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  6. Elves – Netflix Series Review
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Elves [Nisser] (2021) Netflix Series Review

if these are what santas elves are like,no thank you he can keep him at the,north pole elves is the new danish,holiday horror on netflix that i have,been looking forward to checking out but,should you add it to your list,hoping to reconnect over christmas a,family of four travels to a remote,island in the danish archipelago only to,find it controlled by members of a,strongly religious community living in,balance with fierce creatures in the,woods revealed to be elves when the girl,in the family finds and brings home a,baby elf she inadvertently disrupts the,balance and throws everyone on the,island into a life or death battle for,faith family and pure survival so this,is on the darker side of holiday tales,and its no spoiler that this show will,contain some elven creatures because i,mean come on thats the title of the,series this is a super quick binge at,six episodes that are each about 24 ish,minutes long now this series can also be,a standalone with the possibility for,more but if they dont continue the tale,it feels fairly contained where you can,be satisfied with a conclusion so this,family of four heads to a remote island,get away and celebrate christmas without,distraction theres no wi-fi and barely,even any cell service so theyre pretty,much roughing it roughing it weve got,mom and dad and a teenage son and then a,younger daughter josephine whos,probably in her very early teenage years,now family has an odd dynamic where they,joke and tease each other a lot with,some of the ribbing being kind of,pointed now josephine is the star of the,story and i love how naturally,inquisitive she is when the family,arrives on the island its clear that,visitors arent a normal thing which,then begs the question of why a cabin,would be available to rent i mean,especially once its revealed what all,goes on at this island her,inquisitiveness does get her and,everyone else into trouble but shes,well-meaning and honestly i mean if,certain characters would have just been,more forthright with information rather,than trying to be all secretive some of,the problems probably could have been,avoided but either way josephine is,fairly sympathetic especially because,shes a caring and a loving character i,mean while some of the others on screen,are colder or detached she is certainly,more compassionate and concerned for the,welfare of all of those around her this,is billed as a sort of horror but i,gotta say its never really scary there,are some tense moments because of a,chase or maybe a situation where a,character might be in some peril but i,never really felt the heebie-jeebies or,any form of dread i think that could be,because this is tamed down for a broader,audience instead of going full on gore,and violence the show shies away from,showing most of that violence but we do,get to see the aftermath and even some,blood splatter when its called for so,not only is the setting for the show a,contained area being you know just a,remote island but the cast itself is,also contained with very few characters,being shown and having a real presence,theres a sequence that involves some,sort of religious ceremony will we see a,handful of residents but they never get,any development so theyre of no,consequence to the story and the,ceremony is so vague and never repeated,that it feels just almost out of place,in the story thats probably my biggest,complaint of the show i mean not that,some very obscure characters dont have,development but that all of the,characters are pretty much strangers to,us theres an exchange of dialogue,between the woman that kind of runs the,island and two of her congregants and,the words are meant to carry weight but,because we dont know who these people,are the words and then the future,actions theyre just completely,meaningless i like some of the,interactions with the characters and i,feel that there was an opportunity to,give the players all some more depth i,mean yeah sure it would have made the,show and episodes longer but i wouldnt,have minded that at all it would have,built out the lore so well to give us,background on some of the island,residents to then dive more into the,history on the island itself which then,could make the story of the elves even,more engaging and interesting and now,while the story that we get is,intriguing it could have been,spectacular with added expansion to,everything when we get to see the elves,in this i really like the creature,design i mean these dont look like what,i picture in my mind when i think else i,mean i get images of legolas popping,into my head or you know santas helpers,but these are proper wild creatures with,sharp nails and mouthfuls of razor teeth,and i think a lot of the time that we,see the elves theyre done with,practical effects which i really,appreciate and there are some jerky,movements to them so i dont know if,theyre mechanical and thats just how,they moved or if its an actual,character choice to have them move like,the film is just skipping frames so that,it gives them a more horror-like feel,either way though theyre slightly,creepy and i love how the show uses the,surrounding environment to enhance some,of their qualities as i mentioned this,is a quick bench and the episodes truly,went by faster than i had expected i,think a lot of that is due to the lack,of character development and even story,depth so the story basically just,thrusts us into a situation where,josephine meets an elf and then bad,things happen leading the village into a,race against time to solve the issue now,the urgency is good and we can feel