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  4. Is Elf Camo CC Cream Really Worth The Hype?! Putting this to the test!
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hey guys welcome back to my channel for,todays video we are gonna be testing,out the,brand new elf camo cc creams if you guys,watch my videos you know that im,obsessed with elf it is my favorite,drugstore makeup brand or honestly just,brand in general that like if i could,only use one brand it would be elf their,products are so good and its one of,those brands that i still get genuinely,very excited for whenever they do come,out with new products so when i saw this,camo cc cream i was like okay i need,that,i love their camo concealers especially,their hydrating one that is my,jam i use it all the time on my channel,so i feel like hopefully this is going,to be just as good,so this is a color correcting full,coverage natural finish cc cream it has,spf 30 and theres also skin,loving ingredients such as collagen,peptides and niacinamide so i was like,okay sold i got the shade light240w,hopefully this will be a good match,well see,so i hope you guys enjoyed this video,were just gonna get straight into it so,grab a snack and make sure you subscribe,to my channel if you have not already i,upload every sunday,tuesday and thursday so lets zoom in,get up close and personal and test out,the elf cc cream okay so on my face,right now i just have on,moisturizer and spf because this morning,i did do my usual morning skincare,routine i have on brows and then lashes,of course which i will link down below,if you guys are interested so i am going,to prep my skin,with my usual primers im going to keep,it really neutral though im not going,to use anything too heavy on the skin,but i want to use products that i,generally use,just to give this a fair shot so im,going to go in with the nyx bear with me,prime set and refresh,spray i love this before and after,makeup its nice and neutral so its not,going to add any shine or due to the,skin its just,neutral which is what i want for today i,always use primer water i feel like it,prevents your makeup from looking or,feeling cakey throughout the day and it,just gives you that little extra,boost and hydration which i personally,love i have combo skin by the way,feels amazing and then to prime im just,going to go in with the smashbox photo,finish,primerizer this is another favorite i,really like this because it feels like a,skincare product its just nice and,hydrating but its also going to make,your makeup,last okay so,packaging wise the cc cream definitely,reminds me of the it cosmetics cc cream,like packaging and everything it looks,really nice though i like how its nice,and sleek so it says here to apply one,or two pumps with the complexion duo,brush to achieve an airbrushed finish so,i actually did get that brush so this is,the brush that they like recommend to,use with the cc cream i picked it up,because i mean not that i need any more,brushes,but i wanted to see how it performed,with this product in particular im also,going to use a sponge on the other side,just to see how it looks with both and,this is just their complexion sponge,which is another,favorite of mine okay lets do it so im,going to do,two pumps i think this color might be,really good too hopefully i have a,couple little things,to cover up on this side so lets start,on this side first,oh it feels nice and creamy so this is,what the brush looks like so its a dual,ended brush so you get a like foundation,brush on one side and then a tiny brush,that you can use for concealer on the,other,[Music],i think the color might be like perfect,yes,okay this has amazing coverage,wow that blended in so seamlessly too,like do you see,like that difference it like evened out,my skin tone and like i feel like,enhanced,my natural skin so that is one layer,that looks extremely flawless you guys,wow this brush is really nice too,because i feel like its big enough to,the point where you can blend out your,products really easily but its also,like a good size so you can get in there,and like,be a little bit more precise on certain,areas of your face so its like not too,big and not too small,wow and that shade match is like on,point this is probably like the best,shade that ive gotten like ever,and were a natural light today because,i wanted you guys to really see my skin,and i feel like you can see products,better in natural light so,um wow this looks really good it is so,like just airbrushed okay come through,elf so lets do,the other side and im gonna do that,with the sponge so we can see how it,looks,okay did we just find a new favorite i,think so,i have a tiny little blemish right above,my brow so i just added a little bit,more there but,wow this looks really really good so im,going to use the other side of that,brush,and im just going to blend that out,where i have those little blemishes so,that actually is very convenient so if,you want to do a little bit more of like,a spot concealer you want to add some,foundation and blend it out more,precisely on a blemish this little brush,works really well to blend out those,smaller,areas on your face i think there might,be a little bit like,slight more coverage with the brush,versus with the sponge,but nothing too crazy i think it just,depends on what you like this brush is,really nice though i would definitely,recommend it because i do feel like it,gave me like,a really soft look on this side it looks,i think a little bit more natural with,the sponge actually now that im looking,at it,so the coverage is slightly more,enhanced with the brush versus with the,sponge okay you guys im like,so shocked by how it blended into the,skin how it looks,right now on my skin i feel like it,looks very skin like,but the coverage is so on point its,very fresh very natural so far im like,really agreeing with all of the claims,of the cc cream like it looks,incredible i honestly dont really smell,also a ton of spf on it like its not,overly strong,so far im really impressed with it im,loving the way that its looking,its very very lightweight but again the,coverage is very on point i love the,finish of it and im loving the shade,match on me im gonna go ahead and,finish up the rest of my makeup,and ill come back in just a little bit,and ill let you guys know how,everything is looking,but right now in this moment i think i,have a new favorite i mean of course,were gonna wear it throughout the day,and ill maybe thatll change but right,now,okay elf cc cream loving it like this,looks so beautiful so let me finish up,my makeup and then ill be right back,and well keep chatting so,makeup is complete i will leave the,details for you guys down below,and this is what the makeup looks like,so im,really loving this you guys i literally,have nothing bad to say about the way,that this looks i feel like all of my,products went on really nicely and i,have to say,the hydrating camo concealer looks,really good with the cc cream i feel,like both of the products together work,really well,hand in hand and they really melted into,the skin beautifully together,im loving this i think it looks very,skin like very fresh very natural the,coverage is on point and this definitely,gives you the coverage of a foundation,but it doesnt feel like a foundation on,the skin,definitely feels like a cc cream or like,a bb cream or like a tinted moisturizer,like it feels like nothing,its super lightweight i really like the,finish of it too because i feel like,its not overly dewy its definitely,natural and its not matte either so i,feel like a lot of different skin types,could wear this just depending on how,you prep,your skin beforehand but it looks,beautiful you guys like,really really smooth i will say the side,with the brush i think looks a little,bit softer has a little bit more,enhanced coverage than the side with a,sponge where i feel like,looks a little bit more natural they,both look really nice but if i had to,choose i would say go with a brush,i also really do like this complexion,duo brush i think this is a great size,its very practical i love how you get a,big brush and then something small

NEW Makeup Try On! ELF Camo CC + Lancome Mascara… So Good!

