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Eastward Review

[Music],a man and his adopted daughter find,their way through a whimsical,post-apocalyptic landscape frying pan,and psychic powers at the ready they,might stumble into saving the world as,they explore it with all the stylings of,a retro jrpg you might expect eastward,to play like one but this chill action,adventure is more zelda than dragon,quest jon and sams triumphs and,mistakes take place in a charming pixel,art landscape thats rich with lovely,characters and intimately designed,places even where the story dragged for,a time or the simplicity of the,challenges felt patronizing the parts of,eastward that spoke to me more than made,up for them,[Music],our headliners are john a silent,protagonist wreathed in messy hair and a,bushy beard and sam an outrageously,precocious girl with budding psychic,powers and a penchant for getting the,two into trouble theyre lovable,characters with a bushel of personality,and a kind of timeless appeal i loved,switching between the two as they travel,through a cute but dangerous apocalyptic,world,along the way you play through discreet,story chapters and explore the stories,of the people you meet there are a lot a,lot of silly little mini games along the,way baseball river rafting slot machines,and ever-present cooking the trek to the,east is pretty linear but the areas you,explore are laid out like little,dungeons with curling paths to find your,way through as you battle goofy monsters,and solve simple puzzles jon does most,of the fighting via simple but,satisfying hack and slash action but,sams powers like freezing enemies,inside big psychic bubbles are useful,for fights and vital for puzzles,it took me a few more than 30 hours to,beat the main quest but i know there are,secrets to explore and little npc,storylines i skipped over that are worth,going back for in fact eastwards,overall story is good enough that ive,judiciously avoided spoilers in this,review to the point of being overly,vague in some spots but trust me thats,for your benefit,eastwoods real draw is its world the,vibrant pixel art landscapes are so,creative and so packed with detail that,i often found myself stopping to just,look at a city street or a new railway,station its a loving rendition of a,world thats somewhere between a studio,ghibli film and a classic jrpg castle in,the sky meets earthbound its not just,the backgrounds that pop though the,characters of eastward have great,sprites and animation that packs in a,ton of personality theyre a cast of,well-designed weirdos who all have,something unique going for them which is,an animated style thats become all too,rare its a relief that the world is so,attractive and the characters are so,appealing because eastwards greatest,weakness is its writing character,dialogue is hit or miss with more than a,few cliche lines and real stinkers im,talking about unironic use of lines like,ive been running my whole life,frankly its because the writing doesnt,know when to step back and let action or,movement convey words it uses two,sentences when one would do or more,often one sentence when none would do,exploration and combat are a welcome,break from all that staring and reading,fights are simple and most enemies can,be easily defeated with judicious,application of jons frying pan,everything else is susceptible to the,neon colored shotgun or flamethrower but,let me be clear simple isnt always bad,it was fun to weave around attacks smack,mutants with a pan and blow them away,with a shotgun but the simplicity did,bug me sometimes while parts of the,fighting are good in their,straightforwardness others are just,basic partially its because the single,stick controls feel inadequate for,aiming weapons its fun to bash with a,frying pan not so fun to make sure the,characters are both dodging incoming,projectiles i did wish that i had a,reason to swap to sam more often i,rarely felt the need to use her in,combat her ability to put monsters in,frozen bubbles comes in handy for a few,things but you dont need it to win if,you had a psychic sidekick wouldnt you,want her to do a bit more likewise the,puzzles sams instrumental in solving,are never too complex only ever getting,difficult when its a challenge of,timing or skill or to get at a few,tricky hidden chests most often youll,have to notice something like a wall to,blow down with a bomb a puzzle of which,cables to connect or which obstacles to,remove so a raft floats where you want,it to the relatively infrequent boss and,mini boss fights are an exception there,requiring a bit of finesse and switching,between both jons weapons and sams,powers i liked them a lot more than the,platforming of puzzle bits and a lot of,them really tested my ability to use,every tool in my arsenal for a clean,victory,[Music],a delightful journey from beginning to,end eastward has charming characters and,beautifully animated vistas to explore,the story is nicely plotted and the,chapters tell self-contained stories,that are darkly amusing if a bit,overwritten the simple combat relaxed,puzzles and cute mini games keep,gameplay variety high and the pace,upbeat enough to carry you through to,the end of the story,for more check out some eastward,gameplay or our reviews of the artful,escape and hoa and for everything else,stick with ign

Eastward Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

