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ELEX Review

Magali home to a civilization of,millions if youve ever been on a date,with someone who seems really,interesting and pleasant at first but,then goes on tirades about lizard people,or how the Illuminati faked the moon,landing you have some understanding of,my love-hate relationship with you,except Alling ambitious euro style RPG,and the tradition of series like The,Witcher and Gothic and theres plenty to,admire peppered across its more than 50,hours of adventuring but while it spends,about half its time making me want to,sing its praises it spends the other,half making me want to pull every single,hair out of my scalp,[Music],the seamless open world is built on a,strong foundation of detailed lore that,feels unlike anything that Chandra has,thrown at us before there are dazzling,sci-fi elements like super soldiers and,radioactive mutants but also a clan of,woodsy wizards who shun all technology,there are exciting influences from,followed in Mad Max with sand blown,post-apocalyptic ruins and gangs of,mercenaries and biker leathers but also,a medieval ish religious order that,worships the god of machines somehow it,all fits together in a way that feels,interconnected and believable the sheer,uniqueness always left me wanting to dig,deeper and learn more the story is,definitely the strongest pillar holding,up elix the twists are unexpected and,memorable the characters are endearing,with multi-layered and believable,backstories there are enough potential,variations in the ending that I almost,wanted to play it again to see more of,them and its all accompanied by almost,shockingly high quality voice acting is,this just the two of us does that scare,you alas it falls apart rapidly upon,first combat encounter for one thing,its buggy to the point that I almost,wasnt able to finish it,broken event triggers horrible party,member AI and missing or misplaced map,markers that make quest targets,impossible to find call to mind the,worst of Fallout New Vegas or vampire,the masquerade bloodlines on their,releases maybe theyll fix it in a few,months but at the moment I just cant,recommend anyone spend money on the,technical disaster area that is Felix,[Music],even when everything is working as,intended the combat balance often feels,absurd games like Dark Souls are,punishing but never feel unfair certain,quests in elix made me feel like I had,to break its systems to win some,required me to snipe a couple enemies,from a large group at a distance runs,several hundred yards to a shack with a,bed take a quick map to regain my health,and mana and return to repeat this,process for or five times one boss took,me almost two hours to slay because I,had to get lucky and not trigger his,unblockable nearly undable rock throw,attack too many times the hitboxes and,animation timings are imprecise and,irritating especially on area attacks,and any damage scales way too quickly in,comparison to yours throughout the,middle levels too often I felt that I,was fighting poor design choices rather,than monsters the designer seems,stubbornly phobic of many quality of,life features that became standard in,the genre for a reason like not having,to rely on the potion economy to sustain,your questing all of this represents,only a small fraction of the issues I,ran into,the best case scenario for elix is that,itll be worth picking up on a sale a,year or two from now after its been,heavily patched to fix its rampant bugs,and infuriating balance problems and as,enough good ideas that one day it might,be talked about is one of those hidden,RPG treasures that people play and,wonder why it wasnt as successful on,launch but the frothy mix of joy and,frustration that elix presents today,skews too heavily toward the latter I,wish it well but I dont think Ill be,calling it up for a second day no Im,not good enough for that were some far,better RPGs check out our reviews of,divinity original sin to South Park the,fractured but whole and pyre,[Music]

Elex – Review After 100%

[Music],whats going on everybody mortem here,this time bringing you my review of elix,after 100 so couple of things right off,the bat i like to review games after 100,because i feel like it lends some,credibility to what i do as well as,helps me separate myself from other,youtubers that do video game reviews my,steam profile is public and linked down,in the description below if youre,curious in checking that out however,these reviews do cover a lot more than,just the achievements and if youre not,subscribed to my channel and youre kind,of new to this if you go to my channel,the first video youre going to see is a,short video of me explaining everything,thats covered in these reviews i,reviewed this primarily because i was,trying to do it before the release of,elix 2 on march 1st of 2022 now this,game was very heavily requested from my,viewers actually i got a lot of requests,for this one so here we are now elix,itself is an open world rpg with an,emphasis on building your character that,is to say things like attributes skills,that type of stuff who your character is,is one person actually its a man named,jax and the setup for the story is that,you are on a planet called either maglin,or magalan you hear it both ways in game,but it was at one time a very much so,modern world that very much so resembled,our own though it is not actually earth,however this planet was hit by a comet,this comet while simultaneously,destroying the modern civilization that,had formed also brought a substance to,the planet known as elix since the title,now elix is used for everything from,technology to actual consumption it,seems to be a power source just straight,up across the board now were not going,to talk too much about spoilers for this,game until we get to the end of the,video which i will call out separately,as i want to talk about some stuff,leading into the second game however,even then we wont be covering anything,that wasnt mentioned in the marketing,for elix 2. but i will say this about,the story its a bit of a slow burn it,starts off pretty slow but by the end it,gets very interesting and i enjoyed it,very much now as i mentioned we play as,jax jax is a member or at least at the,start of the game was a member of a,faction called the albs the albs are,people who,consume elix and try