1. EGO Electric Snow Blower 1 Year Later………Was It Worth It?
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EGO Electric Snow Blower 1 Year Later………Was It Worth It?

so Winters coming unless you live in,the southern hemisphere but for people,like me up here North I live in Michigan,winter is coming and snow is in the,future its not a question of will it,snow its whens it going to start and,how much youre going to get now last,year I decided I would go and purchase,my very first piece of electric,um Home Lawn Equipment I guess you could,call it I purchased a snow blower and I,did so with some reservations I had,concerns obviously that I wasnt going,to be able to clear my entire driveway,and my sidewalks on a single charge or,that if I got like a really heavy,snowfall I wouldnt be able to I,wouldnt have the power to even move the,snow off my driveway let alone clear the,whole thing in one charge especially the,stuff at the end of the driveway you,know that that giant ice wall that the,plow trucks like to leave for you but,the convenience of just popping a,battery in clearing out my driveway and,the sidewalk was just it just sounded,too good to be true so I decided I would,give it a shot the brand that I decided,to go with was ego now this isnt a,sponsored video for ego in any way but,after looking at all the other electric,snow blower options out there the one I,decided to go with was ego and I decided,that for a couple of reasons the first,one was most of the reviews for their,equipment seem pretty positive uh there,was some you know there were some negons,out there but for the most part the,average seam that people kind of liked,the ego products which made me feel a,little better about going with an,electric piece of lawn equipment I knew,that if this ego snowblower turned out,to be decent and I had a good experience,with it I would probably want to pick up,you know some lawn equipment to use in,the summer and since I didnt have any,existing electric lawn equipment I,wanted to pick a good brand that I,thought people liked before I got locked,into the battery ecosystem and thats,the second reason why I chose ego is,that the batteries from what I could see,most people said that they were pretty,good and my experiences over the last,year have been pretty positive the,batteries charged well they hold their,charge and storage well they have good,indications on them they seem like a,pretty decent product as a battery stamp,point so I decided to go down to Ace,Hardware and pick up a single staged,Peak Power Plus snow blower with the,steel auger the kit that I bought came,with the snow blower two 7.5 amp hour,batteries and the Dual Port charger and,it costs around 850 now this kit is,still available for around the same,price but you can also buy the kit for a,little cheaper with two 5 amp hour,batteries and the Dual Port charger or,you can get like the same kit as I did,with the 7.5 amp hour batteries but,instead of the Dual Port charger it,comes with the the fast charger for the,same price-ish 850. so I figured that a,single stage would be more than enough,for what I have to clear the driveway,and sidewalk area that Im looking to,take care of is about 1020 square feet,and I chose the steel auger version,because of all that ice that the plow,trucks like the pile up in front of my,driveway the rubber paddle ones normally,do a better job getting the snow off of,concrete but they kind of have a tougher,time cutting through the ice and the and,clearing the ice from the end of the,driveway is way more important than,getting all the way down to the concrete,on my driveway assembly the snowblower,pretty basic you take take it out of the,box you put the shoot on it you attach,the handlebars charge your battery,youre good to go theres really not,much for assembly when it comes to,something like this now the first time I,used it was we only got like two inches,like a light dusting of snow but a new,piece of a new piece of stuff I got to,use it so I went out there with it,cleared uh all the two inches out of my,driveway and sidewalks easily there was,no problem I only used about half the,charge on my battery so at that point I,started be less concerned that I wasnt,gonna be able to clear the whole,driveway on a single charge and I kind,of enjoyed the the whole experience I,will say it wasnt as quiet as I thought,it was going to be I in my head I,assumed that an electric snowblower be,like whisper quiet wasnt the case its,a lot louder than I thought it was going,to be that being said the snow blower I,had before this was like a 1980s,Montgomery Ward snowblower that was,super loud so compared to that one its,quiet and I could take this snowblower,out early in the morning before work,clear the driveway or even late at night,it has headlights clear the driveway not,worry about being a nuisance in the,neighborhood but the real test for this,snowblower came later that year February,2nd 2022 Michigan my area was hit with a,pretty pretty big snowstorm for what we,normally get we it started out with just,a whole bunch of rain then it moved into,a whole bunch of freezing rain and then,that rain went to snow and then my area,got about a foot of snowfall on top of,all that rain and Ice that had already,previously fell the worst part was I,wasnt even home while this snowstorm,was going on so I couldnt go on,couldnt go out like halfway through the,storm clear everything out and then just,finish up when it was all done I knew,that I was going to go home to a,disaster in my driveway and have to try,to clear this whole foot of snow out,with ice,and all I had was this brand new,electric snowblower that I wasnt really,sure if that was something they could,handle but that being said it crushed it,it cleared the whole driveway the,sidewalks even at this point which was a,two foot wall an ice wall at the front,of my driveway from all the plow trucks,moving all the snow during the storm,it cleared it all out now the giant two,foot snow bank took a little bit of work,since it was taller than the snowblower,I had to take a couple runs at it but,eventually chewed through the whole,thing and I got the whole driveway all,the sidewalks the ice wall taken care of,on a single charge and I was really,surprised and,kind of amazed it didnt bog down or,anything like that just chewed right,through it even more surprising