1. Elden Ring – REVIEW! Is it WORTH IT?
  2. Elden Ring: Why Game Informer Gave It A 10
  3. The FINAL VERDICT On Elden Ring…
  4. “Elden Ring Sucks Because its Too Hard” 2 | “I Didnt Play Elden Ring But Heres My Review: 2/10”
  5. Elden Ring Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”
  6. Elden Ring Review – Why Its One Of The Best Games Of All Time
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Elden Ring – REVIEW! Is it WORTH IT?

Elder Rings basic gameplay Loop and,controls are basically the same as every,other from software again in the,soulsborne series you go around killing,enemies to gain points in this case,runes and level up until you feel like,you are ready to take on one of the,games many bosses sounds simple but as,we all know this is easier said than,done Elden ring continues froms,tradition of having a very harsh,difficulty curve personally I can tell,you how hard it is compared to the other,games and since Ive played most of from,Silver games I feel like I already have,a base skill set to take on these games,and I think you will find this game much,harder obviously if this is your first,time playing a from software game as,opposed to say if youre playing youre,sick from software game the combat skus,a bit closer to Dark Souls as opposed to,the fast kinetic pace of bloodborne or,the stealth of sekuro but elements like,stealth and being more aggressive in,combat are definitely present in this,game,I am not a big fan of parrying in these,games so I have two swords and play it a,bit like bloodborne so it caters to all,styles of souls players magic wielders,heavy weapon experts long range weapon,users its all catered for this is all a,case of if it aint broken dont fix it,on the pile from software why mess with,the perfect formula so now on to what is,new in Elden ring and the big big new,thing is of course the open worlds while,youve been able to explore in most of,Thrones games before you are always,funnel down One path with a few detours,and hidden areas to explore Elden ring,has a fully realized open world which,you can explore at your own pace it,definitely has a breath of the wild for,about it in the sense that theres so,much hidden stuff to find and as soon as,you enter the world you can do what you,want now there are areas that obviously,have higher level enemies which you,should avoid us where you could go to,these places and get destroyed if you,really want to the front formula in an,open world setting is absolutely perfect,and actually makes for a more forgiving,and slightly easier game if you are,stuck at a boss in a Souls game before,you sort of have to tough through it and,grind it out until you are able to kill,it,it can get tedious and maybe put people,off but in Elder Marine you can just go,and explore another area if you get,stuck find some hidden caves and bosses,and level up that way so it always feels,like youre moving forward and almost,feels like less of a grind I would like,to add that the map is massive too but,it feels so full and the way it reveals,itself is amazing it looks small to,start off with but as you find more on a,map it just grows and grows this is even,without talking about the Subterranean,levels another new feature is also your,horse which allows you to explore this,open world at a greater Pace than just,running through it it would take a long,time to run through this world this,horse can also do a double jump which is,quite cool the horse can also be used as,a combat option its quite hit and miss,but fun nonetheless,like most from software games a story,where there is one on the surface is,basic but if you want to delve deeper,then it is full of Rich lore characters,and Story the basic outline is you are,searching for the pieces of the Eldon,ring and to do so you have to beat,bosses that hold each of the Pieces Of,The Elves and ring but the characters,and bosses also have a rich story and if,you want to look into it then you can,would be way too much to go into if,properly on this video the ins and outs,of the story that is just another video,for another day the locations and worlds,in Elder Wing which are also just so,beautiful in a classic way and also in a,desperate way all have their own stories,and lore to them also I will say though,that Elden ring is probably the closest,from have ever come to doing a more,traditional story as theres probably,more cutscenes in this game than all the,others combined maybe besides Sakura now,circling back to bosses Ive said this,many times before but were from,software you come and stay for the,bosses and Elden ring does not,disappoint theres 12 main bosses that,you need to be to finish a game but it,appears that there is over 50 bosses in,this game probably even more than that,and although theres a few reskins they,are all awesome and present their own,challenge,except for the fire giant the fire,Giants is not awesome youve got big,beasts to fill your entire screen youve,got Sorcerers youve got Knights weed,foul creatures and just about everything,in between and as I said they all,present their own unique challenge but a,fair challenge except for the fire,Giants some of the bosses are definitely,top tier from software bosses and would,appearing in the top of anyones tier,rankings of bosses,our marine is probably as close as you,will get to the perfect from software,game I dont envy them trying to top,this masterpiece it excels in all the,areas that you would want from a from,software game great bosses tons and tons,of law locations with tons of character,better customization than the previous,games and obviously that classic from,software one will go one more go style,of gameplay theres only a couple of,flaws to this game and one of them is,frame rate issues but you should have,definitely knocked it at 30 frames per,second and not try to push for 60 frames,per second as it is really noticeable at,times and maybe maybe a tiny floor in,this is the front formula is maybe,getting a tiny bit repetitive,I just want to throw it out there I,dont necessarily think thats the case,but I know some people might feel thats,the case,before I give this game a raise you know,I just want to share some personal,thoughts on Elden ring in a day and age,where you have Half Baked half finished,cash grab games like Battlefield 2042,the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition and,the initial release of cyberpunk 2077.,it is so refreshing to see a company and,a game that feels like so much love and,care has been put into it this game,sales has proved The Gamers want a,challenge single-based story games not,to be insulted by half fake rubbish and,have dumbed down message shove down,their throats we dont want micro,transactions or anything like that we,just want some good old-fashioned games,to summarize Elden ring is an absolute,fantastic game and reminds me of why I,love video games in the first place,weve always been said Im going to give,Eldon ring a just essential games racing

