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  4. Drake – Certified Lover Boy Album Review
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  7. CERTIFIED LOVER BOY – Drake – Album Review

Drake – Certified Lover Boy ALBUM REVIEW

hi everyone knowthony way tiano here the,internets busiest music nerd and its,time for a review of this new drake,album certified lover boy,this is a brand new lp from aubry graham,or drake torontos very own six god is,back with his sixth album after getting,a pandemic pushback with the half-baked,darkling demo tapes serving as a sort of,placeholder in the meantime this record,came to us with absolutely no teasers,and quickly took shape seemingly in,reaction to drakes ongoing beef,with kanye west which flared up once,again after a feature verse that drake,dropped on the new trippy red album and,if that backstory seems too convoluted,for you to care,were just getting started please now,there are multiple lines off this record,that could easily be read as shots at,kanye west as well as the near entirety,of 7 am at bridal path which might seem,insignificant but i feel like for this,review its important to note just how,much,this,rivalry between drake and kanye,consumes drake pusha ts devastating,diss track the story of adidon may be a,few years old at this point and drakes,numbers may be as impressive as theyve,ever been but thanks to that whole,ordeal we now have access to this,section of drakes life that suddenly,hes so open and honest about as if his,honesty hasnt just been a series of,omissions up until this point not only,that but he now has to make being the,world famous rapper who had an unplanned,pregnancy a part of his brand and while,i appreciate drake putting on a game,face and embracing the realities of,fatherhood his actions still speak very,loudly to an insecurity he obviously has,around how all of this came out drake,seems more infatuated with the whole,thing than he did on scorpion maybe,because around that time he wanted,personally and mentally for their in his,music to be at least like some distance,from all that considering it just,happened but now on no friends in the,industry drake is bringing back that if,youre reading this its too late energy,type of vibe and dropping beef bars as,if we dont remember how 2018 played out,and look not to portray kanye and pusha,in this situation as 100 in the right,100 angels or 100 honest because its,beef but look as much of a distraction,and a focus all of this is uh right now,its not the reason clb is such a dud of,a record and why that is we may never,know the real answer but from an outside,perspective it seems like a lot of it,could have to do with a lack of,inspiration something thats been,looming larger and larger and larger on,drakes project since he dropped the,dreadfully boring views from the six and,certified loverboy i think is the most,punishing of these 90-minute marathons,that drake has been dropping as of late,and thats mostly due to a lack of,memorable songs and even memorable,performances from drake himself like he,is legitimately outshined by every,feature on this project even the ones,that dont even sound like theyre,trying all that hard hello travis scott,the record does have a pretty decent,kickoff though with the song champagne,poetry its dramatic theres a beat,switch its got kind of that tuscan,leather energy to it the sound of the,track is good but the first few lines,give us an idea of what were going to,be in for for the entirety of this,record and thats a lot of putting up,fronts and a lot of gaslighting as drake,says ive been hot since the birth of my,son i remain unfazed trust worse has,been done when you are literally so,obviously phased,that you cannot get off of this topic,the continued responses,and mentions,and engagements in this ongoing feud,yeah thats thats you being phased bro,and again look i think the performance,on this track is good i love the,chipmunk soul on the instrumental but,pretty much this entire track is just,meant to convince us that drake is,effortlessly winning while everyone,around him is struggling and there is an,extent to which that is true because,drake does continue to do a lot of,numbers and get a lot of engagement,despite little to no effort on this,record the following track poppys home,features more dramatic soul samples,along with bars meant to provoke the rap,world as if drake is some kind of,chaotic sitcom character walking on to,set to audience applause here drake is,clearly relishing his spot at the top he,is excited that his existence angers,people he is dropping more dad bars,talking about supermodels doing coke the,first leg of the track is not bad but i,have no idea why he buries the momentum,of the song into a,weird little nicki minaj appearance,thats not a verse and then from there,kind of plays it out with a long-winded,montel jordan section the whole thing,feels like two-thirds of a song really i,dont know why drake couldnt like,finish it off as strong as he started,but overall this track does feel like a,real like puff out your chest kind of,moment which plays out really weird as,we transition into the,very,weak and and not puff your chest out,girls like girls where drake claims,girls like girls where im from which,im not sure is this an indictment of,the men of toronto or is this a lack of,understanding um,that theyre lesbians in every city,around the world considering that drake,thinks liking women as well makes him a,lesbian maybe its the latter now i know,drake is just joking obviously but this,is not a joke that has played uh much of,anywhere relevant since like 2001. but,honestly this tracks greatest sin is,being so goddamn boring that while im,listening to it,i kind of want to just like hook a car,battery up to my nuts just to get some,kind of mental stimulation the b is too,bland for words and on top of it drake,could not sound more unenthusiastic the,only portion of the track that grabs any,real attention is the little baby,feature on it and hes rapping on this,track like his life depends on,it the effort gap between drake and his,collaborators on this record continues,on to the song in the bible with givion,as well as little dirk they are,obviously the most interesting things,about the song and its hard for them,not to be considering just how awful,drakes vocal lines on this track are,they dont seem to make sense at all at,least to me over this beat drake also,sounding very low energy on the song,love all and of course like he was not,going to drop a better verse than jay-z,on the song even with hove operating at,50,thankfully fair trade with travis scott,sees things picking up a little bit,drakes flows here are actually catchy,and melodic direct and hooky ive been,losing friends and finding peace may,seem like a stereotypical drake bar at,this point but its still the best hook,this album has to offer thus far the,slow psychedelic instrumental transition,into traviss section of the track is,pretty sick as well overall ill say i,think its a good track for this record,but in the grander