1. An Honest Elite Singles Review – Quality, Features, Cost, Free Trial, and Is It Worth It?
  2. EliteSingles Review – Will it bring you a Successful Match?
  3. Elite Singles Review 2021 – Is It Worth It Or Just A Scam? [WATCH BEFORE TRYING]
  4. EliteSingles review 2021 ???? Can you find love on elitesingles.com?
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An Honest Elite Singles Review – Quality, Features, Cost, Free Trial, and Is It Worth It?

the elite singles dating app is it just,a bunch of,elite people who are too good for the,rest of us oh reginald,isnt it just wonderful how elite we are,or is it just a bunch of people who,think theyre too cool for school,or is it a highly effective online,dating app that can help you,meet mr or mrs wright stay tuned for our,complete elite singles review,to find out,oh i didnt see you come in whats up,guys and gals,my name is jason with,healthyframework.com and today were,going to be taking a look at the online,dating site,elite singles now before we get started,uh if you want to see me play some more,of that awesome air guitar,hit that thumbs up hit that subscribe do,it now um,it really helps out guys now uh,additionally before we get started,if at any point during this review you,decide hey i want to give elite singles,a try,were gonna have a link in the comments,down below uh for a free trial,were also gonna have the link to the,full text review for elite singles,so if you prefer to read with no air,guitar that option is going to be there,for you as well now in this elite,singles review were going to look at,five different things to try and help,you figure out if this is the right,dating app for you,were going to look at the quality of,the members the features and how easy it,is to use,cost is it worth it and the free trial,now,i highly recommend that you watch the,whole thing through its going to be fun,were going to have a good time,um but if you are looking for something,specific im going to put the time,stamps,over here for you so you can go ahead,and just fast forward to the section,that youre looking for,and again remember if you want to read,this in text form or youre looking to,get a free trial weve got those links,for you down below so i want to start,today by talking about the quality of,the members on the elite singles dating,app because,if were being honest if theres no one,on there that piques your interest or,that youre,interested in dating then its pretty,much a worthless dating app for you,right so what i want to start by sharing,with you is a couple statistics that,elite singles has given to us so first,of all,85 of the members on lead singles hold,an above,average education what does that mean it,means that they have,an associates degree a bachelors,degree a masters degree a phd,advanced certification basically,anything,any form of schooling beyond a high,school degree,now does that mean that if you only hold,a high school degree that youre not,allowed to be on elite singles and you,wont have,success on there absolutely not right,theres a reason that its 85 percent of,the people on their holding above,average education and not a hundred,percent,so if youre attracted to smarty pants,you like people who are educated,um this is going to be a good thing for,you the second uh statistic that elite,singles gives us,is that over 90 of the members on the,website,are over the age of 30. so if youre,very early 20s it might not be a good,fit for you but as you get into your,mid-20s,and your 30s 40s 50s and 60s this is,some pretty good news from our,experience i think that the 30,to 45 50 range was where the bulk of the,members we saw during our testing,but there are quite a few above that and,then also some that fall,below that as well elite singles also,put out a study its a few years old now,but basically,i believe it was 2016 2017 they had,about 381 000 new members,every single month now is that,higher or lower now well honestly its,probably higher based on the fact that,most,of the country is starting to move more,towards digital dating so i think thats,a big win,another big question we get a lot about,the quality of the members on any dating,app,including elite singles is are there,fake profiles and what is the