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Dream Controllers Review-Mod Chips and Hydrodipped

hey im ak-40 kevin and i like custom,controllers i like custom controllers i,like premium controllers i like,discontinued and limited edition,controllers and i like modded,controllers all those are completely,different things i will be making a,video in the very near future so make,sure you subscribe so you do not miss,that explaining the difference between,all of these controllers and of course,theres stock controllers as well so,dream controllers over here they,specialize in modded controllers ie,controllers that have a mod chip on,board so think of it like a dominator or,a strike pack basically a mod chip,soldered on the board or the pcb that,allows you to do things like,automatically drop shot and,automatically hold breath or auto sprint,is it cheating man its a bit of a,christian gray area if you will because,well it doesnt modify the games script,at all youre not theres no auto aim or,aimbot its not modifying core game,files however it is giving you a,somewhat unfair advantage that other,players that are using a standard,controller or even a esports paddle,controller simply dont have so thats,where theres a bit of a gray area a,fine line if you will that people ride,im a straight shooter i call like it is,i personally do not think its,acceptable to use a modded controller in,any kind of competitive multiplayer and,definitely any type of tournament or,competition where theres a monetary,prize involved where moneys involved,but even an open or online public match,pub stomping if you will i still dont,really condone using a modded controller,like a dominator strike pack strapped,onto the back of your ps4 controller me,personally i would actually like to see,all you stallions and stallionettes out,there actually get better at competitive,fpss or first person shooters by working,on the fundamentals this was sent out,for review by the way but as always if,there are any cons or areas of,improvement for their next version or,iteration of this controller youre,gonna hear about it,[Music],so starting this controller review i,would have to say that the presentation,the packaging the overall fit and finish,is quite nice you do have a full color,instruction manual and your controller,is held in nicely in some laser-cut foam,and everything just seems like a good,unboxing experience which is a nice,treat considering i have tested 300 plus,dollar controllers that are just shoved,in there with some cardboard with some,egg carton so,this is nice now pulling your controller,out of its little condom or its little,sleeve if you will because we dont use,those around here the ergonomics feel,identical to an xbox one controller,because that is what they start with is,a licensed xbox one controller so the,shell is the exact same ergonomics,millimeters and dimensions are on screen,right now now i will say that the bullet,casing face buttons are a little bit,wiggly and loose but its totally within,standards and its not bad it just could,be a little bit taller now the analog,sticks do feel very good however i will,say because of the hydro dipping on the,front shell it hasnt been smoothed out,around the left analog stick and you do,kind of grind along hard plastic when,you are at full lock considering a stock,xbox one or series controller doesnt,have impact ring so you are going to,kind of grind a little bit on hard,plastic when you are at full lock the,hydro dipping is i would give it about,an 8 out of 10 quality wise here i used,to have a small business actually,customizing controllers and i have a lot,of experience hydro dipping controllers,and i will say that this isnt the best,job ive ever seen dont get me wrong,dream does a great job i think they have,a ton of options and i think it looks,good but you can see a little bit of the,base color which is black on this,controller kind of bleeding through the,image if you look hard enough now the,average consumer gamer probably isnt,even going to notice that but for,somebody that used to build controllers,and also unboxes and reviews controllers,ive noticed and the biggest concern,here is going to be longevity or the,long-term uh life of this graphic on,here considering it doesnt feel like,they used any kind of a sealant or clear,coat it feels like they just did the,hydro dipping the actual base coat the,actual graphic on there to my fingertips,it doesnt feel like they used any kind,of a clear coat or sealant im most,likely incorrect in this sentiment here,i hope that i am because if they did not,then after about 80 to 100 hours of,gripping this bad boy and just general,use that graphic is actually going to,start to fade or even peel off,would you look at this lazy bum over,here she dont pay no rent,she dont do no chores,always eating the food,but shes a princess and when youre,royalty you can do whatever you want,[Music],all right stallions and style units over,here in the living room playing some,titanfall br or apex legends as the kids,call it now i want to demonstrate some,of the functionality of the dream,controller since it is a modded,controller it would probably behoove me,as a video creator to show you the,functionality of the mod chip if you,will so we got our beautiful dream,controller over here with that attack on,titan face plate and these gorgeous,bullet casing face buttons and analog,sticks