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Eero 6+ Set up, Walkthrough, and Review

amazon recently released the aero 6 plus,mesh wi-fi system i installed it in my,home to replace my existing google nest,wi-fi system i wanted wi-fi 6 some,improved bandwidth and better smart home,features than nest provided and while i,did get that in some cases not,everything is perfect here and you need,to be prepared to set these up the right,way so ill be giving you everything you,need from the specifications and what,you can expect for speed alongside how,you can prepare and how you can actually,set these up in your home and manage,them so they manage your network well,hello automators thanks for tuning in,again im brian from automate your life,and one of the biggest ways that you can,automate that life of yours is by,getting a good high quality mesh wi-fi,system to support the connection of your,phones tablets streaming devices tvs and,computers plus if youre like me many,smart home products the eero six plus,mesh wi-fi system can be purchased in,groups of one two or three devices you,can add more if youd like in the future,and the system works with the eero app,available on ios or android they are,named eero 6 plus because they support,whats called wi-fi 6. now you may or,may not have devices in your home that,can even use that portion of the wi-fi,specification but theyre backwards,compatible to everything else you have,in your home the speed rating thatll be,most important to you is that you can,achieve one gigabit in terms of speeds,from your internet service provider that,doesnt mean youll have gigabit speeds,throughout your entire home but it is,possible each of the nodes that you,purchase have two,gigabit ethernet ports on them you can,use either of them as a wan port which,means it would go to your internet,service provider or as a lan port that,would go to two devices you want to wire,into your network the really nice thing,is you dont need to tell the euro app,which you are using the ports for the,other speed rating that will matter to,you is your wireless rating which is ax,3000 it breaks down to 500 at 2.4,gigahertz and 2500 at five gigahertz,other important specifications include,an 802.15.4,radio for zigbee and or thread smart,home connectivity coverage of about 1500,square feet per node a one gigahertz,dual core processor 512 megs of ram four,gigabytes of flash storage which amazon,will use for regular free security,updates for its software for five years,the other important thing is that this,system connects very well to amazons,voice assistant and their echo speakers,to allow you to control things using,your voice and finally because each node,you purchase is a router you dont have,to worry about which one is placed where,in your home as theyre all exactly the,same,before you head to amazons web store,and purchase some of these things there,are a few things you need to know or,need to be prepared for the first and,most important thing is compatibility,take a look at your homes existing,modem and router many internet service,providers give you a modem slash wi-fi,router combo unit and you cant in most,cases replace one of those directly with,an aero,my modem for example has fiber coming in,and many of you will see either a,coaxial cable or another form of cable,coming into your home that cable type,traditionally has to go into a modem,from your isp,in my case fiber went into that modem,which then converted it to an ethernet,cable and i was able to use that to go,to my ero system so you might need to,have a conversation with your internet,service provider before you purchase,something like this those of you who own,homes with really thick walls or heavy,construction materials will already know,that the five gigahertz signal for your,wi-fi will really struggle to get around,your home and thats going to be the,case with these although the wired,backhaul component will really help in,this instant if you can get a wire,between them on that note if you have a,mesh wi-fi system now,your existing placements might not work,or they might not even be optimized for,this system,thats because each of these can deal,with about 1500 square feet and they,beam out in a spherical coverage pattern,when i spoke with the eero support team,they told me about 30 to 50 linear feet,was achievable with these and in my,testing that was very much true,keeping in mind though that i have,pretty basic construction materials in,my home nothing too thick or heavy,in fact while i needed three google nest,wi-fi points to cover my existing home,reliably i found i only needed two of,these now one of the big selling,features is wi-fi six unfortunately most,of us wont have a lot of wi-fi six,devices as its still relatively unused,in smart products and sometimes still,not even used in smartphones or tablets,for me i only had two devices in the,home that could use wi-fi six and i,didnt see significant improvements in,speeds now theres reasons for that and,ill get into it just dont go thinking,that because you have this in your home,suddenly everythings going to be,working faster than it was before,if youre like me and youre really,building your smart home and you enjoy a,lot of wi-fi devices in there youll,need to think about segregating your,network or maybe even stepping up,the reason i say this is because,amazons recommending a maximum of 75,devices on each euro network they arent,giving exact guidance on how many,devices can be directly connected to,just one of your europe routers,and ive had upwards of 40 connected to,a single note,but they are pretty firm about this 75,device limit and while they say you,could go a bit beyond youre going to,want to use some of the other smart home,radios this is one of the reasons that i,really enjoyed nest wi-fi because i,never felt restricted on the number of,devices as they said each node could,handle about a hundred each and i really,didnt run into restrictions no matter,how much i threw on my network and as i,got close to 60 devices i did experience,some drops its fair to say that the,number of drops of devices off my wi-fi,lessened the longer the system was on,but for me this is a long-term concern,that will probably force me to do,something a little bit different theres,actually a core piece of the eero,offering that,didnt really become clear to me until i,got into the setup process now theyre,offering a subscription service called,ero secure and i think it cuts in on,what i would expect to be included in a,mesh wi-fi system i say that because,its going to cost in the u.s three,dollars a month to have content filters,as well as charts like your monthly,usage rates or even your daily usage,rates on devices and on your whole,system you can still get weekly charts,for