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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],dynasty warriors is a comfort series for,many its not a genre for everyone but,it can be undeniably cathartic to just,lay waste to thousands upon thousands of,enemies however its singular premise can,be too straightforward for some and,thats where the empires spin-offs come,into play these entries provide more,strategical planning enhancing the,immersion emitted by large-scale battles,after the overwhelmingly negative,reception of dynasty warriors 9 this,spin-off dynasty warriors 9 empires has,been highly anticipated to redeem the,series thankfully it does but probably,more for those who know what theyre,getting themselves into,dynasty warriors 9 empires consist of,two primary phases the most,straightforward of these two is the musu,combat which is about what youd expect,players control their chosen combatants,as they take over enemy territories,protect their own and storm enemy,strongholds these sequences are,typically the entirety of what the more,mainstream entries comprise but theyre,gradually distributed here while the map,variety is lacking with the exterior of,the strongholds being incredibly,repetitive the action itself is engaging,thanks to customizability each character,controls uniquely primarily thanks to,weapon choice being a distinct factor,additionally combat builds add variety,to these systems equipment can be,outfitted with gym artifacts that offer,a plethora of combative benefits such as,induced elemental damage and contextual,bonuses moreover there are secret plans,which is a bit of a misleading name at,first i believe this mechanic would be,akin to altering the battleground state,like changing the behavior of your,troops somehow however these are the,actual skills that can be activated in,the midst of a battle with varying,cooldowns they range in utility by,granting buffs restoring health and,emitting raw damage lastly of note are,mid-battle skills that can launch stun,or knock down foes getting into the,habit of constantly using these,abilities is crucial to prevailing,against sturdy opponents muzu-centric,special skills are also usable though,they have the expected recharge times,the combat of dynasty warriors 9 empires,gets the job done of being appealing and,recognizable to the franchise at large,the empires part of the name comes into,play via strategic decisions conquest,the mode that acts like the real crux of,the experience has players choose,between different era varying in,militant and political climates after,doing so and viewing a few introductory,cinematics the planning eventually,begins here is where the game can become,undeniably overwhelming a slew of,options are available to pick from and,as helpful as the tutorials can be,theres a lot here to take in objectives,are presented in era respective ruler,with the opportunity to either abide or,suggest alterations i always stuck with,attempting the latter even if,unsuccessful since having the chance to,change the objective to better suit my,play style was more desirable regardless,these objectives are what i would,recommend sticking to like a mantra at,least for beginners because afterward is,where the meat of the decision making,occurs domestic affairs human affairs,diplomacy military affairs battle stroll,buy and rest are all selectable options,from the part of the war council some of,these choices are more self-explanatory,than others but following the objective,outline beforehand is enough to get new,players by without feeling overwhelmed,by these systems you gain merit for,completing them a valuable resource for,your reputation they can be seen as,clever ways for players to hone in on,specific mechanics every few in-game,months at least to better assist how,each companion coalesces discussing the,intricacies of each potential political,move extends outside the scope of this,review simply put gradual,experimentation is key to understanding,all of these systems there may be a lack,of musu combat for those desiring that,side of the game more though the,non-empires entries can fulfill that,desire instead those who have played,dynasty warriors 8 empires will likely,feel at home with the gameplay loop here,resulting in a far more enjoyable,experience while i had a fun time with,the political decisions i wish there was,more to do during a single turn since,tdm can quickly set in especially during,the start of errors but there are many,exciting moves to make at its worst each,decision can end up feeling like a blur,and almost soulless with the,incorporation due to the lack of,depicted impact or moderation in doing,so regarding presentation the title,looks stellar with realistic character,models that arent too jarring to the,eye though the reused models for the,more minor troops can be somewhat,humorous thanks to this greater detail,on ps5 the performance was smooth with,no notable frame rate hiccups,interrupting my time so if this platform,is on your radar for the release then,youll likely have a good experience,here there are other features like,creating a custom officer or being,unaffiliated but chances are youll have,a good idea if whether youll play this,game or not by the time you get to those,features dynasty warriors 9 empires is a,great representation of the empire,series with a few modern elements to,entice seasoned players the strategic,systems are addicting with combat being,delightfully simple instilling the,gratifying sense of mayhem the franchise,is known for its a moderately enjoyable,time sink yet it lacks the identity that,makes it difficult to recommend to,casual fans who want more out of their,experience at the very least dynasty,warriors knight empires is an erroneous,existence like the original dynasty,warriors 9 since it provides genuine,entertainment even if thats not lasting,woozy pixel is giving dynasty warriors 9,empires a 7 out of 10. thanks for,watching please read the full review at,noisypixel.net noisy pixel is run by,group of gamers to work hard to deliver,news reviews previews and more please,subscribe to keep up with all our future,content,[Music],pixel

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – Review

