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Uncorking Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

[Music],its bourbon night hello Im Chad Im,Sarah and Sarah weve got something,classic here today what we have we have,Elijah Craig smaller,[Music],Elijah Craig small-batch now were no,stranger to this no stranger to it its,actually kind of surprising that weve,waited this long into our tenure its a,crack one open and uncork it I think,its because weve always had a bottle,open around here somewhere so there,hasnt been a need to uncork one Ill do,that to share with you which were doing,now yeah pause for Cork oh that was a,good one that one had some just like all,the notes all the notes very full cork,pop lets see if the taste lives up to,the pop how about that for a little bit,here why dont we just let this sit in,the glass for a second hearing good give,a little history via this magnet its,magnet that has information but its not,its like an accordion uh we got,somewhere I dont know so supposedly,yeah uh this is according to heaven Hill,who makes Elijah Craig they like to go,with the story that Elijah Craig was the,person who invented bourbon basically,invented charring barrels which is all,right on the inside so says Reverend,Elijah Craig was a Baptist preacher an,active character in the eighteen,hundreds Kentucky he was an educator,road builder land speculator land,speculator speculative land its true I,think thats land thats land over there,all right Im gonna go home now but it,was his gift as a distiller and,entrepreneur that established his place,in history as the father of bourbon one,of the many tales uh where you know the,fathers of bourbon or yeah whos really,responsible for charring the barrel and,how did bourbon get its name no one,really knows but we have speculations,just like hes speculated Atlanta of,course yes the signature bourbon bearing,the name of Reverend Elijah Craig a,bourbon pioneer who is credited with,being the first distiller to hs whiskey,in charred oak barrels so okay so who,knows if it was really Elijah Craig who,you know accident his barrel to get the,fish smell out of it and then put,whiskey it in it was like hey this is a,thing less who knows you just michael,beach well it is spicy a little spice a,little fruit its like uh I dont know,if thats apricot I dont know what that,is its uh yeah I could go with apricot,or peach maybe yeah maybe peachy,boozed-up peach yeah your normal vanilla,its actually got quite a nose for this,is just ninety four proof I said just,ninety four just ninety four is high for,some people yeah absolutely which is I,think why this is such a great value,like it hangs out or ninety four proven,yet its still under $30 yeah mostly,yeah I think we got this for 25 Ive,seen it at 2727 99 true sure it may be,thirty in your area Im not sure yeah,well lets dive in yeah that boozy fruit,yeah youre gonna say right off the bat,no its not ha ha,now right off the bat um it also packs a,punch it does for a 94 per angle yeah,its got well I want to see how long,this finish really is but I can tell,right off the bat I was gonna say it,would say right the battle eyes she,pointed out yeah I cant I cant unhear,it can I hear it no its a drinking game,at home please drink responsibly right,off the bat its got this all over its,not just located one part of the tongue,its a front middle and back type of,tongue tingle I like to say that spice,like you reminds me of like a if there,was like a boozy spiced peach pie with,like a really dense like whipped cream,or something like that is the flavor,that Im getting its delicious it does,taste rich rich like a desert yeah just,like how that would be like syrupy and,creamy and just good Im getting some,very some berry notes yeah yeah whats,this whats I could hear some berry,whats the old magnet say thats,referred to the magnet tasty notes color,is burnt dish burnished not burnt dish,burnished copper,nose delightfully complex,yes with notes of vanilla bean sweet,fruit and fresh mint oh I didnt get the,mint I didnt so much get the man but,you know its all subjective taste,smooth and warm,I see the met but pleasantly woody yeah,with accents of spice correct yeah smoke,I think thats the barrel I did nutmeg,spice and nutmeg which is a spice so I,dont know why its broken out yeah,finish long sweet and a slightly toasty,one slightly toasty right now I think I,agree with that most of those uh things,like you said like the coating of your,mouth and like all the complexity of the,flavor is really good I would say it is,a medium / long finish man you cant,deny that caramel burnt burnt dish,burnished burnished barrel flavor there,yeah that its like toasted vanilla wood,yeah again though its like that,underneath I get this a creamy syrupy,spiced peach or something yeah for sure,top yeah are not so peachy but I keep,going back and forth between like berry,and and fruity berry fruit berries are,fruit are they chat hates berries so he,considers them just in the nope Ill,consider them the Chad no eat those,already no Chad no eat food guru not not,other food groups yeah so I decided to,learn nothing about them so you know if,you go back a few years of course it was,this guy right here,the big red 12 red 12 that being a 12,year I miss you boldly age stated in,this what I like to call pirate bottle,because you look at that fun that it is,looks like the font of a pirate it looks,like its been chipped away out with,this or something and even the bottle,itself it looks like its kind of pirate,pirate would carry this pirate ish so,then the this obviously got popular as,it should bourbon boom a lot of people,drinking Elijah Craig its tasty stuff,the twelve little way and moved to the,back of the bottle back a label which I,we dont have one of those bottles and,then it completely disappeared,yeah completely completely disappear,completely its completely gone,completely so now it is a just nan H,stated you want to get a twelve-year,though,in todays realm you go with the barrel,proof which is on the side 12-year age,stated