is that,it didnt even it wasnt even completely,dead when it was all said and done it,was there was only one bar left so it,could have died at any minute but,um it had a little bit of a little bit,of juice left in the left in the tank it,could have could have ran a little bit,longer I dont know how much longer but,for me one foot of snow with uh 1020,square foot of clearing area was easily,accomplished with two batteries that are,7.5 amp hour each so,if thats something similar size what,you got you should be good all in all,the snowblower worked Wonders that whole,entire last year and I cant really wait,to use it this year I do enjoy,snowballing for whatever reason I enjoy,like mowing the yard too its a bit of a,weirdo but,I cant wait for it to start snowing so,I can bust this thing back out and again,the convenience of it is just great I,use it and then when Im done I pop the,batteries on the charger they charge up,when theyre full they just stop,charging and then when I go out there,and need to use it again theyre just,there ready to go pop them in clear,everything out easy peasy so even though,I had concerns about getting an electric,snow blower after using it for an entire,year thats not the case I would,definitely buy this ego snowblower again,no questions asked I mean to be honest I,like it so much this summer I went out,and I bought the lawnmower I have a leaf,blower now I have the power head with,the rototiller weed eater and edger,I kind of went all in on the ego stuff,and the snow blower plus all my lawn,equipment Ive had no nothing really bad,to say about it so if youre like me and,youre on the fence if you should get an,electric snow blower it will be enough,Id say if you have an area similar to,mine you could do about 12 inches 10 to,12

Is a Battery Snow Blower Worth It?? Ego 2-Stage Review

i just replaced one of my last gasoline,powered machines that i own,my 10 year old aryan snowblower the,replacement,the brand new two-stage snowblower from,ego now we all know the batteries in the,cold dont go well together,so how does the ego power plus,snowblower hold up well lets find out,im matt farrell welcome to undecided,[Music],its always a little weird making videos,like this about a snow blower,of all things but it does fit right in,with what i typically talk about on the,channel,its been a slippery slope for me as,ive been slowly electrifying everything,in my life,from my car to my house with solar and,battery,as well as my other gasoline-powered,machines that ive been moving over to,electric one by one,one of the leading brands when it comes,to things like lawn mowers leaf blowers,edgers and now snow blowers is ego,and to be upfront before i get accused,of making a sponsored video for them,this is not i never do product reviews,for money or compensation,when it comes to ego ive paid cash for,every eagle product that i own,now if you saw my review of the latest,ego mower youll know that im a huge,fan im able to mow my entire yard on a,single battery charge,but ive held off on going electric with,my snowblower for one big reason,new england winters now we dont always,get a lot of snow around here,i grew up in upstate new york near,rochester which can get some serious,snow but here in the boston area it can,be hit or miss,most of the time were talking about,snow thats five to six inches or on,rare occasions,a foot or more now the past few years,have actually been,really light on snow but when we do get,hit by a sizeable noreaster it can be,really problematic so while most of the,electric snowblowers on the market could,easily,handle a few inches of snow here and,there its those frequent storms that,im most worried about,my house is located on the bend of a,road so the snow plow tends to dump a,more sizeable amount of snow at the end,of our driveway than our neighbors,it really drives me nuts now if we get,about a foot of snowfall i can usually,expect about two to three feet of snow,pile at the end of the driveway,and the worst case scenarios the end of,our driveway feels like were trying to,keep the white walkers out of westeros,the first electric snowblower that,looked like it had the power and the,capability to stand up to the challenge,arrived this past year its the ego,power plus 24-inch self-propelled,two-stage snowblower,which at the time of recording this,sells for about thirteen hundred dollars,its pricey if you dont know the,difference between a single stage and a,two-stage snowblower,it really comes down to the mechanism,that chews through the snow and throws,it out the chute,in a single stage snowblower the auger,not only breaks up the snow,but it throws it up and out the chute in,one motion a two-stage snowblower has a,spinning auger that breaks up the snow,and ice,depositing it into the center of the,snow blower where a separate impeller,throws it out the chute a single stage,snow blower is usually fine for snow,under eight inches,and a two stage is better for deeper and,more challenging snow build up,now i had a single stage snowblower here,for my first few winters in this house,and it was a nightmare my wife and i,during the worst snowstorms could be,outside for hours,digging out even with that single stage,snowblower working its heart out,it was a sad sight so my biggest concern,with the battery snowblower wasnt just,how many stages it had,but its battery capacity and longevity,the ego comes with two 56v,7.5 amp hour lithium batteries now i,have an advantage,since i also have several other pieces,of ego gear which means i have several,other batteries that i can use if i run,out of power,on the included batteries during use if,you dont have spare batteries your,experience is going to vary,a lot which ill get to in a bit,as for features the ego has most of what,youd expect it has a 24 inch clearing,width and 20 inches of height,a variable drive control for propelling,the snowblower forwards or in reverse,as well as a separate auger speed,control and the housing is a mix of,metal and plastic,the parts that need most strength and,durability are all metal like the front,housing,handlebars and the chute the remaining,bits that are plastic is actually a nice,touch since you wont have to worry,about rusting,it also makes the snowblower much,lighter than its gasoline counterparts,which makes it easier to control as a,result,theres also a headlight which is a