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DR-HOS 2-in-1 Decompression Back Belt: Introduction

Now if you have back pain, if you have a disc problem like a herniated disc or protruded,disc or if you have a nerve problem like sciatic nerve thats causing nit pain in your hips,,in your legs, also numbness, problems with sensation and circulation in your legs then,you should be using the pain therapy together with the decompression belt.,Alright you can read up more on our website.,Now the decompression belt helps to support your back but more importantly and also the,second function, it actually helps to traction your back.,It helps to stretch your back, the muscles deep inside so it gets its normal length and,it takes the pressure off your disc to allow the disc to absorb moisture so the disc can,expand because it creates this vacuum in your disk.,And because of that your nerves will not be pinched and then youll have less pain okay,so this is very important.,So the pain therapy, i recommend you use it first for about 20-30 minutes to relax the,muscle, reduce the pain then right afterwards you put the decompression belt on to help,stretch your back to help to restore normal back muscle and disc function.,Alright now this is very easy to use, you just basically, it comes with a hand pump,,were just going to put together the air valves.,So screw the air valves together and then Im gonna turn around here, here ill show,you what happens when I pump this up okay, the belt actually rises against my back.,See, every time I pump it gets higher and higher.,And what it does, it actually lifts my upper body weight off my lower back, taking the,pressure off, so, because it offers a very strong support, it acts like a barrel to you,know, support the core and improve my posture.,You actually get lifted up a little bit and you stand taller.,But more importantly, with time, 20-30 minutes okay, the inside of your back start to do,this, it starts to expand vertically, all the pressure coming off your back and it just,feels so good if you have circulation problems in your legs or if you have chronic back problems,or your back always feels tense, this is something you should be using together with your pain,therapy system.,Try it and youre going to see incredible results.,Now this belt is very easy to use.,You just have to pump it up and it will increase in height by about 3 inches.,What is does, it helps to support your back while helping to stretch your tight muscles,and to decompress the spinal disc.,You can use this belt anywhere; while youre standing for a long time its great, when youre,walking, driving, especially those bumpy rides on a motorcycle or terrain.,Now what I love about it, is that you can use it in the office while youre sitting,in front of your computer, all day long.,It just gives you great support, it helps you to stretch out your muscles, take the,pressure off your disc so you get better circulation, from your back, all the way down your leg.,You can use it while doing household work, doing dishes, laundry, while youre bending,over okay, anytime you need support, anytime you need relief this belt can help you.,Its very and its very powerful and very effective okay.,Theres no drugs involved so its totally portable, you can use it while doing household work.,Imagine, anytime you need support for lifting, gardening, while youre excising you can use,this belt.,Those of you who have young children, boy youre gonna love this belt because it will,allow your back to be supported, feeling stronger so you can be active, enjoy life to the best,okay.,Life is short, you want to be active and you want to be able to relax at the end of the,day.,Okay you can do it while youre sitting down, while youre relaxing or especially those,of you who are having trouble lying down.,This belt is perfect, it relaxes your back, it allows you to sleep better, without the,aches and pains when you use it.,You know I recommend it for all your activities, for support, any time you have pain or tension,just pump it up, lie down, relax for 20 up to 30 minutes, it will slowly stretch everything,out, take all the pressure off and youre gonna feel..

Back Decompression Belt for Sciatic Pain | CORRIE V

hey everyone and welcome back today I am,doing a review of something a little bit,different its not strictly a beauty or,fashion related but it does have to do,with overall well-being it is this back,belt that I got off of Amazon CA and,this back belt is a lumbar support type,belt like Im not a doctor I cannot give,medical advice but I suffer from,sciatica which is basically pain that,emanates from your hip or both hips for,me it is my right hip and its kind of,like a constant pain I feel it every day,it doesnt really like affect my,functionality except for certain times,sometimes itll flare up and hit me real,bad and then like I either cant get out,of bed in the morning or I get stuck in,weird positions and its just really,painful generally in the mornings I feel,a little bit stiff and so Im,experimenting with using this thing to,kind of like straighten me back out and,relieve some of that tension I dont,know if my sciatica is caused from a,pinched nerve or whats going on there,Ive tried a bunch of things including,rehab rehabilitation for it as well as,massage and I have a list of exercises,that I need to do to keep it under,control,rehab one of the things that they did,for me its a call Maria physical,therapy a physical therapy one of the,things that they did for me was like I,would be laying on my back and they,would pull my legs down to kind of like,stretch my spine out too so that if I,did have any pinched nerve it would kind,of like elongate the spine and release,that pain or tension so this is kind of,the same idea basically this belt,inflates and kind of stretches