1. Is this DYSON Purifier Formaldehyde Worth The Money? REVIEW
  2. Is an $800 purifier best to clean your homes air? We lab tested 5 top brands
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  5. Dyson Air Purifier Cool Formaldehyde Review – Worth the money?
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Is this DYSON Purifier Formaldehyde Worth The Money? REVIEW

[Music],welcome back to the channel guys and,girls youre watching me em quan here on,mkhwan reviews im super excited about,sharing this review because ive been,using this brand new dyson purifier cool,formaldehyde for the last couple of,months on a daily basis here in my,apartment this is a product that,combines really cool tech with practical,functionality its a bladeless fan it is,an air purifier with a ton of sensors,including a new formaldehyde sensor and,a smart home device but is it worth the,price tag well im going to answer that,question and more in this video review,but first lets take a closer look at,this,so starting off with the design this is,i would say a typical look that dyson,have actually established based off,their previous bladeless fans air,purifiers this design language that,weve kind of come to expect and see,already so it doesnt really differ too,much from that this variation is,actually available in a couple of colors,including this new,beautiful copper color that youll find,on the remote also down there in the,filter area and white i think the two of,them go quite well together now just to,give you context this is the room that,this is placed in most of the time which,is my study,office recording space area and it does,perfectly fine over here we do move this,around the apartment and its not too,heavy,4.86 kg so under 5kg you can actually,lift that up with one hand now im going,to talk about the bottom part here in a,moment but one of the things that i will,start off by talking about is this,extension cord this is a 1.8 meter cord,i would have liked to see a slightly,longer cord because its been okay for,us here i have had to use an extension,lead in some of the other rooms this is,also available in two variations this,longer,form over here and theres actually one,thats shorter the shorter one will,allow you to tilt it up and down in,various angles as well but again just to,give you context of the room i feel like,the longer one here was perfect size for,this room now this bottom part over here,is where youll find the hepa h13 filter,and according to dyson it captures 99.95,of particles as small as 0.1 microns,its got a layer of activated carbon,which also removes odors and gases,including volatile organic compounds of,uscs for short now this blue area is,interesting because this is where youll,find the catalytic filter that,continually traps and breaks down,formaldehyde molecules and it does this,by converting them into water and co2 so,it never needs a replacing,okay before we go any further its in,the title of the product and then the,functionality what exactly is,formaldehyde and why are tyson targeting,this well very simply put formaldehyde,is a strong smelling but colorless gas,its actually quite common in a lot of,modern buildings including modern,apartments you know modern homes youll,find this in processed woodwork like,plywood varnishings in carpets a whole,range of other,modern kind of things that we find in,our homes in large amounts formaldehyde,is detrimental to the health so,since we are spending more time at home,i feel like dyson have had a focus on,targeting formaldehyde with this product,now it does this in two ways according,to dyson it does this by detecting it,and for that theyve got a solid state,sensor so as opposed to some of the,other sensors that are not necessarily,accurate in picking this up the solid,state sensor is accurate and it actually,lasts a long time and the second way is,removing the formaldehyde once its,detected and its doing this by that,catalytic filter that i mentioned,earlier on now im no scientist so its,very hard to substantiate,some of the signs that dyson are talking,about but generally speaking this is the,focus with this particular product on,the side over here youll see all the,different sensors including that new,formaldehyde sensor over here now let me,talk to you about the functionality so,at the top over here is a remote i love,this remote because it is very very,functional and the best part is you,dont need to worry about losing it,because its attached via magnets at the,top now over here on this particular,model you will have this color display,its a nice color display and it will,give you information so at the moment,its showing you the air quality and as,i pan around it will give you other,information as well most of it is,controlled through this remote,what you have is you have the,oscillating over here it will give you a,full up to,350 degree oscillating which is really,really cool it gives you just great,coverage on here you can also increase,and decrease,the,fan functionality now what is,interesting is im just going to take it,all the way up to about,10 which is the maximum,that should give you an idea of what the,sound,sounds like its actually not as loud as,the previous generation of uh the dyson,air purifiers what i noticed and,according to dyson its supposed to be,20,quieter than those and we have an older,one if we compare the two of them this,does sound slightly quieter theres,actually a mode over here called night,mode and that will help because it will,actually lower the sound,as you can tell over there and it also,helps dim that display so if you want,this to be on while youre asleep you,wont be disturbed by the bright lights,or the louder sound as a parent im a,big fan of this design for obvious,reasons because its a better option,than a traditional fan because you know,if youve got kids like mine who like to,put their hands literally everywhere,then you dont have to worry about the,safety element which is what