to collect all of,the elix for their overlord if you will,which is a being known as the hybrid,your character was a commander of this,group of people however in the opening,scenes hes on a mission gets shot down,and executed by these people but,surprise he lives obviously now hes,unconscious for a few days and when he,comes to all of the elix has drained,from his system now this is especially,important in this world because the,consumption of elixir basically removes,all emotion from a person they become,cold calculated and logical the albs see,emotion as a weakness all of this has,flushed your characters system which,also means all of the power that elix,grants along with removing your emotions,is gone now heres where i want to talk,about character progression because an,elix character progression is very very,important youre going to start this,game off as just a weak baby you are,capable of nothing basically in order to,progress obviously youre going to level,up by killing things and completing,quest the standard rpg fare however when,you level up you will be granted 10,attribute points along with a single,learning point the attributes will be,put into attributes that if youve ever,played an rpg before are exactly what,you think they are however they are very,very important because piranha bytes the,developer very much so made this an rpg,until you have the appropriate stats and,the appropriate equipment you are going,to get destroyed in combat at the start,of this game basically everything can,kill you regardless of whether or not,youre uneasy or hard you are very weak,now well talk a bit more about the,combat itself when we get to the combat,section i do have some things to say,about the combat itself but well get,there now the other thing we get are the,learning points that i mentioned you get,one of these per level up you have to go,to a trainer to then teach you things,thats why theyre learning points and,not like skills so youll go to a,trainer with your learning point the,appropriate attributes as well as some,money and that character will then train,you in how to do something this is,broken down into a few different trees,combat survival crafting and charisma,now charisma is especially annoying and,this is where you can actually really,tell this is a double a game because,charisma is labeled as personality but,then in some of the personality skills,it will mention that as charisma and,some items will refer to it as charisma,so personality and charisma are used a,bit interchangeably which gets a little,confusing now the attributes themselves,you only have to put one point into them,up until they reach 31 at 31 the,attributes require two points to level,up and then at 61 they require five,points to level up so you do get a bit,of diminishing returns in terms of,raising your attributes however all of,that can be circumvented by drinking,elix drinks either via crafting or,finding them in the world you can find,elix turn that into elix potions that,you can then consume for power now small,strings are basically useless and they,just give you a tiny bit of experience,but normal sized elix strings and strong,elix strings are very important the,regular sized ones will give you two,attribute points and the strong ones,will give you a learning point combine,this with a bit of farming and you can,quite literally max out your character,however this will negatively affect your,characters cold rating because again,elix drains you of emotion now the only,way to raise your cold level is through,dialogue and things which means theres,a limited amount you can raise your,characters emotion throughout the game,but the elix strengths are unlimited so,its very possible to turn your,character into an ice cold monster and,depending on your cold level it will,change certain dialogues and their,availability to you as well as the,ending that you are able to get now the,last thing i want to mention about,character progression is that attributes,are very important youre going to need,them to equip things that is weapons,armor etc just across the board,attributes basically dictate what your,character can do in actual rpg fashion,from here lets move on to the world,building a little bit so the world of,maglin is dangerous beautiful and filled,with stuff to find i found the,exploration to be incredibly rewarding,once i got to it the problem is that i,mentioned is that you are a weak baby at,the beginning of this game and you,simply cannot go exploring right out of,the gate and thats a bit of a trap that,other open world titles would have led,you to believe is something you should,do in this game not at all until about,level 15 or 20 you really need to stick,to the city hubs and do all of the,missions you can that dont involve,combat to get your character level up to,get you the attributes to get you the,things you need to be able to perform,combat proficiently enough to then go,exploring and then once youre above,like level 25 as long as you have the,right equipment youre pretty much good,to go when you get to explore the world,it is divided up into three distinct,regions for the most part the foresty,areas of edan and ebessa which are kind,of like jungle swamp and a little bit of,highlands that type of stuff and then,there is tavar which is the desert area,and then there is ignadon which is a,sort of volcanic area that was right,next to where the comet hit and the,smallest area on the map is called zacor,which is where the albs are but one,thing in particular that i really,enjoyed about exploring this world was,that the way the itemization is handled,basically everything you find is useful,you can find

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ELEX Review | Gothic II With Guns | Urban Berlin Simulator©

