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  2. Amazon Echo Show 15 review: Alexa gets widgets, Visual ID and a mega screen
  3. Amazon Echo Show 15 3 Month Review | Huson DIY | What we like and dont like
  4. Echo Show 15 Full Overview / Features – 15.6″ Entertainment Hub – Octa-core Perfomance!
  5. Best Value Smart Home Tech Gadgets . Cool tech stuff ????????????
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  7. Amazon Echo Show 15 Review | My new favourite Alexa smart display

Amazon Echo Show 15 review

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Amazon Echo Show 15 review: Alexa gets widgets, Visual ID and a mega screen

[Music],do you like the echo show but wish it,was permanently attached to your wall,do you,well today is your lucky day this is the,echo show 15 and were reviewing it now,[Music],just when you thought youd seen every,iteration of a screen packed with an,amazon smart speaker the echo show 15,enters the chat its not the 15th smart,display from amazon but it certainly,feels like it the 15 comes from the 15.6,inch screen the biggest yet on an echo,device at 250 this new echo show cost,the same as its swiveling older sibling,the echo show 10 but the experience is,totally different thanks to the flat,screen design in this video well take a,look at whats new on this echo show,compare sound quality and figure out if,mounting a smart display on your wall is,even a good idea ready here we go,[Music],echoes of the past were clunky,countertop hogs taking up precious real,estate in your kitchen or on your,nightstand but now you can wall mount,your echo show smart display just like,your favorite flat screen from 2006.,and i say 2006 because this thing is,thick and heavy,chunky even but seriously mounting the,echo show 15 on the wall feels risky,the included wall mount does seem really,sturdy and it comes with anchors and,there are plenty of instructions for how,to get this right we installed it at the,cnet smart home using the provided,template and it was quick and easy the,echo show 15 cant rotate on the wall,mount though so the orientation you,choose is the one youre stuck with,unless you drill four more holes one,important note you should consider the,height and eye level of everyone in your,home whos going to use the echo show,15. if all of this sounds a bit too,scary and i dont blame you this,countertop stand is sold separately for,30 bucks however that means if youre,not willing to mount it on your wall the,echo show 15 becomes a 280 device,because without the stand its really,not practical with your echo show 15 now,mounted on your wall its time to enroll,in visual id and voice match now these,are two separate but similar features,voice match lets amazons assistant,recognize your voice and visual id is,amazons version of facial recognition,visual id on the show 15 is supported by,the new az2 chip which allows all the,data processing to happen on device,without sending anything to the cloud,visual id is also an opt-in feature so,if you dont want it just go about your,business as usual to set it up youll,take a series of photos and give your,profile a name its a quick process but,again you need to be able to reach eye,level with the camera so maybe set it up,before hanging the show on the wall im,short and had to stand on a box to get,this to work even after compromising,with my regular size cnet smart home,team on how high to mount the display,lesson learned with visual id enabled,each member of your household can view,personal calendars reminders to do lists,and recommendations you can also set,reminders for other people for instance,i can ask my echo show to remind andrew,that he still owes me 20 bucks for,betting that i couldnt open a pickle,jar with just my elbow,the feature i was most excited about on,the show 15 was the widget gallery i had,high hopes for widgets but was kind of,disappointed there are technically 14,widgets to choose from which sounds like,a lot but the options are pretty boring,to do lists grocery lists commuting maps,recipe suggestions,its all fine and practical stuff but i,think third party widgets would vastly,improve this experience id love to see,spotify whatsapp even browser bookmarks,for your favorite websites,widgets live on your home screen once,you set them up sort of its really more,of a slide-out panel thats permanently,stuck on the home screen i wish widgets,were more seamlessly integrated resizing,is an option but just barely you can,really only resize three of the 14,widgets and you dont get to pick the,size theres just a regular or a large,option aside from visual id and those,widgets the rest of the echo experience,is pretty much the same just way bigger,the surprising thing here is that the,echo show 15 is the same price as the,echo show 10 but its not as well,equipped the echo show 15 has just a 5,megapixel camera compare that to the,echo show 10 that can rotate pan and,zoom to keep you in frame with its 13,megapixel camera and the show 15 starts,to feel a little underwhelming speakers,on the echo show 15 are also less,powerful the show 10s 3-inch woofer and,dual 1-inch tweeters are great at,filling a room with sound all the echo,show 15 can boast is two 1.6 inch,speakers thats actually smaller than,the echo show 8s pair of 2-inch,speakers in fact sound quality overall,was pretty unimpressive the side-firing,speakers on the back of the show 15 just,cant fill a room with quality sound,like the show 10 or even a standard echo,take a listen for yourself,[Music],[Music],[Music],the echo show 15 is a premium feeling,smart display and a different approach,that will look good in your home and,save counter space given that good,looking design and big high resolution,screen 250 dollars seems reasonable,until you take a look at whats missing,amazon seems to have really skimped on,cameras and speakers here there are a,few key features yet to arrive