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EagleFX Review — Real Customer Reviews

hi there we are pleased to announce that,we now have a dedicated space where you,can find traders union expert reviews,based on research and analysis of your,broker all in one place this means that,you no longer have to spend hours,searching for information about your,broker our traders union experts have,worked tirelessly to analyze each broker,and provide reviews based on this,research we are excited to announce that,this information is now available to you,the website contains hundreds of reviews,about your broker in this video well go,through some examples of the great,reviews we have for you showing you how,you can weigh up your decision when,choosing your broker our mission is to,help you protect your money and make the,right choice,so lets get started,[Music],in this video we will lead you through,the reviews about eagle fx as well as,the hundreds of great expert reviews,there are also reviews from real,customers who are currently trading on,the site these reviews are independent,and unbiased to ensure that you can rely,on honest feedback for eagle fx the,reviews are positive and negative also,but eagle fx is trying to work hard to,provide the best trading service to,occupy a strong position in the traders,union rating,for beginners eagle fx is a great option,but the professionals most likely will,not be unhappy there are not that many,assets and the lack of regulation and,compensation funds do not inspire,confidence i have traded on this,platform but at a small volume,i liked eagle fxs user-friendly website,and its awesome support service basic,information about the broker is freely,available and if something is not there,the support service will respond,instantly the support service is very,good,my trading strategy is scalping and the,speed of execution is extremely,important to me eagle fx is an stp,broker and the order execution speed is,satisfactory here the trading platform,is standard so i see no reason to,discuss this all forex traders are,familiar with mt4,to learn more about this broker follow,the link under the video to this,brokers profile on the traders union,website after reading all the reviews on,the traders union website you will learn,how to make successful broker choices to,earn higher returns with brokers through,the traders union we wish to you know,traders union,independent reviewer of forex broker,good luck so be confident that working,with any broker recommended by the,traders union is more secure and,profitable,the team of traders union has been,collecting reviews and monitoring the,reputation of all brokers in the market,for over a decade which means that you,can trust us to provide you with an,independent rating of forex brokers,[Music],you

EagleFX – Why Im Trading With Them?

