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Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review

[Music],the surreal tone of dying light 2 stay,human combines a very serious end of,days theme with silly characters and,mini games that have you smacking,zombies off skyscrapers with a cricket,bat its bizarre but somehow works,extremely well,this zombie smashing action game is a,strong post-apocalyptic adventure with,top tier parkour movement an expansive,open world and lots of great characters,what doesnt work so well is how it,combines a near near-lethal assortment,of bugs with a story centered around a,protagonist so uninteresting that hes,all but undead on arrival,[Music],before we dive in its important to note,that i do not recommend jumping into,dying light 2 on day 1 if your tolerance,for bugs is low i was able to play it to,completion but only barely leading up to,launch it is absolutely drowning in a,sea of debilitating technical issues,whether it was crashing all dialogue,stopping during cut scenes,all audio being replaced with this,terrifying sound,getting locked out of quests uneven,frame rates and too many others to list,here many glitches are temporary,annoyances or even amusing wonkiness but,others are more dire one ign editor,playing on ps5 had his entire save file,corrupted leaving him with a,never-ending loading screen and locking,him out of his save pending an upcoming,patch,those issues are particularly,disappointing since dying light 2 can be,a lot of fun between them sticking,largely to the plan laid out by its,surprise hit predecessor in 2015 it,takes place in an excellent highly,explorable city the rooftops are home to,eccentric survivors who have become,masters of parkour scavenging and,chopping zombie heads off with assorted,sporting equipment,by day the zombie swarms crowd into,buildings to hide from the sun and by,night they pour into the streets in,daunting masses but the real tension,comes from managing the terrifying meter,that counts down your own transformation,into a brainless shambler like nearly,everyone else youre infected with the,zombie virus and staying in near,constant contact with uv rays is the,only thing delaying the inevitable the,ever-present need to recharge that meter,which will deplete in a matter of,minutes if youre inside a building away,from the light is an excellent addition,that keeps up the pressure on every step,of your journey during the night you,have to be extremely deliberate with,everything you do so you can make it,back to a nearby oasis with uv lights to,replenish your meter like a diver with a,limited oxygen supply do you risk,looting every corner of a mission area,or rush through and complete the main,objective to mitigate danger should you,take the time to sneak around to avoid,conflict or would it be easier to press,the attack and risk getting stabbed to,reach a goal faster,decisions like this layer on top of the,action and give you something to think,about beyond just splattering the,nearest zombies and moving their corpses,the biggest highlight of dying light 2,by a mile though is its liberating and,smooth parkour system which improves,upon the first games already impressive,toolbox youll leap from building to,building scale skyscrapers and even,swing around with a grappling hook with,intuitive ease since the city streets,are flooded with the undead by night and,not yet dead bandits by day sticking to,rooftops quickly becomes one of the most,intricate and high stakes games of the,floras lava of all time and its,consistently entertaining even when,youre just running from point a to,point b,combat against humans and zombies alike,can also be a lot of fun as you drop,kick faces dodge and parry attacks and,lop off arms legs and torsos,there isnt much variety to the human,enemies but there are so many great,options for finding inventive ways to,kill a whole room of bandits or,bloodthirsty brain eaters that its,rarely a tedious undertaking throwing,giant exploding gas tanks at groups of,enemies setting a dozen zombies on fire,with a well-placed molotov cocktail or,just walking up to them one at a time,and drop kicking them out of a window,are just a few ways i rid myself of,unwanted undead,its still a lot of fun even when you,quickly become overpowered and lose a,lot of the difficulty and fear factor or,when you realize the human ai is about,as smart as a boot full of mayonnaise,[Music],pull yourself together,you got a visitor,and whos that,queen of [ __ ] england after chasing,down story threads for the 80 hours it,took me to beat dying light 2 it was,deflating that the main plot ended up,feeling so weak despite an embarrassment,of riches when it comes to great,characters rosario dawsons lawn for,example is a fantastic anti-hero you get,to hang out with a lot as she broods,drinks and kills people indiscriminately,with a crossbow ready,lets go then theres the washed up,former hero frank the charming ladies,man hakan and many many more who left me,with fun and dramatic moments to,remember them by the real issue is that,dying light 2 just kind of has you,meander from character to character,without any cohesive story materializing,between them mostly because of the,disappointing character you spend the,most time with aiden caldwell thats you,[ __ ] oh damn it,i was actually starting to like you,aiden is what youd get if you ordered a,cardboard cutout of a generic,protagonist on amazon and got the cheap,knockoff version instead the tale of,revenge hes on is confusing cliche and,borders on nonsensical by the end,without going into spoilers the,flashbacks to aidens mysterious and,tragedy-filled backstory sprinkled,throughout the campaign left me,wondering when the other shoe would drop,but it never did its especially,irritating because there are so many,interesting stories and well-written,characters throughout the campaign,but for some reason your own character,is one of the dullest people on one of,the most humdrum adventures among them,looking for sophie,sophie another disappointment is that,most of the major decisions i made had,little impact on the overall flow of the,story despite