the,anxiety created by that but i just,imagine how much more intense the show,could have been had more time been spent,building out the lore which then makes,everything that happens more,consequential theres a character in,this that is darkly funny and im not,sure if they were written that way or if,its just the dialogue and delivery that,make it so but the lady that runs the,island is named karen and she is an,extremely blunt and forthright person,when it comes to certain information as,it pertains to josephine what she says,cant be taken as harsh but the brutal,honesty was unexpected causing me to,chuckle at the directness of her words,so overall i had higher hopes for elves,while i did enjoy the show really liked,the character design and i loved the,story concept the lack of narrative,depth and character development did,prevent me from becoming truly invested,in all of it i liked how dark the tail,wanted to go and hedged around becoming,but all in all it was fairly tame with,lore that feels like it was only,scratching the surface of a compelling,legend i would have gladly watched an,additional 10 or more minutes per,episode if it meant getting folklore,that was rich in detail and emotion,theres no sex or nudity there is some,profanity and some violence i give elves,three out of five couches whats a good,show or movie that revolves around,folklore that youve seen recently id,love to hear about it in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for couching with me

Elves Netflix Series Review | Nisser

oh its christmas time,evil christmas time,what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel elves is the brand new series,that just dropped on the platform today,we are going to talk about it is this a,show that puts you in the christmas,spirit or does it do the opposite lets,get into it hoping to reconnect over,christmas a family of four travels to a,remote island only to find it controlled,by members of a strongly religious,community living in balance with fierce,creatures in the woods revealed to be,elves real monstrous beings that,inspired the folklore and myths we all,know when a girl in the family finds and,brings home a baby elf she inadvertently,disrupts the balance and throws everyone,on the island into a life or death,battle for faith family and pure,survival and this series is a super fun,idea only six episodes and every episode,clocking in around 25 minutes long so,its one of the more simplistic and easy,binges ive had all year and it was no,problem getting through it even though,at the end of the day i can say maybe i,wanted more from it and that being said,its not a bad series i think theres a,lot within the lore here its almost,like what klaus did with santa claus,exploring who santa actually was where,he came from its very similar to what,theyre doing with the elves here,the folklore has changed them over the,years but they are really these freaky,looking and acting creatures that the,townspeople are living in complete fear,because of i mean theyre sacrificing,cows to these creatures at the beginning,but theres such a mystery surrounding,this entire area and when we get our,family of four coming in for the first,time and for some reason theyre,deciding to rent out a little vacation,spot here first of all if this town is,so secretive and dont come near us why,are you renting this place out for a,family to come in and have a nice,vacation at regardless everything is,shrouded in mystery at some point they,hit something they have to pull over on,the side of the road and we get our our,first glimpse at a character who comes,over and says hey you guys dont need to,be stopping here you have to keep going,follow that specific road and get to,your destination do not do anything else,where the familys just like um,im sorry what were just here to enjoy,our vacation pal and basically that,starts to build this mystery a mystery,in which our main character played by,anne eleanora jorgensen or jorgensen i,hope im pronouncing her name correctly,uh she is so curious about everything,she wants to know okay what is going on,in this neck of the woods what did we,hit in our car why cant i go back here,why are my parents restraining me and,keeping me from doing the things that i,want to do it is your typical like,coming of age character interactions,that we get between her and her brother,and theyre always bantering and arguing,back and forth her brother at a point,kind of finds someone that he has this,thing for so hes a little distracted,while his sister is going back to that,very eerie and creepy forest and that,kind of sets up what plunges this town,into disarray she brings back a baby elf,now the creature designed for the elves,in general and just the way that they,looked for the most part i thought was,extremely,good there are things about the way that,they move though whether it be moving so,slow in one instance but kind of,speeding around the entire forest in,another i felt that was a little bit off,at points but for the most part i like,the fact that everything is built around,elves and santa claus and happy and,wonderful and then you have whats going,on in this town with the elves and its,terrifying and thats kind of what this,show is trying to do is trying to play,it for horror even though i would say,half of the show is trying to lean in to,the horror genre whereas the other half,is trying to be a little more quirky a,little more kind of cute and nice and,sometimes shows and movies theyre able,to balance that no problem uh but those,two tones are kind of butting heads all,throughout the series and it makes for a,bit of a disjointed watch now that isnt,me saying theres not entertainment to,be had because uh i was enjoying