good morning traders its me aslan ali,and i want to welcome all of you on my,youtube channel forex talks,guys lately i have had so many questions,about which forex brokerage services,that im using right now,and if there are any reliable forex,account management services or if there,are any reliable for expertise signals,providers in the market,well there are a few and i have tested,them and,in fact i will make a separate video for,you guys so that you can test for,yourself as well,but right now in this particular video,our focus is going to be on the forex,broker that i am trading with,and i and i will also share the top five,reasons why i,am sticking with them and what are the,deficiencies that,if they could work on um and uh yeah,lets move on to the,forex broker guys uh before i move on,and,uh you know speak about the eagle fx if,you guys are new on my youtube channel,just click on the subscribe button and,also click on the bell icon button,because,uh on forex stocks you will get,everything related to the forex industry,whether this is related to the best,signals providers or,whether this is related to the best,forex broker in the industry,and if uh you know we will also discuss,about the trade ideas the fundamental,analysis,the technical side of the market as well,as all the hot topics that are going on,in the market right now,so now lets move on i hope you have,already click on the subscribe button,now lets move on,and talk about the eagle effects guys uh,in,my uh you know professional uh trading,career i have traded with so many,brokers,and one of the broker that i am trading,with and im sticking with for a year,now,is eagle fx uh the reason i am sticking,with them,for one year now is because the number,one reason is,leverage they are offering uncapped,leverage uncapped leverage means that we,can have a maximum leverage of 500,and if you guys are new in the market uh,let me tell you one thing the,ismart due to esma rule from the,european union,uh you know the brokers are not offering,500 delivery to,every other person or a common trader,you have to prove yourself as a pro,trader pro trader mean that you have to,prove yourself as a professional trader,and,in order to do so uh you have to show,them your,liquid assets of 500k,minimum of 500k and you have to show,them the,uh your trading uh your your financial,experience or your experience in the,financial industry for at least two,years,so which means that you know this is a,sort of uh,impossible thing for many of us um,therefore uh we we can you know we,this is one of the reason i prefer eagle,effects and i also recommend to my,friends as well,second thing that i uh like about eagle,forex is,their uh you know the i will first of,all talk about the common things,uh which they are offering and as well,as the other brokers are also offering,and in the meantime and i will also,share about um,you know what are the special things,about them well,they are offering mt4 uh if we speak,about the trading platforms they are,offering,mt4 trading platform uh they are also,offering,web trading we can definitely uh trade,on our system,through uh you know downloading mt4,softwares,uh we can find them somewhere around in,the you know on their website,but anyways uh alongside we can also,install mp4 on our mobile phone and we,can trade,they also offer web trading uh besides,that delivery thing we also spoke about,the minimum trading volume that we can,trade with them is 0.01 large which,means that,even if you are a newer trader with a,small balance,its okay uh we can start as low as 10,um deposit there is no restriction on,the,like 500 minimum deposit or 250 minimum,deposit thats,what i like about uh eagle fx you know i,i can recommend this broker to my um,friends who are very new and who are,afraid of,you know investing too much money in the,forex industry so this is uh something,uh they find very um very good feature,besides that guys the trading cost is um,good like they are not offering like,huge spread the spread is very tight,as compared to the other brokers in the,market they are offering very,competitive prayers,which means that if i open one lot it is,not like that i am going to lose 20,dollars,in the like just for opening the trade,so this is why,uh you know this is what differentiate,them from the other brokers,uh if i also talk about the uh you know,one of the exceptional thing that i like,about them is their customer support,uh we can have you know option of live,chat,we can have an option of request a,callback service and we can also,submit a support ticket guys,whenever you are going to choose a forex,broker just make sure that their custom,customer support,is very very responsive because if you,are making a deposit and no one is,getting back to you about your,deposit and withdrawal thing you are,going to be um,like in a phase of frustration and um,you know,the the thing is uh the exceptional,customer services that they are,providing,they come back to live chat they call,back you within four hours,of your call request back time and they,answer to your support ticket within 24,hours,this is something which uh makes them,a good broker for me and and i am,sticking with them,speaking about the deposits and,withdrawals,uh guys the deposits and withdrawals are,pretty quick,for example uh if i if i tell you like,i will be honest first of all when i,made a first deposit,and my first withdrawal took uh,they asked for 48 hours to process your,withdrawal because definitely you know,the covert 19 thing,and you know the work pressure is pretty,high anyway still,they uh ask for 48 hours to get back to,your,you know to process your withdrawal and,then you will get the withdrawal,after you know if you are doing a bank,wire,this this can take up to six uh,working days uh but uh like when i,applied for the vid travel for the very,first time they took 12 hours and after,a couple of withdrawals they are just,taking two to four hours,because you know im familiar to them i,have a trading history with them,so they are pretty quick in uh,processing eye withdrawals,so i feel that so to that just to make,sure that you are not getting me wrong,for the first withdrawal it can take,time up to 12,hours and although they come,although they like claim that they are,going to take 48 hours but they do,process them in 12 hours,so the next suite draws can be pretty,quick,we have if we speak about the uh deposit,and you know the withdrawal,options we can use visa card credit,debit card for,the purpose of making a deposit we can,use the bitcoin or other,cryptocurrencies to make a deposit and,we can also do a,wire transfer so uh free drawable thing,also,uh takes uh you know the same uh,methods uh well the deposition visuals,are free,we dont have to unlike other forex,brokers which are charging like,some percentage of fees for for the,purpose of making our deposit some,broker stars,10 or some brokers are 15 for the wire,transfer,uh but in case of eagle fx this is free,which is a good benefit for me like,after a week or 15 days if i have to,make a withdrawal this is totally free,so thats what i like about them um,and what else like if i talk about we,talk about the types of prayers that i,think that you i dont have to pay a,very huge commission or very huge,suppressed amount in the,form of spread uh the withdrawal and,uh you know the deposit thing is i i,explained you the whole scenario like,this is faster but for the first time it,can take 12 hours,and the delivery is unlimited the,customer support is,pretty awesome okay uh and what else,what else um,yes i believe thats pretty much it one,thing that i would like to share,which is uh you know they are offering,and i have not seen any other broker,offering that kind of service,guys uh the security and far fund,production is something which is um,very different which is unique uh,they are keeping their bitcoins um like,over,when i whenever we make our deposit in,the form of bitcoins or any o

