2. Why Dying Light 2 is being review bombed
  3. Dying Light 2: Where We Are After Six Months – Should You Buy? Review | (NEW Updates, DLC, Leaks)
  4. Dying Light 2: Stay Human – First Reviews w/ Metacritic Scores REACTION
  5. Reading Dying Light 2 REVIEWS — The GOOD and BAD — Honest Thoughts
  6. Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review – Dying 2 Find My Humanity
  7. Big Pass! Dying Light 2 Metacritic Score


[Music],[Music],you,[Music],youre not,[Music],[Applause],[Music],five,four,three,two,one,so,king of the world would not be the same,two people laughed,few people cried,most people were silent,i remembered the,lines and the,the bhagavad-gita,vishnu,is trying to persuade,the prince that,he should do his duty and,to impress him,takes on his multi-armed form,and says,now i am become death,the destroyer of worlds,whos the kill leader,oh its me son its,me,i see [ __ ] shocking,oh theres two,oh,[ __ ] you we got our cradle baby,what did you think was gonna happen no,are you [ __ ] crazy i do this for a,living,thats what im talking about yes,welcome to the [ __ ] show,oh my god,hello chat,as you can see well be streaming,can i just get down here for a second,dying light too,already installed,streaming in less than 24 hours one of,the first streams,on the internet thatll be live with the,game hows everybody doing whats up,agile ice whats up jeff 32k banging how,are you doing wolverine scratch,hows everybody doing this morning,you ready to place your bets on what,these uh scores are gonna be,is it gonna be trash,i dont know,im curious,let me get my music going please,ah yeah turn it,down a little bit,get my audio where i want it sorry,let me turn off this audio from the from,the playstation here,there we go,from the bronx,lewd how are you doing why do you get to,play early,because cowboy jer how are you doing god,damn its good to see you,uh ill be playing early ill be uh,streaming the game uh tomorrow instead,of on the north american release date,because,i got a copy i got access to a copy,of the game on,australia time,so as soon as the game goes live in,australia i get to stream it,so thats why well be one of the first,streams live with the game,master how are you oh whats up man dude,i saw your tweet i was so confused i,didnt know what it meant i was like i,dont have a cousin that makes content,and then i realized later i was like oh,i think he thinks i think he thinks i,was dissing michael with the thumbnail,a couple of people actually thought that,i had to put out a tweet about it,[Music],guys im still sweating from that,[ __ ],good on you yeah i just i want to stream,it,as early as i can so you guys get to,take a look at it now itll be stream,ill be playing it on ps5,so i cant tell you guys about,performance on uh ps4 xbox one but well,talk about that today,well be talking about that,uh we might actually play some uh,wrecks you look like a hobo really,i think i dont know man i think i think,the hobos were the hobos in my city,would give anything to look like this to,be honest with you bro,champion edition said game might be,great never played the first one i,didnt really play the first one either,but i borrowed a copy from a friend so i,was thinking we might stream,i might play some dying light one today,while were while were preparing for,the reviews to drop the reviews drop in,one hour guys,by the way if youre wondering,let me uh make some let me check my mic,real quick,i might want to make some changes to my,mic nah nah thats where i want it,its where i want it,its where i want it this is yeah this,will work this will work check check,check check check check check check,check check check check check check okay,yeah,yeah i think this will work,let me adjust this,there we go,thats better thats better,what are you guys voting for up here,what do you think this games going to,do on metacritic rex is your channel,died down a bit its actually been doing,really good lately man thank you for,asking,did wall van der kulf you know i tried,says uh,what was it you said god damn it how,long until reviews drop one hour they,drop at 10 a.m eastern its 9am eastern,right now,uh what is that riley frazier how are,you doing do you have any idea how,people are playing early so,i dont [ __ ] know like some people,started streaming this game,like two days ago or some [ __ ] two or,three days ago some people like were,streaming this on twitch or youtube,theyre definitely not supposed to,theyre 100 not supposed to,some of the people that got review,copies i guess decided to break the,embargo,um,that is just uh i dont know thats,gross to me,honestly,i mean dont get me wrong like i want to,know how the game is too but i mean come,on bro how do you get a early copy and,then decide and then say hey [ __ ] [ __ ],you tech land im going to play your,game live i think somebody played like,the first like four hours of the game,was up on twitch or youtube,theres a guy streaming it on youtube at,the moment what up what a piece of [ __ ],i would go to it but i would well,actually you know what i am going to go,to it,im just not gonna have it pulled up on,stream,is it that ggnyt channel,theres a couple,theres a couple of channels that look,like theyre streaming that [ __ ],but i cant i cant i cant pull that,[ __ ] up man [ __ ] them,you guys think okay so 80 to 84. so tell,me why you guys think 80 to 84. ive,heard people saying they think its,going to be in the 90s wolverine scratch,my copy dispatch this morning im,nervous about the reviews amen look,were all a