data usage and rates but those,content filters which include,applications and websites will,definitely cost you that monthly or,yearly subscription to me a content,filter is a basic feature of a router or,a mesh wi-fi system today and i dont,see any reason other than trying to pump,revenue up with a subscription for this,to be an extra cost then theres a,second tier called euro secure plus,scary enough i dont have any issues,with this second tier i think its the,better offering because it includes a,number of services that would cost you,more money to get individually i didnt,sign up for all of those and test them,all out so take that with a grain of,salt but they are well known services,that you can find performance reviews of,plus if you already have one of those,subscriptions you can roll it in and,convert it to aero secure plus,i received a three pack of the eero six,plus and this is what you get in the box,theres a quick card that tells you how,to start plus a safety manual that tells,you to keep them about a foot away from,you at all times three euro routers and,they are all routers as we talked about,and three 15 watt adapters that have a,usb c port then you get a fairly short,ethernet cable that is straight through,its time to see a little bit of the ho

Is THIS the Future of WiFi? | Eero 6 Mesh WiFi Network Review

i have been looking into and thinking,about getting a mesh wi-fi system,for at least a year and a half at this,point so,a few months ago i finally broke down,and bought one well,you know what maybe broke down isnt the,right word more,what i did was my router was finally,having some issues that i didnt want to,really deal with,and i had the cash to buy a more,expensive system so anyways,a short story long i ended up,pre-ordering the eero 6,mesh wi-fi router system,and one extender lets take a look at it,first lets get into the key differences,between a mesh wi-fi setup and a,traditional wi-fi setup,a traditional system generally has a,single root router,and then if you want to its not very,typical outside of enterprise,environments but you can add additional,access points by connecting additional,routers,to wired ports on your primary router,and then configuring those routers to,act in an access point or bridge mode,and set the wireless settings of the,secondary router to,be the same as the primary router you,can then,broadcast the signal from multiple,points and if you want to do this,youll probably be looking at some more,expensive stuff honestly,for example some stuff from ubiquity,does this really really well,but can also add up fast in the price,realm if youre not wanting to dive,into an entire ecosystem of enterprise,grade network equipment but you still,really want a good coverage on a,reasonable sized house without the,hassle of configuring a couple different,routers,that is where mesh setups really shine,basically mesh wi-fi systems work the,same as traditional systems,instead of having to hardwire compatible,routers to the original router,you just purchase and deploy extenders,they arent wired to the original router,and are honestly,really really easy to set up and deploy,and they seem to be,just traffic forwarders instead of,traffic handlers where,the access points and secondary routers,that ive used have been,trying to handle a little that means,that when youre switching from an,access point or an extender to the next,one it feels really really seamless,and that is exactly what was so,attractive to me about the eero 6,specifically it has some pretty great,specs,and for what it is a very,straightforward,and honestly pretty helpful app and some,advanced configuration options,were going to get into that one a,little bit later first though i really,want to talk to you about the quality of,wi-fi with this with my former system i,was using a couple of linksys routers,one pretty new one broadcasting 802.11,ac and one,older one also broadcasting 802.11 ac,running in bridge mode maintenance on,these things was,honestly terrible the primary router was,alright and i could update it through,the app on my phone but the router,acting in bridge mode,when bridge mode is enabled it just,basically it shut down,the interface that you have to use to,get in and update it so anytime i wanted,to use it i ended up resetting the thing,entirely,then running the update then resetting,it up as an access point and then,hooking it up to my network going,through all of that and,well needless to say it mostly sat up,there without any updates at the end of,its life i attempted to go in,and get it up to date before donating it,and it wouldnt even,update it was so out of date i even,tried installing some separate custom,software on it and that wouldnt work,either so instead of letting it go to,someone else who might not know its,running really old firmware,with potential security risks i actually,ended up just throwing that one away,also,with that router on top of everything,else the wireless performance from it,was very inconsistent i have a home here,thats a little under 2000 square feet,and even with running two points i had,several,dead zones including my front porch and,my garage which caused a lot of issues,with my ring doorbell,and my wi-fi enabled garage door opener,which,honestly both of those things should,have been in range of that bridge,super easy switching to the ero mesh,setup though,i was able to place my extender in a,much better location,and ive had zero problems when,connecting things,including my wi-fi enabled garage door,opener and my ring doorbell both of,those have just worked,fantastically since the router swap,speaking of connecting things if you are,interested in an overview about,you know the unboxing and setup of the,ero system,and connecting devices to it be sure to,hit that subscribe button,as im going to be doing a video on that,specifically very very soon,anyways overall with the ero mesh my,quality of wi-fi has gone,way up extremely happy with the,performance of,these tiny routers and extenders i do,want to also talk about,upkeep on these little guys as i,mentioned before my old system,it pretty much sucked but on this,updates are deployed automatically like,you know when you get a notification on,your phone,and it says that theres new software,available you say yeah,and then you plug it in that night and,you wake up and everythings done its,just like that but you dont have to,accept it usually,it uses some smarts to know when is a,good time to update,and then it just does it and its,absolutely fantastic i would imagine,that if you wanted to there is a setting,to enable or disable that,but it hasnt been intrusive at all so i,personally havent messed with it for,the more advanced options,ero does offer you some of them on,this base model here i would have