but,promised in future updates zoom isnt,available yet nor is the ability to,detect specific sounds with custom sound,detection even if we get those things,tomorrow is the echo show 15 the best,smart display you can buy ive got to,say no,it looks lovely the screen size and,picture frame style are well thought out,im just not convinced that permanently,affixing a smart display to my wall is,the way i want to go i mean i had to,drill four holes to secure this thing,renters likely wont want to do that in,my own home there wasnt really a good,wall to put it on given that the only,use case i could come up with was,watching shows while i cooked and my,whole kitchen is cabinets and appliances,im not here to yuck your yum im glad,we have this option if you have the,perfect spot in your home for an echo,show 15 go ahead and buy it the features,i tested worked really well and youll,have all the latest amazon smarts,powered by the fastest processing chip,the echo show 15 is your best bet if you,plan to use an echo show mainly for,viewing recipes or streaming video,content but otherwise there are more,capable echo shows out there for the,same or even less money what do you,think are you interested in smart,displays that live on your wall should,amazon even keep reinventing the smart,display let me know in the comments,below and as always like and subscribe,for more from cnet if youre interested,in purchasing the echo show 15 check out,the link below thanks for watching

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Amazon Echo Show 15 3 Month Review | Huson DIY | What we like and dont like

hi welcome to Houston DIY my name is Ben,this is the three month review of the,Amazon Echo Show 15.,okay so its been three months now since,we installed started using this Echo,Show 15 uh Ill put a link to the,original video that we did the install,on in the on the on here and in the,description uh watch that if you need,any tips or tricks on installing it on,your wall because that were a full guide,out to do it,um but this video I thought would do,just to show you how weve been using,using the device uh what we like about,it what we dont like about it and,whether whether I think its going to be,you know a good purchase for us as a,family,so first of all I think the placement,where we where we put it which is on,this island where we do a lot of,preparation for meals uh sort of,chopping obviously stood at the island,as well looking into the looking into,the living room and the kitchen and the,dining room,um so it placed well and mainly thought,doing recipes so showing recipes on,there,um,following recipes on both the BBC good,food app and via the web browser you get,the web browser on there which will show,in a minute so overall the placement,were really happy with where we put it,so I think with it being wired,I mean to wire it into a plug,youve kind of got to think about that a,little bit more,um in terms of where youre going to,place it with the other Echo Show,devices theyre a little bit more,portable obviously because you can move,them around different places this does,gonna stand as well if you purchase a,stand separately so I guess you do have,that portability if you do buy a stamp,and secondly when using it to do for,to-do lists so on here weve got the,shopping list and the to-do list here so,anything that we need to remind each,other of mainly me and my wife that do,that well put things on that to-do list,and then you can cross them up once,theyre done so thats quite good so we,do have a notice board but you can see,it just over there somewhere,um but this is better because its,interactive and you can also use your,phone,um to to update that to-do list or add,things on there that you can see them at,a later point,okay so the good things overall for us,as I say is its been using it for for,following recipes on which is really,good secondly uh play music on so that,the sound quality on there its not as,good as say the echo shot eight so the,echo shot eight the new version has got,a real good quality high quality music,capability uh the bass and thats really,good and it is it is better than this,this isnt rubbish its not as bad as,the echo dots for example,um but its not as good as the echo,eight and obviously not as good as a,Sonos device for example but for us in,the kitchen playing music playing videos,its its more than good enough to do,that,another really good thing about I did,briefly mention it just a second ago is,the web browser thats built in so its,got the silk browser its an Amazon,browser built into it so Ill show you,that working in real time so Alexa,show Silk browser,it might not work,it does work,okay so this is a full browser we mainly,use this so if I load this up here,hopefully youll better see that okay,so this is so this shows this is um,someone on Instagram that we follow and,this is a recipe so you can you you can,use this,following recipes on Instagram hell,even play the video I think from memory,Ive got another,whats wrong with your part,so thats a video showing there,instructions there really readable and,really really good,hes just a close-up,of the silk browser there you can see,the web address of their Instagram you,can see that there and you can see a,scroll there so if I go back to that,go back to the home page of Instagram,its been a while since weve been on,there so you can see that in real time,its just like using another web browser,this is I think this is my wifes,Instagram account,lets keep scrolling,theres a,some resin molds from our account there,you go look Houston DIY with our new,Christmas present molds so yeah its a,silk browser really responsive really,good and as I say we mainly use it for,following recipes on Instagram so rather,than having to copy and paste it Ill,use your phone its really really useful,just to show you as well on the browser,so if you go to the all apps here so you,can go to YouTube