[Music],hey everybody its angie and welcome to,hot and flashy,in todays video i thought we would try,on all new makeup together,um there is a new cc cream from elf that,i thought you guys would be interested,in because,it looks and sounds very much like one,of our long time faves the,its cc cream so i wanted to give that a,try today,and ive just got a whole bunch of new,makeup here that i wanted to try on some,of it i have used already,so i know at least a couple of things i,like and well see if this stuff is,good or bad um this isnt going to be my,usual try it on video because i wont be,able to come back,late late in the day to show you ive,got some stuff going on this afternoon,and evening so its just going to be a,put it on and see how it wears for about,four ish hours i will be able to,leave a comment below in the description,box letting you know how it work for the,rest of the day,the other thing with this video is that,ive got a new camera i upgraded my,camera and of course the first video,with the new camera is always a little,bit wonky it has a different lens,than the one that im used to and im,just trying to get all these settings on,it,correct im not sure that theyre there,yet so,bear with me always weird so this could,be a train wreck of a video i,hope its not but lets get started,trying on new makeup,anyway all right so well start off,zoomed in a little bit ive got a,blending sponge ready in the middle of,the frame here this is,uh one of those really cute ones that,came in that egg carton that i like so,much,so im going to use that ill put a link,to that in the info box below i think i,showed it in a,december phase and fails video go ahead,and clip the hair back,i already have my sunscreen on i can,definitely see why these two are being,compared to each other the packaging is,similar,this one has an all mineral spf 50 this,one,has a mineral and chemical spf 30.,the elf camo cc also contains collagen,peptides and niacinamide i picked it up,in the shade light 280 n i bought this,on the ulta website i tried to find it,at ulta in store and at target in store,neither of them had it so anyway i think,its only available online currently,so that is one pump of it im not going,to use primer or anything so i just want,to see how it wears,on its own let me go ahead and,dot that around my face it has a nice,puffy whipped up texture feels really,nice,i gotta say i havent used the cc cream,in a long time,i know its a favorite of a lot of,people,its hasnt been a favorite of mine in a,few years,um because i like the newer foundation,that it,released this past year in 2020 where is,that,um this guy the it your skin but better,foundation,plus skin care i love this i think this,is by far,its best foundation its giving me,kind of a low medium coverage im just,going to add a little bit more right,there to cover up my age spot,the color is slightly tannish for me i,think,but um you know ordering online,definitely hard to get a perfect color,match all the time,but so far i think it looks good i think,the finish of this is,really pretty it seems really skin like,all right so heres how it looks i think,the finish is,really pretty its got like a nice dewy,luminosity to it,the coverage is really nice its giving,me just kind of a,standard medium coverage i think its,not really accentuating pores and,texture it is a,little bit more luminous than i would,like it to be,but overall i think its really pretty,nice youthful dewy looking foundation,i did pick up the elf hydrating camo,concealer because i had tried,the regular camo concealer previously,and,didnt like it it was too drying too,thick for me,so lets give the hydrating a try,i grabbed it in two colors i picked it,up in,fair beige and light beige this one,looks like its going to be way too,tanny,this one looks much cooler they didnt,have a huge inventory of these,so i didnt have a lot to pick from i,may have to mix these two together,here are the color swatches on those two,this one looks too dark this one looks,too light im going to,try to mix something up here all right,lets give this a try,oh thats a lot,that is a lot of concealer we spread,some over here,well that looks pretty good its,definitely brightening lets,take a look and see how much coverage,were getting from it,okay wow that looks really really good,really smooth really nice i think this,side looks better than this side this,side im going to build it up a little,bit more because,as you saw just kind of took a little,from this side and put it over there,could use some more on this side but,that really blended out,very very nicely it doesnt look creasy,at all its giving me some good coverage,what if this turns into like an actual,good makeup day,wouldnt that be nice if there are one,or two things that i like in a new,makeup video,you know thats a good day okay so i,think that looks really good i have a,new setting powder to use this was set,in pr this is the essence my skin,perfector,loose fixing powder instant blur effect,natural,matte finish in 10 light im just going,to sprinkle,some of this out into the lid its a,nice peachy color,and im going to use my elf blush brush,put that on im just going to press it,under my eyes i like my under eyes to be,mattified i feel like it makes my eye,bags look so much smaller,and where this foundation is a little,bit,more luminous and i like it in my t-zone,im just going to set,right here and where my skin is a little,more texturey,and then wipe away the excess,i think that looks nice all right so far,so good,i have a new eyelid primer that ive,been using for a couple weeks now and i,really love it it is the hourglass veil,eye primer,it just has such a nice color to it that,really makes my eyelids,look much more uniform and nice,i dont know what it is about this stuff,but,it was kind of love at first use i feel,like my eye,shadow blends better,and last better with it ive been in,love with the fenty,amplify primer for so long so,this was a real nice surprise i got the,winky lux coffee bronzer in latte,so heres the bronzer its a nice matte,bronzer not too dark i thought it would,be a good,tone for me im going to put it on with,my bk 102 brush,it does smell like coffee so this is,definitely a bronzer,this shade for paler skin of course it,did come in a darker shade,very subtle but it smells nice its nice,and matte which i like in a bronzer so,so far so good on that for the blush i,got this maybelline cheek heat,blush this is in the shade number 15,nude burn this feels like its empty oh,my god,how much is not in here okay here im,getting some out,here we go theres the color lets see,how it goes on,you know i really love the glossier,cloud paint i think its like the best,cream blush ive ever used so always,looking not that its expensive its not,but,always looking for another cream blush,maybe a drugstore one,that would be just as nice this one