little bit nervous i really,want to see i really want to see,what people say about it i want to see,if anybody reviews it on a base console,yeah we we if you look a lot of these,reviewers that are reviewing it on pc,their tech is like their rigs their rigs,are great theyre probably not going to,struggle with it ps5 series x im sure,that the gameplay will probably be,pretty good,but its just um,wow this [ __ ] really streaming,this game,you are kidding me,im sorry im looking at youtube right,now,these people bro they dont give a [ __ ],bro,were a legit channel over here so i,cant i cant do that kind of [ __ ],i cant do that [ __ ],enjoy your views,piece of [ __ ],from the bit i saw on the guys the the,world looks too empty so i have her put,it up no [ __ ] that dude i cant dude,ill be the channel that gets in trouble,their channels are too small to matter,master says i meant uh i meant i made a,video about dl2s early gameplay leaks,filled with bugs and people werent,about it got disliked into oblivion fan,base is intense hey man if look the same,thing happened with me and life is,strange,the same thing happened with me and life,is strange i put out that video,got a couple thousand views on it i was,telling people that life is strange,remastered looks like garbage they,didnt want to hear it they didnt want,to hear the truth it hurt their fifis i,love the game too man but then i booted,it up yesterday we played it as soon as,it dropped garbage,it is what it is,any reason why the ps5 and series x,copies are more expensive,because they can be man its its not,theres theres no theres no honestly,legitimate reason for it to be uh with,micro transactions dlc and all the other,ev all the other avenues that these,companies have,to pull in money theres no reason,theres absolutely no reason but theyre,gonna do it anyway because they can get,away with it because theres all these,idiots on twitter saying well you know,inflation and game prices havent gone,up in so long are you are you high,what do you mean game prices havent,gone up in 20 30 years theres literally,idiots on twitter saying that [ __ ] game,prices havent gone up in so long,theyve sony and microsoft deserve to,raise the bit [ __ ] you what are you,talking about dlc,[ __ ] skyrim charging for mods,are you kidding me,micro transactions loot boxes,four different [ __ ] versions of each,game dropping,oh you got the standard you got the,[ __ ] uh gold collectors edition,digital deluxe [ __ ] you games havent,gotten more expensive i cant listen to,this [ __ ] i cant entertain that,[ __ ],theyre making more money than ever,riley thank you i appreciate you brother,ab says i wish i was high,i i understand,when reviews start coming out says uh,ryan balor uh uh bowler or balor uh,reviews come out in 50 minutes as soon,as they drop well be right on top of,them [ __ ],cowboy says im hard for

Why Dying Light 2 is being review bombed

dying light 2 is getting review bombed hey whats  up everybody evan campbell here with inside gaming  ,and you know thanks for sticking with us as  we continue to bring you the news a little bit  ,raw today yeah dying light 2. its getting review  bombed its kind of wild um you know we have early  ,impressions up on the game and i dont think there  was anything in there uh review bomb worthy but  ,let me explain to you whats going on according to  this article by the gamer written by vlad mazonko  ,everybodys upset particularly in italy because  the game has no italian vo so basically the  ,localization for italian players consists of  just full text and according to some reviewers  ,its full of errors and bad translations so a lot  of italian players not happy they you know took  ,to reviews uh user reviews on metacritic and  other places to kind of review bomb the game  ,essentially saying things like do you realize how  stupid you are to have included two spanish-spoken  ,localizations for dying light 2 while totally  forgetting to add any kind of italian spoken  ,localization another review reads they showed  no respect for italy and italians no as italians  ,will show respect for them and buy their garbage  game infected with de nuvo to make as much money  ,as possible so yeah the italian player fan base is  not happy a lot of them arent realizing that tech  ,land is located in poland so some people were  frustrated that there was polish localization  ,but no italian localization so if you head over  to metacritic and you see the game uh with a low  ,review score thats part of the reason theres  other issues and reasons to be critical of dying  ,light too we talked about some of those in our  impressions piece on the channel you can go check  ,that out also i think skill up um their review of  dynalite 2 is actually really good they did a good  ,job of highlighting the um the good aspects of  the game as well as some of the aspects that dont  ,shine as brightly essentially i think they said  that like they didnt like the narrative but the  ,parkour is awesome um and they had a bug section  and stuff but you know on the upside techland has  ,been updating the game a lot you know dying light  2 they had a huge day one patch that fixed a ton  ,of bugs and you know theyre still at it so they  announced recently that they have another patch  ,coming or multiple patches for different versions  of the game but you can find the stuff on their  ,twitter account which reads hello survivors  we have implemented some hot fixes over the  ,weekend and will be continuing to add more in the  coming