to,assume that you can,have even more advanced options and more,control on the pro system but i,personally havent tested it,the ones that you do have access to are,really though,they are the important ones things like,using a different dns,changing your ip assignment range port,forwarding ip reservations,and messing with stuff so you can you,know get better per,game network performance stuff like that,theyre all in there,and theyre all really easy to use,honestly they are easier to use,than they were in my linksys smart wi-fi,systems,and thats my opinion but thats how it,felt to me before you go out and buy one,lets talk downsides i know ive been,singing these things praises and its,really really is great but it is capable,of a lot more,and you can make it do those things if,youre willing to pay a subscription fee,to ero which is owned by amazon,thats right another amazon owned,company that has a paid subscription for,a physical device that youve already,purchased,im looking at you ring i can tell you i,am freaking tired,of seeing this crap over and over again,its one things to have subscriptions to,watch shows,do at home fitness for various apps on,phones,and you know stuff like that but when i,buy a device that isnt running an,operating system that you can install,things by default on and has a store,i really hate that i am then pressured,to buy some subscription service,to unlock features that my device,already has although,for the euro the paid features arent,really necessary for the operation of,the device here,so i will give them some credit but a,very very small amount,because i still hate it and i think its,absolutely ridiculous,and those features just so youre aware,are security features which i would,argue that you would want your customer,to have by defaults,anyways basically the euro secure by the,way there is also a bundle of,secure plus features that include paid,apps which makes their system a tiered,subscription system which makes me,hate it even more anyways it gives you,access to enhanced security to block,viruses from spending on your network,a network level ad blocker which,honestly thats the one i was most,excited about,and it only works part of the time in my,opinion,and then it also has content filtering,they give you a free trial,and then a pretty big discount on your,first year so i personally,am currently using it but well honestly,see if i continue to do so,secure regular is standard 30 bucks a,year and secure plus is 100 bucks a year,which is absolutely nuts to

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eero 6 Review | Unbox, Mesh Wifi Options and Speed Tests

hey whats up guys this is amazons,latest ero 6 router which is the dual,band mesh wi-fi system,so this one actually comes with a router,and an extender,and its good for internet up to 500,megs im going to test that out,and it covers up to three thousand,square feet using the latest,wi-fi six otherwise known as wi-fi ax,standard,so were gonna open this up and,basically set it up and do some speed,tests,i also got an additional hero 6,and im going to see if i can use,ethernet backhaul to actually connect,them,through an ethernet cable to see if i,can speed up the internet,so well open this up and set it up and,everything and well do some speed tests,so,this thing also has the zigbee smart,home hub built in which lets you connect,like smart home devices not every smart,home device requires it but,some do and this has a built-in,so okay so this is definitely a,smaller router so this is the two auto,sensing ports usb c,is for power nothing really on the,bottom this seems like a reset switch,maybe for factory reset and,you also have uh this is the extender,which is basically just the usbc,so notice you can actually hook up,ethernet to this so this is going to be,a purely wireless,system and thats why i actually bought,the additional one because this one does,have,you know this is its just like this one,essentially,but this is one that you could pretty,much put anywhere this is essentially an,access point,and well do a size comparison because i,also have the euro pro,6 so power adapters using,15 watts usbc which is awesome i really,like that the use usbc,and same thing here 15 watts so its,exactly the same power supplies,surprisingly oh actually i was going to,say like they didnt include an ethernet,cable im like thats weird they should,have included one,okay so assuming this is a cat 6,ethernet cables,so and some,instructions quick start guide safety so,yeah were going to get it set up and,just as a frame of reference,this is the latest ero pro 6 router so,you could see the euro pro 6 is much,bigger in,size and obviously this can cover more,square footage than this,and if you guys are interested ill,actually unbox the other one,as well just while were here so this is,the eero 6 dual band so,covers so its recommended for internet,with speeds of 900 max so minus 400,i usually get a little bit more than,that but im going to test this out and,for 1500 square feet,again wi-fi six its exactly the same as,that unit,essentially,yeah so this ones supposed to have the,zigbee,smart home hub built in as well,so same type exactly the same thing and,this is like this mesh material where,it doesnt slide well it slides a little,bit but not much,but its not super heavy again two auto,sensing ports,so im gonna try an ethernet backhaul,with that,and lets see what yeah so this is the,same power supply usbc,so again 15 watts and,probably the same thing there so you,have a,cat6 ethernet cable and some manuals and,stuff,okay so lets set this up and well do,some speed tests and ill give you guys,my thoughts and just how well it works,and set it up,so youre gonna set it up on the eero,app on your phone and this is the iphone,12 pro so it has wireless ax,im also going to do speed tests with,just a wireless ac device because,obviously to get the full benefits of,this router you should have wireless ax,devices but its compatible with,wireless ac so im going to do all of,that,so lets get this all set up so ive,been playing with the eero 6 router and,the extender and stuff and another hero,6 router,essentially i hooked it up in different,configurations to see all and i did,speed tests and all of them,so ill get into all those options that,you have with the mesh wi-fi,but really quick i just wanted to show,you guys a speed test right now,so this is the iphone 12 pro which has,wireless ax built in,and because this is a wireless ax router,i should get really good speeds with,this so my internet service provider is,400 megabits per second,down and 20 megabits per second up,and so i got 451 down and im pretty,much getting around,20 up which is what i expect the best i,got out of this thing was around 480,down,but overall im getting