for example,and you can watch,uh watch any YouTube videos on there,um so it doesnt have applications as,such on the Echo Show device,but you can also browse to any website,and most websites now are powerful,enough to work in a web browser,you should go do some shopping on Amazon,thats really really really really,useful,another thing we use it for,um is the photo frame as you can see,its quite its rotating through,different things different widgets which,I covered on that first video but you,can use it as a photo frame so Ive,turned that what I do usually off to,show you how it works so what Im going,to show you how to do you can link it,into an Amazon photo album so if you get,the Amazon app on your phone create an,album on your phone and you can link to,that album on your Echo Show 15. or any,of their course your devices that is let,me just do a close-up and show you how,that works,okay so from the home screen,go here go to settings,and then Im going to click on clock and,photo display,Ive got Amazon photos here if I click,on my Amazon photos,I think in all my different albums Ive,got created,see Ive got this family one just there,which Ive got like some pictures and,pictures in so I click on that,so you can choose multiple out albums if,you wanted to,so itll show different photos from,different albums but Im going to just,stick with that family one and then go,back,again,out of the settings so if I now scroll,down and click on that first oh sorry,that photo frame,that Ill load up,all the photos that Ive added into that,family album and youll see itll just,keep rotating through those different,different photos,so its obviously multi-use,can use it obviously for different,purposes as one of us an artist,somewhere,and but you know youve got people,around,and you dont want to see all your,widgets and all your shopping lists and,all your to-do lists you can put a foot,you can then use it as a foreign,useful thing and another really useful,thing is using it to display the blink,video doorbell Ive got a separate video,on that so I wont go into detail which,Ill put a link up here somewhere and in,the description but basically someone,Rings your doorbell you can then show it,on the Echo Show and thats still,working for us,um no problems whatsoever using those,routines so I wont go into information,but Ill link to that video if you are,interested in that,okay so the last good thing there are,more but these are the main ones Im,really thinking about is the calendar so,theyve got a calendar on in there so,Ive got that linked up to,um our my Google Calendar in the,settings thats in the settings but you,can then add things into your calendar,well updates the Amazon one and then,shows everything that youre up to in,your calendar,um so you can obviously see whats going,on and you can then synchronize multiple,peoples calendars in there so me and my,wife do it so we can see if we both had,a particular events in there and we can,see whats going on obviously,with a busy Farm way its quite,difficult sometimes keep track of whats,going on so that is really useful rather,than having it on the notice board which,we still do weve got birthday invites,and stuff on the notice board this is,really good just to see upcoming events,Ive also linked it in my Google,Calendar into the Manchester United,fixtures so you can see that on there as,well so yeah thats the thats the final,good thing I want to pick up okay so,Ive really really thought about what,what adult like about it and to,Venezuela,cant think of anything I know I,mentioned in the original install video,was the wire,we need the wire so we we still havent,if I just go d

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Echo Show 15 Full Overview / Features – 15.6″ Entertainment Hub – Octa-core Perfomance!

whats up guys today im checking out,the brand new echo show 15 and were,also going to be checking out this tilt,stand for the echo show 15 but first of,all lets see what we get inside the,main box,first thing you see is the echo show so,if we just,lift this out of the box,wow,thats uh wow that is huge let me just,place that to the side so this is,everything you get in the box weve got,a quick start guide and here is the,mounting bracket itself so if you want,to mount this to the wall youre going,to be using this bracket and the screws,are also included a 30 watt power supply,and last but not least,the echo show 15 itself so first,impressions its absolutely massive in,size it weighs a good 2.2 kgs and in,thickness its 35 millimeters so yes it,is quite large and thick and its got,some weight to it now first of all i,want to show you how the mounting,bracket works so if you fix this bracket,onto the wall exactly like this so that,side onto the wall you can see that,arrow facing upwards then all youre,going to do is drop this unit on and you,can take it off when you want so for,example,if you imagine thats been dropped into,the unit that will now hold,the unit on the wall and if you want to,lift it off youre simply pushing the,unit upwards,and the unit comes off so thats how the,bracket works nice and easy so quick,look at the ports on the top so youve,got volume control youve got a mic and,camera on and off switch and youve got,a camera privacy cover so you can see,what happens there thats the camera,now you see me now you dont so thats a,five megapixel camera privacy cover and,you got two microphones on the side,on this side you have nothing at the,bottom youve got nothing and nothing on,the other side so to describe this it,looks like a tablet slash photo frame,something in between its kind of like,combining a 15.6 inch amazon fire tablet,with an echo speaker and giving it a,photo frame look so yeah im actually,digging that design and as you can see,the setup process is quite simple just,connect to your wi-fi network and follow,the on-screen instructions now the,question 15 is made completely