this air,multiplier technology provides,okay so how good are those sensors at,picking stuff up well this is going to,be a cool unscientific,example of testing that out now i first,figured this out when we had this in the,main room which was next to the kitchen,we were burning some stuff and it,started to show on the little screen,graph so ive got this not so pleasant,perfume im going to spray this from the,other side of the room and lets see if,it picks it up okay right now the air,quality is green,im on the other side of the room and,about to spray this,and within,a couple of seconds you can see that,graph,start to rise,its picked up that theres something,stinky in the room,there goes that graph,its weird i didnt really spray that,much but its obviously detected,something and this is when obviously the,filter will start kicking in,and it will work at improving the air,quality now the beginning of the video i,mentioned that this was also considered,a smart home device and thats because,youve got a dyson link app you can,download this for free and it gives you,good information not only on the air,quality like for example right now in,abu dhabi apparently we dont have the,best air quality but it will also give,you information,with the dyson product on what is going,on indoors as well now if for whatever,reason you dont have access to that,control you can also control it via the,app as well which is really really handy,and also any of you that are chart,junkies youll be able to get more,information through various charts that,its recording on,all right so we come to the,all-important is it worth it the value,question so this particular model is,going to set you back officially from,dyson in this region around about,2699 dirhams which equates to about 740,750 us dollars that there is,quite a bit of change for a product like,this what i will say though is that we,have two of these we have this,particular model in our sleeping room,and then we have an older version but,something thats very similar from dyson,in the kids bedroom,both myself and the kids would,traditionally wake up with the ac the,normal ac that we would use with blocked,nose sore throat that kind of,bunged up feeling in the morning and,since weve turned off the ac at night,and used this for the last couple of,months,those situations those conditions arent,there in the morning so,not

Is an $800 purifier best to clean your homes air? We lab tested 5 top brands

[♪♪♪],[Nil] Mold, bacteria, and viruses.,Can pricey purifiers really clean your air?,Its overwhelming.,How would you even know which of these works?,Whats going on?,[Nil] Are you ready to find out the results?,Yeah.,Thats not good.,[Nil] Top brands under the microscope.,Your Marketplace starts now.,[Nil] Were on a mission.,Investigating your indoor air And testing these five popular,air purifiers: Dyson, Honeywell, Blueair,,Germguardian and Levoit.,Hi, Jeff, so great to meet you.,Yeah, good to meet you too.,Thanks for doing this.,[Nil] And to get it right were teaming up with leading,indoor air expert and university of Toronto,engineering professor Jeff Seigel.,This is exciting because you are going to test these,filters for us and tell us which ones work the best.,How many tests like this have you done?,Too many to count, lots and lots and lots.,[Nil] This pandemic has us all asking questions about,the quality of the air in our homes and if purifiers can,actually make a difference.,And they have a lot of pretty big claims on these.,Some of them are completely false, but a lot of,them kind of have a grain of truth, they just dont,turn out to be that important.,So, an example of a claim is a lot of people say look,at how high the efficiency of this air cleaner is.,So, you could have a very high efficiency and a very low flow,and that would be a terrible air cleaner.,A lot of people rely on those claims.,It might be the only thing thats helping,them make their decision.,Absolutely.,I call it the air cleaner marketing jungle.,[Nil] A marketing jungle with pretty wild claims.,And our marketplace fans are in the middle of it!,How is it going to fight germs?,[Nil] But do they live up to the hype?,And does price make a difference.,The Dyson the only purifier, heater, and fan,to clean a whole room properly.,How about this one here?,This one has a UV light technology.,Kills germs.,Yeah, but Im just not sure about the light.,I read something not good about the UV light.,I dont know.,I would have to confirm that.,[Nil] And can air purifiers actually “kill” or “capture”,viruses like COVID?,Purifier sales are up right now.,So are prices.,Im just guessing the least expensive out of all of these.,[Nil] Shes right.,Levoit is the cheapest of this lot.,The Dyson, most expensive at about $800.,And the rest, fall somewhere in the middle in terms of price.,I guess my main concern with all of this is how would you even,know which of these works and does what it claims to do?, Its overwhelming.,[Nil] Thats a good question!,Heres how our test will help answer it.,Were going to burn incense, the concentration is going,to be high, and then were going to put in these air cleaners,to see what would be actual reduction.,[Nil] PHD students Amy Li and Bowen Du,put the purifiers to work!,What we are testing is the clean air delivery rate,of these air purifiers.,[Nil] Like many portable purifiers, these are fitted,with a HEPA filter the gold standard in filters, capable of,capturing tiny particles of dust, smoke even,ones your eyes cant see.,But if all of these purifiers are equipped with,HEPA filters, what sets them apart?,We need to have airflow carrying those particles,going through the filter.,If there is no airflow, it doesnt really,matter how efficient your filter is because its,not going to capture anything.,Right.,So thats why both air flow and efficiency, theyre important.,[Nil] So is knowing whats lurking in our air,to begin with!,Especially during a pandemic.,Hi there, Im Frank from