scheme of things its,pretty low impact i mean reminder these,are the two guys that brought a sicko,mode next we have the records first,real attempt at dropping a banger a huge,single way too sexy which um,is one of the most embarrassing things,drake has ever released in my opinion,there is an awful right said fred sample,of too sexy which goes right into an,interpolation with future on the chorus,the idea itself for the track is,horrendous and somehow drake makes it,even worse with a very underwritten,verse anyway if chance the rapper cant,live down hot shower i see no reason why,drake should get to like revel in this,especially when future becomes pretty,much the draw for the track and young,thug is seen exiting through the back of,the song quietly like he didnt even,want you to know he was there then on,the song tsu things turn a little bit,weird yeah it may have another drab beat,tedious flow whole song is about a,stripper kind of trying to get her life,together which i guess is fine but then,the narrative kind of shifts into drake,uh supporting her financially for sexual,favors she kind of has a business uh,plan in mind for


dailies i know you back that stressing,cause your daughter bought me seven even,though these streets political ptsd from,what i weighed on the digital it was,snowfall and rigging gave me to motivate,the hood and do better i lost my coast,so i had to wear two,sweaters finally,here,i got my cup,theres nothing in this but tahitian,tree certified lover boy,is out,now i want to tell you a couple things,right kanye will not be mentioned in,this video damn did i play pusha t in,the beginning i did not i didnt even,mean to do that either i was just,thinking about the verse on paul molly,it just happened to be a crazy verse i,want to give drake the benefit of the,doubt of just dropping an album and him,not having a thought about mr west in,any capacity you know this could just be,a crazy album and itd just be great and,no one have to mention it being better,or worse than donde but i know people,are gonna do that so it does look like,this is the final cover art for,certified lover boy im extremely,disappointed but im also very excited,because drake has been playing into this,certified lover boy persona for for the,better part of his career but doing so,unironically which a lot of the time can,just make him come off corny but here it,seems like hes playing so deeply into,it like the album name this cover art uh,[ __ ] was cutting dicks and testicles in,his forehead basically for the last year,like hes aware of it he knows what hes,doing i dont think that this is,unironic i dont think that hes taking,himself too seriously this is the type,of drake music that i like to listen to,where hes just doing what he likes to,do and it doesnt appear as if hes,taking it too seriously but i do,real quick,need to discuss,what the [ __ ],this album description is a combination,of toxic masculinity and acceptance of,truth which is inevitably heartbroken,theres no theres nothing for me to,believe that this album wont be amazing,if you are writing toxic masculinity in,your album description you know what,youre doing this is this has all the,signs of of just like a [ __ ] thats,just desperate for [ __ ] thats what,this this whole ammo thats what its,been this if this is unironic ill never,listen to him again bro imagine this,album is [ __ ] amazing and then we,gotta look at this [ __ ] as cover art,certified lover boy track one champagne,poppy,oh yeah,its hard to be unfazed trustworthy,thing i hate most about drake is,listening to his music,hes the only rapper that so many people,make fun of but like his pen is,phenomenal when he wants it to be like,yeah he told this [ __ ] the text message,you will never recover he like bro,what have you really done to me im,unfazed worse has been done,just in the album nothing else bigger,than the ovo letterman,[Music],this sample too is crazy the drums oh,what you doing i sound like that one,girl when i was like 15 years old,and we was alone in her room or whatever,and i just kind of like slid one of my,pants legs down shes like what are you,doing moneys all i need in my brain and,burying me now,um this is the part where im gonna find,a new part of me to explore,oh yeah strong first track we about to,explore a new side of drake basically is,what hes trying to say so hopefully i,get within these tracks a part of drake,that ive never heard before i want that,lets go i dont like the name of these,tracks though poppys home like bro come,on now i gotta i actually have to say,the name,all right,wait wait wait wait he just say im,coming with the whop,drake how long you been gone my [ __ ],what what you been doing at the house,this is not,what i thought you meant when you said,new years all i did was stretch whoa,no,i was just about to say all you [ __ ],is my sons,that track was very,like oddly specific i dont know who,hes talking about because i havent,heard anyone,in the industry i guess thats like,resembled drake that strongly that he,would need a track like this to call,them out but maybe theres somebody out,there like that i like the nicki minaj,inclusion on this track as well because,the whole track is very,all you [ __ ] is my sons basically oh,other than that the track isnt bad is,it the the first thing that i needed,from drake after you told me that im,going into a different side of myself,not really but were going to try a,track number three with a little baby,girls one girl you mean they dont all,want me what,[Music],whoa,oh,god,did he really say,[Music],bro i just little baby bro,i know some of yall been on his dick,since like i dont know since he first,came out but like i just became a recent,dick writer and the [ __ ] hes been,putting out like this year all of his,just hit for me i dont know why and i,dont know when it started to happen,probably a little a little before last,year before that bigger the picture uh,you know track dropped thats when i was,like yo man,like look at his piece bro im just so,confident in his ability to spit like,say that youre a lesbian,he had he put that in there twice i need,you to delete that lesbian line though,bro please uh so i dont know i guess,with the current state of everything,maybe hes dealing with or hes dealt,with the chick that you know you know,you know the girl oh men are trash you,know im done with men,all right well see about that later,thats what this track feels like but,yeah its not bad i like you know its,got a good vibe its got a nice rhythm,to it,does it need to exist now were getting,into some [ __ ] that might actually be,like something we got a little dirk and,gibeon in the bible,hold up let me correct you my brother,let me show you something talking to me,like oh no my [ __ ] says right,here and when the syrians of damascus,came to help uh,hadar razier king of zoba david slew of,the syrians two and twenty thousand men,so what that means is [ __ ] was running,a train,on davids op so,his drums heaviest,[Music],tell me theres still room in this track,for little dirk