Hey hey, people!,Seth here.,Once upon a time, Germany committed an act of such contemptible evil,that the world still remembers them for it.,To the shame of the modern German nation, and its people.,They asked Piranha Bytes, popular German RPG developer,to make the same game for over 20 years.,For nearly 2 decades, Piranha Bytes has been releasing Gothic II,under different titles.,And the German population is none the wiser.,Oh, it loaded!,This looks good.,”Press any button to continue.”,What a terribly coded game.,Elex is the latest copy of Gothic II.,The story takes place in the world of Magalan.,A modernized planet much like ours, which got hit by a comet,containing magic crystals called Elex.,Most people die off.,The lucky ones who survive become mindless mutants,tainted by Elex.,While the unlucky ones become Germans.,The Germans split into four different factions.,The Albs who consume Elex to become more and more autistic,,and thus more powerful.,The Berserkers, who are like the German version of Amish people,,and refuse to use Elex technology,,but use Elex to turn into mana,,which doesnt count.,The Clerics, who are just religious fanatics.,And the Outlaws, who are Ancap as fuck,,hate organized government,,and hate roads even more.,You play as Jax.,A man gifted with a unique power.,He can jump higher than any white person ever recorded in history!,For this reason the other Albs get jealous of him and shoot down his plane.,Then your manlet brother attempts to assassinate you,,but cant aim very well because the gun is designed for adult fingers and not children.,So you survive and fall down the cliff.,When you wake up, the Elex is gone from your system,and you are forced to experience human emotions for the first time.,Such as, “anger,” at the clunky control scheme,,and, “confusion,” at the strange texture popping,,delayed or absent sound effects,,and porn tier voice acting.,stranded among former enemies, Jax has to forge alliances,and build trust with the other factions to find out why his allies tried to kill him.,And beat the final antagonist of this game, the combat system.,While Jax can jump very high for a caucasoid, helped even moreso,by his trusty jetpack, this wont save you from Elexs ATROCIOUS combat.,The system is fairly straightforward:,Jax attacks through a relentless combination of quick and strong attacks,,to string combos together.,”Omae wa mō shinde iru.”,”Nani . . ? !”,So what could possibly go wrong?,Everything.,Piranha Bytes is a developer thats infamous for designing terrible combat.,So dont be surprised.,In fact, if you play by the rules set by the developer, you will die.,Instead, you need to do what all sensible people do with Piranha Bytess RPGs,,you abuse the system as much as possible.,In Gothic II probably millions of people fell for the combat meme.,They didnt know you could just spend a few hundred gold in the first town,to buy a scroll to transform into a black raptor,,and rampage through the entire first map . . .,Skipping virtually the first ten levels of BULLSHIT Piranha Bytes crams down your throat!,You need to approach this game in the same way.,The stamina bar is a great feature, and adds a lot to the game.,Theres nothing more satisfying than watching a green bar deplete.,And replenish. In the top left of my screen,,as I wait for my cerebral palsy stricken character to,accumulate enough energy for his paralyszed muscles to spring into motion.,In fact, the stamina bar serves no purpose except to cause you suffering.,This is because only humans have stamina.,Monsters and wildlife follow no such system,,and can attack without restriction.,Even better, if youre hit while your stamina is recovering,,it interrupts the recovery.,This leads to a fun, INNOVATIVE system,,built around stunlocking someone into a coma.,The combat almost appears to be intentionally designed bad.,You couldnt make it any worse unless you tried very hard.,Maybe give the character tank controls instead.,Oh, and maybe give him a warning every time his stamina and health gets low.,Which will be every few seconds.,”Your health is low . . .”,”Do you have any potions, or food?”,None of this matters when you play the game the real way its meant to be played.,The way the developers didnt intend.,You recruit Duras and suck him off so he aggroes all the monsters.,Then, while hes holding their attention and is absolutely immune to damage,,You just spam grenades and ranged attacks.,Then you cheese through the entire game!,And why would I NOT cheese through the entire game?,Why would I NOT abuse the fact that attacks stunlock enemies,by simply running through half of the fucking game map, reaching the cleric base,,and buying a flamethrower?,Because, fun fact:,You need almost no stats to wield the best gun in the game.,Which can spit out fireballs that stunlock and knock over everything they hit in a wide radius,,so that you can safely kill anything in the game. Without them even having the chance to defend themselves.,And why would I NOT abuse the fact that crafting recipes are broken,,when I can go a trader in the Outlaw Town and buy infinite amounts of electronic scrap and iron ore,,convert these into mental energy reserves,,which is magic ammunition used by the Clerics,,and upgrade these in a one-to-one ratio into higher tier copies of mental energy reserves,,that sell for threefold more than the cost of my base ingredients?,Leading me to have infinite amounts of money,,or Deutschemarks as theyre called ingame.,Germans will likely defend and applaud the game.,Germans with names like “Jergen,” “Hans,” and “Achmed,”,will state that theres nothing wrong with the game,,and its designed for real “Hardcore RPG Players” like themselves.,Besides, it reminds them of real life Germany,,where walking outside in Berlin will result in your immediate stabbing.,Thankfully for the Germans, you can quickload in real life.,I say you shouldnt trust their opinions.,A country whose highest grossing game titles are,Farming, Forklift, and Bus Driving Simulators,lack the credibility to make any judgement on whats good.,To the typical German gamer, “Arbeit macht frei,”,and they cannot separate work from leisure.,Modern copies of farming simulator are electronically linked,to real life driverless farms in Germany.,Tricking the average German male into supporting the Eurozone economy without pay.,The grains produced from such operations are so cheap and plentiful,that the EU can afford to airlift them by the metric ton,,and directly drop them directly on sub-saharan African villages.,Instantly drowning the native population in a river of wheat.,World construction and level design is stellar!,And probably the strongest feature of Elex.,Every crevice, nook, and cranny has been clearly handcrafted,,and stuffed with items, gear, and consumables for you to plunder.,Together with many dangers.,The voice acting can be patchy at many times with the