Elden Ring: Why Game Informer Gave It A 10

[Music],[Music],so far far like how would you score what,weve been doing um i i would definitely,say,oh i i dont know if i can give another,10. weve already given a 10 this week,to a certain game called elden ring,the uh the little indie title from from,software i dont know if youve heard of,this,the greatest thing since sliced bread,apparently dantack this is where i shut,up and you do your thing,how the hell is eldon ring,well i mean you can check out the review,on the site it is a 10 out of 10. i,would have scored it higher if i could,but we dont have that number system,hold on what would you have scored this,game if 10 wasnt uh was it lets go,higher lets buy now an 11. oh ive,played 10 but we can only go so high,um you know what i mean so here we are i,i think i feel like were a broken,record here a little bit because,from the cover story and from all of,yalls video coverage which you should,go check out youtube.comgamerformer,you kind of hinted and intimated like,this is something different right,theres theres like you just said,theres tens and then theres this but,you actually got to play through the,full thing you beat it which youre,youre goddamn stud for that oh,like what it what is it that that,elevates this past the normal from fair,oh i mean,the the design this is this is basically,taking all the best things of everything,that theyve learned and accomplished,over the last decade of games,so you know since you know since demon,souls essentially,and putting them in one package that is,all of their best accomplishments ever,in the same place together,the pinnacle of every kind of aspect,from design to art,all coming together to form something,that is,completely transformative in nature you,the exploration is completely unknown to,me from any other experience in an open,world game,and you know ive played breath of the,wild play ive played some really,incredible open world games but nothing,feels like it does here where,all the elements come together from from,music to to animations to art,to every in every area and every,experience you have in that game,and its also personalized my journey is,going to be different than your journey,and different than alexs journey were,going to do things in different orders,im going to find things he didnt find,hes going to find things i didnt find,and thats always been a really cool,part about the front games is coming,together with the community to discover,shared secrets and i know i found some,stuff that i dont think a lot of other,people have yet and i cant wait for,them to see because its incredible,the best stuff that i did find was,uh not on critical path,and it contains the best boss battle in,from softwares games which by which,makes it the best boss battle ever,uh you know think about that this is,this is like lets lets lets story,time,um you know i was cracking up against,this fight for about an hour and a half,one am-ish,so im like all right you know what im,gonna do the souls thing and reset,myself this is clearly the hardest fight,in this game hardest fight in any from,software game best fight mini from,software game,immaculate and beautiful uh and,terrifying,all at once im like okay im gonna go,to bed wake up refreshed grab a water,and,you know when im done when i wake up,right,instead i was sitting there just laying,in bed going like all right hang on hang,on i got it i got it i got it i got it i,just like come rushing out of bed get,back up in my in my jammies and im like,youre going down,you,name im not going to mention this yeah,its just like,george r.r martin,the fight is so freaking epic okay i,cannot you know it just sounds silly for,me to say that but here i am a grown man,in my pjs,you know fighting off against the the,biggest fight of my life,at 3 a.m you know,and it got done its like it is the,the souls triumph experience times,times whatever its its a new level did,you know that theyve changed your,pajamas afterwards,thats thats why im gonna miss you,reeves uh,thats why they call them pjs,i did i did sit there for a minute,though and just be like well well wait,now now what right,i wanted another one i wanted to do it,again right away and you cant do that,here i ask what does what does a dantack,pajama look like is it just like silk,robes with the wolf from dark souls 1 on,it,i do have a robe there are no,i wolves on,do tend to walk around with a robe uh,im still with you sometime alex that,fits,oh ive seen it dont dont worry oh,okay,there are no wolves on it though okay,but i think that that experience right,there really speaks to ive never done,that before in any of the other from,software ive never done any game,just like sitting there in the middle of,the night being like i really want to go,tackle you know the tackle again not,because it was like you know and people,are going to hinge like with a lot of,a lot of these games people are going to,hinge on difficulty but there are this,fight is,just beautiful in its design and,construction and all of the elements of,it coming together,it is the best one of these kind of,fights theyve ever done and theyre,really good at these,the best boss fights in video game,history are in from software games,with this kind of experience and they,one up their own game with this this is,just one example,for example let me talk about how this,fight was different in another sense to,get there you had to solve a secret that,takes you to another area which in which,you have to solve another secret to even,unlock this gigantic dungeon where this,boss is in,so,that that to me is elden ring,going somewhere and find just finding,things and i know that sounds like you,know some some red you know you find,everything you know doing shrines in in,zelda or whatever its not like that,its you are in this world you are,an entity in this world with your own,agency to do to go wherever and do,whatever and,its not going to like lead you there,its not going to say hey buddy,you got to go do that thing next yeah,how active is the open world dan because,i know a lot of open world games when,you think of those today think of like,the far cry formula assassins creed,like just a bunch of dots on a map