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Eagle FX Broker deposits & withdrawals Testing Broker 2020

all right whats up everybody so lets,go ahead and talk about this new broker,called Eagle FX and so just something,that in case you guys are looking for a,new broker or you want to try out a new,broker and Im actually gonna trying to,help I just signed up with them I think,sometime Friday so I need couple days,ago so they got um $10 minimum deposit,leverage one to five hundred fifty three,currencies letter these dices and then,they got crypto so Im making a travel -,Krypto – and then Im gonna go ahead and,show you guys my back office here,looking at their withdrawal stuff but uh,I keep me really positive two hours in,Bitcoin but they charge a two dollar,transaction fee on top of that so I only,got a hundred ninety-eight dollars and,85 cents and how you go about the,deposit is right here I would not,recommend using Visa MasterCard because,it takes you to insta course calm which,makes you purchase Bitcoin or other,Kryptos but mostly just Bitcoin to where,you have to deposit Bitcoin salute it,says makes sense just do pick one which,is just easier less hassle and less,headaches so oh wire transfer thats,something that I would not recommend as,well because it just its just another,way of doing things so just something to,think about when you when you get into,this new broker here and then when we go,back in here all transaction histories I,was messing around a lot and then a,hundred I got so he said if its green I,mean its finished if its yellow its,pending and if its red if its red then,all crap trash so we go sorry really so,its rejected so red is bad and when,when you do get the deposit thats,working all right then you go ahead,youre going to go ahead and you get,email confirmation saying that the,transaction is updated and has been,processed and you can see the positive,trends about hard 98 dollars and 85,cents is approved and Im gonna go ahead,and show you guys Im gonna go ahead and,show you guys the internal transfer,because thats what you gotta do to,transfer your money thats in the vault,into into the Oh whats all that Im,just trying to make my video here so Im,drunk so then you take a hundred ninety,dollars into the vault and then you put,it into your account here or your,trading account and then you type in,five ninety dollars and eighty five sets,click transfer and there you go this is,how its done for this broker here then,Im trashy lets go back my cow and its,right here got a hundred ninety-eight,dollars and 85 cents in TV account so,Im gonna go ahead and test out this,broker for a couple weeks and see if I,like it Im trying to replace the other,broker which is traders way and the,reason why Im leaving them is because,due to the fact that their servers had,been glitchy for the past week or so,yeah they have not refunded any of the,money back so thats something to think,about right now so that is it for you,guys but there is questions pertaining,to the broker please feel free to ask,the broker not me I am NOT the customer,service or technical support forward the,broker so just being the filler with,them does not mean I work for them so,just something to ask them on the side

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EagleFX Review – Blacklisted Scam Broker You Should Avoid!