myself,through this series and i think the fact,the episodes are so short and the the,actual premise is so simplistic and the,characters themselves even with a lot of,them lacking that character depth that i,believe was needed to get you to care,more,not necessarily our family as much but,all of the townsfolk one woman that,comes in and she is just so,aggressive she is as blunt as blunt will,ever blunt,with a blunt now and i liked her,personality it fit the vibe of the town,as a whole how theyre kind of clashing,with this happy-go-lucky family uh but,at the same time all of those individual,characters are just not given,a lot to connect to and care about so,you know at one point when we get this,cult-like ceremony,things are happening and im sitting,back going well i dont really know or,care who those people were or are so im,not as emotionally impacted with this,moment as kind of the show wants us to,be so a bit of a disconnect there so,when it all starts to go down you care,much more about this young girl you care,about the family but you dont really,care about anything else surrounding it,i also wanted more from the lore with,the elves right you get the here and now,and you feel that creepiness i,definitely felt creepiness i never,really felt horror i was never scared,even the moments when you know someone,goes into the woods i believe in the,first two episodes and something happens,we see the aftermath we see a very,tragic and impactful moment involving,ahead and that was cool but i was never,scared i was never freaked out as much,as the show wanted me to be and i think,a lot of that could go back to that,tonal imbalance but i was still,entertained im like i like the idea of,what theyre doing with the elves i like,kind of the design of the elves for the,most part and this young girl her,curiosity just her willingness to go and,do these things that id be scared to,death to do i would be terrified to go,back to that forest in the first place,and do what she did but she does it and,that part is really really fun and,overall before i give you guys my score,if you enjoyed this danish netflix,series let me know down below what would,you like to see me review next talking,all things netflix and streaming on this,channel if you would like to support me,and this channel drop your thumbs up and,leave a comment down below letting me,know did you enjoy this series and how,did you feel once you binged all six,episodes this series struggles balancing,the genres it attempts to tackle but,switching up the lore for these once,cute creatures is handled creatively,enough to make it worth a binge im,going a 62 percent with my score i,thought this was a very fine series to,watch and its just so,different compared to some of the other,shows on netflix uh i guarantee thatll,make it worth a lot of your time but if,you didnt enjoy it if you thought it,was too messy let me know all of those,things down below uh i am so excited to,get into december guys we have a lot of,things to cover on this channel from,spiderman to oscar movies im going to,indianapolis in a couple of days to uh,watch a couple of things and i cannot,wait to do all of that so if youd like,to support this channel be sure you are,subscribed and hang on because we have,plenty of videos to come ill see you,soon

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Elves – Season 1 (2021) Honest Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],welcome one welcome all and welcome to,some bonus unleash the ghouls content,im stuart and im here to talk you,through each episode of the netflix,series elves a show that takes us,through the story of a young familys,vacation ruined by yeah you guessed it,how festive they now there is going to,be a quick overview of each episode here,followed by my overall conclusion so if,youve not watched it there is going to,be spoilers ahead so dont say you,havent been warned so the show starts,out with a farmer leading a cow out into,a forest and weve seen the odd trot r,on the ground so we know theres going,to be some gore and from the jump here,we can see that hes on the edge and we,can safely assume theres some kind of,sacrifice to something that greatly,intimidates this man of course we see,some movement and theres some almost,demonic clicking noises and then blood,just gets splattered everywhere cut to,the opening credits and were met with,some lovely christmas music to start us,off and may i just say im starting to,love this already so skip forward a few,minutes and the family are on a car boat,shipping them across to this picturesque,island where im gonna guess theyre,gonna have a really shitty holiday,instead of the festive break that,theyre hoping for but on the drive to,their accommodation they hit something,and it leaves this like bluey purple,blood all over the front of the bumper,like if a blueberry shot is load all,over your car nice the girl follows the,trail of blood without her shitty,parents even saying anything and then,this stranger just shows up and,immediately tells her to get out of the,grass and get the hell off of their road,im not gonna lie too long it was 14,minutes in and im struggling with how,bad this dubbing is its kind of like,that comedic dubbing when its,deliberately awful for a joke but this,is serious its from denmark so i cant,really blame them too much because i,quite like the danes but once you know,that you wont be able to unsee how,danish this dad actually looks if you,were going to draw a danish man youd,literally draw this absolute [ __ ],hugo wouldnt ya anyway young child is,allowed to leave the house on her own,again and im really judging the,parental capabilities of the adults here,the girl then finds what looks to be,blair witchs