from,plastic the bezels going all the way,around the border everything is plastic,then you have another inner white bezel,and then your 15.6 inch display so this,is a full hd display thats,1920×1080 and it is a full touch screen,very responsive,so it can be used like a tablet but one,thing to bear in mind there is no,internal storage so you cant actually,download apps and use it as a tablet as,such but what the echo show is actually,for is to stream online content so,whether youre checking the weather,searching a recipe or watching a movie,on netflix or amazon prime video this,product no doubt gives you a great,experience now the speaker volume is,very loud i was actually surprised to,how loud this thing is,and its very clear audio quality is,superb if youre using the most recent,echo dot speaker to compare it this is,like having four of those speakers in,one its that powerful now that camera,at the top is a 5 megapixel camera and,every time you open or close the privacy,cover it tells you camera on and camera,off,when you press the volume control you,can see ive got it just under halfway,because its very loud,but you can keep it pressed you can turn,it up and down and you can even use the,touchscreen for volume but to be on the,safe side you want it about there,because like i said its very loud,youve got full alexa voice control,features you can still control all your,smart home devices as you would on a,regular echo speaker you can view your,live cameras that you have linked to,alexa and control your ring alarm and,any other hardware or device that youre,using with your current alexa speakers,youre going to be able to use with this,so all the usual smart speaker stuff,like checking the weather getting,directions searching for recipes and,asking alexa for a joke or even asking,for your favorite song you can do all of,that on this device the echo show 15,also lets you watch your favorite videos,and movies online via netflix youtube,amazon prime video and lots more,and the beauty of it is no remote,required you can use your voice to,control everything for example asking,alexa to play your favorite movie,you can also control everything with,your fingertips via the touchscreen,so best of both worlds,now this does support ota updates and as,soon as i switched it on a firmware,update was available and you can see,its downloading it right now another,great thing about this device is it can,be used portrait or landscape so youre,not bound by any one orientation you can,use it either way i want to quickly,check out the tilt stand weve got for,this so i have attached the stand you,just got two screws that you need to,tighten,and then youve got the stand basically,on a hinge as you can see and on the,back you do have a cord wrap so if the,cord is too long you can wrap it up but,im good so im just going to attach the,lid back,so check it out guys really like the,stand so you can,push the echo show forward and backwards,to achieve an angle,and the surface material over here is,soft so its not going to scratch up,your echo show its a really nice big,display it shows you all the music that,you have been recently playing you can,actually have a slideshow of your own,personal photos if you want so a lot of,customization options are there for you,you can see the recently played music,you can see your recent kindle books,shopping list,this is not my shopping list this is,just an example but if you tap it,you can go ahead and add things and,remove things so you can add,cheese milk eggs,and you can see how quick that is and if,you didnt want to type or touch you can,see,alexa,add bread to my shopping list,bread added to your shopping list,see that,see how convenient that was,alexa home,the shopping list is always there weve,got your smart home favorites on that,corner so alexa show me my front door,and there you can see my front door,camera working absolutely fine on demand,thats really cool how it miniaturized,in the corner and its still open so if,we just swipe down you can see a whole,bunch of settings so home settings do,not disturb alarms brightness,notifications and widget gallery then,youve got discovery communicate music,smart home video routines and photo,frame i want to quickly show you the,widget gallery,so youve got a whole bunch of widgets,that you can immediately add to your,home home screen,so you know weve already got the,shopping list,whether to do sticky notes sticky notes,is quite good lets add that widget to,the home screen,thats done,if we go back lets add what to eat,always useful you notice i just pressed,the plus quick and easy way of doing it,weve got music and audio big and small,so im going to add the bigger version,to see if thats any good,um yeah thats it lets go back,so theres the alexa home page,recently played what to eat,theres a sticky notes and i do want to,try the sticky notes the music is still,there shopping list,so everything gets a bit more compacted,but still easy to use so we can add text,here we can tell alexa to type for us,alexa new sticky notes,okay what should the sticky note say,dont forget to pick up the movie hey,ive saved your sticky note now once you,have selected all your favorite widgets,you can navigate them by swiping left,and right but you can also rearrange,them at any point so if you tap on,rearrange windows you can now,very easily,just tap and move stuff around as,required if theres something you want,to get rid of just tap the cross and it,will be gone,and once youre done hit the done button,and thats it so youre getting a very,nice responsive,15.6 inch full hd display and its a,pleasure to work with lets try some,music,alexa play some drake,heres some music by drake on amazon,music,[Music],you even got lyrics,alexa,skip track,nice alexa skip track,ill turn the volume up for the next one,check it out,watch how loud this

Best Value Smart Home Tech Gadgets . Cool tech stuff ????????????

