1. DraftKings Review: Is DraftKings Sportsbook Legit Or A Scam? ????
  2. DraftKings Casino Review ???? Not What We Expected!? ????
  3. DraftKings Sportsbook Tutorial for Beginners | DraftKings Betting Explained
  4. DraftKings Sportsbook Review | Pros & Cons of DraftKings Sportsbook App, Odds and Promos
  5. DraftKings Sportsbook Review in Just 3 Minutes – Everything you need to know with no hidden agenda

DraftKings Review: Is DraftKings Sportsbook Legit Or A Scam? ????

whats happening guys dan here and im,reviewing draftkings in this video,because ive been using them for a while,now and ill share what i think of them,as well as the most important,information you should know about,draftkings like what states theyre,allowed to offer their services in and,how deposits and withdrawals work all,that good stuff and if at any point you,end up wanting to create an account with,them yourself you can do so with the,link that i placed below in the video,description and that will take you to,their signup page with a sign up bonus,offer waiting for you so thats there,for you to take advantage of guys if you,want to okay now first and foremost,lets answer the two most important,questions is draftkings legitimate and,in what states in the u.s do they hold,the license in and to answer the first,question its absolutely yes draftkings,is a completely legit online sports,betting and casino site with all the,appropriate licenses and in no way are,there scam or hell id never deposit my,own money with them and as far as what,states guys that allow you to use,draftkings theres actually only five,states in the us that dont allow you to,use them so itd be easier for me to,tell you which ones those are those,states are montana idaho nevada oregon,and washington other than that youre,golden baby now there are a lot of,online casinos that offer sports betting,as well as you know full-blown casino,games but what makes draftkings unique,is they are one of the only fantasy,sports betting sites and they also have,regular sports betting 2 where you can,bet on pretty much all the sports you,can imagine including live games and of,course the casino has tons of games to,choose from including over 400 different,slot games with some of the most popular,being gonzos quest starburst and dead,or alive dead or alive being my personal,favorite ive had a lot of fun with them,just a heads up as far as jackpot slots,go theres only four uh those are,cleopatra golden goddess wheel of,fortune and siberian storm all of which,have a jackpot of 644 thousand dollars,and the casino also has live games like,roulette blackjack and poker and,personally i like playing live poker on,draftkings more than on any other casino,that im signed up with and by the way,guys all these games are really fun to,play because they they have excellent,graphics draftkings has excellent,software companies develop their games,and small side note draftkings actually,has even developed a few of their own,games now regarding payment and,withdrawals the most popular deposit,options with this bad boy are going to,be paypal credit or debit cards bank,transfer and believe it or not they they,even take a check,do people still write checks,now if theres only one con or negative,thing id say about draftkings its the,withdrawal time definitely slower than,other online casinos ive used but,essentially you can expect the extra,money around five to seven days from the,time that you actually request your,withdrawal and thats only because it,can take up to three days just to,process your request then the actual,transfer takes a few business days as,well now i know that waiting seven days,for withdrawal to come through isnt,exactly thrilling but its honestly a,pretty small negative and whats,otherwise a very positive discussion i,mean draftkings is totally legit is a,great gambling platform and is also,available in more states than a lot of,other online casinos here in the us,honestly guys i personally had nothing,but a positive experience with,draftkings i have no complaints and hey,if by now youre thinking that you want,to try out jeff kings yourself dont,forget guys that sign up link down below,just click it it will direct you to the,draftking signup page with a sweet sign,up bonus waiting for you and thats,pretty much all i have for you in this,one guys i hope you enjoyed this review,if you did click the like button for me,it helps me out and lets me know im,doing a good job at these reviews and,until the next one guys the gambling guy,is peacing out,[Music]

DraftKings Casino Review ???? Not What We Expected!? ????