nice,touch but ive never found these to be,super useful on any snowblower so,i can take it or leave it all the,controls are laid out nicely in between,the handles,youve got your chute direction and,height controls on the top the auger and,drive controls are located closest to,you,and of course the obligatory safety,controls on the handles themselves that,act as a dead man switch that stop the,auger and movement when you let it go,theres a decent plastic tool clipped to,the back of the housing for clearing out,jams in the chute or the auger which is,par for the course with any snowblower,like this,the bottom line is that it has all the,controls that youd expect but at this,price point you sometimes get heated,handles on gas versions,the lack of heated handles makes some,sense here since it would just run down,the battery faster,which brings me to how it actually,handles and how long those two batteries,actually last,as if on cue mother nature threw a,pretty sizable amount of snow at me the,first few weeks after i picked up the,ego,now we got about 14 to 15 inches of snow,that let me get a good sense for how,this snow blower will hold up in a,typical heavy snowfall for my area,and yes i know 15 inches,is not that much compared to some areas,but like i said that 15 inches,usually ends up being over 24 at the end,of my driveway,now two things surprised me the first,time i spun it up,the first was how loud it was now im,used to how quiet my ego mower is,compared to gasoline versions,and my neighbor has the single stage ego,snow blower which is also pretty quiet,now while this version is much quieter,than my aryans its still,much louder than i was expecting its,got a higher more shrill,sound to it but wearing a pair of air,pods blocked the worst of it out,with my aryans i had to wear earplugs a,pair of headphones wouldnt have been,enough,and being able to listen to music or a,podcast while snowblowing was a first,for me,and the second thing that surprised me,was how easily this thing chewed through,the snow,i dont know why i was surprised by this,given how electric motors are all torque,but wow it had no trouble hurling snow,20 to 30 feet or more,and the motor never sounded like it was,struggling at all,that is until i got to the end of the,driveway now when i was dealing with the,more densely packed heavier,and deeper snow down there the motor did,have to put up more of a fight,the eco has a turbo mode that you can,put the auger into which gives it the,extra power that it needed to get,through it,it hits the battery harder which will,shorten the snowblowing time,but its the easiest time ive ever had,at the end of my driveway in turbo the,ego handled better than the aryans,ever did but theres the battery life,for a sense of size my house has a,single car garage but a driveway thats,double width for a second car parked,outside,at its widest its about 16 and a half,feet wide and 42 feet long,and taking all the variations in the,shape the driveway is about 630 square,feet,or 58.5 square meters i almost completed,snow blowing when the two batteries gave,out,and since i already had other batteries,available from my mower my leaf blower,and my edger,i just grabbed two 5 amp hour batteries,swapped them out and i,finished up i only needed about another,5 minutes to complete the job,if i had kept the auger powered down in,the upper portion of the driveway i,probably would have had enough extra

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EGO 24 inch 2 Stage Snow Blower Review

hi guys this is the ego power two-stage,snow blower it comes with two seven and,a half amp hour 56 volt arc lithium,batteries they weigh 6.4 pounds each,they can be charged in the dual port,charger that weighs 5.85 pounds these,are supposed to be the longest running,and most powerful batteries of any snow,blower on the market theres no prime,choke and pull like gas no blowers,theres just one button that you press,hold down the handles and go it is,self-propelled so you dont have to put,any effort into pushing it the clearing,width is 24 inches and it can handle up,to 20 inches of snow on one charge ego,says this unit can clear an 18-car,driveway when moving eight inches of,medium density snow it has a high,efficiency brushless motor there are two,sets of led lights side lights up here,and headlights down here they draw a,little power press this button once to,turn all the lights on and twice to turn,off the side lights three times to turn,off all the lights shoot direction can,be controlled here with the shoot,rotation handle theres a 200 degree arc,move the shoot deflector up or down to,adjust the throwing distance of the snow,blower now this unit will throw snow 50,feet which is fine for those of you with,a lot of space with my little suburban,new jersey house i have to be careful,not to throw snow into my neighbors,yard or on him while hes shoveling the,led indicator shows the charge level of,the battery pack green means the unit is,working properly and the battery has at,least 15 percent charge left flashing,red means charge the battery there are,15-inch wheels the steel auger theres a,cleaning tool that snaps in here turn,the unit off and use this to clear snow,if the auger gets jammed with snow the,scraper bar,skid shoe,heres some pretty bad pictures of it,being loaded onto a pickup truck from,the hardware store they wouldnt deliver,it because i was outside their delivery,area it wasnt going to fit into my,sedan if you have an suv or a minivan,the box should fit the snowblower weighs,pounds without the battery pack with the,two batteries and charger the total,weight is 162 pounds i bought the snow,blower with the two batteries and,charger inside the box sorry i didnt,show you how to assemble this but it,takes only 15 minutes it was easy a few,days before the first snow the snow,blower was assembled and i put the,batteries to charge i got off to a,disappointing start with this ego,because one of the batteries was dead on,arrival its red and its dead i called,ego and they said they would send,another battery but it would take 10,days seriously 10 days for one battery,to be shipped from ohio to new jersey,thats completely unacceptable for a,snow blower that cost thirteen hundred,dollars i wasnt happy about that,especially because it was supposed to,snow the next day ego really needs to,check their batteries