Verify.,How are you?,[Nil] Frank Haverkate is a certified,air quality consultant.,Hell assess three homes for us.,Brenda Nicholls Hamilton back-split.,She lives here with her son, two cats and a dog.,How long have you lived here?,Almost thirty years.,A lot of upgrades have happened over that time.,[Nil] Nikkie Saltzs downtown Toronto apartment.,Shes been renting here for 7 years and is starting,to wonder if its time to move out.,Shes not a smoker but…,I frequently come home and my,apartment reeks of cigarette smoke.,[Nil] And Imro and Bernadette Lieuws home, a bungalow,in this east Toronto neighbourhood,they live here with Imros 83-year-old mom.,She has a bedroom in the basement.,I think it started when my mom developed this cough.,I started thinking about the air quality in the house.,[Nil] And how has COVID factored into your concerns?,Not that much actually.,For me it was because Im so paranoid!,And because Im working from home and the room where Im,working is small, so I even bought an air filter, air,purifier, but I dont know how effective it was.,[Nil] You invited us here, the inspections going to happen, how,are you feeling, ahead of it?,Were excited.,Yeah, we want to know whats going on.,[Nil] Franks ready to start!,Hes going to be checking Co2 levels which will tell us how,much fresh air is or isnt, coming into the home.,Chemicals in the air, such as VOCs & formaldehyde.,Humidity and temperature.,Hidden or airborne mold.,And proper filtration.,While hes inside were keeping our distance and,following along on Facetime.,So, well have a look at the carbon dioxide monitor,thats been placed…,..yeah thats not good.,So, the house is not getting enough fresh air.,You can see here that the C02 or carbon dioxide levels are way,over a thousand parts per million, they,should be well below 800 ideally.,[Imro] Surprising.,[Bernadette] Its scary.,[Nil] What are you worried about?,[Bernadette] How it will affect us in the long term.,[Nil] Like many of us Bernadette is working from home, shes,turned this bedroom into a home office.,So, before the assessment starts, we set up a Co2 monitor.,In a matter of just 45 minutes, were seeing levels hit 1550,parts per million.,Frank just said they shouldnt be higher than 800.,Nikkis working long hours in her apartment, too.,Sometimes spending 24 hours straight in here.,Theres a lot of dust accumulating in the door frame,,so the dust, the pollution from the hallway is making its way,to the door and getting stuck.,Its also indicating not a lot of fresh air coming.,[Nil] So how do we bring more fresh air into our homes?,Frank says, open your windows more often.,In apartments make sure you feel some air coming through the,front door, even when its closed.,In homes mechanical ventilation systems are a good option and,keep your vents on and clean.,Its fairly clogged.,[Nil] A lot of times though in condos, the vents make a,lot of noise when you flip the switch, but how,do I know its actually doing something?,Yeah, sometimes they make noise and just eat up electricity,,but a good very inexpensive test is take a square of toilet,paper and hold it up to a vent.,If it holds it there or tries to suck it in, then obviously,theres airflow.,[Nil] Next, we go from ventilation to filtration.,Frank checks the furnace to make sure the air that,is circulating is clean.,Imros all good but Brendas, not so much.,We move into the furnace.,The furnace filter thats there is not made for,this type of cabinet.,When air can flow past the filter or over it, it,isnt going to force itself through it.,So, this filter in this kind of configuration isnt,doing much of anything.,Didnt know that.,[Nil] Franks got some advice.,Furnace filters can be quite confusing for a lot of people.,Change out that cabinet so that you can buy a readily available,filter that fits it properly.,[Nil] As Frank weaves his way through the home…,there it is…,..mold.,Here we have a cabinet that seems to have some spotting on,it as well which appears to be mold growth.,[Nil] Spots on paintings.,And books too.,[Nil] that mold you saw, Frank, is it dangerous?,Or is there– is a little bit okay?,Well, I mean, mold-free doesnt exist, theres always,some mold activity indoors, but it should be more,or less similar to outside levels.,Too soon to tell, wed have to look at our laboratory results.,[Nil] Back at Imros place, down in the basement, no visible,mold but theyve had some leaky pipes, so he,collects some s

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Air Purifier 13 Juta, Fiturnya Apa Aja? Review Dyson Cool Formaldehyde TP09

Halo Halo sobat teknologi mana kabarnya,Semoga sehat selalu baik lagi sama gue,Yusuf dari kompastekno kali ini kita,bakalan nge-review produk yang agak beda,dari biasanya nih yaitu er fire-fire,dari lesson tepatnya daison pilih file,full formaldehid dengan nomor model,pp09s seperti produk er fire-fire dan,kipas angin lainnya dari days on two 9,ini kelihatan berbentuk unik ya dengan,design Tower yang tinggi dan kipas,bladeless fan yang bentuknya ini kapsul,tapi bolong ditengah,[Musik],untuk,[Musik],sebuah produk Rp fire dies on fire fire,cool formaldehyde ini terbilang,berukuran cukup besar ya tingginya ini,lebih dari satu meter kemudian diameter,besoknya ini 22 cm dan bobotnya 5 kg,jadi lumayan berat tapi masih Ya gampang,lah buat channel pindahin keliling,ruangan gitu Hai Bisa ini sendiri secara,keseluruhan bisa dibilang mirip dengan,kipas angin dari desainnya bedanya,selain komponen frame yang berbentuk,elips ini juga ada bagian stand untuk,menyaring udara jadi udara masuk lewat,stand yang bolong-bolong ini untuk,kemudian disaring oleh filter didalamnya,lebih bersihkan sebelum dihembuskan,untuk disalurkan keseluruh ruangan lewat,fans sebenarnya design bladeless fan,dari desain ini udah cukup lama ya udah,ada sekitar belasan tahun tapi tetep aja,bentuk airfoil yang unik kayak gini,bakal menarik perhatian dirumah Gan,mungkin bakal memancing rasa penasaran,tahu juga apalagi desainnya