is,super sheer,you can put on more of this and not feel,like youre putting on way too much,blush,it seems like its going on a little,patchy to me like with that glossier,cloud paint you put it on and just,blends out so beautifully like this,seems like i have a lot here,and nothing here even though ive been,tapping there and then a bunch here,if you have much darker skin than mine,you probably arent even going to be,able to see this on your skin,its so super sheer definitely,has a nice kind of dewy glow but again,im seeing like its patchy so,gotta say so far not in love with the,blush,i do have a new highlighter it was sent,to me in pr by colourpop,it is their out of quartz super shock,cheek pearlized highlighter and these,just have,the best feel to them they are so soft,and so nice feeling,so thats what that looks like very,blingy,i hope this isnt going to be too much,could end up with a,glaring highlight here,yep compared to,without try to tone it down a little bit,on this side but i mean its called,super shock so i guess you should want a,a really super shocking highlighter wit

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hi everybody its gemma welcome back to,pampered wolf and welcome to foundation,friday where today,it is an affordable foundation review,and a heavily requested one at that,today,we are gonna be reviewing the elf camo,cc cream and i am super excited to share,my thoughts on this,if i can save you a little bit of money,where foundation goes,then you know i am all for that,and if i can save myself some money as,well,im definitely all for that because i,dont like to spend a lot,i am a proper yorkshire girl so lets do,a little bit of bump on this,and well get some on my face if you are,new here hi,my names gemma i upload two to three,videos here on youtube,every single week and im also on,instagram if you fancy checking me out,over there as well,its that pampered wolf all lowercase,and no spaces,i would really appreciate it if you,would come and join the pampered wolf,pack we are a really friendly bunch by,clicking on that subscribe button,and also the notification bell so you,dont miss any future uploads,so this is the elf camo cc,cream its 14 pounds in the uk you get,30 grams worth of product which is 1.05,ounces this comes in 20 different shades,and i feel like this could be slightly,better if it had more in the fair,category which would suit me and more in,the deep category which would suit,anybody,with a deeper skin tone this seems to be,quite concentrated on the medium skin,tone selection so if you do have a,medium skin tone you will look out on,this you really will,so ive gone for the shade 120n which is,the,fairest of the skin tones this is fair,with neutral,undertones and this does have a shade,match guarantee so they say that you can,buy this if its not the right shade,they will reimburse you for it so,this gives a medium to full coverage and,its supposed to give a natural finish,and,obviously the cc part of this cc cream,stands for color correcting so this,also should even all of your skin tone,out including,any redness or discoloration this has,hyaluronic acid,for any hydration so its supposed to be,quite hydrating and plumping on the skin,this also has niacinamide to help,brighten,and even your skin tone over time and,its also got peptides and collagen in,to help with that plumping effect,this also has an spf of 30 in here you,are obviously not going to get,a factor 30 when this is on your skin,because youre not applying,enough of this you will probably get,between,3 and 6 spf depending on how much of,this you apply so,definitely be careful if you are only,using this and this alone,as your sun protection this is cruelty,free and its vegan,lets get some on okay so as per usual i,already have all of my skincare on my,skin and ive given that plenty of time,so 10 to 20 minutes to sink into my skin,before im applying,this foundation now its been a lot,longer than that today its probably,been around about an hour,but you dont need to leave that long i,just got doing something,and then it took a lot longer than i,actually thought it was gonna take which,is always the case,so i absolutely love this squeezy tube,bottle its really travel friendly and,it also has a pump so you dont actually,have to squeeze any out,you can just pump it out the bottom and,get the same amount every single time so,i really like that about this,let me just squeeze some onto the back,of my hand now im just going to do one,pump,for now this is quite a stiff,sturdy product but its not overly stiff,when you touch it ive got a feeling,this is gonna melt into the skin,as soon as i apply it so as per usual,im gonna do one,side of my face with a brush and one,side of my face with a sponge,so that we can see the difference so im,gonna go,straight in wow now this is,coverage this is serious coverage ive,gone for the shade,fair which is 120 and ive gone in with,far too much product already so im,gonna have to spread this,out which is quite easy to do,wow very very easy to spread,even with a brush so i made a huge,mistake by applying too much,but it was very easily rectified,impressed so im gonna try and get a,tinier amount so,im actually applying some to my brush,and then im tapping a little bit off,the brush so that i can,just use it a bit more sparingly,i mean it doesnt look the most,flattering on my skin,at this moment in time but it may need,to settle it has,sort of accentuated my pores around here,a little bit which i dont like around,here,a little bit which again i dont like,and,its sat in some dryness here,which has accentuated the dryness a,little bit but again its not too bad,this is literally just after application,so lets see how it applies,with a sponge on the other side,this is evening everything out so its a,great cc cream,i am going to need the tiniest bit more,product,but ive only just used,whats on the back of my hand so that,was one pump,so it does give good coverage with,very little product and yeah i think,this side of my face is far,far more flattering now again i did make,the mistake of applying too much product,to this side of my face,but i thought id rectified it and been,able to spread this around,and i mean i dont think it looks bad,at all it definitely doesnt look bad,but it definitely doesnt look as nice,as this side,so it definitely has really good,coverage and the cc,aspect of this is really good so i have,a little red blemish,in the middle of my forehead which has,been there for probably the last six or,seven videos,it just wont go im not quite sure,whats happening it,just will not go and a lot of,foundations,dont cover that up especially at the,level of coverage that i prefer,so this is hardly any product on my face,and you,cannot see that little red blemish in,the center of my forehead,so im impressed with that for sure,im just not sure im in love with