before selling,them when you first get the battery,itll be partially charged make sure to,fully charge it before using there are,five led indicators on the battery press,the power button in the middle to see,how much charge is left one led green,means theres 10 to 20 charge and each,led green goes up by 20 percent charging,the battery takes about 120 minutes and,optimal charging temperature is 41 to,104 degrees fahrenheit to put the charge,batteries in open the cover push the,battery in until you hear a click,the other one,close the cover,to remove the battery after youre done,press the battery release button and,pull up the battery,to turn this ego on press the green,button in the middle for a second and,the led will blink green while the led,is blinking press down the auger switch,trigger on the right to turn the,snowblower on if the led is not blinking,the auger is not going to turn on then,hold down the self propel trigger on the,left to move forward move the lever,forward to go faster and backward to go,slower the self-propelled system will,work whether the auger is on or off so,if you just want to move the snowblower,without blowing snow press down the,self-propelled trigger only and it will,move to stop let go of the trigger to go,in reverse first move the lever to,reverse in orange and press down the,self propelled trigger theres only one,speed in reverse you cant control it,which is a good thing because you might,forget youre in reverse when you turn,the auger on so i decided to go ahead,and use the unit with just one battery,because well i bought a snowblower and,it snowed i wanted to try it out because,its just sitting in the garage doing,nothing i did my four car driveway,my sidewalk my neighbors under the,driveway and three other neighbors,sidewalks on one charge with one battery,which is impressive the snow was powdery,and just a few inches it was an above,freezing day the sun was shining and,there was no wind so ideal conditions my,neighbors were impressed and want to get,one but i dont think they will because,they figure ill just do their sidewalks,heres some clips of the unit working on,one battery,[Applause],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],i use it mostly on eco mode sometimes a,little higher,this is turbo and it works really well,i felt like i was almost running to keep,up with the unit,the battery however was at 15 after,turbo so back to eco mode here and its,of course slower but it still does the,job,i like that its easy to maneuver in,tight spaces like the side of my house,its not massive so you can do a small,walkway,the second battery finally arrived,before the second snow of the season i,put in both charged batteries,this is about five inches of wet snow 18,degrees windy no sun really bad,conditions it worked fine cleared all,the snow without any issues there was a,lot of snow on the wheels so do stop and,clean them off once in a while if its,windy go with the wind otherwise youre,going to get beaten with snow it was,pretty brutal,if the chute is moving or loose you can,tighten it by turning the inline cable,adjuster clockwise to loosen it turn it,counterclockwise by the way the two,times i used the snow blower the chute,did not move it stayed in place,[Music],thats pretty awesome,oh,[Music],i stored the unit in the garage and,found rust on the floor so i just put a,piece of cardboard underneath for now,im guessing the powder coat is failing,and trapping the moisture underneath it,could be rocks or salt that promotes,rust there are some chips on the scraper,bar if this happens to you you could try,rust-oleum or something similar this is,a common problem with snow blowers make,sure to clean your snowblower before,putting it away first run the auger to,get rid of excess snow shut the unit off,and remove the batteries use the,included tool to clean whatever snow is,left clean the chute i didnt go nuts,and wipe it down but you definitely can,there are instructions in the user,manual to replace the scraper bar and,wheels if you need to also adjusting the,height of the skid shoes and replacing,the shear pin if it breaks there are two,extra shear pins stored on the chute so,you dont have to run out and buy them,how long the battery runs depends on how,much snow and how heavy it is i found,that it lasts about 45 minutes which is,great for my needs most of the time i,had the setting in the middle for the,auger and drive basically dont run it,on turbo use eco and lower settings and,youll get a lot more battery life the,fuel gauge will show you how much,battery power is left storage,temperature is 50 to 80 degrees remove,the batteries from the charger and store,it dont leave it in the charger also if,youre storing it for longer than 30,days stored below 80 degrees in a dry,environment they should have a 30 to 50,charge when storing every six months,charge it fully there is a three year,warranty on the battery hopefully it,lasts longer than that because one,battery is 350 and thats a lot of money,for gas snow blowers youll need gas,fuel stabilizer oil and spark plugs,which will cost maybe 35 to 40 dollars,total a year but its

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EGO Auger Propelled Snow Blower COMPARISON SNT2125AP SNT2120AP

hey guys Tech Made Easy and thank you so,much for clicking on our video today,while Im hanging out here with Brooklyn,and we just got our hands on the brand,new single stage auger propelled,snowblower is that crazy or what listen,summer just ended the other day and it,is actually the beginning of fall but it,hasnt shown its face yet because its,almost 90 degrees guys this is going to,be a short introduction but were going,to take a close look at that even though,we dont have any snow right Brooklyn so,why dont we get started,foreign,Checkmate easy with a real quick message,I just want to let you know the video,youre about to watch is not sponsored,we went out and bought the products,ourselves so if you like our video,please give us a thumbs up it definitely,helps share our video,and lastly we hope you subscribe to our,Channel and become a part of the family,thank you,alright guys so were going to start off,here with the snow shovel for the,multi-head and work our way to the two,stage and Im just going to go over some,high level stuff here so the snow shovel,is obviously a multi-head tool so you,have