ini unik dan,menarik dengan fun berwarna putih,kemudian stand yang memadukan warna,nikel dan gold simple tapi terkesan,mewah bahan bodynya plastique jadi,enggak berat-berat banget ketika,diangkat,kalo menurut gue sih dia sendiri fair,cool formaldehyde ini bakalan cocok,ditempatin di ruangan yang interiornya,berdesain modern,purifier full formaldehid sendiri,Bukannya enggak memiliki fans sama,sekali karena tetap ada kipas turbin,Caisar style kipas tersebut menyemburkan,udara ke saluran yang ada di dalam,modifan yang berbentuk kapsul ini untuk,kemudian disemburkan karena depan lewat,celah-celah tipis,selain bisa menghasilkan aliran udara,yang lebih mulus dibandingkan kipas,konvensional bladeless fan ini juga,mengalirkan lebih banyak angin karena,udara di sekitarnya ikut terhisap dan,terdorong karena itu daison juga memberi,label Air multiplier Fan ale-ale kearah,atas seperti air firefire lain air,purifier ini menyemburkan udara kearah,depan lewat celah-celah ventilasi tipis,di body fans Selain itu ada celah,ventilasi lain di bagian pinggir kita,bisa mengatur agar keluaran udaranya,disalurkan dari sini sehingga enggak,kena semburan angin langsung seperti,kipas angin juga firefire cool,formaldehyde ini bisa diatur supaya,berotasi di porosnya Agar udara bersih,bisa terdistribusi dengan lebih merata,keseluruh ruangan,saya pertama kali membuka kemasannya,kita harus memasang filter dulu sebelum,di sendiri fyrquel formaldehyde ini bisa,dipakai ada empat buah filter yang,dipasang yaitu dhuafa the Catalytic dan,2 filter hepa + carbon,sesuai dengan nama produknya filter,katalitik yang memiliki frame berwarna,biru ini berfungsi untuk menangkap dan,mengurai partikel formaldehid yang,beredar di udara,Permudah atau yang biasa disebut,formalin dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah,senyawa kimia berbentuk cairan atau gas,yang biasa ditemukan di berbagai barang,dirumah mulai dari mebel kayu elektronik,hingga cat tembok,formaldehid yang menyebar ke udara ini,bisa menyebabkan gangguan kesehatan,inilah yang coba dicegah oleh days on,fire fire full formaldehid dengan,menangkap dan mengurai senyawa kimia,tersebut menjadi air dan CO2 Twitter,katalitik disini bersifat permanen dan,gak perlu diganti jadi begitu dipasang,kita udah nggak perlu ngetik-ngetik lagi,selain itu ada penyaring lain bernama,hebat 13 plus activated carbon filter,inilah yang berfungsi menjalankan,penyaringan udara layaknya er repair,lain pada umumnya filter hebat 13 di,firefire cool formaldehyde ini diklaim,mampu menyaring hampir semua Partikel,kecil yang beredar di udara hingga,ukuran,crown termasuk berbagai jenis spora,bakteri dan virus sementara itu filter,activated carbon berfungsi untuk,menyaring bau dan gas,berbeda dari filter katalitik filter,hebat 13 karbon ini perlu diganti secara,rutin agar fungsi penyaringannya bisa,berjalan maksimal,Setelah semua filter dipasang di sendiri,fyrquel formaldehid pun bisa langsung,dinyalakan dengan menancapkan kabel,listriknya kecelakaan listrik dan,menekan tombol power,Hai manualnya menyarankan untuk menyetel,mode auto gua agak kaget juga pas,pertama kalinya lain perangkat ini,karena bunyi kipasnya ternyata lumayan,kenceng dan disetel ke angka maksimal,hai hai,hai hai,Hai,suaranya enggak kayak hedrayer sih tapi,ya lumayan tentara lah karena desain,fire cold ini bisa tersambung ke,internet lewat wifi Kita juga bisa,mengendalikannya lewat aplikasi hingga,tersambung dan kita bisa langsung,melihat er Fair ini lewat aplikasinya,dan mengendalikannya aplikasi ini bisa,menjalankan semua fungsi yang ada,diremot sekaligus Menyajikan laporan,kondisi udara yang dipantau oleh sensor,di air purifier selain kualitas udara,secara keseluruhan kita bisa juga,ngelihat kadar jenis-jenis polutan serta,perubahan temperatur dan kelembaban yang,ikut dipantau oleh air purifier Jadi,kalau misalnya udara jadi dingin dan,lembab sehabis hujan Nah pasti kelihatan,tuh perubahannya di grafik,[Musik],er firefire akan mendeteksi kualitas,udara berdasarkan sejumlah parameter dan,menampilkannya di layar LCD kecil di,bagian stand,perangkat ini kemudian akan berusaha,menurunkan tingkat polusi udara sampai,ke tahapan good yang ditandai dengan,warna hijau,proses monitoring EKG alias air politik,ini dijalankan secara real-time kalian,bisa langsung lihat perubahannya kalau,perangkat mendeteksi peningkatan polutan,grafiknya akan berubah disertai,keterangan jenis polutan yang terdeteksi,satu hal yang mungkin agak membingungkan,adalah kakul yang terdapat di nama,produk ini apakah anginnya dingin,seperti AC gitu ternyata enggak karena,purifier full formaldehid emang gak,punya freon efek guling maksudnya dari,udara yang dihembuskan oleh kipas jadi,Ya bisa dibilang bikin adem aja kali ya,Bukan dingin reaction menyediakan sebuah,remote control kecil yang bisa dipakai,untuk mengendalikan firefire cool karena,lihat ini,warnanya ini gold dan bentuknya tipis,serta bisa ditaruh dibagian atas air,purifier yang bermagnet maksudnya supaya,gampang hilang gitu kali ya karena,bentuknya lumayan kecil Hai remote ini,menggunakan baterai tipe kancing dan,untuk mengeluarkannya untuk diganti,kalau misalnya sudah habis kita bisa,membuka kompartemen remote dengan sekrup,dibagian sini,diremote sendiri ada sejumlah fungsi,yang bisa dijalankan yaitu power yang,ini kemudian tombol untuk mengganti,informasi di layar LCD tombol untuk,menjalankan mode auto dan ini tombol,untuk mengatur kecepatan fans untuk,menaikkan dan menurunkan,tombol untuk Trigger rotasikan dikodekan,fans-nya akan berlokasi di porosnya,serta Nightmare untuk menurunkan,kecepatan fans nah terus yang ini adalah,tombol untuk mengatur arah aliran udara,kalian bisa mengatur supaya udaranya,mengalir kearah depan seperti kipas,angin atau lewat celah ventilasi di,samping jadi enggak langsung kena,semburan angin,Hai Oke sobat Angle itu tadi pembahasan,kita tentang purifier cool formaldehid,berangkat rpd file berbentuk unik dari,desain yang bisa terkoneksi ke wifi dan,dikendalikan lewat aplikasi di hp selain,bentuknya menarik meskipun gede juga,ukurannya ya Air firefire ini bisa,dibilang punya fungsi yang cukup lengkap,dan mudah untuk digunakan,sedikit kelemahannya menurut gua adalah,suara kipas yang bisa cukup kentara,kalau disetel disetting tinggi meskipun,sebenarnya memprediksi dengan suara AC,biasa gitu ya karena itu mungkin kita,perlu atur sedikit-sedikit untuk nemu,keseimbangan yang pas antara air flow,dan tingkat kebisingan yang ada di,sayangkan inovasi desain ini penduduk,tebus dengan harga mahal karena,firefighter full formaldehid dibanderol,dengan harga belasan juta rupiah filter,hepa 13 plus k