your back,up so that while youre wearing at least,hopefully any pinched nerves are,going away it actually comes in this,case and a vital part of this machine is,this like air pump that like health,inflate the belts which Ill show you in,a second as well as like a user mono,manual and an extension pad if the belt,doesnt fit you right under the box so,few details I bought this from Haley,Kerr Haley care off of Amazon and it,looks like its a ripoff of a brand name,a version of this belt but the brand,name was like double in price so I was,like well I dont know if this is gonna,work for me so I will go ahead and cheap,out and get to the off-brand one it was,still 80 Canadian dollars which is super,super expensive but if you saw it suffer,from regular dare I say chronic pain,then that kind of investment and,something I can help you feel relief,doesnt sound so expensive after all so,let me show you how it works here all,you do is attach it around your hips,with Velcro I need to put it on fairly,tight and then it comes with this pump,which basically connects to this wire,here like so and then you just pump away,you can see the back is starting to,inflate and it kind of stretches up then,once its inflated fully youre pretty,much done not the most flattering belt,like I wouldnt wear it out and about,but thats pretty much the gist of it so,then you just unclip it and it stays,inflated so again in my hips I find it,really helps kind of unkink my back if I,get stuck like in a weird,that really helps like lift and you,elongate anything up and its pretty,comfortable to wear they recommend you,wear for like half an hour once or twice,a day so generally first thing I do when,I wake up in the morning is put it on,and then right before bed have you even,worn it to bed a few times I will put it,on and away you go so thats pretty much,the entire way but I do have to say that,it has actually given me quite a bit of,relief sometimes in the morning when I,put it on I can kind of feel that,stretch kind of like Im king something,it really like a therapeutic way,other times I cant really feel a thing,happening but after that 30 minutes of,just having it on and I can sit I can,watch TV I can cook I can move it really,helps increase the flexibility I have,the mobility I have first thing in the,morning where I tend to get stuck in,that kind of forward position and it,really helps me do things like if I,dont use it for a while Im a hard time,touching my toes just cuz I give them,that pulling or that pain in my low back,but after having used this for a while,again I can like have full mobility its,really been very very helpful and,compared to the cost of like physical,therapy which I dont think this is a,replacement for but it sure is cheap,compared to something like that so again,I really really recommend if you have a,low back pain and it might be something,that decompression would help with or,like a pinched nerve or something maybe,take a look at this belt I mean worst,case because its Amazon its also,really easy to return if it doesnt work,out for you but really Ive had amazing,results enough to like post it on here,so if you have sciatica or something I,would really recommend you try this out,so anyway I would just continue wearing,this belt for a full 30 minutes and then,at the end of the 30 minutes it comes,with this little key,eeee and you basically jam it into the,air inflator and it deflates yourself,like so and then you can just take it,off should I actually keep the pump and,the belt just on my kitchen island,because I like to use it first thing in,the morning like I said and that seems,to be an easy place where I wont lose,like the pumper and yeah Ive had really,great results,Im sorry this video was so random and,so not beauty or fashion related however,doesnt help make a huge difference to,how you feel and how beautiful you feel,and I just want to put this message out,there for anybody else who is suffering,from really bad sciatic pain like I have,been trying to deal with as always Ill,have an affiliate link down below if you,want to check this out for yourself and,if you dont need it oh youre so lucky,hope you appreciate not having that type,of chronic pain well then maybe youre,suffering from something else I dont,know life is complicated isnt it anyway,guys thats it for todays Beauty video,I hope you enjoyed it if you liked to,see more beauty video content from me I,upload new Beauty videos every Tuesday,and Thursday here Chariton my patreon to,help make these videos possible huge art,to you for watching and with that I will,see you all in my next Beauty video,alright,[Music],[Music]

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Dr Ho Decompression Belt

the following is a paid advertisement,for the whole physio belt,brought to you by Howe physio calm hi,Im John Cremeans welcome to our show,living without back pain do you suffer,with back pain hip pain or shooting pain,that runs down your legs well stay tuned,and discover how others just like you,have found the new way to relieve their,back pain its really funny I just put,the belt on Ive had it on for about a,minute and already there is a reduction,in pain that I have in a particular spot,in my back its weird I didnt think I,would work so fast though it allowed me,to walk for the first time in the year,without a game have years of back pain,change who you are,are you tired of not being able to do,what you want to do I have a compressed,vertebrae fourth and fifth vertebrae and,its affecting my lake if my back pain,was managed Id be able to play baseball,fishing all the things I used to do well,today we have a renowned pain specialist,who has developed an incredible new,innovation to help her leave lower back,pain dr. Michael ho is over 20 years of,clinical experience treating patients,with