1. Rotary vs Foil Razor – Which should you buy?
  2. Top 5 BEST Electric Shavers For Men of [2022]
  3. Best Electric Shavers 2023 [don’t buy one before watching this]
  4. Best Electric Shaver in 2022 (Top 5 Razors For Men With Normal & Sensitive Skin)
  5. Best Bald Head Shavers 2022
  6. Beard Shaving – Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Shaver vs Braun Series 9 Foil Shaver
  7. Philips OneBlade Review – 6 Months Later

Rotary vs Foil Razor – Which should you buy?

hey this is dan and in this video were,going to talk about the difference,between,foil and rotary razors,so here i have a panasonic foil,razor and im going to be doing half my,face with this razor,and in this hand i have one of the,morocco rotary razors so you can see,what the difference is between each side,and then ill let you know which one i,prefer,now ive owned the two of these for an,extremely long time,so i know which one i personally prefer,but if youre undecided between buying a,foil or a rotary eraser hopefully this,will help you out,so im just gonna start to shave this,side of my face with the,foil razor and youll see how it looks,okay now this side of my face is,completely shaved with the,panasonic razor now im going to do the,noroco razor,on this side,so thats how it looks with the norelco,side completely shaved,so the thing i like about these two is,theyre both extremely easy to clean,so how you clean this one is you just,pop the top off,and its caught in here and in here and,with this guy,its very easy to clean you just kind of,tap off the excess you couldnt even use,a can of air and,blow it out this is one of the wet dry,ones so you can rinse it underneath,tap water have it cleaned out that way,as well,but overall its very easy to clean,with these ones how you clean them is,you push the front thing,and they pop off and then you do the,same thing you just,tap out the,you just tap out all the excess and it,just comes out like that,theyre both very easy to clean what i,like about this,model of relco is youre able to pull,out all the blades,and you do that by just turning this,and they all come out,like so then you can clean them,put them back in so the pros and cons of,the,foil style razors that it very easily,shaves your neck,i find that they dont pull as much and,theyre extremely easy to clean,i actually prefer the foil razors to the,rotary razors the only thing i dont,like about it,is the trimmer attachment that it comes,with,this one seems to get clogged extremely,fast um,i dont know if you can see it but its,i dont truly care for them,these ones are very easy to clean bronze,makes one too,the bad thing about the one from braun,is that this,foil attachment that actually cuts the,hair is built into the head,so the two of them cant detach and you,cant clean them out too well,thats why i wont ever buy a brawn one,because of how theyre built,theyre just built as one piece thats,where this ones built as a two-part,thing,now this nervous right here,unfortunately isnt being made anymore,but ill leave a link in the description,to one thats very close,to this one that i have right here the,one that i have right here,its nice because you can control the,sensitivity right here so i have it on,sensitive because,thats what my skin is with these ones i,feel that,the neck is a little bit harder to shave,with them,on my beard i had it grown out about one,week,i find that these cut hair extremely,well if its not that long if its about,like,half weeks a week it starts to get a,little bit harder to cut thats where i,prefer the,foils if i have more hair growth,these also tend to pull hair as it cuts,them as well,so you might see my skin turn a little,bit more red as i was shaving,but you can probably still see the small,bit of,redness here whereas here i dont truly,have,any so a couple years back,neroco came out with this style of one,these are called the,art attack so heres what they appear,like im sure youve probably seen these,on these stores,if youre thinking about buying one of,these,donts theyre horrible i hate them and,ill show you why,so they have a small little trimmer,attachment that comes out right here,the head of it can move in flex which is,nice however,the problem with these lies in how you,clean them,so how you clean them is you open up all,these,and youll see that these blades there,where you actually cut with,and here when you could remove them and,clean them and here you cant,theyre built into this head piece so,you can clean,here and you can kind of clean this but,you cant really get in there and clean,out all the hairs,and i dont know if you can see it in,here but theres actually hairs caught,in here that,you cant clean out now,they sell this headpiece as one part,so you can buy a new headpiece to clean,it out,but youre spending a ton of cash buying,new headpieces all the time,especially if your beard grows too long,whereas the other two i showed you,you dont you can just take them apart,and clean them so i dont care for this,style of one where you cant take out,the blades and thats why i also dont,recommend you buy,brawn because youre not able to clean,it,with the foil razor you do get a great,shave,um it wont pull if youre very,sensitive skin,i strongly prefer that one i,feel so you dont get as close with a,rotary shaver with a rotary shaver you,do tend to get a little bit,closer of a shave however it does tend,to pull the hair as it shaves,so you do get more irritation,ive also been using a rotary razor for,22 years,the foil razor ive been using,for about a good eight to ten years,so i have a long history of experience,with the two of them,but ever since ive changed to a foil,razor i havent really,looked back just make sure you pick one,that youre able to take apart and clean,if youre not able to take apart every,individual part and clean it,then youre going to have to be buying,the replacement heads at higher rate,which is going to be cost,effective i use electronic razor because,every time i use a,manual blade i get a lot of irritation,and ingrown,hairs ive never had any issue with,ingrown hairs,with one of the electronics,a great tip is dont wash your face,first make sure you,shave them when your face isnt clean,um the oil from your skin helps the,shave and it wont tug,against your skin quite as much and you,get a lot less irritation that way,compared to if you wash your skin and,then you shave you tend to get more,friction on your skin and it tends to,give you a lot more irritation than if,you dont do it on clean skin,so i will shave first and then ill wash,and clean my skin afterwards,thats just what ive personally found,out works the best,i know theres some like pre-shave oils,or,some of them that are like the wet to,dry ones i find that you just,truly dont need to just make sure you,shave with a,not clean face and then just wash your,face afterwards,it also helps because if you get any,small strands of hair left that were cut,off but that werent picked up inside of,the electronic razor,the washing the face afterwards well,just remove all of them,so hopefully this helped you out let me,know in the comment section which one,you prefer or which one you plan to buy,and dont forget to hit that subscribe,key

