1. DreamCloud Mattress Review | Best Luxury Hybrid Bed of 2022?
  2. DreamCloud Mattress Review (NEW MODEL)
  3. DreamCloud Mattress Review – Best Hybrid Mattress??
  4. DreamCloud Mattress Review | 3 Best/Worst Features (UPDATED 2022)
  5. DreamCloud Mattress Unboxing & First Impressions (Part 1)
  6. DreamCloud Mattress Review – The Best Hybrid Bed?

DreamCloud Mattress Review | Best Luxury Hybrid Bed of 2022?

[Music],so whats the deal with the dream cloud,mattress is it any good and is it the,right mattress for you,lets get into it,[Music],hey hows it going this is owen i am a,scene at home and in todays video we,have our review of the flagship dream,cloud mattress were going to cover,everything you need to know about it,including its policies what its made of,what it feels like to sleep on how firm,it is how much it costs and who should,ultimately think about getting this,mattress that sounds good and you find,this video helpful make sure you give it,a thumbs up and you subscribe to the,channel and make sure you look in the,description we have a lot of resources,to help you with your mattress search,including our written review of this,mattress comparisons other beds best,lists and any discounts we can find up,save you some money on dream cloud lets,start by covering the policies youre,going to get with the dream cloud,mattress this is stuff like shipping,returns trial periods and warranties,so if you order one its going to ship,to you totally free inside of a box,which is pretty remarkable given that,this is a thicker heavier mattress and,they even manage to fit king size beds,in there so the process is really quick,and easy to do it takes like roughly a,week to ship to your door and then you,just bring it inside open up the box rip,off the plastic and then watch your new,mattress inflate,i do recommend having someone there to,help you because these mattresses can,get heavy and unwieldy,one thing i also want to mention is that,right when you unbox a bed theres a,very good chance that its going to have,a bit of a smell that might look a,little misshapen,and its probably going to feel really,soft like way softer than you want it to,be this is just because the beds been,compressed in that plastic wrapping for,so long and it just takes a little time,to fully inflate and reach its proper,firmness level so if you unbox your new,mattress and youre horrified by how it,looks it looks totally weird dont worry,it is normal just wait a couple of days,plus you definitely shouldnt worry,about it because dream cloud gives you a,very long trial period you have 365,nights to sleep on the mattress at home,to decide if you actually like it or not,if for whatever reason you dont its,too soft its too firm you dont like,how it feels you know how it looks,whatever you can return it and get a,full refund for free within that trial,window if you decide to keep the,mattress though which most people wind,up doing youre looking at a lifetime,warranty with dream club so dream cloud,definitely goes above and beyond the,usual online mattress policies,so those are obviously really generous,but thats probably not the reason,youre going to buy a new mattress so,youre going to want to know about more,important things and were going to,start with what this mattress is,actually made of and what its going to,feel like for you to sleep on so for the,support layer the dream cloud mattress,uses pocketed coils which makes it a,hybrid the distinction between all foam,beds and hybrid beds is just this hybrid,beds use coils and other stuff often,foams and all foam beds use foam for,support so keep that in mind in your,online mattress search,having coils means that this is going to,be a more supportive mattress long term,if youre heavier somewhere around 250,pounds or more we pretty much always,recommend you get a hybrid bed like the,dream cloud plus having coils means you,get a little extra bounce and airflow in,your mattress which some people like,myself really like,if you are heavier youll probably be,fine on an all foam bed for a while like,three to five years but you obviously,want your mattress to last a long time,so thats why we recommend coil beds for,heavier folks and then above those coils,you have what dream called calls their,sink in layer this basically is a,transition layer between the coils and,the primary comfort foam above having a,transition layer like this basically,means you get a bit of an extra buffer,between the primary comfort foam and the,coils underneath so you only feel the,support from the coils not the coils,themselves then the primary comfort,layer of the dreamclub mattress is going,to be a pretty thick layer of gel memory,foam,now this foam is going to be,pretty slow to respond more traditional,memory foam however the bed overall,isnt really going to feel like a,traditional memory foam bed thanks to,the quilted cover of dream cloud so the,cover actually features a thin layer of,a more responsive foam than the memory,foam underneath so it kind of balances,out the feel a little bit in combination,with the coils so youre going to sink,into this mattress and you will get some,of that body conforming quality you,might expect from memory foam but thanks,to the coils and the quilted cover its,going to be much more balanced and,responsive me personally i dont really,enjoy the feel of a traditional memory,foam mattress but i think the dream,cloud is quite comfortable and i think,most people would agree unless youre,specifically seeking out that more,classic dense memory foam feel in your,mattress then this might not be the one,for you lets move over to the subject,of firmness now thats obviously also,super important and the firmness of the,dream cloud mattress is going to be very,accommodating in our test we found it to,be around a flat medium on our firmer,scale which means it should be able to,work for pretty much any sleeping,position whether that be back stomach,side or a combination of all three this,makes a lot of sense because this is,dream clouds flagship mattress and its,just trying to appeal to