this ones 131 proof so its such,a big fan such a big fan and for only,fifty five sixty dollars as we always,probably but its just so so good,and you know back then to kind of,compare its back in this era they just,went with a you know darker this is very,parity,yes very piratey barrel proof in red,with a barrel on the dollar a barrel the,font and this is this is the 139 point,Reds a pirate color its a pirate color,fly the colors I thought it was black,flying the colors hmm yeah thats what,they sound like it was a nice little,trip down memory lane right and of,course theres the I should Craig 18 I,should correct,23 so the line is rich and complex much,like the entry-level small-batch bourbon,hair I think this is a great value its,such a great value such a great pour Im,such a fan of it now when I started out,in bourbon I didnt think I was because,I got a store picked it just at least,for starting into bourbon chad did not,like so for the longest time I just,stayed away from it so you know a little,cautionary tale right tale,yeah always revisit you never know how,your palate changes over time and like,maybe you just got an off bottle or,maybe you had a picking you didnt know,cuz it was so early right yeah so toasty,yeah so pleasant so once very tonk,tingly tongue tingling if youre trying,singles trying to graduate up if you,like lower proof stuff and youre trying,to graduate up to higher proof stuff I,think this is a great place to stop,along the way even if youre not if,youre just looking for a casual slipper,on like a Wednesday night because youre,youve got to work tomorrow like this is,great 94 proof it falls in that you know,lower proof category but still packs the,flavor yeah,its just grape flavor but proof that,you dont need to be scared of on a,weeknight hmm there you go its a,weeknight yeah its a weeknight bourbon,whoa Chad yes overall recommend you know,what I got to give this a hearty,recommend me to absolutely recommend oh,its just so class everyone should have,at least one at on

Elijah Craig Small Batch (SFWTC Select) Review

all right how much you give me if I hit,the camera I kiss right on the mouth,[Music],welcome to musky vault Im Daniel I am,Rex ooh with Elijah chris is the final,Jason Chow donation hear the crickets,yes the cook hurts and because hes a,rep but he also he donated it with his,own money and hes a member of the,community Jason jelly magnificent so,Elijah Craig we know Elijah Craig right,yeah so Im going to put you on the spot,because I have an answer to this,question but Im curious as to yours and,its a marketing question only yeah this,would be this is this problem solving as,a marketer do you understand how many,marketing problem solving questions I,have to do with no me too me too ok but,Im just saying this is what is what I,dont have to wear marketing questions,what I dont have to work thats what I,do for a living here is our marketing,question little I love my point you act,like youre the only one little slivers,in the day yeah where you just get to,drink whiskey and goof around no Im,just curious because I answered this,question two years ago or actually more,like four years ago now and Im curious,as to what you would have said I,answered it again more recently so,Elijah Craig remember heaven hell,product this is straight bourbon this,was a San Francisco trading a wine,trading company selection barrel serial,number five three five nine four seven,six floor five Rick house q single,barrel but they proofed it down to 94,okay Wow right now I dont know if its,a single barrel but that might be a,single barrel thats big ol present,velvety voluptuous for a 94 yeah theres,way more ervice it to me Elijah Craig in,the budget range is in the budget range,of Bourbons and not budget I mean like,like mellow corn budget yeah but like,reasonable price for a classic tasting,whiskey like Wild Turkey 101,like that right just great just a damn,good whiskey and not overly expensive,doesnt that put it could I say this is,a really nice nose yeah its a great,vibe ooh this is way more grainy and,earthy and rich than pure sugar,sweetness yeah and theres like this,delightful honey and its not a,sandalwood,but the aromatic intensity of the,sandalwood you know what it is its not,actual sandalwood its a sandalwood,incense take okay,like the fake sandalwood smell and I,never shops vanilla honestly every time,Im going back to this nose Im finding,a new note it reminds so dense this nose,yeah it reminds me of those perfume,sticks that shops started selling for a,long time that had like a container of,oil and then sticks sticking out of it,okay and it would release oil smell,stuff into the air okay and it was just,like digitally perfumed it reminds me of,that oh and I think were landing on a,nice rich vanilla to keep coming back to,it and the vanilla its a it finally,almost gets to like and Im gonna go,back a third time to confirm hold on,although its not quite an Irish German,cookie type of vanilla I dont know how,it theres a pepper zine,oh yeah its really nice Wow and then it,switches up over time take you on a,little journey ah man the only ones I,have over here left Im gonna say this,were in classic bourbon territory these,are classic bourbon notes but theyre,very well layered nice rich robust but,youre gonna be getting like the like,the honey and the vanilla but it,switches up over time it doesnt ever,fall off a cliff Im still working on,the finish right now yeah and for me,its a van illa it stays with you longer,than any other note I was gonna compare,the Elijah Craig original but see that,empty bottle over there yeah thats it,thats I thought we had replaced it and,we havent replaced it yet we killed it,mm-hmm okay we have the barrel proof we,have four barrel proofs over there but,we dont have the 90 we could proof it,down,its not the same you gotta let it sit,anyways your marketing question okay so,you are a distillery thats got a well,respected highly loved whiskey brand,with an age statement at 12 years old,yeah,all of a sudden whiskey popularity,explodes across