hey there my name is alex i am the,silvermont,and in this video were going to review,the english version of dynasty warriors,9 empires disclaimer i received a review,code for this title from curry now lets,get to it,if you dont know dynasty warriors at,all its a one versus a thousand action,game set in the three kingdoms era of,ancient china you play as a hero loosely,based on historical figures go around,clubbing thousands of helpless peons in,a very satisfying manner whilst reliving,the events of romance of the three,kingdoms,one of the four classics along with,water margin did you play suikoden,thats based on water margin dream of,the red chamber and journey to the west,the loose inspiration for dragon ball or,if you know dynasty warriors but not,empires well thats a spin-off mini,series i suppose that i believe started,with dynasty warriors 4 back in the day,empires games focus more on kingdom,building and character creation you make,your own warrior then you can join or,create your own kingdom then manage it,as you rise to the top as you seek,hegemony of course the one versus a,thousand combat is still there so lets,talk specifically about dinosaurias,nine empires which is using dynasty,warriors nine as a base,there were two large problems with,dynasty warriors nine in my opinion i,never reviewed that game although i did,play it but the combat,and the open world,whilst the open world was absolutely,massive in dinosaurias night it was,rather pointless by and large it was,empty,fields and fields of more or less,nothing that is still very much true,curiously enough though you can ignore,the open world entirely,if you so wish it is still there you can,still go and walk around it but you,dont need to,you dont need to interact with it in,any way each battlefield is a little,chunk of the open world focused around,one of the many,many castles and forts that litter the,world,that said i think the open world works a,little better in empires purely on,account of it being a kingdom building,game you can get a nice sense of scale,you can physically walk around your,kingdom if you wish to,as for the combat,it feels largely unaltered from dynasty,warriors mine the dynasty warriors games,have roughly speaking used three,different combat types the classic,charge based system where you chain weak,tax with charged attacks and each charge,attack gives you a different result for,example two weak attacks into a charge,attack is usually some sort of stun,whereas four,maybe five weak attacks into a charge,attack gives you an aerial combo then we,had the renbu system in dynasty warrior,6,which sucked dynasty warriors 9 uses,what i can only assume is meant to be a,streamlined approach where everything is,a lot more,automated its rather clunky in essence,you chain your weak attack combo but now,you have right bumper modifiers one for,stun one for knockdown one for aerial so,you press say right bumper and a and you,do your knockdown attack then you keep,doing your weak tag and it will do,something different it is context,sensitive and depending on which of the,modifiers you use you will get something,different,which means a lot of the time youre,gonna feel like you have less control,over your actions and combos feel harder,and sometimes your character is going to,want to run off over there or over there,in general its not a great system if,you ask me a good combat system means,the player is always in control and,always is doing exactly what they want,to look at say neo or if were looking,at dynasty warriors games look at,dynasty warrior seven which i maintain,as one of the best in the series,the additions made in empires are secret,plans these are basically abilities that,you find can level up and bring into,combat with you,you can have four at a time and they,will range from things like buffs heals,elemental attacks and they will have a,shortage cooldown before they can be,used again theyre a nice enough,addition very,similar to the things you could do in,samurai warriors 5 if youve played that,game of course you still have muso,attacks your strongest abilities,every character has a ground musou and,an air missile there are many many,weapon types although sadly we still,have some clone weapon types and some of,them are rather odd weapon choice as for,the roster well there is a lot of,playable characters i didnt count them,but theres got to be somewhere in the,ballpark of 70-100 i believe being an,empires game you have a character,creation system you can make dozens of,your own characters in a creation engine,thats a lot more detailed than dynasty,warriors games have been in the past you,can fine-tune your face nose cheeks all,that sort of stuff if you played neo2,its similar to the character creation,system used in that game you can spend a,lot of time fine-tuning your characters,appearance their height physique and,then give them two layers of garments,clothes and then armor on top from here,you can take them into the main conquest,mode if you had enough custom characters,you could try and populate the entire,world map the campaign with them,conquest mode is the meat of the game,although theres a nice encyclopedia,full of info if youre into three,kingdoms this is like an in-game,wikipedia i like to read that kind of,stuff but conquest mode is rather simple,you start with a chunk of land then you,try and unite china by conquering the,whole map turn the whole map your color,castle by castle you will recruit,officers build relationships with them,maybe even form a brotherhood or marry,every month you will pick an action,whether its building up the prosperity,of your kingdom to generate more money,and food shoring up your defenses or,training officers,of course you can choose to defend your,territory if it comes under attack or,you can invade another territory seek to,take it over which leads to the battles,whilst the combat itself is largely,unchanged from dw9 the flow of battles,has been adjusted into siege battles,every battle takes place around a fort,with you either defending or invading it,you have to take outposts and camps from,which to launch siege engines such as,towels rams catapults and whatnot during,this you will have many objectives such,as stopping an enemy raiding your base,camp theres also special plans you can,choose to bring to the battle such as a,fire attack you take a few enemy camps,and then from there you can launch a,fire attack on the castle or maybe you,need to stop an enemy,plan of i dont know sorcerers who are,summoning a giant lightning bear,yeah,or my favorite entering the battlefield,by yourself before the rest of your army,arrives to take some keeps and,demoralize the enemy by making them,realize you are literally soloing their,army the flow of these battles is nice,but very constrained it would be nice if,they played a part of a larger battle,but considering how many more battles,you need to fight to unite china maybe,that would become tedious still is,something to consider for a future,density warriors title having a campaign,consist of field fighting then moving on,to a siege would be fun,the maps are a very underappreciated,aspect of dynasty warriors games its,the maps that really kind of tie the,whole thing together along with the,combat,look at dynasty warriors 2 that had,probably the best campaign maps in the,whole franchise if you ask me yellow,turban rebellion in uh dynastorius 2,what a great map,outside of combat well theres a decent,amount of events to see between battles,you can walk around your kingdom and,talk to your officers you can have them,accompany you as you explore the open,world,if you want to you can recruit people,sometimes theyll come to you and be,like hey can you please recruit me i,want to join your awesome army you might,get a random event where you go hunting,with your sworn brother when managing,your kingdom you can make alliances with,other kingdoms and enact a whole range,of schemes such as trying to bribe