English dub.,But the quests are well done and offer many solutions to tackle them.,The decisions YOU make influence the opinions and actions of,characters, companions, and factions throughout the world,,and steer the course of the story toward one of the major groups,and their ideology for how Magalan should be run.,The companions you bring with you also have their own interactions with NPCs,,and their presence alone can change the outcome of missions youre given.,Just be aware their AI is garbage.,Ray just stood still while I was getting mauled by a horde of animals.,,and doesnt even intervene in fights unless youve already won.,Duras is less garbage because his AI is more aggressive,,but is still prone to standing still like a tard,or switching from his melee weapon to his bow in melee range.,I didnt have a chance to test out Arx as a companion,since my parents forbid me from playing with Skinheads.,So I canr comment on his AI.,Also, while the graphics are absolutely great, one of the features I appreciated the most,was how well the day n

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Elex Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

sup everybody this is carrot with AC,gene as always its my continuing,mission to bring you reviews that arent,two minutes long or filled with,sponsored bullcrap in todays trek,through a digital wasteland is done via,the video game elix and yes it is a,piranha bytes title so that means a game,made by the proverbial Tootsie Pop of,Game Developers requiring a good deal of,effort to get to the magical middle that,many of us have discovered in past,titles so does helix which goes out,there and tries to mix fantasy peanut,butter with the futuristic chocolate of,other games and throws them together,pull it off lets find out and see shall,we also a big thanks to the developer,for making review code available a full,two weeks before the embargo it makes,these things a lot easier,helix is out October 17th and is coming,for the ps4 Xbox one and PC for the,suggested retail price of $44.99 as,always if you liked the video maybe,subscribe so heres my review for elix,plague testicles NPC prostate problem,simulation in a very respectful way of,recognizing a friend graphics are up,first,and you know what what would it be if,not a piranha bytes game if it wasnt a,mixed bag first some of these locations,are absolutely epic and not just in the,middle ground between the locations but,the major cities themselves which Im,sure weve all noticed many times cease,to inspire with a couple ramshackle,shops and 5 NPCs somehow driving an,entire robust economy that a player,feeds from like a figuratively,swallowing golden tit here in Neelix,though you have these sprawling city,scapes and I do mean sprawling the first,place you explore is the home of the,berserkers men and women who despise the,use of technology so much that when you,pull out your Casio wristwatch they,start threatening you with bodily harm,and yelling at you to turn it off like a,cell phone in a movie their city is this,incredibly multistage our Burrell affair,with winding pathways huge cultivated,fields and an attention to game design,that is actually pretty amazing and,mixes the narrative with it for example,The Outlaws desert outpost its high,atop a series of rock pillars it makes,any town in the Fallout series look,positively small by comparison as well,and while not fully fleshed out with the,number of NPCs I think wed probably,want to see if it was real its number is,far higher than most cities and other,games and filled with both named and,generic characters that go about their,lives in this interesting and interplay,of the narrative with the location again,for example men and women whove come to,power in the city claim small,throne-like locations around town the,junk man with his Salvage chair on a,pile of steel or the backstabbing rogue,with,garden sanctuary walled up on all sides,or the main leader living inside what,looks like an ancient cooling tower for,reactor surrounded by delicious babes,backed up by scientists and with his own,inventor on staff at all times it just,works and it shows that it doesnt,require hundreds of interlaced,connections to do something like this,just well-placed ones with a narrative,that reflects it in some of what youre,seeing now to me helix is one of the,most interesting and intricate lands to,explore and to me ranks up there with,any other game from these guys as well,as from the triple-a developers these,large cities for example the clerics and,their futuristic Holdings and neon signs,down to some podunk landowner with a,house and a couple vegetables to call,his own and watching him warm himself by,the fire at night sit and eat with,farmhands during the evening go to sleep,and then rise before dawn is really,pretty damn cool also the game has,helped dramatically by a well done,lighting engine that makes weather,effects pop a bit more than I actually,expected are some of these done in other,games yes they are but not in a land so,interesting all that being said even,after a small amount of time in the game,world you didnt begin to feel like,youre visiting the Koresh compound,before everyone realized he was insane,because Sally Martha Melissa Deanna,Gertrude and Beelzebub all look like,they got squeezed from the same set of,them certainly overused loins and I,dont just mean overall I mean hair,choice facial reconstruction,pretty much everything well not at all,the only game to do something like this,I would say its far more egregious than,even Bethesda titles and due to the lack,of headgear on many of these characters,its even more noticeable also man the,game is replete with very low detail,textures or low detailed geometry making,some locations look rough as hell and,showing that depending on budget,sometimes a game of this size has to,pull punches from somewhere else and,making it look like youre embarking on,a microscopic journey over someones lego,landscape versus playing a title also,when it comes to animation its a bit,give and take for example the nuanced,heads way the character really adds to a,feeling of weight and inertia that,surprisingly we still see some games not,able to replicate and I got to say there,are few things cooler than watching a,comrade jetpack down behind you as you,leap frogging across the lava