chronic pain hes been recognized,for his ability to relieve pain safely,and effectively by targeting the cause,of the pain combining innovation and,clinical science hes developed many,well-known and effective home therapy,products that are helping millions,around the world today dr. ho will,demonstrate his new hope physio belt,designed to decompress the lower back to,relieve pain,please welcome dr. Michael ho hello John,hey doctor hi everyone first of all I,like to thank all my patients and,customers out there for all your trust,support and referrals over the years,thank you very much lets get right to,it though what is the secret to,relieving back pain you know John,after years of treating back patients I,can tell you that most back problems are,mechanical nature most back pain is,caused by a combination of muscle,tension stiff joints and the gentle,discs and pinched nerves so if the cause,is botanical taking a pill is not going,to solve the problem youve got that,right you know while taking a pill seems,easy but,theres no magic pill for back pain,taking drugs can be detrimental to your,health on the other hand John,decompression attraction therapy is a,proven technique for relieving back pain,and after years of research and,development Im very proud to say I have,the assignment decompression pal that,can instantly to help you relieve your,back pain anywhere anytime so how does,it work,John is much more than a regular support,belt when pumped up it increases in,height to stretch your tight muscle and,the compressor joint and disc to help,relieve your back pain when it rises it,also lifts and and load the weight of,your upper body off your low back so the,muscles can relax well that sounds like,something I could use,can I try it absolutely but before we,put the belt on I want you to step up on,the posture podium here okay because I,want to measure your spinal alignment,before we put the belt on to see how my,whole face your belt can help you all,right okay good,youre on the right spot well anything,that can improve my posture is gonna be,great okay can you look straight ahead,please,okay Oh John I see why you gain back,pain okay yes floating forward about,three inches okay good hang on and I,miss your height see I think I know why,I get back pain when youre slow ting,you put string in your back oh no thats,not good now step down here I want you,to put my belt on all right and see how,this belt will help of your posture and,your back pain theres a very easy belt,to use we just clip the hose on okay and,whats my foot pump just go ahead,pumping iron as you can see the belt is,rising now youre feel it too its,lifting up a body and its stretching,your back now that is full we can just,unclip it and you go on with your date I,mean I feel tower,I feel straighter I can feel my back,looking good uh my entire core feels,like its being completely stretched and,supported I mean I cant believe how,much better my back is feeling you,definitely look better okay well while,you step back back stop coming up on a,postive podium because I want to measure,your posture now all right okay look,straight ahead again okay,oh-ho youre looking better okay I guess,see you straighten up by almost two,inches and youre actually taller now by,almost an inch you know this is starting,to make sense with the bailed on you,stop slouching and that reduces the,strain and pain on your back thats,alright you know this really,works its giving a great support it,feels comfortable it doesnt restrict my,breathing that you know what I better go,to work and nobody would even know I,have this on its that comfortable its,not bulky at all and now how does my,tell me look does it lower you lost some,weight youre looking good man,thats a good thing Ive had pretty bad,back pain for about three years Ive,gone through different physiotherapist,chiropractors I have dr. Hos belt on,right now and I definitely feel an,improvement in my back like you kind of,feel taller the pain my lower backs,definitely gone away had some comments,of course on hey did you lose some,weight you look thinner so its always a,good thing,Ive got no pain and I feel great dr. ho,who should be using this belt you know,John I highly recommend my whole,physical bells for anyone with back pain,hip pain or radiating neck pain Ive had,lower back pain and along with my lower,back pain I had problems in my legs and,both my back pain and the pain in my,legs have gone away after wearing this,belt Im very surprised that you know,half an hour wearing the belt,its relieved the back pain thats,actually got rid of it and relieved the,the tingling sensation in my late jaw my,lower back is killing me,because Im paying all this extra weight,but if I can take this weight off my,back will instantly feel better and,thats exactly how my belt work I love,the weight off your lower back see that,makes sense,less pressure and work for your back,muscles means less back pain okay John,give me a hand put this fat belly on the,waist scale here okay yes I want to show,you how my belt can help to lift the,weight off your low back okay thats a,lot of weight now imagine taking that,kind of pressure off your sore back,look at this done okay when Im pumping,it up my belt will actually lift the,weight off the low back so we went from,twenty to eight seven six five four the,weight is keep decreasing because it,fell well lift the upper body weight,off the lower back now were down to,almost zero weight its like going out,to space zero gravity you know my belt,will help to relieve the pressure and,the pain off your back until now,the only way to decompress your back was,to hang upside down or use a clinical,decompression bed,I have Novak lower back pain when I have,this belt on playing with the kids Im I,feel like Im very supported I feel that,my lower back is