Top 5 BEST Electric Shavers For Men of [2022]

whats up guys todays video is on the,top 5 best electric shavers for men in,2022 through extensive research and,testing ive put together a list of,options thatll meet the needs of,different types of buyers so whether,its price performance or its particular,use weve got you covered for more,information on the products ive,included links in the description box,down below which are updated for the,best prices like the video comment and,dont forget to subscribe now lets get,started if you want to save money and,still get a product of solid quality we,especially recommend wall lifeproof,lithium ion foil shaver also known as,the best budget electric shaver for men,available on the market in 2022. the,best quality of this razor is its,longevity few razors can surpass the,lifespan of this product the yellow,razor is reminiscent of the transformers,bumblebee it has a yellow body with,black details and is equally reliable,the rechargeable battery is designed to,last for hours and can do the job of,shaving on a wet or dry surface this,razor is absolutely waterproof and even,if you accidentally drop it in the sink,or tub it will still work it has a,useful double-edged razor that can give,a smooth cut without damaging the skin,this is the type of razor that will be,the perfect gift for special occasions,in particular it is water resistant up,to one meter and comes with an led light,as a charging indicator as well as a,non-slip handle that will make it easier,for you to manage the product for a more,comfortable shave there is also a,specially designed turned head that will,further increase your comfort as well as,a road lock with memory the battery can,last up to a year with just one charge,and a one hour charge will give you 90,minutes of work and more than enough for,most users if youre in a hurry theres,also a quick charge option so youll,recharge your razor for work in just,five minutes and be ready to go out,thanks to the innovative foil technology,youll be able to enjoy a smooth shave,and there is also the indispensable,precise trimmer that opens easily wall,shavers and trimmers are available in a,variety of styles so be sure to find,something for everyone at a very,affordable price for the listed price we,are thoroughly impressed if you want to,score the top bang for the buck we,especially single out the remington f5,5800 also known as the best value,electric shaver for men in 2022 this,machine has various features that make,it one of the best shavers on the market,at the moment one of the prominent,features is the pivot and flex,technology built into the construction,of the shaving heads it allows you to,adjust the head for a better shave,around the problem areas such as the,neck and jaw individual foils also adapt,to your body significantly reducing the,chances of being caught foil adapted,shaving technology provides a better,shaving experience by first cutting,longer hairs before shaving them,completely a trimmer with pop-up details,is always a welcome addition to any,razor allowing you to trim your beard,mustache and flaps neatly also the,addition of an led screen will be,perfect for monitoring the battery level,of your device this razor takes about,two hours to fully charge and will,discharge after one hour of continuous,use it also has a five minute quick,charge system that should be able to,sustain shaving another advantage that,users especially like is that unlike,most other electric shavers the,remington f5 5800 can be used while,charging as far as the cleaning and,maintenance section is concerned running,tap water through the appliance after,shaving should probably clean this,shaver the blades are made of surgical,steel so you dont have to worry about,rust it may not come with fancy,accessories like a charging and cleaning,station but it will take care of your,beard in a way you like there is also a,system of cutting in three different,stages so youll be able to cut longer,hairs first and then you have two more,flexible foils for surface adhering,shaving the remington f5 5800 foil,shaver is available in elegant black as,well as white the product dimensions are,3.38 by 5 by 9.13 inches while the,weight is 14.64 ounces for the listed,price you cant beat this one the next,product well talk about is the,panasonic arc 5 which quite rightly took,the title of the best mid-range electric,shaver for men available on the market,in 2022 panasonic is a japanese brand,and does not compromise on quality arc 5,is a mesh razor and contains 5 blades,that provide a very close shave its the,best recommendation for people who have,a thick and heavy beard there is an led,display that informs you about the,remaining battery life and it also comes,with a charging and washing station,the panasonic arc 5 features a 14 000,cpm linear motor which is designed to,prevent any unwanted hairs you may have,experienced with cheap razors,like brown this electric razor also has,a side trimmer that will help you,shorten your mustache and beard the,razor contains five grids of three,different types,three shaved bars are there to help you,cut all those long and bulky hairs,liftec hair clipper technology helps,capture those ingrown hairs,everything is basically perfect with,this razor but unfortunately compared to,the others this model is a little less,comfortable and that is exactly what,puts it in the middle rank on our list,of reviews the head of this device has a,voluminous effect and is quite large if,you have very sensitive skin this model,is not recommended,leaving aside comfort the performance of,this electric razor is absolutely,fantastic,finally this shaver has a pop-up trimmer,that gives the user the ability to cut,and style the flaps as desired it also,serves to trim the beard or before,shaving is desired undoubtedly it is an,additional element that deserves extra,praise,another key feature is that this,electric razor runs at 14 000 rpm which,means that were facing one of the,fastest machines today this is a quality,product and all we can do is recommend,it the silver medal and the title of the,best runner-up electric shaver for men,in 2022 deservedly went to the philips,norelco series 9000 prestige,this model is part of the brands top,offering the dutch manufacturers,technology is based on three rotating,and flexible shaving heads,several shaving modes are offered and,the blades according to the manufacturer,perform up to 150 000 cuts per minute,wet shaving should be possible as well,as shaving in the shower thanks to the,contour detect technology the shaver,moves in eight directions following the,curves of every face shape and cutting,up to twenty percent more hair,the four models in the philips norelco,shaver 9000 series are not too different,from each other they all have an elegant,design with small color variations the,highly functional design moves,independently and smoothly in eight,directions allowing for maximum contour,and minimum friction,the blades collect hairs and deliver the,closest shave achieved with an electric,razor in fact the blades are v-track,precision blades which provide an,optimal cutting position there are three,speed settings and a function that suits,your skin and hair type so users have at,their disposal the option of low skin,tolerance medium option and very full,delivery you can enjoy a dry or wet,shave with shaving gel cream or foam,the choice is yours because the aquatech,9300 razor technology allows for maximum,versatility the smartclean system cleans,lubricates dries and fills this shaver,saving you time and the doable,filtration system allows for deep,cleaning,the razor comes with a smart led screen,with an interface this means itll give,you better control of the shaver while,simultaneously displaying the battery,level the cleaning cycle indicator and,the head replacement indicator,the philips norelco series 9000 prestige,is equipped with a lithium-ion battery,which gives you an hour of shaving at,full charge and charges for a full shav