the planet and youre,faced with I cant keep up,sure were running out of old enough,whiskey sure what do you do and now my,recommendation well give out Ill tell,what my answer was everybody answered,this slightly differently and a lot of,them had huge backlash and sort of like,blew it right and I but I think it,wasnt because the decision makers did,yeah I dont think it was because of the,decision they made I think it was,because of how they communicated the,decision that they made yeah right so at,the same time you had well or 12 great,right facing the same problem and this,is by the way I was studying this and,then my favorite short note synopsis was,by Eric at breaking bourbon calm so Im,just gonna use his synopsis because it,was a well-written synopsis well her had,12 1792 had 8 years old,Elijah Craig had 12 they were all facing,the same problem well our twelve kept,its age statement and then its price,point went up and its availability went,down right 1792 lost the age statement,completely right and kept its,availability and its price point but,lost the age statement right and a whole,bunch of people are up in arms about,that Elijah Craig did the same thing,they started blending with younger stock,lost the 12-year old age statement right,went a small batch instead of 12 year,old sure and and they just got a,shitstorm of negative yeah blowback from,consumers sure they stuck with it and a,lot of it allowed them to keep their,price point and maintain availability,right wow this is really good yeah what,would you have done,okay so brands can pretty much do,whatever theyre interested in doing as,long as theyre,being transparent and clear and theyre,communicating with their most hard-core,customers and enthusiasts that really,love that brand in the history and the,quality of the product as long as,theyre telling people hey we want to,try something new,heres why we want to do it heres why,were heres how specifically were,gonna protect the things that you,already love heres how theyre gonna,still be available but people get into,trouble brands get into trouble whenever,theyre not just being open and honest,and clear and whenever they are trying,to you know theyre trying to resell it,yeah just drop heres why its not a big,deal well and up by the numbers you can,get you can get in trouble with this,because by the numbers,you know eighty-five percent of our,customers dont really identify as you,know hardcore whiskey levers or,enthusiasts or whatever so they may not,even notice and those that do notice,theyre going to be in their own little,pocket monotonously so you can convince,yourself well yeah just kind of put it,out there and hopefully not too many,people know again about who is loudest,whos loudest but also who are your,biggest advocates right right and so if,you lose your advocate trade right your,core base so this is it like a textbook,example of why its so critically,important for brands to have much more,engagement with people that absolutely,love them like its hilarious in the,whisky tribe theres several brands that,theyll do social media marketing and,theyll get like an agency and theyll,put together some clever visuals and,theyll but do like an ad spend on,various platforms but they just will,talk to their their most enthusiastic,fans and customers like their people,like their human beings just be a human,being and theres brands that have so,much more die-hard,customers and enthusiasts in our,community mm-hmm because the brand,itself they dont have that kind of,communication that kind of accessibility,that kind of place where they can have a,direct dialogue with people yeah so yeah,its and I feel for brands because it is,intimidating to put yourself out there,to basically pull back the curtain of,liable you,to pull back the curtain of my,advertising and marketing messages that,has gone through photo shops and,committees and all this stuff to hire,straight vulnerable its hard to pull,back the curtain say hey

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hey whats going on today guys its Trey,welcome back to the channel today were,going to be trying out the Elijah Craig,small batch now this bottle is near and,dear to my heart this is the very first,bourbon that I ever tried and,unfortunately this bourbon also put me,in the hospital so I,I have quite the love-hate relationship,with this bourbon but um its a good one,so I want to try it again and let you,guys know what I think of it all right,so real quick let me tell you guys about,the hospital story because I cant drop,a bomb like that and then just leave you,guys on a cliff so basically like I said,this bottle literally put me in the,hospital and Im not joking when I say,that so my wife and I went out one night,were having a good time this is when we,lived in Hawaii by the way so we live in,Germany now but we were living in Hawaii,at the time this bottle literally put me,in the hospital for like two weeks so,and I had surgery as well so this bottle,for me is a pretty crazy one but,basically we went out one night I maybe,I didnt really drink too much while my,wife and I were out but this really was,the final nail in the coffin for me and,so I had about three full Glenn Cairns,of this and yeah it just,it didnt go too well so I fell asleep I,woke up at like 3 00 a.m and I was in,like immense pain I I thought that my,appendix had exploded thats what I,really thought the issue was but it,turns out that it was something a whole,lot worse so I dont I dont want you,guys to think that I might be an,emotional or anything like that but Im,telling you guys because I want this to,also be a transparent channel so,um ended up spending like a full week in,the hospital,um I ended up getting diagnosed with,this disease called sphincter of OD,dysfunction and so what they basically,had to do is they did something called,an endoscopy which is where they stick,this really long tube down your throat,and see whats going on in your stomach,and digestive tract and so they ended up,finding out that I had some major issues,going on now down there