and givion how the drums,are heavy as [ __ ] how they gonna hold,these [ __ ] up,bro yall gotta go back in here dirk,ride these drums man that is crazy oh,man you reacting bro just please please,just open your mouth okay,open your mouth,open all the way wide as [ __ ] if you,gotta cut your cheeks open like the,joker do that [ __ ],and remove my penis from your from your,tonsils bro,let me enjoy dirk,let me love what hes doing right now,jesus christ i already know somebody oh,he wasnt even at heart go away,[Music],existing dude cause youve got me in,amazing situations im not gonna lie to,you bro give you on is that guy if i,ever were to see this person just to be,like yo,what youve been putting out,you you set the stage,for [ __ ] to do what they need to do,sometimes man i i just gotta you know,what im just im gonna just tweet right,now give me on,thank you do i need to explain what,makes our track so great the drums,theyre theyre amazing theyre heavy,they take up a lot of the track its,clean i like it dirk was riding it drake,was going nicely on the drone vivion oh,my god his performance beautiful voice,the control this man has track number,five is love all featuring whole,previously on ready to die,what oh,huh people never care until its all i,think no,its such a basic line but like itll,always live with nobody asking whats,wrong,bro its really not going to matter to,you until its too late for you to ask,whats wrong hashtag deep the same sean,that you knew once i dont shine shoes,on this aint what you looking for for,the internet [ __ ] we dont tennis that,you gotta do something oh no that line,is uh thats great we dont tennis that,oh we dont do that over here you expect,us to return fire the same way you came,at us we dont do that over here its,gonna be a whole,oh my god hes the ghost violence,anything besides this we playing,violence,oh my god that was violence anything,besides this now we playing violins you,know the price everything but the value,of nothing,so uh i do like that drake uh,i think hov really dominated t

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Certified Lover Boy Review | The Joe Budden Podcast

thursday afternoon yeah,im at the barber shop,call ice,i say yo i just got one question for you,do you think kendrick has his phone,today,he laughed i laughed,i said yo,but he knew what i was saying what i was,saying was,dawg you could feel the energy i know,that term is that is thrown around a lot,but thursday afternoon you could feel,the energy of the drake drop coming,thats not me and my ovo cape yall no,no im just narrating the day you,couldnt escape it,fam i saw you dudes,getting your outfits together the barber,shop was more packed yall was getting,haircuts for drake,some of yall was throwing listening,parties,ovo champagne kickbacks yall was doing,that [ __ ] yall do part of the genius of,him somehow he has,conditioned and trained people its an,event when i drop you have to do,something my ovo radio ima play the new,[ __ ] whatever he does that [ __ ] works,but you could feel that [ __ ],and it was an overwhelming feeling am i,off no youre right,it was every you couldnt escape it yes,goodness okay you couldnt escape it the,womens,they were hey people were attacking the,people that for acting like they didnt,want to hear it,[Music],yo with some of you [ __ ] right now,talk about the waiting up for the trick,drop so you can hate on him,im like yo youre not even letting us,prepare our hate,dont counter our hate before we can,establish it so it was a lot going on,yeah theyre shouting the hate and that,felt good for me that felt good coming,off of all the uh kanye energy weve,been blessed by the hip-hop gods,to receive all of that kanye [ __ ],and then bump into pregnant emoji album,cover,drake and all his friends,thats a blessing,its so much of a blessing,i tried to wait up,same i didnt make it i thought this was,dropping at midnight,and im not hogging this mic so anytime,you all hop in i aint making it i did,the same thing i was tired i literally i,was mopping all day i knew i had to be,up at three i saw 2 a.m i said i was,waiting till midnight i saw that post,say 2 a.m i said you know what west,coast yall won,see i didnt see none of that around 9,00 p.m like a proper 41 year old i got a,little sleepy yall,but i was still trying to fight it so,you know what i went and did ill tell,you you know what the [ __ ] drake drop,made me go do you guessed it ive,watched,suicide squad,oh my god oh my god what am i,what am i 13 again,wait this is a sequel oh yeah there was,another one of these,oh this i hope this was the good one,this was a good one compared to that one,this was real cool but whos the little,[ __ ] with the dots what was his power,did you watch it oh he could no,i went to sleep he showed his powers to,dot you to death yeah he spit polka dots,please tell me youre lying,but my point is you all know i wasnt,about to sit there watch suicide squad,but the drake drop made me watch it i,fell asleep on polka dot man when he,went in the corner to piss and polka,dots was going to the sky and dude was,looking at him like a weirdo i would,piss his polka dots and they kill you i,dont know what he was doing i think it,was a weirdo i bounced boogie,ive looked for wolverine so fast but,anyway i fell asleep,woke up at three a.m now was in my phone,as i thought it would be if its,dropping at midnight so i missed all of,that but,once the london people didnt tell me,about the album five hours earlier i,kind of sort of didnt think that he,would drop it la la new york,different times he wouldnt give it to,uh he wouldnt give it to new york and,then give it to la you know you cant do,that,so we all gonna wait right we all gonna,wait but i got down i went downstairs,made me some coffee and i hit play from,track number one and i let it play,what a loser,right,go ahead and say it its fine no thats,not losing [ __ ] thats just most of the,show no its some loser [ __ ] what are,you supposed to do,all right well im talking about my that,is some loser [ __ ] nah,out of my bed bam,in bed i dont care i almost did but,went downstairs at 3am made a coffee to,listen the track one,to the end,you are a [ __ ],loser joe buddy,i disagree,i disagree with somethings that highly,anticipated you do that i almost did i,looked at the folks i was in bed still i,was still up and they said oh no we,pushed it up to one,i said im waiting,all right so look let me tell you on my,end give it to us,i had the sound 42 the um serious [ __ ],because they was playing like drakes,greatest hits from 10 oclock,so im like cool oh youre a loser,whatever,see im in the crib right i never want,to be like him,i never want to be in that level,you know ovo they do that [ __ ] every,drink drop they go and play all his but,the [ __ ] that listen to it are losers,oh well hey hey like i gotta tell you,hey thats cool i [ __ ] with yall though,im losing and ive done it before,so im im listening preparing for,midnight then i see the instagram post,with the track list and it says 2 a.m,[ __ ] yeah im going