website,doing about that well,when we searched it actually looked i i,think i can spot fake,profiles pretty easily and i feel like,you guys if youre,you know if youve got a pulse you can,probably spot them too and,on elite singles very very very very,very few,fake profiles um actually whats funny,is,we created a profile for testing and our,profile got removed,because they said it was fake so not an,issue youre going to run into there i,would say,overall quality of members is one of the,strong points,for the elite singles dating app so,lets talk a little bit now about the,features that you get,with the elite singles dating app so,first of all there is a desktop version,and theres a mobile app version thats,available on google play for the android,but also in the apple store for,ios um you can use,all three of these interchangeably it,all links to your account,so its nice to have that flexibility to,be able to kind of use the app anywhere,that you are,the sign up process for lead singles it,takes about 10 to 15 minutes,if you actually go through it you can,always hit the skip buttons if you want,to just go in there and kind of see,what the matches look like in your area,but that sign up process like i said,its about 10 to 15 minutes and its,actually a,very extensive questionnaire its about,100 questions,asking you things like um you know uh,strongly agree strongly disagree you,know i think that the world is a happy,place,um i love the color orange kind of,things like that,and elite singles actually uses that,information to try and craft the matches,that they give you afterwards so,its something that if you are dedicated,to this process and you do plan on,getting a,premium paid membership through elite,singles i would highly recommend,taking the time to go through this,process again its only 10 or 15 minutes,even if you read super slow like i do um,its only going to take you about,10 to 15 minutes now as for how easy the,site is to use,uh navigation uh pretty straightforward,youre gonna have like a a,navbar across the top thats gonna have,all your features where your profile is,things like that,setting up your profile is pretty easy,with the free trial weve got links,below you can take care of all of that,which is great because theres a lot of,good spots to showcase,who you are uh you know and then also,youre going to want to get some good,pictures up there so everyone can see,how,cute or pretty or sexy or,bubblicious or whatever it is the word,you like to use how much you are of,that um one of the other features were,going to talk about thats kind of,unique is the have you met,feature so this is your tenderesque,swipe light feature,and we actually found it to be to be,quite fun,during our testing basically they pop up,a picture of the person,and shows you a couple quick little,highlights about the person and you,click,yay or nay and if you end up hitting yay,and they hit yay,everyone screams yay and the site lets,you know which is a really cool way,especially if youre shy and youre,worried um,about kind of getting to know somebody,that way uh the,the app also has a standard search,function where you can put in a lot of,parameters of what youre looking for,um things like interests uh body type,location,uh religion how important some of these,things are to people,and so it really helps you to really,dial in um,on what youre looking for and with a,site thats got you know three four,hundred thousand new members joining,every single month that feature is going,to be a good one so,overall features pretty happy with it,ease of use,pretty happy with it so again this is,another win for us,for elite singles one of the most common,questions that we get and something that,we definitely wanted to cover during,this elite singles review is,the cost whats it going to cost um you,know is it a few bucks is it a,a million bucks is it your first born,whats it going to cost to get a premium,membership to be able to take,advantage of all of these great features,now,in the online dating app world prices,fluctuate,um theyre always going to be changing,and so for that reason we do have a link,below,to our healthy framework website where,our team actually

EliteSingles Review – Will it bring you a Successful Match?