this,foundation,at this stage and the reason im not,loving it,is because its got a slight radiance to,this,that is unflattering so its accentuated,every single little bit of texture,around my cheek area,around my nose area its accentuating my,dryness,which is considerable by the way i mean,i do have a lot of patchy dryness around,here so im not saying this is going to,be the same for every single person with,dry skin at the moment my dry skin,is you know its its a lot it,really is a lot and its not looking as,flattering on my skin,as i would have liked im gonna go and,apply the rest of my products and i will,be right back,okay so this is me with all of the rest,of my products on im,liking this a lot better now its dried,down,but it still does emphasize,my dryer areas this foundation,looked quite wet in certain areas,even where i had hardly applied any,whatsoever so i have applied,a little bit of powder and just around,this area here just to dull that down a,little bit because it didnt look as,flattering,also around this area here where it was,emphasizing my pores a little bit,because it was just a little bit too,shiny,ive dulled that bit down as well and it,looks much more flattering on my skin,this does though sit in a lot of dryness,now i am going to show you this in,natural lighting so when i first applied,this it did try and collect in the smile,line at the corner of my mouth on the,left-hand side,where i applied the foundation with a,brush,once again i did apply too much on that,side of my face you have to be very very,careful with this product because too,much you will definitely notice it,this is not one of those foundations,that doesnt look like a foundation on,your skin,i found that on the side that i applied,with a sponge it looks,much more natural on the side that i,applied with the brush,even on my forehead where i didnt apply,too much,this looks a lot heavier and it actually,does look like product on my skin so my,definite,preferred method of application would be,a sponge,so as you could easily see from the,shots in natural lighting,you can definitely see every single,little bit of dryness on my skin,and the flakiness which isnt the same,for every single foundation but its,definitely quite p

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Is Elf Camo CC Cream Really Worth The Hype?! Putting this to the test!

hey friends welcome to todays video,today we are testing a,very very hyped up product im going to,be putting,the elf camo cc cream to the test,i have heard just nothing but rave,reviews about this product and im,so excited to be testing it with you,guys today i also picked up the putty,primer trio,right here lets get a little focus,there we go i also picked up the elf,flawless brightening concealer and i,picked up a little mini brush to apply,the primer and were going to try it,with the foundation as well,before we get started welcome to my,channel if youre new to my channel my,name is lisa i am a former,mac cosmetics trainer i worked for mac i,was a working makeup artist for many,many years,i love teaching makeup and i love,teaching makeup in simple,attainable ways so if you like those,types of videos then be sure and,subscribe so you dont miss any of the,fun,i will um do a recap at the end of the,video too kind of talking about,you know from a makeup artist,perspective how this product performs,you know i have pretty normal skin i,live in austin texas it gets hot here,its not too hot currently but,you know depending on our skin type and,where we live the climates that we live,in,foundations are going to perform,differently for different people you,know there is not one foundation that is,going to work for everybody,but i will always break it down from you,know how it works on me but then also,who it might be good for,and kind of give you that insight as,well so lets get started im going to,put this hair back,a little bit there we go and i picked up,the shade,light 280 n neutral um,first lets open this primer i dont,usually use,primers when i am testing a foundation,unless it is the primer that is like,meant to go,with the foundation so if its by the,same brand because i do feel like you,know,it should perform well so i pop this i,dont even know what primers i get so i,get a poreless putty primer,a matte putty primer and a luminous,putty primer,nice okay well i want to try the um,pore putty primer okay so i got these,little ones they come in little three,sizes here,um it looks like they have something for,everyone lets see which one is this,this is the poreless were gonna use,that one okay,and i mean it literally is like a tiny,little sample i forget what i paid for,this but you know elf is,pretty much as affordable as it gets,okay you know what im going to use a,little brush i forgot i have this brush,so this is the putty primer,primer applicator it is a tiny little,guy and it has a little spatula at the,bottom to help you scoop the product out,lets open this okay i dont really like,plastic packaging like this its like,so hard to open and i feel like i always,injure myself like i cut myself or,something,okay so this is like possibly the cutest,little tiniest brush,i have ever seen now im just going to,scoop right,in to the product like so and then im,going to,put it on the back of my hand and were,going to use this brush to apply it,and i usually concentrate primer just,where i need it,i am from the school of you know makeup,apply it where you need it dont apply,it,unnecessarily so even though i like to,use a lot of products i like to build,very sheer,little layers because if theres any,mistake you can make in makeup i think,it is applying,too much product and i dont mean too,many products i mean too much volume of,products use just what you need,so im going to kind of buff this into,the skin really concentrating,in the areas that my pores are more,noticeable,okay so lets talk about the 4-1-1 on,this product before we go into the,application so,on the website it claims to give medium,to full coverage it does have an spf of,30.,i like that i like when i find a good cc,cream that provides an spf,and provides coverage that kind of,mimics a foundation but with skin care,benefits it has hyaluronic acid which is,a great,ingredient to help the skin retain and,attract moisture,it has niacinamide in it which helps,brighten up the skin tone and give an,even complexion,it also is infused with skin loving,collagen and it has,peptides in it as well which the website,says provides a more re,refreshed complexion it retails for 14,and you get just over an ounce i believe,it is 1.05 ounces,it comes in 20 shades now what i will,say about like cc creams or,bb creams or foundations that tend to be,a little bit more,sheer you sometimes will see the shade,range be a little more limited,than say a medium coverage foundation or,full coverage foundation,although this is a medium to