i dont know about you but when i hear,the name draftkings the first thing that,pops into my mind is their daily fantasy,and sports betting and to be fair,draftkings is really great at those,things but did you know that they also,have a top of the line online casino as,well,well thats why today im gonna review,the draftkings online casino and to be,honest with you they do a lot of things,really well but theres a couple things,that theyre neglecting and i just cant,ignore them so to find out what those,things are make sure you pay attention,in the rest of this video,now if youre new to draftkings and are,thinking about making an account with,them and their online casino you can,just click the link down in our video,description below itll take you,straight to their sign up page and its,also going to hook you up with an,exclusive bonus for a 100 percent,deposit match up to fifteen hundred,dollars,what that means is that when you make,that new account and you make your first,deposit draftkings is gonna match that,deposit dollar for dollar up to 1500,bucks its one of the best deals thats,currently out there however it should be,noted that the draftkings casino and,therefore this bonus is only available,in six states,those states are connecticut delaware,michigan nevada new jersey pennsylvania,and west virginia are you not in one of,those states well tough luck maybe write,a letter or call your local,representative or something,i dont know when you head to the casino,website youll see that everything is,really well laid out you have a banner,up top with the current promos,off to the left side theres a bunch of,options for a bunch of different things,you can see where it says all games and,you wont be lacking for choice there,theyve got over 750 games theyre,constantly adding more theyve got a,handful of jackpot games but the,majority of their offerings are in slots,scroll down on that slot page youll see,the options are pretty much endless one,cool thing about draftkings is they,dont just rely on other developers to,make games for them they have their own,games that you can only find in their,casino,you can see all those things,in that draftkings games section,ive got some personal favorites here,like lokis luck and light racers that,keep me coming back to the draftkings,casino just because i cant play them,anywhere else its just a cool feature,if slots arent really your thing dont,worry theres plenty of other options,you have kino video poker,and the table games tab has all,different sorts of blackjack baccarat,roulette poker even games like war big,wheel and spanish 21,if youre a slingo person click on that,variety tab youll see tons of different,choices along with games like the price,is right and wheel of fortune down at,the bottom now if youre ready to play,youll need to fund your account luckily,draftkings accepts all major credit and,debit cards paypal skrill bank transfer,you can even mail in a check if you plan,on waiting like a month or something to,bet while the minimum deposit is five,dollars the minimum withdrawal is twenty,dollars and youll have to use the same,withdrawal method that you use to make a,deposit this is probably another reason,youre going to want to steer clear of,checks to be honest,its just going to take you a while to,get your money back,whenever you make a deposit or,withdrawal draftkings never charges a,fee and theyre known for having some of,the fastest withdrawal times in the,business i mostly use their online,casino from my desktop computer but ive,also used their mobile app quite a few,times and the best thing i can say is,that its basically the same,all the games are there youre just,going to want to make sure you have good,cell coverage or strong wi-fi because,that will make or break that mobile,experience now lets talk about the,customer service when dealing with what,could potentially be a good sum of cash,online its always good to know an,operator is there to help you out,so draftkings faq section is pretty,fleshed out and can answer a lot of,questions you might have however when it,comes to actually asking questions and,getting answers,the casino is a little lacking theres,only a chat bot and a contact support,form where you write out your questions,and your email and you just hope they,get back to you if you want to actually,speak with a real person youre out of,luck theres no customer support hotline,that you can call to get your answers,quickly if youre wondering why i didnt,mention draftkings live dealer options,earlier well,thats because this is another area,where i personally think theyre lacking,theyve only got six games to choose,from and the tables offered are pretty,sparse,its unfortunate seeing other operators,invest so much time into live games and,then draftkings really drop the ball,here but hey if youre not the type of,person whos into those live games then,it shouldnt be a big deal to you the,site itself is great the games are fun,and the bonus theyre giving away for,1500,is really just unmatched so if youre,ready to sign up for the draftkings,online casino click that link down in,the video description below,get started with that exclusive bonus,lastly if you enjoyed this draftkings,review video make sure you go ahead and,drop a like down below it really helps,us out a lot and if you want to see more,reviews of different sports books and,casinos be sure to subscribe to our,channel,thats it for todays review i really,hope you guys appreciate it,you

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DraftKings Sportsbook Tutorial for Beginners | DraftKings Betting Explained

