize them so they need to have a,relationship the audience can connect to,it this one really does they do it right,because its not really a romance its,not a love interest because Stephen,strange clearly dude probably do closes,Im saying the user sparingly and they,use her right to the point where she,actually does add in this seems that,shes in but visually man lets talk,about the visuals in this movie they,said there are so many moments of its,imagine a Throwdown like this imagine,looking through a kaleidoscope at a,cityscape and then you turn the thing,and the city starts folding in on itself,now imagine that but in that city this,folding in on itself there are people,fighting with magic in there seriously,fractals,and Tesser axis movie yeah are you,intrigued youre at least intrigued guys,in the end dr. strange doesnt break new,ground other than the fact that its,magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,the closest we had to that until this,time was Thor I know dr. nazi monocle,was talking about were in the age of,magic but we really hadnt seen that,because it was still based on loki staff,which is essentially technology that we,see as magic which is what thor kind of,illustrate is a hybrid of both its a,straight-up magic theres no way around,theres no tech running this the way,they use magic for fights is where the,unique nature of this film lives it was,a fun movie it was a visual spectacle i,had a great time with it I will say,Doctor Strange is certainly worth,watching youre gonna watch the movie,anyway it doesnt matter what I say but,I entered the movie enjoying this movie,enough to buy it on blu-ray for sure,alright guys so Doctor Strange have you,seen it what did you think about it yes,I do read the comments although it dont,respond to all the comments I read them,whatever you thought about Doctor,Strange comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more,[Music]

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Movie Review

oh were about to talk about some,multiverse of madness but first i want,to thank the sponsor of this video this,video is brought to you by display,because the quest for a perfect nerd,cave is a quest worth doing display,offers high quality prints on metal with,millions of options available video,games comic books movies comic book,movies my spirit animal and displaying,them is really easy just wipe down the,wall stick the magnet the print hangs,right there and in a world where we just,got to change it up sometimes swapping,out the prints is easy as one two and,thats it theres no three its one two,done so click the link below and for a,limited time you get 31 off of one or,two prints or 41 off of three or more,prints go well traveler and optimizing,your nerd room and now the moment youve,all been waiting for that moment right,thank you for clicking on my face thank,you for that i feel the love youre the,best also this is a spoiler free review,that is to say there are no spoilers in,this video i do plan on making a spoiler,talk video in the next couple days or so,keep your eye out for that in the,meantime lets get strange,[Music],so doctor strange in the multiverse of,madness is a new doctor strange movie,the new mcu movie dr stephen strange,runs across a girl named america chavez,hes like im gonna help this girl im,gonna protect her because there are,nefarious things after her and that,adventure takes them through the,multiverse,of madness now the dynamic between,doctor strange and america chavez i,really liked it its kind of like you,know he wants to protect her she doesnt,really trust him but as i i dont know,much about america chavez i im,posturing i dont know anything about,her like ive said but ive said this,before and i will say it again we are in,the deep cuts of the marvel world my,friends were in the deep cuts of the,comic book movie universe we are past,iron man and spider-man and the,incredible hulk and captain america and,things i knew more about im just,sitting back and relaxing and enjoying,the mcu as it comes at me at this point,point is as i dont know anything about,america chavez i did like the dynamic,between her and dr strain i thought it,was a good one i thought it was done,well also her name cracks me up and it,shouldnt but its like every time,doctor strange would be like america,that song changed the course of history,dont let anyone tell you different or,my favorite i think it was strange was,like is america okay i was like no not,really no,oh you mean the kid yeah im sure shes,fine when is i like the dynamic between,doctor strange and her now this is sam,raimi in the mcu no he did not do any,well i guess technically,he did an mcu multiverse movie before it,was an mcu multiverse movie but for the,sake of technically being accurate this,is his first mcu movie as the mcu has,existed and he brings a sam raimi,dynamic man like the first 10 15 minutes,of this movie theres an action sequence,and i was like this is that this reminds,me of something just the way it was like,steven strange doctor strange going in,to save the day thats civilian to hero,dynamic when he gears down and then the,action sequence as it was filmed as it,looked it was just very reminiscent of,the