they ended up,having to permanently cut open my,sphincter of Odie no they didnt cut my,butthole open I dont want you guys to,think that but theres like this tiny,tube in your digestive system that,basically lets bile and other juices and,gunk out of your body its like a filter,in hindsight but they permanently cut,mine open because I I couldnt eat,anything I couldnt drink anything and,it just was making life horrible for me,and it just turns out that this made it,a whole lot worse I feel better now Im,totally allowed to drink my doctor has,given me the seal of approval to drink,so I dont want you guys to think that,Im doing something that Im not,supposed to be doing you know this was a,couple of years ago and Im doing a lot,better now but its still a disease that,I live with and um there was a point in,time where I couldnt drink alcohol at,all but now Im allowed to and so yeah,thats the the special story that I have,with this bourbon so lets not waste any,more time everybodys got a story lets,go ahead and get into the actual bourbon,Elijah Craig great great great great,um Kentucky Distillery Bardstown,Kentucky you know 94 proof just just,really great juice in a bottle that I I,love so much you know like I said the 94,proof its really really drinkable I,think this is a great introduction to,Bourbon for a lot of people and I,havent had this bottle I havent had a,Glencairn of Elijah Craig in a few,months so Im really excited to crack it,back open and and uh see what its like,so without wasting any more time lets,go ahead and give this stuff a try,oh good pop,oh yeah all right guys so right out the,gate beautiful beautiful presentation,beautiful color copper Amber it it looks,like Minute Maid apple juice it looks,incredible,all right lets go ahead and get into,the aroma,man that Im getting like,Sweet Apple Juice caramel vanilla Oak,oh man if they if they made a candle of,this Id probably make the company sell,out immediately because,this is what bourbon should smell like,so um I I think thats one I think,thats one characteristic that I can,always remember about this bourbon is,like as soon as you go up to sip it,it just smells so damn good all right,lets go ahead and get into the taste,roast,oh man,so oh my gosh I dont know how to say it,because Im Im like Im about to have,some tears popping up just from you know,the the memories that Ive had with this,bourbon but this is just such an,amazingly decadent Rich Bourbon and I,think rich is the best descriptor for it,its just so sweet its got the tiniest,bit of heat to it you know for me Im a,Im a hundred proof and over guy but,this is just such a great presentation,its got like the best amount of vanilla,Oak,sweetness with a tiny bit of spice at,the end Im not really too sure what the,mash bill is of this bourbon but I I do,get like the tiniest bit of spice on the,Finish but on the tip of my tongue I,just get like I dont know if you guys,can hear Im like salivating like crazy,from the sweetness but it is such a rich,decadent indulgent Bourbon and I I love,it its amazing all right guys its that,time lets go ahead and polish her off,oh yeah,got a little bit more heat on that one I,dont know if its just because it was,more bourbon but,good,its a good one guys thats a good one,all right,all right lets go ahead and talk about,the Elijah Craig small batch um I am,going to rank this at an,8.8 out of 10.,only reason why Im not giving it a nine,is because for me personally I like a,little bit more bite on my Bourbons I,love my you know over 100 Proof bombs,you know and thats no knock against,this bourbon because you can put this,bourbon up against anything out there,you know anything more expensive,and I think that itll hold its weight,and I think I paid about 32 on base for,this bottle so super cheap I I,personally would never mix this bourbon,I think its a great daily sipper,um but I think if you did need I think,if you were in a situation where you,needed a mixer sure you could use this,whatever Im not gonna Im not gonna,take you to the Gallows but I think this,is a great great daily sipper so yeah,guys Elijah Craig small batch you know I,I dont have I theres not much to be,said about it you know its a great,company the barrel proof is great The,Toasted Barrel is great you know these,are bottles that Im going to be hunting,for were heading to Chicago in a week,and uh Im definitely going to be,looking for The Toasted barrel and you,know the barrel proof Ive heard a lot,of great stuff about both and so Im,definitely going to try to get my hands,on both of those but,yeah the small batch is just so good,its just and still like my mouth is,just continuing to salivate from the,sweetness its like Grandmas sugar,cookies its so good and you know Ive,got the story to go along with it and,Im sure you guys have some stories as,well you know I think the great thing,about bourbon is Ive had some amazing,memories and moments with bourbon and um,you know while while this memory wasnt,the best Im still alive to be able to,tell the story and so um I think that,this one will always be on my bar not,because of the story not because you,know almost losing my life not because,all the surgeries not because the,hundred and fifty thousand dollar,hospital bill but itll always be on my,bar because it is a great Bourbon and so,you know you know me Im sure you guys,can tell by now Im a guy that,appreciates his Bourbon and um yeah so I,think this one deserves the grade that,it got it could easily be an a,and eight I I think this could easily be,an A plus in a lot of peoples you know,mine but um yeah its its just its so,so dang good so as always if you guys,did appreciate this video please give it,a huge thumbs up as it does help your,humble narrator so much I love bourbon,like I say always Im just a guy that,loves his bourbon I do happen to live,here in Germany a place where bourbons,not too highly sought after but thats,good

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Buffalo Trace VS Elijah Craig Small Batch | Bourbon Head to Head | Which is BEST for YOU?