[Music],hey everyone john from nintendo live,here and today were reviewing eastwood,for nintendo switch this review was,originally written by mitch vogel from,nintendolife.com and was adapted to,video by me anyway lets go eastwood,[Music],the line between homage and copycat can,often be a blurry one and it feels like,all too often that new games borrowing,ideas from old ones fall on the wrong,side of it instead of offering creative,new ideas on favored concepts these,games are more content to prod you with,a sharp elbow as they say member over,and over eastwood is not one of these,games the inaugural release of,shanghai-based pixpill smartly,integrates gameplay and story ideas from,beloved classics while still managing to,feel like an original and well executed,adventure eastwood follows the story of,jon a gruff man of action not words,thats me baby and his companion sam an,energetic and white-haired little girl,who he found underground the two live,happily together in a small subterranean,village and enjoy a,quasi-father-daughter relationship but,things quickly take a turn when certain,events lead them to arriving on the,surface that they were told as such a,dangerous and awful place it turns out,things arent quite as bad up there as,they were led to believe although,theres a mysterious force called miasma,thats slowly rolling over the land and,destroying everything in its path,over the 30 or so hours it takes to,clear eastwood one thing that keeps the,story constantly engaging is the,heartwarming relationship between sam,and john although jon never says a word,its abundantly clear how deeply he,cares for sam and when the story takes,some shockingly dark turns sam is there,to keep the mood hopeful and sees how,many times she can fit the word jon into,a single piece of dialogue theres quite,a diverse cast over the course of the,adventure but these two are far away the,highlight of the entire experience,but it needs to be said that in several,places the story can feel like a bit of,a slog it can often feel like youre,watching the game rather than playing it,as you frankly mash the a button to get,through a jungle of text then youre,finally given control back only to walk,jon to the next card scene eastwood is,thus a great example for illustrating,the need for good pacing the story is,well written and most of the characters,are quite lovable but theyre foisted,upon you so much and endless unskippable,dialogue sequences it can start to erode,your connection with the narrative but,luckily that doesnt sink eastward it,just takes some of the wind out of its,sails,when you finally get to some gameplay,things unfold quite a bit like a 2d,zelda game you make your way through,labyrinth-like environments rife with,treasure enemies and puzzles the main,rubber these sequences is quite often,you alternate between jon and sam sam,has psychic abilities and can shoot out,energy blasts whereas jon has a frying,pan for beating the stuffing out of,enemies alongside his limited use of,guns and bombs but mostly a frying pan,theres a fine balance being struck here,when the puzzles feel just difficult,enough to be satisfying but not so hard,that theyre discouraging new abilities,and puzzle gimmicks are introduced at,reasonable rate too this keeps eastwood,feeling consistently fresh,compound on the other hand feels like it,could have used a bit more work theres,a certain kind of stiffness to swinging,around jons frying pan that never feels,exactly right and enemy types are very,demanding of very advanced tactics on,the other hand boss fights are often,among the highest points of the whole,experience but this is largely down to,their spectacle and focus on integrating,puzzle elements from the dungeon itself,we would have liked to have seen more,depth in the combat considering how,pervasive it is its really more of a,constant irritation than a big problem,treasures that you find in the field,will grant you currency and parts to be,used in the shops see eastwood features,a fun little mini game at most save,points but john can use his trusty,frying pan as it was intended for,cooking theres a variety of ingredients,to be found whether from shops chests or,enemies and these can be tossed in the,pan to create new recipes with distinct,effects a little slot machine will play,as youre locking in your decision too,and if youve got the dexterity you can,potentially give the dish even greater,effects little things like this or give,eastwood its delightful charm another,good example is earthbourne a dragon,like rpg that you can play within the,game itself it basically runs parallel,to the whole game purchasing new,amiibo-like toys of monsters can give,you an edge here its a fun way to break,up the flow of the main quest by trying,to be something a little different but,what likely drew you into eastwood was,the incredible pixel art direction and,we can happily report that it does not,disappoint whats so striking about the,visuals is how absolutely detailed they,are packing in a litany of small,elements that give you so much to chew,on a series of mishap and posters on the,wall the faded paint of an old bose hull,being used as a roof the flickering neon,lights of an old diners sign all these,elements come together to convey a,tremendous sense of place and we applaud,the developers for delivering such an,impressive visual style,pixel art may feel somewhat plays out in,the indie scene but turtles like this,stand as proof that so much can still be,achieved eastwood proves itself to be a,memorable and enjoyable mashup of many,beloved classic titles combining each of,their elements together to forge,something that feels distinct and,engaging creative gameplay sequences a,heartwarming and emotional story and a,killer art style all combined to make,this one easy to recommend that being,said would also offer a word of caution,this is a slow burn kind of game and if,youre not a patient player eastwoods,sometimes lethargic pace may take a lot,of enjoyment out of the experience,wherever you may fall eastward is,indisputably a game worth checking out,and would encourage you to give it a,shot we here at nintendo live give,eastwood an 8 out of 10. thank you so,much for watching and of course let us,know your thoughts on eastwood in the,comments below and go that subscribe,button and play dragon quest within it,and well see you next time bye everyone,you

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Eastward Nintendo Switch Review!