covered,apartment complex towards a giant red,swelled-up ball sack now when it comes,to performance both consoles try to hit,30fps but neither actually hits it all,the time and the ps4 goes for a 1080p,resolution but it looks like the Xbox,one might be a little bit lower or,dynamic the PC with the i7,Nvidia 1080 4k at 60fps is gonna be,easily doable with one or two settings,lowered and the only hits its really,gonna see is with the fog effects that,seem to eat up more FPS than I felt were,fair as a package elix offers one of the,largest and interesting and vertically,inspired world locations I have played,in a game in years and it packs the,in-between places with things that I,want to visit and people I want to kill,but like everything were designed,trumps technical ability it also has,every one of the weaknesses and problems,you would expect from a game that does,all that sound music and voice,[Music],yes youre right lets destroy the,converters and we can say core and it,must be us who does it we must lead the,process that stops the Alexa ters and,you know what lets do voice first yeah,I got an idea lets splurge for pretty,much everything to be voice act and then,just go to Radio Shack buy a Speak &,Spell and do it all with that and no not,just the main character who at least has,some small reason why he sounds,emotionally neutered but most of them,luckily there are a few standouts like,the short-lived cannibal leader who,didnt last very long but sounded subtly,scary while dying or a couple of the,leaders in the clerics areas the end,result is a game where everybody sounds,pretty much better than the main,character even despite the fact that,youre supposed to pretty much sound,like that in the first place overall I,would say its a bit hit-and-miss sound,now this is also hit and miss now some,of the samples are excellent like moving,through the bush or the thick heady,explosions of a rocket-propelled,projectile aim to end lives at your feet,or even the scramble and crackle of,creatures moving above you and rocky,locations you can hear all that and the,surround is actually fairly well done or,even the excellent effects of the rush,of a waterfalls you twist and turn down,a path next to it and the occlusion is,actually handled really well,unfortunately theres also an incredible,number of what just terrible effects for,example some of the running sounds feel,like someone said hey whats running,sound like and another person said you,know it sounds like sheepish and didnt,know that the first person had a tascam,recorder in their hand or just the,terrible and gradient sound of sand in,this game first it pumps out at like 40,times as loud as it should be and,apparently sand in this world is just,rice in a Tupperware Bowl being shuffled,around it mists music so

ELEX – Before You Buy

hey its another episode of before you,buy the show where we give you some,straight-up gameplay and some thoughts,and feelings on what were doing in the,games that were checking out,Im Falcon and today were taking a look,at Alex and Im gonna start off by,saying if you like piranha bytes and,their previous games like Gothic and you,really dont expect it to be much more,you probably will like this and heres,the thing Im not gonna tell you its a,bad game or anything but Im also not,going to tell you its great helix is,about a planet called Magdalene and,basically what happens after a meteor,hits it destroys a society widespread,destruction everything devolves into,factions etc etc youve heard it before,and thats kind of the problem even the,sort of magic system is something that,just really feels very familiar to me,theres a substance called elix which,isnt pronounced anything like how its,spelled factions deal with elix in,different ways theres one faction that,gets addicted to it and acts really out,of whack kind of reminds me of splicers,and Bioshock really reminds me of,splicers in bioshock actually except for,it came from a meteor instead of,scientific research which is interesting,because this is basically a sci-fi game,albeit set in a fantasy world which is,at times cool and at times I questioned,it so theres in-game logic that kind of,bothers me theres architecture from the,quote-unquote old world all over the,place and then theres medieval towns,built around them like they literally,use hay to make the roofs of their,structures and I feel like yes it does,demonstrate that the sort of,expectations have devolved somewhat in,architecture in society but you got all,these people hanging around these,buildings that survived a comet hitting,the planet and they dont spend the time,to go wait maybe we shouldnt be using,hay for our roof speaking of logic there,is an oppressive Lee large amount of,talking in which you have a million,options to choose from right off the bat,you meet somebody and you can have an,in-depth conversation with them about,literally everything going on in your,life and their life and well I might be,exaggerating a little keep in mind Im,exaggerating only a little this game is,so filled with talking everywhere you go,its talk talk talk and not in the fun,Witcher way where everybody has,something interesting to say its all,just tedious exposition explaining,things to you and no it does not stop,once you get past the first few hours of,the game people never stop explaining,crap to you I havent beaten the game,but Ive certainly gotten further than,the footage Ive intended to include,here which obviously weve kept to the,first stretch the game intentionally so,if you do happen to want to play it,theres no major spoilers although Ill,say I havent really encountered,anything that I would consider majorly,spoil able if thats a spoiler for you,if you notice I didnt talk about the,combat up front and theres a reason for,that its because this combat feels like,its from 2006 its not fluid theres,not a lot of options theres no real,vagaries to the system its basically,slow-paced battles that weve seen a,billion times and again to bring up the,Witcher weve seen it done better even,The Witcher which the combat is not,advanced per se nails the kind of thing,that theyre trying to do giving you a,lot more options and making the combat,deep I have not seen a point in this,game that made me think that combat was,deep and what kind of sucks is they made,sure that it felt boring up front