full,coverage foundation or a medium to full,coverage cc,cream but when a product is more,flexible,meaning that one shade will cover kind,of like a little range of,complexions you might see that the shade,range is limited i dont think,necessarily that 20 is limited,but of course its not you know were,seeing brands come out now with 35,shades 40 shades,so i would say this is kind of middle of,the road its definitely you know,not super limited but its not one of,those brands that has you know 35 or 40,shades,okay so lets get started all right i,always start with about one pump,and this is what the consistency is like,so you can see,this is what one pump delivers and it is,pretty much staying in place it is not,sliding down my hand,i like to show you guys this because i,like you to see how thick or,thin and watery a product is not to say,that one necessarily is better than the,other but i do think that the,consistency of a product,will be a great indicator of how much,product youre going to need on the face,if its a thinner more watery product,you might need a little bit more,its going to spread out really easily,but its you might need a little more,product if its a very thicker,consistency,its likely that a little bit goes a,long way but you are going to have to,work to blend it into the skin,typically okay now i know that this is,described as the putty primer applicator,but,i think the shape of it actually looks,like a pretty nice foundation brush so,lets give that a try,im going to start first by just kind of,dipping into my hand now,what i like to do is i like to use a,brush and kind of pick up the product,but also work it into my hands so i,never go directly,bam i always like pick it up and then,work it into the hand,thats just going to help the product,work into the bristles so you get a more,even application,i like to start in the center of my face,because,this is where most of us of course not,for everybody but most of us have,the most discoloration or sun damage,maybe acne the center of the face,typically tends to be where we need more,coverage,obviously thats not true for everybody,but if you think about it the sun hits,the center of the face thats where we,see the most sun damage so,thats where i like to start because the,first place you put your brush is where,youre going to deposit the most color,and coverage okay this is nice it,is great coverage right off the bat im,seeing that and this brush is actually,working pretty well,if you notice im pressing this onto the,skin,and then once i have it the coverage,that i want then i will go in little,circles to buff and blend out,and bring it down here to the perimeter,of the face okay,that im impressed let me zoom you guys,in a little bit closer,should give you a little bit of a better,view im gonna go in the color actually,looks a little dark on my hand it looks,a little too,dark but it actually is,i dont know it could go either way i,feel like i can make this work but if,this is going to oxidize or turn darker,its going to be too dark for me okay so,press press press and then im going to,blend and buff lets hold this earring,out of the way,coverage is really really nice i will,say that my pores do,seem a little blurred or smoothed out,they dont seem as obvious,you can still see them but i think its,a bit of an improvement so far ive used,about half the pump,and ive got the majority of my face,covered to where i want it this brush,works gr

Elf Camo CC Cream Review 1 Week Wear Test

hi welcome back to my channel today,were going to be doing a review on the,elf camo cc cream,if you do want to see a review on a demo,then please keep watching,as a huge favorite if you like this,video give it a thumbs up and comment,anything down below i greatly appreciate,it,i read all the comments and i will do my,best to reply back this retails for 14,each on elf.com it will be available in,2021,early next year thats what it says on,their instagram i do want to read a,little bit about the cc cream on their,website a medium to full coverage color,correcting foundation with,spf 30 protection medium to full,coverage foundation with a natural,finish formulated with spf 30 to protect,against sun damage,multitasking foundation that provides,skin care benefits infused with,hydrating and youth boosting ingredients,known to improve skin texture and tone,it goes on to list the key,ingredients which is collagen known to,improve skin elasticity 100 vegan,hyaluronic acid helps provide hydration,by locking in moisture resulting in a,plumped up bouncy complexion,niacinamide to help brighten and even,out skin tone and peptides for a more,refreshed complexion heres a closer,look on what the packaging looks like i,do like the holographic packaging,this one came damaged while the,packaging came damaged,but yeah this is what the actual,packaging should have looked like,i purchased two different shades the two,shades i purchased are medium,355w with warm golden undertones,and medium 330w with warm olive,undertones,on the back of the packaging it tells,you a description about the product and,you have the ingredients on both sides,it does say camo,cc cream on the bottom of the packaging,you do have the barcode and the,expiration date so mine expires,july 2022. since this one is already,open i might as well open this up,heres what the actual packaging looks,like i do love that this comes in a,squeezy tomb and it also comes with a,pump i think this shade might be a,little bit too light on me this is,medium 355w,on the back you do have the directions,so lets go ahead and try this,out heres what the shade in medium 355w,looks like,wow this is thick,i currently dont have anything applied,on my skin my skin is currently bare i,dont have any primer on no moisturizer,nothing,so im just going to apply this on my,bare skin,seems a little bit too light on me lets,hope the next shade matches this shade,might be a little bit too light because,the previous shade was medium,355w but lets see what it looks like,this shade is lighter,i think the pictures online are a little,bit weird because i thought medium 330w,would work for me or medium 355. now im,looking at it im,like i dont know it looks like i might,have to purchase two new different,shades these two,are a little bit too light for today i,think im gonna apply the shade in 355w,it was the first shade we tried on since,the other one is a little bit too light,i forgot to mention this only comes in,20 different shades,i do think elf will expand their shade,range pump,another little pump here im going to,wait till these swatches dry down then i,will apply a fresh pump,on the right side of my face im going,to be blending it out using my damp,beauty blender,my damp beauty blender did soak up a lot,of the product,lets see what blending it out using a,brush looks like,heres what one layer looks like,im going to apply a second layer