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Elite Singles Review 2021 – Is It Worth It Or Just A Scam? [WATCH BEFORE TRYING]

hello steve here from dudehuck.com and,today were going to be going through,2021s,elite singles review,now elite singles is a dating site for,the affluent,for the educated for the career-driven,individual,but look you dont have to be a,multi-millionaire working as a ceo,with the top masters degree to be,involved,really at the end of the day what elite,singles is all about,is matching like-minded people from,similar backgrounds,elite singles basically just recognize,that people from,similar backgrounds do tend to drift,towards each other naturally,so cut to the chase and made a platform,where you can do so,most users will have either a bachelors,degree a fairly successful high-paying,job,or just come from a fairly affluent,background,but look before we do get a bit more in,depth with elite singles as i said,my names steve from dudehack.com i am,the owner,now dotac.com is essentially your online,dating resource for everything,online dating you could ever imagine on,top of that if by the,end of this video youre still not,entirely sure whether or not elite,singles,is going to be the app you will try or,not i highly suggest that you head over,to doodhack.com,and take the free quiz that free quiz,will tell you,exactly what dating app will suit you,best,ill put a link down in the description,so go ahead and take that quiz,now and last thing before we jump into,it guys if at any point throughout this,video you think you know what i just,want to give elite singles a try for,myself,ive gone ahead and ive included a free,trial link down below,in the description so go ahead and click,that free trial link down below so you,can just see what,elite singles is all about for yourself,but enough of that housekeeping stuff,guys lets get into it,so today is all about reviewing elite,singles,what we are going to do is we are going,to be running through a total of,12 different individual aspects when it,comes to elite singles,were going to break each and every one,of those down im going to give them,my score individually out of 10 and at,the end,of course i will give you my overall,score,when it comes to elite singles as a,whole so the points that were going to,be running through today,are the success rate the user overview,the sign up process how you build out,your profile,what other profiles look like getting,matches,your communication the app the free,version,the paid premium version the cost and,value,and the overall ease of use and customer,care and of course as i mentioned,i will give you my total overall score,at the end so before we really jump,straight into the in-depth review,guys how does elite singles actually,work so right now elite singles is,available in about 20 plus countries,on top of that it boasts that it is,responsible,for a new 2 000 couples each and every,single month,so thats pretty good odds plus there is,a relatively,large user base mostly likely said made,up of busy professionals people who take,their career and their jobs seriously,or just be educated and affluent now as,well get into,in the user overview in a second is that,the elite singles demographic the user,base isnt just looking for,one thing they arent just looking for a,very serious relationship on marriage,and on the other side they arent just,looking for hookups what i have found,is yes people probably do tend to drift,slightly over to the relationship,side purely because the user base is,made up of people who,are a little bit older than say your,user base on,things like tinder but because the,website contains a,lot of busy professionals like we said,you can imagine not every single one of,them is ready to settle down straight,away,so yes there are a few people on there,as well,looking for something maybe a bit more,casual but just keep in mind throughout,this video that majority of people,probably are looking for something a tad,more serious but at the end of the day,its a great dating site with some great,features with a great,user base so lets get into the review,right now now the number one thing that,i want to get into is basically the,success rate of elite singles because,its all well and good for me to talk,about an app tool,blue in the face but if it doesnt work,then whats the point,so lets run through the success rate,and the real life reviews of elite,singles now now generally it does seem,like elite singles is quite successful,with matching like-minded people,that doesnt mean that its going to,work for everybody though in the reviews,that ive seen of people that really do,match this mold of what elite singles is,trying to go for i.e somebody who has a,high disposable income,earns good money takes their career very,very seriously what ive found is when,it comes to,those people i have seen more often than,not,positive reviews thats because the app,the site is used for what its intended,for,sure theres going to be people out,there that might hear the words elite,singles and think well i want to be part,of the elite group or just curious and,want to see what its about,now those people probably arent going,to get that much,out of the dating site compared to the,people that its intended,for as an example i found this review,from allen who is a 39 year old cfo,someone who obviously their career is,very important to them,i joined elite singles after deciding it,was time to get serious and find someone,that i would want to commit to i had,been very career focused since my early,30s,and i didnt really have time for a,relationship,so i was just casually dating here and,there when i turned 38 i decided to,check out,various online dating sites but on most,i found i wasnt really connecting with,the women,i really appreciate a sharp mind so when,i saw that elite singles had a high,proportion of,highly educated singles i decided to,give it a go,i matched with a number of women in the,first few weeks after chatting with a,few,i realized one was very similar to me,and we organized to meet up,on our first date we chatted for four,hours about anything and everything and,really clicked,weve been dating for 18 months now and,on our next,overseas holiday i plan to propose so,you can see there from even just,one real life review that somebody that,the app,is intended for someone who is affluent,where their career is very very,important to them,where they want someone on the same sort,of mental level as them,it worked now when i have used the,dating site,i have noticed maybe one or two times,where the conversation does tend to,drift towards,income and things like that a little bit,too soon for my liking,so just keep in mind that there may be,some people like that sure you can just,skim along and not,give them any time of day if really the,only thing theyre concerned about is,your income,but look at the end of the day it is a,website where you do have to be affluent,so it is a fair point for somebody to,ask but thats just my two cents from,what ive noticed maybe i dont look,that,affluent or rich so thats why people,are asking a little bit more but hey,if youre somebody that does have a,decent income and youre looking for the,same,and you dont mind having these,conversations about things like that,then really at the end of the day elite,singles does seem to be,highly successful for that demographic,so its for those reasons that i just,explained that im gonna go ahead and,vote,the success rate and the real life,reviews as,a seven out of ten okay next lets get,into the user overview,who are the people that are using elite,singles so at this point its probably,quite obvious at least the type of,people that generally,do use elite singles like i mentioned,people with a successful career,affluent and highly educated now the,majority of users are aged between 33,and 50 so you know that thats sort of,prime fairly serious dating age so in,that age group of 33 to 50 were,generally talking daters who might take,things just a bit more seriously than,say the,age group of an app like tinder which is,generally p

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EliteSingles review 2021 ???? Can you find love on elitesingles.com?