little wooden things,littered around the edge of the forest,and cat jumpscare sick im not gonna lie,this family sat at the christmas table,making spiced cookies together and this,is the most unrealistic [ __ ] ive ever,seen no family does this the world,doesnt have this level of functional,but luckily its ruined by the daughter,being a little [ __ ] and decided shes,gonna [ __ ] off on her bike back to the,place that they were told never to visit,again,righto by this point i started to clock,the characters in this one and theyre,cliched to [ __ ] insulin little teen girl,teenage boy who spotted a local girl and,nearly spaffed himself stroppy mother,and just a pathetic excuse for a father,im hopeful that theyre all gonna die,soon except maybe for the dad because,hes such a melt he deserves to watch,his family get butchered and live with a,constant guilt hes such a [ __ ] human,being but well see we can only hope at,this stage i guess right a weird woman,at the market who looks like a romanian,gypsy tells them to leave things alone,in the woods and the horny little lad,gets rejected by the local girl until he,realizes shes also a virgin and thinks,sunrise would somehow be romantic for,them a drone shot over the woods now,shows us theres a huge fence,surrounding everything properly and its,like trumps island keeping those pesky,little mexican elves at bay [ __ ],young girls leaves the house via the,window at night and gets on her bike,like she said she was going to earlier,in the episode and rise into the pitch,black of night and yes i still want her,to die said [ __ ] arrives at the wall,and somehow easily finds that trail of,blood from earlier and finds basically,what is baby groots demonic brother,what i assume is a better parent elfing,is actually watching from the other side,of the fence as she runs away with a,baby wrapped in her coat cut to episode,two which now starts with the girl,taking the baby elf into the barn which,is next to the house theyre staying in,and she lays it down for our first,proper little pika but it attacks her,hands with his little claws which looks,like them little comedy hands that you,can buy horny boy is on a date with a,horny girl now and theyre looking at,the sky and ocean together its cut,short by the crows going mental over the,forest and when the boy arrives back the,dad wants to know if theyve slipped,each others tongues which is just a,little bit odd not long after [ __ ],parents leave dick girl alone and shes,back in the barn with a baby oh wait,its gone of course its gone so she,says are you here like its going to,respond even though we know its a weird,little elf creature thing but it does it,does respond by rattling some chains on,the tractor next to her im waiting for,a jump scare im waiting for a jump,scare im waiting oh there it is,great oh my god this thing is the cutest,little bastard youve ever seen so,naturally she gives it an apple and some,bacon it takes the bacon with its little,hand but its clearly got some kind of,fungal infection and she should have,tried to help sort that rather than just,speaking to it like its actually going,to talk back by now the next cow is up,for slaughter and the man from the start,of episode one who warned him off the,road spots footprints near the gate,somehow and wants to go check out how,they got there leaving the other guy to,take the cowling alone even though hes,absolutely bricking himself,top friend angry bloke thanks park,rangers somehow show up and they arent,very happy with the familys christmas,tree selection from the woods i actually,think thats quite nice that they cared,enough to remind them about it being,some kind of nature reserve and make,sure their tree selection came from some,sustainable source but i dont really,think thats their intention here anyway,the girls trying to put a plaster on,their little elf coned thing and,actually its quite cute im not even,gonna lie but then horny boy arrives and,calls it a rat because hes a tosser and,then just calls his sister a weirdo and,then cut to them just decorating the,christmas tree together now this is the,proper level of dysfunction that im,used to and it feels pretty festive to,me oh angry man from the roads outside,being an angry man in the woods staring,angrily at the house proper danish anger,brilliant but dont worry were soon,back to the little gremlin elf don thing,whos gone from being super scared of,everything to just being carried around,and cuddled by this girl it turns out,its super easy to tame a killer elf who,knew and then they give it cow pulp [ __ ],all the way off do you just give some,weird testicle looking creature human,medicine i think its gonna be okay but,never mind because scared man in blue,has now dropped the sacrificial cow off,in the forest while angry mans just,spying on the insolent little [ __ ],children he spots theyve got the baby,and radiates his mate to get the [ __ ],out because he realizes that hes gonna,get mauled by the adults who want their,baby back so he starts driving at what,looks like 150 miles an hour towards the,gate to try and save him but its too,late anders has just been mauled and his,head gets lobbed over the fence lands on,the bonnet of the car and then falls on,the floor just for bands end of the,episode on to the third loving how short,these are theyre only 30 minutes each,[ __ ] brilliant it starts with the,angry man from the woods returning,anders body and showing horny girls,romanian gypsy looking mother to corpse,while blood drips out the back of his,van horny girl sees it and quakes in her,little boots back to giving gizmo bacon,because giving him the taste o

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ELVES Ending Explained & Review!