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Best Electric Shavers 2023 [don’t buy one before watching this]

why buy the best electric shaver you,might ask not all men shave every day,anymore well not their faces anyway some,men barely shave at all but for the Old,Guard who prefers a smooth appearance,and younger men turning away from the,beard an electric razor is just the,thing we have listed the top five,electric shavers for men and their key,features plus the things you need to,consider to help you choose the best one,for you links to all products mentioned,in the video are in the description,below,you could also find a more detailed,analysis and a comparison tool on our,website validconsumer.com,foreign,[Music],Panasonic Arc 3 lt67,the Panasonic Arc 3 is fast cutting,powerful and can be used dry or wet,its flexible shaving head allows its,blades to freely navigate The Contours,of the face or to be locked into place,for a more traditional shaving,experience,the latter made the shaving with The Arc,III much more comfortable for me however,with my thick and overly curly beard I,found it very challenging to get a close,enough shave without multiple passes,over the same area,this led to less Comfort post shave that,said when tested on thin straight beard,hair it did a very good job delivering a,close shave with much less effort I like,that its trimmer locks into place while,in use during testing it proved both,sharp and Powerful,I also felt that the arc 3s battery,runtime display was a nice feature it,provides an estimate of how much shaving,time you have left in intervals between,120 minutes before youll need to charge,the shaver,at the 20-minute Mark the display blinks,to recommend charging,however even after this warning pops up,you can feel comfortable knowing that,you can still achieve at least two more,shaves number four bronze Series 7 7085,CC,Braun Series 7 offers solid smooth,performance wrapped up in a comfortable,to hold exterior its shaving system,comes equipped with three blades on a,360 degree adaptive head that manages,the Contours of the face very well,the hexagonal holes within the foil,guard used to capture and cut each hair,can at times Miss thicker hairs but ones,that lay closer to the skin,however it did perform slightly better,with these hair types when using shaving,cream its accessories are plentiful and,geared towards beard styling included in,its beard styling package is a,detachable trimmer head that comes with,five trimmer comb guards as well as a,secondary detachable head accompanied by,four sets of Comb covers designed for,maintaining different beard stubble,lengths,the smart care center its cleaning,storage station does a great job,cleaning charging and lubricating the,blades easily and efficiently,happily the cleaning base doesnt take,up much counter space the smart Care,Center stands approximately nine inches,tall and 5 inches in diameter about the,same size as two 16.9 ounce body lotion,bottles sandwiched together number three,Panasonic Arc 5,lv65s this is the five-bladed Panasonic,Arc 5 and performs optimally with fine,straight and wavy hair when used on,coarse or curly hair this shaver,requires multiple passes which can,create some post shave irritation users,of the arc 5 can choose between two,settings while shaving shaving sensor,mode and normal mode shaving sensor mode,identifies the users beard thickness,and automatically adjusts the Shavers,power to compensate in normal mode the,power level remains constant throughout,during testing I didnt notice any,difference between how the two modes,performed its pop-up trimmer on the,other hand delivered a top-notch,mustache and sideburns maintenance when,powered on the arc 5s display employs,is an LED Dash Circle that slowly,disappears piece by piece as the,Shavers battery level drops,number two,Philips Shaver Series 9000 prestige,this is an unusual situation where the,product at number one is slightly less,good than the one at number two why this,has a higher RRP and is much less,frequently discounted and while the,Philips series 9000 Prestige shapes,better and looks much better than its,Brawn rival its not worth paying twice,as much for a shade that is only,slightly better however if you want to,Splash out or you find it at a bargain,price this is a great purchase thanks to,a new blade design and more generously,sized foil holes this can tackle thick,stubble up to a weeks worth even and it,really works where other electrics force,you to hack away over and over if youve,missed a few days you can pretty much,just run this over once and then look,for only a few minor spots that might,need a second go and the shave it gives,you is almost unbelievably close it,really does feel like youve used a,multi-blade traditional razor it manages,this partly through that new blade,design which pulls the hairs deeper,beneath the foil before cutting it,achieves this with minimal irritation,but partly thanks to an anti-friction,coating that most of Philips other,razors dont include but you can happily,use this one with shaving foam if you,require more protection from the wiring,blades it has three intensity levels the,idea being that the especially sensitive,skin can keep it lighter,I have to say the lower setting just,feels underpowered to me using a rotary,shaver is weird enough at the best of,times as they have such a light touch,also even though my skin is quite,sensitive I never felt any irritation,while using the prestige on its highest,setting still presumably some men must,find this ability to turn the power down,useful or it wouldnt be there another,big thing in the favor of the prestige,is that it looks way better than the,brawn series 9 and come to that all,Philips own other Shavers when you pick,it up you might be a bit disappointed,that its actually plastic and not the,steel that it looks like however the,grip is really comfortable and ergonomic,and theres no denying it looks great,this model also comes with a beard,trimmer that is unusually good for a,shaver attachment although it would be,better if it was a built-in pop-up one,rather than having to be fitted as an,attachment you pull off the rotary head,and put this in its place in some,Prestige packages theres also a,rotating brush that you can use to deep,cleanse your face so thats nice further,upping the Lux quotient Philips 9000,Series Prestige also comes with a,wireless Qi charging pad which you can,also Juice your phone and other,compatible gadgets on battery life is,solid I get several weeks worth of,shaves out of every charge a full,recharge is actually comparatively slow,at three hours but obviously the idea is,that you leave charging pad and raise it,out this way its always ready for,action and also any house guests can see,that youre in the worlds best and most,expensive razor cunning number one Braun,Series 9 9 390cc especially given that,the trend is to shave less nowadays I,now recommend the Braun Series 9 foil,shaver over Philips almost equally,impressive efforts if youre a two to,three shapes per week guy you will,probably prefer this too as its,slightly better on longer stubble,patches thats thanks to the titanium,tipped blades that give it its gold,painted appearance Brawn used to be,noted in its Glory Days for producing,perfect combinations of Form and,Function using cutting-edge design,techniques now Im not saying Dita Rams,would necessarily be upset by the design,of this but while its functionality is,hard to argue with aesthetically the 9,series is quite lacking it looks and,feels plasticky and the way it slots,into its charging and cleaning base is,not very satisfying but then again so,what the series 9 is light ergonomically,sound waterproof to 5 meters and easy to,clean as with its Philips rival the 50,minute battery life from just a one hour,charge is great the slide up beard,trimmer is nothing to write home about,but at least its always there unlike,Philips clip-on one possibly the real,killer feature of the brawn for me is,that using it actually feels like,shaving the rotary motion of the,Phillips is

