1. 212 VIP Black Cologne Fragrance Review

212 VIP Black Cologne Fragrance Review

[Music],welcome and thanks for tuning into my,thoughts of two one two VIP black this,one was a recommendation and a love,recommendations cuz usually that means,theres gonna be something great about,this one and is there I have no idea,just kidding lets get on with the,review there is something fantastic,about this scent that I absolutely fell,in love with and that is the top what we,have here is a fresh scent that has a,bit of originality behind it and also is,complex so I super appreciate that and,what is found at the top of the set this,absinthe anise and fennel which creates,this herbaceous sharp green fresh sort,of scent and the anise in here the,licorice sign of things is not heavy,just a slight touch of it flowing,through here now whats cool about this,set what I really dig about the top that,sharpness that bitterness of the,absinthe at the top is tamed down by the,lavender and the vanilla and the,lavender in here doesnt get too strong,thank God just stay soft and fresh and,the vanilla in here is not a full-force,vanilla beast either it just creates,this a slightly sugary slightly fruity,type of sweetness and that mixed with,the top with the absinthe creates this,kind of alcoholic boozy sweetness at the,top that is just addictive Im gonna,absolutely think is killer and also,floating through here there is a bit of,that fresh amber tree flown through here,as well beautiful a lot of stuff going,on in here,but its blended together super super,well so thats the great part and you,know how long the great part lasts about,a half an hour to an hour yeah and then,this stuff goes into hibernation mode,Im like no please dont come on why do,some fragrances do that I dont get it,man,III dont get it that the longevity on,this stuff is killer,well past eight hours man but dig my,nose in deep I could smell it on my skin,and still smells good you know what boy,does it get close to the skin so if you,like your sense really really reserved,this definitely might be one to check,out but it just might work well for some,people as well I gather I just not on me,usually sense were really good on me,though but sometimes man something like,this comes along and its like but why,you got to disappoint me like that I,love finding you know gems in the,designer world and this one could have,been for me but its not gonna be just,because of that issue I mean Im afraid,Grant Achatz getting a three point eight,out of five and I could see why it is,getting high marks like that and I would,give it those high marks even higher,than that just off the top but overall,the sense no way has got to be a pass,because I need to be able to enjoy my,fragrances myself throughout the day too,and to have others enjoy them and nobody,really could pick up on this one cuz,like I said it just sets a little too,tight on the skin whats great about,this scent as well is it also has this,like duality yin and yang type of thing,going on cuz it has that like grown-up,kind of mature fougere masculine fresh,quality about it but it also has that,playful side with that vanilla that,sugary slightly fruity boozy sweetness,going on at the top and theyre blended,together just awesome to create like,something I believe is great for all,ages perfect for like spring and summer,months for sure just a playful fresh sad,beautifully done some people out there,think this scent is overly sweet for me,I do not find it to be overly sweet at,all just a nice mellow touch of it,flowing through there beautiful stuff,and it,you have checked out to one two VIP,black make sure to share with me your,thoughts on it how does it work for you,also share with me your scent of the day,and once again thanks for tuning in,give me a thumbs up and well see you,soon

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