full,of heres a mini side quest are there,side quests or is the the world,do you interact with the world,differently than that there are there,are multiple endings in side quests and,different experiences you can have its,not a super its not a dynamic open,world right youre not going to go,someplace and its going to be different,um,than going to at a different time but,it is,it is not a it is not a a breadcrumb,basket there are very for those players,i feel like some players could have been,completely overwhelmed by,how open it is and without any guidance,i know some players really dont like,that and they can feel it can feel very,overwhelming so there is like a very a,very loose like,go in this direction if you want to find,the next main story beat they have that,for you,other than that you will not receive any,kind of like quest markers or big,flashing lights or anything like that,while there are many quests to do and,npcs to interact with more than any,other games um,they will not put blinking lights on the,board there are a few exceptions where,people will mark things on your map,uh very few,um,you you have free reign,one of the first things i did was try to,sequence break the game at a bunch of,different junctures you know me thats,what i like to do probe the walls and,guess what almost every single time,i found an alternate way to get,somewhere,there was theres one major boss in the,game that you can,that you can get to without even doing,their dungeon,they have a full-fledged legacy dungeon,that you can go through,you might not even find,theres at least three ways to get to,that boss that i know of,um,and im sure theres more there there is,an incredible breadth and depth of just,like,how do i want to tackle this,its not just im going to go over here,and do this acti

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The FINAL VERDICT On Elden Ring…

the following video is sponsored by,keeps salutations everybody it is maddie,here today with the final verdict for,eldon ring this is without a doubt a,generational video game it feels like,everyone around us in our lives are,playing or talking about eldon rink so,why not add one more discussion into the,mix for those who havent been tracking,it closely i have my impressions on this,channel from when the embargo lifted,just two days ahead of the launch of,elden ring it was my thoughts after 50,hours with the game and since then ive,more than doubled my hours finishing the,game at 103 hours and dont worry i,havent stopped playing since then so,that hour count is only going up but i,feel like now im in a comfortable,position to say this is it this is the,final review for eldon ring here on this,channel now this is with the idea in,mind that i am expecting people to know,my general thoughts from my impressions,video when watching this one so you may,notice me being much more critical in,this review than maybe the impressions,video because a lot has changed since,then i still love the game dont get it,twisted but a lot has changed since then,but also im expecting you to know that,i spent almost a half hour just gushing,about this game straight up with that,ladies and gentlemen thank you so much,for tuning in to another elder ring,video im sure its inescapable at this,point and before we get started a word,from our sponsor whoa what are you doing,here man this is my studio space well,now that i got you here uh hey you may,have noticed a little bit of a different,cut from maddie some people like it some,people hate it some people say go back,to the 90s manny to that i say you like,hair in general right well since youve,decided to break into my studio space,for whatever reason,allow me to tell you all about keeps,keeps has you covered just like i have,you covered when i remind you all that,knightsio republic is the best rpg ever,made and nothing will top it its the,same mindset from keeps except with your,hair so our missions absolutely,intertwine here do you know that two out,of three guys will experience some form,of male pattern baldness by the time,theyre 35 its time to get ahead of the,game im not talking about that video,game but dont worry you can still play,that stay at home because keeps can,deliver straight to your door doctor,recommended plans and treatments at half,the cost of the traditional pharmacy and,whats great is again stay home because,24 7 care and support is available,online making all of your hair goals a,reality so hair loss stops with keeps to,get 50 off your first order go to,keeps.com mr maddie or click the link in,the description thats,dot com slash mr maddie when i talked,about elden ring in my impressions video,i said that it was the breath of the,wild moment for this series,i was wrong it was the skyrim moment,that is the best way to describe this,game in my humble opinion this game from,top to bottom just reminds me of the,zeitgeist that was skyrim when it came,out the inescapable nature of it on a,social level but also on a design front,so many ideas clear as day that youre,gonna see emulated throughout game,development for years and years to come,and of course that means shoddy,imitations will follow suit but what we,have here is a video game that goes,against the aaa norm in every single,sense of its design and has left,developers fans and critics all entirely,befuddled the game doesnt force feed,you tutorials the game trusts your,knowledge to figure things out and,because of that the game is excellent,since throughout every step of the world,there is a sense of discovery youll get,into your 100th hour of this game and,learn something new about it whether it,be about your build how an item works,the lore of the game it just constantly,keeps unfolding over and over and over,delivering to you something new and a,big part of this is thanks to the,unprecedented sense of danger that eldon,ring boasts as im sure youve already,heard before youre going to die a lot,in this game and that makes sense,because when you read a quote from,miyazaki when talking to the new yorker,he said this when im playing these,games i think this is the way id want,to die in a way thats amusing or,interesting or that creates a story i,can share death and rebirth trying and,overcoming we want that cycle to be,enjoyable in life death is a horrible,thing in play it can be something else,and that philosophy permeates throughout,the entire design of the game and,especially in an open world you could,die in some really unique ways it starts,off when you take your first step out,and you realize unlike any other souls,born kiro game out there you cant have,a