the widest,variety of sleepers out there and most,people can get by on a medium or they,really like a medium me personally i am,more of a primary side sleeper but i do,rotate quite a bit to my back or even my,other shoulder,so having a medium firmness is pretty,good for me and i think itll work well,for a lot of people,however if you want something noticeably,firmer the dream cloud does have an,upgraded model called the dream cloud,premiere its quite a bit more expensive,but it is closer to a medium firm and,then they actually have a softer,mattress called the dreamcloud premiere,rest well have more information about,those beds linked in the description,but i think most people will like the,medium firmness on the flagship dream,cloud so you do have multiple options,with dream cloud although you will be,spending quite a bit more money if you,want something softer or firmer but i,think most people will be able to get by,on the medium firmness of the flagship,dream cloud lets move over to the,subject of price this is obviously,another super important factor your,budget is going to really constrain,which mattresses you can get and im,happy to report that this mattress is,shockingly affordable for what it is,based on just how it looks and feels i,would expect this mattress to be more,expensive based on all the beds that i,have tested but after discount you,should expect to pay somewhere around a,thousand dollars for a queen size dream,club which puts it in a very competitive,category with more affordable hybrids,like helix and brookman bettings,signature,and it compares really well to all of,those plus as if im recording this,video they are offering some free,accessories with a mattress purchase,like sheets pillows and a mattress,protector so you can basically upgrade,your whole sleep setup in one go i will,say that mattress brands do like to,change their pricing around sometimes,especially around major holidays maybe,theres a big sale coming up the msrp,might be a little bit higher to make,their discount look even steeper,so make sure you look in the description,for whats current on dream cloud either,way though i see this just being a very,nice value hybrid mattress but that,leaves us with the question who should,think about getting this mattress i do,think it is a great option

DreamCloud Mattress Review (NEW MODEL)

hey hows it going this is owen you are,watching the slumber yard and today we,have a review of the brand new dream,cloud mattress so dream cloud is a,pretty popular online brand that was,known for their premium luxury pillow,top memory foam hybrid and now that bed,is called the dream cloud premiere and,this is called the dream cloud that,might be a little bit confusing but,dont worry stick with me im just going,to go through all the big important,things you want to know about the dream,cloud mattress what does it feel like,how firm is it what is it made of how,much does it cost and at the end well,say who this bed is ultimately going to,be best for if this video helps you out,today and you want to help us out be,sure to give this video a thumbs up and,subscribe to the channel we appreciate,that a lot and dont forget to look down,below in the description we put a ton of,information down there,including any discounts were able to,find on this mattress our full written,review just a ton of resources to help,you with your mattress search over on,our website myslumbryard.com anyway,lets get to it so you want a new,mattress but you dont know what to do,which bed in a box will be the right one,for you,well tell you how the me to share the,firmness and fail and make sure youre,cashing in on the greatest deal,okay so lets kick this video off by,just quickly going over all the company,policy information for dream cloud stuff,like shipping returns trial periods and,warranties and just so you know,dreamcloud did send us this bed for free,to review but should you decide to get,one for yourself your experience is,going to be essentially the same its,going to ship you totally free inside of,a box which is pretty cool you just drag,the thing inside open it up rip off all,the plastic and you have a brand new bed,once the bed arrives you get an entire,year to try it out in the comfort of,your own home to decide if its really,the mattress for you so say even on,night 300 you decide i dont really like,it you just call the company up and you,can get totally free returns within that,first year which is pretty cool but,should you decide to keep it which i,think the vast majority of people will,they back this mattress with a lifetime,warranty so thats all the policy stuff,it goes above and beyond some of the,standard online mattress policies and,its all pretty consumer friendly lets,get into what this mattress is made of,now and then get into what it feels like,so dream cloud is a hybrid coil mattress,that uses pocketed coils for support,weve talked about pocketed coils a ton,on this channel the long story short is,they give you a similar level of support,to traditional inner springs while being,able to isolate motion better because,theyre not one big interconnected unit,we should have more information about,pocketed coils linked for you down below,in the description above those coils you,have a transition layer of foam thats a,bit more responsive and make sure you,dont really feel those harsh coils,underneath then you have a layer of gel,memory foam which acts as the primary,comfort layer and then you have a really,nice quilted cover that features a,little bit of cashmere and its a,comfort layer all its own even though,the primary comfort layer of the,dreamcloud mattress is a memory foam the,combination of all the other foams and,the cover give it more of a responsive,blended foam feel that we think the vast,majority of sleepers out there will find,to be pretty comfortable youre gonna,sink into the bed a little bit but its,so bouncy and responsive that youre not,going to get that strict memory foam,feel and switching between sleeping,positions is going to be a breeze which,is great because the dream