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Review after 60 Hours and ALL ACHIEVEMENTS

hello everyone since everybodys been,asking me about my thoughts of dynasty,warriors 9 empires especially while,streaming,today i decided to do a detailed review,of this game after 60 hours of gameplay,and with all achievements unlocked i,have everything unlocked i have seen all,there is to the game,and,i havent had a long history of playing,these things i played dynasty warriors,empires game since the very first one in,dynasty warriors 4 for nearly two,decades now,now this is a long review so,heres a bit of a too long didnt read,now i think that this game is average at,best with plenty of instances where koi,can be seen cutting corners in my,opinion its not worth the 60 dollars,and you will probably not find sale for,koi game anytime soon but hey at least,you can use it to take stupid pictures,which is arguably the best feature,dynasty warriors 9 has to offer,but,now first and foremost dont let my kind,of negative review give you the,impression that i hate this game i think,that this is a bad game that is not so,i in fact think that this game is,actually fine as dynasty warriors,empires game go,i personally find the game quite,pleasant,enough so that i played through 7,playthroughs of this game,i think steam might benefit from a bit,of having um option for more meh,or neutral reveal to more accurately,state how i feel about the game because,you know,it really honestly does come off as kind,of half-assed but what with all the,reused cutscenes and shallow gameplay,but at the very least it was an empire,game fit for dynasty warriors fan,[Music],i would have complained about this but,at the very least they actually plan to,have a split screen co-op back so they,gain a good few points back for me,not sure when,not sure why they cant just include,that in the base game but since you know,playing co-op is literally d,the [ __ ] definitive dynasty warriors,experience,i i just dont understand,but well i mean i can even forgive the,lack of built-in online without you know,without any building online co-options,we can just use the parsec to play,online together which,i intend to do when,when whenever the split screen co-op,comes ill definitely be streaming uh,co-op gameplay of this game,anyway,so,that said,its a game that cuts corners and as,such i cant really recommend it to,others,i think its better to just pick it up,later in the sale for the price that it,deserves,whenever that happens youre not really,missing much,well that would have been enough for my,updated review but i decided to go on a,huge rant for no reason so if you want,to know more details,feel free to keep listening,[Music],so,fact of the matter is dynasty warriors 9,empires is just not a great game,first of all its a little too costly,for what it actually is,traditionally with empires games is that,theyll be charged for like what i call,an expansion price,however this time around they decide to,charge this as if it was a full game,my suspicion is that maybe they decided,to um,keep the open world which by the way,swelled the game to nearly 40 gigs in,size,that they decided oh maybe its worth,charging 60 dollars over i mean its got,plenty of content a bunch of,barren content but its there but like,if you think about the open world for,dynasty warriors 9 was bad before,oh just wait till you see this game,there is literally,nothing for you to do,no fishing no quests,no anything the only thing you can do is,seek out some random mobs and kill them,for golden food,if youre traveling with someone and you,kill 100 things oh you receive a gift,from your buddy and thats about it,its not even a great gift either,theres really no real incentive,otherwise to travel unless youre,looking to take pictures,i mean at least some mini games would be,nice,now i for one though im glad that they,at least realize this and makes it so,that you can just contact officers off,of a menu like making a phone call or,something so unless you have you like,the idea of traveling from one place to,another staring at two officers,well staring over low texture food over,and over again,youre well advised to take advantage of,this menu even if it does make pretty,much 99 of the open world completely,irrelevant,now i am sure they put in a lot of,effort into this open world,and i honestly dont agree with some,articles calling it,simply open world garbage,i i think the potential is there,especially for an empires game like,like imagine a live interactive map of,china traveling with your army,take over and take over different,territories in a war ban,oh man thatd be so cool i mean i love,mountain blades so much i think well go,play this after this,but as usual,koei delivers on not on its promises of,not fulfilling potentials as such this,became a typical empires experience,not necessarily a bad thing mind you but,man what a wasted opportunity i mean i,i honestly doubt that dynasty warriors,will have open world ever again because,theyre afraid of failure,which honestly is a shame because had,they managed it better with a more,lively environment with various puzzles,activities,dungeons and explorers and a much better,launch of the game in general,instead of a move from point a to point,b adventure it might have been much,better received,but instead it they have none of the,above its a bit of an afterthought they,skimped on uh voice actors went with the,old moose soul story formula instead of,an rpg were more suited for open world,with explorations and such,you know theres just no reason for you,to just,wander,except you know to take pictures,checking the sites thats cute and all,but you know,sometimes,we need things to do,but i mean this is a problem with the,base game and not this one in particular,so i better stop here now,as for character creation one of the,first,word for that when the first sign of bad,tidings is that the character creation,in this game is,well its hailed as the bestest thing,around due to running off the neo,character creation system,for some people the character creation,is the main reason to get the game so,that they can have the original,characters or original interpretation of,existing characters show up in funny,cutscenes and do badass fighting moves,as the dynasty