now as you can see the xbox,button is pulsating right now if i hit,this button on the back shell that goes,solid press it again she starts flashing,again so this is the controllers g-spot,as you could call it or gamer spot gamer,button and this is up and out of the way,and you have to use enough resistance to,press it to where youre not going to,accidentally actuate it but,this is how you turn your mod pack on,and off with this included instruction,manual which i just learned how to read,here recently so i celebrated by going,through this and it does have some,pretty pictures which i do greatly,appreciate it shows you exactly how to,activate and deactivate all these mods,now now i do have two of them currently,activated that really tickle me in the,gamer nether regions really grab me by,the gamer rod so say you were a bad,person in your previous life and you,were unfortunate enough to pick up a,p2020 this is a semi-automatic weapon as,you can see,[Music],gorgeous gorgeous but now pressing that,mod button,[Music],hallelujah now lets go ahead and turn,on drop shot as well were going to hold,down left on the d-pad and press the,crouch button and now whenever im,shooting,im crouching too,im making myself a real hard target,right now,i do not stand behind using this in,competitive matches tournaments or even,public online matches but something like,the firing range here or maybe youre,playing some cod zombies maybe youre,playing a story driven game offline,or maybe you just want to see the world,burn and you dont really care about,having an unfair advantage in online,play this is right up your diagon alley,so all in all i really do like the,cosmetic appearance of this controller i,think it looks really cool if youre an,anime fan they do have a metric ton,of anime faceplates and the fact that,you can just quickly give the controller,the reach around to turn the mod pack on,and off i like that,so their website dreamcontroller.com as,you see scrolling down here they have,custom painted nintendo switch docs and,controller bases they have custom joy,cons switch pro controllers playstation,5 dual sense controllers ps4 controllers,scrolling for quite some time they have,quite a few designs here microsoft elite,two controllers very nice very nice and,then of course standard xbox series snx,controllers and they do have a metric, ton designs and i think thats the,actual medical term is a metric ton,now some of these designs are duplicates,but theyll be standard buttons theyll,be standard buttons and thumb sticks and,then they will have ones that have metal,bullet casing thumbstick caps and face,buttons which i personally do like now i,w


[Music],hey everybody rpg here today i want to,introduce you guys to the dream,controller so i have mine right here,this is a john wick themed dream,controller this particular one is the,xbox one version but you can get them,for the newer xbox ps4 ps5 bunch of,different options this particular one,has a john wick theme to it so we have,john wick here in the center with a very,vibrant colored background we have some,flowers down here where your hands would,go we also have some bullets whizzing by,both on the top and on the sides so,really,really cool design on here im a huge,john wick fan huge keanu reeves fan so,this one made sense for me but theres a,ton of different options to choose from,so i saw some really cool marvel,superhero ones i saw one for v for,vendetta which was really sick so lots,of really cool things here now the,functionality on here is very much the,same as an original xbox one controller,or whatever console version you get they,do have a modded option though and the,modded option has a bunch of different,features on it you can get,rapid reload rapid fire cluster fire a,bunch of different things on there,theres like 10 or 12 different,mods that come on the modded version it,is a little bit more expensive but if,mods are something that youre into then,that is definitely something to check,out my version here today is just the,regular version im not really into mods,and some of the games that you would be,playing actually block some of the,modifications so have to definitely,check that out and look into that a,little bit but nonetheless really cool,stuff coming from dream controller so,what were going to do today is were,going to take a closer look at this,particular controller ill go over the,whole design here for you take a closer,look at that and then im going to just,jump into two games im going to jump,into fortnite real quick and halo,infinite just so you can see this in,action again the functionality here,since i dont have the modded version,its going to be exactly the same as a,typical xbox one controller but this,will definitely be cool to see how this,actually looks and the feel of it as i,dive into some games,all right so here i have my xbox one,dream controller so pretty much the same,functionality of any xbox one controller,however i do have this really nice,graphic on here this is a john wick,theme so im a huge john wick fan but,this was also one of the more vibrant,and colorful controllers that dream,controllers offered so thats the reason,i got this you can see theres some,bullets flying in the background which i,really love but super glossy finish is,really nicely done and one thing i want,to point out you can see down here along,the seams the graphics wrap into the,seams