more than what,my isp is rating so,thats a good thing now im going to,show you guys on the wireless ac device,which is going to be a tad bit slower,but this is my ipad pro third generation,which is a wireless ac device,so its not the latest in the wireless,standard obviously,but it still gets pretty good speed so,you could see,im getting basically 430 down and,20 up so pretty good numbers okay im,gonna go with the four,options that i explained on the eero pro,6 and the nice nest wi-fi videos,previously so option one,you get an euro 6 router and you hook it,up to your modem,you can hook up any one of the ports it,does not matter they are,auto sensing ports so you could either,hook up this one,to the modem with ethernet or this one,to the modem with ethernet does not,matter and then with option one,is basically just a router by itself so,i dont actually,because this is a mesh wi-fi system,people typically get more than one,but you dont have to you could actually,just get one of these,and it could be a router for your entire,house,but obviously you know they theres an,advantage to getting mesh wi-fi systems,but,option one you basically just get this,by itself and if you need more,ethernet ports you would just hook up,the other ethernet port to a switch and,then from the switch you could hook up,all these other things,so when i did a speed test with this,which is basically what i,just did now because i have the other,stuff disconnected,the fastest i got on the iphone again,which is a wi-fi six,or wireless ax device so it has the,latest standard,i got 482 megabits down 22 megabits up,on the ipad again which is a wireless ac,device i got 449 down and 22 up,so again its faster than my isp pretty,good settings,this is if im really close to the,router just like i was,in the test i showed you showed you guys,option two,you hook up a router and a hero 6,extender,so both of these support wireless ax but,essentially this is your main router,this goes you know any one of these,parts doesnt matter goes to the modem,gives it internet access and the other,side goes to a switch if you want,to hook up you know more things through,ethernet but this is basically just,a usb power so this one that you cant,put ethernet,on this thing this thing just wirelessly,extends your network,so i did speed test with this,and for all the options that im going,to cover,when youre really close to this 6,router youre pretty much going to get,those really good numbers that i,you know i just demonstrated so at best,youre going to get like in my case im,going to get like 480 down 22 up,and with the ipad im going to get that,was with the f1,with the ipad im going to get 449 down,22 up so again in all the configurations,when youre close to this main router,youre going to get the best possible,speeds,so the speeds that i tested that im,gonna,say on the screen is basically when im,close to the other,extender or the other router so with,option two,when im close to this the fastest speed,that i got from this,on the iphone was 190 down,and 21 up and with the ipad i pretty,much got very similar 186 down,and 22 up so pretty much,half less than half the speed i was,getting,you know so if i walking around my place,i get close to this the best possible,im gonna get to,is basically a little under 200 whereas,when im close to this i can easily get,over 400,so youre cutting your speed by more,than half by connecting to this,okay so option number three which is the,best option,is when you get two hero 6 routers,and you hook them up to each other,through ethernet so,explanation you hook up this one becomes,your main router your gateway router,and this one goes to your modem from the,other slot,you basically either go to a switch,and then from the switch you come to,this router or you just go from this,directly to this

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eero 6 VS eero Pro 6 Review | Watch Before You Buy | Mesh Wifi Options, Speed Tests and Range

hey whats up guys im going to compare,the eero 6 to the eero pro 6.,these are both wi-fi 6 routers or,wireless ax they both have gigabit,ethernet,and they are both made by amazon amazon,owned zero i actually have individual,reviews for each one of these,and ill put links in the description,below so be sure to check those out,so they both use the same exact app,which is the euro app,and its pretty easy to use and its,pretty stable so,starting off with the hero 6 this is,rated for,1500 square feet or 139 square meters of,coverage,where the euro pro 6 expands that to 2,000 square feet,or 186 square meters of coverage,so eero recommends this hero 6 for,internet speeds of up to 900 megabits,per second,where they recommend this for gigabit,internet speeds,so this is a dual band router and this,is a,tri-band router to simplify things,basically youre not going to notice,much of a speed difference between the,two unless you have a lot of devices,once you have a lot of devices then the,tri-band doesnt slow down as much as,this,quick reason why is routers typically,have a 2.4,gigahertz frequency and five gigahertz,frequency and thats why its called the,dual band,this one actually has two five gigahertz,frequencies and a 2.4 so thats why it,has three different brands thats why,its called,a tri-band router and so when you hook,up devices,and the more you have the basically the,speed halves every time,but because this one has two five,gigahertz frequencies it takes a lot,longer,for this to slow down as much as this,essentially so therefore when you have a,lot of devices tri-band,usually wins dual band in terms of,speeds,in terms of it wont slow down okay so,they both have two ethernet ports,theyre both auto sensing,meaning you can either hook up this side,to the modem or this side it doesnt,matter,the router will pick it up same exact,thing for this and theyre both powered,by usbc,this does take a little more power,um speed rating this is ax 1800 this is,ax 4200 again the reason is because this,is a tri-band,router thats why the speed difference,is bigger,they both have zigbee smart home mod,built in which,some smart home devices require that not,all of them do,all my devices dont require hub but,again some do,but this acts as a zigbee smart home hub,if you need it,and this one has a slightly faster,processor and double the ram,compared to this okay so,in my speed test because i did a whole,bunch of speed tests and,very many different configuration,options because this is a mesh router,thats why i test many different options,to,help make decisions easier and stuff but,basically theres four,options that i test four ways you can,hook these up,and i basically did the same exact test,for both routers in both configurations,doing the tests in exactly the same spot,with exactly the same device and