to have the multi-head in order to,use it,but that clears six inches of snow and,it has a 25 foot throwing distance we,did a review on that I will go ahead and,put an image up on the screen so you can,see what that looks like and Ill put,the link in the description but that guy,starts at a hundred and eighty nine,dollars tool only if you want it with I,believe it comes with a four amp hour,battery and a charger for 369 dollars so,thats pretty cool,now Im going to move over to the single,stage this is the o g the original,single stage,now this clears eight inches of snow,it has a 21 inch clearing width and it,throws snow up to 35 feet so not bad it,starts at 4 49 and it goes all the way,to 12.99 which is kind of crazy because,some of the newer models are cheaper but,as you can see it doesnt have the metal,auger that the next model has,now you could see we didnt pick up the,steel single stage because we have,enough snow blowers right but that guy,clears eight inches of snow and again 21,inch clearing width but what they did,with that model was it actually was able,to throw snow up to 40 feet versus 35,feet,it starts at 469 dollars and goes to,8.49 as a kit so really why spend 12.99,on this with the batteries when you can,get at least the steel auger,now as we go down the line here is the,new guy right so this is the new single,stage gen 3 right the third generation,now this has got a steel auger well go,over it with some close-ups in a little,while its got it the auger is actually,self-propelled so the auger will,actually move you through the snow,and again it does still clear eight,inches of snow 21 inch clearing width,but now this can throw up to 45 feet,so 35 40. now 45 feet Prices range from,9.99 at this time the tool only is not,available yet,but 9.99 and ultimately will come with,the two batteries and the charger so,this is the one were going to talk,mostly about today,last but not least youve got the two,stage,I mean what a difference when you go,from a single stage to A two stage,now this is a snow beast and it works,very well I am very happy I got it its,got a 24 inch clearing width first of,all and now this guy will throw snow up,to 50 feet away so thats pretty nice,this starts off cool only at 8 49 and it,goes up to two thousand dollars with,four 10 amp hour batteries and two 700,watt Chargers so pretty pretty nice,by the way we did a bunch of reviews and,testing on the two stage I will put a,picture or two on the left hand side of,the screen so you can see some of those,videos well put them in the description,as well if you want to check them out,so now Im going to take time and just,compare the original to the newer model,Im going to start off on the bottom,because we want to look at the opening,and the auger now Im going to be honest,I have to correct myself because the,auger on the newer model is not Steel,it is actually a belt that they use,lets take a moment now and start off,looking at the single stage the OG right,the original single stage for ego as you,can see here snow is going to go up here,and youll be able to adjust the auger,speed you know using the control on the,handle and this guy will just turn,around and obviously take that snow and,shoot it up through the Chute but this,is a push snow blower right it isnt,self-propelled,as you go to the newer model,you could see here that I made a mistake,by stating it actually has a steel auger,this model doesnt it actually has a,really thick belt that is so close to,the ground that once the snow is there,its going to actually help you,self-propel the snow blower and when we,get snow were going to test this by the,way but as you can see a replaceable,part whether its available or not but,you know youll be able to replace this,if you need to but its pretty thick and,again look how close it is to the ground,so that is how it self-propels now they,did you know you got your LED lights,youve got your green inside instead of,your black that ego green,you know they did change the front a,little bit in comparison to the front,here,the Shoots look about the same as far as,design and functionality I dont see any,big difference there,as we look at the battery compartments,this is a little bit larger it looks,like I mean if you look at this versus,that for a minute right if you just look,at it it looks larger now one thing I,noticed in the inside looks the same I,dont see a difference the lid stays up,I like that now in the original model it,lid does not stay up,itll fall they both have the drainage,holes too right so if you get some snow,in here theyve got drainage holes on,the bottom which is nice,next question is can I put two 10 amp,hour batteries in,well lets go ahead and throw two 10 amp,powered batteries in here,one,two no issues at all that is pretty darn,cool,now I will tell you theres still a,little bit of room you know,so I do believe the 12 amp hours should,fit in here but theres still a little,room which is nice,now looking at the handle system it,looks like nothing changed there the,cable management system the Locking,System looks the same really you cant,adjust the position on the handle thatd,be kind of nice you know down the road,but the handle system looks the same the,way they wire manage and the way it,opens up and closes you know you can,collapse the handle which is nice for,storage,collapsing the handle is pretty easy all,you do is just open up the levers so one,lever,two levers youre going to want to just,turn,the Chute sideways,this will lay down,you can then lock that and then store it,now if you look down the barrel youll,see that you know maybe the opening,itself just the covers larger for the,battery cover you know it just looks,like they opened it up and then this one,here is separated by the Black,now the lights,uh control is here and your battery,indicator is here on the old model,on the new model that is moved to the,handle so,your battery indicator is here,and your LED lights control is here,which is nice,so well take a moment and look at the,controls,as we look at the wheels youll see the,older Wheels here just a slight design,change,this is the old wheel its got gray and,black the new wheel is obviously that,ego green,okay and the wheel looks a little,thicker thats all it still see feels,like its probably that same material,right it almost feels like it could be,rubber but its not but more aggressive,design a little square and the green is,all I can see when we look at the wheels,shoot control has not changed at all,its a reliable system so I see no,difference whatsoever so youre just,simply going to pull to yourself,and it will turn to the right,push out itll turn to the left and you,know its got little locking positions,that works pretty well its pretty,reliable now if you want to obviously,throw further you would just push this,up youd have to manually come 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EGO Power+ Peak Power Snow Blower with Steel Auger Review