[Music],[Applause],[Music],after a week of very disappointing,releases it brings me no small amount of,glee to tell you that eastwood is the,antithesis of those games we were all,captivated by those beautiful visuals,and the seemingly whimsical nature but,what i didnt expect was to be equally,afraid sometimes upset and almost always,amused by eastwood its a title thats,far more than the sum of its excellent,parts and it manages to fuse the best,elements of jrpgs that being its,narrative and storytelling devices with,the quick and accessible pace of an,action adventure its a small indie,developed by just three friends from,shanghai and yes its taken a long time,this is a testament to what passion and,time can create why are you probably,gonna pre-order before the end of this,review well lets find out,the story centers around silent,protagonist john who happens upon a,young girl fleeing from danger he,intervenes in what otherwise would have,been her demise and soon after becomes,her ward its an old narrative device,that works really well in this situation,and its particularly effective in,giving the game a heart when youve,still got a silent protagonist as sam is,far from it she carries that exuberant,over-excited energy that comes from,having the boundless possibilities of,life stretched out in front of you in,many ways she acts as the narrator but,will also interact and chat to john who,doesnt respond but we the audience,become his internal monologue the,storys well handled its sharply,written and its also very surprising,but essentially you begin your journey,as part of a subterranean society ruled,over by those who would have them stay,exactly where they are with the surface,professed to be a deadly and dangerous,place that no one should visit lest they,be banished the three developers stated,they wanted this to play out a bit like,a 90s anime cartoon and i think theyve,achieved that dont go in expecting a,zelda clone whereby the exposition,delivery is few and far between on the,contrary eastward is around about 30,maybe 35 story eastwood feels a little,bit like a coming-of-age movie from the,90s if you combine stand by me the,goonies and stranger things youd have,something akin to eastwood with a,sprinkling of final fantasy over the top,im acutely aware of how easy it could,be to spoil the narrative but lets just,say there are some incredibly dark,undertones here and at times eastwood is,quite unnerving from traveling through,the beautiful countryside on the train,to an entire world under threat it tells,a moving and memorable tale and is full,of hearts,[Music],in terms of gameplay you control jon and,sam theres no run button theres no,dodging once again the running is,context sensitive sometimes if its a,desperate situation then hell run,automatically you can switch between the,two characters either controlling them,individually or splitting them to solve,certain environmental puzzles at your,disposal youll start with a trusty,frying pan but youll soon unlock a,shotgun and a tasty little flamethrower,in the first five or six hours there are,several different dungeons a few,different locations and a couple of,towns sprinkled in but its all quite,linear thats not a negative in itself,what eastwood does so well is to strip,out much of the superfluous content,there are side activities that have,narrative points attached to them a,great example is the arcade machine with,the game earthborn this is a classic,turn-based rpg and can be fully played,to achieve high scores theres also a,gacha machine where you can unlock and,collect several of the figures from it,and through your adventure youll meet,different players and it was another way,in which eastwood was able to,encapsulate what it is to be a young,person in sam shes infectiously,excitable and never ceases to put a,smile on your face when she interacts,with other people in the world the,straightforward combat is easy to get,into enemies wont offer a great deal of,challenge early on and its a one button,press system or you can hold it down to,power up an attack and while its only,jon that can deal physical based damage,sam unlocks a few abilities of her own,which give her the very useful ability,of holding enemies in place for a,limited amount of time using this and,quickly switching can be the only way to,overcome some foes this same quick,switching is used for the puzzling and,some of the best moments were when the,characters were actually separated and,you had to really employ some lateral,thinking to get around the puzzles that,being said both have an excellent,learning curve they start out so simple,that i was almost worried the whole game,was going to be a breeze but its almost,like each hour it notches up in,difficulty and when you remember this is,a 30 hour long game certainly by the mid,to latter stages it can be very,challenging this also goes for the boss,fights,rather than frustrating youre made to,feel powerful and adept and this,continues throughout the experience,despite those becoming more challenging,because that learning curve is so well,handled health is denoted by the hearts,at the bottom of the screen with a new,one gained at pivotal moments if you do,die theres an auto-save system,constantly taking place and its rare,that youll feel frustrated and be,pushed back too far there is a manual,saving system whereby you open a fridge,and save your memories but nine times,out of ten the checkpoint was much,closer than this in whats possibly its,most overtly inspired system eastwoods,cooking mechanic is very similar to that,found in zelda breath of the wild you,can purchase and find different,ingredients whacking three different,ones in a pot and then hitting the,button starts an on-screen roulette,wheel which if successful will increase,the potency of what you produce and,through your experimentation youll,gradually unlock more,recipes your dishes can not only,increase your hearts they can also,augment john with