and look at that what what a beautiful  design this looks like a frame like a  ,picture just just imagine you  have this on your wall [Music]  ,whats up guys welcome to the Hardwin82 Channel  Im Adam and today we are gonna talk about gadgets  ,you can have in your home flat even even more  so lets have a look what I prepare for you guys  ,due to Black Friday and the end of the year  we have many discounts so I found something  ,very interesting for you and I think everyone  should have something like this in your house  ,is called Echo Show device its basically  ,small computer with a touch screen that  you can talk with you can interact with  ,its everything in one place so you have Alexa you  have you can watch tally you can watch any content  ,on this device you can talk with it you can ask  for the weather you can ask for traffic condition  ,you can ask for recipe and what people using quite  often is you can make you can made a video phone  ,call with someone so little device like this  for have a look only 35 quid freaking amazing  ,35 of quid Im sure the panel cost around that  just the panel and you have a c and you have a  ,CPU inside you have a memory you have some kind of  storage you have a Wi-Fi and other connections so  ,its literally this is seriously this is nothing  and uh yeah just just look at it just look at it,but this is Echo Show number five its called  generation two was made last year since then  ,they made many more Generations so so if  you have a little bit more money and youre  ,willing to spend it you could go with second  generation its Echo Show number eight uh it  ,is a little bit more expensive but I think this  is still nothing and the main difference between  ,those devices and the other will I will show  in a bit is uh how fast they work so basically  ,the CPU installed the front camera is with every  generation will be better and basically thats it,okay so you have more options Echo number  10 third generation now the price is getting  ,um higher and higher also  design looks more interesting,and the latest version is Echo number 15. it  cost almost 200 quid around 200 and look at  ,that what what a beautiful design this looks  like a frame like a picture just just imagine  ,you have this on your wall there is a camera here  you have a calendar you can organize stuff like  ,if you have kids you can organize stuff with  your partner you can left the note for for  ,someone you can do only imagination is your  limit um I see this device in every kitchen,in every household just just imagine you  are in the middle of preparing dinner for  ,the whole family your hands are busy and  you wanna you wanna do something productive  ,with this time or you wanna maybe look for a  recipe you can say something like hey Alexa  ,give me a recipe for this and that and this  device will speak to you so basically its  ,Alexa on steroids uh what else you can call  someone like a video phone call maybe with  ,your kid maybe youre a plane and you wanna  call your dad so the kid can talk with Grandpa  ,or simply you want to check whats going on  in the house it it can work a little bit like  ,a surveillance yeah I can imagine myself  Im going to the kitchen in the morning  ,preparing coffee and asking hey Alexa whats  the traffic condition on M6 for example or  ,whats the weather like or I am cooking and  I want to talk with my mom for example so  ,yeah this is my choice number one this is the  gadget you should think to consider to buy it  ,quickly whats the difference between those two  devices there is a website and pocket-link.com  ,I will left Link in the description below but  like I said mainly is about the size about the  ,um yeah about the size there what kind of panel is  used Hardware so CPU how strong that is speakers  ,with every generation you have better and better  and speakers and what else I was saying in the  ,camera obviously so I will leave the link  in the description have a look if you want,my next preposition because everything these days  especially especially electronic and gadgets like  ,this they become less and less expensive so just  have a look you can have you can have indoor cam  ,from very famous company ring they are doing very  good stuff for almost 40 quid thats nothing and  ,you have camera at home and again you can imagine  yourself youre away maybe you left your kid in in  ,the house or you just want to know if everything  is fine youre on vacation so you you grab your  ,phone you have a look yeah all good all good I  can I can chill and what else maybe you have an  ,animal and you want to see if its sound so yeah  consider buying something like this its extremely  ,cheap these days you you buy this you download  the software to your to your phone doesnt matter  ,if you have iPhone or an Android system works  everywhere and yeah you can start checking whats  ,going on in your in your house just small tip from  me device like this comes with a subscription so  ,for example this one I think it  costs around lets have a look,three and a half pounds per month so if you  want to use this because its using clouds so  ,everything will be recorded in the cloud so using  Wi-Fi all the time so if you want to have like a  ,full access you need to pay three pounds fifty  per month um maybe this is something you dont  ,care and its I must say it is useful but for me  I hate when Im limited to things like this so if  ,you if you dont mind that thats thats okay  40 pounds plus three pounds every month but if  ,youre a little bit like me and you want to have  full control of whats going on you will go with  ,Device like this its even cheaper and what is  most important has SD Storage that means you  ,can place SD card so everything is recorded on  the SD card subscription is not needed and yeah  ,just have a look you can mount this on the ceiling  you can just place it on the on the Shelf whatever  ,you want you can watch your dog what is doing or  kits whatever beautiful stuff for only 25 pounds,beautiful,my