to see,if we can build it up,heres what the foundation is currently,looking like i made sure to work in,sections this time the first time i did,feel like it was a little bit harder to,blend out because it was sitting on the,skin for,a little bit of time heres what the,foundation looks like,i wont be setting this foundation and i,wont be applying any additional product,on top of it,i will be wearing this as is and i will,check back in with you guys towards the,end of the night to see what were,looking like,i do want to show you guys what the,foundation looks like after it did dry,down,so i do feel like the shade did dry down,a little bit,darker this shade as well lets apply a,fresh pump of the shade in medium 355w,were gonna do a refresh pump,right beside it as you guys can see it,did dry down,darker so it does oxidize lets do a,fresh,pump of medium 330 w,looks like it does dry down darker,heres one last look on one,everything looks like,i will check back with you guys at the,end of the night and i will see you guys,then hey guys it is the end of the night,of me testing out the elf camo cc cream,heres what the foundation is currently,looking like,this particular shade in 355w has a,golden undertone to it,thats why its looking a little bit,yellow did purchase two additional,shades,hopefully those shades would match me,better even though the shade match was,off i do like how it did where,throughout my day,well it did kind of crease where my,eyelids are and it did,settle into my crease on my neck even,underneath my eyes it did crease,anything thats because i did not set,the cc cream which is totally my fault i,knew that we werent gonna set anything,we werent gonna put any product on top,of it either it actually lasted a really,long time overall i really do like how,it did wear throughout my day i,am a little bit shiny here where my,cheek area is which is totally normal,for me,so far i really do like this formula,check back in with you guys when my new,shades do arrive i will see you guys,then,hey guys it is day three of me testing,out the elf camo cc cream its finally,arrived my two brand new shades that i,ordered the two shades i purchased was,tan 415c,and medium 375 n so,lets see if these match me because the,other two shades are a little bit too,light the first shade were going to try,is medium 375n,lets see what this shade looks like,heres what the shade in 375n looks like,this looks like a good match we have tan,415c,im not too sure about this shade here,we have medium 375,n which looks like a good match,and heres 415c,which looks a little bit too gray today,were going to be using 375,n let me remove these swatches,and again i will be applying this on my,bare skin,i dont have anything applied no,moisturizer no primer nothing,the first time we tested out the cc,cream i forgot to try it out with the,complexion duo brush,i purchased this on their website this,retails for eight dollars,and it does say a two in one brush,design for the application of foundation,and concealer it creates a flawless,airbrush look,the only tool youll need to apply the,camo cc foundation,and camo cc concealer ideal for use with,liquids and powder synthetic and vegan,bristles heres a closer look on what,the packaging looks like for the brush,it says complexion,duo elf then on the back it tells you a,little description about the brush,lets open this up heres what the,actual brush looks like the bristles do,feel very,soft i wont be applying the concealer,today but well definitely test out the,brush side heres what the swatches look,like dried down on the back of my hand,im going to be applying a fresh pump of,the shade in medium 370n,it does dry down darker i wont be,applying the shade in tan 415c because,it is drying down way too dark im going,to pump out a fresh pump so you guys can,see what it looks like,heres what those shades look like as,you guys can see it did dry down,pretty dark as i did mention earlier im,going to be using the shade in medium,375n,im going to apply a pump,here and then ill dot the foundation,brush,and then well apply this to the face,the brush does feel a little bit flimsy,but i do like the bristles,its applying the foundation really,nicely,im going to apply one more big pump on,the back of my hand,this shade does seem like it does match,me a little bit better versus the other,two shades,hopefully down the line elf does expand,their shade range,heres one layer of the cc cream,it will dry down darker like it did on,the back of my hand so i dont mind it,being a little bit too light im going,to build this up to


hey guys whats up and welcome back to,my channel and welcome to todays video,so we are finally going to be testing,out the elf camo cc cream now this is a,foundation thats a medium to full,coverage a formula and its meant to be,super super beautiful on the skin this,is a very very very popular product its,another one that i have had like,hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of,requests from you guys to test out and,review here on my channel its loaded,with skin care it obviously color,corrects uh im i am all kinds of,excited to try this so what were going,to be doing is a full application demo,and wear test on this product im going,to be wearing this one,for about 14 hours today and i like i,said im really really curious to see,just how well it lasts on my oily skin,type,uh this has been hailed,as one of the most incredible products,and if that actually works out to be,true its going to be even more awesome,because obviously its elf so it is,insanely affordable so if you are,interested in seeing a full in-depth,review of the elf camo cc cream on my,oily skin type then please keep on,watching all right first up lets have a,little chat about the actual formula so,that we know what we are in for it is,infused with skin loving ingredients,collagen peptides and niacinamide so,obviously hydration firming brightening,and also that niacinamide to help with,breakouts they call this one a medium to,a full coverage foundation with a,natural finish so even though its going,to give the coverage its supposed to,still look really natural on the skin,its formulated with spf so youre going,to get a level of sun protection from it,as well,they say its a multitasking foundation,with skin benefits im just reading off,the website here ditch your basic,foundation this color correcting cream,is the only product you need to achieve,a natural looking complexion but with,full coverage yeah,it sounds really good now another thing,that ive heard about this formula is,its apparently a really good dupe for,the it cosmetics one im not gonna test,them out side by side today but if i do,happen to love this formulation i will,absolutely test it side by side with the,it cosmetics one for you guys so this,one does come in 20 shades and from the,swatches on the website it does look,like theyve