wall to your back where those games,were typically in comparison much more,claustrophobic closed in you could put,your back to a wall to keep yourself,safe so at least all you could see was,in front of you that would be,threatening you however with eldon ring,you step out and the danger could arrive,from anywhere when you mix in together,the idea that a boss fight could strike,at any moment a dragon flying in from,the sky to the tree sentinel waiting,right out front the first ever grace,point in the game this title is,constantly challenging you every step of,the way and it is an absolute joy to,overcome yet its still rewarding the,souls genre always boasted level design,that rewards exploration every,additional bit of effort you get is paid,back in full now imagine that but an,open world thats where the magnum opus,statements originate from for this game,because it takes all these things weve,seen in bloodborne secchiro dark souls,demon souls and melds them together into,this one cohesive vision that all these,lessons theyve learned from release to,release to release have been put into,here so exploration it feels like the,map was just a bunch of little lego,blocks clicked together and its much,more rewarding because of that because,at the end of every stretch is something,a new ash of war a new spell a new boss,a new piece of loot armor weapons,and items etc its just constantly,rewarding you with new exciting things,the reason i start with all this and it,may sound a bit familiar for those of,you who watch my impressions video is,because as ive learned after 100 hours,with the game is the progress scaling,for this game is phenomenal enemies that,were tough bosses in the beginning of,the game become common enemies as you,get deeper and deeper and deeper and it,really reminds you like hey look how far,youve come that enemy that was giving,you trouble that you died to like 20,times look at you now hes a common,enemy to you thats how far youve come,and its not uncommon for souls genre,games to remind you of your progress in,this way but for elden ring a game that,youre going to be spending dozens and,dozens and dozens of hours in that,progress feels so good because youre in,the thick of it for so long better yet,though much like the game that i think,clearly inspired it in a number of ways,skyrim this game doesnt lock you into a,build so when you pick your starting,class there is an importance there,thats going to define the first id say,20 of your real adventure but then you,can eventually unlock respecting and,its there that you can really tell your,build thanks to the larval tears as much,as youd like and interestingly in this,game they dont just give you all of,your souls back or in this case runes,they give you a level count back so you,just recount all your stats as much as,you want this system is great i went,from a pretty weak and terrible faith,build to a much better faith build that,carried me to the end game and then once,i beat the game i tried out that blood,build that everyones been talking about,and dont worry well get into the bleed,effect in this game later on in some of,my criticisms however i cannot emphasize,enough how great this game feels that i,want to start a brand new character i,wa

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“Elden Ring Sucks Because its Too Hard” 2 | “I Didnt Play Elden Ring But Heres My Review: 2/10”

and it is a charisma-less,motivation-free,derivative repetitive death loop oh but,vaughn come on dont be so hard on a,game you havent even beaten it yet oh i,hear those complaints from that hollow,knight review and i one-up you i havent,only not beaten elden ring i havent,played it i havent played it i havent,played it i havent played it i havent,played it but whats up guys i hope you,all are having a great day today just,full of positivity and happiness dude,because today were going to be taking a,look at one of my personal favorite,types of videos to watch and thats just,an absolutely terrible video game review,because as someone who loves to spread,positivity and happiness on this,platform i always look forward to the,opportunity of defending one of the best,video games to release in recent memory,against someone whos obviously just,click baiting hate for views and just,having an unpopular opinion for the sake,of having one because the review that,were gonna be watching here today is,absolutely pathetic and i think you guys,will really enjoy this video now weve,had a long running history on this,channel of taking a look at some of the,worst reviews of from software games on,youtube like for example the infamous,dark souls 3 review,you know i finally got my hands on dark,souls 3 and let me just let you know i,[ __ ] regret getting this game like,right from the back im gonna let you,know that i [ __ ] hate this game this,game is its hard for the sake of being,hard and what i mean by that is theres,no [ __ ] rhyme or reason for the,enemies this early in the game to be so,[ __ ] difficult like as soon as they,start hitting you youre [ __ ] youre,[ __ ] ive been grinding the first part,of the game for the last three [ __ ],hours just to get some decent gear i,finally get somewhere and they throw,something else at me like this [ __ ],game is just hard for the sake of being,a heart theres no [ __ ] reason for,the for any game ever to be this harder,everybodys like well dark soul 2 was,this hard and if you [ __ ] enjoy this,youre a [ __ ] [ __ ] and of course,one of my more recent videos on eldon,ring this game is not a 10 out of 10.,nowhere near even if it in its wildest,dreams this is one of the,most wretched things in terms of,accessibility and gameplay and just,this is not a good game it is not a 10,out of 10.,no way is it anywhere near game of the,year,not even if it wanted to i cant wait,for gran turismo thisll actually,throwing this out but i think the thing,thatll make this review just a little,bit different from the others is the,fact that this guy has not even played,the video game that hes claiming to,review you know you gotta love it when,people who review a video game havent,even played the video game theyre,talking about but you know this is that,type of quality ass content i always,look forward to but the title of this,video is elden ring sucks and i can,prove it review now i dont really think,we need much more of an introduction,here so go ahead and sit back relax grab,a drink grab some popcorn strap,strapping those brain cells lets go,ahead and play this [ __ ] so eldon ring,completely sucks and i guess its up to,me to prove it oh my god guys he