dying light 2 seemingly,going out of its way to focus on your,choices supposedly carrying weight for,example i did everything in my power to,piss off one of the citys biggest and,most powerful factions even going so far,as to unsubtly assassinate several of,their leaders i expected big time,consequences and yet by the end of the,story i still found myself working,alongside them even moments after id,betrayed them for the third consecutive,time for what its worth they did give,me a stern talking to but none of it had,a whole lot of impact on where i ended,up,although my actions certainly changed,some characters opinions of me and,altered some story quests here and there,i ultimately still did all the same,major story missions regardless of my,decisions likewise the ending felt like,an inevitability with only minor details,changing along the way when i went back,to see what might have gone differently,come outside,lets talk,dying light 2 also features a drop in,co-op mode where up to 4 players can,explore the city together and take on,any activity from story missions to,parkour mini-games to boss fights its,not only impressive that so much of the,campaign can be enjoyed together but it,has just about every feature i could,have asked for from a modern co-op game,theres difficulty scaling to account,for more people in the action player,specific loot so you dont have to fight,with friends over weapon drops and,crucially all progress xp and story,decisions carry across to your save file,whether youre the host or a guest,dying light 2 stay human is another in a,long series of big ambitious games whose,potential greatness is visible just,beneath a grindy layer of bugs,it could very likely become the stellar,zombie survival adventure its meant to,be someday for now though its best,added to your backlog unless your,irritation with crashes and technical,issues is outweighed by eagerness to,dance across rooftops with its

Dying Light 2 New DLC Is Not For Everyone…

Dying Light 2 DLC الجديد ليس متاحًا للجميع وفي هذا الفيديو سأقدم تقييمي الصادق,حول هذا المحتوى القابل للتنزيل.,ولكن قبل أن أتحدث عن DLC ، أردت فقط معالجة الكراهية التي يحصل عليها هذا المحتوى القابل للتنزيل.,في رأيي أنها لا تستحق تلك الكراهية.,اسمع ، أعلم أنه ليس محتوى DLC الذي توقعناه وهذا أحد الأسباب الرئيسية التي تجعل الناس,يكرهون هذا المحتوى القابل للتنزيل.,لأننا دائمًا ما كانت لدينا توقعات عالية من Techland & Techland تكافح بطريقة ما,لمواكبة هذا التوقع.,كما لو كانوا يجربون كثيرًا وكلنا نعرف ماذا حدث؟ حسنًا ، لقد فشلوا ،,في الواقع لقد تعلموا الدرس والآن يستمعون إلى معجبيهم أكثر من أي وقت مضى.,ونحن كمجتمع نحتاج إلى دعمهم والتوقف عن كرههم للمحتوى القابل للتنزيل لمجرد أننا أردنا,الجنة أو البنادق أو الله أعلم ماذا في اللعبة.,أعني مجرد إلقاء نظرة على مراجعات البخار.,أجد أنه من المضحك أنه على الرغم من الإعلان عن DLC لعدة أشهر ، وكنا جميعًا نعرف ما الذي,كنا نحصل عليه قبل شراء DLC …,لا يزال يتعين على بعض الأشخاص شراء DLC فقط حتى يتمكنوا من نشر مراجعة سلبية تقول,من طلب الساحة DLC؟,وبعض المراجعات مجرد هراء صريح.,مثل هذا الرجل الذي يقول إنه كان بإمكانه إنفاق هذه الـ 9 دولارات على الكباب بدلاً من المحتوى القابل للتنزيل (DLC).,نعم ، يمكن أن يكون لديك ، ولكن بحلول اليوم التالي سوف تتغوط الكباب ،,أنا آسف ولكن بجدية لا يعرف أننا اعتدنا الحصول على حزم جلدية في Dying Light,1 التي كانت تساوي 3 دولارات وهنا بثلاثة أضعاف السعر الذي أنت عليه بالفعل الحصول على Story DLC.,ثم هناك هذه التعليقات الوقحة والعنصرية.,أعني ما هو الخطأ مع هؤلاء الرجال؟ استمع إلى هذا الطلب المتواضع للأشخاص الذين لديهم,هذه الأنواع من المراجعات ، إذا لم تتمكن من نشر مراجعة مناسبة من شأنها أن تساعد,المطورين حرفيًا على تحسين اللعبة ، فلا تنشر أي مراجعات.,نحن نعلم أن Bloody Ties DLC ليست DLC التي طلبناها ، لكنها بالتأكيد ليست DLC سيئًا لما,إذا كانت العروض.,لديها مشاكلها لكنها ليست ما يشير إليه الناس.,لذلك في هذا الفيديو ، سنتحدث عن كل شيء جيد وسيء عن DLC ، ولكي,أكون صادقًا ، كنت أقول هذا منذ شهور وما زلت أقول هذا حتى الآن.,Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC ليس متاحًا للجميع وسأخبرك بالسبب ولكن قبل ذلك دعني,أخبرك عن اللعبة المصممة للجميع.,راعينا اليوم,رايد شادو ليجيندز.,Raid Shadow Legends هي لعبة تقمص أدوار شائعة جدًا تعتمد على الأدوار وتتميز برسومات مذهلة ومتاحة,على كل من الهاتف المحمول والكمبيوتر الشخصي.تتضمن,هذه اللعبة 16 فصيلة من بينها أفضل 3 فصائل هي Knights Revenant,الذين هم تلاميذ عبادة الموت Kleth وهم يرون أنفسهم كأوعية لأرواح,الموتى من نظامهم.,ثم لدينا الأورك الذين ينتمون إلى قبائل الأوركيش الذين يحتفظون بجيوب ضعيفة,من غابات دورهام إلى الأراضي الميتة ، يفعلون ما يجب عليهم لضمان بقائهم على قيد الحياة.,ثم لدينا الجان المرتفعون الذين نشأوا في أرافيا حيث بنوا,مدينة رائعة متلألئة ، وقد مكنهم العيش في هذه الأراضي الوفيرة من تطوير مجتمعهم إلى أعلى,درجات الإنجاز المادي والفكري والروحي.,كما أن بطلي الأكثر استخدامًا والمفضل هو Kytis من فصيل Knights Revenant.,أعني أنظر إلى الرجل ، لقد حصل على درع ، سيف ..,من الواضح أنه يعني العمل.,وثق بي ، فإن مهاراته ليست مزحة ، فمهارة روحه Repear تضع أساسًا تخفيض شفاء,للعدو في المنعطفين التاليين.,تسمى مهارته الثانية Spikes والتي تمنح بطلنا قوة هجوم بنسبة 50٪ للدورتين التاليتين,ثم يهاجم العدو 4 مرات بشكل عشوائي.,أيضًا أفضل جزء إذا كان للعدو أي زيادة ، فسيقوم Kytis بعمل dmg حرجًا عليهم.,كما أن مهارتي المفضلة والأكثر في العمليات الجراحية هي نزيف الجروح ، وهي بمثابة مهارة منقذة,بالنسبة لي.,هذه المهارة متاحة فقط عندما تفقد شخصيتنا 50٪ من صحتها ، لذلك عند استخدامها,، يتعرض العدو للهجوم مرتين والجزء المجنون ، كلما فقدنا المزيد من الصحة كلما زاد تأثير,هذه المهارة على العدو.,هذا جنون جدًا وهذا هو السبب في أنه بطلي المفضل حتى الآن.,في الواقع ، لدى RAID الكثير من الأبراج المحصنة والزعماء والمعارك الأخرى لتستعرضها – لديك,الكثير لاستكشافه.,أخبرتك أيضًا أنه هذا الشهر ، حصلت Raid على تحديث جديد ضخم مع الكثير من الميزات الجديدة,- بما في ذلك Dungeon جديد تمامًا وإدخال Artifact Ascension!,تخيل القتال عبر مقبرة شيطان الرمال وتربح الزيت الثمين اللازم,لنقل القطع الأثرية إلى المستوى التالي.,في الواقع ، هناك مجموعة من الأبطال الجدد الذين تمت إضافتهم إلى هذا المزيج أيضًا ، بما في ذلك بعض,أبطال العطلات الرائعين حقًا ، لأولئك الذين يتطلعون إلى الاستمتاع بروح الأعياد.,تم تزيين The Bastion داخل اللعبة لتبدو شتوية أيضًا!,وأكبر الأخبار ، حصلت RAID على شيء خاص إضافي يحدث الآن – لقد أطلقوا,بطلًا أسطوريًا مبنيًا على MMA وأسطورة المصارعة المحترفة Ronda Rousey.,نعم ، روندا روسي. ويمكنك الحصول على Ronda مجانًا الآن – سواء,كنت لاعبًا جديدًا أو لاعبًا لفترة طويلة – فقط عن طريق تسجيل الدخول إلى RAID.,كل ما عليك فعله هو تسجيل الدخول ولعب RAID لمدة 7 أيام من الآن وحتى 20 فبراير ،,ثم Ronda هي ملكك.,للاحتفال أيضًا بوصول Ronda إلى RAID ، حصلنا على رمز ترويجي خاص RAIDRONDA ومتاح,لجميع المستخدمين: الجديد والقديم.,إذا كنت تستخدم هذا الرمز ، فستحصل على مجموعة من الأشياء المفيدة مثل تعزيز XP لمدة 3 أيام بنسبة 100٪ ، و,500 ألف فضة و 5 عمليات إعادة تعبئة كاملة للطاقة.,أعني أنها مثالية لتسوية روندا الخاصة بك حتى تكون في قمة لعبتها!,فقط أدخل الرمز الترويجي RAIDRONDA في اللعبة وستكون كل هذه الأشياء الجيدة ملكك.,لذا إذا لم تبدأ بعد في تشغيل RAID ، فانقر على الرابط في الوصف,أو امسح رمز الاستجابة السريعة الخاص بي ضوئيًا هنا على الشاشة ، وستحصل على بعض المكافآت الفريدة التي تبلغ قيمتها 30 دولارًا “,أوه ، لذا هل تريد أن تعرف ما الذي تحصل عليه؟