got a pretty good balance,of fair and deeper skin tones which is,really good to see packaging is very,similar to the cosmetics one i will say,it just comes in a tube it is quite nice,packaging youve got a clear lid youve,got a pump at the bottom,and,how much is in this,what have i got i feel like i saw yes 30,grams of product in it so i grabbed it,in shade medium 330 warm which is,apparently warm for warm skin with olive,undertones so that should match me,pretty well lets get ahead to actually,applying it now according to the,directions they recommend using it in,conjunction with the elf paulas putty,primer,so im going to apply that to half of my,face so that we can get a comparison,between the two sides i do quite like,this primer it is a really really nice,one and i do find that it is really long,lasting on the skin so just,gently smoothing and pressing that in,get a couple of pumps of this out and,have a look at the formula okay so its,quite a thick formula as you can see,there its not really going anywhere,uh,even if i shake it it doesnt really,budge so yeah definitely a thick formula,im gonna be using one of our pro plus,perfecting sponges to blend this,and we will test it with a brush uh as,well just to see you know what kind of,difference we get in the application too,so im going to start,pressing this into my skin all right so,its definitely building up the coverage,quite quickly,uh the shade is looking maybe a little,yellow although it does look like its,matching my neck and my chest,um but yeah theres definitely a lot of,coverage in it weve had a real trend of,foundations lately that are infused with,skincare but that are actually good,typically in the past there is no way i,could put a foundation on my skin that,was infused with skincare like being an,oily skin type,oh it just,it always ended up to be an absolute,mess but theyve been coming out with a,lot of lightweight formulations lately,and the skincare in them honestly has,just been,nothing but a dream like they havent,been heavy they havent been super,emollient,um yeah theyve worked really well so,ive not even used half of the product,that i had on the back of my hand,and i have almost covered this entire,side of my face like ive gotten about a,medium coverage out of this i think and,i really dont even necessarily feel the,need to build it up i feel like its,really color corrected the redness has,been cancelled out you can still see a,little bit of redness poking through,this little guy out on the side of my,nose but all the darkness and all the,other areas of redness and discoloration,on my skin,um yeah its its covered them really,well its definitely a little tacky on,the skin i absolutely obviously i have,to powder down every foundation but i,absolutely uh with my skin type would be,needing to powder this one down because,it is sort of like a thicker heavier,more hydrating formula yeah overall with,a sponge and on top of the elf primer,it looks beautiful on the skin lets,move on to this side and im gonna have,a go at uh applying it with our lux,foundation brush,okay it looks beautiful with a brush as,well i do actually think it blends a,little bit faster with a brush too like,you can really sort of stipple it into,the skin lets swap back to a sponge on,this side and just see if we get a,difference in application i feel like,without the primer it doesnt go as fast,so uh thats something worthy to note,for sure but also not surprising because,we know that that is what a primer does,it helps the foundation go further,blend easier and look nicer on the skin,yeah im gonna say i like the,application with both a sponge and a,foundation brush i do think its just as,smooth and flawless and im not really,seeing a huge difference in the texture,on my skin on the side where i applied,that elf primer first and comparison to,the side that i didnt,um yeah it hasnt really set down it,still feels tacky on the skin but i do,think that my skin does look really,healthy and it certainly has given me a,lot of coverage so im gonna zoom you,guys in so you can see it really nice,and close so this is what my skin is,looking like i do feel like its,definitely helped to minimize the,appearance of my pores i dont feel like,its necessarily you know like,sitting in the pores and causing texture,and like settling there i do think it,still looks really nice and smooth ive,definitely got like a healthy kind of a,glow to the skin not getting any,settling into any of the lines on my,forehead here and then this side without,the primer,it just looks really it looks quite,healthy and glowy on the skin i will say,i am feeling a little bit sticky uh its,its definitely like a heavier sort of,more emollient formula,um than i would typically reach for just,because i am oily but were not really,gonna know exactly until its all,powdered down and how im feeling then,but i will say,yeah on the skin now it it just looks,really really pretty,certainly for a formulation thats so,affordable too um,yeah im impressed with the coverage,definitely so what im gonna quickly do,now is ill jump off camera and finish,the rest of my makeup so ill conceal,just a little bit underneath my eyes,because i dont really need too much,extra coverage anywhere else powder,bronzer blush put a little bit of,mascara on and some brows and then ill,be back to show you what my skin is,looking and feeling like then all right,so the rest of my makeup is on and i,have to say i have already been wearing,it for about one hour ive been messing,around and,doing other things,so this is what the skin is looking like,i have to say guys now that it is,powdered down it is looking absolutely,beautiful,it powdered down re

NEW ELF CAMO CC CREAM REVIEW + Wear Test | Blissfulbrii

hey guys welcome back,or hello if youre new today i have an,exciting video were going to be trying,out a brand new product that just got,released its the elf camo cc cream,first off when i saw this be posted on,instagram that they were coming out with,this i freaked out because my favorite,concealer if youre not new you guys,already know but my holy grail concealer,from the drugstore is the elf camo,concealer i personally love the,hydrating one,that is literally my ride or die go to,obsessed better than a lot of higher end,ones in my opinion and its literally,like,five dollars so when i saw they were,coming out with this i was freaking out,because,if its anything like that concealer,this could be my new go-to,foundation for the everyday and im,getting ahead of myself but im super,excited to try,this out so i did go ahead and purchase,two of them from their sites,on launch day and it did just arrive so,were gonna go ahead and dive right on,in before we get started if you guys are,not subscribed to my channel,go ahead and hit that subscribe button,and of course if youre not following me,on instagram already,go ahead and follow