to sleep yeah so i,wake up,first thing i say is im not touching my,text messages,or my timeline,i dont want anybody saying yo did you,hear this i dont want no thoughts in my,head,i want to be able to go completely blind,into it howd that work out for you,great okay because,once i read my phone,that would have changed things,so im glad i didnt do that,interesting so yeah thats how i i,digested it just completely,i dont i dont mind getting a,surprise no when you see yo you gotta,listen to track number seven,in my head im ready to hear track seven,i dont look at my phone i put the [ __ ],on thats what im saying thats why i,didnt look at the timeline i dont know,what track seven is i dont know what,track hit when i dont pay attention to,it i i didnt want no information,okay i just wanted to hear the album and,how did it feel uh as a virgin listener,i like listening to music that way with,no expectations okay,yeah expectations like a [ __ ] weirdo,right yeah,you had expectations well no i mean its,drake im thinking its gonna be a drake,album im thinking yo he about to well,thats a safe expectation,i didnt think this is gonna be trash or,fire but,drake on there so so on your coffee run,3 a.m,coffee,aggie in the face,one on a wood wicker chair what is that,[ __ ] that the chair might whats that,[ __ ] thats weird [ __ ] wood wicker,[ __ ] its not the most comfy sit at 3,a.m,and im near at a bar i mean its a bar,stool theres nobody there youre home,[ __ ],sit on the couch yeah thats not a,comfortable chair but anyway at 3am boys,was the worst album ive heard in my,life oh my god what was i cursing this,canadian [ __ ] out,at 3am oh this was a cd,oh he was i was on his ass at 3am at 3am,i couldnt but my ears imma yo,it wasnt a good lizard for me i,couldnt hear the samples the drums the,beats,he didnt address nobody i didnt hear,the bars lyrics im like yo dawg you,were just listening you wasnt hearing,it,yo im going to bed,youre not going to do this to me im,going to bed because somehow i got to,find a way to discuss this [ __ ] if,thats what the [ __ ] you did,and i went to bed had the best leap cut,my brain right off,deep slumber oh my god it was the best,sleep ever and i woke up,sun was shining no love now,no breeze,[Music],it was sunny but it was breezy,hey its friday,the dope strippers work tonight it was a,different it just you woke up,in a different vibe and i hit play,and i said,because i didnt think that was fair,thats not fair and see its not fair,that coming off for kanye they pit me,against myself this way kanye he,presented himself in stadiums i thought,i was doing him an injustice by,listening on tiny speakers i made it my,business to hear kanye on all the,speakers to get the sound that i know he,wanted me to have,drake is my man im not gonna wake up,out of bed and give you the rough 3 a.m,listen and now give you the,the next morning it was a little,different it was a little different,and i thought to myself,i am so happy that this guy is on on top,man i am,let me at the drops,i dont know if youre drunk,yeah w

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Drake – Certified Lover Boy Album Review

dead in hip-hop album review,drake certified lover boy no bio its,[ __ ] drake drake has been,done multiple times on dead and hip hop,i would say i would likely say every,album that he has released we have done,if you dont know who the hell drake is,hes from toronto thats all you need to,know,thats it man its been what two three,years since the last release last year,dark lane demo we did it live oh yeah,remember because this was during,pandemic so we was all on zone and we,did it live,[Laughter],this is one of drakes best projects,[Laughter],thats a high tick,run ride like yo,[Music],youre kidding them laughing,and then riders just assault yo,um all right,wait wait wait no no no no no no let him,let him rock for a minute you know what,hes saying,people say i aint stutter bro,i think this,drake has been extremely consistent this,album doesnt stray away from what hes,really done in the past i had to go back,and listen to a couple albums and watch,some of our older reviews,and my opinion of his projects typically,change over time but when i listen to,this in comparison to his other stuff,its not that different you know saying,drake still does a lot of music that i,dont necessarily care for like oh im,in the mood for this nah you know what,im saying like the joint with um give,you on a little dirk in the bible like i,love giving on that and even like that,little b switch at the end you know say,i really like it but that type of track,im just like,not here for it you know im saying like,thats not for me the love all with,jay-z like that the first two joints the,way comes in i really like those joints,poppys home yeah hes home yeah i like,people gonna like that [ __ ] he probably,walk in the house saying that every day,poppys home baby poppys home hey my,wife already called me that song thats,what im saying thats what im saying,like see,his home boy but nah its not even,because of that,i i like poppys home because he,addresses all of the,the drake babies out here that copy his,melodies and his style and all of that,and he addressed that [ __ ] in his way i,was like,martel jordans daddys home does,anybody know that song,why are you hating on montel bro im not,hating on my tail that was just i was,surprised to hear that simple yeah out,of all the songs that hes done im sure,montel was surprised too im sure montel,probably got a good check im sure,he says friday night i feel all right,like coming off of champagne poetry like,it just dont hit like it dont hit the,same i i agree i agree but again i like,how drake is addressing you know the,[ __ ] in the industry that want,to talk [ __ ] about him but then do what,he does was that what hes talking about,or was he talking about um,hes not be to be featured on these new,up and coming rappers because thats,what i thought he said that i thought he,was like sorry because i you werent,able to you know name drop me and stuff,like that,i think i think all of that thats part,of it all of that is part of it i love,the um the sample that they use for in,too deep with future you know im saying,thats off a bum beast project get,throwed i want to say thats the name of,the joint and im you know im bad with,names but i think im right on that,thats the road all right then you know,he got he got a couple joints and im,just like,in between that and im just like im,not really [ __ ] with but then but you,said its his best album okay but i also,said that drake makes music that i dont,[ __ ] with drake makes music that i dont,like i dont like 100 of all drake [ __ ],i like it overall,so you like this album i like the album,he said it was his best album though no,i got that i got one of his best albums,so that was the,all right cool cool you know what im,saying and then,[Laughter],[Music],that was quick and witty right there i,like that damn,i dont i dont tell us that,was cool didnt love it but i like it,like i could i could replay that