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Best Electric Shaver in 2022 (Top 5 Razors For Men With Normal & Sensitive Skin)

theres no doubt that an old-school,safety razor will offer the closest and,cleanest shave but its not exactly,practical to do day-to-day thats why i,feel like its the right time to,exchange your old razor and follow the,newest market trends in todays video i,have rounded up what i think are the,best electric shavers to see the most,up-to-date prices and find out more,information about these products you can,check out the links in the description,below lets get started,feel like a reborn child with bronze,series 9 93 90 cc best overall,no doubt broad is one of the best,electric shavers in the current market,this is why many people prefer to use it,and give positive feedback afterwards,the foil style with titanium shell,clearly shows the strong part of the,machine built in a plastic cover it may,not seem and feel premium but skin,comfort is definitely above all its,also very light weighing 2.1 pounds as,you might expect and the small handsome,body makes it a great travel body it,works well whether its dry or wet put,it on the water carelessly with its 100,waterproof resistance,even better options for the bald head,because the skin doesnt get itchy or,cause any irritation after the process,it glides on the skin as a soft hand,cream with 10 000 sonic vibrations,smart hair length and five synchronized,elements can help you get rid of,unwanted hair within a stroke you dont,have to go over and over in the same,place because there are two specialized,middle trimmers to cut any type of,hairpiece at any length the perfect,shaving experience happens in the,closure of 0.05 millimeter with 40 000,cutting actions a super cool feature is,the clean and charged component even,though youre using the razor each in,single day the cleaning part is not a,big deal an automatic program cleans and,changes the razor hygienically with a,touch of one button only morning,routines are way easier with 20 more,battery life than previous generations,in a single charge you get one month of,the shaping procedure done,pros smart hair length sensor long,battery life cleans itself automatically,and great for sensitive skin whereas for,the cause plastic build and costs a lot,the state of protection is now activated,with philips no real co shaver 7700 best,gliding,before i start the features i would like,to add the fact that its not ideal for,beginners so if youre looking for,something at an entry level you may want,to check the other options philips,family is so exciting and attractive,when it comes to their product look a,freshly new design with a blue black,color mixture together with matte and,glossy treatments has bought a new,approach to the aesthetic part,the rotary blade design has three,individual cutting systems applied this,makes comfort at the highest level of,occurrence the ring type shape is,supposed to cut even the closest hair to,the skin with zero irritation philips,claims about 90 000 cutting actions per,minute with 100 to 240 automatic voltage,being at its best behavior shows a great,contour heads built of 360 degrees so,you can pivot in all directions until it,inwards to keep in contact with this,skin the desirable sense iq technology,detects any move during shaving you have,left to download the app on the,smartphone and its all done,activate a smart hair sensor for those,beard density recognition because the,system is supposed to control the,influence of the power depending on the,characteristics of the hair,the majority of the razors are now,cordless and all we need is little more,battery life in this matter philips does,the job well just as it claims 60,minutes of non-stop use,this is probably going to last 20 or,more shaving time in just one hour,in case you have limited time a 5 minute,quick charge will be fine by letting,pass the saving procedure of the day,pros,advanced skin shield reasonably priced,sense iq technology and comfort glide,rings whereas for the cons,flat lying hair requires more effort,bulky and not for beginners if the two,options above look expensive then you,might want to check out philips norelco,pq208 for the best budget,in case you already have one but wish to,buy a secondary razer to port anywhere,in your long or short trip this budget,friendly razer can fix that a great tool,for beginners who has just started using,electric shavers or newly started,shaving teenagers can use it without,going wrong,made out of strong durable plastic,casing with a rounded base where the,compact and ergonomic feature provides a,clean shave on the go to,get to the closest precision,shaving in every use especially on the,flat surface it may cause you struggling,in the chin part so you have to be extra,careful in this tight area the stainless,steel blade material is self-sharpening,for up-close shavings this travel body,is supposed to be used only when its,dry as for the cleaning side inside the,box theres a handy brush for quick,straight clean of inside hair collection,two flat rotary heads are placed in the,combination of premier foil style razors,with rotary style razors both of them,without assistance are floating in any,phase curve carefully this helps to,speed up the process a little bit and,the essential to change the heads every,year to keep the shaving in top,condition is a should part here no need,for charging the self-sufficient,electric razor only needs a battery that,will last 12 months to operate,repeatedly use two aaa batteries which,phillips included in the package so it,probably will run longer than an hour,pros no need for constant charging,perfect for traveling economical float,smoothly whereas for the cons no led,battery indicator you may struggle in,chin areas,trim the slightest the most invisible,details with panasonic arc 5 best 2 in,1.,the silver color and stainless steel,blade materials show all plastic,construction but the build quality is,something to be impressed by on the,front side a textured thumb rest is,located in a very grippy field resulting,in a comfortable shaving process the,modern and premium balanced engineering,shows ultra theme arcfoil facial,contours as quick form as possible,taking place in a different league the,huge head might bother some customers,who are not used to it however the 30,degree nanotech blades are admirably the,five precisely sharp razor heads every,single blade has a foil guard with,different patterns the same pattern,maintains across the whole foil ensuring,an even cutting process the logic behind,it was to cut any type of beard doesnt,matter how much deficient your beard is,useful in both doesnt matter if its,wet or dry arc 5 internal dual voltage,conversion where it takes the power,source from 100 to 240 volt,shaver and trimmer elements are two in,one built-in the trimmer fixes up any,kind of mustaches beards or hair by,gliding effortlessly to the neck jaw and,chin lines you can multi-flex the head,in the pivot for great comfort,panasonics high performed linear motor,allows you 14 000 cuts per minute and,that keeps up the same density until the,last drop of battery,panasonic operated the lithium ion,battery source which serves 45 minutes,of shaving time off a one hour charge,plus three minute quick shave can last,around 15 shaves before you recharge it,there is an lcd battery screen where the,battery percentage can be detected,within a second,pros highly precisive comfortable,portable whereas for the cons it shows,water stains and dust and kind of,expensive,acting like anna all inclusive hotel the,panasonic er,gk60s is the king of multi-functioning,best body grooming,as the root of gender we dont like to,buy separate things all were looking,for is something multifunctional to do,all the work done once and for all,the panasonic er gk60 is the lines best,feature packed and by far is the most,popular electric shaver made out of high,quality silver plastic with no flexing,and high pitched noises looks and feels,very secure and stable in built this,tiny machine has an iconic design for,every hard-to-reac