all,that stuff so try to make it as,consistent as,possible now starting off i use the,iphone 12,pro which is a wireless ax device or,wi-fi six,i also use my pixel 5 and ipad pro 3rd,gen which are wireless ac devices,but those im not going to talk about in,this video im just going to talk about,the wi-fi ax,if you guys want to know more about that,again look in the description below for,individual reviews,that i did so im trying to keep this,review as concise as possible,but just as a general rule of thumb with,wireless ax,devices youre going to get faster,speeds the difference between wireless,ax and wireless ac wireless ac is the,older standard,but basically when youre really close,to the router and youre doing speed,tests youre pretty much going to get,the same speeds with either device,when you get farther away the farther,away you go,the more the wireless ax starts to you,start seeing a much bigger difference,between wireless x and wireless ac,thats pretty much the gist of it so all,the speeds that im going to give you,guys,are with the fastest possible device,which is the wireless ax device,okay so my internet is 400 megabits per,second download and 20 megabits per,second upload,and all the speeds that im going to say,are in megabits per second not to be,confused by megabytes per second,option one is you basically grab a,router,and you hook it up to your modem um any,one of these ethernet ports the other,one you could hook up to a switch or to,a computer whatever you want to do,but essentially i take my f112 pro and i,basically come near this thing and i do,a speed test,and i got 482 down,and 22 up so a little bit faster than,what my isp rates,so i did the same exact test with the,eero pro 6,and i pretty much got the exactly the,same speed so 480 down and 25,up which is pretty much what i was,expecting okay,option number two is when you take a,router,in hero 6 router and you get an extender,and this is a dedicated extender so you,cant hook up any ethernet ports to this,so the only way you can hook up to this,main one is wirelessly connect to this,so you just hook this up to,some other room hook up the power and,boom connects expands your wi-fi,network so,for all of these options that im saying,when im close to the main one which is,hooked up through ethernet,to your modem i get that basically that,480 down and 2025,up so all my numbers that im going to,say are when im hooked up to the,secondary router which is acting as an,access point or this access point,essentially,so when i get close to this and i did,speed test with this,when the ero 6 was my main router,i got 190 down and 21 up,when i got the eero pro 6 as the main,router,and i was using the same exact hero 6,extender and i got really close to this,i got 217 down and 21 up so now youre,starting to see a difference,its basically 27 megs per second,uh faster compared to the euro six when,this is the main,router again because this is producing a,stronger wi-fi signal compared to the,euro 6.,so this is able to its basically like,its closer to this,and its getting a stronger signal,option number three,is when you get two of the same routers,the ero6 routers,and you hook up one to the modem and,then from this other port,you go to this port through ethernet,you can go through a switch doesnt have,to go through a switch between these two,routers,but basically the secondary router,router acting as an,access point is hooked up to this,through ethernet,so this is the best possible option,going to give you the best possible,speeds,when i got really close to this and did,a speed test with the iphone,i got 481 down and 23 up,so as i was expecting very good speeds,when i did the same option with the hero,pro 6 i basically,got very similar so again one sucked up,to the modem,uh the other one ethernet port is sucked,up to this either through a switch or,not through a switch but basically,thats called ethernet back call by the,way but essentially,this is somehow connected to this via,ethernet cable,so when i did speed test i got to this i,basically got that same 480 down and 25,up,exactly what i was expecting option,number four,is when you take these two exact routers,but instead of having them connected via,ethernet theyre hooked up,via wi-fi so its very similar to what,option two is,except youre actually using a router as,an access point versus an,extender so this one is sucked up to,your modem,and then this one you just go anywhere,in your place and then,you know hook this up to the power and,this,wirelessly connects to this so now,theres a wireless,connection between these two very,similar to the wi-fi center,when i did a speed test came really,close to this did a speed test i got 192,down,and 19 up,now heres where the eero pro 6 starts,to shine,because in that same test with option,number four,when i got really close to this again,this is hooked up to the modem and these,are wirelessly connected to each other,um and i got really close to this one,which is wirelessly connected to the,main one,i got 332 down and 23 up so,much much faster when these are,wirelessly connected,so heres where the euro pro 6 is,starting to shine so ev

eero 6+ Unboxing and Review | Speed Tests, Range Tests, Eero App and Much More …

hey whats up guys this is the new hero,6 plus its a dual band mesh wi-fi 6,system im going to unbox this thing do,some speed tests both in wired and,wireless backhaul and do some range,tests to see how far we can actually get,so this does support speeds of up to,gigabit and supposedly covers up to 3,000 square feet and it has two ethernet,ports on each this one also supports,zigbee and thread just as a heads up so,it can do a little bit more,than a router so looking at the size of,this thing you know it has the two,ethernet ports theyre auto sensing and,you have a usbc power,in the center and i do have the regular,eero pro 6 here so,as a size comparison,and i also have the eero pro 6e as which,is pretty much the same size as the eero,pro 6. and in another video ill compare,these to each other in separate videos,one with this against the pro 6 and this,against the 6c so you guys could see the,differences so smash that subscribe,button if you guys havent already,alright so this is the same thing and,this is most likely just some power,cables so setup instructions,and we have,our usbc power cables which is pretty,compact,usbc and it is 100 to 240 volts so it,should be okay,and as a size comparison you can see,that the pro 60 has a slightly larger,power supply,but again this is going to be focused on,the 6 plus,and reading the manual from the pro 6,that ive done reviews on,it basically says it wants you to use,this cable to power up the routers and,we have a cat 5e or cat6 or probably,even cat 7 ethernet cable but im sure,supports gigabit