status effects youll,also upgrade your gear and items the raw,materials of which can be found in the,secret and hidden areas the world is,filled with lots of different secrets to,find with a handy little tracker that,you can purchase in the shop which will,bleep the closer you get to hidden,treasures navigation is facilitated with,an excellent mapping system the map is,both responsive and also allows for,touch screen when used in handheld it,opts for a simplistic clear system that,always made sense and was very easy to,follow while theres no fast travel,system in the early stages of eastwood,there is a subway line that you can,repair that allows you to move around a,bit more quickly my only gripe with,eastwood there are a few times where it,sends you back and forward between the,same location and some form of classic,fast travel wouldnt have gone amiss,that being said the games incredible,really enjoyable to play and with a,legitimately enjoyable cast of,characters who will stick with you long,after the final credits have rolled,gameplay scores 19 out of 20 and,controls were very good there are a few,systems like using the right analog,stick to quick switch weapons and the,bumper buttons to shortcut to certain,areas of the menu that are smart and,sensible choices we just dont always,see it would just be silly not to give,controls 20 out of 20.,on to visuals performance and audio and,the small team of three actually used a,proprietary engine here it enabled them,to combine already excellent pixel art,with some more advanced 3d lighting,systems its not something that couldnt,have been done in unity or another,engine but to my eye its definitely,paid off it looks fantastic theyve also,included several options for you to,tailor the visual to your liking if you,dont like the chroma effect simply turn,it off and there are way more toggles,than i would have expected just like in,the world of art there are several,different styles and mediums to produce,beautiful works the team at pi

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✨ A CHARMING PIXEL ADVENTURE | Eastward Gameplay & First Impressions | Kat Plays

hello how are you how have you been,ive missed you guys so much and im so,excited to finally be back with a game,that weve been waiting for for a while,now no less and that game of course as,you can already see is eastward its,probably already out by the time youre,watching this on september 16th it comes,out for the nintendo switch as well as,on steam for pc i first heard about this,game back in 2019 in one of the nintendo,indie world directs and ive been,keeping a close eye on it since it was a,really nice treat when we finally got,the official release date and just one,of the more recent indie world directs,if you might not know about it yet,eastward is an rpg survival adventure,type of game and its set in a near,distant post-apocalyptic future thats a,mouthful the story revolves around this,miner named john and a mysterious young,girl named sam who he encounters along,the way and they become this unlikely,duo who has to survive explore and set,out on this adventure and eastward,together thank you to pixville and,chucklefish for inviting me to try this,game out for you guys today now lets,dive into the world of eastward and,learn more about the story of john and,sam,the best experience of controllers,recommended,i dont have one connected so i hope,thats not going to be a huge issue did,i grab one,[Music],wow,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],okay quick pause,i didnt want to interrupt while the,video was going it was so beautiful its,so weird to almost feel nostalgic,towards something that im seeing for,the first time but the animation sort of,reminded me of studio ghibli a little,bit and it was a nice peek into what we,can probably expect throughout the,adventure and it was just so beautiful,okay lets just lets go ahead and start,a new game before i talk even more,once upon a time in the farthest reaches,of the continent,the sad prosperous kingdom with a,soaring tower that reached the clouds up,above,for many years the kingdom lived in,peace until following the tragic death,of their king,the demon king disguised himself as the,chancellor and claimed the kingdom for,himself sealing off the castle from the,rest of the kingdom he locked the,princess away within the tower day after,day the princess wept gazing out the,window at her poor kingdom below,around that time a young knight from a,faraway land was squeezing the salt,water from his cloak,looking up from where hed washed ashore,on the beach he saw the castle in the,distance,that castle would be his destination and,the start of his adventure,oh come on,i lost again,and i even had the full attack skill,this time,that stupid demon king how are you,supposed to beat him,is it a video game,i guess theres really no way unless you,get more party members,oh look at the time,time for school,i think that white hair yeah i was just,about to say i think that white-haired,girl is sam lets play again after,school okay,should i think see you later,i gotta go wake john up,they already know each other,all right here we are diving right in we,are john now its not the time to cook,okay,theres a place to rest but we probably,dont want to rest right now,what are we turning on,the tv,heres our washroom,or anything i should grab right now,prologue the world above,john come on,the bell already rang,if you dont get back to the dig site,the mayors gonna dock your pay you can,refrigerate your memories here,but when you check them out again,will the new you really be you,[Music],save your memories,oh we dont get to save unless theres a,fridge,lets this is cute,weve got a little flamingo,hello,i put the of dawn bleed for every coin,you earn,must be tough being a digger,yes,im sure that it is,john is a hard working minor,men are the absolute worst,but arent you seeing someone right now,id say thats very convincing coming,from you,my