so theres no like unfinished,edges or anything like that its going,to wither away,usually thats where,skins and stuff like that always sort of,go first is along those seams so you can,see here again,a little hard to see in the video but,you can see if we go down and look into,these cracks here everything is you know,fully wrapped around so no issues are,going to pop up where this starts to,like wither away or fall apart over time,this is going to hold up really nicely,and it is really glossy here which is,always good for durability too so you,can see how shiny this is you can even,see you know some of my reflection in,here its so shiny so i love the finish,on this and if we flip this over,another thing that i really like is its,a little hard to see because,everythings the same color but if you,look right here its smooth and then,down here where your hands would go its,this ribbed sort of rough surface so if,i just scratch here,you can hear how that sounds versus here,so thats really great to have when,youre holding on to this because if,youre somebody like me that when the,games get intense you get a little bit,sweaty it just gives you that much more,to hold on to here so this controller is,not going to go flying out of my hands,and potentially damage it in any way,its going to stay exactly where i want,it so i love that and then up here on,the trigger and shoulders we actually,have the same sort of finish so over,here its smooth and then right on the,trigger where wed be pulling you can,see with the light how its hitting,there it has that ribbed rough surface,as well so just makes for,a great feel on here i absolutely love,it but other than the appearance here,all the functions and everything pretty,much are exactly the same as any other,xbox one controller so im going to jump,into a couple games here im going to,jump into fortnite real quick and halo,infinite so you can take a look at,exactly how this actually plays and how,it looks and feels in my hands as i play,some games,so,[Music],so,[Music],good,[Music],hmm,[Music],that should do it,one down one to go,replay,all right so we jumped into a couple,games here we jumped into fortnite real,quick as well as halo infinite so you,can see how this looks in your hands as,youre playing some of your favorite,games now im going to put a link in the,description of this video to a couple,different options that come from,dream controllers here so ill put some,playstation ones as well as xbox links,in there and a bunch of different,designs now theres a ton to choose from,so im not going to list everything,available but if you just follow the,links youll be able to see all the,different options that they actually,offer so definitely check them out i,love the look here love the feel and,quite honestly i was just looking for,something that looked a little cooler,than just my regular white xbox one,controller that ive had forever it was,time to upgrade the um analog sticks,were starting to crap out on me so i was,about to purchase just a regular one,again and then i came across these and i,said you know what theyre a little bit,more expensive but im definitely,looking for something cool looking so i,figured let me just,pick up one of these test it out see how,it is and hopefully its in line with,what i was looking for and its,absolutely phenomenal and with those,minor changes that we have just in the,feel of the grips on here that alone,actually just makes it worth a little,bit more to me than the typical xbox one,controller that i had originally that i,was about to repurchase so again thats,going to do it for today thank you guys,so much for watching if you have any,questions or anything like that feel,free to hit me up in the comment section,below always happy to answer any of your,questions or help you guys out any way i,possibly can if you enjoyed this video,smash the like button,if you havent yet subscribed to the,retropie guy youtube channel go ahead,and do that we do a ton of different,videos based on retro gaming product,reviews gameplay demos tutorials tons of,great stuff on here best way to stay in,the loop is to hit the subscribe button,you can do that right here in this video,just click in the bottom right corner,and you will be instantly subscribed and,in the loop for all future videos so,again thats gonna do it for today thank,you guys so much for watching,you

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Dream Controller Xbox Elite Series 2 Review: Great Custom Design Controllers

hello king gamers and welcome to another,review today well be checking out some,custom controller designs from,dreamcontroller so lets jump straight,[Music],this is the standard xbox elite series 2,controller and is probably one of my,favorite controllers out there its,sleek premium customizable and offers,excellent performance you can argue,however that its somewhat boring in,terms of officially available color,options where sony gives their,controllers this excellent treatment and,provides them in beautiful to look at,saturated colors microsoft goes the,route of dark minimalism well luckily,there are plenty of third-party options,to get your xbox elite controllers,pimped out and today we have two such,offerings from dreamcontroller,now dreamcontroller offers a ton of,designs for the elite series 2,controller but i opted for 2 designs,from some of my favorite shows my hero,academia and