pack up your family and venture to a,secluded island where surely nothing bad,will happen,netflixs elves sure is a departure from,the 1989 classic santa must expose this,unholy force before the elves destroy,christmas,in this video well be taking a look at,elves a new danish television series,with a horror spin on santas little,helpers but before we begin make my,christmas wish come true and like and,subscribe im always coming out with new,videos welcome to the quaint island,village of armensu denmarks number one,christmas getaway well not really this,place is about as empty as my 13th,birthday party here we meet the svane,family consisting of father mads,charlotte casper and josephine they want,to get away from the hustle and bustle,of the big city this holiday season and,have a more family-oriented christmas,experience this involves renting a cabin,in the woods on a secluded island,inhabited by some really friendly locals,but things arent really what they seem,on arm and sue mads runs over something,and finds his car smeared in this blue,tar-like blood and the locals arent too,keen on the family chopping down a,christmas tree,the best,by the way this is karen a francis,mcdormand impersonator josephine is our,protagonist all she wants for christmas,is to stop being treated like a child,frustrated she sneaks out in the middle,of the night to investigate this weird,fence surrounding the nearby forest and,there she meets kiko an adorable but,injured woodland elf and what do you do,when youre a young girl you bring the,creature back and hide it in the barn to,nurse it back to health little does,josephine know that this sets in motion,a terrible sequence of events the,vicious adult elves that live beyond the,fence want their child back and will,stop at nothing to get it furthermore,the townspeople have a cult-like,fascination with the creatures and,believe it is their responsibility to,protect them,here in episode 3 we learn how these,elves came to be approximately 10 to 15,years ago there was an accident at the,old lumber mill which caused chemicals,to leak into the ground this accident is,also what killed livs parents liv is,the granddaughter of karen so in order,to keep people from exposing themselves,to these hazardous chemicals the,townspeople put up a fence or so thats,the excuse they give this fein family we,dont get much backstory into the origin,of these elves whether they were here,all along or it was this accident that,awoke them from their slumber regardless,for years the town and the creatures,have had an uneasy peace but the taking,of the baby elf has thrown everything,off balance when karen finds out that it,was josephine who took it she does what,any normal person would do and,chloroforms her to offer her as,sacrifice whos got chaos,thats how things have worked here for,decades the townspeople offer sacrifices,to appease the elves in episode one we,see how they use a cow as part of this,sacrifice but now its going to be,josephine meanwhile casper and liv look,for a way to contact the mainland but,karen has already cut the cords on the,radio theyll later team up with mads,and charlotte and venture off into the,dangerous fenced-off territory to save,josephine joining them is mueller a,townsperson who has seen the error of,his ways following karen which just goes,to show you you should never follow it,karen in the eyes of liv and muller,karen has gone too far they confront her,but shes not going to change her mind,that is until kiko jumps from out of,nowhere buying them time to rescue,josephine while karens body is eaten by,a group of adult elves the rest are able,to escape with one final showdown with,an adult elf who is later crushed by,their car they make it out of the fenced,area turn on the electric fence and make,it back to the ferry josephines mom,says they didnt have enough time to go,back to the cabin and get their,christmas presents but thats okay the,present she got for josephine was a bit,too childish and she recognizes her,daughter is now a big girl completing,josephines character arc liv also,decides to come along with the spains,shes always dreamed about visiting the,big city but her grandmother had told,her that wasnt possible her place was,here on the island looking after the,elves but then theres the question of,kiko who josephine bonded with over the,course of the series they left him,behind and muller tells josephine that,kiko will always be there in her heart,but in the shows final moments we see,that kiko has hidden underneath the car,as it heads towards the mainland,basically setting up a season 2 where,the elves will undoubtedly be in hot,pursuit but what did i think of elves,honestly with 6 22-minute episodes this,could have easily been a much tighter,hour-and-a-half movie and it wasnt,until i went over my notes that i,realized a lot really