im aiden from top10.com were here to,help make decisions,easier we spend hours reviewing products,and services and comparing features,so you dont have to lets talk about,elite singles,finding the right types of singles to,date can be difficult when you are,dedicated to your job,studying for your degree or you just,have a higher standard or criteria you,want met,elite singles is set up for singles who,are more particular about their dating,requirements,making it a successful dating site for,those who are focused on specific,criteria,the site exists for professionals and,people who are looking for,other educated singles interested in a,serious commitment,understandably the average age range is,slightly higher at about 35 to 55,and the vast majority of elite singles,users are university graduates or higher,not your go-to site for one-nighters,elite singles is a commitment,and the sign-up process reflects that,taking approximately half hour to,complete,this includes a 115 question personality,test,that they use to match you up with,suitable singles,while the site doesnt offer a one month,plan you can sign up for three six or,twelve months at a time,youll pay anywhere from about thirty to,60 dollars a month depending on the,length of your subscription,elite singles wants to keep the user,base limited to singles who are serious,about dating,and its higher price tag reflects the,selectiveness of its members,with a free account users can get to,know the site build a full profile,take the in-depth personality test,receive matches and send smiles to other,members,in fact the only thing you cant do with,a free account is send messages,the site boasts a sophisticated,algorithm that generates matches,it bases the result on five,compatibility parameters,including your level of openness,conscientiousness,extroversion agreeableness and,neuroticism,because of the degree of thoroughness in,their personality test theyre known for,making suggestions,that are more accurate if youre not,great with conversation starters,elite singles has up to five icebreaker,questions that you can send out to other,singles youre interested in,this is an easy way to ease yourself,into a dialogue with someone new,the site lets you connect with other,members via internal messaging system,you can also like someones profile or,specific aspects of it to launch a more,direct conversation,and send a smile to someone you like,the site takes member safety seriously,in addition to the usual abuse report,and blocking,profile verification is used to ensure,all users are really who they say they,are,a security feature to keep users from,copying or downloading photos,and a keyword triggered red flag alert,for offensive content,elite singles has an excellent,matchmaking algorithm,when you upgrade your account there are,various features you can enjoy,including a wild card match with,additional suggestions,and the have you met feature that gives,you yet another list of potentials you,may have missed,the site has a massive help center,online you can also get help over the,phone or via email,elite singles currently hosts more than,13 million members from around the world,and according to the service over 2 500,elite singles users,find successful matches every month,singles who value their time will,appreciate elite singles it takes a more,efficient approach to online dating,using the detailed personality test to,hone in on the most relevant matches for,you,the site was designed for singles,looking for a serious relationship,as well as educated professionals who,dont want to just mess around,i hope this video helped you decide,whether elite singles is the right,dating site for your needs,for more reviews check out top10.com,[Music],you

Elite Singles Review 2019

alright elite singles so this is a,review for you for those who dont want,to use dating apps and prefer a,traditional dating website instead so I,have heard so many mixed reviews about,elite singles it seems that people,either hate it or they love it so either,they give it one star reviews or they,give it five stars theres kind of no,in-between and it could be for several,reasons but before I get into that I,will give you some top level up level,facts about elite singles so the 18 they,claimed to have over 500,000 members on,the website this is what I went to elite,singles comdata you but in the in,smaller font it says that 500,000 is,reflective of the global membership,meaning that you dont really an idea of,how many members are actually in,Australia and they also claim that 80,percent or like over majority of the,members are over 30 and looking for a,serious relationship and I think 85% and,above of them are educated so this is,very much those young its looking to,attract young professionals who are,looking to settle down and get married,but Im not actually sure if it attracts,that kind of audience just like I said,theres so much competition with like,all