cloud,mattress sits at right about a medium on,our firmer scale which means its going,to work pretty well for all sleeper,types back stomach side and combination,since this is the new flagship green,cloud mattress this makes a lot of sense,a lot of online mattress brands make,their most popular model around a medium,because its going to work for the most,types of sleepers there are plenty of,people out there looking for an,especially firm or an especially soft,mattress the dream cloud premier is,actually noticeably firmer than the,regular dream cloud well try and link,some other options for you down below in,the description if you want to check,those out so before we start talking,about price lets take a quick break to,cover our monthly mattress giveaway if,you didnt know we were a brand new,queen size bed to one lucky winner every,single month if you want to know how you,can win check down below in the,description all the details be down,there its surprisingly quick and easy,to enter okay so how much does the dream,cloud mattress actually cost you might,be thinking its a bit more expensive it,looks really nice and uses coils but,its actually surprisingly affordable,for what youre getting as of when im,recording this video a queen size has an,msrp of about 1100 bucks which is not,bad at all for a hybrid coil bed but,from what weve seen its pretty much,always on discount right now theyre,offering 200 bucks off this mattress,which brings it down to 900 bucks which,is really nice for a mattress of this,quality now pricing and discounts are,always subject to change in the online,mattress space so be sure to check down,below in the description for current,pricing but overall we think dream cloud,is a great value dream cloud is also,going to be a solid option for couples,it has very good edge support so if you,wind up sleeping on the edge of the,mattress for whatever reason you,shouldnt get much of if any of that,roll-off sensation and motion isolation,is going to be solid especially for a,hybrid coil bed i dont see many people,having issues being woken up in the,middle of the night by cross mattress,motion and thats pretty much it when it,comes to the new dream cloud mattress we,think this is going to be a great option,for anyone looking for a hybrid coil bed,is alright with having somewhat of a,blended foam feel and is looking for a,bed with a medium firmness which is,probably a good amount of people out,there dream cloud seems to be designed,to appeal to a very wide audience and we,think it does that pretty well,thats gonna be it for the review if it,helped you out today give it a thumbs up,and subscribe to the channel that really,helps us out and be sure to check out,all that good stuff in the description i,mentioned before and as always sleep,right sleep tight well see you next,time,[Music],[Applause],foreign

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DreamCloud Mattress Review – Best Hybrid Mattress??

Hey, Im Bridget, a certified sleep science coach and mattress,expert here at Sleepopolis, and today Im going to be,reviewing the DreamCloud mattress. Im gonna put it through a variety,of tests and let you know how it does on our Sleepopolis scorecard.,But before we dive in, here are some quick facts,you should know about the DreamCloud. Its a 14 inch tall luxury,hybrid mattress, so it has a quilted foam cover with cashmere,,then memory foam layers for pressure relief, and innerspring coils,on bottom for support and airflow. I consider it a medium,firm mattress. The DreamCloud ships for free and comes with a competitive,365 night trial, free returns,,and an impressive lifetime warranty. It arrives,compressed in a box, so grab a friend when setting it up.,My coworker Amelia helped me here and you can see how quickly,it popped open and expanded after we cut off the plastic wrap.,Give it a day or two to fully take its shape, though, and release any,packing smells.,Our first test is a really important one if you share the bed,with a partner or a pet, checking for motion isolation.,Motion isolation is how well a bed keeps movement from traveling,from one side to the other. So think if youre sleeping on this side,of the bed, your partner is tossing and turning on that side, you dont,want to feel those movements. We test it out with the red wine test,,which is a really easy visual way to see. I put a glass of wine,on one side and moved around on the other side to see how it affected,it. And these were pretty good results, which is impressive for a hybrid,mattress. So overall, Id give it three and a half stars for,motion isolation. Next up,is our edge support test. Edge support is a measure of how,well the perimeter of a mattress supports weight. So its important,if you ever like to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed.,And it can also be really important for couples to start the,test. I sat on the edge and moved around and you can see a,bit of sinkage. Then I laid and moved around on the edge of the,bed. I felt comfortable, but did also still notice some,sinkage. So overall, Id give it three and a half stars for,edge support. Now its,time for the Pressure Map test. Although I can tell you the DreamCloud,has a cushiony on top of the bed,,feel the Pressure Map takes it a step further.,It uses heat mapping technology to show where pressure is building across my,body when I lay on the mattress. Heres what you need to know when youre,looking at these results. Blues and greens are good and show,low pressure. Oranges and reds are bad and show high pressure.,Youre going to want to see low pressure around your back, hips, and shoulders,if you sleep on your side or back. When I laid on my back,,I saw mainly blue with little hints of green on my side.,There was pretty much all blue and green with some yellow around my hip.,So based on these results, I give the DreamCloud five stars,for pressure relief for back sleeping and three and a half stars for,pressure relief for side sleeping. And I do want to,add its not really about pressure when it comes to stomach sleeping.,Were about