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5 good reasons why Dyson Air Purifier Cool TP07 is worth it – Demo + Review

i got an opportunity to try out the,latest dyson air purifier that is the,air purifier cool tp07 and it couldnt,have come at a better time when the air,pollution levels are at an all-time high,just for the record i have been using an,earlier version of the dyson air,purifier for a few months now and i,absolutely love it i will talk about,both the pros as well as the potential,improvements in a product so that you,can make an informed choice by yourself,the first key reason is that the dyson,air purifier is always sensing,yes it is recommended that you keep your,air purifier on,most of the time especially if you live,in an area where the air quality is not,great but we always try to optimize as,much as we can so that we can extend the,life of the appliance and the filters,within the air purifier so as soon as,one of the levels of either air quality,pm 2.5 pm 10,the volatile organic compounds or the,nitrogen dioxide goes up beyond a,specific level the air purifier,automatically starts and starts,purifying the air in my house i have,noticed that the air quality goes down,significantly after 9 30 in the night,and the air purifier automatically,starts to purify the air at that time,when set in the auto mode it does adjust,the speed of the fans based on the air,quality level and continues to run at,that speed or increase the speed or,decrease the speed till the air quality,in your home reaches a safe level you,need to use the timer on the mobile,device to turn it off and you can set it,to between 15 minutes to 9 hours the,second key reason is that it is suitable,for rooms of all sizes small medium and,large so if you are using an air,purifier for a larger room or for your,living and dining combined then a dyson,air purifier would be ideal as other air,purifiers may not do justice to the same,size of room there are two key features,within the dyson that help it to achieve,purification for larger rooms the first,is that the 350 degree oscillation that,the dyson has helps it to project pure,air across the room and the second is,that its got an air multiplier,technology which makes it easier to,maintain a clean distribution of air,across the room one common complaint,about the dyson air purifier is that it,does not publish a cadr or it has a low,cadr which seems to be a measure which,is used to compare various different air,purifiers while cadr may be a good,metric for rooms of smaller sizes of,about 12 square meters or 128 square,feet it is not a great measure for,measuring the purification of larger,rooms why because cadr uses only one,sensor along with a fan that is used to,circulate the air within a room,now if it is a larger room and you have,to measure the air quality in the,corners of the room then cadr is not a,great measure and that is where the,polar test that dyson does is ideal,because it uses nine different sensors,for a room of a much larger size which,is 27 square meters or about 300 square,feet to really measure the purification,across various different parts of the,room the third key reason is that dyson,provides the best in class air,purification,if youve seen my video on selecting the,best air purifier and what metrics you,should use to select the best air,purifier you will see that,air purifiers with either hepa 13 or,hepa 14 are best in class in this new,air purifier not just the filters but,the entire machine is,built for hepa 13 standards what does,this mean theyve re-engineered the,entire machine so that the polluted air,does not bypass the filter and mix with,the purified air that is coming out of,the air purifier so this means that it,is able to capture the h1n1 virus as,well as,99.95 of particles of 0.1 microns and,this includes bacteria viruses allergens,mold and fungus there is no evidence,that it can capture covet 19 virus just,yet so the dyson air purifier is ideal,if you have people with allergies at,home or if you have pets at home because,it can capture such a wide variety of,particles the fourth key reason is the,convenience of operation and the design,if youre looking for the apple of air,purifiers then this is it the design of,the air purifier is so sleek and elegant,that it is a conversation starter in,most gatherings it also is extremely,convenient to operate you can operate it,using a remote control which you cannot,lose because you can store it on top of,the air purifier itself its got a,magnetized surface and you can also,operate it using a mobile app you can,see the metrics for various different,pollutants like air quality pm 2.5 pm10,volatile organic compounds nitrogen,dioxide and so on and you can see the,trend over a period of time in addition,you can also see the humidity,temperature life of the filters and,other different metrics in the app,itself making it extremely convenient to,operate and also if youre looking for a,connected home or a smart home,technology you can operate it using,google home siri or alexa as well alexa,turn on study okay,the fifth key reason is superior,customer service now whether you decide,to buy an air purifier or any other,dyson product i urge you to talk to,their customer service to really,understand how customer service really,needs to be done,theyre extremely polite to the