,حسنًا ، بطل EPIC Vergis مجاني ، و 200 ألف فضية ، و 1 إعادة تعبئة للطاقة ، و 1 XP Boost ، و 1 Ancient,Shard حتى تتمكن من استدعاء أبطال رائعين بمجرد دخولك اللعبة.,يمكنك استردادها من رمز الكنز هذا ، والقيام بذلك سريعًا لأنه سيكون متاحًا فقط,لمدة 30 يومًا القادمة للاعبين الجدد فقط.,أيضًا إذا كنت عضوًا في أمازون برايم ، فيمكنك الحصول على مكافآتك الحصرية في RAID الآن,.,لذا ، انتقل إلى تنزيل Raid Shadow Legends من الرابط الموجود في الوصف أو امسح رمز الاستجابة السريعة,واستمتع بمداهمة ممتعة.,نعود الآن إلى مراجعة Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC.,تحذير المفسد,لذلك عندما تبدأ اللعبة ، تتلقى مكالمة من شخص غريب يقول إنه يحتاج إلى مساعدتك لمنع,الناس من مهاجمة villedor وإلا فلن ينجو أحد من هذا الهجوم.,ثم يتحدث الغريب عن استضافة هذه المجموعة لجوائز عنيفة في إشارة إلى,ساحة المذبحة ، قائلاً إن عرض الحلبة هو مجرد غطاء لإخفاء شيء أكثر شراً.,لذا فهو يحذر أيدن بشكل أساسي من هجوم كيميائي قادم في القرية القديمة وهذه,المادة الكيميائية تجعل مقاتلي الساحة لا يعرفون الخوف ولا يرحمون لكن الناس العاديين في فيليدور,لن ينجوا من هذه المادة الكيميائية.,ولذا يطلب منا دخول الساحة بالتأهل للبطولة.,وهذه هي طريقة كائنات القصة ، ينتهي بك الأمر بالذهاب إلى مكان تقابل فيه,هذا الرجل العشوائي الذي يُدعى Chiro,الذي لنفترض أن انطباعه الأول لم يكن رائعًا.,لسبب ما في عملية جعل Chiro أفضل صديق لنا ، جعلني Techland بطريقة ما,أريد أن أقتل هذا الرجل.,نعم ، كانت العلاقة بينهما قسرية لدرجة أن الجميع شعر بذلك بصراحة.,على أي حال في وقت لاحق يمر Aiden & Chiro ببعض الأشياء معًا حتى الجزء الذي,تبدأ فيه جولات التصفيات.,تذهب من خلال 3 مسارات رائعة ثم تنافس مع Chiro في الجولة الأخيرة.,بعد ذلك تم اختطاف Chiro ثم طلب منا Ogar وهو والد Chiro المساعدة,.,الآن من المفترض أن نبحث عن شيرو داخل قاعة المذبحة.,وهكذا تتقدم القصة.,لكن الأمر الجنوني هو أنه عندما تبدأ في التقدم في القصة ، ستدرك أن القصة,تركز كثيرًا على Chiro بدلاً من السبب الحقيقي الذي جئنا إليه هنا.,كان من المفترض أن نلتقي بهذا الغريب الذي اتصل بنا في بداية اللعبة واحتاج إلى,مساعدتنا لمنع هذه المجموعة من القيام بهجوم كيميائي في المدينة.,لكن بدلاً من ذلك ، تلقينا مكالمة منه تفيد بأننا بحاجة إلى ترقية الترتيب حتى نتمكن من التخلص من,العقل المدبر وراء هذا الهجوم.,وجه الجمجمة.,نعم الشرير الرئيسي بطل قاعة المذبحة.,قصة المحتوى القابل للتنزيل (DLC) ممتعة ولكنها نموذجية.,كانت هناك لحظات فقدت فيها تمامًا واستثمرت في القصة ولكن هناك نقاط,عندما كنت أخدش رأسي.,مثل عندما انتهت القصة ، اكتشفت بالفعل شريطًا ، فجر التسجيل على الشريط ذهني,.,أنت تعلم أن الغريب أراد منا أن ندخل قاعة المذبحة ونهزم Skullface لأنه,كان العقل المدبر وراء الهجمات الكيماوية.,حسنًا ، اتضح أن Stranger لم يكن أحدًا سوى Skullface نفسه.,أي نوع من pyscho هو؟ إذن ، الغريب الذي يُدعى Skullface يدعى Aiden لمنع,نفسه من مهاجمة villedor؟ Broooo الذي أفسد,هذا بالتأكيد كان تطورًا مجنونًا في القصة.,راجع للشغل أثناء البحث عن Chiro ، فأنت تكمل أيضًا تحديات معينة لترتيب,نفسك في أعلى القائمة.,وكيف يمكنك أن تنسى أن نموذجي تك لاند استعادة الكهرباء.,في ضوء الموت ،,في ضوء الموت ، ما يلي,في ضوء الموت 2,والآن في ضوء الموت 2 رابطة دموية.,لماذا علي إعادة الكهرباء في

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2 Reasons to get very excited | Dying Light 2

whats up everybody welcome back to the,channel and as the name of the video,suggests today were gonna be talking,about dying light 2 specifically two,things that make me very excited for,this game,so first things first lets get some,details out of the way here if you are,watching this video on the 2nd of,february theres a couple of things that,you need to know the game is two days,away from launching it launches on the,4th of february and that means that the,review embargo for this has officially,left it the 2nd of february is when you,should be able to see reviews for this,game so you can tell whether you should,pre-order it which you still have plenty,of time to do in between 2nd of february,until 4th of february so make a decision,whether you want to pre-purchase this,game based on your favorite reviewer and,the opinion of it and then you can start,preloading it because preloads also,start today so hopefully you can use,that information to get yourself good,and ready for the game when it actually,comes out on february 4th now getting on,to the actual topic of the video i just,want to discuss about some things that,have been revealed about the game and,get me excited for this particular,release now i played dying light the,original,in maybe three separate occasions in my,life so to speak so obviously when it,came out and then at a later stage when,the first big story dlc came out i also,played it again essentially almost from,the beginning all the way through until,the end and then last but not least most,recently last year i did play a large,portion of it co-op with a good buddy of,mine and we had a good amount of fun in,fact all three of those times i walked,away with very memorable experiences,from the game so basically what im,trying to say huge fan now the thing,that has always impressed me about dying,light is right up until last year,this game the developers for this game,were still releasing dlc for it some of,it was paid dlc some of it was free dlc,in fact without going back in 100,checking my fax im relatively sure that,most of it was actually free dlc so,whether this is weapon packs and skin,packs and stuff like that so sometimes,not stuff with you know