Best Bald Head Shavers 2022

the bald head shavers have an ergonomic,design thats different from beard,trimmers so folks can comfortably shave,their head in a way thats uniquely,different from a face or body shape,hi guys,welcome to best gadgets,weve got the top five best bald head,shavers for you today,you can buy it at the links in the,description below the video,number 5,skull shaver palm 3,the best budget electric bald head,shaver,it is available at a reasonable price of,about 40. the palm shaver is a cordless,shaver powered by a lithium-ion battery,that gives you 60 minutes of runtime,the top of the shaver has an led light,showing you the charge,green means it is good when the light,turns red you have less than 10 minutes,of operation left,the palm shaver comes with a three head,cr3 blade,each of the shaving heads pivots and,flexes allowing the blade to contour to,your head or face,the shavers design gives you a couple,of options for grips,you can hold it in between your fingers,like this making it convenient to shave,the back of your head,[Music],or you can hold the top of the handle,like this which is convenient for,shaving the top of your head and sides,of your head or your face,with the shaver you can shave dry or you,can shave wet,the unit is water resistant so you can,use it in the shower,[Music],included with the palm shaver the nose,and hair trimmer tame those unwanted,hairs,[Music],each palm shaver comes with a usb cable,for charging,simply plug one side into the back of,the shaver and the other side into any,usb port from a computer battery pack or,the optional wall adapter,to clean your cr3 blades separate the,blades and just rinse under water while,you are shaving the design of the blades,will capture the hair inside the blade,chambers,to get the best performance and to keep,the blade as sharp as possible the,manufacturer recommends rinsing while,you are shaving,to keep the blades clean and sharp you,can use the optional available rinse,stand,to rinse the blade simply turn the,shaver on and dip the running blades,into the water let it run for a few,seconds and the blades will push out the,hair clippers,if youre looking for a convenient,smooth shave in around 90 seconds check,out the palm shaver from skull shaver,number four,freedom grooming from flex series,the best design bald head shaver,its available at around 80,this is suitable for anyone who wants,multiple attachments at a fair price,the flex series is also perfect for,grooming in and out of the shower,not to over share but you can also use,this product downstairs for full body,grooming,the problem with todays bald head,shavers,the majority come with only one head,but thats not the case with the freedom,groomings flex series grooming kit,this bald head shaver comes with a,number of clip-on attachments that pop,onto the back for an extraordinary fully,editable shave,starting with the main rotary blade this,five header flexes around the shape of,your head to effortlessly rid of your,head of hair,we found this to be one of the best,feeling shaves in terms of shaver to,skin feel almost like giving your head a,little massage and that was after we,tried the massage attachment for the,shaver aside from the rotary blade you,can pop off and clip on a precision,clipper to accurately trim your,sideburns an exfoliation brush to,provide bump-free shaves an ear and nose,trimmer and a pre-shave massager that,helps lift your hair follicles before,you shave,the flex series is ergonomic and easy to,hold and use whether it be on your head,beard or elsewhere,it shaves right down to the skin without,leaving any irritation such as bumps,cuts or burns,it is designed for men who love sporting,a clean-shaven head but are tired of,using old shavers razors or blades and,want the job done quickly and right,before initial use fully charge your,shaver,this will take about 90 minutes while,charging the unit will show red,when ready to use the light will be,solid green,youre good to use your trimmer for up,to 90 minutes,to keep your skin and flex series,healthy make sure to change out your,replaceable blades regularly to keep,them sharp clean and rust free,number three,remington boulder pro head shaver,the best waterproof bald head shaver,from our list,at a reasonable price of around seventy,dollars the shaver may be used wet or,dry and with shaving foam soap or cream,if you choose,remington state this shaver is 100,waterproof the new boulder pro head,shaver will take care of two days of,growth in less than two minutes,forget blades and the mess that goes,with them,it gives you the results you need with,less effort and less time,this has five cutting heads to maximize,shaving power,and a hyper flex design,so it flows over the contours of your,head delivering a smooth comfortable,close finish,you can also use it wet or dry,the remington boulder pro features,unique easy clean hair pockets to,capture hair clippings and the handy,pop-up trimmer provides the finishing,touches,with a powerful lithium battery you get,up to a months use without a charge,so this is portable and always ready to,go,to fully charge youll need to charge it,up for two hours,the battery provides a maximum of 50,minutes run time when it is new,the shavers body has a light that,illuminates when the battery is low and,while it is charging the body of the,shaver is the handle the whole body fits,in the hand and the sides of the body,have rubber type grips that help with,holding the shaver while shaving even,when wet,the blades are rotary which you get five,of,these blades are able to push in towards,the shaver to enable them to adjust to,the contours of the head,these blades are also easily clipped off,for cleaning purposes and easily clipped,back on,the clip system is sturdy that should,last,cleaning is made easy with the easy clip,on and off blade top,just brush your hair with a brush or,take the blades off and swill the,insides with warm water from the tap,if you use shaving cream you may have to,clean up the inner section more that,will depend on the type of cream or soap,used,[Music],number two braun series nine pro,the best runner-up bald head shaver from,our list,its available at around 320,the new series nine pro is one of the,most efficient and exceptionally gentle,shaver now even better,providing an efficient and gentle shave,in every stroke,after one,three,or even seven days without shaving,the new pro lift trimmer part of the,five synchronized shaving elements has,been completely redesigned,using advanced 3d technology theyve,achieved an exceptionally thin form to,lift and cut more hair in every stroke,[Music],titanium coating for its strength and,durability,and to give ultimate control,braun reinvented the precision switch,it quickly locks the flexible head in,position,to catch even the last hair with ease,the head features five shaving elements,including a new pro lift trimmer that,helps lift longer hairs away from your,skin providing a smoother more efficient,shave even on days worth of stubble,those blades combined with ultrasonic,technology that delivers 10 000,vibrations per minute and auto sense,technology that detects the density of,your beard and adjusts the power make,the series 9 pro what braun calls their,most efficient shaver ever and supports,their claim to cut down shaving time by,10 percent,the head also has an updated lock that,stops the swivel in order to shave hard,to reach areas like under your nose and,chin with more precision perhaps the,most innovative feature of the braun,series 9 pro however isnt even in the,razor itself,it is in the new power case while,slightly bulky the power case is a,chargeable travel holder that can hold,one and a half full charges effectively,extending shave time by six weeks,without ever needing to plug it in,other features of the razor are pretty,standard for a top of the line electric,razor at this price point its 100,waterproof so you have the option of,shaving dry or with the product or in,the shower depen

Beard Shaving – Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Shaver vs Braun Series 9 Foil Shaver