decompressed theres no,compression I can bend over I could,twist both directions I can lift them up,with no problems should someone that,uses those inversion tables or the big,machines or decompression beds use this,belt yes they do work but once you stand,up the ping can quickly return the,problem is you cant go to a clinic,every time your back hurts and you cant,travel with an inversion table with my,whole face your belt you can use it,every day at work at home cokecake garni,came for your children playing sports,while youre traveling even in bed is a,back pain relief belt,designed to fit your lifestyle see I,like the idea that you dont have to,depend on anybody most back patients,need ongoing therapy they just cant,afford my belt can relieve their back,pain and save them time and money the,way I see it your whole physio belt,makes home physio possible and,affordable for people with chronic back,pain before I put the belt on my back,was was quite sore in the lower area and,after this half an hour 20 minutes,whatever its been i

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Dr. Hos Belt – Lets Watch

hate this guy can you repeat that again,yes i hate dr ho well lets,watch dr ho,hes not dr no yeah,hi,dont have a huge gut like you do and,sagging breasts of course she does shes,a fan,that i have in that particular spot,theres french fries in those boxes,oh youre interviewing people with five,chins,cant wait to see the next one,oh its just mr red shirt my back pain,was managed,you know baseball fishing all the time,thats his favorite i really hope,theres clothes on underneath though,so this is what he does on the weekend,yeah he does this on the weekend,just for fun he does yes and he has,students and he assigns exams over on,saturdays,just to be a dick yep and he also works,as a doctor during the week,aaron does classes too night classes,oh yeah he even keeps his office open,after hours as well,his receptionists get pissed,off this is,back pain workers it rises it also lifts,and i know the weight look theres no,hope for this guy,no no no no none whatsoever he needs,more than a belt,yeah and im sure the wheel was gonna,fall off his cars,girls will say oh stick it in me but,but move your belt im attracted to that,belt,look at how stupid he looks it pushes,his big,beer gut belly up it does,gives you a hernia because of abdominal,pressure,and nobody would even know i have this,on its that comfortable oh,yeah okay,youre looking good man thats a good,thing no hes not he looks like, and so does she,her ass is swallowing their chair,that is not her no it is the taller,the pain in my lower backs definitely,gone away had some comments of course on,hey did you lose some weight you look,thinner so thats always a good thing,ive got heres michael mcdonald,oh my god my little bag is,because im paying all this extra weight,but if i can take this weight off,my back will instantly feel better and,thats exciting so what is that hes a,vest too,hes got way too much free time he means,less back pain,okay john give me a hand put this fat,belly on the weight scale here okay,im gonna show you how my belt can help,to lift the weight,off your lower back okay thats a lot of,weight now imagine taking that kind of,pressure,why wouldnt you just lose the weight,because that would make sense see they,have to simplify things for us americans,because they because they want something,like this,this is putting a band-aid on a horrible,situation thats what hey thats what we,like to do,being overweight causes thousands of,health problems,oh it does so lets use,dr hos belt to fix,she deserves it you cant make her look,any worse,both directions i can lift them up with,no problem nice lost in space,or the big machines or decompression,beds uses spells,yes they do work but once you stand up,the pain can quickly return the problem,is you cant go to the clinic anytime,youre backwards,and you cant travel with it yeah but,youre open 24 7.,this clinic is open yeah right always,his receptionists get really mad i like,the idea that you dont have to depend,on anybody,who does he depends on his mom right to,do his laundry,yes to do his dishes right,oh and he has tas to grade his papers,im talking about the red guy oh no the,red guy,need really for your background you need,to see that i know your whole belt is a,professional back traction device,recommended by doctors and loved by back,patients,everywhere i cant figure out that,actually,feel good well standing walking,that guy is struggling to drive well,these people are in horrible,shape please,yeah hes got cellulitis too is this,belt going to fix that,oh really thinks it is time and money,with my belt you get remarkable results,without the hassle,at a very low cost you know similar belt,can cost you,almost a thousand dollars but what a,thousand dollars,did you just say that you did it with a,really,stupid wedding registry of life oh yes,thats possible if its a martha stewart,belt,my belt was like yes what about the,jessica simpson ones,those are fancy those are more now those,are,its very 1200 to use you just plug it,in thats good lets baby everybody come,up the belt,is that included included i like that so,you put it in a car,an rv thats another,enjoy your fast food,[Laughter],[Music],that was such a stupid question he gets,cinnamon buns,by the dozen i see that by the,six dozens it just gobbles them all down,its okay i got my belt,[Music],look at that guys face is he really,happy hes wearing that stupid thing,i can do it well you can lift your,daughter because you have that belt,youre gonna love you,okay is it better to sit or lie down,when youre using the whole physio,though well john both will work,walking sitting or lying down when,possible i do recommend i use my belt,lying down because,its just much easier,well its mr zoloft,when