to cover them next.,Now lets go over the different sleeping positions and how they all,do on the DreamCloud. No matter what position you sleep in,,youre going to want to have your spine in alignment, but youre going to,need different things out of the bed in order to make that happen.,Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to keep their hips propped up,to keep their spine aligned. Since I think the DreamCloud is a touch firmer,than average, I think it could work for lighter weight stomach sleepers and,combination stomach sleepers. A lot of strict stomach sleepers may,want a firmer bed, though. Id give it three and a half stars for stomach,sleeping.,Side sleepers need some contouring around their shoulder and hip to,avoid pressure from building up, and I thought this did a pretty good job.,But I think strict side sleepers or side sleepers with sensitive joints,may want a softer bed. So Id give it four stars,for side sleeping,,while back sleepers need a comfortable and supportive option.,I think back sleepers would really like the DreamCloud, so Id,give it five stars for back sleeping.,Next up is testing for responsiveness.,Responsiveness is how easily you can move around on a mattress,,so this is really important for combination sleepers or anyone,who has mobility issues. When Im on the DreamCloud,,I can easily move around, and its coils give it a nice bounce,,too. Its also easy to settle into a new sleeping position.,So overall, Id give the DreamCloud five stars for responsiveness.,Price can be a really important factor when buying a,new mattress. I do want you to keep in mind mattress prices change,all the time, and DreamCloud also runs sales a lot.,We also always have coupons for you to help out, too. Just click,the link in the description below. But right now, you can get the DreamCloud,at full retail in a queen size for about $1,200.,Okay, now that weve made it through all of our tests, I want,to give the DreamCloud one final score.,Along with all the tests youve seen in this video, Im also going,to include other factors like its cooling abilities, its materials,,its warranty information, and more.,And when I crank the numbers and put it all together,,I give it a final score a 4.32,out of five. All right. I hope you found this review helpful,if you have any questions. Want to learn more about this mattress,other mattresses, just head over to Sleepopolis.com.,And dont forget to hit that subscribe button before you go.,Ill see you next time.

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DreamCloud Mattress Review | 3 Best/Worst Features (UPDATED 2022)

what are the three best and three worst,things about the dream Cloud mattress,thats what were talking about today at,the slumber yard hi Im Wes and if you,didnt know the Slumber yard we review,all things online beds and mattresses,and products like that so we know a,thing or two about the bedding industry,now in this video Im talking about the,three things that you need to know about,dream Cloud that are really nice and the,three things that are not so nice and I,do want to preface this all by saying,that these worse things arent that bad,you know the dream cloud is a really,quality bed its really nice and we all,pretty much like it over here at the,yard but I do have to get nitpicky and,talk about some of the worst things so,thats what Im gonna do in this video,if you enjoy it hit the thumbs up button,or subscribe to the channel but lets,get into the three best three worst,things about dreamcloud,[Music],more,we work real hard,to find the right bed for you can save,you money,okay before I get into these three best,three worst things about the dream Cloud,mattress I do want to say that dream,Cloud did send us this bed for free to,review and tell you guys about it but,lets just get right into it starting,with number one the first best thing,about this mattress is the policies its,a bed in a box mattress thatll ship to,your house completely free and once its,in your possession you just rip off all,the packaging and then you have a 365,night trial period so you get a full,year to test this thing out in the,comfort of your own home before you have,to really make a decision of whether you,want to keep it or send it back and now,something else great as if during that,trial period you dont really like it,comes with completely free returns and,the cherry on top of the Sunday is the,lifetime warranty that this bed is,backed by so you know a 365 night trial,period and a lifetime warranty pretty,hard to beat in the mattress industry if,you do need any more information about,these policies well link some helpful,links for you down below in the,description but lets get on to the,number two best thing about this bed and,that would be the feel this bed has a,responsive memory foam theme its got,some pocketed coils as well so its,going to be really nice if youre a fan,of something thats got a you know a,hint of memory foam but its not an,overpowering memory foam sensation the,pillow top combined with those memory,foam elements and those pocketed coils,means that the bed will snap back into,shape rather quickly so if you do like,to cycle between different sleeping,positions throughout the night this feel,will be really accommodating for that,now it does use memory foam in the,construction and you might feel it a,little and you might feel it more if you,have more mass if youre a bigger body,type maybe if youre a little smaller,you might not feel it as much but in,general its pretty much responsive and,that combined with the pillow top in,those coils will make it really,accommodating and the third best part,about dream cloud is the price so this,bed has a value of around the 1700 Mark,but youre gonna be paying around the,thousand dollar Mark and usually get,some free sheets or free pillows bundled,in so you basically get a whole room set,up for almost a grand and you might be,able to save more money if you check,down below in the description box,because over here at the slumber it we,like to help people save money we,sometimes have