warriors,however thanks to cutting corner,corporate greed which seems to be the,norm these days,but i i cant help but feel that kobe,more so because we get a lot less base,costume from what weve seen what weve,had before and you end up having to,share clothing with like three or two or,three characters after a while and its,not like the clothing system is,particularly deep either just two layers,and,no movable parts its not,its not like the much better soul,calibur character creation system which,i literally spent hours on back in the,day,like yeah man im making this pokeball,for this james was a pain in the ass too,but anyway the best part,there will be a dlc soon for new costume,but half of them are existing costumes,from the days of dynasty warrior 6,empires,over 10 years ago,these are old costumes,so if you want a definitive reason why i,cant in good conscience recommend this,game its that koeis recent mo has been,mostly about ripping off its loyal van,base with overpriced dlcs and now game,prices it might be fine for a wealthy,three kingdoms fan who doesnt care,about much for the money but i cant say,the same for most people and most,importantly any newcomer to this series,to add insult to injury one of the cool,features that they do have,or had which was changing individual,musous since the dynasty warrior seven,empires improved in dynasty warriors,eight empires is no longer available,so created characters pretty much had to,lift entire move sets off of existing,characters instead of creating a more,original fighting style,back then i made setups where,the three musous a character can have,would flow like water and combo into,each other,now theres no such mixing and matching,now youre basically a clone of another,character,yeah typical koei h

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Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires – Is It Any Good? (Review)

dynasty warriors is a series thats,always meant a lot to me i have very,fond memories of playing dynasty,warriors 2 at my friends house when i,was just a kid and that was around 22,years ago if you can believe it ive,played every iteration of the mainline,games throughout the years for both,dynasty warriors and samurai warriors,not only that but ive played and beaten,almost every warriors spin-off game,barring only a few exceptions which i,will eventually get to needless to say i,am a big fan of the warriors series and,ive always enjoyed its special brand of,generally mindless but surprisingly fun,hack and slash combat in 2018 curry,tecmo and omega force bestowed upon us,dynasty warriors 9 a game that most,players felt promised a lot but in,reality delivered very little long time,fans of the series myself included felt,like they were either attempting to fix,a problem that simply didnt exist or,trying to jump on the open world,bandwagon many years too late using an,engine that wasnt up to the task,despite a whole host of problems with,the game dynasty warriors 9 still sold,pretty well on name alone racking up,over 117 000 sales in its first week on,ps4 and then going on to sell around 730,000 copies in its first year the very,first game in the franchise to receive,an empire spin-off was dynasty warriors,4 and since then the tradition of,releasing an empires game for every,mainline game has continued and that,brings us to the game that were talking,about and reviewing today dynasty,warriors 9 empires lets take a look,so dynasty warriors 9 empires is the,latest entry into a long-running series,of empire spin-offs which made their,debut all the way back in 2004. the,empires games differ from the mainline,games in a few key areas and generally,give players much more to do in terms of,strategy tactics and control over the,gameplay in the original dynasty,warriors 9 it had players exploring and,fighting across a very large open world,but the empires version of the game,pretty much does away with that,completely it instead chooses to throw,players into a far smaller map which has,been sectioned off from the huge open,world some of you may remember that in,most of the older warriors games each,battle you select is sort of like its,own specially designed level they did,sometimes have a few big open spaces,within those levels but theres often a,lot of smaller interconnected roads or,pathways that get you where you need to,go in this game though thats not the,case the battles are comparative in size,and scale but youre free to go in any,direction you want whenever you want on,the main menu of the game youll be able,to select the tutorials conquest mode,edit mode gallery encyclopedia and of,course the options menu the tutorial,section provides three small missions to,choose from and if youre wondering they,are in fact exactly the same as the ones,you got in the recent demo one will,teach you the basics of combat and,movement while the other two are the,same battle but youll be attacking a,castle in one of them and defending it,in another edit mode allows you to,design and create custom offices and as,you might expect theres quite a few,options to choose from including but not,limited to their facial appearance hair,physique accessories and of course their,clothes and armor once youve named and,created your custom warrior youll be,able to use them in conquest mode in,fact the game is quite generous with how,many custom characters you can make and,store so you could potentially create a,load of them and have them all populate,the conquest mode if you choose to the,gallery section allows you to view,unlocked artwork cut scenes and other,media from the game while the,encyclopedia contains a wealth of,information regarding characters,locations and battles from the three,kingdoms era of china im gonna guess,that i dont really have to explain how,the options menu works but there is one,important thing in there that is worth,noting the game features two different,performance modes which are called movie,mode and action mode movie mode runs the,game at a higher resolution and 30 fps,while action mode lowers the resolution,and targets 60fps and well have more on,this choice later in the review so now,we get to the main mode of the game,which is conquest in this mode youll be,taking on the role of an officer whos,trying to unite the land and rule over,ancient china when you first start up,this mode youll be given some options,which you can see here things like,difficulty perma-death for characters,and whether or not you want your created,characters to show up at all after that,you can pick a scenario to play based on,the fables and stories that we all know,and love from the dynasty warriors,series from the yellow turban rebellion,to the battle of cher b to the northern,campaign its all there for you to play,in the older games you would select a,character and then play