Its an advanced five blade shaving system designed to provide the ultimate close,,comfortable shave. But, how will this Panasonic Arc 5 compare with its,competition the Braun Series 9? Well find out, coming up next!,Whats up, Guys!,Im Paul DOnofrio back with you from GroomReviews where were getting you,Comfortable, Confident and Clean in grooming.,On this channel were bringing you,every day grooming product reviews, so if youre new here be sure to SUBSCRIBE and,make sure to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL to stay on top of all of our latest videos.,You can also check us out on our website at GroomReviews.com and for the ladies,out there make sure to check out and SUBSCRIBE to our newest channel,,GroomReviews For Her to stay on top of all of our latest female product reviews.,So today, were taking a look at the Panasonic Arc 5 mens electric shaver,,model ES-LV95-S, which Panasonic claims provides the ultimate in control,and comfort. The Panasonic Arc 5 is an Amazon Best Seller, ranking at #18,for the category of mens foil shavers. It also holds an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star review rating.,Inside the box, youll find the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-S,shaver including the cleaning station, which includes a cleaning detergent pack,that will last 30 days if used once per day. You also receive a leather travel,case and a charging cord. Now, if you take a look at my previous video on the Braun,Series 9, youll notice that these two mens electric shavers are very similar,,yet carry a substantial price difference of over $80 between them. While Panasonic,markets the Panasonic Arc 5s five ultra-sharp, nano-tech blade that provides a 30,degree cutting edge for a more comfortable shave, Braun hypes the,Braun Series 9 as their best electric shaver, with 5 synchronised shaving,elements and an intelligent auto sensing motor to shave more hair in one stroke,than any other shaver. Ill let you know how these trimmers compare after the shave.,Now lets dive into the specs on the Panasonic Arc 5. So, this is the,Panasonic Arc 5 and just like that Braun Series 9, this is a wet-dry shaver.,Theres a lot going on in the shaver head, as well as inside of this device.,So, if you take a look at this shaver head youll find 5 shaving elements. These,include a lift tech foil that applies reverse tapered edges to raise and cut,flat lying hair, a slit blade foil that grabs and cuts long,hairs and the finishing foils to capture those stubborn hairs ensuring a smooth result.,So, similar to the Braun Series 9s 10-D Flex head, which goes back and forth,here as well as the shaving elements that go in and out. If we look at this,Panasonic Arc 5, it actually has a flex head that goes side to side, goes back,and forth and the elements in here actually move down in different,directions. So, this is good for contouring on the face, you know, getting,in that neck line, the jawline, and going in any direction that you got to get those hairs.,Also, youre going to notice on here that on the back it actually says,free or lock. So, this can be in free mode go all over the place or you can put it,up to lock and this locks in position so if youre trying to get, you know, a,certain spot and you dont want it to move, you can do that as well on this device.,The Braun Series 9 has a similar locking feature if you push this button,down here, but Im finding that this moves a lot easier if I want to get it,out of position than on the Panasonic Arc 5. Its in the locked position right,now and it really doesnt move that much. In addition to that free and the lock,setting thats on the back youre also gonna find a setting for the precision,trimmer. This Braun Series 9 it also has a precision trimmer, but it goes straight,up. So this one you just push it slides right up, just like that.,As far as removing the shaver head on this, its very easy. Theres just two,buttons here on the side. You simply push in and lift up, comes right off. You want,to put it back on, you just