was,tasked with the noble mission of proving,that eldon ring is complete garbage you,know we truly do not deserve this noble,white knight,oh my god dude his name is legendary,badass more like legendary dumbass,[Laughter],[Music],eldon ring is from from software a,company that works titles as though they,have the limited ingredients of a taco,bell menu already starting off with the,food analogy man always a great sign but,i dont know bro taco bells pretty,[ __ ] fire if you said something like,mcdonalds yeah id probably agree but,taco bell bro they got a pretty diverse,menu okay we have a ring okay weve got,an el nino girl mix and match though,eldon ring and it is a charismalis,motivation-free,derivative repetitive death loop i mean,to be completely honest it sounds like,youre describing this review and it is,a charisma-less,motivation-free,derivative repetitive i mean check check,check and check bro like it literally,sounds like youre describing this,particular video and every single other,video where people are [ __ ] on eldon,ring because they cant get good and it,is a charisma-less,motivation-free,derivative repetitive death loop oh but,vaughn come on dont be so hard on the,game you havent even beaten it yet you,know typically people would expect that,the person reviewing a video game would,have played that video game in its,entirety but this [ __ ] couldnt,even be bothered to like play five,minutes of the video game which to the,other guys video that we watched,previously on eldon rings credit at,least he got that far thank you gamestop,for having that 48 hour like it or,whatnot love it bring it back i get full,return credit and i will because this,game this game can go,in the trash and like i said to the guy,who rage quit after five minutes credit,at least he tried like this dude,couldnt even be bothered to play the,game hes reviewing quote unquote but,[ __ ] man if my views were this low i,wouldnt be investing money in my,channel either oh i hear those,complaints from that hollow knight,review and i one-up you i yeah i have a,feeling that this is one of those dudes,whose favorite games were from telltale,bro i dont think this guy likes any,form of difficulty whatsoever in a video,game because i mean realistically the,only way these games are like infinite,death loops is if you [ __ ] suck like,late game in elden ring you will rarely,die to anything except a boss i havent,only not beaten elden ring i havent,played it all right well im glad thats,settled we can pack this [ __ ] up i,havent played it,really want to put my logo on that one,see i am so attuned with my criticism i,dont even have to play a game anymore,to judge it i mean yeah nobody has to,play a video game to have an opinion on,it but its not really a great idea to,call that opinion a review and say that,you have proof that elden rings suck see,i really dislike breath of the wild i,think its one of the most overrated,video games ever made but at least i can,say that i spent 30 hours playing the,game and can list actual reasons why i,dislike it that i experienced while,playing the game itself you dont have,that so you really dont have a reason,to call the [ __ ] a review other than,clickbait views which i mean this is,probably like your most viewed video in,months so i guess gg well played i guess,you got exactly what you wanted look if,its raining [ __ ] outside do you need to,stand in it to realize you dont want to,be in it yeah its perfectly fine to not,want to experience something but that is,not a review you cant review something,until you experience that thing but if,you must know i did watch and try to,guide a friend through a two and a half,hour live stream so apparently all you,need to do to review a video game is,watch two and a half hours of a twitch,live stream and then youre good to go,man you know who knew it could be that,[ __ ] easy maybe i should get into,reviewing video games of nothing but,pain and agony so you have this brief,little uh cut scene trying to indicate,that the olden ring has been destroyed,and you as a tarnished are uh requested,to defeat all the bosses in this world,and that will restore power why does,this matter i dont know man maybe you,should play the game and find out you,know just a quick suggestion for you,there you know that might give you a,little bit more indication of why it,might matter its not like you have a,dying mentor you need to take care of or,a wife and kid at home any villagers to,save or a wife or a wife or a wife or a,wife,i mean case in point why you should play,the [ __ ] game before you review it,and act like you have any idea what the,[ __ ] youre talking about or a wife and,kid at home any villagers to save you,have no motivation whatsoever just like,i have very little

Elden Ring Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

إن حلقة elden في أقوى حالاتها هي مثل مشاهدة أحجية تضع لغزًا آخر,معًا سرد قصتك وغموض ما يحدث هناك,من خلال لحظات من الملاحظات المتناثرة والجمل المشفرة ، ثم يتم وضع كل ذلك على جانب الطريق بينما,يتقدم العالم المفتوح أمامك ويقول مرحبًا يا,صاح ، تعال إلى هنا ، أريد أن أريكم شيئًا ميتًا ،,لا ، أنا أمزح ، تعال إلى هنا على الرغم من وفاته ، ثم تجد طريقًا لم يسلكه كثيرًا,وتعتقد أنني فهمته ، هناك القليل من الاستكشاف الذي أحتاجه و تجد,القليل من الكنز ومضربًا طائرًا ميتًا لا تحتاج إلى دفعه,للأمام ، يمكنك استكشاف المدى الاستكشافي للأمام لمعرفة ما يحدث في الليل مقابل,التسلل النهاري واختبار قوة العدو ثم الركض إذا كان عليك فعلاً و,والأهم من ذلك كله هو ركوب الخيل والقفز المزدوج إلى المجد ، فإن,السرعة والإحساس بحلقة elden سوف يكسر المفاهيم,المسبقة للأرواح المظلمة .,الصيغة وما زالت تخرج بطريقة ما مع لعبة,لها وصفتها المعتادة للفوز باللعبة وهي تعمل تمامًا في معظم الأوقات,، يريد eldon ring أن يظهر لك عظمته أمامك مباشرة ، فتحت,هذا المشهد الرائع الذي يُظهر الألقاب مسافة السحب المذهلة منذ,البداية ، تظهر اللوحة على أرض الواقع ، تحاول هذه اللعبة أن تظهر لك,تلميحًا مستمرًا عن شيء ما موجود بعيدًا يدعوك,إلى توجيه انتباهك إلى العداء في كل قمة تستكشفها الكهف الذي تخوض,فيه في الحقل الذي ستعبره لكن لا داعي للقلق الآن لعشاق Dark Souls,، فقد تقوم اللعبة بالتصوير لشيء أكثر ذهبيًا وغروبًا ويسهل على,الناس القفز إليه ولكن لا يزال يرتدي سرواله المجنون وليس من,غير المألوف التوجه إلى موقع استيطاني صغير وتواجه,جنديًا عادي المظهر يتبعه اثنان من الأوتوماتيكية ذات الوجه الحديدي التي تقاتل مثل الروبوتات التي,لم يتم تشحيمها منذ عامين ، ثم ستتسلل إلى أسفل أسوار,قلعة متهالكة فجأة صقر بشفرات على ساقيه يلقي ببراميل,متفجرة على وجهك مثل نسخة الطيور الكبيرة من حمار كونغ الرسوم المتحركة للمعركة,نفسها ممتازة سترى هياكل عظمية متداعية تتسلل,إلى جانب التل ، وتقرر أنني سألتقطها تشغيل وفجأة,يتحولون إلى رصاصات