through a set,number of battles one after the other,that loosely follow what happened in the,actual history albeit with not much in,between them in empires though youre,given control over your own army and you,can choose when to invade other,territories when to lie low and when to,form alliances with other forces at the,start its essentially just you on your,own with a dream in your head and no,coins in your pocket youll need to,scout around to find some help and then,after you recruit your first officer,youll begin to build your empire the,game plays out month by month and you as,the leader of your empire have to choose,what to do in each of those months most,actions you choose will consume exactly,one month of time to complete so for,example if its march and you notice,that your kingdom is running low on cash,you can select the fundraise option,which will take one month to complete,and will bring in a thousand gold once,youre given the money the game will now,tell you that its april and that its,time for you to choose what to do next,as you progress through the conquest,mode youll unlock a ton of different,choices and options to help you on your,journey to rule the land one of these,unlocks is the war council you get this,option pretty early on and this is where,you set goals for the kingdom every six,months and if you manage to achieve them,youll be rewarded with bonus xp for,your character occasionally your most,trusted officers will make suggestions,and the goals are usually things like,having a certain amount of food in,storage or recruiting a specific number,of new offices to the cause pretty much,anything you select on the left of the,screen during a month will progress time,to the next calendar month however this,stroll option is a bit different if you,select stroll youll actually be placed,into the large open world map from the,original dynasty warriors 9 game and you,are free to roam around it and explore,it as much as you like when you first,arrive in the stroll manual youll see,that you have three actions that you can,take you will be able to take more,actions during a stroll later in the,game but in the beginning you only have,two choices firstly you can just,navigate the menus and interact with,various officers and perhaps try to,recruit them each time you interact with,an officer in this menu it costs one of,your actions and may cause that officer,to like you more you can also spend an,action to invite them into your army,youll notice that a percentage chance,is shown and tells you how likely they,are to join you before you give them the,invitation the second thing you can do,is back out of the stroll menu and go,for a physical stroll around the open,world meeting the characters and doing,all the things i just mentioned in game,rather than in a menu it works the same,way regardless of how you do it but you,have the option of how you want to,approach it either physically or through,the menus when you feel like youre,ready to expand your empire you can,choose to invade another kingdoms,territo

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Review – One Step Forward, Nine Steps Back

dynasty warriors,is a series that means a lot to me,and im not happy to be making this,video today,when koei tecmo released dynasty,warriors 9,back 2018,i was so excited to play it it was a new,step forward for the franchise and,immediately before it came out,the negative word of mouth right before,release,scared me straight and i was like,theres no co-op theres nothing,im going to be missing by not picking,this up day one so lets hang back,and hope that they fix this and you know,what omega force you fixed it for the,most part like i picked up dynasty,warriors 9 last year it had patches all,the way up until 2020 like there was a,large amount of support for that game,even though it had a lot of problems,and then when they announced dynasty,warriors nine empires and the team was,learning from all of the,lessons of dynasty warriors nine i was,like okay here we are,were here,were going to make,all the problems from nine were going,to maybe make it a little bit more of a,linear experience were focusing it in,because its an empires title theres,more customization,and i was so optimistic then this game,got delayed and delayed it was delayed,like two plus years this is one of the,longest developments omega forces ever,had for a mainline title,and i just thought what could possibly,go wrong for this its like you knew how,damaging dynasty warriors 9 was to the,franchise and dynasty warriors 9 empires,youre releasing on more systems so that,told me okay theres confidence like,theyre releasing this thing on pc,playstation 4 playstation 5 xbox one,xbox series x s nintendo switch this,thing is everywhere im like okay,lets go lets jump into this and when i,tried the demo,i was less,than immediately in love but i saw that,there was still potential there and i,thought okay the character creator is a,little light,the worlds a little uh,like in terms of the actual map design,but i thought maybe thats just the,tutorials maybe the tutorials are a,little bit weird,and the fine folks at koei tecmo in,america were actually nice enough to,give me a review code a couple of days,ago and ive been playing through the,game,and,im,i just keep,like ive played hours and hours of this,thing and its so weird,i love dynasty warriors i think no i,shouldnt even say anything this to me,is actually worse than dynasty warriors,9.,dynasty warriors 9 empires is one of the,most confusing,head scratching games ive ever played,or reviewed or had to talk about which,pains me to say so much because im such,a defender of omega force and i love,koei tecmo games but,this to me feels like a 20 dlc expansion,that should have come out a year after,the release of dynasty warriors 9 and,not almost 4 years later for 60 whole,dollars,its incredibly weird its so so light,on content the character creator is one,of the big new features which,is nice they brought over the character,creator from neo2 and its fun to mess,around with it the problem with that,though,is that,the facial features and the make your,character features those are really nice,those are really interesting and fun to,mess with,the amount of costumes are incredibly,low you can tell that theyre definitely,planning on hey this is where our dlc is,going to come in these crazy costumes,but like the costumes that are there,its basically pretty traditional,dynasty warriors like looking costumes,nothing that crazy,and then a suit,because if you want to have a suit in,which i i did because i was like oh so,the only way my characters are going to,stand out,so the character creator was something i,spent like an hour with it was really,enjoying it was like cool maybe there,will be unlockable costumes theres no,unlockable costumes