point,give you the right guidance advise you,if you actually need a product or dont,need a product or if you need to go to a,different version of the product and so,on i had the experience of talking to,their customer service when i purchased,the dyson vacuum cleaner as well as when,i received the air purifier previously,im extremely sure a lot of dyson owners,can vouch for the customer service of,dyson in addition they also give a,generous two year warranty on the,product so those were five reasons why,the dyson air purifier cool tp-07 is,absolutely worth its cost but before you,purchase there are two key things that,you need to keep in mind,first,this air purifier does not have a,pre-filter now pre-filter is not,absolutely required for air purifiers,but if you need to extend the life of,air purifier filters then a pre-filter,will be useful because those are,washable it can capture larger particles,in them and then you can clean them,separately so you need to replace the,filters at least once a year if youre,using it on an average of 9 to 10 hours,a day the filters itself cost about 5000,rupees for replacement and the second,thing you need to keep in mind is,although it does have a bladeless fan,and it does have oscillation and it does,have different speeds at which the fan,runs it is not a replacement for an ac,i hope this was useful in helping you,determine whether you need to purchase,the dyson tp07,thank you for watching and see you in,the next video

Dyson Air Purifier Cool Formaldehyde Review – Worth the money?

foreign,[Music],so if theres something that we need to,have in todays day and age especially,if youre living in a city like Delhi in,India is an air purifier now dont get,me wrong Im well aware that these,products are sort of expensive but if,youre planning to spend your,hard-earned money and get one of these,for your home as well as for your family,I think its my job to make sure that,youre making the right decision which,is why whats up guys anubhav here,welcome to a brand new video in todays,video Im going to be talking about the,Dyson cool purifier with the new,formaldehyde version that they have come,out and Ive been testing this for a,little over a month now and yeah here,are my honest thoughts on it and if,youre planning to get one of these for,yourself and for your family whether you,should go for it or not lets get,started alright so Im gonna be,evaluating this air purifier on three,things that I think are important for at,least me when Im in the market to buy,an air purifier first Ill be the least,important at least for General use would,be the design now I dont know about you,but I have a Keen Eye For Good design,and I want every single Appliance around,my environment to have a good design and,Ill just break it to you guys Dyson,purifiers have always looked great now,this is obviously not the most important,thing to look for in an air purifier but,they always are extremely eye-catchy,with their you know sort of oval design,and the rotatingness and the space in,between it it just looks very futuristic,in general and this one has a sort of an,off-white and a gold color scheme that I,think looks really well in any modern,home so no matter where you keep it its,gonna look like an interesting thing and,also blend in with the rest of the,furniture that you have and that is,exactly what a good air purifier should,look and feel like so full points for,that design on this purifier is really,really nice now secondly the most,important thing that an air purifier,should have is obviously drum roll,please the ability to purify air,effectively now this machine right here,not only purifies your air from micro,pollutants but also cools the air around,you which in my opinion is really cool,like Ive had some things where Ive,switched off the air conditioning and,just have this at the highest fan speed,and yeah it throws cool air at you and,it can also act as a way to cool you in,the scorching summer heat if that is,something you intend to use it for as,the name suggests its also equipped,with a solid state for aldehyde sensor,that detects and removes for aldehyde,molecules continuously so that is,probably another thing that you should,look out for now the Dyson catalytic,filter thats in this continuously,destroys formaldehyde while the HEPA h13,carbon filter captures gases and 99.95,of particles which are as small as 0.1,microns its got a handy display as well,that can let you easily look at,information at a glance and a small,little remote control that you can use,to control the fan speed as well as,other things now this purifier can also,rotate up to 350 degrees to get access,to the entire room for better and,quicker purification now to prevent the,pollutants from leaking into the air,after they have been purified and,captured its not the filter thats,sealed up to HEPA h13 standard its the,whole purifier so what goes inside stays,inside and that is really important when,youre considering an air purifier now,my third must-have for a good air,purifier is create app support now,something that can give you you know a,little more info about everything that,youre doing and be easy to navigate,through now the Dyson link app provides,you with a lot of good features,including toggling night mode for quiet,purification a host of information at a,glance regarding your air quality as,well as the rotation controls and fan,speed options you can also use an Alexa,device or a Google home for voice,control capabilities if you want to,control this purifier through voice and,all these features are neatly organized,in the app so that you install the app,you pair it with your machine and you,virtually never need the remote again,you can just use the app to navigate,through the entire options that your air,purifier has so there you go great,design and Incredibly set of powerful,filters and a lot of quality control to,make sure that theres always good,purification and an application with a,really really nice support and,dynamicness so that you can use it,seamlessly with your device all of this,comes at a price point of 53 000 Indian,rupees and trust me I know that is not a,small amount to pay but again if youre,in the market for one if you want to buy,an air purifier as a long-term,investment to your health and the health,of your family members living around you,this is definitely something that you,should consider youll find it linked in,the description below be sure to check,it out do your own research and pick,this one up if it fits your budget and,expectations with that said guys this is,signing out Ill see you guys in the,next one I hope you guys enjoyed this,review if if you did leave a like,subscribe to the channel comment below,and Ill see you guys in the next one,until then you guys have a great day,stay safe bye,[Music]