well,its been about a year since i did my,last review on a electric snowblower,and after our first snowfall of the year,just before the end of the year,its time to try another one,this,is the ego,snt 2112,56 full snow blower,lets tear into this bad boy,so welcome back to techgooch,and today were getting into this so um,if you watched my review on the snowjoe,that i did last year,i loved a lot that there was to do with,it i loved the price of it but it did,not have the reliability,in terms of standing up to pressure of,being used,not so much the snow blower but actually,the battery um,so i returned that,within a week or so receiving it after,two snowstorms the battery the fuse and,it popped,im hoping i dont have the problem with,this but,this is a lot more expensive,and i am,im kind of done with small engines i,really am im just not a small engine,guy i,love to go all electric in every way,possible i even have solar panels on my,house now too those videos are coming um,but lets get into this,so i just picked this up today,and i am extremely excited,which is kind of funny i dont get,usually really excited about,tools like this but i guess,no i cant i guess i kind of do,all right so,lots of cardboard,just lift this whole thing out of here,so right now i just havent done,anything with that yeah,touch that in a minute theres the chute,set that,instruction manual theres the battery,charger,stick all the plastic back in here while,im at it,now i plan on holding onto the box,for at least a couple weeks to verify i,really like it but theres our two 5 amp,hour batteries in here,i guess they do have a version where it,comes with two 7.2 amp hour batteries,but um,of course thats more expensive too,okay thats everything that comes in the,box let me get this out of the way and,ill bring that back over okay im going,to start with uh well show you the shoe,here in a second well start with the,actual uh handle here um,right now its just in flapping mode,just like came out of the box,there is if you can see theres a nut on,one side and then theres this handle,kind of like a quick release on a,bicycle wheel it looks like so if you,tighten up,that guy,with something yep there we go,all right so thats,maybe too tight,there we go do the same with the other,side,there we go all right now were nice and,steady the other item is,the chute,and this guy here its going to go here,theres actually a tongue looks like it,sticks in there and theres two allen,headphones the nice thing is it looks,like,in the instruction pack or the manual,they actually give you the allen wrench,so thats,handy i dont have to go downstairs and,get my tools,so,pretty simple here right just take these,two bolts out,and then put them back in once you get,the shoot in place,that is uh,incredibly easy just to install,in this case um im not gonna be able to,use this right away like you would,typically a gas one where you can just,throw gas in it make sure the oil level,is good and go,in this case im going to have to charge,the batteries,so,and i knew that coming in of course,i dont have a snowstorm although i do,have half of my driveway shoveled from,the snow storm the other day i did not,shovel the the side and back of my house,so thatll be my testing grounds for,this guy,so its gonna be,it was extremely heavy wet snow when it,happened however its been cold since so,it would have dried out a little bit i,would think,and probably got a little crusty icy so,were going to know,how well,this does in older crusty icy snow,and then we have possibly another,snowstorm coming this weekend,[Music],on the first of the year,and well see how it does on new snow,and,i dont know what kind of snow we will,get,our very first snowfall of the year came,really late which is just the other day,at the end of december,and uh,awesome,throw this in back in here,and it was really heavy and i did not,want to get my,snowblowers out from down below and get,those right i i pushed it off this year,now its time to get something new and,im looking forward to seeing how well,this uh the steel the metal auger does,on this guy so this actually has the,metal guy down here im really looking,forward to seeing how well this does,because if its anything if its,anything as good as the snow joe just,better,then its its going to blow my mind um,if its as good its still going to be,awesome and im hoping that the,batteries are even last longer and,definitely put out more juice so,that said uh lets take a peek at the,battery pack real quick and uh then ill,get charging,so in the boxes here,[Applause],two,big old batteries and of course this,makes up usually the bulk of the cost of,anything thats electric,is the batteries right so these are some,nicely sized five amp hour batteries,uh theyre yeah theyre both low right,now obviously theyre not fully charged,to be full circle if theyre fully,charged but in this case it does have,the dual sided double charger,and im looking forward to seeing how,fast this charge is ill let you know i,havent even looked into it to see how,fast this this charger goes but im,going to go ahead and theyre just going,to slide on here like any,uh you know like any battery on most,chargers right,and uh and then well,well fast forward to when theyre done,charging so,i will be back,okay im gonna start actually closer to,the house but,lets open this up a little bit i dont,think it needs to be opened up all the,way right there,and were going to slide it and,on this side theres a button,you push the button you pull the lever,and there is a,speedometer,im probably gonna have to get im gonna,keep it up at full blast,so,all right lets turn it,around,now were gonna go up a hill,so,[Music],well i dont know if it recorded that,last a little bit or not but either way,im gonna go