joint,even though thats the style of drake,that i dont care for but sometimes he,makes joints that i like i like pipe,down its cool yellows heartbreak a,little too slow for me however then when,it gets to knife talk with 21 savage and,project pack,that is the drake thats that thats the,rapidy drake that i want to hear more of,21 project pack they killed that [ __ ],got no friends in the industry the one,before that thats the one where he was,talking oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah this is kind of like,one of the best songs yeah yeah yeah and,then this is kind of like where it picks,up because you go no friends in industry,knife talk,7 a.m um on bridal path thats my,favorite that [ __ ] is hard as [ __ ],you know what im saying lil wayne,mm-hmm,man hey man hey,hey look if you watching my [ __ ] i need,that [ __ ] bro what is this dude been on,and hes featuring on west side [ __ ] the,[ __ ] on this [ __ ] the other features,youve been done dead bro hey this man,has been a feature killer hes kind of,price man i need it,baby but again i just think that this is,one of his better projects you know what,im saying and i [ __ ] with it i dont,all the way love it because again he,makes music now im just like damn drake,bro you could have cut that add another,hard joint you said left that two soft,joints and it would be better but thats,why i had to go back and im like jake,is never going to do that damn you love,all of them,i aint like what,oh no,what the [ __ ] what song is that thats,with jay-z,yeah i [ __ ] with love all right,all of them i i i thought you did too,im talking about that never mind yeah,yeah it didnt hit his heart bro never,mind never it didnt hit as hard as,kens joy yeah but now i like i like jay,on there it sounded a bit lazy,it sounded just j just just a little,just a little i feel you know what it,feels like jay is just coasting its,its like its like bro im not putting,no effort in no more like i know you,sound a little bit more aggressive on,this one than he did on the donda joint,like thats what i was going to say yeah,yeah he it sounded like he was he was,mad about something like he was really,thinking about what he was rapping about,and it kind of upset him a little bit,versus donny just kind of i feel like,that he just kind of i feel you yeah,that verse was lazy this one when i,listened to this i was like damn why did,jay do yay like that jay gave yay that,[ __ ] ass voice but it was like the,same but that tells you something,jay-z gave gay that [ __ ] ass verse,but then he gave drake this [ __ ] this,verse was dope his flow was good his his,lyrics were good drake won on this man,no i feel you i think one on there it,just feels like hows your best friend,give your your enemy the best verse i,did feel like he gave him a better,version and it almost sounded like you,can take everything that jay say said,and apply it to kanye in that verse too,i thought he was talking about kanye,till i looked it up,nah i didnt say he was i just said it,sounded like you could apply it no hes,definitely not because i looked it up,and he talked about the other guy the,guy shot at him or something yall the,jay fans deandre,i never knew i didnt know his name or,whatever wouldnt it was his friend but,the guy that shot at him no no no isnt,it,i cant go ahead go ahead the guy,ill go let him let him cook for a,minute but no he has a friend starts,with a d whoever that guy that guy was,friends with someone that shot at jay-z,and thats why him and that guy are not,friends i vaguely remember looking up,yall not real jay-z fans i just i,vaguely remember this is embarrassing,oh another thing too that the jay,especially when jay started like the,first couple of lines it reminded me a,little bit about nipsey too you know im,saying like yall want me to be cool,with him but he was trying to kill me or,some [ __ ] like that shoot at me,im saying its just i dont know for,some reason it made me it reminded me of,nip too im weird with drake man like,when i first put this on um it was like,kind of

HE GAVE CLB A 3?!? LosPollosTV GOES OFF Reacting To TheNeedleDrop Certified Lover Boy ALBUM REVIEW

all right um,the chat is now closed so mods you could,do whatever you want to get out of email,mode 17 minutes long so off the bat im,gonna just tell you right now bro and,this is me i closed the chat so i dont,see what anyones saying um off the bat,i know this is gonna be,this is not gonna be a good score i,already know that uh a part of me in the,back of my mind is like you know what,maybe he maybe he will give this a,respectable score just because like its,almost like if this is if this is a bad,score its almost like overkill at this,point in my opinion like its almost,overkill like youre like overdoing it,at this point like clearly youre like,have a bias against drake whatever it is,i i dont know ive seen his other,reviews on drake [ __ ] and he he even,mentions drake and other things too,dude whatever its almost like to me,itd be overkill this is a bad bad,review im expecting to be mediocre im,not expecting it to be good and im not,expecting to be over um a seven im not,so,uh and thats just because of who he is,you know hes into like weird [ __ ] he,likes weird ass like screamo type [ __ ],and like,you know,whatever,thats thats his musical opinion guess,what,everyone is entitled to their own,opinion,um and no ones opinion is wrong so when,you when you see people,trying to spew things,online telling you who is,better and who it listen,at the end of the day bro at the end of,the day bro thats your [ __ ],stupid-ass opinion,thats your dumb ass opinion that to be,honest nobody cares about,nobody cares dude if youre a random,person on twitter with 18 followers,replying to people with massive amounts,of followers i,listen to me bro,nobody cares about your opinion that,doesnt mean your opinion is wrong or,its youre not entitled to it you are,but im letting you know that nobody,cares at all like,like listen to the words im saying,listen listen nobody cares what your,opinion is okay thats the bi thats,just what it is if you cant take that,in i dont know what to tell you but i,im gonna guarantee you though that,nobody cares,like you can never give your opinion,again nobody would care you can give,your opinion 20 days straight into,nobody gives a [ __ ] bro just letting you,know just letting the just just letting,the little the little twitter you know,hide their profile picture with the,anime [ __ ] and,14 followers your pin tweet is you,replying to someone and getting 16 likes,just talking to those guys just talking,to those,its a very small percentage of weirdos,just a very small percentage who think,that they think that their opinion,it means you dont no one cares bro no,one cares bro with that being said with,that being said lets do this drake,certified lover boy album review by the,melon himself i dont have high,expectations i cant see the chat right,now,all right here we go,lets check it out hi everyone knowthony,way tiano here the internets busiest,music nerd and