the,first couple hours of this game are just,easily the worst part of the game and,you know maybe if this game cost like,1520 dollars I probably wouldnt be as,judgmental but this is a $60 triple-a,supposedly game and while triple-a,doesnt necessarily mean great you do,kind of expect it to keep up with some,of the conventions that we call modern,at this point and this game really,really doesnt to bring up Bioshock,again it really felt like somebody said,well I like Bioshock but I also want a,game thats pretty much Skyrim or,Fallout or both at once but I wanted to,be fantasy like magic II fantasy,I want some scruffy dudes in furs,walking around I want straw roofs and,none of it really ever comes together,and Ill say this I told you at the,beginning its not a bad game and it,really isnt its not a bad game but,heres the issue if you made this game,in the mid-2000s,the thing people would be amazed about,is the size of the world and some of the,environmental effects but even at that,point I dont think anybody would have,been like wow this brings something new,to the table even one thing new to the,table because it does not this is kind,of every aimless RPG from the mid-2000s,that is competent and decent for the,most part systemic Lee speaking but has,nothing at all to say ultimately I dont,want to crap on a game coz there are,much worse experiences out there that,for whatever reason have gotten a lot,bigger pushes by various publications,and people but if youre gonna buy a $60,game this month just one or even one of,a few I dont think elix is gonna be,very worth it for you even just sitting,down to record to try to think about,things that are notable to say about it,feels tedious this is a tedious game and,that doesnt necessarily mean bad but it,does mean unless you really like,busywork,I dont really know what there is for,you in this game its a lot of busy work,a lot of talking and not a lot of combat,not that the combat is what I would even,call a main attraction for the game,basically if you like old piranha bytes,games and dont like evolution in game,play or genre and dont mind framerate,drops this is kind of basically exactly,what you want but I dont think that,anybody is like that,and heres the thing I cant recommend,buying it but I cant savage it either,theres not enough going on and trumping,up outrage about frankly just a dull,game that doesnt try hard enough or,maybe tries too hard I dont know it,wouldnt be honest but to be totally,honest this game probably is going to,leave you feeling shortchanged its a,$60 game that feels like it was released,a decade ago if theres any further,viewpoints on this game and I think that,there probably might be,because like I said if you like piranha,bytes games and you have a certain,nostalgia for exactly this level of game,development you may like this and its,something that scratches a really,specific itch and if you dont have that,itch it is kind of excruciating leave us,a comment tell us what you think if you,enjoyed this video please click like and,if youre not subscribed now would be a,great time to do so we upload brand new,videos every day of the week and the,best way to see them is of course a,subscription as always we thank you very,much for watching this video im falcon,you can follow me on twitter at falcon,the hero and well see you next time,right here on game ranks

Elex Review

if youre anything like me you have a,fair few games in your collection that,you picked up on a whim but have never,actually played,i thought it was about time i started,working through some of my backlog,whats up everyone its right house and,today im taking a look at,elix elix is a third person action rpg,from the creators of the gothic series,and one that after playing i feel never,really got the attention it deserved and,with the surprise announcement that elix,2 is now on the way it might just be a,good time to give it a try,elix is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi,fantasy world called magalan which was,hit by a comet turning most of the world,into a wasteland,this comet also brought with it a,mysterious substance called elix,the survivors began to form factions,each with a unique perspective on life,and different ways of using their helix,the world of elix is definitely an,interesting one its an open world and,fairly large with different biomes,including lush jungle brutal lava,wastelands,hot deserts and icy mountains,there is a fair amount of running around,involved to get about but this is broken,up by the fact that you also have a jet,pack strap to you and this lets you,traverse the world in some interesting,ways,it also opens up some nice tactical,advantage sometimes when it comes to the,combat,there is fast travel available by a,means of discoverable teleporters which,you will be using a lot as your questing,will constantly take you from one side,of the map to the other,as the player you will take on the role,of jax an alp commander who is betrayed,and left for dead and gives himself the,mission of finding out why,the albs are a faction that ingests elix,and gain special powers from it,usually when people ingest elix they,lose themselves and turn into jacked up,zombies with a serious addiction problem,but the albs are functional addicts and,are made up of those that can keep,control of themselves they are cold,logical and very powerful,unfortunately after being knocked out,all of your elix has left your system so,when you start the game you are,completely powerless,something that is of course standard in,almost every game however in elix its,actually a bit of a problem because this,game is pretty tough,the combat is action based and the,enemies can take a hell of a beating,for the first few levels you will,struggle to kill anything and will more,often than not be forced to run away,from any mobs that attack you,at first i was a bit confused by this,and thought id made a serious mistake,with my character development but after,searching online for some tips as i was,struggling i found that this is actually,by design and i thought that was quite,refreshing,it makes the world feel as described for,once it feels wild and dangerous and,forces you to think about what youre,doing and where youre going and i found,i needed to use stealth to complete some,early quests rather than just running in,and beating