discount codes so check,down there whatever is current but,basically youre paying an affordable,price for a really quality product now,this pricing may change as of when,youre watching this video but just know,that all the current pricing will be,linked Down Below in the description as,with the current coupon codes that we,might be able to have for you but you,know keep that all in mind and know that,pricing does change now its time to get,into the worst things you know play some,scary music oh no but luckily these,worse things again arent that bad now,the first one I am going to talk about,is the beds firmness its right around,a medium on our firmness scale and the,reason I put that on the worst category,is because maybe you want a bid thats,extra firm or extra soft well this ones,going to be right in the middle but it,will work for all sleeper types you know,if youre a back side stomach or,combination sleeper this bed should be a,great option for you and since it does,have those pocketed coils in combination,with those Foams and that pillow top it,should work for all body types as well,but what if you want a bed that is,firmer for strict back or stomach,sleepers or something that is maybe a,bit softer for strict side or,combination sleepers well the brand,dreamcloud does have some options for,you the rest mattress that they make the,dream Club premiere rest is slightly,softer and they also have the dream,Cloud Premiere which is slightly firmer,so you know you could get a bed that is,more in line with your firmness liking,now since I mentioned those other beds,from the brand dream Cloud that brings,us to the second worst thing about the,dream Cloud the flagship dream cloud is,that its not the top tier top of the,line bed you know this is their entry,level bed its the most affordable but,that means it doesnt have as many,features now if you do go the route of,one of these other dream Cloud beds they,will have a more pronounced pillow top,but you will have to spend up for them,as when Im recording this video the,premiere is around the 1400 Mark and the,premiere rest is around the 1800 Mark,the rest is around a medium soft to a,medium on our scale and the premiere is,around a medium to a medium firm on our,scale so again a little bit different,firmnesses but the flagship dream cloud,is nothing to turn your nose up at you,know its a really quality product it,even features some cashmere woven into,the cover so you know if you want to,spend up and get something nicer you can,you have that option now the third worst,thing about the dream Cloud bed would be,the height profile now this is a 14 inch,thick mattress which is pretty darn,thick and if youve been sleeping on,something thinner you might have normal,sheets well with this youre probably,going to have to spend up and get those,deep pocket sheets which you know you,dont think you need until your sheets,are popping off in the night or getting,all crinkled up and sleeping on a bed,that is a 14 inch thick bed around that,Ive noticed that you do want the right,sheets for the right bed now lucky for,you the dream Cloud does come with a,free bundle of gifs it comes with a free,mattress protector free sheets and,usually two free pillows when you order,so you might be able to get all that,stuff handled right up top but you know,just know that it is a thicker bed so I,hope you enjoyed this video of the five,best one one worst thing about dream,Cloud obviously I joke but if youre,interested in a bed with more of a,responsive foam feel thats around a,medium with pocketed coils for a pretty,affordable price for the quality you,cant go wrong with this mattress but,what do you guys think did you enjoy,this format if so write us down below in,the comments would you try the dream,Cloud have you we would also like to,know that and if you enjoyed it hit the,thumbs up on this video or subscribe to,the channel for more were always doing,a ton of stuff over here at the slumber,yard but for the rest of the summer yard,team Im Wes wishing you a good nights,sleep,yards,[Music],like And subscribe

DreamCloud Mattress Unboxing & First Impressions (Part 1)

[Music],i want to do my unboxing of the green,cloud mattress bed in the box,this is the basic mattress,the one above this is the premiere but i,decided to go with the queen,base level,this is how it came today i ordered this,last sunday todays friday so its,delivered in a pretty reasonable amount,of time,when i did purchase this there was a,bundle that came with it which was the,mattress cover two pillows,and sheets so it looks like right here,ive got the bed bundle,my guess is that the mattress pads in,here along with the sheets and ill open,that here shortly,but,this box is heavy theres handles on the,side of the box here which,im by myself im intending to do this,by myself to prove that you can do it,um i do have a dolly left over i dont,know i dont know where i got this from,probably who knows but anyways um,i do have this dolly underneath here my,plan,is to roll it down that hallway into the,bedroom that im putting this in so,not absolutely necessary i think maybe,if you had carpet it might be a little,bit harder to drag it but i do have,hardwood floors here so dragging this,down there would be a heck of a lot,easier,um but its going to be more easy for me,to do and manipulate this with this,valley now,the length on this platform isnt very,long what i ended up doing is tilting,this up on end,like so and then dropping that on there,and then to get it on the wheels,im just going to have to lean this back,along with the carton and,ill be able to roll this down but,this is how it came,and,the box is a little damaged,ill admit that but,um it was raining all day today,so the ups guy did deliver it to my,porch they put it on the porch and it,was not left out in the rain which is,good so,well see how this goes i think this,things probably right yeah i can feel,through here that its wrapped in,another layer of plastic so um even if,the box did get wet i dont think it,would hamper,um this instant it would hamper the,mattress