its time for a review of,this new drake album certified lover,i dont like how you just said drake,like like just off the bat like,why did you say it like that,thats just if you dont see the clear,bias and this isnt even me trolling,like,oh dude,like,what no one would say that about kanye,bro,im just like like bro im just being,honest bro,hold on someones calling me,hi everyone know anthony way tiano here,the internets busiest music nerd and,its time for a review of this new drake,album certified lover boy,this is a brand new lp from aubry graham,or drake torontos very own six god is,back with his sixth album after getting,a pandemic pushback with the half-baked,dark lane demo tapes serving as a sort,of placeholder in the meantime this,record came to us with absolutely no,teasers and quickly took shape seemingly,in reaction to drakes ongoing beef,with kanye west which flared up once,again after a feature verse that drake,dropped on the new trippy red album and,if that backstory seems too convoluted,for you to care,were just getting started please now,there are multiple lines off this record,that could easily be read as shots at,kanye west as well as the near entirety,of 7 am at bridal path which might seem,insignificant but i feel like for this,review its important to note just how,much,this,rivalry between drake and kanye,consumes drake pusha ts devastating,diss track the story of adidon may be a,few years old at this point,dude,oh my god,hey can we just agree that,that that diss track,it revealed a drake out of sun that was,crazy the actual song itself bro if the,song was fire bro id admit it i,literally just would,it was ass,like it was just not a good song at all,and drakes diss was better than that it,was just,he [ __ ] revealed that drinking a sun,bro and also,people trying to use this picture like,drake is like in his house alone,dressing up like this and like putting,dude what this was like a this was like,an art project from like school or some,[ __ ] some like an artist did this and,that was in school some weird [ __ ] from,back in the day like drakes not like,alone in his house like painting his,face and [ __ ],i dont know like if that people if you,think that you youre just dumb like i,dont,like what the [ __ ] is wrong with you,anyway i and,anyway,i i digress im just saying that,dude devastating distract okay bro,whatever and like i s and he just said,that drake is is like,kanyes living rent-free and drakes,head or something like,its i think its the complete opposite,bro i think that drake is [ __ ],sitting there [ __ ] laughing,if you look at that instagram story of,him laughing in the car like thats just,what i think drakes mood is bro he,doesnt care like,kanye really gives a [ __ ] dude,kanye kanyes posting [ __ ],addresses,and doing all this [ __ ] weird [ __ ],what is drake doing drake will just go,and why hes in a trippy red song and,says your age and now oh my god all,thats all drake can care about,all he thinks about is kanye bro its,literally the complete opposite bro it,really is but the kanye you know the,kanye lovers will never will never ever,admit that ever but,thats really what it is bro,um anyway lets go and drakes numbers,may be as impressive as theyve ever,been but thanks to that whole ordeal we,now have access to this section of,drakes life that suddenly hes so open,and honest about as if his honesty,hasnt just been a series of omissions,up until this point not only that but he,now has to make being the world famous,rapper who had an unplanned pregnancy a,part of his brand and while i appreciate,drake putting on a game face and,embracing the realities of fatherhood,his actions still speak very loudly to,an insecurity he obviously has around,how all of this came out drake seems,more infatuated with the whole thing,than he did on scorpion maybe because,around that time he wanted personally,and mentally for their in his music to,be at least like some distance from all,of that considering it just happened but,now on no friends in the industry drake,is bringing back that if youre reading,this its too late energy type of vibe,and dropping beef bars as if we dont,remember how 2018 played out and look,not to portray kanye and pusha in this,situation as 100 in the right 100 angels,or 100 honest because its beef but look,as much of a distraction and a focus all,of this is,right now its not the reason clb is,such a dud of a record and why that is,we may never know the real answer but,from an outside perspective it seems,like a lot of it could have to do with a,lack of inspiration something,a dud of a record dude i dont know how,anyone could listen to that and just and,just say its a like,oh man listen bro listen dude,thats just honestly bro,thats some hating [ __ ] bro thats,literally thats not even trolling,thats thats actually just thats just,hating bro,thats really just hating bro if it was,that trash,if it was that [ __ ] trash bro,everyone would be saying its trash,everyone wont be saying its trash,i dont know thats that oh my god uh,i got dude were two three minu

HIDDEN Details! Drake Certified Lover Boy Air Force 1 Review & On Foot

so after being rumored for well over a,year at this point I mean at one point,they were rumored to be canceled,thankfully that rumor was squashed and,now we finally have a release date so,lets find out if these were worth the,wait,[Music],so here we have the box I like how the,Box literally represents whats inside,with the sneaker you get a regular Air,Force One box obviously all over light,blue got the Nike branding on the center,of course it says Air Force One and you,can also see in cursive and gold the,love you forever tax everything else is,pretty standard you got your sizing tags,however on the reverse you can see the,little collaboration details it says in,association with nocta so lets pop the,lid see what we got inside so my special,paper you do have the nocta logo printed,on it as well as the Nike one lets see,the sneakers guys lets see what these,are all about here they are this is the,certified Loverboy Air Force One,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],in the Box you also get some extras but,we will talk about these later but now,though here they are guys we got the,Drake forces in the building which were,probably supposed to release at the same,time that he dropped his album certified,Loverboy obviously they didnt but like,I said we do have a release date so let,me give you all of the details on this,sneaker these are now set to drop on,December the 2nd and there will be a,bunch of different Raffles available as,well as of course a Nike sneakers,release theyre going to retail for 125,pounds here in the UK or 160 dollars out,in the US so yes a decent price High,compared to a regular Air Force One,however having said that I will say that,these are better than a regular pair of,Air Force Ones its not just the name,attached to these that is hiking that,price up although that definitely is,part of it youre getting a lot more for,your money with this sneaker all Im,saying is in