mother is different,and you expect us to believe that,its called love you wouldnt understand,even if i told you dear,oh catherine,shouldnt you be a work or something by,now,i knew it youre one of those types,arent you,those types,yeah a loser can never hold a job am i,right,hey now,dont talk to john that way,every day its the same damn thing aint,nothing to do down here but sleep maybe,ill get lucky and dream me up the sun,today ah,yes so this is their underground um,bunker or village or their new world,pretty much,john looking swab today as always,in a hurry again today id expect no,less from pot croc isles number one,digger,hot crocodile,lets keep heading,is there something to see here up or,through that door,this looks like a shop,if it isnt little sam made any new,friends lately still want to go to the,world above,whats this here,johnnys emporium,long time since ive seen your face,around here john its not often you do,your shopping here anyway what can i get,you hes got a treasure radar and,whatever this currency is weve got a,hundred of it but,i dont think,should be spending anything here right,now,i didnt expect to go through a tunnel,just then,this way through here too,well hey john what are you doing here,you better be scared along if you dont,want to be late,oh where to oh,[Music],i guess not this way,well well well if it isnt john,vine for drink this early are we youre,no better than chuck dont come right,into me if you pass out drunk down in,the site,uh,should we be going this way,theres a grocery store here,demon mask youre one of them diggers,arent you you best be careful not to go,up up,else disaster is going to come down down,down,noted,i think were looking for the mayor but,digger dorms,i dont think this is where we,need to be,where is it,oh come on dont be so stingy im only,borrowing it two days tops ill give it,back as soon as i finish it,you say that every time yet somehow ive,never gotten anything back,thats well,wow wow well johns here,mr punctuality as always,your watch must have been carved by the,god of time himself i,i i was lost,its not johns fault and youre looking,as adorable as always sam do you still,remember what i taught you,chorus,over pet under rock buried treasure,around the clock and the mind rock scope,last safety first or you wont last,gotta dig gotta dig dig to make those,riches flow,bravo youll make an excellent digger,one day sam,shes sure well even better than john,id say,weve got a problem a big problem,slugs,john thank god youre here come with me,now wait a golden minute,you shouldnt be running off all pal mel,like little sammy,its dangerous in there you should stay,right here with your uncle,age,theyll protect you from them slugs,but but im fine a very good point sam,would you like to hear about when the,mayor went up against the evil dragon,not that one again,okay so sam is staying here it seems,well go follow the,chuck,slugs theyre in the cave to the west,a little hip bump there there you are,john,the slugs are in the cave to the west,yep i got,as much,and you go find the key to the storeroom,well need the bumps in there to take,care of the slug nests,at least we kind of know that were,going the right way possibly,now im curious to know what was in the,other way if we went right instead of,left,what are you waiting for old chuckles is,already headed for the storeroom ill be,right behind,sure you will be,oh we got a frying pan okay,how do we use the,this pan,a frying pan basic weapon also johns,favorite cookware,who is it john is that huge on,whos hid himself in there no answer,must be john john dont open the door,those slugs are sapping our electricity,unless you take care of them we wont be,able to turn the lights back on,but how do i,use the pan,one moment okay we got um we got,ourselves a controller,there we go that yep they werent lying,i mean they did openly say in the,beginning that the experience is better,if youre using a controller so i should,have listened im sorry,im just using my old xbox one,controller its the controller that i,usually use on my pc if i were to use a,controller on a pc game so now looking,through the menus weve got um

Eastward Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],in gaming i always love the feeling of,experiencing a true adventure that,stands out over anything else in the,moments of playing you are so immersed,in the narrative and gameplay that time,seems to just fly by developer pixpill,has captured my imagination in their,newest adventure eastward as they,provide a genuinely standout gaming,experience to all who play,[Music],[Applause],[Music],eastward throws players into the already,established relationship of jon and sam,both live in the underground town of pot,rock where jon takes up odd jobs to get,by sams younger girl who we learned,appeared in the town one day and jon,decided to let her stay with him the,opening moments established that the,outside world is pretty much hellfire,and anyone who goes out there will die,jon is a silent protagonist and doesnt,even have an expressive bubble above his,head the characters often allude to him,being the quiet type but sam talks,enough for the both of them however some,powerful and emotional story moments,rely on johns personality but hes just,a stone wall while some moments of his,silent mood work hes often just a,glorified gopher doing whatever hes,told while it might be tough to,self-insert into this burly handyman sam,is the more significant piece of the,narrative puzzle theres something,mysterious about her but the story will,keep you guessing pretty far into the,adventure as to the role that she plays,sam is a proper ball of energy and an,excellent lead for this adventure shes,not afraid to lean on others and doesnt,make things difficult by getting into,the logistics of it all and simply,jumping into action the adventure,evolves into a heartwarming relationship,between jon and sam and introduces an,impressive supporting cast that