days thank you for your incredible support  ,and patience here is our plan for the upcoming  week so theres a twitter thread here it says pc  ,gamers will keep on providing you with the regular  fixes heres a list of things in our pipeline and  ,it includes various game crashing bugs uh ai dead  body replication in co-op some dlss improvements  ,and issues with like the shop theyre also working  on apparently issues with the mouse and key  ,bindings adding backup saves moving on with this  thread for playstation and xbox players theyre  ,going to be issuing according to the tweets a  new hotfix by the middle of next week at the  ,latest and it includes a lot of the same things  fixes for stability situations where players are  ,being disconnected and co-op some of the ai being  immortal in some rare situations while playing in  ,co-ops it seems like a lot of co-op bugs which if  you remember co-op wasnt ready during the review  ,period for the game so a lot of reviewers didnt  review co-op and and you know its because that  ,thing was probably coming in hot and it wasnt  ready before launch day so now theyre kind of  ,doing the cleanup i think theres probably a lot  here to kind of be frustrated about and i know  ,theres a lot of people probably in our  audience in the comments are going to say like  ,man im so sick of games being launched that  arent fully ready and i dont know this is  ,it sucks but this is kind of just the world were  living in right now i think the alternative right  ,is that they just delayed the game again so that  co-op is ready instead of you know releasing on  ,the day that they did with you know a mostly  very sound single-player campaign you know  ,a lot of critics werent particularly high on  this game but i think the parkour in this game  ,is worth checking out and playing its a neat game  its really cool it has some cool elements there  ,so on one hand i completely understand italian  players being upset with dying light 2 especially  ,since dying light 1 had full italian localization  with vo and everything and not to have it in the  ,second game without kind of any messaging around  that to let people know i i could understand  ,that you know being from a particular country  like what if a game just didnt have english  ,via which you know honestly not very likely to  happen but if it did happen youd feel pretty  ,upset and especially if the localization you were  given which is text translations where theres  ,errors and and bad translations its a frustrating  experience so hopefully techman gets the message  ,and eventually that fix comes later they updated  but that seems like a ton of work um who knows  ,when its coming well keep an eye out to see if  theres an announcement about it in the meantime  ,it looks like theyre continuing to patch every  other aspect of the game so you know if youre  ,out there playing dynamite two good luck if youre  on the fence about it go check out our impressions  ,on it or someone elses reviews like over at  skill up i thought it was great review um and  ,yeah thank you everyone for watching well keep  bringing in the news and im gonna try and bring  ,you some new stuff this week too all right take  care thanks for watching well see in the next one

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Dying Light 2: Where We Are After Six Months – Should You Buy? Review | (NEW Updates, DLC, Leaks)

Six Months Later.,Needless to say, a lot has happened in this time.,I bought a house, my youtube channel has skyrocketed, I interviewed Tymon Smekleta, EA tweeted out,one of the hottest takes in 2022 and got flamed for it to only pathetically backtrack it a,day later.,Dying Light 2 also sold over 5 Million copies, had huge monthly updates and patches, and,is also apparently worth more than the entirety of CDPR.,A Photo mode was added, New Chapters were added, and also my wife left me.,Now today, we are going to discuss the current state of dying light 2.,Is everything heading in the right direction?,Are gamers putting their copies of Dying Light 2 in the target trash cans because they are,fed up?,Should we be excited about whats to come?,What could potentially be coming?,And lastly, what does the community want to have?,In the past, we have discussed numerous ways to improve the current state of the game with,providing lots of suggestions and recommendations to which some of them, Techland has actually,implemented.,The need for more endgame content was highest on the list, and players were given New Game,Plus, Photo Mode, The Footsteps of the Nightrunner, and more community events such as the Bloody,Summer Event, Long Nights, and Blue Moon.,I will say some of the events in Dying Light 2 are a hit or miss.,Bloody Summer Event was a ton of fun.,I expressed my interest on twitter that this should be permanent.,And all my dying light 2 fans agreed with me, while the people who follow me from high,school view me as a psychopath gushing over the love of limbs flying everywhere, finally,confirming their suspicions that the quiet kid in the back was a serial killer.,Long Night cool concept but the reward wasn’t much of importance.,2 Tokens for event participation seems a little lackluster.,Previous events were giving outfits and cosmetics which is always a bonus for the player.,Getting new drip and looking awesome is some of the best ways to increase your games longevity.,But this is also an issue for later as we dont have an implement transmog system yet.,The game has been undergoing a lot of