insane amounts,of substance so to speak but nonetheless,the show the developer that you know,just kept plugging away at this game,this games universe and just giving,players reasons to come back even if,its just to walk around with a,different outfit with a different kind,of weapon and a different blueprint now,this is said to continue with dying,light too so the developer through their,socials have revealed that they have,exactly the same plan for content,delivery when it comes to dying light 2,so at the minimum 5 years of post launch,content is expected that comes again in,the form of additional weapons,additional blueprints new skins new,moves all of that this has all been,detailed by them already but there are,also plans for additional story content,and two parts dlc story dlc part one and,part two have already been revealed,furthermore if you go onto and you,should be able to see it on the screen,you know as well theyre very active on,their social channels like twitter,theyve also already shared essentially,a roadmap for what the rest of 2022,looks like so again this is item number,one the first out of the two things that,really excites me about this it means,that everything that i enjoyed about the,content delivery for dying light one is,in intact for dying light too and we can,expect a huge amount of post launch,content for this this is always a good,thing when its a game that doesnt just,involve a single player campaign but,does actually you know get you to play,with other people in a co-op situation,because then theres always new things,that you can sort of experience together,especially if a lot of that stuff is,free so theres no pay wall there and,you and your buddies can have access to,exactly the same thing now that actually,brings me to the second thing that,really excites me about this and that is,exactly the multiplayer the co-op so,again the developer has come out and,said that except for the prologue except,for the epilogue youll be able to play,this entire game in its you know whole,thing in co-op with your body so this is,a huge thing there arent a lot of games,out there of this type that allow,something like that and its definitely,something that seems really really,awesome when it comes to this universe,that theyve created they of course the,style of game this is is so youre,running around youre doing parkour,youre doing moves youre you know,crafting weapons and all of that and it,just seems like a really fun thing that,you can do with a buddy by your side,this definitely was the case when i,played it co-op like i said last year on,stream,with uh one of my close buddies we had a,lot of fun a lot of laughs you know,punishing the zombies figuring out weird,ways to kill them and all that and it,just is something that im really really,looking forward to so definitely keep a,lookout for that this game will,obviously be coming to my channel in,streams and well definitely be reaching,out to some people in the community who,would like to play with us right off the,bat i can tell you that theres,definitely something brewing between,myself and roman wins a very good friend,of mine and also a streamer and content,creator both on youtube and on twitch of,course so definitely keep an eye out for,that now one other last thing that i,want to mention and unfortunately we,cant just have good news without a,little bit of i suppose bad news and,that is that at launch there arent,currently any plans for cross play so,unfortunately if you have you know the,game on ps5 and your buddy sitting on pc,theres unfortunately no way for you to,play together right now i dont know if,that influences your,thoughts about buying the game but i did,want to mention that because it is,unfortunately a thing that i think is,kind of like a showstopper for some,people i know ive read in the comments,of you know the announcements of that,that you know some people were,complaining but you know my buddies,getting it on ps5 like the example i,made now and you know i havent been,able to get hold of a ps5 so im gonna,get on pc so im just like you know,screw day one that i cant pay with my,buddy the door on this cross-play,situation has not been closed completely,at least not from the developer side so,whats to say that maybe down the future,we could see this as a potential add-on,to the game but it is worth noting that,at the moment right now,its just not there so thats it for the,video thank you so much for watching i,hope that i gave you at least a little,bit of information about this game like,i said at the time of the release of,this video its 48 hours away from,launching you can already preload the,game and more importantly reviews for,the game should be available now whether,youre using open critic metacritic or,using a specific person on youtube or,you know application or publication that,you follow whoever you trust to give you,an opinion about the game go check them,out they probably have a review up and,you can make a decision and have ample,time to load the game before it actually,comes out on the 4th of february thats,it for the video as i said thank you so,much for watching especially if you made,it this far and its just super,important to me that you have a,fantastic morning a great afternoon and,a super awesome evening wherever you are,in the world until next video [ __ ],of me they cheers the best of me now,best of me now best of me now the best,me