action sequence one of the action,sequences in spider-man 2. gotta say i,was like im in it works for me man call,it nostalgic call it whatever but i,liked it also does this movie have,horror elements in it weve seen him,interject horror elements into like,spider-man 2. when doc ock is in the or,he becomes doctor octopus and those,metal arms just like horror movie snakes,killing everybody thats like a horror,movie scene in a comic book movie but,the rest of the movie doesnt feel too,horror movie s this movie has a lot of,horror movie tones sprinkled throughout,and it weirdly works it works because,youre going through the multiverse,different realms different realities and,sometimes it doesnt explain how or why,a thing works it just works sometimes,that does work for the movie sometimes,its like no you didnt hide it enough i,get it youre just kind of hoping that,everyones like yeah but it looks cool,did it look cool yeah but i just kind of,wasnt blinded for that moment so now,im questioning it so theres give and,take there but the point is when its,sam raimi horror tone it was awesome i,liked that more than the concept of,going through the multiverse i just any,time it was sam raimi horror tone it was,like this is badass and kind of in line,with that you know what i like most,about this movie and i mean it,the carnage thats right new mcu movie,what did i like most the blood the,slaughter i mean it you can have horror,tone without blood you can have blood,with that heart i mean its not super,bloody im just saying more people died,horribly in this movie than i expected,to die so horribly in an mcu movie and,you know you feel like sam raimis been,waiting for it hes probably out there,like when i took on spider-man they said,the world wasnt ready for this in a,family-friendly pg-13 superhero movie,but,the time is now what can i say i like me,some fun unexpected carnage candy and,im not i dont want to over hype it i,dont want to oversell it but im just,saying in doctor strange in the,multiverse of madness,it tasted pretty good you know who i,loved in this movie elizabeth olsen as,wanda maximoff yeah i thought she was,excellent in this movie granted she has,a lot of emotional setup and that,emotional setup from other mcu things,feeds into the emotional moments in here,and i thought she had a great emotional,arc i didnt cry but it kind of got the,knot in the throat going you know you,know how it is,but i didnt cry,pointy i thought she was great also the,musical score danny elfman does the,musical score,standout moments for the musical score,as well you ever watch a movie ive seen,this in the mcu more than a few times,where you watch movies like the movies,great and your friend could be like yeah,what was your favorite part of the,musical score youll be like,i dont know for nothing else theres a,thing thats just creatively interesting,that has to do with music in the end,doctor strange in the multiverse of,madness was a bonkers batshit crazy,multiverse good time it doesnt always,stick to landing on things or some,moments where youre like yeah youre,just kind of aimlessly going places,arent you and it doesnt really pay off,but it looks cool and youre just hoping,the audience,thats enough enough for the audience,they wont question it right and,sometimes yeah they get away with that,but when i left the movie i was like i,enjoyed that could have also been,shorter there were a couple of cheese,dialogue moments not necessarily,just,i cant limit it to the script it just,sounded like there were a couple of,moments where someones trying to sound,very villainous but it came across as,cheesy i could totally see it sam raimi,just doing that like yeah cheese is fun,right its not everywhere in the movie,so im not saying the whole movies like,that those moments that it does happen,just stand out like,its the best you got but for the most,part i had a really good time with this,movie its when sam raimi injects that,sam raimi horror flavor into the mcu,thats when i felt this movie was in top,shape i dont even care oh it doesnt,fit with the rest of the mcu dont care,i thought thats when it was at its best,and i love the fact that as im talking,about this is like the first mcu movie i,can think of where im like well,i know your kids grew up with the mcu i,mean or are growing up with the mcu not,to say your kids are all grown up and,thats where this conversation comes,into play if you have really young kids,who like some of the nice lighter movies,of the mcu,theres some imagery in here it looks,great but also might terrify the [ __ ],out of them and give them nightmares you,know your kids you do you you parent how,you parent im just saying im here to,inform and for me i thought this movie,was a gre

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness – Its A Bit Of A Mess