changes, some right in front of your eyes and some,hidden in the background.,Tymon is working behind the scenes to get this up to par and start exceeding expectations.,But certain examples include cutscenes being reworked such as the one with Rowe.,Its now a little bit more alive.,*spanish guy laughing*,Alot of quote on quote “shadow Updates” are occurring in order to make Dying Light,2 a better game and update the quality of life.,To put it simply, the Dying Light 2 you played in February, when it launched, was not a complete,game and was like that for a month or two.,Afterwards, they started to fix it and work toward building a solid foundation for what,the future holds.,After the latest update with “In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner”.,I believe that they finally achieved a current state of the game for something great to come.,That foundation was finally built and now more engaging and meaningful content can make,its way into Dying Light 2.,With the game going on sale so often, I do think now is a great time to start getting,into it.,Especially as now that the game is in a much better state than when it launched.,Very recently a lot of old/cut content has been reappearing in the game files.,Dual wielded medieval shields are now coming into this game.,This begs the question, will this old cut content be making its way back into Dying,Light 2.,Is this the content that is going to becoming for players very soon?,And I know I know, alot of you don’t like the phase “cut content” but heres the,thing, i dont care if its my video, youre wrong, plus ratio, plus L, plus F to pay respects,,get out of my mentions and DMs.,This video will be uploaded in early august, which means DLC 1 is coming, next month.,What does the first DLC hold?,Now that they delayed the first DLC, it will be held up to a higher expectation.,This will be one of their first opportunities to grab any players that may have abandoned.,So.,what is coming?,Here is what we know about DLC 1.,———————————————————————————————-,But first a message from our sponsor, age of origins.,Age of Origins is a tower defense strategy mobile game against zombies.,You, yes you the player,,You act as a commander building, fighting zombies, and finding your place in a doomsday,world.,And dont worry its not that doomsday.,As you play, you will expand your city.,Slowly rebuilding every key area, building up a suitable army for any potential foe.,As time goes on, you will watch your city transform into something greater and give,you that feeling of satisfactory and accomplishment.,You can also have Lucy an infector who can control zombie troops known as the biochemical,zombies.,And you can also give her flowers.,And dont forget the officiers, i mean look at these CHADS.,Very unique with their special skills.,Lastly you have Titan.,You can take either Genshin or Empress onto the battlefield to assist you with damage,to enemies.,I mean look at this, absolute chaos.,But friends remember Age of Origins, tower defense game, the more you play the crazier,this game gets.,In the later levels, it gets hectic.,They also have giant cannon defense which is incredible.,You sit in your little seat.,And tear through the monsters like they are paper.,The world map is also huge with lots to do.,There are many crises going on in this world and you need to be careful with enemy invasions.,There are many worldwide battles with players from different worlds and planets and you,can have fun with them.,If you thought the tower defense was chaotic, wait til you try out PvP.,All of this is to fit that theme of doomsday.,But friends, please download the game, click the link in the description.,You can also enjoy an exclusive gift pack worth $60.,Click that link down below and thank you age of origins for sponsoring this video.,———————————————————————————————-,In an interview with Tymon Smelktala, he said the first DLC will be able to be played after,the prologue and before the epilogue.,It is a parallel story that happens during the main story.,You will play some missions on the main map, but then you will venture to an area that,is completely new.,And now, we will start to lean from confirmed information to more leaked.,Very recently it was added into the Steam store, two more files.,Data_DLC1 and Data_DLC2.,These were added in into the long list of already available DLCs for Dying Light 2 Stay,Human.,This all makes sense that Techland is going to be gearing up for the next DLC.,According to their new roadmap DLC 1 will be coming at some point from September to,November . Another twitter post from them from May 12 confirms its arrival in September,,whether this is still the case, is unknown.,What we do know is, if you dig deeper, like really deep there are subtle changes to the,file structure prepping up this game for DLC 1 (or so we believe).,For the past month, dataminers have been obliterating every single aspect of this games data in,order to figure out what could potentially be coming.,Dataminer Bub has played a massive role in recovering this data, piecing it together,,and building together the potential story dlc called Opera.,And while I wont bore you with the complete breakdown and detailed analysis of what we,think is coming here are some of the main points.,It takes place at a new location called Opera House which is massive, when comparing it,to other structures and characters you can see how big this thing actually is.,The main theme of this DLC is a gladiator style event that introduces an arena where,you can battle different enemies, champions, and more in a series of challenges.,The DLC is very story driven and has two endings.,Tons of new 3d models and NPCs are being added.,There are thousands of pieces of new dialog