i put the weight on my finger i,will hurt,yeah no but we would put a weight,on your finger like that,unless you spent another weekend for,this demo,you did youre right oh boy,what does he wear womens clothes okay i,think we have to watch this now too,[Laughter],they dont call him dr ho for nothing no,i guess i,yeah i guess,take pressure off,so this is very important so the paint,therapy i recommend you use it first,therapy,hes always in a hurry to pay bills he,actually enjoys doing it,also because it offers a very strong,support november first he had to pay my,bill,yes yes yes,he wants to know what time he can come,the billing opens because he actually,makes an event of paying his bills,he has like balloons yes balloons he,actually has a,big,why is she wearing it because her boobs,are too big,oh i see it causing her back problems,wont be able to live without it no so,you can be,[Music],wow,[Laughter],put on,of this fire this belt is made of two,layers,two layers so what is it like cream,cheese,and then whipped cream cream yeah,why not have marshmallow fluffy,now this is in two different ways,when the thought is they work as a,strong nose,for your back now know what to,out do welcome just for,anything that might be hard on your back,anything yeah anything why i was,watching the dishes hows that hurt for,your back,when the belt is not inflated you can,use it as often as you like,and whenever you need it,why not just keep it on 24 7. yeah why,not,i mean its so great yeah,it is i want to go with the grocery,store and around with that belt and,go up to some pretty girl,yeah hey look at my belt wanna fool,around when we have sex this is all im,gonna wear,this belt filled with cream cheese and,marshmallow fluff,what is this butt pump,thats what beyonce uses inside this,small pocket here,oh thats nice i thought i saw a little,pouch there where i could put my credit,card,oh yes that is a great idea yeah,well i mean i like buying useless,products and i also like going into debt,well if its so great why do we have to,limit to limit it to an hour,i know to take the belt off always,release all the air from the belt,first to do this use the air release key,look at all this complicated just,to take a belt off,maintenance for a belt are you kidding,me,yes only and oh my god,this is how he spends his weekends his,cleaning is maintaining his belt oh my,god its just one more thing to clean,when the belt is inflated it will help,to lift,the body weight off your lower back this,will decrease the pressure on the spinal,cord can you explain this already,yes he did but he has to do it again,the pelvic crust boy,you know i think i know a couple people,who actually have,pelvic floors i know i know,this puts pressure on the abdomen which,causes hernias,yes,theyre not active to begin with thats,why they have this problem,its a new dance it is,what song could he be dancing to right,now,uh i know do you think im sexy,thats perfect of course,yes do you want my bod,what does this have to do with the belt,nothing,why is this in here stretching i dont,know,released theres not even stretching,though,oh what are you gonna show us this time,i dont want to know,he just wants to show us it oh yes,what the hell just taking,yoga moves but what does this ha

How to Use a TENS Machine For Lower Back Pain

(upbeat music),- Hi everyone, welcome back to Dr. Hos Healthy Living vlog.,We are so lucky to have Dr. Ho himself here today.,Thank you.,Im happy, hi everybody.,- We wanna talk to everyone today about back pain.,Now, Dr. Ho Im sure youve seen a lot,of back pain in your practice.,Can you talk to us a little bit about that?,- Absolutely.,Listen, back pain is the number one cause for disability.,In fact, eight out of 10 adults will,suffer with back pain at some time in their life.,You want to treat you back pain early.,As soon as possible to correct the problem so it,doesnt become a chronic degenerative issue.,But if you do have a chronic back pain issue already,,dont worry, I have the solution for you that can,help you live better and feel better.,We need to target the cause of the,back pain by relaxing the muscle.,We need to improve the circulation of the nerve,and blood vessel so the body can heal itself and that,will get immediate and long term relief.,Dont worry, you dont need surgery.,You dont need to take a pill everyday.,You can relieve the pain and get on,with a better life all on your own.,What I recommend you do is use my Pain Therapy device.,You put the patch on the low back.,Ill show you exactly what to do.,It relaxes the muscle, improves the circulation,of the nerve and the blood vessel.,And it relieves the pain.,- Well that sounds great!,Lets get started.,- Okay.,Now if you suffer with chronic back pain or,acute back pain you can treat yourself very easily.,Believe me.,Its not as hard as you think or,as hard as other people make it out to be.,Ive been treating back pain patients for over 30 years.,Its very easy to get the relief you need and go,back to having a regular normal life.,This is all you have to do.,Put the big pads on the low back.,One on this side of your low back.,Thats it, okay?,Now turn the device on.,Theres a little dial here, we just click it on.,I can customize the mode by selecting one I like.,I push, I like mode B, but you can push whichever you like.,You can set the timer in case you want to,use this before you go to bed.,It will shut itself off.,And adjust intensity very, very slowly,,a little bit at a time, okay.,Until you feel that deep impulse in your low back.,And then, what you feel is almost like,someone is massaging back muscle.,And then it will stop and you get a different type massage.,It just changes all the time with our device.,Thats our special technology.,And then after using this for 20 or 30 minutes,,what youll find is your back