doctor strange in the multiverse of,madness is a visually stunning movie,from the master of the horror comedy and,superhero genres with a talented cast of,actors delivering great performances and,some genuinely awesome set pieces its,without a doubt one of the most unique,and inventive movies in the entire mcu,the only problem is that the scripts are,[ __ ] convoluted inconsistent,fragmented mess thats handcuffed to the,increasingly disjointed mcu overarching,story discredits characters that used to,be smart and likable and doesnt seem to,know how to resolve the big ideas that,it tries to grapple with in short,watching this movie is a bit like,watching a top flight racing team trying,to win a grand prix with a ford escort,everyones trying their hardest to make,it work but all the talent and creative,flair in the world just cant compensate,for a shitty story allow me to enlighten,you the movie kicks off with the doctor,strange from another universe trying to,protect a girl whos the key to,everything from a big magical demon,thing while racing to recover a magical,book thats the key to everything,unfortunately the demon gets the better,of him but the girl whos the key to,everything opens a port rule at the last,second this sucks them through into our,dimension thats when she runs into our,doctor strange who helps to fight off a,big squid monster thing that follows her,through and saves her life then they go,out for breakfast together why dont,know anyway after [ __ ] around and,wasting time by being pointlessly vague,and evasive she finally explains that,her name is america chavez look she even,wears the stars and stripes on her denim,jacket,anyways so puerto rico chavez is being,hunted by persons unknown because of her,ability to travel from one universe to,another anyone whos able to gain,control over power could theoretically,dominate all of time and space across,the entire multiverse needless to say,they have to prevent that from happening,so they take her to camoutash for safe,keeping while strange meets up with,wanda maximov to ask for her help oh and,as a little side note strange is totally,cool with the fact that she basically,enslaved an entire town and,psychologically tortured the inhabitants,for weeks because apparently she made,everything right in the ends,[Music],[ __ ] off film she only gave up because,she was [ __ ] forced to also these,people are absolutely gonna be in,therapy for the rest of their lives,anyway wouldnt you know it wanda has,fully turned into scarlet witch now and,shes the person thats been trying to,capture nicaragua chavez because she,wants to travel into a different,universe where the kids that she,magicked into existence in one division,actually exist for real because shes,still sad about vision dying and just,really wants to be a mom i guess you,know i have a few questions about this,situation if wandas still grieving for,the death of vision which she certainly,claims to be then shouldnt her real,priority be finding another reality,where hes still alive why is she,suddenly so obsessed with reuniting with,the children that never even existed and,totally doesnt give a [ __ ] about the,man who actually did exist also if,theres other realities where they do,exist then who the [ __ ] is their dads,its not vision thats for sure because,hes a [ __ ] robot so who else could,it be also the kids that shes obsessed,with having for her own looked to be,about 10 years old now which means she,would have had to miss out on 10 entire,years of their lives and if she just,wants to have kids and doesnt give a,[ __ ] about vision then all she really,needs to do is put herself on tinder or,something damn man shed have guys,queuing around the block within a matter,of hours also how exactly was scarlet,witch able to target and hunt down costa,rica chavez across the multiverse at the,start of the movie when she hasnt yet,developed the ability to project herself,between universes yet why did she send,this stupid squid monster thing to,capture her in new york when it would,have made a lot more sense for her to go,by herself why wasnt her opening gambit,to approach guatemala chavez and just,politely ask her to send her into a,different universe i mean based on what,little i know about her she seems like a,reasonable enough person theres a,pretty good chance shed be willing to,help wanda out of sheer compassion but,nah squid monsters are apparently the,first step in establishing a good,working relationship the movie also,makes the point that shed have to kill,the existing wanda in the new universe,so that she could take over her life and,kids i mean ignoring the fact that youd,then have two scarlet witches of equal,power facing off against each other,probably resulting in massive collateral,damage it doesnt even need to [ __ ],happen in the first place theres,probably millions of realities where,that wand is dead and her kids have been,left behind as orphans so that seems,like a much more logical solution to me,i reckon strange would even be happy to,help with something like that anyway,whatever the point is that wanda wants,to get her hands on venezuela chavez and,strange just went and told her where,shes being held an imbecile yeah not,the dumbest [ __ ] that ever lived,oh strange you silly sausage you know i,cant help but feel that the doctor,strange from previous movies would never,have been this gullible but dont worry,well talk more about that later also if,he has the ability to open portals to,anywhere on earth why cant he just drop,wanda into the middle of a [ __ ],volcano or the bottom of the marianas,trench or trap her in the