itself so,well see lets see how this goes,it looks like i have a little help here,what im going to do is open this up,see whats in here,yeah so,when opening this up know that theres,another box inside here so if you have a,real sharp knife youre not cutting the,sheets or something else so it is it is,protected so its kind of hard to do,with the camera,but,anyway so here we go,so its a box inside a box,its good to know,and let me get this out,so heres the box that was in that box,so,a little protection so you flip it up,open this way,and what you get,is whats in the bundle,thats cool,and you get,a big one,bag two,yes the pillows are in here so theyre,all wrapped up in here theyre in their,own little protective bag themselves,so thats kind of cool,so,heres the mattress protector in its own,little bag and a set of sheets,so it looks like the mattress cover is,somewhat,quilted which is good,and the sheets here they feel very nice,im gonna leave these in here until i,get ready to make the bed,but i feel really nice nice and soft so,very nice packaging so my little helper,here is very interested in this but put,everything back,um the way it came but its very nice,packaging and,everythings labeled so theres no que,there should be no question of whats,what,and,yeah,[Music],well its saturday and i didnt do,anything with the bed just because i was,tired it was friday and i got to take my,bedroom apart,and ill show you what im gonna end up,doing,is i need to take,this mattress and box spring off,im hoping to use this frame again,rugs going away got a new one coming but,thats going to be pulled out so all,thats going to be done now this will,become a spare bedroom,mattress but im not sure about this,frame yet whether i have to get a new,one or not so,im in the process of dismantling,everything,i get the mattress out of here i am,cleaning,and im really thinking its time to,just really,deep clean,ceiling fan and the bed frame,everything now since i got everything,out of here,i might wait until the rug gets here i,got to check if its shipped yet but if,not,i really wanna get this bed set up dont,you you wanna set it up,yeah,anyways,[Music],so i decided to wait to the rug,so i think itll be just too much of a,job to get the rug back in here if the,bed was set in here so,fans clean,clean,anyways deep clean your room before you,do it id be well worth it because right,now this room smells really good,ill be back,so its been about a week since i got my,dream cloud mattress however i did get,my rug which is all set to go and i got,the room pretty much cleaned up its,pretty echoey in here but hopefully by,putting mattress and some linens in here,well get this going so im gonna,open up this box im gonna be extra,careful im hoping the directions are on,top,so i can get the cracked cutter,to open the bag that the mattress is in,so,its gotta be good,so,so this mattress sat all week in the,living room,and there were no off-gassing at all,from this box so,im assuming that the mattress wont do,that either so its not like it was,sitting in a warehouse riding somewhere,um so here we go,new style this is a queen,and ill dump this box upside down um it,did work out really nice to have this,card here,to wheel it down the hallway it was a,little bit,you know we needed to get on here and,then lean it back because,it was pretty,weak but anyways i was able to get that,box down here so im going to dump this,over,get the mattress out get it all situated,and open her up,all right so i did lay it on the side,and pulled it out and heres the,mattress right here but in the bottom,this,was,letter opener,dream cloud um im not a video saying,you needed this to,protect the mattress when you cut this,bag over here it is pretty tight,and its heavy,so,let me get this box out of here and get,this situated and open her up,so in the packet,here is the cutter,and,simple instructions,on how to cut it open and place it on,the,mattress so this suggests that you put,it close,to the bed or even lay it on there and,open it up im not sure,this queen matches it looks like its,folded in half and then itll roll out,so thats not gonna work so im gonna,open it up here,on the floor and then i believe its got,handles on it so i can pull it onto the,bed frame everything should work out,great,um,so well see what happens this thing is,really tight,um,really interesting to watch,and its all tacked up here,kind of rolled up like a burrito,and then,[Applause],open it up but its all tacked down here,not too bad,everything looks good,i did not want to cut the box up in case,i have to send it back not like i could,get it back in the box but,i dont know if you need proof that,i bought it but anyways so here,is the mattress theres the bottom of it,right there so,ill get this opened up,okay it seems like its wrapped twice,the mattress itself,and then theres a wrapping here that i,just,took off,and you can hear it expanding,slowly but anyway so this one wrapper,here and then you got one on the,mattress so ill get this on the bed as,its slowly,expanding,and,[Music],follow up once its done so i got it,opened up and its got,those little packet silicone packets in,it,and,heres the bottom so i gotta get this,flipped over and on the mattress and,then ill cut off the bag but,its you know slowly inflating but not,out of control,you got time to get it on your your bed,frame,okay,it took a little bit but i did get it on,here so the really key is to get it,orientated where the top is in the place,where you can pull it,up into the,bed frame so,its expanding,i havent opened up the seal yet,for the mattress itself but i want to do,that here shortly,it does fit in this frame,which is,awesome and,it looks like,theres plastics,no its two pieces so,its good to know so its wrapped in,plastic,and then its got the bag that you have,to cut that everyone talks about,on their youtube channels unboxing,and i will do that now so,so far so good is it,heavy yes can one person do it yes just,take your time and have a plan this room,i dont hav

DreamCloud Mattress Review – The Best Hybrid Bed?