up and down again its,actually working better it is very very,icy snow so,go with that,its not powder and its not wet it was,very wet when it landed,but because the cold weather after the,last couple days its kind of frozen,its actually going better than i,thought through this stuff,[Applause],so you can obviously see where my,daughter was,going through the stuff and its,it is like thats a frozen footprint,so thats what im running into thats,where im hitting the little snags is,all the frozen stuff underneath,because we got freezing rain in addition,to snow,always makes it fun but i do like the,shoot control its easy to do,so,so,the big thing is is how frozen this is,because it was very wet when it landed,till now its doing better than i,thought getting down almost to the,actual bare,well asphalt down here,not bad it shoots it pretty good thats,for sure its got plenty of power cant,wait to see once we get a little bit,deeper snow how it does with that,so actually when i was around back my,my gopro died but,underneath the snow was one of my old,hoses yet,forgot i put it back there,and i hit it sucked into the chute,shoot stopped immediately red light,flashed let me know that its not a,overload or whatever probably um,let go of it went over,pulled the thing out of the shoot quick,and then she started right back up so,at least does stop itself,and it didnt seem to do any damage at,all so,yay,okay im,i love this thing already,lets see what that is a piece of ice or,something,oh stick right there,lets have some fun lets see,what does it do when you shoot it,straight up lets get a little better,angle huh,okay shes got distance,ill give her that,so,of course time will tell this video is,not going to be a one time uh youll see,right here in a minute were going to,split over to the uh take two on the,second snowfall of the year,but,um,actually i should say first snowfall of,the of the 2022,but im impressed so far very impressed,she shoots further than,the snow joe that i had did,it definitely runs better,uh the battery seems like its gonna,last a lot longer but it is two,batteries ill give it that right two,batteries versus one it is running at 56,volts,so you can look at it

[R.I.P. GAS] EGO 2-Stage & Single-Stage Cordless Battery Snow Blower Review ❄️❄️❄️

[Music],welcome back everybody my name is andrew,and this is kite army so by this point,you probably know i really like battery,powered lawn tools but i have to say if,you told me about 10 years ago that to,be a battery-powered snow blower that,could outperform a gas model i might,have argued with you well i can accept,that i would have been wrong in this,case because today we have these,battery-powered snowblowers right here,that definitely outperform gas models in,power and convenience theres no noise,fuss and fumes so if you dont believe,me,check,this out,so today i get to share with you two of,the highest rated battery powered,blowers ever made and theyre both right,here theyre both made by ego this model,right here is the ego two stage,self-propelled model and right over here,i have the ego single stage steel auger,model now both of these models are,powered by the 56 volt battery platform,so the same batteries that power their,chainsaws their lawnmowers their leaf,blowers can be used to power these,snowblowers so the first snow blower,were gonna be checking out today is,this ego single staged steel auger snow,blower now this snow blower can cut a,snow path up to 21 inches and is great,for snow totals of about eight inches,high so the way this snow blower works,is the steel auger spins and as it spins,it breaks up that snow and ice and then,pushes it out the chute right here now,it can throw and push that snow up to 40,feet away from the snow blower the other,cool thing about the snow blower is its,got a lever up here on the dashboard,that lets you control,easily the direction the snow is thrown,so lets move over here to the battery,compartment you can see the snow blower,can accommodate two batteries and if you,buy it with batteries as a kit it will,actually include a dual charger now you,can see its got the space for up to 10,amp hour battery which is the largest,battery ego sells if you want to extend,those run times so next up we got the,big dog this is the ego two stage,self-propelled snow blower and trust me,this thing is a battery snow blowing,beast once you see this work youre,never going to want to touch a gas,powered snow blower ever again quick,story my neighbor last year was using,his gas snow blower to clear the end of,his driveway the kind of nasty stuff you,get from the snow plows he saw me do,mine super easy super quick and he said,hey come on over here andrew give me a,hand well the end of the story is he,actually bought one of these for himself,so everyones reaction to the snow,blower when they first see it is how,huge the intake is this actually,measures 24 inches wide by 20 inches,high this snow blower can easily tackle,snow up to like 16 17 inches so the way,this snow blower works is youve got the,steel auger here so thats the stage one,of the snow blower the second stage is,that propeller in the back there thats,actually what shoots the snow out of the,snow blower and it can shoot it up to 50,feet as you can see right here so the,next thing i want to show you is the,battery compartment,just like the single stage it can,accommodate two batteries and lastly,youve got all the controls to operate,this snow blower right here on your,dashboard youve got your auger you can,change your angle of your pitch here you,can change the direction that its,thrown the speed of the drive so you,have all those controls really,accessible right here,[Music],so,so,[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so as you can see both of these,snowblowers make removing snow much less,painful so for those of you out there,that are possibly trying to decide,between these two snow blowers let me,give you some guidance if you live in an,area where youre getting snowfalls that,are less than eight inches and not all,that frequent i would definitely try to,steer you towards this single stage now,on the other hand if youre in one of,those places where youre getting,pummeled by snow all the time definitely,check out the two stage the other reason,to possibly select the two stage no,matter where you live is if you need,that self-propelled feature all right,guys,i am cold im gonna head inside have,some hot cocoa and watch some kite army,hey,come to think of it why dont you guys,join me theres a video right there,lets watch that one together