if youre shopping for the best Dyson,air purifier then more than likely,youre looking for a premium solution to,keep the air in your home or general,space clean,you want a sleekly designed Appliance,thats also incredibly functional and,effective at removing pollutants from,the air and improving indoor air quality,Above All Else Dyson appliances are,known for being easy to use efficient,and with a modern design that you wont,mind putting on display in your home or,office,to help you narrow down your choices,here are top 5 best Dyson air purifier,of 2022 for you today,thank you,number five Dyson pure hot plus cool,hp04,735 US dollars,the Dyson pure hot plus cool hp04 is one,of Dysons most popular air purifiers,due to its large coverage area,multi-functionality and Innovative,features,although it is advertised primarily as,an air filter the Dyson pure hot plus,cool hp04 serves as a space heater and,fan all in one,one of the best technological features,of the Dyson pure hot plus cool hp04 is,its ability to automatically sense air,pollution,air pollution can be difficult to detect,in many homes offices and public places,but no matter how small the pollution is,the Dyson pure hot plus kool-aids p04,can detect it and will initiate,purification,the device can be connected to Wi-Fi and,linked up to your home air purifier or,heater,the Wi-Fi connection allows for,real-time updates to be sent to the,Dyson app on your phone,foreign,number four Dyson pure cooled tp02 360,U.S Jewelers,the Dyson pure cool link tp02 air,purifier uses a heap filter to remove,particles down to 0.3 microns from,living and working spaces,its compatible with Amazon Alexa for,effortless voice control,the device has an activated carbon,filter to remove odors and vocs from the,home,Wi-Fi functionality allows monitoring,and changing the settings of this device,easily via the Dyson link app,this Dyson pure cool link tp-02 air,purifier has 10 different AirSpeed,settings that enable controlling the,rate of air cleaning,a night mode purifies air while keeping,noise to the minimum and dims the LED,display,with 30 degree input grills this device,evenly cleans all corners of the room,number three,Dyson pure hot plus cool link hp02 air,purifier,585 US dollars,the Dyson hot plus cool link hp02 air,purifier integrates both cleansing and,cooling functionality delivering,all-round performance,this device has a powerful fan that,promotes airflow and keeps the Rune cool,with a heat ba filter this device,removes up to 99.97 of particles as,small as 0.3 microns,the device has an activated carbon,filter that removes odors,this Dyson hot plus cooling hp02 air,purifier has built-in Wi-Fi that works,with the Dyson link app for easy,management and remote monitoring,the device is effective with pollen dust,and bacteria,it also has a nighttime mode for,reducing noise levels and dimming the,light in an air quality logger for,hassle-free monitoring,number two,Dyson purecool me bp01,[Music],the Dyson pure cool me bp01 is the,perfect product for your bedroom or at,your desk at work as the lower air,coverage means that this air purifier,needs to be located near to whoever,wants to benefit from the cool and clean,air,there is not a huge amount of difference,in the standard between the glass and,sealed as both past the high efficiency,particulate absorbing standard which is,a guarantee from all Dyson products,one of the technological advantages of,the Dyson purecool me bp01 is the,inclusion of core flow technology in the,product design,this technology allows you to manually,adjust the airflow to deliver the,desired airflow of your personal choice,if you are someone who wants cool air,blown into your face the Dyson pure cool,e bp01 makes this easily possible,[Music],number one,Dyson pure humidify plus cool pH is zero,one,foreign,the Dyson pa01 is a three in one that,runs as a fan purifier and humidifier,it is big enough to treat large open,concept spaces as well as smaller,bedrooms and anything in between,it has a one gallon water tank,integrated into the base of the unit,which allows for cool humidified air to,constantly circulate throughout the,system,if youre looking for a three in one,this pa01 is a solid choice,there is also a Dyson ph02 model that is,available,the main difference is that the pH of,zero two model has the ability to,destroy formaldehyde,[Music]

$649 Dyson Fan vs. $15 Walmart Fan: The Hard Truth