hey sports bettors im boyd im with,odds jam ozjam.com is actually a betting,tool that helps you find mathematical,profitable wagers consistently and today,were talking about draftkings and how,to open up a draftkings account how to,bet at draftkings and thats what were,going to do sort of a fundamental ground,zero basic startup point where we help,you get that account open get it started,show you how to make some basic bets and,some easy bets and then ill have a,second video sort of a follow-up or a,part two that helps maybe more of the,advanced sort of the alternative spreads,the alternative totals a lot of the,promos many other things you can enjoy,at your draftkings sportsbook so lets,get going all right guys here we go so,first steps first when you come to the,website when you come to draftking,sportsbook youre going to notice that,here in the top kind of middle right of,the page and when you hit this sign up,its going to take you to the next,screen and have you fill out some things,which ill show you here in a second,its a little slow to download so im,going to actually hit pause and then,come back when it pops up a couple of,things here that to be noted especially,in the sign up process as you get,connected and get started so,as i mentioned its really simple real,easy and youll sign up right here uh,one thing i do want to make sure is you,get to phase two three no big deal,pretty easy pretty simple but this,confirmation location something to keep,in mind that you have to do in order to,make sure the geo tracking for,draftkings work,works in your state and your area,basically its regulated and so certain,states are not regulated and if youre,in a state that is not regulated it,definitely will not allow you to wager,so thats very important to know and if,you have questions you can always email,and let us know or leave the comments,down below but as far as what state,youre in so we can help you with the,different states or different phases and,times in their approval process with the,registration and that that type of thing,so thats something to kind of know as,you first get started and get get going,so when youre ready to go youre going,to of course come to get logged in the,login process is pretty quick to plug in,for the verification process very normal,and im doing this you know on purpose,so you can understand what you may,encounter what you may see as far as,checking in so just note that its not,uncommon and all part of the process,occasionally sometimes it goes faster,sometimes it goes slower but i have,noticed it goes a little faster on your,cell phone,but again sometimes people prefer to use,their laptop so they can see the screen,a little easier but just know this is,completely normal and part of it so once,you get logged in again this is why,were here today to sort of explain how,to bet and how to place a wager they do,have a tab at the bottom of the page,here on the home page to talk to you,about that sort of the topics that they,cover here and again its a little bit,easier when you kind of do it firsthand,but my best recommendation is to take a,little bit of time to tour the site kind,of get to know where youre going and,what youre looking for so thats,available at the bottom of the screen,here on the home page um its its,pretty general so its not a lot you,know the specific detail thats why im,going to walk you through um some of the,basic simple easy wagers youll youll,probably want to use you first get,signed up so well get into that next,so not to backtrack too much but,obviously before you play cd wagers you,are going to want to go over here to the,deposit button and you can see here when,you hit that button youre going to have,several choices and different avenues of,getting funds into your account and,draftkings certainly takes most all,credit cards its pretty simple to do it,happens pretty much instantaneously you,can actually connect your bank you can,connect your debit card and well show,you how that works here in one second,but basically what you can do is put in,the amount of funds you want to start,the account off with and make sure you,understand what youre putting in and,kind of keep track of that but as you,can see here it takes a little bit of,time to download and then once it does,well open up those options,so as you can see here were at the,deposit page and you can select an,amount you can actually put in other i,think the minimum,to double check on the minimum it kind,of depends on the method that you might,use but as you can see here you can,connect credit card you can do online,banking you can do some paypal and so a,little bit of a variety of what you can,do id say the most efficient typically,is are these two that weve used in the,past and then you can connect and get,that deposit done it happens pretty,instantly pretty quickly,and then also you simply reverse the,process when you want to take funds out,youll get your account verified and,then you can go to the cashier to,request a withdrawal so pretty simple,pretty easy but that is certainly one of,the steps you need before you get to bet,okay so here you are youre funded your,account youve been enrolled youre,verified youre geo tracked youre ready,to roll and now you can start the,process of wagering so obviously the top,here theyre gonna have some promos and,some things you can take advantage of,take a look at um over here to the right,they have your bet slip which is,basically your picks that will show up,there as you put them in and so were,going to do a quick little example here,if you wanted to say come over here to,the left to identify,some of the more popular sports of,wagering i mean my guy you can get to,the mma you can get into rugby tennis,volleyball etc etc so everything is here,on the left-hand side and then youre,going to look up here to the top and,kind of scroll to the side of course,theres a casino part you can go to the,marketplace is kind of interesting you,know theyre getting into the nfts and,things like that and also the daily,fantasy which is sort of how they first,start the sports book here and you get,you kind of go left to right top to,bottom pretty easy you can track and,trace your wagers here um you can do,live in-game betting so once kickoff or,once tip-off starts you can go in there,and play some wagers throughout the,course of the game gotta be pretty quick,on those i guess maybe more of an,advanced type thing but,again you can uh promos that they offer,lots and lots of promos and some of them,are definitely mathematical profitable,good good things to do,again just just all the different,choices you get into the different,contests and games and things here that,they have available so you can connect,with your social,media things like that but,for the sake of uh simplicity were,going to just go in here and take a look,at say the mba,and again lets say you want to find an,nba game tonight that uh,happens to maybe be a side or a total,something pretty easy whether youre,about the over under or maybe the point,spread um well show you how to do the,money line things like that just the,three or four basic as you get your,account started and opened up so again,once this uh loads up well look okay,here we go open up the nba page for,today and well just kind of break it,down so you can understand obviously,here you have your simple game lines um,again player props,any specials they have on any promos,game props things like that you can get,into quarters halves,different team wagers,scroll across the top team futures,so again,more of a futures type area up here as,far as best you can put in for down the,road but lets say you wanted to do just,a full game point spread okay so lets,say you scroll down here,and lets say,gosh pick one right um,hey lets go with the hometown nuggets,take the nuggets plus two and a half,okay so you,tap on that that opens the screen up to,where you can enter your wager amount,and basically you can um put in the