muscle will be nice and,relaxed and the pain that youve been having,,pain that has been there for long time, not going away,no matter what you do, it will be diminished.,And for some of you it can actually be gone.,Then what you do is, get up and do some back exercise.,By doing that on a regular basis a couple times a day.,Youll find after a couple weeks, your back will,feel so good, you should be able to sleep through the night,,sit in your car for long time, sit at work without,back pain, go play with your kids,and go back to regular living.,Thats it.,- Dr. Ho thank you so much for showing everyone how they,can get pain relief at home with your pain therapy system.,- Thank you for watching.,Just remember this.,Dont let pain stop you from living your life.,Use my Pain Therapy System to relieve the pain,,relax the muscle and then do the exercise,on a regular basis so you keep everything nice and loose,and go out and live your life.,Do the things you love.,Dont avoid doing things just because you have back pain.,With my Pain Therapy System, you can relieve the back pain,on demand and go on living a better life.,And a few years from now youre gonna say,,wow, my back pain not bothering me.,I can do anything I want.,And thats where you want to be in your future.,- Well, that sounds great.,Alright, thank you again for joining us Dr. Ho,and well see you guys next time.,Bye!,(upbeat music)

Dr Ho: License to Practice – JonTron

[Music],every one every dragon has a weak spot,now I dont know about that one that is,a large and frankly on week looking,dragon with a lot of gold,I warn you whats this,well friends its just the most,ambitious RPG project of 2019,introducing raid Shadow Legends the most,immersive RPG experience youll find on,a smartphone anywhere forget everything,you think you know about mobile games,because raid is gonna change it all the,game is totally free its got an amazing,storyline awesome 3d graphics giant boss,fights PvP battles and hundreds of,champions to collect and customize now,thats legendary and also did I mention,you could play with me too just search,from a clan tag jontron and join the,party Ill be accepting people for the,next few days so act fast and as a,cherry on top the raid dev team have,been kind enough to give me a,specialized link that gets you a bunch,of extra goodies just for the simple act,of clicking so what are you waiting for,go to that description box click that,link and redeem your 50,000 silver and,free epic champion alright on to the,video,[Music],oh crap oh my bleeding back Jesus Christ,thats smarts I think one of my,vertebrae went I think I cant move I I,think Im gonna need some serious help,[Music],[Applause],you,what well just cuz the flashy intro play,do you think Im suddenly gonna be,magically okay Im gonna be out of here,no news flash Im still extreme pain so,if youd like to help do it now or,forever rest your [ __ ] peace man oh,my god thats a that is a gun barrel,pointed at me alright lets get serious,lets come back down to earth here for a,second I bet youre wondering what the,hell Im on about and Ill tell you what,Im saying is if youre living this,eternal life of torment down here on,earth theres only one man for you and,he works at the whole clinic and he also,is a ho one dr. ho still pending if hes,got that MD but er he is at least,definitely a chiropractor basically all,you guys got to know is I found this,amazing commercial for this guy dr. ho,and his fantastic back pain belt,apparently hes been selling it for a,long time but Ive never heard of it but,without further ado this is a man who,really believes in this product so Ill,let him sell it to you this is dr. Hos,decompression belt hi Im John Cremeans,welcome to our show living without back,pain hi john cremeans wheres dr. ho do,you suffer with back pain hip pain or,shooting pain that ones down your legs,I I have a pain in the brain you dont,want to be up to here have years of back,pain change who you are have minors,shooting pains changed your character to,the degree that you will just hurt,someone you love who you wouldnt have,heard before,stop well today we have a renowned pain,specialist who has developed an,incredible new innovation to help her,leave lower back pain,dr. Michael ho is over 20 years of,clinical experience girl turnover right,youre supposed to do CPR on the other,side people dont breathe through their,butthole that man might be dead Im,pretty sure hes just tenderizing a,corpse right there hes developed many,well known and effective home therapy,products combining innovation and,clinical science much clinical science,here is going on dr. ho I dont care,about your chamomile tea okay I need,spinal surgery hes been recognized for,his ability to relieve pain safely and,effectively like a hell of a lot of PhDs,noticed how like the doctors with like,the least public credibility whenever,theyre in a shot theyve just got the,most biggest PhDs and [ __ ] behind them,you know my patients are always telling,me doc I hey listen man move the frame,this way get it like here cool,yeah good suit again you know my,patients are always telling me doc Im,following all your advice Im sticking,to the regiment to a tee and Ive still,got back pain and I tell them the same,thing every time its really not my,[ __ ] problem,Im like dude what do you want from me,all right I dont know what to do you,want a refund on a frigging back massage,okay yeah if you pay the restocking fee,oh this dont worry about this it was,like two bucks online Ill have it,replaced in no time please welcome dr.,Michael ho hello John,hey doctor hello John Ive been here the,whole time waiting for you to tell me to,come on lets get right to it though,what is the secret to relieving back,pain most back pain is caused by a,combination of muscle tension stiff,joints and the