سحرية تدور أذرعهم حولهم ويلتفون في,العمود الفقري بينما سيوقفك الآخرون بأربعة نيران سهام مسلح,الجزء الأكبر من ألعاب الروح المظلمة ويمتد إلى حلقة ألدن هو أن,الغامض يمكنه بسهولة كن شريكًا في الحياة العادية وهناك,الكثير من الرسوم المتحركة الممتازة هنا مثل عندما تسحب قوسك للوراء وعندما,تعتقد أنك انتهيت فقط ، تحصل على هذا الامتداد قليلاً حيث تتوسع الشخصية,قليلاً ويمكنك في الواقع سماع نمت أذرع القوس,فجأة وكل هذا الاهتمام بالتفاصيل يدفع الناس للعب وإيلاء,المزيد من الاهتمام لما يرونه في الواقع كل عدو يسود,إحساس زاحف بالغموض. في الوقت الذي ترى فيه مخلوقًا معينًا في العالم,يبدو وكأنه 12 كرة مغناطيسية عالقة معًا بعين غريبة في النهاية ،,لا يمكنك معرفة ما إذا كان هذا هو الرجل السيئ الأكثر غباءً في العالم أو خدعة من,عالم اللعبة لتجعلك تشعر بالأمان في تلك اللحظة ، جميع المخلوقات ذات الأرجل الأربعة ذات,الأرجل المتعددة والرجل المنزلق لديها هذه الحركات المذهلة لها,حركة سلسة بعيدة المنال أسفل ارتفاع الخصر من الكلاب المريضة والمخمرة ذات,الأشواك الملتوية التي يحاولون باستمرار اختبارك في مجموعات والقفز خلف,ظهرك ولكنه أيضًا الإحساس بالحجم هنا عمالقة يتخبطون إما,منفردين ببطء يتأملون في عالم اللعبة أو إخوانهم,المحبوسين في عبودية الحيوانات من قبل شخص قاد ارتفاعًا هائلاً,من خلال صدرهم حتى يتمكنوا من سحب عربة سوداء . يحتوي على,صندوق كنز محير في تخزينه ولكنك,تتساءل باستمرار عن من كان بحق الجحيم كبيرًا بما يكفي للقيام بذلك لهذا الشيء حتى,دورة الليل والنهار لها بعض التأثير على اللعبة. يمكننا القول أنها كبيرة مثل بعض,الألقاب الأخرى ، لكنك سترى مخلوقات مختلفة تظهر مثل عندما ترى,خفافيش ضخمة تستيقظ وتطير من أكشاكها عندما يحل الليل ولكن أيضًا,بعض مهام القصة والمهام المحددة تتطلب إطارات زمنية معينة,كذلك ، هناك بعض الألعاب التي أذهلتني تمامًا مثل هذا الغرب الممنوع الذي أذهلني,في مجد تفاصيله ، كل لحظة كانت شيئًا,أردت رؤيته واستكشافه وصعوبة عدم الحصول على,الشلل التحليلي كانت في المقدمة والوسط والآن نحن ترى هذه اللعبة على النقيض من ذلك بشكل صارخ أكثر إكلينيكيًا ،,وهو شيء ربما لا يذهلك على الفور وأنت تركب,حصانك على طول ولكن في نفس الوقت لديه هذا الشعور الكئيب المقفر من,ألعاب الأرواح المظلمة التي نعرفها ونحبها جميعًا . لقد,امتد عدد قليل من الألعاب بما في ذلك sakura و bloodborne ونرى هذا يتكرر,أيضًا على الشخصيات المختلفة,لأسلحة stavs من جميع الأنواع . سحر كل شيء له,وزنه رائع تمامًا ولكن هذا الوزن يأتي,مع القليل من مشكلة تقنية هنا ويظهرون أولاً بغض النظر عن,الإعدادات ومع برامج تشغيل nvidia الجديدة بالإضافة إلى برامج التشغيل السابقة أحيانًا,ستذهب الظلال إلى يفقدون عقولهم تمامًا خاصةً في الإعدادات السفلية,التي يتم قصها في بعض الأماكن مثل الشجرة ، ومن الواضح أن نصف هذه,المشكلة هو عينة ولكن يجب أن تكون على دراية بها أيضًا ، هناك قدر كبير,من الظهور في بعض المواقع نظرًا لأنك تركب خيلك الآن ، فقد تم,تثبيت هذا حتى على nvme للتخفيف من أي مشكلات في البث يكون,لديك عادةً أداء باستخدام 1080 ti ، ولا بأس من حصولك على 1080 بكسل بمعدل 60 إطارًا في الثانية مع,خفض واحد أو اثنين من الإعدادات ولكن 2080ti كان يصل إلى 1440 في حوالي 60 وما,فوق مع بلوغ معظم هذه الإعدادات الحد الأقصى للحصول على 4k ، وشهد 3080 مكاسب أعلى بكثير,، لقد فوجئت بالفعل بغض النظر عن الأجهزة على الرغم من أن اللعبة في بعض الأحيان,بعد الخروج من موقع مقدس على وجه الخصوص يمكن أن g et stuttery حقًا,اللعب المطول ، فهناك خسارة في الثانية من هذا النوع تتسلل إليك تدريجيًا,سواء كان ذلك تسربًا للذاكرة أو أي شيء آخر لست متأكدًا تمامًا من أنه ربما,يكون مجرد شيء لا يزيلونه أثناء سفرك السريع ولكننا كذلك,التحدث بخمس ساعات زائد في جلسة هنا بالنسبة لي حتى لا يكون ذلك مجموعة كبيرة,من اللاعبين الذين لديهم الكثير من الوقت للأسف ، اللعبة لا تحتوي على دعم dlss,وهو أمر أعتقد أن الجميع يريد رؤيته وكذلك fsr,لأي شخص يريد لاستخدامه هناك بينما يتطلب الحد الأدنى i5 8400,و gtx 1060 أو rx 6950 ، فمن المؤكد أنه سيقدم اللعبة ، هذا,عنوان على الرغم من أنه في بعض الأحيان يضغط على أجزاء أخرى من أجهزتك بما في ذلك,الذاكرة وكذلك جهاز التخزين و أخيرًا ، أريد أن أشير على,الكمبيوتر كلما كان قتال الرؤساء لم يكن مشكلة ، فقد كان مجرد مشكلة في,قسم العالم الخارجي ولكن يجب أن أخبرك أنها لم تؤثر حقًا على شعور,اللعبة بأنها تحتوي على عدد كبير من الإرث ستايل الأرواح المظلمة,والمناطق المنقولة بالدم ، تصميمها الشبيه بالإيكر ، كل ذلك من الألعاب التي لها,أسلوبها الخاص وكذلك الآن المنقولة بالدم أظهر لنا الدروع الثقيلة في لندن الفيكتورية,من خلال مرشح cthulhu ثم لديك securo مثل فنون الدفاع عن النفس الخيالية في الشرق الأقصى,والفنون السحرية والأساطير التي ظهرت على قيد الحياة ، إن حلقة elden هي خيال كبير في,أرض الطاعون مثل لوحة لاري إلمور ولكنها أكثر غضبًا تجعل كل,لحظة وكل قطعة جميلة تبرز أكثر داخل مستنقع غامض مليء,بالضباب الكثيف تسمع عدوًا وتمشي عليه إنه زحف عملاق يبدو وكأنه متأنق بقرص,الكراهية ، هل تكافح مع قتال الأرواح المظلمة ، فأنا لا,أفعل الكثير ولكني أجد صعوبة في الحصول على youtube لمساعدتي ، لذلك إذا سنحت لك,فرصة الاشتراك في القناة ، فإن أسوأ ما يمكنك فعله هو الحصول على بعض مقاطع الفيديو المجانية,، فلنتحدث عن,ارتفاع الصوت الآن لقد شوه,ميتًا الذي لا يزال,يتحدث إلينا نداء,مباشر من النعمة المفقودة منذ فترة طويلة ،,لقد أحببت دائمًا صوت النفوس المظلمة بطريقة ما أحيانًا كان قليلًا,بالنسبة لي لكن في هذا تتعامل اللعبة مع التغييرات بين هذه المناطق المفتوحة الضخمة,والمناطق المغلقة الصغيرة بشكل جيد للغاية أثناء معالجة التأثيرات,خاصة في شبكات الكهوف وممرات القلعة الضيقة,دائمًا ما تكون صحيحة قليلاً ، لذا إذا كنت معتادًا على,تلك الألعاب حقًا تأكد من إدخال تغييرات تستند إلى الفيزياء بشكل كبير على,الصوت ، فقد تجد أن أصوات الاصطدام أنظف قليلاً ، حيث تقوم,فرقعة العظام بإحياء الهياكل العظمية التي تقوم فقط بتحطيم الأرض,بفأس لمحاولة معرفة ما إذا كان بإمكان الجماجم أن تنمو شجيرات يعلمك من الحركات,وهجمات الأعداء تمامًا كما يحدث عندما تسمع أن اللهاث أو نبيذ,الذئاب الصغير الذي يطاردك أو حتى أفضل من الجري معك بعد,استدعائهم ، فإن التعاويذ الصوتية السحرية التي يلقيها اللاعب,جيدة أيضًا ولكن فقط التعويذات الأكبر تشير حقًا إلى الفوضى التي ستراها,على الشاشة بشكل عام ، أود أن أقول تأثيرات قتالية,بيئية ممتازة للأسلحة وقسم فرعي لطيف من العناصر الإضافية الأصوات والإشعاعات,التي تبقي اللاعب على اطلاع أكثر خفوتًا مما أتوقع ، لكنها لا تزال,تسمع الموسيقى ، فأنت لا تعرف حقًا ما يمكن توقعه في هذا النوع من الألعاب,، خاصةً اللعبة التي تقوم بهذا النوع من تقسيم طريقة لعبها ولكني يسعدني,الإبلاغ عن الموسيقى التصويرية رائعة جدًا على طول الطريق حول,تشغيل الحشوات المنعزلة أثناء استكشافك لجدران القلعة بحثًا عن مداخل سرية ، ثم,تتبادل هذه القطع الكلاسيكية وموضوعات الرؤساء أثناء استكشافك ، إنه أمر,مروع حتى استكشاف هذا التيار الخافت العميق الشرير,التي عادة ما تلعب أو شيء ما بآلات النفخ الخشبية التي تجعلك تشعر,بالو

Elden Ring Review – Why Its One Of The Best Games Of All Time