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human – First Reviews w/ Metacritic Scores REACTION

all right people whats up everyone and,welcome to another reaction video its,time to take a look at the first reviews,for dying light to stay human now before,we get started i have some you might be,able to hear some noise in the,background i apologize but my apartment,decided this is the time to do,i think i think its the cesspool the,poo poo place so sure sorry if you hear,that they squeezing out all the crap,from the thingy so anyway,thats how it goes right anyway so this,is a this is pretty exciting the,dynalite 2 baby comes out in a couple,days i think it comes out,friday right but i think if you,pre-order dont you get to play like if,you digitally pre-order dont you get to,play like at like nine or ten my time or,something like that maybe midnight i,dont know so im actually getting more,and more excited to play it um even,though i have more and more on my,backlog uh,i still have tales of rise and i have,pokemon arceus now and stuff so,i want to play it i definitely do and if,these reviews are really good then im,probably gonna play day one because im,gonna get it anyway um but uh,yeah i dont know i really wanna play it,though,im still,for some reason im a little nervous,just a little nervous i dont know why,but im gonna say the reviews are,probably gonna be good it would probably,be really good im gonna say you know,what im so confident im so [ __ ],confident im gonna say 10 out of 10,everywhere a hundred on medicare first,one no im just kidding uh im gonna say,85. thats my prediction 85,85 on metacritic will,this be the first time where im very,wrong,no im always right so lets go 85 lets,go three two one go,oh,oh,all right 77 is still all right thats,around what the original got so all,right okay all right okay,all right okay all right okay,i dont know uh all right so 77,thats definitely lower,oh,its not bad again thats not bad no,its not bad but that is definitely not,what i thought i really was expecting it,to be uh,higher like even,85 i was im not gonna lie 85 i was,thinking would be the average,like i was thinking like the way they,were going big with this game would be,even higher because like the combat i,think is great in the original and the,parkour is awesome in the original so i,was expecting like oh they just made,everything better so,its gonna get better reviews the,original like if you count the following,i think the following head around these,reviews uh but the original was like mid,70s i would say,um all right so,even though we found some bugs on a,little downgrade compared to the e3,gameplay,gameplay until three years ago uh okay,uh i dont even know where to start,honestly uh lets get lets start with,the lowest review wow guardian was like,[ __ ] this game uh if you played a zombie,game in the past decade this mishmash of,tattered post-apocalyptic stereotypes,will feel all too familiar okay thats a,thats a review uh you know what screw,that lets get to the positives screw,this,uh,hobby console console consoles consoles,dining light 2 is a masterpiece a,masterpiece we love the navigation,mechanics brutal combat deep characters,deep characters okay and the feeling of,changing the world with every decision,even though we found some bugs on a,little downgrade compared to the e3,gameplay um okay app trigger dying light,ive never heard of app trigger are they,just do they just review app games im i,i assume uh dying light 2 stay human is,the sequel we hope for and nearly,everything techland promised there are,some technical issues that can affect,your quality of gameplay but i have all,the faith in teclan to iron these out,possibly even before its official,release this is going to be the game to,beat this year,77 i hope not i hope,does this guy realize how many games are,coming out this year we got elden ring,in a couple weeks dude we got freaking,eldering and horizon in the span of one,week,oh no,then march is crazy too aprils actually,shaping up to be pretty good too,uh bazi center ive never heard of this,uh place oh its finally over,peaceful quiet,i dont know i think my mic was picking,that noise up so ah feels good in the,brain and i hear that for the last like,30 minutes um bossy sensor stay human is,a worthy sequel to the original version,of dying light uh one thats improved,excessively in many ways the parkour,part of the gameplay is especially a,great fit mixed with huge environments,and solid level design if you like the,last game youll definitely find a lot,more to enjoy here but even if youve,never played dying light before the,second version is still worth both your,time and money okay,cool,trust the reviews dying light to feature,the co-op system that lets you play,alongside a friend for the majority of,campaign,majority campaign im assuming the,beginning you cant play co-op i think,dying like one did that too where you,have to do some single player stuff,obviously i think most games do that,though they have co-op i was,unfortunately unable to try out this,feature during the review process oh,that sucks,oh,are most of the reviews they cant im,assuming most of our viewers couldnt do,that i feel like thats a big,like a lot of games out there,are better with people or like friends,i feel like dynalite is