gentle discs the genitive,days Im not even [ __ ] around what,did he say and the gentle disc,degenerative tears yes but no idea what,he said on the other hand John,decompression attraction I hate I dont,like the fact that he keeps I feel like,hes gonna take my spine it felt like so,who does that scorpion president know in,[ __ ] Mortal Kombat predator this is,pregnant I whispered scorpion right,doodle win you know while taking a pill,seems easy but there is no magic pill,for back pain I never thought there was,a pill for back pain did anybody think,there was a pill for back pain I know a,pill for pain its called like heroin,but I wasnt really gonna take that fur,back for my back pain at least maybe,just for sadness so if the cause is,mechanical taking a pill is not gonna,solve the problem you got that right,nice job sticking to the script creamy,theres an extra paycheck coming in the,mail for you this month and after years,of research and development Im very,proud to say I have to sign a new,decompression pal that can instantly to,help you relieve your back pain anywhere,anytime,well thats unprecedented how does it,work really how really how how does it,work so scam is it so,at work this game no we figure this one,out for John its much more than a,regular support belt how much money you,had in R&D scam,when pumped up the compressor joining,this to help relieve your back pain this,smell like a bit like a scam and my,familys from a long line of smellers,when the rice is it also lived and and,load the weight off the upper body off,you like who hasnt been in that,situation just googling something oh it,strikes my belt helped to keep the back,to get us a push a belt and stabilize,her back to prevent this what was more,impressive there is that one minute he,was typing on a laptop and then you,freaking go-go-gadget it into a motor,vehicle okay thats what you should be,talking about that should be the selling,point of the belt well that sounds like,something I could use,can I try it absolutely but before we,put the belt on I want you to step up on,the posture podium here okay weird its,like the only part where where mr. cream,oh just seems slightly like,uncomfortable because I want to miss are,your spinal alignment to see how my,whole face your belt can help you,alright okay I guess Ill step up on,that what is it is it is that a reticule,is it a target,doctor what are you doing thats a laser,sight thats a laser sight on me okay,can you look straight ahead please,okay Oh John I see why you getting back,pain okay I like how this this is how,its diagnosed now can you step up there,for a minute for me oh my god are you,serious thats Jesus measure to come in,earlier when youre slow ting you put,stringing it back oh no thats not good,so good its bad is bad for you better,for the bag oh my gosh it cant just say,that posture podium is downright,sinister alright I bet if Ive been to,museums seen all the medieval torture,devices,Im on to you doctor oh I know what,youre all about your methods are brutal,at worst unethical at best,holy moly dr. H when they said you were,a master of pain I didnt know they,meant it literally Oh,freaky I want you to put my belt on we,just clip the hose on okay whats my,foot bum just go ahead pump it I go on,Pump It Yourself its my foot pump but,you pump it I mean I feel taller my,entire core feels like its being,completely stretched and supported my,intestines feel a tad smaller than,before as if they were being crushed by,great weight,Wow this is some good stuff its not,bulky at all and now how does my tell me,look you

DRHOS Circulation Promoter Back Relief Belt

middle of the hour we have a lot of,great deals for you so,the nordic bike is going to help you to,exercise,but maybe youre in a little bit of pain,and right now you cant get your,exercise on you cant take a walk you,cant get on the bike you can barely,move maybe,how did you sleep last night because if,youre stressed out and you have those,sore aching muscles,this is a great solution for you and,this is one of the largest,configurations we have with,dr hos devices this is dr hos,circulation promoter,for foot pain for leg pain its,magnificent coming with that tens device,were also giving you some great bundles,were throwing in,this back relief belt so youre getting,the back relief belt that also helps,with your lower and upper back pain,and were giving you the pads that go,along with it youre getting four,additional large pads,and i think youre also getting a,replaceable,uh back relief metal belt replaceable,pad,so all of this bundled in so not only,are you getting the back relief belt and,the pads to go with it,and youre getting the circulation,promoter for your feet and your legs,were also throwing in all of these,extra pads for you,so that you get four regular body pads,two,large body pads and one travel foot pad,and you also get a travel case you get,an instructional,dvd again one of the largest,configurations that we have,and this is basically in a nutshell its,your foot doctor,okay if you have bad feet and you have,pain its also your masseuse,do you spend a hundred dollars to go and,get a full body massage,its also your chiropractor and maybe,physical therapy treatment,all in one i think its absolutely,fantastic,because this is fda cleared this is a,fda cleared,medical device for professional use that,you get to do in the comfort of your own,home,this temporary relieves your not only,your foot pain and your leg,pain but with all of these pads and this,belt were talking about,back of your neck pain upper back lower,back,it is a head to toe treatment and im,telling you dr ho whos been in the,industry for 30 years,as a chiropractor dr ho has so many,testimonials so many,lives that hes improved so i want to go,to dr michael ho,and fantastic job because you know i,ive