earths core,or something this is what happens when,you introduce more and more powers and,abilities into your fictional world,without really thinking about the,long-term implications i mean [ __ ] man,if the avengers now have the ability to,travel through time then basically,anything bad that ever happens now can,be undone with the press of a button nah,never mind i guess none of that stuff,counts now so one that goes to,camouflage and kills everyone there with,absolutely minimal effort and then,honduras chavez escapes with strange,into a different universe its here that,they have to figure out a way to stop,wanda and get everything back on track,and for this theyre going to need the,book of the shantsy which is basically,the book thats the key to everything,and conveniently enough theres only one,[ __ ] copy of it in the whole of,existence thats been left outside of,time and space not like the [ __ ] dark,hold which exists in every [ __ ],universe and is infinitely more,dangerous but nah okay fine but as they,soon discover the alternate avengers in,this new universe who are now called the,illuminati for some reason arent,exactly willing to help them for some,reason they keep thinking that doctor,strange is the biggest threat to their,reality and totally ignore the fact that,wanda is literally here to kill everyone,thats okay though because wanda,conveniently shows up and well kills,everyone strange gets the book thats,the key to everything but then wanda,sets it on fire and takes bolivia chavez,to mount doom so that she can suck her,multiverse powers out of her but then,strange goes to another universe and,fights an evil strange so that he can,steal another magic book from him and,then uses it to take control of a dead,zombie strange in our universe so he can,fight wanda are you still with me on,this one then peruvian chavez discovers,the magical ability to punch things,really hard but it all turns out to be,for nothing because wandas too stunning,and brave for any of them to beat but,eventually she realizes that its kind,of a bad thing to go around,indiscriminately murdering people and,decides to collapse mount doom on her,own [ __ ] head and then everything,goes back to normal and thats it thats,the plot for the wanda maximoff memorial,tour what a bizarre and conflicted mess,this film is i mean i guess it m

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: An Unbridled Cataclysm

it absolutely obliterated both its own,characters and its legacy character the,world building is comparable to a,goblins mudslide thematically its as,embarrassing as it is broken and the,plot has been reduced to atoms in terms,of continuity in short yes its worse,than captain marvel and the mcu is going,down a profane sludge-ridden dingy curse,hole with no one making it out keeping,the masses sated until the next,appointment with the rancid milkshake of,miserable melancholic mud circling the,drain just wishing it could once again,reach the heights of mediocrity welcome,ladies and gentlemen to phase four of,the marvel cinematic universe,[Music],doctor stranger the multiverse of,madness ah,like,again this is one of those things where,maul would need to do an unbridled rage,and itll take two hours to break down,all the crap in this two hours do you,think me weak sword man lets just get,right into it,[Music],we begin with an exhilarating action,scene doctor defender strange is running,from this big old cursed spaghetti boy,with his friend here uh chotsel,america chavez,america presumably considering the title,we are viewing an alternate pathway in,the multiverse as of loki allowing that,sort of thing to happen,the book,bit on the nose with the dialogue there,as neither of you would need to be,announcing this thing at this point but,hey little bit of clunky exposition,never hurt anyone of course defender,strange isnt using his sling ring so he,must not have one and that means theres,much more tension than usual perhaps in,his universe this kind of technology and,spell isnt possible thus he must rely,on the blue version of the magic weve,been seeing this form even involves,freezing an interesting trade-off i,suppose though unfortunate considering,how much easier things would have been,with a portal at his disposal hell the,entire drama would have been over,might want to freeze it again dude you,might no no okay you cant let it take,your power get to the book how do i get,across jump,you know you should probably use your,little floaty boots a little bit more,but thats fine its all good so they,make it through a jump here to the next,platform but the gosh darned pastor,beast has decided to sit right in front,of him lucky for defender strange hes,got that freeze move,oh he just hes hes not got that,reaction time huh well he can use it now,big fiery cheese boy might even fall off,the platform while frozen and that would,buy you a great amount of time,i mean you can throw rocks yeah but,freezing would get you the book,you should definitely freeze it now you,can even cast spells with your free hand,come on man do it im so sorry,what are you doing i cant let that,thing take your power you cant control,it but i cant youre killing me i know,damn dude i guess were getting