Eagle FX review,Eagle FX is an online trading broker,owned by eagle FX LTD and located at,Dominica,Traders opinion,the first step to protecting yourself,from fraudulent parties online is to do,thorough due diligence on the companies,and entities that you are planning to,send the funds to,in all probability there have been other,users who have already used the same,service and have expressed their,opinions and feedback online on various,forums,after conducting some research on,various social media platforms Facebook,Twitter Instagram as well as online,trading forums a general theme emerged,where users were dissatisfied with their,experience with eagle FX,based on this user feedback it appears,that eagle FX is not a trustworthy,broker and hence Extreme Caution should,be applied before investing through,their brokerage platform,there are a lot of Brokers out there,operating under fake company names or,that have other fraudulent operations,a little bit of preliminary research can,go a long way in protecting you and your,finances,is Eagle FX legit or a scam,when searching for Brokers to conduct,your trading activities with the first,and most important step should always be,to learn about their certification,this will tell you whether they are,regulated by a central Authority or if,Eagle FX is an offshore and or,unregulated entity,when a broker is unregulated or,regulated by an entity outside of your,jurisdiction you have limited to no,legal recourse in the event that your,funds are compromised,in an event of theft complaints can only,be made if that broker is licensed by,the regulator in your jurisdiction,some examples of regulatory authorities,that issue brokerage licenses are,the Cypress Securities and Exchange,Commission,the financial conduct Authority,the Australian Securities and,Investments Commission,if a broker is not licensed by the,regulatory Authority in your,jurisdiction that likely means that they,are unregulated and should be avoided,even if the brokerage is regulated it is,best to avoid it if the regulator,happens to be outside your jurisdiction,we have done detailed research and,analyzed many parameters and selected,the best brokers,you can find the list in the description,of this video,how online trading scams work,one of the most prevalent online trading,scams is to initially display profitable,trades that give the investor a false,sense of confidence and get them hooked,to the idea of easy money,once this confidence is established the,investor will be marketed the idea of,investing more money to earn greater,returns,additionally other incentives may also,be provided to encourage the investor to,get their friends and family on board,the platform too,once The Brokerage believes that they,have extracted all available funds from,an investor and his her network they,will then proceed to suspend the account,and the investor will no longer be able,to access the funds put in,many fraudulent firms will even claim to,be domiciled in a regulated jurisdiction,and display thick regulatory licenses,and addresses on their websites to try,and improve their credibility with,unsuspecting investors,be careful and verify your information,through multiple sources,constant vigilance should be applied at,all times when sending money online,got scanned by eagle FX trade if you,have lost money with eagle FX dont,panic,you are not the first and you likely,wont be the last,mistakes can happen even with the most,cautious of investors and should be used,as a learning opportunity,chargeback is your solution,the good news is that there is help,available,the team at assistance refund a,Specialist Group dedicated to helping,consumers recover funds Lost online is,available 24 7 and has helped consumers,all over the world recoup millions of,dollars,using a trustworthy service such as,assistance refund is critical in this,endeavor as a typical chargeback process,can often be complex and drawn out,without the right guidance,after filling out the form above and,validating your eligibility for their,programs assistance refund will help you,build a solid case to regain your funds,as soon as possible