next proposition is for someone who  has maybe old older tally and those  ,TVs they have built in smart  function but if you consider  ,buying something like this the whole experience of  your general use of tally will change dramatically  ,why is that because from now on if you place this  small stick to your tally the whole streaming will  ,go through that stick and why its important  because this stick has support of Wi-Fi six  ,if youre not sure why this is important I will  place the link to one of my videos why WI-Fi 6 is  ,important and why you should make a upgrade  in your house right now and somewhere here,um also it has better power so response will  be faster so so if you have an older tally  ,and you press like a Netflix button here  and you watch your tally its like enough  ,enough and its thinking its thinking and  nothing and then you have app Netflix and  ,you are ready to go with this one will be  much faster also if you are into blocking  ,ads which I am talking about this on my channel  I think I made three videos about that already  ,this device is giving you ability to change  DNS server and again if you are interested  ,in this I will place link somewhere here  and yeah this is my next recommendation,if you watch tally a lot especially movies you  need to consider having good quality soundbar  ,watching tally without the sound bar is it is  like almost licking a lollipop through the cover  ,seriously if you use tally only with a speakers  building and you will buy something like this you  ,will be like what was I doing before the quality  of sound you will be just freaking amazed so yeah  ,consider buying my proposition is minimum sound  bar with its called 2.1 it means you have two  ,channels left and right plus one extra easy for  sub buffer 2.1 2.0 for example would be only sound  ,bar without this and this little thing is giving  you bass so every time when there is a shooting  ,i

EVERYTHING You Can Do With The Echo Show 15

[Music],this is the echo show 15. in todays,video were going to be taking a look at,everything you can do with this device,so stay tuned,[Music],welcome back to another video if youre,new to the channel welcome if you have,been around for a while you probably,know im pretty deep into the amazon,ecosystem so if you have an amazon,product or a product with,built into it make sure you are,subscribing because i got a lot of cool,videos that are going to help you get,the most out of these devices also as we,go through the list comment below and,let me know what subjects you want me to,dive deeper into and with that said,lets go over everything you can do with,the echo show 15.,all right so the best way i can describe,this device right here is that its like,a digital dashboard,picture frame with amazon alexa built,into it if we take a look at the back of,the device weve got a power port and,weve also got holes for mounting this,now there are several different ways,that you can mount this device right,here it comes with a bracket that you,can attach to the wall for mounting you,can also get a stand which is what i am,using and the holes are positioned so,you can get a versamount which,essentially is a tv mount that you can,use for like swiveling and things like,that there are several different options,on amazon i can link those below if you,guys want to check those out weve got,speakers on either side with 1.6 inch,full range drivers on the top of the,device weve got buttons for volume up,volume down mute and a shutter to cover,up the camera for extra privacy now if,we look between the buttons youll see,several small holes on the top and back,these are going to be the microphones,for the device looking at the front of,the device we have got a 15.6 inch 1080p,touchscreen display with a 5 megapixel,camera now i was a little disappointed,that it only had a 5 megapixel camera,considering the echo show 10 has a 13,megapixel camera now for some additional,features built into the device weve got,dual band wi-fi it also comes with,bluetooth where you can either connect,to your phone to stream music from your,phone to the device or bluetooth for you,to connect an external speaker to this,to get some better audio out of it it,also has an ambient light sensor so as,the room starts getting dark the screen,will dim down at night will actually,turn off and thats where the,accelerometer sensor kicks in it uses,that to detect motion in the room when,it detects motion at night it will kick,the display back on another thing to,point out is the picture frame look of,the device you can pick through a number,of different options provided by amazon,or if you are a prime member you have,access to amazon photos that allows you,to upload personal photos and be able to,display them on the device once you have,your personal pictures uploaded you can,enable photo frame and use this device,as a digital picture frame now one thing,to note with that if you are using this,as a digital picture frame it does not,show the clock,so in addition to talking to alexa this,is also a touch screen digital display,so you can scroll through the menus if,you want to do that if you scroll right,to left its going to bring up the,widget menu from there you can go,through the different widgets and pick,the ones that you want to display on the,home dashboard once youve done that you,can rearrange them however you want to,now scrolling down from the top is going,to give you some more options weve got,home settings do not disturb you can,quickly get to your alarms adjust,brightness notifications get to your,widget gallery from here we can also do,discovery communicate,music smart home video routines and,photo frame now the major options on,here will be going through throughout,the video now another thing i wanted to,mention is that you can set up different,profiles on this device this is going to,allow the device to give custom,information depending on who is walking,up to the device its going to use the,camera to detect who is in front