the mandalorian and oh boy,doesnt this look like an upgrade,[Music],okay so by now you probably know the,deal with the xbox elite series 2,controllers these bad boys are probably,the best controllers out there for both,xbox and pc gaming they are insanely,customizable allowing you to easily,switch out the d-pad and the analog,sticks which you can also tighten to,change attention when using them they,also have four panels on the back which,can use as additional buttons or map,certain macro combinations to use in,various games then there are the trigger,locks to adjust the trigger range of,motions so you can shorten it if you,want to fire more quickly in the shooter,or lengthen it to fine tune your driving,or walking speed for example you also,have this nice durable case and a,magnetic charging duct to boot so you,can display your beauty while charging,it,now while dream controller have some,controllers with mod chips that enable,macro and other functions the elite,series 2 is obviously feature rich,enough not to need one instead what i,want to do here is focus on whats,unique in terms of design but first of,all i want to say that by buying one of,these from dream controller you get all,the accessories that usually go with an,elite series 2 controller so the case,the alternate thumbsticks thumbstick,pads thumbstick tension adjusting tool,the alternate d-pad and the charging,dock its all there the experience of,using the controller is also much the,same as with a vanilla controller its,highly ergonomic feels premium and is,satisfying and precise to use whats,different of course is the design and,here i went with one thats a fairly,minimal departure from a stock,controller and one thats a bit more in,your face and flashy,now dream controller do their designs by,hydro dipping the shell and the elite,series 2 controllers are a bit tricky in,that regard because their grips are,rubberized and that doesnt gel well,with the technique but even though,theres less real estate to work with,the end result is great and the paint,job is really good in terms of quality,the design is consistent the colors on,the designs that have them are very,saturated with almost no imperfections,to speak of,it does seem like dream controller did a,clear coat protective layer on top of,the paint job so you dont have to worry,about color degradation with normal use,besides seeing as you mostly handle the,controller by the grips which in this,case arent painted you can bet the,design will endure for as long as you,use the controller,buying one from dream controller is,ultimately a great surefire way to make,this highly premium controller,significantly less boring in terms of,design their website offers a metric ton,of really cool custom designs as well as,those inspired by movies anime and pop,culture in general you can even take,things to a whole new level by buying,these over the top controllers with,bullet casing analog sticks and buttons,which just look absolutely crazy,so in the end whos this for and at what,price well depending on the platform a,custom design controller from dream,controller will cost you around 30 to 50,us dollars more than what sony nintendo,and microsoft are selling their vanilla,controllers for in the case of elite,series 2 you functionally dont get,anything new but in terms of design,youll add a bit of color to your,otherwise plain gaming controller and,you have a really cool thematic piece of,hardware that you can proudly display on,your desk,if you like what youve seen in this,video as always the product link will be,included in the description down below,and also dont forget to like and,subscribe to keengamer for more reviews,just like this

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Xbox One Modded Dream Controller

this is going to be a review of the Xbox,one dream controller with modifications,from Amazon it comes in a regular Xbox,one controller box with some stickers on,the sides to make it look custom any,slogan that sounds an awful bit like,Razer by gamers for gamers I dont know,that sounds a little too close for my,liking but in the Box you get the,controller and I got two pamphlets but,Im not sure if youre supposed to get,two but I know um this is the dream,controller I got the Red Dead 2 special,edition there are two Red Dead 2,editions this one just looked a little,better to me the other one is a full,picture of Arthur from the game and it,its a custom front obviously but I,havent been able to tell whether its a,sticker I mean theres no like folds or,creases or anything its pretty much,seamless if it was a sticker but it,looks excellent and yeah it looks great,and this is put on a think xbox one or,xbox one ex-black controller I have the,Xbox 1s so my controllers are white this,is a nice change of pace and Ive,actually got thats actually the picture,that they used on the other dream,controller but its pretty much just the,normal controller except on the back,here there is its actually pretty hard,to see but there is this it is a very,small button obviously but you can when,you press that it activates whatever,mods you have set and you can tell when,its on its like really easy to turn on,and off and you can tell whether its on,because when you turn it on and does,this which isnt its not so annoying,because I hold the controller under my,desk while I play but its not really,like youre looking at the controller,very