push it right back on just like that,,snaps into place, youre all set. Now, if we take a look at the front of this,Panasonic Arc 5 were gonna find the LCD screen right in here. And theres multiple,indicators thatll pop up. But theyll come up as necessary, not, you know, right,when youre just turning this on as you get this out of the box. So, when you turn,it on the first time it goes to shaver sensor mode and thats where its,going to automatically adjust the speed of this device and the power based on,the thickness of your beard. For that one, you press it once and youre gonna,see this power indicator, its kind of like a circle with these little dashes,,and inside of that is this little kind of squiggly line and that indicates that,youre in that shaver sensor mode. If you press it twice, that takes that off and,its a constant speed the whole time that youre shaving. Then, theres a third,power mode where you press this three times and it just goes off. Youre also,gonna see on there it says 100%. Those circles there mean 100% charge,and youre also going to see when you turn it on, its gonna,show you time elapsed as its going. So, 4, 5, 6, you can see the time,that youve been using the device, as well as you can see the power. But after,about five seconds all this goes off and you can continue to shave.,Now the Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-S will get you 45 minutes of runtime for 60 minutes,of charge versus the Braun Series 9 here that will get you 50 minutes for,that same 60 minutes of charge. As far as charging the Panasonic Arc 5, theres two,ways you can do it. You can either take the plug and plug it directly into the,device or you can take the cleaning station, plug the charger in the back and,then place the Arc 5 shaver in there and it sits back and itll start charging.,Now, unlike the Braun Series 9, this Panasonic Arc 5 actually has a nice,feature on it where it comes with this power lock. So, if I push this little,switch here and put it to the locking indicator I cant push this on which is,great if youre traveling or if you have this somewhere and you dont want it to,turn on while youre on the move. So, if I just want to put it back, I switch it,back, press the power button, goes right on. Now, if you look at the cleaning,station theres a little button on the side, you press it down and this actually,pops up and inside here is where theres the actual cleaning fluid compartment.,So, simply pour the tap water and the included detergent into the cleaning,liquid unit and youll be good to go. At this point, you just insert the trimmer,into the cleaning station, you press the select button and youll get three,different modes. For the first one, clean/dry/charge. Press it twice, youll,get dry and charge and press it a third time and youll just get a charge.,Depending on the mode you select you can expect an average clean time of around 10,minutes with a dry time of around 80 minutes, which is substantially more than,the three minutes cleaning and the 40 minutes dry time with the Braun Series 9.,Alright, so now were gonna see what this Panasonic Arc 5 can do. To demonstrate,Im gonna compare this with the Braun Series 9. Im gonna shave with this,Panasonic Arc 5 on the right side of my face and were gonna use the Braun,Series 9 on the left. So to get started, Im gonna take my beard down to about 0.5mm,,which is about a three-day stubble which a manufacturer recommends.,Now that were ready, lets see how the Panasonic Arc 5 compares to the Braun Series 9.,Alright, Guys. So, there you go. That was the Panasonic Arc 5 versus the Braun,Series 9. And as you can see there, both went through there very easily. Both,sides are very smooth. No snagging or pulling, so both of them work very well.,I will say, as far as the precision shaver I did kind of like the one on this,Panasonic Arc 5 better than this Braun Series 9. I dont know for some reason it,just didnt feel like it was cutting as well but this one on the sideburns did,pretty good. I do like the swivel flex head th