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],uh,[Applause],techlands love affair with first person,open world zombie action rpgs began with,dead island back in 2011 and in the time,since then that love has only grown,with the launch of dying light in 2015,the polish studio delivered a bold new,ip an ambitious open world game that,would focus as much on survival,mechanics and horror vibes as it would,on traversal built on thrilling free,running and parkour,dying light instantly carved out a solid,identity for itself with that unique mix,and now its sequel dying light to stay,human is looking to build on that,foundation with even grander ambitions,and though its often held back by,noticeable issues theres no denying,that it is for the most part an,enjoyable romp from beginning to end,dying light 2 is set 20 years after the,events of the first game and puts you in,the shoes of a new protagonist in a new,location you play as aidan caldwell a,man with a mysterious past who travels,to the city of vilador also known simply,as the city in search of his sister,villador however has problems of its own,a rising rebellion and rumblings of a,power struggle are threatening to tear,the city apart while swarms of the,infected continued to wreak havoc within,its walls as well,as luck would have it aiden soon,realizes that his personal quest is tied,intricately to the fate of the city and,the secrets it hides,its a solid enough setup that doesnt,take long to begin gaining momentum and,those who are already fans of the series,will find it particularly easy to get,invested in this story,dying light 2s world in particular is,one of its biggest strengths because,world building is an area the game,excels at,the 20-year time jump from the original,game is a choice that pays off and being,immersed in and learning the ins and,outs of a city that has been surviving,the apocalypse or two decades is one of,the highlights of this experience,vilidor is portrayed as one of the last,bastions of humanity and the city that,has essentially regressed to the dark,ages and the game does a great job of,selling that in several ways,where dying light 2s story takes some,interesting risks is with the fact,that it now also heavily relies on,choice and consequences mechanics which,is one of several ways that this game,doubles down on being an action rpg,every so often the game asks you to make,tough choices and presents you with,moral quandaries that not only change,how the story progresses but have an,impact on the world itself,the choices will make you decide which,faction exerts more influence over,different parts of villadore which,in turn can lead to different gameplay,opportunities,by and large dying light 2 makes solid,use of choice and consequence mechanics,issues with the writing which ill get,to in a bit sometimes dull the impact of,some choices that should feel heavier,than they do but theres undeniable,appeal in any game that successfully,presents choices that make you think and,then presents the consequences of those,choices in interesting ways and dying,like too does both of those things more,often than it doesnt,meanwhile having your choices impact the,world itself and carry away on the,gameplay front as well also makes them,feel more meaningful,dying light 2s storytelling does have,issues though,though it is for the most part a step up,from its predecessor the quality of,writing in the game is still a little,too rough,its often let down by clunkily written,dialogue characters behaving in,inconsistent ways and clumsy exposition,voice acting is also all over the place,though some of the central characters,are decently voiced the large majority,of them have wildly inconsistent voice,acting,its all enough to blunt the impact of,the games immediate narrative even,though its world building remains,consistently strong,of course where dying light 2s,strengths really lie is the parkour,the original game tapped into something,special with its free-running open-world,gameplay and combined it ingeniously,with the threat of a harsh,post-apocalyptic setting making it a,crucial part of the identity the sequel,does that just as successfully if not,more villadore is a lovingly crafted,sandbox thats been designed for one,purpose and one purpose only to leverage,the games excellent traversal mechanics,every step of the way youre encouraged,to chain together runs leaps slides wall,runs swings and what have you across,rooftops wrecked vehicles lamps and,anything else you can lay eyes on in the,city the simple act of moving from one,point to another remains extremely,enjoyable throughout the experience not,only does dying light 2 consistently,design many of its quests around parkour,challenges or high-speed free-running,chases the open world itself is designed,immaculately to put traversal front and,center,the infected of course are another in,the group of pillars that holds up the,core of the dying light experience and,similar to the traversal have been,refined even further in the sequel,treading into zones of the city that are,teeming with the undead always feels,appropriately daunting while crawling,through dimly lit mazey interiors of,buildings while you try to sneak past,scores of dormant zombies never fails to,be a heart pounding experience,the balance dying light 2 strikes,between the threat of the infected and,the allure of the greater riches,nighttime exploration yields deserves,special praise as well,another new mechanic that brings an,interesting wrinkle to the gameplay is,your exposure meter like essentially,every other person in vilidor aiden is,infected with the virus that turns,people into zombies which means that any,time its completely dark out hes,minutes away from turning which of,course,is game over,thats not something you have to deal,with during day time though in the,darkness you do have to contend with a,countdown,if you dont find a uv light source,before time runs out you turn,though there are items you can consume,to buy additional time,its a smartly implemented system,particularly because it brings some,welcome urgency to proceedings when,youre indoors,theres also the fact that the game,itself is rather generous with items,that you can scrounge from the,environment that can help you with your,immunity while the countdown itself,allows for several minutes of time,before hitting zero,where dying light 2 isnt as,convincingly successful as it is with,traversal and crafting tension and,horror is the combat,first person melee combat is always,tricky to pull off and there arent a,lot of games that have done it,successfully the original dying light,hinted at having the potential to do,that but ultimately fell short of the,mark and thats pretty much where dying,light 2 finds itself as well,of course there are times when combat,can get interesting especially with,ranged weapons and once you start