much um you can just turn it off,anyways if youre trying to admire the,controller,um the pamphlet says Xbox 1s modded,controller guide but Im pretty sure,this is not an Xbox one us controller,not that it theres much of a difference,besides color it gives you everything,you need to know,so for mods you can do fast reload drop,shot jump shot Auto sniper breathe quick,scope auto run auto aim um rapid-fire,burst fire and Kimbo fire and mimic fire,I dont know what these are but Im sure,someone does so auto aim I wasnt really,disappointed because I still wanted to,like have to use some skill in a game,but basically what this does is it,doesnt lock onto people and aim for you,really it just makes it so that when you,pull the controller or the trigger it,aims in same with drop shot and jump,shot if you set it with auto aim on and,drop shot on then every time you just,all you have to do is pull the trigger,and then you lay down and Aemon which,could be pretty useful especially if,youre in a pretty intense fight rapid,fire is obviously what I always have it,on I mean not sure why youd want it on,burst fire because it basically can just,shoot as fast as you,possibly can in a game but Ive got read,dead 2 online loaded up so thats what,Ill be demonstrating this stuff on yeah,so thats the pamphlet hand flip and it,has level up your gaming experience I,dont think thats their slogan but I I,would honestly prefer that to be their,slogan than the other one because the,other one sounds a lot like razors yeah,so if I go into Red Dead oh that is not,the right one if I go into Red Dead 2,Ive got it loaded up and Im gonna be,trying to play with one hand here and I,might get caught by the cops,but so if I were to just pull the,trigger oh shoot I were to just pull the,trigger normally it does that it just,shoots once but then when I have it on,rapid fire yeah I have to reload so it,doesnt really do it very well but yeah,it basically makes it perfect rapid fire,you just hold the trigger,and with red dead twos autorun its,really useful if I can switch to dual,wielding that would be nice yeah,so thats thats rapid-fire its kind of,hard to play with one hand but you get,the gist of it um yeah so rapid fire it,it shoots anything you want at the,highest rate possible its really easy,to turn on and often the other modes can,be useful sometimes I dont normally use,them but wrap rapid fire I definitely,use a lot yeah its funny though because,sometimes Ill get on like a racing game,like Forza and it will have rapid fire,on and Ill just be driving in short,bursts but um yeah so this controller,looks great and it functions well does,what its supposed to and I did have,like rechargeable packs on my,controllers but those are the white ones,and it wouldnt really match this,controller so I dont have them on yet,but um here if I can switch to lets say,my pump shotgun then I turn the mod on,yeah thats basically what it does,and then Ill do another with the dual,revolvers Red Dead 2 is coincidentally I,got the same I got that special edition,but this is where its really useful,yeah so I think it is $90 for just the,regular version without the mod just,with this with the picture on top Im,just gonna call it a picture cuz I dont,know if its painted or skinned but I,think its around 130 for the modded and,the mod it is definitely where youre,gonna get most of your value so the I,would recommend the modded over the,other one and if youve got if youve,got 150 or 180 I would get the 150 you,should definitely get the the Xbox elite,controller series one and then if youve,got a hundred eighty I get the series,two elite controller because those are,amazing but if you want to modded,controller this one is really nice and,you can get it custom theyve got,Deadpool and a few other designs but,yeah its normal its a normal Xbox,controller that looks cool and has mods,so yeah thats the Xbox dream controller


there is noise in the background,everybody im sorry for that,but today were going to be taking a,look at the dream controller,what is the dream control it is a modded,controller,made for xbox one xbox,x xbox s so works for all versions,with new versions and old versions um,even xbox one series and,x so yeah so today well be taking a,look at it,there is previous models of the of,of the controller theres a snake,version i,personally like the call of duty black,ops 3 version,it is a really cool uh controller,um so what i like about it,is hold on i need to try to focus it,what i like about it is that its a c,charger it,is no longer a usb micro compatible,it is now a um,c charger so i will show you the,difference,here i have my army colored uh,controller,this is a non-modded version it is a,wired,controller so you guys see i dont know,if you guys can see that,but in there its a micro,um its a lot better because micro is,kind of outdated kind of charging port,but in this underhand it is regular c,so lets see what it looks like when you,turn it on,looks pretty cool oh and one last thing,if you guys think that thats cool look,at this,this is a mods guide um if you guys are,wondering where i got the controller,i got off of off of amazon so,lets take a look,so we here we have some mods,so we have some mods um,im going to try to make this non,all right so here we have some odds,try to focus,all right so we have the mods here um,burst fire you have to press these um,buttons,to activate the mod