when i was about 13 years old the first,fan made by dyson was released into the,world called the dyson air multiplier a,bladeless air pusher that looks crazy,futuristic for its time and super cool,these things popped up in stores,everywhere and every time i saw one i,got a little bit excited about owning,one someday well today some 12 years,later is that day i bought this dyson,pure cool smart fan for a whopping 650,canadian dollars or just over 500 us,dollars for my american friends and im,going to be comparing it to this 15,cheapo fan that i bought from walmart,that i was using previously now you,might think that this is a bit of an,unfair fight given that the dyson fan,costs about 43 times as much or,something like that but when i tested,each of these fans using some scientific,measuring tools,the results were not at all what i was,expecting first though lets talk about,what exactly you get for your 650,dollars with this dyson fan the dyson,purecool is a combination of two,different products a tower fan and an,air purifier the base of the fan is a,cylinder that contains two glass hepa,filters and two activated carbon filters,that are able to capture things like,pollen bacteria ozone and other harmful,airborne things that you really dont,want floating around your house whenever,the filter detects the presence of,something in the air itll notify you on,the small lcd panel right now my air,quality is good but if i spray some,deodorant nearby its like oh no theres,bad stuff in your air itll filter out,the chemicals and the air quality will,go back to normal pretty basic air,purifier stuff the fan connects to the,dyson link app where you can see your,air quality over time and use the remote,button to control the fan speed,oscillation airflow direction and timer,of course you can also use the small,aluminum remote that comes with the fan,if you dont want to keep taking out,your phone every time when controlling,the fan any button you press will be,mirrored on the lcd panel so you know,exactly what youre doing if you want to,change the direction of airflow for,example pressing that button will,display a little bit of an animation,showing exactly which direction the air,is now moving in you can also toggle,through a selection of information,windows that will display the different,air quality types temperature humidity,and filter life then theres the fan,itself now this is the part that had me,a little bit excited as a kid there are,no exposed blades here like on a,traditional fan and it makes the fan,look a lot more modern its also a lot,safer for small children or pets but,heres my number one question,is this air multiplier design actually,better than the traditional fan with,exposed blades that were all used to to,answer that question i enlisted the help,of two different scientific instruments,an anemometer,and a sound meter the anemometer,measures the wind speed of air passing,through a turbine the turbine will spin,and the anemometer will count the number,of times the blades spin per second and,itll convert that data into wind speed,in miles or kilometers per hour the,sound meter is basically just a very,sensitive microphone that will tell us,exactly how loud each of these fans are,at the various fan speeds the best fans,will naturally have the highest wind,speeds from the anemometer and the,lowest decibel rating from the sound,meter first up the wind speed test i put,the anemometer on a tripod and measured,the wind speed at maximum power of both,fans at three foot and six foot,distances the dyson hit wind speeds of,4.9 miles per hour at 3 feet and 3.1,miles per hour at six feet i repeated,the test at all power levels one through,ten and these are the results i got at,both distances now these numbers looked,pretty okay to me,until i compared it to the walmart fan,at maximum power the 15 walmart fan had,wind speeds of 6.5 miles per hour at 3,feet and 5.1 at 6 feet which means on,average this cheapo fan was between 25,and 40 percent faster than the 650 dyson,fan i also repeated this test at half,power for both fans and minimum power of,both fans the dyson fan has 10 levels of,power whereas the cheap fan only has,three as you might expect the dyson fan,has a wider range of speeds with its,lowest setting hitting about 0.2 miles,per hour at six feet away the cheap,fans three level system isnt all that,effective with its lowest fan speed only,about a mile per hour slower than its,fastest speed it basically just goes,from fast to a little faster to fastest,okay so maybe the dyson fan loses the,wind speed test but is it quieter that,could be another legitimate reason why,someone would choose the dyson fan i set,up both fans at about three feet away,from the sound meter and shockingly,enough the dyson fan was significantly,louder at almost every power level at,full power the dyson was hitting volumes,of 56 decibels while the walmart fan was,sitting at around 45 or 46 decibels now,that might not seem like a huge jump,until you realize how the decibel scale,works an increase of 10 decibels on the,decibel scale means the sound is 10,times louder that means that at full,power the dyson fan is 10 times louder,than the cheap fan,it kind of sounds like a drone taken off,actually it turns out that all this air,being forced through the tiny vents is,not that great if you want to design a,quiet fan thankfully once you turn down,the power on the dyson it will,eventually get quite a bit quieter,throughout the range until it defeats,the cheap fan even at its lowest power,setting so look the dyson fan definitely,has the advantage in certain areas its,got a built-in air purifier tons of,smart features it can oscillate it up to,350 degrees its got way more power,levels its safer for the little ones,and it looks a heck of a lot cooler than,these sheep fans do i mean look at this,thing looks like crap but that doesnt,change the fact that this 15 walmart fan,outperformed the dyson in both wind,speed and quietness if you absolutely,need both an air purifier and a tower,fan i suggest you buy them separately,for the best value there are some really,good ones on amazon that you can get for,a lot cheaper and ill leave links to,those in the description below if youre,interested so for me im gonna have to,put the dyson fan back in the box and,return it ive got a relatively small,office here and i prefer to have a,quieter fan that doesnt disturb me,while im working the dyson is a cool,looking fan but the traditional walmart,fan is a better cooling fan if you like,this video hit that like button and,subscribe to support my channel and as,always,have a great day

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