the dating apps that youve got out,there that I dont know how many people,are actually using a link singles so how,it works is you take a really long,lengthy personality test its not unlike,a harmony I dont know if youve taken,it before but its very much the same,thing so theyre asking the basic,questions you know how tall you how tall,you are your religious beliefs whether,you have children and then it goes in to,what you want in a partner so do you,want them to have a specific religious,beliefs do you want them to be of a,certain ethnicity you know if if you,drink and if they drink how often G,would you prefer they drink once a week,so really things like that lifestyle,questions but also like your core values,questions just to make sure that people,who want kids are mattress,people want kids and thats what I liked,about it because thats what you want to,know right off the bat when youre,looking to settle down in your 30s so I,did the I did the personality test it,took me a good twenty to thirty minutes,and what I liked it about it it from a,technical standpoint is its a really,lengthy test so you know every once in a,while Id be like five to ten questions,theyll tell you you know youre a,thirty percent complete youre forty,fifty percent complete so I knew that,there was an end to all these questions,because sometimes they can get,monotonous and a little bit boring so,once I finished the personality test,then I get taken to the screen where you,upload your videos I mean your video,videos your photos and then after that,you get taken to the pricing plan now,this is a little bit of surprise for me,because I think that the landing page,that I came from said that you could,register for free and its true but to,actually see matches and get matches you,actually have to go on a paid plan and,they range from I think twenty nine to,you about a hundred a month which in my,opinion is quite pricey considering,theres so many dating apps out there,who claim to do the same thing to help,you find genuine and lasting,relationships so it was a little bit of,shock for me and before I even went,through the registration process I,actually looked for the pricing and it,wasnt there so I felt like it was a,little misleading that they wanted you,to make a huge commitment and spend,twenty or thirty minutes on it so that,youd be more likely to sign up its,like khuns so consumer psychology there,but I didnt pay for it because,obviously Im married so I dont need to,sign up for online dating sites but I,would love to check it out just to know,how many members are in each country and,what kind of matches you get and what,happens after you get a match so stay,put Im gonna do a part to you this,video once I get hold of the folks at,elite singles and itll give me a chance,to give you a proper review but for now,I can tell you that the signup process,is pretty straightforward its quite,lengthy but if you are in your 30s,looking for someone in a young,profession,whos looking to settle down it seems,like its a perfect site for you to go,to that said Ive had a lot of people,come into the school blogs the students,who have found people just in real life,or through dating apps like hinge Ive,also done a review on it so Ill leave a,link below I think youll really like,hinge Im not this isnt a sponsored,post for hinge or elite singles theyre,just apps and dating sites that people,ask me about so I thought Id leave,reviews on them alright thank you for,watching this video and if you want more,views and dating apps and dating site,check out the channel please subscribe,and Ill see you in the next video,thanks bye

Dating Sites For the Elite [Dating the Top 1%]

why be the one percent when you could,just date the one percent hey welcome to,online for love your number one resource,for dating by the numbers today were,going to be going over a list of online,dating websites for those who are,looking to date the elite or those who,actually already are the elite and are,looking for other elites before we get,into all that though i do need to tell,you guys about our online dating website,deals page our online dating website,deals page is a list of online dating,website discounts for multiple different,online dating websites and in case you,dont know what the best online dating,website is for you i suggest you check,out our online dating website quits our,online dating website quiz is going to,ask you a host of questions about what,youre looking for in an online dating,website at the end of the quiz its,going to let you know what the perfect,online dating website is for you,personally you can find those,necessities in the links in the bio down,below along with our opening line,formula and more now in order to make,this video a bit easier to comprehend,ive broken it down into these five,sections first of which is elite singles,then seeking then whats your price then,eharmony and finally ashley madison so,without