[Music],hey everybody welcome back to the my,Bourbon journey whisky review channel my,name is Scott if youre new to this,channel and youre looking for reviews,of different whiskeys go ahead and hit,that subscribe button also make sure,youre hitting the Belle notification,thats gonna alert you to what Im doing,new uploads live streams things along,those lines so today Im doing a bit of,a a bourbon battle or just a,side-by-side comparison,this is more along the lines of if,youre new to bourbon and youre looking,to compare two similar Bourbons from,different distilleries and trying to,figure out exactly what it is you like,in a bourbon thats what I wanted to try,to do today was put two very similar,Bourbons together and in hopes that,maybe this would help you to decide kind,of you know what it is you you like,maybe what it is youre looking for so,so today first from left to right weve,got the Buffalo Trace this is their,standard bourbon again from Buffalo,Trace distillery this is coming in at 90,proof or forty five percent ABV this is,also going to be approximately in that,may be anywhere from upper 20s to low to,mid $30 range in the in the states this,is a mash bill of seventy five percent,corn 10% rye in 15% malted barley so a,little bit higher on the on the malted,barley side well get into that in a few,minutes Ill kind of give a little bit,more of a description on on that also,just to let you know the char level this,is the charring of the barrel is HR,number four so thats the the highest of,the the char levels so thats going to,introduce a little bit more you know,color more sweetness things along those,lines nonage stated however the thought,on this is anywhere from that seven to,maybe nine year range in terms of age of,the the Bourbons that are being aged for,the,bullet rate so well get into the Elijah,Craig here in in just a second so well,go through a little bit of the again,with this well go through the,appearance well know is it tasty and,kind of get into the finished part of it,so all right so as you can see with this,kind of a light copper honey type of,color again youre looking at you know,anywhere from again I think its maybe,six to eight years in terms of the the,approximate age for the Buffalo Trace so,alright lets get into the nose here so,right away with this this has got,already right away a very kind of like,sweet and sweet nose a lot of the,typical bourbon notes so youre getting,a little bit of that that caramel the,vanillas the honeys kind of come,through very light on the the oak side a,little bit of a citrus note maybe more,along the lines of a green apple type of,citrus to that yeah really nice really,nice vanilla note coming through on this,one thats very typical of Buffalo Trace,the the bourbon itself is that its very,very you know kind of bourbon ass gets,sweet on the nose and it really just,kind of lends itself to being a very,quality type of product so alright lets,get into the the taste Cheers,so right away first thoughts on this,its very sweet a little bit of that,kind of sweet corn coming through and,again here where the standard bourbon,notes kind of start to come through,again very little to no heat on this,again only 90 proof some of that citrus,is kind of wanting to come through,citrus in the terms of like a like a,green apple type of citrus and then it,follows with the the kind of the honey,the vanilla the caramel this is this is,more a little bit a little heavier on,the the vanilla side with this one light,oak so nothing overpowering with this,its just a really nice solid drinking,sweeter bourbon I would say finish on,this is probably gonna be still on that,that shorter side of medium at best so,not a long finish but again it leaves,you with a nice kind of sweetness with a,little bit of oak some of that citrus,note kind of sits there a little bit but,really really nice bourbon and again,this is gonna be on the sweeter side,yeah this one much more vanilla kind of,citrus forward again very little a,little bit of oak to it not not overly,oak by any means really nice you know,again those pinellas and caramel so if,thats something that you like you know,thats the the Buffalo Trace standard,bourbon alright so lets move on to,something again to another distillery,this is going to be from heaven Hill,distillery this is their Elijah Craig,small batch this is going to be bottled,at 94 proof or 47 percent ABV MSRP on,this one maybe slightly lower but very,similar in that maybe twenty two to,twenty seven dollar range on this one,mash bill on this is 78 percent corn,10% rye and 12% malted barley so in,terms of mash bills both very similar,slightly different in the well really,all all aspects of the of the mash bill,but again still very similar this is,going to be HR level number three so not,quite as high as number four like the,Buffalo Trace was so alright lets give,this one a look and well get into the,nose here alright so as you can see with,this maybe a little bit darker of a,honey type of color light golden color,to that so coats the glass really really,well as I move it around in there and,and this is again non aged stated so,theres no age statement on this but,this is thought to be anywhere from that,seven to upwards of 12 year,Bourbons all being blended together to,create the Elijah Craig small batch so,alright so lets see so as you can see,nice nice kind of golden color to that,so lets get into the nose on this one,hmm so right away with this so this is a,little a little bit heavier on the the,oak side and that might come with a,little bit more of the aged Bourbons,being in there whether theyve been in,the barrels a little bit longer picking,up some of that oak but again heavy on,the vanilla and and typical of heaven,Hill you get this kind of nuttiness or,like a peanut type of nose to it this,has a little bit more of a orange peel,type of citrus so a little bit opposite,of the Buffalo Trace where that was more,of a a green apple type of citrus and,again still you get with this those,those Vanillas the caramels you know,some bourbon notes that are there but I,would say right away with