shares,the screen time for much of the,experience as the duo sets out from the,confines of their underground home they,discover that the world has a lot to,offer but that comes with excitement,discoveries and loss each chapter has a,flow of narrative moments which leads,jon and sam to a dungeon to collect some,items or meet someone and then the,chapters capped off with more narrative,the dungeons are massive they are filled,with light environmental puzzles,requiring players to switch between the,two characters to get through some,moments further the game will even,separate the characters in order to,progress which thankfully isnt overused,while getting through the dungeons the,enemies will fill the screen this isnt,a standard action rpg so theres no real,benefit to clearing out the screen of,enemies in each area unless you want the,item drops the enemies can be annoying,though as the plant-type foes will,respawn and others enjoy making your,time in the dungeon a living hill by,just throwing stuff at you still its,par for the course of an adventure game,and a lot of fun to take on the,challenge there are only a few standout,boss encounters with many of the early,ones holding no significant weight on,the narrative as the player you want to,figure out the origins of sam but the,in-game characters dont really know,anything about that so life goes on as,usual until the true antagonist is,revealed jon is the main attacker in,dungeons wielding a frying pan and a few,different guns at some point these,weapons are upgradable but its pretty,surface level the dungeon exploration is,a huge part of the game but the,developers dont seem to want to,frustrate you with dying since the,autosave system kicks in at every entry,it gives you less to worry about as you,focus on completing the goal and taking,out obstacles along the way cooking is a,huge part of the adventure as well not,only does it play into some pivotal,narrative moments but jon takes his,culinary skills into the dungeons to,craft food that provide buffs and health,increases but again its pretty,straightforward and there are no real,adverse effects to the experience,outside of a slot machine that could add,to the benefit of the dish it goes,without saying but esport is a gorgeous,game the animations and characters are,brilliant and the overall design of the,towns and dungeons are breathtaking i,love the color palette and use of,lighting as it sells the,post-apocalyptic futuristic worlds there,are moments where the story opts to not,explain things fully when it would,greatly benefit the earlier chapters i,think this has to do with jon not,speaking and questioning events or,justify any possible romance youre,supposed to believe in the relationships,but jon just moves on and while sam,cant remember thats a totally,different story its tough to get lost,during gameplay as theres a handy map,to guide you to your next destination,but towns dont list what the shops are,so you either have to memorize them or,just go in each one until you find out,what youre looking to buy theres also,a mini game called earthborne where you,play through a retro rpg its not,required but you do get some cool,collectibles eastwood will fulfill any,action adventure needs that have been,missing in your life the character,writing is fantastic enhances the more,emotional moments as the killer miasma,rears its ugly head this game is an,investment but youll be left with a,genuinely standout experience full of,action exploration memorable characters,and a fantastic final chapter so do,yourself a favor and play eastward noisy,pixel is giving eastward a 9.5 out of,10. thanks for watching please read the,full review on noisypixel.net music,pixel is run by a group of gamers work,hard to deliver news reviews previews,and more please subscribe to keep up,with all our future content,[Music],pixel

A Modern Masterpiece | Eastward Nintendo Switch Review (Spoiler Free)

hey everybody eric here welcome back to,another video i hope youre going well,ive got to say its been a long time,since ive been absolutely captivated by,a game from the moment that i saw the,title screen of eastward i knew i was,going to be in for a treat now its a,game that within its dna has a lot of,classic games that i know and love and,it doesnt necessarily shy away from,that but it stands on its own being its,own thing,even with some hiccups and some pacing,issues along the way eastward proves to,be one of the more compelling titles,that ive played in a long time,eastward begins with silent protagonist,jon and sam the funny and outspoken one,making a kind of father-daughter duo,living on pot croc isle you soon find,out that your little town is isolated,from the rest of the world and its,frowned upon to leave by the residents,and the mayor of pot croc isle the fear,thats instilled in them that nothing,but death and despair awaits leaves you,wanting to immediately know more about,the outside world and the secrets that,it holds the story of eastward is an,interesting one trying to remain spoiler,free here left me wanting to know more,in its slow drip-fed approach i dont,normally like this way of storytelling,but let me tell you the way that the,world is built up and the questions you,ask from the moment you start the game,it kept me hungry for answers even in,the short one to two hour bursts i was,able to play the game over the 18 hours,and two weeks it took me to finish,eastward who or what is sam and why does,jon attack with a pan but as the story,advances youll obviously go to new,places and learn more about the world,and the secrets that it holds eastward,does get dark at times but even the,bright and happy parts of the game you,still know that theres a mysterious,evil that threatens the world and all,those who inhabit it and youre reminded,about it quite frequently and oftentimes,with reality checks derailing an,otherwise whimsical or happy-go-lucky,scene and its more than welcomed the,characters you meet are