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DraftKings Sportsbook Review | Pros & Cons of DraftKings Sportsbook App, Odds and Promos

hey im dan martinez from the action,network and today were talking all,about the draftkings sportsbook,especially in three key areas user,experience pricing and offerings and,promotions and boosts,draftkings has arguably the best app in,the sports betting industry leaning on,its years of dfs product build out their,team built a sleek app thats easy for,everyone from a novice to a sharp to,figure out their navigation is light,years ahead of most of its competitors,you can view every market in a given,game as well as a specific bet by slate,so if you want to bet anytime touchdowns,on nfl sunday you can quickly see every,game on the slate at once organized by,the anytime touchdown prop draftkings,has a convenient two-tiered scroll at,the top this allows you to navigate,props then through another navigation,for different prop types,this is great because most sportsbooks,have one section for props and then,stack every prop bet on top of each,other this results in the user endlessly,scrolling to find what they want there,are a couple of quirks though in the app,after getting certain promos and boosts,you have to sign out and log back in for,those promos to show up in your vet slip,second creating a same game parlay on,draftkings is pretty tedious and,annoying you have to enter a separate,same game parlay mode and then enter,each leg individually which makes it,pretty hard to sub in and out different,legs you may want to put together in,your parlor that said the user,experience on the draftkings app is so,strong were still giving it a 5 out of,5 on user experience,draftkings pricing on most major markets,like moneyline and totals are pretty,much around the industry standard its,not a key differentiator for them,norwich attractor they do have strong,pricing on certain prop markets and bet,types for example theyre one of the few,us books with a 20 cent golf matchup bet,also you can usually find the best,prices on long shot golfers at,draftkings however their pricing is,worse than fanduels on major league,baseball strikeout props dk is usually,30 cents or worse while fanduel is,around 24 cents,for same game partly pricing draftkings,is among the worst in the industry they,make in more correlation than most other,books,in terms of unique betting and offerings,draftkings is probably second to only,fanduel they offer a wide menu of,options and even live in-game props,taking all that into consideration were,giving draftkings a four out of five on,pricing and offers,draftkings sign up offer is one of the,worst in the industry as it requires a,large rollover to claim that means you,need to wager your deposit amount five,times before youre eligible to withdraw,any bonus money they do offer some,strong daily and weekly promos however,for example during the nba finals they,had a promo where you could bet 500 on,either team and youd win that bet if,your team took the lead by 10 points at,any point in the game draftkings has a,customer loyalty program whereas most,sports books dont offer anything close,the dynasty rewards program allows users,to earn crowns across draftkings sports,book fantasy sports and casino apps you,can trade in the crowns for small things,like site credit and draftkings,merchandise up to big things like plane,tickets and computers the rewards,program doesnt completely make up for,the other areas theyre lacking in,promos and boosts so draftkings gets a,three and a half out of five stars here,okay so to review were giving,draftkings a five out of five on user,experience,a four out of five on pricing and,offerings and a three and a half out of,five stars on promotions and boosts,let us know in the comment section what,you think about the draftkings,sportsbook and be sure to subscribe to,the action network youtube channel,because we will be reviewing more sports,books very soon,[Music],you