this a little,bit heavier on the the oak side and a,little bit heavier on the the nuttiness,sizes of things,yeah all right so lets give this one a,lets give this one a try and it coats,the glass really really well so you,youd like to see that because youre,hoping that thats gonna coat the mouth,a little bit better and allow for more a,more of a full flavor to kind of come,forward and your in your mouth so all,right lets give this one a try,so right away like I was nosing before,this ones gonna be heavier a little bit,heavier on the Oakside theres that,orange peel that nuttiness that kind of,follows with the the Vanillas and the,caramels on more of the mid palate mid,to the back of the palate again very,little heat maybe slightly a slight bit,more but not very very much,they only very improved by by four proof,so very similar on on that so yeah again,I think its got a really nice mouthfeel,to it coats the mouth really well again,theres that nice kind of orange peel,orange zest a little bit of oakiness to,it then those kind of like you know the,Carnales and the vanilla start to kind,of kick in on this one this is this,maybe has just a slight edge in the,length of the finish this is maybe a,little bit longer theres a little bit,more thats there I think this kind of,coats the mouth a little bit better,which again lends itself to generally,speaking a little bit more of a longer,type of finish so that that flavor,remains in your mouth a little bit,longer so really really nice both,different again the Buffalo Trace is,probably on the the sweeter side of,things where the Elijah Craig a little,bit more on the the oakiness side again,not heavy oak again youve got still,some of the standard bourbon notes this,maybe has a little bit more of the,orange peel zest to it,followed again with a little bit of that,oak and then the caramels and the,Vanilla

Elijah Craig Small Batch

[Music],hello and welcome to whisky.com my fine,spirits meet today we have another urban,on the cask,its an Elijah Creek small batch Elijah,Craig is a brand of heaven Hill Harold,Hill is one of the big distilling,companies in Kentucky they are located,in Louisville Kentucky and in Bardstown,Louisville is their distillery its also,called the Burnham story they actually,bought the distillery because their old,distillery burned down in Bardstown but,Bardstown is still their main location,for maturation so their warehouses and I,think they also have bottling there and,there is a really really big Heritage,Center so its kind of like a visitor,center and if you ever come to Bardstown,the Heritage Center is definitely worth,a visit they have a beautiful museum,like display where you learn how they,made whiskey back in the days and how,its made today and then you go through,the the warehouses and see all the,whiskey how the warehouse is built and,how they are maintained and in the end,you get a tasting of I think two or,three of their main whiskeys and nothing,probably the logic reg small batch will,be amongst these three whiskeys,usually Kevin Hill is going for age,statement whiskies Ive had the Elijah,Creek 18 Im not sure if its still in,the picture and think of had a 12 as,well maybe off camera and this year is,now one of the fewer that is not done,with an age statement they explain that,this one gives them a much more,flexibility in terms of what they use so,they can mix older with the younger and,you know lets say twelve year old age,statement whiskey you cannot put,anything below twelve years of age in,there otherwise you know its illegal,and here you have a mixture of older and,younger whiskies so kind of a bit of a,more free hand for the master blender,and what is also a bit odd is the the,alcoholic strength its thirty not,thirty its 94 proof which is forty,seven percent ABV quite unusual usually,have 46 or 48 beautiful and you can,already smell it so this is a Kentucky,straight bourbon first to char oak,barrels made in true small batches for,balance and smoothness yeah and it says,1789 but they definitely didnt distill,on the current stills because they even,burned down some way and I think it,wasnt in 80s or 90s when they burned,down it was uh it was a huge huge deal,because it burned and it burned and yeah,it was flowing into the river and was a,massive disaster not only for the,company but also for the region but they,managed to pull through and now theyre,I think one of the biggest or even the,biggest family-owned whiskey Distilling,Company all spirit the stone company,its up,it has lovely vanilla and even something,something fresh in there its not one of,these psychic notes is more of a minty,fresh note yeah reminds you almost about,when you go through a herbs garden and,you one of these mints or something is,just dominating and you have that,dominating smell in here its actually,really strong its quite an unusual,usually when you have a Kentucky,straight bourbon you go for mmm vanilla,caramel you do have a bit of vanilla and,a bit of sweetness but the mint is,pretty strong maybe just for me today,lets see,I thought it would come out as a normal,Kentucky straight bourbon sweet vanilla,but it started off that way,sweet vanilla but then you really get,deep into the oak and spiciness of oak,leaves a bit of nutmeg here and there,kind of intense,mmm I bet they they do really a mixture,of older and younger ones to get just,get the the old oak notes from the the,longer matured whiskies its keeping,true to the Elijah Craig name its up,its heavy on the the maturation heavy,on the wood usually when you have other,Kentucky straight whiskies they are,sweet what you get at the beginning very,very beginning of the maturation and,later you get more the intense wood,notes in there so mmm its its a tough,one its a as I have the 18 year old I,said yeah so much so much flavor not an,everyday whiskey maybe you should go for,the younger Elijah crate whiskies no,this is still a one that is grabbing all,your attention when you have it you just,realize you have a mouth full flavor in,your mouth its just packed to the top,with intensity,then I have to say Im a bit skeptic,about my my analysis of the 18 year old,Kazem this here is um a lot less pricey,when you have the 18 year old youre,paying 200 euros plus 300 euros plus,depending on the time of the year and,this year goes for a think about around,30 bucks bit less even and its its,packed with intensity not that intensity,of the 18 year old but its really,intense nice packed full of flavor,Kentucky straight whiskey ice ball dont,recommend it for just sipping it on the,side as youre bored because it will,just beat you strong yeah so thank you,very much for watching if you found this,video interesting then please feel free,to share it with your friends and see,you next time,[Music],[Music]