speeds and we have a,little warranty safety and legal,its been a couple days since ive,unboxed these ive been using as my main,mesh system and so far so good so no job,something like that there was one thing,i noticed during the range test which i,will talk about during the range test,but it wasnt a big deal i think with,the firmware update it will get,addressed so in that time i did do all,the speed tests wired wireless backhaul,range test again with my iphone 13 pro,max wi-fi 6 device and even though this,is a wi-fi 6 mesh system it does not,support wi-fi 6e i still tested with my,wi-fi 60 devices the pixel 6 pro and the,galaxy s 22 ultra,just because ive noticed for most if,not all mesh systems the wi-fi 60,devices typically get slightly better,speeds,so just noted that here so starting with,the internet speed test,when you get a router no matter how fast,the router is when youre accessing the,internet youre limited by your internet,speed so whatever youre paying for,to your isp your internet service,provider,and this thing is fast enough to handle,my internet speeds which are 940,megabits per second download and 880,megabits per second upload so all the,numbers i tell you guys will be in,megabits per second not in megabytes per,second which theres a big difference,because one byte is equal to eight bit,so theres a huge difference between the,two okay so starting with an ethernet,speed test when its when i do it on my,computer i get those full speeds however,with the wi-fi devices they dont go,quite as fast,so with the iphone i got some pretty,good speeds you know theres definitely,a decrease in the upload and with the,wi-fi 60 i got even better speeds with,the download and slightly worse with the,upload to isolate the mesh system i,actually make my local area speed test,server where i make my computer into a,server so i go from phone to router to,computer isolating the router removing,my isp and the public speed test server,from the equation i get amazing speeds,with wi-fi six device and with the wi-fi,6e device im pretty much almost at,gigabit speeds now moving on to,wired backhaul essentially thats when,you have two of these systems and,theyre connected to each other via,ethernet so wired back off speeds were,pretty much the same as the single,router which is what i would expect,because there is a gigabit connection,between them via ethernet now when we,look at the wireless backhoe system of,initial impressions its way slower than,the wired backhaul which it should be,however this actually did better than,what i was expecting considering this is,a dual band system this is not a,tri-band or a quadband systems which,typically do better,on wireless backhaul because they have,that additional band or two additional,bands,or they use it as a dedicated backhaul,or a combination of the three so the,fact that this is a dual band and did,this well,honestly this is phenomenal again,considering the price and the fact that,this is a dual band,now we get into the range test which can,vary based on location so if youre in,between floors a lot of thick walls a,lot of other interference if youre in a,building with a lot of other routers,around this can all hurt your range so,im in a bit of a more of an open area,than i used to be so i typically get,more range now but take these numbers,with a grain of salt because it really,varies by location so at 20 feet away,inside my place very very fast almost no,drop in speeds at 50 feet away this is,when im outside and obviously there is,a drop and this thing goes all the way,up to 180 feet which is pretty good,considering the price of this thing and,considering the specs of this thing,essentially theres a two point four and,a five gigahertz and now theres a new,six gigahertz with the wi-fi 60 devices,this does not support six gigahertz this,just has a 2.4 and a 5 gig now the 2.4,lets you go farther but its not as fast,the 5 gig is much faster than the 2.4,however it doesnt have,as amazing of a range as the 2.4,gigahertz does so when i noticed with,this one,that i havent really noticed too much,with the other ones,was that as soon as i passed the 100,foot mark it the phone wanted to connect,to the 2.4 because it had better wi-fi,bars,however the speeds werent much slower,because now im operating on that slower,frequency so i think because this is a,new product i think there will be,firmware updates to address this again,after a few attempts i did get to the,five gigahertz which did give me way,better speeds as you guys can see but,when i wasnt on that it was actually a,lot slower jumping to the air app this,is one of those super easy to use apps,thats also very very stable so you,could be up and running in literally,five to six clicks and youre good to go,so essentially it just tells you how to,connect it to your modem and then it,tells you to pick a wi-fi name and,youre pretty much up and running very,very simple and it works very very well,however there are two cons with this app,thats worth mentioning,number one is,its limited on options so unlike the,asus that literally lets you customize,just about anything,this thing,doesnt let you cuss,lets you customize very very little you,could assign you know specific ip,addresses if you wanted to,um there are a few other options but,its not too many options this thing is,really just simplified to make life easy,so thats one thing the second thing if,you want parental controls and a few,other options like ad blocking and some,other stuff well that requires a,subscription now it doesnt cost much,but its not included with the price of,the euro which i feel it would be nice,if they did include that now to,summarize is it worth getting these why,or why not well i personally think the,eero 6 plus is amazing eero did a,phenomenal job,with this primarily because it gives,really good consistent speeds throughout,your home,very very fast especially the wireless,backhaul i was actually very surprised,how fast the wireless backhaul was on,the six plus because i was expecting,much less and it did a really good job,considering this is a dual band system,that is not too expensive,so,the only issue that i had with this,which again this is very early on it,just came out i feel like firmware,updates will fix this,if youre gonna walk far away,itll probably default to the 2.4 which,naturally it should however if the five,gigahertz signal is still there thats,goin

Amazon eero Pro 6 Mesh Wifi Review – 6 Months Later