DraftKings Sportsbook Review in Just 3 Minutes – Everything you need to know with no hidden agenda

if you give me three minutes Ill tell,you everything you really need to know,about DraftKings Sportsbook now why,would you want to hear from me well,because Im not affiliated with nor,sponsored by DraftKings in any way if,you had to sit through an ad before this,video that was Googles choice,youre not going to find any sign up,codes or affiliate links here this is,just a straight shot from someone whos,been playing with draftking Sportsbook,since the very first day they went live,anyway enough about me lets start the,timer lets go DraftKings has leveraged,a first mover advantage and brand,recognition to become a Force in the,legal sports betting space DraftKings,offers an extensive list of Wagers and,wager types many of these wager,offerings and their pricings come from,their back-end partner Canby Canby is a,Swedish company that powers many of the,sports books in the U.S as a result many,times DraftKings prices and offerings,and line movements are duplicative with,many of their competitors while,DraftKings is taking steps to move their,trading operations in-house there is no,indication when DraftKings will be,switching over from Canby to in-house,trading one area where DraftKings,distinguishes itself from the other,Canby books is by offering pools as a,wagering option similar to an office,pool participants select the winners,from a list of games and the top scorers,win part of the prize pool sometimes,these pools are free to enter but when,theyve run pools where you pay to play,the average Vig runs about 10 percent,which isnt great speaking of Vig youll,find the standard -110 on sides and,totals at DraftKings their money lines,in major sports typically have a,theoretical hold of between four and,four and a half percent in other sports,The Vig can range from five to six,percent on sides and totals meanwhile in,their Futures Market youll find a hold,percentage between 17 and 20 for major,sports like the NBA champion but on,other minor markets like a PGA Tour,event the hold is a very high 27 to 30,percent DraftKings interface is decent,considering the vast array of betting,options since other books also run,canbys back end the look and feel is,similar to other sports books their,mobile app is quick and responsive new,users sometimes complain that its hard,to find some Wagers but that shared look,and feel helps people get used to it one,useful feature of DraftKings Sportsbook,is that it shares a wallet with their,daily fantasy product you can use funds,from the Sportsbook to play DFS as well,however funds deposited on the DFS side,cannot be used on on the Sportsbook side,its a one-way Street does DraftKings,take sharp action uh no and its not,even close if you are profiled as a,sharp bidder you will find yourself,quickly limited to ridiculously low,amounts on DraftKings how low how about,this,or this,or even this where they wouldnt even,take a decent size wager on the coin,flip of the Super Bowl choosing to limit,to 29 because they feared sharp action,on a literal coin flip theres no two,ways about it a glass ceiling exists at,DraftKings Sportsbook they may say that,they want you to come in and gamble with,them but the fact is if you find some,good Wagers theyll quickly deem you are,too sharp for them and theyll cut you,off if you aspire to be a winning bettor,keep this in mind youre playing on a,very short leash at DraftKings a company,currently worth 12 billion dollars,shouldnt sweat a 30 bet on the coin,flip of the Super Bowl when theyre,guaranteed to profit but they do,DraftKings is very creative with their,array of promotions reload bonuses come,out quarterly and promotions range from,free bets to boosted odds their,promotions do have fairly low limits,though moreover their boosted odds dont,give much of a boost most only add five,to ten percent of value to the player,when you factor in the inherent Vig in,the line and the low limits the actual,gain and expected value to the player is,typically only a dollar or two and it,looks like were out of time I guess I,wont get to talk about these beautiful,mafia ties maybe next time though for,now that was your three Minute review of,DraftKings Sportsbook