further ado lets jump into,number one on my list which is elite,singles elite singles is a great website,for those who find themselves having,success with wealth or there are those,who are highly educated elite singles is,a worldwide dating website for users all,over the place but most users come from,the us canada the uk and all over,different parts of europe the male or,female ratio is pretty much 50 50,however this trend changes depending on,the age range interestingly enough when,it comes to those users who are aged,between 25 and 34 years old there are,actually about twice as many men as,there are women however this trend,changes for those users who are aged,between 35 and 44 years old where women,are more prominent if you want to become,a member on elite singles you will have,to complete the registration process,some parts of this process will take,just a few minutes or other parts will,be pretty lengthy so when you get,general information youll have to,complete the personality test and these,questions are analyzing your,compatibility traits and the results are,later used for matching the result of,this process is detailed profiles some,answers to the questions can be hidden,but the quality is still pretty high,another thing you will love about elite,singles is the ease of use since the,younger audience isnt so active here,the creators have made a website that,will suit older generations better,everything is pretty intuitive and with,one click you can switch between tabs if,you want to stay in touch with your,matches on the go then you can also,install the elite singles app it allows,messaging links likes and other features,that you will find on the website as,well you can even sign up and create a,profile utilizing their app too so this,is going to move me into number two on,my list before i jump into that i did,want to ask you guys real quick to be,sure you are hitting like and subscribe,seriously it really does help push our,videos out so that more users can,utilize this information from us here at,online for love we super duper,appreciate it so this is going to move,me into number two on my list which is,seeking you may have used seeking before,and you just dont know it as their,website used to be called seeking,arrangements but theyve rebranded and,simplified that title into just seeking,and in case you dont know what seeking,is all about its basically for those,users who are looking for sugar daddies,and sugar babies so to clarify a sugar,daddy is somebody who is typically very,wealthy and looking to provide for,somebody who is a sugar baby who is,typically not very wealthy but is very,attractive and charming its interesting,to point out as well that the male or,female ratio on this app is very close,to 50 50. seeking also has more than 10,million users so you know its going to,be a large user base for you to go,through and because this website is,built around those users looking for,casual relationships youll actually,find that a lot of their users are,younger on this app in comparison to a,lot of other elite dating websites and,while this website is available in 139,different countries its actually the,most prominent in the us where the,website was originally made lets go,down a quick breakdown of the age ranges,on this website 21 of users are aged,between 18 to 24 years old 34 percent of,users are age between 25 and 34 years,old 17 of users are aged between 35 and,44 years old 13 of users are aged,between 45 and 54 years old and lastly,15 percent of users are aged 55 years,old or older the website itself has a,pretty minimalistic design and it may,seem boring at first but you will easily,get used to it all icons and text are,quite clear and the instructions are,easy to understand if you are not so,tech savvy you will easily find what you,are looking for becoming a member is,pretty easy and after the standard forms,are filmed the profile goes through a,background check and verification,process in a pro tip as well in order to,increase the visibility of your profile,it is highly recommended that you do,actually link your linkedin profile to,your account as well so this is going to,move me into the next one on my list but,before i jump into that i do want to,tell you guys about our online dating,website quiz our online dating website,quiz is going to ask you a host of,questions about what youre looking for,in an online dating website and at the,end of the quiz its going to let you,know what the perfect online dating,website is for you personally so this is,going to move me into number three on my,list which is whats your price launched,by the same people who created,seeking.com once your price was launched,in 2010. now you might be asking,yourself why the heck they made two,different websites and because theyre,actually structured pretty differently,on seeking youre actually just,communicating with other users and,agreeing to go on dates with