Philips OneBlade Review – 6 Months Later

the Philips OneBlade isnt your dads electric razor its built to resemble a,cartridge razor like the ones you get from Gillette, Harrys, or the Dollar,Shave Club, the difference is it doesnt leave your face torn up wont give you,razor burn its blades lasts way longer and you can use it for way more than,just shaving your face Ive been using my Phillips OneBlade for over six,months now and in this video Im going to go over my favorite features of the,device how often Ive had to replace the blades for it how the device has held up,over the past six months and ultimately if I recommend the Philips OneBlade,lets dive in retailing at $34 on sites like Amazon its a bit more expensive,upfront than a typical razor but you only need to replace the blades every,four months or so and they have an indicator on them that will tell you,when theyve become worn down heres a comparison of what one looks like after,around four months and a brand new one so what did I think after my first shave,using the Philips OneBlade? Honestly I wish I had found this device sooner my,face did it feel all torn up there were no cuts it didnt cut into acne and,overall I found that this device was just as easy to use as a cartridge razor,I also liked that you can use this razor every which way,and dont have to worry about accidentally slicing your skin I was,surprised I didnt just have to go slow when using it you can really replicate,the same motions you would normally use when shaving with a razor with this,device and still have it work, now it didnt give me quite as close of a shave,as a cartridge razor that Ive been using for years but I really dont mind,its close enough where youre going to still look clean-shaven to the people,you see every day to me the benefits of this device are worth it when you,consider that youre not getting as close of a shave I found the one played,comfortable to hold with its ergonomic shape and rubber green material on its,sides making it easy to grip one other thing that impressed me about this,device is that not only will it shave your facial hair but it will also trim,it as the standard device I got on Amazon came,with three guards with different lengths one three and five millimeters so you,can keep the facial hair on your face consistent at whichever length you want,if youre someone who has facial hair and once a precise tool that allows you,to get a really good edge with your facial hair the Philips OneBlade is,actually a pretty good tool for those tasks as well Philips has also come out,with attachments that you can use with this device that allow you to trim body,hair as well as facial hair and the entire device is waterproof so you dont,have to worry about ruining it after rinsing it between using it on your face,or trim other parts of your body now Philips does make a version of the,OneBlade that does come with a body hair attachment as well as an extra trim,guard now in that version the OneBlade device itself is not actually different,the only thing that makes that a package different are the two extra attachments,you get now if youre interested in that version of the OneBlade Ill make sure,to put a link of it in the video description below the one blade comes,with a rechargeable battery which will last 45 minutes on a charge so I,typically only charge it about once a month or so not very often and I havent,had any issues with its battery or really anything about the device Ive,only had to replace the blade once and are six months of testing and over all,that experience was great you can sign up on Phillipss website to get,replacement blades sent to you every four months or so with a 20% discount or,of course you can still buy them on Amazon and other retailers whenever you,need a new blade when comparing the Phillips OneBlades overall cost,compared to what I was doing before I was getting a new pack of four blades,every month with the Dollar Shave Club at about $9 before tax which,comes to about a $109 a year for the Phillips OneBlade,Ill spend about $34 on blades a year which is quite,a bit less than what I was spending before and even if you count the $34,I spent on the Phillips OneBlade razor I still come out ahead can,to the razor subscription service overall after six months of using the Philips,OneBlade as the device I shave with I have to say that Ive come away very,impressed with this device Im often wary of claims like this device does it,all or you know you know those infomercials but I do have to admit that,the Philips OneBlade for a device at this price point it does do a lot of,tasks very well its well designed easy to maintain,waterproof houses blades that are easy to replace and overall its a device Id,recommend to just about anyone looking for an alternative to cartridge razors,,those with well-known razors subscription services, or even users of,other electric razors that want something in a slim down package that,does more than just shave your face the Philips OneBlade retails for about,thirty four dollars here in the US and if youd like to pick one up for,yourself Ive linked a couple of versions of the device down in the video,description below well thatll do it for our review of the Philips OneBlade,thank you so much for watching if you liked this video make sure to hit that,thumbs up button below and subscribe to the channel if youd like to see more,product review videos like this one well thanks again for watching for 6 months,later Im Josh Tedder

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