definitely one,of those because i didnt play dying,light,co-op myself i played a single player,which was fine it was fun it was a,really fun game but everything i hear,about the cop makes it sound like its,so much better with friends uh maybe not,the in the case of like you know,compared to like borderlands i would say,you know probably not to that extreme um,where single player is definitely,nowhere near as good as co-op but,yeah ive heard its amazing but its,also worth pointing out there is a pvp,mode here unlike the original wait there,was a there was a pvp mode in the,original game i dont remember that uh i,really dont remember that what the hell,was that in the following or was that,actually in,the original because i dont remember,playing that at all,uh although tecla has promised that,unspecified post launch content is,already in the works okay yeah of course,i mean they they support dialect one for,for like,six seven years which is crazy,they really they put the time and effort,in that game uh lets go to like a,middling review lets go to i guess,seven uh,a little rougher on the edges especially,in terms of the storytelling but the,internment thats not surprising but the,interminable weight for this open world,zombie sequel has been worth it okay,even with seven out of ten for all its,promises about an expansive world that,players shape with their choices,dialect2 is essentially a buy all the,buy the number sorry by the number,sequel that doesnt offer much thats,new but thats no big thing when the,reality is that i havent had quite this,much fun with a triple a video game in,years seven out of ten techlands long,awaited wrvg mostly delivers the goods,and style providing an expansive if not,entirely original open world playground,thats filled with epic action,pleasingly brutal combat oh its so,pleasing and some difficult choices the,end of the world has never been so,entertaining i feel like ive heard that,a lot whenever theres an end to world,game,uh just try not to rush through this,main story okay,dont tell me what to do im gonna rush,through it now [ __ ] you its your fault,uh game mag as with the original game,dynalite 2 stay human will find its,share of audience,uh while the teams at techland will,continue to expand their vision the,solid base is already there and it would,be interesting to see how the game will,turn out in five years time dont say,that please you say that and then its,gonna like life will just go by so quick,and its gonna be 20 27. what happened,27 years after 2000 started i remember,[ __ ],i remember y2k,uh dylan 2 is a safe in summer so its,safe in some respects and bold in others,like its a propensity to lean into some,arcadey notions okay,all right,story here pulled me in quick okay so,th

Reading Dying Light 2 REVIEWS — The GOOD and BAD — Honest Thoughts

dying like two reviews are now out in,the wild and honestly theyre about what,i expected so i thought for this video i,go ahead and read some of these reviews,across many different perspectives and,give you a broader idea as to what to,really expect with this game and later,on today ill be dropping my own,personal review about my experience as,well the place i personally go to to see,a wide variety of different reviews for,movies and media is usually metacritic,so lets start there currently as of the,time of making this video the score is,sitting at 79 with 23 critic reviews so,thats actually pretty good 17 of the 23,reviews are positive six are mixed and,zero are negative so far i really wasnt,sure rather to start with a negative,review or a positive one so lets start,in the middle god is a geek gave it an,80. while dying light 2 may not feel,like a massive step up its still a ton,of fun and the story is powerful and,engaging one vastly improved from the,original cd action gave the game an 85,with them stating dynalite 2 is a solid,sequel that creatively amplifies the,pros of its predecessor its,multi-layered story is engaging and the,players choices have actual impact on,the games world admittedly there are,some shortcomings but not substantial,enough to ruin the overall very positive,impression i had tons of fun playing,dying light too and sometimes lost track,of time games radar and the review gave,the game a 70 with them saying dynalite,2 offers a great open world playground,for zombie survival but lacks an,impactful story or meaningful choices,dexerdo gave a 75 in the review where,they say i hope that following a few,updates those creases can be ironed out,until then though im not sure how often,ill be diving into teclans,neo-dystopian universe but theres an,allure that does entice me back while,the future remains dark for aiden and,his accomplices i believe that with a,few upgrades the sun wont be sitting on,dyn line 2 just yet now moving on to a,few more positive reviews ig and france,gave the game a 90 where they say,tickling takes what made dine like great,and brings it to the next level in every,way parkour is faster combats more,violent and choices matter more the tale,of aiden left us breathless day night,exploring villadore is a terrifying and,gripping experience game grin gave the,game a solid 95 with them saying dying,light 2 state human is a great sequel to,a pretty good game with fun traversal,mechanics combat encounters and,agonizing choices in the story it could,be very much worth the play time,checkpoint gaming gave the game a 90,where they say dynaly 2 stay human is,more than a follow up and worth the wait,while not necessarily reinventing