EagleFx Forex Broker Review & Presentation

hi everyone my name is Chris and Im,from it for spread welcome to my channel,and welcome to todays video,egle ethics broker review and,presentation and in todays video I want,to make a review about legal ethics,broker and what makes them different,from the other brokers on the market and,stay here until the end if you want to,find out more about this broker and also,if youre new to this channel dont,forget to subscribe and hit a,notification well in this will be,notified every time Im uploading a new,video so lets dive into the video,[Music],alright everyone so in todays video I,will make a review on Eagle ethics,Locker which is a online forex and,cryptocurrency STP broker providing CFD,trading on hundreds of asset and optimal,trading condition within award-winning,mt4 platform and if you are asking what,STP means STP come from straight-through,processing which is a Forex brokerage,model that involves sending client,orders directly to the market without,passing them through dealing desk and,STP broker is similar to an ACN broker,where all the clients positions are,passed directly to the market through,interbank exchange houses or liquidity,providers such as banks STP broker,promise to offer a highly transparent,trading environment that is devoid of,any conflict of interest with the,clients so the thing is that you will,not find on this broker things like Im,always telling you in my videos,Oh bonuses on whenever you are making,and deposit on their platform or things,like trading on your behalf and stuff,like that no you will not find it here,the thing is that setting up with Eagle,effects you will join means that you,joined try a thousands of traders,currently benefiting from high leverage,full Asian CFD trading with zero,conflict of interest what you will find,here on on this broker is the benefits,that you will have it here its 10,minimum $10 minimum deposit one to five,hundred leverage 0.01 minimum lot and,fifty five currencies eleven indices and,thirty two digital Bitcoin digital,crypto currencies as you can see here on,the left on the right side it is a,sign-up form where you can sign up to,their platform Ill for your convenience,Ill put the link below this video in,the description area to be easier for,you if you decide to join them and lets,go ahead and see what else this broker,offers they have a as you can see here,twenty four support 24/7 support and,this I can confirm you because I,contacted them on three oclock in the,morning and they responded also they,have twenty four support to life set,left chat email and phone 24/7 Trading,trade a variety of asset and take,advantage of an interrupt,when t47 trading and same Dame same day,withdrawal which is a great great,benefit prides itself you gotta fix,prides itself on processing withdrawals,within the same day to ensure you have,rapid access to your funds,so what Ill do in todays video and,Ill walk you through a little bit the,presentation and afterward I will make I,will show you how to download mp4,because they are working on empty for,platform and how to download the,platform and open a demo account okay so,lets go ahead and lets have a look,here on the benefits of a legal ethics,broker lighting fast trading take,advantage of it as STP I told you what,STP means security of font and client,commitment client data is never shared,with third parties so this is also a,good thing accurate data reports quick,withdrawal and deposit and high growth,possibility reliable system created by,traders for traders okay lets go and,have a look a little bit on company,profile and have a look on lets see the,most important thing that you need to,know about a broker when you when you,want to drink a broker because of course,the broker is the most important thing,in online training when you decide to,take this take the step and want to open,an account and want to make money,because at the end this is the this is,the purpose of online trading is to make,money at the end so as you can see here,the company profile is the broker name,is eagle affixed broker website eagle,ethics comm the country is Dominica year,of foundation 2019 so its quit it it is,a quite new broker broker time ACN SDP,regulation,yes independent broker broker status,segregated account funds yes fund,storage method cryptocurrency cold,storage with 100% edging publicly traded,no accounts more than one account type,tire no base account currency option USD,GBP your Bitcoin Islamic,accounts available yes free demo account,available yes expiration on demo account,demo account expire after two weeks on,non use but it is free active trader VIP,discounts no corporate accounts no,trading,proprietary platform no platform offered,empty for which is better than md5 in my,opinion mobile trading available yes via,Android and iOS apps so they have,Android and they have also our iOS app,and as you can as you probably know if a,company is not reliable Apple will not,allow them to appear in their store in,iOS store sorry,web browser trading available yes via,web trader ctrader offered no I dont,know it what is it tree the number of,charting time periods 9 number of,analytical objects 23 number of,technical indicators 30 trading directly,from charts yes minimum leverage is one,to one maximum leverage is one to 500,platform trading hours 24/7 crypto,currency trading actual market hours for,all other asset trading platform time,zone is GMT +2 available as set types,currencies crypto currencies commodities,indices future stocks number of,available assets 209 number of currency,pairs 53 number of crypto currency 31 no,stocks commodities 6 in this is 11,futures one numbers of energies free,smallest allowed trade size is 0.01 lot,so this is great if you want to start,lets say with $50 account to deposit,and $50,this is best because you can trade on,0.01 lot and you will not blow your,account from one to three trades largest,allow,great size is 1000 lot margin call,percentage 100 percent stop out,presentation 70 percent scalping allowed,yes news trading allowed is hedging a,lot yes use of es automated trading,alone yes so you can make your own robot,and this is I will discuss this as I,will tell you in other videos how you,can trade how you can use ei in order to,automate your trading pending order is,trading stop yes the Chimel pricing,widgets five digit Osseo orders allowed,oshio is one cancels the order so order,allows you to place to order at the same,time it combines a limit order with a,stop limit order but only one of the two,can be cancelled in other words as soon,as one of the trade get partially or,fully filled the remaining one will be,cancelled automatically note that,cancelling one of the orders will also,cancel the other one so that is what,oshio means one-click execution is swap,free account at Islamic account only,interest on used margin no trade,processing type STP number of liquidity,provided five clothes dealing desk no,number of life timing account allowed no,limit spread fees and commissions spread,time variable average speed 0.3 pips,lowest rip on eur/usd pair is 0.1 pips,Commission Church okay deposit and,withdrawals accepted method of credit,ease of deposit is credit debit Bitcoin,and buying bank wire lowest accepted,deposit its $10 so you can start with,$10 zero hour whatever currency or GBP,or and Bitcoin equivalent,minimum deposit amount between unlimited,wire transfer a limited credit card,maximum deposit sorry is credit card,$5,000 per transaction limit of free,deposit daily 30 maximum per month we,travel method available our Bitcoin and,credit debit so you can withdraw money,into your Bitcoin wallet or in to your,credit or debit card minimum drea,withdrawal amount zero its 100 wire,transfer $100 on wire transfer average,withdrawal processing time its 12 to 48,hours deposit banners offer it normally,deposit bonuses all thread deposit,bonuses no and as I told you they are,not playing with this kind of cheating,people you know if theyre giving yo