once in a great while a game comes along,that seamlessly combines impeccable,gameplay a wondrous world incredible,tone setting music and unparalleled art,direction that game is from softwares,eldon ring an action rpg that channels,the best aspects of the studios last,decade of work into one enormous package,this absurdly ambitious open world,captivated my curiosity enticed me with,puzzles secrets and mysteries and served,up unbelievably satisfying moments as i,experience one of the most extraordinary,adventures of all time from my initial,foray into the world to the final,moments every step of the journey is a,note in a personalized epic that kept me,coming back for more this trek through,dark and twisted fantasy is an endless,exploration continually serving up,sensational sites that only get more,enthralling and fantastic as the voyage,goes on,[Music],the lands between is a world full of,discovery and while a clear path forward,exists for those seeking guidance,roaming the lands unfettered without a,particular goal in mind often yields,surprises i often had a spot to explore,marked on my map and got off track along,the way sometimes leading to entirely,new areas and feature-length zones eldon,ring is not a theme park style open,world where each ride is bolstered by,breadcrumbs so they wont be missed,there are significant areas bosses,dungeons and other huge revelations that,can be passed by making these finds even,more delightful even after over 55 hours,i know that ive missed plenty instead,of pining over what i havent found im,inspired to keep exploring the grandiose,world is chock full of characters quests,and various dungeon crawls ranging from,tiny catacombs to massive multi-layered,tombs while the journey starts with,little caves mines and other dungeon,delves these experiences become more,complex two room affairs eventually,become intricate teleport puzzles or,scenarios where you discover unusual,ways to interact with the environment,like learning to use traps for traversal,or sniffing out secret walls,even the most straightforward open world,dungeons house hidden boss rooms and,treasures in addition to their standard,yields rewarding the most inquisitive,adventurers finding creative ways to,travel to places that dont appear,accessible before the standard path,guides you there feels remarkably,refreshing and more than one area serves,up breathtaking vistas upon arrival,looking over a new area for the first,time and realizing you can go everywhere,you see and probably should is fantastic,some open world locales like churches,ruins and urge trees feel a bit familiar,from realm to realm but make no mistake,there are numerous and unique points to,explore and get lost in for hours from,mysterious castles to haunted magical,grounds the world is full of exciting,diversions,your character is incredibly,customizable which i found highly,rewarding you can attach various skills,and scaling mechanics across the board,allowing you to truly create your own,vision of a traveling hero,re-specialization and alterations allow,you to finally tweak your creation,without worrying too much about,experimentation along the way as you arm,yourself with everything from explosive,pots to potent perfumes to complement,your ever growing arsenal combat will,vary greatly from player to player and,build to build but the precise dance of,melee combat is more refined and diverse,than ever featuring a behind the scenes,stagger system that rewards players for,taking chances with timing the flow of,battle makes the singular spammy strike,a lesser choice in the face of a,daunting foe,the open world is majestic dripping with,flavor and atmosphere and full of,fabulous finds however the legacy,dungeons are the stuff of legend often,connecting to the outside from multiple,points these curated sprawls are a dream,to dissect and elden ring often offers,different ways to maneuver through these,areas for instance in one of these giant,dungeons i discovered a completely,different way to solve the route to the,final boss and then went back and found,a divergent path through another,environment leading to a wealth of,battles bosses and loot sometimes access,to certain areas is in the last place,you look but the route to unearth it,laden with even more attractive paths to,pursue,while some monster and boss designs are,reused the scope and scale of elden ring,are enormous which makes the repetition,easy to ignore i feel like i ran into,around 100 bosses in my playthrough im,not exaggerating some of these can feel,commonplace and uninteresting at the end,of a small dungeon like a repeat cave,troll or magma drake but the overall,diversity of encounters meant that i,never knew exactly what i was going up,against at the end of any given,expedition i might run into a re-skinned,knight but i might also go toe-to-toe,against something truly astronomical the,big bosses generally found at the end of,legacy dungeons feel like wonderful wars,against demigods these brilliant,set-piece battles are thrilling,exclamation points to an outrageous,odyssey absolute spectacles and,masterful combinations of tension and,triumph eldon ring has the distinction,of having the most challenging and best,boss battle in any from software game to,date hidden away and optional this,encounter had me waking up in the middle,of the night to come back and crash,against its beautiful and terrifying,destruction over and over again after,finally besting this opponent i let,loose a triumphant victory roar there,while sitting in the dark and wearing my,pajamas wanting nothing more than to,experience the encounter again this,example speaks to how unbelievably,compelling an immersive element ring is,i regularly put it down with the intent,on doing something else and found myself,back within minutes theres always one,more gnawing mystery to unravel one more,boss to beat and one more hidden route,to find,eldon ring challenged me captivated me,and fascinated me an unyielding deluge,of discovery and artistic vision unbound,elden ring represents a truly amazing,combination of various game elements,that all come together to create,something fascinating special and,unforgettable elden ring isnt just the,best game this year its one of the best,games ever made,hey friends alex dadding from game,informer here shout out to dan tack for,writing such an amazing review and alex,van aiken for putting it all together in,video format if you enjoyed this video,review for eldon ring but just just want,more be sure to like share and subscribe,to our youtube channel we have so much,gameplay from eldon ring that you wont,want to miss on top of longer breakdowns,of everything weve seen and played so,far if thats not enough we also have,reviews of some of the biggest games of,the year including dying light 2 and,horizon forbidden west thanks again for,watching well see you next time,you

The First REVIEW for Callisto Protocol is VERY Positive?!