using,your parkour moves and the environment,to your advantage but by and large it,feels a bit too clunky,from the way enemies move and animate to,the accuracy of parries and dodges to,occasionally dodgy hit detection dying,light 2s combat has enough issues to,make it one of the games bigger,weaknesses,personally ive never been a fan of,first person melee combat and this game,hasnt done much to change that,progression is another area where dying,light 2 is a tad uneven your two main,stats health and immunity can be,upgraded with inhibitors which means,youre always motivated to go hunting,for them even in dangerous parts of the,city but other facets of the progression,suffer from some setbacks,one of those facets is a full-fledged,gear system which falls into the trap,that gear systems and games so often do,though you can every once in a while,chance upon gear pieces with genuinely,useful perks more often than not the new,gear pieces you equip offer incremental,upgrades at best which essentially boils,down to watching the numbers go up,beyond that dying light 2 also allows,you to unlock skills to help out in,things such as com

Best Zombie Survival Game!? – Hyped Up On Dying Light 2 Stay Human

yo whats going on people random junk,reporting in do you know whats high,pure unadulterated hype parkour zombies,chases and incredible gameplay also,horrifying zombie,[Music],that a child baby,thats right today were talking about,dying light 2 stay human and im going,to give you many reasons why you should,get hyped up on it well if you played,dying light back in 2015 or six years,ago wow time flies then you know that,dying light is an incredible game full,of kinetic movement gameplay crafting,action story and horror i sunk dozens,and dozens of hours and its much,deserved the developers even now to this,day keep updating the game and it keeps,receiving free content updates even way,after the last dlc came out years ago,dying light offered something unique in,a world infested with zombie games no,pun intended,[Laughter],hey random junk do you want to play a,zombie game,i actually i do want to play zombie,games i love playing zombies survival,games and just zombie games in general i,mean look at this most of the hours ive,sunk into games its mostly zombie games,i just love the genre and i play tons,and tons of them and i would say dying,light is the cream of the crop when it,comes to action survival open world,action rpg games it really has a unique,flavor that it offers to this genre dyne,is one of those rare few games that,truly deserves your time and attention,because the developers have had a,magnificent track record and no shitty,macro transactions or tactics unlike any,other companies that ive mentioned,before or not,as i mentioned before its a huge,sandbox full of multiple maps crazy,moments horrific nights of avoiding the,crazy infected monsters and unique,zombies and even babies yes zombie,babies,[Music],theres tons of content here multiplayer,co-op a versus mode and a long campaign,tons of side quests and things to do,dialite was a perfect game nearly,perfect game and the sequel will have,even much more things to do it was,announced years back and we first saw it,for the very first time back at e3 a,long time after that for months to what,felt like years we had nothing else,besides what one trailer until we,finally got an in-depth look at the,gameplay and upcoming features we got,tons to look forward to the game is set,15 years after the first game where the,zombies and the infected have evolved,mutating to more horrifying and,grotesque creatures of hell that could,even give resident evil games a run for,their money on creature design,claustrophobic hallways crowded,buildings full of infested horrors where,a small misstep can mean life and death,fantastic a game where every choice,really matters because theres multiple,factions you can join but each will have,different roles pros and cons everything,you do matter in this game you can craft,weapons like some sort of crazy macgyver,be a brutal mother freaking spider,monkey and fly around jump around with,all this kinetic movement and,versatility and theres three different,factions we know about theyre the,survivors a group focused on well,survival,things like farms civilian buildings and,technology to thrive peacekeepers a,militaristic group of soldiers who,impose their will and law onto others,and trample them at any cost finally we,have the renegades mostly ex-prisoners,criminals and pretty much anarchists who,seek to follow the strong and only the,strong what i love about each faction,and each one has their own unique,storylines major characters and unique,situations i,love that its like you have to play the,game three times to get all the content,and im hoping we can new game plus that,and try another faction after were done,with one and keeping our current gear,and level of course that would be,awesome just remember you may be head,hunters during the day well i guess,humans are but at night the streets,belong to the freaks and thats really,when the freaks do come out no longer,the zombies hiding in buildings during,the day theyre out and about ready and,hungry for some murder and flesh luckily,we can dive into their hives and get,some sweet sweet loot they have total,faith in this game its been taking its,time and not rushing to be released,sooner than when ready its coming out,when its ready and that date may be,next year its coming sooner than you,think and i hope youre ready to get,spoopy and soul your pants are you ready,to craft kill sneak your way around are,you ready to cry like a on a tricycle,with yourself i sure as hell am and,thats why you should be hyped up on,dying like 2 stay human so what did you,think of the game what are your thoughts,on it are you excited are you,disappointed tell me what you think tell,me talk to me about it im all here if,you like what you saw hit that like,button if you loved what you saw smash,that subscribe button this is random,zhang signing off,is that a child crying

Dying Light 2 Honest Review | Full Breakdown, Dying Light 2 Thoughts (PC, PS4) – Should You Buy?