them,however on whats your price youre,actually going to be bidding to go on,dates with certain individuals on both,of those websites its typically men who,are going to be placing the bids but,that doesnt necessarily have to be true,as men can also be sugar babies as well,seeking out sugar mamas so a lot of,users are surprised about this website,and immediately start thinking about it,being an explicit website where users,are paying for sex however this website,strictly bans that transaction and says,that all of these transactions are,specifically for going out on dates with,those users and those users can decide,what they do on that date there are no,requirements for what a date is and so,this allows this website to keep,existing as it does so basically how,this website works is you sign up for an,account you decide if youre going to be,a sugar baby or a sugar daddy or sugar,mama and then from there you go through,all the profiles now if you are a sugar,daddy or sugar mama youre going to find,profiles and you can actually offer them,bits these bits can range on any price,range that you want but typically youll,see people bidding between 50 to 200,dollars to go on a date with an,individual now from the sugar baby,aspect of the website you can do the,same thing however you are going to,offer a date to them for a set amount of,dollars so as you can see on my account,here there are a few different offers,that i got from several people about,what they would want me to pay in order,to go out on a date with them the site,itself is very simple to navigate it,looks clean and honestly i really do,like the presentation of most other,users it looks very classy rather than,trashy so if you can describe yourself,as somebody who is very attractive and,charming or somebo

The League Online Dating App Review (For Elite Singles?)

and it wasnt even a viable conversation,it was like,hi how are you are and,like you not even spelt out which,i feel how you want to feel about that,but im a girl,it takes patience,[Music],guys sophie here back with another video,if you are new to my channel then dont,forget to subscribe and dont forget to,hit the notification bell,so you can stay updated on all of my,videos and also dont forget to check,the description box because ill,always put a lot of stuff in there,including my book specifically,for single women which you may be,interested in because today is a single,womans topic,another online dating topic and it is,called the lead so i have done an online,dating review for luxie,and the hinge and now the league and,what all three,of and ill leave those down in the,description box but what all three of,these,apps have in common is that they are i,guess more sustainable like they,they have better quality potential,matches,men and all that other type of stuff and,im not one of those people who feel,like you dont have to have a provider,for a man,or you should just get anybody i dont,think that theres anything wrong with,wanting a man with a good job,a man that can provide for you a man,that has ambition and a man that has,goals,i dont think theres anything wrong,with that and i dont feel like that,means youre a gold digger right,and so with the leak lets go into,some stuff first i want to say that one,of my friends actually did meet her,fiance on the league and she actually,currently,currently is engaged so its definitely,something that works i know somebody,personally,who it has worked for them so you know,these online dating things can sometimes,be a step in the win,some of them work some of them dont so,never get discouraged because even if i,have a bad experience with some of them,you may have a completely different,experience so im just gonna give you,the good the bad the ugly things that i,like and things that i dont like,so first is how to get in so by far the,league has probably been the most,difficult site for me to get into i,actually got into it a year ago before,deleting it and then i signed back,on um it and so heres what i did,you sign up all your social social media,profiles in the beginning,i think i only signed up facebook,linkedin and,twitter and then i was on like the,waiting list i was on like,a number a thousand i was like far down,the waiting list,and so then i hooked up my instagram and,at the time i think i might have had 2,000 instagram followers and the next day,they let me in,so i know that that sounds sucky because,you know,not everybody has 2 000 instagram,followers and thats not even a lot of,followers in this day and age,but my point is um i dont even,necessarily know i mean they do look at,your pictures but,i think more than anything what got me,in was the high,level amount of followers now you could,choose to be on the waiting list and,stay on there and wait till they invite,you in because they are constantly,pulling people off the waiting list,or you could just hook up all of your,social media and just hope for