of it,and from there its going to give you,personalized things like calendars and,reminders,so what can this device not do well,theres actually plenty it cannot do but,were just going to be covering a couple,of them right now first of all this,device cannot install apps you cant go,out there and search for apps say like,youtube or disney plus it does not have,that capability now down the road amazon,could bring other apps to this as of,right now like for example it does not,have disney plus down the road they,could install that and enable it but as,of right now that is not an option on,this device next up this device is not,weatherproof meaning do not put it,outside if for some reason you do need,to have this outside maybe under a,covered patio or a barbecue area i,definitely recommend keeping it covered,when you are not using it and lastly and,this thing actually surprises me the,most this device does not have a zigbee,smart hub built into it to me that was a,big surprise especially since the echo,show 10 which cost the same amount has a,smart hub built into it this device,right here which is kind of the central,home dashboard of all of the amazon echo,devices out there does not have a smart,home built into it i dont know why it,does not have that built into it so if,youre looking for an echo device that,has the smart home hub in it youre,going to be wanting to look at the echo,show 10 and just the regular amazon echo,so what media can you get on this device,well amazons prime video netflix and,hulu are the major native apps youll,see available unfortunately like i,mentioned before disney plus and hbo max,are not available on this device but,thats just a quick software update so,things can change down the road now one,cool thing about the echo show 15 is,that it does have the silk web browser,built into it so even though it doesnt,have the youtube app or maybe say the,tic toc app loaded into it it does have,quick launches for either one of those,thats going to load up through the web,browser also if you want to do any kind,of searching it looks like bing is going,to be its default web search as far as,music you have options for amazon music,spotify pandora and apple music in,addition to that you can listen to radio,stations on this device through,iheartradio podcasts and even audio,books through audible,something you can do across all echo,devices is set up speaker groups this is,going to allow you to play music on all,of those devices throughout your house,once you have your speaker group set up,through the alexa app you can just,request to have music played through,that specific speaker group,as music is playing through those,devices you can adjust volume,individually so if you have a speaker in,one area that you want to turn up the,volume on you can do that if you have a,speaker in a different area you can turn,the volume down individually on that one,as far as the speakers on this device,theyre actually a lot better than i was,expecting however my expectations were,pretty low now you can go into settings,on the device or through the app to,adjust bass mids and trebles this is,going to allow you to customize the,speakers a little bit more to your,liking for me i wanted a little bit more,bass so i did turn that up a bit and if,adjusting the equalizer still doesnt,help you always have the option of just,connecting a giant bluetooth speaker to,get some better audio out of it doing,this is going to allow you to bring that,music around with you so i can either,have this in the house i can take it,outside i can go around with it and,still get some incredible audio that is,playing on the echo show 15.,there is a widget for smart home control,on the dashboard but its limited to,three viewable devices at a time now you,can add more to that but youre only,going to be able to see three at a time,to update those devices you do have to,go into the alexa app and pick different,favorit

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review | My new favourite Alexa smart display

hello beautiful peeps im chris from,texpert and today were gonna be,checking out this massive whopper of a,smart display the amazon echo short 15,which can either be mounted on the wall,like a picture frame otherwise youve,also got the option of a handy desk,stand like so and this beast will cost,you around 230 pounds in the uk 250,dollars in the us though if you want,that stand that will cost you about an,extra 40 quid the echo show 15 boasts,improved performance over previous echo,show smart displays youve got very,funky widgets set up but enough waffle,lets crack on and for more on the,latest and greatest tech please do plug,subscribe and ding that notifications,bell cheers so the first thing to note,is that setting up the amazon echo show,15 is an absolute piece of piddle pretty,much anyone could do it i reckon even my,cats could do it given half a chance,that you just got to sign into your wifi,network and then sign into your amazon,account select which profiles you want,to use with it basically job done this,is definitely one of the biggest smart,displays ive ever clapped eyes on bit,of a chunky monkey as well as you can,see there lots of smarts to pack inside,of that chassis if you want to you can,actually mount the echo sure 15 onto any,wall you do get all the bits that you,need bundled in the box there so the,screws and the what these things called,again the things that you slot into the,walls my diy skills are atrocious so im,not even gonna attempt that but,basically all you need to provide is,your own screwdriver otherwise,alternatively bug a bit of extra cash at,amazon and you can get the stand for it,instead and this is flexible as well you,can prop the echo show 15 up in portrait,mode or swap it to landscape mode and,flip between the two all it takes is,just unscrewing a couple of screws,around the back top tip thought just,remember not to mount the echo sure 15,upside down whoopsies ive got to say i,quite like it in portrait mode i think,it suits it really