all the other,costumes in the game are all dlc so what,you see is what you get in terms of that,character creator which just was such a,punch in the gut like it took all the,wind out of my sails of like awesome and,then it was like oh thats it like i was,hoping this would be a thing that i,would go back to and make more and more,and more characters like theres still,like a lot of like fun characters you,could make in there but if youre,someone like me who just likes having,really cool costumes and messing around,with something like this is not soul,calibur this is not the soul calibur,created character this is,very much neo2 character creator light,this feels like a free to play like,character creator but again tied to a 60,video game which is extra disappointing,so besides the character creator,this game is,weirdly light on modes and features,so besides the tutorial which teaches,you basically hey heres how to play,heres how invading battles work and,then heres how defending battles work,then you have conquest mode conquest,mode basically has you playing as any,character whether it be a pre-made,character from any of dynasty warrior 9,or a creative character,going through a specific time in history,very little bits of story this is not,really meant to be story which is,totally fine or just kind of having a,gambit of okay heres everybody you can,play with anybody do whatever so in,terms of where you want to play in terms,of your conquest thats has a lot of,like different areas for you to mess,around in the problem is when youre,actually playing in conquest mode,its one of the most like lukewarm,things ive ever found ive played,ive played lets see dynasty warriors,seven eight,obviously nine now and ive played,samurai warriors for empires thats my,empires experience basically and ive,liked those games but,this one just feels the most light,because what youre doing in it is just,raising numbers which again like youre,doing a lot of things for men you like,raising your rations raising your,soldiers raising your money,and this ones whole thing is it gives,you all of these options in this huge,world because again this is in the open,world setting of dynasty warriors 9. the,problem is theres only one mode to,really explore the open world with,scroll and when youre scrolling,it is this,like enormous map of china,and there is nothing to do in it you can,talk to everybody but you might as well,just do it through the menus because,theres no point in running from point a,to point b because this is just again,a giant open world that doesnt look,that great doesnt run that great,and your only thing you can do with it,is fight random enemies or random,creatures,for very tiny amounts of gold,or just talk to people which the game,already lets you do through the menu so,you might as well just save yourself the,time so like they brought over the,entire open world aspect of dynasty,warriors 9 to literally do nothing with,it like you cant theres no mini games,theres no side quests theres nothing,to do in the world like you can go to,the shop but you can also just buy the,shop stuff in the menu theres no like,different shops theres the same shop,you get everywhere else,it doesnt feel like a real open world,it just feels like this giant empty,waste of hard drive space and its,really disappointing because you would,think okay,dynasty warriors 9 definitely felt empty,but there was stuff to do there was,stuff to keep you busy you could explore,the world you could see interesting,areas and there are interesting areas,still in there but this is literally,just control c and pasting,that open world into this mode that,doesnt need it and even though its,there and its not in your way its just,like why did you give me this enormous,open world and you didnt fix anything,about it and then you took away all the,things i could do in the open world like,theres no fishing theres theres just,nothing to do in it and its so,frustrating because its just like okay,why why is this here who asked for this,to be here with nothing new and nothing,to add no substance its really really,frustrating um other little things that,are frustrating um just kind of put them,out there no split screen co-op thats,huge like,after everyone was mad at you for not,having that with dynasty

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Review – An Addicting But Ugly Warfare | Gaming Instincts

hows it going everybody welcome to,gaming instance review of dynasty,warriors 9 empires im sam lee reading,florida leona melikov and before we get,started a huge thank you to koei tecmo,for providing gaming instincts a review,copy and with that out of the way lets,jump into the review the long-running,dynasty warrior franchise is another new,release and this time around its,dynasty warriors 9 empires which is the,spin-off of the original dynasty,warriors games for those who dont know,the empire spin-up is a tad more,tactical and strategic rather than the,original mainline entries in dynasty,warriors empire series you have to make,political choices and figure out how,youre going to be taking over the,kingdom and becoming an emperor how does,the latest entry in the spin-offs of,dynasty warriors play in field today,compared to previous entries of the,series as a whole to find that out lets,jump right in,first and foremost i have to admit that,i havent played a mainline dynasty,warrior game in probably over a decade,there has been just too many other games,released that took my interest of the,last generation however i did play,dynasty warrior 6 in a few older ones,but it has been such a long time that i,dont really remember how good or bad,the games were its also worth noting,that i never actually touched the,empires game before either and this is,my first entry into the empire series so,this was something completely new to me,and i wasnt sure what to expect for the,gameplay dynasty warriors 9 empires,really only has one game mode which is,conquest mode theres also an edit mode,where you can create a custom officer,and then take him or her to your,conquest mode if you wish not to take,the pre-made officers that already exist,in the game in conquest mode your goal,is to basically go from a nobody to,eventually be promoted to higher ranks,and then become an emperor who controls,an entire kingdom obviously at the start,of the game you have nothing no army no,money no officers to tag along with you,at the beginning your goal is to start,making some gold and rations so that you,can eventually build up an army you do,this through political choices on the,left-hand menu every time you make a,choice one month passes by in the game,time,this is where strategic play comes in,and you have to think and figure out,what is the best political choice to,make for the duration of that one month,before moving to your