everything into the dirt,progression is based around a typical,attribute system as well as a slightly,more unique skill system,attributes as always affect your base,stats as well as being prerequisites for,being able to use certain weapons as,well as dictating what skills you can,actually learn,skills could be learned from various,trainers scattered around the world,using skill points and this is where the,true character customization and,development comes from,there are skills for charisma,pickpocketing armor proficiency crafting,and a lot more,it does feel a little restrictive at,first and takes a bit of planning to,work out what attribute distribution you,need in order to get a certain skill,whilst also making sure you can use a,weapon you like but eventually it does,get easier and you do start to feel a,little more free in the system,you can also really feel your dude,getting more powerful and feel a real,sense of development as the mobs that,would melt you earlier now are a lot,more manageable,in terms of weapons there are a few,different types to choose from including,swords axes bows as well as some more,sci-fi weapons such as laser rifles and,plasma rifles,i found the ranged weapons worked best,for my playstyle as whenever i tried to,melee anything i just ended up dead,this did have a lot to do with the fact,that im absolutely useless when it,comes to any form of blocking or dodging,though,as you travel about you will make,friends and enemies and the characters,all have some pretty good voice acting,you cant simply buy a warlords armor,you dont even have the rank of a,cultivator there are a lot of filler,npcs around though and your only,interaction with these will be a short,generic reply well talk later yeah,you can also put together a team of,companions that will help you with your,mission and you can have one of these,guys or gals following you at any one,time,they each have their own stories and,missions to explore and theyre all,pretty interesting,they also help a hell of a lot when it,comes to survivability and having your,companion tank for you whilst you,whittle away at the health of the enemy,will be a valuable tactic at least at,first,you will be given the chance to join a,faction on your journey and each of,these factions feels very unique not,just in design but in world view,the berserkers for example are people,that have forsaken all technology and,they live like barbarians in heavy armor,they use elix to power a form of magic,if they see you using technology nearby,they will tell you off something that,can actually get a bit annoying when,youre in town and every single person,keeps shouting at you but it does add,some backbone to their theme take that,tick to the pit it should be disposed of,another faction are the clerics these,are the complete opposite of the,berserkers and they fully embrace,technology they are highly religious and,have lasers and robots and force fields,around their bases,different again are the outcasts who,live like mad max in the desert where,its every man for himself,i feel they did a really good job of,making the factions feel distinctive and,it gives good opportunities for replay,as you can go back and experience what,each faction has to offer you,it is also worth mentioning that quests,are interconnected and things will,change depending on how you behave,it isnt the most extensive,implementation of this ive seen but,its nice to see nonetheless,overall if you have any love at all for,action rpgs then it is well worth giving,elix a shot,i really enjoyed my time playing and im,not sure why it took me so long to,actually give it a go but i am really,glad i did,i was a bit unsure at first but the more,i played the more i got to grips with,its unique play style,it is more of a challenge than say an,elder scrolls game with some nice quests,and difficult combat,the movement and combat can feel a,little clunky at times but as you learn,different ways to take down enemies it,becomes less of a problem and more about,tactics,it also helps to get to grips with the,jetpack,the weapons and armor are pretty cool,looking and you can feel the variation,between the factions and their belief,systems,the world is a unique blend of sci-fi,and fantasy and its pretty nice to look,at it feels dangerous and its fun to,explore with lots of little hidden,secrets scattered about,so there you go thats my brief overview,of elix i tried to keep it as spoiler,free as possible,i hope you enjoyed the video and as,always let me know your thoughts on elix,sound in the comments,thats all from me on this one see you,in the next one,[Music],you

Elex ► Review in 2022 – Just Before Elex 2 Comes Out

hey guys youve got grave here with a,review of piranha bytes elex just before,the second game comes out now i normally,post content about games that i really,like i also make videos for titles i,appreciate but may not be popular,choices for others so i think elex falls,into the latter category now for the,longest time ive always thought of,buying it but never really pushed,through with it until recently i was,aware of the issues or some of its,shortcomings but there was also,something about it that always made me,curious about the experience so i,decided to get it with the recent sale,i get it now why i always felt like the,game was calling out to me tldr is that,if you are used to aaa experiences with,rpgs then elex might be a letdown but,there are reasons why i spent 40 hours,on this title and finished it while it,was still on sale so lets look at it,from the usual aspects which are,graphics story and gameplay theres a,reason why the game is fairly priced and,it shows with the graphics quality the,textures and animations would be the,most obvious even as the intro sequence,of the game plays out the main character,jax showcases this with his movements,and the textures on his armor and even,his body or his hands the ground where,he wakes up at the intro also shows the,lack of detail even if you crank up the,settings now its not terrible but it,does line up nicely with what you pay,for or at least its normal price now as,i say that there are moments where,piranha bytes does some excellent work,with what they have some play of lights,with the environment does make scenes,very pretty to look at now a lot of,games use this to sort of compensate for,the lack