Techlands most ambitious project to date has finally made its way into the hands of,the press and content creators.,And now this is one of the most pivotal moments for this games future.,What do they think?,How does the parkour feel?,How is the combat?,How about the open world?,And more importantly how does the game run on last gen consoles.,After spending roughly 3-4 hours with Dying Light 2, I can confidently say that all these,questions will be answered today and much more.,This will be a complete run down of my detailed thoughts, opinions, and honest review of my,experience playing Dying Light 2.,But before we begin, let me tell you what i cannot talk about for complete transparency,All of the following are off limits.,As for the bugs and glitches, I can discuss them but I cannot show you.,And in order to fully grasp my thoughts about this game, I have broken down this video into,10 sections.,And with all of that said, lets begin.,Parkour Let me say this first.,The parkour system is so much more complex than Dying Light 1.,There is a lot more going for it.,Lots of animations, lots of geometry to climb.,And the verticality, how you can use the world to scale buildings, go through buildings,,fly across buildings, jump off of buildings.,The verticality truly does live up to the expectations that the developers have been,setting for months.,They have this amazing world, amazing setting and environment.,Its beautiful but its met with a parkour system that, like I said, needs a little bit,of work.,And that leads me to the big question that I know all of you have.,Is the parkour floaty?,Is It slow?,Yes (ish).,I do have to say that we played our demo with little to no skills at all.,A Lot of the parkour moves and abilities are indeed locked behind the skill tree like wallrunning,,far jump, and much more.,It is undoubtedly going to be a completely different experience with no skills vs all,skills unlocked as you would expect in a game like this.,Each skill that you unlock shows clear signs of progression.,You are working toward a character that becomes stronger and more agile, and its very visible,with the abilities that you are able to do.,But in the current build and from what I played, the parkour was indeed floaty at some areas.,Its very noticeable once you start up the game and play it for the first time.,But as time goes on, you get used to it.,I think if they turn up the speed a notch and give you a little bit more control while,you are free falling, it will benefit the game immensely.,The parkour is itches away from being perfect.,Its not quite there yet, I think it needs a little bit of finalizing before launching.,What I noticed is that the world is somewhat built upon the idea of this current parkour,movement system.,For example, the floatiness allows me to reach jumps that I dont think i would be able to,if it wasnt in the game.,I will say that increasing the FOV makes it less noticeable.,But if you are a console player, you may not have that option.,Overall, it does feel slower than the first game.,And sometimes when you interact with geometry its very clear.,Like there are times where you’ll be running and doing parkour, and theres a narrow opening,that you can vault through.,And sometimes its just much quicker to just go around that narrow opening than slowly,move through it.,The structures intended to be for easy movement and shortcuts, it sometimes works against,you.,There is a skill to make this particular situation a little bit faster but overall it does feel,that the parkour is slower at some moments.,It’s not as bad as what it looks like in the trailers and gameplays, I will say that,for sure.,There are times where the parkour feels great, works great, and then there are others where,it feels slightly off and odd,The floatiness actually isnt my biggest problem with the parkour system.,It is the magnetising that the game does for you.,I think Noviex actually put it the best way “The Game Commits You”.,Every big fan of Dying Light, knows that there is magnetic pull for you to certain objects.,For example, the cars, the bags, etc.,In this game the pull is way too strong.,And its actually lead to some deaths of mine.,It feels like you are in a battle between where you want to go and where the game wants,me to go.,It happened to me many times.,But I cant show the footage.,The whole realm ,needs reworking.,The game strives on giving you the tools and customization to be your own player and character,but its limiting you on the most important mechanic in a movement focused game.,But to conclude, I am impressed with the parkour, it offers alot of value and there is certainly,a fun factor to it.,I think just a little bit more fine tuning to some of the technicalities with the speed,and magnetism.,It will be equally as exceptional as the other elements of this game.,Which goes and leads me to what I think is by far the biggest improvement over the original,that I noticed during my time while playing Dying Light 2,Combat Combat is satisfying, not only against infected,but of course also against human AI as well.,Human AI combat was laughable in dying light 1, they had insane hyperintense skills where,they were able to block every swing you had at them.,The combat in the original against Human AI, was easily the worst aspect.,There is no doubt about that, even the devs are aware of it.,It was heavily rework in the sequel and actually provides for engaging gameplay moments, that,are not frustrating.,Just like the original, there are opportunities to have mindless fun by combining parkour,and combat to create some interesting boss battles to say the least.,There are many quality-of-life upgrades in the sequel.,One of my favorites is now, you can pick up a propane tank, ignite it in your hands, time,it right and throw it down to ensure chaos.,But be sure to look out for nearby ones.,Another important aspect to mention is that there is combat that goes on in the world,that isn’t just you vs AI.,The AI fight amongst themselves and they actually put up a good fight.,Both sides do.,A fight between AI and infected can really go either way.,In the original, it was laughable at how easily infected took down humans.,Humans couldnt stand a chance at all.,You can very clearly see that extra detail and work went into ensuring the combat not,only for you was fixed but also in the environment that you are playing in.,But there are also some major changes that players will experience which will garner,an interesting response once people get their hands on the game.,A major question I keep seeing, are there weapon repairments in this game.,Yes but its not your traditional repair system that we are used to in Dying Light 1.,It’s a little more complex now.,Now, I had a deep conversation with one of the developers about this, and its my understanding,that in lieu of scraps to repair, you now use weapon mods and that increases durability.,So for example, I had the Last Hope and I upgraded it using a Spark mod which added,electricity to my weapon.,By adding this mod, it increased the durability by 50.,However, you are free to go and keep adding on the Spark mod again if you have enough,tools and increasing the durability again by that same number.,It was unclear to me whether there is a cap, or if you can keep modding it to save the,weapon.,And speaking of mods, they are insane, I didn’t have much time to play with them, but it does,look like they upped the ante in the sequel.,The bow is by far, the most overpowered weapon in the game, that I think needs to be nerf.,We had a blue bow and we were one shotting many enemies, and there is a gold bow in the,shop so i cant even imagine what that is like.,One of the biggest changes you will notice is the inclusion of stealth.,This is a completely new and revamped mechanic added into the sequel.,The original did not have this fully fleshed out stealth system.,The quote-on-quote stealth system in the original is non-existent

I do not recommend: The Callisto Protocol