terms of a collaboration,this is probably going to end up being,better value than a supreme box logo Air,Force One,[Music],let me tell you guys the differences,between the Drake certified Loverboy Air,Force One and a regular white pair of,forces now obviously as you can tell,theres not that many differences I mean,hey just from afar these kind of just,look identical to a regular pair of Air,Force Ones but there are some subtle,details starting with the leather yes,thankfully the leather feels way better,10 times better than a regular pair of,Air Forces as you can see it is all,tumbled much more soft much more buttery,and in general just feels more creamy I,mean the leather quality on a regular,pair of forces is not hard to beat by,any standards I am a fan of these,feeling more premium and over time will,crease a lot less harshly than the,regular Air Force One now you also get a,leather sock liner which is different to,a regular Air Force One that is just a,mesh material I will say that the,leather sock liner doesnt make a,massive difference to the feel of it on,foot yes you could probably slide your,foot in these things a little bit easier,but walking around you wont really tell,the difference theres also very,slightly different perforation holes on,the toe box than a regular Air Force One,as you can see there is smaller and,larger holes whereas on a regular Air,Force One its all the same shaped hole,you get the same exact silver debris,that you find on a regular Air Force One,this one again still has the same af1,branding but moving over to what I think,is probably the biggest change up on,this pair of sneakers is on the lateral,side of the midsole as you can see its,got that love you forever text in,cursive again now what that text is,replaces obviously the air logo which,you do find on the medial side of this,pair of sneakers and then of course you,get a little bit of nocta branding and,that is on the back tab on the left,sneaker as you can see embroidered there,in white is the nocta logo and then you,also get the nocta logo on the insoles,of the sneaker which are also blue and,then finally of course is those extras,that I showed you included in the box,and these are actually pretty,interesting so starting with the extra,laces these are just all over white,nothing too special except for the,aglets which are a lot heavier and,actually made of metal now they are,super thick so they screw and unscrew to,give you the ability to actually lace up,the sneaker and also give you the,ability to add the second little bit of,extra that you get in the box which is,these uh blue letter and number beads,these beads are actually pretty cool,although yes I guess it is pretty random,you get the entire alphabet in terms of,letter and then you get number zero to,nine Im not entirely sure why the,addition of these beads have anything to,do with Drake or nocta or certified,Loverboy in general except for the fact,that maybe theyre light blue other than,that Im not entirely sure the,correlation between these beads in Drake,but either way I do think its a pretty,fun little addition to the sneaker I,dont know youve got the whole alphabet,to play around with and of course the,numbers that are included so uh yeah see,how creative you want to get with your,words,and one of the most subtle little change,UPS on this pair of shoes which if you,didnt know I dont even know if you,would actually ever notice wearing these,sneakers around but if you take a look,at the top of the outsole of this,sneaker you can see those little ribbed,shapes are actually hearts on a regular,Air Force One its a little diamond,shape you didnt know that they were,there I think itd be very hard to kind,of actually realize that that is a,change up from a regular Air Force One,now funny story about the hearts on this,pair of shoes I believe that they were,actually the reason why these were,rumored to be canceled they said it was,due to the production being very,difficult for them to create these,Hearts obviously we know that thats not,the case now but yeah its pretty,interesting but apart from all that,apart from all those little subtle,details that you get on this sneaker,this is pretty much a regular Air Force,One meaning these being pretty much,identical to a regular pair of forces,can be looked at in kind of two,different ways I mean you may feel like,its not worth the extra money and,youll just stick with a regular pair of,forces but actually it kind of makes,sense that you would just keep the Air,Force One as close to a regular Air,Force One as possible and as much as it,doesnt make sense for you to pay extra,for a regular Air Force One regular,leather and everything however you get a,supreme box logo tens of thousands of,people do I mean if it aint broke dont,fix it just attach a name to it and it,will bang air forces are literally the,most popular sneaker on the planet I,mean they sell out on Nike and different,retailers and they even resell on the,platform stockx I mean theres almost,been a staggering 150 000 people who are,willing to pay extra for a regular white,Air Force One and thats just in the,last 12 months only on stockx so yeah I,do think that this will be a very,popular sneaker collaboration for Drake,and nocta and Nike I mean you are paying,extra but youre also getting more,premium materials that feel a lot better,on foot and youre also getting I mean,youre getting the beads and Drakes,name on it I mean personally I think,its worth the extra money I would pay,just for the material alone that little,bump up in price lets talk about sizing,um I personally go a half size Down On,Air Force One I dont have a,particularly wide foot so thats,something to keep in mind if you have a,wider set foot I would definitely stick,true to size on these but for me,personally I go a half size down so,thats something to consider in terms of,the length of the sneaker but yeah guys,let me know what you think of the Drake,Air Forces is this something that youre,gonna be going for this December,remember theyre dropping on the second,le

CERTIFIED LOVER BOY – Drake – Album Review