While working from home, all of last  year and just getting fed up with  ,Wi-Fi dropouts and inconsistent speeds, I  thought to myself, there had to be a better  ,Wi-Fi router router out there for me, and it  turns out there was, and thats the eero Pro 6,  ,eero’s latest Wi-Fi 6, triband mesh router that  with just one router can cover 2,000 square feet.,In this review Ill take you through what its  been like to use the eero Pro 6 over the past six  ,months, the top features, what I like and dont  like about it, and if I recommend getting this  ,router system. First the setup process. Now,  if you have any experience at all in setting  ,up a Wi-Fi router in the past, youve likely  had at least one difficult router to set up.,And thankfully, the eero Pro 6 in my experience  is not a difficult router to set up at all.  ,In fact, setup is one of the best features of  this router system because it is dead simple.  ,You unbox the devices, download the app on  iPhone or Android and plug in the routers.,And youre pretty much good to go. This was the  fastest setup Ive experienced on a Wi-Fi router  ,and I had no issues whatsoever and I’d  feel confident giving this router system  ,to somebody who isnt as tech savvy and know  that theyd be able to set it up without issue.,I have a main router and an additional one I  use as a satellite to pump enough Wi-Fi signal  ,across the street to my garage. And one of the  benefits of this router is you can mesh multiple  ,ones together and importantly, the eero pro 6  routers use triband technology, which reserves  ,a dedicated band just for communication between  the mesh routers, which will improve the speeds  ,you get from the satellite routers, as well  as the overall reliability of the system.,The routers themselves are pretty small as far  as routers go, and they arent nearly as tall  ,as something like a Netgear Orbi. And unlike  the Orbi, unfortunately, the eero Pro 6 routers  ,only come with one additional wired ethernet  port. Meaning, if you want to plug in a bunch  ,of stuff into it, through a wired connection,  youre going to need to get an internet switch.,Theres only one LED on the router that you  can turn on or off and settings that will  ,tell you the status of your network, like, if  its down, or if everything is looking good,  ,When you first open the app, youll notice  that its very bare bones and simple. Youre  ,not bombarded with too much information,  which in my opinion, is how it should be.,At the top, youll see if youre  connected to the internet or not  ,how many routers are in your system as well  as their location. From there, you have  ,profiles. These allow you to assign specific  devices on your network to a specific person  ,like your kids. For example, From there, its very  easy to pause the devices or schedule a pause.,For example, if you want to limit when youre  kids are on Wi-Fi. Now if you want to block ads,  ,place a content filter or just block  certain websites for a specific profile,  ,you actually cant do any of that unless  you subscribe to eero subscriptions service,  ,which is called secure and thats really  the first and only downside of encountered  ,with using this router system. Given  how much the eero Pro 6 retails for,  ,eero should have included this feature,  considering the Nest and Google Wi-Fi routers,  ,which are two of the top selling routers on the  market, include some of these features for free.,Eero’s Secure subscription isn’t actually that  much at 29.99 per year or $2.99 per month and  ,includes parental controls, active security  measure that block malicious websites that have  ,malware, keeps devices on your network  safe from phishing attacks, viruses,  ,and deceptive sites. Blocks malware attempts  to access your network via smart home devices,  ,has ad blockers, content filtering,  activity insights, and VIP support,Now if you want to pay more to Eero per  month they also have a service called Secure  ,Plus, because…everything has to be a plus.  With this subscription you get a bundle of  ,services related to internet usage like 1Password  a password management service, encrypt.me which is  ,a VPN for when you’re home and away from home,  and malwarebytes which is a service designed  ,to help keep your devices safe and clean from  viruses and works on Mac, Windows, and Android.,Secure Plus includes everything in Eero  Secure and costs $99 a year or $9.99 a month.,So that’s the subscription service  offerings from Eero which to be fair  ,are similar to what you’ll see on Netgear’s  Orbi Wifi 6 routers but eh Im just not a  ,fan of limiting functionality to try to get  people to sign up for a subscription service.,Now, one thing thats not a subscription  service is this video’s sponsor Bellroy.  ,I proudly partnered with Bellroy, headquartered  in Melbourne, Australia, because they’re focused  ,on improving ways to carry your tech and  belongings and have been making some great  ,products for over a decade now, like their  Apex Slim Sleeve wallet which is the perfect  ,choice if you’ve been putting off getting rid of  that old wallet giant wallet and slimming down.  ,Bellroy bonded the layers of leather to keep it  slim and has this nice satisfying snap when you  ,close it thanks to the included magnets, and  best of all you don’t have to break it in over  ,time. The Apex Slim Sleeve can hold 6-8 cards,  has a nice slim pull tab for easy card access,  ,is RFID protected, has a 3 year warranty, &  features eco tanned leather, which uses a process  ,that reduces chemicals and uses 80% less water  than traditional tanneries, resulting in a rich,  ,durable leather that’s better on the environment.,Bellroy is offering 6 Months  Later viewers an exclusive 10%  ,off anything on Bellroy’s site by using  the link in the description below,  ,and they make more than just wallets, some  great bags, phone cases, and other accessories,  ,so make sure to check out that link and hurry,  the 10% off discount only through October 2021.,All right, now, back to the app, the last part  of the main home tab is the device list which  ,will automatically populate when you first set  up your routers. One thing I really like about  ,this is you can click into a specific device, like  my Tesla Model 3, as an extreme example of a Wi-Fi  ,connected device, I can see what router its  connected to, what gigahertz network its using  ,to connect to my router, who makes the device,  the security used, when it was last active on  ,my network, and the ability to block the device  if I wanted to and best of all, you can change  ,the type of device. So you can categorize  different devices into different categories,  ,which I really like and it makes it way easier to  see and organize all of the devices on my network.,Plus it makes it easy to see if far away  Wi-Fi devices like my car in the garage  ,are getting enough signal from the Wi-Fi mesh  point. The next tab over is the activity tab  ,and this is useful for those who have  data caps on their internet service,  ,which really should be outlawed, but anyways,  this feature will give you an idea of how much  ,data you’re consuming per week. Unfortunately,  eero has hid your history beyond just one week  ,behind their eero secure subscription  paywall, which isnt really necessary.,Moving on, the discover tab lets you  learn more about their subscription,  ,link to your Amazon account, add the routers to  your Apple HomeKit app and access Eero labs which  ,let you try out beta features, and thankfully  those don’t require the Eero subscription.,The settings tab in the Eero app is pretty simple,  it holds your account information, wifi name and  ,password, ability to create a guest network,  access basic network settings, including IPv6,  ,DNS, DDNS, UPnP, and DHCP & NAT settings,  thread which is used for smart home devices,  ,and band steering which will help improve  your wifi performance by encouraging devices  ,to connect to