hey guys Martin here from mattress,Clarity if youre looking for a,comfortable supportive hybrid mattress,its also a great match for hot sleepers,youve come to the right place today,were talking about the dream Cloud,hybrid mattress were going to take a,look at its construction my experience,with it who its a good fit for and its,not a good bit for lets get started,I do want to note that we received some,mattresses for free we may receive a,commission if you decide to purchase,them this helps keep this content free,for you and helps fund our testing,operations,so now lets talk about the major,details you need to know about the dream,Cloud mattress it comes with a lifetime,warranty a 365 night sleep Trail and,free shipping and returns but lets take,a look at the mattress itself the,construction starting off on top and,then working our way down,first off on top is a very nice cashmere,cover its very soft luxurious and,breathable as well,beneath that you have a layer of soft,foam quilted into that cover its going,to have kind of a plush feel some good,pressure relief right on top of the,mattress now below that youre going to,have a layer of gel memory foam were,going to add some coolant to the,mattress and some more pressure relief,as well and below that you have a foam,transition layer this will keep you from,sinking too far into the mattress and,bottoming out on the mattress,now beneath that ever main support layer,individually wrapped coils very,supportive and breathable as well and,all this rests on a thin layer of,baseball,[Music],the dream cloud is a bed in a box,mattress its going to come to your,house in a cardboard box how easy is it,to unbox this mattress and our,experience it is very easy I asked a,friend for help brought the Box inside,took out the rolled up mattress place it,on the frame unwrapped it gave about 24,to 48 hours to completely off gas and,expand and it was good to go,so now lets talk about firmness and,feel in terms of firmness I thought the,dream Cloud was close to a seven and a,half out of ten definitely firmer than,average you do have some soft layers,right on top of the mattress but overall,more of a firm sleeping surface in terms,of feel its more like sleeping on top,of the mattress versus sinking into the,mattress its also very responsive so,quite easy to move around on the dream,Cloud now speaking of sleeping position,starting on my back it is a very good,match for me an excellent balance of,comfort and support my hips thinking,just the right amountless top foam,layers but also some good overall,support and good lumbar supports,moving to my side though it is a firmer,mattress some serious pressure on my,shoulders and my hips not the best match,for me as a side sleeper however dream,Cloud does have some softer models like,the premiere or the premiere rest if,youre a side sleeper take a look at,those,now speaking of stomach sleeping Im a,larger person Im 270 pounds I may be,too heavy for this mattress as a stomach,sleeper Im not getting quite enough,support but I think most stomach,sleepers under that weight should find,it to be a very good supportive mattress,if you sleep with the partners a couple,other things you do want to think about,namely motion transfer and Edge support,now motion transfer means if youre,lying down on one side of the mattress,and your partner moves around on the,other side are you going to feel that,motion or not,and Edge support means if youre sitting,or lying down to the edge of a mattress,if you feel secure or like youre going,to roll off and onto the floor,so first off speaking of motion transfer,not the best handling of motion transfer,with this mattress I placed a glass of,water right on top and pushing the area,around it definitely saw some,disturbance there,and speaking of edge support sitting and,lying down near the edge of this,mattress its not the most supportive so,I dont feel comfy sleeping all the way,toward the edge of the dream cloud,so now lets talk about pricing and at,full price for a queen-size dream Cloud,around twelve hundred dollars but there,are some great discounts we have them on,mattressclarity.com and down in the,YouTube description below,now the moment youve all been waiting,for who should get this mattress and who,shouldnt get this mattress first off,its a great option for back sleepers a,very good balance of comfort and support,with this mattress soft layers right on,top of the mattress and very supportive,coils its also a good option for hot,sleeper some very breathable materials,with the dream Cloud so you have the,coils a lot of room for airflow there,breathable cover and gel infused foams,lastly I think a good option if you like,a more responsive mattress this is a,bouncy mattress overall makes it very,easy to move around and to change,positions,but speaking of cons probably not the,best option for side sleepers again it,is a firmer mattress slightly refuse you,want something on the softer ends,also not a great option if you like more,of that memory foam feel if you like to,lie down on your mattress and slowly,sink in you dont really get that feel,with the dream cloud,and lastly I dont think its the best,option for much heavier sleepers again,Im 270 pounds if you weigh my weight or,higher probably not the best option for,you look for a more supportive mattress,made specifically for larger people,in the end I think the dream cloud is a,great option for back sleepers hot,sleepers and those who like a more,responsive mattress but thats about it,if you want some more information about,the dream Cloud head over to,mattressclair.com for the full written,reviews and some great money saving,coupons well see you next time,[Music]