the hype for Callisto protocol has been,completely insane I feel like Ive seen,people claiming this might be game of,the year coming out at the very end of,2022 and honestly I understand that,excitement the fact that this is the,newest game by the people that literally,invented Dead Space is understandably,exciting but whats interesting to me is,that theyve been a little bit secretive,we really havent seen that much,gameplay we didnt get a demo and,weirdly theyre being extremely private,with review codes in fact theyre,supposed to be no reviews posted,anywhere until the game comes out now,the reason this is interesting is,because somebody over at yahoo.com,accidentally leaked their review early,and I managed to screenshot it before,they took it back down and uh its very,positive lets take a look at it whats,up Gamers Dreamcast guy here hi hope,youre having a great great day if you,could like this video And subscribe if,you havent already now first and,foremost lets take a look at this,screenshot of it over on Twitter this is,by Okami games he managed to snag this,first picture of it and it says Callisto,protocol five out of five the game is,roughly 12 to 14 hours in length this is,a No Holds Barred gruesome thrilling,experience that will have you on the,edge of your seat now before we even,start to dig into the review itself this,is seemingly stirred up a ton of debate,about the idea of how long a video game,needs to be I mean this is a 70 dollar,experience so is 12 to 14 hours enough,in my opinion yes uh I have played a lot,of different games of a lot of different,genres and in my own personal experience,when it comes to horror games six to,eight hours is usually best for keeping,that fear level high but if youre,trying to tell a bigger story or,introduce a new universe 12 to 14 makes,sense in fact fact I found this,interesting comparison here Dead Space,the original was about seven hours Dead,Space Two was five to seven alien,isolation around 11 hours which was a,little bit longer obviously alien,isolation managed to stay spooky for the,entirety of that I think thats part of,the reason that people love it so much,the Resident Evil 2 remake was about 69,hours uh I dont think I dont know how,anybody took six hours to beat that game,already seven four to six re-8 its,freaking eight hours so you get the idea,this being double the length plus the,fact that theyve already announced a,season pass with a bunch of uh expanded,content theyre going to introduce later,I think lengthwise Im completely fine,with the idea of Callisto protocol but,lets take a look at the review itself,so here it is this is the guy who posted,it it was over on,uksports.yahoo.com very weird the title,of it was say hello to the future of,horror gaming if you dare now somebody,managed to transcribe it they copy,pasted it because obviously the website,got taken down very very quick hopefully,this video doesnt get taken down Im,sure this will be okay right but be sure,to like this video in case it randomly,vanishes but it says this say hello to,the future of horror this is by Vicky,Jessop uh okay so here it is basically,whats happening is first they do an,introduction about how spooky the game,is Im curious about how it actually,plays the Callisto protocol takes no,prisoners it is a no holds barred,gruesome thrilling experience that Ria,imagines horror and could be what horror,could be like on a next-gen console like,the PlayStation 5. the Callisto protocol,is one of the most immersive games,around as Jacob you must fight your way,through multiple levels of the prison,the cells solitary confinement the,habitat where oxygen is harvested the,mining areas among others to get the job,done Jacob will acquire a slowly,expanding arsenal of weapons starting,with a shiv and progressing to assault,rifles much later on this is a good,thing too because the enemies in,Callisto are no joke and evolve at,pretty much the same speed as the,Weaponry making them a formidable enemy,now I do want to make a quick note some,people are kind of claiming this guy is,overly positive or this lady her name is,Vicky some people are saying that this,is a paid review or that shes super,super positive Ive actually seen a,bunch of Callisto protocol last night,somebody uploaded an entire full,playthrough of Callisto all 14 hours of,it to twitch.com now I technically cant,show you the gameplay but Ive watched,it,um the game looks fantastic I am going,to be reviewing a Callisto protocol,myself because Im so freaking excited,for it I should hopefully be getting my,copy on Thursday so I stood still be,able to have a video up a little bit,later on Friday but man the game just,looks great okay going back to this,itself what makes the experience so,terrifying is how immersive it is now,RPG game trappings here you have no map,to navigate with no guidance Beyond a,brief written tutorial on how to use,newly acquired weapons and nothing to,your name except for what you managed to,scavenge from dead bodies that you curb,stop some levels wind your nerves up as,tense as a guitar string the,aforementioned Scavenging is crucial to,keeping Jacob alive in addition to,health gels and ammo he can also get,Callisto credits a form of prison money,with which he can upgrade Weaponry at,freeforge stations around black Iron,its a little bit funny that theres,like,in-universe prison credits but I mean I,guess you gotta have some sort of,upgrade system Jacobs Health meter is,candidly kept in-game via the implants,on the back of his neck that projects a,green bar towards the screen that,rapidly depletes over the course of his,excursions through the prison so,basically the exact same Health meter,from the original Dead Space except now,instead of being up your spine its,across your neck even the controller has,a part to play any cons that Jacobs,receives are played through the PS5,controller speakers which made for a bit,of a shock the first time it happened,yeah also if youve never used it the,the the speaker on the PlayStation 5,controller is surprisingly good so Im,glad that more games are actually using,it,superb Graphics add to the excitement of,course the graphics are superb does she,really say superb graphics,what a weird sentence saying superb is,the first and last word in a sentence,shockingly so in fact they really do,homage to the Sci-Fi setting the,expressions and the characters faces,spookly similar to the actors voice in,them are lovingly and realistically,rendered the monsters look gruesomely,realistic the rare glimpses we get of,Jupiter through the window of the prison,are beautiful the game is only 12 to 14,hours in length but it manages to pack,in an awful lot alongside several levels,its set in different parts of the,prison that require you to use different,skill sets,like stealth Brute Force accurate,shooting it changes up periodically,versus uh sorry it changes things up,periodically via some massive and,breathtaking set pieces that involve,respectively a flume ride through a,sewer system free falling through debris,of a collapsing space station its epic,stuff and well worth the price of the,game by itself story continues view,comments advertisement,so it does sound like the game is good I,guess a lot of people seem to be,incredibly scared when they realized,that it was going to have a launch day,review embargo especially these days it,does seem like game companies that are,more confident that are more ready for,the talk for the conversation for sales,I dont know it seems like those are the,game companies that give out review,codes very very early on I mean God of,War Ragnarok was giving out review codes,a month before the game came out and,then allowing full giant Deep dive,reviews uh over a week before it,released so it sort of conveys that,confidence whereas I guess in this case,its strange that Callisto isnt you,know allowing people to openly discuss,it sooner but it seems like as it,currently stands the game seems decent I

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