Elijah Craig Small Batch

[Music],lets take a stroll on the back streets,of chat down conversation lane hes been,watching grants who are ya we need,silhouettes no yeah welcome to the,whisky vault,Im Rex Im Daniel this is how long was,I trying to get you into top gear and,eventually top youre just they you know,they got cancelled or they quit well,Jeremy Im finding somebody and then,they start up Grand Tour and it still,took a couple years for me to convince,you I dont even think Im the one I,convinced you I think you just,completely you know were immune it was,no element irrelevant my recommendation,I am an immune the TV suggestions period,its not you its period Im immune what,finally tipped you over I was bored,could not think of a single thing to,watch her I dropped down and an Amazon,started Auto playing trailer for that,episode and something one of them said,make me giggle a little bit and I went,oh watch the first episode and the first,episode of Grand Tour I got strangely,emotional when they were all gathering,back together theyre driving the cars,and seeing each other,so and I had no reason to be emotional,Ive never seen it before and I thought,you know that is really powerful,you know I had a date Ill tell you,exactly what in the music dude yeah,right I can see clearly now the rain is,gone it just felt as like I just sort of,fell in love Im telling just on the,intro look I I got I have a pretty good,read well get to the list okay yeah,after Im done talking yeah yeah Im,pretty good read on the stuff you do and,dont like it comes like TV and movies,and books it really comes down to good,things you dont like boring stodgy nein,I would you realign it hold up by good,things as things I like wrecks things I,like Daniel does regardless I will label,it I will label it I got a good read on,that and the thing that was really,exciting to me about top gear and,and tour is as the difference of,preferences as we have when it comes to,entertainment I know theres a,tremendous amount of overlap with Top,Gear and Grand Tour those guys and,getting get them into cars,you wouldnt do wouldnt do it hes,sitting in his home bored suffering oh,you dont have anything to watch and Rex,has only been telling you these whoo,things to watch for so long is like no,Im not gonna do that,oh theres a 15-second blurb Im gonna,watch that is it MIT resentment is,whats happening you know you should be,proud that your show in 15 seconds,hooked me all right all right its,illogical Donnell this is Jason Unsworth,a patron saint of whiskey,[Music],I have a strange desire to own a cuckoo,clock now Ive never wanted one before,but ever since I started doing the,parallettes right kind of want one hold,on hold on this does not make sense,based on what I know about you I know,theres no reason for it is there a,grandfather clock in your life yes,okay all right I have a grandfather,clock daylight living room sit to the,Winton chime Im telling you you know,that theres a Whittington chime well,that dates back to the 1800s or actually,before that anyway okay so this is,Elijah Craig weve done Elijah Craig,barrel proof before on the show we did,it by December of January but it wasnt,this barrel okay he sent us two,different releases right um Im still,interested to see well I have this one,compares now keep in mind this is one,hundred and thirty point six on an empty,stomach,sixty five point three percent alcohol I,dont eat breakfast this is gonna be,great,I dont as a rule yeah me either,I caught bound out Ive been,accidentally intermittently fasting oh,thats the thing I heard most of my life,yeah right I would be like a 500-pound,behemoth if you hate to full American,breakfast but but its the only thing,saving me from an early grave,oh yeah its beautifully rich and,developed in that maraschino,okay Im sleep tobacco aromatic pipe,tobacco that sort of musty leafy note,when you open up and smell the different,aromatics man that sherry is just so,dominant for me its Im a heart and,hard-pressed to find anything beyond,just that dustiness did you ever smoke a,pipe with the cherry we did an episode,no not me the onion on your own did you,ever go to sort of explore go to a pipe,shop and open up the 20 containers of,aromatic pipe tobacco as much as I know,you mm-hmm you dont know me at all no,no Im asking if you were as ever a,phase where you were with roommates and,like lets go get some pipe tobacco no,okay so obviously nothing the aromatic,family there is one thats a cheery,aromatic pipe tobaccos the cherry,arimin yes,shuri and as soon as I picked this up,thats what I got there one in this in,the shop and Dons humidor and Waco they,used to be I think it was called black,cherry something Kincaid black cherry X,and it was a dark aromatic tobacco with,the black with this and thats what Im,smelling,black cherry might about yeah yeah yeah,yeah all right so yeah this is a 118 Oh,big old hot honey and molasses mixed,together and an apple that will Bend you,over and give you spankings yeah where,did that Apple come from right thats,weird,Apple is usually like a nice little like,fruity no but its a being in there you,know what it is,its um when you ever have you ever had,an apple pie where the Apple was too,strong and hadnt been cooked enough to,turn into real stewed apple and so you,took a bite of the pie and the Apple,went back to fresh Apple too quickly,yeah a little bit and it was a little,bit like zingy micro almost