doesnt happen,over the span of these six episodes this,includes almost no emphasis on character,development arguably one of the most,important elements of a television,series the characters here are all,pretty flat with no interesting,backstories or character arcs and im,like give each member of this fane,family a flaw that they have to overcome,over the course of the season so that by,the time they do leave back for the,mainland at the end of episode six they,leave as better people i also wish we,got more lore as to the origins of the,elves and their connection with the,townsfolk you could do an entire episode,just on that theres this super weird,scene where the townspeople start this,cult-like chanting but it never goes,much further than that nor are these,dreamcatcher things that surround the,sacrificial pit explain now i thought,some of the elf kills were cool like in,the lumber mill but there are so few of,them to keep me entertained over the,course of six episodes and when you,combine that with characters you dont,really care about its hard to get,invested and finally the show does try,to give some social commentary involving,climate change but its just not really,fleshed out and the message ends up,getting muddled so this holiday season,id say elves can be shell thanks for,watching everyone make sure to like and,subscribe and for more bad takes you can,follow me on twitter and instagram at,thingstoryt until next time remember,daddy loves you very much

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Elves – Netflix Series Review

welcome movie watchers thank you guys,for stopping by my channel today were,talking about the new netflix series,elves christmas vacation turns into a,nightmare for a teenager and her family,when they discover an ancient menace,that stalks their island getaway so this,is not a,family-friendly,holiday series this is about,elves not your typical elves that are,terrorizing this island this family goes,to this island for a christmas vacation,everybody that they run into is very,sketchy you cant walk on a certain path,or run off into the fields because,theres something there and this young,girl discovers this little elf,that she tries to protect but other,people are against that we have this,mystery of the elves on this island this,is a very short series theres only six,episodes and theyre only about like,20-ish minutes long,so its very very brief almost the,length of your average movie,and thats a problem because,its just tip-toeing around this mystery,of these elves and really just teasing,them youre not really getting to the,meat of the story its just kind of,hitting the,surface of it its not really expanding,on this idea or the lore of these elves,because they are quite interesting,really unique designs and i always found,them to be either menacing or very,mysterious and i wanted to know more,about that,but its not giving us a lot to soak in,and were getting a lot of just brief,sequences or sequences that just feel,very long and drawn out especially when,it comes to this young girl who finds,this elf shes trying to convince her,brother and her family that they hit,something on the road and they are,trying to protect it its just a lot of,the same thing over and over again and,when you get to about the fourth episode,thats when it starts to kind of ramp up,but its still just very very thin and,youre not really getting much of the,elves and the mystery of the island and,when we do,its just kind of there its not really,expanding on it its not really giving,us deeper moments to that its just,kind of average and uh the writing for,it is okay with just giving us like the,bare minimum not really going into depth,with it all and i found that to be quite,disappointing because,the series has potential to be something,dark and sinister and have all of these,connections between the island and the,elves but its just not giving us all of,that,and the tone is dark it is violent at,times the elves are creepy,and so you have this tone which is,very dark and it could be a,horror,christmas series but like i said its,just kind of giving us average things,and not really expanding on it and not,expanding on those horror sequences as,well but the acting in here is pretty,decent from this young girl whos trying,to protect this young elf shes very,worried for the safety of this elf and,then anybody thats,part of the island not this family,theyre afraid of this big fence that,they have which protects the elves,and,anytime that they discuss it,its all very brief and you can tell,that they fear the elves and they dont,want to really get involved and so they,often hide away from everything and so i,really liked some of that acting within,here the acting in here to give the,elves that status and so the actings,pretty decent in here i also liked how,it was filmed like