very,desperate here defender strange will,need to perform a floop suck to get the,powers in order to prevent the deep,fried space octopus from gaining that,same power this process will kill her,wait a second so why not,just kill her why not just fire a freeze,spell at her brain why not throw her off,the side until she splats into one of,those bits out there or maybe just crush,her head with a rock or slice it off,with one of these things perhaps youre,all wondering why im so readily,suggesting murder when were this early,into the breakdown im barely angry ive,not even used a swear word yet well it,would seem that her power is super duper,destructive a level of destruction that,shall become all too clear soon enough,so letting it fall into this profane,fettuccines hands would surely spell,utter destruction therefore if defender,strange is stealing said power that,means the creature can then draw it out,of him and hes already seriously,wounded i mean look at this stuff all,the black goo and burns while stabbing,right through could have nicked an,artery so why not eliminate the source,and eliminate the risk of it gaining the,power from you at the same time if you,need the killer argument and you dont,think we have it already then consider,the time it takes to sap the power from,america like with how long this takes,you should definitely opt for a much,more straightforward killing defender,strange is leaving himself wide open to,be,um,yeah,so he gets lifted up and the hellfire,linguine just sort of plays with him a,little bit which is weird because its,like a whole goal is the girl but its,very concerned about the well-being of,the guy whose heart has just been split,in two with some kind of spooky sludge,knife that applies burn toxic and bleed,uh hes dead why put every one of your,limbs and all your focus into him when,you could easily grab her as well,[Music],man she even used his pasta to jump on,through youd think that would be super,dangerous with the whole burning toxic,limbs but oh well wait a minute where,did the platforms come from did she,seriously just luck out with these,pieces of rubble not falling far enough,to be useless but remaining attached to,the monster enough to platform with okay,so it finally grabs her and tries to,engage the big suck only for her to open,a portal with how this creature is,wrapped around the structure she doesnt,quite fall in but defender strange saves,her by cutting the limbs off this molten,bucatini and she falls into the portal,with his body to follow you see the,power of the portal sucks them both,right in pretty damn lucky for her that,he chose to save her instead of kill her,in this moment since that probably would,have been more definitive as a way to,save the multiverse its also pretty,damn lucky that the creature doesnt,fall in with her especially considering,its knowledge of her power it should,probably want to fall in with her but,its also pretty damn lucky he was still,able to cast a spell at that point its,not exactly a commonality to live that,long as a regular dude with your heart,split in two especially when youre,stabbed by some fantasy [ __ ] but also,where were those slicy things in the,whole fight you could have been firing,off a bunch of those things man,alright so not a great start we got like,two minutes in and the narrative is,already falling apart but that doesnt,mean the rest of the movie isnt,absolutely awesome so lets jump in we,see our doctor strange is alive and well,good old benedict cumberbatch hes,starting up his day grabbing his watch,and dressing well for a wedding upon,taking a seat he is greeted by dr west,who dont you worry their viewer nobody,remembers the first movie so pretend,hes a new character why not they have a,conversation and i have to say i was,getting so lost in terms of the tone,that they were going for here lets just,go through it doctor strange dr west,i havent seen you in a while,i was a little preoccupied being dust,there for five years,this guy is understandably a bit of a,downer but our hero is looking to set a,more jovial tone things are chill,comparatively and you know this is a,wedding and of course hes been,unavailable he was blipped as they say,but then this happens it was a little,preoccupied being dust there for five,years so were a lot of us,damn all right then were going a bit,more serious with the conversation and,you know what its actually refreshing,to show the results of the snap to take,it seriously well i was gone,thank you for asking,i lost both my cats,oh okay so it is more of a joke then we,are kind of making light about the,situation now i lost both my cats,and my brother,very sorry uh so the tone is serious,then also why have benedict bumberbatch,roll his eyes at the loss of cats feels,a little bit weird yeah cats arent,people but if you had two pets,potentially die because you got blipped,and you returned to find them five years,on in your house which would be no time,at all from your pov it could be,horrifying anyway west begins to ask if,there was anything that could have been,done to have a different outcome whether,this was the only thing the avengers,could do was there any other

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