the,wheel it excels in one of the best,versions of the open world formula weve,seen for some time with silky smooth,parkour and combat mechanics and plenty,of things to do and see i highly,recommend the plunge into the city where,theres slight polishing still to be,done and the story at times leaves a bit,to be desired shining moments and,performances make it all the more,worthwhile standing as a stronger entry,than its predecessor this has become my,favorite free roam zombie game to date,and has me constantly itching to jump,back in and tool around some more in its,playground not bloody bad tech land now,has to be expected i think its about,time we dive into the more negative side,of the reviews nme gave it a 60 with,them saying its more dying lights but,at what cost a marketing campaign,promised the world but a production ham,strung by constant delays and shifts in,key personnel has delivered a joyless,game that lacks the spear of exploration,of its predecessor and strips out a lot,of the joy a 70 score was given by the,gamer where they say diane lay 2 is a,game with a troubled development and,unfortunately it shows i know how much,the first game grew significantly over,the years with patches and content,updates and i can only hope this one,gets as much support because it needs a,lot of work before it becomes the game,we were promised back in 2018 if ever pc,games network gave the game a 60 with,them saying bugs repetitive side content,bad storytelling and the unfulfilled,promise of its choice and consequent,system leave dynlite 2 unable to,capitalize on the strength of its,excellent parkhorn combat mechanics and,i feel thats enough reviews to give you,a broader perspective as to what to,expect with this game didnt want to end,on a negative note but i do feel like,theres a lot that needs to be said and,a lot thats going to be said in the,next couple days so i hope you guys,enjoy the experience a lot more than,some of these people and really come to,your own conclusions ill explain more,of my review later on today and i really,think a lot of you don life fans are,going to love every second of it but,some people on the outsider world of,gaming might not the game is definitely,not for everybody as you can tell,because of the wide variety of different,review scores but i think this game is,special and maybe you guys will see that,too but anyways if you enjoyed then like,this video subscribe if you havent,already and stop by for the next one,because theres a lot of content coming,folks see you next time,[Music],you

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review – Dying 2 Find My Humanity

[Music],[Applause],[Music],its been four years since the,developers at techland took to e3 stage,to reveal dying light too though it,feels like a lifetime ago,for fans of the original the roller,coaster ride that was dying light 2s,development cycle was at times agonizing,after a red-hot trailer piqued player,interest teclan stayed unusually quiet,on further details surrounding the,project,following several delays dying light,enthusiasts were left wondering if this,would all end up as some sort of bad,fever dream,thankfully the wait was not in vain,dying light 2 is an excellent follow-up,to 2015s dying light delivering a,smoother superior experience in nearly,every way possible,a few quirks hold it back from being a,genuine masterpiece but make no mistake,dying light 2 hits as heavy as an,electrified nail bat to the face,[Applause],taking place 20 years after dying light,stay human drops you into the shoes of,parkour prodigy and severely infected,aiden caldwell warring factions threaten,to tear apart the fictional european,city you now call home and its up to,you to decide the fate of its,inhabitants while doing everything you,can to stop yourself from turning,its a dark at times brutal tale told,from varying perspectives,while the story might not always knock,it out of the park its the incredible,work turned in by the voice cast,particularly aidans actor jonah scott,that sells the narrative whether they,come from a nameless npc or a main,character each line drips with sincerity,often reminding me of the quality we saw,out of the witcher 3s cast,a series like dying light though doesnt,necessarily need to concern itself with,its stories these games will always live,and die by their ability to successfully,combine stomach churning parkour with,gruesome combat and dying light 2,smashes that formula the action is fluid,hard hitting and incredibly intuitive i,shouldnt say im too surprised as the,same selling points could be attributed,to the original but in dying light 2,everything is cranked up to 11.,i also appreciate that teclan wasnt shy,about making dying light 2 feel like an,arduous journey,meaning you wont be sailing through,your skill tree which is chock full of,exciting upgrades within a few hours and,calling it a date,skill points are dulled out slowly,forcing the player to scratch and claw,their way to each new ability,while this may turn some folks off,during the first 10 hours or so as it,makes for slower progression found in,most games,rest assured that the juice is worth the,squeeze,once aiden has been buffed the level of,freedom and exploration offered is,second to none,combat feels a touch too slow in the,early going as youre mostly limited to,melee weapons,the odd spear may come along here and,there but it will be some time before,youre engaging in anything other than,fisticuffs,though as a testament to the quality of,dying light 2s dodge parry and