heres some,information about it,and then we got another page with some,extra mods,and then here we have some zombie mods,this works for fortnite and a bunch of,other games,so what should we do now well were,going to hop into,where were going to turn on my xbox and,were going to see on what kind of mods,it has,so stay tuned,we are going to be using call of duty,black ops 2 for this example,so ill be demonstrating some mods,that are really cool so this controller,costs 160,usd so if youre wondering where i got,it from i got,off amazon its legit work perfectly,fine,so first were gonna have to sign in,were just sending this account because,you know it has stuff on it,and has that box live of course so yeah,sign in all right,like i said im sorry for the noise in,the background,all right i will meet you in a game,we are playing transit for this example,so,[Music],all right so chorus has to do its,glitch where it auto plays the music,again,all right so i will show you,the auto aim assist mode,this can be really useful,so think about it you have your own,aimbot,and i have tested this for fortnight,and it does work,but theres just doesnt work you,touching me,guns and to burst,so to do so actually yes we can do,yeah it sounds better,someones a lot different too,you saw that right,that is awesome,i just want to continue playing this,video because it is,do i just love it so much,its like such an awesome mod,but it doesnt work as good as for,fortnite though unfortunately,he picks legend so it works beautiful,subscribe and like

BEST CUSTOM Xbox Elite 2 Controller Review | DreamController

what is going on painting today in this,video were going to be reviewing the,brand new dream controller all right,this is indeed the Elite Series 2,controller from Xbox what dream does is,they customize your controllers you can,even send in controllers you currently,have but they reached out and told me to,test out their controller so I had it,for about a month and I know a lot of,people always complain when it comes to,a lead series two controllers that they,have a lot of stick drip but for the,month Ive been playing and you guys,know I play Warzone at least four to two,hours every single day and with that use,I have not seen any restrictive stick,drift or anything like that now heres a,look at the dream website I am going to,go ahead and open up that Xbox Lead,Series 2 controller so we can have a,look but here is their website you can,just go on to Google and Im Gonna Leave,a link to it in the description just put,in dream right just put in dream d-r-e-m,and then controller and this is their,website you can go into their products,tab they have a lot of controllers all,right mostly I know its going to be for,Xbox they dont have PlayStation changes,yet I know they said theyre going to be,working on that or theyre already in,the works so look for that but,personally Im a big fan of their Xbox,Elite Series 2 controllers and this is,the exact one I got right here the,Spider-Man one so Im gonna do is heres,the box right this is usually what your,Elite Series 2 controller will come in,right theyre pretty much just an Xbox,Lead Series 2 controller you get a nice,little Hefty carrying case I love these,controllers as you guys can see I,already have one myself right just got,another one because they sent it out,huge shout out to that man and lets go,and open it up and see what it looks,like inside here it is,holy shoot this thing just looks sick,check it out it got the Spider-Man logo,now usually Im not a big fan of logos,and things like that but on this,controller I gotta say this thing looks,clean this thing looks absolutely clean,so this is what theyre talking about,right here is their custom Hydro they,call it Hydrographics right once you,take the controller out this is what it,looks like its a normal Elite Series 2,controller everyone and their mom if,youre gonna be using you know trying to,be competitive in Call of Duty youre,gonna need paddles right so personally,for me Im mostly a two paddle guy and I,gotta say this controller feels just,like a normal Elite Series 2 controller,because it is all right the only thing,thats really changed is this cool,custom print which as we can tell right,here Panda game it is indeed Spider-Man,right now I do want to show you the,other options they have on their website,if youre looking to buy them again Im,going to leave a link to their website,in the description of the video and if,its not on there you can even go on,Amazon because I know a lot of people,just like buying straight from Amazon,like myself but as we can tell they got,Venom they got a lot of different,superheroes all that stuff going on you,can go and scroll down they got a lot,more right if youre just looking for,General things they got them all right,here right as we can tell now its not,just put up into Xbox controllers right,you can also go Nintendo if you wanted,to as well as airpods this is one thing,I definitely do want to test out myself,getting custom airpod case I would be a,huge fan and its not even a case Im,sorry let me take that back this thing,is not even a case all right I know its,a controller review video but I gotta,mention the airpods because they look,absolutely dope again its Hydro or,whatever they called it in their little,thing its like hydrographic right so,they pretty much dip the airpods and,thats what you get its not a case its,pretty