Amazon Eero 6 Mesh WiFi System|Set up & Review

hello everyone i hope youre having a,great day today we have the ever so,popular euromesh wi-fi router is it the,most over hyped mesh wi-fi router ever,its designed to be the most ideal,router with the ability to have great,wi-fi around your home easy to use setup,in a fantastic companion app with a,price tag around 200 is it really a good,mesh wi-fi router or is it popular,because amazon advertises it everywhere,how does it compare to the competition,is it really that good lets find out,the euro mesh wi-fi router is a simple,setup its easy as one two three,basically all you gotta do is download,companion app create a profile and then,just simply follow along the steps that,it tells you to do youre gonna connect,the host router to your modem with the,provided ethernet cable and then the app,is going to use your location to find,the router and then pair it up simply,like that now after the app pairs to the,router all you have to do after that is,set up your network name set up a,password and then boom easy as that no,restart even needed now that thats all,set up all you just have to do is set up,your nodes around the house and boom,wi-fi boosted now it has a white plastic,frame with rounded corners and it is,much smaller than any other wi-fi mesh,router around so its easily hidable,around your house the three pack,provides up to 5 000 feet of coverage,quite impressive if you ask me for its,portable price even though mesh systems,are considered light on ports i think,that the two gigabyte ethernet cable,ports are gonna be somewhat limiting for,households but it has a very convenient,reset button on the base of it if you,just in case you need to reconsider any,of your settings one of the biggest,bonuses about this thing that i really,enjoyed is that you can connect,unlimited nodes and all of the evo,products are all going to connect to the,same thing super handy if you have a,giant house i thought the app itself was,well designed and easy to use and it,provides some useful features for,managing your network the home screen,displays an overall status indicator,list of connected devices the results of,the most recent speed test and which,devices are using the most bandwidth i,could easily create a guest network,assign it a name and password generate a,qr code to quickly connect and enable,pop-up notifications whenever a new,client connected to the network for,added safety you even get some advanced,functions such as dns settings ip,reservations and port forwarding,settings sadly one of the biggest,downfalls is you can give it separate ss,ids or control which bands are being,used which claim you should also know,that the euro has limited utility with,your smart home systems while the nodes,lack alexa endpoint capability they can,respond to basic commands if you have a,smart speaker but they cant perform,more advanced adjustments if youre,looking for a device that can easily,integrate it into a home ecosystem the,google nest wi-fi offers built-in,speakers to register your voice commands,and solid performance but it wont suit,amazon users and the satellites lack,ethernet ports overall i thought the,security was pretty solid you can have,either wpa2 security or you can enable,wpa3 using the app however i was,disappointed that it doesnt support,trusted platform modules for safer,firmware updates its also worth noting,that purchasing a secure plan for 2.99 a,month gives you additional safety,benefits including ad blocking weekly,security reports and a cloud-based,analysis of malicious websites you also,can get some basic parental controls to,block off certain websites or schedule,times that your kids can go on the,internet the premium plan goes a little,further and gives you malware protection,and vpn for up to five different devices,you should also know that the euromast,router route utilizes a 700 megahertz,quad-core processor 512 megabytes of ram,and a four gigabyte of flash storage,space for firmware it has a dual band,design so the maximum throughput isnt,as high as some competitors but it uses,true mesh technology that reroutes,traffic to optimize your connection it,delivered a strong connection at close,range but i felt the long distance,performance was middling it also gives,you 2×2 mu mimo capability for,simultaneous data streaming and,direct-to-device beamforming while it,lacks wi-fi 6 capabilities i was,actually pretty impressed with how,easily it handled a very heavy network,of streaming and other processes it,didnt seem to slow down at all if,youre looking for a more efficient,tri-band option with wi-fi six the,amazon aero pro 6 supports an additional,five gigahertz band and has better area,coverage per unit but it costs more all,things considered the euro mesh wi-fi,router has a lot of solid features and,good utility has an intuitive setup,process and enough range to reliably,fill your home so i can see why its,such a popular option is it the perfect,router no no it is not theres a lot,more routers out there that have way,more capabilities and way more options,the google nest wi-fi offers better home,automation capabilities and the euro pro,6 offers faster speeds and additional,five gigahertz band however the euromesh,wi-fi router does offer solid coverage,decent signal strength and speed boost,but you can get more powerful and,feature-rich options out there at,comparable prices but hey thats just my,opinion why dont you guys tell me your,opinion in the comments down below and,if youre looking for updated pricing,just check the links in the description,and if you guys found this video helpful,or you say even youll learn something,give the video a like if youre new to,the channel and want to learn more about,stuff why dont you give us a subscribe,hit that button help us out grow a,little bit but until then ill see you,next time

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