hey YouTubers well got another video,review follow-up for you so two years,ago I got this dreamcloud Premiere,hybrid mattress and I did a review on it,when I first got it and uh then I did a,follow-up four months later and now Ive,had a lot of people message me asking me,questions about it and the first video,get like 55 000 views and then the uh,second video where I did the follow-up,its gotten like 10 000 views and people,ask me questions and stuff about it so,Ive tried to answer everybody and,people kept saying hey when are you,gonna make a follow-up and so I figured,it was about time and like I said itd,been two years and so in those two years,A lot has happened and uh I just wanted,to you know tell you some of the stuff,thats went on in my life I ended up,getting uh melanoma skin cancer and uh,they had to do surgery on my ear and so,I I uh had to recover and stuff and just,take a lot of time lay in the bed watch,TV and just relax play on my phone that,kind of stuff so there was a lot of time,spinning in this bed and so I gotta say,Im still very pleased with this,mattress,um you know Im a big guy Im a little,over 300 pounds and like I said in the,first two two videos you know all the,mattresses Ive ever owned they develop,a little sag you know from most of my,body weight being here in the middle you,know just it developed a sag in the bed,and so the mattress would wear out after,a couple years and you know its just,not very comfortable and so anyways I,gotta say with this mattress been very,very pleased after two years of me,sleeping on this thing every night I,mean theres no sag and Ill show you,here in a minute Ill pull the covers,off of it I have nothing to hide and,Ill go ahead and tell you this is not a,paid review uh dream Cloud did not pay,me to say any of this now I did become a,dream Cloud affiliate because I do like,the mattress and would I buy it again oh,yeah so anyways,um Im just gonna rip the covers off and,show you guys that,you know basically,theres just no sag at all and I went,and,got a level out of the garage and I,figured that would be the best way to,show you guys,that,there is just no sag you can see Im,gonna pull the sheets tight and Ive got,a huge level here and Im gonna lay it,across and you can see its it touches,all the way across the uh the mattress,even up here where I sleep you know,where most of my weight is I mean its,its flat,I mean thats thats unreal most,mattresses would develop a big sag in,here because Im a big guy and so Ive,been very pleased with it and some of,you might say well thats because you,rotate the the mattress and I do every,price six months or you know well six or,seven months Ill rotate the mattress,and Ill put the the head uh part of it,down there at the feet and you know its,very easy to do that the reason I do,that is just so you dont wear uh one,section out and so anyways,um Ill show you on this side over there,you can you can see that its touching,all the way across and even down here at,the bottom so anyways I have slept on,some other foam mattresses and they are,nowhere near as comfortable as the dream,Cloud usually theyre theyre really,stiff and theyre really hot thats one,thing I got to say about this mattress,is its not its not stiff and its not,hot I dont break out and and sweats,when I I lay on this thing and Im a hot,natured person I sleep with a fan right,beside the bed every night and,that fan is always on and so anyways,like I said Im a hot natured person and,so I dont get that hot feeling from,this mattress like you do with a lot of,the foam mattresses so I really like,that feature because it irritates the,heck out of me to be hot so anyways uh,one other thing that I wanted to make,mention about this is you know uh my,girlfriend shes got a uh a foam,mattress and hers doesnt have the the,pillow top or the Euro Top whatever you,want to call it and hers is nowhere near,as soft as this one its a pretty decent,mattress if you like firm but after I,sleep on hers versus this one its,nowhere near as comfortable and shell,tell you that and uh one of the the main,things about this mattress with me being,a big guy and having that pillow top on,top of it,like four both asleep in this bed and I,want to roll over,youre not going to disturb the person,next to you even as big as I am if I,decide to roll over she says she dont,even feel it because a lot of times if,shes right up close on me I dont want,to flip over and wake her up wake her up,so another topic with uh this mattress,thats really important is finding,sheets to fit it you know I have tried,several different sets and I hadnt,really had a problem at all trying to,find sheets for it its 14 inches thick,and so as long as you find a sheet,thats uh deep enough to fit it then,youre fine like I said I havent had,any problems most sheets are about 15,inches theyll accommodate for the the,deeper pockets of the the new mattresses,all right so I went ahead and stripped,the sheets off of here so nobody could,say oh thats not a dream Cloud mattress,youve got hiding up underneath there,and so I just want to pull it off and,you can see that it is its the same one,from two years ago and you know,um again Im just very pleased with it,and you know if you want to try it out I,dont want to sound like some salesman,but you know they do have like a a year,trial period so if you want to test it,out then uh by all means just just get,it if you dont like it send it back and,uh but for myself Ive been very happy,with it it does have like a lifetime,warranty not real sure how all that,works because Ive never had to had to,send it back or any of that so I,couldnt tell you but I all I know is,from my experience its been a good,quality mattress it supports my weight,and it doesnt get hot and you dont,really notice any kind of you know,movement if somebody turns over next to,you that was really the main things that,was important to me and so anyways like,I said I am an affiliate for uh dream,cloud and you know I uh just wanted to,let you guys know well what I thought,about it this is not again not some,pay-per-view if you guys have seen some,of my other reviews,um you know that Im Legit Im not,making anything up I dont have anything,to gain from this you know Dream House,studs does give me a tiny little bit to,help support my YouTube channel but its,uh its nothing major and so anyways I,uh really believe in this product I,wouldnt tell you guys to go buy it if I,didnt and you know again you have,nothing to lose just just uh you get it,you have that trial period and again if,you dont like it send it back there you,dont have any skin in the game so,anyways I appreciate you watching my,video make sure you check out my link,Down Below in the description and uh,thatll take you to dream cloud and,there might be some special sales going,on through my link Im not sure youll,have to check it out for yourself but,until the meantime make sure you like,And subscribe to my channel and uh I,appreciate you guys watching and this is,my two year review very happy with it

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