Christmas is just around the corner so,fill your stocking or someone elses,with some good stuff premium quality,gaming kit from steelseries theyve,launched a huge range of award-winning,products this year so its a great time,to refresh your setup or someone elses,get 12 off all purchases using offer,code skill up at stillseries.com click,below or stick around to the end of the,video to learn more,uh okay so by now youve seen the title,I feel like this is as good an,opportunity as any to reiterate that,reviews are opinions no reviewer holds a,monopoly on truth and that you can still,love something that a reviewer doesnt,look at Sonic Frontiers everyone loves,that I didnt that game is literally,third place in the upcoming player Voice,vote for the game awards just a few,percentage points behind Elden ring and,God of War point is dont worry too much,about reviews their opinions and should,always be treated as such I say all of,this because I know how excited everyone,is for this I mean I was super excited,for this from the moment Kalisto,protocol made its debut we were all like,holy [ __ ] that looks incredible some of,the best visuals weve ever seen,combined with the sci-fi horror,aesthetic that weve been missing for a,hot minute after the collapse of the,Dead Space franchise all the more,special was the fact that this team was,made up of people who made the original,Dead Space Games reunited under a new,Banner to pick up where they left off,after EA screwed them and their,franchise so this look Dawson it was a,setting and a genre we were all keen on,and it was an Underdog Story Redemption,Arc thing that we could all get behind,that makes it really tough for me to say,that I do not recommend this but,unfortunately I dont Kalisto protocol,is everything that the trailers said it,would be an absolutely stunningly,realized sci-fi world full of zombies,trying to kill you I dont believe that,the marketing of this game promised any,more than that and thats a good thing,because there really isnt anything more,than that to call the story threadbare,would be generous there is an alarming,absence of characters there are no,Puzzles theres no exploration to speak,of as the game is effectively one long,Corridor it runs terribly on PC theres,one boss and one mini boss who is,frustratingly recycled four times and,the combat is just oh man it it straight,up doesnt work for reasons I will talk,about most terminally Kalisto protocol,just isnt scary or horrific or anything,like that it has scary things in it but,no true grasp of horror it will,endlessly throw jump scares at you,because it hasnt managed to invent,scenarios that have you on the edge of,your seat the aliens stalking you in,isolation the oppressive atmosphere of,Silent Hill the soul-like scenarios the,baker family put you through in Resident,Evil 7. Callisto protocol has nothing,like that its just corridors filled,with zombies for 8 to 10 hours and then,credits roll after one of the worst,design boss encounters Ive ever done in,my life I dont think Lister protocol is,terrible I think that plenty of people,will find some enjoyment in this if you,just want to walk through a really,pretty sci-fi prison turn your brain off,kill zombies this will do it for sure if,youre down for some summer blockbuster,filler to kill some time Callisto,protocol will fit the bill nicely but I,dont play games to kill time I play,them to enjoy them and I found very,little enjoyment here my time with it,was more about frustration than anything,else and for that reason I just cant,recommend it,I played Callister protocol on PC on,both the desktop and the steam deck,steam deck uh no when you run the,Benchmark it returns a result of around,14 FPS even when on low settings so yes,definitely dont recommend this on Steam,deck its not meant for that I played it,on an RTX 2080 TI with an AMD ryzen 7,3700x I tried to run it at 4K without,Ray tracing on but that couldnt happen,was returning around 20 frames a second,thats fine by the way this is a really,pretty game and I wasnt expecting 4K,performance out of the 2080 TI I dropped,it to 1440p with Ray tracing on that,didnt work either sadly as Ray tracing,was just too taxing it was dropping down,to around 25 to 30 FPS I turned array,tracing off and set it to 1440p Max,settings and that was still too,demanding frame rate couldnt maintain a,stable 60. in the end I dropped this to,1440p medium settings and at that point,I was able to stay comfortably above the,60fps mark most of the time however the,fluctuations were truly wild sometimes,Id be running as high as 120 FPS and,the next minute Ill be at 40 when Im,in a setting filled with lots of,particle effects and geometry on the,whole though base frame rate stability,is pretty good the issue is the,stuttering oh my God the stuttering I,experienced out of control stuttering is,an increasingly common phenomenon these,days on PC titles Callisto is one of the,worst Defenders Ive experienced this,game is constantly stuttering all the,[ __ ] time whether its moving into a,new area or just anytime really most,often it occurs during jump scares,Callisto is packed with jump scares and,so often when they happen the game just,kind of shudders for a few seconds or it,tries to catch up with the speed of,events this completely neuters any,potential impact that the jump scare,might have had because all the,animations are missing its just a big,loud sound and all of a sudden an alien,zombie is attached to your neck,I hear that this runs really well on PS5,I spoke to three other reviewers all of,whom said they had no problems at all on,PS5 I would say that the stuttering on,PC is so bad that if you can play on,another platform I would do that I had,such a bad time with it it was super,frustrating no matter which platform you,play on Callisto protocol is [ __ ],stunning this is an absolutely,incredible looking video game the,trailers you have seen are super,impressive but they do not do it justice,in the slightest from the very first,moment you are over awed by the level of,visual density in each space and that is,one aspect of Callisto that never lets,up the whole way through I didnt have,much fun playing Callisto but I wont,lie looking as good as it does that,helps I was always interested to arrive,at new locations because I was Keen to,see what these artists had in store for,me and the Fidelity with which tracking,distances technical team was able to,bring it to Life Special shout out goes,to faces man these look good like really,really good especially the main,character modeled on actor Josh Duhamel,Im not sure how to pronounce his name,these may be the best looking faces Ive,ever seen in a game and its a shame,that theres so little story because,faces and facial animation this good are,wasted when there are so few cut scenes,and when very little happens in those,cutscenes bottom line PC performance,sucks and if you can play it on a,console I would do that but God damn to,the visuals in this game go hard visuals,so good that they help distract from,whats missing from the rest of the,experience which is obviously a bit of a,backhanded compliment but thats,genuinely how I feel,secured moving to Medical sector the,Callisto protocol begins aboard the,Caron a freighter ship running a job,from Europa to Callisto Jacob and his,buddy are meant to be delivering some,mysterious no questions asked cargo to,the black Iron prison facility when,theyre suddenly boarded by Persons,Unknown a fight breaks out the ship is,trashed and a crash landing on Callisto,sees Jacob and his assailant imprisoned,at the exact moment that everything at,the facility turns to [ __ ] its zombies,as youll soon find out and so Jacob has,to find a way off this zombie-infested,rock while maybe trying to figure out,why everything fell to [ __ ] the way that,it did that is definitely a secondary,objective in more ways than one Callisto,got me thinking about what is the,imperative for a survival horro

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