much a skin on your airpods I,think these will look sick if theyre,willing to you know let me test those,out definitely willing to review those,because those those things look,absolutely fire but now lets go and get,back to the controller as we can tell it,does have four paddles I did take two of,them off because you guys know Im a two,paddle guy it comes with the charger,right here okay and in the case it comes,with the cable so you can use this,controller wired or wirelessly again if,youre going to be using it with the Zen,Im not saying you got to be using it,with the Zen I prefer it to be wired,especially these new ones they work,really good and again you got your,thumbstick tension release thing right,here and then you got your d-pads and,then your different thumbsticks right so,if I go ahead and take out one of the,thumbsticks as we know they got like a,domed version right right here this is,the Dome I know my camera is going to do,a terrible job I will leave a separate,video towards the end kind of doing an,unboxing in 4k because I know a lot of,people want to see that so its going to,be a 4K video of what it looks like as,soon as you get the controller to your,house and the packaging unpackaging it,and opening it opening it up for the,first time all right and then you got,your longer thumbstick right just like a,normal Xbox Lead Series 2 controller,this thing feels absolutely premium now,it should okay I understand the price,tag is like 230 dollars this controller,should feel premium and you should feel,safe going with a dream because they got,the best warranties on these all right,again its like 30 to 60 days anything,ever goes wrong you got yourself covered,all right and again stick drift has not,been an issue Ive been using this,controller every single day at least for,two to four hours all right so Im Gonna,Leave You guys with the rest of the,video being 4K footage of this,controller me unpacking it but a huge,shout out to dream controllers thank you,guys for reaching out and sending me the,controller their website will be linked,in the description or just go ahead and,search them up on Amazon again thats,going to be drem just like dream and,then controller all right they got the,Xbox series s slash X go and check them,out Ill catch you on the next one peace,of Love panicking I

Dream Controller Dragon Ball Z Custom Review

hey what is up ladies and gentlemen it,is your boy Johnny in todays video Im,going to be showing you a customized,Xbox,controller from the dream controller,company now dream controllers is a,company that actually,specializes in customizing several,different controllers for different,consoles they even do Nintendo switch,ones which are actually pretty cool,designs,so I went ahead and unboxed the one that,they sent me as you guys may know it was,actually a Dragon Ball Z theme one with,Goku on it and Shenron I thought the,design was pretty good I really like the,quality and the controller and how it,looked it looked really nice especially,seeing Goku on the face of the,controller,now the unboxing was actually pretty,easy for the most part,um theres really not anything more they,actually send you the original Xbox box,from the controller that when its,purchased so I assume that the way they,do this design is hydro dipped Im not,100 sure you can correct me in the,comment section but either way the,quality looks really nice the fact that,you can get a controller with a,customized character on it,um that is more known like Dragon Ball Z,or Pokemon or even other characters from,different animes or different shows its,pretty cool I havent really seen any,other company do something similar to,this uh because who knows I dont know I,just havent seen anybody else really do,this level amount of customization that,you want I also believe on their website,you can also send them a image that you,want on the controller so that even,allows you to do more customization on a,controller that they give you,the quality is pretty good on it,um I think its really one of the,coolest controllers I have actually ever,had in my hand I think its really cool,um not a lot of people know do these,type of customizations so its pretty,unique to to your controller that,whatever you get,um controller from them they not only do,that they even do VR headsets apparently,on their website,um another thing that you can do is get,a modified controller I believe they,have a bunch of modified controllers as,well that you can get rapid fire I,believe was one of the things that they,mentioned on their website unfortunately,I didnt receive the modified one but,either way,now Im not really into modern,controllers like that except certain,ones but hey its still pretty nice,controller if youre wanting to get one,I will actually set the link in the,description if you guys want to check it,out and when I get your own customized,controller but I thought the Goku,controller was pretty cool and pretty,unique and pretty different than other,controllers that Ive been used to,anyways guys uh thank you for watching,this video I also want to mention that I,was not paid by them to give this review,of the controller this is 100 my,personal opinion from the company and,their quality of product for their,controller,anyways guys thanks for watching,[Music],thank you,[Music],foreign,[Music],thank you,[Music]

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