right here thats,where i am all the time so,if im not on youtube youre gonna catch,me over there alright so getting started,i went ahead and picked up,two shades thats really nothing new for,me i like to get two shades in case i,have to mix or if the undertones off a,little bit so,i did go ahead and pick up shade light,240w,and then we went with medium 330 warm,but i feel like im going to be able to,get away with using just the light,because from,outer packaging it does look like its,going to match me pretty spot on,if i have to add a touch of this i will,but were going to get right into the,claims on it price point on this is,going to retail for 14,it is a little bit more up there in,price for their typical range,of products but thats okay packaging,also reminds me of the it cosmetics cc,cream also on their site it does break,it down from shade undertone and color,which i personally,like its a lot easier to find your,shade on here when youre going through,to selecting your undertone and all of,that and then it pulls up the shades,that you possibly could be so i like the,whole shade,finder on here a medium to full coverage,color correcting,foundation with an spf of 30 which we,love a good spf its also supposed to,have a nice natural finish,and theres collagen peptides and,niacinamide in here as well,it does say to apply one to two pumps of,the cc cream on your skin,and then you can use the matching brush,that goes along with it that they,released i actually was so excited when,purchasing that i forgot to get the,brush so im just gonna be using another,elf brush,this is by the nabella collection i,usually go in with a beauty sponge,regardless so,well kind of use both well see use,with hydrating youth boosting,ingredients,known to improve skin texture and tone,which we love that,theres also hyaluronic acid in here,which is going to help the skins like,plumpness,and the collagen is going to help the,elasticity so its definitely like skin,care benefits while,looking good start priming my skin using,the poreless putty primer,by elf just a little bit into the t-zone,area,but im so excited to try it out because,that camo concealer you guys um,im gonna go ahead and start off with,the light one on my hand and,well just apply little dots everywhere,and im just going to add a tiny bit of,the medium one as well with it,hopefully its not too deep,wow but um coverage right now,okay the coverage though,to me thats a lot of coverage um i,barely,buffed it in like not a lot of effort,here that looks,so flawless and its covering so much,again reminds me of that it cosmetics cc,cream,im just going in with this elf sponge,to go over it lightly and im going to,add,a little bit more of that light shade to,my forehead,because i really want to cover up those,kind of blemish spots that we have going,on but this looks,so good like i said i really wasnt sure,what i was expecting i just didnt think,it was going to be like this much,coverage,it really feels like a full coverage,foundation and it looks,really good on the skin,i feel like i have such a pretty glow,still happening and peeking through my,skin,it looks so natural so radiant by far,one of the best,drugstore cc creams ive tried in a,while it just looks really good on my,skin so i cant wait to kind of finish,up the makeup,and the only downside right now is its,just not covering up that stubborn,little not a scab just like a little,acne scar i guess,and thats okay im gonna use my,concealer to do it just letting you know,that thats the only thing that im,noticing is just that little guy right,there,is not completely getting covered my,concealer now and the rest of my makeup,off camera come back and share with you,guys any thoughts that i have and then,of course i will do a wear check share,with you guys what it really looks like,and,my final final thoughts on it but right,now your girls loving it totally up my,alley with coverage,finish and it just looks really pretty,alright guys so im back now with the,rest of my makeup on it looks like a,your skin but better,type of finish its very natural feels,really good on the skin it doesnt feel,like anythings there my personal,favorite is a medium to full,foundation while still looking natural,and having that feeling of,natural makeup on my skin but still,having that coverage its meeting up to,the claims,so well it looks so good on my skin and,everything just looks really healthy,supple and that is exactly what i love i,went ahead and also paired it with the,halo glow setting powder,from elf as well and also of course the,hydrating camo concealer here,together looks incredible feels,incredible and i do like that whole,combination so i feel like thats going,to be my new,go-to im kind of getting ahead of,myself because i dont know exactly how,its going to wear throughout the rest,of the day of course but,right now how its feeling and looking,its amazing for 14,and could be possibly a dupe for the it,cosmetics cc cream coverage wise,and complexion okay girl thats amazing,so,im gonna go ahead and get on with the,day i will do one check-in,later on throughout the day not sure,when yet but im gonna go ahead and give,you guys a check in then,show you guys what my skin looks like,could this be the new,go-to for me girl 14 bucks,ill take it so ill see you guys in a,little bit,now it is a little bit later and i want,to share with you guys some final,thoughts on this cc cream,first of all i absolutely adore it it is,so good,such a full coverage yet natural finish,and looks bomb on my skin like my skin,looks so good,more of that skin like like your skin,but better type of finish,is so pretty and i think its like very,glowy,and making my skin look really healthy,which is a plus the only thing im going,to say is that obviously its sinking,into my,smile lines which thats normal for me i,dont notice it happening,any more than normal so thats okay but,i just wanted to quickly touch on that,that,of course youre going to see those,lines because that happens all the time,for me,complexion is looking great so,absolutely love it would i say you need,it,i would say definitely try it out try it,out for yourself especially if you have,dry skin i feel like youre going to,like this because its not,matte like it doesnt dry down to be a,matte finish its a natural finish so,whether you have,normal to combo skin or even dry skin i,feel like you will just,love it its so so good like im i cant,stop looking at it i love it,hopping into the shade that i chose i,did mix that medium and light shade,together and i kind of wish i didnt,i kind of wish i just went ahead and,used the shade lights 240w i definitely,could have passed with just using this,but i did go ahead and mix a little bit,of the medium shade and i think that one,was just a little bit too,deep for me a little bit too warm and of,c

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