Ego Snow Blower (SNT2112) Review & Snow Test

[Music],ladies and gentlemen boys and girls its,your boy shadeless and im back with,another review todays going to be a,little bit different were not going to,be reviewing any type of mice or,keyboards or anything like that were,going to be reviewing the ego single,stage snowblower to be specific the,model for this is snt,1,that is ss and sam and as a nancy tias,and thomas2112,the reason why i want to do this review,is because i already own a push mower,from eco and when i finally got this,snow blower back in november im like,man i gotta make a youtube video on this,now this is gonna be just a short review,but i wanted to let you guys know about,this product because i really enjoy it,and being in minnesota youre gonna need,some horsepower to get through that snow,now in regards to the type of snow that,we get here we get all kinds of snow we,could have light powdery stuff we could,have slushy stuff we can have the hard,top layered ice stuff all sorts of stuff,really really tall really really short,its all here in minnesota but the,reason why i want to boast in this,machine here is because it works out,very well in all types of snow,now for me,my,driveway is about i dont know,20 feet 20 feet or so 15 20 feet,and,i think it does really well for my,application now you have to determine if,it works well for you but for me in this,model here it works out great now lets,talk about what this comes with now the,one reason why i wanted to get this,product was because it has a metal auger,i i saw the rubber augers and all that,stuff but i was waiting around for a,metal logger,because i wanted to make sure that it,got through that hard stuff which youll,see that it will so the product that i,bought it i bought it off of amazon for,6.99 and you get two 5 milliamp,batteries with it along with a dual,charger which is really convenient you,can slide both 5 milliamp batteries on,each side throw it in for about an hour,boom everything is up to charge and,youre ready to go again,now with me and the type of snow that i,get here even if its pretty chunky or,heavy snow,i can pretty much get through all of my,driveway without any issues at all maybe,about in in the red or maybe one green,bar left but pretty much i can get,through it all now there are some,situations that ive had with the snow,blower where i havent been able to make,it through but thankfully i have a seven,milliamp battery and then a like 2.5,milliamp battery that i can combine and,also throw into the ego snowblower and,get through the rest of my driveway all,right lets get into the specifics as,you can see here were working with snow,thats roughly,i would say anywhere between five and 12,inches,and so when you get over to the 12,inches mark where i show you this video,here,you can see right now that im,struggling to get through,some of that 12 inches and and remind,you,the the snow has a layer of ice on top,of it and it seems to be doing very well,as i push through it here,when it comes to the uh five to six,inches range you can see im easily,pushing through it the snow is going up,very high when its going out the uh,shoot,and um its working well for us,[Music],lets break down,the functionality of this product,to start up the product all you have to,do is press and hold the green button on,the front there and pull the green,leather back and as you can see when you,pull it back it starts up right away,on the left hand side of the lever and,the power button youre gonna see a,speed adjustment on the left hand side,to me when you adjust the speeds even if,you put it about the halfway mark it,sounds the same when you go full speed,now it could have just been the fact,that i was going through some hard snow,and maybe theres some stuff in the,middle of it but for me it kind of,seemed like that level never really,revved up that much when i got it up to,full,now this product is very very easy to,collapse you literally go to the left,side undo the lever go to the right side,undo that lever and literally just push,it down and you can pack it up nice and,tight when springtime comes around,theres also lights on the front of this,product as well to access the lights,its right in the front you just bend,down press that one button its a green,button all you have to do is bend down,and press the green button bottom boom,you can snowblow in the night and thats,really really helpful especially if you,get home late from work,the shoot itself is really easy to,operate as you can see this also has a,green button as well its not really a,button but i dont know what to really,call it,basically you squeeze the green and then,youre youre able to operate the chute,and,kind of change the angle,now to actually move the shoot around,theres a lever on the right side and,all you have to do is push it down or,pull it back up and when you push it,down it goes to the left and then you,pull it up it goes to the right,to install or remove the batteries all,you have to do is open up the flap and,inside the flap youre gonna see two,places where the batteries go theyre,gonna have two release buttons to,release them all you have to do is pinch,both of the green buttons at the same,time or one at a time and it will,release the battery to install you just,simply put the battery in until you hear,a click,and it should go in place,[Music],but overall what is my score on this,product well i think it is a 8.5 out of,10 even maybe even close to a nine um i,think the reason why i like it a lot is,because it works for me,now like i said you got to determine if,it works well for you but for me in my,driveway and the amount of snow that i,have to blow,its great its great now if you have a,larger,driveway and you have more snow to push,i would say maybe go with the dual stage,or,something of that nature overall this,has been great for me,if you like this video go ahead and give,me a thumbs up if you dont like it give,me the thumbs down and feel free to,subscribe or hit that notification bell,for future videos,thank you so much for watching again,its your boy shadeless bye

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