all right ive been a drake fan for a,long time before anyone freaks out in,the comments i just want everyone to,know im basically a stan even the stuff,that no one listens to its like views,is one of my favorite albums more life,is a great mixtape but i have a hard,time believing that we waited a year to,listen to cbl what was drake doing for,the last eight months how long does it,take to shave a heart into your hair,every morning i dont understand hes,been teasing this album for two years,officially announcing it last october,and it was supposed to come out in,january this year but it just never did,and there was more or less no word from,drake all year until he and kanye,started dating i mean fake beefing,immediately before the release of donda,at which point drake announced he was,gonna drop his album just four days,after kanye okay lets just talk about,the record this is the good the bad and,the weird of certified boy lover first,impressions upon my very first listen to,this record i honestly hated it i,thought it was lazy one dimensional,boring soft weak long drawn out even,traviss feature was like mumbled weak,it dragged on way too long the one and,only moment of clb that i really enjoyed,upon first listen was the beetle sample,in the intro track and even that went on,for way too long this album is 90,minutes in length it has 21 tracks and a,ton of the songs are just four five six,minutes long in what world is that,normal or acceptable in 2021 who wants,to listen to passage after passage of,drake just whining into a microphone for,five minutes straight anyway after my,pretty bad first impression i listened,to this record a few more times and i,was able to figure out what i enjoyed,and what i really didnt like so lets,get into it the good heres the thing,about the good the high points on cbl,are kind of few and far between theyre,hushed and subdued and as far as albums,go this one just doesnt really make a,statement i mean drake never really,makes statements musically lyrically,hes more or less a chameleon weve been,over this everyone knows drake rides,waves and hasnt changed the style of,his records in years basically i feel,like hes been relying on the same style,since 2016 when he dropped fuse that,being said my first few impressions were,just needlessly harsh the album is,definitely a bit of a grower the songs,are long there are way too many of them,and honestly its not a fresh sound at,all but none of that really means the,album has to be bad so heres what i,like about clb fair trade is a pretty,good song traviss feature is somehow,boring yet satisfying at the same time,but this is probably drakes best,performance on the album obviously the,instagram caption bars go hard and the,one about his mom is pretty nice too,even though its about two minutes too,long i really enjoyed this song tsu is a,pretty good song too as long as you can,ignore the absolutely unnecessary one,minute intro and the fact that its,literally a song about drakes simping,over a stripper in too deep is a pretty,boring song until the beat switch,halfway through that turns it into a,darker colder banger with a future verse,pipe down is a pretty good song no,complaints there knife talk with 21 and,project pat is a great song obviously,lil wayne and rick ross do a pretty good,job on their features but at this point,im honestly out of nice things to say,its not a bad sounding album obviously,drake just didnt forget how to sing or,anything like that its just i feel like,ive heard everything on this record,before at least once or twice everything,about the songs melodies beats lyrics,features nothing about this album is at,all substantially different from dark,lane demo tapes scorpion more life or,even views honestly its way more boring,than those projects the songs are long,theyre way too long and there are a lot,of them i would say that this would have,been a better album if drake had cut,some songs but honestly there arent,really any songs that are noticeably,better enough that i feel like they,deserve to stay and others dont i think,drakes songwriting is probably cbls,weakest link the majority of songs on,this record are either about drakes,meaningless superficial connections with,unnamed women that he seemingly only,engages in because hes bored or its,just more vague unclear stories about,his place at the top of the music,industry and he kind of approaches both,of those topics with the emotional,maturity of a 14 year old boy hes just,constantly talking about trust and fake,friends and all this and it just comes,off so petty and ridiculous theyre also,just a ton of really terrible corny,goofy bars like the chorus on the cash,grab tic toc song way too sexy or the,repeated daddys home on the albums,second track and the lesbian line its,astonishingly low effort its way worse,than anything drake has ever put out and,hes not known for being a good,songwriter in the first place but the,thing is even on the songs without the,cringy bars theyre just forgettable get,along better i miss you too with kid,cudi fans the remorse basically,the last half of this album theres just,nothing memorable its just its peak,drake but its so distinctively drake,that theres nothing setting these songs,apart from each other i genuinely cant,imagine ever listening to anything off,this album again besides fair trade tsu,into deep pipe down yebbas heartbreak,and knife talk out of 21 tracks those,six are the only ones that i would,listen to again and thats just thats,not a good ratio the features on this,album kind of suck too babies versus,lame dirk and even give on somehow,didnt stand out at all on in the bible,jay-zs first his lazy boring kid cudi,somehow sounded bored by his verse,somehow it just doesnt seem like,anyones spirit was really in it and,drake himself doesnt sound like a,spirit is really in it i mean he just,has no energy hes singing about the,same thing over and over to the point,where he sounds like hes done with it i,mean its not even an interesting,subject ooh im drake i dont love women,but i sure do love having sex okay we,get it its jesus christ at the end of,the day i hope no one is surprised by,cbl not being a very good record drake,hasnt been making good albums for a,while at this point his mixtapes and,lucys are usually better than his,records i would honestly rather listen,to darkling demo tapes over this same,goes for more life overviews in general,though jake just doesnt really have any,reason to need to make a good album its,not like his career needs it its not,like his sales rest on the music being,good he clearly can write good music i,mean he has done it before i said at the,beginning of this video im basically a,drake stan i mean i think drakes best,music is really good but at this,point he just puts out whatever no risk,just the safest most algorithmic casual,music he can possibly come up with,albums with 20 songs maybe five of them,are good but thats just how it is one,of my other big complaints about this,album is how over marketed it was for,what it is i mean drake announced this,album two years ago he talked about the,title and the release date a year ago,people have been going nuts for this,record especially since it came out,literally nine months late because drake,sprained his ankle but its just not,worth that hype nothing on this record,sounds like it took years to produce in,any way shape or form honestly its,probably his flattest album and thats,saying something for sure in all its,just so easy to tell drake doesnt,really care about the quality of his,music lazy writing lazy vocals lazy,features and lazy beats theres just no,new sounds no new ideas a complete lack,of creativity or attention to detail i,honestly feel confused as to how this,album was hyped up for an entire year,and ended up being a collection of six,or seven passable songs and 14 filler,tracks theres no replay value i cant,even remember what the song sound like,minute after listening to them let

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