draftkings are giving away massive value,in their odds and promotional bonuses to,capture the online gambling market but,its not what it may seem to the,recreational user right now you need to,be careful the dark reality of where,this brand is going is very different to,us sports bettors expectations which is,why i put this video together to share,three worrying truths about draftkings,sportsbook that u.s sports bettors need,to know about ill also share some top,money making tips in the us too your,time is limited on this one so please do,not waste it weve been through it,already in the uk and europe with this,kind of betting company so ive got a,lot of experience that we can share here,now the first thing i want to share with,you is losers only recently draftking,sportsbooks ceo jason robbins said this,is an entertainment activity people who,are doing this for a profit,are not the players that we want he also,then went on to say theres definitely,evidence that players download and trial,multiple apps but then focus on one,which is fair enough before following up,with but the ones that dont are the,ones that you dont want anyway they are,bonus shoppers and bonus hunters thats,less than 10 of the audience they are,not the most profitable customers so to,translate that for you very simply hes,saying winners are not welcome people,that are using their bet in sports book,should only do so to burn a few bucks,and have some fun in the process,something thats wholeheartedly backed,up online when you look around various,professional sports bettors have already,been complaining that draftkings have,restricted their bets stopped their,betting activity and this is clearly,going to be the line of business that,they take following on from the uk and,the rest of europe where companies like,labrox william hill skybet betway all,mentioned in previous videos on this,channel in the link in description down,below,have gone down the route of banning,winners restricting winners and then,letting you do your nuts if you have a,gambling problem to make matters worse,and to be completely contradictory there,draftkings are currently offering a,thousand dollar sign up bonus if you,open an account with them although,clearly from their ceo statement they,have no intention of allowing you to,take that bonus unless youre going to,go on to be an extremely unsuccessful,sports bettor so just watch out because,you could find yourself in a situation,where you open the account make the,deposit start turning over your stakes,in order to qualify for the bonus and,halfway through they restrict your,betting activity which takes me nicely,onto the second point which is also an,issue weve faced over here in the uk,and europe which is of course click to,deposit and go for a lawsuit to withdraw,let me explain often these companies are,very quick to publicize large bets it,looks good on the exteriors of,recreational punters and it draws people,in like this example here on the screen,where draftkings took a bet that had a,potential payout of 5.5 million dollars,only to find after the bet has been,placed and they start to get concerned,about losing some money they turn,towards their legal team start looking,at terms and conditions requirements,issues such as messenger betting whereby,people are placing bets in different,states to the registered account,claiming that they no longer have to pay,out because you broke the law just to,add a huge amount of friction and make,life hard when it comes to actually,getting these bets processed something,that they dont seem to go to the,trouble of doing when somebody has lost,some money with them in the uk its much,the same theyll take a look at,customers ip addresses where they are,whos registered at that location find,any reason they possibly can to throw,the book at somebody say hey you broke,our terms and conditions you broke the,law therefore we dont have to pay you,when they win,but do the complete opposite if they,lose something that i wouldnt consider,to be particularly fair which takes me,on to the third and final point that you,should be worried about if youre,thinking about using draftkings which is,of course them changing the terms of the,bet after the fact has already happened,heres an example of a michigan man,thats already experienced this with,draftkings in the uk they call it a,palpable error basically they say this,was a mistake we need to change the odds,of your bet a bet that you never would,have placed at such odds after the fact,has already happened again this one only,ever seems to show up when somebody has,won a bet at some good value odds so i,predict this kind of behavior and,activity from u.s betting companies is,only going to get worse over the next,few years as it has over here so my top,tips to us betters right now is first of,all number one take the value as quick,as you possibly can if you spot value,odds be it through arbitrage software or,looking manually then you want to take,those odds and you want to go max stakes,as quick as you possibly can take the,opportunity take the money grab it while,its hot get it while its still there,because i guarantee to you in a year two,years from now youre certainly not,going to see a thousand dollar sign up,bonuses and youre probably not going to,see odds as uh far away from where they,should be as they are right now now one,way to get around this if youre new to,this market you dont know how to,identify odds would be to check out some,arbitrage software its a simple way of,sports but anywhere by you match,different odds between different,providers to ensure that you lock in a,profit between the two a bit like buying,and selling the stock but doing it,between different sports brokers,exploiting their odds in the process,another popular way which is really,quite easy for anyone to do is to,exploit the sign up bonuses heres a,brief example you sign up for say,draftkings or a thousand dollar sign up,bonus you sign up for another sports,provider you find odds that match,between each other and you place bets,against each other in order to cancel,out however you are left with a thousand,dollar sign up bonus you can then bet,that away recreationally however you,like or you can repeat the same process,again keeping a percentage of that sign,up bonus now its important to say you,probably lose a segment of your bet,whilst doing that in the first place but,its worth losing say i dont know 20,when youre getting a thousand dollars,easy money in the uk thats something,that people have routinely done over the,longer period with lots of different,providers in order to bring a nice side,income now even if youre not doing that,i just want to highlight the really,important thing here which is price you,need to go shopping for prices wherever,you are quite the opposite to your man,jason has said there so shop for prices,shop for bonuses make sure youre,getting the best price all the time and,try your hardest to beat the line at the,start of an event be in the line at the,start of event will ensure that you come,out on the long term over a longer,period if you dont understand what i,mean by that then check the video out in,the end screen where i explain the,basics behind pricing probability and,finding an edge in sports betting,markets thanks for watching my names,khan dont forget to subscribe to the,channel and like the video for more,content in the future


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