as quirky and,funny as youd expect them to be almost,similar to the charm that you would find,in earthbound or mother 3. once you,learn the secrets of the world i feel,you can appreciate the characters and,especially the main characters motives,more so again trying to stay spoiler,free ill just say that its worth,exploring every inch of every town and,getting to know the people within,theres some great dialogue that helps,fill in story gaps now eastward in terms,of gameplay pretty much borrows the,zelda formula and thats not a bad thing,you traverse areas you fight enemies in,small batches and of course fighting a,boss at the end of each area now its,not a particularly difficult game which,is more than fine but it does have its,unique challenges with how you fight,enemies and how you solve puzzles within,each given area sometimes having to,split up from john and sam and solve,puzzles together but while you guys are,a part i dont know youd have to play,the game to understand what i mean but,its really cool and again a unique take,on the zelda formula,john attacks with his frying pan as the,default weapon but eventually you get,other items like a flamethrower a gun,and a gun that fires circular saw blades,pretty handy not to mention bombs as,well the pan gets upgraded automatically,as the story progresses of course,getting stronger with every upgrade your,weapons can be upgraded by purchasing,them at shops using money and gear parts,you find in chests to facilitate set,upgrade its worth doing for more damage,leaving you with more time to explore,and less time fighting the bad guys on,the other hand sam can stun enemies and,also interact with things on the map,such as these mushroom looking things,and switches that allow you to pass to,the next room or environment its clever,in design and it does get difficult by,the end of the game which is really,great and again very much welcomed,theres also puzzles in how you fight,enemies sometimes you cant just all out,attack them to death youll have to stun,with sam and then hit with jon so every,enemy has a unique approach that keeps,traversing your world unique and fresh,as you progress through the game you,also have the ability to gather,ingredients or buy them from shops to,cook dishes that will not only heal you,but give you offensive or defensive,boosts its worth trying out new dishes,as soon as you get new ingredients,especially towards the end of the game,once you learn how eastward works youll,know when to save the big meals for its,quite funny that jon cooks with the same,pant he uses to smash the enemies,speaking of meals you can cook at these,stovetops scattered along the world map,something thats obviously been inspired,by a legend of zelda breath of the wild,which are usually paired with fridges,which is how you save your game within,the game is another game called,earthborn which is very heavily dragon,quest and earthbound inspired this game,is the go-to for all the kids after,school so scattered around the towns,that you travel youll find what looks,like a dreamcast on top of an old school,tv this is where you play the game of,course earthborn is a super cool 8-bit,jrpg the overall ending of eastward,isnt affected by whether or not you,played earthborn id recommend checking,it out because its presented really,well and somehow gives me that feeling,of being a kid again oh yeah speaking of,dreamcast theres also nods to some,other consoles i wont spoil them so go,and play eastward and see what you can,find to aid the story of eastward is a,really cool and unique soundtrack youll,have your darker and more moody songs as,well as your happy and poppy ones with a,little bit of chiptune flair sprinkled,in obviously to drive home the fact that,this is like a pixel game so when you do,hear certain themes and certain sounds,it conveys,the the the emotions that are respective,to those so for example when theres,something frantic happening theres a,frantic song uh when something evil is,happening theres an evil kind of theme,you get the idea,the more creepy songs are more or less,textual synths that are straight out of,blade runner or stranger things ambient,notes convey a sense of isolation,loneliness and despair eastward is a,master class showing sometimes less is,more in terms of music you dont need,more than a few passing notes on a synth,drenched in reverb to set the tone one,thing ive learned about over the years,is you dont realize when sound design,in a game is good you just expect it and,eastward is obviously no exception the,world feels very much alive thanks to,audio cues dialogue murmurs and the,music bed that sits underneath honestly,the music again and sound design in,eastward is the secret sauce that holds,it all together so if you play with,headphones youre definitely in for a,treat here the beautiful pixel graphics,of eastward are the icing on the cake,for this game i couldnt see this game,being done in any other way i think the,thing that people associate with games,like this is that when they see pixel,graphics in a modern game it immediately,gives off indie game vibes and honestly,that couldnt be further from the truth,theres a level of polish thats been,put into this game from character,animations to the minor details on the,side of buildings that some aaa studios,cant even achieve the world in eastward,is a place full of charm and pixel,beauty unfortunately its not all,gumdrops and graphics the major issues i,had with eastward were mostly pacing by,the time i got to about 15 hours in i,was ready for the game to be over and,not necessarily because i was tired of,playing the game but pretty much because,i wanted to know the why why are we,fighting why are we doing what were,doing why are we traveling as far as we,are and eventually i did have that,question answered obviously by a really,great and climactic ending which was,very satisfying and if youre a softy,like i am,well,

Eastward Switch Review – A Pixel Masterpiece?