i said very dark a,lot of things are very grimy and the way,that they present the elves like i said,teasing them showing them kind of like,behind the trees direction gives those,elves that creepy feel just the series,overall just feels very very quick i,expected like within the third episode,halfway through that we would start to,get really into the story and its just,a lot of this young girl protecting the,elf,and,trying to,understand,elf and have the parents realize that,they hit something along their way it,doesnt really give us much to go off of,its just teasing a lot of things,tiptoeing around the secrecy behind the,ls and so by the end of it its a,series that im just gonna immediately,forget um this is something i wish that,i could have watched maybe next year but,i really dont have any interest in,visiting this again its not like a,horrible series by any means its just,lacking depth and that story to make it,gripping and worth visiting again so,before i give you my score for elves,make sure to check out my channel here i,do movie reviews trailer actions ranking,videos tier lists all that fun movie,related content that you see on youtube,i do it all here so hit that subscribe,button to get it all in one spot im,gonna go ahead and give elves a c thank,you guys for checking my view for elves,the new netflix series have you guys,seen it what did you think about it let,me know in the comment section down,below and stay tuned for more up,incoming content like this my name is,just watchers movies and you guys stay,classy youtube,you

Elves (2021) aka Nisser (2021) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Netflix Horror Series Review)

greetings fellow gorehounds and welcome,back to a blood splattered vlog im the,horror guru and im going to,and today were going to talk about,elves which is a new netflix slash,danish christmas horror show,show not movie uh about uh a family that,goes on vacation christmas vacation,and ends up pissing off a bunch of,flesh-eating elves,which is not a thing you want to do on,your christmas vacation yeah no this,gets out of the way this has nothing to,do with the other movie called elves,thats nazis nah no connection,whatsoever um i will say this though,i will say this though,weird thing about this show is that it,feels like it shouldnt be a show,yeah it is a six-episode show split up,into half-hour segments,um and,it feels like its just a three-hour,movie,that was just split up yeah it feels,like yeah it feels like a three-hour,movie that was split up and lengthened,in really odd places yeah yeah like i,feel like it theres a theres a solid,two-hour movie here that would have been,just fine yeah uh now the show works but,it it it is weird like it feels like,every time an episode ended i was just,like huh,that just felt like an act break yeah,yeah yeah,well and they would appear weird points,right yeah cause like,theres a point at which,in a normal movie,we would not have stopped it would not,we would have been like okay now back,and forth now back to the ranch now this,is happening and it would have been one,long continuous night as opposed to over,two nights yeah,and like that was that was the moment,that felt the weirdest because it was,like oh okay everyones [ __ ] huddled,down and afraid of the elves yeah oh and,then they just make it to the next,morning wait wait a minute yeah yeah,well well come back come back come back,its really weird like like i like this,show to be clear but i do feel like it,would have been better as a movie than,as a show perfect yeah yeah definitely,um what i do like about it though is,that its like,its a subversion of christmas movie,tropes,um because normally you what you have is,you have like the movie where,kid you know the kids in in their own,world and they the parents just dont,understand right yeah so the kids the,kids write about everything and the,parents are just dum-dums that are too,old to understand anything and you have,like the e.t story right yeah you know,kid befriends creature,uh creature is seen as a danger by the,outside world kid insists its not a,danger and uh combats the adults and,tries to get away from the adults so,that the the thing could be safe right,right you know its e.t its the iron,giant its you know all those kinds of,movies this is a movie where that plot,line happens except the thing is,incredibly dangerous and the kid is,[ __ ] wrong yeah,yeah,yeah or rather theyre somewhat right,about this particular creature that they,get attached to but that does not extend,to the other the overall danger that,everyones afraid of is real yeah you,know yeah oh my god the these [ __ ],wood elves are gonna [ __ ] come out of,the trees and kill us yeah,and it is a case where trying to do that,to this one elf that she befriends,does lead to a bunch of people dying you,know yeah you know