Eaglefx Broker – Personal Recommend ( Open your account )

welcome to this interactive crypt,view of eagle effects with eagle effects,you can start trading with a minimum,deposit of ten dollars the maximum,leverage supported is up to one divided,by 500,and you can trade forex indices,commodities stocks,futurists and cryptocurrencies,in this table we have the trading,instruments that you can trade and as,you can see you can trade major pairs,like australian dollar,versus united states dollar euro versus,united states dollar and more,you can also trade cryptocurrencies like,bitcoin ethereum,litecoin ripple dashcoin and other,cryptocurrencies,commodities assets as gold silver oil,and other assets are available to trade,with eagle effects broker,from the stock assets you have a variety,of stock to trade such as,apple google netflix microsoft tesla and,other stocks,you can trade futures contracts as a,dollar and indices,instruments as us 30 uk 100,juror 30 and other indices assets,eagle effects offers competitive spreads,on forex and crypto pairs,spreads on pairs like euro versus us,dollars start,from 1.2 pips spreads in british pound,versus us dollar,start from 5.2 pips in other pairs,as australian dollar versus us dollar,and us dollar versus canadian dollar,spreads start from 0.6 pips and new,zealand dollar versus us dollar,spread start from 0.7 pips and the,spreads are higher in the pair,bitcoin versus u.s dollar when spreads,start from 15 pips,there are two types of fees that are,applied when you trade with eagle,effects broker commission fee,and swap fee the commission fee is,calculated in your order position so,when you open the trade,you will be charged at six dollars per,lot,the minimum lot size allowed is 0.01,and the maximum is 1000 lots,hedging sculpting is allowed and you get,margin call,at 100 margin level and the stop out,which protects your account from the,negative balance,is executed at a 70 margin level,the maximum leverage supported in forex,is up to one divided by 500,and in cryptocurrencies the maximum,leverage supported is up to one divided,by 100,with eagle effects you can trade on,metatrader4 and webtrader,metatrader4 is available to use on,windows ios and,android you can also use the web trader,to trade directly from your web browser,you can trade with a small deposit of,ten dollars in the eagle effects broker,to deposit funds you can use bitcoin,bank wire transfer,debit and credit cards with visa or,mastercard,eagle effects does not charge you any,fees when you deposit funds,the withdrawal methods available are,with bitcoin,coinbase paypal and prepaid mastercard,the withdrawal process,is very quick according to the eagle,effects website,and you do not get charged any fee when,you withdraw funds,besides the frequently asked questions,page that contains information about the,eagle effects in its service,you can get more information by,contacting the eagle effect support team,you can use the live chat submit a,ticket or request a call in your phone,number,the support team is available 24 hours a,day and 7 days a week,thats the end of this video thank you,for watching the eagle effects broker,review