next set of,actions the player can choose choices,such as fundraising that helps you raise,gold procuring rations that helps you,raise your rations or trade that gives,you a bit of both resources as you rank,up you eventually get access to,something like great trade that gives,you even more resources than the,original trading option did then there,are diplomatic choices like scouting,where you scout for more officers from a,different kingdom to join yours you can,also do bribery and things like alliance,and encirclement and so on at this point,you get the idea the original dynasty,warriors games do not have this and that,is where empires is different as you,rank up eventually youll get to have,the ability to make even more meaningful,choices that previously were not,available to you such as invading other,pieces of land or even exiling officers,from your kingdom another interesting,feature is the ability to stroll through,the city and talk to other officers to,increase their companionship level with,you or potentially try to recruit,unaffiliated officers into your kingdom,the player can also stroll the city in a,physical in-game space and run around,and interact with everyone or do it,through main menus instead which i like,way more because its simply a lot,faster one thing that does bother me is,that any time you interact with an,officer you are taken into a very short,loading screen for an unnecessary,cutscene that doesnt serve much purpose,and always tends to be the same this,makes zero sense and is a complete waste,of time and it happens every time i,interact with an officer when youre in,the city itself but it does not if you,do it through the menus,once a certain amount of months have,passed the war council begins where we,have to make or propose what to do with,the kingdom until the next war council,period at the beginning of the game you,can only agree or disagree with the,current rule of the kingdom since you,are basically a nobody at first but as,soon as you become the ruler eventually,then you get to set your own objectives,but your officers have a chance to,propose their ideas instead and you have,the right to accept or deny them,eventually you have to start invading,kingdoms and this is where the core,gameplay of original dynasty warriors,comes into play youre put into an open,battlefield and your objective is to,take the castle for yourself if youre,invading or defend it if youre being,invaded you must use rations to be able,to invade the more rations you have the,bigger army you can take with you before,the battle starts you also have an,option to carry out a secret plan which,are like many objectives these many,objectives must be met in a certain,amount of time if the criteria is indeed,met then you will gain an advantage on,the battlefield one objective may ask,you to just simply kill a bunch of,officers or take over certain areas or,protect a specific target for a,particular amount of time the enemy,during the battle will also initiate a,secret plan on their own and you can,counter it by following the given,objective during our review we had to,stop a bunch of messengers to getting to,a certain area so i had to chase them,down and kill them and also take over a,base after that you have to capture the,rest of the bases so that your army can,start an assault on the castles gates,you can either break down the gates by,using ram siege weaponry or infiltrating,it via the siege towers using a,grappling hook and breaking the lock,instead for faster access,once inside the castle you need to,finish the commander thats usually,marked on the map kill him and the,kingdom is yours during defensive,battles you protect your castle instead,but the gameplay is for the most part,the same despite not playing any of the,games in either franchises for many,years one thing is for sure this game,has always been and continues to be,but ugly,while i do understand the appeal of,dynasty warriors games is to run around,and beat up a bunch of officers their,armies and take over the landing castles,but the game almost looks borderline the,same as they did many years ago and we,are a new generation hardware as well,which is the playstation 5.,the ps3 if not almost ps2 look-alike,textures weird flickering in the,distance and even some small frame rate,drops made me kind of question on what,exactly is going on when it comes to the,technical side of these titles none of,the things here look stellar or super,demanding in terms of hardware and yet,the system struggles from time to time,to run it at a lock 60 frames per second,in conclusion its quite staggering how,a game with such low quality production,values is running into strange technical,hiccups from time to time on new,generation hardware while it is a,cross-gen game theres absolutely no,excuse to have it run the way it does,the game does offer something called,action mode which stabilizes frame rate,but it does not even lock 60 and also,lowers the resolution the movie mode is,high resolution but capped at a 30 frame,rate the fact that this even exists on a,title that looks like its out of a ps2,ps3 era is abysmal on a new generation,console,the audio is your usual standard dynasty,warrior stuff that youre used to in,previous titles the soundtrack mostly,consists of your traditional chinese,musical instruments mixed in with hard,rock and heavy metal so if youre into,that then youll be fine it works for,the franchise and has always been the,staple the game also lets you change,music to your liking whether youre in,the

Does Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires save the franchise? | PvC Mini Review

this video has been funded in part by,the guild via patreon check out the,links in the description or at the end,of this video for more details,[Music],hello everybody my name is chris gildart,and welcome back to another pros vs cons,mini review dynasty warriors 9 serves as,a great example of a game that splits,the fan base you have people on both,sides of the fence those who love it and,those,not so much and now we have a new,empires title to take a look at,personally i was of the camp that was,quite close to the fence i wouldnt say,dynasty warriors 9 was necessarily made,for me i reviewed the game back when it,first came out but i gave it a more,positive score than i would today this,is one of the reasons why i started the,pvc mini reviews i found trying to get a,full review out so quickly can cloud my,judgment the reason i gave dynasty,warriors 9 such a high score compared to,how i feel now is because it was,something different i felt the sheer,possibility of an open world dynasty,warriors game and i think the potential,of the game on paper was one of the,reasons why the review ended the way,that it did now five years later we take,a look at a game that i honestly didnt,think