so its its like if,the iron giant actually did go on a,killing spree yeah yeah or if he didnt,if he if he actually did like [ __ ] if,he stayed in [ __ ] war mode yeah you,know like,theres,yeah because one of the things,one of the things that uh happens that,some people might not pick up on because,this is a big fairy tale thing yeah,which is,if you [ __ ] with if you [ __ ] with,fairies they stay angry thats true yeah,they do not [ __ ] around they do not,just sit around to renegotiate this is,like we said you if you did this thing,we would kill all of you so,now were gonna kill all of you thats,how its going to work true you know um,so in that way it felt very much like,you know oh there you go well thats the,other thing is that not only is it like,a subversion of christmas movies and,childrens movies its also a folk,horror story yes you know because like,the core plot of this is that they go to,this this um this island um for,christmas vacation theyve rented a,cabin on this island and theyre gonna,rough it for christmas um but the locals,um regularly,sacrifice cows,to this thing in the forest yeah um so,that theyre safe,um and this thing turns out to be the,elves,and uh,the the family that ends up the family,that ends up entering the the space,zero respect for any of the things the,locals are warning them about or any of,the customs there and end up you know,[ __ ] over the locals by pissing off,the elves you know yeah,which is very much like the folk horror,story you know like the village that,that sacrifices things to the creature,in the woods you know yeah but like in,this one they,in this one its not like,the people for the most part yeah the,people who are doing the rituals and,stuff arent,evil theyre legitimately like if we,dont do this well because theyre not,sacrificing people yeah theyre,sacrificing animals theyre sacrificing,livestock which they were going to eat,anyway so its not like,its so theyre like its a little weird,but i mean like they actually mentioned,that its like oh were really gonna,sacrifice another cows like it was gonna,be hamburgers anyway yeah yeah like,[ __ ] the hells wrong with you,you know but yeah so theyre not evil,and so what i also like about this is,that nothing in this show is 100 black,and white oh no no like theres no good,guys and bad guys there are characters,who become antagonists as the show goes,on but theyre not wrong wrong yeah yeah,theyre the antagonists because were,following this character but in the,grand context of the situation theyre,not necessarily wrong yeah you know yeah,theyre not theyre not doing this bad,thing for no reason exactly and i like,that about about it because they could,have easily had made this a much more,black and white situation and yeah yeah,and it really isnt you know you know,because at the end of the day like sure,like um uh,uh,the outsiders the main characters they,enter this low this this space that they,did theyre not from theyre theyre,theyre complete outsiders and they end,up [ __ ] it over and pissing off the,local spirits the the elves and and you,know people end up getting killed by it,but at the same time you also got to,recognize that,if the only way to get these things to,not kill you is to constantly sacrifice,to them and feed them so theyre not,hungry then maybe you shouldnt be there,either either yeah it could just be like,maybe youre also technically an invader,you just invaded a long time ago yeah,you know yeah yeah its kind of got that,kind of eco horror kind of thing going,on where its like yeah sure uh the,people from the city that are invading,this small town theyre invading the,small town but the small town is,invading the tourists yeah the actual,locals the forest you know yeah and uh,and youre gonna fail eventually yeah,yeah eventually the ritual will fail,someone will [ __ ] up you know and you,know as the situation shows like like,obviously even your contingency plans,dont 100 keep them at bay right you,know yeah there is there is a lot of,well,we think this is good yeah i think its,okay but were not,actually,sure,so yeah um were going to move on to the,spoiler soon,but uh well thats a another good point,no ones stupid no no no no ones an,idiot that that well i mean okay,maybe the mom and dad are idiots because,there are some points where youre like,i dont care if what this guy is saying,is crazy maybe you want to back off of,the [ __ ] crazy acting local in the,truck with the shotgun true true theres,the parents probably make the stupidest,decisions on the thing but the thing i,like about the show is that you do get,where everyones coming from in any,circumstance,its never a situation of like,of like oh this character is just acting,just completely,dumb like,yeah like the little girl who causes who,causes the trou

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