of textures in models or in the,environment non-aaa games like greedfall,and the technomancer also do this in,elex there are also variations in terms,of biomes and,character or personality added to the,different locations so it doesnt really,get very boring given the decent map,size you have for a roughly 30 or 40,hour experience now i mentioned,character and animations arent really,the best you can experience but i do,find it strange that they spent some,time on other random animations like uh,npcs blowing their noses or npc smoking,or or some of them taking a leak,i mean yeah it is weird that they worked,on that part but they could have made,some of the other movements better it is,rare but there are also moments where,npcs and facial animations are also very,expressive but theyre also moments,where theyre just pretty blank it the,blankness will kind of remind you of the,facial expressions in the original,version of mass effect andromeda so,as with the animations its just okay,when you average things out now on the,audio experience side of things the,background music in combat or when,roaming freely around the world is just,pretty good now it can be somber when it,needs to be and it can be livelier when,faced with mutants or enemy types in,general however the other audio aspects,like combat effects footsteps and,composition of audio sources can be a,bit of a letdown the general effects are,a bit flat they are a bit lacking on the,base side of things or they dont feel,rich enough now for example the plasma,or melee sound effects arent punchy,which gives the effect that they arent,weighty enough now the weapons,themselves are okay to look at but they,feel hollow or weak when being used,like i said composition of audio sources,also needs work this is one of those,rare games where i sometimes turn on,subtitles or subs as the voice work can,sometimes be drowned out by effects or,the background music most games i just,opt to basically turn off subs but with,elex it had me turn it on for the first,two hours and every now and then if the,npcs didnt speak up so the audio part,of this game is weaker than its graphics,which is strange as most games do better,the other way around,[Music],i thought you were watching my back,ill help,ill crush you,um,[Music],jax,if someone had told me you would turn up,here i wouldnt have believed it,i heard you were dead they tried to,execute me,i got lucky disgraced,but not dead,and exiled now the great commander,stands before me,how times change,so what can one alp rebel do for another,i need your support and why should we,help you,it seems like were on the same side,the plot of elex is actually okay but,yeah i suppose it can be subjective it,also has an air of mystery to it that,makes you curious about this substance,called helix now elex is a non-native,substance that only appeared on,magdalene the planet youre in after a,comet crashed onto its surface now there,are four main factions that are,basically just fighting over elex or,elex in one form or the other you have,your berserkers which have this nature,theme going for them but is mixed with,sorcery you also have the clerics which,is the strangest faction for me because,they have this deity or god they believe,in but they also promote the use of,technology if it werent for the look of,their main armor piece i think i,wouldnt have chosen the clerics as my,faction for my character now the last,one at least for the ones that are quote,unquote good,if you can call them good are the,outlaws which has the yolo identity now,theyre basically a free people and this,organized at the same time now the last,main group are the abs which are the,antagonists or at least theyre,portrayed as antagonists in the game,your main character jax actually comes,from this faction which,is sort of an offshoot of the cleric,faction,now as is typical of faction based rpg,games you have to win favor now given,that jax used to be an ex-album or used,to be an aisle brother he now has to,side with the faction to get the support,to basically help him understand what,led him to the events of the intro,sequence of the game,there well this is where his ship was,shot down and he was stripped of his,powers and gear now the story as i said,is interesting enough but what id like,to call out is the non-main story quests,and that they are actually very related,to the ongoings of magalan now its not,like other rpgs where there are,pointless filler quests if you invest in,the theme of the game all missions and,quests tie in nicely another thing that,i do want to mention is that once youve,done this well done certain quests npcs,actually have extra dialogue lines to,deliver if you deliberately visit them,now you wouldnt you normally wont get,a prompt in your quest log that says hey,you should visit this guy again he has,something new to tell you but if you pay,attention to earlier dialogues you might,see lines that tell you to check on some,npcs now not too many rpgs do this and,its nice that uh the the developer is,giving attention or giving this much,detail to this aspect of the game,so yeah the story in elex while it could,be delivered better polish-wise it does,have some really nice things going for,it,elex can feel rough but since,piranobytes isnt a new studio you do,get that feeling that this is their,flavor or style when making rpgs now the,game takes time to acclimate or to get a,feel of things the most obvious thing to,mention would be your power progression,in the game,jacks your character is weak as they,come when you first start out now his,backstory is that he was pretty famous,and powerful in the faction before he,was disassociated with them now your,first foray into combat as you start out,the game it will leave you surprised and,make you think youre playing a,soulsborne type game now your damage,output is very much pitiful at the start,and honestly you will have to live with,that for quite a while in the game you,will basically run from many enemies and,its something i do recommend when you,first start out unless youre really,really good,and you have to make full use of your,jet pack to avoid skull level mobs and,well that jet pack is also pretty useful,in getting around the world now given,that,every quest turn in and every item you,loot or you pic

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