well although of,course if youre going to be watching a,lot of you know your netflixs or your,youtubes youre probably going to want,to put it in landscape mode instead as,you get that full view experience if you,are planning on mounting this thing on,your wall make sure you do a bloody good,job of it because it weighs 2.2 kilos so,if this thing isnt secure then,obviously its gonna leave a big old,nasty dent in your floorboards and also,the echo show 15 will probably smash to,bits and also bear in mind that the echo,show 15 isnt battery powered there is a,power cable involved and not the longest,power cable in the world either its,only about two meters long in total so,ive had to get a bit of extender cable,action on the go here you do get some,physical buttons located on the echo,shore 15 and these are all housed here,on the right hand side when its in,portrait mode very simple and,straightforward youve got volume up and,down youve also got a mic mute button,and youve also got a slider for the,built-in camera which is just stuck away,in the corner of the display there so,when this is down the camera is visible,i can see everything thats going on,when you slide it up it basically acts,like a privacy shield blocking the,camera so the echo show 15 cant clock,onto whatever youre up to not that,youd be getting up to anything dodgy in,your own home of course so yeah youve,got limited controls on there and of,course you do have a touch screen panel,right here so you can directly interact,with the echo short 15 like so but of,course the best thing about,devices is the fact that you can just,use your voice to do everything that you,need so for us as you can see,who will sunderland football club,playing at the weekend,footballs is a team that plays with,sunderland from saturday to sunday,what okay maybe a bit tacks on that one,lets try something a bit simpler,whats the weather going to be like,tomorrow,tomorrow in orpington you can expect,cloudy skies but personally i find the,best uses of a or for things like,controlling your smartphone so you can,see it,turn off studio lights,okay so definitely the best way of,interacting with the echo sure 15 is,just by shouting at the bugger youve,got six built-in far field mics in there,anaphon that even if theres music,blasting in the room youre in your kid,is screaming at your wife whatever is,going on those mics can still pick up on,your commands cleanly and understand,exactly what you mean even if youve got,a bit of an accent now the display,itself is a 15.6 inches and definitely,one of the biggest smart displays youll,find out there which is great if you,want to kick back with a bit of the,netflixs or youtubes or what have you,its a full hd resolution display its a,1920×1080 so images are pretty crisp,despite the fact it is a spacious screen,the viewing angles are good you can see,whats going on even from a sharp angle,like this one right now which is quite,handy for shooting this video and the,brightness can automatically adjust as,well to suit the environment so when,its night the room is dark it will dim,all the way down it will actually go,into dark mode uh just help preserve,power and when youre in a brightly lit,room like this itll boost all the way,up so you can still see clearly what is,going on colors on particularly poppy,saw more vivid vibrant affair like anime,for instance doesnt exactly shine on,this screen but its absolutely fine if,you just want to watch something quick,and easy for 20 minutes while youre,busy based on your spuds so lets have a,bit of a tour of the ui here on the echo,show 15 which has changed up from,previous models so up top youve got the,usual scroll and slideshow of your own,photos or whatever photos you want,amazon to display for you ive chosen,travel because i basically just want to,tease myself with places that i probably,wont be able to visit for quite some,time you can actually flip through this,as well with your finger if you so,desire this brings up various news,headlines the local weather all kinds of,stuff and thats fully customizable,within the settings and then down,beneath that youve got your alexa,widgets which again is fully,customizable so as you can see here this,is just like widgets on your smartphone,so you can have a calendar showing you,exactly what your upcoming events are,youve got a recipe suggestions if you,get a bit bored of just having pot,noodle every night one of my favorites,is the little sticky notes down here,where you can basically write whatever,you want and ive also got some fast,controls for some of my smart home,goodies so for instance i can turn the,studio strip lights on or off and all of,this is fully customizable all youve,got to do is swipe up from the bottom,and then go to widget gallery and youve,got a selection here that you can choose,from its not the biggest selection in,the world admittedly theres literally,12 of them but hopefully that will,expand quite rapidly over the coming,months as amazon adds some more youve,got like some to-do lists shopping lists,all that kind of stuff and you can also,rearrange these widgets however you want,you can also resize them all youve got,to do is long press on them nice and,easy and one of the best features of,those widgets is the fact that every,single family member in your household,can have their own personalized,customized setup they can have whichever,individual widgets they want set up the,way that they want them and thats all,thanks to the echo sure 15s built-in,5-megapixel camera as i said just housed,it in the corner there when you uh,approach the echo sure 15 it will,recognize your mug usually works from a,distance of a few feet away even in,quite low light and then youll see your,profile just pops up in the corner here,just give that a little tap and youll,see there i am in all my gun and glory,so basically all youve got to do is set,up a different profile for each of your,household members in alexa you can do,that withi

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