we would get dynasty warriors 9,empires seemed to be an impossibility to,me it would have taken so many,adjustments to the dynasty warriors 9,formula just to fit it into the empire,spin-off series but alas here we are,talking about a game that i didnt think,would come out but before we go too far,dont forget to give this video a like,comment with your thoughts below and of,course subscribe if you havent already,alright its time to find out what,dynasty warriors 9 empires has to offer,ready set pros starting things off koei,tecmo must have agreed with my sentiment,that it would have been tough,transitioning the open world of dynasty,warriors 9 into an empires format,because battles now take place in,smaller maps there are two types of,battles youll find yourself in,invasions and defensive battles they,both have some similarities but they do,play out quite differently and are a,welcome change to the usual empires,formula as far as similarities that,differ from both dynasty warriors 9 and,most empires battles every stage,involves a castle or fortress that the,invading side is trying to take over to,do so both sides can implement secret,plans for your own plans you must meet,specific requirements to see it succeed,while for the enemy plans there are,requirements for it to fail these,requirements can be as simple as kill,these officers or take over this base,they can also be as complicated as an,engineer is hiding in one of the bases,so you need to take out the bases in,order to reveal and kill them while,youre invading you will want to take,out the bases in front of the doors to,the fortress this will cause a ram to,spawn and start leading an attack while,thats going on you can take out the,bases around the castle that will also,spawn catapults that will attack the,posts along the castle walls while all,this is going on you also have to deal,with enemy officers as well as the,secret plans that your allies and,enemies are trying to execute if the ram,is taking too long to break down the,doors taking over the posts along the,walls will allow you to use your,grappling hook to scale the walls and,open the gates from the inside the other,option is to use siege towers that you,can climb and attack the posts yourself,when defending you want to take out the,various siege weapons and officers until,you lead your army to the enemy main,camp there is no line that connects the,two sides like in previous empires,titles the defender just needs to ensure,that the castle isnt breached to avoid,their commander appearing the invader,just needs to make sure that the enemy,doesnt encroach on their main camp,there are also special battles like,guandu and chubby but i only played,through the yellow turbine campaign and,didnt have that special battle trigger,in either of my playthroughs but overall,i love this format to battles as it,makes them feel like youre actually,invading or defending rather than each,battle feeling the same with just,different victory conditions now i,mentioned secret plans earlier and,theres actually two types of secret,plans the ones that your army executes,and equippable ones that you can,activate after a cooldown the second,secret plan can be equipped before,entering the battle and can be used by,holding the left bumper and pressing a,direction on the d-pad these can be,attacks that use different elements a,buff to yourself or allies or it can be,a debuff to your enemies obviously since,you use your d-pad to activate them you,can only equip up to four at a time so,its good to mix them up youll unlock,more by interacting with your officers,and winning battles if you unlock one,that you already have it levels it up to,be more effective as well sprinting is,now automatic you will start to sprint,after you run for a short period of time,you can also sprint while you have your,weapon out as you cant put the weapon,away during battle this makes getting,around the battlefield so much easier i,also played the demo for this a while,back and i didnt like the unit type,rock paper scissors mechanic where,infantry beats cavalry which beats,archery which beats infantry the issue,with this in dynasty warriors 9 empires,is that you cant swap between two on,the fly your unit type is tied to your,character in dynasty warriors 8 it was,tied to the weapon which you could take,2 into battle and switch on the fly now,you have to pair with an ally in order,to take on that different affinity in,the demo i found myself being taken away,from the action when a strong officer,that beat my affinity showed up id have,to go running around the map to find,somebody else who i could pair with it,broke the flow of combat quite abruptly,in my opinion though this feature is,still present infantry cavalry and,archer are not the only unit type you,can equip other units dont have these,weaknesses or strengths instead they,give you passive buffs and let you focus,on the combat i really like having this,option as it allows the player to choose,which system they want to make use of,now one thing i mentioned earlier that,may have you asking how does one,interact with your officers well thats,where i provide the news that the open,world isnt totally gone during the,month when youre deciding what youre,going to be doing you can go for a,stroll your character will enter their,casual look and be able to roam the open,world talking to officers both those,affiliated with your army and those not,affiliated if youre playing as a ruler,or a high enough general you can offer,to recruit these unaffiliated officers,if youre lower on the food chain you,can suggest these officers to the ruler,depending on the bond that you have with,these unaffiliated officers they may,accept or decline your offer but bonds,dont end at recruitment this is also,where you may be able to swear an oath,of sibling ship or get married there are,other events that will trigger when your,bond is at a certain level sometimes an,officer will just give you a gift like a,gem or a horse or a secret plan other,times youll just have a drink at no,cost to your action points and itll,increase your bond even further if an,affiliated officers bond is a c or,higher you can have them join you as you,journey around the land besides,interacting with officers you can also,take out bandits and animals which will,reward you with gold and rations,respectively this is really important,because youll want to balance these,resources so that you can achieve,victory as everything you do is going to,cost gold or rations finally this brings,us to the moment i know a lot of you are,waiting for the empire spin-offs have,been known for two main things that we,always look out for first off the build,your own story format of choosing,whether you want to play as a vagrant,with no leader

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