been in a car wreck before and had,to use the tens,treatment and i had to use i use it with,physical therapy so this is something,you find in doctors offices but you get,to do this anytime,at your home and i thank you for giving,us that good afternoon,well thank you debbie thank you debbie,and hi everyone,you know it makes me really happy,because i just went on hsn.com,and i read all the wonderful reviews it,just makes my day,so listen if you suffer with pain your,leg and feet,shoulder tension or if youre like,debbie being a car wreck and you have,neck pain,or back pain especially those chronic,back pain that keeps you up at night or,give you trouble when youre at work or,may try and place the kid,we have a system here that will give you,all the tools,that you need to give you the relief you,need,now getting regular treatments at home,every day will give you much better,results if you come to see me in my,clinic,one or three times a week not only that,you can save a lot of time and a lot of,money,i developed this about 30 years ago the,very first system,because i hear so many my patients say,dr ho can you come home with me after,the treatment because they feel so good,i say,sorry of course i can but so many people,suffer pain on a weekend,in the middle of night when theyre,traveling when theyre home or when they,cant come for regular treatment,and thats why they want my system now i,have a lot to show you today so stay,tuned,first of all i will show you how to,treat rotator cuff area,you feel rotator cuff pain im telling,you you have trouble lifting your arm,up your trouble sleeping okay in the,middle of night say oh i cant move my,arm,in the morning its like all stiff and,sore no good when you put the test right,here,turn it on select the mode you like,select the timer,adjust intensity very slowly and within,seconds woohoo there you go you can feel,this incredible sensation,now my device the fca clear class,ii medical stance and ems its a special,patented technology,if you watch very carefully you see how,my muscles are pulsing on its own,it doesnt do it one way it does in 372,different ways its called amp,technology its pain relief technology,not available anywhere,its our patented technology and we,developed this over the years with our,own chronic pain patient and within,minutes your muscle and this is,clinically tested your muscle will,relax your circulation will improve and,your pain,after 20 frames you go wow baby,i love that thought for her because i,can move so much,that same thing im telling you you have,to try it okay before you understand,what im talking about im not,exaggerating anything,over 10 million people around the world,are living much better okay,like because of this thing now youre,turning so thats everything how many,have elbow pain right there in that spot,okay,coming from tennis coming from hyping on,the computer,shoveling snow doing your everyday,things especially manual labor,right here it gets so sore put a little,past here 20 or 30 minutes,two three times a day after a few weeks,you can squeeze that arm you can punch,you can do the things you normally do,how about wrist pain a lot of people do,repetitive work,in the factory okay service workers you,know oh from line workers a lot of pain,in the arms,how about i fight this thing you said my,first thing in your fingers,as im getting older or my old,basketball injury are coming back to,haunt me,i thought they looked like i brushed my,joints i put this on ah,it just relieves the pain the swelling,because improve the circulation,and then your fingers they dont feel so,stiff now you can bring juice on your,knee,on your ankle wherever your pain now,next area im going to show you,is lower back pain how many of you have,a lower back pain,no back pain is the worst because we had,low back pain when youre good when you,get up you get back pain,when you go to work the back pain gets,worse when you come home you get tired,because the pain,stops your energy okay so low back pain,basically affects everything of your,life now,before the low back shoulder pain,because i just reminded,right so many of us have so much tension,and anxiety right now,and right here this is so important to,do oh,the way this feels it feels like the,best masseuse there needing the muscle,leading yourself chopping muscle,squeezing muscle and right away the,muscle relaxes,yeah and the pain melts away now if you,if you have trouble sleeping because the,pain,sets the timer for 20 or 40 minutes you,get relaxed,the pain goes away you fall asleep no,worries the people should turn up,when the treatment is over thats how,good it is now this is portable,you can use this at home at work in bed,wherever you like,thats the beauty of it with my system,in your home,you get unbelievable unlimited treatment,and,unlimited relief why because imagine you,can get a treatment every day,okay right you will feel so much better,i know so many patients when theyre,getting tuned for me or for my therapist,theyll say oh treatments gonna be over,i wish can go longer,with my system in your home it can go as,long as you like you can have an hour,treatment,every single day so a better life,without the fear of pain,and you guys this is a remarkable deal,if youve ever been in any type of pain,and ever used,you know like this tens treatment ive,done that i had to go to a physical,therapist to do it after i was in a car,wreck and they put the little pads on,you,and it works to relieve that pain um so,youre going to get the tens unit,that not only are you going to can you,attach it to the the back,relief belt but you also can put it in,the foot base,and thats why i say its head to toe,because if you have foot pain youre,going to put your feet on here youre,going to work your tens dev

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