the best,or you can get somebody,to invite you to,the league because even the people that,i invited if they upload nice pictures,they they get in faster,or sometimes they still dont get in at,all and so even if somebody invites you,just be sure to fully fill out your,profile and to also put up nice pictures,the profile is a typical online dating,profile nothing special about that and,obviously you can check my other two,videos on the type of pictures that i,put up on the online dating profile,because they were mostly the same,so now lets get into the specific,unique,thing about the league so how it works,this is also not an,unlimited swipe right swipe left type of,thing,they they dont want people to be serial,daters i guess,and so at 5 pm they have something,called the happy hour,and so they give you three matches that,meet your specific,criteria that you have set im a free,member so if youre a free member the,criteria is like,age maybe religion and,kids or something i think its not a lot,but if you are a member and the,membership is quite expensive i,personally dont see any reason,to be a paid member but if you get to,choose more criteria,the people that they have shown me,personally i dont have an issue with,them i think many of them are very,attractive,they have multi ethnic you know they,have plenty of black people they have,had plenty of white people plenty of,um ambiguous i dont know what your type,is but whatever type of people um that,you can choose from,that my experience has been that there,has been professional black men,um just as much as other races and so,maybe it depends on location but i do,kind of feel like for them to get in the,league you do have to be professional,out of all of the three websites that i,have tried or the apps that i have tried,i would say,that this one has been probably the,highest caliber of professional men that,i have gotten,like some of them have worked for a lot,of government stuff and once again,thats probably based on,location because it is the dc area but,its a different thing between being a,government contractor and being a high,level political whatever and so i have,noticed that a lot of them tend to hold,a lot of,high level type of political jobs,especially,um some ceos some investment bankers,what else have i noticed,um not a lot of entrepreneurs and so,just to give you an idea you know most,of them really do kind of hold their own,in the professional arena,and if you want to get on the site you,kind of need to fill out your profile in,a way that youre also going to hold,your own dont leave a whole bunch of,stuff blank,you know if you have a linkedin profile,um,connected if you dont i highly suggest,that you get a linkedin program,with the three swipes you get the three,swipes of,men and then you get some,extracurricular stuff and this is one,thing that i actually like about the,league,so since um im filming this during the,time of coming out of quarantine most of,the events have been virtual,but since i was on there a year ago i,also know that they have in-person,events so,you go through your three matches and,then they might have some type of,culinary event that either you could,show up into in person,or you can show up into virtually,or clubs or whatever and so dont think,that because they give you three matches,thats very limited because youre just,not swiping every day,because if you see a group that youre,very interested in you can,join it and then there might be another,5 000 people,in that group and once youre conversing,in that group its a possibility that,you can make additional matches,because people can see your face you can,see their face you can request them as a,friend and so,if you can strike up a conversation in,that group and you see people that,youre interested in,then obviously that is an opportunity to,additionally meet other people,they also have a virtual speed dating,event now let me tell you about this,this sounds like a great idea in theory,um i tried it once and then i gave up,and i didnt even get to go because how,this works,is it nine oclock each not each night,um wednesday and sunday evening right so,you sign up,and one might think that youre just,going to show up to the speed dating,event dressed of course because whos,dont care if it is virtual youre not,trying to look crazy right,so do you know i went to sign in and,they were like oh you were not chosen,for this speed dating event,because nobody met your specific,criteria which my criteria is not,stickler all i can choose because im,not,like a paid member is by age by like,race and by religion so and it was all,these people,i guess i wasnt up and they were like,you can consider pain,being a paid member or referring more,people or something,but anyway i was kind of over that,i try that once do you think that im,going to want to sit in my makeup and,all,dressed to nine ocloc

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