call me an idiot but the start of the,year has been a bit quiet for me,personally on the switch yeah theres,been pokemon and stuff like that but,lets be real we rarely cover the,massive games here these days and so in,light of this quiet period i put up a,vote to our youtube members and ask them,which game in my backlog that i should,review these are games i wanted to,review back when they released,originally but for various reasons i,just didnt have the opportunity to do,so this is now my time and the vote was,close not all of our members voted but,eastward just beat live stream to the,post and so its a bit late but heres,my review of eastwood,[Music],if you want to take part in future votes,on these kind of games then be sure to,join our youtube memberships the voting,is available for just the lowest here,you can click the button below i plan to,make another poll with slightly,different options soon after this video,is released it probably wont be my next,project but just when im free so,eastwood has a bit of a reputation as an,indie darling if you watched our,community choices of best switch games,of last year this was ranked very highly,indeed i think it was fourth or third,overall so yeah thats some high,expectations did it live up to them yes,it bloody did the story is a huge focus,here in eastwood it starts off in a way,where youre immediately asking,questions this john dude is taking care,of a little girl called sam whos,obviously not his real daughter whats,going on here how did he end up as her,guardian youre living in this shanty,underground town that heavily reminded,me of the slums in final fantasy vii,youre asking why why are they,underground and not the world above so,many questions so early on and it hooks,you in straight away,sam is this little bundle of life who is,excited about anything and everything,shes this little light bulb shining in,the dingy subterranean settlement,whereas john is the silent dude and they,make quite the duo sam dreams of seeing,the blue skies and green grass above,although the inhabitants down here are,afraid of the surface but after getting,on the bad side of the authorities they,are banished to the surface which,actually seems beautiful theyve been,lied to their whole life it seems or,were they because despite the pristine,beauty of the land above there is,something very darkly and sinister that,threatens humanity,while there are plenty of gameplay,elements that im going to talk about,very soon eastwood loves its story it,loves its characters and its plot its,cutscenes and dialogue and it wants you,to love them too which i very very much,did now i almost always go into my,reviews completely blind of other,opinions i feel its not a good idea to,see what the hive is thinking but you,know since i never had the chance to,review this back then ive seen a lot of,opinions about it whether i wanted to or,not the biggest complaint i saw was its,slow nature it is a game that wants you,to experience the story and is proud of,this world that is created and i think,its fantastic i loved absorbing this,world into my eyeballs taking in all the,characters and enjoying their dialogue,if you reviewed this or played this and,thought it was too slow or the,characters talk too much all ill say is,get off tick-tock its not good for your,patience or your attention span enjoy,this beautiful fully realized world for,what it is and enjoy the lovely,characters talk to everyone theyre not,robots like youd find in most games,well okay some of them are robots but,you know what i mean theres more heart,and love in these robots than you find,in most humans in other modern games i,genuinely got attached to someone who i,assumed would become a major character,play a bit of a role in the story maybe,even provide a better nikki nookie for,the obviously repressed john but no they,didnt stay in the story long at all and,yet 15 hours later once the credits,started rolling i was still thinking,about that character and all the other,characters i met along the way this is a,very nice set of characters here i,really appreciated what this story was,trying to do really lovable characters,with dollops of humor god it is actually,funny this game is not afraid to go dark,either like really really dark and weird,in fact around the halfway mark i was,really surprised where the plot went i,was not expecting this kind of story at,all and yes dont worry there is,gameplay plenty of it interspersed,between the long cut scenes what we have,here is basically a top down zelda style,game in fact had it been released before,i made the best zelda likes on switch,video this most certainly would have,been on the list and probably been the,highest recommended of the lot of them,while you can switch between both jon,and sam during the dungeon and battle,segments john will be your main,combatant hes armed with his trusty,frying pan to whack enemies to death,with but along the way hell acquire a,small set of extra weapons and tools to,enhance his murdering capabilities you,get a gun a bomb and yes a flamethrower,thats always an additional point to the,review score no matter what the game is,and you can upgrade it to make it a blue,flame because as we all well know from,our science lessons at school yellow,flame means hot blue flame means badass,its only a small variety of tools but,youll be using them a lot as youll,find that different enemies are easier,to tackle with different stuff and as i,mentioned you can take control of sam,too whos not exactly down with,murdering animals as john is but she can,help out by stunning them with an energy,beam which ive found very useful to,switch to jon and then murder them,switching between them seamlessly made,battles feel very kinetic i mean yeah,you could just face every battle with,just your frying pan and nothing else,but that would be tedious boring and,lacks any sort of imagination to make,your life easier and more fun so these,two they make a fine duo but in that,regard it can be a bit of a double-edged,sword since when both characters are,following each other in battle even the,one whos not currently being controlled,can take a hit meaning that you have a,hitbox larger than your mamas rear end,i saw this as a big complaint from many,people not your mamas ass the hitbox,but you actually dont have to take them,both into battle if you dont want to,you can separate the two beforehand if,you think its going to get a little bit,tasty with too many enemies about you,can leave sam outside the door and,stroll in with john flamethrower firmly,equipped bosh,separating characters is actually a huge,part of the game most of the games,puzzles are primarily centered around,sam and john taking different paths and,helping each other out like john is on,the other side of the river but he can,whack a bomb over to help destroy some,rocks that are blocking sams way and,then sam can go hit a switch to open a,door for jon this sort of thing has been,done before but id really like to,applaud the developers for making it,very very good consistently nice dungeon,puzzles that are never too hard but,comfortably rewarding you feel like a,dog being patted on the head and we all,like that really good stuff i love doing,all the puzzles here very very much and,its not a particularly tough game even,in the battles i think i only died,during one of the segments when youre,trying to outrun the miasma because the,game can be fairly generous with its,health replenishments and ammo stock i,mean you can literally call in sonic,punk at any time to top up your bombs,and ammo although they do have a cool,down period you dont pick up much,health off the floor i mean what kind of,animals will pick up meat from castle,walls and eat it no instead you take,fresh food found deep underground and,then cook it together in a cooking,system very reminiscent of breath of the,wild you have to take responsibility for,this you can buy health regenerating,items of vending machine

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