strike,system i never found it really mattered,i was always more than happy to grab a,new blade or blunt object throw a,modification or two on it and go back to,work,however just as exhilarating as the,parkour and combat are the unbelievably,tense stealth scenarios fans of the,original will be all too familiar with,ive been at it for 25 hours and my,palms still sweat when i need to sneak,past a howler at one oclock in the,morning,when im desperately trying to raid a,dilapidated warehouse before the sun,rises and a horde descends on the,building or watching the seconds tick,down on the timer that indicates when,youre going to turn frantically,searching for the safety of uv light,dying light 2 is intense,at no time being for the faint of heart,it will chew you up and spit you out,equally as important as the horrific,monsters lurking around each corner,dying light 2s sound design is a master,class in terror,teclan made great use of both original,and licensed music but the sound effects,are the real star of the show,walking out into a cool calm quiet night,air expecting a pleasant evening of,pillaging only to be greeted by one of,the most horrific blood-curdling screams,ive ever heard,immediately got me into an old-timey,horror movie mood and i love it some,technical issues aside the audio is,simply brilliant from top to bottom,speaking of technical issues a game of,this scope couldnt launch without its,share of bugs or annoyances,general grievances pertain to nothing,game breaking other than the two crashes,that ive come across,the menus tend to lag and hiccup and,theres no question the enemy ai could,use a patch or two to smarten them up a,bit,ive also seen some screen tearing but,this is all stuff that can be amended in,the future teclan did commit to at least,5 years of support for dying light 2.,and its safe to say ill be along for,the ride,[Music],ive loved my time with dying light too,while it undoubtedly could use a patch,or two the foundation thats been laid,for the next five years is solid,the parkour is fun the combat engaging,and overall stay human manages to be one,of the most tense games of the past,decade its everything the original was,only better and can we ask for anything,more,but what are your thoughts on dying,light 2 let us know in the comment,section below and be sure to follow cog,connected as this is a busy february and,well have a lot of reviews ready for,you,[Music],you

Big Pass! Dying Light 2 Metacritic Score

what up guys kevin here,oh im so happy for a low slash mid,metacritic score for dying light 2 stay,human at least on ps5 it is a 77,now i guessed an 82,um,just it seems like they were gonna learn,a lot more from the first one and build,upon it,sounds like its kind of just more of,the same,um definitely a bigger world when i,understand the melee the,parkour and everything the world is,really good but,you know it was good in the first one,too,story the world building um,the choices you make i hear its just,not that good,the characters um i guess besides,rosario dawson,not good as well,but you know that being said its dying,light its a dying light game,i think there might have been some,expectation that,dying light was gonna take a huge leap,or tech line was gonna take a huge leap,this is the games they make so,im not trying to turn you away im just,just saying like hey if youre looking,forward to dying light 2 like this is,absolutely one game you want to play,um,you got yourself a pretty good game,uh i hear its buggy though so keep in,mind theres a day one patch coming,i dont like saying that just because,even with day one patches games could be,still a broken mess,um,im seeing tweets people i think,someones like can i refund this xbox,game and,it seems like some people are into it,and some people arent seems like the,people that are probably,knew what they were getting and the,people that arent probably expect more,this excites me because february was,packed and this is a big game that just,allows me to breathe,i dont need to play this,um,horizon forbidden west i bet you that,will probably come in,ill do the metacritic score probably,next week or sometime,i think its going to come in pretty,high definitely playing that and of,course elden ring,um,i got,no i just dont have this game just,pushing up upon those so,very cool for me im so glad im so im,like this kind of like an 85 plus,its like yeah im gonna play it,um,something i need to get better at just,you know letting games go,i think even like me a year ago would,still buy this because its a big game,and feel like i need to play it and,um you dont need to have an opinion on,every game that comes out,i see people on twitter and on the,internet,that even dont really review games or,anything that best ill put out a tweet,and say oh i like this game,its like you dont need to buy,everything,thats what im trying to learn here,dont need to buy everything ill cut,till like friday im like actually,playing this game,giving impressions,um,but yeah its a pass for me,um,77 i do think the first one,scored pretty low too,but,you know side by side i dont know which,one would be more preferred one to play,i would say probably the first one,um,i think a dreamcast guy says theres,like dungeons that are very repeat on,this dying light too,i dont know,who knows,well,ill probably still watch some people,stream it and some gameplay,see how it is there ill,ill live vicariously through dsp,and he plays it,alright,ill talk to you later later

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