Hey are you guys doing my name is Paul,with them on the second I wanted to show,you guys exactly how to deposit your,broker account with ego FX and as well,as how to withdraw your account with ego,FX and its pretty simple once you,understand it but it could be very very,complicated if you dont know what,youre doing so thats why I made this,video so I want to login to my account,now in order to open the live account,for the first time youre going to fill,out your information here youre going,to put your first and last name your,email and your password to create your,account and then theyre going to send,you a verification code to your email so,then youre going to go into that email,get that verification code type it in,and then click the button and then your,account will be validated and so thats,going to happen when you get log in to,your back office so you click signup,its gonna automatically take you to the,back office here and then a message is,going to come up thats going to prompt,you to validate your account and thats,when you go on to the email put in that,verification code and then once you put,that verification code go and say your,account has been validated youre good,to go alright so what you want to do is,when your deposit when youre depositing,your when you want to deposit money into,your broker account you want to click,the posit funds I recommend doing it,through insta Quinns which is this here,because its a lot easier so what youll,do is youll select USD and then youll,put the amount of money that you wanted,to posit so lets say you want to posit,$200 so they need to proceed to instant,points now if you dont have an account,with insta points then you want to have,to create an account with instant coins,so the page will pop up to where you go,up create an account but once you create,an account its going to take you to,this screen here so basically what its,is the coins youre basically trading,Bitcoin in exchange for depositing u.s.,money into your broker account so,you can do it through credit card or,debit card you could do it through Zell,wire bank transfer I recommend doing,through credit card debit card now this,Bitcoin address here this is the Bitcoin,address for your ego FX account so,basically youre telling is the coins to,send $200 to your Eagle FX account with,this been quite address so then youre,going to click here then youre going to,say pay $200 I believe its doing that,because maybe I have this open somewhere,anyway whats going to happen this let,me try this one more time,so Im already in but some reasons not,allowing me to go to the next page but,when you click pay $200 is going to take,you to another page to where youre,going to fill out your credit card,number the expiration date is CV code,which is the three digit number on the,back of your card and then the name on a,card you just fill all that out and then,theres a button thats going to say pay,securely and then its going to then is,going to you know process it to where,the transaction is going to start,processing now it may take a couple,hours for the funds to show up in your,broker account just be patient because,sometimes when youre dealing with,Bitcoin it takes time for a transaction,to clear the blockchain but thats,typically how youre going to fund your,account with insta poins now for it to,ego FX now when you want to withdraw,your funds I recommend choosing Bitcoin,and whether you have a Bitcoin address,with a coin base or whether you have,with a cash app thats what youre going,to use so youre going to want to select,USD lets say you want to withdraw $200,click withdraw see I dont have enough,funds thats why its not allowing me to,do it so Im going to show you how,frequently it has questions on what the,process is going to look like so whats,going to happen is you go to click,youre going to click Bitcoin and youre,going to withdraw up the USD you want to,put as much money as you want to put in,here then when you come to the next,screen as you can see here its going to,have you pasted into a Bitcoin address,so if youre using your Bitcoin address,from cash chapel on coinbase this is,where youre going to put the address,there and then youre going to click,send Bitcoin so basically youre telling,your funds to go to that Bitcoin address,so thats typically how thats going to,work when youre funding and withdrawing,your account so thats how you deposit,and withdraw your profits what will draw,your money from ego FX so I hope this,video made sense if you have any,questions or concerns my number is seven,seven zero five five eight zero,7/7 talk to you soon bye

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