green apple,instead of right you know I mean it too,much tang and now yeah just like ripe,sweetness it does not drink like 65%,well in terms of the alcohol burn yeah,and in terms of the intensity and the,vibrance its dense so blinding light of,flavors those flavors are big man,the burn the burn is surprisingly,subdued but they jump like a douche its,amiss for lyrics yeah dude Im saying,Canton adding some water to mine yeah,and its wrapped up like a fish yeah,that was packed up because hes moving,north wrapped up lets listen and,copyright strike yeah a little bit of,water,you know what era oh man a little bit of,water jumps all of these dents rose,flower notes on the nose oh yeah yeah,you say rose yeah I say wild flowers but,I get we a kind of garden flower,I give that go with the heady ones yeah,like the density of flower oh man it got,so much better with water okay it easily,20% superior this is whiskey this,is Im gonna say this right its alleged,Craig you know alleged Craig youve seen,alleged Craig a hundred times but at,this high of approved yeah its a funky,adventure not because the flavors are,weird but the intensity and the richness,of those flavors that in and of itself,makes it a pretty you know interesting,and unique experience as a comparison,the classic 94 proof Elijah Craig okay,try that and youll see that yes it is,its almost like its like a mixing they,just compressed yeah everything down to,as a single band way to lose so much,its perfectly nice drinkable but,compared to the proof down version is,almost water alright I went back to back,I wonder how far you could take,something like this right where it,becomes so alcohol intense oh yeah its,not much further than this yeah were on,the edge of it already all right I mean,when you get a 94 percent alcohol,beverage tasting like water you know you,sort of blown your palate in this is I,dont know what this says about me but I,its kind of really fun for me,internally its a little bit of a dose,of Glee Ill put this out there whenever,theres somebody that comes around and,theyve experienced wine and cocktails,and beer and then they have like a 40%,40% I know it to be like the most,invisible yeah its its like watery and,then like a gas top right its like me I,would pour that on breakfast cereal if I,eat breakfast so hey did you try that,Brad at the water was it came alive,its my favorite thing take any of the,barrel proof Elijah Craigs and add a,dash of water not drops a dash of water,and all it just unfurls it so unfurls,but I think I like the furrow I think I,like t

Elijah Craig Small Batch (No Bull$h!t Bourbon Review)

and here is the no [ __ ] review of,Elijah Craig small-batch so exactly is a,no-bullshit review it basically means,Im not gonna sit here and drink it in,front of you and tell you that I taste,vanilla or not to Meg or anything like,that,because I just dont have a palate for,that so Im gonna tell you the basics of,this bourbon is it harsh is it sweet,does have a floral taste to it,smoky full-bodied harshness and one,mentioned already those are the,basically of things Im gonna talk about,in relation to the Berber interview here,with Elijah Craig small-batch so what,are you getting when you get Elijah,Craig small-batch youre getting an,amazing value in my opinion you can get,this for around 25 bucks a bottle and a,750 milliliter 94 proof so its its,under 100 proof but thats great for,people who you know dont want to go,crazy get like rare breed or barrel,proof et cetera its a good you know,entry level if youre gonna have,something in your liquor cabinet I,definitely say as far as the Bourbon,goes you cant go wrong with this one,right here now when it comes to my,ratings as far as the sweetness goes,its about an 8 out of 10 it is a,sweeter bourbon in my opinion harshness,youre gonna look at around 4 out of 10,has a little bit of harshness to it if,youre comparing it to other ones that,are out there I would put bourbon Trace,bourbon trace I put Buffalo Trace as,very very mild not crazy gonna you know,kick your butt or anything second to,that I put a Wild Turkey 101 then Id,kind of move up to a Knob Creek those,are kind of interchangeable and then,after that I put the Elijah Craig as far,as harshness you know what I mean by,harshness I mean like does it have a,bite to it and that makes sense because,the Buffalo Trace is a 90 proof this is,90 for the Knob Creek in a wild turkey,or a 101 and a hundred so youre gonna,find that if theres a little more,alcohol its gonna be a little more bite,theres there any floor illness to this,I do not taste any floor,to this I do what the Four Roses,single-barrel,but not with this small batch Elijah,Craig as far as is it full-bodied yeah,it has a good body to it it lasts around,and kind of plays around on the,playground for a while is it smoky no,not really,so its good comparison for this in my,opinion and I havent had every single,bourbon on the market but the Knob Creek,what is a snob creek detector straight,bourbon hunter proof small batch that,and wild turkey 101 or a relatively good,comparison of this this is a little bit,harsher it has a little more complexity,than these two but if youve ever had,these two Im not sure this is not gonna,be dramatically different than those,Buffalo Trace is gonna be similar as,well if you can find that its a little,bit more difficult to find Buffalo Trace,though compared to those other ones I,just showed you far as value goes cant,go wrong 25 bucks this should be a,staple and everyones liquor cap and,then if youre into you know drinking,having parties having people over and if,youre looking for a verb and that can,mix well you can drink it by itself you,cannot go wrong with this Elijah Craig,small batch so if you guys have any,questions or anything go ahead and let,me know if you have had this in the past,go ahead and put comments down below,what do you think of it whats your,comparison maybe youve had out of the,Bourbons I havent had put down below,what you think of it and what compares,well to it and until next time later

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